The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males including incest and if reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad

Chapter 25

"Umm...I sort of have some bad news for you dude," Jason said as he slid into the car seat beside Tommy. It was the Monday morning after Isaac and Jeremy's party and Zak had filled him in on all that had taken place, especially Jaden and Jimmy's making up.

"Can't be worse than getting grounded," Tommy said, but he had a feeling he was wrong.

"Well, maybe it's not my place to tell you this, but we've been buds a long time and I thought you might want to hear it from me first."

"Bro, what is it? You're killing me with the suspense thing. I'm a big boy, I can take it. What's up.?You dying or something?" he joked, but his smile was fake.

"Well...don't hate me for being the one to tell you, but...your buddy Jaden got back together with his boyfriend at the party...big time, and I'm pretty sure he's not gonna want to hang around with you anymore."

"Oh, that," Tommy said pretending indifference, "it was just for laughs anyway. It's no big deal."

"Oh, well...I thought you two were kind of close, if you know what I mean," Jason said looking at Tommy for some sign of how he really felt.

"I'm glad really, he was kind of young and a little too wild for me," Tommy chuckled.

"Yeah, he is kind of wild for a kid his age. His brother is nothing like him though. Aidan and Zak are a good match. Aidan likes to lead and Zak likes to follow," Jason said grinning.

"Nice," Tommy said barely listening to what Jason was saying.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Hey, I know you're like grounded for a while, but I was wondering...uh, when you're ungrounded if you wanted to hang out sometime like we used to do, maybe go to see a movie or something?" Jason said blushing.

Tommy laughed, "Like a date?"

"Uh, no two buds just hangin' out," Jason said quickly, "I mean...we  used to do that all the time. It's no big deal if you don't wanna' though..."

"I've missed hanging out with you dude."

"So is that a yes?"

"Yeah, definitely, but I think there's some stuff you need to know first."

"Dude, there is nothing you can tell me that will change our being friends, so don't stress over it. I kind of know what you're going to say and I'm cool with it."

"That I'm gay?" Tommy said realizing just how cleansing it was to finally admit who he was to his best friend.

"Gay, bi, straight, who cares man? It's all about getting a nut, right?"

"Well...ummm...there's more maybe, as far as I'm concerned."

"Like what dude?" Jason asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, sex is okay, but I really want more than that. I want to find someone who I can hang out with and just do regular stuff with. Someone nice who likes kissing and cuddling and then..." Tommy blushed and sniggered, "I'm sorry I must sound so fucking gay."

"Well, whats wrong with that?" Jason said laughing, "You are fucking gay, but know what? I don't give a damn. You have a right to be who you are and to look for that guy, the one that likes kissing and stuff."

Tommy smiled, "Yeah,'s harder than you think."

"Oh, so it's hard?" Jason said directing his gaze at Tommy's crotch and laughing lewdly.

"Not that," Tommy said blushing, "I mean it's hard finding a guy who feels like I do. Heck, I'm not even out, so how would anyone ever know I was interested in them?"

"Hmm...well, I could start a rumor..."

"Don't you dare," Tommy said looking horrified, "If my rents found out I was gay, they'd disown me."

"You could come live with me and Zak," Jason said sincerely, "but I get what you mean. I was only teasing though. I can keep a secret dude. That's what best buds do."

"We're best buds?"

"Sure, we have been forever. You're not gonna drop me now just cause I'm not gay are you?"

"No way man. We're like...bros, right?"

"Yeah, well that's why I wanted to be the one to tell you about Jaden."

"Thanks dude, you're a true friend. Well, here we are."


"You gonna' talk to Tommy today?" Aidan asked Jaden as they sat side by side on the bus.

"Yeah, at lunch maybe. I hope he doesn't cry," Jaden teased.

"J, you're awful," Aidan said shoving his brother gently.

"Well, he was pretty stuck on me."

"On the sex maybe. You know Zak says that him and Jason used to be really close and that they fooled around when they were younger. Zak thinks that maybe Jason is interested in fooling around again now that he's discovered boys can be a lot of fun."

"Cool, we just gotta get em' back together and then I'm off the hook," he laughed.

"Did you have any feelings at all for Tommy, or was it just sex?"

Jaden frowned, "Sure, I like him a lot, but I don't love him. The only boy I love is Jimmy and now that we're back together he's all I need."

