Home for Lunch, a short story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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The heat was bearing down on me as I walked through the parking lot at work towards my car. I was sitting in the office when the growling of my stomach signaled that it was time for lunch. Locking my work station, I grabbed my keys and told my co workers that I'd be back in an hour, then I sent my wife a text letting her know that I was going home for lunch. As soon as I started my car, my cell phone rang and I picked up.

Hi honey,” I said, pulling out of the parking lot as she let go of a frustrated sigh.

Hi baby,” she said in a dreary voice. “I can't get away this afternoon.”

I'm sorry,” I said with a heavy sigh, knowing that my wife genuinely wanted to meet me for a lunch date at home. “Why don't we reschedule for tomorrow?”

That sounds nice, dear,” she said. “Chase might be home today. He said he was off work, so maybe you can eat with him.”

Okay, honey,” I sighed. “If he's home, we'll have lunch.”

With that, we hung up the phone and I continued home, wondering if my 18 year old would be home or not. With his birthday having just passed, he was testing the waters of his newly acquired legal status to do as he pleased. His mother and I began to notice that he was pushing the line on his curfew and even announced that he planned to ask for more hours at work.

I quickly squashed his show of independence by reminding him that he still had a mother and father, and that we would continue to act in his best interest, regardless of how unpopular it made us. I began enforcing his 11pm curfew and let him know that he wasn't allowed to work more than 20 hours a week while he was still in high school. Once he graduated, I told him that he could work 25 hours a week but no more, and that his curfew was still in effect. He stomped his feet a little, but quickly wilted under the force of my authority in the house.

As I rounded the corner, the reflection of his car in the driveway damn near blinded me. I noticed that it was parked in the same spot it had been in when I left for work at 7am. Curiously, there were two glasses with ice at the bottom sitting by the porch swing, telling me that my little Casanova must have had company over while his mother and I were at work. I walked up to the porch and picked the glasses up, sniffing them for alcohol but only smelling fruit punch.

With a grin, I brought them into the house with me, where I expected to find my son mid lip lock on the couch. Instead, he was standing in the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I walked up from behind and set the two glasses on the counter beside his plate.

You forgot these,” I told him, giving his plump bottom a playful swat. He brought his head back and smiled up at me, prompting me to wrap my arms around his skinny frame and hug him tight.

Standing at just 5'6” and weighing 110 pounds, my son is easy to cuddle. I stand at 6'2”, but Chase inherited his height from his mother's side of the family. I imagine that he's not finished growing quite yet, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I enjoy wrapping his small frame up with a hug while I smother him with kisses.

Hi daddy,” he said in a boyish tone, puckering his lips for a kiss. I leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips, then I rested my chin on the top of his head. His fine black hair felt coarse against my jaw while I held him close, turning his body from side to side like a dial.

Hi sugar plum,” I said in a tender tone. “Mommy won't be home for lunch.”

Okay,” he said in a small voice.

Did you have company?” I asked, then I felt his hair moving against my chin as he nodded his answer.

Yeah, Jason was here earlier,” he told me with a dreamy sigh. “He just left a little bit ago.”

With that, I let my hands travel down to his crotch, where his stiff boyhood was standing straight up in his briefs. I reached down into his underwear and wrapped my fingers around the base, feeling it for stiffness. The tiny patch of pubic hair growing just above his rod scrubbed my fingers when I gave it a firm squeeze, watching him smile up at me with stars in his young eyes. While I tightened my grip around his stiff boyhood, my pinky and ring finger fondled his warm, hairless nut sack. When I released my grip around his cock, I ran my hand back out of his undies and rubbed his warm tummy while I spoke with him.

Did he give you something yummy to swallow?” I asked, and my boy nodded his answer.

He gave me something to swallow twice,” he revealed with sparkling eyes.

Is that why you're still dressed for bed, Chase?” I asked, gently running my fingers through his messy hair.

Yes, daddy,” he practically whispered. “I can still taste him in my mouth.”

Oh yeah?” I said, smiling warmly at him as he nodded his answer. “Maybe daddy should inspect for himself.”

Okay,” he sighed, then he puckered up and I planted a deep, tongue filled kiss on my son that gave me chills. While our tongues were dancing, I slid both hands down the back of his underwear and grabbed his buns. He moaned boyishly as soon as I had his warm orbs in my hands, then he began kissing me hungrily while I kneaded them in a circular pattern. With my manipulating hands working on his pillow shaped ass cheeks, Chase began to grind back into my grip. The sensation of having his cheeks worked over was always overwhelming for my boy, especially when I began intentionally pulling his crevice open by spreading his cheeks with force. I used my fingers and thumbs to hold his buns open right by his hot, moist hole, making my stiff rod ache with need.

