The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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The Insatiable Boyslut~

At 4:30pm on Sunday afternoon, David pulled his extended cab truck into the driveway behind Sheila's SUV and turned the engine off. In the back seat, Austin was strapped in by his seatbelt with his head resting against the window. Dressed in his pajamas, the 12 year old was snoring lightly, his breaths creating a fog against the glass while his brown hair pressed into his head. When the doting father took sight of his son, who had fallen fast asleep long before he was carried to the car, his heart melted.

The man dutifully hoisted his son up into his arms, giving him a warm hug while the youngster wrapped his arms and legs around him for security. Fetching Austin's overnight bag, he carried the sleeping boy up the steps of the front porch and spoke softly to him.

Did my little pumpkin pie have fun this weekend?” he asked, and the boy nodded with a sleepy smile on his face. “Daddy's going to miss you this week, baby.”

I'll miss you too, daddy,” the little boy said in a groggy voice, nuzzling his face into his dad's beefy shoulder.

Did daddy wear you out, kiddo?” he asked, and the boy nodded again. “I guess my little bottom boy got his fill, didn't he?”

Uh huh,” the cute brunette said with a yawn just as Sheila opened the front door to greet them.

Sorry Sheila, but he's all tuckered out,” the man said with a rueful smile, knowing that the boy wasn't going to get to bed at a decent time now. “We stayed up later than I meant to last night.”

With a warm smile, the loving mother rubbed Austin's back and said, “Did daddy keep you up last night?”

Half asleep, Austin nodded his answer just as David kissed him on the cheek. When they stepped inside, Sheila took her son's bag and set it on the floor while David gave him one last, long hug.

I'll be by to pick you up on Friday, pumpkin,” he promised. “I want you to behave for mommy, do you understand? Remember the talk we had.”

Okay, daddy,” the boy said in a state of half consciousness. “I love you.”

I love you too, pumpkin pie,” the man said, rubbing his back tenderly as he turned his attention back to Sheila. “I'll tuck him in before I go.”

With that, Austin was carried up the stairs to his room by his father, his mom following them with a warm smile. When the little boy was safe in his bed, they sat on the edge and handed him his teddy bear before kissing him on the cheek and closing his door.

Just call me if he gives you anymore trouble this week,” David told his ex-wife as they descended the stairs.

I'm going to have my dad stay with him after school this week,” she revealed, and the man nodded in understanding. “Thanks for taking him yesterday, David.”

You're welcome, Sheila,” he told her, wrapping her up in a warm hug when he saw the stress on her face. “You're a good mother.”

Maybe he'll sleep through the night,” she said, noting that he was out like a light as soon as they laid him in his bed.

I'm sure he could use the rest,” David said, kissing his ex-wife on the cheek before taking his leave.

David's statement was more accurate than Sheila knew. She was painfully aware that her son was up late on Friday night, getting plugged at both ends by men in his bedroom. She also knew that he was up early on Saturday morning, taking Steven's 19 year old cock anyway that he could get it. Still, she had no idea just how exhausted her little boy really was.

David was well aware of Austin's depleted energy reserves, though. Had Sheila known what her ex-husband and her son had been up to over the past 30 or so hours, she would have had a better understanding of why he was so worn out.

Austin was holding his daddy's hand as they walked from the park restroom to his truck. The little boy was in a state of sheer euphoria as they traversed the grass, his rear end brimming with pleasure as it leaked cum into the seat of his underwear. As they drove away from the park, 12 year old Austin looked out the window just in time to see his cute blond stud climb into his work van and drive in the opposite direction.

Did you have fun, pumpkin?” Austin heard his dad ask from the front seat, and he responded with a sweet smile and a hurried nod.

I really wanted to see Sammy this morning, daddy,” the youngster admitted. “Thanks for calling him.”

You're welcome, son.” David said with a smile in the rear view mirror as they drove toward his house. “Did you get that itch of yours scratched yet?”

Austin's wordless reply came in the form of a moan as he shook his head no. For the rest of the drive, Austin exchanged texts with Jimmy, telling him that he missed him and that he was spending the night with his dad. Watching in the rear view mirror, David saw his boy smiling sweetly and gushing as he sent and received texts with his boyfriend. As they pulled into the driveway, Austin and Jimmy exchanged “I love you's,” then he sighed blissfully.

