The Bus Trip


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          I just got a divorce and was trying to start life over on my own. I don't mean to sound cold but I was better off without her. I missed her, yeah. I am in love with her but there is nothing between us any longer. Sex has been a joke for the last several years. I asked her who she fantasied about. She told me and it hurt. But what the hell, if I told her who I fantasied about we would have split a long time ago.
          I haven't sucked a dick in fifteen years. I did three boys in my highschool days from the time I was about fourteen until I was seventeen. Then I joined the Army. My mother and I had a big fight about all of her boyfriends hanging around. The next morning was my eighteenth birthday and I was awakened by one of her boyfriends, the worst one. He was an Army recruiter. By noon I was in the Army. I hung with some friends the rest of the day and got wasted. I awakened the next morning in bed with a girl that I had known for seven years. She always had it bad for me and, to tell the truth, she wasn't that bad. My dick was totally sore and red. She told me that I was a fucking animal. I was proud. This would really help my rep.
          Two days later I was on the bus for boot camp. I was surrounded by beautiful hunks and starving for cock. There were two guys that got it on with me but then I got the letter. Seems like my all night escapade made a little one. Yep, I was gonna be a papa. I went home and got married and tried my dead level best to be straight. Actually we got married during my Christmas leave. Seems our all night fuck stuck. She didn't show too much and only her parents and mine knew she was pregnant. Tommy was born in March when we were both still eighteen. I had to be straight, I had a son to raise. I went on a cockless diet for the next fifteen years.
          It almost worked until she decided that sex wasn't all that important. After all we had a fine young son who was the fulfillment of my life. I have been resorting to the old fist express the last three or four years. When my wife and I do have conjugal relations I have had to resort to fantasies of young boy's hard, cum filled cocks in my mouth in order to maintain my direction or erection.
          A couple of months before the split I discovered a new twist. I have a hand held shower head that I like to use to get to every crevice of my body. One day it had almost no spray due to hard water build up. I took the head off of the handle and discovered that it was the ball and socket type design. The ball just looked as if it would be a perfect fit for my ass. I had just discovered the pleasure that I could derive by sticking my finger in my butt as I masturbated so I thought I would try this.
          I cleaned the shower head and undressed. I was so excited as I stepped in the shower. I turned on the overhead spray and let it soak me as I moved the ball connector around my nether region. It felt so good. I love to stick my finger in a guys ass while I suck him and I knew that when I did they would fill my hungry mouth with their hot semen. No one had ever returned the favor but then no one had ever sucked my dick to ejaculation. That's right, I had never cumed in a guys mouth. I have creamed a whore's mouth when I was in Europe but she was paid for it. In all honesty, she wasn't all that good.
          I turned the diverter valve so that a very fine trickle of water came from the ball connector and pushed it against my hole. It went in much easier than I thought it would. It felt much better than I thought it would. I hit my prostate and the electricity shot through my body. I started to fuck myself with this joy stick and I loved it. I got off in minutes without ever touching my dick. I was ecstatic. I suddenly became the cleanest man on the block as I was taking three or four showers a day and I could care less about relations with my wife.
          I came home from work early one day only to find the sheets had been split. She took half of everything. She took half of the sheets. She took the everyday dishes and the new set of flatware. She left me the very expensive stainless steel cookware. She burned everything she cooked in it including boiled water. I loved the cookware and I had it. The one thing she took all of was our precious fourteen year old son. That I wanted back.
          I had no idea where they were so I couldn't talk to them. I moved out of the house. It was a rental anyway. I took a two bedroom apartment with the hopes that my son would visit and maybe want to move in with me. One of the percs for signing a lease was a four day and three night stay at a up scale hotel in San Francisco, for two, you pay your own transportation.
          I got moved in and settled down to a life of the single divorced male. Monday I made a trip to the school and found my son's bike. I didn't know what was going on so I used extreme caution. I left a note with my new phone number and address sticking in his handlebars. I told him that I was leaving Wednesday for a little vacation and would not be back until the following Friday.
          The wife not only flew out on the broom when she left she took the new car. That left me with a ten year old pickup and I didn't much trust it to get across town and back let alone a trip to California so I opted for a bus. There were many ways that I could travel but for some reason I decided that I needed peace and quite and time. A long bus trip would be perfect. If I didn't die of boredom I might be able to get my head around this new life.
          I bought two eight year olds. Two bottles of good, eight year old sour mash and stuck them in the small duffle to carry on the bus. I took the back seat figuring I would stretch out and drink myself into a stupor without the driver being able to see me. The bus filled quickly but no one seemed too interested in the back half of the bus so I thought that I was going to be alone. That changed when the cutest guy I had ever seen came down the isle and sat beside me. I mean there were empty seats everywhere and the back seat was large enough for him to sit but he sat beside me. I had kicked my shoes off and had my legs up on the seat. He picked up my feet and laid them in this lap and smiled at me.
          I learned that his name was Brad. He looked like he was fourteen. He had the cutest baby face with a close cropped military hair cut that barely let one know that his hair was very light blonde. His eyebrows gave that away though, they were very blonde. His eyes were steel blue. I felt as if I was looking into a deep pool of crystal clear water. He had a very angular jaw and almost hollow cheeks. He was buff but on the skinny side. He stood five seven maybe eight and weighed about one forty. Oh, did I mention, he was wearing an Air Force uniform with E-4 stripes.
          He massaged my feet and smiled at me. "Feel good?" he asked. Of course what could I say? He removed his uniform blouse to reveal a firm chest in a super tight white tee shirt. Then he turned back to my feet and removed my socks. By this time the bus was on the freeway and we were booking cross country. He worked my feet like a pro, giving each toe a good workout. He worked the arches of my feet and then raked my soles with his finger nails. I have heard of reflexology but have never experienced the joy of having every organ in my body stroked from the bottom of my feet.
          One obvious result of his efforts was a super hard cock pushing the thin cotton of my slacks. I am in pretty good shape for a thirty three year old married father. I have a very physical job and I work hard ten to twelve hours a day. I own my own business and run it by myself. I do have to work very hard but the money is very good. I had premonitions about my marriage and had hidden large amounts of money for several years so I am pretty well fixed financially also.
          Brad reached up and squeezed my dick and I thought I would cum right then. He pulled my zipper down. I was free balling, I hate underwear. He took my cock out and began his massage techniques on it. It was dark out so he lay down and started to suck me. He didn't get much of a suck. I blew my load almost immediately. He never missed a drop as he licked me clean. I ran my hands through his buzz cut hair and held him close. He lay there nursing me for a very long time. I started to come alive again but we had just entered the edge of the capitol city and the freeway was lit up like daylight. I told him to sit up because we could be seen. He was reluctant but conceded. I tucked my hard cock away and turned around in my seat to face forward. I pulled him to me and kissed him. His breath was sweet and the inside of his mouth was hot. I could just get a hint of my cum on his breath as I licked every tooth, front and back, between the cheeks and on the tongue side. I couldn't get enough of this boy.
