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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 1
I am too the oldest!

The constant bouncing of the basketball in the driveway was soothing to Mrs. Reynolds as she stood at the kitchen window and stared out at her two sons playing one on one. They were twelve going on thirteen now but even from a distance she could almost imagine them as they had been when they were younger. Two mop haired boys who were identical in every way except for one small difference that only the family knew about.

Jaden was older by three minutes and he never let his brother Aidan forget it and that meant that he was the leader of the two. One never did anything without the other and when they got in trouble it was as a team even if Jaden was the one who dreamed up the mischief.

Last week it had been a broken lamp, knocked over while the boys pretended to be Ninjas and practicing martial arts in the living room. The lamp wasn't that big a deal. It was old and Mrs. Reynolds had never been that fond of it, but it was the principal of the thing and for their indiscretion they had to give up their I-Phones for a whole day.

Well you would have thought she had pulled all their teeth out or broke a limb from they way they whined and moped around that whole day.When their precious phones were back in their hands the next day they drained their batteries so fast making up for lost time that Mrs. Reynolds wondered exactly how many friends they had on FB or Twitter or whatever they were using at that moment.

She smiled when her mind flashed back to that first day at the hospital when the doctor had informed her that she had not one, but two baby boys. How the doctors had overlooked that little fact until their birth was still a mystery, but it had been a pleasant surprise for the new parents. She and  her  husband had already picked a name for their first born and that was Jaden. Their second choice had been the name Aidan and so that was how it came to be that the two boys got rhyming names.

A car horn honking caused Mrs. Reynolds to look up and she saw her husband's Dodge Durango pulling into the drive. The boys paused their game long enough to swarm their father and drag him into their world if only for a moment. She smiled as she saw him put an arm around each boy and then ruffle their hair as he split off from them to come inside. He was such a good dad and she liked to think she was an equally good mom even if the boys did have a touch of the devil in them.

"Hello dear. How was your day?"

"Actually not bad. I see the boys are home...for a change."

"They're grounded."

"Do I want to know what they've done this time?"

"Probably not till you've had a drink dear," she said grinning, "Beer or wine?"

"Wine thanks."

Mrs. Reynolds poured two crystal wine glasses full of their favorite wine and handed one to her husband and he leaned in and kissed her. "Thank you so much. Have I told you lately that I adore you?"

"Mmmm..not since last night," she said smiling, "and I worship the ground you walk on."

"Right," he giggled. They were more than husband and wife, they were best friends and even after fifteen years of marriage they were still very much in love.

"Dinner in thirty. Do you want a shower first?"

"Only if you can wash my back," he said raising his eyebrow comically.

"Nice try mister," she said putting her hand on his muscular chest and kissing him wetly.

"Mmmm...that's not helping," he said taking her hand and placing on the tent in his slacks.

"Oh my, Better make it a cold shower mister," she said pulling away suddenly.

"Ughhh," he groaned, "blue balls again."

"Later dear, I promise. After we've locked the monkeys in their room."

"Monkeys is right," he sighed, "Give me fifteen then call them in to wash up."

In the driveway Jaden was giving Aidan a run for his money. Though both boys were the same height and physically equal, Jaden was more aggressive when it came to any sort of competition. It was if he needed to constantly prove himself to others and himself and most especially to his twin brother.

"Time," Aidan said leaning down and resting his hands on his knees and gasping for air.

"Wussy," Jaden smirked, "you owe me later and you know what I want."

Like he wouldn't give him whatever it was he wanted anyway. Aidan worshiped his brother and followed him eagerly no matter what mischief he got them into.


"Don't eat too much supper, cause I got dessert for you," Jaden laughed.

At around five feet and 90 pounds they were average for boys their age, but unlike most boys their age their bodies were already fairly well developed in more ways than one. While they didn't exactly have six packs their upper bodies were well defined and their stomachs flat and taut. Their hair was blond though lately it had begun to darken a little and their blue eyes were the color of the ocean, or so they'd been told since neither had actually seen the ocean. They were cute, without being obnoxiously so with pouty lips and dimples at each corner of a  usually smiling mouth.

