Allstate Cocksucker


Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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      I am the luckiest boy alive. I have just won the title of Allstate Cocksucker. Out of a field of over one hundred entrants statewide thirty five of us made it to Capitol City for the Allstate playoffs. After a day of grueling competition I have won. My throat is sore and my lips are swollen. My neck muscles are stiff and my belly is full of the finest elixir the youth of our state has to offer. And I have the trophy.
      My dad and brother were killed in a boating accident when I was five. I was devastated. I missed them so much and sought the company of older boys or men to replace them in my life. My mother married again when I was seven. I had two brothers now and I was so happy. My new brothers had no problem with me sleeping with them and cuddling up to them during the night. My mother had told them that I was using them as replacements for my dad and big brother.
      Since I can remember I always liked looking at men's dicks. I would stare at them wherever I could. The pool dressing room or public restrooms always gave me good places to view the object of my desire and I would spend as much time in the dressing room at the public pool as I could until my mother would send someone to get me. Now I had two brothers who slept naked and let me look as much as I wanted.
      I started sucking cocks when I was about eight. My step brothers let me learn on them and their friends were more than glad to enable my training as the years went by. My eldest step brother was thirteen when I saw his big dick hard. He was playing with it and it was bigger than anything I had ever seen.
      Phillip was almost twelve and Paul was eleven when they moved into our house. Their dicks were about the same size as mine at that time but within a year Phillip's had grown two inches and was thick. I was amazed at it. I didn't understand erections. I just knew that Phil could get his dick all big and stiff and he liked to rub it up and down. One night he was rubbing it and I lay my head on his belly and watched. I don't know what made me do it but I moved forward and took his whole cock into my mouth. That did it for both of us. I sucked his dick every night until he left for college.
      I was sucking Paul too but he was a slow bloomer so I didn't get him to cum until he was fourteen. I was eleven by then and my dick had lengthened quite a bit but I still couldn't cum. Paul was sucking me and loving it as much as I did. He and Phillip would bring their school friends home and I wouldn't suck them until they agreed to suck too. Then we would all get down and circle suck.
      By the time I was fourteen I had nine steady cock loving studs for never ending sex every day. That was the year the state lowered the age of consent to sixteen and decriminalized same sex contact with boys fourteen or over where no coercion was present.
      Cocksucker competitions sprang up around the state within a few months and our school decided to take part in a new competition called Allstate Cocksucker when I turned sixteen. I was a junior in highschool and I knew that I could win the state title. By that time I was doing ten or twelve guys a day and swallowing their loads.
      Eliminations for All State Cocksucker began in the local schools. We had seven guys who entered. We knew it was going to be grueling work because each of us could do ten cocks without having to take a break. A general assembly was called in the auditorium and because of the nature of the event students were allowed to opt out and attend other functions during this time period. I was surprised to see that the auditorium was mostly full. It didn't appear that there were many empty seats so I guess more people were supportive of this sport than was generally believed.
      Each cocksucker had a stool and a cot in his work area. We had one girl who tried out but she was a disaster. The volunteers had to meet the criteria of having at least seven extra thick inches of cock and they had to be able to reach four full ejaculations within one hour. Quantity and quality was pre-requisite. Twenty five boys from freshman through seniors were chosen. The funny thing was, and as I suspected, only one jock made it. Seems that the jocks didn't have the equipment. All that working out and burning up their testosterone, you know. The competitors and the volunteers were all naked. We didn't want cum stains on our clothes, after all.
      The competition began a nine am sharp. I let my boy sit on the edge of the table as I went to work on him. I had him spouting off in just five and a half minutes and number two moved into place. The girl competitor lost her lunch on her third hot cock. She threw up all over him and he threw up all over her hair and head. It was hilarious. Time was called and everyone took a break while the mess was cleaned up. There could be no distractions during competition so every precaution was taken.
      By ten o'clock I had eleven loads down my gullet then I got the freshman. When this boy walked out on stage the whole auditorium rose to their feet in silence. This boy was swinging a solid ten incher rising upright from his narrow abdomen on a tiny four foot five inch frame. He couldn't weigh more than eighty pounds and half of that had to be in the meat that rubbed the bottom of his chin. His foreskin just peeked open allowing a glimpse of his piss slit on a purple head. I pulled his skin back as a long strand of drool escaped my lips and ran down the length of his perfect cock.
