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Tween to Teen
(sequel to My 11th Summer)

Chapter TWELVE
    Be careful what you ask for
by: Kewl Dad

This chapter it dedicated in loving memory to Donnie


You'd think having Johnny around all the time would have been a dream come true for me, but the truth was after a few days it really started to get old. I mean it would have been different if he'd been acting normal and stuff, but he wasn't. He was moody and acted like the world was against him. He didn't even want to have sex as much as we used to,  and when he did  he wanted it to be his way and it was like he didn't care if I got my jollies or not.

I couldn't really tell mom and dad everything I was feeling, but it didn't take them long to figure out things weren't going exactly as planned. One thing was, he was even sort of moody with them and that did not go over well, especially with my mom. A couple of times she sort of scolded him and he always apologized, which was more than he did with me.

At school things weren't much better. I mean he put on a good face when others were around, but when we were alone he was no fun at all. Finally the weekend came and I decided it was time to get things out in the open.

Now, I wasn't as aggressive as Johnny or as out-spoken, but I just couldn't go on with things like they were. Friday night we ate dinner with the folks then watched some TV and he seemed better, but as soon as my folks went to bed his mood changed.

"Want some popcorn or something?" I asked as I rubbed his arm gently.

"No, I'm not hungry," he said pulling away a little which really hurt my feelings.

"Are you ready to go to bed?"

"Naw, not yet," he said staring at the TV and ignoring me.

I sighed loudly, but he still didn't look my way. It was as if he was pissed at me, and I couldn't figure out why.

"Johnny...we need to talk."

"Oh God, here it comes," he smirked, "First my sister gets killed, then my folks abandon me, and now you're gonna turn on me too."

I was hurt, but I tried to put myself in Johnny's shoes and not take it personally. 

"Johnny, I would never turn on you. I love you and I'm on your side, but you haven't exactly been yourself ever since you moved in with us."

"So...are you gonna kick me out too?"

"No, of course not. Don't be silly. You are welcome to stay here forever as far as I'm concerned. I just hate seeing you like this. You're not the fun loving sweet boy I fell in love with and I want that boy back."

"Maybe that boy died," he said softly as he closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"Don't say that," I pouted, "I know it hurts...losing your sister and now having your family split up, but this is your family too. We love you...all of us, mom and dad and me...all of us."

"You deserve better than me." He muttered.

I laughed softly, "If anyone deserves better, it's you. You're just perfect and I feel so lucky that I have you," I said near tears.

"I guess I'm ready to go to bed now," he said softly, as if he hadn't heard a word I'd said.

"Okay," I said shrugging, "I'm gonna go brush my teeth."

I peed and brushed my teeth and when I finally walked into my bedroom Johnny was just a lump under the covers. I stripped down to my underwear and crawled in beside him, but his back was to me and I knew we weren't going to be making love that night.

I felt so helpless and so frustrated at the same time. If this kept up much longer I'd go crazy. I tried not to take it personally, but damn it, it was personal when he shut me out like this. I was horny and lonely and I wanted Johnny more than I ever had, but it looked like it was my hand or nothing at all.

I could've gone to the bathroom and jacked off, but damn it, this was my bed and it was his fault that I was forced to take matters into my own hands.  Still I didn't want to be too obvious so I grabbed a dirty sock and pulled my pecker out of the leg of my briefs and slipped it on to catch the mess.

I started out slow trying to be as quiet as possible and not shake the bed too much, but as the feeling built I started jerking faster and making the bed shake a little. I guess Johnny knew what I was doing, but he didn't say anything even though I was sure he wasn't asleep.

I kept hoping he'd offer to help, but he just laid there and pretended to sleep as I jacked faster and harder till I blew in my sock. I felt some better now that I had some relief, but I still felt lonely and hurt.

I threw the dirty sock in the floor and pulled the covers up around me and tried to sleep, but I just kept thinking about how unfair it was. I know, I should have tried to be more understanding, but I was just a kid and I could only handle so much. The tears came next and even though I tried to keep as quiet as I could, eventually Johnny figured out what was happening.

"Are you crying?"

"No..." I sniffed.

"Yes you are. It's cause of me aint it?"

"No..." I lied.

"It is too. I'm sorry, I really am."


"No, I mean it. I don't know what to do Robert. I can't get over all this and I been taking it out on you. You don't deserve this..."

"I don't mind," I sniffed. More lies.

He sighed loudly, "I'm calling my mom tomorrow and seeing if I can go stay with her and grandma."

"No...please don't," I begged.

"I need to, otherwise I'm gonna ruin what we have. I need to get away until I get over all this shit."

"But, you have me to help you here. Who will help you there?"

"I don't know, my mom maybe. I just need to think about things, that's all."

"Can...can I come over there and snuggle?"

"Yeah," he said opening his arms, "I'm really sorry about how I been treating you."

"I know," I sighed contentedly as his warmth surrounded me, "I just love you so much."

"I love you too, and I want to get better so things can be like they used to be."

We wound up slowly making love that night, and though I'd just came, I had no problem getting it up and coming a second time thanks to Johnny's warm wet mouth. He fucked me that night, but it was slow and gentle and I had never felt so loved in my life. When it was over we lay in each other's arms and I thought things were finally back where they should be.

I slept late the next day and found Johnny was gone. I peed and got dressed and walked into the kitchen and found him sitting with my mom and dad at the table talking. Dad had the Sunday paper in front of him, but he didn't seem to be reading it at the moment.  When I entered the talk sort of halted and then my dad told me to sit down. I got a lump in my chest immediately and I was almost sure I knew what I was going to hear next.

"Son, Johnny has something he wants to tell you," my dad said looking uncomfortable.

"It's about what we talked about last night," Johnny said avoiding my gaze, "I called my mom and she said I could come stay with her and grandma."

"Oh." I choked out, trying hard not to break down.

"We're going to drive him there son. That will give you two a bit more time together, it's about an hour's drive."

"But what about school?" I said hoping to inject some reason into the situation.

"I'm sure they'll figure something out," my mom said looking at me sympathetically.

"For how long?"

Johnny shrugged, "Just till my dad comes home, then we'll go home too."

I sighed, "I just think you should stay here, that's all."

"I need to do this Robert. Please don't make it  harder than it is," Johnny pleaded trying to keep it together himself.

I nodded, "I won't. It's your choice. I got no say in the matter anyway," I said getting up.

"Robert, sit down," my father said in a voice I hadn't heard since I was six or so and I did.

"This is not about you son, this is Johnny's choice and we support it. He is welcome to stay as long as he wants to, but he is also welcome to go if that's what he wants. I would think you would be a little  more understanding. Think how you would feel if you were in his shoes."