But it was their sexual maturation that separated them from their peers. Both had begun to reach puberty just after their 11th birthday and within six months they had begun to produce semen and sport hair above their growing members. And speaking of their growing members they were now at an impressive length of 5" when fully hard.

But unlike the rest of their bodies, their penises were not the same. Because of a mix up in the paper work, one of the twins was circumcised and the other was not. Because their parents had planned on only one baby being born and even though they had not signed the consent forms for a circumcision, Aidan had accidentally fallen to that fate.

The hospital was of course apologetic, but Mr. Reynolds especially was devastated. He was uncut and had planned on  any sons of his to be uncut as well, and though it had worked out for Jaden he felt Aidan had been robbed of something very special. The lawsuit had been settled out of court and the judgement was enough to guarantee that both twins would be able to afford a good college education. To insure that the money was placed in a special account and could not be touched by the boys until their 18th birthday. 

Aside from the money, the  only good thing to come out of the fiasco was that it was quite easy to tell the twins long as they were naked. And that was the big family secret.

"Think we'll be able to go to Mark's party Friday?" Aidan said finally straightening up.

"One way or another baby brother," Jaden said bouncing the ball off his brother's foot.

"Ow jerk, stop. Let's go in, I'm hungry."

"Wuss.....I'm hungrrrry......" his duplicate mocked.

"Forget you," Aidan said as he turned his back and started toward the front door."

"Who pissed in your pudding?" Jaden laughed.

" one...forget it."

Jaden shrugged, lately Aidan had been harder and harder to understand. He'd always been so easy going and eager to follow his brother anywhere, but lately he seemed to be in a funk and Jaden didn't know what to do about it.

Beneath his rough exterior Jaden had a heart of gold and he loved his brother without end, even if he did give him shit all the time. They shared more than a name and a set of chromosomes, they shared a soul and it hurt Jaden to see Aidan in distress.

"Hey, wait up. I'm sorry okay. You're not a wuss."

"I don't care about that, but thanks," Aidan said grinning.

Inside the boys headed straight toward the kitchen tracking the smell of pot roast like bloodhounds.

"Oh dear you boys smell like dirty pups," Mrs. Reynolds said as she hugged them one at a time, "go wash up, dinner is almost ready."

"Where's  dad?"

"Showering and he'll be out any minute, so scoot."

Grumbling Jaden lead his brother to their room and into their bathroom. Even at age 12 they still shared a room and neither had any desire to do otherwise despite the fact that there were two other bedrooms available should they choose to split up. 

The room they shared was large with two full size beds though truth be known most nights they slept together in one bed or the other. They spent most of their waking hours together so it was only natural that they spend their sleeping hours together as well.

The bathroom they shared was also large  with a separate shower, a tub, and a toilet in a separate enclosure. There were two sinks in the vanity so both boys could wash their hands at once and as they did Jaden tried once again to sound out his brother.

"You know lately you been sort of down or something. I mean you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, know, if I can help or anything...."

"It's nothing. I'm fine," Aidan said smiling. Just knowing Jaden noticed and cared was enough for now, "but thanks. I appreciate it bro."

Jaden shrugged, "No probs little brother. Come on, I'm starving."

"Oh no! There they are," their dad chuckled when they came bursting into the dining room, "hide the good china and the silverware."

"Hi dad, how'd the shower go...everything turn out okay?" Jaden teased.

"I'm all squeaky clean, but I saved myself for later," his dad said without batting an eye.  There had always been an easy and open line of communication in the family and very few secrets.

"Good to hear," Mrs. Reynolds said, "you guys ready for my famous pot roast?"

"What makes it famous mom?" Jaden asked grinning, "No one ever gets it but us."

"Well....I guess I'm a legend in my own mind," she laughed.

"Just kidding mom, it's the best and all our friend say so I guess it is famous."

"Stop being a jerk Jaden," Aidan said sitting down suddenly. His outburst was so unexpected that the others looked at him in shock.

Mrs. Reynolds looked at her husband and Mr. Reynolds looked at his wife, but neither had a clue what it was all about. As for Jaden he frowned but didn't reply, however he was more determined than ever to find out what was going on with his twin.

