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Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys.
It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else.
The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut.
If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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     Western Kansas in the summertime is brutal at the best of times, so they tell me. I am only fourteen so only know what the other folks say. Anyway this year has sure been hell. I got so hot the day before that I was sick all night. My mother worries. That's all she ever does and she does it well. She kept cold compresses on me all night and just plain mothered me to death.
     I needed other kinds of relief. Teenage years are the worst, other folks say, but man, my balls get to aching and my stomach gets all knotty inside. The only thing that makes me feel good is to grab my cock. I pull the skin all of the way back and play around the shiny head. I keep my touch real light, like a fly crawling over me. That nearly drives me insane it is so intense. I keep that up until I am just about to cum then I roll back and put my legs under my arms just in time to take my whole six and a half inch dick over four inches deep into my mouth.
     Sam cracks up when he sees me do that. He tries so hard to suck his dick but he is only a little over four and a half inches long. Also, he can't get his legs under arms. He puts his legs back over his head so that his toes touch the floor and can get a little bit of the head of his cock in his mouth and shoots his load.
     I love the taste of cum. I really like to do it with my best bud Sam. But Sam is gone on harvest with his folks this year. His dad had some hard times after the car wreck and didn't get much of his crop in the ground. My dad and some other neighbors helped but with the drought they had a lot of work to do for themselves.
     Me and Sam started messing around over at the creek about four years ago. Our folks wouldn't let us go down there alone until we were ten, said we'd drown each other. We may yet the way that boy can cum. He just never stops. I know I could fill a milk can, almost. Hehehehe We have been skinny dipping in the creek since we were five or six. First it was Sam's big brother who took us every afternoon. Us and Rascal. Rascal's my big brother. He is fifteen, almost sixteen. Sam's brother is Nolan. Nolan is nineteen and goes to college over in Oklahoma. He is home helping his family with the harvest now but has to go back to school in four more weeks. I can't wait 'cause that's when Sam'll be home.
     The smell of food coming up to my attic room was smelling so good. Ma stepped out back and called up to me to go find Pop and Rascal. She wanted them to come inside to eat and cool down. She said the temperature was over a hundred today. I pulled on my boots and slipped on some old shorts and took off cross the field that they were supposed to be in today. I saw the tractor over by the creek and figured they'd stopped to cool down already. I decided to sneak up on them and scare them. I was real quite as I headed for the tree.
     Now let me tell you about the Oak tree. It really grows in the most unusual place. Down in the creek bed itself. You'd think that it would get washed away when it was a little sprout but that thing is over four foot wide at the base. It towers up over the creek over sixty feet. There's no other Oak trees within twenty miles of us. We have a huge rock on the edge of the creek that gives us a nice place to dive from. It's only about six feet above the water but it's flat and kinda smooth.
     That rock is our gold mine for this old farm. I guess my great grand daddy found it first and he built this farm around it. So far we have, er..the family that is, found four distinct fresh water springs coming up from under that rock. The whole thing has got to be thirty feet across and who knows how deep it goes. The springs have carved out a deep water hole over twenty feet deep of sweet clear water, and they flow year round. The water runs along and under the road onto Sam's place then just kind of goes away. They have a nice little rocky pool on their side of the road but so far all the water comes from our springs.
     Their pool is only around three feet deep and that is where Nolan used to take us to swim. I'll never forget the! It was so neat. My folks and Sam's folks all sat at the table after Sunday lunch. The grownups had been talking back and forth all the time we ate. They kept looking at Rascal and me. Finally Ma said okay. Nolan let out a war whoop that got him yelled at.
     "Well, boys, it's been long enough since you ate. I guess that Nolan wants to go get hisself wet some so git along with you and mind the boy, ya hears me?" Ma is always worrying. We were glad to get to go swim.
     Sam and me ran to his room to shed our Sunday clothes. We were little boys so nobody thought anything about us running over to the creek naked. Rascal was naked too but Nolan had on a pair of shorts till we got there. I had been swimming with that dude forever and he had a big dick that he had to cover up.
     We ran as hard as we could but Nolan passed their pool and ran on up to the road. He called and waved at us to follow him. He went across the road and over to our bigger pool. He dropped his shorts and ran right off of the end of that rock and into the deep, cool water. None of us could really swim that well but I had to try. I ran and jumped in with my devil my care attitude. I remember sinking farther and farther down until it got dark. When I opened my eyes I was on the bank with Pop laughing at me.
