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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 15
Life is good


 "Wait for me okay, I need to do something," Jimmy said stopping dead in his tracks. 

"Why, what's up?" Jaden said frowning.

"I need to talk to Buddy, that's all."

" you need me to come with you?"

"No, I need to handle this myself. I think he already knows what will happen to him if he messes up, but I need to make sure."

"Okay, but if he gives you any shit, just yell."

"I can handle him," Jimmy laughed, "remember I used to lead him around by the nose."

"Yeah, okay. I'll be out front by the bike rack."

"Thanks," Jimmy said heading toward Buddy who was digging in his locker and didn't see him approaching.

Suddenly Buddy was aware of someone next to him and he pulled his head out of his locker and when he saw Jimmy he actually smiled. 

"Hey Jimmy, how's it hanging?"

"To the right as always," Jimmy said in a serious voice.

"What's going on? Uh...did you need something," Jimmy asked starting to get a little nervous.

"Yeah, we need to talk, but not here. Follow me," Jimmy said curtly. Then turning he started for the door not even bothering to look back to see if Buddy was following.

Once outside he continued on to the short wall that bordered the front walk and hopped up on it. Buddy screeched to a halt at the wall, but he wasn't quite as athletic as Jimmy so instead of hopping up on the wall, he just leaned against it.

Looking up nervously he waited for Jimmy to speak. He had a pretty good idea what Jimmy was going to say, but he wasn't going to bring it up himself.

" been hanging out with Randy. That's cool, but I have to wonder why you've suddenly become such a nice guy and why you're helping out a kid that you would have usually bullied."

"I don't know," Buddy confessed,"I just like him, that's all," he added looking nervous.

"I don't get it, but I'm willing to admit that it might be possible. But I'm gonna be watching you and if you do anything to Randy, or anyone else for the matter, I'm gonna be on you like stink on shit."

Buddy shrugged, "I won't. Can I go now?"

"I guess," Jimmy said relaxing a little, "but remember...I'm watching you."

"Okay," Buddy said looking down at his feet.

"Okay, see ya around," Jimmy said as hopped down off the wall, "Randy is probably waiting for you."

As Buddy walked away Jimmy stood watching him for a moment. In one way he felt a little bad about button-holing him about his changed nature, but on the other hand he thought he was right to let Buddy know that someone was watching.

"How'd it go?" Jaden asked as he joined Jimmy.

"Fine, I guess. He was pretty quiet, didn't say a lot, but he didn't seem mad that I questioned him."

"He knows we're friends with Randy and that we're watching him. I don't think he'll try anything. It's Mike we need to worry about right now. I think Mike's the one who gave Buddy the black eye and the split lip."

"What? Why do you think that?"

"Cause I heard him telling this one kid about beating someone up. He said the kid just laid on the ground like a fat hog and took it, didn't even try to defend himself. But they saw me and hushed before I could find out who they were talking about."

"Mike is dangerous. Of the two he was always the toughest and he likes hurting kids. I can't believe I used to hang out with him and act like that."

"So you changed, you can't keep beating yourself up over that stuff."

"I know...I know."

On the bus Buddy seemed quieter than usual but Randy was too timid to ask him about his mood. He'd seen Jimmy talking to him, but he didn't know why. Mike had glared at him all hour in class, and he was beginning to think that maybe Mike might have been the one who beat Buddy up.

"Wanna come over today? My mom is home so I don't have to watch my brother."

"Naw, not today. I...uh, have some homework I need to do and it takes me a long time cause I'm so dumb."

"I could help you with it," Randy offered brightly.

"No thanks," Buddy said curtly, then softening a little he added, "I'm not feeling so good. I really don't want any company today."

"Oh, okay...sorry, hope you feel better."

When the bus stopped in front of the apartment Buddy led the way up the aisle and Randy followed close behind. 

"Okay, well...see ya tomorrow," Randy said as the bus pulled away.

"Yeah, later," Buddy said feeling guilty about lying and being so cold to Randy, "Maybe tomorrow we can hang out."

"My mom works," Randy said sadly.

"Oh, time she's off for sure."

They said goodbye again and went their separate ways, but Randy was still having trouble believing Buddy's reason for not hanging out. Maybe he really didn't like him at all. Maybe he was ashamed to be seen hanging around with a skinny little nerd, or maybe he was setting him up for some real bullying. 

His little heart ached, but this was all so new to him that he didn't understand exactly what he was feeling. He'd never had a crush on anyone before and he was confused and  hurt at the moment. As soon as he got in the door Ty attacked him and for a while he was busy wrestling with his little brother to think about Buddy.

After his snack he changed clothes and sat down to watch some TV with Ty while his mom took a nap. She worked hard and Ty was a handful and she had to rest whenever she could find time. Randy didn't mind, especially since playing with Ty kept his mind off Buddy and all that had been going on.

"Wandy, can we go to the pwaygwound?" Ty asked in his cute little boy voice. Randy always came out Wandy and  he had trouble with other words too, but he was only five and still learning.

"Okay, I guess that's okay. I'll leave mom a note in case she wakes up."