"Oh, no bro sex anymore?" Aidan teased.

"Oh, well...that's different, cause I wuv you too," he said in a silly voice.

Aidan laughed, "I love you too, but sometimes you're a real mess."

"Yeah, I am, but I'm worth the effort," Jaden laughed.


"That was a great party," Aidan said at the lunch table, "Thanks for inviting us Jeremy."

"I heard there was more fun after I left," Dee said sounding grumpy, "sometimes being a girl is a real drag."

"Huh uh," Jeremy said leaning into her and giving her "the look", "I like that you're a girl. We just need to convince our folks that you have equal rights when it comes to sleepovers," he giggled.

"Yeah, not gonna happen," Dee said sighing, "but I don't begrudge you guys your long as I get my fun later."

"Speaking of fun, think you could come over for a bit after school? My rents will be at work and Isaac never gets home till 5 or so."

"I think so. I'll text mom and tell her I'm studying with a friend or something."

"Studying what,  human sexuality?" Jaden teased.

"Yeah, and I expect we'll both ace the exam," Jeremy laughed.

Jimmy was quiet and introspective as he sat listening to the others. He was worried about what would happen when Jaden told Tommy that they were back together, that was if he hadn't already heard, but he was confident Jaden could handle the situation no matter what.

"I told Jason about you guys getting back together," Zak said as if he had been reading Jimmy's mind, "I'm pretty sure he's already told Tommy by now."

"OH, well...maybe I don't need to talk to him after all," Jaden said looking relieved.

"He deserves to hear it from you J," Aidan said looking concerned.

"Yeah, I guess," Jaden sighed, "I'm done anyway, maybe I'll go try to find him."

"Okay," Jimmy said reluctant to see him go, "I'll see you later."

"Yeah, wish me luck," Jaden said giving Jimmy's shoulders a squeeze.

It didn't take long to find Tommy. He was standing outside the gymnasium the two schools shared, his phone in hand, completely oblivious of Jaden until he was within speaking distance.

"Hey, what's up?" Jaden said causing Tommy to jump as he looked up.

"OH, hey...not much. What you doin' over here?"

"I was lookin' for you. Can we talk?"

"Sure, I'm listenin'."

"Not here, can we sit in your car?"

Tommy shrugged, "I guess, but we don't have much time."

"I'll talk fast," Jaden tittered nervously.

Tommy led the way and even opened the door for Jaden before going around and climbing in the driver's seat.

"I guess you might have already heard, but Jimmy and me got back together at Jeremy's party."

"Yeah, I heard. I think that's cool. I'm glad for you," Tommy said trying not to sound bothered by the news.

"Oh, good. I'm glad you're okay with it. I was afraid you might be upset or something."

"Why should I be?" Tommy said innocently.

"Well, cause we can't mess around anymore...."

"Oh, well...that's okay. It was fun, but it was no big deal, right?"

"Naw, just fun, that's all," Jaden said frowning. Apparently he'd overestimated Tommy's feelings for him. "I'm glad you're cool with it. I had fun, but I guess I was just trying to fill my time or maybe make Jimmy jealous or something.  I guess I never really thought about how it might be for you, but you seem okay, and that's good."

"Yeah, sure...I'm fine. I'm happy for you guys...really."

"Okay, cool. No reason we can't still be friends...just know..." Jaden laughed.

"Yeah, I understand," Tommy chuckled, "No sex. That's cool. Well, we should get back, it's almost time for the bell."

"Oh, sure...yeah, totally. I'm just glad you're cool with things. I feel so relieved."

"Yeah, like I said, I'm happy for you."

At the sidewalk they parted with a last goodbye and Jaden went back to report to the others. He found Jimmy at his locker and filled him in and the look of relief on Jimmy's face was apparent.

"He's not upset? That's good."

"Yeah, he's a cool dude. I knew he'd understand," Jaden bragged.

"Then why were you so nervous," Jimmy giggled.

"I was not!" Jaden protested, "Okay, maybe a little, but hey...everything's cool."

By the end of the day everyone in the group had heard the news of Tommy's calm acceptance, and by the time the twins got home they had all but forgotten about it. 


