The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males including incest and if reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad

Editor: Stanton S.

Chapter 24
7 Minutes in Heaven

"Where's Jaden?" Jimmy asked as he joined the others at the lunch table on Monday.

"Not sure," Aidan said, even though he suspected he was probably somewhere with Tommy.

Even though Tommy was almost two years older, he'd gotten a late start in school due to illness, and was only a grade ahead of them. Which would have kept them separated in most districts, but fortunately the senior high was on the same campus as the junior high and there were no rules about upper and lower classmen associating.

At that moment Tommy and Jaden were sitting in Tommy's car eating their lunch and talking. Well, talking and playing footsie where no one could see.

"I wish we had an open campus," Tommy said, "then we could drive somewhere and be alone."

"And do what?" Jaden teased grinning.

"Oh, you know..." Tommy said blushing.

"Yeah, one can see my hand," Jaden said snaking it over covertly to rub the front of Tommy's tented jeans.

Tommy drew in a sharp breath and moaned, "Don't make me cum dude. I don't wanna run around all the rest of the day with cum stains on my jeans."

"Yeah, what you really need is for someone to swallow all the jizz so it won't stain," Jaden said looking around. 

There was no one in the parking lot that he could see, most students were busy with lunch or still in class if they had a later lunch, and unless someone was standing right next to the car they couldn't see much anyway, or at least that's what Jaden thought.

Deftly unzipping Tommy's jeans Jaden was pleased to see that Tommy wore no underwear beneath and his cock sprang out through the opening like it had been waiting all along to be freed.

"What are you doing...dude, someone will see..." Tommy protested, but he didn't try to stop Jaden.

"No they won't. Just tell me when you're ready to come and I'll drop down and suck it till you shoot then there won't be a mess."

"I don't know," Tommy said in a ragged breath, "I guess...."

Jaden worked Tommy's hard teenage spike expertly and it didn't take long before Tommy was panting and groaning lowly, then arching up he cried out, "NOW!" and Aidan went down on him just in time to receive his tasty reward.

"Mmmmmm," Jaden moaned around Tommy's cock as he savored each drop of his potent teenage cum.

"Oh shit, that was intense," Tommy said looking around to make sure the coast was still clear, "That was the awesomest thing I ever experienced."

"That's cause it was risky, and danger always makes sex hotter," Jaden said sitting up and licking a stray drop of jizz off his lip. Then grabbing up his lunch he began munching on his sandwich again.

"You're so cool about this stuff. I feel you know more about sex than I ever will."

"Is that a bad thing?" Jaden asked, then taking a drink of his juice he frowned, "Are you saying I'm a slut?"

"NOOO...not that. It's just that you're so cool about it."

"Well, you're pretty hot and it's hard to keep my hands...and lips off ya'," Jaden said grinning.

"I wish I was as brave as you...cause I'd like to do that to you, but I'd be so paranoid."

"It's okay, hey...think you could give me a ride home after school. I know a quiet spot where we could stop for a few minutes and you could return the favor."

"I...sure, are you sure your mom will be okay with that?"

"Yep, I'll text her before I go back to class."

After that they finished their lunch and when it was time to go Jaden left first, just in case anyone was watching, with Tommy following behind a few minutes later. Little did the two know that someone had witnessed their departure and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know they had been together.

What had they been up to? Jimmy wondered frowning. If he knew Jaden it was probably sex, but who was this new boy. Why didn't he know about him? He had to be older since they were in a car, probably his car, so where did they meet and what was Jaden thinking doing stuff like that at school?

Aidan, Aidan would know, but he had to act casual about it or Aidan would clam up and he'd never find out anything.

"Hey," Jimmy said rejoining Aidan and Zak as they headed to their lockers.

"Oh hi, did you find J?"

"Yeah, him and his new friend. What's his name again? I forgot," Jimmy said acting nonchalant.

"Tommy," Zak said earning a dirty look from Aidan.

"Yeah, Tommy. He's Senior High, right?"

"He's a Freshman," Aidan offered, hoping he wasn't saying too much.

"Yeah, that explains the car," Jimmy mumbled, "so he's at least 16 I guess."

"Yeah," Aidan said, "I'm not comfortable talking about Jaden's business without him here. I suggest you ask him about Tommy if you're that interested."

"Just curious, that's all," Jimmy said blushing, "Must've been sudden. I mean I never saw them hanging around together before."

"Talk to J," Aidan said once more, "we have to get to class. Catch ya' later."

"Sorry," Zak said meekly once they were out of earshot, "It just slipped out."

"It's okay, eventually Jimmy will find out all the facts one way or the other and I have a feeling he's not going to be happy. I think Jimmy still thinks him and J will get back together."

"Yeah, well...I kinda wish they would," Zak admitted, "Tommy is okay, but I liked it when it was Jaden and Jimmy."

"I know what you mean, but this is J's decision and I sort of understand where he's coming from. He trusted Jimmy and he broke his heart, and now he's on the rebound or something and there's no telling what he's gonna do."

"Yeah, well...I just feel bad for Jimmy and I hope he don't get hurt too bad."

"He's a good kid, but he has to live with what he did to J."

"Who's a good kid?" Jaden asked sneaking up on the two.

"Jimmy," Zak blurted out, once again earning a dirty look from his bf.

"Yeah, what's going on with Jimmy? Anything I should know?"

"He knows about Tommy, well not all of it, but I guess he saw you two together or something."

"He did, where?" Jaden asked with alarm. Was it possible that Jimmy had witnessed their little sexual encounter in the car?

"Not sure. Why? Oh J, you didn't...?"

Jaden blushed and shrugged, a mischievous grin spreading across his face, "No one was around, it was safe."

"J, I don't like it when you do crazy things. You know what would happen if you got caught? You could be suspended or expelled. You know the school has a strict PDA policy and I think sex qualifies as a Public Display of Affection," he chuckled despite the seriousness of the situation.

"Yeah, it was hot though," Jaden said describing in detail what went on.

Despite his concern Aidan felt a stirring in his jeans and he noticed Zak was pulling at his crotch to adjust the growing member there.

"J, that's so hot, but so dangerous. Please promise me you'll be careful. If you get caught even mom and dad can't save you."

"Yeah, and they'd be pretty upset. Maybe I got a little carried away. Yeah, from now on we'll wait till we're off school property."

"Good, that's a relief. Now, what are you going to do about Jimmy?"


Jimmy was fuming by the time he reached class and when Jaden waltzed in looking smug and oh so sexy, he was even more upset.

"Hey," Jimmy said casually as Jaden slipped into his seat.

"Hey," Jaden said fumbling with his books.

"Missed ya' at lunch."

"I had some stuff to do," Jaden said, not explaining what stuff.

"Yeah, well...I wasn't very hungry and I didn't stay long."

"Oh, anything wrong?"

"Naw, just wasn't hungry. I haven't had much of an appetite since...well, you know?" Jimmy said trying to sound pitiful.

Jaden was saved having to reply as the teacher walked in and demanded their attention and then proceeded to lecture the entire period. When class was dismissed Jaden scooted out quickly before Jimmy could catch up to him and Jimmy felt even more helpless and in despair as he trudged out into the  hall.

In gym class Jimmy entered just in time to see Jaden dressing out and he quickly grabbed his stuff and starting stripping his clothes off.

"I hope coach goes easy on us today," Jimmy said making conversation.

"Why, still not feeling good?" Jaden asked with genuine concern. Despite all that had happened between them Jaden still cared about Jimmy and he figured he always would. After all they'd shared something very special. They'd gone from adversaries to lovers and that was a journey that was etched in their hearts forever.

"Just tired, I haven't been sleeping very good lately."

"Try fapping when you get in bed," Jaden said seriously , "always tires me out."

"I do,'s not the same, you know?"

"Oh, well...maybe you need to find someone, a girl maybe," Jaden said meanly.


"Sorry, low blow, come on let's hit the floor," Jaden said as he pulled on his shorts.

Jimmy followed meekly, his eyes on Jaden's strong muscular back and then drifting down to the heavenly swell of his ass and below to the two perfect circles of flesh beneath this gym shorts. 

How could I have been so stupid as to give that up? Jimmy lamented, then sighing he steeled himself for what lay ahead.


"Hey, where's J going?" Jimmy asked as he stood watching Jaden speed off toward the parking lot.

"He's riding home with Tommy," Aidan said casually.

"And your folks are okay with that?" Jimmy said staring open-mouthed at his ex-bf's retreating form.

"Yeah, for now. He had a hard time convincing my mom at first, but she finally gave in. She met Tommy and I guess she trusts him."

"Ha," Jimmy smirked, "He's older, it's just not right..."

"Jimmy, cool it," Aidan warned, "kids are staring."

"Sorry, I gotta go," Jimmy said rushing off then to board the bus.

"Wow, he was upset," Zak said stating the obvious.

"This is not going to be easy for him. I just hope he doesn't do something stupid or embarrass himself or Jaden. If he truly wants to get back with J he needs to cool the jealousy and work on fixing the damage he did."

"I don't know, I kinda' understand how he feels. If you were hanging out with someone else...well...well, I'd go nuts."

"No worries there," Aidan said smiling, "You're all I need, come on, mom is waiting."

After dropping Zak off Mrs. Reynolds began quizzing Aidan about Jaden and his new friend.

"So, this boy Tommy, what do you think of him?"

"He's actually pretty cool. Not like a lot of older boys who treat under-classmen like they're  scum," he laughed.

"I just worry about your brother. I mean this thing with Jimmy has been rough on  him. You don't think...that he's interested in this older boy that way...?"

"Mom, you know I can't speak for Jaden."

"I know, I know...sorry. I just worry that I'm too lenient with you boys. Maybe I should pull back the reigns a bit," she laughed.

"Do you trust us mom?" Aidan said simply.

"Well...yes, of course, but I do know that your brother has led you into trouble in the past and he doesn't always think before he acts."

"He's grown up a lot mom, he's not as wild as he used to be, and well, I think Jimmy had a lot to do with that."

"Yes, don't think we didn't notice the changes in him after he and Jimmy became...friends."

"Mom, you can say it...boyfriends," Aidan laughed, "If you and dad are really as cool with us being gay as you say then you can use that word."

"Oh all right, but it still takes some getting used to. Let me ask you this, do you think there is anyway he and Jimmy can patch things up?"

"I don't know for sure, but I think Jimmy wants that more than anything. You should see the hurt look on his face when he looks at J. It's really sad."

"Such drama for boys so young," she sighed, "when I was your age...well...I guess it was pretty much the same, only the drama was between boys and girls."

"There's still plenty of that going on," Aidan assured her, "but now kids like us can finally admit our feelings and be who we are, and that's great."

"Yes, I agree. Well, if there is anything I can do to help Jimmy and Jaden work this thing out I am willing to give it my all."

"I'll pass the word along," Aidan said smiling, "and mom, thanks...thanks for being such a cool mom."

"You're welcome," she said touching his face gently, "my babies are growing up so fast."

"Maybe you and dad should have another kid," Aidan suggested, "then when me and J go off to college you're still have a kid to love on."

"Oh, we're too old now...what would people think?" she gushed.

"People would think you were brave and anyone who knows you would know that kid was gonna be very lucky, just like me and J are."

"'s a bit more complicated than that, but thank you for the vote of confidence."


"Over there, see that gravel road, just pull in there. Yeah, now just keep driving. Okay, off to the right, take that trail,'s pretty rough. Okay, just park here."

"What is this place?" Tommy asked as he put the car in park.

"It was an access road to the quarry, but for some reason they built another road on the other side and they never finished this one. Up over that ridge is a fifty foot drop off into the quarry. It's full of water now, but it's a long rocky way down."

"We're not going swimming are we?" Tommy teased.

"Nope, but no one ever comes here's private."

"Oh, okay. So...what did you have in mind?"

