Spare the Rod, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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When I pulled into the driveway at 7pm, my wife Janet was waiting for me on the porch with a look of dismay.

What's wrong honey?” I asked, as she welcomed a kiss on the lips.

It's Joey again,” she said with a note of frustration. “He's been terrible all afternoon and evening.”

Where is he?” I asked, and she sighed.

He's up in his room, babe,” she said. “I sent him upstairs about 30 minutes ago, and he's been giving me the silent treatment ever since.”

His feelings are probably hurt, honey,” I told her, and she nodded in agreement. “I'll go upstairs and sort this out.”

With that, I removed my belt and folded it in half while she gave me an anguished look.

Honey, don't just go up there and spank him,” she implored. “Maybe there's something on his mind.”

Don't worry, sweetie,” I said, planting a sweet kiss on her lips. “I'm going to give him a chance to talk about it first.”

Just to let you know, I grounded him from going out tonight,” she said, and I nodded in agreement.

Good, that's probably what he needs,” I said. “I'm heading up right now.”

When you finish in their with him, dinner will be on the table.”

Has he eaten dinner?” I asked, and she shook her head no. “He'll be down for supper when I finish with him.”

With that, I marched up the stairs with my belt in tow, determined to end the little tantrum that our 18 year old was throwing. He'd been on thin ice with me all week, talking back to his mother and I and snapping at us over the smallest things. I'd already taken my belt to his bottom twice when his mother was out shopping, and it looked like I was going to have to do it again. Though normally, I'd never spank my boy when his mom was home.

When I opened his door, he was laying on his stomach with his head on the pillow. He was dressed in a blue tee and a pair of white briefs. His eyes were moist and red, telling me that he'd had a good cry. He was clutching his teddy bear to his chest with his knees digging into his bedspread, effectively pushing his bubble butt into the air. He smiled sadly when he saw me come into his room, his braces stringy with saliva that they had accumulated while he sobbed. His sad expression was tugging at my heart strings, but I disregarded that and took a seat on the side of his bed.

Hey kiddo,” I said with a solemn look just as my wife appeared in the doorway. “Mom said you got into some trouble with her.”

I didn't do anything wrong,” he said in a small voice, his eyes set on the belt in my hand. “I just wanted to go somewhere.”

Giving my wife a questioning look, she sighed and shook her head with disappointment.

I tried explaining to you that it was almost dinner time,” she countered, and he gave her a defiant pout. “Tell daddy what you said.”

I forget,” he fibbed, diverting his eyes away from us both.

I responded by rubbing his back under his shirt tail, then I looked at my wife and said, “I'll take it from here, honey. Give us about 30 minutes.”

She nodded her agreement, then she closed the door while I addressed my son.

What's going on, buddy?” I asked, still rubbing his warm back.

I don't know,” he whined, looking warily at the belt in my grasp before looking up at me with puppy dog eyes. “Mom was being mean to me.”

Since when is mom mean to you?” I asked with an assertive tone, and he only sighed with resignation. “I want to know what you said to your mother.”

I forgot, dad,” he said in a rather unconvincing manner, so I pulled my hand out from under his shirt and gave his bottom a firm swat that startled him.

Don't lie to me, Joey,” I warned him, then I held the belt up for emphasis. “Tell me what you said to your mother.”

I told her that I hated her,” he admitted in a near whisper, and I immediately sat up straight and took a deep breath to compose myself.

You'll apologize as soon as we go downstairs,” I snapped, looking him directly in the eye. “Since when is it okay for you to say hurtful things to either one of us?”

I'm sorry, daddy,” he pleaded, but I only shook my head in dismay.

You're grounded for a week,” I said, my terse tone serving as a warning for him not to argue. “You'll drive your car to school and back, but nothing else.”

But that's not fair!” he said, his tone more animated than he meant for it to be. As soon as he realized his mistake, his expression changed to one of remorse but it was too late.

Just as he was about to mutter an apology, my hand came down hard, four times in a row across his bubble butt. My palm was stinging with the force of each swat, making his plump cheeks jiggle while he gave me a hurt look.

