The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males including incest and if reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad

Editor: Stanton S.

Chapter 23
Every new beginning comes from some other ending 

Sunday morning Jaden came storming in the front door just as Aidan and Zak had sat down to breakfast.

They looked up just in time to see him stomp up the stairs and Mrs. Reynolds turned to the two and frowned, "I wonder what that's all about?"

"I don't know," Aidan said gazing in the direction he'd seen his brother disappear, "Maybe I should go see what's up."

"Eat your breakfast first. I'm sure whatever it is he will share it with us on his own terms. Right now he might just need some time alone."

"I guess," Aidan said worriedly. It had to be something about Jimmy, but as far as he knew the two were getting along okay. Something must've happened, but what? Aidan wondered.

Aidan wolfed down his breakfast then excused himself, leaving Zak in his mom's care, and hurried off upstairs to find Jaden.

He was laying across his bed face down but as far as Aidan could tell he wasn't crying. He supposed that was a good sign.

Crossing the room he sat down on the edge of the bed and squeezed Jaden's shoulders gently, "Hey bro, what's up?"

"Not much, just got dumped for a girl, that's all."

"What? You got Jimmy?"

"Who else?" Jaden said sitting up and rubbing at his eyes, which looked a little red.

"Tell me what happened. This is crazy. I thought things were fine between you two."

"So did I, but apparently while I thought he was grounded he was out dating some girl that his mom introduced him to. I feel betrayed by the whole family."

"Whoa, slow down, start at the beginning."

Jaden related the story, what little there was of it, then explained how he'd given Jimmy the cold shoulder the rest of the night and left this morning without saying goodbye.

"I lit out before he was awake and just walked around for a while before I headed home. I walked off most of my mad, I'm left with the hurt," he said turning wet eyes to his brother.

"Oh bro, I'm so sorry," Aidan said wrapping his brother in a warm hug, "I can't believe he did that to you. It really sucks and you have a right to be upset, but...I do think you need to talk about this some more."

"But he likes a girl now..."

"I'm not saying you can fix this, but it's worth trying. Maybe it's just a passing infatuation with this girl and he'll see the light now that he's seen how upset you got."

"I can't talk to him right now, maybe tomorrow," Jaden said sniffing back a few tears and wiping his eyes, "any breakfast left, I'm starved."

"Yeah, I think so. Come on, if not I'll fix it myself."

" did it go with Zak?" Jaden asked on their way out the door.

"Good, really good. I think this is gonna be good for both of  us."

"Good, I'm glad one of  us is doing good."

As the two came into the kitchen Mrs. Reynolds looked up and smiled, "Hungry dear?" she said not mentioning his obvious distress or the fact that he was home early.

"Yeah, thanks mom," Jaden said going over to give his mom a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, "You're the best."

Mrs. Reynold rippled at the compliment, but she could see the pain in her son's face and that troubled her, "Pancakes and sausage okay?"

"Perfect. Oh hi Zak, how's it going?" Zak said sitting down at the small table in the nook.

"Hi, I'm good, thanks."

"Good, good...glad to hear you survived a night with my brother," he teased causing Aidan to laugh and their mother to cover a smile.

"Oh, it was fun...I mean we played video games and watched a movie and shot baskets...."

"Yeah, baskets," Jaden teased, "is that what you call it these days?"

"Jaden, give the boy a break," Mrs. Reynolds said at last, "don't run him off the first time he visits."

"Sorry," Jaden mumbled then he was silent for a long time as he stared out the bay window into the backyard where he and Aidan and their friends had spent so much of their childhood.

He barely looked up when his mother sat his plate before him, and after muttering a soft "thanks" he went about eating, almost automatically. His appetite was gone now, but he felt the need to eat if for no other reason than to please his mother.

"Zak and I were going to go to the park today, wanna go with us?" Aidan asked gently.

"Sure, sounds like fun," Jaden muttered, but he didn't sound like he meant it.

"Jaden honey, if you need to talk you know I'm here for you," his mother said coming up behind him and hugging his neck.

"I'm fine mom, maybe later," he said giving her a weak smile.

She kissed the top of his head and nodded, "I know there are some things you need to work out on your own, but if this is too big for you to handle, promise me you'll come to us for help."

"I will, thanks mom," Jaden said taking his mother's hand and just holding it, frozen in the moment as he struggled to fight back his tears.

His mother sensed his struggle and finally pulled away and went about cleaning up the kitchen leaving him to finish his breakfast. She pretended not to notice the tears he wiped away and her heart ached for him. She was glad he had Aidan and she was sure if anyone could help him through whatever this was, it was his brother.

Jaden finished his breakfast and excused himself to the bathroom while Aidan and Zak got ready for the trip to the park. Aidan had his ball glove and a couple of balls and when Jaden came in he grabbed his glove as well as an old one he had laying around and tossed it to Zak.

"We can play three corner catch," Jaden said trying to sound upbeat.

"I'm gonna bring my bat too," Aidan said grabbing his prized aluminum bat that John had bought him last year for his birthday. The very sight of it brought back memories of his lost love, but the pain was less now, and with Zak in his life his thoughts of John were fewer and further apart.

"I'll grab some drinks," Jaden said heading out the door, "and meet you downstairs."

As Jaden was flying down the stairs, his glove on his hand, he skidded to a stop in the entry hall just as the doorbell rang. He was almost sure he knew who he'd find on the other side of the door, but he was powerless to resist and reluctantly opened the door.

"Hi," Jimmy said looking nervous and red-eyed as if he'd been crying, "can we talk?"

"I thought we covered everything last night," Jaden said stiffly.

"J...please...five minutes...please," Jimmy begged.

Mrs. Reynolds had peeked in to see who was at the door and seeing the two boys facing off she quickly disappeared back into the kitchen to give them their privacy. She actually smiled when she saw them standing there talking, whatever had happened she had faith that the two could work it out. She thought of Jimmy as her third son and loved him almost as much as the twins, and she knew Jaden was crazy about the boy and she had just assumed they would be together for the long haul.

"Outside," Jaden said practically pushing past Jimmy on his way out the front door.

Jimmy followed liked a whipped puppy as Jaden led him around the house to the backyard and then to the yard swing where Jaden sat down and waited for Jimmy to join him.

Jimmy said down gingerly, as far away as possible for fear he'd spook Jaden otherwise, and then turned to look at the boy beside him.

"I'm sorry Jaden. I been thinking about what I did and what I said and I can see why you're upset. I just wasn't thinking clear. I guess I was just selfish, thinking I could have both of you," he began.

Jaden thought this sounded promising. It still hurt, but if Jimmy was sorry and he dumped that girl they could probably fix things up in time.

"It's not fair to you and it's not fair to Kalie either. I have no right to ask either of you to share me...not that I'm worth sharing or anything, so I realize I have to make a decision. I don't know, maybe you've already decided that you don't want to be with me and if that's the case then I guess it's sort of pointless, but that's what I came to find out. Cause, I don't know where I stand with you right now."

"That depends," Jaden said looking Jimmy straight in the eye, "do you love me or do you love her?"


"It's a simple question. I get that you like boys and girls, that's not the problem, the problem is do you love me and you're just messing with her, or do you love her and you're just messing with me?"

"Of course I love you," Jimmy said, but there was no passion in his words, "look how far we've come together..."

"Yeah, and all it took was one girl batting her eyes and shaking her boobs at you to make you forget all that," Jaden said hotly.

"'s not like that, she's a good girl...she's sweet and nice and she makes me happy."

"Then go be with her, I'm done," Jaden said jumping up and stomping off.

Jimmy was slow to react but when he did he jumped and ran after Jaden. From the kitchen window Mrs. Reynolds had observed the entire scene and she frowned. Something was very wrong and if Jaden wouldn't confide in her she would have to ask Aidan what was going on. 

"J...wait...that's not fair, you're not listening to me..."

"Oh, I listened plenty. What I heard was that you have a girlfriend now and that's just fine with me, but you can't have it both ways. We're done. Even if this girl dumps you tomorrow, we're still done. You don't get a chance to break my heart twice," this Jaden practically yelled as Aidan and Zak watched the two boys come around the corner shouting at each other.

"J...don't say that. I still love you," Jimmy pled, "and I don't want to loose you. We can still be friends at least."

"No, we can't. Don't come to our table anymore. You're not welcome. If you show up, I'll leave. I don't want to see you again...ever."

"You don't mean that..."

"Yeah, I do," Jaden said getting right up in Jimmy's face and practically growling.

At first Aidan was afraid his brother was going to strike Jimmy, but he quickly backed away, trembling with hurt and anger. Only then did Jaden notice his brother and Zak there and he shook his head and tried to pull himself together before facing them.

"Let's go, I'm done here," Jaden said in a voice thick with emotion. We can stop at 7-11 and get drinks, I never made it to the kitchen."

Aidan gave Jimmy a harsh look then turned to his brother and put an arm around his shoulder, "We can do something else if you'd rather J."

"No, I need to knock the cover off a ball or two," Jaden laughed sadly, "baseball is just the thing."

They detoured to the 7-11 near Zak's  house and got bottles of Gatorade and then walked to the park. Fortunately no one was using the practice field and the boys were soon busy playing three corner catch before taking turns batting.

Zak pitched for Jaden and Aidan played catcher and Jaden hit everything that was thrown at him. Zak spent as much time retrieving his hits as he did pitching and he was glad when it was his turn to bat. Aidan pitched this time while Jaden played catcher, and though Zak wasn't as good as Jaden, he hit most of the balls thrown his way.

Aidan was last to bat and he let Jaden pitch to him. Jaden seemed to be taking his anger out on the ball however and when a pitch went wild and hit Aidan in the leg he fell to the ground and started bawling like a baby.

Aidan wasn't hurt, and as soon as he saw Jaden crumple to the ground he went running to his brother and hugged him gently. Zak felt like a voyeur as he watched the two and then looked away and  busied himself retrieving their equipment.

"I'm sorry bro," Jaden wailed, "I didn't mean to hit you...I'm just upset. I thought he loved me the same way I loved him," he said burying his head in his brother's chest and letting the tears flow.

"I'm fine, it didn't hurt at all.'s okay. I understand. Jimmy is a fool to let you go. I think he'll realize that sooner or later. The question is, how will you feel by then? I don't blame you for not wanting to be around him, but you can't just shut him out completely. He may have done you wrong, but he's still part of our group and the others may not feel the way we do."

"I don't care. He can do whatever he wants," Jaden said sounding defeated, "I'm sorry, but can we go now?"

"Yeah, come on. We've had enough exercise for one day," he said helping his brother up.

Zak moved closer then and stared at the two feeling a little awkward and out of place. He'd gathered up the equipment and they were soon on their way home. 

Jaden's tears had dried and he walked along numbly as Aidan and Zak flanked him on either side talking softly about everything but what was most on their minds. When they arrived home Jaden peeled off and went straight to his room and Aidan led Zak to the kitchen for a drink and a snack.

Mrs. Reynold was sitting at the table, her laptop open and a pad and pencil in her hand. "Hi boys, where's your brother?"

"Upstairs, he's kind of upset right now," Aidan said grimacing.

"I saw him and Jimmy talking out back, I assume that was why your brother is upset."

"Yes ma'am, Jimmy is being a jerk and I think they're done."

"OH NO...I can't believe that. They were so close..."

"Well, things change mom. I shouldn't be telling you this, but J didn't say I couldn't, so...Jimmy has a girlfriend now and I guess he thought he could have both of them."

"Oh, my...that does complicate things. Is this thing with this girl serious?"

"Dunno, he hasn't known her that long, but I guess it was serious enough that he needed to tell J about it. I don't know what's gonna happen, but I can tell you J is pretty upset. He told Jimmy they were done."

"Oh no, well...all we can do is offer our love and support. This is something your brother and Jimmy will have to work out on their own."

"I know and it sucks," Aidan said rubbing his leg where the errant ball had hit him, it was already beginning to bruise.

"What's that?" his mother asked seeing the welt caused by the laces on the ball.

"Got hit by a wild pitch, it's no big deal."

"Let me get an ice pack for that," she said going into full mom mode.

Zak watched the two with awe and envy. He couldn't imagine his own mother ever being that kind or understanding, and once again he felt a little awkward and out of place. How could he possibly fit into Aidan's world when his own world was so messed up?

"What time do you have to be home Zak?" Mrs. Reynolds asked once she'd seen to Aidan's boo boo.

"Whatever time you want me to go ma'am," Zak said looking up and giving her a nervous smile.

"Then never," Aidan teased, "can you stay for dinner? We can take you home after we eat. It's mom's fried chicken tonight."

"That's fine...if it's not too much trouble."

"That sounds fine to me, but I'm sure you boys will need something in the meantime, how about a sandwich..."

Upstairs in the room he shared with his brother Jaden sat at their desk, his FB page opened on his laptop. There were pics of him and Aidan, pics of Aidan and John, Pics of all their friends and most noticeably pics of Jaden and Jimmy together. Goofing, smiling, having fun, looking like two boys in love. Jaden reached out and touched the screen and Jimmy's cute face. He'd never planned to fall in love with another boy. He'd always been the one to say that all that stuff was just practice, and when he found the right girl he'd put that behind him, only now it was Jimmy who had found the right girl.

What did this girl have that had pulled Jimmy into her web? Had Jimmy been looking for a girl all along? Was that what the thing with Dee was all about? So many questions, and no answers. It was all just too much to think about. 

Well, one thing was for sure, he decided, he'd never let anyone do this to him again. From now on he'd be the love em' and leave em' kind of guy. Maybe he'd even try girls now that he knew he liked that sort of thing. What he'd done with Dee was sweet and he'd liked it a lot, of course the fact that Jimmy had been right there with him might have been the reason, but he was sure he could make it without him.

Maybe he could latch onto one of Aidan's groupies and rock her world. If they thought Aidan was cute and sexy, surely they'd find him just as cute and sexy. And most of them would be interested in only one thing, getting him naked, and that was just fine with him.

"Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll find a girl and give her all I got and she'll spread the word and I'll have all the tail I ever wanted."

"J?" Aidan said appearing in the doorway with Zak behind him, "Were you talking to someone?"

"Huh, no...just thinking out loud. Did you tell mom? It's okay if you did. I just couldn't face her myself. She's been so supportive and now I feel like I've let her down."

"How is this your fault?" Aidan said moving up behind his brother and placing a soothing hand on his shoulder, "You didn't do anything wrong."

"Then why does it feel like it? Why wasn't I enough for him....?"

"Who knows, maybe he's straight. We always said that maybe this was a phase. Of course I always knew I wouldn't change, but I was never sure about you...then you fell for Jimmy and all bets were off."

"Yeah, I guess I just fell in love with the person, not the sex. I guess maybe it's time I found out for sure what I am. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe now I can figure things out without all that pressure of having a boyfriend," he said sounding almost upbeat.

"Don't give up so soon. Give it time J. I bet Jimmy is as miserable as you are right now, maybe worse. And who knows what will happen with this girl, as fickle as girls are she may dump him tomorrow."

"I'm not taking him back," Jaden said firmly, "he made his choice and now he has to live with it."

"Yeah, but so do you and I hate seeing you this way."

"I'll be fine, you'll see...better than ever. The new Jaden will be awesome," he said closing his laptop, "what say we shoot some hoops?"


After dinner they took Zak home, and though he hated going home, he'd had a good time despite the drama with Jaden, and he was looking forward to the next time. His brother was sitting on the worn couch in the living room watching TV when he came through the door and barely looked up.

His eyes were glassy and he had a goofy look on his face and Zak figured he was stoned or drunk and he wanted to avoid him if at all possible.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in. Did you and your boyfriend have fun this weekend? Did you suck his dick? Did you let him in your ass?" Jason said when he finally realized Zak was there.

"Shut up dickhead," Zak said heading for the bedroom he shared with his brother.

"I may be a dickhead, but you're a dick sucker," he laughed, "and I'm horny as fuck, so plan on giving me some head later."

Shit! Zak thought, it wasn't bad enough he got verbally abused by his brother, now he'd have to service him and swallow his huge teenage load. Well, maybe that wasn't as bad as it sounded. His cock was starting to get hard at the thought of his brother's naked body and hard cock, and he had to admit he enjoyed sucking his brother almost as much as he liked getting sucked.

"I'm gonna take a shower," Zak heard his brother yell from the hallway, "pucker up, I'll be there in a minute."