"Well, there was a promise of returning the favor from lunch..."

"Oh yeah, that. Well, I'm ready if you are."

"Yeah, I'm ready. I been thinkin' about it all afternoon," Jaden said unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down to reveal his baby blue bikini briefs.

"Damn, even your underwear is sexy," Tommy said giving Jaden a wolf whistle.

"Thanks, I like the feel of them against my junk," he said sliding then down to reveal his boy boner, "Ah, fresh air for the boys."

Tommy couldn't wait to get his hands on Jaden's sexy teenage body, and as he bobbed up and down on his cock he rubbed his flat stomach and chest, pinching his nipples and causing the younger boy to moan with pleasure.

"Oh shit, that feels good. Lick my nuts," Jaden pleaded, "to slow things down."

Tommy was happy to oblige, taking Jaden's hangers into his warm wet mouth and tonguing them till they were slippery with spit. Then returning to his cock he began to lick it up an down until he arrived at the head where he probed the piss slit with this tongue.

"Oh damn, that feels good," Jaden panted.

"Ready to come?"

"Yeah, but take it slow...and pinch my nipples and squeeze my balls..."

Tommy was so hard he hurt as he attacked Jaden's hard hot teenage cock again, sucking and licking and tasting and touching, literally consuming the boy's sex. He tasted so good, smelled so good, felt so good, and it was as if every fiber of his being was concentrated on that stiff appendage buried in his hungry mouth.

"You good...oh...shit, comes," Jaden panted.

"Mmmm," Tommy managed to moan as Jaden's hot thick boy spunk filled his mouth. It was sweet to the taste with a touch of spiciness that made Tommy's own cock throb simply from  ingesting the boy's precious seed.

"God you taste good," Tommy said as he licked Jaden's cock head clean.

"Mmmm...thanks. That was amazing. Give me a minute and I'll take care of you."

"You don't have to," Tommy said unconvincingly.

"Shut up, I want to. I'm not passing up a chance to get that nut."

"Oh, well...okay," Tommy said unbuttoning his jeans and exposing his leaking rampant teenage cock.

"Hmmm...nice," Jaden said practically drooling, "Hey, I was thinking, ever do it in the woods?"

"Uh, do what?"

"Fuck" Jaden laughed.

"Here, in the car?" Tommy said sounding surprised and excited.

"Naw, too crowded in here, come on. Plenty of room out there."

Tommy followed Jaden out of the car, holding his pants up with one hand as he walked around to the other side of the car.

By the time he arrived Jaden was lowering his pants and underwear to his ankles, and bending over the car hood he wiggled his cute ass at Tommy seductively.

"Have to use spit for lube I guess, too bad I didn't have you save some of my jizz."

"I know...lick you till you're ready," Tommy said feeling dizzy with desire.

"Yeah, eat that azz," Jaden said lustily.

Tommy knelt behind Jaden and unleashed his wicked tongue into his crack and eventually his hole. He drilled him as deeply as his tongue would go, savoring his rich spicy teenage flavor, almost out of his head from the sensual overload.

"Now, fuck me now," Jaden suddenly cried out as he thrust his ass back into Tommy's face, "here let me get you wet," he said spinning around and pulling Tommy up so he could slobber on his throbbing cock.

"Okay, that's enough, do it," Jaden said bending back over the hood of the car.

Shakily Tommy moved into position, fearful his knees might buckle at any minute, but he finally managed to get the head against Jaden's hot tacky hole and with one push he was inside.

"Awww...yeah, hold on, let me get used to it," Jaden moaned, "now...push..oh yeah...nice. Hold it," he panted, "Okay...more."

"That's all of it," Tommy said as his pubes brushed up against Jaden's smooth perfect ass.

"Ahhh, nice...feels good. Now, fuck me like you mean it," Jaden said pushing back desperately.

"You sure like getting fucked, don't ya'?" Tommy said as he pulled back till just the head was inside.

"I like you fucking me," Jaden said softly, but the truth was getting fucked by Tommy was just his way of forgetting the pain that Jimmy had caused him. Deep inside he wished it was Jimmy fucking him, but this would do...for now.

"You're so tight," Tommy hissed, "don't know how long I can last."

"Just stop when you start feeling like you're gonna cum, then start again when it passes."

"Okay," Tommy said sounding far away, "this is the best feeling in the whole world."


"I'm home mom," Jaden announced as he came in the front door.

"Oh, hi honey. Did you stop off somewhere.? thought Tommy was bringing you straight home."

"We stopped to get Tommy something to eat," which was technically true, only the food was his jizz, "he has an appetite worse than mine."

"Oh, well...I guess that's all right, but next time let me know if you're not coming straight home."

"Okay, well...I'm gonna go up and shower and change before dinner."

Mrs. Reynolds was suspicious, but the truth was she didn't want to know all the details. She would just have to trust that her son wouldn't do anything dangerous or unhealthy, but maybe she needed to have her husband talk to him again, about being safe.

"Hey, did you enjoy the ride home," Aidan said evenly, hoping Jaden would confide in  him.

"Yeah, we went out there by the quarry, you know where we used to ride our bikes."

"Oh, well...quiet out there...and private..."

"Yeah, and in case you're wondering he gave me a beejay and I let him fuck me bent over the car hood," Jaden said grinning.

"Oh J, do you think that's wise? I mean you just met this boy. How do you know he's clean?"

"Cause he hasn't messed with anyone but me, well except for Zak's bro, but that was when they were kids."

"Still, maybe you should use protection till he's tested. He can get tested without any questions at The Lighthouse." The Lighthouse was a non-profit organization that served the LGBQT+ community and offered free STV testing, including the quick HIV test.

"Yeah, maybe we could go together, then we wouldn't have to worry about  it."

"Please, promise me you'll do it soon."

"Okay, I'll talk to him about it tomorrow. Right now I'm gonna take a dump and a shower," he chuckled.

"Uh..TMI, I can only imagine why you need to take a dump."

"Yeah, he shoots a lot. I think it's running down my leg," he laughed.

"When you get ready to shower holler at me and I'll join you. I can wash your back...and umm..crack," he giggled.

Aidan returned to his homework and was just finishing up when Jaden opened the bathroom door and announced he was ready to shower.

Aidan stripped off his clothes and headed into the bathroom, arriving just as Jaden stepped into the warm spray.

"Mmmm...feels good," Jaden said as Aidan slipped in behind him and slid the shower door closed.

Grabbing a poof Aidan lathered it up with body wash and began gently working on his brother's strong muscular back.

" one has hands like yours bro," Jaden moaned.

"Spread em' and let me wash that poor abused hole," Aidan teased.

"Oh, careful," Jaden winced. "I told him to fuck me hard and he did."

"Doesn't look too bad," Aidan said stooping down to check his brother's hole out.

"It doesn't hurt, it's just tender."

"J...Jimmy was asking about you and Tommy and he was pretty upset when he found out you were riding home with him. He was being sort of loud and we had to shut him down before other kids started to notice."

"So, he's jealous huh?" Jaden laughed, "Well, he should of thought of that before he started fucking with that girl."

"J, I know you're angry about that, and I  understand, but just try to understand how he feels."

"I'm not trying to hurt him A, but I have a right to like other guys and have fun."

"I know, and it's not like you were rubbing it in his face. He sort of went snooping and I don't think he was prepared to see you with someone else."

"Well, he needs to move on and find someone else, cause I'm done with him."

"Are you sure J? What does your  heart tell you?"

"Okay, so maybe I still have some feelings for him," Jaden sighed, "but he hurt me bad, and I'm not sure I can ever get over that." 

Truth was Jaden still had hope that eventually the two of them would patch things up, but his stupid pride kept getting in the way.

"It just takes time. Just promise me that you'll give it lots of thought before you make a final decision."

"Yeah, it's not like I'm getting married or anything," Jaden laughed, "Tommy is just for fun, we're not gonna get serious."

"That's good to hear, but sometimes it's hard to separate the two, sex and love."

"No worries there, I'm not ready to love anyone again. Tommy is just one sexy monkey that I intend to milk dry..." he joked.

"One load at a time," Aidan laughed.

"Here, let me wash your back now," Jaden offered and one thing led to another and before too long Aidan was bent over, braced against the wall as Jaden pounded his hole relentlessly.

"Man, I'd forgotten how sweet this is," Jaden cooed, "you got the best ass in the whole world bro."

"I think sex with you will always be my favorite," Aidan said afterwards as he washed the evidence of their love making down the drain.

"Yeah, it's pretty sweet."

"Do you ever wonder if what we do is wrong?" Aidan said softly.

"Naw, I mean I know the incest thing is a big no no, but it's not like one of us is gonna get preggers. I think that incest thing is mostly for brothers and sisters, but that's hot too," Jaden giggled.

"I guess I never really thought too much about it when we were younger. I knew we loved each other and it just seemed natural, but now that we have other loves in our seems different."

"Don't stress over it bro. It's not like we'll be doing it forever, just till we move out and go to college. Unless of course we both go to the same college then we can share a room and fuck like snakes," Jaden laughed.

"Oh J, you're funny. You make me forget all about my worries. I guess we're not hurting anyone, so why shouldn't we make each other feel good?"

"Yeah, no one's business but ours. C'mon let's get rinsed off and go play some video games before dinner."


"Hey Zak," Jason said coming into the room they shared and staring down at his brother who lay on his bed staring up at the ceiling, "what's happenin'?"

"Nothin', momma drove Mel to work and she'd gonna go get him and we're going out to dinner later. I was just restin'."

"Scoot over," Jason said sitting down beside his brother, "Uh, I was wondering...did you see Tommy today?"

"No but I know he was with Jaden at lunch and he took him home after school, why?"

"Oh, no reason. Do you think him and Jaden are getting serious?"

"I don't know. I hope not," Zak said sitting up, "Why, are you jealous?" he teased.

"No, course not. I just miss hanging with Tommy, that's all. I had to ride the bus cause I couldn't find him after school."

"Didn't he tell you he was taking Jaden home?"

"No, I guess he forgot."

"That's not cool," Zak said frowning.

"It's no big deal. You have a snack yet?"

"Naw, I wasn't hungry, but I'm kinda  hungry now."

"Come on, let's see what we can find," Jason said slapping his younger brother on the thigh.

The phone ringing in the kitchen surprised both boys as they were eating PopTarts and chips and Jason was first to reach for it.

"Hello...yeah...okay....yeah...we'll be fine. Love you too, bye ma."

"What's up?" Zak asked when Jason had returned the phone to the cradle.

"Mel has to work till close and so they're gonna be late. Mom said to use some of the money in the change jar and order pizza."

"Fine by me, I really didn't want to go out anyway."

"Me either. We can watch some TV or...mess around," Jason said looking excited.

"We'll see," Zak said, but the truth was he was horny too, and since he couldn't be with Aidan, then Jason was the next best thing.

"Wish we had a PlayStation or something," Jason sighed.

"Maybe Mel will buy us one for Christmas," Zak mused, "think him and mom will ever get married?"

"I hope so, it would be cool to have a dad again, especially one with money," he laughed, "Plus...Mel is really a cool guy. I gotta admit at first I thought he was a flake, but he proved me wrong."

"Yeah, I like him just fine. He don't treat us like trash like most of mom's old boy friends did."

"I think he'd make a good dad."

"Yeah, well...maybe we should, you know? Help things along."

"Like how?" Jason said taking a swig of his soda.

"You know, let Mel know how much we like him and let mom know it too."

"Well, I'm not having sex with him," Jason giggled.

"Ewww...that's gross. I'm just sayin', treat him nice and let him know we appreciate all he does for us."

"You mean like thank him and stuff? We do that."

"Yeah, well...we need to lay it on thick and tell him how much happier we all are now that he's around."

"We can do that," Jason said belching, causing both of them to laugh.