I definitely taste boy cum in your mouth, sugar plum,” I told him. “But it tastes like you've had more than one cock in your mouth today.”

Looking up at me with resignation, my son nodded his confession.

Before Jason came over I called Hunter,” my son admitted. “I really needed to give some head, daddy.”

You were horny this morning, weren't you son?” I observed, letting my fingertips come to rest against his moist pucker and giving it a firm rub. “Did they take care of this for you, too?”

No,” he whimpered, biting his lower lip as he looked up at me with need. “I didn't ask them to take care of it for me.”

You didn't?” I asked in a tone of mock astonishment. “You only felt like sucking cock this morning, son?”

That's not why,” he said, nuzzling his soft cheek into my chest.

You didn't feel like sucking cock?” I asked, and he gave me a wry smile while I leaned down and kissed him on the lips.

I felt like sucking a hundred cocks, daddy,” he admitted. “I still want to suck cock. But that's not why I didn't ask them for... you know.”

To service your horny bottom?” I said, and he nodded. Letting one hand fondle his boy cock, I asked him, “Did you get this sucked on instead?”

No,” he said, blushing deep as he tried to tell me what was on his mind.

Then why baby?” I asked in a tender tone, and he batted his eyes at me.

Because I was saving it for my daddy,” he finally said, his cheeks beet red as he confessed his need. “When I'm horny like this, you're the only one who can service me right.”

I gushed right away, my love for my son too powerful at the moment for me to contain. I quickly wrapped him up in a long hug and held him close, listening to him coo in my arms. While I was still holding my boy, he smiled up at me and said, “I'm glad you came home for lunch, daddy.”

I'm glad too, baby,” I told him, then I gave his moistening boy pussy a firm set of strokes. “Would you like it if daddy starts your rear end service now?”

Yeah,” he said with a boyish inflection in his voice, puckering his lips for another kiss. I planted a long one on him, letting my tongue control the tempo while he moaned submissively into my mouth. I let my strong hands run back down into the seat of his briefs and began massaging his buns while my pinkies toyed with his pucker. When we broke our kiss, he gave me a tender smile and turned back to the counter, where his half constructed peanut butter and jelly sandwich sat on a paper plate. I planted a kiss on his cheek, then on the nape of his neck, then I planted a trail of kisses down his bumpy spinal column until I found myself face to face with his underwear clad bottom.

I leaned in and took a deep whiff of his juicing boy pussy through his briefs, shuddering hard as my cock strained in my slacks. With my nose planted in his crack, I slid my hands up through the leg openings of his briefs so that I could resume manipulating his buns. The overwhelming scent of his boy pussy was intoxicating as his pheromones rolled into my nose. Unable to resist the allure, I hooked the blue dashed waistband and eased his underwear down. When I pulled his exposed buns apart, the aroma of his boy pussy made me light headed with lust and I found myself in a trance as I immediately started a deep ass eating.

The salty-sweet taste of my baby boy's rear end was exquisite as I feasted on it with greedy licks. Hearing his wild moans compelled me to let my tongue dig deeper and deeper with every pass that it made. I felt his hips pressing back into my face, so I used the grip I had on his buns to manually grind his rear end around. As soon as I did this, the intense aroma of his boy pussy took on a new life and the strong essence of copper began wafting into my nostrils in powerful waves. I felt like a man possessed, eating my son's ass as deeply as I could. The feeling was intensely carnal, yet somehow paternal. Knowing that I was pleasuring my little guy with my talented tongue while I dictated his hip movements with my strong hands only added to this feeling of paternity and lust.

Oh daddy,” I heard him pant, then it rang out through a boyish moan. “Oh, daddy!”

In response, I angled my face so that I was pushing it straight up into his hungry hole, then I thrusted my tongue deep and licked forcefully. The heat that was pouring out of his boy hole was incredible, and I was feeling it swirl in my mouth. The taste of Chase's ass juice was like the finest delicacy I could imagine, and I knew that he was getting close. Wanting to make sure that my youngster found ecstasy, I focused my tongue swipes against the throbbing nerve endings that lined the area just inside of his anal ring. I could feel my breaths pouring up into his crack, tickling back against my face while my mid day stubble scrubbed the insides of his ass cheeks.

All of the sudden, I felt my son's body tense up and he gasped. At the same time, his sphincter began to open and close around my tongue in spastic patterns and a fresh flow of ass juice ran down the walls of his boy pussy. I heard him let loose with a long, high pitch moan that carried through the entire house just as four strong shots of boy cum spouted from the end of his untouched erection and ran down its length. Still enamored with the taste of his boy pussy, I stayed where I was and feasted while every nerve ending in his body sizzled.