When David opened his door, Austin grabbed his back and ran to the front door, beating his father to the porch with an excited smile. Watching his boy climb the steps of the front porch, David found himself eying his round, plump bottom as he took each step. Realizing that his daddy was watching, Austin grinned naughtily over his shoulder and bit his lower lip. When they got inside, the man gave Austin's plump bottom a playful swat and told him, “Let's hop in the shower, pumpkin. Daddy needs to inspect that horny rear end of yours with his probe.”

What are you inspecting it for?” the young bottom said in a playfully leading tone.

I'll be checking to see just how horny it really is,” the man said, his voice mimicking an official inspector. “Depending on how loud you moan while I use my probe, I'll know what to do when we get out of the shower.”

You'll have to probe it for a long time, daddy,” the boy said with a catch in his young voice. “And you'll have to stick your probe all the way in. My horniness is hiding all the way up my butt.”

I see,” the man said, kneeling down and running his hand over his son's bubble butt. “Then I'll have to run a thorough inspection on it right away.”

What will you do if you inspect my bottom and find a whole bunch of horniness there?” the boy asked wantonly, and his daddy smiled lecherously.

Then I'll have to perform an extensive rear end service, pumpkin.” he promised. “It takes a while, so we'll have to get comfy in daddy's bed. But when it's over, you'll feel much, much better.”

Okay,” Austin agreed with a dainty smile, handing his bag to David and following him down the hall to the master bedroom.

When Austin and his daddy stripped, David bundled his son's clothes up and placed them in the laundry basket, then he accompanied him to the bathroom. Stepping up to the toilet, Austin stood side by side with his dad, aiming his little cocklet and draining his bladder while David smiled down at him. As his flow was reaching its end, David's piss stream erupted from the end of his long, thick hose. With a look of devotion, horny little Austin wrapped his fingers around his daddy's pipe and held it in place while the man drained his own aching bladder. When he was finished, the obedient bottom boy shook him off, then he looked up at his father for approval.

You're such a dedicated little pussy boy, aren't you pumpkin?” the man gushed, prompting the youngster to grin up at him proudly. “Put the seat down and flush the toilet for daddy while he gets your inspection underway.”

Austin quickly complied with his daddy's command, putting the lid down and pushing the handle down while David took a seat on the toilet. Opening his arms for the boy, David wrapped his son up in a sensual embrace while he planted a hungry kiss on his mouth. Austin let out a soft moan as his daddy's tongue probed his mouth, his mind racing as thoughts of having his bottom probed gave him chills of delight. When the two broke their kiss, David spoke to his boy again.

Before I use my probe, I need to get a good look at your boy hole,” he explained. “You'll have to turn around so daddy can open it up for you.”

With that, Austin grinned naughtily and complied with his father's orders, turning to face away from him while he placed his palms flat against the wall. He felt David's strong hands parting his plump cheeks, then he felt two thumbs pressing flat against the lips of his boy pussy and it opened up. He began panting when he felt a flutter of cool air tickle his hot, cum slicked entrance, then he felt the luscious sensation of a thick digit pushing past his anal ring. When his daddy twisted his finger from side to side, Austin began to moan with pleasure.

Hmm, I've found quite a bit of horniness already,” David observed, his tone clinical as he continued to twist his finger in Austin's ass. “I think your probe is going to require additional preparation.”

With that, he began running his finger along the lining of Austin's chute with a corkscrew motion, making his boy moan loudly while the scent of his desire filled the otherwise quiet bathroom. David's long, thick finger was massaging the cum strands that lined the walls of Austin's horny bottom, giving him a sinful pleasure. After a full minute of fingering his youngster, David pulled his finger out and Austin looked over his shoulder with a needy expression.

Is it time for my probe yet?” he asked hopefully, but his daddy shook his head no. “What else do we have to do, daddy?”

There's one more thing we need to do before we can start the probe, pumpkin,” the man said, looking up just in time to meet his boy's needy gaze. “I need you to spread your feet out so daddy can get you ready.”

