A Package for Simon, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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I was barely awake when I made my way into the dining room, where my mom was sitting alone at the table with her coffee and the newspaper. Moments earlier, I'd made a hasty beeline from my bed to the bathroom, not even bothering to close the door behind me in my haste to make it to the toilet. When my morning pee was out of the way, I yawned and stretched, letting the joints in my elbows crack, then I walked back to my room to retrieve my phone. I sat on the edge of my bed and scrolled through my texts, looking for any new ones that I might have received. When I didn't see any, I sighed and made my way downstairs to say goodbye to my mom before she had to leave for work.

It was a Saturday morning, and I didn't have to be up. But my bladder was screaming at me, rudely pulling me out of a sweet dream and a relaxing sleep so that I could give it the attention it demanded. As I made my way down the stairs, I thought about what I wanted to do while my mom was at work and a smile spread out across my face.

"Good morning honey," my mom said softly when I trudged into the dining room, looking for a cold cup of milk or juice to quench my thirst.

"Good morning mom," I said in a sleepy voice, going right to her and wrapping my arms around her neck for comfort. I rested my tired head on her shoulder while she wrapped her left arm around my torso, rubbing my back through my pajama top and planting a kiss on my head.

"Are you thirsty, Simon?" she asked, and I nodded through a yawn. I watched her make a face when my morning breath blew into her nose, then she used her free hand to fan it away.

"Your breath stinks, honey," she told me. "Make sure you brush your teeth this morning, okay?"

"I promise, mom," I said, taking a deep breath as the cobwebs started to clear out of my head. She scooted back from the table and got up to pour me some milk while I took the chair next to hers. She planted a kiss on top of my head and set my cup in front of me, then she watched with an amused smile while I downed it in one long drink. When I set the empty cup down on the table, she was waiting with the carton of milk in hand to pour me another while I let go of a satisfying burp.

When she sat back down at the table, she went back to the paper while I picked my phone up and read my texts from the day before. My mom looked knowingly across the table at me, taking a long drink of her coffee before setting her cup down and speaking to me.

"Simon, I have to work until three in the afternoon today," she said with a sigh. "Just because I'm gone all day doesn't mean you get to have boys in your room."

I looked up from my phone, reading her expression for a moment before shrugging and looking back down. I've been busted over and over again with boys in my room after school, and each time, my mom lets me know that she doesn't approve.

When she got up from the table to finish getting ready for work, she said, “Don't forget honey. I'm expecting a parcel this morning. It's very important that you don't miss the driver.”

I promise to meet him, mom,” I assured her. “I'll be looking out for him.”

With that, she smiled and went about her business while I got up from the table and grinned. Confident that she wasn't coming back downstairs for a while, I reached back into the seat of my pajama's and ran my fingertips across my plump globes, feeling the warmth that was pouring out of my crack wrap itself around them. Unable to resist the urge, I slid my middle finger into my deep crevice and found my hole, which was moist and horny. With a sharp tremor of desire, I added pressure, letting my finger push straight up into my bottom while I moaned softly. Still listening for my mom, I gave into my demons and rolled my hips around while I used my finger to rub my pleasure spot. Finally, knowing that my sexual cup would be filled in less than an hour, I ran upstairs and brushed my teeth, eager to freshen my breath so I could greet the delivery driver, just like I promised.


I smiled when I saw Stephen walking up the porch, carrying a parcel package in his hands that was addressed to my mom. I let my gaze travel from the package he had in his hands to the one that was bulging through the front of his uniform pants. I opened the front door before he had a chance to ring the doorbell, standing there in my pajamas with a seductive grin.

"Hey Simon, is your mom around?" he asked, and with a naughty gaze, I shook my head no and stepped to the side. When he walked in, I took one look at the package that I was longing to unwrap and moaned hotly. Knowing how hot I was for it, he set the parcel down and knelt to put himself at eye level with me. With a warm smile, I melted in his arms and we shared a deep French kiss while he caressed my round, pajama clad bubble butt.

Minutes later, he was seated on the couch with his pants around his ankles, resting his left hand on the back of my messy head while I moaned around his hard, juicy cock. I let my gaze drift up to his face, meeting his eyes and giving him a smile as I bobbed up and down on his tool, loving how warm and meaty it was in my mouth. I used my hands to fondle his balls while I made love to his cock with my mouth, grateful for the opportunity to wrap my lips around it on a Saturday morning. I felt his fingers running through my dark, disheveled hair, then he ran the back of his hand gently over my right cheek, earning him another smile from me. His cock was so hard this morning as I took all seven inches with horny moans, eager to swallow his load anytime he wanted me to.

Not that I was in any kind of a hurry to stop sucking his dick, though.

Two minutes later, we traded places and I found myself laying flat on my back, wrapping my lips around his cock while he fed it to me from above. I loved feeling him feed my mouth long strokes of hard dick while I moaned like a little slut. Eventually, he stopped thrusting into my throat and let me slobber around his cock the way I loved to. His large knob was leaking precum like crazy, and I was using my tongue to lick it away as fast as he could produce it. As I settled into my glorious blow job, the only sounds that could be heard in the living room were wet slurping noises and my soft moans. My rigid boy cock was straining hard in my pajamas, making them tent out with its full four inches while I worshiped the meaty treat in my mouth.