Now let's try again,” I said, rubbing his buns with tenderness, trying to soothe the pain of his spanking. “I'm sorry I had to swat you like that, son, but you can't use that tone with daddy. Do you understand?”

Instead of answering, he simply buried his face in his pillow and let loose with a sob of self pity. Still rubbing his cheeks, I continued to speak.

Joey, I want you to answer me,” I said in a soft but firm tone, but he only shook his head no while his sobs poured into his pillow. “Son, daddy told you to do something. I want you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and look at me.”

No,” he cried, then he pushed his face harder into his pillow while I let go of a frustrated breath, then he added gas to the fire. “I hate you.”

I was outraged. My son was already in trouble, and here he was mouthing off to me, which was what landed him in hot water in the first place. Not waiting another second, I reached over and pulled him up at the hips so that he was on his knees. This got his attention quickly, and he tried to roll over to avoid his fate while he looked up at me with pleading eyes.

Stay where you are!” I ordered him, then my belt came down hard across his underwear clad buns. Before he could react to the first strike of my belt, I administered nine more lashes, each one landing with enough force to make his flesh filled ass cheeks ripple as they landed. With every blow, I could hear him whimpering, his teary eyes filled with regret as I brought the full force of my authority down on his bottom. As I administered the final three lashes, he grabbed his teddy bear tight and cried out as they stung his already heated backside.

When his spanking was over, I grabbed the blue striped waistband of his briefs and eased them off of his hips until they were bunched around his knees. His cheeks were bright red, and there were visible welts where my belt had landed in rapid succession. Realizing that my son was in need of some tenderness and affection after a well earned spanking, I lovingly caressed his glowing buns and said, “Lay down and move over so daddy can get in with you.”

With that, he collapsed on his bed and sobbed while I laid down beside him. As soon as my head was on his pillow, he snuggled into my chest and let me hold him close while he gave me a sad pout. I planted a kiss on his pouting lips and rubbed his bare bottom, then I felt the slimy head of his stiff boy boner poking into my side.

Daddy loves you,” I said in a soft tone. “You earned your spanking tonight, didn't you?”

He obediently nodded his answer while I stroked his soft brown hair, holding his 5'8” frame close while he continued to whimper.

You know, I only spank you because I love you,” I reminded him, and he nodded silently. “Now that daddy's heated your tail up, would you like it if I make it all better?”

Yes daddy,” he said in a hushed tone.

What do you think daddy needs to do to make it feel better?” I asked, and he nuzzled his head on my chest.

I want you to give it kisses,” he said, his tone boyish and full of hope.

Would you like to share a kiss with daddy on the mouth first?” I asked, and he nodded. Knowing that he was still reeling from the whipping that I gave him, I lifted his chin and leaned forward, planting my lips to his. I heard him moan softly, then his young tongue darted into my mouth and we kissed deeply.

While we were sharing a French kiss, I reached down and fondled his six inch erection, feeling it for any growth since his last spanking. Since turning 18 in March, I've been checking Joey's developing boyhood for any signs that it might be maturing. With my forefinger and thumb, I easily encased his diameter and still had a full knuckle to go. Without having to look, I was able to navigate the modest patch of teen pubes that he sprouted a few years back, noting that it felt as sparse as it had the last time. Letting my fingers travel lower, I used the tip of my pinky and ring finger to caress his smooth ball sack, noting that no hairs had sprouted there.

Not wanting my boy to feel insecure about his size or stage of development, I broke our kiss and said, “My big boy's coming along nicely.”

With a deep blush and a shy smile, he bit his lower lip and said, “Thank you, daddy.”

You're welcome, baby,” I said, leaning in and planting a loving kiss on his cheek. “Would you like to take daddy's pants down?”

With a nod, he reached out and unbuttoned my trousers while I raised my midsection up from the bed, then he eased my pants and boxers down to my knees. He set his eyes on my nine inch shaft, letting go of a moan that was laced with desire. Wanting to encourage him, I ran my fingers through his brown hair and gave him a gentle nudge. Not needing anymore encouragement, Joey quickly wrapped his lips around my engorged member and sighed with contentment.