"Yes sir. I'm sorry," I said both to him and to Johnny.

"Good, now we are going to have some breakfast then we'll get Johnny packed up and take a nice drive."

A nice drive? A nice drive? Maybe for mom and dad, but not for me. I'd be hating every minute of it knowing that I would be leaving Johnny behind. I tried to put on a happy face and not show how I really felt, but no one was buying it even if they didn't call me on it. I think my folks knew how I felt and maybe even agreed with me to some degree, but like my dad said, it was Johnny's choice and none of us had any say in the matter.

I picked at my breakfast, but Johnny seemed to have a good appetite. Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe he was happy he was going to be seeing his mom again. Who was I to deny him that? By the time Johnny was packed and we were ready to go I felt some better about the situation.

"Can Johnny and I go for a walk before we go?" I asked softly, hoping my folks didn't think it was too weird.

Dad raised an eyebrow, but it was mom who spoke. "I think we can wait a little while longer before we go. Be back in a half hour, okay?"

We nodded and threw on our jackets and headed out through my backyard. It didn't really matter where we went, we just needed to be alone so we could say what we couldn't say around my folks.

"I'm gonna miss you a lot."

"I'll miss you too, but it's not like it's forever."

"I know, it was just so nice having you in my bed every night," I said grinning.

"Even when I was a total jackass," he said shaking his head, "No, it'll be better when I come back. This isn't working and we both know it."

"I just hope you don't get bored there...on the farm I mean."

"Naw, remember how it was on your uncle Joe's farm, it's fun there."

"Yeah, well...wish I was going with you then," I said grinning.

"It wouldn't work. I need to be alone."

"I know. God this is so  hard..."

"I'm sorry, I really am."

"I am I for being such a baby about it."

"You're not being a baby. It just means you care about me."

Eventually we wound up on the train tracks and instinctively we headed toward the open boxcar by the loading platform. Once inside we fell into each other's arms and kissed slowly and tenderly. I held onto Johnny like he was an anchor in a storm and sex never crossed my mind. I just wanted to hold him and feel his warm hard body against me and I think he felt the same way.

Eventually we ran out of time and with one last kiss and a hug we walked back to my house. I felt a little better, but I knew when I finally had to let go of Johnny and watch him walk away it was going to be tough.

Dad had placed Johnny's stuff in the trunk and they were ready to go by the time we got back. I stalled as long as I could, taking a pee and getting a drink, but eventually we were on our way to Johnny's grandma's farm.

Johnny seemed almost excited as we started out, but I just stared out the window for the first few miles. Eventually Johnny pulled me out of my funk and we began talking and cutting up like we always did. 

As we got out into the country and open roads there were lots of interesting things to see and for a while I pushed things to the back of my mind. By the time we reached the little town where Johnny's grandma's farm was reality began to sit in and I felt my mood changing fast.

As we drove down the main street I could see the town was even smaller than ours. There was basically two blocks of businesses and then not much for the next few miles. Eventually we turned off onto a gravel road and after a while my dad slowed down and Johnny directed him to a side road that led up to the farm.

It was a nice looking place really. They had two barns and I could see a few cows grazing in a pasture behind the barns. The house was well kept and looked as if he had been painted recently and the trees and shrubs were trimmed.

As soon as we pulled up the front door opened and Johnny's mom and grandma came spilling out. By the time we were out of the car Johnny's mom was ready to pounce on him. She hugged him as if she hadn't seen him in forever and he hugged her back and suddenly I felt very selfish. It never occurred to me until that moment just how much Johnny might be missing his mom. 

I tried to think about what it would be like to be away from my folks and I started to understand more about how Johnny was feeling. I decided right then and there that I was not going to do anything to make Johnny feel bad about his decision.

They invited us inside and I got to meet Johnny's uncles John, Paul, and David. They were the ones who really ran the farm since Johnny's grandpa had died about five years ago. They seemed nice, but not really very talkative. Johnny said he thought they were all three queer, and then laughed about it, but it made me wonder since none of them were married.

Johnny's grandma had fresh baked brownies and cold milk for us boys and tea for the grownups and we sat around and had a nice visit. Johnny's uncle Paul showed him where his room was going to be and we checked it out while the folks visited.

It was a small bedroom with a single bed and a dresser, but it was clean and cozy and not all frilly like you'd expect a room in a grandma's house to be. He unpacked his clothes while I sat on the bed and talked to him and when he was done he came over and sat beside me.

"You gonna be okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just being selfish I guess. Now that I've had time to think about things...I can see why you need to be here and that's okay."

He smiled and put his arm around me and I leaned into him. He felt so warm and familiar and his scent was so comforting. I knew I'd miss him a lot, but somehow I'd get through it.

"Will you write me?"

"Sure," I said grinning, "Be sure to give me the address before we go."

"Here," he said digging through his bag and pulling out one of his ratty old notebooks. He wrote down the rural route address of the farm and folded it neatly and handed it to me, "Just don't write any sexy stuff," he giggled, "Granny might read my mail before she gives it to me."

"Okay. Will you call me sometime?"

"Yeah, but not every day. Granny has a party line and we can't talk private anyway."

I rolled my eyes, "Okay, no mushy stuff, but I can at least tell you about what's going on at school and stuff."

"Yeah, and I'll let you know what's going on here."

A knock on the door caused us to pull apart and when the door opened it was Johnny's mom.

"Robert sweetie, your mom and dad are ready to go."

"Oh, okay," I said wishing I'd kissed Johnny and hugged him one last time then she did the most amazing thing.

"I'll give you two a minute," she said shutting the door behind her.

I looked at Johnny and  he shrugged and pulled me into a hug and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Mmmm....I'm gonna miss you," he sighed.

"Me too, but like you said it will be like old times, better even, when you get back."

We stood hugging and with one last kiss we went in to join the folks. We said our goodbyes and Johnny walked us to the car and we shook hands. I almost laughed at that, but it was all we could do in front of my folks. Johnny did manage to drag a finger along my palm suggestively and it sent tingles through my body and made me wish we'd had time for some sex play.

"Well...see ya," I said climbing in the car.

"Yeah, see ya. Have fun as school. I'll write you a letter tonight."

"Okay, I'll write back as soon as I get it."

Johnny waved as we drove away and I waved back till he was out sight. I turned my attention to the scenery then and was quiet most of the way home. When we got back to Pryor dad surprised me by driving us to a little cafe`  he liked and we had supper. I had the swiss steak and amazingly I actually had an appetite.

"I'm proud of you son," my dad said smiling, "you made Johnny feel good about his decision and thought of him and not yourself."

I blushed bright red, "I was being selfish I guess, but I when I saw him hug his mom I understood how he felt."