When I spotted his young honey dripping down from his taut ball sack, I reluctantly ended my feast and grabbed his hips. When he turned to face me, his five inch boy boner was standing straight up, coated from top to bottom with cum. Unable to resist the urge, I ran my tongue along his stiffy, then I wrapped my lips around the end and sucked away as much of his yummy cum as he had. When there was no more boy honey to be enjoyed, I pulled off of my baby's cock and got back to my feet, anxious to hold him after putting him through such an explosive climax.

Did my sugar plum have a nice boygasm?” I asked as soon as I had him wrapped in a tight hug. I could feel his young frame shivering as he nodded into my chest, so I rubbed his back and kissed him on the head.

I didn't give you a cum yet,” he lamented, but I assuaged his worries.

We still have 30 minutes, baby,” I said in a gentle voice. “Do you feel like sucking cock, or would you like for daddy to pump a load into your tight rear end?”

Both,” he said in a small voice, hiding his flushed face in my chest. “I wish you could stay home with me today.”

I wish I could too, sugar plum.” I sighed. “But daddy has an important meeting at work today.”

Instead of answering, I heard him whimper into my shirt while he tightened his grip around my stomach, so I used my forefinger to lift his chin. He was pouting and his eyes were filled with emotion.

What's wrong, Chase?”

Mom's gonna be home when you leave the office today,” he whined with a frustrated sigh. “I want to spend some special time with you, daddy.”

Then let's spend some special time, honey,” I told him, leaning down and planting a deep kiss on his mouth that made him melt into my arms. “You know, daddy's pants are still up, buddy. Is there anything you'd like to do about that?”

Giving me his sweetest smile, he nodded up at me. I released him from my tight hug, watching as he used his fingers to unleash my raging manhood. When he had my pants and boxers down around my ankles, he wrapped his fist around my hard prick and began a slow hand job that made my toes curl in my loafers. I reached down and caressed his hopeful, smiling face, then I nodded with approval. In a flash, Chase had his palms resting on the tops of his thighs and his lips wrapped around the end of my eight inch erection, moaning softly while he tried to get it all. For three minutes, I watched with pride as my baby boy worked to get his lips down to the base of my shaft. With each plunge downward, he inched closer and closer until he finally achieved his goal. As the head of my fuck stick probed the depths of his talented throat, my little guy shivered uncontrollably and fired off another strand of boy honey from the end of his cock.

After he achieved another strong boygasm, I pulled him off of my cock and we kissed deeply again, then he blushed and said, “I'm sorry I came first, daddy.”

I'm glad you came first, sugar plum,” I assured him, reaching down and grabbing another handful of his horny rear end. “Are you still in the mood for daddy to plant a load in your bottom?”

He nodded with an adorable smile, his cheeks still blushing as he admitted his need. I kissed the end of his nose, then I kicked my loafers off and stepped out of my slacks. Holding on to his slender shoulders, I lovingly steered him to the living room. Leading him to the couch, I gently positioned him so that he was on his knees with his rear end easily accessible. My little bottom boy got into position right away, holding onto the back cushion while I knelt behind him so that I could spread his cheeks. His hole was bright red and moist with juices, so I greedily ate it for a full minute while Chase writhed with pleasure.

When my impromptu feast ended, I stood up and Chase grabbed onto the arm rest, letting his horny boy butt linger invitingly in the air. I lined my cock up and sank it into his most private zone, the treasure that he saved for me this afternoon. Looking at the clock, I realized that I had twenty minutes to get out the door. As my length pushed into my son's hot, tight rear end, I knew I wouldn't need that long. Taking a firm hold of his slender hips, I sank my shaft all the way in while he smiled over his shoulder at me. I smiled back, feeling his love pour out around my cock and wanting nothing more than to reciprocate.

When I began to thrust, the look on my little guy's face softened and he began to moan with passion. I could feel the lining of his treasure grabbing my pole with a purpose. Not just because of the deep thrusts that I was feeding it, which were sending powerful shivers up my son's back and down his legs. Or because of the furious fire that was spreading through his teenaged groin and engulfing his drooling boyhood. It wasn't even the way the head of my cock caught the hot, moist tissue that was squeezing it over and over again as it tore back and forth with authority.

It was something so much deeper than that. It was about the bond between my son and I. The trust that he has in me to love him no matter what. To love him more than anyone in the whole wide world, and to always keep him safe from harm. It was about the precious gift that he shares with me when he presents his boy pussy for breeding. He doesn't need to cum when I'm inside of him, because he isn't looking for anything but my seed. The seed that made him, the seed that gave him life. It's the reason that his reactive love tunnel begins milking my cock from the very first thrust every single time I pleasure him. And its the reason why he always finds ecstasy when I'm inside of him, no matter the position.