"Hey, instead of hanging around here all evening how bout' we grab some money from the change jar and go to the arcade and then grab a burger or something?"

"Okay, that sounds good, yeah...really good. I'm done with my snack, let's go."


"Jimmy sweetie, please pick up your shoes from the front hallway," Mrs. Durro called to her son.

"In a minute mom, I'm on the phone right now."

Mrs. Durro wondered who Jimmy was talking to, but she wasn't about to ask. Since he and Jaden had stopped paling around the boy was moody and moping most of the time and she didn't want to risk another of his outbursts.

"I told you, I just don't like you that way,"  Jimmy said to Kalie, the person on the other end of the phone call.

"What, just assumed that. I never said that. That's not fair. I didn't make any promises. Don't go dragging his name into this. Well fine, if that's how you feel then goodbye and don't call me again," he said as his finger hung over the disconnect button. It wasn't like the old days when you could  just slam a phone down in the cradle and really let the other person know you were pissed.


"What, you've insulted me and my friends, what more do you want from me?"

"I'm sorry about that, but like I said, I never promised you anything and I never said we were gonna be like that. What? No, it doesn't have anything to do with that. I know girls don't do that. Shut up, that's not fair. No wonder no one wants to be with you, you're a bitch. Goodbye and don't call me again." This time Jimmy did hit the end button and gritting his teeth he threw his phone down on the bed.

"Bitch," he muttered to the room. Then sighing he went in to pick up his discarded shoes.

"Dinner is almost ready dear."

"I'm not hungry," Jimmy said as he started back to his room.

"Don't be silly. You have to eat. Look son, I've been patient with you ever since....well ever since, whatever it was happened, but you have got to stop feeling sorry for yourself and move on."

"I don't feel sorry for myself," Jimmy whined, but he knew she was right, "I'm just...trying to figure things out, that's all."

"I know dear. You're a teenager and things are hard right now, but if you won't let me in on what's happening with you I can't  help."

"I'll be fine mom, really."

"I'm worried about you dear. You're not...thinking about harming yourself are you?" she asked looking pale.

"No mom," Jimmy sighed, "I like living too much, and besides things are gonna get better someday."

"Is this about...that girl?"

"No, that was like...a one time thing. I'm totally over her."

"Then is it about...your friend Jaden? He used to be around all the time, or you were over there. Look, I know we haven't talked about this much, but if you like that boy...that way, I'm fine with it."

"Well, that's good to know. Can I go now, I have some homework. Call me when dinner is ready, I guess I can eat." Then he was gone before she could reply.

Jimmy's phone was still laying on the bed and he noticed the screen was lit up with a new text message.

Kalie: I'm gonna tell everyone what a little queer you are

"Bitch," Jimmy said angrily, "Who gives a fuck? My life is over anyway unless I can get Jaden back." 

He quickly blocked her number but he kept the message, even though he couldn't think of any reason for doing so other than to prove that she was a bitch.

Then pulling up his contacts he texted the only person in the world that he felt would understand what he was going through.

Jimmy: Hi

Aidan: Hey, what's up

Jimmy: Not much, can we talk?

Aidan: Sure, but if it's about J's new friend I can't say much

Jimmy: No it's not about that

Aidan: Ok, wanna text or do you wanna call me?

Jimmy: Call I guess

Aidan: OK

"Hi, thanks for talking to me."

"No probs, what's up?"

"Well, it's sort of complicated but..." then he told Aidan about his encounter with Kalie and the cryptic text message she'd left him.

"So, she doesn't go to our school, what's the big deal?" 

"But her mom works with my mom and she could cause trouble."

"So, your mom is cool with you...right?"

"Yeah, I guess," Jimmy sighed, "but I just can't believe how she turned on me. She's like, like...some kind of wild animal."

Aidan laughed, "I've heard some girls can be like that."

"Not Dee, Dee is sweet. Why can't all girls be like that?"

"Dee is special, that's for sure. Anyway I bet this girl is just bluffing. She's just pissed cause she wanted your hot bod and didn't get it," Aidan joked.

"She could have  had that, but...the thing she can't have is my heart. That belongs to someone else," Jimmy said sighing.

"Yeah, and deep down inside I think he feels the same way, but he's hurt and it may take some time to get over that."

"You really think so?" Jimmy said perking up.

"Yeah, I really do and, for what it's worth, I hope he gets over it soon. I'd think you two should be together.  I think this thing with this girl was blown way out of proportion, but don't tell J I said that. I mean he shared you with Dee and look how well that worked out."

"Yeah, well...this was different and I kinda see where  he's coming from. I fucked up and now Jaden is with this new boy..."

"No, I don't think so," Aidan said breaking his promise not to talk about Tommy.

"Why do you say that?" Jimmy asked, careful not to sound as if he were prying.

"Well, for one thing, he doesn't show any of the signs or it being more than...well, sex. He's not all gooey eyed and goofy like he used to be around you, and I think he knows as well as we do, that there's no future with a boy two years older."

"So, you think it's just about sex then?"

"Yeah, I think so, but I really shouldn't be saying that."

"It's okay, I won't ask any more questions. I just don't know what to do. I don't mind him messing with this boy Tommy, but if he still loves me then I'll do everything I can to get him back."

"That's the spirit, don't give up. If the love is still there eventually he will find it again."

"Well, thanks for talking to me. Mom is yelling for me to come to supper and she won't take no for an answer," he chuckled.

"No problem bro. I miss you being around here all the time and I  hope things work out for you and J. I'll do everything I can to help things along."

"Thanks dude, you're the best. Well, gotta go. Bye for now. See you at school tomorrow."

"Night, and don't give up."

"I won't."


At the arcade near their apartment Jason and Zak fed quarters into a machine and played doubles as they laughed and joked around.

"So, how are you and lover boy getting along. Is it serious?"

"Shut up," Zak said elbowing his brother gently, something he would never have even considered a short time ago, "We're just really good friends, that's all."

"Really good friends don't have sex," Jason said elbowing him back.

"We have sex," Zak said in a whisper, then he giggled.

"Yeah, that's just the benefits of being brothers. When I find a chick to take care of me, that's over."

"Yeah, right," Zak said laughing, "like that's gonna happen."

"Hey, I'm not that I?" Jason said sounding hurt.

"Naw, I'm just bustin' your balls, but boys are easier to deal with. Girls are crazy and they don't like sex as much as we do...or so I've heard."

"Some do, and that's the kind I want. I want a girl who's as horny as I am."

"No one is as horny as you are," Zak said shoving his brother with his hip."

"Yeah, well...good thing I got you to suck my dick," he laughed.

"Shhh...not so loud," Zak warned, "someone might hear you."

"Yeah, don't need no competition," Jason laughed.

After the arcade they walked to McDonalds and had dinner and then headed back home. Along the way they talked some more and Jason brought up the subject of sex again.

"So now that you have this new friend to get all sexy with are you gonna shut me out?"

"Naw, I mean...he's cool with it. After all him and his brother do stuff," Zak said blushing.

"Ah, okay. That's good. I just wish you'd give up that ass," Jason teased.

"No way, you're too big," Zak said in horror.

"Naw, it would fit. What if I took it real slow and used lots of lube."

"Huh way. I'll suck ya' but that's all."

"Well, that's better than nothing I guess," Jason mumbled. Then after a bit he added, "Do you let him do it up your butt?"

"No!" Zak said sternly, "Not everyone does that stuff  you know?"

"Calm down, calm down. Well you should try it with him. I bet you'd like it."

"Yeah, you just want him to break me in so you can fuck my butt," Zak scoffed.

"Well...I bet you'd like it."

"Do you?" Zak smirked, "Do you like a dick up your butt?"

Jason was quiet for so long that Zak was afraid he's really pissed him off and even though he hadn't hit him recently, the fear of retaliation always lingered in the back of his mind.

"It wasn't so bad," Jason finally said softly, "but it was just the one time...with Tommy, but I really liked fuckin' him. His ass is amazing."

"You and Tommy fucked? Well, then why don't you get back with Tommy? I bet he'd let you fuck him anytime you wanted."

"He's with your other buddy now..."

"Naw, they're just messing around. Jason..."

"Yeah, what's up?"

"If I tell you some stuff will you promise not to tell anyone else about it?"

"You know I ain't a snitch," Jason said looking serious, "Let's go over there and sit down," he said as they reached the apartment complex. 

He led Zak to the play ground area and sat down in a swing and Zak took the one next to him.

"Okay, well...see..." then Zak told Jason all about Jimmy and Jaden and what had gone down with the girl and how Jaden had gone to the party just to see if he liked girls and then wound up with Tommy, "But I don't think it's serious or anything. I think it's just sex and I think Jaden really wants to forgive Jimmy and get back with him, so...I was thinking...if you and Tommy started messing around again then Jaden might get back with Jimmy."

"Why do you think Tommy would want to mess around with me now? That was a long time ago."

"I don't know, I just...well, sometimes when you and Tommy are together I notice he watches you a lot, and when he thinks he's been caught he gets all shy and looks away."

"You're crazy, I never noticed that..."

"That's cause he always made sure you weren't watching when he did it. It was kind of funny," Zak said grinning, "but until now I really never knew what it was about."

"So...what should I do?" Jason asked lowly. He couldn't believe he was actually considering what Zak was suggesting, but he had to admit it would solve his problem of being horny all the time.

"Well, first thing you should do is plan something with him. You know, a movie or going to a game or even the arcade."

"Like a date?" Jason laughed, "I can't ask a dude out on a date."

"You guys used to do stuff like that all the time. It's not a date, it's just...hanging out, that's all."

"Yeah, okay...then what?"

"Then, gotta let him know you're open to that stuff again."

"But how? I can't just like say, Dude wanna fuck around?" he laughed.

"I'll have to think about that part. Maybe you could mention what happened at the party and how horny that makes you and then say something like, I'm so horny I'd even let a dude blow me."

"Yeah, yeah...that might work. You're good at this stuff, aren't ya'?"

"Well, I just know how boys think I guess. If he thinks he has a chance to get in your pants he'll probably go for it."

"God, you got me so hard just thinking about Tommy's pretty lips wrapped around my schlong."

"Come on, let's go back to the apartment and I'll take care of that," Zak laughed, "I'm pretty horny too. Hey, maybe I can teach you how to suck dick and then if you get with Tommy again you can surprise him."

"Okay," Jason mumbled, surprising the heck out of Zak.

"All right then, let's go."


"So, let me get this straight," Aidan said as he and Zak sat outside the Gym enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. Their lunches were in their laps and they were munching on sandwiches and sharing a bag of chips, "You want to hook Jason up with Tommy so Jaden will have to go back to Jimmy?"

"Well, it sounded like a good idea," Zak said unsure of himself now.

"That's the greatest idea I have ever heard. Oh, did great. Do you think your brother will go through with it?"

"He better, cause he ain't getting in my butt," Zak laughed, "I'm saving that for you," he said then blushed.

"That's sweet," Aidan said smiling over at Zak, "maybe we can start with me giving you my butt."

"I've never done that..."

"Oh, will definitely like it then. We'll have to find a time when I can get all ready for you and when we have time to do it right."

"Aidan," Zak said squirming, "I think we better talk about something else or I'm gonna embarrass myself and make a mess," he giggled.

"Okay, about those Bears?" he laughed.



Inside at the lunch table Jaden picked at his lunch and talked with Dee and Jeremy as Jimmy sat across the table watching him closely. It was if he were seeing the God-like teen for the first time, his eyes literally feasting on his fine features and chiseled body. Even the way he ate was sexy and Jimmy was sporting a full blown woody as he continued to watch the object of his love and obsession.

"What do you think Jimmy, are you up for it?" Jeremy asked pulling Jimmy out of his fog.

"Uh, think about what," he stuttered red-faced as he jerked his eyes away from Jaden.