Mom smiled, "Yes, a boy and his mom have a special bond."

" will cool to write him and he said he'd call me sometime, if it's okay."

"Sure, that's fine. Now, who wants dessert?"

Life without Johnny

Monday was weird not having Johnny around, but I met up with Larry and Donnie at lunch and I explained what was going on with Johnny. Larry didn't seem as interested as Donnie, but Donnie had always been a sensitive boy. He was kind and caring and had been a good friend to me for a long time and he didn't take it personally that I'd sort of dumped him for Johnny.

Of course I'd made my amends to him for that and we were pals again and with Johnny gone I figured I'd be spending a lot more time with my friends anyway. Since Donnie lived so close it was only natural that we'd be hanging out a lot. In fact it started that day.

I walked home with Larry and Donnie that day but Larry couldn't play so I went on over to Donnie's. I called my mom from his house to tell her where I was and she sounded happy and said I needed to be home by 5:30. I think she was just glad I wasn't brooding over Johnny.

"Wanna' jelly sandwich?" Donnie asked heading toward the kitchen. His mom was at a neighbor's house and  his dad and older brother was at work so we had the house to ourselves.

"Sure, what's to drink?"

"Kool-Ade or water."

"Water, Kool-Ade tastes funny with  jelly."

We had Welch's grape jelly sandwiches and ice water and sat on the back step and ate them. It was cool out, but not cold, and anyway back then the temperatures really didn't bother us that much. Hot or cold we were good for some outdoor fun.

"You missin' Johnny a lot?" Donnie said wiping some grape jelly from the corner of his mouth.

"Not too bad. He's only been gone a day," I said trying to convince both of us.

"Well, you kin hang out with me anytime you want to."

"Thanks, I feel kind of bad that I don't spend more time with you, so maybe we can get caught up while he's gone."

"Heck, it's okay. I don't think nothin' bout that."

"You're a good pal," I said smiling, "I like spending time with you."

"Heck, I like spendin' time with you too." 

We finished our snack and put our glasses in the sink then Donnie said he had to pee and I figured I might as well pee too. His bathroom was kind of small, but we both fit just fine and we peed side my side at the toilet.

"Too bad it aint snowin', we could write our names in the snow," Donnie giggled as he swirled his piss around crossing my stream.

"Yeah, as long as it's not too cold. It might freeze as soon as it come out and then you'd have to break it off your pecker," I joked.

Donnie got to laughing so  hard he nearly peed on the floor and that got me laughing too. It was nice hanging out with Donnie and I didn't miss Johnny near as much as I thought I would.

"What you wanna do now?" He asked as we zipped up.

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

"We kin go to my room, or play outside...or watch TV."

"Let's go outside, maybe play war or something."

We wound up playing space instead and the roof of the chicken coup became our space ship and the chickens were aliens. We lost ourselves in make believe for a hour or so and I forgot about Johnny all together.

His mom came home at some point but we didn't know she was home till we went in to get a drink, this time cherry Kool-Ade. Donnie's mom was always nice to me, but she wasn't as friendly as Johnny's mom or as pretty as mine. She asked about my folks and about Johnny and I told her as little as possible. It seemed like my friends' moms were way too interested in Johnny and me and that made me wonder if they had figured out that we were closer than most pals are.

We went in and watched TV for awhile, some kiddy cartoon show out of Tulsa, and pretty soon it was time for me to go home. Donnie walked me all the way to my house and we talked for a while before he headed home. It felt good to be with Donnie again, like I'd been missing something very special, and I was smiling when I went inside to wash up for supper.

The week passed quickly and I spent a lot of time with Donnie and Larry and a few other friends at school, but after school it was usually just Donnie and me. He'd come over to my house or I'd go over to  his and on Friday night he stayed for supper and wound up spending the night. 

We really hadn't planned on it, it just sort of happened, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. We wound up going to the drive-in where his brother Larry worked and he gave dad his employee discount since we were feeding Donnie too. 

We had big fat cheeseburgers and greasy fries and thick milkshakes and I don't think anything ever tasted so good. Maybe it was just because I was enjoying Donnie's company so much, but I had hardly thought of Johnny all day. 

After we ate, dad drove around for a while, and suddenly I brought up the idea of Donnie staying the night. Of course mom and dad didn't care, but we still had to check with Donnie's folks, so dad drove us to his house and mom and us boys went inside to work things out.

It didn't take long to work out the details, it never did. Sleepovers were easy because my folks didn't care if I had company and most of the other parents were eager to get rid of their kid for a night.

We headed back to my house after all the details were worked out and as soon as we got out of the car Donnie and I headed to my room. For a while we read comics and talked but pretty soon we got bored and decided to play some cards.

We were right in the middle of a game when mom banged on the door and reminded us to take a bath or shower before we went to bed. I figured it was more for Donnie's benefit than mine since I always bathed before bed, but not all kids were as clean as me.

We decided on a shower, and since we had no body modesty around each other at all, we showered together. We got hard while soaping each other up, but we really didn't do anything. It wasn't that I felt like I was cheating on Johnny or anything, I just didn't like the idea of doing stuff with my folks right out there in the living room, even though Johnny and I had done it dozens of times. Besides I figured there'd be plenty of time later in bed if we wanted to mess around, and I was sure we would.

After our bath we slipped on clean undies and went back to our card game. Around ten dad peeked in the door and said he and mom were going to bed. I guess mom didn't want to catch us in our undies.

"Goodnight boys, don't stay up too late and keep the noise down to a roar," he teased.

"Night dad, we won't."

"Night Mr. Warren," Donnie said grinning.

Once the folks were in bed we decided to go grab a snack and Donnie didn't seem to mind that we were just in our undies any more than I did. We grabbed some Ritz crackers and a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter, a butter knife and some Kool-Ade and headed back to my room.

As we sat there in my bedroom floor spreading peanut butter on the crackers we talked about our lives, school and our families, and eventually the subject of Johnny came up.

"Do you think his dad'll ever come back?"

"Sure, I mean...he has a family to take care of and love and stuff..." but Donnie was only voicing a fear I'd had myself. If Johnny's dad didn't come back, what would happen to Johnny and his mom.? Would they stay with his grandma? If they did it would be over for us, and that was something I just couldn't face.

"Yeah, you're probly' right. I hope he comes back pretty soon though."

"Me too, but Delores was his favorite and he's taking it hard."

"I don't understand how he could love her more than Johnny. She was always so mean to us kids."

"Yeah, I don't get it either. My mom says it's because she was the first born, but I don't know. I mean his dad did stuff with Johnny, like fishing and hunting and stuff, but he never really seemed to be that interested in what he did."

