The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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A Boyslut Gets His Way~

At 7:15am, the cool morning air was pouring into the tent, disrupting 12 year old Austin's otherwise restful slumber. The naked boy was clinging to the chest of his lover Jimmy, who also happened to be nude. They were wrapped in a self crafted cocoon of warmth provided by their sleeping bags and their natural body heat. As cozy as both boys happened to be at the moment, though, the cold air was working in concert with Austin's full bladder to rouse the youngster. He opened his eyes and realized that the sun was out, then he heard a chorus of birds singing. Gazing at his 13 year old lover's adorable face, Austin grinned and planted a sweet kiss on his lips before reluctantly crawling out of their warm embrace.

Still naked as the day he was born, he unzipped the tent and stepped out just in time to unleash the torrent of pee that his bladder had stored up. Happily for the groggy little boy, he didn't have to concern himself with his aim this morning, and his erratic stream didn't spray the bathroom floor around the toilet, as it normally would have. He was scratching an itch on his arm when the sound of a running car caught his attention, then a set of familiar voices carried on a conversation the piqued his interest.

Are you sure you don't want to go with us, honey?” he heard a woman ask in a concerned tone.

I'm sure mom,” Steven answered. “I have mid terms next week and I really need to study.”

Alright, kiddo,” he heard the boy's father say in reply. “I left some money on the counter for you just in case. We'll be home tonight.”

I love you,” Steven said, then Austin heard two car doors close and realized that the 19 year old was home alone.

Thrusting his hips playfully, he shook the last drops of pee from the end of his hairless little boner, then he crawled back into the tent and sighed contentedly at the site of Jimmy's cute, sleeping expression. With a shiver of passion, he leaned in and planted a kiss on Jimmy's lips, then he lovingly added some tongue. Even in his sleep, a sweet smile spread out across the 13 year old's face and he reciprocated, treating Austin to an extended French kiss. When the bare butt boy broke their kiss, he spoke to his lover.

Steven's mom and dad left and he's alone,” Austin said, hoping to wake his little lover. “I want to go see him.”

Okay,” Jimmy yawned, then he rolled over and went back to sleep. Planting one last kiss on his lover's cheek, Austin dawned his undies and his pajamas, then he hurried to Steven's front door.

When Steven opened the door, he was wearing a pair of sweats and no shirt. Seeing the boy's smooth, toned torso gave Austin chills of anticipation and he quickly expressed his need to suck dick for his older companion. Giving into the youngster's desires, Steven let the boy in and closed the front door.

After a deep throating that lasted all of three minutes, Steven's teenaged balls gave up their load and Austin swallowed every drop. After taking a full load down the gullet, the horny 12 year old spent a luscious afterglow licking and sucking his lover's cock and balls clean with a greedy smile. While Austin was treating himself to a mouthful of warm nuts, Steven ran his fingers through the pajamaed boy's messy hair and spoke to him.

Did Jimmy spend the night last night?” he asked, and Austin nodded. “Is he still there or did he go home already?”

Planting a loud, smacking kiss on his lover's right nut, the little boy pulled his ball sack out of his mouth and told him, “He's still sleeping in the tent. We got laid by some really sexy guys last night and he's tired.”

That's fucking hot,” the 19 year old said in a lecherous tone, and Austin nodded in agreement. “Did you both get it in the ass?”

With a naughty smile, Austin nodded again, then he added, “Jimmy got laid by some of the guys that did me, but I stayed up longer and got laid more times.”

Do you want it in the ass again?” Steven asked, and the cute little boy moaned hotly. “Do you need to lube up first?”

Yeah,” Austin said with a catch in his voice, his yearning to take Steven's teen cock too great for him to deny. With that, both boys got up and walked hand in hand to Steven's room. Austin felt a wave of romantic feelings rushing through him as his tender companion held his hand and escorted him up the stairs, causing him to smile lovingly up at the older boy and bat his eyes. When they got to his room, Austin quickly lost his pajama bottoms and let Steven lube him up with two slick fingers. After a deep finger fucking that brought the pussy boy out of him in no time, he got on his back and pulled his knees to his chest.