At dinner Aidan seemed quieter than usual but despite his earlier comment, neither parent thought much of it. They knew both boys were going through a lot of changes as puberty took it's toll on them and they were confident that if either boy needed help they had the kind of relationship with them that would make it easy for them to seek it.

It was Aidan's turn to clear, but instead of abandoning his brother as he usually did this time Jaden stayed to help him. Their mother thought it was sweet, but their dad sensed there was more to it than a simple act of kindness.

"Hey, you okay?" Jaden asked once their parents were out of sight.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"No reason, but you been acting....uh...different the last few day. Something happen at school?"

"No...nothing. I'm fine," Aidan said moodily.

Jaden sighed theatrically, "Bro, something is wrong. It's not like I don't know you like...well like I know myself and something is def wrong. can either tell me or....I torture you till you tell me," he said laughing maniacally.

Aidan managed a smile, "Okay, win...but not now...later when we're alone."

"Fine, now finish your clean up," he said grinning as he tossed the spoon he'd been holding in the dishwater then marching out.

"Jerk," Aidan said laughing, "Thanks for the help," he added sarcastically.

As soon as Jaden reached the room he shared with his twin he pulled out his I-Phone and checked his messages. He had a couple of likes on the picture he posted on FB and a new text from Sam, one of their best friends.

what up

Nothin, sup wit u

just chillin. you guys goin to Marks party Fri


coo...gotta go...laterz


Aidan wandered in a few minutes later and headed straight for the bathroom closing the door behind him. Jaden frowned, except to do number two they never closed the door and since the toilet was in a separate enclosure with it's own door this was indeed unusual.

"Bro?" Jaden said tapping on the door gently.

"Come in."

Aidan was standing at the sink staring into the mirror but when his brother entered he pretended to be preoccupied with the sink.

"Gonna shower now?"

Aidan shrugged, "I guess, why?"

"Cause I'll wash your back bro," Jaden said grinning.

"Yeah...I bet," the boy said grinning back.

"Ah...don't be that way. You know you like it."

"Okay....let's do it then."

While Jaden started the shower Aidan ran into their bedroom and grabbed boxer briefs for both of them, white for him and dark blue for Jaden, though it was anyone's guess who wound up with which pair.

Jaden was already naked and in the shower and Aidan paused for a moment as he undressed to study his brother's silhouette through the frosted glass. Even though their bodies were identical he never ceased to be aroused by the sight of Jaden's smooth chiseled form.

Sliding the door open he stepped into the warm spray and Jaden grabbed him playfully and pulled him into a back to front hug. He could feel his twin's hard boycock pressing against his crack and he forgot everything for the moment and just melted into his embrace. He loved his brother more than he could ever express to anyone, and that was part of his problem of late. It wasn't the incest taboo that bothered him, they'd been messing around for as long as he could remember, but sex was one thing and the feelings he had lately were quite another.

" feel slippery," Jaden giggled.

"You feel hard," Aidan said pushing back even harder.

"You want something?" Jaden laughed.

"Uh huh," Aidan growled.

"Is that what's wrong? You need your big bro in your b-hole?" Jaden said nuzzling Aidan's neck.

"Yessss," Aidan hissed.

"Mmmmm...don't have to ask me twice," Jaden said reaching down and placing his hard cock against Aidan's hot tight hole. Moaning softly he pushed forward as he held his cock in place and with a grunt he slipped inside.


"You okay?"

"Uh huh," Aidan said reaching down to grasp his own equally hard and almost identical boycock.  He knew it wouldn't take much to get him off and often he came just from  his brother's cock rubbing against his boy nut.

Jaden was lost in the warm wet feeling of sex now and as he began to move slowly inside his brother he placed kisses on his neck and back without really thinking about it. It was all part of the act of sex as far as he concerned and it didn't really mean anything. Sure he loved his brother, but sex and love were two different things in his book.

"God, you're hot tonight," Jaden cooed, "if you wanna save it, I'll suck you off afterwards."

As good as that sounded, Aidan shook his head, "Make me come with your dick," he said breathlessly.

"Okay,"  Jaden said beaming. He loved having this effect on his twin and if that was what he wanted then he was more than willing to please. 