"Yeah, my dad is sort of like that though. You jus' don't know how lucky you got it Robert. Your dad is somethin' special."

That made me feel very proud, not just of my dad, but of my mom too. I knew my parents weren't like most of my friend's parents, even if I did take it for granted sometimes.  I thought about how easy they had accepted Johnny, and how they treated all my friends, and I realized that if they hadn't been so accepting, Johnny and I might never have gotten as close as we  had.

I thought about how my friends' folks treated me and it was a lot different, even Johnny's who I'd know most of my life. I mean I didn't feel uncomfortable around them, but sometimes I felt like they were eager for us kids to scram and my house was one our favorite places to scram to.

"What you thinkin'?"

"Huh, oh...just thinking about my folks. Thanks for saying that about them. They like you a lot,  heck they like all my friends."

"Specially Johnny, right?" he laughed.

I just smiled.

"Think they know?"

"What? No...I mean...not that. We've known each other forever, that's all. My folks think of Johnny as my brother or something."

"What you think he's doin' right now?"

"I dunno'. Thinkin' of me," I joked.

"Probly' and jackin' off," Donnie laughed.

"That sounds like fun."

"We gonna' do that later?"

"Sure, if you wannna'."

"Yeah, I aint' jacked off in two days," Donnie laughed.

"You ready to go to bed?"

"Yeah, if you are."

We peed and crawled into bed and I turned off the bedside lamp. At first we just laid there and talked then Donnie started rubbing his foot along mine and my pecker went all the way hard. I didn't understand it back then, but I was developing a major foot fetish.

Donnie scooted a little closer and I reached over to touch the front of his undies.

"Your pecker is hard," I giggled.

"Yeah, is urs'?"

"Yeah, really hard. Want to take off our underwear?" I whispered excitedly.

Without replying Donnie lifted his butt and skinned off his Fruits and I did the same. When we were naked our hands went to each other's dicks and we were busy for a while just jacking each other. I liked how his dick felt in my hand, but I wanted to taste it so after a while I suggested we move head to toe so we could suck each other.

Donnie wasn't as good a sucker as Johnny, but let's face it a warm wet mouth feels good no matter how much skill it's owner has. I sort of led the way handling Donnie's balls and touching his butt and stuff and he followed easily. His body was hard and smooth at the same time and felt good beneath my hands. I don't think that boy had an ounce of fat on his body, except maybe for his cute butt, and he was strong and wiry and touching him was a real turn on.

Needless to say we didn't last long. After all we were only 12 and hadn't learned how to control our orgasms yet, but on the plus side we could recharge and go again in no time. 

As we lay there basking in our afterglow, our heads still resting on each other's thigh, I thought about Johnny and how many times we'd been in this exact position. It was strange really comparing the two boys. The sex was good with Donnie, but with Johnny it was even better and I suspected that it was because of the emotional bond we had. Simply put: I liked Donnie, but I loved Johnny and that made the sex even sweeter.

Eventually I moved back up to lay on my pillow and we pulled the covers up over us and talked softly about normal kid stuff. We seldom ever talked about sex afterwards,  but it wasn't like we were uncomfortable about what we'd done. I guess it was sort of like eating, you talked about how hungry you were, but when you were done you didn't really need to talk about how good the food was unless it was something special. I guess it was just something we did, like scratching an itch, but it was different for me and was more like we were scratching each other's itch.

"Do you think we're queer?" Donnie asked out of the blue.

"Do you like girls?"

"Well, yeah...I'd like to get in Helen Pollard's panties," he giggled.

"Then I reckon you're just horny and practicin' for girls."

Another thing Donnie and I didn't do when we had sex was kiss, and I think that might have been the reason our sex was less personal and more about the business of getting off.

"Yeah, I guess so. I mean it's not like a girl is gonna' suck my peter or let me stick it in er'."

"Nope, not any girls I know. Maybe when we get in 8th grade," I offered, but only for his benefit, the only underwear I wanted to get in belonged to boys.

"Yeah, there's this one girl...Cynthia something that all the boys are crazy for and one of em' said she was easy."

"You hard again?" I whispered.

"Yeah, all that talkin' about girls got my pecker hard again."

"Wanna' cornhole me?" I hated to admit it, but I'd been missing getting fucked ever since Johnny went to live with his mom and grandma and Donnie was a safe solution to that.

"Heck yeah, if you want me to."

"Yeah, just take it easy. It's been a while since I had a pecker up there. Hold on, I'm gonna go pee and grab the Vaseline from the medicine cabinet."

I peed and washed my hands and grabbed the Vaseline and quietly slipped back to my room and shucked the underwear I'd slipped on for the trip across the hall and piled back into bed. I pulled the covers back and found Donnie's hard pecker and screwed the cap off the Vaseline and greased it up causing him to moan softly.

I smiled and wiped my fingers on my butthole then fell onto my stomach and raised my butt in the air. 

"Okay, just take it slow. Once you get it all the way in then you can do it as hard and fast as you want."

Donnie was shaking as he positioned himself behind me and it took him a few tries to get his pecker lined up with my butthole, but when he did he slipped in pretty easy.  There was hardly any pain and once he had it in all the way and I relaxed a little, it actually felt good. I guess I was a born bottom, but I could give it as good as I took it even though I mostly like getting it.

Once Donnie got started it was as if I didn't really exist for him. He was hell bound on making his pecker feel good and besides grabbing my hips to pull me up against him, he really didn't touch me at all.

Since he'd already came once that night he lasted a decent amount of time but when he came he came hard and was still shaking as he fell down on top of me spent, with his pecker still inside me.

"Did you like it?"

"Uh huh, it felt real good," he mumbled.

"Good, for me too. I like having you inside me," I said then blushed.

"I don't like it that much, but if you wanna' you can do it to me."

"Naw, I'm okay. I'm pretty tired now. Want to go to sleep."

He sounded relieved as he rolled off me and onto his side, "Yeah, I'm really tired."

I got up and went to the bathroom again, this time to poop his cum out and wipe my butt with a washcloth and by the time I got back to bed Donnie was snoring softly. I guess that last orgasm must've wiped him out.

As tired as I was it took me a while to got to sleep as thoughts of Johnny and Donnie and all my friend swirled around in my head and tried to make sense of things. Life was good, but sometimes it threw you a loop and you had to be careful not to loose sight of what was important. Johnny was important, but so were all my other friends, my family and myself, and I could deal with a little separation if that's what it took to get things back to where they were.

I gazed over at Donnie sleeping peacefully beside me and smiled. I had the most powerful urge to touch him and when I stroked his hair gently he smiled in his sleep and sighed. I moved a bit closer and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and then rolled over and finally found sleep.

