A Ride through the City, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Are you riding the bus home?” he asked, his brown eyes beaming as he gave me a hopeful look.

Yeah,” I told him, affirming my answer with a nod. “The bus leaves in about 5 minutes. Are you coming?”

Yeah, I am,” he said, hanging his head and causing the light from the ceiling to shimmer off of his brown head of hair. We walked side by side through the station, keeping our pace steady. Out of habit, I let my arms swing as I walked, smiling as the 13 year old at my side mimicked my actions. When we were in the thick of the pedestrian traffic in the station, the youngster surprised me by slipping his hand into mine.

My best guess is that people thought we were father and son as we walked to our bus. I stand at just a smidgen over six feet and weigh about 180 pounds. Cody, the young man at my side, was no more than 5'1” and might have weighed 80 pounds dripping wet. He had a tender face that hadn't begun showing the telltale signs of a boy entering puberty, even though he had already begun that journey a year ago. There was no trace of acne and his upper lip was completely hairless, absent even the beginnings of any peach fuzz that other boys his age sometimes have.

I never thought to wonder why his parents let him roam the streets the way they did. I knew the boy well enough to know that he came from a fairly stable home. His father wasn't on the scene, but his mom was there, though I was aware how much she worked. He seemed to get around, and had fairly distinctive tastes that he barely tried to conceal, even to his peers. The bus station seemed like his home away from home, but I suppose that it's the most logical place for a boy like Cody to be.

When we made it to the terminal, we boarded the empty bus and took a seat in the back. He let me get in first, then he sat beside me and immediately leaned into me. I raised my arm up and let him snuggle up to my side, then I wrapped it around his small frame while he took my hand again. He smiled up at me tenderly, then he let his gaze travel around for any onlookers. Confident that we weren't being observed, he puckered his moist lips and offered me a kiss. I gave the bus a quick scan of my own, then I leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips, feeling my lips buzz as he moaned. We broke our kiss, then he let go of my hand and wrapped his arms tight around my midsection while we waited for the driver to board the bus so we could depart the station.

This is your favorite route, isn't it?” I commented, and he nodded quietly.

You saw me last night, didn't you?” he asked, and I nodded in kind. “Did you like it?”

I liked it a lot, pal,” I told him, then I grinned down at him and continued. “It looked like you enjoyed it a whole lot more than I did, though.”

I did,” he almost whispered, then I felt his right hand move down to my crotch and give my package a firm squeeze. “I'm gonna like this ride, too.”

Just as he said that, the doors closed and the driver pulled away from the curb. He puckered up and offered me another kiss, and I quickly took him up on it. I pressed my lips to his, then I felt his lips part and his tongue slipped into my mouth. He moaned hotly when our tongues started to dance, then he started fiddling with my belt buckle. When he was successful at unbuckling my belt, he opened the fly on my trousers with stunning precision, all the while kissing me hungrily. He reached into my boxers through the opening at the front and pulled my aching boner out, grinning naughtily without breaking our kiss. When it was in his right hand, he reached down with his left hand and popped his jeans open like a little pro. Still not breaking our kiss, he put his right knee on the seat and raised his bottom up, then he started to stroke my cock with his right hand while he eased his pants and underwear down with his left. He pulled his pants down just far enough to expose his rock hard boy rod and his plump rear end, then he wrapped his left hand around my neck and increased the hunger with which he was kissing me.

Unable to resist the temptation, I used my left hand to caress his meaty globes, earning me a deep moan of desire from the boy. Finally, he broke our kiss and bit his lower lip, his right hand still stroking my cock expertly. He set his eyes on my seven inch rod and moaned again, then he laid his head in my lap and curled his legs so that his feet hung off of the bench seat. In an instant, he had his lips wrapped tight around the base of my dick, taking it to the back of his throat. I felt his pair of hands come to rest on my balls, caressing them softly while he deep throated my cock with a dreamy smile on his face.

I placed my left hand back on his apple shaped rear end, loving how plump and fleshy his ass was. I placed my right hand on his head, earning me a naughty grin from the boy while I let my left hand travel into his crack. I could hear him breathing in and out of his nose, sucking diligently on my pole while I searched for and found the remnants of the boy's busy evening in the stall of the men's room at the bus station. As soon as I made contact with his cum filled hole, he whimpered with desire and used his fingertips to fondle my balls with a tender touch.

I looked down at his hard little rod, taking note of the fact that it had a long strand of precum hanging off of the end. The small patch of pubic hair that resided just at the base of his four inch boy boner was dark with a few long strands, but most of his hairs were short and curly. His little balls were tucked away in a goose bump covered sack that was hairless and slightly reddened with a prominent seam running right down the center. They were pulled tight to his groin, just like his hard on, which was pressed up to his otherwise hairless pubic bone. I took note of the fact that just like every other encounter that I'd had with the boy, he made no move to wrap his talented hand around the boner he was sporting and get himself off. If anything, it seemed, he always went out of his way to avoid contact with his raging little boner.