At home Tommy sat at his desk doing his homework, but his thoughts kept coming back to all that had happened during the day. He thought about Jaden and how much fun they'd had, but was surprised to find that he really wasn't all that upset or disappointed in how things had turned out and he didn't dwell on it. Instead he kept thinking about his conversation with Jason that morning. 

Was it possible Jason was interested in more than just a casual friendship despite his protests that he wasn't gay? He had been surprised at Jason's acceptance of Zak coming out to them, and he couldn't help but wonder if the two had done some messing around themselves. He'd read enough stories to know that it wasn't uncommon for brothers to mess around, especially if one or both of them were gay, and he knew Jason had a strong libido from their messing around when they were younger.

"Tommmmmmyyyyyyy,"  Tommy's 10 year old brother whined from the doorway, "I can't get the TV to work."

"What? Did you break it," Tommy said in an annoyed voice.

"No, I just can't get it to come on."

"Maybe the remote needs new batteries," Tommy suggested.

"Can you come and see?" Nate begged.

"I guess," Tommy sighed, "There's probably some spare batteries in the kitchen."

Tommy followed his brother to the living room and after inspecting the TV he laughed. "Dude, the TV is unplugged. The plug must've got jiggled loose or something. Now try it," he said securing the plug once more.

"Oh, works, thanks," Nate giggled as he fell down on the couch and began channel surfing for something of interest, "Wanna' watch with me?"

"For a minute," Tommy conceded, "I have a ton of homework."

"Are you still gonna come to my game Saturday?" Nate said darting his eyes back and forth between  the TV and his brother.

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but you never did before," Nate said accusingly.

"I promise, okay?"

"Okay, thanks," Nate said finally satisfied.

They sat quietly for a few minutes and suddenly Nate scooted a bit closer to his brother and leaned into him, " you love me?"

"What? You're my bro, of course I love you. It''s natural. I may not like you all the time, but I love you."

"I love you too, all the time," he said softly.

"Then why are  you such a pain in the ass sometimes?"

"I dunno, maybe cause I want you to notice me," he said frowning.

Tommy chuckled, "Well, you succeeded."

"I'm sowy," Nate said in a baby voice, "I wuv you Tom Tom," he said causing Tommy to laugh.

"Tom Tom? Boy what's got into you?"

"I don't know. Maybe cause after we talked....that day, I feel like I can trust you now."

"You could always trust me," Tommy said reaching over and giving his brother a brief hug, something totally new to them both.

"Thanks, can...can I sit on your lap?" Nate said looking at his older brother pleadingly.

Despite the weirdness of the situation, Tommy didn't question his younger brother's request, and instead picked him up and plopped him down on  his lap.

"There, you happy now?"

"Yeah," he said sighing as he leaned back into his big brother.

They were still sitting there like that watching SpongeBob SquarePants when their mother came in the front door. She took one look at them and did a double take.

"I must be in the wrong house," she laughed, "the two of you actually getting along for a change. What's got into you two?"

"Hi mommy," Nate said grinning, "Tommy and I are friends now, right Tommy?" he said giving his brother a pleading look.

"What's all the fuss about?" Tommy said blushing, "It's not like we never get along."

Fortunately Nate slid off Tommy's lap and had gone to give his mother a hug leaving Tommy to sort out his feelings and do damage control. He didn't want his mom to think he'd gone soft, or worse that he and Nate were doing something weird, but he wasn't really troubled by what had happened.

In fact it had actually felt kind of good being that close to his little brother and he had caught himself giving Nate little hugs and he had seemed to like that a lot. He couldn't explain it really, but it just felt natural. He even liked how Nate smelled even though his hygiene was typical of a ten year old. His sweaty little boy scent was familiar and comforting and perhaps attributed to the feeling of well being he felt as they bonded.

"Well, whatever it is, I approve. I just hope it lasts."

"Tommy is gonna' come to my game Saturday, right Tommy?"

"Yeah, if mom will let me," Tommy said knowing full well his mother wouldn't deny Nate his presence, despite the grounding.

"That's a family event, that doesn't count as far as your grounding goes. In fact I prefer you be there. Your father and I will both be there and we can keep an eye on you."

"I'm not a criminal mom," Tommy sighed.

"You stole money from me young man, in my eyes you committed a crime."

"I'm sorry okay? If you'd let me get a job I'd have money for gas and stuff..."

"Who says you can't get a job?" she said completely throwing Tommy off guard. Up until that moment she had always been dead set against his getting a job.