     Pop taught Rascal and me to swim that day and how to jump off of that rock. It was the first time I ever swam with my dad or Sam's dad. They had big cocks. I remember Sam telling me to keep covered up because my wee wee was stiff. Hey, I was ten years old. I was proud of my stiffy.
     Anyway that rock sheltered our Oak tree. When the rains came, the creek would run really deep with water running off of the fields higher than us. I have stood on the banks and watched the muddy water flood by and wonder if my swimming hole would be okay. It always was. The rock caused an eddy to form as the water rushed down stream and pushed mud up against the bottom of that big Oak tree. Pop said that he figures how an acorn got washed away and floated up into that eddy. When the water went it away it didn't want any more to do with that kind of ride and just put down some deep roots and held on for dear life.
     Pop says the tree has to be near a hundred years old. His great grand father first plowed these fields in the 1920s and it was already big then, according to family lore. So I sneaked up to that tree. I left my shorts and boots on the ground and slid up the tree by my easy climbing path. I got up to the big branch that spread out over the water below and started to climb out on it when I looked down and got the shock of my life.
     Pop had Rascal on his back and he was fucking my brother harder than Sam ever fucked me. I had never seen anybody fuck before and I couldn't believe that I was watching my dad. Suddenly dad tensed up. He said something to Rascal who raised his head. Pop pulled his huge cock out of Rascal's ass and shoved it into his mouth. He moved around and let Rascal get on top of him and he began to suck my brother's cock as he put his fingers up inside Rascal's wide open ass hole. I was stretched out on my diving branch and pounding my dick for all I was worth.
     I wasn't very careful and my first few shots arched out and fell right onto Pop's back. He reached a hand back and wiped at it. He looked at his hand then rose up and looked square into my red face. There I sat with a dripping cock in my hand and nothing to say. Rascal looked at Pop's back. He ran his hand in my cum and sniffed it then he licked his hand. "The little guy has grown up, Pop." Both of them laughed. Pop told me to jump down there. I jumped into the water. First to wash off and second to calm myself down. I was shaking so hard I thought that I was going to throw up.
     Pop and Rascal jumped in with me and we swam around for a few minutes. Pop grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to him. He gave me the best hug I had ever had. I could feel his big cock pressing against me. He put his hand on my butt and pulled me close making my rising cock press into him. "I love you son. I'm glad that you know about Rascal and me but I'm sorry that you found out like this. You and Sam aren't the only boys that like to suck cock or get a big one up the butt sometimes. Did you get here in time to see Rascal fuck me first?"
     That surprised me. I looked at Rascal who was all smiles. I really didn't know what to think, say or do. I let Pop pull me to the shallows and we walked out of the water together. They had a big blanket spread out on the sand and we sat down together. "I found my grand pa fucking my brother Aaron on this bank when I was twelve. Aaron was almost fourteen. Aaron fucked me that afternoon and Papa fucked me the next day while my grand father fucked Aaron next to us.
     "Boy, we live far away from anything else to do. We can just have so many kids and seems none of us never get a woman that is any good in bed. At least not as good as a young boy. You miss Sam and I miss Nolan. Nolan takes care of his daddy and me but with him going to school and harvest I had to teach Rascal last year."
     "That's why you went to his bedroom every night this past winter?" I was startled at the revelation.
     "Sorry, I thought I was being secret 'bout it. Yeah, Rascal took right to it. We heard you and Sam in your room above Rascal so we were afraid that you might hear us. That's why we moved his bed over by the other wall. Are you... what do you think? Are you upset?"
     "No, I guess not. Are we all gay then? How about Sam's dad? Does he know?"
     "No, you aren't gay. Least I don't think so. You're just gettin relief like millions of boys before you. As you get older and find a wife then you'll know that it is just sex. Aaron and Sam's dad, Phil, were boyfriends in highschool. Phil won't do it anymore but he told Nolan that he would let the boy be himself. I think that Nolan may be queer. He doesn't want anything to do with girls at all. He says he is in love with me. I love your mother, son. I'm not leaving her for Nolan or any other boy.
     "Let's go get your mother's lunch in us then you two go up to your attic room and get to know each other. Would you like that?" Rascal and I looked at each other then at each other's cocks and grinned.

That's all there is. Just a short stroker with no more to cum.
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