          Traffic was getting heavy and people were stirring inside the bus. I picked up my socks but Brad took them and put them on for me as he kissed and sucked each toe. We would have a forty five minute lay over at the bus station before continuing on. I wanted a cup of coffee and a piss so Brad and I went inside the bus terminal. We got our coffee and headed back to the bus where we could talk.
          I learned that Brad had just been discharged from the service. He was caught with an officer giving head in the supply cage. He was on his knees sucking the cock of a twenty two year old pilot when their commanding officer cleared his throat. He was standing over them with a scowl that would curdle ice cream at a hundred paces. The pilot was courts marshaled. Brad took a section eight, undesirable discharge. He was on his way home to San Francisco to get his things and his car. His dad had already told him that he was not welcome in his home. "No queer will ever set foot in my house. Your shit will be in your car and it will be out front, in the street. Don't knock on my door and don't even think about talking to your little brother. I won't have a cock sucking faggot corrupt him."
          Brad began to cry. We were back on the bus and I was propped up in the corner with him cuddled into me, his back against my chest. I held him close as I rested my chin on his shoulder. My hands roamed over his tight chest and stomach as I licked at his tears. The bus pulled out and soon we were back on the darkened freeway. I slipped out of my seat and lay Brad down. I got on top of him and kissed him as I let my hands roam over his entire body. I finally got his fatigue pants unbuttoned and his cock free. He was perfect. He had a nice six inch, uncut, thick piece of boy meat that smelled like boy should smell. I went down on him and ended a fifteen year fast. I worked his pants down so that I could get to his balls. I found them full and firm and larger than I expected. I caressed them as I continued to nurse his long thick straw.
          I was half scared of getting caught but excited that we might as I worked my hand into his crotch seeking his pucker. I wiped my finger in my slobbers rolling down his cock and pushed it against his rose bud. It went all the way in with very little resistence. I felt his prostate throb as I touched it causing his dick to swell in my mouth. I added a second finger and began to stroke and massage his butt nut. I squeezed it between my fingers as I sped up my pumping on his engorged tool. I was well rewarded for my efforts with two or three gallons of rich, sweet boy juice. This was the best I could ever recall having tasted but then it had been fifteen years.
          I licked him clean and pulled my fingers out of his ass. I smelled my fingers. They smelled like butt but a good smell. I was overcome. I licked one finger. Brad grabbed my hand and took my middle finger into his mouth and sucked it clean. I took my hand back and sucked my forefinger clean. He told me that he likes to suck a dick clean after they have fucked him. I told him that I had never butt fucked anybody but I wanted to do him. He wanted to be fucked.
          Brad pushed his pants down below his knees and got up on the seat on all fours. I had to have him so I got on my knees and lined up. I went in with very little resistance and a very long happy sigh from Brad. He was so tight and hot. It felt as if my dick was in an oven. His ass was better than any pussy I had ever been in. He was working his rectal muscles in such a way as to stimulate me beyond reason. I was long stroking him when I looked up into the face of a boy about fourteen or fifteen staring at us. He smiled and went into the bus's restroom. Brad and I were too far gone to care.
          In a few seconds the restroom door opened and the boy stepped out. His hard dicklet was sticking out through his fly. He had a nice five inches a little larger around than a quarter. He was cut and dripping. He moved in front of Brad and shoved his cock in Brad's mouth. He rabbit fucked Brad and blew a load very quickly. As he pulled out Brad said he was about to cum. The kid dropped to the floor and worked in under Brad and took his cock into his mouth. Brad gave the kid all he had in him as I fired a hefty load up his tail pipe.
          I pulled out and Brad turned around. He took my cock in his mouth and began to clean my dick. The kid stood up. His dick was hard again. I pulled him over to me and unfastened his pants. I pushed them down with his underwear and exposed all of him. He stood on his tip toes and fed his cock into my mouth. I grabbed his extra firm buns and pulled him in. His cock was bigger than I thought. It was a solid six inches and hard as a rock. He began to fuck my face as Brad did his number on me. The boy and I both shot our loads at the same moment. I had my finger buried in the boy's ass hole. I wiggled it for good measure and he fired three more volleys into my mouth. He told us he had never been fucked but he would take care of that as soon as he got home. I pulled his pants up and fastened them. I took his soft cock and sucked it one more time then tucked it away and zipped him up. He leaned over and kissed me then moved toward the isle. He stopped and bent over and rimmed Brad. He licked Brad's ass dry of my cum then he bent over and kissed Brad.
          As he prepared to leave he asked for a mint. He was traveling with his dad and didn't want the old man to smell cum on his breath. All I had was mouthwash. He took a big swig and swished it around as he stepped back into the crapper. He stepped right back out with a million dollar smile on his face. "I love you guys. Wish we could do it again." With that he was gone.
          I had four days and three nights at a posh hotel in San Francisco for two. I asked Brad if he might want to join me for the weekend. He grabbed me and kissed me until my toes sucked up into my feet and my feet drew up into my legs. I felt like a rubber toy as all of the air was let out. I was totally flat when he let me come up for air.

          We pulled into the bus station at the state line. Actually we were now in California. We had another thirty minute layover before we would head out to Bakersfield. Both of us headed for the restroom to wash up and refresh ourselves. Our young friend was with us. He gave us his name, address, and phone number. He lived in Fresno. He told us he had just turned fifteen and he had been sucking cock for three years. He had a steady boyfriend that was fourteen and they were planning to run away together as soon as school was out. I tried to talk to him but he didn't want to hear it. He lived alone with his dad who was a workaholic and they seldom ever saw each other.
          His dad was mildly homophobic at least where his son was concerned so it was never discussed. I asked what that meant and he said that his dad worked around fags but would not let them come near him. His dad tried to shelter him. He laughed and said, "If he only knew." We all laughed at that. He said that he would come back and see us after his dad went to sleep. We still had about five hours till he had to disembark.
          I bought a six pack of cold coke and got some paper cups. Brad and I took up our space in the back of the bus and I mixed us each a drink. Thirty minutes into our next leg our young friend showed up. He wanted to suck both of us so we just opened up and sat back. Brad and I kissed each other as we enjoyed the lads menstruations. He was good. He had been trained well and knew how to pull the cum from a man. He worked my ass with his fingers. This was a first for me and I loved it. Brad licked his fingers clean.