Tommy wondered if her change of heart had anything to do with his and Nate's burying the hatchet, but whatever the reason, he was pleased.

"Really? I can get a job? Cause' John, this kid I know at school, says they need another person at the burger place where he works. It's just after school and weekends, but they pay 8 bucks an hour to start."

"We'll discuss it with your father tonight, but I don't see why you can't go ahead and put in an application."

"Really, they take applications online. I can do it from my room..."

"Well, go ahead then. It can't hurt," she said heading off to her bedroom to change, "Dinner will be late, your father is bringing KFC home with him though."

"Yummy," Nate said rubbing his cute tummy, "I love chicken."

Tommy filled out the application and submitted it and then returned to his homework without further interruption from Nate who was busy chatting up his mom. He had always been a momma's boy and that was one of the things that had caused problems between them. In his mom's eyes Nate could do no wrong and Tommy took the blame for many of the things Nate did. After a while Tommy quit trying to defend himself and just tried to stay out of Nate's way causing his resentment to grow.

By the time his dad got home with the KFC Tommy had finished his homework and was ready for dinner. As he walked into the dining room his dad looked up and smiled.

"So, I hear you might be joining the world of us working stiffs."

"Yeah, I put in an application. Mom said it was okay," he quickly added.

"Well, it's about time you started earning your keep," he chuckled, "Your mother and I think you should save part of your paycheck each week and not blow it all."

"Sure, that's fine," Tommy said happily, some money was better than no money.

"Good, when will you know if you got the job?"

"I don't know exactly. My friend John said he heard back in a couple of days and then went in for an interview and got hired that day. It's just a burger place so I'm sure they're not too picky."

"Well, if you get hired, do your best and make us proud."

"I will, thanks dad...thanks mom."

Later Tommy called the only person he could think of to share his new with.

"Hi, you busy?"

"Nope, just finished dinner and watching TV with Zak. Hey, did Jaden talk to you today?"

"Yeah, we're cool. Like I said I'm kind of glad that's over. What I called about was, my mom and dad are finally going to let me get a job."

"What? No way. Awesome, now you can pay when we go out to the movies and stuff," Jason teased.

"Oh, are we dating now?" Tommy teased back.

"Dude, if you pay who knows? I might even put out once in a while," Jason laughed, feeling especially happy for reasons he couldn't explain.

"You're on dude. Only problem is...I won't have much time to date if I'm working every weekend."

"True, but they can't work you all the time. Don't they have rules about how many hours a kid in school can work?"

"Yeah, John, my friend who works there, usually works about 15 to 20 hours a week. At 8 bucks and hour that's over a hundred fifty bucks...before taxes."

"Nice, maybe I should put my application in too."

"That would be cool, especially if we work together sometimes."

"No car though. How would I get to work," Jason said sounding despondent.

"Well, if we worked the same shift you could ride with me."

They talked for almost and hour and when they finally ended the call both boys had a warm happy feeling about rekindling their friendship. Jason had even agreed to go to Nate's soccer game with him, if Tommy's folks said it was okay and would let him pick him up, but he didn't think that would be a problem. Now that he and Nate were getting along he was pretty sure it would be okay. His mom was all over that stuff and he felt like he could ask for just about anything and get it as long as he and Nate continued to get along.

On Saturday Nate rode with Jason to the game and on the way they picked up Jason at his apartment. Nate didn't even complain as he moved to the back seat to allow Jason to ride up front, but he kept leaning forward and chatting both of the boys up as they drove along.

"So, you guys seems to be getting along," Jason chuckled, "What's up with that?"

"We're friends now," Nate said simply.

Jason looked at Tommy who just shrugged, "I guess we found something we both had in common and figured it was better to be friends than enemies."

"Oh, what's that, the thing you have in common?"

"It's our secret," Nate butted in, "but maybe if you're nice we'll tell you sometime," he said grinning.

"Okay, I'm just glad you two aren't fighting. That's cool. I know how it feels, Zak and me used to go at it all the time, now...well, let's just say I'm glad I have a little bro now."

"I can be your other little bro," Nate said giving Jason his best puppy dog look.

Jason chuckled, "I've always felt that way. Heck you were way nicer to me than Tommy anyway."

"I like you, that's all. You're cute," Nate giggled.