With my dick sucking lips wrapped snugly around his shaft, I reached out and fondled his warm balls, earning me a loving smile from my lover. I watched from below as he reached out with his hands, running them all over my heaving chest, then up my shirt so he could feel my warm tummy. I sighed contentedly when he moved his hands from my tummy down to my hips, where he slid them to my buns. I responded by lifting my midsection up from the couch, giving him the access that he needed in order to grab two full handfuls of my horny bottom. I felt him knead them over and over, sending shivers through me as I contemplated a deep butt fucking from my lover.

Just as thoughts of spreading my legs wide for Stephen started to run through my mind, he let go of my plump rear end and brought his hands back up to the waistband of my pajamas. His fingers were just inches from the tent that had formed at my crotch, and as I looked on hopefully, he did exactly what I was yearning for. With a gentle touch, he carefully pulled the waistband of my jammies and my white briefs out far enough to clear my hard little pecker, then he lovingly eased them down so that my hairless boner was free. I once again raised my midsection, allowing him to ease my pajama bottoms and my underwear all the way off of my hips and down to my feet.

I felt the cool breeze of morning air flutter across my boy boner, a naughty reminder that I was now naked from the waist down. I looked up into his smiling face, then we set our gazes on my hairless little rod, which was at full mast and barely half the size of the treat I had in my mouth. I ran my fingers through his thick pubic bush while I cast my gaze upon my own hairless crotch, which was as smooth as a baby's bottom. With a grateful smile, I let my fingers move down so that I could fondle his big, hairy balls again while my small nuts stayed pulled tight to my body. I grinned up at him, loving that my undeveloped package was on display for my well endowed lover to see. I wanted him to know that he was the alpha male, and that I was nothing but a cum slut who was there to get him off. Of course, he already knew this, and was keenly aware that I loved my role as a bottom boy and cock hound. He gave me a lecherous smile that sent a wicked thrill through me, then he pulled my pajama bottoms all the way off of my feet while I moaned around his big dick.

Is that better, buddy?” he asked. I nodded with a loving smile, then I resumed my slobber job around his hard dick. The entire time that I was sucking him off, he was running his hands all over my tummy, then along the tops of my thighs while my hard boy rod stood straight up. I felt his fingers press into my hairless pubic bone with tenderness, then he slid one hand back up my shirt while the other came to rest on the inside of my left thigh. His fingertips were gently tracing along my inner thigh, running back and forth between my knee and my groin, stopping just short of my scrotum before he ran it back down.

Knowing what a total pussy boy I am, he lovingly tended to every part of my body that mattered to me while I serviced his cock for him. He knew that I was hot for the main event, but that I would happily stay where I was all day and suck dick. And as much as I would have loved to spend a full day moaning around Stephen's magnificent cock, I knew that he had to get back to work. So when he gave me the signal, I smiled up at him and obediently let him ease his dick out of my mouth. It was glistening with saliva and there was a strand of precum hanging off of the end, filling me with regret that I hadn't lapped it up while it was in my mouth. Still, I knew that the offering of precum that Stephen's dick was drooling would still be mine as I opened my legs and smiled hopefully at my lover. Feeling anxious to have him crawl between my thighs and dominate my horny body, I batted my eyes up at him and scooted up toward the arm rest. Seeing the signal that I was sending him, he lovingly gave into my needs, grabbing my legs at the shins and lifting them gently so that he could position my body. I watched his hard cock intently, feeling a burning desire to have him inside of me right away, then I saw him line it up to my horny entrance and felt its drooling head make contact with my moist pucker.

I felt a strong shiver roll through my body when he pushed through my anal ring with his glans, then his cock slid up my love tunnel and got hot right away. My hard little pecker was standing up at its full four inches, my own glans moist with desire as Stephen's cock rested inside of me for a moment.

Fuck, I can't believe how tight this hole stays, Simon,” he hissed, prompting me to give him a naughty grin.

I'm glad it stays tight for you,” I confessed, loving the way his thick pubic bush felt as it smashed into my taint. “I'm really horny for you, Stephen.”

I'm horny for you too, buddy,” he said with a loving smile, then he began a luscious back and forth ride in my boy pussy that made my 12 year old body burn with passion. I was panting hard as he fed me full strokes of his hard shaft, and as we looked deep into each others' eyes, we shared a smile that prompted me to pucker up and offer him my lips for a kiss. When his tongue slipped into my mouth, I moaned submissively and wrapped my arms around his strong neck, hanging on for dear life while he scratched the deep itch that I always get in my boy pussy. It's an itch that can only be soothed with a hard cock, and if I'm lucky enough, a few shots of hot semen to act as a salve.

It turned out that this was my lucky day. Because a minute after we fell into our kiss, Stephen started to drive in hard, scratching my naughty itch just right while my pleasure swelled. Then, just as the burn in my midsection felt like it was about to erupt into a full blown fire, Stephen buried his hot cock all the way up my ass and filled it with his seed while I moaned into his mouth with insatiable passion.

When he pulled out of me, I scrambled to get on the floor and waited for him to sit upright. He gave into my needs right away, letting me put myself between his legs while my cum filled bottom hummed with sinful pleasure. With his dripping cock in my face, I wasted no time in wrapping my lips around the head and sucking it clean with lusty purrs of satisfaction. I could still feel the luscious burn in my midsection while my hard, hairless little rod pointed up at a 45 degree angle. When I was finished lapping away all of the delicious man cum I could find, I wrapped my fist around the base of his dick and pulled it up, anxious to lick his hairy nuts while my body sizzled with passion. I had a mouthful of his nuts in no time, giving his furry scrotum a long French kiss while I kept his still rock hard rod safe in my possessive grip.