Zak stripped down to his underwear and piled down on his bed and thought about how different things were now. He could smell his brother's strong teenage scent in the room, and though it had once been arousing, now all he felt was disgust. Disgust for his life, disgust for his brother, disgust for his mother and this filthy pig sty they lived in.

He thought about how nice it had been at Aidan's, how everything was neat and clean, the air fresh, the food good and plentiful, but mostly the way everyone seemed to love each other and respect each other. Even the way they treated him was special and he felt as if he had been missing something all his life. 

These feelings were confusing. He liked how things were at Aidan's but he still felt like he didn't belong there and that eventually everyone would figure that out and reject him. He knew he could never fit into Aidan's perfect world and when Aidan tired of him the pain would be far worse than what he'd felt before.

He knew he should have resisted Aidan's advances and just left well enough alone, but now that he'd tasted the forbidden fruit, how could he go back to his dank and dreary life? Sometimes he thought it would be better to end it now, before he got in too deep, before he got too attached to the beautiful twin, but he wasn't sure he could do that. It was hard to think about losing all he'd gained since meeting Aidan and his friends, and as unsure as he was about his future with them, he wasn't quite ready to give up yet.

"Ready?" Jason said drying his hair as he walked in naked and  hard.

"I guess, I'll sure be glad when you find a girlfriend to do this for you," Zak sighed trying not to let his excitement show.

"You like it," Jason sneered, "Your dick is hard as a rock, you know you like it."

"Just lay down and shut up," Zak said.

"Watch your mouth or I'll slap your silly ass into next week."

"Like Billy does," Zak said without thinking.

"What does that mean?" Jason said frowning, "What does Billy have to do with this? You ain't been sucking Billy off too have you?"

"No, gross. I'd rather die than have his dick anywhere near me."

"So what did you mean?" Jason asked impatiently, "He hit you?"

"I don't want to talk about it, just lay down and let's get this over with."

"Naw, wait...tell me what you meant about Billy." Jason had suspected something was going on long ago, but up until now he had ignored those suspicions, perhaps not really wanting to know the truth.

"Damn it Jason, just forget it. Either let me suck you or go to sleep. I ain't talkin' bout' Billy no more."

"He hit you, didn't he?" Jason said suddenly figuring it all out, "He gave you the black eye, didn't he?"

"What if he did?" Zak said angrily, "It's not like you care. He's your buddy and you kiss his butt. So what if he makes my life a living hell?"

Jason looked stunned, "I swear I didn't know," he said so softly that Zak had to look at him to make sure it was really his brother speaking, "It won't happen again, I swear."

"Jason, don't do nothin' crazy. It's okay, he don't bother me much anymore..."

"Why didn't you tell me before? I'm your brother, I would have stood up for you."

"You never acted like you wanted to. I thought you hated me," Zak said feeling a little shaky.

"You're my brother. I may not like you, but I love you," Jason said as if it made perfect sense.

"I...I love you too," Zak said as tears started to fall, "I'm sorry, I'm just a big crybaby..."

"Naw, you're not. You're tough like me. I think we can skip the beejay tonight. Better get some sleep. I'm pretty drunk anyway, gotta sleep it off, school tomorrow."

Zak nodded and fell back down on his bed and turned to the wall and let the tears flow. Though he tried to be quiet he knew Jason would know he was crying, but somehow that didn't seem as important as it would have before. He'd seen something in his brother tonight that he hadn't seen in years, love and compassion, and it gave him hope.

He awoke a while later and was aware that he was not alone. At first he thought Jason might have changed his mind about the blowjob, but when he felt behind him he found his brother was wearing boxer shorts and was holding him gently, sound asleep. Another wave of tears came over him and after a few minutes Jason awoke and pulled him closer.

"'s okay. I'm gonna make sure no one picks on you again."

At school Monday Jaden avoided Jimmy as much as possible, but it was difficult in the classes they shared, especially since they sat side by side.

In Algebra Jimmy kept slipping furtive glances at Jaden, but Jaden ignored him and stared straight ahead. A few of their closer friends noticed the icy curtain between them, but none of them mentioned it for fear they would appear to be meddling. 

At lunch Jaden grabbed his lunch bag and headed to the cafeteria dreading the inevitable encounter with Jimmy, but vowing to continue giving him the cold shoulder. Aidan and Zak were already seated, along with a few of their friends and the usual group, but there was no sign of Jimmy yet.

"Hey J, how'd it go this morning?" Aidan asked giving his brother a tender look.

"Fine," Jaden mumbled, "but I think I may have to ask to change seats in the classes we share. It's too hard knowing he's right there beside me."

" least talk to him about this. Don't shut him out yet."

"What's up?" Dee asked after hearing the two talking, "is there a problem with Jimmy?"

"Oh, just a little one," Jaden said angrily, "and her name is Kalie."

"What? Kalie...who's that?" Jeremy said jumping in to the conversation.

"His new girlfriend," Jaden smirked.

"Oh, man...that's different," Jeremy said raising an eyebrow.

"Okay, okay...someone tell us the whole story," Dee insisted, and Jaden happily obliged, slanting things his way of course, but for the most part what he said was the truth.

"Oh...that doesn't sound like sweet considerate Jimmy," she said frowning, "are you sure you understood him right?"

"There's not too many ways to take what he told me Dee. He found a girl and he wants to be with her, end of story. So...that means I'm out and she's in, I'm not sharing him with her."

"Where is he anyway?" Dee said looking around, "I think I need to have a long talk with that boy."

"Leave it alone Dee,"  Jeremy warned, "It's not our place to mess in their business."

"He's probably not gonna show up today. I sort of told him not to come to the table, but I wasn't thinking right. I know he's you guys' friend too and I can't decide for you whether he's welcome. It's fine if he wants to come back to the table, but I'm not sure I can hang around if he does."

"J, you don't mean that," Aidan said patting his brother, "you can work this out, there's no need for either of you to be exiled."

"Exiled?" Jaden laughed, "Yeah, I guess you're right. We're all adults here. OH wait, no we're not."

They ate their lunch then and talked about more pleasant things, and when Jimmy didn't show up at the table they knew things were indeed serious. 

Gym class was the worst, not only did Jaden have to see Jimmy naked in the shower, his locker was right beside his and they were practically in each other's lap as they changed.

"J..." Jimmy began, "can we talk...after school?"

"Can't think of any reason we'd need to. You pretty much made yourself clear on where you stood and I know I did."

"I don't want it to end this way J, please..." he begged, trying to keep his voice down so the other boys couldn't hear what he was saying.

"Skype me, that's as close as I wanna get," Jaden said slamming his locker door and storming off, "Eight thirty," he called over his shoulder.

Jimmy finished dressing and sat down to lace on his shoes just as Aidan was coming out of the shower. Aidan had a towel around his waist but it did little to hide his sexy teenage body and several boys looked up, some with a bit more interest than others.

"Hey Jimmy. J already gone?"

"Yeah, he's pretty mad at me, isn't he?" Jimmy said, stating the obvious.

"Well, yeah...and you know, I can kind of see his side of it, and not just because I'm his brother. He trusted you with his heart Jimmy and that's a serious thing. I know cause John had my heart and when he left I was a mess."

"Yeah, I know," Jimmy said looking down at the floor, "I wish I had never met that girl..."

"But you did and you have to make a decision. I mean I don't even know if it's too late or not to get back with Jaden, but if this girl really means that much to you then you need to decide where you stand. You might wind up hurting her too before it's all over."

"I know, I know," Jimmy sighed, "It used to be so easy, now it's all complicated, and now I'm miserable, everyone is miserable."

"Love is like that. It can be wonderful or it can rip your heart out. In this case, it  ripped Jaden's heart out and it's gonna take some doing to put it back where it belongs."

"He wants me to Skype him tonight at 8:30. What should I say Aidan? You know him better than anyone."

"Just tell him what's on your heart. I find that's best. If you're sincere enough, he'll believe you, but I'm warning not hurt him any more or I will take it personal." With that Aidan walked over to his locker and began dressing. He didn't notice when Jimmy slipped out quietly a few minutes later.

In the van Jaden fidgeted with is seatbelt as Aidan slid in with Zak in tow, "Can Zak come over for a little while mom?" Jaden said giving her his puppy dog look.

"Well, I don't see why not. Is it okay with your mom Zak?"

"She's not home, she's at her sister's for the week. Only my brother is home, well...he's probably not home yet, but he's watching me while she's gone." 

The truth was they didn't know where their mother was. She'd been gone three days and in none of the places they knew to look. Jason had made up the story of her being at her sister's to alleviate any worries on the part of any adults who came sniffing around, and Zak had gone along with it easily. That was not to say that he wasn't worried himself, his mom might not be the most reliable person in the world, but she had always come home after a day or so.

"Oh, all right, then why don't you stay for supper and I'll send something home for your brother."

"Yes ma'am that sounds fine ma'am," Zak said feeling relieved. There wasn't much food in the house and this way he and Jason would both be fed.

He thought about the night before and how Jason had reacted to the news that Billy had been bullying him. Then come morning Jason had sat him down with a bowl of cereal and asked him the particulars of what had been going on. At first Zak was reluctant to rat out the other boys, but seeing that Jason seemed to really care, he opened up about everything. The abuse, the taunting, the theft of his lunch money, and with each new charge Jason seemed to become more upset.

"I knew something was going on with that fat son of a bitch. How dare him pick on my little brother and pretend to be my friend. I'll fix him good, just you watch," Jason fumed.

"Jason, don't get into a fight over me. I can handle this..." Zak said, but inside he was happy to think that his brother was actually going to stand up for him.

"Don't worry, that fat fuck is no match for me and those other two are worthless."

It was then that Jason told Zak about their mother.

"In case you didn't notice, ma ain't been home since Friday and I'm kinda' worried. Just in case anyone notices and asks any questions though, you just say she's visiting her sister this week. That should put anyone off till she gets back."

"What if she don't come back before the week is up?" Zak asked worriedly.

"Then we think up something else, but I bet she shows up today or tomorrow. She probably found some guy she liked and hooked up for sex or something."

Zak frowned, "Why does mama do that stuff?"

"Huh? Have sex?" Jason chuckled, "same reason we all do, cause we're horny and we need to get off."

"No, I mean go with different men and get drunk and do drugs. Why don't she just find one nice man and marry him? Then we'd have a dad again."

"Never gonna happen. After dad went to prison mom swore she'd never marry again. But she still gets horny and she likes drinking and smoking dope, so she finds guys who provide her with what she needs."

"Sometimes I hate her Jason," Zak said staring into his bowl of watered down milk and cereal.

"Sometimes I hate her too, but she's the only ma we got. Now hurry up you're gonna  be late for school."

"Hey Jason, is it okay if I go over to Aidan's  house after school?"

"Sure, I won't be home till late anyway," Jason said sitting his empty bowl in the sink, "You really like this kid, don't ya'?"

This was a far cry from the things Jason usually said about his friends and Zak hesitated a minute waiting for Jason to add some insult. When it didn't come Zak looked at his brother and smiled nervously.

"Yeah, it's fun over there and their folks are cool."

Jason nodded, but didn't reply and a honking horn out front got him moving, "There's my ride, later little bro." he said as he grabbed his backpack and headed out the door.

The slamming door reminded Zak that he needed to get moving as well and soon he was on his way to the corner to wait for his bus.


Zak joined the twins for an after school snack but Jaden didn't seem to have much appetite and he went upstairs after draining his milk glass, leaving his cookies for the other two boys.

"He's pretty sad, isn't he?" Zak said softly.

"Yeah, he really likes Jimmy and I guess he feels a little betrayed by him."

"Yeah, I can see why. I don't know Jimmy all that well, but I know you guys, and I think you're about the coolest and nicest dudes I've ever met. I feel bad for Jaden, but I want you to know...I'd never do what Jimmy anyone," he said blushing. He'd wanted to say "to you", but at the last minute he'd chickened out.

"I know, you're a cool dude too," Aidan said smiling, "and I promise...I won't hurt you either."

Zak smiled and nodded, then turned his attention to his snack.

Jaden changed into sweats and was doing some push ups when the other two boys came upstairs.

"Working out? You must be upset," Aidan  joked, "you already have a body to die for, do I."

"Yeah, you both do," Zak said then blushed.

"I know, but exercise keeps my mind off things. You guys wanna' go for a walk or something?"

"Fine by me, you okay with that Zak?"

"Yeah, sure...sounds good."

The weather was mild and their  hoodies were plenty to keep them warm and in fact after a few blocks they had them unzipped and the hoods down as their bodies warmed up. Aidan walked in the middle, with his brother to his left and Zak on the right, and occasionally his hand would brush up against Zak's, and he felt a tingle go all through his body. 

What Aidan really wanted to do right now was get Zak alone somewhere and kiss him all over and then make love to him, but his loyalty to his brother won out in the end. He might not be able to do much to help Jaden work through this, but he would be there to pick up the pieces once they fell.

Zak on the other hand felt a little out of place there, but he was happy just to be near Aidan, and he didn't think about the physical aspect of their relationship quite as much. He'd liked what they'd done in Aidan's bed, but it was still a bit overwhelming and he could wait till the time was right for it to happen again. Of all the things they'd done though, it was the kissing that he'd enjoyed most and he had to admit he wouldn't mind putting a lip lock on the sexy twin right now.

"You guys are lucky," Jaden said suddenly out of nowhere.

"Mmmm...yeah, we all are," Aidan said not understanding.

"No, I mean the two of you are lucky cause' your relationship is just beginning and there are no demands, no promises. You can just be who you are, and do whatever feels good, and have fun without all that pressure."

"Well, in a way I guess that's true, but I'm just as dedicated to Zak as you were to Jimmy, and though I don't know how he feels about me, I think we'd both be hurt if something went wrong."

"I...uh," Zak said blushing, "I'm new to all this stuff...but I like you a lot and I want us to be together..."

Aidan's hand found Zak's and though there was no one around to see, neither boy would have cared if there was. They walked on a half block more holding hands and suddenly a car appeared from up the street, but neither boy broke away. Perhaps it would have been better if they had, but it was too late for that now.

"Hey faggots," a familiar voice called as the window slid down on the driver's side of the car, "I should kick your asses for doin' that queer stuff in public."

Zak jerked his hand away as if he'd been bitten and stared at the boy in car, only then realizing that it was Billy, the subject of the talk he and Jason had had the night before.

"I thought one of you died of a brain tumor, oh...too bad, cause now you're gonna die of an ass kicking," the fat bully said as he slammed on the brakes of the beat up old car. As the door opened on squeaky rusting hinges, he pried himself out of the front seat and waited for his two cronies to hop out before heading their way.

Jaden was in full fight mode by then, but Aidan and Zak were still unsure what to do and were ready to flee if the situation demanded it.

"Get back in that piece of shit car if you know whats good for you. I'm not in a very good mood and I could use some practice at kicking ass...and yours is sure big enough."

"Jaden, don't taunt him," Aidan advised, as he suppressed a grin. He knew Jaden was not one to back down and could hold his own with the best of them, but he also knew that Billy didn't fight fair.

"You better leave us alone or my brother will kick your ass," Zak said defiantly.

"Ha, your brother don't care nothin' bout you. He's been lettin' me kick your ass all this time and laughing about it."

"That's a lie," Zak said suddenly unsure of himself. What if Jason had known all along and was lying about caring and fixing things?

"He said you were a pansy and you deserved a little roughing up now and then."

"Shut up, you're lying. I told him about you and your thugs and he said he'd make sure you didn't do it again..."

Aidan looked at Zak questioningly but now was not the time or the place to ask questions. Instead he steeled himself for the attack he thought was about to take place and prayed they'd survive to make sure the three boys responsible never did it again.

"Come on Billy," one of the kids said seeming to loose heart, "let the little fags go. We can go to my house and drink my old man's beer."

"Later, after we've creamed some faggot ass."

"Or after you've creamed you pants, you fat fuck," Jaden hissed, "you like touching other boy's...don't ya. Probably hard right now just thinkin' about touching my sweet ass," Jaden said turning his backside to the bully and shaking it.

Billy licked his lips and shook his head, "You are so dead faggot. I am so gonna' enjoy this."

As Billy started their way there was a moment of confusion as the three boys on the sidewalk decided what stance to take, then suddenly a car came speeding up from the opposite direction and when it screeched to a halt a tall long haired teenage boy piled out the of the passenger side and slammed the door behind him.

"Jason!" Zak said feeling both relief and surprise.

"What the fuck are you doing Billy? Are bothering my bro again?"