"Dude, did you just call me cute?" Jason laughed.

"Uh huh, cause you are, right Tommy?"

Tommy blushed, "Nate, cool it. Jason doesn't want to hear that stuff."

"Naw, naw, it's okay. I like hearing how cute I am," Jason laughed, "Just wish it was some girl sayin' it."

Tommy's heart sank a little, but he just happy to be with Jason and his cheerfulness soon returned.

"So, when does your grounding end?"

"Tomorrow. So Monday I'm a free man, well unless I get hired at the burger place, then I'll never have any free time."

"Sure you will, they can't work you all the time."

"Yeah, and it will be sort of fun and the money will help."

"Can I get free burgers?" Nate said looking hungry, and they all laughed.

At the game Jason and Tommy sat together in the bleachers while Nate's folks parked themselves in lawn chairs a short distance away. The boys talked and cut up, but still managed to pay attention to the game, and when Nate scored a goal they were the first to stand and cheered the loudest.

"This is really great that you and Nate are buddies now."

"Yeah, it just sort of happened, but I'm hoping it lasts."

"I bet I know what the secret is," Jason said in a soft voice after looking around to make sure no one was listening in.

"No guessing. I promised Nate it was our secret."

"Okay, but I'm not stupid. I think I've known Nate, before I knew you were."

"He's just a kid, he doesn't know what he is," Tommy said defensively.

"Uh huh, and how old were you when you figured it out?" Jason chuckled.

"That's different, I...well, I fell in love with someone and that makes it easier to figure out," he said looking into Jason's eyes as his heart beat fast in his chest.

"Yeah? He must've been someone special then."

"Very special, still is," Tommy said looking away. He saw Nate looking his way and he waved and Nate nodded, a smile filling his whole face.

"Does this boy know you feel that way?" Jason said going along with the charade, but knowing full well Tommy was talking about him.

"I've never told him, but he has to have some idea how I feel..."

"Yeah, you're probably right. It's hard to hide that kind of thing. Too bad the guy is such a jerk," he chuckled.

"He's not!" Tommy said quickly, "He just doesn't feel the same way, that's all."

"Maybe he's just scared of what it all means," Jason said as his heart threatened to leap from his chest.

"Yeah, it can be pretty scary, but if he...umm, wanted to try we could figure things out together and it wouldn't be quite as scary," Tommy said, finally catching on to what Jason was doing.

"Could we...I mean, could you and that boy take it slow and just see how things go?"

"Yeah, of course. I've waited a long time, and I can wait a little longer if I have to because he's worth waiting for."

Jason looked into Tommy's eyes and the pleading, frightened look broke Tommy's heart. Instinctively he reached down and laid his hand on Jason's and smiled.

"I wanna try, if you do," Jason said looking ready to cry.

Tommy nodded, "I've wanted it forever, but I never thought I had a chance till now."

"Okay, but this is all new to me,'re gonna have to lead the way."

"Hey, it's new to me too, but together we'll figure it out."

"Okay, but can we keep it our little secret for now?"

"Yeah, no one would believe me anyway," Tommy laughed.

Nate had control of the ball then and they turned their attention to the game as they thought their own separate thoughts. Something very important had just occurred and they both knew it. There was still a long way to go, but they had taken the first step and they were both hopeful that things would work out for the best.

After the game Nate was bubbling over with happiness, and being in such a good mood, Tommy was quick to compliment him.

"You did great little bro, and you guys totally kicked their butts."

"Nice goal," Jason said referring to Nate scoring in the early part of the game.

"Thanks, we're all gonna go for ice cream, the whole team and their folks, you guys wanna come?"

"Well, I don't know about Tommy, but I ain't never gonna turn down ice cream."

"Yeah bro, let me go talk to mom and dad and see where they're going and you can ride with me and Jas."

On the way to Braums Ice Cream store Nate talked nonstop about the game, about his friends on the team and anything else he could think of. Tommy and Jason listened with half a ear as they exchanged looks and thought about what had happened back in the bleachers.

"You guys are looking all funny at each other," Nate said suddenly, "What's up you guys?"

"Just listening to you bro. Just happy to be out of the house and only one more day of grounding," Tommy said quickly.

"Yeah, and I get my wheels back now that Tommy can drive again."

"Oh, you sure?"