The first time I took Stephen's cock, it was over the summer while school was out. For all intents and purposes, I was out of the closet already, having long ago been caught red handed by my mom with a pair of boys in my room after school. When she caught me, I was two months into the 6th grade and had invited a pair of horny 8th graders to come home with me for a little fun. By that time, I was known throughout the school as a gay kid who loved to suck dicks in the boy's bathroom on a steady basis.

When I met Greg and Jeff, it was at a Halloween party I'd been invited to. Knowing that I was game, some of the kids at the party dared me to suck dicks in the pantry while the party commenced. Never one to pass up an opportunity to have fun with a cute boy, I proceeded to give almost non stop head while my little boner strained in my costume. Eventually, word got around that I was sucking dicks and swallowing loads, and it wasn't long before I had a line of cuties waiting for their turn.

When I got around to sucking the two eighth graders off, they were both very tender with me. They took turns groping my rear end while I sucked their big boy cocks, telling me how nice my ass was and how badly they wanted to fuck me. Hearing them say it over and over again while they pinched and rubbed my bubble butt made me so horny for it, and before long, I was telling them how bad I wanted them to fuck me.

So that night, in the same closet where I had sucked off close to ten boys, I slid my pants and underwear down and assumed the doggy style position. I could hear the boys and girls at the party, laughing, dancing and having fun while my 11 year old body shivered hard in anticipation of what was about to happen. Greg and Jeff were so gentle with me, taking their time and making sure that I was comfortable while they took my anal virginity. When Greg was all the way inside of me, he rested while I got used to his size, planting sweet kisses on my neck and telling me how cute I was. Soon, I was taking full strokes and moaning around Jeff's teen cock while my tingling little boner pointed at the floor. I had a luscious feeling in my rear end that quickly traveled through my midsection and down the backs of my legs, making my toes curl hard.

When Greg seeded my boy pussy for the first time ever, it was magical, and I felt like I was in paradise. Then Jeff lovingly slid his cock up my rear end, taking me for another shiver inducing ride while I wrapped my lips around Greg's glorious six incher. As the goodness of what was happening washed over me, I knew that I was now hooked on taking it up the ass. I was just as addicted to it as I was to sucking dicks. I loved that I could indulge in both acts at the same time, and savored the moment until Jeff planted his seed deep inside of me. I spent a glorious afterglow sucking them both off while they kissed and praised me, adding to the wondrous feelings I had. Finally, they helped me back into my pants and I gave blow jobs to the rest of the boys at the party.

At school the next day, I was practically climbing the walls in want of more back door action. So when I lured Jeff and Greg back to my house, it was with the assurance that my mom was still at work. I took them to my room and left the door wide opened, too horny to take the time to close it. I quickly assumed the missionary position, opening my legs for Jeff while I wrapped my dick sucking lips around Greg's big boy boner. I was so enthralled with my dreamy lovers that I didn't hear my mom come in until it was too late. Luckily, neither of my lover's noticed when she stood in the doorway of my room, blinking at the site of me accepting Jeff's six incher up the ass while I moaned hotly around the dick in my mouth.

When we made eye contact, I was too far gone to stop. Right before her eyes, I let the flames of passion consume me and assimilated to my role as a little pussy boy. I stayed right where I was, on my back with two cocks filling me up. I moaned submissively between my two tops and shivered hard while she watched. My hairless little boner was sticking straight out from my body, my groin burning with pleasure as I took two hard cocks at once. Instead of making a scene or breaking us up, my mom gave me a neutral look and closed my door quietly while my moans rang out. When it was over, I dutifully dressed my two lovers and donned my briefs, then I walked them to the front door while they each held one of my hands. We shared a series of deep kisses by the front door, and with stars in my eyes, I invited them to come back the next day.

That was when my mom cleared her throat, grabbing all of our attention.

Simon, it's time for your friends to go home. You need to get started on your homework.”

With that, she turned and walked into the kitchen while my startled lovers blushed deeply. I assured them that we weren't in any trouble, then I stole a quick peck on the lips from each boy as a promise to open my legs for them the next day. When I gathered my backpack and started my homework, my mom sat with me and rubbed my back lovingly, but she didn't mention what she saw.

Later that evening, she brought it up when we were doing our dinner dishes.

Who were those two boys, honey?” she asked me with a note of concern in her otherwise soft voice.

Their names are Jack and Greg,” I told her. “They go to my school.”

They're a lot bigger than you are, Simon,” she observed, prompting me to sigh dreamily. “What grade are they in?”

Eighth grade,” I said, and she only nodded her head in understanding.

Sweetie, do you understand what you were doing in your room with them?” she asked, and I nodded sheepishly.

I like it, mom,” I admitted in a small voice, and she placed a kiss on my head.

I don't think you're old enough to be doing that yet, Simon,” she said. “I'd like you to wait until you get a little older, son.”

That was where the conversation ended. The next day, I had Jack and Greg back in my room, hastily getting them off in my mouth and rear end before my mom made it home. Soon, my sexual appetite started to grow, and before long, I was inviting more and more boys to my house for sex after school. Just before Christmas break, my mom caught me having sex in my room with a big dicked 15 year old named Larry. Time got away from both of us as we reveled in our act. For Larry, it was my hot, tight rear end that was the catalyst for no less than three rounds of sex in my bedroom. For me, it was the long, thick shaft that slid deep inside of me while we both moaned into each others' mouths that threw me off.