Adjusting his stance a bit he pushed Aidan forward a little forcing him to bend over. Grabbing the wall to brace himself Aidan pushed back and moaned softly as he felt his brother's cock glide across his prostate.

"Oh yeah...that's it," Aidan hissed.

"Gonna nut soon little bro," Jaden said gritting his teeth and trying to slow things down.

"Go for it."

Growling Jaden began to speed up, long stroking and with each stroke gliding across Aidan's boy nut causing waves of pleasure to radiate throughout his body. This was nothing new for them, but at their age the thrill was still there time after time and they were soon caught up in the feeling.

"You close?"

"Uh huh."

"Uh...uh..uh," Jaden gasped as he nuzzled his twin's neck and drooled down his back, "Awwwwww.....oh shiiiit." He moaned as he begun to come inside his brother's hot tight guts.

Reaching down to stroke his own cock Aidan cried out as he began to come causing his hole to contract and expand throwing his twin into a frenzy as his cock responded to the extra stimulation.

"God, I love when you do that with your butthole. It feels so awesome. God, that was a good one. My nuts hurt now," Jaden said starting to pull out slowly.

"Wait, stay inside me....pleassssse."

"Okay bro, no probs."

"Hug me," Aidan said straightening up and pulling his twins arms around him, "Just hold me," he said sounding near tears, "God I love it when you hold me."

Jaden pulled his twin to him and  nuzzled his neck gently, "'s okay bro. I'm here. Whatever it is...I'm always here for ya."

Aidan sighed and pulled himself together a bit, "I know and I appreciate it. I'm sorry I'm so weak sometimes.... a wuss."

"You're not a wuss, I told ya I was just bustin your balls. You're my bro and we're equal."

Aidan laughed, "We're twins but we're not the same and you know it."

"But we're both good....right? We...what's the word?...compliment each other...right?  I lead you follow."

Aidan laughed softly, "Yeah and you get us both busted."

"We got cool rents though. Hey, I bet they even know we fool around."

"Think so? God, that would be so embarrassing if they ever mentioned it."

"They never would, unless we did. worries."

"Yeah, I guess."

" okay now? Can we finish our shower?"

Aidan sighed, "Yeah, but you gotta wash me first since you filled my butt up with jizz," he giggled.

"No probs baby bro," Jaden giggled pulling away and grabbing the shower poof.

Showered, dried and dressed, the twins joined their parents in the family room for the usual evening TV get together. It didn't matter what they watched it was just the act of being together as a family, doing something they all could relate too, and the boys looked forward to it as much as their parents did.

"So your mother tells me you guys got grounded today. Wanna tell me why?"

The twins looked at each other with concern, but as usual it was Jaden who did the talking.

"Well.....we sort of got into some trouble at school today."

" tell."

" wasn't really our fault. We were just trying to help this kid that was getting dumped on, but it sort of backfired."

"Tell him what you said and to whom, "Mrs. Reynolds said looked slightly amused.

"Well...see this teacher...Mr. Evans was talking trash to this one kid and well...we sort of told him to keep his damn comments to himself."

"Oh, least you didn't curse," Mr. Reynolds said trying not to laugh, "but I'm a little concerned. Exactly what did the teacher say to this other....ummm....kid?"

"Well...see the kid is Hispanic and the teacher was you speak English? Do you comprehend? and he like knew the kid did because he talks English all the time. I think he was just picking on him cause he was different."

"Well...I have to say I'm proud of you for caring and for standing up for another student, but there are better ways to handle it than to back talk a teacher."

"I agree. I talked to Mr. Sloan the principal and the teacher in question has apologized to the student, but that does not excuse you boys' behavior so the grounding sticks." their mom said looking at her husband for support.

"Yes ma'am," Jaden whined.

"It will do you boys good to stay home for a change," their dad said giving them a crooked smile, "I'm sure you can find something to do without your posse."

"Yeah, I guess. So...anyway....our friend Mark is having a party Friday and we were wondering....if we could go?"

"Aren't you forgetting something? You're grounded till Monday."

"Aww..can't you make an exception mom. We can be grounded till Tuesday if you'll let us go."