"Yeah, quit being a pest," Tommy snapped, causing Nate to recoil in fear.

Jason gave Tommy a curious look causing Tommy to sigh, "Sorry bro, didn't mean to yell, "just cool it okay? Nothing is up. We're just having a good time."

"Oh, okay...hey Jason did Tommy tell ya'? I'm gay now," Nate said almost causing Tommy to wreck the car.

"Nate! You don't know for sure that you're gay. You're only ten for gosh sakes."

"So...I'm old enough to know what I like, and I like boys...period."

Jason laughed, "Do you have a boyfriend yet?" He teased.

"No, but there's this one boy...he's on my soccer team. His name is Silas and he is soooo cute."

"Silas, is he that dark-haired boy with the big brown eyes?" Tommy asked smiling.

"Yeah, and he's soooo nice too. I'm gonna ask him over next weekend, but I'm sooo nervous," Nate said, squirming as if he had ants in his pants.

"Well," Jason said looking back and smiling, "as cute as you are, how could he say no? If he's gay that is."

"Even if he's not gay you might become friends anyway," Tommy said soothingly.

"Like you and Jason," Nate said making a seriously cute face.

"Uh, yeah, like that. See Jason is okay with me being gay, right bro?" Tommy said giving Jason a wicked smile, "And we're the best of friends."

"Yeah, I don't care who Tommy sleeps with as long as he doesn't try to slip them into my bed too," Jason joked.

"That would be fun," Nate giggled.

"How would you know?" Tommy laughed.

"Cause, if two boys is fun, three should be..funer," he said pleased with his answer.

"Funer, huh?" Jason laughed, then to Tommy, "It must run in the family, being gay, I mean."

"I still say he's not old enough to know yet," Tommy insisted.

"How old were you when you figured it out?" Jason said chuckling.

"Well, that's different. I knew cause I fell in love with someone...a boy."

"Was it Jason?" Nate said quickly, causing both boys to freeze.

"Dude, your bro is freaking me out," Jason laughed.

"Sorry, I forgot. I'm not posed to tell. Sorry, sorry...forget what I said Jason."

"We might as well tell him," Tommy sighed, "He knows too much already, and I think we can trust him."

Jason shrugged, "Bro, you know him better than me, but if he rats us out I'll have to kill him," he teased.

"I won't rat you out. You can tell me anything and I promise I won't tell no one."

"Well, see...Jason and I are sort of boyfriends now," Tommy said looking nervously at Jason who just smiled.

"Wait, really? You're not kidding? Oh, goody goody, I always liked Jason and I know you looooove him," Nate giggled.

"But we're taking it slow and we're not ready to tell anyone yet, so you gotta promise to keep your little trap shut."

"I swear. So, are you guys in love now?"

"Well, I've always loved Jason," Tommy said giving Jason a tender look, "but you'll have to ask Jason how he feels."

"Well, sport...I don't know if I'm in love...yet, but I do love this jerk," Jason said giving tommy a playful shove, "and I guess he's madly in love with me and my hot bod, so that's pretty flattering."

Nate giggled, "So are you gonna do sex stuff now?"

"None of your business dude," Tommy scolded, "Some things are private."

"Okay, but I bet you do," Nate giggled.

"I think he is gay," Jason said laughing, "that kid Silas better watch out."

At the ice cream place Nate ran off to be with his soccer buddies and Tommy and Jason found a table away from the noise and confusion and talked as they ate their ice cream.

"So now that Nate knows. Uh, is it okay if I tell Zak?"

"Sure, Zak is a cool kid and I know he won't tell. He'll understand."

"We sort of talked about this already. He's the one who suggested I take you out on a date," Jason laughed, "but looks like I don't need to do that now."

"Oh no, you're not getting off that easy. I expect to be treated to a date now and then."

"Well, we might have to go dutch, since I don't have much money."

"Don't worry, we'll figure something out. Especially if I get that job."

"Any chance we can spend some time alone later?" Jason asked blushing.

"Well, my folks are in a really good mood, so...they might let you come over and visit for a while. We could go to my room and lock the door," Tommy said as he let his foot wander over to rest against Jason's.

"What about Nate? Will he leave us alone?"

"Yeah, or I'll kill him," Tommy laughed, "Maybe he can even jigger for us."