"Gonna wipe these little faggots out, wanna help us?" Billy said sounding less sure of himself than he had a few minutes ago.

"Little is right you big ox, they're half your size and you and your buddies have picked on my brother for the last time. Got that, or do I have to kick your stupid fat ass all over the street?"

"Hey Jason...we was only foolin'. We wasn't gonna' hurt em'...just scare em' a little."

Billy's two cohorts had already slunk away and were cowering inside the car waiting for Billy to make a decision, but either way he was on his own.

"You got ten seconds to get in that piece of shit car of yours and get the fuck out of here. If I ever see you near my brother again I will personally rip your dick off and stick it up your ass. Not that there's much of it...but you get the picture? Oh, and don't ever come around me again either. We're not friends anymore, in fact none of you are," he said looking at the two cowering in the car, "Now get the fuck out of here," Jason said taking a step toward Billy.

Billy knew he was no match for Jason, but what he didn't know was why Jason had suddenly gotten a conscience and was defending his faggot brother. Well, he might have lost this one, but there would be other times, when Jason wasn't around, and that little faggot brother of his would feel the pain then.

"Okay, need to get all excited. We're going. We were just playin'."

"Well, go play with each other, I know you and those two are butt buddies. Go fuck each other and leave little kids alone before you wind up in jail or dead."

Billy gave Jason a go to hell look before wedging himself behind the steering wheel and he flipped the group off as he drove away, but no way would he dare flip Jason the bird.

"Where did you come from? How did you know?" Zak said gaping at his brother and thinking he had never loved or respected him as much as he did at that moment.

"I didn't. I was just out ridin' with Larry and we ran across you guys. I could tell what was going on as soon as saw Billy headed your way."

"Thanks," Jaden said sounding disappointed, "but I was looking forward to kicking some ass."

"Maybe next time," Jason said with a whole new respect for the rowdy twin. He knew that one must be Jaden, for from all he'd heard, Jaden was the take no bullshit twin.

"Yeah thanks Jason," Zak said grinning, "I bet he don't bother us no more."

"Maybe, but he's not too bright. Might take me showin' him I'm serious before he quits completely. Just watch out for him for a while, okay?"

"Yeah, sure...hey...I'm staying for dinner at Aidan's and I'm gonna bring you some dinner," he said moving up to speak to his brother in private.

"You don't gotta' do that..."

"It's okay, Mrs. Reynolds insisted," Zak said smiling, "You'd like her, she's nice."

"Just don't gettin' too used to things over there," Jason warned, "you still gotta live with ma and me."

"I know. Uh...any word from ma?"

"Nope, not yet. Maybe by the time you get home..."

"Oh, okay..well..see ya' later," Zak said resisting the urge to throw himself in his big brother's arms. 

Instead he kept staring as Jason climbed back in his friend's car and then waved as he drove away.

"Wow, that was awesome. I thought you and you brother didn't get along that well," Aidan said when Zak rejoined them.

"So did I," Zak laughed, "remind me to tell ya' about last night," he said grinning, "Well, are we gonna walk or not?"

By the time they had walked their way around the neighborhood and back  home all three boys were hungry. Mrs. Reynolds was just putting the final touches on dinner and told the boys to go wash up and for the twins to set the table.

Mr. Reynolds was sitting in the living room watching the evening news as they came through and he looked up and smiled.

"Well, hello boys. Mom said you went for a walk, did you work up an appetite."

"Uh huh, we're starved," Jaden answered for all three.

"When aren't you?" Mr. Reynolds chuckled.

"When we're asleep," Jaden laughed, "see ya' in a minute dad. Gotta scrub up for dinner."

"Good idea, wash good."

Once the boys were scrubbed up and the table set, Mr. Reynolds came in and they dug into the smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, and broccoli with cheese Mrs. Reynolds had prepared. Zak enjoyed the conversation almost as much as the food, but he feared the twins would bring up their encounter with Billy and he didn't know how that would go over. He needn't have worried however, because neither of the twins were anxious for their folks to know they had been in danger.

"I have cake for dessert," Mrs. Reynolds said, "and I'll send your brother some of that along with the pork chops," she said addressing the last to Zak.

"Yummy," Aidan said rubbing his tummy, "what kind of cake?"

"Banana pudding cake, your favorite."

"Mmmmm...oh, Zak you gotta try that, it's to die for."

"Hasn't killed anyone yet," Mr. Reynolds chuckled, "though I'm sure if we ate enough of it we might gain a pound or two."

"We don't have it that often. We eat plenty healthy usually," Mrs. Reynolds said in defense of her cake.

"Don't worry mom, we can eat that stuff all day and never gain an ounce," Jaden assured them.

"It's not you wiry teenage boys I'm worried about," Mr. Reynolds said patting his flat stomach.

"Oh, dear, you're still just as perfect as the day I married you," Mrs. Reynolds aid said reaching over and patting her husband's stomach as well.

"MOM, DAD, we have company," Aidan said in horror, "keep you hands to yourself please."

Everyone laughed then, even Zak.

After dinner Jaden insisted on helping his mother clean up so they could talk, and Aidan sensed his purpose and took Zak up to their room while their dad went in to watch TV.

"So what happened last night, with your brother?" Aidan asked remembering what Zak had said earlier.

"Well, it's really weird, but I accidentally let it slip that Billy was the one messin' with me and Jason went all crazy and said he'd take care of it and not to worry, that no one would pick on me again. I had to look twice to make sure it was really my brother saying those things."

Zak left out the tears and the comforting in bed for the time being, but eventually, during pillow talk a few weeks later, he would spill the entire story.

"Wow, that's great. See I told you you needed to tell him. He saved all our butts today. Be sure to let him know how grateful we are."

"The food should be enough," Zak chuckled.

"Can I ask you a question without making you mad or making you feel bad?"

"I don't know since I don't know what the question is..."

"Fair enough. Well, I guess I'll just have to take my chances, won't I?"

"Couldn't be that bad, you know most all there is to know bout' me by now."

"Yeah, but...I worry sometimes," Aidan said frowning, "about how things are at home. Like for instance, do you have food and stuff like that?"

"Yeah, of course we have food," Zak said trying to sound as if it were the most ridiculous question anyone could ask.

"Oh, okay...I'm not trying to get in your business Zak, but I care about you and I just want to make sure you're safe, that's all."

"I know, thanks, but I'm okay...really. Hey, any new videos?"

"As a matter of fact..."

At 7:00 Mrs. Reynold took Zak  home, sending along a sack filled with containers of food, including two pieces of cake. Zak was quiet and introspective on the way to his apartment. He had a lot on his mind what with his mom being missing, the bully, Jason's sudden interest in him, and Aidan's questions about his safety and well being.

"Well, thanks you guys," Zak said when they arrived, "thank you ma'am for the food and for bringing me home and all."

"You're welcome dear, tell your brother the containers are disposable and you don't need to return them."

"Oh, okay, thanks."

"Uh, mom can I walk Zak to his door?" Aidan asked not bothering to wait for an answer as he slid out of the van.

"Yes dear, but hurry. You have school tomorrow and you need a shower badly. You boys smell like dirty pups."

"Thanks mom," Jaden said pretending to sulk.

"Dear, about what we talked about after dinner...have you given any thought to what you're going to say to Jimmy when he calls you?"

"Skype mom, not call....and no, not really. I decided I'd just see what he had to say and go from there."

"All right, but remember son. Don't burn any bridges behind you."

Jaden rolled his eyes, but didn't reply.

At Zak's door Aidan lingered, wanting to stay with Zak as long as possible, "Sorry about that stuff earlier. I know you're okay...I just worry too much I guess."

"It's okay, don't worry about it," he said then laughed, "I mean it's okay."

"Well, I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow," Aidan said shrugging. He'd never wanted to kiss a boy as badly in his whole life, but he knew this wasn't the time or the place.

"Yeah, for sure," Zak said looking around quickly then giving Aidan a quick peck on the cheek, "later dude," he said hurrying inside.

Aidan stood looking at the closed door then smiled and gently touched the place where Zak's lips had touched his face.

He was floating on a cloud when he slid back in the seat beside his brother and Jaden noticed right away.

"Ahhh...young love," Jaden teased, "glad someone has it."

Mrs. Reynolds looked in the rear view mirror but didn't ask what Jaden meant. It was bitter sweet knowing one of her son's was in love and the other was possibly losing his love.

Back at the house Jaden took a quick shower and readied himself for his video chat with Jimmy while Aidan did homework. Both boys were good students and homework was always a breeze, but tonight Aidan just couldn't seem to concentrate on the lesson. He felt his face for the hundredth time since Zak had kissed him and smiled. 

It was so sweet for Zak to do something like that, just like the holding hands had been earlier, and he knew for Zak it was a big thing. For while Aidan was used to displays of affection, this was all new to Zak. The fact that he was willing to initiate such things was proof that his feelings for Aidan were growing, and that he was starting to accept his sexuality.

"Hey A, mind if I have the room to myself when Jimmy Skypes me?"

"No, of course not. I'm almost done here. I can finish up later though."

"No hurry, it's still early. Go ahead and finish your homework."

"Okay," Aidan said looking back to the open book before him, then looking up again he added, "Uh...J, what are you gonna say to Jimmy?"

"Don't have a clue," Jaden sighed as he grabbed his phone and fell across his bed, "I guess I'll just see what he says and then go from there."

" word of advice, be nice. You guys each other and there's no reason you can't at least be civil to each other. Who knows, even if it ends now, there's always the possibility you might pick up where you left off later."

"Nope, not a chance. If we break up, that's it. I'm not gonna risk getting dumped twice by the same guy. Once is enough."

"I can't say I know exactly how you feel. I mean with John it was different. He had to go, it wasn't his choice or mine, but I still lost someone very important to me and I don't know what I'd do if he suddenly moved back here and wanted to start again."

"What about Zak? You wouldn't dump Zak for John would you?" Jaden asked looking horrified.

"No, of course not. But if there was no Zak or anyone else, I'm not sure I wouldn't jump right back in John's arms...even though...even though, he seemed to get over me a lot easier than I got over him."

"Different people react differently to that sort of thing," Jaden said thoughtfully, "Sometimes it's a defense mechanism, you know, find someone fast to get over the old love."

"Yeah, well...I still feel guilty after all this time just thinking about getting with Zak."

"Why? John is history, you have a right to move on. He did, and Zak is perfect for you. He needs someone to take care of him, and let's face it, you need someone to take care of."

"Thanks, I guess," Aidan said grinning, "Oh, man it's almost 8:30. I'll take this downstairs. You can come get me when you're done."

"Sure, thanks...see you later."

When Aidan appeared at the dining room table his mother looked up and smiled, "He making his call?"

"Skype," Aidan corrected, "Yeah, soon. I still had some homework to finish."

"Aidan, I don't mean to pry, but how much do you know about Zak's home life. I mean, do you think his mother really went off for a week and left those boys alone?"

"I...I guess, that's what Zak said. I know she's not the best mom in the world, but I guess she does okay by them."

"Hmm..well, keep your eyes and ears open and let me know if you start to feel differently. I don't want those boys to go without food or supervision."

Aidan laughed, "Mom, we must think alike. I asked Zak the same thing, if he had food at home, and he said they did okay."

"And did you believe him?"

Aidan took a moment to answer, "I'm not sure. I know sometimes he doesn't have much lunch or money, but that's not a problem cause we all pitch in and make sure he doesn't go hungry."

"That's wonderful. I'm proud of you boys. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

Upstairs Jaden held his phone in his hand as he lay prone on his bed waiting for Jimmy's call. Butterflies swarmed his stomach and he wished he'd just told Jimmy he had nothing to say. Now he felt obliged to listen and to reply to whatever crazy thing Jimmy dreamed up to say. He was shaken out of his thoughts by the alert that Jimmy's call was coming through.

Jimmy appeared to be sitting at his computer as he stared into the screen looking a bit flushed and as nervous as Jaden felt.

"Hi, what's up?"

"Uh, you told me to call you at 8:30."

"Yeah, I meant...what did you want to say?"

"Oh, yeah...well...this is hard...not being there with you."

"Why, you can see me can't you?"

"Yeah, and you look good," Jimmy said nervously.

"But not as good as whats her name..."

"J...this isn't about Kalie, it's about us."

"There is no us as long as she's involved."

"I broke up with her."

"You what?"

"I broke up with her. I'm not willing to loose you to be with her."

"But you said she was so great and that you wanted to be with her..."

"Yeah, I guess I was wrong."

"You guess?"

"I was wrong."

"I don't know. I don't see how you could just pick up with this girl and then just drop her. What does that say about you? What does that mean? How do I know you won't meet another girl or another boy tomorrow and fall for them? I can't trust you Jimmy...I don't think I can be with someone I can't trust."

"But I gave her up for you..." Jimmy whined.

"Wait, you gave  her up for me? That should never have happened to begin with. I feel like I don't know you anymore. I thought you loved me and were faithful to me, but I guess I was wrong."

"J...I do love you and want us to be together again. You can trust me. I didn't lie to you. I told you about Kalie didn't I?"

"Yeah, after you dated her for a whole week and figured out you couldn't get any pussy," Jaden said angrily, "then when you got horny enough you came back to me to get your rocks off...right?"

", it's not like that..." Jimmy whined.

"I think you need to think about how it really is and what you want out of life. I don't think I'm what you want though, and I'm pretty sure you're not what I want....not anymore."

"Jaden you're being unreasonable. I'm really trying here and you're just being all bitchy and not helping at all."

"Bitchy? I'm being bitchy? Listen dude, you caused this and you're the one at fault here. Don't try blaming me for the fact that you're a liar and a sneak. I think we've said all there is to say. I'm gonna go now. Oh, one more thing. What I said about joining us at the lunch table, forget what I said. You're welcome there as long as the others want you there. I won't try to influence them in any way, just don't talk to me...okay?"

With that Jaden hung up then fell back on his pillow and let the tears flow.

When Jaden hadn't come to get him by 9 o'clock Aidan decided  he needed to check on his brother, and when he found him curled up crying on the bed he went to him and wrapped his loving arms around him. He spent the night there, skipping his shower and and not even bothering to undress.


"I saw you kiss that kid," Jason said looking amused as he stepped away from the window where he'd been spying on the two.

"I did not," Zak said blushing.

"Relax, it's cool. I don't get the kissing stuff, but I understand the sex part. You hot for this boy?"

Tears had formed in Zak's eyes and he felt ready to break down at any minute. Despite the fact that his brother's words seemed more encouraging than condemning he was still worried about revealing his true feelings.

"Hey, forget it, don't spazz on me. What's in the bag," he said sniffing comically, "I smell food."

"It's pork chops and stuff...oh, and cake. Save me a piece of cake, okay?" Zak said handing the bag to his brother.

"Sure, or we can have the cake for breakfast."

"Yeah, good idea. I'm gonna go take a shower, okay?"

"Sure, I'll gonna chow down. This smells really good," Jason said popping the top off the container of pork chops. Just gonna nuke it for a little bit..." he added disappearing into the kitchen.

Zak sighed and headed off to grab some clean  underwear, then discovering he was down to his last pair, he decided to recycle the pair he was wearing. Later when he was in bed he'd ditch those and let them air out while  he slept.

As he showered he thought about what Jason had said about not understanding the kiss. Until he'd met Aidan he'd felt pretty much the same way. He understood sex because it made you feel good, but now he'd discovered that there was more to feeling good than sex. Kissing was wonderful, he decided, but only if you were doing it with someone you really liked. Sex on the other hand could feel good with anyone, but was still better if you liked the person. He smiled as he thought about that and about Aidan. Now he just had to figure out if Jason was going to continue to be cool about his relationship with Aidan or give him Hell.

Zak was sitting in the middle of his bed doing his homework when Jason wandered in still licking his fingers.

"That was some good eats. That woman can cook. Tell her next time you see her I said so and thank her for me."

"I will," Zak said not looking up.

"What you doin'?"

"Algebra homework, it's  hard."

"Here, let me see if I can help. I did okay in Algebra, it was spelling and English that got me down."

With his big brother's help Zak was able to knock his homework out in half hour and by then he was ready to get some sleep.

"Don't guess you're in the mood...." Jason began, "naw, I guess not," he said looking forlorn.

Zak laughed, "You're always horny, maybe you should find a boyfriend."

"I'm not gay," Jason said but there was no animosity in his voice, "I just like a good beejay and guys give better beejays than chicks, that's all."