"The party silly," Dee giggled, "Weren't you listening? Jeremy and Isaac are having a party and we're all invited."

"My folks are going to chaperon, but they'll leave us alone once they make sure we're not drinking or getting high. It's just gonna be pizza and snacks, and sodas, and video games, pool, that sort of stuff. We're inviting some of the kids from the GSA too. It will give us a chance to get to know each other better."

"Oh, sure count me in. I'm sure my mom will be glad to have me out of the house for a change," Jimmy said sadly.

"Yeah, count me and A in, and I'm sure Zacky will be there too," he laughed, "Uh, I was it okay if I invite Tommy?"

"Sure, as long as he understands what kind of party it is."

"He's cool. He doesn't drink or smoke or anything."

Jimmy was seething at the mention of his rival's name, but he tried to remain calm.

"Zak can bring his brother if he'd like too," Dee offered.

"Yeah, him and Tommy are tight," Jaden said smiling, "he's an okay dude now that he's not beatin' up on Zak any more."

"He didn't beat him up, his friends did," Dee corrected, "and once he figured things out he took care of that problem."

"Yeah, I guess, but he used to be a jerk from what I hear."

"Well, anyone can change," Dee said glancing at Jimmy. She's heard all about Jimmy's transformation from bully to lover and thought it just proved that anyone could change for the better if they had the right encouragement.

"Yeah, Jimmy used to be a jerk," Jaden smirked, "Oh, wait...he still is," he said suddenly turning on his ex-boyfriend.

Dee and Jeremy just stared at Jaden and Jimmy looked ready to cry and then suddenly Jaden's face softened and he sighed.

"Sorry, that was a low blow. I guess I'm not as good a person as I thought I was. I'm sorry Jimmy. What you did was wrong, but my throwing it up in your face all the time is wrong too."

"It's okay, I deserve it," Jimmy muttered.

"No, I was wrong. I'm sorry. Well, I'm done  here. Enjoy what's left of your lunch. I'll see you guys later," he said gathering up his leftovers and exiting quickly.

"He's just still hurting," Dee said touching Jimmy's arm gently, "he'll come around eventually."

"I don't know, but I won't give up till I've done everything I can to get him back," Jimmy said softly.

"Maybe the party will be a good place to start," Jeremy suggested.

"But how, he'll be there with...with Tommy?"

"I don't think he feels the same way about Tommy that he does about you. Maybe seeing you there, away from school, will trip some switches in his head and his heart, and make him realize what he's missing. Sex is good, but love is the bomb," Jeremy said squeezing Dee's hand under the table.

"Well, all I can do is try. And thanks guys for caring and for not shutting me out."

"Hey, we all make mistakes. You made one, you apologized, and you're trying to make things right. That's all anyone can ask for."

"I just hope J can forgive me someday."

"He will, I think he's half way there. Look at how he reacted to his hateful remark. He knew he was wrong and he apologized. He cares, he's just still hurting, that's all."

"Well, thanks guys," Jimmy said grabbing his tray, "I gotta go hit the bathroom. I'll see ya' around."

"Bye Jimmy," Dee said sweetly, "Have a great afternoon." Then when he was gone she added, "Boy he sure rushed off in a hurry, I guess he really had to go."


In the bathroom Jimmy took the last stall and just as he sat down he heard laughter and voices as someone came in the door. Unlike some schools they still had doors on the stall for privacy, and for that Jimmy was glad.

"So what's up with you and that high school kid?" Jimmy recognized the voice as that of Mark Edwards, an old friend of theirs who often threw parties at his house, one of which the twins had attended when they were only 12.

"We're just friends," the unmistakable voice of Jaden caused Jimmy's heart to speed up, "It's nice having a friend with wheels for a change."

"Yeah, hey...none of my business, but what happened with you and Jimmy?"

"Yeah, you're right, it's none of your business," Jaden laughed.

"Aww...don't be that way. You know I'm cool with you guys."

"Let's just say, we had a disagreement and we're still working things out."

We are? Jimmy thought encouraged by Jaden's statement. We're working things out, that's great. So J is still interested in working things out, that's great.

"Well, I guess I just don't understand that kind of stuff. It's not like with girls..."

"Yeah, with girls you get to beat off more," Jaden laughed.

"Well, I do miss the amazing orgasms," Mark joked, "but man...Vicky is so hot and those tits..."

"Down boy, don't get that monster all charged up, Vicky ain't  here to take care of it," Jaden joked.

"Like she would,"  he sighed, "not even a handjob in the six months we been dating."

"Really, that's sad. Maybe you need to find another girl."

"Or a friend who'll help me out..."

"Oh, no...I'm not gonna take care of your blue balls for you," Jaden laughed, "Try Kiley, he has those pretty dick sucking lips."

"Kiley? You think he still does that stuff?"

"Once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker," Jaden laughed, "but seriously, you see him more than I do."

"He hasn't been around in a while. Ronnie said his mom has been sick and he's spending a lot of time with his little brother and sister."

"Oh, well...I hope it's nothing serious. Kiley is a good kid, I didn't mean to put him down when I said that about him being a cocksucker. Hell, I'm a cocksucker and I'm proud of it."

" about helping a guy out?"

"Mark, not here, not now. In case you haven't heard the school frowns on that sort of thing on school property."

"Hey, wanna come over after school? No one'll be home but me."

"Nice try, but Tommy is taking me to the mall."

"Oh, yeah...well, it was worth a try."

Jimmy heard the urinals flush then the water running in the sinks as they washed their hands and then their retreating voices as they changed the subject to football.

Jimmy who had forgotten all about his urgent need to use the bathroom suddenly remembered why he was there and made quick work of it and then went out to wash up.

Back at his locker he thought about what Jaden had said about them still working things out. Did he dare hope Jaden really meant it? Was there hope after all? What could he do, he wondered, to speed things up?

The party, he thought, he could go to the party and maybe there  he could get J alone and...and what? He's apologized a dozen times and explained as best he could, what more could he do? There had to be something he could do and he spent the rest of the day thinking about just what that might be.


The party was to be held on Saturday from 5pm till 10pm, however a select few, namely the twins and Zak, would be staying over. At the last minute Aidan had convinced Jeremy to invite Jimmy to sleep over as well, despite his and Jaden's breakup. He was hoping that throwing the two of them together all night might do what no amount of talk had done so far.  It never occurred to him to ask Tommy to stay over, after all he didn't really know him that well, and being older he was afraid his folks might not approve. 

"I can't go to the party?" Tommy told Jaden when he climbed into his car the Friday afternoon before the party.

"What? Why? You said it was all set..."

"Sorry, I got grounded."

"Why, what did you do?"

"I'd rather not say, it's sort of embarrassing," Tommy said blushing.

"More embarrassing then fucking my ass or letting me blow you? Come on, we've seen each other naked, what's so embarrassing that you can't tell me?"

"Well, I...I stole some money out of my mom's wallet. Just 20 bucks, but I needed gas and some stuff..."

"Couldn't you have just asked for it?"

"You don't know how my folks are. They're not like yours, they expect me to work for everything. If I didn't get the money I couldn't keep bringing you home from school and going places..."

"Man, I'm sorry. I never thought about how much that must cost you. I could've given you some gas money though. And I will from now on."

"Thanks, but it's my problem. Anyway...I can't go anywhere for a week, so it looks like the only time we'll see each other is school. I can still take you home, but I have to be home by 4, no exceptions."

"Damn, that sucks, but it's just a week. We can live with that...right?"

"You're not mad that I can't go to the party?"

"No, it's not your fault. I'm disappointed, but I'll get over it," he said rubbing Tommy's leg gently, "Hey, ever had a beejay while driving?" he said grinning.

The problem with getting a beejay while driving is the orgasm at the end. That final moment when you want so badly to close your eyes and just savor the feeling, but you can't. However, as luck would have it Tommy was stopped at a traffic light when his orgasm hit and he was able to recover a bit before the light changed.

"Oh shit, that was intense," Tommy said as he opened his eyes and looked down at Jaden who was doing clean up down below.

Looking up with a mischievous look on his face, Jaden opened his mouth to show off his treasure, Tommy's spunk.

"You look like a little kid with a mouth full of tapioca pudding," Tommy laughed.

"Mmmm...better than puddin'," Jaden said sitting up and smacking his lips as he swallowed Tommy's thick tasty teenage jizz.

"I feel bad cause I can't return the favor," Tommy said using one hand to stow his wilting penis and zipping up.

"That's okay, I just didn't want to leave you without something to remember me by," I'll probably get off at the party tomorrow, a couple of times," he said grinning.

"OH, well...that's cool," Tommy said, not sure how he felt about that.

"Hey, don't get all jealous. You know how it is? I'm a free spirit and I take it where I can get it."

"I know, I'm not jealous, just envious of you and your friends. You seem to be so easy going and open about things, not like most kids."

"We're like the hippies back in the 70's," Jaden joked, "Free Love, Peace," he said making the peace sign and giggling.

"You been studying ancient history again?" Tommy laughed.

"That period of time was pretty cool, well..except for Vietnam, that was a bummer."

"Yeah, I lost an uncle in that war, but of course that was way before I was born."

"So, what are you going to do tomorrow tonight while I'm out partying?" Jaden asked changing the subject.

"Watch porn and beat off maybe. Or I might go to Omegle and beat off so everyone can see," he laughed.

"You have a cam then?"

"Yeah, it's built into my laptop. I like to go there sometimes and watch all the hot guys jerkin' it."

"Hmmm...I'll have to check it out. Well, I'll miss ya', but don't worry, I'm not mad and when you're ungrounded we'll make up for lost time."

"I'm getting hard again just thinking about it," Tommy groaned, "have fun at the party and don't worry about me, okay?"

"Okay, but don't beat off too much. I don't want you being sore Monday."

"Okay, you take it easy too," Tommy said as they pulled up in Jaden's driveway, "Well, see ya Monday. Hey, text me and tell me how the party went."

"Okay, I will," Jaden said as he opened the door, then grinning he reached over and rubbed the front of Tommy's jeans, "just had to touch it one last time. Later dude," he said bailing out and leaving Tommy with a growing problem in his jeans.


By six everyone had arrived at the party and it was going well. As promised Jeremy's folks had left the kids alone once they'd greeted everyone and made their presence known. They were barricaded in their room with food and drink and were anticipating spending some alone time together. Unless there was screaming or they smelled smoke they had no plans to come out of their bedroom till morning.

In the game room Isaac was chatting with Aidan about an idea for a new music video while Zak shot pool with Jaden and Jimmy, who surprisingly had gravitated together as naturally as they once had.

Jimmy was nervous and kept as quiet as possible so as not to say the wrong thing and screw things up, but Jaden seemed to be a funny and talkative mood and soon pulled him into the conversation.

"How's your mom?" Jaden asked suddenly, throwing Jimmy completely off guard.

"Uh, fine...she says she misses you," he offered hoping he wasn't saying too much.

"Yeah, I miss her too. She's cool," Jaden said, then setting up his shot he sunk his ball and laughed out loud, "Boo haaaa...beat that you guys."

"I suck at pool," Zak lamented, "but it's still fun to play. Hey, I'm gonna go get a pop, you guys want one?"

"Yeah, Dew for me and root beer for Jimmy, right Jimmy?"

"Yeah," Jimmy said smiling, " if you got some."

"So...where is...umm...Tommy? He coming later?" Jimmy asked after a few heartbeats. 

"Naw, he got grounded, but it's no big deal. He might not have fit in with the other kids know? Cause he's older and more mature."

"He doesn't seem stuck up or anything though," Jimmy offered trying to feel Jaden out some more.

"Naw, he's a cool dude. We get along fine. He says I'm more mature than he is," Jaden laughed.