With that, the horny 12 year old spread his boy sized feet out as far as he could, effectively forming a triangle with his legs. This had the effect of pushing his plump bottom out and up. At the same time, his buns opened on their own, just slightly, while David watched with hungry eyes. The sharp aroma of Austin's horny boy pussy seemed to encapsulate his face as he watched it wink at him, filling him with lust. Unable to control himself, the man parted his son's cheeks the rest of the way and used his thumbs to open his hole back up.

As the heat of Austin's cum filled hole danced around his face with the intensity of an oven, David gave into his desires and took the plunge. With the panting boy giving him an adorable look of sheer need, David slipped his tongue between the lips of Austin's boy pussy and pushed through his throbbing anal ring. As the taste of grade A boy pussy danced on his palate, David's salivary glands ran heavy with spit that poured off of his tongue. Being an experienced ass eater for Austin, the man settled into a deep, indulgent feast that sent electricity through all four of the boy's extremities.

Standing at attention between his own legs, David's long, thick rod was burning with carnal need, telling him that it was time for the probing of his son's rectum to begin. He hated to end his feast, but he knew that he needed to move on, for Austin's sake as well as his own. So pulling his tongue from his baby boy's delicious back door, he found his clinical voice.

I'd say that this rear end is sufficiently prepared for a deep probing,” he observed, using his fingertips to knead Austin's fleshy bums. “Let's move this along.”

With that, the man stood up and took his boy by the hand, guiding him into the shower stall and starting the water. Taking the shampoo bottle in his hand, he spoke to Austin while he poured some into his palm and worked it into the boy's hair.

I've detected a large amount of horniness in your rear end, pumpkin,” the man said, sprinkling in pet names with his clinical tone. “What I don't know is how deep that horniness goes, so I'm going to administer the probe as soon as I rinse you off.”

What if there's more horniness in my butt than you can find?” the boy asked in a husky tone, but his daddy gave him a confident look.

I'm planning to give your rear end a major service designed to seek out and cure all of the horniness hiding in there,” the man told his boy, making him shiver with desire. “Any back door horniness we don't catch during the probe will be screwed out of you during the service.”

Okay, daddy,” the little boy said with a hopeful smile, cooing as David ran a bar of soap all over his smooth body. His daddy's large hands felt so good to him, especially when they gave his crevice the gentle washing that it needed. His daddy briefly lathered up his boy parts, noting that the boy's hard as steel pecker went soft as he was washing it, then he stepped under the spray and let David rinse the shampoo and soap away.

When his body was rinsed clean, Austin took the bar of soap from his daddy and worked a thick lather up along his raging pole. While he was stroking David's soapy prick, the man leaned down and slipped Austin some tongue, eliciting a moan of contentment from the youngster. When they broke their kiss, Austin looked up at his daddy with hopeful eyes that lit up when the man nodded back at him.

As the probing of Austin's boy pussy commenced, the 12 year old started moaning loudly. Just as David thought, his loud moans were a dead giveaway of the elevated levels of horniness that the boy's rear end was containing. A minute into his probe, David felt Austin's horny bottom clamp down hard and the youngster's leg began to shake uncontrollably. The boy had thrown his head back, his eyes shut tight and his mouth hanging open as his moans got louder. Realizing that Austin was in the throes of a strong anal orgasm, he tightened his grip on Austin's hips and increased the force of his inward thrusts.

With Austin being gripped by a strong boygasm, David spoke to him again, using his clinical voice to communicate.

The loud moaning and the naughty tingles that you seem to be experiencing are indicative of an even more elevated level of arousal than I first suspected,” the man said, his hips thrusting in and out in a fluid motion. “At the end of this probe, I'm going to administer a large injection of semen. After that, I'm going to take you to my bed and begin your rear end service right away.”

Still reeling from the force of his father's deep thrusts, 12 year old Austin could only nod his head feebly. His moans were high pitch and boyish, but there was an experienced edge to each one that drove David crazy. Finally at the end of his rope, the man pushed all the way in and filled his son's climaxing rectum with a massive load. When he pulled out, a gush of cum and ass juice practically exploded from Austin's bottom, splattering his buns and running down the insides of his thighs and the backs of his legs. Kneeling to place himself at eye level, the doting father collected the boy in his arms and they shared a deep, extended kiss while the water spray washed the soap, cum and ass juice off of Austin's body.