The night before, I boarded the bus just as it was about to take off. Cody was seated in the rear of the bus, where I always sat. But tonight, I noticed, the boy had company. The man he was with was quite a bit older than me, possibly by 20 or 30 years. Cody was seated directly in the man's lap, his eyes shut tight and his mouth hanging wide opened. Both man and boy were completely covered from the waist down with a large trench coat that hung down into the aisle, effectively concealing what was happening under the coat. But I already knew what the boy was up to, as I'd been there many times with him.

When the bus took off, I heard Cody let loose with a long, soft moan as a blissful smile spread out across his face. The man had his hands locked at the front of the boy's chest, seemingly holding him close. I could see Cody's body gently bouncing up and down while his head and limbs hung loosely. He was clearly lost in his own world of carnal pleasures, and the man was trying to hide the fact that he was sodomizing the willing youngster. Wanting him to know that I was enjoying the show, I unzipped my pants and flashed my hard cock. When it caught his eye, he planted a kiss on the back of young Cody's head, prompting the moaning little boy to smile affectionately without opening his eyes.

It looks like we have a happy audience, sweetie,” the old man said, then he pulled the trench coat up so that I could see his hips thrusting up into Cody's supple rear end. Every time that his hairy midsection pushed into the boy, Cody's fleshy mounds would smash against it like a bean bag giving way. The young bottom opened his eyes and spotted me sitting across the aisle, earning me a naughty smile from the boy of the hour. With a lecherous smile of his own, the man used his right hand to grab Cody's chin and turn the boy's head so that they were face to face. Knowing what his lover was after, the 13 year old moaned hotly and engaged the old man in a deep French kiss while he raised his legs up and placed the bottom of his shoes on the tops of the man's thighs. His hard little cocklet had a continuous stream of precum pouring out of the end, telling me that a climax was probably not far off for the youngster.

Just as Cody's feet came to rest on the top of his partner's thighs, the man began a hard, fast ride in the boy's tight bottom. I heard Cody let out a helpless whimper, then his moaning became almost frantic as the man started to rabbit fuck him, humping in and out at an almost blinding pace. Cody's hard cock began slapping against his bald pubic bone while precum started to splash against his skin and trickle down into his little patch of pubic hair. The man's humping gained in speed one more time, then he froze and the boy let loose with a long sigh of relief. I looked between their legs, watching as cum ran down the man's hairy nut sack from his little lover's cream filled fuck hole.

When they broke their kiss, Cody carefully raised himself up and the man's cock slid out of his behind. His hard little rod was bright red and producing copious amounts of precum that was now streaming down into his crack. As close as he was to finding ecstasy, though, the dedicated bottom disregarded his cocklet and got on the floor between the man's legs. With a decadent smile he slipped his mouth over the end of his lover's cock and started sucking with lust filled moans, cleaning his lover's cock of all cum and ass juice while his boy rod sizzled between his legs. He stayed where he was long past the time that he had to, having long ago sucked away the last strand of cum when he finally put his lover's dick away.

Right on cue, I rang for the driver to stop and Cody pulled his pants up over his cum filled bubble butt and his aching little boner. He planted a deep kiss on his lover's mouth, then the bus stopped and he took my hand. We walked to the front of the bus and I waited while Cody shared a long kiss with the bus driver. I could see their tongues dancing for nearly a minute while the boy got his fill of romance from the man.

Thank you for seeing me at the station today, Jack,” he sighed dreamily when they broke their kiss. “And for driving me home tonight.”

No problem, little buddy,” the silver haired driver told him. “That tight little rear end of yours is something else.”

I'll see you again tomorrow, Jack,” Cody said with a lick of his lips, then he gave me a needy look and slipped his paw back into mine. I gave the bus driver a wink and we got off the bus together. We walked hand in hand to my second floor apartment and went inside.

I don't think you have a lot of time tonight, kiddo,” I told him, looking at the clock and realizing that his curfew was less than 20 minutes away.

We won't need that much time,” he said, reaching out and unbuttoning my pants. “Just sit on the couch. I want to suck some dick before I go home.”

Before I could take my seat, the youngster had his pants and underwear puddled around his ankles. He dropped to his knees and smiled up at me, then the little cock hound pulled my shaft out and wrapped his lips around the end. I placed my hand on the back of his head, earning me a horny moan from the 13 year old right before he took my entire length to the back of the throat. Five minutes later, he sat up and swallowed with a satisfied sigh, then he sat in my lap and we kissed until it was time for him to go home. As always, I walked the boy to his front door and saw to it that he was safely inside before heading home for the night. We held hands as we descended the staircase to the apartment directly below me, then we shared one last kiss before he went inside.

When 13 year old Cody woke up for school, it was already a forgone conclusion that he would be heading to the bus station for sex. He knew it, I knew it, even his mother and sister knew it. The little cock hound had been in an insatiable mood for weeks, and the foot traffic in and out of his room was a fair indicator of how he had been feeling. As he'd been doing off and on for years, the little horn dog started his day off with a text to a cute boy from his school, asking to be walked to the bus stop. Knowing exactly what the implication was, the lucky recipient of the text quickly agreed to stop at Cody's apartment and collect the boy.