After scribbling out a note and placing it on the refrigerator, which was their designated location for notes, Randy helped Ty put on his shoes and socks and get his jacket on. Randy wore a heavy sweatshirt with a hood and his old patched jeans and off they went to the playground.

Ty was a bundle of energy as he hit the playground. He wanted to be pushed in the swing, then he wanted to slide, then he wanted to go on the merry-go-round and Randy was too busy keeping up with him to notice that danger approached from behind. 

"Well if it isn't the skinny nerd and his bratty baby brother," Mike smirked.

Randy swung around quickly and confronted the bully and at the same time shoved Ty behind him. He might not be much of a fighter but he was sure he would die before he let anyone lay a hand on his brother.

"What do you want?" Randy managed to squeak out.

"Can't a guy just hang out on the playground? It's not like it belongs to you."

Randy wasn't about to mention the fact that since Mike didn't live there  he wasn't supposed to hang out on the apartment grounds, but he was sure Mike already knew that. 

"It's all yours, we were just leaving," Randy said taking his brother's small hand in his.

"But I don't wanna go yet Wandy," Ty pouted.

Mike laughed out loud when Ty spoke, "Yeah Wandy, he don't wanna go. Come on we can have some fun. Maybe I'll push him to the moon on the swings."

"No, you leave my little brother alone," Randy said shakily. He knew he was no match for Mike, but he knew he had to try to protect Ty no matter what.

"Awww...don't be that way. Why can't we be buddies?" then he laughed again, "like you and Buddy," he added smirking.

"Buddy is nice," Randy muttered, then suddenly blurted out, "You hurt him, didn't you?"

"Buddy is a fat pig and a coward. He didn't even try to fight  back. How bout' you, are you a coward too?" Mike said slapping at Randy and making him jump backwards. 

He pulled Ty behind him again, his heart beating faster in his chest. He had never been so scared in his life, but mostly he was worried about Ty. Ty was so small and so helpless and he loved him so much. He just couldn't let anything happen to him.

"Come on, let me play with your little bro. You wanna' play don't ya little guy?" Mike said bending down to talk to Ty who was peeking around his older brother looking frightened and panicky.

"Uh uh, Wandy says you're bad. You just want to hurt us. Go away and leave us alone," Ty whined.

"Aww...I won't hurt ya'. Come on, wanna swing," Mike said making his move and snatching Ty up and knocking Randy on his butt in the process.

Randy landed with a oopmh as the air went out of him, but to his credit he was up and running after Mike before he could make it to the swings. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he had to do something. If he could get Ty away from Mike he could stall the bully while Ty ran home for help.

"You leave my brother alone," Randy yelled as rage overtook him. He had never been this angry or upset in his life. It was flee or fight and this time he chose to fight. 

Tackling Mike from behind he managed to slow him up, but since Mike outweighed him by 20 pounds of pure muscle, he shook him off as if he was a pesky fly. But Randy would not give up. He might be a lightweight but he knew how to take an opponent down from watching wrestling on TV. 

Getting up and charging once more, Randy kicked Mike squarely in the back of the leg causing his leg to collapse. He stumbled for a moment trying to get his balance and in the process let go of Ty who hit the ground running.

"Run Ty, go home, get momma," Randy yelled as he tackled Mike as hard as he could this time.

"You little shit, you are so dead," Mike muttered as he struggled to get away from Randy.

Randy held on as tight as he could but eventually Mike pried him off and tossed him to the ground like a rag doll, knocking the breath out of him once more. Randy barely felt the first blow to his face, but the second one caused him to cry out and angered him once again.

"Stop it," he screamed as his adrenaline rush hit once again.  Then putting his hands up to deflect the blows he cried out  again as Mike's fist punched into his skinny arm bruising it badly. 

As they say, that was the straw that broke the camel's back, and suddenly Randy became a little whirlwind as he balled up his tiny fists and began to fight back.

At first Mike was too surprised to realize what was happening and Randy was able to land a punch directly on his nose, causing blood to splatter over them both. Now it was Mike's turn to cry out and for a moment he was too busy warding off Randy's blows to get any in himself.

Then jumping up he stood over Randy wiping at his bloody nose, "You broke my nose asshole, you are so dead," he said, but there wasn't much conviction in his shaky voice.

Randy managed to stand and was rubbing his bruised arm and glaring at Mike. His adrenaline rush was just about over, but he was hopeful that Ty would have awakened his mother by now and that she was on her way. If only he could stall him a bit longer.

Fortunately Buddy had happened to glance out his window and when he saw what was going on below he was bounding down the stairs and arrived just as Mike got to his feet. He ran the whole way and was breathless by the time he arrived.

"," Buddy said breathlessly, "I am going to kill you for this," he said looking flushed and almost demonic.

"Stay out of it fatso, or I'll black your other eye."

"No! Never again. You will never lay a hand on me or anyone else when I get through with you," Buddy said charging Mike like a wounded rhino.

Again Mike was taken off guard and when Buddy hit him he fell backwards banging his head on the ground and stunning him for a moment. Buddy took advantage of the moment and began to pummel with his fists causing more blood to flow and Mike to scream out in pain. If not for the arrival of Randy's mom with Ty in tow, Buddy might very well have fulfilled his promise to kill Mike, but fortunately for everyone involved she was able to pull Buddy off of the frightened, battered bully.