When Steven buried his shaft in Austin's unbelievably tight boy pussy, he felt a strong shudder go through him. At the same time, both boys were grateful that Austin had dropped to his knees and sucked a large load from Steven's balls. Steven was grateful because he had enjoyed the blowjob so much, and he loved the feeling of Austin's hot, squeezing rectum as it engulfed his length. Having blown his load just minutes earlier, he knew that he could stay there and enjoy the sensation for a while. Austin was grateful because he loved sucking dick, especially for Steven. His mouth watered all the time as fantasies of giving his older lover nonstop head consumed his thoughts. He was also grateful because he was in the mood for a long, deep butt fucking. Having swallowed a massive load of teen spunk, he knew that Steven was about to deliver.

As it turned out, both boys got their way. Austin felt a powerful anal orgasm rock his small frame after only a minute of his lover's deep thrusts. As his ecstasy built up to that moment, the muscles in his ass began to squeeze Steven's cock with rhythmic contractions. This gave Steven the carnal sensation that he wanted, and his thrusting grew stronger and more persistent. When he brought the little boy off, his cock was being squeezed over and over again while the writhing 12 year old climaxed beneath him.

When Austin's first climax abated, the constant squeezing of his ass muscles endured, treating Steven to a feeling of sheer rapture. Encouraged by this feeling, and determined to make it last, the 19 year old doubled down, running his pole back and forth in a piston-like fashion that brought Austin off again. The ferocity of the boy's orgasm was a site to behold, and once again, Steven felt it around his cock. The little cutie's rectum was gripping the head of his cock over and over again while he maintained his momentum, giving him goosebumps that quickly spread out across his body.

After almost ten minutes of continuous butt fucking, Austin's rear end was too much for young Steven to handle. The little boy began experiencing anal orgasms at an increasingly fast pace, with shorter and shorter periods of time between each one. When Steven began to approach the finish line, it seemed like Austin was in the midst of a continuous string of climaxes that were flowing into one another. There was a powerful glow radiating from his face and he was wearing a smile that looked carved into his mouth. His eyes were shut tight and had been for the last few minutes. The boy's anus was closing around his pistoning rod, rushing him toward his own climax.

With a groan, Steven shoved his long, thick pole up Austin's ass and froze, firing several hot shots of cum deep inside of him. The moaning little boy was pulling breaths through his clenched teeth as his bottom filled up with sperm, then every muscle in his spent body relaxed and he sighed blissfully. Seeing his handy-work, Steven smiled triumphantly down at the contented youngster as a dollop of sweat fell from the end of his nose and landed on Austin's heaving chest. When his load was fully expelled, the teen pulled out of Austin's boy pussy with a moist, audible pop and rubbed the youngster's chest with his palm. With a look of sheer lust in his eyes, the horny boy mustered the strength to sit up and wrap his lips around Steven's seven inch stallion, anxious to make love to it with his mouth.

Do you think Jimmy wants me to give it to him in the ass?” Steven asked as he petted the boy's head, and Austin nodded with stars in his eyes. “Maybe when I finish fucking him, I can fuck you again.”

Okay!” Austin said excitedly, then he planted a series of grateful kisses all along his lover's still hard shaft. “We can call him on his cell phone if you want, then I can stay here and suck your dick until he gets here.”

Sure thing, lover,” Steven said with an affectionate smile, making Austin's heart flutter. Using Steven's cell phone, the 12 year old called his boyfriend, who was just starting to come around when his cell phone rang. After a brief exchange, Jimmy quickly got dressed and hurried over to Steven's house, anxious to have his rear end serviced. While his 13 year old lover was in transit, Austin wrapped his moist lips around Steven's pole and took it to the back of the throat while his rear end oozed with cum.

As soon as Jimmy arrived, Steven was treated to an erotic scene that played out in dramatic fashion. Austin quickly fell into a deep, tongue filled kiss with his lover that ended with both boys in the 69 position, eating each-other's boy pussies on the bed. After an extended session of mutual ass eating, the boys turned their attention back to Steven and attacked with their mouths. Austin posted up at Steven's back door, eating it hungrily while Jimmy treated himself to a mouthful of hard cock while he smiled dreamily up at the 19 year old.