"Take a shower at least,"  Zak laughed, "then come on over. I'll wait up for you."

There was more tenderness this time when Zak serviced his brother, on both parts. Zak was genuinely happy to make his brother feel good, maybe as a way to thank him for standing up for him, and gently rubbed his legs and chest and arms as he worked his magic on his hard teenage cock.

Jason in turn ran his fingers through his younger brother's hair and caressed his face as he blew his load down Zak's throat.

"God you do that so good," Jason said sounding far away, "that kid is one lucky duck."

"Can I ask you a question?" Zak said rocking back on his knees and looking up at his brother.

"Yeah, shoot."

"Don't get mad, okay?"

"Okay, I won't. I'm too relaxed to get mad."

"Okay. Why are you suddenly being so nice to me?"

Jason didn't answer for a long time and Zak was afraid he's ruined everything, then suddenly he sat up and looked into his younger brother's eyes and began.

"I don't know...not exactly anyway. It's not like I didn't love you or anything. You're my bro, but I guess I just got caught up in my own shit. I hated what dad did and I hated mom for the shit she pulls and I guess I just wanted to get away from everyone. I guess I never realized you were stuck too and we shoulda' been helping each other figure things out.

Then one day, I saw this kid I used to know back in grade school. Maybe you remember him. Joey was his name and he had a little brother a year or so younger than him. Well...his bro got hit by a car when he was 12 and now he's like a vegetable and can't feed himself or walk or do anything. Man, that's so harsh," Jason said sighing, "and I just thought what if that was you and  how would I feel? Then you tell me Billy and the butt heads have been knocking you around and that did it for me. Look, bro...I may not be the best brother in the world, but I got your back from now on."

Zak got up and laid down next to his brother, "I never thought you were all that bad," Zak said soothingly, "We used to get along fine, remember?"

"Yeah, when we were kids were always running around and getting into trouble," Jason laughed.

"Anyway, thanks...thanks for saving me from that porker today. It meant a lot to me."

"Welcome. Now, tell is it with you and this Aidan kid. Are you boyfriends?"

"I don't know," Zak said honestly, "I know we like each other and we've done stuff..."

"And kissed," Jason said grinning, "What's that like?"

The smile on Zak's face said it all, "It's great..really. You know, just like kissing a girl, only better cause boys aren't as crazy as girls."

"Yeah, kissing girls is fun," Jason said, though his experience was somewhat limited, he had kissed a few girls, but that was the extent of it.

"Yeah, is with Aidan. I've never kissed anyone else."

"So does that mean you're gay or something?"

"I...I don't know. I just know how I feel about Aidan and I...well, I like doing what we do. So maybe I am."

"It's cool, just don't go around spreading it, okay? I can't be there to protect you every minute."

"No worries, most of the kids at school are cool."

"Except Billy and his boys."

"Yeah, well...I think you took care of that problem."

"Don't be too sure. The problem with Billy is he's stupid and he doesn't know when to stop. He backed off today cause' he knew I'd whip his ass, but that doesn't mean he won't finish what he started when I'm not around."

"I know, I'll be careful."

"Man, I'm tired. That beejay wore me out," Jason laughed.

"What about mom? What will we do if she never comes back?"

"Don't worry, she'll be back. She's gotta collect her check...right?"

"Yeah, I guess so, but I'm still worried."

"I'm a little worried too, but it'll be fine."

"Jason, can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Still horny little brother?" Jason teased.

"NO," Zak said frowning, "Just feeling kind of lonely."

"Okay, sure...but keep your undies on or I might not be able to resist that sweet ass of yours and that wouldn't do at all. Gotta save that for lover boy."


"I can't get Jaden out of bed," Aidan explained to his mother, "I think he's sick or something. Maybe you should let him stay home today."

Mrs. Reynolds knew what Jaden's sickness was, but she wasn't sure staying home from school would fix a broken heart.

"I'll go check on him, help yourself to breakfast," then looking at her son critically she added, "did you sleep in your clothes son?"

"Yeah, sorry...I slept with Jaden and didn't get a chance to shower or change."

"You're a good brother, you go on and eat and take a shower and get ready for school and I'll see to your brother."

Jaden was sitting up and staring out the window when his mom knocked on the open door. He'd made a trip to the bathroom and drained his bladder and was considering his next move.

"Come in," he said turning to see his mother looking at him with loving eyes.

"Aidan said you weren't feeling well. Does it have anything to do with your talk with Jimmy last night?"

"Yeah, but I'm fine. I just didn't get much sleep. A shower will wake me up."

"Are you hungry, there's oatmeal and bacon in the kitchen."

"Naw, not really hungry. I think I'll go take that shower now."

"All right dear, but if you change your mind come on down to the kitchen."

Jaden nodded and slowly rose to grab some underwear before heading off to the bathroom. He had just got in the shower when Aidan came into the bathroom.

"Room for me bro?"

"Yeah, come on in," Jaden said grateful for his brother's support.

Aidan slid the door open and slipped in behind his brother and put his hands around his waist and kissed his neck, "I'm sorry about how things turned out, but we're gonna get through this, you'll see."

"I know, it's just so hard to believe he could do that to me. I thought he felt the same way I did."

"Who knows what he was thinking? He's a teenager, and teenagers are kind of crazy, in case you haven't noticed."

"Yeah, well...I'll be more careful before I fall in love again. In fact I may never fall in love again."

"Easy to say, but no one really plans on falling in love, it just happens when it happens. Maybe that's what happened with Jimmy and this girl. I'm not making excuses for him, but let's face it, society in general says we should like girls, and maybe Jimmy just couldn't resist that way of thinking anymore."

"Huh, well...I hope he's happy with his choice, cause I'm done. It would have been different if he found a girl and we shared her, but this isn't right. He wants to live two different lives and I'm not down with that."

"I don't know what to tell you J. I haven't been with a girl and I don't know what that's like, but if you both are okay with sharing a girl like that, then I guess it's okay. Too bad this girl wasn't like that."

"Yeah, well...maybe I'll try girls now. Ever since you started posting those videos girls have been hitting on me, maybe I'll just take one of them up on their offer."

"You know, that might be a good way to get over this thing with Jimmy, but J...don't just use them. Remember they have feelings too. If you like one, go for it, but don't go through them like underwear."

"Ha, good one. We'll see. Hey, wash my back. I'm starting to get a little hungry. I think I'll go get some breakfast after all."

Nothing more was said about Jaden staying home and surprisingly he seemed his normal bubbly self as he wolfed down his breakfast then ran up brush his teeth before he and Aidan headed off to school. Mrs. Reynolds was off work and agreed to drive them, which meant they would arrive at school about ten minutes earlier than if they rode the bus.

At school Zak joined them as soon as he piled off the bus and was surprised to see that Jaden seemed to be in a better mood. He hoped the reason was because he and Jimmy had made up, because he liked both boys, and didn't want to loose Jimmy as a friend. But he knew where his loyalties would lie if it came to that, and he was prepared to follow Aidan and Jaden's lead  if and when the time came that they split up.

"Hi guys, what's up?"

"Not much, did your brother give you any grief last night?" Aidan asked.

"Naw, not really. Suddenly he's really cool. It's kind of scary."

"Maybe he's just growing up some," Jaden suggested, "we can't act like kids forever. Someday we have to start maturing and  handling things in an adult way."

Aidan didn't think Jaden was talking about Jason however, he thought his impromptu speech might have been more about himself and Jimmy.

"Oh, by the way. He said to be sure and thank your mom for the food. We had the cake for breakfast."

"I will. My mom loves feeding our friends. She says it makes her feel needed," Aidan chuckled, "and that's why she sends twice as much food in our lunch sack then we'll eat."

Suddenly as they turned the corner on the way to their lockers Jimmy appeared heading toward them from the opposite direction. He took one look at the three and considered turning around, but he knew he couldn't avoid Jaden forever, not in a school this small, and so he continued moving forward, dreading the moment they would be within speaking distance.

"Hey guys," he said when he got within earshot.

"Good morning Jimmy," Aidan said with his usual sunny smile.

"Hi," from Zak.

"Hello Jimmy," Jaden said stiffly.

"Well, gotta get my books...uh, see you guys later..."

"Yeah, at lunch for sure," Aidan said reminding him that he wasn't banned from the lunch table.

"Yeah, see ya."

"That was awkward," Aidan said when he'd passed, "But you did good bro. Show him who the better man is."

"Yeah,'s not like I hate him or anything," Jaden sighed, "come on, I need to dump ten pounds of books before first period."

The day went better than the previous day and by lunch Jaden no longer dreaded the possibility of Jimmy joining them. They were half way through their lunch however before Jimmy showed up, and when he slid in across from the twins he had an announcement to make.

"Sorry everybody about ruining your lunch," he began, "but I got some stuff to say and then I'll go. First of all I don't blame anyone but me for what happened and I'm sorry for what I did...but, it seems like what I did can't be forgiven so...I've decided that maybe it's better if I don't hang out with you guys anymore."

"Jimmy..." Aidan began, but Jimmy quickly interrupted him.

"No wait, let me finish. I guess I realized that maybe I don't belong here anymore. I mean I like all of you guys, but it's just too painful to be around all of you knowing that...well, you know..." he said giving Jaden a sad look. "I'll be eating lunch somewhere else from now on."

"No," Jaden said firmly, "you can't run away from things just cause you messed up. These guys are your friends, they're my friends, and we're both gonna need our friends to get through this. So just forget about running away and hiding from us, cause you're stuck. Right guys?"

"Yeah, come here," Dee said pulling Jimmy to her and kissing his cheek, "It's okay to mess up once in a while, just don't let it ruin your life."

Tears were rolling down Jimmy's cheek and when he pulled away from Dee he wiped at them and looked into Jaden's eyes, "I'll never stop loving you, but I know it will never be the same." and with those words he got up and walked slowly away.

"He'll be back," Jaden said wiping at a few tears of his own, "He just needs some time...hell, so do I."

In English Lit Jaden sat by a girl named Sherry who had been following Aidan's videos on YouTube since the beginning. Each time a new video was posted she would discuss it with Jaden in class, but Jaden always assumed it was Aidan she was most interested in till that day.

"You know, even though you're twins, I think you're cuter. I don't know, it's like you look more mature and tougher," she said grinning. Then as her eyes traveled down his body and came to rest on that part of him that made him all boy, Jaden realized the girl was coming on to him.

"Uh, well...I'm three minutes and I guess I've always just sort of taken charge. I used to lead A into all kinds of trouble,"  he laughed, "but not so much anymore."

"I heard about you and Jimmy. Too bad," she said but she didn't sound sorry to hear the news, "I heard he has a girlfriend now," she added as she moved close enough for Jaden to smell her shampoo and some sort of sweet aroma he couldn't identify.

"Yeah, it's no big deal," Jaden said, not sure how to respond.

"So...I was wondering...I'm having a party at my house on Friday. My folks are going to be out of town and I'm just inviting a few kids from school. Would you like to come?"

"Uh, well...just me or both of us?" 

"Well, your brother can come too...if you want, but I'd like to get to know you better."

"Oh...okay, what time is the party?"

"Seven's my address," she said pressing a piece of paper into his hand, "and my phone number."

Jaden wondered how she just happened to have her address and phone number ready to hand out, but later she observed her passing identical pieces of paper out to at least two other boys. Well, at least they wouldn't be alone, he mused, but then again it meant he might have some competition.

Jaden was still thinking about the sexy girl and the party when he dressed out for gym and he hadn't noticed Jimmy was nearby till he spoke.

"Hey, thanks for what you said back there at lunch. I thought about it and I decided you're probably right. We both need some help getting through this and who else but our friends can do that?"

"Yeah, won't be easy, but we're mature enough to figure things out," Jaden said stiffly, "time to move on," he added as he headed out to the gym floor.

Later as he showered he noticed Jimmy enter the shower stall next to his and he couldn't help but glance his way. He still felt butterflies when he looked at Jimmy's hard smooth body. He'd come a long way since they'd first met. At first Jimmy had been a little chubby and soft, but as he'd gotten older he'd firmed up and now had a hard muscled teenage body which was the envy of a lot of other boys.

Jimmy pretended not to notice Jaden checking him out, but he knew what he was doing. If he couldn't get Jaden back with words then he'd use whatever method was necessary. He knew Jaden loved sex and if he could get him alone...well, what boy could resist sex? And once they'd had sex it would be easy to convince Jaden to take him back.

Back at his locker Jaden put Jimmy's body out of his mind and went back to thinking about the party and Sherry. What kind of parents left a 14 year old girl alone to party while they went out of town? Was she a bad girl?  And was that a bad thing? Maybe he'd get to go all the way with this chick and then he'd know what all the fuss was about. But what if he did and didn't like it? What would that say about him? Sure he'd like what he and Jimmy did with Dee, but they had deep feelings for Dee. She was a sweet girl and they loved her and pleasuring her and taking pleasure from her was easy.

"That shower felt good," Jimmy said suddenly appearing next to Jaden.

"Yeah, washed the sweat off anyway. Coach is workin' us hard."

"I don't mind. I'm glad. If not for all the exercise I'd still be chubby and soft."

"Yeah,'ve come a long way, but you were fine either way."

"Thanks,"  Jimmy said smiling, "but I feel better now."

"You look good," Jaden said blushing, "Well...gotta run," he added slipping on his shoes, "See ya."

"Yeah, see ya," Jimmy said following Jaden with is eyes as he headed out the door.


"I've been invited to a party and you can come too," Jaden said to Aidan as they walked toward the van where their mother waited. Zak was riding the bus and they'd already said their goodbyes.

"Who? When?"

"This girl named Sherry...and it's Friday. She says her folks are out of town and she's having a little party, nothing big, just a few kids from school."

"Wait, an unsupervised party with a bunch of teenage boys and girls? Sounds like a train wreck in the making."

"Awww...loosen up, remember that party at Mark's house that time. His mom was asleep and his dad was gone and we didn't get into any trouble."

"Yeah, but it was all boys. Mix in some girls and it's a disaster looking for a place to happen."

"This girl Sherry is hot for my bod bro, I can't pass this chance up."

"OH, I get it. This is about getting back at Jimmy, isn't it?  So you're what? Gonna go screw this girl to get even? J, that's not like you."

"I'm not doing it to get even, I'm just...exploring my options. I always said I wanted to try girls, and after being with Dee I feel like I want to explore those feeling further, that's all."

"Do you even like this girl?"

"Sure, what's not to like? She's cool. She's pretty and has a nice bod and she thinks I'm handsome," he chuckled.

"I don't know. I can't tell you what to do, but I don't think I want to be there. I'll try to keep the heat off you with mom and dad though. Besides I'm going to Zak's Friday after school."

"You are? When did this happen?"

"He invited me after lunch. He said his mom should be home by then and he wants me to meet his brother too."

"We did, yesterday..." Jaden reminded him.

"Not really, he was just there and then gone and we really didn't get a chance to say much."

"Yeah, well...that's cool. I don't need any competition anyway," Jaden chuckled, "and you're the cute one."

"Oh please, I'm not interested in girls that way."

"But they're still interested in you."

"Girls, always wanting something they can't have," Aidan chuckled.


Zak's mom was home when he came through the door that night, but she was not alone. With her on the worn couch was a bearded, pot-bellied man who looked old enough to be his grandpa.

"Oh, hi," Zak said looking the man over and disapproving instantly.

"Hi honey, Mel this is my youngest Zak. Zak this is Mel. We met at the bar," she said slurring her words.

"Hi," Zak said stiffly, "gotta go to my room and put this stuff up..."

"There's donuts on the table for a snack," his mother said watching him go, "and soda in the fridge. Mel bought it."

Well, at least the guy was buying groceries, Zak thought, but how long would that last before he was freeloading just like all the rest of his mom's boyfriends?

Zak threw his backpack down in his floor and then fell down on his bed. As hungry as he was he couldn't bring himself to leave the safety of his room to eat the man's food. He hated the man and he didn't even know him. But then he assumed he'd be just like all others, so why should he feel anything but disgust for him?

Eventually he heard Jason come through the front door then voices as the new man was introduced, then a few minutes later Jason came into the room they shared and fell down on his bed.

"Hey, well I see she's found another one and this one is even older than the last one. They just keep getting older and grosser."

"He bought donuts and pop," Zak offered in his defense.

"Yeah, you eat some?"

"Naw, I been in here since I got home."