Fortunately Mike was not seriously hurt. Other than a bloody nose, a black eye, and a few bruises he was intact. In fact he'd taken far harder beatings at home, but none quite as humiliating as this one. Standing up he wiped at his bloody nose and sniffed back a few tears.

"I don't know what went on here today, but I never want to see you around here again young man. Do you hear me?" she yelled at Mike. "If I see you again, I will have you arrested for assault and for molesting my little boy."

"I didn't molest anyone," Mike whined.

"Maybe not, but who do you think the police will believe?"

Mike knew he was beaten and his head sagged to his chest dripping blood on his white tee shirt.

"And don't think you'll get even in school either, because I will find out and you will go to jail...I promise you that."

Mike just nodded as he turned to walk across the brown patchy lawn toward the road. Tears began to fall in earnest then. His dad would kill him for getting blood on his shirt and for getting beat up, but at least he wouldn't know that a skinny kid and fat slob did the damage.

"And you, Buddy...right?"

"Yes ma'am," Buddy said looking at her with fear and shame.

"Mom...Buddy saved me," Randy butted in. "Mike was the one who was messing with us and Buddy came running over to help."

"I see, well thank you for helping my boys," she said calming down immediately, "Randy said you were a nice boy and now I know you are. You are welcome at our apartment any time," she said smiling, "What you did was dangerous, and I don't condone fighting, but sometimes it's the only way. I don't think you will have any more trouble with that one."

"No ma'am. Thank you for letting me...uh, be Randy's friend," Buddy said humbly.

"You're very welcome. Come on Randy, Ty, let's go now."

"Can I talk to Buddy first. I promise I'll be right there."

She gave Randy a knowing look, then smiled at Buddy causing him to blush. "All right, fifteen minutes, then you better be home."

"Thanks mom," Randy said smiling shyly.

When she was out of earshot Randy moved a bit closer to Buddy before speaking. "Thanks for coming to our rescue.  That was really cool the way you tackled him," Randy chuckled.

"I just finally had enough of him. It wasn't that big a deal when he beat me up, but when I saw what he was doing to you and Ty I just got crazy. I think...I think if your mom hadn't come along...I might have...really killed him."

"Naw, you wouldn't have. I wouldn't have let ya'."

"You did some pretty cool stuff yourself," Buddy said sincerely, "I never knew you had it in ya'."

"Neither did I. It was kind of scary, but when he started messing with Ty I just couldn't let him."

"I know what you mean. Well, I guess we won't have to worry about him anymore."

"I hope not. Well...I should go. I don't want to piss mom off," Randy giggled.

"You said pissed," Buddy laughed, "you are starting to sound like me...and act like me."

"That's a good thing," Randy said smiling.

"Yeah, I guess," Buddy said shrugging, "Well see ya in the morning."

"Okay, and thanks again," Randy said starting off, "I...I'm glad mom likes you, cause I really like you and want to be  your friend."

"Yeah, me too," Buddy said blushing, "You better go. See ya."

All the way back to their apartments the two thought almost identical thoughts. What does all this mean? Does he like me as much as I like him? Am I gay for liking another boy? There were no answers, only questions, and only time would tell what would become of it, but for now they both a had a warm fuzzy feeling inside as they went back to their apartments.

As it turned out there was no reason to worry about Mike after that day. Two weeks after the incident on the playground, Mike's dad pulled him out of school and they moved to Wyoming. With no friends to say goodbye to, Mike skulked in and out practically unnoticed, and was whisked away to a new life in a new city never to be heard from again.

Life went on, Buddy and Randy became good friends, but neither was in any hurry to take it to the next level. The most they had done was hold hands and on an occasion or two they had kissed briefly, but the kisses were more chaste than passionate. They enjoyed each others company and even Ty began to warm up to Buddy and hugged him and planted butterfly kisses on his face every time he saw him.

Aidan kept in touch with Shawn though they had only met one other time. Mostly they texted and Skyped, but there was nothing intimate about their relationship. Shawn was starting to make new friends his own age at school, and though he enjoyed Aidan's friendship, he had no interest in taking it any further than that. 

Aidan had been inspired by the story of Shawn's friend Ricky and had convinced his group of friends to reach out to at risk students and perhaps save them from the same fate as Ricky. Randy had been their first project, but there would be many more as the school year progressed. The group even earned a name after others saw what they were doing, and they were now affectionately known as the A-Team. 

The months passed, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and in the spring the twins turned 13. By then many of their friends had reached that magic state of teendom and with it came new feelings and changes in their bodies. No longer were they tweens, but now fully teens, and subject to all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that came with it.

As school neared it's ending that year, the boys were excited about summer vacation. Their relationships with their boyfriends, John and Jimmy, were stronger than ever and they hoped to include the two in their summer plans. When they learned that their parents were planning a trip to DisneyLand, the boys knew they had to convince all the parents that Jimmy and John should be allowed to go along with them.

They waited till one Saturday afternoon when their parents were in an especially good mood to present their plan, but as it turned out their parents already had some plans of their own.