Our first fuck of the afternoon was rather impromptu. In my haste to get laid, I quickly dropped my drawers and bent over while I hung onto my bedpost. Larry slid his throbbing cock up my ass and held onto my hips while he fed me furious strokes that felt so good. His well developed shaft brought out the pussy boy in me in no time, giving me chills of delight while we both moaned with pleasure. Less than a minute later, his deep thrusting became more forceful and deliberate, telling me that he was close. When I gave him a naughty smile over my shoulder and tightened the muscles in my ass, he bred my boy cunt with a hot, gooey load that gave me shivers as it filled me up.

I kicked my shoes off and stepped out of my trousers for my second lay, taking it missionary style while we kissed deeply. After having my rear end seeded again, I moved down his body and licked his cock and balls clean while my little boner pressed tight to my pubic bone. Still hissing with pleasure, I collapsed in his arms and let him hold me while he sat up and rested his back against my headboard. Basking in the afterglow of our lay, I could have been content to cuddle and kiss for the rest of the afternoon. But then I wrapped my little paw around his thick member and it got hard again. Moments later, I was straddling his midsection, riding his pole up and down with insatiable moans of desire while, once again, we kissed deeply. When he blew his load up my well serviced bottom for the final time, I reluctantly stood up on my knees so that his cock would slide out. That was when I looked over my shoulder and spotted my mother, watching from the doorway as the long, thick shaft emerged from my gaping, cum filled hole.

As soon as we locked eyes, she closed the door. Larry was panicked, but I took the initiative, easing his fears that she would call his parents by letting him know that I was already out of the closet. To prove that he had nothing to worry about, I wrapped my lips around his soft shaft and sucked every last strand of cum that I could from it. When his cock was clean, I fetched his clothes while he sat on the edge of the bed and watched with an incredulous smile. With my rear end still humming with pleasure, I slid my white briefs on and held his hand as we walked downstairs. When we made it to the front door, I kissed him passionately while my mom looked on from the dining room table.

Now fully aware that I was still bringing boys home for sex, she gave me a more forceful talking to about how I was too young for it. She even went as far as to say that I was being taken advantage of by the boys I was bringing home.

The next day, I had a cute seventh grader named Adam on the couch. We started making out as soon as we were inside, and I was loving it. I ran my fingers through his dark, curly locks and felt my bottom throb with passion while our tongues danced. I was about to take him up to my room for some action at my back door when my mom walked in and busted us. My cock date was panicked, but I stayed calm and even continued to try to kiss and grope him.

Simon, we've already talked about this,” my mom said, but I quickly countered.

We're just kissing, mom,” I argued. “There's nothing wrong with making out.”

With that, I got up and took my cute accomplice by the hand, walking with him to the backyard, where I made another pass at him. Much to my delight, he agreed to follow me behind the shed, where I sucked him off with a naughty grin. After swallowing his load, we laid on the grass and made out until he was hard again, then I dropped my pants and got the fudge packing that I was so hot for.

After a luscious lay in the backyard, I spent a glorious afterglow licking his nuts, then I gave him a deep rim job. When my feast was over, I jerked him off one more time, taking his load in my opened, watering mouth. When our fun was over, I took Adam back inside and we kissed and cuddled on the couch while my mom started dinner. Much to my astonishment, she didn't bother us at all. Instead, she stayed in the kitchen while I basked in the afterglow of the sex I had with Adam. When my mom came into the living room and told me to come to the dinner table, I held hands with Adam and walked him to the door. Before he left, I gave him a deep kiss by the front door and told him that I wanted to see him again the next day while my mom watched with a neutral expression.

When Christmas break rolled around, I was able to have boys over while my mom was at work. By the time she got home, my lovers were long gone and she was largely unaffected by the cock sucking spree I was on. My reputation as an easy lay had gotten around my school, as well as the high school and even the local community college, but I wanted to spread the word even further. So before school let out for Christmas, I took to my social media page and set my status to gay and single, then I made a series of not so subtle posts that broadcast my horny disposition. One post in particular was a blatant request for male visitors in my room while my mom was at work during the day. I hinted that my mouth was watering for cock, and that my rear end was lubed up and ready for action. My posts were quickly shared over and over and my phone filled with texts.

For my efforts, I was treated to visits from cute boys all day long, and had an array of dicks at my disposal. The wiener buffet was almost never ending, and I loved having hard dicks eased into my mouth from early morning to the late afternoon. While I was sucking cute guys off with horny moans, I made sure that my rear end was easily accessible. Without fail, I was rewarded with deep, satisfying butt fuckings while thick loads of cum filled my mouth and shot all over my smiling face multiple times each day. At the end of each romp, I would have a well serviced rear end and a tummy filled with luscious sperm loads.

When my mom would get home from work, she would find me curled up on the couch in my pajamas with a sleepy smile. I was trying to give her the impression that I was just being lazy, but the contented glow on my face and the unmistakable stink of anal sex always gave away what I had been up to. Instead of interrogating me, she would simply tell me to get in the bathtub and soak, then she would gather up my pajama bottoms and underwear and put them in the wash. When I was through soaking away the evidence of my sex, I would get into some clean jammies and underwear, then we would make dinner together and spend the evening on the couch.