Upon arranging his morning date, the youngster tended to his morning needs while his mom and sister were still sleeping. After draining his bladder, the youngster addressed his morning breath at the bathroom sink, brushing his teeth twice in an effort to make his mouth kissable. After wiping the sleep from his eyes, the boy stepped into a pair of sweat pants and a shirt, then he slipped out of his apartment and came upstairs.

I knew to expect his knock no later than 5:45 in the morning. The gay youngster knew that if he came any later, he'd have to wait to see me until I made it to the bus station after work. So, just like clockwork, he arrived at my apartment with a messy head of hair and a sleepy smile on his adorable face. As soon as he was inside, we walked hand in hand to the kitchen and I fetched my second cup of coffee. With my coffee in tow, we headed for the living room, where he curled up on the couch and waited for me to take a seat. As soon as I sat beside him, he leaned in and stole a tongue filled kiss from me while I groped his horny rear end.

When our good morning kiss ended, he quickly found himself kneeling between my legs, his mouth and throat accommodating my seven incher while he moaned with desire. Knowing that my little visitor was content for the moment, I proceeded to drink my coffee and admire his cute smile while he fondled my balls with his hands. When I started to get close, he knew it. My balls started to pull tight in his warm hands and my shaft started to swell in his mouth. He responded to this with a roll of his hips, then he practically impaled himself on my dick while his fingers caressed my nuts so expertly. With his throat working its magic around my pole, I quickly found paradise in his mouth, giving the little cutie a thick mouthful of cum that he swallowed with insatiable moans.

When he sat up and swallowed, he grinned happily up at me and licked his lips. I patted the spot beside me and he quickly obeyed, curling his legs up beneath his young body while he clung to my chest and purred.

That was amazing, little buddy,” I said, taking a loud sip of my coffee.

Thanks,” he practically sang, smiling up at me with stars in his eyes. “I really wanted to give some head this morning before we get in the shower.”

Oh yeah?” I asked, and he nodded his answer. “Are you having anyone over this morning before school?”

Uh huh,” he said breathlessly. “I already texted a cute boy named Jesse and he texted me back. He's coming over at seven to see me, then he's going to hold my hand while we walk to school.”

Is he cuter than the boy who walked you to school yesterday?” I asked, and Cody just shrugged.

My mom thinks he is,” the youngster said with a blush. “He walked me home yesterday.”

Did you get lucky with him?” I asked, and the blushing little boy snuggled up tighter to my chest as he nodded his answer

I want to get lucky with you this morning, too,” he yawned, prompting me to plant a kiss on his forehead. He smiled up at me tenderly, then he offered me his lips for another kiss. Giving into his needs, I engaged the youngster in a prolonged French kiss while I rubbed his back through his shirt, bringing out a hot moan that carried into my mouth. When our lips parted, he rested his head back on my chest and sighed.

What time will you be at the bus station?” he asked quietly while I finished the last of my coffee.

Probably around 8:30 tonight,” I told him. “I have to work a little later than normal.”

Can I ride home with you?” he asked, and I gave his small frame a tight hug.

Of course you can, buddy,” I said, tilting my cup so that I could down the last of my coffee. “Are you ready to jump in the shower?”

Yeah,” he said, grinning up at me with anticipation in his young eyes. “I've been thinking about it ever since last night.”

Come on then, kiddo,” I said, standing up and taking his hand. “We need to get moving if you want me to tend to that horny behind of yours.”

With that, he took the lead, practically dragging me to the bathroom, where he got out of his clothes in near record time. With the certainty of a pure bottom, he lovingly stood behind me and held my cock while I pissed into the toilet. When I was done, he carefully shook me off into the bowl, then he flushed it and got into the shower stall to start the water. He was so dedicated to pleasing me that he made sure that the water temperature was exactly where I wanted it, then he stepped aside and let me get in. While I stood under the warm shower spray, he retrieved the soap and worked up a thick lather, then he began to stroke my cock with both hands. As my shaft stiffened in his grasp, the boy started to moan with desire all over again, knowing that soon he would be accepting full strokes of it in his tight rear end.

When he was confident that my shaft was as hard as he could make it, the horny little boy reached up with his right arm and pulled me down into a kiss while he continued to work up a rich lather around my shaft with his left hand. When our lips parted, he bit his lower lip and let my dick go, then he bent over and placed his hands up against the wall for balance. I grabbed onto his hips and lined up to his always hungry hole, watching as it flexed when the head of my dick made contact. I heard him start moaning and saw his fingertips press against the tiled wall, almost as if he were trying to dig into it with them. Not wanting to keep the horny little guy waiting, I gave a firm push and his blooming hole swallowed my entire length.

His ass felt like a vice around my pole, wrapping around every inch with almost crushing force. The heat of his rectum was almost enough to bring me off immediately, but I managed to gain enough control over my pleasure receptors to avoid that unfortunate outcome. I stayed still and let myself get used to the way his rear end was squeezing my shaft. I'd been here so many times before, but it was almost as if I were inside of him for the first time all over again. His talented boy pussy never failed to give me the most magnificent sensations when I was inside of him.