"Boys after lunch we'd like to talk to you," Mrs. Reynolds said looking a little nervous.

As far as they both knew they hadn't done anything wrong lately, and so they decided it must be about the trip. The boys figured if that was the case that this would be the perfect time to breech the subject of taking Jimmy and John to Disneyland.

After the table was cleared they sat back down and the boys glanced at each other with sly smiles as they waited for their parents to begin. They expected their mother to starts things off, but when their father started to speak they turned their attention to  him.

"Boys, your mother and I have been wanting to have this talk with you for a long time, but now that you've become teenagers we felt we couldn't put it off any longer," he said looking a bit nervous.

"O...kay," Jaden said wondering what this was all about.

Mr. Reynolds gave his wife a helpless look and she smiled nervously.

"What you father is trying to say is that, well...we know you boys are growing up and becoming young men. Your bodies are changing and you are no doubt experiencing a lot of feelings that are new to you."

"Mooom," Jaden whined, "if this about the facts of life, we learned that in school."

"I'm sure you did, and from your friends, and the internet," Mr. Reynolds chuckled, "but this is not so much about the facts of life as it is about your lives."

"What do you mean Dad?" Aidan asked blushing.

"I have thought about what I'd say to you boys for a long time, but now that the time has come, I admit I'm at a loss for words," he sighed.

"Let me try dear," Mrs. Reynolds said touching his hand gently.

"What your father and I want to say is that...we love you and support you no matter what, that nothing can change that. It doesn't matter to us who you love as long as you're happy. Do you understand what I'm saying boys?"

Jaden looked less stricken than Aidan, but they were both speechless for a moment. 

"Are you talking about our sexuality?" Aidan said blushing bright red when he finally managed to speak.

"Yes dear. I mean I know you boys are still young and your...ummm..preferences may change, but we can't help but notice how close you boys are to Jimmy and John. When John's father tried to keep you two apart it was obvious that it was very painful for you Aidan, and well...we have observed certain things that led us to believe you were closer than just friends."

A few tears had begun to run down Aidan's face and he was frozen. His worst nightmare had finally came true, his folks had figured out he was gay, and despite his mother saying it was okay, he still felt shame and guilt.

"Oh baby, don't cry," Mrs. Reynolds said near tears herself, "It's okay, we think it's wonderful that you have found someone to love at such a young age. The fact that it's another boy is not an issue. Your father and I are very open-minded, you should know that by now."

"I...I'm, it's just how I am. I didn't want to be different, but it's just how I am."

"It's okay son," Mr. Reynolds said looking a bit uncomfortable, "we've suspected for a long time that the two of you might be...well, experimenting with your friends, but that's pretty normal stuff. It's easy to see how that could lead to more serious things and maybe even a relationship with the right...uh, boy."

"I love John," Aidan sobbed, "and he loves me."

"That is obvious in the way you treat each other," Mrs. Reynolds said fondly. Women are such suckers for love, even gay love.

"Jimmy and I love each other too, but we're not sure we're totally gay," Jaden said keeping his cool despite the churning in his stomach.

Mr. Reynolds nodded, "I understand. You're still young and learning and experiencing new things. The truth is we don't really have any control over who we fall in love with. Whether it's a boy or a girl doesn't really matter as long as our heart is in it."

"Did...did you ever love another boy?" Aidan asked meekly.

Mr. Reynolds smiled, "Let's just say that when I was a boy, I had a lot of friends and one who was very close. We both moved on and found other loves and married, but what we had back then shaped the kind of men we are today."

"So, you don't mind that I might" Aidan asked wiping his eyes.

"Not at all. I know it won't be as easy a path as being straight, but these days it's much easier than it was when we were growing up. Gays can even marry now and adopt children and there is new legislation being passed all the time to promote and protect the LGBTQ community."

"It's kind of embarrassing," Aidan said blushing.

"I know, but it would be just as embarrassing if you had a girlfriend," Mrs. Reynolds said smiling.

"I guess. you think John's and Jimmy's moms know?"

"Let's just say they have their suspicions. We have discussed how close our boys are, but they seem to be very accepting of your relationships."

"Enough to let them go to DisneyLand with us?" Jaden said boldly, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to get that out there.

"What? Is that what you boys  have been scheming?" Mr. Reynolds chuckled.

" said you didn't mind us being...boyfriends, so how about it? Can they go with us if their moms say it's okay?"

"We'll have to discuss this with the boys' mothers and figure out the financial part. Have you considered that their mothers might not be able to pay their expenses?"

"We have some money saved," Aidan said beaming, "and we could chip in."

Mr. Reynolds smiled, "I suppose we could work out something, maybe get a two bedroom suite. I'm sure we can find room for everyone. The only real expense would be the admission tickets and the plane fare, but I have some frequent flyer miles saved up we could use."

"Okay, so you'll ask their moms?"

"Yes, we'll see what we can do, but we're not quite done here," Mr. Reynolds said looking a little nervous.

"Oh, okay...what else do you want to talk to us about?"

" we've said we love you and support you no matter what, but...we wouldn't be very good parents if we didn't explain how important it is to be safe...uh, in your relationships."