Three days into my cock fest, I was treated to an early morning visit by three college seniors who had heard about my reputation from friends. When we made arrangements to meet, I quickly got myself ready with a shower, then I lubed up and donned some fresh briefs. When I opened the front door for them, I was wearing nothing but my briefs, which were tented in the front as I took in the site of the three hunks. I quickly let them in, then I lost my undies and sucked my first man cock while I spread my legs, eager to be taken by all three of them. Much to my delight, they spent all morning with me, treating me to four hours of continuous cock worship that went by a lot faster than I would have liked. Before they left me, I promised them easy access to my boy pussy anytime they wanted it, then we sealed the deal with three deep kisses that gave me chills of dreamy pleasure.

Two days before Christmas, my mom came home from work just moments after I had seen the last of my lovers off for the day after a glorious triple team in my room. I was laying in my bed, still basking in the afterglow of a full day of servicing cocks and giving rim jobs. I had just swallowed a load, letting it slide into my tummy while my legs came to rest on my bed. I watched from my prone position as my cute lovers got dressed, then they let themselves out. I heard them close the door behind them, then I heard it open and the unmistakable jingle of my mom's keys told me she was home.

Taking stock of my current state, I realized that my little boner was still pressed tight to my midsection and my freshly fucked rear end was oozing cum out onto my sheets. I heard her coming up the stairs but I was still shivering from the pleasurable lay I'd just been treated to. When she came into my room, my chest was still heaving slowly and I had a dreamy smile on my face that gave away my pleasure. My naked body was completely uncovered and my eyes were half closed as a warm glow encased my young body.

She sat on the edge of my bed and gave me a knowing look, then she told me, “I saw a group of boys riding their bikes out of the yard, Simon. I thought we already talked about this.”

With that, she got up and gathered my pajama bottoms from the floor where I had cast them, putting her hands into the legs and pulling them right side out, then she folded them and placed them on the bed beside me. Then she reached over my naked body and retrieved my white briefs, which were discarded right by my feet and handed them to me.

I want you to get dressed and come downstairs so we can get dinner started, baby,” was all she said, then she got up and walked out of my room while I did what she said.

From that point forward, I tried to be more careful but eventually, I got caught again. This time, I was sucking dick in the garage. I had a cute 14 year old named James with me, and I was taking his dick to the back of the throat with hot moans while I rolled my bottom around seductively. We had come in through the garage so his bike wouldn't be stolen, but we never made it inside. Instead, we fell into a deep kiss as soon as I closed the garage door and I eventually went down on him. I had a handful of his ball sack while I went to town on his pole, all the while longing to get undressed so that I could bend over for him right there. I was just about to unbutton my pants when a light shined in from the laundry room, and we found ourselves in the presence of my mom, who didn't look pleased. James quickly put his junk away while I got up and dusted my knees off, then I defiantly offered to take him somewhere else so we could finish what we started.

In May, we had my 12th birthday party at a skating rink where my mom could keep a close eye on me. Being a determined cock hound, though, I managed to sneak a few boys into the bathroom so I could give some head and eat some asses when she wasn't paying attention. After the party, I invited a group of six cute boys back to my house for a game of football in the backyard. With my harem of tops where I needed them, I proceeded to take each and every one of them behind the shed with the sole purpose of having my rear end used as a sperm dump.

By the time my guests went home, I had a well serviced rear end that was leaking cum into the seat of my cargo shorts and a boy sized boner that was straining through the front. When my mom noticed that my butt was soaked with sperm, she calmly told me to go upstairs and take a bath while she put them in the washing machine. While I was soaking in the tub, she picked my shorts and underwear up from the floor, holding them up and examining their cummy contents for a moment while I watched. She gave me a long, thoughtful look, then she bunched them up in a towel and carried them to the laundry room.

A week later, I was on the receiving end of a pleasure filled ass fucking in my room when I heard my bedroom door open and close. By the end of the school year, she'd caught me having sex with various boys of all ages, sometimes with more than one boy at a time. Every time she caught me, she would let me finish, then she would have the same exasperated talk with me. On the last day of school, I took a trio of cute boys to my room and got undressed, eager to get lucky with all three of them.

Laying on my back in the missionary position, I raised my legs and opened wide, taking a cock in the mouth and one up my butt while I used my right hand to jerk the third boy off. One by one, each boy took a turn in my horny rear end while I moaned around a cock and fondled another. Over the moans of all four of us, I heard the sounds of the front door opening and closing, but I was once again too filled with carnal lust to stop what I was doing. At some point, I realized that my bedroom door was shut, and knew exactly who was responsible, but I was in a state of sheer depravity and didn't give it a second thought.

When I received all three loads, I engaged my lovers in tender kisses while they took turns petting my smiling face. When I got up and donned my undies, I held hands with the tallest boy and let him kiss me while I walked them to the door. When we got to the front door, I shared a tongue filled kiss with each of them and blatantly told them that my rear end would be lubed up at all times for easy access. I let them know that my back door would be open for visitors all summer long, and that I was hoping to keep it busy all day, every day. We said our goodbyes, then I closed the door and sighed dreamily just in time for my mother to clear her throat.

After confronting me over what she walked in on and what she heard me declare, she threatened to hire me a babysitter for the summer if I didn't stop bringing boys home for sex. Once she calmed down, though, she cuddled me on the couch and she apologized for her outburst. By 9 o'clock the next day, my high traffic love nest was in full use as boy after cute boy visited me in my room for sex. I had fun all summer, taking the nicest of cocks down my throat and getting my hot to trot bottom serviced whenever I wanted to. I had so many cuties calling on me for sex during the week that I never wanted to leave the house.