When Steven was ready, Jimmy assumed the missionary position, resting his ankles on Steven's shoulders and taking his shaft. With a hot moan, the cute 13 year old welcomed Steven's rod with one easy thrust, then he sighed lovingly at Austin and puckered his lips. Soon, he was taking deep, pleasurable strokes of hard dick up his ass while enjoying a long French kiss with his 12 year old companion. His head was spinning with lust as the powerful cock that was thrusting inside of him pulled an easy climax from his balls.

When Austin felt two long strands of cum splashing against his skin, he knew that his lover had found ecstasy. Wanting to please his bottoming partner, the 12 year old gathered up as much of Jimmy's boy honey as he could and the boys shared it through a kiss. Grinning up at his sweet boyfriend with love in his eyes, Jimmy accepted his gesture just as his legs began to quiver with the slow onset of another orgasm. A minute later, Jimmy's almost hairless rod pulsated and another shot of boy sperm emerged, landing on his heaving tummy.

When Steven presented his load to Jimmy, he pulled out and Austin straddled the 13 year old, letting his ass linger in the air as he kissed his lover deeply. Seeing the winking entrance of the 12 year old right in front of him, Steven made good on his earlier offer and fucked the boy again. After a pleasure filled ride that brought him off a few more times, Austin felt Steven pull out of his boy pussy and a load erupted across his back. Collapsing in Jimmy's arms, he continued to makeout with his boyfriend while Steven massaged his creamy load into the 12 year old's skin like lotion.

When it was over, the boys cuddled closely with Steven, grateful that he serviced their boy pussies. When it was time to go, they got dressed and held hands as they walked back to Austin's house in search of something to eat. During breakfast, Austin bragged openly about going next door to get laid while Jimmy slept, then he told his mother that he was in the mood to see Steven again. Jimmy was blushing the entire time while Sheila paid her son's taunting little attention.

True to his word, Austin texted Steven after they ate, then he hopped in the shower with Jimmy. The boys lubed up and brushed their teeth, then they hurried back to see their stud. When they left an hour later, they were both letting their well serviced bottoms swing gayly from side to side as they walked. Sharing a deep kiss on Austin's front porch, they parted ways, with Jimmy walking home while Austin ogled him from the porch. When his boyfriend turned the corner of the sidewalk, the horny 12 year old turned to go inside and found himself face to face with his father.

Daddy!” he exclaimed, running over to his father for a hug. Smiling down at his rosy cheeked son, David knelt down and wrapped the boy up in his arms. Austin wrapped his skinny arms around his father's neck, then he felt the man stand up, lifting the boy off of his feet.

I love you, pumpkin,” David said tenderly as Sheila smiled from the couch. “I missed you this week.”

I missed you too, dad,” the boy said into his shoulder, still hugging him tightly. “Did mommy call you?”

She did, kiddo,” the man revealed, and the little boy felt his happiness deflate. “Do you want to sit down and talk about it?”

No,”Austin said with a pout, but his father was firm.

Well I'm afraid mommy and daddy have to overrule you on this one, pumpkin pie,” he said, planting a kiss on his son's face before turning to his ex-wife. “I'll take him upstairs and talk to him, Sheila. We'll get his bag packed while we're up there.”

Thanks David,” she said with a grateful look, standing up and caressing Austin's brooding face. “You're going to stay with daddy until tomorrow, honey,” she told him, rubbing his back through his shirt. “When you get home tomorrow, we'll talk about your behavior.”

With that, she kissed her son on the cheek and David turned to carry him up the stairs. When they got to his room, David sat on the bed and held his boy close, letting him rest his head against his chest while they talked.

Mommy said you were bringing men to your bed last night, pumpkin,” he said quietly. Austin nodded his confession. “She said that you were over at Steven's house twice today. Is that true?”

Yes daddy.” the boy admitted in a small voice, then he felt his father run his fingers through his hair.

Do you want to tell me why?” he asked, and the boy only shrugged.