Donnie and I were constant companions for the next two weeks, spending as much time together as our folks allowed and Donnie even slept over again the next Saturday night. The next weekend however our folks decided it was only fair that Donnie host me and I wound up spending the night at Donnie's.

Donnie and his older brother Larry shared a room, but fortunately Donnie's bed was big enough for both of us. It wasn't as private as it was at my house, but Larry was cool with us and we really didn't worry much about not being able to be ourselves.

I arrived about six that Saturday night and Larry was still at work at the burger joint where he worked and wouldn't be home till around 9 or so, if he didn't go out with his friends or something after work. He even had a girlfriend, but he told Donnie that so far she hadn't even let him touch her tits, let alone do anything sexual. For a fairly straight horny teenage boy I guess that was really frustrating and so I guess it was no surprise why thing turned out as they did that night.

Supper wasn't as fancy as it was at our  house, hot dogs and mac and cheese, but it was good and filling and Donnie's mom had baked a chocolate cake that was really good. Unlike at our house we didn't really talk that much as we ate, but I felt comfortable with Donnie's folks and they seemed fine with me.

After we ate I helped Donnie do his part of the cleanup and we went to  his room. It was raining outside and there wasn't much to do but we figured we'd find something to keep us busy. We played cards for a while sitting Indian style on his bed then the rain stopped and we decided to go float boats in the ditch out in front of his house. 

Donnie had a couple of plastic boats and we raced them, letting them float down the ditch which was running full with rapidly moving water. 

The sky was still grey and occasionally we'd get hit by a sprinkle or two, but a little rain didn't slow us down. Sometimes in the summer we'd strip down to our shorts and play in the rain, but of course it was too cool in November for such a thing.

It began to get dark and we were afraid of losing the boats so we retrieved them and walked back to his front porch and sat down. The air was cooler now and we shivered beneath our thin jackets, but we weren't quite ready to go in yet.

"Anything good on TV tonight?"

"Maybe, wanna go see?"

"Maybe later, hey...wanna see if we can walk over to Allen's and get some candy? I have some money."

"Okay, hold on," Donnie bolted inside and came back all excited and grabbed my hand and pulled me up and we were on our way.

Allen's was just across Graham Avenue and was a combination gas station and grocery store and the Allen's lived above it in a little apartment. They had a  teenage son and were younger than most of the other store owners in town and were pretty nice to us kids.

They didn't have a lot of groceries, but they had the stuff us kids liked, like candy and ice cream and soda pop, and it was a favorite place for us to shop. 

I grabbed a bag of Freetos and we picked out a candy bar and a Charm sucker each and I even sprung for a soda pop. Donnie got a 16 oz RC and I got my  usual Mt. Dew and as I paid for it Mrs. Allen asked us about our families and school and stuff like that, but it wasn't like she was being nosy or anything, I think she really cared about us.

As we crossed the street Donnie accidentally stepped in a puddle and I cracked up laughing as he swore and carried on about it.

"Damn it...shit, I just stepped in a mud hole full of shit. My damn foot is all wet and it even got on my jeans leg."

"Calm down, you can change when we get to your house."

"I need a damn shower now," he huffed, "wanna take one with me?"

"Sure, I don't mind, just keep that big ole' peter away from my tender butthole," I teased.

" aint that big," he said grinning.

"That's cause it wasn't up your butthole."

"You told me to do it," he said sounding worried.

"I'm just teasing Donnie, I liked it. Besides Johnny you're the only person I like doin' that to me."

"When he comes back, we won't be hangin' out so much will we?" he asked as we headed up the sidewalk to his house.

"Not like we have been, but we can still hang out...sometimes all three of us. How's that sound?"

"Good, really good," he said but then he fell quiet and I could sense he was a little sad.

"Come on, we're still gonna be pals. We'll see each other at school and the whole gang will hang out."

"I know, come on let's go see what's on TV."

We had our snacks and watched Flipper and then I Dream of Jeanie. I thought the boys in Flipper were really cute especially when they were just in their swim trunks and no shirt and I was beginning to get a little hard watching them. After I Dream of Jeanie there was a movie on, but it didn't interest us much so we went off to shower and find something else to do.

We grabbed clean underwear and some shorts and a tee shirt and we had just stepped into the shower when Larry came barging in and started peeing in the toilet.

"Who's in there? Donnie you alone?"

"Nope, I'm here," I giggled.

"Oh, Robert...what are you queers doin' in there?" he laughed, but there was no meanness in his voice.

"Nothin' stupid," Donnie said grinning, "Did you bring any hamboogers home?"

"Why, I thought you liked weenies better," he joked.

"Did you or did you not, stop joking around?"

"Yeah, I did...hurry up in there and we can eat em' while we watch TV or something."

We showered quickly and when we emerged from the bathroom the heavenly aroma of onions greeted us. The burgers were still warm from being wrapped up and the cheese was melted and gooey. They had mustard onions and pickles on them, but no lettuce or tomato to get all soggy, and they were  delicious.

The movie was over and the news was on, but at 10:30 The Man from Uncle came on and we all loved that show. It was like James Bond, with lots of spies and thrills and near death for the stars each week and Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin were alway cracking jokes and stuff. It was a lot of fun to watch and fueled a lot of our make-believe play those days.

After Uncle was over Larry took a shower while Donnie and I went off to the bedroom to wait for him. We didn't know if he'd want to stay up or not, but if he didn't we figured we'd go to bed too.

We didn't have to wait long and when Larry came in he was wearing just his Fruit of the Looms and still drying off with a towel. He'd grown some and had more hair now and my eyes were drawn to his crotch and I could see the outline of his pecker through the thin fabric.

"Close your mouth Robert, ur drooling over my pecker," Larry teased.

"Huh, am not," I said jerking my eyes away and blushing.

"It's okay, right Donnie? You can see it if you want. Heck, you can do whatever you want with it."

Donnie looked at me and raised an eyebrow and shrugged, pretty much leaving things up to me. I knew him and Larry messed around and since they shared a room it wasn't like we could do stuff without him anyway.

"I don't care what we do," I said shrugging, "Whatever you guys wanna do is fine by me."

"I got a new fuck book. You guys wanna see it?" Larry said in a lusty voice.

Well what boy didn't want to see a dirty magazine and pretty soon we were sitting side by side on Larry's bed while he showed us his newest girlie magazine. This one had lots of hot guys in it too and lots of pecker shots and even a few pictures of ladies sucking on them.

I was rock hard after the first page and Larry's leg rubbing against mine was making me even harder. Donnie was on the other side of him leaning way in to see the pictures but Larry didn't seem to mind. Then reaching down to adjust  himself Larry sort of sighed and commented on how hard he was.