At some point, I thought it would be fun and daring to move the fun to the living room. I soon found that I enjoyed the taboo act of getting plugged at both ends with the front door wide opened and the screen door unlocked. I got a thrill out of already being in the doggy style position while boys came in at will to find carnal pleasures at my always horny back door. Or just as enticing, in my warm mouth, which is always watering for a juicy cock to suck. I soon fell into the habit of leaving the front door opened all day, giving boys and men easy access to both ends of my horny body. When they were through pleasuring me, our naughty fun always ended with me taking a creamy load at either end. It was strictly their choice, but the pleasure was all mine.

Just ahead of the 4th of July, I was in an insatiable mood. I had just taken the virginity of two cute boys who were about to enter middle school as sixth graders. After getting them both off in my ass, I was snuggling with them on the couch, where our act of forbidden love had unfolded. I was sharing a deep kiss with the boy who had just fucked me, rubbing his back tenderly while his partner in crime curled up right next to us. I was about to suggest that he let me nurse on his semi hard boner when a startled looking parcel delivery man appeared on the other side of the screen door. Both of my lovers were terrified, and one of them was reduced to tears while they both scrambled to get dressed.

I assured them both that there was nothing to worry about, but they still beat a hasty retreat while I donned my undies and dealt with the delivery guy, who as it turns out, was really cute. So cute, in fact, that I couldn't stop myself from making a pass at him when I opened the door and let him in. The bulge in his pants told me that the package in his hands wasn't the one I should be concerned with. So, for the first time in nearly two weeks, I closed the front door and set the dead bolt. Then, with my little body dripping with pure lust, I lured the man whose name I didn't even bother to ask for over to the couch and dropped my undies so that I could present my bottom to him for fucking.

When he left five minutes later, I had a deeply fucked rear end that was full of man sperm and his cell phone number scribbled on a piece of paper, but still no name. I called him a couple of hours later and asked him to come see me again, and we made arrangements to meet at 1:30pm.

When he arrived, I dropped to my knees and sucked him off with lust filled moans while he rested his hand on the back of my head. When I sat up and swallowed, we shared a long kiss and I asked to see him again the next day. He left without me knowing his name again. The next day, I texted him as soon as my mom was out the door for work. Ten minutes later, he had me on the couch in the missionary position, drilling my boy pussy deep while I moaned into his mouth. When he pulled out at the last minute, I sat up and wrapped my lips around his dick just in time to receive his pent up load. I was so eager to swallow every last drop of his sperm that I gulped furiously, determined not to lose a single drop.

I didn't learn his name until he was preparing to leave me after a visit that same afternoon. I sent him another text, feeling urgent for another deep rooting in my behind from this stranger whose cock I was lusting after. Taking it up the ass without knowing his name made me feel like I was being sluttier than ever, and I loved it. After fucking me fast and dirty, he pulled out and shot his load all over my face while I gazed up at him with a decadent smile. After taking his load on the face, I let it stay there and cool while I licked his balls and worshiped his sphincter with my tongue. I made a show out of scraping the thick load of cum that he shot on my face with my fingers, then I licked it all off and swallowed with a contented sigh while my hard, hairless little rod tingled and my midsection swirled with heat.

Not long after I started seeing Stephen on a daily basis, my mom caught me giving a blow job in the living room to a cute boy from my school while my cum drooling rear end rolled around in the air. After that happened, I went back to taking boys up to my room for sex, or just as fun, to the backyard, where a lay in the grass never failed to make me moan. She walked in on me a few more times while I was getting lucky, most notably while I was on the receiving end of a major rear end service. I had opened my legs for a cute high schooler with a nice, big dick while I gave two simultaneous hand jobs that I hoped would end in a face full of hot cum.

Knowing that my mom was downstairs, I convinced my well endowed lovers that they might as well let me finish them off, then I would sneak them out of the house so they wouldn't have to face her. For my diligence, I was rewarded with an extended back door service courtesy of all three of my tops. The last boy fucked me for ten blissful minutes, then he pulled out and finished in my mouth, giving me a luscious load to swallow. I spent my afterglow licking balls and sucking semi hard cock before I walked them straight to the front door and saw them off.

When school started again, I started making a beeline home and sending a text to Stephen that I was ready to meet him. Without fail, he would come by and leave a load in my ass, then I'd invite boys from my school to come by for some fun. One day, my mom's car was in the driveway when I got home, so I met Stephen at the park restroom and bent over in a stall. When I got home, my mom could see the glow on my face and noted that I was 15 minutes later than usual. I admitted that I met up with a cute guy for sex, then I started my homework while my rear end hummed with pleasure.

When Friday rolled around, I hurried home and Stephen came by to pump a satisfying load into my hungry bottom. When he left, I invited three cute boys who all arrived at the same time and took turns receiving blow jobs from me while I made my rear end available for fucking. Just as they were leaving, my mom arrived and realized that I was at it again. Instead of fussing at me, she came inside and gave me a neutral look, then she instructed me to start on my homework. When the call came that evening that she was needed at work the following day, I felt a strong shiver of lust run through me that she picked up on right away.

Honey, I have to go to work tomorrow,” she said, and right away, she could see the look on my face. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Just because mommy has to go to work doesn't mean... never mind.”