I knew that it was his hot, tight rectum that drew men and boys to his bed and kept them coming back. When he came out of the closet at school, an inordinate number of boys circled the wagons for him, keeping him safe from would be bullies. At first, it seemed like a stroke of luck, and perhaps an almost completely tolerant set of peers at young Cody's middle school. But as the revolving door to his bedroom got busier and busier, it became obvious to the boy's mother and sister why the youngster was so accepted. How it was that he was able to hold hands with so many different boys each day as he walked to and from school. And how he was able to openly tell boys at his school that he thought they were cute without making them feel uncomfortable.

Indeed, it was Cody's always lubed up boy pussy that afforded him such latitude at school. And at the park. And the bus station, where he had taken to meeting me each evening after a couple of hours in the men's room. He was shameless about his love for sucking cock, and would eagerly give hand jobs to boys at school right in the middle of class. At lunchtime, the 13 year old could be found in the boy's bathroom, bent over with his naked bottom sticking straight up into the air. His moans would always give away the pleasure that he felt as one of his lucky school mates slid his hard wiener into the tight confines of Cody's love tunnel. After a pleasure filled experience in the restroom, the youngster let's his top hold his hand and walk him to the cafeteria for a lunch date.

So with Cody's magical boy box gripping my pole over and over again, my explosive orgasm was almost academic. With the blow job he'd given me on the couch, I was certain that I might be able to hold out and fuck the boy a little longer. But as it turned out, I was way off the mark. Less than two minutes into our unholy union, I felt an orgasmic flurry starting to swirl in my balls, which were swinging like a church bell as I fed him my cock. The youngster was moaning with a high pitch squeal, his wet body covered with goosebumps that ran from the nape of his neck down to his ankles. His little feet were bowing on the shower floor and his small toes were curling tight with rapid, repetitive motions.

Just as the familiar burn of a climax started to roll through my groin, I felt his tight bottom quiver hard, then it flexed around the head of my pole. This sent an electric feeling down my legs that originated at the base of my shaft and traveled swiftly down my legs. Through clenched teeth, I drew in a sharp breath and tightened my grip on his hips, feeling the water cascading off of the small of his back, right where his plump buns started to take shape. As the hot water streamed through my fingers, I felt frantic with pleasure and started to thrust faster and with increased force. This caused the moaning boy to pant over and over again while his ass clutched my erection, which was now plunging in and out in a quick but fluid like motion. His silky lining felt like it was getting hotter and hotter, then I felt a torrent of juices race around the head of my cock and I lost control.

With a howl that echoed off of the shower walls, I drove in five more times and froze as the waves of a powerful orgasm swept me under. While I was unloading my bounty of sperm, I could feel Cody's boy pussy squeeze my dick over and over again like a tightening vice. His hot membranes felt like a set of ten fingers pushing into my length with unrelenting force. My glans were throbbing with carnal lust as they unleashed my seed, sending thick globs of it deep into Cody's welcoming bottom. With each shot that fired out of the end of my cannon, the gay youngster let loose with a moan that matched the velocity until there was no more seed stored up in my sack.

When I pulled out of his bottom, Cody quickly fell to his knees and watched with a naughty smile while I rinsed the suds from my still rock hard rod. His boy cock was hard as steel, standing straight up and pointing at the ceiling while he reached out and held onto my legs. When my cock was suds free, he leaned in and wrapped his tender lips around it with a greedy smile. He was giving off satisfied moans while he nursed gently on my dick, content to keep it in his mouth while I grabbed the shampoo and washed my hair. His dick looked like it was spring loaded, ready to shoot at any time while he used his tongue to lick the head of my man prick with a dreamy smile. His moans were shaky and indicative of a boy who was about to cum, but he never made it that far.

When I started to soap my body up, the moaning boy let my cock go and stood up obediently once more. He lovingly took the wash rag from me and proceeded to clean my body from head to toe, paying special attention to my cock, balls and ass. When I was washed and rinsed, he handed me the soapy rag and stayed still while I washed his young body. As it always does, his cock almost completely deflated as I prepared to wash it, shrinking to its flaccid 1 ½ inches while his little nuts practically shriveled up.

When his young body was clean, he took the washrag from me and rinsed it under the spray, then he hung it up and turned the water off. He dutifully fetched the towel from the rack and dried me off while water poured off of his naked body. When I was dry, he smiled up at me with devotion while I took the towel from him and returned the favor. Finally, we got out of the shower together and walked to my room, where he fell to his knees again and waited for me to sit on the bed. With a tender smile, he rolled my socks onto my feet, then he took my boxers and eased my feet into them. He rose to his feet so that he could hike my boxers up to my waist, then he let me take over while he watched with a hungry expression.

When I was dressed for the day, I instructed the little bottom to lay flat on my bed while I went to my dresser. I pulled out the top drawer and retrieved one of many pairs of underwear that the boy had left at my apartment over the last two years. He was practically beaming from below as I picked his boy sized foot up with one hand and planted kisses on the bottom while I held his tighty-whities in the other hand. I used my tongue to lap away at the underside of his skinny foot, then I slipped my mouth over all five of his toes and sucked. With his toes in my mouth, I used my tongue to lick between them, earning me a soft moan from my little lover.