"We should get naked," Larry said in a husky voice.

"I blushed but when the two of them stripped off their undies I pushed mine down and sort of covered myself with my hand. Larry looked down between my legs and grinned then leaned back and let his big old pecker pop up into plain view.

"All this pussy is making me horny," he said lustily, "who wants to help me out?"

I wanted to scream "I do, I do," but I didn't want to sound too anxious so I just kept my mouth shut.

"Come one, someone help me out," Larry begged and this time Donnie reached over and grabbed his brother's pecker and started jacking it.

Even though he'd just showered I could still smell his unique sexy aroma and I wanted to smell him up close. Leaning down I watched Donnie's hand moving up and down Larry's big cock and the smell was even stronger.

"Why dontcha' suck it Robert," Larry whispered in a low sultry voice.

That was all the invitation I needed and before I knew what was happening I was going down on Larry's big cock. I gagged a couple of times, but I guess I was a natural born cock sucker cause I soon worked it out and was deep throating Larry with ease. 

He fell back on the bed and was moaning softly and thrusting up to meet my hungry wet mouth and when I reached down and grabbed his balls he grunted and began to shoot. Larry's load was thicker and there was more of it than my friends' ever produced, but I still managed to swallow it all down without losing a drop.

"Oh man, that felt so good. That cunt girlfriend of mine won't put out so I gotta get some relief."

"Boy do I know it," Donnie laughed.

"I play fair though, right Donnie. I'll help you guys too."

"We can do each other," Donnie suggested and though I was a little disappointed I didn't say anything. 

Fortunately after Donnie and I got started Larry joined in anyway, rubbing our bodies as we sucked each other's peckers. He paid special attention to my butt and I wondered if he was thinking about the time in the garage when he's plowed my little butt with his big ole' pecker.

Donnie and I came almost at the same time and when we shot our loads in each other's mouths Larry had graduated to rubbing my butthole with a spit covered finger. The extra stimulation caused me to come really hard and for a minute I just laid there with Donnie's pecker in my mouth and rested for a long time while Larry continued to rub us gently.

"I'm horny again," Larry said falling back on the bed, his hard pecker poking straight up.

"You're always horny," Donnie smirked.

"I wish I had a girl to fuck," Larry said sighing, but I think we all knew what he was really saying.

"Well, don't look at me," Donnie smirked, "I don't want your big ole' pecker up my butt again."

Again? So Donnie had let Larry fuck him before. Interesting news. My butthole throbbed at the thought of that.

"I...I guess you can fuck me...if you take it easy and don't sperm in me. It's too messy. You make way too much sperm."

"Okay, I can do that. So you want me to pull out and shoot it...where?"

"On my back is can wipe it off."

"Or Donnie can lick it off," he smirked.

"Ewww...gross Larry."

"Okay, how do we do it?"

I got on my hands and knees, doggy style and wiggled my butt at Larry and he took in a sharp breath at the sight of my twitching hole. 

"We need some Vaseline or something..." 

"I got some Jergens lotion, will that do?"

"Yeah, anything to make it slick."

Anyway the Jergens lotion smelled a lot better than Vaseline and it worked just fine. I had to Make Larry stop a few times and let me get used to his pecker but eventually he got it all in me. He was breathing hard and sweating like crazy, but he let me get used to it before he started fucking. Like most teenage boys he was mostly interested in getting his jollies, but he was pretty gentle as he grabbed my hips and started moving.


"You okay?" Larry gasped.

"'s okay...just remember, pull out before you sperm..."

"I will...I promise," he panted. Also like most teenagers in heat he wasn't going to last long and I hoped he could keep that promise.

Donnie positioned himself on the bed so he could watch us and I could see that his pecker was hard again so I motioned him to come closer and started sucking him to take my  mind  off of Larry's hard pecker in my poor little butthole.

I heard Larry mutter something, then he shoved in hard and cried out "Shit, shit, shit" and pulled out so fast it hurt. Then the next thing I felt was his hot thick sperm hitting my butt and back. 

I couldn't believe how much there was after he already came, but I guess his balls were on overtime that night. When he milked the last of it out I concentrated on Donnie's pecker and pretty soon he came, but there was only a few drops this time.

"Go grab a towel Donnie," Larry gasped as he leaned against me and gasp for breath.

Donnie somehow found his underwear and put them on and went across the hall for the towel. Larry used it wipe me down and then cleaned off his own pecker before finally throwing the towel on the floor.

After that he didn't say much, he just put his underwear back on and climbed into his bed and passed out.

I should have felt cheated because both of them got off twice, but my butt was throbbing and I felt as if I'd had a second come just from being fucked. I found my underwear and went off to pee before climbing into bed beside Donnie and the last thing I remember was Donnie smiling at me from  his pillow just inches away.

Sunday we hung out all day between our two houses. We didn't see much of Larry, but that wasn't unusual, he had his own friends and a car and was gone a lot. It rained later in the afternoon and we wound up in my treehouse listening to the rain on the wooden roof and dodging drips where it ran in around the edges.

"I like the rain," I said softly, "I like laying in my bed at night and listening to make me or something."

"Yeah, me too," Donnie agree, "I like laying in bed with you too," he said grinning.

I smiled, "Yeah, it does feel good to have someone in bed with ya' don't it?"

"Specially if there's sucking going on."

"Hey, we could do that here."

"Want to?" 

"Yeah, rain and sucking...two great things," I laughed.

We didn't undress completely but we did push our underwear and pants down to our knees as we moved into position head to toe so we could get to each other's cocks. We hadn't bathed since the night before, but we weren't really what you'd call dirty. Donnie's cock smelled a little like pee and his musky odor and I could smell a sweet earthy smell which I associated with boys' butts. Not the smell of shit, just that natural spicy smell of a healthy boy.

We took our time that afternoon, licking and teasing and fondling each other before getting down to business and finishing each other off. The orgasm was intense and we felt wiped out as we lay there resting with our head on each other's thigh.

Eventually we pulled up our pants and by then the rain had stopped and we went inside to pee and get a drink. Donnie's mom had called and wanted Donnie to come home so I walked him to his backyard and we talked along the way.

"Well, see ya at school tomorrow. I had a good time at your house."

"Even if Larry did mess things up?"

" was okay. Larry's okay. I didn't mind."

"Yeah, he's okay...for a brother," Donnie laughed.

We finally said our goodbyes and I walked back home feeling a little lonely. I hung out with my parents the rest of the day and even helped mom frost a cake and the loneliness seemed to go away. After dinner I took a shower and went to my room to read Johnny's latest letter and to write him back. By the time I was finished with the letter I was ready for bed and it didn't take me long to get to sleep.