It's because I've been dreaming about guys a whole bunch,” Austin finally told his father, prompting the man to kiss him on the head. “And it makes my butt feel horny when I dream about getting laid.”

I see,” the man said in an even tone, lightly rocking his son back and forth. “My little boy's been in the mood lately, hasn't he?”

Austin nodded quietly, feeling his dad tighten his embrace while his small frame was rocked lovingly.

I can't help it, daddy,” Austin whined, letting out a deep sigh of frustration. “I want to be with cute boys.”

You had a cute boy spend the night last night, didn't you?” David reminded him, and Austin grinned up at his dad.

Yeah,” he conceded, his infectious grin making the man's heart melt.

Did he take care of this for you?” the man asked, letting his palm come to rest on his baby boy's bubble butt. Still grinning, Austin nodded his answer. “It sounds like you've been getting this taken care of a lot this week.”

I have, daddy,” Austin admitted, then he felt his father's hand leave his rump and cup his small head. “What are we going to do today?”

I thought maybe we'd just hang out today, pumpkin,” the man said with a warm smile. “Maybe we can watch movies in our undies.”

That sounds like fun,” the youngster said with a sweet inflection in his tone.

Would you like to stop by the park on the way to daddy's house?”

Okay,” Austin agreed. “Would it be okay if I text Jimmy when we're at your house?”

Of course it would, baby boy,” David said lovingly as the sound of Sheila's shower began to play out in the background. “How about if we pack you a change of clothes so you have something clean to wear home tomorrow?”

Austin nodded happily up at his father, who returned his boy's smile with one of his own. As the two prepared to get up from the bed and pack a night's worth of clothes for Austin, the loving father leaned down and planted a kiss on the end of his son's nose. The cutie scrunched his nose up with a silly face, then he puckered up and planted a fast peck on his dad's stubbled chin. With a playful smile, the man used his fingertips to tickle Austin's ribs, prompting the boy to squirm and giggle in his lap. When he pulled his fingers out of the boy's tummy, he cupped his chin and planted a deep, tongue filled kiss on Austin's mouth that melted the boy's senses and made him moan softly. When they broke their kiss, David made his son a promise.

We're going to have a lot of fun this weekend, pumpkin pie.”

Austin could hear the playful cries of the children playing in the park as he sat on the commode with his shorts bunched around his ankles. His hairless little boner was sticking straight up as he grinned at his father, who was standing in front of him. The boy was moaning softly, taking all nine inches of his father's cock as he bobbed his head and ran his lips along its length. The man was using his left hand to pet his son's soft brown hair with a look of sheer love as the boy settled into a deep throating of his shaft that he was clearly enjoying. His right hand was busy too, hammering out a one handed text to the man who would be meeting Austin in the stall, a man both of them were familiar with.

That's right, pumpkin, give daddy's cock lots and lots of special love,” he said tenderly, prompting the boy to mew with his own brand of tenderness. “Daddy loves his little cockhound.”

With a smile that would melt any man's heart, Austin gazed up at his father with devoted eyes, his throat visibly expanding and retracting with each bob of his head. Seeing his 12 year old suck cock so diligently, the man felt a swell of pride for his son. The boy had proudly come out of the closet years ago, and since then, he only embraced his blooming sexuality. When it became clear that the little cutie wanted to service cocks, David decided to take a different approach than Sheila had.

Shortly after his son announced that he was gay, David began to notice subtleties about him that he hadn't seen before. The first thing he noticed was that Austin's rear end seemed more prominent than it had. Not that it had grown, or that he was wearing his pants differently. In fact, it was the exact same derrière that he'd always had. But there was something about it that the man took notice of, almost as if it were rounder, or had more padding than before. It looked like it was attached to his body in a different way than it had been before. His thighs seemed rooted to his ass in an enticing manner than he'd never noticed.