"So...Zak and Aidan...huh?" Jimmy said grinning, "Who'd of thought that would happen?"

"Aidan was on a mission when he met Zak, and he got what he wanted. Fortunately it was what Zak wanted too."

"They look cute together, but Zak seems nervous or something all the time."

"His home life isn't that great, but it's getting better lately. His mom has a new boyfriend who is pretty cool and treats the boys nice."

"That's good," Jimmy said taking his shot and missing, "Damn."

Jaden laughed, "Watch the master."

"Master bater," Kiley said coming up from behind Jaden and making a jacking motion with his hand.

"Naw, I've forgotten how to jerk it, too much ass and mouth around," Jaden said not missing a beat as he sunk his ball.

Jimmy felt a stirring in his jeans, but fortunately it was concealed by the table for the moment.

"Cool party huh? Not as wild as Mark's but good. I see there's even a few chicks to spice things up."

"Like you care?" Jaden scoffed, "suck any dick lately?"

"Shut up," Kiley said in protest, then leaning in he whispered, "Just Mark's." Then straightening up he grinned, "Thanks to you."

"I just told him you might be interested, that's all."

"Well, it worked out fine. Oh, hey Jimmy, how's it going?" Kiley said acknowledging Jimmy for the first time.

"Great, nice party."

Zak returned then with their drinks and they took a quick break from the game. Jimmy watched Jaden almost reverently as he took a big swallow of soda and then averted his eyes when Jaden lowered the can. However Jaden had noticed Jimmy's look and smiled knowingly.

"So...what's been going on with you guys lately?" Kiley asked sitting down across from the three friends.

"Not much, A is big in his music videos. He's over there now talking business with Isaac and I'm sure Jeremy will get in the middle of it eventually. They'd actually sold some CD's and made a couple hundred dollars so far."

"Cool, so...who's Aidan with these days? I mean since John moved?"

"Uh, Kiley, meet Zak, Aidan's new boyfriend," Jaden laughed putting his arm around Zak's shoulder and causing him to blush profusely.

"Hi," Zak muttered lowly.

"Cool, sorry...I didn't know. A is a cool dude, you treat em' right, okay?"

"I will," Zak said meekly.

"Well, I'm gonna go over there and chew on my foot," Kiley laughed, "Since I sort of stuck it in my mouth already. You boys have fun, and maybe later we can have some dirty fun."

"Oh, count on it," Jaden said lewdly, "the night has just begun."

"He seems nice," Zak said still blushing.

"Watch out for him though, he likes to prey on little boys," Jaden warned straight faced, then cracking up he added, "Just kidding, he's cool."

"Oh, yeah..." Zak laughed. I'm gonna go see if Aidan is done talking to Isaac. You guys can finish the game without me."

"I'm bored with pool," Jaden said after Zak was gone, "I'm gonna go mingle, catch ya' later dude." 

Jimmy's heart sank, but at least Jaden was being nice for a change. Maybe Jaden was as nervous as he was and didn't know quite how to fix things, but at least he was trying.

"I see you and Jimmy are talking," Jeremy said as Jaden joined him and Dee at the table set up with snacks and drinks.

"Yeah, why not? We're not enemies, just ex-lovers," Jaden said shrugging.

"I think I still see some sparks when you two are together," Dee offered, "any interest in fixing things between you two?"

"I dunno," Jaden sighed, "A week ago I would have said Hell No, but tonight, who knows?"

"Well, I know he wants to make things right. J...just go with your heart. Life if too short not to be with the one you truly love."

"Yeah, well...I guess I still feel like he needs to suffer some more. Does that make me evil?" he said appealing to his friends almost pleadingly.

"No, I can totally see where you're coming from," Jeremy said nodding, "But I can't help wonder, how does Tommy fit into all of this? I mean he might think there's more to your friendship than there is and wind up getting hurt."

"We've talked, he knows it's just fun and nothing serious."

"Uh huh, that's easy to say, but sometimes it's hard to control your heart," Dee said looking unconvinced.

"Naw, I know how I feel."

"I didn't mean you, I meant Tommy," Dee said sighing, "and I'd hate to see him get hurt. He's a sweet boy."

"Hey, I'm right here," Jeremy said, "you shouldn't be talking about sweet boys while I'm around."

"Oh, stop being so jealous. You know you're the only boy I want to be"

"Now, she says," Jeremy laughed, "but I guess that's all I can ask for."

Aidan and Isaac wandered over then to grab some food and a soda and they talked for a while before breaking up to work the room. 

Besides Kiley, there was Mark and Sam from their old group of friends, Diane and Marcy from the GSA, who were friends of Dee, as well as Mark's girlfriend Vicky.

"Hey you guys," Jaden said approaching Mark and Vicky. "Looking good tonight lovers," he giggled.

"Hi J..." Vicky said leaning in to kiss Jaden on the cheek. 

As far as girls went Vicky was a real stunner, with big dark eyes and long lashes and pouty lips, not to mention a body that was a year or so ahead of most girls her age. As Mark had mentioned, she had nice breasts and a tiny waist as well as a cute butt. She was definitely all girl and Jaden could see why Mark was attracted to her, but he thought it was too bad she wasn't as sexually motivated as he was.

"Watch it girl," Jaden teased, "I might steal you away from stud muffins here if you keep that up."

"Damn Jaden, hands off my girl," Mark laughed, "I'd hate to have to whip your ass right here in front of everyone."

"Okay, okay...peace," Jaden said flashing the peace sign, his new thing to do, besides you know me...I like the boys better anyway. But I do have to say...Vicky has the total package."

"Thank you Jaden, so do you," Vicky said giving his bod an appraising look.

Mark groaned, "Am I gonna have to get a bucket of cold water and throw it on you two."

"I'm gone, I'm gone," Jaden said holding up his hands in defense, "Too much soda, gotta hit the can."

The bathroom was occupied, so Jaden waited patiently outside the door, watching the others enjoy the party. As far as parties went it wasn't the wildest one he'd been to, but sometimes it was nice to just visit with other kids outside of school and enjoy being young and somewhat free.

"Oh, sorry," Jimmy said coming out of the bathroom and almost bumping into Jaden.

"No prob, everything come out okay?" Jaden teased.

"Uh, yeah...too much soda," Jimmy said laughing. He was encouraged that Jaden was being friendly and even joking around with him so maybe things were going to be all right after all.

"Yeah, me too," Jaden said as he started for the door, "see ya' in a bit," he added as the door closed behind him.

See ya' in a bit, Jimmy repeated to himself, gosh that sounded good. He was all smiles as he headed out to see what the others were up to.

"Hey, you and J seem to be getting along well," Aidan said as Jimmy approached him and Zak.

"Yeah, but I guess he's just being polite or something," Jimmy said, feeling them out.

"Well, I don't think he's pretending if that's what you think."

"Do you think I stand a chance of getting him back? Be honest."

"Yeah, I really do. He tries to hide his feelings from me, but I can tell he misses you and what the two of you had."

"But...but he has Tommy now."

"Tommy is just a friend. He doesn't love Tommy," Aidan said as if that explained it all.

"Oh, well. I know I probably shouldn't be asking this, but...what should I do A? How can I show him I'm really sorry and that I want to be with him for the rest of my life."

"Whoa, that's a long time," Aidan laughed, "but I get what you mean. Right now we're young and full of hormones and our feelings are so close to the skin, but we have to be realistic about things. Just as I found out when John left, you can love someone else, eventually. In fact I think it's pretty safe to say we will all have a lot of loves in our life as we grow older and change."

"I know, but right now I can't ever see the way I feel about Jaden ever changing. If we get back together the only way we'll ever breakup again is if Jaden decides he's tired of me or something."

"Well, to get back to your question. I think you're on the right track. Just keep being friendly and don't push him. J hates to be pushed into decisions.  Trust me, that's the fastest way to turn him off."

"I know, I know," Jimmy lamented, "but I just...I want him so bad," he said shivering, "it's like I'm missing a part of me."

"I know what you mean," Aidan said taking Zak's small hand in his and gazing into his eyes, "I feel the same way when Zak and I are apart."

Zak blushed, but smiled, "I feel the same way too."

"Oh, there's J, he's out of the bathroom," Jimmy said excitedly. He'd been staring at the bathroom door the whole time he was talking to Aidan and now that Jaden was back he excused himself.

"He is so in love," Aidan chuckled.

"Me too," Zak said blushing.

"Come on, I have to pee. Come hold it for me," Aidan joked.

"Okay, if you'll hold mine," Zak said beaming.

Jimmy half expected Jaden to head his way, but when he saw him head off toward the pool table where Kiley and one of the girls was playing pool his hopes sank. Should he approach them or just stay away and not be too pushy, like Aidan had suggested?

Sighing he went to the refreshment table and grabbed a bottle of root beer. It was A&W, his favorite, and after taking a big drink he felt some better. He looked around just as Sam came up behind him.

"Hey Jimmy, how's it hanging?"

"Limp and to the right," Jimmy said grinning, "how you doin'?"

"Eh, can't complain. So...what's up with you and Jaden? You guys getting back together?"

"Why, you interested?" Jimmy joked.

"Well, not in having a boyfriend, but some head would be righteous," he laughed.

"I thought you had a girlfriend?"

"I do, or did...Joyce, but we sort of broke up. I tried to get in her panties and she got all crazy and told me to get out. I tried to apologize but now she won't even talk to me. Boy, girls are sure hard to figure out."

"Yeah, well...I learned that the hard way and now I'm back to boys...well one boy actually."

"I like girls just fine, but I can't seem to ever get past the hand holding and kissing stage. What I want is a girl who's as horny as I am," he giggled.

"Hang in there, there are some like that, you just haven't met the right one yet."

"It better be soon, I'm in my prime," he said squeezing his junk for emphasis.

Jimmy laughed, "Well, the night is young, maybe you'll get lucky."

"Hey everyone!" Jeremy said loudly. He's turned off the music and his voice echoed across the room, "Someone suggested we play some games, any ideas?"

"Spin the bottle," someone yelled out and everyone laughed.

"Seven minutes in Heaven." It was Sam who offered this and there were several seconds and even some cheering.

"Everyone okay with that?" Jeremy said looking amused, "If anyone doesn't want to play, that's cool too. I just want everyone to have fun, that's all. We'll use the bathroom since we don't' have a closet down here, so if anyone needs to it now."

Surprisingly everyone agreed to play and after writing down each players name on a strip of paper they were placed in a bowl and mixed together.

"Okay, I'm gonna draw the first two," Jeremy said mixing the papers up even more before reaching in to pull out the first name, "Kiley," he said holding up the piece of paper for all to see, "and...Oh my, Mark," he laughed, "Well, that will be a boring 7 minutes,"  he chuckled.

"Did you shower today?" Mark teased, "Don't wanna be shut up in there with you for 7 minutes if you stink."

"Oh shut up, you know you like my manly aroma," Kiley laughed.

"Okay, you guys...lights out,"  Jeremy said reaching in to switch off the lights, "and the time begins when the door is closed. Isaac is gonna time em' with his phone."

As soon as the door was shut Isaac started the timer on his phone and the others grabbed drinks or snacks as they waited.

Inside, the small bathroom seemed even smaller in the dark.

"This is nuts," Mark said somewhere very close to Kiley's ear.

"Grab your nuts, did you say?" Kiley joked.

"Yeah, and my dick too," Mark laughed nervously.

"I will..."

"Um...I guess that would be okay."

"Okay then," Kiley said reaching over to fumble with the button on Mark's jeans.

"Here let me, we only have about 6 minutes left," Mark said opening his jeans to free his hard teenage cock.

"God, it's so hard and wet," Kiley gasped.

"You're wasting time admiring it...get down there and...oh, that," Mark sighed as Kiley sank to his knees and took Mark in his mouth.