      I wrapped my lips around this beautiful specimen and took him in inch by inch until he was well seated in my throat. I wanted to take my time and love this joint and I knew I would be looking for him after the competition was over. His cockhead nestled into my throat and it felt as natural as if it had grown there. I slid up the full length of his mighty meat and went back down and I felt the small lad shudder and his turgid member enlarge. I took two more quick plunges and was rewarded with the mightiest load of boy jizz that I have ever had in my life. It was deep in my throat and I didn't loose a single drop as it shot directly into my stomach. I managed to pull up before he finished and caught two powerful blasts of red hot cum in my mouth. I came off of him and swallowed then hurried back as he dribbled out the last few drops.
      His cock never lost a bit of it's hardness and he told me he could go again. I looked at the judge who started his stop watch and I went back to work. The boy told me to keep going that he could go three times without stopping and should be able to get four loads down me before he would need a break. He was true to his word and I won the competition with twenty three loads of hot boy spunk in my belly in the two hour allotted time period. Seven of those loads came from this one little freshman.
      I was elated. I was going on to city eliminations along with a senior who managed to get nineteen loads down. We left the stage and headed to the showers in the gym. None of us bothered to dress. We walked with pride and cum all over us to the gymnasium for a well deserved shower. I had my new best buddy, Mikey the freshman, naked, hugged, up against me with my arm around his shoulder.
      Mikey took me to his house after school. I found out that he was a natural cock sucker himself but he preferred to be fucked. I refused to fuck him until he fucked me and I was well rewarded for my decision. That little cunt boy ravaged my ass and made me like it. I never had a fucking like he gave me. He had cum so much that it took him forever to get off inside of me. He worked me without ceasing for forty five grueling minutes and he worked areas of my rectum that had never been worked before. My prostate was putty when he finished, I was well fucked and very happy.
      It turned out that he was a virgin but he took to my nine inch cock with relish and though his orgasm was dry it was powerful as he spasmed on my turgid manhood. I spent the night with him and we took turns just putting our cocks into each others butts. We were too spent to fuck but we loved the feel of being stuffed. His mother brought us juice in bed the following morning and she checked us for rectal damage. Satisfied that we were okay she let us spend the entire weekend loving each other with food breaks every three or four hours.
      Monday morning my ass was dragging. I couldn't get it up if my life depended on it but I had to stay in practice so I headed for the gym. All of my teachers had prepared a workload for me and I had a tutor for each class come to the gym to give me he lecture that I missed in the classroom. The coaches were behind any competition that would bring honor to our school and had agreed to let any who wanted to volunteer come to the locker room for me to service all throughout the day.
      My day began at eight o'clock. The football team had been working out since six and was coming in to shower and cool down before their first class. I had nine boys line up before their showers. I loved the sweaty smell emanating from their hot, firm, bodies. It really turned me on. As I said, most of these boys were not big in the cock department but they had balls full of that which I most desired and I drained each and everyone of them.
      Six of the footballers came to me after they had showered. I did them but the taste of soapy clean flesh didn't get me too excited. At nine the bell rang for second period and I was joined by two more die hard cocksuckers. One was the senior that was going to the citywide competition with me. Another was a junior who had been in third place with only fifteen cocks sucked properly. He wanted to work on his game so that he could do better in future competitions.
      Our tutors arrived and began to drone on incessantly in our ears as we worked over the steady line of boys coming into the locker room. Of course my favorites were the ones that came in to shower after they had worked out for most of the class period and were totally sweaty. By ten o'clock I had taken care of thirty seven sweet, hard, cocks. My senior competitor had only done nine in his first hour but the junior had managed to swallow twelve boys during the same time. I was looking at him a little different by lunch time. He was a formidable opponent. It was too bad that he had missed being able to qualify.
      By lunch time my belly was kind of aching. I had so much cum in me that I kind of sloshed when I walked. With fifty seven loads of cum in my gut I felt I needed some food. What better to soak up all of the cum than highschool cafeteria pizza. The cardboard flavored concoction was sure to absorb anything in my stomach. I know that it constantly absorbed any nutrients that I might accidentally consume from this same establishment.
      Milk didn't seem palatable to me at that time so I opted for soda. Not a good choice either because I got gassy and kept burping as I sucked the guys for the next half hour or so. Some of them got a big thrill out of the new attack method and asked me to do it again but with my stomach full of strange things what I was burping was not tasty My stomach finally settled down after the basketball coach had witnessed my distress and gave me some Pepto Bismol®. It really did tickle me pink.