"I'm sorry but my punishment is non-negotiable. This is one party you boys are going to miss."

" fair," Jaden whined, "All our friends will be there."

"Well, they will just have to party without you this time."

The boys were quiet for a long time but eventually they began to talk about things within the family and the punishment was forgotten...for now. Jaden figure there was no need to dwell on things they couldn't change. If they were going to go to Mark's party they'd have to sneak out after their parents were asleep and be back before they woke up. It was risky, but doable, and it wouldn't be the first time they'd broke the rules.

At nine they kissed their parents goodnight and headed off to their room. Standing side by side they peed at the toilet then moved to the vanity and brushed their teeth. Rinsing and spitting they wiped their mouths and headed off to bed.

At first they piled down on their own beds, but before long Jaden got up and moved to his twin's bed. Aidan scooted over to make room for him smiling at the fact that Jaden made the first move.

" with me on this one....Mark's party?"

Aidan shrugged, but they both knew he'd do whatever Jaden asked.

"So, here's the plan......"

They talked quietly for a long time as Jaden laid out his plan and eventually the conversation turned to other things.

"You horny?"

"If you are?"

"I could come again. Wanna 69?"

"Okay," Aidan said smiling as he almost shook with excitement. He liked sucking his brother's uncut cock almost as much as getting it up the butt.

Jaden took the initiative and spun around so they were end to end on the bed. The boxer briefs came off quickly, then some last minute adjustment and they were face to cock with each other. As Aidan looked up he saw his brother's lovely boycock hard and straight and identical to his own except for that wondrous sheath of skin which never ceased to fascinate him.  He tried not to think about what he had lost or to envy his brother for being intact, it was what it was, and in a way it made each of them unique.

Jaden had grabbed his twin's butt and was rubbing it slowly as he licked his nuts and Aidan realized he needed to do something in return. Reaching up he grabbed his brother's balls and rolled them in his small hand eliciting a soft moan from his opposite. This was one part of them that was identical and Aidan was willing to bet that if they used a micrometer to measure each of their testicles they'd be exactly the same size. The bag that held them was identical as well, soft and hairless, and perfect in ever way, the seam disappearing below them and running all the way to their pink healthy buttholes.

Stretching out his soft wet tongue Aidan ran it beneath his brother's nut sack and upward across them to  the base of his cock over and over again. Meanwhile Jaden was working some magic of his own between Aidan's legs and the action was heating up at both ends.

Aidan loved the feel of his twin's brother body beneath his hands and the sight of it never ceased to amaze him. It was like looking in the mirror except for their penises of course and touching it was sort of like touching his own body. It was hard to explain exactly but he knew that only twins could share this kind of experience and they were two of the lucky ones.

Jaden had his hot wet mouth around Aidan's cock now causing him to moan before returning the favor. They were both sucking now, while running their hands up and down the other's butt and then back down to their nuts before starting all over again. Their movements were almost identical now and a casual observer might have thought they were choreographed. 

Hands roaming, mouths sucking, tongues licking, heated ragged breaths, hearts beating faster now and the tensing and thrusting was coming soon. The end result was maximum pleasure, but the trip there was amazing and pleasant as well.

Aidan didn't know how Jaden felt about things, but for him, having sex with his brother was more of a religious experience than a sweaty sex romp. He worshiped his brother's body as he teased and caressed and brought him closer and closer to sweet release. And then there was the sweet nectar that tasted so familiar because it was his own flavor, which he had tasted almost as many times as he had tasted his brother's. Yes it was all so wonderful and so perfect and so right, yet why did he feel that he needed more? 

"Ugh...." Jaden grunted as his body began to convulse.

Aidan felt his twin's cock begin to expand and contract as his body began to shake and shudder with his impending release. God how he loved the feeling of making his brother come like this. The power was intoxicating and the feeling that they were closer somehow because of it only added to the euphoria of the experience.

He didn't have time to think much about it though, because suddenly Jaden moaned around his cock as he thrust deeper into his mouth and the first jet of hot creamy boy jizz hit his tonsils. He managed to pull up enough to catch the next two jets on his tongue and he moaned with pleasure as he tasted his brother's sweet, creamy nectar.