The seconds ticked away as Kiley worked his hot wet mouth up and down on Mark's hard cock, but fortunately it didn't take long to finish the job. Panting and thrusting deep into Kiley's throat Mark suddenly cried out and began to unload almost choking poor Kiley with his thick teenage seed.

When it was over Mark fumbled with is jeans and then before he could stop himself he pulled Kiley into an embrace and kissed him deeply tasting his own flavor on his lips.

"Uh, thanks, that was bitchin'," he said breaking the kiss, "sorry we don't have time for me to repay the favor."

"It's okay," Kiley said catching his breath.

"Seven! You guys dressed?" Jeremy laughed, from outside the door. Then the door slowly opened letting the light in and causing both boys to blink.

"Damn, it's bright out there," Mark said shielding his eyes and his blushing cheeks with his hands.

"Did you guys at least kiss?" Sam hooted.

"Naw, we talked about sports the whole time," Kiley said looking smug.

"Okay, okay, Mark you can draw the next two," Jeremy said holding the bowl out to him.

"Okay, lovers listen up," Mark laughed, "First is...Zak. Uh oh, hey Kiley, you draw the next one."

Kiley gave Mark a little smile before reaching into the bowl and in the process he bumping against Mark causing both boys to chuckle. "Ah, fix..." he said holding up the piece of paper with Aidan's name on it. You lucked out boys, 7 minutes in Heaven for the two lovers."

Everyone clapped and cheered causing Zak to blush, but Aidan was beaming as he took Zak's hand and led him off to the bathroom, "Too bad it's only 7 minutes," he laughed as the door closed.

Surprisingly though all the two boys did was kiss and cuddle, although they did press their  hard cocks together in a most enjoyable way. Earlier they had jerked each other off after peeing and were happy to just share 7 minutes of intimacy as their test.

When they emerged looking happy everyone cheered again and then it was time for the boys to pick the next two players.

The game went on for a half hour or so as more couples found themselves thrown together in the small bathroom, but nothing of any interest occurred for a while. However the next draw was for Jaden and Jimmy.

"You guys okay with this?" Jeremy asked with concern.

"Yeah, it's cool," Jaden answered for both of them, "right Jimmy?"

"Yeah, totally," Jimmy said blushing.

Once the door was closed Jimmy sighed heavily and Jaden laughed, "Are you scared of me?"

"Nooo," Jimmy stuttered, "I's hard being this close to you and not...touch you?"

"So who says you can't?"

"Uh, what you mean?"

"Come here," Jaden said reaching out to find Jimmy's hand, "I don't hate you, I told you that."

"I know," Jimmy said, his heart beating so loud he was afraid the others could hear it outside the door.

"So, relax," Jaden said pulling him even closer. Is there anything you want to do right now?"

"Uh, yeah," Jimmy said, his voice sounding strained. He was so dizzy he feared he would pass out at any moment and if not for Jaden's strong arm around him he might have already collapsed.

"So...what is it," Jaden said his face only inches from Jimmy's now.

"Uh, kiss you," Jimmy whispered.

"I think that would be okay," Jaden said moving in to make the connection.

Their lips met in a toe curling kiss, that was full of passion and lust, and the effect was immediate.

"Ummmmm," they both moaned, as they pressed their hardness together.

"God, I've missed this," Jaden panted.

"Me, too," Jimmy said, tears stinging his eyes, "Oh J...I love you so much and I'm so sorry I hurt you."

"I love you too, but don't you ever do that to me again," he said, then leaning in he kissed Jimmy again.

They lost all track of time and in the darkness and it was as if they were all that existed in this world. They didn't even hear the warning announcement that their time was up and when the door swung open they were still locked in a passionate kiss.

They jerked apart as the rest of the kids burst out in cheers and applause and with red faces they walked out holding hands.

"Well, in case you haven't figured it out, Jimmy and I made up," Jaden said proudly.

More applause and suddenly they were surrounded by their closest friends who congratulated them with pats on the back, hugs and kisses. But no one was as happy as Aidan who  kissed each of them deeply causing more hooting and hollering.

The game fell apart after that and then the pizza arrived and everyone was busy feeding their faces. 

Jimmy and Jaden shared a huge overstuffed chair away from the others and ate their pizza and chatted like lovers do.

"I can't believe we're back together. It's like some kind of wonderful dream," Jimmy sighed.

"I'm glad it's over. All this drama was killing me," Jaden chuckled.

"I can't help but wonder though...what about Tommy?"

"Oh, well...we're just friends. He'll understand," Jaden said trying to convince himself as much as Jimmy.

"I hope so, cause I can't compete with a boy with wheels," Jimmy teased.

"Yeah, you can...cause' I love you."

"I love you too, and I think I always will. I know we're young and things could change, but being with you is the only time I'm happy."

"Well, now we can both be happy again, but there's still some making up to do."

"Oh?" Jimmy said feeling a little worried.

"And I hear make-up sex is the best," Jaden said grinning.


Across town Tommy lay across his bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about his life and about Jaden. The sex was great, but he still heard this nagging voice in the back of his head that said there was no way anything could ever come of their friendship.

Sure they had a lot in common besides sex, but those two years that separated them were like a wide river with no bridge to cross over it. When he was 18 Jaden would only be 16, just starting to drive, and once Tommy graduated, there was college and Jaden would still be in high school.

Of course that was assuming they ever became more than friends. He didn't think of Jaden that way right now, but what would happen if they kept seeing one another? And then there was Jaden's ex-boyfriend. Even Tommy could see that Jaden wasn't over the boy and it was only a matter of time till they got back together, and then what?

Even if they had an open relationship Tommy was wise enough to know that Jimmy couldn't accept him and Jaden fooling around. It would be like turning the knife in the wound, and anyway Tommy would never do that to anyone.

He knew what it felt like to love someone and to loose them. He'd once loved someone so much it hurt, but once he figured out they could only be friends he'd pretty much put all those feeling behind him. Only those feelings weren't so easily dispelled.

Sometimes he thought it hurt more to be friends with Jason than it would be if he just broke it off completely. Seeing him everyday, hanging out with him, going places, wishing he could touch him, kiss him. Sometimes it was almost to much to bare. That was why taking up with Jaden had been so first. Jaden had been a diversion, someone to take his mind of what he was missing, and the sex had certainly done that, but what he really wanted was a relationship. A relationship with someone he loved, someone who loved him back, and all that went along with it. Love, sex, commitment and maybe, just maybe a future.

His thoughts were interrupted by his mother yelling at him from outside his door, "Thomas, get your lazy butt out here and take your brother to soccer practice."

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Tommy sighed as he sat up and rubbed his temples.

"Hurry Tommy," his 10 year old brother Nate said barging into his room without knocking.

"What did I tell you about coming into my room without knocking?" Tommy growled.

"Why, you afraid I'll catch ya' watching porn and jerking off?" Nate laughed.

"Shut up you little weasel," Tommy said faking a move toward him.

Nate jumped and giggled and ran out and Tommy followed slowly behind, less than enthusiastic about playing taxi for his bratty brother.

"And I want you stop by the grocery store and get some spaghetti on your way back and no dawdling," his mother said meeting him at the door, "here's five dollars and I want the change young man."

"Yes mom," Tommy said trying to control his temper, "How's Nate getting home?"

"Don't worry about that, he's riding home with Taylor."

"Okay, come on brat," Tommy said ushering his brother out the door.

"I'm not a brat," Nate mumbled.

In the car Nate was still brooding over his brother's insult, and kept his head turned staring out the window as they drove.

"So...when's your next game?" Tommy asked trying to break the ice between them.

"Next Saturday," Nate mumbled to the window, "Why? You never come to any of em' anyway."

"Well...I might come to this one. If mom will let me. Beats staying at home and being grounded."

"You mean it?" Nate said turning to stare at his brother.

"Sure, it's not like I got anything better to do."

"Thanks, I guess," Nate chuckled.

"Look, I know we don't always get along so good, but you know, the age thing and all. I'm a teenager, you're...what 10 now?"

"So, doesn't mean I don't know stuff."

Tommy laughed, "Like what?"

" stuff," Nate said blushing.

"Sex stuff?" Tommy laughed, "What kind of sex stuff do 10 year olds do?"

"You stuff," Nate said grinning.

Tommy laughed again, "Yeah, well...better not let mom hear you talking about that stuff."

"Don't worry, I won't. And I don't tell her about your sex stuff either..."

"What are you talking about dude?" Tommy said feeling a little panicky.

"You know...the gay stuff."

"What gay stuff?"

"On your puter," Nate said, feeling a little panicky himself now. 

"What were you doing in my room without me being there?" 

"Sorry, I...was just looking for my soccer ball and your puter was on and I saw this picture of this naked guy and...well, I sort of looked at some other stuff. You should be glad I found it instead of mom. After I got done lookin' I closed the site and deleted your history."

"What? How do you know about that stuff?"

"I'm not an idiot, sides' they teach us puter stuff in school," Nate said rolling his eyes.

Tommy sighed, "I was just looking at some stuff and that must've popped up..."

"Right," Nate said making a silly face, "Tommy, I know you like boys. I've known it for a long time."

"Why do you say that?" Tommy asked in a shaky voice.

"Really? Everyone just thinks I'm a dumb kid, but I'm not. I know stuff. I watch people and I see things."

"Like what?"

"Like how mom and dad don't ever kiss or touch each other anymore. Sometimes I worry that they're gonna get a divorce or something."

"Naw, they won't," Tommy said trying to reassure his little brother, "they're just older and I guess when you get old you don't do that stuff as much."

"Yeah, well...I see other things too. Like how you look at Jason when you guys are hanging out. And sometimes you look kind of sad. Do you like Jason like that? Is that why?"

"You're just seeing things," Tommy scoffed.

"Whate-v-e-r..." Nate said rolling his eyes again.

They rode along in silence for a while then Nate looked over at Tommy and frowned, "Tommy...when did you first know? That you liked boys?"

"What? I...told you..."

"Fine, don't tell me then," Nate said in a huff, "I'm askin' you cause...well...cause...I think I might like boys too," he turned away then and Tommy thought he heard a whimper come from him.

"Nate, you're 10 years old. Of course you like boys. It's all you know. It doesn't mean anything. Boys your age, they find it easier to be with other boys, and if you've know experimenting...well that's okay. That's natural stuff. Almost all boys do it. It doesn't mean you won't like girls when the time comes."

"Really?" Nate said looking back at his brother, "So...I might change then and like girls later?"

"Or you might like both, but either way, it's not a big deal."

"It's not? Then why do mom and dad hate gay people so much?"

"They don't, they just...they just don't understand. They were raised in a time when that sort of thing was considered bad and sinful and, well...that's just how they were taught."

"And they want us to believe it too, don't they?"

"Yeah, well...we don't have to listen to everything they tell us. We can think for ourselves, right?"

"Yeah. Tommy..."

"Yeah bud."

"It's okay if you like boys. I don't care. I sort of understand. I think I like boys too. I might like girls later, but for now...I just like boys."

"That's okay shrimp," Tommy said tousling his little brother's hair, "Your secret is safe with me, both our secrets are safe I guess."

"Yeah, I won't tell nobody and you won't either," Nate said smiling. Then after a few minutes he added, "Will you really come to my soccer game?"

"Yeah, I promise."


"How come you and Mel aren't hanging out tonight ma?"

"Oh, he's out with some of the guys from the dealership playing cards and getting drunk no doubt," she laughed.  Since meeting Mel she had slowed down on her own drinking and she was like a different person now.

"That's cool. He probably needs a little guy time," Jason laughed, "but seriously ma, we're really glad you and Mel been hanging out. He's a cool guy."

"You really think so?" Jason's mom said smiling, "Sometimes I can't believe my good luck, meeting a man like Mel."

"Me and Zak both like him," Jason said feeling her out, "We think he'd make a great dad...I mean if the two of you ever got serious."