      City Wide competition was a blast. The city opened up the sports arena with seating for twenty five thousand. Tickets were sold to pay the way of the winners to state competition. There were no official funds to pay for the state wide participants transportation and hotel room for the three days of the contest.
      My school mate and I were faced off against twenty two boys from the other eleven high schools in our town. The competition began at ten o'clock and would run until twelve. Consideration would only be given to those who completed the full two hours of competition. If everyone dropped out before the allotted time there would be no representative from our city. My work was cut out for me. My city depended on me.
      There was one strictly adhered to rule in the competition. All of the participants had to be students with a passing grade average. I would have liked to have a few adult cocks in the mix but what the hey. All greasy kid stuff might be a little fattening but it was good batter.
      The first six rows of the spectator area contained the boys for our expertise. Three hundred buff, naked, hung, youth sat awaiting their turn as the games began. I placed myself where I could perv on the boys in waiting and began on a nice eight inch cock. He was good and quick and I moved rapidly to the second boy. I had a steady line of boys ready and waiting. Each competitor had two tables for no waiting. We would finish one boy and turn to take the next as the first table was cleaned and another boy took his place.
      We were not allowed to stimulate the boy in any way. My finger ached to be up in their tight little ass holes but that was considered unfair as not all boys are receptive to anal stimulation. That's what they thought. I have never sucked a dude yet that didn't enjoy his prostate being stroked as my mouth put extra friction on his turgid cock. They would literally beg for me to get more finger in and move it faster. I have been able to fuck some very cock sure virgins because of my magic finger. Oh well, this is cock sucker competition. I was good at that, it's what I do.
      By a quarter of twelve I was the only one left still competing. I took two more boys with huge cocks and drained their magnificent balls down my throat. As the whistle blew for the end of time I had a total of thirty two cock loads in my belly. I was a happy cocksucker. The crowd was on their feet cheering for me. I looked out and spotted my mother and step father along with both of my brothers cheering me on. My step father had always been such a homophobic bastard but this competition changed him. He was a true athlete and had the trophies and ribbons all over our house to prove it.
      As a family we went out to eat at a really nice steak house. I had to chew and swallow the delicious steak that only came in second as the best meat I had in my mouth that day. My step father floored all of us when he asked if I could teach my step brothers to suck cock. He said that they neither one were all that great in any sport but that he thought that they could learn this one.
      Phillip took the wind out of the old man when he told him that he had been trying to learn since he was eleven but just never got the knack of it. I told him that it was because of his two sons that I was where I was today. I told him that I had Phillip and Paul since I was nine. They were my first ever. They enjoyed it and brought all of their friends over for me to take care of. I told him that by the time I was ten I was doing nine of the neighborhood boys everyday.
      Paul told him that he didn't really start getting into sucking as much as he liked getting fucked. Phillip agreed. He liked to suck his boyfriend and then get his ass plowed all night long by the cute stud. My step father nearly had a stroke. His face got red his whole body tensed. We could see the veins in his neck getting larger and larger. Mom grabbed her napkin and put some ice in it and held it against the back of the old man's neck. The boys unbuttoned his shirt and were fanning him, trying to cool him off.
      When he regained his senses he stared hard at all of us. Tears were running down his face as he voiced his concerns that he would never be a grandfather. He was extolling his woes when a man in a three piece suit walked up to our table.
      "Sorry to intrude. I am Mayor Stipplemyer. I saw your competition this morning and I want to congratulate you. We are proud to have you represent our city. Is this your family?" I nodded. "Your lunch is on me," he said as he waved to our waiter. I heard him tell the man to give him the check.
      As he moved away I heard his wife hiss at him, "What was that about? He's nothing but a cock sucking homo. We don't need his kind in our town." Her husband was trying to get her to shut up but the reporters at the next table heard it all. The evening news was plastered with my picture and news of my accomplishment and the mayor's wife's comments were thrown in there as well. She became a rallying point to homophobes across the city and it cost the mayor his reelection. A more tolerant man was needed for the office, one that could keep his wife under control.
      State wide competition loomed ahead. I was excited. I worked like I had never worked before. I tried new techniques. I got my brother, Phillip, to get me into his dorm one weekend. I thought highschool guys were horny, they don't know nothing. I had one hundred and twenty six horny guys standing in line for up to an hour to be with me. I started on Friday night and didn't come up for air and lunch until noon Saturday. I took a long shower and slept for six hours then at seven Saturday night I started up again.