Johnny returns

Monday was overcast and cool, but it didn't rain till just about the time school let out. Mom showed up to give me a ride and we wound up dropping Larry and Donnie off, but mom said we had stuff to do and I didn't get to play with Donnie that day.

After we dropped Donnie off she drove us Safeway and I had to help her do the grocery shopping for the week. It was boring, but by going with her I got to pick out cereal and snacks that I liked, and that made it all  worthwhile.

We got home just before dad came driving up and he helped us carry the stuff inside then mom put it away while I went in to change. I was just slipping on my shirt when the phone rang and a few minutes later mom was yelling that it was for me.

I knew it had to be Johnny, because my other friends seldom called and I practically ran to the phone. 

"Hey, have you forgotten me yet?" Johnny teased.

"No way, I wrote you a letter last night and mom mailed it today."

"I probably won't get it then, cause....guess what? We're coming back tomorrow," he said sounding happy.

"What, no way...really?" I said jumping up and down with joy.

"Yeah, dad is already home and he called mom last night and begged her to come home. Can you believe it? We're gonna be a family again." He said as if it was almost too good to be true.

"I can't wait, when will you get here. Will you be home by the time school's out?"

"Yeah, we're gonna leave in the morning, my uncle Mark is driving us."

"Can I come see you after school?"

"You better," he said excitedly, "I can't wait to see your sorry face again."

"You too butt face," I giggled.

We talked a little while longer, but Johnny's grandma finally told him he needed to get off the phone that other people might need to use it since it was a party line and we said good bye at last.

", Johnny is coming home!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

Mom laughed and dad came in just shaking his head, "Don't think the neighbors heard ya boy, better yell louder," he teased.

"Tomorrow. Can I go see him after school? Please, please."

"Yes son, otherwise you'd probably bust a gut and die," mom teased.

"Oh boy, oh boy," I said happily. I didn't care that I was acting like a boy in love, I was just happy that my boyfriend was coming home.

"Settle down son. I know you missed your buddy, but it's only been a couple of weeks." Dad said.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm just so happy," I said throwing myself into my dad and hugging him and surprising us both.

He pulled me in and  hugged me back and even leaned down and kissed the top of my head, "You boys are closer than any two boys I've ever seen," he said softly. His voice wasn't accusing, just thoughtful, as if he was trying to figure something out.

"We're brothers," I teased, "only we don't fight as much as Donnie and  his brother does."

Dad laughed and gave mom a little smile and a wink and I went off to watch some TV. 

The next day seemed to drag on and at lunch time I headed to the cafeteria and met up with Donnie and Larry. We grabbed our trays and found a table with a couple of other guys we knew, including Gerald.

I picked at my lunch and finally Donnie asked what was wrong. I guess I felt a little guilty that I was so excited about Johnny coming back so I tried to play it down a little.

"Oh, nothing much except Johnny is coming home today."

"That's great...right?"

"Yeah, I can  hardly wait," I admitted, "I'm going over there after school...wanna come with me?" I really wanted to go alone, but I didn't want Donnie to think I was dumping  him so soon.

"Might stop by and say hi, but I know you guys wanna be alone," he said grinning. He didn't seem hurt at all. Maybe I'd misjudged his feelings after all.

Larry didn't seemed much interested in Johnny's return, but Gerald seemed excited about it, maybe because he knew how much it meant to me to have him back. Gerald was a pretty nice kid and seemed to understand what Johnny and I had.

After lunch we trudged back to class and I couldn't wait for the day to be over with. Finally the bell rang and I headed to the door to wait for Donnie. Larry joined us as we started walking away, but Gerald's lived on the north side and usually walked home with a kid he knew from his neighborhood.

Larry split off as we passed his house and Donnie and I continued on to Johnny's house. I was bubbling over with excitement as we rounded the corner and turned down his street. I could see his dad's pickup in the driveway and I knew someone was home for sure. 

I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt a little shaky as we stepped up onto Johnny's front porch, but even before I could knock Johnny was at the door. My first urge was to jump into his arms and hug him, but I didn't know where his folks were and I didn't want them to think I was weird or anything so I settled for a  punch on the arm.

"You got fat," I teased.

"My grandma is a good cook..." Johnny said grinning, "Come on in...oh hi Donnie." he said seeming to notice Donnie for the first time.

"I caint' stay long, I gotta get home, but I wanted to say hi."

"Yeah, thanks for coming by. I've missed all  you guys."

We went inside and said hello to his folks who were sitting on the couch watching TV then Johnny led us to his room and closed the door.

"They're still getting used to each other again," Johnny said grinning, "but I think it's going to be okay."

"That's great," I said finally moving in for the hug I'd been waiting two weeks for.

Johnny hugged me fiercely as Donnie watched us with a big grin on his face.

"I've missed you so much," I said burying my face in his shoulder and drinking in his scent as the tears began to fall.

"Hey, don't cry...I missed you too, but I'm back now."

"I know. Will you be back at school tomorrow?" I said pulling away and wiping my eyes.

"Yeah, unfortunately," he groaned, "but at least you'll be there."

"Did you go to school at your grandma's?" Donnie wanted to know.

"Yeah, and that was no fun. The kids there were all hicks and I got into two fights while I was there."

"Oh,'re back now and all that stuff is over with."

"We talked for a while and Donnie and I brought Johnny up to speed on what had been happening at school while he was gone, but after a while Donnie said he needed to get home and at last it was just the two of us. 

We walked Donnie to the door and Johnny suggested we walk over to the park so we could talk privately. After telling his mom where we were going Johnny grabbed a jacket and we walked over to the park.

The weather was warmer that day and the rain had dried up and the sun was still out. It was a beautiful day and I was so happy I couldn't stand myself. It seemed like everything was right with the world now that Johnny was back and just being with him was the best feeling ever.

"So you and Donnie been hanging out a lot huh?"

"Yeah, almost every day," I said before I thought how that might sound, then I added, "I had to do something to keep my mind off you."

He smiled, "Did you two mess around a lot?"

"Not a lot, sometimes. I'll tell you all about it if you want."

"Naw, it's not important. I did some stuff too...while I was away."

I wanted to ask what and who with, but I figured if he wanted me to know, he'd tell me. I wondered if it was with one of his uncles, but I supposed it could have been some kid from school.

As usual we climbed up on the monkey bars and did our talking, but I would rather have been somewhere more private where we could snuggle. I guess the next best thing was holding hands and almost as soon as we got up there Johnny reached over and took my hand and squeezed it gently.

"I have missed you every day since I left, but I did the right thing. If I'd stayed you would have probably killed me," he teased, "I was a real asshole to you."