"Oh you boys just like all the money he spends on you," she laughed.

"No. I mean that's cool, but we really like him. At first we weren't sure about him, but he turned out to be a really nice guy."

"Well, don't get you hopes too high. We've never even talked about marriage."

"Well, I mean you two spend so much time together and it's not hard to see that you're really happy now, and he seems happy too."

"I am happy," she said smiling, "but let's not rush things, okay?"

"Okay, and Zak just wanted you to know that we're cool with Mel...if it gets serious."

"Well, thank you. And while we're talking about being happy, what's gotten into Zak these days? I've never seen that boy so happy and cheerful, and the two of you have been getting along so well lately."

Jason sighed, should he tell his mother about the bullying and what he'd done to stop it or just make something up? After all it wasn't like she acted like she cared about either of them, at least not till Mel came along.

"I don't know, I guess we're growing up some, that's all. Zak has some new friends and he's not such a dweeb anymore."

"Hmmm...well...whatever it is, I approve."

"You want some popcorn ma?"

"Sure, why not? Maybe we can watch a movie or something."

"Okay, I'll go pop the popcorn, you pick out the movie."

The phone rang as Jason was putting the popcorn in the microwave and he picked it up on the second ring.

"Oh, hi...thought you were at that party. Oh, that sucks...yeah, sure...Oh, nothing, just watching a movie with my mom.  Yeah, I was invited but I decided not to go. I didn't want to embarrass Zak in front of his buddies," Jason chuckled. "Okay, sounds good...see ya' Monday then."

"Who was that Jason?"

"Tommy, he's grounded, but he wanted to tell me he was picking me up for school on Monday."

"Tommy is a nice boy," his mother said as Jason joined her with the popcorn and sodas for them, "his mother is a bitch though," she laughed.

"Yeah, she kind of is," Jason agreed, "but his dad is okay. I feel sorry for him sometimes."

"Yes, well...I don't look for those two to be together too much longer."

"That would suck for Tommy and Nate."

"Well, they'll survive, you and Zak did."

"Barely," Jason said frowning, "Ma, let's just watch the movie."

"All right dear," his mother said giving him a pained look. She had only recently began to realize how hard things had been for her sons, for all of them, but since meeting Mel she'd been trying hard to make things better.

The movie was a chick flick, but the romantic lead was a hot young guy and Jason kept finding himself checking out his hot body and his handsome face. Other than Tommy and Zak he'd never been with another boy and he'd always considered himself to be straight. The thing with Tommy was when they were younger, and though it had been fun, he'd always just thought of it as practice for when he found a girl he liked. Only he'd never found a girl that he liked as much as Tommy, and when Tommy had put an end to the sexual part of their friendship, he'd just assumed Tommy had moved on to girls.

The thing with Zak had started slowly. Zak had caught him fapping and asked what he was doing and he figured it was his duty as the older brother to educate him in the fine art of masturbation. That led to mutual masturbation and eventually when Jason's hormones took over, he'd convinced Zak to try oral sex. He'd even discovered that he didn't mind reciprocating, although usually with a hand job, and found that he truly enjoyed sex with  his younger brother. In a way it had brought them closer together and now they were friends of sorts. But lately he'd begun to think about Tommy and those times they shared as they were discovering the pleasures of sex. It had always bothered him a little that Tommy had cut him off so abruptly. It was as if he had suddenly changed overnight, and it had hurt a little when Tommy had ended it all.

"I'm going on to bed now," Jason's mother said as the movie ended, "I guess you have your room all to yourself tonight what with Zak sleeping over at that Jeremy boy's house. I'm surprised you didn't go with him. You don't get out all that much."

"Well, I don't really know his buddies that well and they're  younger so I just thought it would be better if I let Zak have his fun without me along."

"That was very nice of you. Maybe you are growing up. Goodnight son, I'll see you in the morning."

"Nite ma...I think I'll stay up a little while longer. I'm not really sleepy yet."

"All right dear, there's snacks and soda if you get hungry," she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Thanks ma, love ya'," he said smiling.

"I love you too son," she said smiling back. It had been a long time since she's heard that from either of her sons and it was music to her ears.

Jason grabbed another soda and flipped through the channels till he found a program he liked then slouched on the sofa and stared at the screen, but his head really wasn't into it. He kept thinking about Tommy and about Zak, and then the party and what was going on there with all those boys. He wondered if they were fooling around. He knew that some of the boys were gay and his cock began to get hard just thinking about what might be happening.

His hand snaked down into his sweats and he was rubbing himself now, his eyes closed as he thought about naked boys doing all sorts of sexy things and then suddenly he had a flashback of a particular steamy encounter that he and Tommy had once had.

They were 11 or 12 when it  happened and they were at Tommy's house. Tommy had his own room and his brother Nate was at a friend's house that evening so they were alone with no one to bug them. 

They'd played video games on Tommy's PlayStation and had snacks and were just laying around talking when suddenly Tommy sprang up and pinned Jason to the floor. At first Jason had struggled, and being bigger than Tommy he could have easily thrown him off, but for some reason he didn't. Maybe it was because he liked feeling Tommy's body against his or maybe it was the look on Tommy's cute face. 

They were both wearing only their underwear and after a few minutes Jason could feel Tommy's hard cock pushing against his own equally as hard cock.

"Dude, are you hard?" Jason mumbled.

"Yeah, but so are you," Tommy giggled.

"Feels weird, but kind of good."

"What, this," Tommy said starting a slow grind that send little electric shocks through both their bodies.

"Uh huh, dude...don't stop," Jason said breathlessly.

"Okay," Tommy said leaning down, his face only inches from Jason's.

"Dude, are you gonna kiss me?" Jason chuckled.

"If you want," Tommy said shakily.

"Dude, that so gay..." Jason said, but then seeing the hurt look on his best friend's face he added, "So, are you gonna do it or not. I ain't got all night."

The smile on Tommy's face lit up the room and when their lips met Jason had to admit, that gay or not, kissing sure was  nice. So they kissed and rubbed their hard boy cocks together and when their dry orgasm washed over them they had discovered yet another of the mysteries of sex.

"Oh shit," Jason gasped as his cock began to fill his underwear with his thick teenage cum, "Damn, I made a mess just thinking about that stuff," he said swirling the thick slick liquid around his cockhead. 


By 10:15 all the party goers except the select few who were sleeping over were gone. Jeremy had walked Dee to the door and kissed her sweetly and then watched as she ran out to her mom's car. He wished she could have spent the night too, but he knew neither of their parents would have allowed that.

"Cheer up," Aidan said slipping is arm around Jeremy, "we'll keep you company tonight."

"I'm good. It will be nice to have some guy time for a change. So...let's go blow up the air mattresses and get things set up."

"Okay, but don't plan on us going to sleep any time soon."

"Oh, I wasn't thinking of sleep..."

Jaden and Jimmy were playing pool and talking quietly when the others joined them and Isaac had disappeared to his room to grab a flash drive. He had a new video he wanted to show Aidan and lately they hadn't  had much time to get together.

Aidan walked over to where his brother and Jimmy were playing and threw his arms around them both.

"I am sooo happy you guys made up. It was awful, just awful watching you two be so miserable."

"Hey, I haven't been miserable," Jaden said pulling away and making his shot, "but this feels right, us being together again, and I'm glad all that drama is over."

"Well I was miserable and I'm so happy now," Jimmy said beaming, "and I promise I won't screw up like that again."

"Let's not keep beating the dead horse," Jaden laughed, "we had a problem, we worked it out, and now things are good. Let's just move on, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Jimmy said giving Jaden a peck on the cheek.

"Hey, is that all I get," Jaden protested as he pulled Jimmy to him and gave him a proper kiss.

"Mmmm...that was nice," Jimmy said when it was over, "I've missed that."

"Jeremy and I are going to blow up the air beds, you guys have fun," Aidan said gathering up Jeremy with his eyes, "and if you'd like I'll put your air bed away from everyone else so you guys can make up for lost time," he giggled.

"Naw, ain't gonna do nothin' you all ain't seen before," Jaden assured them, "Besides tonight is all about sharing, right?"

"I was hoping," Jeremy laughed, "since my girl couldn't stay."

"We'll take care of you, don't worry," Jaden said grinning.

"What about Isaac, you gonna take care of him too?" Jeremy laughed.

"Hey, if he hangs around then he better expect us to, otherwise he better go to his room."

"I heard that," Isaac laughed as he came down the stairs, "I'm not sure if I can keep up with you horny guys, but I'm in if you guys want me around."

"Hell yeah," Jaden said looking the sexy black teen over, "tonight is all about living and loving and...and lots and lots of cum," he laughed.

Zak who had been following along behind Aidan and Jeremy like a lost puppy, watched as Jeremy hauled out the electric pump and began filling the first air mattress.

"That's really cool," Zak said grinning, "I thought we'd have to blow them up with our mouths, like a balloon."

"It would take a lot of hot air to fill all of them. Jaden could probably do it," Aidan joked, "but this is way easier and it makes them firmer. Don't want them sagging when we're shagging," he laughed.

Zak blushed and laughed too, but Jaden ignored his brother's jab and continued his game of pool. Jeremy passed the first air mattress to Aidan and he and Zak carried it to a spot they'd cleared just for that purpose.

When all the mattresses were blown up and in place they moved the couch a bit to frame in one side of the grouping and to help hold then in place.

"I'll be sleeping on the couch," Isaac announced so I won't crowd you guys.

"Huh uh, no way," Jaden yelled from across the room, "we'll drag your sorry ass off of it if you try. You're not getting away from us that easy," he added laughing.

"Okay, okay...just didn't want to force myself on you guys."

"You're one of us," Aidan said, "so what if you like girls, so does Jeremy, but it doesn't mean we can't have some fun, right?"

"Well, if fun means I get a nut tonight then, yeah."

Isaac was currently between girl friends but even the last girl he'd been with hadn't helped him out much there. They'd done some heavy petting a few times, but sex was not something most good girls indulged in. Isaac decided that next time maybe he'd look for a bad girl instead.

"Okay, we got snacks, pop, ice, video games, pool, movies or Net Flix. What more do we need?" Jeremy said once the mattresses were all in place.

"Girls," Jeremy laughed, causing the two gay couples to boo, "Just kidding, this is all about us guys having fun. I'm gonna go upstairs and check to make sure the rents are asleep and when I come back I'm gonna lock the door behind me. So if anyone needs anything from upstairs now is the time to go get it."

No one needed anything and after a quick trip upstairs which found his parents door closed and silence beyond it, Jeremy returned grinning as he locked the door a the top of the stairs.

"Okay guys as long as we keep the noise to a dull roar my folks won't be able to hear us, so what shall we do first?"

Actually there were a number of things going on at once. Jaden and Jimmy continued playing pool, Aidan and Isaac were watching the video on his laptop and discussing  how they might do a cover of it.

That left Jeremy and Zak to play video games and get better acquainted. Except for lunch at school the two hadn't really hung out that much and Jeremy was surprised to find that Zak was a much more complex person than  he'd thought.

At first Zak was closed off and a little shy, but as he warmed up to Jeremy he began to open up more and more, and eventually to talk about his brother Jason and his home life. 

Jeremy was a good listener and occasionally would ask a question or add some comment to keep Zak talking. Once Zak had finished telling as much about his life as he felt comfortable with he began to ask Jeremy questions about his life and piece by piece he filled in the blanks. By the time they had finished their first video game they were closer and knew each other a great deal better.

"Your bro sounds pretty cool. Too bad he didn't come tonight. I bet Isaac knows him, they're the same age and all."

"Yeah, probably...but he doesn't really have that many friends in school. I tried to get him to come, but he said this was my thing. I thought for sure he'd say yes when he heard Tommy was coming, course he didn't get to come after all.  Tommy is like his best friend and they've known each other for a while. They knew each other back in grade school when we lived  in our house, before my dad...well you know?"