"I'll be back," Jason said jumping up and when he returned he was carrying a Dunkin' Donut box and four sodas. He handed his brother two Mt.Dews and kept two Pepsis for himself and sat down beside Zak and opened the donut box, "Mmm...Boston cream," he said snatching one of the pastries up and taking a huge bite out of it, "Remember when we used to go to the donut shop every Sunday and I always got two of these?"

"Yeah, and I would get the jelly filled ones," Zak said picking up a maple bar and taking a bite.

"Too bad, no jelly filled, but maple bars are good too....heck they're all good. Maybe this guy will be better. Maybe this one will at least buy food."

"I don't know, he's kind of creepy looking."

"Mom ain't no fashion model either. She's a drunk and she's let herself go all these years, what do you expect?"

"Why does she need anyone?"

Jason laughed, "Same reason you and your little friend need each other, cause no one wants to be alone," he added sadly, "no one..."

"She has us."

"That's different, she needs someone to make her feel good, and I'm not just talking sex. So if she likes this guy and he's straight with us, don't give him any grief, okay?"

"Okay, these donuts are pretty good. Think he'd spring for pizza?"

Not only did Mel spring for pizza, but he took them all out to Pizza Hut in his Escalade and surprised the boys by flashing a roll of bills that would choke a horse when he paid the tab. Zak's first thought was that the guy must be some kind of criminal, maybe a drug dealer, to have so much money, but it turned out to be much worse, he was a car salesman.

Despite his scruffy look that day they'd met, the boys soon found out that Mel cleaned up nice and in a suit and tie he looked impressive. He sold Cadillacs and a few other high end car lines at a well established dealership in town and made a good living, though he worked some odd hours. He had met the boys' mom at the little bar where she usually hung out and it was lust at first sight. 

She loved that he had money and would kept buying drinks, and he loved that she had no problem coming home with him and having sex for hours on end. He'd kept her there over the weekend and by Monday he was sure he was in love, and she...well, she was sure she was in love with his money and what he could do for her.

"So, is the Escalade yours?" Zak asked as they drove back toward the apartment?

"It's my demo, I don't own it but I get to drive it for free...until someone sells it, then I get a new one," he bragged, "or anything else I want to drive. I once had a Jaguar, but I didn't fit in it that well. I prefer larger vehicles," he chuckled.

"Wow, cool," Was all Zak could say. His initial impression of Mel had fallen by the wayside as he processed this new information and he began to think ahead and hope that Mel stayed around for a while. Little did he know Mel was in for the long haul and would eventually be his new father.

Mel dropped the three off at their apartment, but not before the boy's mom kissed him deeply and passionately.

"Bye love, see ya tomorrow...okay?"

"I'll be here as soon as I get off work," Mel said smiling, "I'll buy the tickets for the movie online and we won't have to wait in line."

When he was gone Jason questioned his mother as to what was going on.

"He's takin' me to the movies tomorrow, it's no big deal."

"Ma, it is a big deal. That's like a real date. It's not like usual where you meet a guy in a bar and all you do is go get drunk or sit around the house and get drunker. This guy likes you."

"Well, I like him too. He's nice to me, he treats me I'm somebody."

"You are somebody ma," Zak said daring to give his mother a rare hug.

"Thank you sweetie, maybe this one will be the one to make me forget about your daddy."

She'd divorced the boys' father as soon as he'd went to prison and the divorce had been final for over a year now.

"I'm gonna heat up this left over pizza, anyone want any? Jason said carrying the take out box to the kitchen."

"I do, I do," Zak said, but their mother passed and went in to take a long hot bath.

"Think this one will hang around?" Zak asked as they shared the pizza and drank another soda from the stash Mel had bought.

"I hope so, did you see how happy ma was, and this guy is loaded. If they got married we could live in a house again or at least a better apartment than this dump."

"I'm not gonna get my hopes up. I'm just gonna enjoy it while it lasts. Anyway, I'm glad ma is happy for a change."

"Yeah, she seems different with this guy. I hope it works out this time."


"Wait, what? Your mom has a new boyfriend and he's rich?" from Aidan as he and Zak walked along side by side on the way to class.

"Yeah, his name is Mel and he like sells expensive cars and makes a lot of money, and he took us out to eat, and even bought some groceries for us. At first I didn't like him, he looked kind of skanky, but then when he took us out to eat and I saw his Escalade and found out what he did, well...let's just say I'm hoping he hangs around a while."

"That's great. I hope it works out for you and you mom and brother. What does Jason think of him?"

"Pretty much same as me, but we're not gettin' our hopes just yet. We're gonna enjoy it while it lasts though."

"Great...really great," Aidan said letting his mind drift away for a moment.

"What's up with you? Somethin' wrong?"

"OH, no not really. It's just, well...Jaden has been invited to a boy/girl party at this girl's house Friday and there's not gonna be any adults there."

"Oh, umm are you going too?"

"No, I'm coming over to your place...right?"

"OH, yeah, I forgot. But if you'd rather go to that party..."

"No, I really wouldn't feel right going, and I wish J wasn't, but there's no talking him out of it."

"Think he's doing it to help get over Jimmy?"

"Yeah, and maybe more. Like maybe he's intending to get with this girl and...well, you know..."

"Is that a bad thing? I mean he did it with Jimmy, right? So what's the big deal?"

"It's complicated, girls are different. There's the pregnancy thing too. Boys don't get preggers," Aidan said grinning, "but I guess J is smart enough to wrap it up."

"You think this girl will go all the way? I don't know, most girls aren't that easy."

"Yeah, you're probably right. I'm probably worrying for nothing. I just worry about Jaden getting in trouble with our folks if mom and dad find out."

"Hey, what if J came to my apartment with you first, then went to the party from there?"

"That's not a bad idea, but I hate to get you involved in this."

"My mom will be out on a date and who knows if Jason will be home, so it's not like anyone would know."

"Thanks, I'll run it by J and see what he thinks, but it does sound like a good idea."


Friday came quickly. It had been an interesting week but the twins were ready for the weekend. Jimmy had continued to eat lunch at the safe table, and though he and Jaden were civil to one another, they seldom spoke. Jimmy continued to flaunt his body in the showers whenever Jaden was around, but Jaden seemed to be less interested as his preoccupation with Sherry and the party increased

Zak's mom spend almost every evening with Mel and for once there was food in the house and often donuts for breakfast. The two brothers were loving this new situation, and though they knew it could end at anytime, they were enjoying it while it lasted.

As expected Zak's mom had a date with Mel Friday night and said she might not be back till the next day, which meant that she was probably sleeping over at Mel's condo near the river. This worked out fine for the boys and when Mel left the boys a twenty for pizza they decided Mel was the best thing that had happened to all of them in a long time.

The twins rode the bus home with Zak that evening and as soon as they came in the door of the apartment their mother was on her way out. 

"There's money for pizza and stuff in the refrigerator. You boys have fun, Mel is waiting on me," she said waving.

Zak hadn't seen his mother this happy in a long time and it showed not only in her actions but in her face and general appearance. Most days she barely bothered to brush her hair, but lately she had begun to primp for hours to get ready for her dates with Mel, and these days she looked like a different woman.

"That was your mom?" Jaden said staring at the closed door, "she looks different."

"Yeah, ever since she started dating Mel, she's been fixing her hair and wearing makeup and dressing up."

"Might be in love," Jaden teased, "You might be gonna get a new daddy."

"I wouldn't mind, Mel is sort of cool."

"I hope it works out. So, when does your brother get home?"

"Pretty soon. He said  his friend Tommy would drive you to the party and pick you up when you called him."

"Cool, I'll give the dude gas money or something. This is way cool of you guys to help me out," Jaden said excitedly.

"Yeah, brother was hinting around about joining the party, so expect him to ask."

"If Sherry is cool with it, I got no problem with it."

"Come on, let's get a snack. Maybe Mel sent donuts home with mom..."

Several donuts and a can of pop later the three boys sat on the couch watching the tiny flat screen TV in the living room and waiting for Jason. Around 4:30 he came bustling in and when he saw the three he gave them the typical teenage greeting.

"Hey, what time's the party?"

"Seven, but it's not far from here, maybe a twenty minute drive."

"Yeah, okay...I'm gonna go catch a shower. See you guys in a minute."

Zak laughed, "He's getting ready...just in case. I know him, he doesn't usually shower unless he has to."

"So, this kid he cool?"

"Yeah, of all my brother's friends I think he's the coolest. He treats me okay and he's not a total hood like most of them are."

"Okay, well...I was thinking, if Sherry doesn't mind maybe Tommy could come too and then when I'm ready to leave he'd be right there."

"Yeah, well...I bet he'd love it and he won't cause no trouble. I can't say the same for my brother though. He's a sex fiend and if some girl comes on to him he may not be able to stop himself."

"These girls are younger, but I bet some of them are pretty loose," Jaden said feeling his excitement growing, "as long as he lets them lead the way he should be okay. They may not want to go all the way, but I bet they wouldn't mind playing a little."

"Just keep an eye on him, that's all I'm saying."

Jason reappeared looking clean and dressed in tan dockers and a pullover shirt and Zak barely recognized him at first.

"Damn, you look fine," Zak giggled, "going somewhere?"

"Just out with Tommy and to take Jaden to the party."

"Uh huh, that all?"

Jason shrugged, "Yeah...unless...they let us stay..."

"I'll ask Sherry, it's her party. Hold on, I'll call her."

Jaden walked outside to make the call and Sherry said she had no problem with the two older boys joining as long as they behaved. Jaden assured her he'd keep an eye on them and everything was set by the time he hung up.

"She says it's cool if you behave. Don't make me regret asking her, okay?"

"I swear, we'll be good," Jason said sounding excited. This would be his first real boy/girl party and he was anxious to see what it was like.

Tommy showed up around 6 and they got acquainted with this new boy while they waited for time to go. Tommy had just turned 16 in January and still looked 15, with a baby face and long eyelashes and thick eyebrows which highlighted his dark eyes. His body was sleek, what most called a swimmer's body, and both of the twins thought he was sexy looking. Zak, who had known Tommy for awhile, didn't really think about how sexy he was, but he liked Tommy and considered him a friend.

At 6:30 Tommy, Jason and Jaden piled into Tommy's beat up old Chevy and they drove to Sherry's house, a modest two story in a quiet older neighborhood near the river. The house was on a cul-de-sac and there was plenty of parking, though there were only a couple of cars parked in the driveway at the time.

"Well, here goes," Jaden said suddenly feeling very nervous, "I'll introduce you to Sherry and the kids I know, then you're on your own."

"No problem, we'll just mingle," Jason laughed, feeling exhilarated and ready for his first real party.

After introducing the two older boys Jaden allowed Sherry to drag him around and show him off to some of her girlfriends before they wound up in the kitchen.

"We have, sodas, and beer, but no hard stuff. I don't want anyone getting too drunk. Is that okay?"

"That's fine, I'm not much of a drinker. Soda will be fine."

"I like that, I think some kids have too much interest in alcohol and drugs. I prefer to be clear-headed and in control."

I bet, Jaden thought, in control of everything and everyone.

"Would you like to see my room?" Sherry said cutting right to the chase.

"Uh, well...yeah, sure. I've never really seen a girl's room before. Is it much different than a guy's room?" Jaden rattled off nervously.

"Oh, I don't know. I haven't seen that many boys' rooms," she giggled.

Her room was larger than the one the twins shared and as far as teenager girls' rooms went it was average. There were posters on the wall of teen heart throbs, gobs of stuffed animals and frilly curtains and bedding. The colors were bright and cheery, but Jaden felt a little uneasy being there.

"Sit down if you'd like," Sherry said indicating her bed, which was a queen size covered in colorful throw pillows and more stuffed animals.

"Whoa, it's like a zoo," Jaden joked as he picked up a stuffed penguin and squeezed it.

"That's Barnaby," Sherry said taking the prized toy from Jaden, "I've had him since I was six."

"Oh, well...hi Barnaby," he laughed, "nice to meet ya'."

"Jaden," Sherry said laying the stuffed animal back in place, "do you like me?"

"Well, sure...I like you just fine. I really don't know you, but you seem nice and you're pretty..."

"You think so? I think you're nice too and handsome," she said putting her hands on his shoulders and bringing her face close to his, "and very sexy," she growled.

"Uh, thanks, you too," Jaden said, suddenly at a loss for words.

"Do you like me that way," the girl asked looking down at Jaden's crotch and noticing the erection there that was impossible to hide.

"Uh, yeah...I guess, but I don't have a lot of experience..."

"That's okay, neither do I, but I want to learn. We can learn together," Sherry lied, truth was she was very experienced when it came to boys and girls.

"Uh, okay," Jaden stuttered, "what do you want to do?"

"Can I take your shirt off?" she purred.

"Uh, sure..okay," Jaden said cooperating with her efforts as she grabbed his shirt tail and pulled it up and off of his body.

" are so sexy," she said rubbing his muscled chest and causing his nipples to become erect, "Oh, did I do that?" she giggled.

"Now you," Jaden said blushing, "can I take your top off?"

"Of course," she said raising her arms to make it easier. 

Once the shirt was removed and tossed on the bed Jaden was faced with a new dilemma, her bra.

"The clasp is in the front," she said smiling, "go ahead, I'm not shy."

With trembling hands Jaden unfastened the two metal clasps and pulled her bra open to free her teenage breasts. As far as breasts went, they weren't all that big, but Jaden didn't mind. In fact he'd never understood what all the interest in big breasts was about, and though Dee's were the only real live girl breasts he'd seen, he thought they were the perfect size.

"They're nice," Jaden said daring to touch her small shapely breasts and then her erect nipples.

"Kiss them," Sherry said throwing her head back and her chest forward.

Jaden had no problem doing that, and in fact found it exciting as his tongue found her hard nipples before he began to suckle on them.

"Oh, yessss...I'm so wet," she hissed, "let's get out of these clothes and lay in my bed," she said pulling away and dropping her skirt and panties in one move.

Jaden was too shocked to react at first. One minute he was licking and sucking her boobs and the next he was face to...well crotch with a naked girl.

"Uh, nice," Jaden said as his erection throbbed in response to the visual stimuli.

"Hurry up, drop those pants," Sherry said impatiently, "someone might miss us, we have to hurry."

Jaden stood but before he could manage to get his shaky hands to move, Sherry was already tearing open his top button and unzipping his jeans. His erection strained at his bright blue boxer briefs and a wet spot had formed on the front indicating his interest.

"Oh, so big," she said  practically jerking his briefs down and then watching his hard teenage cock spring up to hit his flat stomach.

Her hand was on it immediately, even as Jaden was trying to kick off his pants and underwear, and by the time he was free of them she was pushing him onto the bed and was on top of him. Her mouth found his and she smothered him with kisses as her tongue tried to crawl down his throat.

She was passionate enough, Jaden decided, but not as good a kisser as most of the boys he'd been with. His hand found her breasts again and he fondled them as she continued to kiss him. His cock was trapped between their bodies and Sherry's soft skin felt good against it and he feared he might come at any moment and embarrass himself. He couldn't let that happen, he decided, and it was time to take control.

Rolling them both over Jaden wound up on top and broke the kiss as he moved down to kiss and lick her small breasts and suckle her nipples.

"Oh  yessss..." she gasped, "so good...uh...lick my pussy."

Jaden was surprised at her brashness, but then he didn't know a lot about girls. Maybe girls were as randy as boys when they got the chance. Well, whatever the case might be Jaden had no problem obeying, and after kissing his way down to her sparse pubic patch, he let his tongue find her most sensitive place and be began to lick her passionately.

"Oh God..." she hissed, "yessss...oh...shit...I'm coming," she said tensing up the humping against Jaden's tongue before falling back onto the bed again.

Surrounded by her pillows and stuffed animals, she hardly looked like an innocent little girl as she lay there naked and panting, but who was to say that even innocent little girls couldn't be sexual creatures as well?

"Your turn," Sherry said pushing up and rolling Jaden onto his back.

Jaden expected her to go straight for his hard cock, but instead she kissed him gently on the lips then licked her way down his hard muscled chest to his flat stomach before lifting his hard leaking cock and licking it up and down.

Jaden moaned lowly as she turned her attention to his hairless balls and she smiled up at him.

"You like that big boy," she said smiling, "wait till I get my mouth on you."

With that she moved up and swallowed Jaden's hard teenage cock to the hilt and began giving Jaden as fine a blow job as he'd ever received. He was amazed at her skill and passion as she slurped and sucked and licked her way to one of the most amazing orgasms of his life. 