Looking at the clock, I knew that there was still time, so I let his well bathed foot fall to the bed and picked the other one up. Wanting to make sure that he received total pleasure from my act, I once again lapped away at the bottom of his foot before sucking all of his toes into my mouth at the same time. He moaned again, prompting me to look down just in time to see that his raging little boner was back. He had his hands at his side and he was gazing up at me with what appeared to be wonder in his expressive eyes while I licked between his little toes.

Finally, I was ready to pleasure my boy the way he wanted it. So, crawling onto the mattress, I grabbed his ankles and spread his legs wide while he bit his lower lip and watched. I gave him a smile and watched as he placed the flat of his palms against the mattress, then in one swift motion, I flipped him over and pulled his hips up into the air, bringing his bottom up to my face. I quickly parted his cheeks and took site of his well fucked boy pussy, hearing him moan with desire. Through the floor, we could hear the sounds of his mother and sister getting ready, their hair dryers ringing out in tandem. Not wanting to wait another minute, I buried my face in his ass and used my tongue to lick his tender sphincter. Right away, his young body tensed up and he called out with pleasure while his body quivered hard. His little nut sack was right in front of me, dangling right by my chin and boiling with sperm. Right in front of it was his hard boy rod, which was pointing straight down at my mattress. All I had to do was reach in and take hold of it with my hand, or even more enticing, move my watering mouth down and engulf his entire 13 year old package at once.

Giving into what he wanted, though, I stayed where I was and ate his ass. Cody loves a good ass eating, and he knows right where to come for it. He may or may not have his back door dined on at the bus station. And it's pretty much a given that nobody at his school wants to bury their nose and mouth in his ass cheeks while they lick his butthole. Even though Cody himself is very enthusiastic when it comes to eating the asses of men and boys, and will often get lost in the pleasures of his act until his tongue starts to cramp up. Still, when he needs to be on the receiving end of a major ass eating, Cody knows that he can find pleasure in my apartment.

Five minutes into my feast, I unbuckled my belt and my trousers hit the floor. Without a moment's hesitation, I slid my throbbing cock back up the boy's ass and fucked him fast and dirty. Less than a minute after I buried my dick up his chute, I pulled out and Cody wrapped his lips around it just in time to receive my load. His hard little rod was so hard that it was shaped like a banana, still streaming precum out of the end that made his tuft of pubic hair glisten under the light from the ceiling. He stayed where he was, licking and sucking my cock clean like a good little pussy boy, then he gave my dangling balls a long, loving French kiss.

Finally, he sat back on his butt and rested his hands flat on the bed while I pulled my trouser's up and buckled my belt. When I picked his underwear back up, he cooperated with me by lifting his feet and letting me slip them through the leg openings. He watched silently as I slid them all the way up his legs, lifting his butt up off of the bed so that I could pull them all the way up over his straining little boy dick. When I let the blue striped waistband go, his bulging little package seeped precum into the pouch. He laid still while I dressed him in his sweats and socks, then I put his little slippers on his feet and helped him sit up. I rolled his teeshirt up and slipped it over his damp head, then he put his skinny arms through the short sleeves and smiled at me while I tugged on his shirt tails.

Are you all set, buddy?” I asked softly when he was dressed, and he nodded with a dreamy sigh. “Let's have another kiss before I walk you home, okay?”

Okay,” he agreed in a sing song voice, then we shared a long French kiss that ended with a loud smack of our lips. With that, I took his little paw and helped him off the bed and walked him home, both of us glowing with the satisfaction of our carnal union. At his front door, we shared one last kiss, then he went inside while I left for work. As soon as he was inside, he quickly sought out his mother's embrace, eager to visit with her before she had to leave for work.

Cody's mother had long ago realized that her youngest child was gay. As a ten year old, the little guy found himself lovestruck by his sister's boyfriend and rather bluntly announced his crush to his mom, his sister and the 14 year old boy he was so smitten with. Upon hearing this from Cody, the two females of the house began to see other obvious signs of his emerging sexuality, including posters of boy bands and cute TV stars. So when he finally came out to his mom and sister shortly after turning 11, it was no surprise to either of them.

But when Cody started having “company” in his room, the two were slightly alarmed. It started innocently enough, with the youngster luring a boy to his room for a makeout session that ended when his mom found them sitting on the edge of his bed, mid lip lock while they held onto each others' shoulders. Soon, the 11 year old began locking his door and boys would emerge from his room with their pants unbuttoned. This carried on for a few weeks until one day, Cody's adoring mother watched her little boy walk hand in hand with a boy to the front door and see him off with a kiss. Needing to gain access to his room so she could put away folded laundry, she walked in and the odor of anal sex hit her nose like a punch.

Wanting to be as diplomatic as she could, the concerned mother asked Cody to join her on the couch. As soon as he sat down beside her, the sharp stink of ass juice poured into her nostrils and she knew it was her 11 year old who had been on the receiving end of the fudge packing that had taken place. When she asked him about it, she was hoping against hope that he would tell her it wasn't true. But her little boy was honest with her, and immediately admitted that he had been taking it in the ass in his room for weeks. When she saw the starry eyes of her son as he talked about the pleasure he received from anal sex, she knew it was no use. The look of enchantment on his face gave it all away for her, and she reasoned that it was better for him to do it in his bedroom than in some strange park restroom or a bus station with grown men and strangers.