"You mean Tommy, the boy Jaden's been hanging out with, right?"

"Yeah, him and Jaden met at that girl's house when they went to that party," Zak said then turning to Jeremy he cocked his head and frowned, "I wonder if Jaden will still want to be his friend now? Now that him and Jimmy are back together."

"Jaden is a cool dude, he won't just drop Tommy, but it might be different now. Him and Jimmy need some time to work things out and get reacquainted."

"So...maybe Tommy will start hanging around with Jason again," Zak said thoughtfully, "I  think Jason misses that."

"Yeah, may be kind of rough for a while, but it will all work out eventually."

"I hope so, Jason needs someone."

"Oh, well...uh, not to pry, but does he like girls or boys?"

"He swears he's straight, know how it is?" Zak shrugged.

"Yeah, well...most kids today, especially boys, are pretty flexible when it comes to sex. I know I am, so's Isaac. If it feels good, do it," he laughed, "but it helps if you really like the other boy or boys."

"Yeah, well him and Tommy are pretty tight and I know they did stuff when they were younger."

"Maybe those two need to get together then and see where things go."

"Yeah, maybe...I hope so anyway. I like Tommy and I want Jason to be happy."


Across the room Jaden and Jimmy had ended their pool game and Jaden had his arms wrapped around Jimmy pressing his hardness against his backside.

"Mmmm....your arms feel so good around me," Jimmy cooed, then turning his face he planted a kiss on Jaden's cheek.

"Have you lost weight?" Jaden murmured in his ear, "you feel skinny."

"Maybe a little, I wasn't eating much when we know..."

"Well, I'll fatten you back up baby," Jaden chuckled, "come on, let's grab a fattening soda and some more pizza."


"I was thinking, for this video maybe we could shoot it in different locations and then splice them together, like the pros do," Isaac said once the video had ended.

"Yeah, but I'm not sure we have the equipment for that."

"We could rent a better video camera and I have the program for the editing on my PC."

"Yeah, that might work. I've got some money from the sale of the CD's. How much would a rental cost?"

"A hundred bucks a day plus a 300 dollar deposit."

"Hmm...I could probably talk my folks into putting up the deposit with their credit card."

"Don't worry about that I can use my dad's card for the deposit, and I'll pay half the rental fee."

"Aww...I can't let you do that..."

"Are we partners or not?"


"Then shut up and let me do my part," Isaac laughed.

"Okay, okay...when can we do this?"

"I was thinking next weekend, how does that sound?"

"Fine, I'll clear it with my folks. You have any locations in mind...?"


Jimmy and Jaden were piled down on the couch petting heavily, but so far they were still dressed. Jeremy and Zak were observing them from afar and by the time Aidan and Isaac joined them they were both aroused.

"What's this?" Aidan said giving Zak's erection a gentle tap.

" know," Zak said grinning.

"I don't know about you guys," Jaden said from across the room, "but I think it's about time we really got this party started. What say we strip to our undies and see what happens?"

"I'm in," Aidan said being the first to drop his drawers and as he snaked off his shirt the others joined him in undressing.

Their erections were obvious now and Isaac even had a little wet spot in his undies where his cock had drooled. He and Jeremy felt a bit awkward since they were the odd men out among two couples, but Jaden soon alleviated any fears they had of not belonging.

"Okay, I know Jimmy and I just got back together, but we've talked this over, and well...this is a special occasion and we're not about to limit, what I'm saying is: It's orgy time!" Jaden laughed.

Of course an orgy made perfect sense in evening things out. There would be no need for jealousy of any kind with everyone sharing their bodies indiscriminately and then later there would be time for the couples to share intimacy.

"Then these gotta' go," Jeremy said standing up and snaking off his boxers to reveal his throbbing teen joy stick, "Aww, that feels better," he said rubbing his balls.

Everyone was naked in record time and converging on the mats laid out in the floor they began to explore each other's bodies. No flesh was left unexplored and nothing was forbidden as they came together as friends and lovers and the sex was sweet and satisfying.

As Jeremy pounded Aidan's hot tight hole Isaac was experiencing one of Jimmy's intense blowjobs while Zak and Jaden were locked in a hot 69. Zak was surprised that even though Aidan and Jaden were almost identical in looks, that there were still subtle differences in the two. Of course Jaden's uncut cock was interesting and different, but there were other things. Like his scent. Though similar to his brother's Jaden's scent was unique and a bit stronger, but no less exciting or desirable. 

Zak discovered that he was a bit more aggressive than Aidan as well, and willingly let him lead them as they explored and finally came together in mutual pleasure. When they had orgasmed, expelling their hot young seed into each others mouths, they fell down side by side and rested as they watched the others in the throws of sexual pleasure and eventually orgasm.

"Nice," Jaden sighed happily, "I can see why my bro is so in love with you," he giggled.

"Aww," Zak said blushing, "I love him too. I love both of you. You're like my brother or something."

"Brotherly love," Jaden chuckled, "Speaking of bros, we should have invited Jason. I bet he'd enjoy a little boy time."

"Yeah, probably, but I...I'm not sure he'd want to do that stuff with a bunch of boys he didn't know."

"Still in denial huh? Well, we'll work on him a little at a time."

"I'm gonna get a soda, want one," Zak said sitting up.

"Sure, I'll come with you."


"I'd forgotten how good that felt," Jeremy said as he rested after filling Aidan's ass with his hot teenage cum.

"And I'd forgotten how damn big you are," Aidan chuckled, "but I'm happy to say I really enjoyed it, even if it did hurt a little at first."

"Aww...sorry. I didn't mean to hurt ya," Jeremy said kissing Aidan's cheek.

"Hey, don't I get a real kiss?"

"Okay, but if Zak gets jealous..."

"He won't, cause next you and him are gonna do some stuff."

"OH, does he like it that way?"

"No, his butt is off limits, but I was thinking maybe a hot 69 would be good."

"Oh, yeah...I just need to rest up some first."

"No hurry, we have all night."


"Damn, that was some good head," Isaac said as Jimmy finished the clean up.

"Thanks, you taste really good and I like how big your dick is," Jimmy said grinning.

"Well, my turn now. Lay down little bro and I'll give you my best."

"Okay, if you want," Jimmy said blushing.

"Hell yeah, give me that juice."


The second round was just as enthusiastic and satisfying as the first and paired up Jeremy and Zak, Jaden and Isaac and Jimmy and Aidan. Jimmy was having some of the same thoughts about Aidan that Zak had been having earlier about Jaden. Though identical twins, the two were both unique in many ways, but both very satisfying lovers.

After the second coming, they were hungry and thirsty and with limp or in most cases semi-hard cocks wagging between their legs they sought out refreshments. As they sat eating nuked pizza and chips and drank sodas they talked about their lives, school, and all the things that interested boys their age. 

When they had all peed and the lights were out they fell down on the mats again, but this time the couples paired off leaving the two brothers to settle down side by side somewhat envious of the others.

"I wish Dee was here," Jeremy sighed.

"Sorry bro, I'm all you got," Isaac said running his hand down his brother's muscled chest.

"Stop that," Jeremy said, but offered no attempt to resist his brother's touch, "don't start something you can't finish."

"Who says I can't finish?" Isaac said scooting a bit closer, his hot breath on Jeremy's ear now.

"Hmmm...brotherly love," he chuckled, "and to think we used to be afraid of this stuff."

"What's to be afraid of? You love me, I love you, and no one gets hurts. No need to stress over it. We both got our girls, but in between we got each other," Isaac said summing things up for both of them.

"Yeah, too bad our girls aren't into sharing like this, imagine what fun we'd have if the four of us got together."

"Well, maybe not the girl I had, but maybe some day. Do you think Dee would be down for it?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. In fact...I think she'd be down with the three of us...if you would," Jeremy said meekly.

"I don't know bro, I don't want to mess things up for you two or cause any bad feeling between us..."

"It wouldn't be like that. I could share. I think it might be cool, as long as we all three shared and no one was left out."

"I'll think about it. Meanwhile you might want to run it past her, girls are a funny bunch. What might seem like fun to us might not seem like fun to her."

"I'm pretty sure she'd be open to it. I mean she and Jimmy and Jaden did stuff."

"Well yeah, thanks for reminding me," Jeremy chuckled, " I said I think it would be cool."

"Okay, then see what you can do, but meanwhile...I gotta hard dick that needs some attention."

"Not as hard as mine," Jeremy assured him.

"Okay, roll onto your side. I think I can take care of both our problems at once," Isaac said excitedly.

Snuggling up to Jeremy Isaac worked his long slender dick into his brother's ass as he reached around him and grabbed his brother's cock and began stroking it in time with his thrusts. Before long they had a nice rhythm going and neither boy was destined to last long. 

Jeremy actually came first, spilling his teenage seed onto the sheet, the bedding and in the process his ass clinced tightly pushing Isaac over the edge. He cried out as his hot spunk flooded his brother's ass and from across the room Jaden giggled and cheered the two on.

"Sounds like some brotherly love goin' on over there," Jaden  hooted.

"Yeah, and it's messy," Jeremy laughed.

"But a good mess I bet," Aidan said from the mattress where he and Zak were cuddled up.

"The best. I'm gonna go take a shower. Come on Isaac, you could use one too," he said and then he and Isaace left the others to carry on as they headed toward the bathroom with it's small shower.


"I'm glad I came tonight,"  Jimmy said sighing as he snuggled into Jaden.

"Came as in CAME, or came to the party?" Jaden teased.

"To the party. I almost didn't. I was afraid you'd be so busy with Tommy that you wouldn't even know I was here. But of course that was before I found out he wasn't coming."

"Does it bother you that I messed around with Tommy?"

"Well...can I be honest?"

"Yeah, of course. We shouldn't keep secrets from one another, right?"

"No...definitely not. Well, yeah I was so jealous I couldn't think straight. I mean I know we mess with our friends and that's no big deal, but I was afraid this older boy would steal you away before I could make things up to you."

"No danger there dummy. Don't you see? I wasn't over you, and I guess Tommy was just a diversion to take my mind off you. We had some laughs, but truthfully...Tommy ain't my type. He's too...too timid and hung up. I like boys like you that go for it and know what they want."

"So...are you still gonna, you know? Mess with him?"

Jaden didn't answer right away and Jimmy was worried he'd said too much, or sounded weak and needy.

"Naw, I don't think so. I mean if the three of us did it, maybe, but not just him and me. Besides, we gotta a lot of making up to do," Jaden added grinning.

"Yeah, okay...can we start now?" Jimmy said grinning just as widely.

"Oh yeah, I think now is good. Now that I got those first two orgasms out of the way I'm ready to give you my best."


"This has been the best night of my life," Zak said brushing his lips across Aidan's ear and causing him to shiver.

"I thought you'd like it. Do you see now that we can be boyfriends and still have fun with our friends?"

"Yeah, I gotta admit, I was worried at first. I mean having to share you with someone else, but when I know, with Jaden I realized that I was being silly. We all love each other in a way, and the sex stuff is just a way of showing it, but we save the best stuff for just you and me, right?"

"Exactly, and I got some stored up loving just for you. Are you rested enough yet?"

"Yeah, but I was wondering...tonight can you...teach me how to be a bottom?" Zak said blushing.

"Sure, we can try. If it doesn't work the first time we can alway keep trying," Aidan said grinning.

Needless to say with Aidan's patient and experienced tutoring Zak had no trouble learning his lessons.

End Chapter 24

Well, now that Jimmy and Jaden are back together some of the drama in the Twins lives is over, but there's more drama to come as Tommy deals with the loss of Jaden and turns to his childhood friend Jason for comfort. And what about Mel and the boys' mom? Will he pop the question and make them a whole family once again?

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