          As the boy worked on Brad I picked him up and dropped his drawers so that I could rim him. He had never been rimmed and he loved it. I laid down on the seat and let him sixty nine me as Brad broke his cherry. Brad was blessed, or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with an average sized dick and he entered the boy with very little pain to our youngster. Brad fucked him and fucked him hard as I held his throbbing member deep in my throat. He had every inch of my cock down his throat which was remarkable in itself. I have nine and a half inches and am nearly six inches in girth. The lad had his tongue under my foreskin and was doing a major number on me. I had just filled his mouth ten minutes earlier but he had me going for another round. What was this now number seven, eight for the trip. We had been on the road about eight hours. A load an hour average. And Brad was right up there with me. He had matched me load for load all night long.
          The boy loved being fucked. He wanted to try to take me. I figured he was open and slick from Brad so I lay back and let him slide down. He took it all in one move as Brad sucked him off to another climax. We were all surprised at how much cum we had dumped. Brad sucked the little guy's ass clean and we dressed him and sent him back to his dad. The lights of Bakersfield could be seen as a glow over the mountains in front of us.
          In Bakersfield we ordered hamburgers. The boy and his dad joined us as the place was full and there were no empty tables. We talked for awhile and I realized that the dad's company was one of my main suppliers. I gave him my business card and he recognized my company name at once. He told me that he was going to be in my town in June. I told him to call me. And I told him to bring his son. We could show them a great time. This was kind of dangerous but I felt that I could trust his boy and I really wanted to see him again.

          Brad and I slept until we pulled into Fresno. We were awakened with a kiss and a grope. Our boy came to say goodbye. We got off of the bus with him and watched him and his dad walk away. We were saddened but he was pure prison for both of us. We had already tempted the fates much more than we should have.
          Back in our seats we were asleep before the bus pulled out of Fresno. It was the jerky stop and go of the bus in morning rush hour traffic that awakened us. We prettied each other up and got ready to disembark. We caught a taxi to the hotel and checked in at ten fifteen in the morning.
          The room was a suite with a whirlpool type tub. Brad and I took a quick shower, of course we took it together. Then took a nap. At one Brad got up and dressed. He told me he had to go home to get his car and stuff. I guess I looked lost. He sat down on the bed and pulled me to him and held me. He promised me that he was coming back. He told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to him and he wanted to spend the weekend with me as he had promised me on the bus.
          Alone in the room I tried to decide what I should do. I fixed my eyes on the tub so I filled it with hot water. I turned on the heater and the jets and settled in. I was asleep almost at once. I awakened to Brad getting in beside me. I marveled at his beautiful, lean body as he stepped into the tub. It was really the first time I had ever looked at him. I was so tired when we took our shower that I didn't see anything.
          Brad cuddled and we kissed. We washed each other and fondled each other until we decided to get onto the bed and have a proper fuck. We finally got into a sixty nine and set about pleasing each other as best as we could. I learned many new tricks from him and was using them right back on him. He told me that he was learning also. For the next three hours we had our mouths on every part of each other's body. I have to admit that his toes were nice and I loved making him squirm as I licked his ears.
          At six we decided that we needed a good Chinese dinner. We showered and dressed and headed for the door. I reached for the door knob as someone knocked from the outside. I opened the door to see Brad staring at me from the hallway. Here was a perfect carbon copy about an inch shorter and twenty pounds lighter looking me over. His right eye was red and swollen as if someone had hit him. Brad grabbed the boy and pulled him inside and gave him a big hug.
          As if I couldn't figure it out for myself Brad introduced me to his brother, Chad. Chad was just as cute and baby faced as his older sibling. Brad led him to the couch and they sat down side by side. Chad began to tell his story. Their dad was a bigoted homophobe. He had been screaming about his faggot son all week. When he came home from work and found Brad's car gone and Chad home he started in. Chad admitted to talking to Brad and saying good bye to his big brother. His dad went insane. He said that he had told Brad to stay away and not to talk to anybody. He did not want that faggot cocksuker corrupting his youngest son.
          Chad had all that he could take. He told his dad that Brad didn't have to corrupt him. He told his dad that his seed was corrupt and that he had spawned two faggots. He was no real man because he couldn't father a straight son. Chad told him that he was gay and had had a boy friend since he was thirteen. He told him that he liked fucking boys and being fucked. He told him that he would turn eighteen the following week and he was out of there and would never come to see him again. His dad hit him right in the eye.
          Brad had told him where he was staying so he got on the B.A.R.T (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and came down. He wanted to know if he could stay the night. We both agreed. Brad and I were hungry so we pushed Chad out the door and headed for a street car to China Town.
          We ordered almost everything on the menu. By the time we left our bellies were pooched out and we could hardly walk we were so full. We walked along through the fag bars and I related a story about the last time I had been in this area. I love San Francisco. To me it is the prettiest city in the world and I have been to many. I have been to Paris, London, Brussels, Rome, Athens, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Perth, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, L.A., New York, Chicago, D.C., Miami, St. Louis, Dallas. I have been around the world, twice and in fourteen foreign countries. But of all of the places I have been I love to visit the City by the Bay above all others.
          The last time I was here my son was six. I had brought him and his mother for a two week vacation. My wife loves to eat fish so we stayed at a famous Hotel on the Wharf. One night we had decided to go for Chinese. We took the trolley up from the Wharf. Sorry, I guess I am supposed to call them cable cars, duhhh, oh well. We got off at the top of the hill and walked down to China Town. As we passed by the fag bars a barker out front hollered out, "Hey, buddy, ditch the bitch and you and the boy come on in. We'll show you a great time."
          I was going to tear him up. I was twenty five and very strong and I love to fight. My wife knew this. She squeezed my arm a little tighter as my son squeezed my hand and they hurried me on down the street. She told me that she didn't want to have to visit me in prison in a different state. And that is where I would be because she knew that I would have killed the son-of-a- bitch. She's seen me fight too many times. I don't go to bars anymore because I am a bar room brawler. My sister's husband and I used to take on twelve to twenty guys at a time and seldom ever had a mark on us.
          Just about that time a queen grabbed Chad's ass. He screamed. I turned around and knocked the fag out in the middle of the street. The two boy's grabbed me and cut into a bar. They asked and were shown the back door as they dragged me through. We ran up an alley and out to the street just as the trolley came by. We jumped on and headed back to the hotel laughing our asses off all the way. They believed that I liked to fight. I told them that not all queers are helpless.
          Chad told us about his boy friend. Bobby liked to hang around where cute boys were and pick them up. One night he saw this one guy that he really wanted to get. Problem was the guy was out to bash a fag and roll him for his cash. When Bobby went down on the guy he hit him. Bobby continued with what he was doing. The guy started pounding on Bobby's head and shoulders. Bobby kept on sucking the guy's cock. Finally the guy gave up and stood still while he got his rocks off.