While my son settled into a lust filled sucking of my cock, I reached back and slipped a finger into his crack. Finding his moist hole, I realized that it was slimy with cum and smiled knowingly. I gave the sperm trails that I found on his pucker a tender rub, massaging it into the ribs that encircled his treasure while he moaned with satisfaction.

It feels like you had this serviced today, son,” I observed, and he nodded. “Did you have a boy over after school?”

He nodded again, bobbing his head up and down as he accommodated my entire length in his mouth and throat. I slipped my middle finger up his ass rather easily, feeling a pocket of cum run around my finger as it pushed into his hot, tight hole. I stirred my digit around in his elastic boy pussy, then I treated him to a minute long finger fucking while I talked to him.

I see you had a nice load shot up your bottom, Joey,” I said, rubbing the hot sperm into the walls of his love tunnel. He nodded with a moan, then a flurry of teenaged pheromones filled the air. “Was it a boy you go to school with?”

Mhmm,” he nodded, his lips wrapped tight around the base of my shaft. “Did you make out with him?”

Once again, Joey nodded his answer, cooing as a strong shiver traveled up his spine while I tended to his recently spanked bottom.

Did you give him head, son?” I asked, and he nodded again. “You're doing a really great job for daddy. I bet he really enjoyed having his cock sucked by such a little expert.”

With that, Joey let go of a hot moan and doubled down on his cock sucking. I wrapped my free hand around his raging teen boner and gave it a gentle series of strokes while I continued.

Do you want daddy to shoot a load in your mouth, or put one in your rear end, baby?” I asked, and he sighed again while his hips swayed from side to side. Knowing that he was giving me his answer, I continued to finger his boy pussy while I let go of his boyhood and used my hand to pull him from my cock. Pulling off with a slurp, he planted a loving kiss on the piss slit, then he melted into my embrace and we shared a deep kiss.

Are you ready for daddy to kiss your rear end all better?” I asked, and he nodded with a dreamy smile. “Why don't you get into position, then?”

Okay,” he sighed boyishly, then he waited while I extracted my digit from his hot rear end. In a flash, he was on his knees again, holding his teddy bear close while I got behind him and parted his red, welted cheeks. His boy pussy was dark red and moist with cum and ass juice, so I leaned in and planted a long French kiss against it that made him sigh with relief.

Is that better honey?” I asked tenderly, and he nodded over his shoulder while I rubbed his hot boy pussy with two fingers. “Daddy's sorry he had to spank you, Joey. Let me kiss it better for you.”

Burying my face back between his cheeks, I quickly fell into a deep tonguing of his hole that had him cooing in no time flat. His warm ass cheeks closed around my face and my mouth filled up with his decadent flavor. The unmistakable aroma of a boy's horny butthole was the only thing I could smell as I feasted deeply, wanting badly to give my baby boy the relief that he needed. Spanking him was something I had to do, but rounding out his discipline with tender reconciliation was something I insisted on every time. Even with my face planted between his buns, I could tell that the pain of his punishment was washing away. The stinging welts of his spanking were already starting to fade, replaced by goosebumps that were quickly spreading out across his ass cheeks.

With my face smashed into his juicing rear end, I spoke in gentle, muffled tones to my boy.

Is daddy kissing it all away?” I asked, and he moaned his answer.

Yes, daddy,” he panted. “I'm sorry I was such a bad boy.”

I know you are, baby,” I assured him, then I resumed eating his hole for 15 more seconds while he held on tight to his teddy bear. When I stopped again, I told him, “Daddy doesn't want to spank you, kiddo. He wants to love you all the time.”

With that, I settled into a final frenzy of ass eating. I felt Joey's ass pushing up into my mouth and realized that he had his head on the pillow, making his rear end stick straight up for my dining pleasure. His sharp aroma seemed to be growing with intensity as I ate hungrily, then I pulled off of his hole and used my middle finger to give it a firm rub. While I was rubbing his pucker, I took note of the fact that my son was clutching his teddy bear with his left arm while sucking furiously on his thumb. This heated me even more, and I wasted no time at all in diving back in, anxious to eat his boy pussy deep for as long as I could.