"What you father is talking about is safe sex," Mrs. Reynolds said when she say the confused look on their faces, "We know that at your age you are becoming....well, sexual beings, and though we don't need to know the particulars, we wouldn't be very good parents if we didn't talk to you about safe sex."

"Moooommm," Jaden said blushing, "we know all about that stuff, besides...we're not doing anything dangerous." That wasn't entirely true, even though the boys their age were mostly virgins, Jaden had been with older boys and a man, the young coach at school. Still he reasoned  there was no need to listen to a long drawn out speech about condoms and such.

"All right, but remember somethings are forever. STD's can be life changing and destroy chances for future relationships. I know you have access to this sort of thing on the internet and in class at school, but I have some pamphlets I want you both to read. And if you have any questions I want you to come to us. If we don't have the answer we will find it. Will you do that for us?"

"Yes mom," they both said almost as one.

"All right, just remember, it's not just about's about your partners too. They deserve to know that you aren't risking their health just to have a little fun."

Both boys were blushing bright red now. Neither of them had really thought about the implications of having multiple partners before, and Aidan especially felt a little guilty and concerned.

"Mom...should, get checked or anything?" Aidan said looking worried.

"After you read the pamphlets we can talk about that. If you have any symptoms at all then the answer is yes, but since I assume most of contacts  have been boys your age who haven't been exposed to STD's then I'll assume you are safe, but going forward you need to stop and think before engaging in any risky behavior. And one last thing," she said looking apprehensive, "If you need...ummm...condoms, well will provide questions asked. I know some people might say we were encouraging  you to have sex, but we're not stupid. We know we can't stop you from having sex if you are determined enough and we'd rather be safe than sorry. There I've said it. I know this is as embarrassing for you as it is for us, but it needed to be said."

"We want you to know that we love the two of you very much, and we are here for matter what. So please...if there is ever anything that you can't  handle on your own, come to us and I promise we will help you. We won't punish you for asking for advice either. I mean..unless you kill someone," he added in an attempt to lighten things up.

"Thanks dad, you too mom," Jaden said for both of them, "it...really means a lot to us to know we have the coolest rents in thew world and I promise you we won't do anything that would make you not be proud of us, right Aidan?"

Aidan nodded and wipe an stray tear from his eye, "We love you a lot," he said as his lips quivered a little. 

"'Come here baby," Mrs. Reynolds said holding out her arms for Aidan who swarmed into them. 

This was getting way too complicated, Jaden thought. Until now he'd figured adults were the only ones who had to worry about that stuff. His mother had opened his eyes to the real truth and he knew that now he needed to be much more careful when thinking about sex. He certainly didn't want to give anything to Jimmy, or to Aidan, or anyone else for that matter.

Eventually their parents dismissed them with promises on both sides, the boys to study the pamphlets, and the adults to talk to the other boys' parents about the trip, and the boys wandered off to their room to talk.

"Wow, I never thought our rents would be this cool about us being gay and having boyfriends," Aidan said falling down on his bed.

"I told you. I was pretty sure they knew all along, but I didn't expect all this safe sex talk stuff."

"But...they're know. It's one thing to mess with Jimmy and John and our friends our age, but when we start messing with older boys and men...well, we're risking a lot."

"You mean me...right? Yeah, I know...I've been with Jason and the coach, but if I caught anything...I'd know by now...right?"

"We should read the pamphlets and see what they say, but I think we're safe for now. We just need to be more careful, that's all."

"Okay, let's read them then. And if we don't understand them we can always Google it."

Aidan laughed, "Or do what mom and dad said and ask them."

"Yeah, that too."

The boys read the pamphlets, did research online and came to the conclusion that they'd been lucky so far, but going forward they knew they needed to be more careful. Within their little group there was certainly no danger, but from now on they would have to assess each new partner and situation more carefully. 

Not that it slowed the boy's sex life down any. When they weren't with their boyfriends they had each other and there was no lack of sexual gratification, which was a good thing since their sex drive was even stronger now that they were finally teens.

"Hey Randy, wait up," Buddy said breathlessly as he hurried to catch up with his friend.

"Oh hi,"  Randy said spinning around with a  huge smile on  his face.

"Where ya' goin'?"

"To the store to get some bread and milk. Wanna' go with me?"

"Yeah, I was gonna come see  ya anyway."

"My mom is gonna' go to work at 2 and I gotta' watch my brother till she gets home, but you can come over. Mom don't care."

"Okay, sure...what about Ty, think he'll go to bed early?" Buddy said grinning.

"He's usually asleep by 9. Why what's up?"

"Oh, nothing...just wondering," Buddy said grinning. 

Randy shook his head and laughed. He couldn't believe how Buddy had changed over the last few months. He was doing better in school and had even made some new friends. At first Randy was a little worried that he might drop him once he made other friends, but instead their friendship had grown stronger. They'd progressed from hand holding to kissing and though neither was in a big hurry to do more, now that they'd become teens their urges were starting to get the best of them.

Randy, who had absolutely no sexual experience, had discovered masturbation only recently and did it frequently. Often he would think of Buddy as he worked his 3.5" uncut cock and wondered what Buddy looked like down there. Was he cut or uncut, how big was his penis, did he masturbate too, and more importantly did he think of me when he did it?