          Chad was standing where he could see all of this. He said Bobby stood up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and said, "The only thing I like better than sucking cock is fighting." He then proceeded to beat the living shit out of the guy and told him never to come around the area again or he would not live the next time.
          Chad was thirteen and a half and he wanted to meet Bobby. He walked up to him and told him he had seen it all. He asked if he could suck Bobby's dick. The two of them got together then and had been together for four and a half years now. Bobby was now twenty three and they were going to move out of state and live together. I asked where they thought they would like to go. He said they were thinking about Arizona.
          We got back to the hotel and I told the boys that they probably had a lot to talk about. I told them they could have the bed and I would have the couch opened up. I received a volley of protests from that. Brad told me that he was here to be with me all weekend. He was looking forward to waking up with me cuddled against him the next morning. He told Chad that he loved him and wouldn't mind a little brotherly love but he wanted to be with me. Chad had a tent in his thin cotton pants that said "maybe..." So I asked him if he wanted to sleep with us. He did. That boy is all sex and we had a great time all night.
          Saturday morning Chad called Bobby and had him come down to pick him up. Brad took me all over town showing me sights that I had never seen when I had come to town before. He took me to Golden Gate park then up Telegraph Hill. I had never been to the Presidio. We drove along Highway One. I had no idea that there were giant trees that close to San Francisco. We came back up along the shore and waded in the icy cold water. We ate at the Wharf. We went out to Alcatraz. We walked all over the city and then he drove me out to the beach to watch the seals. Then as the day grew long he took me to a hill top where we just parked and watched the fog roll in. It is so mysterious and quite romantic.
          I asked Brad what he was going to do. He told me that he had no plans. He didn't want to stay here. There were too many bad memories for him. I asked him about returning to my home. He looked at me with an expectant look in his eyes and I knew what we both wanted. I asked him if he would consider going home with me. I liked to take in stray puppies and he was the cutest one I had ever found. If he wanted to follow me home I would take care of him and feed him and even clean up after him, if needed. With huge tears in his eyes he pulled me into a hot embrace and asked me if we could be boyfriends. "Only until we can get married," I told him.
          We got back to the hotel about seven. Chad and Bobby were waiting in the lobby. We took them up to the room and introductions went around the room. Bobby was rough looking. He would be right at home in leather. He was dressed as we were in Levi's and white tee shirt. We were comfortable and not worried about fashion. Brad knew Bobby as Chad's friend but not as his lover. They talked awhile and then hugged and came back to Chad and I. I had been holding Chad. He seemed so lonely and unsure of himself.
          Bobby wanted to take us out to the beach to a steak house that he knew of, his treat. We all agreed and went as we were. It was an open bar with a strong mix of gays and straights present. We danced and ate until midnight. We invited Bobby to come up to the room and spend the night with Chad. He agreed.

          Brad and I hadn't gotten our breath back from the hot suck session when a knock on our door revealed a naked Bobby and Chad wanting to talk to us. We made room on the bed. Chad lay next to me while Bobby went around the bed to lay next to Brad. Chad asked me if I would fuck him. He wanted a big dick up his ass and had never seen one as long or thick as mine. I looked at Bobby. He smiled and said that he had always wanted to make it with Brad. So what the fuck, we had an orgy.
          We turned the lights on so we could see all of the action. The brothers got fucked first. Bobby and I raced each other to see who could get our partners off first. We didn't want to fuck for ourselves we wanted to make everybody happy. I was hard put to make myself last. I had to keep stopping and kiss and caress to keep from popping too early. I realized that Bobby was in the same shape. Then we caught on that the boys were talking with each other to keep from getting off too quick. I shoved my tongue in Chad's mouth and fucked him in overdrive. He coated my belly with his hot cum just moments before Brad sprayed all of us with a huge load.
          Chad and I licked each other clean and nursed each other back to erection then swapped positions. Bobby and I were playing lion. We had our legs in the air and were roaring as the brothers slipped the meat to us. Finally I had a cock in my ass. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I wasn't all that excited about it but it was sort of nice. I let Chad do a long slow fuck as Bobby and Brad cleaned each other up then turned to us. They both worked on me to help me to enjoy what was happening. I sucked Bobby's cock. It was a little over seven inches and about five and three quarter inches around. He was cut and he fit my mouth well. I had him face fuck me as Brad stroked me and Chad sweated over me trying to get me off. When I did blow I nearly drowned Brad. Bobby was filling my mouth with his load. It was a little strong with a urine taste and very acid. It burned my throat but I took all of it.
          Finally sated we broke away. I took Chad to the shower and cleaned him up. He was a sweaty mess. Bobby and Brad went next as Chad and I made out on the bed. We stayed paired like that until morning nursing more cum from each other during the night. I liked sucking Chad. His dick is almost seven inches but not much thicker than Brad's. He had less foreskin than Brad then I realized it just pulled back more from the size of his dick. His cum was as sweet as the boy on the bus and I couldn't get enough of it.

          Sunday morning we went down to the restaurant in the hotel for their breakfast buffet. Mine and Brad's was covered in my room package. The waiter saw the resemblance in Brad and Chad and asked if they were related. I told them he was my son that lived in California and Brad lived with me. The waiter gave the boys breakfast for free. This was okay because their buffet was seventeen dollars per person.
          Food in our bellies for a change we headed back to the room. We grabbed suits and towels and headed back over to highway one for swimming in the surf. By night fall we all had nice red complexions. We had used up three bottles of sun screen but we still had that glow that said, "Don't touch!" It was decided that we needed to have Speedos. I had never worn one but I wanted to see the brothers in one so I went along. Bobby was bigger that the rest of us. He had thirty six inch waist and a lot of padding on his frame. He was not fat but he had a warmth layer. Brad was twenty six inches and Chad twenty two. I had a thirty two inch waist. I was almost as buff as Brad. He worked out daily in the service. I worked out by lifting air conditioners and compressors onto the roofs of houses.
          We surfed for awhile then Bobby led us around the point to a nude, gay beach. There was a lot of eye candy and a lot of old fat men ogling the scenery. A few guys were making out. Only one couple was doing it. We walked over so we could see. Yeah, we were leches too. It turned out to be a fifteen year old boy from Chad's school with an old, bald, fat man with a huge cock. The old man was plowing the kid's ass like it was the last piece he would ever get. The kid recognized Chad and his face went red. Chad walked over and put his dick to the kid's mouth. He hungrily swallowed it. Chad came in short order and Bobby stepped in. The old man had finished and was licking the kids ass clean.