Clearly, she had no idea just how wrong he would prove her.

As the months passed and it became clear to her that Cody was frequenting public restrooms for sex, the doting mother settled into a calm acceptance of his activities. She constantly encouraged him to forge relationships with boys his own age, but she knew deep down that he was letting men fuck him in the ass. When it dawned on her that Cody was finding pleasures in my bed, she didn't attempt to keep us apart. Instead, she gave into the reality that her 11 year old was climbing the stairs in search of gay sex, and that I was willing to give it to him.

So when she heard him come in after an hour in my apartment, she watched hopefully from the living room as he rounded the corner. He was glowing with sexual contentment, a blissful smile plastered to his cute face as he held his arms out for her and melted into her hug.

Good morning baby,” she said softly as she held him close, rubbing his back while he wrapped his little arms around her neck.

Good morning mom,” he said sweetly, settling on her thigh for a moment while she hugged him tight. When they broke their hug, he slid off of her thigh down to the cushion beside her.

I take it you showered upstairs,” she said as soon as he snuggled up to her side on their love seat, the smell of soap and shampoo in his hair giving it away.

Yeah, I had a really nice shower, mom,” the little guy said with a soft inflection in his otherwise boyish voice. His mom rubbed his back lovingly, then she ran her hand over his well seeded bottom and smiled.

I guess you had this taken care of upstairs,” she deducted, and Cody nodded his answer. “Are you all fixed up for now, or are you expecting a friend this morning?”

Jesse's coming over to see me at seven,” the horny boy said, his voice tinged with desire that his mother detected right away. “Then he's going to walk me to school.”

Do you think you're going to need another shower before you leave?” his mom asked knowingly, and the little cock hound grinned up at her.

Maybe,” he said quietly. “If we do, I want him to get in with me.”

I know you do, sweetie,” she said. “Is he walking you home?”

Cody nodded his answer, letting his mom know that the boys would be fucking in her son's room after school. Having seen dozens of boys in and out of her son's room over the years, she knew that he had an unquenchable thirst for gay sex that required a steady flow of cocks and cum.

How about if mama makes you something to eat before he gets here?” she asked hopefully, and the horny boy nodded his agreement. Ten minutes and one pop tart later, a timid knock at the door was answered by the horny 13 year old. When he set his eyes on the light skinned African American boy on the other side, Cody felt his heart flutter. Still 12 years old, the boy stood at 5'4” tall and weighed 100 pounds. He had braces on his pearly white teeth and a plump rear end that sat so perfectly on his otherwise trim frame. When he set his eyes on the horny bottom boy who had texted him an hour and a half earlier, he felt his package stir in his pants and smiled.

Not caring at all that the door was opened, or that his mom and sister were watching, gay little Cody engaged his cute friend in a long, tongue filled kiss while his horny bottom throbbed with passion. When they broke their kiss, the brunette boy took his companion's hand and they walked through the living room, the only path that they could take to Cody's den of love. As they walked, Cody leaned into his top and smiled dreamily up at him while his mom and sister watched. At one point, the horny 13 year old puckered his lips and offered his top a kiss. Feeling a little uncertain, the young man reluctantly gave in, planting a kiss on his bottom boy's mouth, then adding some tongue. This sent a thrill through both boys, making their boy boners strain through their respective pants.

Honey, I know you have company,” Cody's mom said, snapping both boys out of their lovestruck spell for the moment. “But I want you to make sure that you leave for school by 8:25, okay? I don't want you to be late, and I'm sure Jesse's parents wouldn't like that either.”

I promise to have him to school on time, Mrs. Thompson,” the 12 year old said, wrapping his arm around his smaller lover and holding him close.

Thank you, Jesse,” she said with a smile, then she turned her attention to her son. “Sweetie, I'm going to be leaving for work soon. “Come give mama a hug and a kiss.”

With that, the horny boy went to his mom, letting her wrap him up in one more hug while she planted a kiss on his cheek. He responded by kissing her back, then he told her, “I love you, mommy. I'll be home by my curfew.”

Are you planning to go to the bus station?” she asked, and he nodded his confession.

I'm going to let Jesse walk me home,” he told her. “After he gives me a lay and goes home, I'm taking the bus downtown.”

Okay, sweetie pie,” she said, planting one more kiss on his cheek, then she winked at her son's adorable lover. “You two have fun this morning, okay?”

We will,” the light skinned 12 year old said with a smile that took Cody's breath away.

We'll have fun this afternoon, too,” Cody said, approaching his hunky top and melting into his embrace. “And at school.”

Don't get into any trouble at school, honey,” his mom cautioned him, but the horny 13 year old was too caught up in his passion to care.

We always do it in the boy's room and don't get caught,” he said, feeling incredibly naughty. “I love taking a hard one in my pooper when I'm at school.”