If only he knew the truth. Buddy had been masturbating since he was 7 or 8 and did it at least twice a day since learning how to do it from an older boy. His thoughts didn't really involve anyone in particular, but were rather composites of naked bodies, male and female, and penetration. No faces, no personalities, that is not until lately. Now almost all of his masturbation sessions involved thinking of Randy in one way or another. 

He'd never seen Randy naked, though he had seen him in his underwear a few times, but he knew without any doubt that he wanted to. That he wanted to be naked with the skinny boy and do things he'd only dreamed of until now. Things that up until now he had repressed, things that had lingered in the corners of his mind. Things that had prompted him to hate and hurt others who he thought might have those feelings too. But now instead of hating and hurting he was ready to accept who he was and learn to embrace those deep dark feelings. He was ready to give his all, if Randy would accept it.

"I got some money, I'll buy us some candy for later," Buddy said once they reached the 7-11.

" don't have to, but thanks," Randy said smiling warmly. Buddy was so good to him. He treated him he mattered, and that was something totally new to the skinny, nerdy boy, "Ty will be happy."

"Yeah, I'll get him M&M's, they're not as messy."

Randy thought that was really nice of Buddy to think of little things like that, but that was the way he was these days. 

Randy paid for his bread and milk, this time with cash since his mom had just got paid that week, and Buddy paid for the candy and they headed back to the apartments. On the way back they talked about the usual things, TV shows, video games, school and what they were going to do that evening. Buddy's mom was out with a boyfriend and Buddy had no curfew and was planning on staying as long as he could at Randy's.

"Well, hello Buddy," Randy's mom said as they came through the door, "are you going to keep the boys company tonight?"

"Yes ma'am," Buddy said blushing. He had come to like Randy's mom a lot and sometimes wished she was his mom too, but that was silly and he knew it. If she was then him and Randy would be brothers and they'd probably hate each other.

"All right, that's fine. You know the rules Randy. No cooking, except the microwave and make sure Ty is bathed and in bed by nine. I need to run honey, they called me in early. I should be home by midnight though." She said grabbing her purse and Walmart smock. 

"Okay, problem," Randy said giving his mom a hug.

"Me...mommy," Ty said reaching his little arms out for his mother. She gave him a big hug then handed him to Randy who could barely lift the six year old.

"Have fun boys, and don't forget to put the milk  in the refrigerator," she said as she hurried out the door.

When she was gone Randy handed Ty to Buddy who threw him over his shoulder causing a fit of laughter from the little boy. Then tossing him on the couch Buddy tickled him as he giggled and thrashed around.

"Stop it...Buddy...I'm gonna pee," he giggled.

Buddy stopped and sat down beside the little boy and  he quickly climbed into Buddy's lap. Buddy had absolutely no experience with little kids until he met Randy and started hanging out with him and Ty, but he had quickly bonded with the little boy. 

At first Ty felt a little threatened by Buddy, afraid he might take up too much of Randy's time, but instead he found he now had two older boys to play with and he had come to love Buddy almost as much as he loved his brother.

"I wish you lived here wiff  us," Ty sighed as he leaned back into Buddy's meaty body. He was six and he didn't see Buddy as fat or slow or any of the things the kids at school saw, he just saw a friend and he liked him just the way he was.

"'d get tired of me then. This is better cause' it's special when I come over."

"Yeah," Randy said falling down beside the two," and he might get tired of us."

"Huh uh, no way," Buddy said wrapping his arms around Ty, "you guys are my best friends."

Randy was touched by Buddy's words, but he felt the same way. Truly Buddy was his best friend too and he was happy that Ty and him got along so well.

"I'm gonna fix some dinner now, it's just hot dogs and chips. Is that okay?"

"That sounds great, let me help."

"Me too, me too," Ty said climbing down off Buddy's lap.

They dined on nuked hotdogs on white bread and  generic potato chips and then Buddy passed the candy out and as expected Ty was full of excitement. He thanked Buddy with a hug and a wet kiss and Buddy blushed, but deep down inside he loved the attention.

They watched TV as they ate their candy and drank generic soda and when the candy was gone Ty stretched out with this head in Randy's lap and his feet in Buddy's. Occasionally Buddy would squeeze Ty's little toes or tickle the bottom of his foot and Ty loved the attention. They were almost like a family as they shared the moment and all three were very happy.

Around 8:30 Randy ran bath water for Ty and herded him to the bathroom for his nightly bath. Usually Ty loved his bath and he even had a plastic bucket full of toys he kept nearby for playtime, but tonight he was reluctant to go. It took both of the older boys to convince him to take his bath and Buddy finally carried him in across his shoulder.

"Help me Buddy," Ty said holding his arms over his head to make removing his shirt easier.

Buddy shrugged and pulled the little boy's shirt off, but was saved any further distress as the little boy removed the rest of his clothes himself. Buddy was surprised at how comfortable the little boy was being naked in front of a stranger and he tried not to stare, but he was curious and managed to get a peek without being to obvious.