          The boy waved at Brad to come up and took his cock down his young throat. I noticed that he hadn't cum yet so I got down and sucked his cute little dick. He had a nice six incher and was cut. I sucked him as I listened to the old man slurping hungrily at the boy's back door. I tugged on the nice firm balls banging on my chin as I sucked and bobbed on his sweet dick. I reached beside me and shoved my finger up Brad's ass as he popped his load. This triggered the boy to fire off for me. I licked him clean then stood up. The old man was finished and was moving down the beach. The boy took me by the hand and led me to a rock. He pushed me back on it and got to his knees. He sucked my dick like a little pro. Bobby stepped in and fucked the kid as he moaned around my cock. I pulled Chad up on the rock to stand straddle over me and sucked him while I stroked Brad. Chad shot his load and Brad moved in to give me his load just as I fired down the kids mouth. I slipped off of the rock and pulled the kid to a hug as Bobby filled his ass. He shot his load all over me. Brad licked me clean as Chad licked the kid clean. Then Brad sucked Bobby. Chad rimmed the boy's ass as he and I continued to kiss.
          There were several guys standing around stoking themselves as we came apart and began to move along the beach. The kid walked with Chad for a way and the two of them talked. We were back to the point so we slipped our Speedos back on. This is not an easy thing to do when you have an erection.
          We paired up in bed for the night. The brothers had never known each other so Bobby and I paired up. It was straight cock sucking with no touching. Because of our sunburns no one could stand to have anyone lay a finger on him. The next morning we were stiff and sore. A shower was out of the question. The water hurt like hell. We took wash cloths and cleaned each other in what I like to call a BBC & P, (butt, balls, cock, and pits). We packed up and checked out of the hotel at ten.
          We had discussed it at length. Brad was going to move in with me. Chad was too. Chad would be eighteen Friday. I would not cross the state line with him until he was of legal age. So we decided to take a statewide tour. Bobby took Chad home to load up everything in the house that he wanted. Both Bobby's car and Brad's had a trailer hitch so we rented a small u-haul trailer. Bobby towed it to Chad's house then they met us at a park at three. We transferred the trailer to Brad's car and put all of Brad's stuff in it also. Bobby and Chad said good buy. Bobby would come over in June but he couldn't get away before then. He and Chad had already planned to leave the state when school was out but as things were Chad did not want to return home. He did not want his dad punished for hitting him. He just didn't want to go near him, ever again.

          Good byes, hugs and kisses done the three of us headed to Southern Cal. Magic Mountain, Disney Land, Sea World, We had a lot to do. We had to stop in Fresno. I called the home phone number on the business card. Sure enough he answered, the boy on the bus. There was a coffee shop a half mile from his house. He rode his bike up there to meet us. We finally got around to names. He was Jeremy. His mom died at birth. He was sure his dad was gay. He had a friend that was with him all of the time. The friend had spent many nights with his dad in the bed room until late but never spent the night. Jeremy had listened at the door and was sure the sounds coming from the other side of the door were sexual. He had know he was gay for about a year. He had fought it for sometime but then hearing his dad and then Randy. Randy was his boyfriend. They had known each other since the sixth grade and started showing themselves to each other in the eight grade. Finally Randy sucked him during one of their mutual jack off sessions. Jeremy returned the favor and was a confirmed cock sucker.
          Randy walked into the restaurant. He approached our table. He was a sculptor's dream come true. I have seen statues that would hide in shame at one look of this boy's body. He walked up and Jeremy grabbed him and kissed him. Randy jerked back and looked around. We all laughed. We told him we were all gay and all of the employees were busy elsewhere and didn't see anything. Jeremy told Randy that Brad and I were the ones on the bus. Randy grinned.
          "You got his cherry. I had been thinking about doing that but wasn't sure."
          "So did he get your's yet?" I asked.
          "No, we're trying to find the right place and time. There's no school for the rest of the week so I'm hoping we can go to his house when his old man is gone."
          "No school? Hmmm, I don't suppose you guys know any good camping areas up in the Redwoods do you?" Four sets of eyes enlarged as smiles covered all faces.
          We called Jeremy's dad. We told him that we decided to drive back to Arizona and see some to the state. Would he be opposed to letting Jeremy be our guide for an overnight camp in the Giant Redwood Forest? He thought that was a great idea. He agreed to call Randy's mother and clear it with her so that he could join us.
          It took us no time to get the boys' gear and get to the forest. Jeremy brought his dad's sleeping bag for me. Chad and Brad had theirs as well as a four man pop up tent. We were sure that the five of us could get close enough to squeeze into a four man tent. We got our fees paid and set up camp just as the sun was setting. We had grabbed bologna and bread with a few cases of soda. We didn't plan on eating much food. We were all set for a high protein diet.
          Clothes were cast off as we climbed into the sleeping bags laid open on the floor making one big bed. Randy looked even better with his clothes off. I took him to a sixty nine and began to rim his perfect little ass hole. I worked my fingers in as I licked him. Jeremy moved in and took over. I watched as his tongue worked it's way into his boyfriends precious behind. I took Randy's cock in my mouth. Chad pushed my legs back and began to rim me. Randy was moaning around my dick and fondling my balls. Jeremy pushed his cock into Randy with one push. Randy gasped and bit my dick. I yelped. He apologized. I pushed his head back down. Brad got even as he shoved his cock into Jeremy with no preliminaries. Chad slid his dick into my ass and a five way fuck fest began.
          Randy and I both shot two loads of hot cum into each other's mouths as our butts were being fucked. I could tell that Randy was loving every inch of his lover in him and he was really enjoying my huge cock down his throat. It took him several minutes to take all of me but Jeremy was talking in his ear and telling him how to swallow me. Chad pulled out and shot his load into Jeremy's waiting mouth. Jeremy shot into Randy as Brad filled Jeremy's tiny little butt. As everyone rolled apart I pulled Randy down and began to rim him, sucking Jeremy's sweet load. Chad had Jeremy's butt hole in his mouth as Brad moved around and slipped his cock in my ass.
          I guess I was going to learn to like this. I know that I am in love with both of the boys and I love fucking them. What goes around comes around, or is that cums around. Randy wanted me to fuck him. I moved carefully because I didn't want to lose the feeling Brad was giving me. I put Randy on his back under me and slipped my dick in his ass. Tears ran down his face. I started to pull out. He grabbed me, "No! Stay in me. It doesn't hurt. I am just so happy. I have wanted to do this forever. It feels so good I can't believe it." He pulled Jeremy to him and they began to kiss as Chad fucked him..