When they disengaged from their kiss, the responsible father lovingly washed his baby boy from head to toe. When he was ready, David wrapped his son in an extra large, extra plush towel and carried him to his bed the way a groom carries his bride across the Threshold. Austin smiled up at his daddy, who was looking at him with a powerful look of love that gave him chills, and opened his legs. The man was thorough, lubing Austin's boy pussy so that there was no possibility of discomfort while they shared frequent kisses. Then, with his expression of love still in tact, he raised his son's legs and administered the major rear end service that Austin clearly needed.

The sun was still shining through Austin's blinds as he sat on the edge of his bed and traded texts with Jimmy and Steven. At 6:15pm on a school night, it was too late for Jimmy's parents to let him come over, in spite of his pleading. Feeling disappointed but not defeated, Austin turned his attention to Steven, who agreed to meet up with the horny boy.

Not bothering to change out of his character pajamas, the horny boy hurried to the bathroom to pee, then he went back to his room and lubed up. With his rear end slicked up, Austin bounded down the stairs to the living room, where he found his mother on the couch with a man. As soon as he set his eyes on the hunk, he felt a shiver of desire shoot straight down his boy pussy.

Hey sweetie, you're up?” she said with a smile, and he nodded with a smile of his own. “Do you want mommy to make you some dinner?”

Not right now, mommy,” the boy said in a small voice, then he turned his attention to the man she was sitting with. “What's your name?”

Honey, this is Roger,” Sheila said in a tone that said she knew what her son was thinking. “If you aren't hungry for dinner yet, maybe you can go play in your room.”

I'm going next door to see Steven,” he said, using a lisp and giving them both his raciest look. “His mom and dad aren't there, and I really need to be with him.”

Weighing her options, Sheila realized that her son was in the mood. Under the impression that he hadn't been laid since the last time he was with Steven, she figured it best to let him have his way. She was about to relent when Austin made a proud announcement to the man sitting next to his mother.

Steven's my boyfriend,” he said, still giving his naughtiest look to the pair. “I haven't seen him since yesterday, and I really need to get laid right now.”

That's enough, Austin,” Sheila said, trying to reign him back in, but it was too late.

With the same naughty expression, Austin continued.

I tried to see if Jimmy could come over and make out with me, but his mom and dad said no,” the boy said, licking his lips as he surveyed the sculpted man on the couch. “So I'm going to go get my bottom serviced next door.”

With that, Sheila nodded her approval and Austin made his way out the door, intentionally letting his horny rear end swing from side to side while he smiled lecherously over his shoulder at Roger. As he made his way across the grass, the promise of a romp with Steven made his already well serviced boy pussy juice with passion. By the time he knocked at the door of his 19 year old lover, Austin was so horny that he didn't want to wait for it.

Instead, he made his move in the foyer, unbuttoning Steven's pants and pulling his hard teen rod out with a hot moan. He had his lips wrapped around the thick shaft in no time flat, then he quickly yanked his pajama bottoms down to his knees and rolled his yearning boy butt around while his moans filled the house.

Seizing the moment, Steven happily bent the cute 12 year old over by the front door and fucked a fast climax out of the boy, then he pumped a hot load of sperm up his ass. When he pulled out, Austin sucked him clean with a decadent smile while he purred with satisfaction. Giving into his desires, the horny boy spent an extended amount of time licking his lover's balls by the front door. When his desires were somewhat sated, the little cutie pulled his pajama bottoms up and thanked his top for a luscious back door service.

When he got home, the living room was empty and the house was still. He went upstairs to his room, stopping first to listen through his mother's bedroom door. The only sounds he could hear were heavy breathing and light snoring, telling him that Roger and his mom were asleep. Still horny, the boy went into his room and got naked, sliding a dildo up his ass that had been given to him as a gift. He rode it up and down while he texted Jimmy, using the posters of cute boys and various boy bands as visual stimulation while his pleasure swelled.