Ty had the body of a typical 6 year old, slender with just a little baby fat around his tummy and hips and perfectly smooth skin. His penis was uncut and looked like a little flower nestled in it's wrinkled sleeve, his balls barely visibly beneath. Buddy thought the little boy was cute, but he didn't have any sexual feelings for him, and for that he was glad. 

Once they had Ty settled in the tub Randy quickly helped him wash then stood up and laid the washcloth on the tub. "You can play now. Just yell when you're done."

Randy left the door open so they could hear him and once they were out of Ty's sight he took Buddy's hand and led  him to the living room. Then swarming into his arms he placed his lips against Buddy's and they kissed. The last few weeks their kisses had become more intimate and arousing and it didn't take long for their arousal to show.

" taste like chocolate," Randy giggled.

"You taste like grape pop...and Randy," Buddy giggled.

"When Ty goes to sleep we can kiss some more," Randy said softly into Buddy's neck causing goosebumps.

"Just kiss?"

"Uh....well...we can see....uh...what happens. Why do you want to do more?"

"If you do," Buddy said feeling very shy all of a sudden.

"I don't know, maybe...." Randy said smiling as his heart sped up in his chest.

Randy let it drop, but he was hoping for the best. He'd decided he was ready to take things to the next level, but he wanted Buddy to want it too. In fact he looked to Buddy to take charge and lead them forward since he figured Buddy was more experienced in these things.

They settled onto the couch, holding hands and snuggling, and they lost track of time. From the bathroom they heard Ty yell that he was ready to get out and Randy went off to help him dry off and get ready for bed. Buddy watched TV and gnawed on a thumbnail anxiously awaiting Randy's return.

Now that he knew Randy wanted the same thing he did he was more nervous than ever. When it had been his idea, that was one thing, but now that Randy might be expecting something he was terrified he would make a fool of himself. Maybe if they just started slow, touched each other down there or showed each other what they had. He was still deep in thought when Randy returned and fell down beside him.

"He's asleep. He was really tired and the good thing is he sleeps like the dead. It's almost impossible to wake him up once he goes to sleep."

"That's do you want to do?"

"Well...we can just talk if you want."

"Sure, okay. We can turn off the TV and maybe dim the lights."

"Yeah, that sounds nice," Randy said as his heart beat faster now. His stomach was full of butterflies and  his mouth was dry. He didn't know what to expect, but he was sure it would be wonderful.

He turned off all but the kitchen light and turned off the TV and sat back down beside Buddy so close their legs touched from hip to knee. Buddy's leg felt solid and warm and he had obviously bathed recently because his usual musky odor was mixed with that of soap and shampoo.

As their fingers entwined, Randy thought back to the first time they held hands and  how surprisingly sweet it had been. From there they had progressed to kissing and soon became comfortable with both....but now that the time had come to move forward Randy was a complete bundle of nerves.

"This is nice," Randy sighed.

"Yeah, uh...oh man, this is so hard..."  Buddy stuttered.

"It doesn't have to be....I want it and I think you want it too. We don't have to do everything...but we can do a little..."

" what?"

"I don't know...." Randy sighed, "I...I've never done anything before. I know, I know..that makes me really lame and all, but until you came along no one ever got that close before."

Buddy smiled, "I...know you think I'm like this...really cool guy and all, but I'm not. I mean I've never been with  anyone either. I mean who would want to get with a fat pig like me."

"You're not a fat pig," Randy said gently, "I like you just like you are and I'm glad you haven't done stuff...cause now we can figure things out together."

"Yeah, together..."

"Want to kiss some more?"

They kissed for a long time and despite their nervousness they were soon sporting boners. Buddy made the first move letting his hand drift down between them and rubbing Randy's flat stomach. He loved how it felt, so unlike his own fat stomach, and he envied Randy's slender form. They continued to kiss as Buddy's hand wandered lower, resting on the waistband of Randy's jeans.

Randy drew in a sharp breath and sucked his tummy in as Buddy's finger slipped lower and into Randy's pants. They were both trembling as his fingers came into contact with the base of something hard and rubbery, namely Randy's stiff penis.

"Ummm...that feels good," Randy gasped.

"Can your pants?"

"Yeah, here let me help..."

Buddy fumbled with his top button and finally got it undone then slowly unzipped his jeans. Randy raised his skinny butt to allow Buddy to snake his pants off exposing his white briefs and the tent within.

"You look nice," Buddy said shakily then he let him hand wander down again to rest on the bulge in his underwear.

" feels really good."

"It's big," Buddy said sincerely, even though it was smaller than his own penis he thought it was a nice size.

"It's not that big...."

"I like it. Ummm...can I see it?"

Randy nodded, not trusting his voice to answer. His brain was on overload as Buddy's hand rested on his most private place, and he thought that he had never felt anything as wonderful in his young life.

His underwear came off easily and when his hard prong sprang into view Buddy let out a nervous giggle. Randy blushed, thinking Buddy was making fun of him, but when Buddy reached down and wrapped his warm pudgy hand around his dick he moaned with pleasure.

"It's nice, I like the skin on it," Buddy said softly, "I was  hoping you'd be me."