I'll make sure we don't get in any trouble, Mrs. Thompson,” Jesse spoke up again, just as Cody reached down and groped his package, not caring at all that his mom and sister were watching.

Okay, honey,” his mom said in an understanding tone. “Why don't you take Jesse to your room so you can get what you're after?”

I'm after this,” the boy said with a lascivious grin, still holding his lover's bulge through his pants. “I can't wait to feel it slide up my butt.”

With that, Jesse took control of the situation, planting a loving kiss on Cody's lips and steering him toward his bedroom while his mom and sister watched with knowing expressions. As soon as they were in the room, Cody and his lover stripped down to nothing and resumed their lip lock. While he was being kissed up, Cody reached down and ran his hands all over Jesse's 12 year old cock, which was rock hard and standing at 5 ½ inches. The thickness of his lover's cock gave the 13 year old nothing but chills as he considered feeling it run in and out of his boy pussy while precum poured out of the end of his own four incher.

Just as these thoughts were running through the little cock hound's mind, he found himself being eased onto his back by his lover while their tongues continued to dance. The bigger boy broke their kiss and Cody smiled lovingly up at his top, then he felt his legs being lifted up into the air and his ankles came to rest on Jesse's shoulders. While Cody watched with anticipation, Jesse lined his rod up to the boy's pucker and pushed gently. Both boys could see the difference between Cody's barely pubescent boy cock and the dark hose that hung between Jesse's legs. Jesse's dick seemed to rage with authority, longer and thicker than Cody's cock and lined with veins that protruded like hoses. At its base was a thick tuft of dark pubic hair and at its root dangled a set of balls that rivaled those of a grown man. By comparison, Cody's package was diminutive and immature, and both boys knew it. Cody was almost a year older than his top, but Jesse was clearly the alpha male. In the meanwhile Cody was a shameless little pussy boy who longed to be fucked by boys like Jesse. And as clear as it was to both boys, it was also clear to everyone who Cody knew. Including his mother and sister, who watched as the gay youngster gave into his submissive desires without a care in the world.

When Jesse's cock slid up his ass, the horny 13 year old whimpered like the sissy that he was, then he grinned at his top. Feeling the always tight lining of Cody's rear end grab his still developing stalk, the 12 year old took a deep breath and let out a groan. Cody reached out with his hands, wrapping them around his lover's neck and locking his fingers tight, then he felt his body tremble as Jesse began to feed him strokes of hard cock. Cody felt his legs rocking back and forth while the familiar, luscious burn of carnal pleasure swelled in his boy pussy. As it started to flourish inside of him, he let loose with several moans that grew progressively longer and louder.

As Cody's sister was telling her mother goodbye, the unmistakable moans of her brother rang out along with the sound of his creaking bed. All of the sudden, the moaning got muffled but the creaking continued, telling both mother and daughter that the 13 year old was being treated to a kiss while his rear end was serviced with his lover's hard cock. In Cody's room, the 13 year old was indeed moaning around a mouthful of stiff tongue while his bottom accepted firm strokes courtesy of the cute boy he had asked to come see him. Cody's little feet were waving back and forth in the air while his toes curled hard, the burning sensation now traveling through his legs and into his heaving tummy. His rock hard boy rod had precum running out of the end like a faucet while his young nut sack drew into his body.

Just as she was walking out the door, Cody's sister heard the creaking of her brother's bed get louder and faster, and she knew that he was about to be seeded. Indeed, young Jesse was at the end of his line and had begun slamming into the 13 year old's rear end hard and fast. Which was why, less than 90 seconds after their dance of love began, Cody moaned hotly into his top's mouth while a torrent of hot boy sperm flooded it, joining my two loads and overflowing in his tight rectum. With three thick loads filling his boy pussy, Cody felt Jesse's cock hammering in and out like a French press, giving him an even deeper feeling of devotion in his heart as the loads were forced to go deeper inside of him until there was no more room. With his boy pussy now filled beyond capacity with hot sperm, Cody felt Jesse's plunging dick force a torrent of cum to squirt along the walls of his boy pussy. He moaned as he felt it roll along the length of his lover's preteen cock, then it spewed out of his deeply fucked hole.

Acutely aware of the mess he made in the bottom boy's bed, cute little Jesse pulled out and watched as thick goblets of cum oozed out of Cody's winking hole. He slowly lowered his little lover's legs to the bed, then he collapsed beside him while the pussy boy went down on him, eager to lick and suck away all of the cum and ass juice he could find. While he was sucking on his lover's juicy cock, his own little wiener was throbbing with pleasure, still oozing with copious amounts of precum. He loved how hard Jesse's thick cock stayed while he went down on it, and before he realized what he was doing, he found himself lost in the pleasures of deepthroating his lover while his newly muffled moans told his mother that he was now sucking dick for his top. Knowing what a natural cock hound her son is, the loving mother carried on with her morning, confident that the 12 year old would get her son to first period on time.