      The boys kind of petered out by three in the morning, Pun intended. I slept with Phillip and his boyfriend. I sucked his cock as Emil fucked his ass. Emil was hung. He wouldn't let me suck him and I was disappointed but he told me he only loved one man and his cock was solely his. Since I was his brother he consented to share Phillip with me but he made it clear that I was the only one that was to go near his cock. I slept with the first cock I ever sucked in my mouth all night long. I even let him pee in my mouth the next morning, something I had not done since I was eleven and he was fifteen.
      Sunday morning found a long line of boys when Phillip, Emil, and I returned from breakfast. I told them that I had to leave at six to get home for school tomorrow and then let them in. When I left that evening Emil was carrying on about having to fumigate the room. It did smell riper than a locker room but he was so....sissified. He was way, too out, there for me. I don't like a swish. I asked Phillip if the faggot wore dresses. He giggled and said, "sometimes."
      Wednesday I got a call from Phillip. His coach had a boy qualified for the Allstate championship that was only two weeks away. The boy was going to practice at the college. Phillip got wind of it and started a whisper campaign about using state property for the good of one person. The coach relented and was going to allow me and the nephew of another coach to use the gym this weekend. A notice was going out across the campus for boys with full balls to come get them drained beginning at seven AM Saturday morning.
      I was at Phillip's Friday in time to go to dinner with him and Emil, in drag. He was funny but as I said, way out there. No one knew he was a guy. He made a decent girl and he flirted with every cute guy around. He was able to kiss and grope at will. Well I guess cross dressing has some benefits but I like my pants. I was here to train but I also wanted to keep up my strength so I needed rest. I did thirty guys from Phillip's floor before turning in and getting some sleep. Phillip and I slept in a sixty nine. Emil was in a snit because some other drag queen told him his make up made him look like a hooker. That was the look he was going for but he took offense. Go figure. Fags are so queer sometimes.
      I had a simple breakfast of oatmeal with soy milk on the side. I wanted as much neutralizer in my stomach as I could get. I hoped that what I had been reading on line was correct.
      Phillip dressed me in a special Speedo he had bought for me. It was way small and really showed my nine incher to the whole campus as we walked together toward the gym. Boy did I get the wolf whistles. The bleachers were full already and it was only seven thirty. I guess everyone wanted a good seat.
      Seventy naked dudes sat down front. The other two contestants came in. The introductions came first then the inspections. The coach's son was a true faggot. He was sixteen but only a freshman. He had been set back twice during his school career. He didn't pay attention to class work. He was always in the restroom sucking cock. He stood five foot six and carried two hundred pounds of thick, greasy fat on his red haired body.? He had more pimples per square inch then anybody I had ever seen. Even his back, across his shoulders were covered in big, puss filled pimples. He reminded me of the floating fat man in the 1984 classic movie DUNE;Universal Studios, 1984, from the book by Frank Herbert. He made me kind of sick at my stomach. There was no way that I would want the queer sucking me. I guess I wasn't alone. A lot of the boys down front took one look at this kid and got up to put their clothes on.
      I guess a proud papa is a proud papa, no matter what the progeny is. He blew his whistle and told the boys that were leaving that they could choose not to have one cock sucker or another touch them. "After all it is your body and you have the right to say no," he told them. The only thing that was of concern was that there would be enough boys to keep the competition even. A head count revealed seventy four randy dudes who hadn't gotten any the night before. There were skinny ones, fat ones, black ones, and an Indian with a dick that would get to the corner several minutes ahead of the body to which it was attached. There were five Japanese, Two Koreans, A Vietnamese, and six Chinese. There were even four Polynesians. This was going to be an international cock sucking for sure.
      The other contestant was the basketball coach's nephew. He and the coach had been living together since the boy was outed in the seventh grade. He looked as if he would be stiff competition. Coach read the rules. No stimulation except by mouth. The boys were not to touch themselves in anyway. They could rub their cock suckers neck and shoulders or run their fingers through their hair but that was it. The cock suckers were not allowed to touch their boys in anyway except with their mouth. No ball fondling. No anal massage and absolutely no anal penetration of any kink. A cocksucker could place his hands on his boys body to stabilize himself, such as on the thighs or abdomen but no sexual movements were to be made with the hands. The cocksucker's hands were to stay a minimum of six inches away from the boy areolas. No nipple manipulation. Sure makes it hard to enjoy a big hard dick. One major rule, the boy must not ejaculate in less than two minutes or he would be disqualified. If there were any quick cummers or preemies in the contestant's gallery it was suggested that they masturbate before getting on the table. Aha, stimulation.