With that, she wrapped her arm around my shoulder and pulled me into her side. I curled my legs up and got comfortable, letting her hold me close while we watched TV. At some point, she turned the volume down and spoke to me.

Simon, I know that you like having boys come over,” she started. “But I want you to understand why I think it's bad for you, sweetie.”

It's not bad,” I said defensively, looking up at her and reading her troubled expression.

Maybe if mama hadn't had such a negative reaction last year,” she pondered, her face filled with regret.

It wasn't that, mom,” I told her in a quiet voice. “I like doing things with boys, and I was doing things with them before you found out.”

But honey, you do things with a lot of boys,” she told me with a quiet tone of her own. “I heard you tell those kids last June that you wanted to have boys over all summer long for sex.”

Because I like it,” I said with a soft tone. “I think boys are cute and I like how it feels when I do stuff with them.”

When you do things with one boy, I understand that, Simon,” she said. “But when I see three boys leaving at once, it makes me nervous. I don't want you to get hurt back there, sweetie.”

You mean in my butt?” I asked, looking up at her as she nodded her answer. “It doesn't hurt me, mom. It feels really good.”

You told me that you met up with someone for sex the other day,” she reminded me. “Did they call you for sex or did you call them?”

I called him,” I admitted. “I really wanted to do it, but you were already home. So we went somewhere else and did it.”

In your bottom?” she asked, and I nodded my confession.

I wanted it there, mom,” I told her.

I see, honey,” she said, then she planted a loving kiss on my cheek and held me close. “Is there anything else you want mommy to know?”

Just that I feel special when a boy is doing it to me in my butt,” I said. “I like giving blow jobs, too.”

I've seen that, honey,” she said with a warm smile. “Do you think that maybe tomorrow, you can take a little break from boys while mommy's at work?”

I don't want to take a break, mom,” I said, then I rested my head on her shoulder and let her rub my back while we turned our attention back to the show.

When we turned in for the night, she said something else that sent a long shiver through me, but I did everything I could to hide it from her.

I'm expecting a parcel tomorrow morning,” she said, pulling my covers up to my chest, then she leaned down and planted a kiss on my cheek. “As soon as the driver leaves it with you, I need you to call mommy on her cell phone so that I know it arrived, okay?”

Okay, mom,” I said with a smile, then she got up and walked out of my room, turning the light off as thoughts of a Saturday morning visit from Stephen filled my imagination.


I smiled up at Stephen, loving how warm his balls felt in my mouth as I lapped away at the seam. Feeling adventurous, I let my tongue travel further back, longing to access his taint. Aiding me in this effort, Stephen carefully slid his butt off of the couch so that he was sitting on the very edge with his tail bone. With a moan, I ran my tongue all the way along his taint, practically shoving my face into his crack as I did. When I felt the tip of my tongue make contact with his moist sphincter, I felt a strong shiver run through me and started to eat it deeply. As always, the taste of my lover's wrinkled pucker was heavenly, and as I dug in, I started to feel out of control with pleasure.

When I finally pulled my tired tongue out of his crack, I ran it along his seam until I was back to his balls, which I sucked on with greedy moans. After sucking and licking his nuts, I ran my tongue all the way up his still hard shaft to the very tip, then I slipped my mouth back over the end and made eye contact with him. With a naughty grin, I hastily started to deep throat his cock, knowing that he only had a couple of minutes left. Wanting to make the most of it, I pulled off of his pole with a loud slurp and gave him a needy smile, prompting him to exhale and nod his head in approval.

Without having to ask twice, I quickly rose to my feet and leaned in to kiss him. As our tongues danced, I wrapped my left fist around his big boy boner and moaned into his mouth. When our lips parted, I bit my lower lip and we smiled into each others' eyes.

You'll have to make it quick, buddy,” he said tenderly, and I nodded in understanding. Without taking my hand away from the base of his shaft, I gently rested my right hand on his strong shoulder and held onto it for balance. Then, with electricity running down the backs of my legs, I straddled his lap and lined my horny entrance up to the tip of his dick. As soon as I felt the head of his shaft nestled up to the lips of my boy pussy, I leaned in and started kissing him hungrily, loving how moist and dominating his tongue felt as it snaked into my mouth. As our kiss started to grow with passion, I eased my body all the way down and felt his long shaft slide straight up into my rear end.

As soon as I had his pubic bush smashed into my crack, I reached back with both hands and grabbed my cheeks, pulling them apart as far as I could. I felt the cool morning air kiss the dilated ring of my now cock filled boy cunt and moaned, loving that my cheeks were wide opened and that at any moment, someone might walk in and see Stephen's man pole running in and out while I begged for it. With our kiss still in tact, I started a fast up and down ride on Stephen's shaft, tightening the muscles in my rear end so that I could get my man off. My rock hard little boy rod was still standing straight up at a 45 degree angle, it's slimy tip barely clearing Stephen's uniform shirt as it bobbed up and down with my ride. We both let our gazes travel down to my hairless little boner, which was tingling hard as the heat of his cock radiated against the silky lining of my yearning snatch. My midsection was on fire, the flames of passion that Stephen's shaft had ignited starting to sweep through it one more time. Taking my eyes off of my hard boy cock, I let my gaze travel back up to Stephen's face and we shared another smile.