When he came he saw stars, and though he'd been worried she might be offended if he came in her mouth, to the contrary she seemed eager to swallow every drop he had to offer and then she licked him clean before moving up and kissing him once again.

Jaden could taste his own juices on her lips and tongue and he sighed contentedly and pulled Sherry into him and kissed her neck and face.

"That was good, the best," Jaden cooed.

"Better than those boys?"

"Well, as good. I mean boys know about that stuff cause, well...we have the same equipment, but most girls don't know how it works."

"I've had lots of practice, I have two older brothers and I've had tons of boyfriends," she finally admitted now that she had already seduced Jaden.

"Oh," Jaden said not knowing how to react to that factoid.

"Don't worry, I'm not trying to make you my boyfriend or anything. I just wanted to get you naked and have some fun. If you wanna' do it again, just let me know, but let's not get serious. Come on, let's get dressed and see what the others are up to. After all I'm the host."

Sherry was dressed first and out the door as Jaden thought about what had just happened. He supposed it was no big deal what she'd told him. After all he knew all about messing with a brother and he'd had plenty of boyfriends himself. Why should girls be any different? he wondered. It was that double standard he'd heard about all his life, and he was damned if he'd judge Sherry or any other girl for doing what he and his friends did.

He found Jason and Tommy sipping soda in the kitchen and talking quietly and when he walked in Jason gave him a knowing look.

"Dude, did you score? You were up there forever in her room."

"Yeah, it was fun," Jaden said grinning, "but it was just sex. She's not looking for a relationship."

"Damn, does she like older dudes?"

"Go ask her, I bet she'd like you guys, you're both studs," Jaden said sincerely.

Jason thanked him and went off to find Sherry while Tommy lingered looking at Jaden with interest.

"You really think we're studs?"

"Well, between you and me, you're a bigger stud than Jason, but he's sexy in his own way."

"'re pretty sexy yourself," Tommy said blushing.

"You want to go out back and talk?" Jaden said, feeling a sudden attraction to the older boy and sensing it was mutual.


There were lounge chairs on the deck out back and Jaden and Tommy sat side by side as they sipped their sodas and talked. 

"So Jason says you're bi, how's that working out?"

"Good, I get laid a lot," Jaden said boldly, "How bout you, you get  laid a lot?"

"Naw, not much," Tommy muttered, "kind of shy around girls and all."

"How bout boys, ever try boys? They're not as hard to convince as girls and they're fun too."

"Naw, well...when I was younger. It was fun," Tommy said blushing deeper.

"It's even more fun when you're older," Jaden said not letting it go.

"Oh yeah, how so?"

"Older boys know things and do more stuff."

"Like what?" Tommy said perking up.

"Like fucking and the best beejays you ever had."

"I don't think I'd like getting fucked..." Tommy said making a face.

"What about fucking another dude? Ever thought about that? A nice tight, smooth ass, better than pussy, from what I've heard."

"I don't know..." Tommy muttered, but the rise in his jeans said he was interested.

"Come on, I gotta take a piss, come with me."

Tommy was powerless to resist Jaden, and even though he feared someone might notice them and say something, they made it to the upstairs bathroom without incident. As soon as the door was closed and latched Jaden dropped his jeans and underwear and stood before the toilet and began to piss, giving Tommy a good look at all his assets.

"Aww...that feels better. Coming hard always makes me need to piss and that girl knows  how to suck a dick."

"She does?" Tommy said not taking his eyes off Jaden's hot teenage body.

"Yeah, but I still think boys give better head."

"Uh, why's that?"

"Well, guys have a dick and they know what they like and what feels naturally they know what to do."

"Oh, yeah...I can see that," Tommy said staring straight at Jaden's junk.

"Hey, it's only fair, you got to see me, now how about I see you?" Jaden said noticing Tommy's interest.

"Huh, oh...I don't know..."

"Come on, we're both guys. You shower in gym in front of other guys, right?"

"Well, yeah, but that's different."

"Aww...come on, I just want a quick look. I want to see what's hiding behind all that cloth."

"Well...I guess it's only fair," Tommy said stripping off  his shirt to reveal a sleek muscled torso and flat stomach.

"Ooooo...nice, now the pants," Jaden said in a husky voice.

"Here goes, it's nothing special, but it's home," Tommy said dropping his jeans to reveal he was wearing no underwear beneath. 

His cock was hard and angry looking from being cooped up, but Jaden thought it was beautiful. It was maybe 6" or 6.5" long, cut and straight as an arrow, with a mushroom head that was red at the moment.

"Nice, now the rest," Jaden said moving closer and tugging Tommy's jean down to expose a hairless crotch and a nut bag with two perfect robin's eggs inside, "you shave?"

"Yeah, I like how it feels and my hair don't get caught in the zipper."

"You are a stud," Jaden said grabbing Tommy's cock and squeezing it gently, causing it plump even more.

" careful, it's been a while," the sexy teenage boy gasped.

"Too bad, I had big plans for this, but I guess I can settle for a mouthful of cum," Jaden said dropping to his knees and looking up at Tommy who was glassy eyed and weak kneed, "this okay?"

Tommy nodded, unable to find his voice, however when Jaden's wet warm mouth engulfed his cock he managed to let out a long low moan.

"Oh shit, oh shit," he gasped, "I'm gonna blow...I'm gonna blow, better pull off..."

Jaden ignored Tommy's warning, and instead doubled his efforts until he reaped his reward, a nice mouthful of tasty teenage cum. As soon as he'd swallow, another squirt filled his mouth until Tommy's balls were empty, and only then did Jaden pull off. Licking Tommy's still hard cock clean he smacked his lips and looked up at the sexy boy.

"Well, was I right, is it better with older boys?"

"Yeah, good...really good. Thanks," Tommy said feeling a bit overwhelmed and awkward at the moment.

"Too bad you can't come twice...." Jaden said grabbing Tommy's hand and placing it on his smooth perfect ass.

"I...uh, never done that...."

"You're still hard," Jaden said grabbing Tommy's hard cock and squeezing a drop of cum out.

"I could try..." Tommy said feeling faint.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout'," Jaden laughed, "how you want it baby? On the floor doggy style, or bent over the sink?"

"That  I guess," Tommy said shakily, unsure what to do.

"Relax, I'll help you get it in and then you can take over. Trust me, you'll know what to do once it's buried in my ass."

Jaden dug through the medicine cabinet and found a bottle of hand lotion and went about lubing and stretching his hole before slathering up Tommy's rampant teenage cock. Tommy was smaller than some and larger than others, but Jaden anticipated no problem in taking him inside.

Tommy was shaking as he moved up behind Jaden and when Jaden grabbed hold of his cock and placed the tip of it at his back door, his first impulse was to jam it in. Fortunately Jaden had control and Tommy soon relaxed and let him do the work. As he felt his cock sink into the warmth and tightness of Jaden's hole he grabbed onto Jaden's shapely ass and squeezed it gently.

"OH...oh...oh, shit...." he moaned as he slipped on inside till his balls hit Jaden's smooth ass.

"You know what to do now," Jaden said relaxing, "just don't pull out all the way, just pull out to the head then back in. You can go fast or slow, I won't break, fuck me like you mean it."

Despite Jaden's reassurance that he wouldn't break, Tommy took it slow for the first few minutes, but once his lust and heat built,  he was pounding Jaden's ass like he was trying to wear it out. He lasted longer than Jaden would have guessed, but with a little help from his own hand and the constant assault of his prostate by Tommy's cock Jaden was able to produce a load of spunk of his own.

When he came, Jaden's ass clinched around Tommy's cock sending him over the edge and then proceeded to milk him dry as Jaden's cock pumped out his ample load into the shell-shaped sink.

"OH, my God, that was amazing. So hot," Tommy said when it was all over and he had withdrawn his wilting cock from Jaden's ass. 

Jaden had wet a wash cloth and was cleaning up a bit, then he rinsed it out and handed it to Tommy, "Here, wipe your dick off," he chuckled, "and then we should get back to the party."

No one seemed to have missed them, but when they went looking for Jason he was nowhere to be found and neither was Sherry. A few minutes later they appeared one at a time from the stairs, pretending they weren't together, but Jaden knew the score, even if Tommy didn't.

"You guys ready to go?" Jaden asked as they reunited. He's found out what he needed to know. He could have sex with a girl and enjoy it, but it was guys who got his motor running best. If he had to compare what he'd done with Sherry to what he'd done with Tommy, Tommy would win hands down. But that was okay, he knew who he was and what he liked and he was fine with things as they were.

In the car Jason opened up about his encounter with Sherry, "Man that chick is hot. She was all over me up there. We got naked and she let me suck her titties and eat her twat, and then she sucked me dry. Man it was great. I wanted to fuck her, but I didn't have a rubber. You know, you gotta bag it," he laughed.

"I don't think she fucks yet," Jaden said thoughtfully, "I think she just like getting off and getting guys off, but I think she's saving real sex for her one true love or something."

"Well, that's okay too. It was fun anyway. So, Tommy did you get any strange?"

"What, uh...yeah, real strange, but good," he said glancing in the rearview mirror and meeting Jaden's eyes.

"Well, tell me all about it dude."

"Naw, I don't kiss and tell," Tommy said grinning.

"Butt munch," Jason said pushing Tommy playfully, but he didn't hound him for the details and soon was talking about his own encounter and his sexual prowess again.

Jaden sat quietly listening to both boys in the front seat, but he had other things on his mind. Though he'd enjoyed sex with Sherry, sex with Tommy had felt more familiar and in some ways more satisfying. Of course sex with girls was new and sex with boys was something he'd been doing since he was old enough to pop a boner.

Then there was Jimmy. Sex with Jimmy had been more than just fooling around. It was comforting and exciting, and even simple things like holding hands or kissing seemed intimate. Jaden had never believed he could fall so hard for another boy, but when it had happened it seemed as natural as breathing. 

Of course he'd had practice in intimacy and loving another boy. He and Aidan had been almost as close as lovers from the time they'd started messing around, but loving Jimmy had taken his feelings to a whole new level. He'd understood what love meant at last and he was naive enough to believe it would last forever.

"Hey Jaden, do you want us to take you home or back to my apartment?" Jason asked pulling Jaden out of his thoughts.

"Uh, your apartment. As far as my folks know I've been there the whole time."

"Yeah, it. Tommy my man, take us home."

"Yes sir," Tommy said saluting and giggling. 

Jaden smiled when he heard Tommy laugh. He felt as if something special had happened in that upstairs bathroom, but he didn't know if Tommy felt the same way. Maybe Tommy had just been horny and Jaden was convenient. Maybe he thought of it as an experiment, and maybe he'd laugh at Jaden later for being so gay and so hot for him.

When they arrived at Jason's, Jason piled out quickly, "Gotta go guys know the way," he said taking off and leaving the two behind. Tommy put the car in park and unfastened his seat belt. Jaden sensed that Tommy had something on his mind, but he seemed reluctant to speak.

"Thanks for the ride," Jaden said hoping to get Tommy to open up.

"Yeah, no problem, thanks for letting us go with you."

"It was fun," Jaden said leaning across the seat and smiling at Tommy suggestively, "You okay with what happened?"

"Yeah, was great, but...I've never done anything like that and I feel sort of weird about it. Uh...if it's okay I'd rather you didn't tell anyone about it."

"Sure, okay...except my bro. We don't keep secrets, but he can be trusted."

"Oh, sure...I understand. I got a little brother, but we're not really that close. It might be different if we closer to the same age."

"Yeah, well Aidan and I are as close in age as you can get," Jaden laughed, "but I am the oldest."

"Oh, yeah...I guess that makes sense. One of you had to come out first."

"Yeah, well...I guess we should go in before Jason comes looking for us," Jaden asked, "I don't suppose you want to keep in touch?"

"I...yeah, if you do," Tommy said sounding relieved that Jaden had offered.

"Okay, give me your phone."

Tommy pulled out his phone and unlocked it then handed it to Jaden who quickly opened the phone app and added his name and number to the contact list.

"Text is best. I never know when someone else is gonna be around."

"Yeah, I hardly ever talk on the phone," Tommy laughed, "but I can text pretty fast."

"Well, we better go in," Jaden said again as he handed Tommy's phone back to him.

"Yeah," Tommy said opening his door, then pausing he turned to Jaden and said, "just so you know, I'm not gay."

"Got it," Jaden said, giving it all the consideration it deserved. Denial was always the first stage of finding out you are gay.

"What took you so long, did you guys stop to make out or something?" Jason joked as the two wandered in.

"Very funny," Tommy grumbled. 

Jaden ignored him and turned to Aidan, "What time did you tell mom and dad we'd be home?"

"Bad news J, I talked mom into letting me spend the night," Aidan said grinning, "but she said she'd come and get you when you wanted to come home."

"I could take you home," Tommy said quickly, "I mean, if you want."

Jason looked up curiously, but to his credit kept his mouth shut. If Tommy and Jaden had something going he was cool with it. He and Tommy had a past and it had included some messing around when they were younger, though Tommy had always been a bit more daring than Jason.

"Yeah, that might be okay. I hate to get mom out so late. Let me call her and make sure it's okay," Jaden said pulling out his cell phone and walking the short distance to the kitchen so he could talk in private.

He returned a few minutes later looking a little stressed, "Mom gave me the third degree. Wanted to know if Tommy was a good driver and to make sure he hadn't been drinking," Jaden said rolling his eyes, "but I think I convinced her you were okay. She wants to meet you though when you take me home."

"Uh, okay," Tommy said looking nervous, "I hope I can pass the mom test."

Aidan laughed, "Mom will love you. She's a sucker for a nice boy and you seem really nice."

"He is," Jaden said communicating in that unspoken language only twins were capable of.

Aidan gave Tommy an appraising look and then turned to smile at Jaden. It was a little early to start trying to replace Jimmy, after all there was a still a chance they could fix things, but Aidan had to admit Tommy was one sexy boy.

"What time will your mom be home?"  Jaden asked Zak. He wondered how Aidan had convinced their parents to let him sleepover without talking to Zak's mom first.

"Probably around ten. I talked to her a little while ago, on Mel's cell phone. She said Mel had to be at work early tomorrow so he was bringing her home after they ate."

"Oh, okay. I just can't believe mom didn't want to talk to her first."

"Actually...she did. I had my mom call her from the restaurant. I can't believe she did that for me. She'd have never done that before. I think...I think this new guy has been good for her, for all of us."

"That's great. I'm happy for you. Well, I'll hang around till your mom gets home and then I'll have Tommy drive me home. But...if Zak's mom doesn't show up by 10 we may have to change plan A. You know mom would go nuts if she thought you were here without adult supervision."

"Yeah, I know...but Zak's mom promised."

"Cool, now what shall we do. Any video games?"

"Naw, we don't have a game system. We got some board games..." Jason said shrugging.

"Awesome, Monopoly one of them?"

"Yeah, me and Zak used to play it a lot."

"You are so goin' down," Jaden chuckled.

The five of them were just finishing up their game, which by the way Zak won, when they heard noise outside the door. A few seconds later the door opened and Zak's mom walked in. She looked at the five boys around the table and actually smiled.

"Hello boys, didn't know there were so many of you. You aren't all sleeping over are you?"

"No ma'am, just me," Aidan said speaking for all of them. Tommy and Jaden were just waiting for you to get home before they left."

"Well, no need to run off on my account. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed boys. I'm beat. Don't make a mess and keep the noise down is all I ask."

"Yes ma," Jason said giving his mother an appraising look. He had to admit she did look better these days and she seemed happy and hassled them a lot less. And there was food in the house and money for pizza and other things.

"Goodnight boys," she said disappearing down the hallway.

"Night mom," Zak called to her, then looking at Aidan he smiled, "just like a regular mom for a change."

"Well, if you're ready..." Jaden said catching Tommy's eye, "I'm beat and want to get home get a shower before bed."

"Yeah, okay..." Tommy said looking nervous again.

Jaden stayed long enough to help the others pick up the game and put it back in the box then they said their goodbyes and at the door they lingered for a moment.

"Have fun little brother," Jaden said giving Aidan a hug, "and don't worry about me...okay?"

"I wasn't going to...till you said that," Aidan chuckled.

"No, I'm serious. I'll tell you all about it when you get home, but I'm fine now."

"Oh, okay...well, goodnight."

"Nite. Hey Zak, Jason, thanks for letting me hang out know and for being cool about all this stuff."