      I knew fat ass was no competition so let him take the middle and I took the right hand end. I wanted to be as far away from the nephew as possible so that I would not be counting his boys and getting my mind off of my business. Three very hung dudes came down and lay out on our tables. Nephew had a truly sweet looking Chinese boy that I would really like to jump on. Fatty had a black kid with a dick that looked like a giant tree. I didn't do so bad myself. My boy was an eighteen year old freshman with a sweet ten inch cock. There wasn't the condom made that would go around that monster. My mouth was opened up and limber for the rest of the day after doing that dude. He stayed for the ride and got off twice in seven minutes.
      With him finished I turned to another monster pole on my second table and did my thing. I didn't even try to count. I was working my throat muscles to give the boys the most arousal possible and trying to get them off in between three and six minutes. I figured if I could do a guy every six minutes that's ten an hour. I may be able to squeak another one in there but I had to be careful on the minimum time rule.
      Two hours later the whistle blew. I stood up so fast that I was dizzy. Phillip grabbed me and helped me to a chair. There was another boy with him helping him to work my corner. He was cute and I would defiantly have to give him some long quiet service. He rubbed his naked cock on my face smearing me with gobs of pre-cum. I shot all over myself. I realized that I was so into what I had to do here today that I did not even try to get off. I just sucked cock.
      The whistle blew. The coach had the official numbers. Fat ass, fourteen, nephew twenty one, me twenty four. This was not an official contest but I felt like I had won the biggest prize of all. I shook hands with fat ass and looked for a towel to wipe my hand off. He was greasy and smelled of greasy sweat the way only a severally obese dude can. My second handed me a towel as I walked on over to the nephew. Up close this kid was a knock out. He was sixteen. He stood five foot seven and weighed one hundred and twenty one pounds. His body had been chiseled out of granite. His uncut cock stuck up over the top of his navel as he pulled me close to him and gave me a toe jam searching kiss. I shot another load all over both of us. He returned the favor.
      His uncle told us that we could share a room at the VIP apartments here on campus for the night. We both were way up for that. The nephew had very little anal experience. By morning he was an ass hole eaten maniac. He found out all the joys of bottoming on a big dick and he really enjoyed seeking a return of his juices after an extra long ride as my top. We neither one wanted it to come to a close as his uncle and my brother came to get us for lunch Sunday afternoon. They had waited until one o'clock but we had to hurry and shower so we could get to the restaurant before the broke down their all you can eat table. They didn't know that it was up until seven on Sundays.
      I felt good. The nephew and I agreed to share a room at the finals the following weekend. I had to head home to get ready for school the following morning. Nobody knew that I hadn't done my homework and I had a bunch of it. If I didn't turn it in and get good grades on it I might not be able to go to State. I had to drive like a mad man. At least we only lived just over a half an hour from the campus. I made it in record time. I had all of my homework finished and was in bed by ten. I couldn't get nephew out of my mind. What was his name? I don't know if he told me. We didn't talk much. We mostly moaned in each other's ears as we fucked out lives away. I only sucked him a few times and that was only after he had ridden me off into the sunset. We had all the cum we wanted in our guts, we had a deficiency of cum from the other end to equalize the pressure.
      The rest of the week was pretty routine except that I put the word out that I really wanted the huge cocks so that I could get my mouth and throat well conditioned. We had a school full of seven and eight inch cocks with one or two here and there that made me giggle. The whole school was behind me so some of the guys brought their dads, granddads, or uncles for me to stretch out on. I even had two of the dudes bring neighbors with the promise that I not tell. They had been doing the nasty with the neighborhood boy lover most of their cumming life but they knew that I needed the practice. I found a whole group of boys for future friendship. I knew that I would have a very good year and if I played my cards right it could carry over to my senior year.
      Thursday night both of my step brothers were at home. We slept together, them taking turns filling my ass or my mouth. I awakened super relaxed and extra happy. The family headed over to my favorite breakfast café for lots of biscuits and gravy with tons of hot coffee and chocolate milk. The owner of the café fed me anything I wanted at no charge. He had a lot of money bet on my cock sucking mouth.