When my aching cock felt like it was about to shoot on its own, I ended my feast and lined up to his dripping hole. It was incredibly hot and horny from all of the ass eating that I'd administered, so it bloomed as soon as I placed the head of my cock against it. He was still clutching his teddy bear and sucking his thumb with a look of childish wonder on his adorable face. When I felt his pucker open up, I pushed in and his hole began to consume my length. As my cock traveled to the depths of his most private area, he moaned softly around his thumb and gave his teddy bear a tight squeeze. When my pubic mane smashed into his deep crevice, he let loose with a deep sigh and shut his eyes.

Taking a tight hold of his slender hips, I began to thrust back and forth in Joey's tight rear end. As soon as I started to feed him full strokes of my fatherhood, a powerful glow began to radiate from his skin. A deep smile had beset his face, but he was still sucking furiously on his thumb as he luxuriated in the rear end service.

He knew that this was the final part of his punishment, the part where his daddy uses his rod to teach a final lesson. It always ended like this between Joey and I. My son, having learned his lesson with firm, hard strikes of my belt against his bottom, was now being doted on by his daddy. He needed to know that being a brat would bring him a swift punishment. But being the sweet boy that he was raised to be would bring him pleasure and soothing. His teddy bear and his thumb sucking were a way to add to that soothing feeling, but I never fret about that. I want my son to be a boy for as long as I can keep him that way, and I know that my wife feels the same way.

So as his punishment neared its end, it was no surprise to me when his throbbing boy pussy began to close over and over around my pumping shaft. I could feel the hot tissue that was wrapped so tight around my cock, moistening with juices that I milked from his glandular nodes. His anal muscles were contracting forcefully while the nerve endings that lined his boy pussy shivered with every thrust that he accepted. I heard the joints in his toes crack, prompting me to look down at his size 10 feet and take note of the fact that his toes were curling over and over.

When it was time to administer the final salve that my son needed to soothe the sting of his spanking, I was up to the task. His bed was creaking, but it wasn't loud enough that my wife would hear it from the kitchen. I was sure that she cringed at the sound of my belt cracking against his bottom, but I knew that she couldn't hear his soft moans as I kissed the pain away. Once his thumb went into his mouth, it was a guarantee that she would never hear his whimpering and cries of pleasure as I used my rod to administer the last phase of his punishment. When I slid my throbbing fatherhood all the way into his tight, squeezing bottom and filled it with a hot, satisfying gush of cum, I let loose with a groan but Joey only sighed with relief.

When I pulled out of my youngster's bottom, he rolled over and laid on his back, smiling up at me while I dangled my exhausted rod over his face. He opened up and took it to the back of his throat, sucking it clean with a lust filled purr until I pulled it out of his mouth. Right beside him on the bed was a collection of thick cum shots that had erupted from the end of his boy cock while I serviced his bottom. Using my fingers to scrape it up, I brought them to Joey's mouth and he greedily sucked them clean. Finally, I climbed into bed with him and held his heaving frame close.

I love you, buddy,” I said, planting a kiss on his head.

I love you too, daddy,” he sighed, then he laid still while I rubbed his back. As we lay there, I looked up at the ceiling as the smell of dinner wafted into my nostrils. Turning my attention back to my boy, I saw that he was sucking his thumb again.

Here baby boy,” I said softly, reaching over and picking his teddy bear up from the bed so I could hand it to him. He took it from me with a grateful smile, then he resumed sucking his thumb while I hugged him tightly. His 130 pound frame felt so cozy against my body, and I noticed that his boy cock had gone soft. In its flaccid state, it was no more than a couple of inches long, a gentle reminder that he was still my growing boy.

Are you ready to go get something to eat, baby?” I asked him softly, and he nodded. “Let's get you dressed, then.”

With that, I extracted myself from his warm embrace and got up. I pulled my pants up and put my belt back on while he watched me from his bed, then I found his shirt and his underwear. I slid his undies on while he lay flat and smiled, encouraging him to lift his butt up so I could pull them all the way up. I rolled his blue shirt up and leaned down, planting a kiss on his face that made him grin around his thumb.

Put your teddy down and sit up for daddy,” I instructed him, and my now obedient boy did as I said. As soon as his shirt was on, I rewarded him with a kiss on the lips, then we both got up and held hands as we walked across the hall to wash up for supper.

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