"Hey, no prob," Jason said offering his fist to bump, "thanks for letting us go the party, that was bitchin'." he said remembering the fun he'd had upstairs with Sherry.

"Yeah, it was fun. Well see you guys around."

In the car Tommy was quiet at first, then he turned to Jaden as he started the car and opened up about his fears.

"Do you think Jason knows what happened between us?"

"How could he? He was busy with Sherry while we were in the bathroom, and I sure didn't say anything."

"It's just that he was joking about us making out and stuff..."

"It was a joke. Ease up...unless...have you and Jason.....?"

"When we were younger, but you know, we sort of outgrew that stuff..."

"Did you? Or was it him who outgrew it?"

Tommy shrugged as he backed out of the lot and for a minute he was busy negotiating onto the street. 

"Well, I always liked it more than Jason did...or at least I thought that's how it was. I was afraid he'd think I was weird if I started stuff, so I'd wait for him to start. Sometimes he would, but eventually he just stopped..."

"Uh huh, but you still wanted to do that stuff, didn't you?"

Tommy shrugged again, "It was fun and you know...I was horny a lot. I'd just started puberty and I was jacking off six times a day and doin' stuff with Jason was a lot better than using my hand."

"Yeah, I get that. you like girls or just guys?" Jaden said cutting right to the chase.

"I...I don't know. I mean I guess I like girls, but I've never really done anything with a girl. I mean I've kissed a girl, but never...had sex."

"But you like guys, right?"

"I liked doin' stuff with Jason...and, what we did tonight was fun, really fun."

"Would you like to do it again sometime?" Jaden asked getting to the question he really wanted to ask.

"Yeah, sure...if we could find a private place. But no one could ever find out or I'd die."

"We go to different schools, so I don't think you'd have to worry about that. Besides, it's just for fun. It's not like we're lovers or anything," Jaden laughed.

"But where would we do it? When could we find time?"

"Don't worry, I'll figure that out. You have wheels and that's a good thing. Just be ready to come get me when I call."

"Uh, okay...I can do that," Tommy said adjusting the bulge in his jeans that appeared suddenly as Jaden's words sank in.

"Excited thinking about it?" Jaden chuckled, "ever had hummer in a car?"

"What?" Tommy said with a tremble in his voice.

Jaden didn't waste words explaining however. Instead he scooted over and began fumbling with the top button of Tommy's jeans. As Tommy slowed down and kept to the side streets, Jaden freed his rampant teenage cock and began to suck it noisily. Tommy lasted till the turn off to Aidan's neighborhood, and his eyes only closed for a moment before he recovered enough to remember where he was going.

After cleaning him up and zipping Tommy's pants back up, Jaden scooted back to his side and smacked his lips comically.

"You taste really good. I could get used to that taste. What are your plans tomorrow?"

"Uh, I was going to take Jason to the mall, that's all..."

"What time?"

The two worked out a time and place to meet the next day and as Tommy turned into Jaden's driveway he was shaking with excitement at the prospect of a continuing relationship with the sexy twin. He was jogged out of his happy thoughts however when he realized he still had to meet Mrs. Reynolds and pass the mom test.

He need not have worried however, Mrs. Reynolds found Tommy sweet and polite and the fact that he was cute didn't go unnoticed either. When Tommy was gone she turned to her son and gave him a warm smile.

"Well, he seems like a nice boy. Exactly how did you two meet?"

"Oh, he's Jason's friend. You know? Jason is Zak's brother."

"Oh, and you'd never met him before tonight?"

"Not really. I saw him and Jason together one day, but we weren't introduced," Jaden said digging a bottle of juice out of the fridge. He knew his mother was digging for information and he laughed to himself. If only she knew.

"He seems pretty cool and he has a car, that's pretty cool. It would be nice to have a friend with wheels."

"Are his wheels safe?" she asked looking concerned, "His car isn't a deathtrap with no brakes and worn out tires is it?"

"Naw, it's not perfect, but it runs good and stops good, and he's a good driver." Even when he's getting a  hummer, Jaden thought smiling at the thought of blowing the sexy teen on the way home.

"Well, okay...but I need to know any time you're going to ride with this boy. Riding in a car with a teenage driver is serious business."

"Okay, know I'd never get in the car with someone I didn't trust to get me where I'm going safely. And I promise I'd never ride with anyone who'd been drinking. But you don't have to worry about Tommy, he doesn't drink and he's not as crazy as most teenage boys."

"All right dear. I trust your judgment, but I still want to know when you're with this new boy."

Jaden smiled, his mom was already accepting that Tommy was going to be around and that was a good thing.

"Got it mom. Now, if you don't mind I'm gonna go take a shower and read some before bed."

"Read? What's happened to my son? Did aliens abduct him and replace him with a boy who reads instead of playing video games?" she laughed.

"Very funny mom, there are a lot of things you don't know about me. I've always loved reading." He didn't bother to mention that the reading he was doing lately was erotic. His current read was a story about two 14 year old boys who fall in love and the drama that ensues as they work through their feelings.

"I know, you and your brother are very intelligent and rounded young men. I expect great things from you."

"Awkkk...stop it..I can't stand the pressure," Jaden joked, "maybe I should go play some mindless video games just to get my mind off your great expectations."

"Go take a shower," she said slapping him on his cute butt, "I'm going to go join your father in pleasant slumber."

"Uh huh, sure," Jaden said suggestively, "I've heard your pleasant slumber sounds before."

"I don't know how you could hear them over your own pleasant slumber sounds," she countered, and for once Jaden was at a loss for words. 

Blushing profusely, Jaden excused himself and went upstairs to shower.

A hot shower did wonders to relieve Jaden's tension, but as soon as his mind cleared he was reminded once again of the drama in his life. Damn Jimmy anyway. Why couldn't they have been like the two boys in the story, in love and without distraction?

And how did Tommy fit into all this? He'd gone to Sherry's to try to figure out if he liked girls enough to pursue one, and wound up in an upstairs bathroom with a sexy older boy, and discovered instead that he liked boy sex best.

He envied Aidan in some ways, he'd gotten over John at last and now he was embarking on this new relationship with Zak and they both seemed to know where it was headed. He on the other hand was in limbo at the moment. He wasn't sure he was ready to give up on Jimmy yet, but he knew he couldn't accept things on his terms. If he wanted out, then so be it. If Jimmy wasn't sure he loved Jaden 100% and didn't need anyone else, then it was time to break away and find someone who did.

When he got to the part of him that made him all boy, he lathered it up and thought about Tommy once more as it began to grow in his hand. Tommy was one sexy boy and his being older had an appeal that Jaden was keenly aware of. Just as he'd liked sexing up the young coach at school, he found the prospect of sexing up Tommy intriguing and exciting. Maybe this was his future, an older lover who could treat him right and not mess around and hurt him.

It didn't take more than a dozen strokes to send his hot teenage seed out to splatter against the wall where it ran down slowly to join the soapy water at his feet before going down the drain. He was exhausted suddenly and weak-kneed from his orgasm, and after rinsing off he dried quickly and fell into bed naked, his reading forgotten for the night.


"Want some more pop?" Zak asked Aidan as they sat on the sofa side by side watching a movie on the little flat screen. Jason was taking a shower and they were finally alone, but both were too nervous to do anything more than holding hands.

"Naw, I'm fine. I was wondering, are we gonna' sleep in your bed tonight?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind."

"No, that's fine. I just wish you had your own room, that's all."

"Yeah, I know," Zak said frowning.

"But it's okay, we'll still be sleeping in the same bed," Aidan said grinning, "How deep a sleeper is your brother?"

"Pretty deep,"  Zak giggled, "especially after he jacks off."

"Well, we'll have to make sure we give him plenty of time to get off then."

"Yeah," Zak giggled, "or help him out."

"What?" Aidan said in surprise, then he too giggled, "Yeah, both of us could get him off twice as fast."

They were still giggling when Jason came down the hall wearing a pair of gym shorts and nothing else. His hair was still wet and a few droplets of water ran down his chest and into this belly button as the boys watched him with undisguised interest.

"What are you two watching," Jason asked pretending not to notice the boys checking him out.

"Uh, some movie. It's pretty lame."

"Move over," Jason said squeezing in beside his brother, "you guys been makin' out while I was gone," he chuckled.

"No," Zak said indigently, "Did you jack off in the shower."

"No, I was saving it for you," he joked, "but I guess you'll be too busy to help me out tonight."

"Shut up," Zak muttered.

"Don't get your panties in a wad. I could sleep on the couch if you guys want some privacy."

"You don't have to do that," Aidan said, speaking for both of them, "it's your room too. I don't want to run you out of your own room."

"Okay, guys don't have to worry bout' me. I won't tell no one, but I might watch," he chuckled.

"Shut up Jason," Zak said once again, embarrassed by his brother and wishing they were at Aidan's house instead of here.

"It's okay Zak," Aidan said smiling at both boys.

Jason wondered what that meant. Was Aidan saying it was okay to watch, or was he saying there was nothing to watch?

"Give me a drink of your pop," Jason said reaching for Zak's can of Coke.

"Get you own, I don't want your slobbers in my pop."

"Touchy, touchy," Jason laughed, "you've had worse than my slobbers in your mouth," he said getting up to get himself a can of pop.

Aidan looked at Zak and giggled, "You two are funny. You talk all mean to each other, but I can see you really like each other."

"Maybe...lately anyway," Zak admitted, "but sometimes he's a butthead."

"Who's a butthead?" Jason said sliding in beside his brother once more.

"Who do you think?" Zak said rolling his eyes.

"I know you are, but what am I?" Jason said tickling his brother and almost making him spill his pop.

"Stop it butthead," Zak giggled.

"Do you have a boner," Jason teased as he grabbed at Zak's crotch, "You do. You must like gettin' tickled."

"Stop it, you're gonna make me pee on myself," Zak said finally pulling away.

"Okay, okay. You're no fun. Well, I think I'm gonna go to bed. You guys can have the TV all to yourselves," he said getting up and towering over the two. 

There was a prominent bulge in his shorts and he watched the two as their eyes zeroed in on it and smiled. He knew they were interested, but he wasn't sure how to get things rolling. He'd just have to play it by ear. He knew if they'd been alone that Zak would be all over his dick by now, but he wasn't sure Aidan would be willing to join in.

"Well, goodnight boys. Don't do anything I wouldn't," he laughed as he adjusted himself before striding off, his firm teenage ass jiggling in his thin shorts.

"Your brother is sort of hot," Aidan said when he heard the bedroom door close.

"Yeah, I guess he's okay, but he's so full of himself. He thinks the world revolves around him and no one else matters."

"I don't know, he seems nice. I think he wants to play with us."

"What? What do you"

"Did you see his boner," Aidan laughed, "he's horny, that's all. He wants to get off, but he'd rather have some help. I mean jacking off is okay, but it's so much better when someone else does it...right?"

"Yeah, I know, but...I don't want to share you with him," Zak admitted.

"Oh, well...that's sweet," Aidan said scooting closer and taking Zak's hand in his, "he's your brother, you know him best. I don't want to mess things up between us so...I'll do whatever you want."

"I don't know what I want," Zak admitted.

"Okay, well...let's watch the movie and then we'll go to bed and see what happens. How bout' that?"

"Okay," Zak sighed as he snuggled into Aidan. Then placing a kiss on Aidan's cheek he went back to watching the movie.

Around 11:30 the movie ended and the boys decided to go to bed. After stopping by the bathroom to pee and brush their teeth they tip toed into the room Zak shared with his brother, but they need not have bothered being quiet.

Jason lay atop his cover, his ear buds in his ears as he listened to a little mp3 player he'd gotten for Christmas last year. Tommy had used his computer to download some music onto it and it was Jason's favorite possession.

"Movie over?" Jason asked, pulling one earbud out.

"Yeah, it was pretty lame, but the ending was okay."

Aidan watched the two brothers for a moment, then reached down and stripped off his shorts leaving him in just a pair of white CK boxer briefs. Jason's eyes were drawn to the cute sexy twin and especially to his firm bubble butt and his cock responded accordingly.

"Which side of the bed do you like?" Aidan asked turning to face the two brothers and revealing a slight bulge in his briefs.

"Either, it don't matter," Zak said stripping off his shorts to join Aidan who was already headed toward the bed. 

Aidan piled down on the bed and scooted over toward the wall and rolled onto his side and watched as Zak turned out the overhead light leaving them in near darkness. After a few minutes his eyes adjusted however and he could see there was a substantial amount of light coming through the window from the parking lot out front.

He could just make out Jason's form as he lay in bed, also on his side and watching them from across the room.

"You guys sleepy?"

"A little, why?"

"No reason. I can't sleep..too horny," Jason sighed.

"You're always horny," Zak complained.

"Can't help it, I'm 16, what do you expect?"

"You need a girlfriend."

"Speaking of girls. Let me tell you about this girl I met at the party..."

The two younger boys listened with interest as Jason told the tale of him and Sherry and both were hard by the time he had finished. Even though Aidan had no interest in girls, the thought of Jason naked and doing those things was exciting nonetheless.

"No way, she blew you?" Zak said excitedly, "Hey, then why are you so horny now?"

"Don't know, just thinking about it gets me hard and talking about it...well, I'm full on hard now," he said pulling his hard cock out and twanging it for the boys to see.

"Put that thing away," Zak fumed, "or jack off."

"Awww...can't I get a little help? I promise if you help me get off, I'll fall asleep and you won't have to worry about me the rest of the night."

"Damn it Jason..."

"Sorry," Jason said sounding hurt. Then putting his dick away he rolled over facing the wall and was quiet.

Aidan touched Zak on the arm and rolled him onto his back and snuggled up to his side, "We could help him out, then we could have some fun together," Aidan said, more excited by the prospect of touching the older teen than he would have imagined.

"Okay," Zak sighed, pretending to be annoyed, when the truth was it was exciting to think about him and Aidan working together to get his brother off.

Aidan suppressed a chuckle as they slid quietly out of bed and tip toed to Jason's bed. Then jumping on the sulking older teen they began tugging at his underwear as he pretended to resist.

When he was naked and sprawled on his back, his hard teenage prick waving in the breeze, the two younger boys began their assault.

Aidan was more experienced at foreplay than Zak and led the way, pinching and sucking on Jason's nipples then licking his way down one side of the horny teen's body while  Zak followed his lead down the other side.

"Uh, you guys...." Jason moaned.

When Aidan finally moved down and began fondling Jason's nuts the sexy teenager opened his legs wide to give him better access and moaned lowly. 

"Yeah, lick my nuts," Jason gasped, "lick my baby makers...oh yeah, like that. Oooo..what's that?" Jason asked rising to look down at Aidan who was letting his tongue go lower, bathing his taint and eventually lapping at his virgin  hole, "Uh...that feels good...but I don't...oh, shit...yesssss."

Zak was confused at first, but soon figured out what was going on and he was amazed by Aidan's boldness. Never would he have got anywhere near his brother's ass. Not because he found it gross or unattractive, but rather because he assumed Jason would be offended and slap him senseless. Instead his brother was moaning and thrashing around obviously enjoying a tongue in his hole. Who knew Jason would be so open to new things?

"Suck my pecker Zak," Jason managed to moan, "and squeeze my nuts."

Zak went about his task with enthusiasm and lust and soon had Jason moaning and thrusting up as he tried to force even more of his hard teenage cock down his brother's throat. 

Two hot horny boys working on him was too much, and before long Jason gave up the battle and let them bring him to orgasm. He came hard, splashing his hot teenage cum into Zak's mouth with such force that it almost overwhelmed him. Zak pulled up to swallow, but another blast soon filled his mouth, and he was busy for a while trying to keep up with the deluge of hot tasty teenage spunk.

"Oh man, that was so hot," Jason said as he lay there panting after the two younger boys released him, "you guys could charge money for that."

"Yeah, but then it wouldn't be as much fun. We do it cause we like it and the person we're doin' it with," Aidan said speaking for them both.

"You like me?" Jason asked sounding surprised.

"Yeah, you seem pretty cool to me...despite what Zak told me," Aidan laughed.

"Hey, don't rat me out," Zak complained.

"He was probably right," Jason said looking serious, "I coulda' been a better brother, but I'm tryin' harder now...okay?" he added looking at Zak pleadingly.

"Yeah, you're okay...for a butt head," Zak giggled and when Jason grabbed him and pulled him in for a  headlock he didn't resist.