          I took a long time and fucked Randy with as much love as I have ever shown in my love making. Everyone else had cum and rolled apart. They were recuperating and kissing and sucking each other. I continued on. I kissed Randy and he returned the kiss with all the feeling in his tiny, beautiful body. He and Jeremy were both just about five foot two or less and weighed about a hundred pounds. There wasn't enough of them to stand up to a strong wind.
          Randy shot his third load, since we had started, up between us making our bellies slick. I finally let go and filled his butt with all the love I had in me. I rolled over, pulling him on top of me so I could keep my dick in him awhile longer. He smothered my face with kisses and caressed me everywhere he could reach. Finally he fell asleep. My cock slipped from it's perfect home. Jeremy sucked me clean while Chad cleaned Randy's ass hole. Brad was laying beside me. I pulled him close and we kissed.
          The next thing I knew it was four in the morning and I had to piss like a race horse. I tried to crawl out of the tent but awakened everybody in the process. We all ran to the same tree and crossed streams as we tried to make this multi-hundred year old monument grow taller. The next morning we looked up to find that we had slept under a two hundred foot giant sequoia tree.

          Bladders empty we grabbed Cokes and sat around naked talking. Randy loved what had happened and told me that he was glad that his first time with someone who knew how to love him. I told him that now it was his turn to show his love to Jeremy. We all watched as Randy's cock jumped to full erection. We laughed as we asked if he was excited or something. I told him that I would let him fuck me if he wanted.
          Randy's cock was a full seven inches and much thicker than Jeremy's. He was cut but had a little skin left so that he wasn't stretched tight. Jeremy wanted to do it like Randy had and sixty nine me. He got on top of me and took my cock to the hair line. Randy was already rimming him and I watched as his long tongue entered the already stretched ass hole of his lover. He moved up and pushed his dick in. He let out a loud sigh as he felt the hot flesh surround his turgid pole. Brad and Chad had decided to enjoy each other and were in a hot sixty nine beside us.
          Randy began to pump and fuck his best friend. I was fascinated as I watched his cock slide in and out in the dim moon light that filtered through the trees into our tent. Randy made perfect love to Jeremy. Jeremy got off twice before Randy really started pounding him. Jeremy was pounding on my dick trying to get me off for a three way cum when he stiffened and shot the biggest load of the night down my throat. I had him all the way in so it went straight down without my being able to taste it. Then he started peeing. He had no control of his body and was not even aware of what he was doing. He was bobbing so hard on my cock and enjoying the pummeling of his ass that he was unaware of anything else. Randy's balls pulled up tight against his cock and I could see his cock swell. He fired his load into his meaty sheath and I fired mine into the sucking mouth. Jeremy's stream trickled down and he suddenly realized what had happened. He pulled up. I grabbed him and put my arms around him pulling him back down.
          He was crying. I stroked his back and ran my hands over his face wiping his tears away. Randy rolled aside panting for breath. I moved Jeremy slightly so I could get to his rosebud and began to fletch the cum from his ass. He relaxed and nursed on my dick until I had to push him away. I turned him around and pulled him to me. I kissed him. He tasted his urine in my mouth. His eyes opened and he stared at me. I pulled back, "I love you." I whispered in his ear. His face brightened in a huge smile. As we tried to tie our tongues together.

          The sun broke the mood as it shone right in our eyes. It was already eight o'clock. We broke camp and headed back into Fresno and the same diner where we had met up the day before. We ordered big breakfasts all around and sat eating. Jeremy had called his dad and he and his boy friend joined us. We had the big circular booth and Chad sat in a chair at the end to give a little more room.
          Jeremy locked his dad in. When his dad arrived Jeremy got up and let the two men scoot in to the middle. Introductions went around. "You met my dad, Adam. This is his boyfriend and lover, Steve." The silence was deafening. After a very pregnant time lapse Adam looked at Jeremy and asked him how long he had known. Jeremy told him that he had been hearing them in the bedroom for more than four years. He told his dad that he was no dummy and could figure it out. He was just hurt because his dad hadn't sat down and talked about it. Steve was sitting next to Jeremy. He put his arm around the boy and hugged him. Then Jeremy reached up and kissed Steve on the lips and called him daddy two.
          Adam had a tear in his eye as Jeremy looked at him and said, "So I guess that you haven't figured out that Randy and I are lovers and that we suck each other's cock every chance we get. I got his cheery last night and he got my ass. I wish you had talked to me and told me how good ass fucking feels. I have wasted a lot of time when we could have been doing it two years ago."
          The waitress was standing there with a pot of coffee in her hand and her mouth wide open. "So I guess we won't be welcome in here anymore." Jeremy said as the waitress turned and walked away.
          "I need a coffee refill," I called out and held up my cup. She refused to come back to the table. The entire staff was gossiping amongst themselves and gave us no more service. Chad got up and got the coffee pot and brought it to the table. He also grabbed a pitcher of water. We finished our meal and left without leaving a tip. I don't pay for bad service or discrimination.
          A sherif's car pulled up as we got outside. "I hear there is a bit of trouble in here."
          "None that I am aware of Clearance, " it seemed that Steve knew the deputy.
          "Well I got a call about a gang of homosexuals messing with kids down here."
          "You got a wrong call."
          The deputy went inside. Ten minutes later he came back out. "Myrtle heard the boy hear talk about anal sex with one of you guys last night. What about it boy." he aimed at Jeremy.
          "She heard the boy tell his dad about discovering that he might have gay tendencies and his sharing with his fourteen year old boyfriend." Adam told him. "We were discussing that Adam and I are now a couple and he disclosed his secret to us. There have been no laws broken here. Clearance. Go back in and tell Myrtle that she is a meddling old fool and this is not the first time that she has put her nose in my business. I will see my lawyer and see about doing something about her dottering old ways.
          The deputy wasn't happy about any of this but he had no cause to do anything with any of us. He went inside again and we got in our cars and drove to Adam's house.
          Adam told us that he was ruined in this town. His business as a salesman would dry up when people found out he was gay. Steve reminded him that he had been talking about moving to Arizona where the sales would be better. We talked for a while and I heard him say that he needed money to make the move but he had been thinking about going to Tucson.
          I asked him how much he needed. It wasn't a lot. I asked him how much he made in commission of a particular Air Conditioning unit that I knew he sold. He told me. I told him that I had a job bid out and I was going to be ordering five of those units Friday. I told him that I would like to order them today and save time. He smiled and told me that he could deliver them in person if I knew a place that he could unload his household goods. I whipped out my business credit card and paid for the order on the spot. He said it would take about two weeks. He would rent a truck to deliver the units personally and he would throw all of his household goods on the truck and let the company pay for the move. He just wouldn't tell the company that he wasn't coming back. I told him we would find him a house then I saw Randy's face. He was crushed and so, for that matter was Jeremy. We had to work that out, right now.