      Mom and my step dad had to get to work and Paul had to get to a late class for his finals. Phillip drove me up to his school. The two coaches were going to drive up together and since nephew and I were going to share a room they offered me a ride with them. Phillip and I pulled in at ten. The coaches were just about ready to leave. I climbed into their car. Phillip was going to take two finals of his own today but would be up the next morning with the family. Fat ass sat in the third seat of the van, by himself. Nephew and I sucked face and fondled each other during the two and a half hour road trip. We had both managed to get off and lick each other off three times during the ride. Uncle looked on with bemusement.
      Uncle had a suite. Nephew--I had learned that Mark was his name--and I shared one of the rooms. Uncle Mike told us that we were beautiful together. He told Mark how much he loved him but that he had always felt like the boy needed a boyfriend his own age. He was so happy that we found each other. Mark and I talked while we fucked each other later. Mike was out of his mind, this was just sex, we weren't going to be a couple. Mark was in love with his uncle and he had every intention of living with the man until they died. He would wait until after the competition to tell him though. He didn't want his uncle going all soggy on him and distract his mind from his chore. We wished each other luck and headed to the huge coliseum for the contest.
      The doors opened to the public at nine o'clock. I had been there for three hours already. Thirty five cock suckers had their stations set up in the center of the coliseum. Fifty eight thousand tickets had been sold to the event at forty dollars a pop. Mark and I sat in a small group with eight other cocksuckers. There were groups of volunteers nearby and we were making comparisons on how to handle each one. I learned some new techniques that I will have to try out, but not today. Today my strategy was going to be just what got me here. Deep down the throat humming and humping, make him cum and get to the next cock in line.
      Mark was nervous. Well hell, I was too. I mean when you are out in the middle of a huge coliseum and in every direction you look there is a pair of leering eyes staring at you through a pair of binoculars, who wouldn't be scared. The worst part of it was knowing that nearly all of the fifty eight thousand ticket holders out there were pedophiles that really wanted my booty... Shit you'd be frightened too.
      At a quarter of ten we stood beside our tables. Our volunteers were in place and erect. The rules were read and the horn blew. I lost all track of time. I took one cock after another and worked for juice. I had thick sweet juice. I had some that burned my throat. I had some that was weak and pissy tasting. I sucked on. I needed cum. I didn't care if I won or not. In fact I kind of wanted to see Mark win. He was so much more competitive than I am. I kept on sucking. The horn sounded. Phillip and Paul were both in my corner as seconds. They wiped my body down with cool water. I looked around and got up to head for the showers
      I had only gone four steps when Mark grabbed me and told me that I had to stay or be disqualified. Phillip was with us and he told me the same thing as I heard Marks' name echo through the great room. I grabbed him and kissed him. I swatted his really cute butt as he swaggered out to get his prize. I was overjoyed that he had won. As I watched Mark climb up on the platform next to another guy that I didn't know I heard my name called out. Phillip grabbed me and tossed me into the air. I was dumbfounded. I walked in a trance to the platform where this one stranger stood. Mark was on the other end and just a little higher than the stranger. I was helped up to the tallest platform in the middle. I had won first place. My mind shut down. I remember nothing.
      The next two days were nothing but Mark and me in bed with Phillip and Paul. I'm not lying, I don't know what we did or said. I was so happy and full of more joy than my mind could accept. Monday about noon I woke up. I was sitting at the table with a sandwich in my hand as I held hands with Mark. Phillip sat to my right and Paul was refilling my glass with iced tea. They all saw it. I became aware of where I was and what was going on. I told them that I remembered nothing after climbing up on that platform. Phillip ran to the other room. He brought me a giant ten inch cock covered in twenty four karat gold.
      Mark showed me his silver eight inch cock. Third place had been a six inch bronze cock We had won first and second places. He was nine cocks ahead of the third place dude and I was only one cock ahead of him. I had sucked to climax twenty seven men and boys in a two hour time span. I was the state champion. Only one other state had a similar contest at this time and the record for them was sixteen We went on line and found that in known cocksucking contests around the world the record was only seventeen. Phillip contacted Guinness to see if I could be listed as a world record holder.
      A parade was held for me but the town complained because the one thing tossed at me more than anything else were used condoms.

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