When Zak finally pulled away he looked into his brother's face and gave him a nervous smile, "So, you okay now. Can we go back to my bed?"

"Yeah, I'm drained. Go have some fun and don't do anything I wouldn't," Jason joked, "which don't leave much."

"Nite bro."

"Nite, both of you. See ya' in the morning," Jason said rolling onto his side facing the wall, "give me five minutes and I'll be out cold."

True to his word in a few minutes Jason was snoring softly and oblivious of the two horny younger boys as they got down to business in Zak's bed.

"That was fun," Zak said sounding surprised, "I didn't know that could be so much fun."

"Yeah, well...two is good too, but three is good once in a while."

"How about more than three, ever done that?" 

"Sure, that's fun too, but right now let's concentrate on two...okay?"

"Yeah, that sounds good," Zak said moving in as their lips met.

This time their love making was slow and easy and before long they wound up in the classic 69 position. As they sucked each other their hands explored the parts nearby and eventually their fingers became inserted in each other's bum hole.

This was totally new to Zak, however he found he liked it just fine. In fact the feeling made him come harder when he finally cried out and began to fill Aidan's mouth with his tasty baby batter.

Aidan wasn't far behind and when they'd drank each other down and licked each other clean, they cuddled and kissed as the pillow talk began.

"So, this new guy your mom is dating, do you think it's serious?"

"I hope so. If they got married we could live in a nicer place and not have to worry about things so much. My mom really seems to like him and I think he likes her."

"What about you and Jason, does he like you too?"

"Actually, yeah...I think he does. I mean he's nice to us and don't treat us like we're a fungus or something like most of my mom's boyfriends."

"That's good. And he buys you guys food and stuff, that's a good thing."

"Yeah, and he even gave us lunch money. I think he likes flashing his money around, but that's okay," Zak chuckled.

"So, tell me about Tommy," Aidan said changing the subject suddenly.

"Uh, like him or something?" Zak said worriedly.

"No, I mean, yeah I like him just fine, but I think Jaden might really like him. If you know what I mean."

"Oh, OH...that. Well, I think him and Jason used to mess around. I mean I never really saw them doing anything, but one time I walked in on them when I was about 10 and they were 12 and they were in just their underwear. Jason got all mad and beat me for barging in without knocking and I never did that again. Later I got to wondering what they were doing in just their underwear and sort of figured it out."

" you think Tommy might be up for some fooling around with a boy, a boy like Jaden?"

"Well, Jaden is as sexy and cute as you, so yeah...maybe. Why, do you think they did something tonight?"

"I'm pretty sure they did. J sort of hinted at it and told me he'd tell me all about when I got home."

"That's cool...right?"

"Well, it could get complicated later...if they became serious. I mean now it's no big deal, they're both minors and that's okay, but when Tommy turns 18 he'll be an adult and J would only be 16, so technically it would be illegal for them to have sex."

"Whoa, that's a long time away. If they did do something it was probably just for fun...right?"

"Yeah, probably. I don't think J will get over Jimmy quite as easily as he thinks he will. I think now he's just trying to have some fun and forget his true feelings."

"Yeah, Jimmy did him wrong, that's for sure."

"I feel sorry for both of them. I think Jimmy is truly sorry, but Jaden isn't convinced he's being sincere. I think he's afraid of getting hurt twice."

"Yeah, I feel sorry for both of them." Zak sighed then and snuggled up to Aidan and kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks for sleeping over."

"Thanks for inviting me. Now that Jason is cool with us we can do this more often. And you can stay over at my house too and we can be together like this a lot."

"There's something really sexy about being in my own bed with you," Zak purred as he snuggled closer and let his hand travel down Aidan's back to his shapely rear, "I love touching your body."

"Oh,'re hard again," Aidan giggled, "Since you like my body so much, and my about you put that hard cock in there?"

They made love with Aidan flat on his back, his legs held high, and kissed as Zak moved in and out of his new lover. Though this was new to Zak, he was a fast learner and soon had Aidan panting and moaning as his hard cock slid across his prostate with each stroke.

They came within a few seconds of each other, Zak painting Aidan's insides with his sticky cum, while Aidan's warm load covered both boys chest and stomach. Zak collapsed on top of Aidan and they kissed again before Zak slid out of Aidan's slick hole and fell down beside him.

Across the room Jason lay watching, his hard teenage cock in his hand, and when he heard both boys cry out as they orgasmed, he joined them, spilling his thick teenage seed into his hand and onto his sheets. He envied them both. They had each other and he had no one. He fell asleep thinking about what it would feel like to be loved and to love someone.


Mrs. Reynolds picked Aidan up around 11, and Zak walked Aidan to the van.

"Thanks for coming," Zak said lingering on the sidewalk.

"Thanks for inviting me. I wish we could have more time together, but mom wants to go shopping and I have to go with her."

"It's okay. Mom says Mel is taking us out for dinner tonight and maybe to play putt putt."

"That's great. Well, I guess I'll see ya' at school Monday then," Aidan said daring to lean in and give his new boyfriend a hug. What he really wanted to do was kiss him deeply, but he knew this wasn't the time or the place, "Well...see ya."

"Yeah, see ya," Zak said feeling as if part of him was going with Aidan, "I wish I could call you..."

"Maybe Mel will get you a  phone," Aidan said grinning.

"Yeah, maybe so," Zak said thoughtfully, "Won't hurt to ask."

"Did you two have a good time?" Mrs. Reynolds asked as they drove away.

"Yeah, we did. Zak's brother is pretty cool too. I guess his mom has a new boyfriend and he's being really nice to them and buying them stuff. Zak is pretty happy about it."

"That's good. I hope things work out for them," Mrs. Reynolds said softly, then she was quiet for awhile as she thought about her next words, "What do you know about this new boy, Tommy?"

"Only that he's a friend of Jason's and he seems pretty cool. Why?"

"Oh, no reason I guess. He does seem nice, but I got the impression that Jaden might have taken a shine to him."

"A shine?" Aidan laughed, "Does that mean he likes him or something?"

"Yes," Mrs. Reynolds laughed, "It's just that your brother is sort of vulnerable right now and I don't want to see him get hurt."

"I don't think you need to worry about that. I think J is just trying to figure things out right now. He doesn't get serious about every boy he likes," Aidan said, hoping he wasn't saying too much.

"Oh, I see. Well, just keep an eye on him for me, will you? I know he doesn't want me in his business, but I'm sure he will confide in you and you can make sure he's okay."

"Yeah, I can do that. Thanks for not being nosy. Right now J just needs some time to figure things out. He'll be fine...eventually."

"I'm sure you're right."

"By the way, where is J?"

"He's at the mall. He had me drop him off on the way to pick you up. I don't know this for sure, but I think he might be meeting someone there...maybe Tommy."

"Well, that seems pretty safe," Aidan laughed, "can't get into too much trouble in a crowded mall."

"I suppose. And speaking of the mall, we need to go shopping a little later. I told your brother we'd come to the mall around 3 and he could join us and we'd all go home together."

"See, he's just hanging out, that's all," Aidan said, knowing full well that Jaden was up to something.


And in fact Jaden was up to something. As soon as Jaden was inside the mall he made his way to the far side and out the door facing the other parking lot. Tommy's car was parked nearby, the engine idling and Tommy nervously waiting inside.

"Hey," Jaden said scooting in beside Tommy, "miss me?"

"Yeah," Tommy said blushing, "where we goin'?"

"Take Oak Wood drive to Kingston, and I'll direct you as we go."

The city streets turned to two lane roads as they left the city limits and soon there was nothing but farm houses and fields lining the road. 

"Up ahead, at the 4 way stop, turn right," Jaden said enjoying the sun and wind on his face as he rode along with his window down.

"What's up there?"

"The river and some cool hiking trails and stuff."

"Oh, are we going hiking?"

 "Sort of," Jaden giggled.

"Oh, okay," Tommy said feeling a little disappointed.

Two miles later they came to a fork and Jaden directed Tommy to the right. The road here was mostly gravel and barely wide enough for two cars to pass. The ground was dry at the moment, but when it rained the trail was a muddy mess and best traversed by four wheel drive vehicles.

The trail branched off again after a while and again Jaden directed Tommy to the right. This trail was grass and dirt and a single lane that eventually ended in a clearing on a bluff overlooking the river. At the moment they were the only ones there and that suited Jaden just fine.

"Nobody here but us," Jaden said beaming, "guess we won't have to take a hike after all. The car will be just fine. Turn around and park facing the way we came in, that way we can see if anyone else is coming."

Tommy did as he was told and once he'd turned off the engine he looked at Jaden nervously.

"Relax," Jaden said scooting across the huge bench seat so he was close enough to Tommy to put his arms around him, "We can't fuck, but I can give you some great head here in the front seat," he said reaching down to fondle Tommy's hard cock through his jeans.

"Uhhh...okay," Tommy gasped, "If you want to."

"Oh, I do," Jaden said breaking the hug and unfastening Tommy's jeans. Then pulling the zipper open he coaxed Tommy into sliding his jeans down his legs to reveal that once again he had gone commando, "Nice," Aidan cooed, "no pesky underwear in the way."

Tommy didn't trust his voice to reply, and instead he settled back in the seat and let Jaden have his way with him. Not that he wasn't looking forward to what Jaden had to offer, but it was still a little overwhelming and confusing. He still wasn't sure how he felt about the fact that he liked this so much, or that he was quickly starting to develop some feeling for another boy, namely Jaden.

"Umm...your pre-cum is sweet," Jaden said licking a dollop off of Tommy's oozing cock head.

"Ummm...thanks," Tommy moaned, "I jerked off this morning, so I could last longer," he said blushing.

"Good boy," Jaden said, "I'll make it last till you're ready to bust."

Tommy moaned appreciatively and relaxed as Jaden went to work.  As Jaden's lust built he jerked Tommy's jeans to his ankles and began working on his hairless nuts and lapping at his taint. He couldn't quite reach Tommy's starfish, but he was almost sure that if he could, Tommy would be down for some loving back there as well.

Jaden worked Tommy's cock like it his own personal play toy, but each time Tommy got close he would back off and go to work on his nuts while he cooled off. After doing this three times he could sense that Tommy couldn't wait much longer and when he took Tommy in his mouth again he worked feverishly until Tommy cried out and began to unload in his mouth.

Jaden decided Tommy's cum was even tastier this time and he lapped it up like a cat lapping up cream. When Tommy's cock was clean and he's begun to get a bit sensitive Jaden sat up and licked his lips suggestively.

"Good stuff, Tommy boy. Do you eat pure sugar?" he joked.

"I eat a lot of fruit," Tommy panted as he bask in his delicious afterglow.

"You like it?"

"Yeah, but I feel kind of guilty. I mean I feel like I should do something for you too."

"Well, I wouldn't mind, but if it's too weird for you..."

"No, not weird. I just don't have a lot of experience..."

"What did you do with Jason?"

Tommy blushed, " first we just jacked off together, then we started jacking each other, and toward the end...he, um...let me suck him, but he never did it back."

"Look Tommy, I'm horny as hell. Why don't I just get naked and let you see what you think. If you get worked up enough I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do."

Tommy nodded and Jaden was out of his clothes seconds later. Tommy licked his lips as his eyes traveled down Jaden's sexy teenage body till they arrived at that part of him that made him all boy.

" look nice," Tommy stuttered, then with eyes wide he added, "you're so hard."

"You got me that way. Just the sight of you is enough to make anyone hard, then there's your scent, and that beautiful cock of yours," Jaden moaned.

Tommy reached for Jaden's cock then and seemed delighted as he felt up another boy's cock for the first time in several years, "I like it, it's not like most has skin on it."

"Yeah, only difference between me and my bro. Remind me to tell you the story someday."

Tommy scooted a bit closer, then leaning down he let his lips brush the soft foreskin and Jaden shivered with desire. Sticking out his tongue he tasted Jaden's pre-cum and smiled as he found it not only delicious, but pleasant in consistency.

Forgetting all his inhibitions Tommy leaned lower and took Jaden in his mouth and instinct took over. He didn't so much suck Jaden's cock as he made love to it, and Jaden decided that despite his lack of experience, Tommy was a natural.

Tommy didn't have the experience needed to edge Jaden for very long, and eventually he got caught up in his lust and desire to reap his rewards, and didn't let up until Jaden began spewing his tasty teenage seed.

"Ummmmm..." Tommy moaned as he savored Jaden's spunk and then swallowed it all down.

"Good...really good," Tommy said as he licked Jaden clean after he'd swallowed all Jaden's baby batter.

"Speaking of good...that was some beejay," Jaden said rubbing Tommy's head affectionately.

"Next time we'll find a place where we can lay down and I'll let you fuck me again."

Tommy moaned in his throat and pulled up to look in Jaden's eyes. Then before he knew what was happening he was leaning in to meet Jaden in a deep sensual kiss. As they got into the kiss tongues came out and darted about and their cocks began to rise again.

When at last they pulled away they were both panting and a little dazed. Jaden hadn't expected a kiss, but once it had started there was no denying they both enjoyed it.

"Wow, that was...intense," Tommy said pulling back and trying to stuff his cock back in his jeans.

Yeah, it was. Well, you know...we just sort of got caught up in things..."

"Yeah, that's all it was," Tommy agreed, "we should probably go now..."

"Yeah, probably," Jaden said as he grabbed his tee shirt and pulled it on.

He'd just gotten his shorts back on when a car came up the trail, moving slowly as it approached and then turning to park on their left. Fortunately Tommy had his jeans pulled back up and was zipping them up as the car came to a stop, and without speaking he started the car and drove away.

"That was close," Jaden laughed, "Glad we weren't fucking. Can you imagine the surprise of those guys if they'd seen your ass in the window?"

"I'd die if anyone knew..."

"Come on, loosen up. It's just sex, you think we're the only two boys getting our rocks off this way."

"No, I just meant, they might be homophobes or something and beat us up."

"Yeah, there's that. Well, next time maybe we can do it at my house, in bed."

"Your house?" Tommy asked in horror, "I'd be terrified someone might catch us."

Jaden laughed, "My brother maybe, and he'd probably want to join in. If you think I have a nice ass, you should see his...and feel it wrapped around your dong."

Tommy's cock stiffened again in his jeans as he drove along, and he wondered if it would ever be soft again.

At the mall Tommy dropped Jaden off then drove home and beat off twice thinking about the sexy twin and all that had happened.

In the mall Jaden quickly located his family and slipped up behind them unaware.

"Excuse me folks. Mall Security here. I'm afraid you'll have to come with me," he teased.

"Hello prodigal son," his mother said not missing a beat.

"Hi maw, hi paw, his baby brudder," Jaden said in a hillbilly voice. 

"You sound happy," his father observed.

"I am. Life is good. It may not always be great, but it's good most of the time," he said sounding thoughtful, "no need to be down. Too much going on."

"Well, that's a rather mature outlook on things. I'm glad you can see the rainbow behind the black clouds," his mom said.

"Rainbow? Is that a hint that I'm gay?" Jaden teased.

"The rainbow is the sign of hope from God. I guess it means different things to different people."

"Yeah, well...I'm only part rainbow," Jaden laughed, "the other part I guess."

They all laughed then.

They finished their shopping then went out for dinner and a movie as a family, and when they got home the boys were exhausted and excused themselves to their room. As soon as the door was closed Aidan insisted Jaden spill his guts about what had happened the night before at the party.

After Jaden had filled Aidan in on the party and what he and Tommy had been up since, Aidan had a few questions. 

"So...let me see if I understand this had sex with Sherry, then with Tommy...twice, and you liked Tommy best. So...the question is: do you see Tommy as more than some boy to have sex with, or do you like him?"

"Well, of course I like him. Is it serious? Naw, it's just fun. You know I like older boys and well...this one is hot. I bet you'd like him too. Maybe the three of us could get together some time."

"I don't know about that, but just be careful...okay? I think mom is suspicious. She asked me what I knew about the new boy, but I played it cool."

"Yeah, well...I was planning to have him sleep over. Maybe that should wait a while though."

"Yeah, better not look too anxious to get him into bed," Aidan chuckled.

"Now, I told you about my love life, let's hear about you and Zak."

"And Jason..." Aidan laughed, and then he told his brother everything.

End Chapter 23

A new bf for Jaden, or just a plaything? Zak's mom and Mel? Will it be a match made in Heaven, and what will it mean for the two brothers? And what about Jason, will he find someone to love? Meanwhile Zak and Aidan are getting closer and things are looking rosy for them.

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