Knowing exactly what I wanted from him, I felt his hands leave my hips and move down to my burning midsection. He placed his left hand up against the inside of my thigh while he ran his right palm flat against my tummy, all the way down to my hairless pubic region. His touch felt amazing as he rested his palm between my pubic bone and my hard, tingling cock. His fingertips were less than an inch away from my straining boy rod when he reversed his course, pulling them away without ever making contact and smiling affectionately at me. Then, finally giving into my needs, he lovingly ran his hands back to my plump rear end and encouraged me to let them go. With a moan that poured into his mouth, I obeyed my lover and felt them close around his shaft, which was moving in and out with swift thrusts.

A split second later, I felt his strong hands take hold of my buns, pulling them far enough apart so that I could enjoy the sensation of having my boy pussy exposed once more. With my hands now free to roam, I wrapped my arms around his neck and tilted my head, longing to make the moment last as long as I could. While he was parting my ass cheeks with his strong hands, I felt him push into their fleshy form with his fingertips, making me moan hotly as I increased the speed of our ride. I felt frantic with pleasure as his cock hit my spot over and over again, intensifying the luscious burn that I had in my midsection while my little rod continued to tingle with pleasure.

All of the sudden, I felt my lover take charge, tightening his grip on my ass cheeks so that he was practically pinching them, then he started to drive my little body up and down on his shaft as if it were a flesh light. This only added to my bliss, making me moan even more wildly until he slammed me down on his cock for the last time, then his load shot hard and voluminously, straight up my humming rear end. As he bred my boy pussy, I kissed him with more hunger than I had at any time along the duration of our fuck, loving how it felt to be his personal cum dump. It felt so naughty knowing that in a way, my mom was responsible for getting me laid twice this morning.

When we broke our kiss, Stephen carefully placed his hands on my slender hips and pulled me off of his cock. As soon as it sprung free, I scrambled to get back between his legs and suck it clean like a good little pussy boy should. After spending an extended amount of time licking and sucking his cock and balls, Stephen told me that he had to get going. Still feeling incredibly horny for another lay, I reluctantly pulled off of his cock. As the head of his dick emerged from between my lips, I showed my appreciation for two pleasure filled butt fucks by planting a soft kiss on the piss slit while I smiled up at him. Then, with the certainty of a true bottom boy, I stayed on my knees and pulled his pants up while he tucked his shirt tails in.

Will you come see me this afternoon?” I asked hopefully, and he nodded.

What time does your mom get home?” he asked.

Probably after three,” I said, stepping into my briefs and pulling them up. “I really want to see you again.”

If I can't get here by then, maybe we can meet at the park,” he offered, and I readily agreed to this alternative. Before he left me, he leaned down and planted a tongue filled kiss on my mouth. With a dreamy sigh, I melted into his kiss while he ran his hands all over my cum filled bottom, making me whimper.

I watched from the screen door as Stephen pulled away in his work truck, yearning for more maintenance at my back door. My bottom felt unbearably horny for another deep lay, and I knew that I would need to call on a group of my older, bigger dicked lovers to satisfy my needs. Feeling an incredible urge to be as slutty as I could, I sauntered back to the couch and took a seat, picking my phone up as I prepared to post a suggestive update on my social media stream. I put up a post that sent the clear signal that I was up early and eager to take a few big dicks in the ass as soon as possible. I wrote that I was home alone and would be spending the day in my room, then I blatantly added that I was hoping for a long train to give my caboose a ride. Requesting that anyone who was interested should text me right away, I put the message up and waited hopefully for a quick reply. Moments later, my mom called.

Hi mom,” I said sweetly, getting up from the couch.

Hi sweetie,” she said in a knowing voice, just as the first text came over. “I see that you're online this morning.”

Yeah,” I admitted, realizing that she saw my post but too horny to care. There was an uncomfortable silence, then she went on.

I guess you're staying in today, then,” she commented quietly, and I felt a stir in my rear end as I thought about what I wanted to do.

If enough boys come over, I am,” I told her, and I heard her take a deep breath and exhale. “I really want to have a lot of visitors today.”

Well, just so you know, mommy might have to work a little later than she thought,” she lamented, and I felt another set of shivers roll through me. “Did the package arrive?”

Yeah, thanks mom,” I told her in a husky voice, reaching back into my undies and pushing my middle finger up my cum filled hole, feeling Stephen's hot load ooze around it while I suppressed a moan. “The delivery guy's really cute.”

I was expecting a call, Simon,” she said, clearly trying to change the topic. “When did it show up?”

Thinking about my lover, I twisted my middle finger back and forth, sending a strong shudder through me. I let loose with a barely audible moan, then I started blatantly finger fucking myself. Giving it to myself in the ass while I was on the phone with my mom made me feel incredibly slutty. Knowing that my mom saw my cock request online and was helpless to stop me only added to that feeling. I smiled naughtily and said in a taunting tone, “I was just about to call you and let you know. I took the delivery guy's package through my back door. He just came for me a few minutes ago.”

That's fine, honey,” she said with a frustrated sigh, and I realized that she'd caught on to what I was admitting to. “We'll talk about it when I get home, okay?”

I asked him to bring his package back for me later on,” I said, feeling incredibly naughty and brave at this point. “I hope he cums for me like he did this morning.”

That's enough, Simon,” she said matter of factly, by now clearly understanding what I meant, then she tried to steer the conversation away from sex. “I want you to call me if you go anywhere, son.”

Just then, another text came across my phone. Feeling another slutty shudder run through me, I told her, “I won't leave, mom. I'm staying in my room all day so I can take hard packages through my back door until you get home.”

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