          Adam had an idea. He told us to go fuck the boys for a couple of hours that he would be back. We took him at his word and used the two bathrooms at his house to shower off our previous evenings camping trip. Of course we had to take group showers. Randy wanted to be with me so Jeremy went to the big shower in Adam's room with Brad and Chad.

          Cleaned inside and out we were dozing on the sofa and soft living room chairs when Adam and Steve came back. They carried in suit cases and boxes. Randy recognized some of his stuff and he sat up.
          "I'm afraid that you aren't going to be able to go home again, young man. What do you think of Thadeous, Clearance's brother?"
          "That ass hole that wants to marry my mother? He hates me. He told my mother to choose between me and him or he was gone." He smiled from ear to ear, "Mom chose him didn't she?"
          Adam was nodding "Yep. Clearance had already called her and told her that her son was a fruit cake and had been sucking dicks and fucking like a little whore, letting men fuck him in the ass. When I got there she didn't even want to talk to me. I told her that I could have her put in jail if she didn't cooperate with me.
          "After we talked for a bit I got her to sign over papers giving me full custody. Steve went to his office and drew them up then brought them back for her to sign. By that time we had everything you own packed. I have your school records, your shot records, your baptism papers, and your birth certificate. Steve and I stopped by the Judges house and he signed these papers. I am now your adoptive father. We didn't mention any time lines we just got it passed. You now have a new last name and you and Jeremy are legally brothers. Do you want to move to Tucson with us?"
          Hugs and kisses were shared by the new family of four. We decided to spend another night with this new family. We had a big cookout as Adam and Steve invited all of their friends. The two of them came out as a couple to everyone there. Several people put their plates down and left. A few stayed and tried to see if they were sure and couldn't they just think about this. They shouldn't do anything on the spur of the moment. When it was announced that they had been living together and having sex with each other for four years everyone else left. They found out who their friends were. One boy of about sixteen came running back to pick up his ball cap. He high fived Jeremy and said, "Awesome, dude. I'm gay too but I'll never tell that bigot of a father I have." Randy grabbed him and gave him a quick kiss as his old man yelled from the driveway.
          We started to clean up the mess when Adam said, "fuck it. We're leaving in two weeks, let the maggots and the flies have it. This is a rental house owned by that shrew, Gertie. Let her clean up after the fags." Gertie had been the most vocal and most judgmental of everyone there. We gathered up Adam's silverware and good glasses. We left the food and paper goods to the elements.
          It was decided that we were going to be crowded on our trip home. If the boys stayed in town they would be heckled and picked on by their peers. It was decided that they would go with us to Disney Land the next morning and on to Tucson Friday on Chad's birthday. I needed to get home to my boy. I told him that I would be back this morning. I hoped he wasn't upset that he couldn't reach me. Everyone saw me looking sad so I told them about it. We decided to come back to Disney Land in a few weeks but to get on home now.

          Thursday morning had us on the freeway back to Arizona. I was back home five hours later. As I walked in the door the phone was ringing. I grabbed it. It was Tommy. I sat down in the floor and cried. I told him I would meet him behind the McDonald's across the street from the school in ten minutes. I kissed everybody bye and ran to my truck.
          I took Tommy to a nice restaurant and sat beside him as we talked. He told me that his mother was a lesbian and her girlfriend had moved in with them. He hated the girlfriend. He said she was old and fat and double, double bag ugly. We have a running joke about women. If they are not knock down gorgeous then we rate them on what it would take to get us to fuck them. A plastic bag over the head is fair then it goes to paper bag then double plastic then double paper and the worst is double paper with double plastic and an bottle of booze.
          I was crying. Tommy put his arms around me and asked me what was wrong. I told him he had the most fucked up family in the world and I didn't know where he was going to live. He looked at me and had a scared look in his eyes. I told him he would want to move away from me because I was going to make him hate me.
          I told him that I had decided to be gay and that I had met someone that I was in love with and that I had brought him home. He stared at me with an open mouth for the longest time. Tears welled up in his eyes and poured like rivers down his cheeks. I was broken hearted. I asked him if he wanted me to call him a Taxi to take him home. He just stared at me.
          Then he slid against me and put his arm around me. "You know all of those nights that I slept beside you and snuggled up close to you in your bed?" He had. Since he was able to walk he had come into my bedroom and scooted in beside me resting his precious head on my right bicep and spooned in close to me. When he would fall asleep I would carry him to his bed and tuck him in with a kiss on his forehead. I missed that more than anything else. "I did that because I love you. You are the whole world to me, daddy. I love you more than anyone, even Jeff. I used to lay there and wiggle up to your dick and feel it against my legs and as I grew up it was against my butt. I used to dream of being able to somehow get you to stick that in my butt. Dad, I am so happy that you are gay." Jeff? Who the hell is Jeff. Jeff from school? Why does he love Jeff?
          "Dad, I am gay. Jeff and I have been boyfriends for two years now. We can't get together too much because of his dad but we love to suck each other's dicks when we can. We have a place at school where we can go. I do him then later we go back and he does me. I have gotten my dick up in his butt twice now but he can't get it in me. I'm to tight for him and his dick is smaller than mine." I was floored. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was so happy and so sad. I knew what kind of life my son was going to have if he was outed this young. Then I remembered Jeremy and Randy at my house. These three boys are the same age.
          I asked Tommy what he was going to do. He told me that he was moving in with me and my boyfriend. He said the he had told his mother that morning that he was not going to live with her, period. If she wanted to be a fag she could be all that she wanted but he wasn't going to be there to see them. She agreed that he would be happier with me.
          I took him to her house. She had all of his stuff in boxes. She told me to take care of him. I reminded her that I always had. She told me she knew that we had bonded many years ago. She just wanted to try to get to know her son but under the circumstances she knew he would be better off with me. We got the last of Tommy's stuff in my truck and returned to a very full apartment. Four naked guys fucking and sucking on my living room floor.
          Tommy stood and stared at them. Brad looked up and saw him. "Hee he he. Uh hi."
          "Hi yourself." Everybody turned to see him staring at them. He looked at me then asked, "Is there room for my dad and me in there." Sighs of relief and nervous laughter went around the room. Tommy pointed at Brad, "Is he your boyfriend?" I nodded. Tommy did a strip tease for the guys and showed a very proud six inch cut cock to the boys. I could kick my wife. Even after we talked about it she let the doctors cut him at birth. She said she was under sedation and didn't understand what they were asking. Bull Shit!! She let them disfigure my son. That should be his choice. It was a source of many arguments between us. It couldn't be undone but it was a sign that I could not trust to her to carry out my wishes. She knew this and knew that I had no trust in her at all.