As he watched his little boy prance around, he felt like he could see the outline of his puckered entrance through his jeans. When his boy was showing off his handstand, he thought he could see a star shaped dimple through his corduroy pants. When Austin was climbing a tree in his backyard, his tan cargo shorts rode up his crack and his brown eye winked at the man. When he was laying on his tummy watching Saturday morning cartoons, his buns parted and the ribs of his boy pussy seemed to burst through the fabric of his pajama bottoms. When Austin stripped down to his white briefs in the laundry room before taking a shower, David almost gasped at the site of the boy's sphincter teasing him through the thin, knitted cotton.

After the intervention staged by Sheila, David, his ex brother in law and his ex father in law, the man found himself spending more and more time with his horny son. As the days passed and 10 year old Austin grew more and more aroused, his boy pussy seemed to be calling out to David for relief. One Friday evening, the boy wrapped up his homework at the kitchen table and went straight to the bathroom. When he emerged a few minutes later, he climbed into his father's lap for some cuddling. As soon as the boy was in his arms, David detected the undeniable pheromone of desire that his boy was giving off and his defenses failed him all at once.

It was less than two minutes later that David realized what his boy was up to in the bathroom. Because when Austin freed his father's aching cock from the confines of his slacks and boxers, he wasted little time with foreplay. Before David's mind could register what was happening, Austin straddled his lap, lined up his well lubed boy pussy and slid down the length of his pole with stunning ease. As a deep sigh escaped the boy's lips, David realized that what he was hearing was a sigh of sweet relief. He looked into his boy's eyes, sorting out the pleasure that they registered with the innocence of his cute face. David's own eyes were tortured at first, his heart filled with guilt as he took liberties with his baby boy. But the look of genuine love that Austin was beaming as he voluntarily rode up and down was so powerful that all of that guilt washed away and the man dutifully pleasured his little boy.

After he seeded Austin's boy pussy, he called his ex and offered to keep him for the night. Sheila quickly agreed to a night alone and made plans to have a few men over for some fun. As soon as David hung up the phone, he carried his son up the stairs for an evening of back door service that Austin wanted more than anything. The next day, David took his little boy to the park and looked the other way when he walked hand in hand to the bathroom with Louis.

Austin's eyes sparkled with joy as he swallowed his daddy's load while his soft moans echoed off of the walls of the men's room. His own little body was gripped with naughty pleasure, causing him to press his ankles into the porcelain bowl that he was sitting on. His exposed boyhood was still standing at attention as he nursed on the end of his daddy's prick, but the horny boy was just getting started. He planted hard kisses all along his father's shaft, then he hopped up from the toilet and bent over, putting his naughty rear end up in the air.

With a proud smile, David placed the sticky head of his prick up to Austin's rosebud and pushed in, feeling his hot rear end wrap itself around the head. When he had all nine inches buried up Austin's ass, he used a firm grip to hang onto his son's hips and settled into a steady fucking. Austin knew he needed to stay quiet, but the deep plunging of his father's cock was driving the breaths out of him.

Out of nowhere, he felt a powerful boygasm rip through his young body that he was powerless to stop. Anxious to keep the luscious feeling with him, the horny 12 year old began pushing up with his hips in an effort to meet David's inward thrusts. The result was a second anal orgasm for the boy, then a third one that caused his sphincter to clamp down hard around David's shaft. Feeling the tight grabbing of his boy's love tunnel was enough to pull the climax out of the man, who blew his load deep into Austin's throbbing bottom.

When he pulled out, Austin wrapped his lips around David's deflating shaft and sucked it clean with purrs of satisfaction. When it was time, he put his daddy's shaft away and the two shared a long French kiss.

I love you, daddy,” the boy sighed, causing the man to gush.

I love you too, pumpkin pie,” David said affectionately, brushing the bangs out of his son's forehead. “Bend back over, baby, it's time to get your bottom fixed up again.”

With that, the man turned to face the construction worker with dirty blond locks while Austin shivered with visible passion. Letting loose with another soft moan, the eager boy quickly assumed the position, hanging onto the toilet as Sammy got behind him and slid his raging cock up his ass. He grinned naughtily over his shoulder just as Sammy grabbed onto his hips and began feeding him deep thrusts, eager to have another hot load fucked into his yearning boy snatch.

Coming Soon... The Insatiable Boyslut


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