When they heard the front door close, Jesse pulled the young cock hound off of his aching rod and they fell into another kiss. Moments later, Cody was on his hands and knees in the doggy style position, taking it from the back while he moaned like a bitch in heat. After being bred by his lover, the boys got up and prepared to take a shower. Unable to resist the allure, 13 year old Cody got on his knees behind his top and pushed his face up into the boy's rear end, longing to eat at his back door. For his diligence, the gay youngster was bent over and fucked one last time, leaving the pair just enough time to enjoy a romantic stroll to school while Jesse carried his backpack for him.

True to his nature, Cody sucked a few dicks throughout the morning, sneaking boys into the bathroom stall so he could indulge in the pleasurable act. At lunch time, he bent over for Jesse in that same stall while two more boys waited their turn. Much to his delight, Jesse shot a thick load up his ass, then he was mounted and fucked by a bigger dicked boy named Roger. After having his rear end serviced by the eighth grader, a 7th grade cutie named Adam mounted him and took him for a fast ride. Just when he thought his fun was over, Jesse reinserted his boy cock and took him for another shiver inducing ride that ended with another hot load being squirted into his rear end. When they walked to the cafeteria together, Cody's eyes were glazed over with dreamy pleasure while his rear end drooled cum into the seat of his pants. His romantic day with Jesse ended just the way it had the day before, with a kiss filled stroll home while Jesse carried his backpack for him. When they got back to his apartment, Cody eagerly opened his legs for the tender boy and was rewarded with an extended lay that left him with a messy bed and a well serviced bottom that was oozing boy cum all over his sheets.

Seeing his top off with a sweet kiss, gay little Cody quickly got himself together and made a beeline for the bus station. When he arrived, he went straight to the men's room and spotted a few regulars. Eager to be tag teamed, he took all three of them into the handicap stall and let them take turns fucking his horny rear end while he wrapped his lips and his fist around any available cock he could. When his romp ended, the sexed up 13 year old made a pass at an obese gentleman in the lobby, and was quickly ushered back into the handicap stall for a throat fuck that made his body shiver with lust. When he came out of the stall, he ran into Jack, our bus driver who regularly turns his head while Cody services cocks on the ride home. Offering the man some tail, the boy was quickly taken up on his offer and was treated to a deep butt fucking that made him shiver uncontrollably until he felt the man pull out and shoot all over his ass cheeks.

Jack let the boy suck him clean, then he went on his way while Cody straightened out his disheveled hair and scraped the cooling cum from his plump buns. He was on his way out to the lobby when he was propositioned by a much older man in his 70's. Always horny, Cody led the man into the stall and took the senior citizen for a fast ride in his tight bottom, then he engaged his older lover in a French kiss before coming back out to the lobby, where he found me walking toward the restroom at 8:30 sharp.

When we made it to our stop, Cody took my hand and we walked to the front of the bus. Having just swallowed my load, I knew that he was in the mood to take a cock in the ass as soon as possible. His hard little rod was straining in his pants, all of the pent up pleasure making it sizzle with horny delight as we made our way down the aisle. When we got to the door, Cody leaned in and shared a kiss with the bus driver that was filled with romance. Unable to control his desire, the boy reached into Jack's lap and fondled the man's erection through his pants. When they broke their kiss, Cody had a tender conversation with the man.

I wish I could have it in my butt one more time, Jack,” the boy admitted, then he leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on the man's lips. In response, the bus driver used his hands to grab two handfuls of boy butt.

I'd love to take your sweet behind for another spin, Cody,” the man said. “But I'd fall behind on the route.”

It can be a quickie,” the boy offered hopefully, running his hands all over Jack's raging boner. “It's nice and big, and I just want to get laid by it one more time.”

With that, the youngster engaged the man in one more deep kiss that sealed the deal. Jack closed the door and turned the running lights off, then he got undressed and bent the boy over. Cody was moaning in ecstasy as Jack gave him a 60 second butt fucking in the middle of the aisle. I had my cock out too, stroking it as I watched my little neighbor shiver hard under the force of his ride. When Jack seeded his boy cunt and pulled out, I quickly slid in. Unable to believe that he was being treated to a second ride, Cody moaned even louder and with more passion as I used my shaft to tear along the lining of his love tunnel. Jack quieted the boy's moans by easing his still dripping dick into his mouth, giving the boy even more pleasure as he was treated to hard cock at both ends. When I was about to shoot, I pulled out and fired my load all over his ass cheeks, just like Jack had at the station, then I watched as the older man pulled the boy's mouth off of his aching cock. Cody was hissing with pleasure when he spun around and got to work, licking my shaft clean while he rolled his naked bottom around shamelessly. Happily for the eager bottom, Jack took a firm hold of his hips and slid back up inside of him. The little boy was shaking all over while the bus driver commenced taking him for another fast ride that ended with a second load being spewed on his ass cheeks.

Finally at the end of our supply of sperm, we let Cody spend his glorious afterglow licking and sucking our cocks and balls clean. When we got off the bus, the glowing little cum slut took my hand and we walked to my apartment. Too tired to perform for the youngster, I engaged him in a long makeout session until it was time to walk him home. As we approached the door, the yawning boy begged me for another kiss, then he promised to see me in the morning, then in the evening for another pleasure filled ride through the city.

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