          She got her divorce. We worked out the details and I got full custody. She got a cash settlement of half of my known assets, about three hundred thousand dollars. She was gone and out of my life and I was happy.
          Sleeping arrangements was the next order of business. Tommy made me so happy when he asked if he could sleep with Brad and me. Chad, Jeremy, and Randy took the queen sized bed in what was supposed to be Tommy's room. Yeah, we switched around a lot and everybody got to spend the night with everybody during the next couple of weeks.
          School was out for the summer and things began to come together. Adam and Steve showed up with my units. We took his truck to the job site. I had a fork lift standing by so we could get the units off of the truck and onto the roof. That taken care of we headed over to a house I had bought for cash. It was a five bedroom mansion in an older section of the city. An old stucco water tower is down the street and is a landmark to the area. It had been remodeled and was now a private residence. The house had a two bedroom guest house in the back. There was also a one bedroom servants quarters over the garage.
          Brad and Tommy would live in the house with me. Adam and Steve, Jeremy and Randy in the quest house. Chad would be in the upstairs unit with Bobby when he arrived. I had bought a big Chevy Van so that we could all ride together. We planned a trip back to California to the amusement parks in two more weeks.
          Chad and Brad had been on the phone with Chad's school. Chad had finished all of his classes and tests and was supposed to have graduated the first week of June. Since he didn't show up the school didn't know what to think. Chad's dad had told them that his son was a cock sucking, butt fucking queer and had run away with an older faggot to live like degenerates The school offered their condolence when Chad told them about the beating that his dad had given him. They said they would mail his repot card and diploma that very day along with his complete transcript so that he could apply to the University of Arizona right here in Tucson, not a full mile from our new home. The boys then called and got their birth certificates mailed to them.
          Jeremy and Randy took a little more work. They had lived in a tightly bound farming community just outside of Fresno. People there were not so forgiving. I found out that Steve was a very high profile attorney and had great connections. He had been the county prosecutor for ten years and had just gone into private practice two years ago. He simply informed the school that he would be there in two days and would start proceedings against them. He then asked the principal how Everett was. The principal told him that his secretary had just laid the boys transcripts on his desk and their report cards were inside. It looked as if both boys had passed and would be in the tenth grade come the fall. The principal told Steve that he would have the transcripts packaged and taken to the post office so that they would get out today.
          Steve told us that Everett was a twenty year old boy who had been living with the principal since he was fifteen. The boy was his lover and Steve knew it. He had represented the boy when he ran away and had helped the principal get custody. Everett had told Steve that he was gay and had been with the principal and that he loved the man. He wanted to live with him for the rest of his life. I guess it's a fag eat fag world. Those who are out are not safe from those in the closet. The closeted ones will cut the throats of their own mother's rather than be outed or even suspected.

          I trained Brad to become my apprentice. Tommy knew a lot about my work and was a big help. Chad jumped in and helped provide muscle to move the heavy air conditioning units into place on my big job. I was up on the roof of a single story building but the roof was still thirty feet up in the air. The job was a manufacturing plant that would employ fifty people. It was a major job for me with a big profit margin. I sub-contracted the tin work so all I had to do was set and wire the units and I was done. Jeremy and Randy were our gofers. I had them running all over the place. When we came in at night everyone was very tired and sex was short and sweet and to the point. It was mostly blow jobs and cuddling.
          I'm not real good at reading people but some people show themselves for what they are quite openly. I was not pleased for Chad's sake when Bobby told him that he was not coming to Tucson. He had tried to stutter around about it not being a good time to leave his job. He had other obligations that he had not been able to break away from. He had one story after another until I put my foot down and demanded that he come to the truth.
          The truth was as I had perceived it. Bobby is a boy lover. Chad was too old for him. Bobby found a fourteen year old runaway that wanted to be with him. Bobby was very happy with the well developed boy and, well, he was sorry. Chad didn't shed a tear. I think that deep in his heart he had expected this to happen. He had made a passing remark a few weeks earlier that he would probably never see Bobby again. He knew that if Bobby didn't leave with him that he would not follow him.
          I asked Chad how he felt about that. He told me that Bobby had been his first and his only until he met Brad and me at the hotel. Chad learned from us what romance was to be. He had sex with Bobby on a daily basis but except for the short time in the hotel Bobby had never shown him anything but lust. Even at the hotel Bobby wasn't there for Chad, he was there to get all that he could get for himself. Chad is wiser than had been thought.
          Tommy was sitting with Chad. Chad turned to my son and looked at him, long and lovingly. "Besides that I have someone else in my life, if he will have me." Tommy leaned into him for a very passionate kiss. Tommy and Chad have a room together in the main house. The over the garage apartment is vacant. We have talked about keeping it open in case we come across someone who needs a home in a hurry.
          Bobby has been sentenced to thirty five years in state prison. His new boyfriend's family rescued their son and the boy told about Chad. Brisbane, California police detectives came over and interviewed Chad and Brad. Their father had told them that Chad admitted to having sex with Bobby and that he was now living with his queer brother. Their father had told the police that Chad was only sixteen. The police were ready to arrest Brad. They had forwarded an arrest warrant to the city police then came with them when it was served.
          Chad produced his birth certificate and told the police that he did not leave the state of California until the morning of his eighteenth birthday. Brad told them how his father had beaten Chad and that he had Chad stay with him for the four days until he was of legal age to leave the state.
          The police took depositions concerning Chad's involvement with Bobby and with the beating he had suffered from his father. There were no pictures or substantiated proof of the beating other than the testimony of Steve, Adam, and myself. We had seen the bruises but had not witnessed the act. The police did intimate the old man but they did not arrest him.
          Brad and Chad flew to the peninsula for Bobby's trial. Bobby was shocked when he saw Chad testify against him. He blurted out in the courtroom that he had only shown love to the boy, for four years. He couldn't see how Chad could turn on him. The judge was about to call a mistrial when Bobby's lawyer made him realize what he had said in front of a jury. Bobby pled guilty to charges, with no plea. He buried himself.

          We have three boys graduating from highschool this next weekend. Randy, Jeremy, and Tommy are anxious to start college in the fall. Tommy's junior highschool suck buddy comes over from time to time and the pair of them get off alone. Jeff has really taken to being an active bottom. Tommy has told him that they are old friends but He is with Chad now. Jeff is okay with that. He is not ready for his dad to learn about him. He has college to go yet and his dad has to pay for that. I guess we all have to prioritize our wants and desires with our needs.

So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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