I knew that Chase was looking for a quickie from me when he put his ass in the air for me to penetrate. Given our limited window of opportunity, I also knew this would be the quickie that Chase had planned on. He'd already enjoyed two hands free orgasms this afternoon, and he was certain that his bounty of boy sperm had come to its end. He was right to think that, because his young, developing balls had indeed heaved out the last of his honey for the time being.

But what my baby should have counted on was my resolve to bring him to a powerful anal orgasm. When there's time, I bring him off two or three times, but we were pressed for time today. So instead of falling prey to my fatherly instinct to give Chase multiple orgasms, I resolved to give him an orgasm so strong that it would stay with him all day and night. Using my cock like the pleasure stick that it is, I plunged in and out of my little guy's rear end with power and precision. The mushroom shaped head of my daddy dick ran deep into my son's treasure, massaging every single nerve ending that lined it until it bottomed out. Every time it pushed into the soft, moist pocket of pleasure receptors that reside in the deepest corners of my son's boy pussy, his ecstasy started to soar. Each time I bottomed out, I could feel his pleasure pocket wrap itself tight around my glans in an attempt to hold my cock in place. Each time I felt his boy spot grab onto my fatherhood, I asserted my dominance by tugging it back until my glans could feel the cool tickle of fresh air.

When Chase's boygasm hit him, I knew it. He changed positions on his own, sitting straight up on my cock and resting his back against my chest. He was using his hips to take deep, satisfying thrusts while he laid the side of his head on my shoulder. His teenaged body was burning with the fury of a powerful anal orgasm while his rock hard boyhood tried in vein to shoot sperm that wasn't there. I could feel him angle his hips, pushing his rear end back just far enough for me to plunge deep into his pleasure pocket, over and over again.

Is my little sugar plum cumming?” I asked in a tender voice, and Chase tried unsuccessfully to nod his answer. “That feels so good for my boy, doesn't it?”

Once again, Chase tried to nod but his anal orgasm betrayed him. His rear end was grabbing my stalk like a vice, closing around the base every time he accepted my full eight inches. Knowing that my boy was in the full throes of his anal ecstasy, I lovingly cupped his chin and planted a deep French kiss on his mouth while he moaned boyishly in my mouth.

I felt his young body begin to relax as his boygasm washed away, so I tightened my grip on his hips and began to thrust with authority all over again. Right away, Chase began to pant in my mouth, his tongue moving around aimlessly while I asserted my dominance once again. I could feel the moist tissue in his bottom begin to clamp down all over again as my pole ran deep. Realizing that he was on the cusp of another anal orgasm, I began to thrust with punishing strength, using my rock hard manhood to give my little boy the anal stimulation that he needed to realize his ultimate pleasure.

In a flash, his moaning grew frantic and his hips began to grind under my grip.

Seeing the time on the wall, I once again exploited my position of dominance by fucking him at a tempo that I knew would bring us both off. In mere moments, he was shivering uncontrollably while I overwhelmed his boy pussy with my cock. His untouched boyhood was on fire as another strong climax ripped through him, making his rear end close tight around my cock with the same punishing force that I was using to pleasure my boy. I felt the load in my balls begin to rise up my shaft and I knew it wouldn't be much longer. Looking at the clock, I saw that I had ten minutes left, so I began a deliberate thrusting in and out of Chase's 18 year old boy pussy that carried me over the edge. With a groan, I pumped several hot shots of sperm into his rear end while he moaned into my mouth.

When I pulled out of him, he collapsed backwards into my arms and let me hold him close. His delicate frame was shivering hard, so I laid back and held him close while he lay on my chest.

I love you baby boy,” I said, planting a soft kiss on his fine head of black hair, but I didn't hear an answer. Looking down, I realized that my little guy was fast asleep in my arms, so I dutifully sat up and held him in my lap for five precious minutes. I knew he was down for the count, so I kissed him on the cheek and made him comfortable on the couch, making sure his sleepy head was resting on a pillow.

I went into the kitchen and found his briefs on the floor beside my dress slacks and my loafers. Sitting on the edge of the couch, I gently slid his boy briefs up his legs, taking note of the fact that his young cock was now soft as a marshmallow and had retracted to its flaccid 2 ½ inches. Using my hand to support his bottom, I lifted his midsection from the couch and pulled his undies up. Finally, I kissed him on the cheek and went to the sink so I could wash the cum and ass juice from my dick before getting dressed and returning to work.

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