While he was riding his dildo to a glorious climax, he heard the shower in his mom's room start and figured she was up and around. When the water stopped a few minutes later, he expelled the phallus from his bottom and put his jammies back on. Expecting to find his mother, he waited at the top of the stairs and found himself face to face with Roger, who was dressed and leaving. When they locked eyes, the man froze.

Is my mom asleep?” he asked in a small voice, and the man nodded his answer. “I'm gay.”

That's what I heard, buddy,” the man said with a kind smile, somewhat taken aback by the boy's proclamation. “Did you have a good time with your boyfriend?”

Yeah,” Austin said, blushing as he gazed up at the man. “He's really cute, and I like doing things with him.”

Oh yeah?” Roger said, his smile somewhat guarded as he took stock of the little guy who seemed to be pouring his heart out to him.

Yeah, I think about doing stuff with cute guys all the time,” Austin admitted. “Roger?”

Yes buddy?”

Do you think I'm cute?”

Swallowing hard, the man nodded his answer, bringing a smile to the little boy's face.

I think you're a really cute kid, Austin,” the man said, trying to reel himself in. “I'm sure you don't have any trouble in the boyfriend department.”

Well, there's one guy who I haven't done anything with that I think is super cute,” the boy said, using his lisp again.

Oh yeah, who's that?” Roger asked with an amused grin.

Just a really cute guy,” Austin said, blushing and looking down at his boyish feet. “Do you want to see the posters in my room?”

Sure, buddy,” the man said, and an excited Austin took him by the hand and practically dragged him down the hallway.

When they got to Austin's room, the youngster turned on the light and every poster on his wall shimmered under the glow. Unsurprisingly, there were nothing but pictures of boy bands and boy actors lining the walls. On the desk in the corner sat a lap top that was closed and framed pictures of cute boys from Austin's school that he had developed crushes on over the years. Right beside the laptop lay a magazine marketed to preteen and young teenaged girls with the adorable face of a young male actor on the cover.

Hanging over his bed was a net filled with stuffed animals. Some of them were teddy bears, but some of them were more feminine dolls. In particular, there were about 10 differently colored and adorned ponies and an assortment of dolls wearing dresses. On Austin's bed, a boyish cartoon character adorned his pillow cases and his bed spread, where a long pink dildo and a bottle of lube lay out in the open.

Uh oh, did I leave that out?” Austin asked innocently, feigning mock embarrassment at the naughty discovery. “I forgot to put my dildo away before I invited you to see my room.”

I see that,” the man said, trying to divert his eyes from the boy as he picked the recently used dildo up and held it up to his lips.

I was using it before I came out of my room,” he lisped, then he picked the lube up and grinned. “I was using this, too.”

I imagine you were, kiddo,” Roger said, looking unsure as Austin ran the dildo longways across his moist lips. “Are you going to put that thing away?”

I might need it again.” the boy said with a suggestive pout, setting his hungry eyes on the massive bulge that had formed at Roger's crotch. “Or maybe if I get lucky, you'll close the door and I won't need to use this.”

With that, the man nodded his understanding and the boy dropped his pajama bottoms, assuming the missionary position in his bed. Moments later, the combined moans of Austin and Roger rang out through the walls of the house. Those moans, along with the persistent creaking of Austin's twin sized bed, told Sheila that it was too late. Ten minutes later, the creaking of the bed ceased and the moaning got softer. The only sounds that Sheila could hear were the moist smacking of lips and the soft, muffled moans of her son as he indulged in tongue filled kisses. When Austin declared that he wanted to suck his lover's prick clean, she was once again subjected to the sounds of her son's muffled moans while she lay in her bed.

When Austin's bedroom door opened, the two walked hand in hand down the stairs and shared a deep kiss by the door. When Sheila heard the door close, she came downstairs and was greeted by the site of her underwear clad son, cooing as he reached back and ran his hands over his plump, well serviced bottom.

Is he gone?” she asked, and Austin nodded his answer with a dreamy smile on his face. Giving her boy a neutral look, the frustrated mother simply turned and walked to the kitchen, her mind filled with angst as she wondered what lengths her son would go to for his next cock ride.

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