His senses were on overload but there was more to come as his own cock suddenly exploded in his brother's equally hot and wet mouth and he was suddenly experiencing nirvana at both ends.  The taste, smell, feel and the exquisite release as Jaden swallowed down his hot sticky cum was amazing. He sighed around his twin's cock and felt it pulse and begin to burp out a bit more of his tasty load. Gobbling it down greedily he pulled up, licked the head clean, pulled the foreskin up over the head  and then popped it back in his mouth and held it there while Jaden basked in his afterglow.

Jaden loved the attention his brother paid to his body and especially his cock. He knew Aidan must envy his uncut cock, but as far as he was concerned Aidan's cock was just as sweet and just as lovely. He loved the feel of it in his mouth and the taste of his twin's cum was just like his own, sweet and delicious. As he lay there with his mouth on Aidan's still hard and throbbing member while his own rested in the warm wetness of Aidan's mouth he thought about the first time they had tried this.

They  had been  nine then and had been jerking together for quite sometime. Mutual masturbation had led to touching and eventually to masturbating each other so it was only logical that oral was next. It was Jaden as usual who started things......

"Kiss my wiener Aidan," he'd said shaking his three incher at his twin.

"No, it's dirty," Aidan had said frowning, but Jaden could see the excitement in his twin brother's eyes.

"Come's not dirty. We just took a's clean. If you kiss mine..I'll kiss yours."

Aidan made a pouty face, "You promise?"

"Uh huh, I promise."

And it was all down hill from there. Aidan had done more than kiss his brother's cock. He'd pulled the skin back and placed his small wet mouth over it and began to suck like a calf on his mother's teat. Apparently covering his teeth with his lips came naturally and not once did he scrape Jaden's cock. 

The feeling was amazing and Jaden had taken over after a few minutes, holding is brother's head as he face fucked him and eventually having a massive dry orgasm. When he was done he pulled out with a plop and fell back on the bed panting as if he had run a mile.

"Was it good?"

"Uh huh...real good."

"You still gonna kiss mine?"

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"Uh huh, you don't gotta suck it if you don't want to," Aidan said sounding shy.

"It's only fair, you did mine, I'll do yours. Lay down now and I'll do it."

Not only did Jaden kiss his twin's cock but he also sucked it bringing Aidan to an equally intense dry orgasm. When it was over and they lay there side by side in bed, Aidan rolled against his brother and kissed his cheek.

"What's that for?" Jaden asked rubbing the spot gently.

"Cause you did it back and didn't trick me," Aidan said grinning.

Looking back Jaden realized that was a pivotal moment in their relationship as siblings and not once since then had he ever lied to his brother and the only tricks were good ones. It meant a lot to him to have Aidan trust him and to follow his lead and he tried to always be a good brother.


"Huh?" Jaden said suddenly shaken from his mind's wandering.

"You ready to sleep now?"

"Yeah, sure....wanna sleep together?"

"Uh huh," Aidan said smiling, his blue eyes sparkling with joy.

"Okay, goodnight."

"Can we snuggle?"

Jaden chuckled, "Sure, just be careful I might hit that b-hole again later."

"Mmmm...I don't mind."

But soon they were deeply asleep and neither boy stirred till the alarm sounded the start of a new day. It wasn't until the next day that Jaden realized he and Aidan hadn't talked about what was bothering him but he decided it could wait.

End Part One

Next: The Party

I have been wanting to do a story about twins for a very long time. In fact I wrote a story about twins back when I was a teenager and it was also called The Reynold's Twins though it was nothing like this little gem. I am departing from my usual brotherly love formula and making Jaden a bit of a bad boy and Aidan the follower and the sensitive one. Don't expect quite as much of the lovey dovey stuff that TYILTLMB and Little Brother's Feet had, these boys are all boy and as rough and tumble as any boy their age. They share more than a name and a set of chromosones however and their bond if unbreakable. As they experience all the trials and joys of growing up they find there is nothing quite as wonderful as having a brother to share with and they share it all.

Thanks once again for your support over the years and I value your emails and your input. Please address all emails to I promise to answer all of them in a timely fashion.

Kewl Dad 


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