"Naw, it wasn't that bad. I could have stood it if you could've. But you're back now and things are going to be just like before...right?"

"I hope so, better even," he said sighing, "Mom and dad are working things out and they don't talk about her as much now."

"I'm glad things are working out. Hey, do you think you can spend the night Saturday?"

"Sure, I don't see why not. I bet mom and dad will be ready to get rid of me by then," he laughed.

"Good, cause we have some catching up to do...if you know what I mean."

"Oh, well...wanna go over to the bathroom and start on the catching up?"

I was on the ground practically before the words left Johnny's lips and once we were inside the bathroom I attacked him and starting pulling at his pants. He was giggling but he finally managed to help me get them down and I dropped to my knees and there before me was the most beautiful pecker I'd ever seen. I pulled the foreskin back releasing his heady aroma and I swooned as I ran my tongue across the head and lapped up his flavor.

"Mmmm...I've missed this."

"Me too,"  he gasped as he threw his head back and closed his eyes.

I pushed his pants and  underwear down to his ankles and he spread his legs a little as I reached down to grab his balls. I licked them, I fondled them, and then I went back to sucking his cock and didn't stop till he finally rewarded me with his hot tasty load. I gobbled it all down, savoring the flavor, and licked him clean before standing up and kissing him.

"I've missed that too," Johnny panted, "and I've missed this," he said grabbing my hardon through my pants.

"It's all yours," I moaned.

Johnny gave as good as he got and it didn't take  me long to reward him with my tasty treat. As I had done, he kissed me afterwards and we shared the taste of boy cum. Eventually we zipped up and walked back out to the playground and just in time. A couple of younger boys were headed toward the bathroom and gave us wary look as if we were going to beat them up or something.

"Boy, five more minutes and those two would have learned some stuff," Johnny laughed.

"Yeah, and probably ran off screaming. When I was that age, I didn't even jack off. I didn't think about sex at all...did you?"

"Naw, but I do remember us playing sword fight a few times with our peckers."

"Yeah, I remember that," I said smiling, "Good times."

We walked back to Johnny's house and hung around a little while, but now that we'd got our rocks off the edge was off and there really wasn't much more to talk about. I told Johnny I needed to get home and he walked me to the street and we said goodbye. 

He watched for a while as I walked away and I'd spin around every few feet to wave and then I turned the corner and he was out of sight. As I passed by Evelyn and Chrissy's house I looked for them, but there was no car in the driveway and I figured they must be gone somewhere. 

I walked on up Graham and past Larry's house but didn't see him either. I decided to cut through Donnie's yard to save time and when I turned the corner I saw him coming out of his front door as if we'd timed it or something.

He saw me and with a big grin on his face he walked over and met me in the street.

"Well, did you guys kiss and stuff?" Donnie giggled.

"Yeah, all of it," I said grinning.

"Good, I'm glad  you guys are back together. You headed home?"

"Yep, was gonna cut through your yard, then I saw you."

"I'll walk ya home, okay?"

"Okay, maybe you can come in for a minute if you don't have to go right back."

"Heck no, I don't hafta be back till later."

"Mom...I'm home and Donnie's with me," I yelled as we came in the front door.

Mom peeked out of the kitchen and said hello then went back to what she was doing. We went to my room and I changed while Donnie sat on my bed and watched me looking thoughtful.

"I bet you're glad Johnny is back."

"Yeah, I really missed him, but hanging out with you really helped...thanks."

"'re welcome," Donnie said blushing.

"Wanna see if you can stay for supper?" I said suddenly. I felt I owed Donnie a good meal or something after all he'd done for me.

"I better not, mom is cooking pork chops tonight and I don't wanna miss that," he said grinning, "but thanks anyway."

I was hungry since I hadn't had my usual after school snack, unless you count Johnny's cum, and I took Donnie to the kitchen and wheedled some cookies and milk out of mom. We carried them out back and sat on the back porch as we ate them and gazed out across the yard where we'd had so many fun times and adventures.

"Think we'll still be friends ten years from now?" Donnie asked sounding much deeper than usual.

"Sure, why not...unless one of us moves away or something."

"You'll probly' go to college, but not me. I'll have to git a job and probly' stay ret here the rest of my durned life."

"Would that be so bad? It's a nice place to live and if you get married and have kids, just think, they can have fun just like we did in all the neat places we grew up with."

He smiled then, "Yeah, I guess. I'm  not smart enough to go to college. I'll be lucky if I graduate high school."

"You're not that dumb," I said giving him a gentle shove, "you get C's sometimes...right?"

"Yeah, but I think some of the teacher's feel sorry for me cause I'm so dumb."

"You are not dumb," I repeated turning to look him squarely in the eyes, "You are smart in all the right stuff and...and a good person too, and that's all that matters."

He blushed, but I could tell he was touched by my words. I threw caution to wind then and put my arm around his shoulders and hugged him to me.

"We're pals...forever...right?"

"Yeah," he said softly, then clearing his throat he said, "I better get home now. Ma'll be lookin' for me."

"Oh, okay," I said releasing him, "I'm glad you came over and thanks again for hanging out with me these last few weeks, it was a lot of  fun."

"Yeah, for me too. Tell you're mom thanks for the cookies and milk. Well... see ya in the morning."

"Okay, hey...I'll walk ya to the street."

We said goodbye at the street and I watched him walk away. Again I wondered if Johnny hadn't come into my life if it would have been Donnie I fell in love with. In some ways they were total opposites, but in others they were very much alike. I guess I loved them both only in different ways. 

I felt a little sad as I went back inside, but when you're a kid sadness goes away quickly and by dinner time I was my usual cheerful self. 

End Chapter 12

Recently I learned that one of my old childhood friends,  upon whom I have based one of the pivotal characters in this story, has passed away. I am sad to say that Donnie is no longer with us and so I dedicate this chapter to his memory. 

Even though this story is fiction, I have tried to convey the personalities of the real life friends this story is based upon and that is true of Donnie.  Donnie was a true friend, a loving and giving young boy, and always there when I needed him. We actually did live one street apart and I remember many happy times playing cars in the dirt or on the sidewalk with him, playing make-believe and just doing the things that boys do. 

We graduated high school together but by then we had formed new alliances and had new friends and I don't remember much about him after grade school. Looking at some class pictures of him I am reminded of what a cute and kind boy he was and that is how I choose to remember him.

So here's to you Donnie,  may you rest in peace buddy, and someday I'll see ya up there in Heaven.


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* Denotes Series, rest are short stories

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It's Amazing What Sex Can do for a Guy (the story of a boy's first time with a boy and first time with a girl)