"Can...can I see yours now?" Randy said realizing this wasn't all about him, and that he needed to make Buddy feel good too.

"Okay, but I'm so fat...."

"Let me help you," Randy said ignoring his self shaming.

Between the two of them they got Buddy's pants off and then his underwear and when Randy saw Buddy's fat dick he was not disappointed. It was a full inch longer than his own and much fatter with a long nozzle of foreskin from which a flaring purple head peeked out. It was wet on the end and Randy could smell a musky odor coming from it that he associated with his own dick and masturbation.

"It's huge," Randy said in awe, "Can...can I touch it?"

"Uh huh, all you want," Buddy grunted. This was his first time being touched by anyone as well, and he was just as nervous and just as excited as Randy was.

Wrapping his small hand around Buddy's fat dick a look of total fascination filled his face as he pulled back the foreskin to reveal the flaring head. 

"Wow, I like it," Randy said looking up at Buddy who's eyes were closed, his face filled was satisfaction and lust.

"That feels really good, but be careful....I haven't jacked off all day."

Randy chuckled, "Me either, want to jack each other off?" 

It was such a bold statement coming from shy little Randy, that Buddy was speechless for a moment, but when he found his voice he agreed wholeheartedly.

They finished removing their pants and  underwear and sat back side by side again and reached over to grab each others cock. It was awkward and Buddy knew there had to be a better way. He thought about some of the porn he watched and remembered something called a 69. It was usually for sucking, but he reasoned it would work for this too.

"I got an idea. Let's lay down in the floor...." Buddy said quickly explaining what he had in mind.

Randy was confused at first but when he saw what Buddy had in mind he smiled excitedly, "Yeah, this is neat. We can reach each others uh...wiener easy now."

"Wiener?" Buddy laughed, "Let's call em' our cocks, cause we're not little kids any more."

"Oh..yeah, cocks," Randy said blushing. It sounded so dirty and grown up and just saying the word made his cock throb with anticipation.

Once they were in position both boys eagerly reached for the prize before them and picked up where they had left off. Buddy was first to let his other hand wander down to Randy's small smooth ball sac and he rolled the marbles inside around causing Randy to gasp.

"Did I hurt you?" Buddy asked in horror.

", it feels really good. Want me to do yours?"

"Yeah, I like that stuff...I do it to myself when know, beat off."

Buddy's nuts were bigger, but just as smooth as Randy's, and they felt warm and soft to the touch. Randy lovingly handled them inhaling Buddy's musky odor while marveling at the amazing feeling of Buddy handling his own junk.

Suddenly Randy had an overpowering urge to lean in closer and kiss the purple flaring cockhead before him, but he was too shy to initiate anything as serious as that. Maybe next time, he thought, but only if Buddy starts it first.

"Mmmm...I'm really close," Buddy said suddenly, "I don't come much, but it might be messy."

"I don't care, I'm close too and I hardly come any at all."

"Okay, then let's do it all that way..."

For the next few minutes they didn't speak as they worked with determination on each others hard boy cock. Randy loved the feel of Buddy's larger cock in his hand and apparently Buddy felt the same about Randy's. Soon they were thrusting up into each others hand and with a final grunt Buddy shuddered and he cock burped out a few drops of thin water cum.

Randy was right behind him and surprisingly produced a few more drops than Buddy. As the last bit of cum dribbled out of their spent cocks they lay there side by side still holding each other lovingly as they recovered. Neither boy felt the guilt or shame that they had feared. They had waited for this moment, building up a level of trust and intimacy, and now that the moment had arrived it was as wonderful as they'd both hoped it would be.

"That was good," Buddy sighed reaching down to dab his fingers in his cum. Then bringing them to his mouth and licking them clean he added, "Do you ever eat your cum?"

"Yeah," Randy said blushing, "it tastes good."

"Can I...uh, taste yours?"

"O...okay, if I can taste yours."

They dabbed a finger in each others cum and brought it to their lips and smacked with pleasure as they tasted each other for the first time. 

"Maybe next time we know...suck each other," Buddy suggested.

"Really? You want to?" Randy asked excitedly.

"Yeah, I want to...if you do."

"Yeah, a lot. I...I almost did it this time, but I was too nervous."

"Next time for sure. Wanna watch some more TV now?"

"Yeah, and  hold hands."

"And kiss."

There would have probably been a second round if Ty hadn't woke up with a tummy ache and needing to poop. Afterwards Randy lay with him for a long time before he fell back asleep and by then it was almost time for Randy's mom to get  home.

The two young lovers settled for snuggling on the couch, and the ocassional kiss, but both knew there would be a wicked jerk off session later when they were alone.

It was a first for both boys and now that they'd broken the ice, the possibilities were endless. When they finally said goodnight with a hug and a kiss, both boys were smiling and happier than they had ever been in their young lives. Who would have ever thought that the bully and the bullied would become friends and lovers?

End Chapter 15

Well not only have we seen the last of Mike, Buddy and Randy are now officially BFs. Not to mention that the twins are now out to their rents. Will Jimmy and John's moms let the two go to DL with the Twins? Tune in next time same Twin time, same Twin channel and find out...LOL

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