"How about if I ask your folks if I can come over and study with you?" Jason suggested, "if they think it's for school they might give in easier."

"Sure, that might work. They've always liked you."

As they were leaving Jason got Tommy's folks aside and made his plea, and they easily agreed that he could come over and even stay for dinner if he'd like. When Jason climbed in the car he put on a fake frown and sighed theatrically.

"No go, they said your ass was grounded and that meant no company of any kind."

"Well, shit. I thought that since I was so nice to Nate they'd give me a little slack," Tommy said banging his head on the steering wheel.

Nate was still busy talking to some of his fellow soccer players, most notably Silas, but soon he came bounding up and piled into the back seat.

"Guess what? Silas is coming over next Saturday night and spending the night," he said beaming.

"Cool, I'm glad someone has some good news," Tommy said starting the car, then to Jason, "Well, I guess I'll drop you off on the way home."

"Huh, why?" Nate said looking confused, "Mom said Jason was coming over for dinner."

Jason burst out laughing and Tommy was conflicted between cuffing him and jumping for joy.

"You butthole, you had me going. When were you gonna tell me?"

"I was just about ready to when Nate beat me to the punch. They didn't bat an eye when I asked to come over and I didn't even  have to mention studying."

"Cool, I think we're having pizza. Are you staying for dinner for real?"

"Yeah, I'll call mom and let her know. I think her and Mel were going out and Zak is going to Aidan's house."

"Hey, maybe he could sleep over," Nate said sounding excited, "and then you two guys can do it," he added giggling.

"Who says we want to do it?" Tommy said trying to sound stern.

"Everyone wants to do it," Nate giggled, "even me, with Silas," he added in a dreamy voice.

"Well, next week you'll get your chance," Tommy said, "but don't worry about me and Jason, okay?"

"Okay, but I wouldn't mind watching," Nate said grinning, "sort of like sex education."

"I think you know enough already bro," Tommy said chuckling, "Hey, can I ask you a favor bro?"

"Yeah, sure...anything, "Nate said sincerely.

"While Jason is over can you give us some privacy and maybe warn us if mom and dad are coming?"

"You are gonna do it!" Nate laughed, "Okay, okay...I'll be your lookout."

"Thanks bro, I owe you."

"Maybe you can jigger for him next week," Jason suggested.


At Tommy's the two teens watched TV in the family room for a while before finally going off to Tommy's room, not wanting to appear too anxious to be alone. As soon as Tommy closed the door Jason looked at him expectantly and sighed.

"Dude, I don't know what we're supposed to do...but if you show me...I'll try to keep up."

"This is pretty new to me too, I mean...this part. I've had sex, but I've never really had a boyfriend before."

"Okay, so do we hug or kiss or what?"

"That sounds like a good place to start," Tommy said, his heart beating so fast he feared it would explode at any moment.

"So, well...uh, do we do it standing up or..what?"

"Come here," Tommy said smiling, "I got this."

Tommy met Jason half way and put his arms around Jason and he returned the favor. Pulling him close Tommy wrapped him up in a warm embrace and brought his face within a few inches of Jason's.

"Relax, are you okay with this?" Tommy asked with concern.

"Yeah, sorry," Jason said loosening up some.

"You've kissed before, right?"

"Well, yeah..." Jason said blushing, "just not a boy."

"Your lips won't know the difference."

"Shut up and kiss me then," Jason laughed nervously.

When their lips met Jason's doubts and fears flew away and he melted into Tommy as the kiss deepened. He was hard instantly and he could feel Tommy's hardness pressing into his thigh and it felt like hot steel. 

As if having a mind of their own, his hands began to roam Tommy's body up and down, finally resting on his soft behind. Tommy moaned his approval and ground his crotch against Jason's and offered his tongue.

Jason accepted the challenge and returned the favor and for a while their tongues dueled in the their mouths as the heat built. When they finally broke the kiss to catch their breath they looked deeply into each other's eyes and smiled.

"Wow, that was...was amazing," Tommy said happily, "I've dreamed of this for a long time."

"Really, did I do okay?"

"You did great. Uh, did you like it?"

"Are you kidding? I'm so hard it hurts," Jason laughed, "I don't think I've ever been this worked up in my life."

"Well...what do you think we should do about it?"

"Ummm...I don't know. Any ideas?"

Tommy chuckled, "Lots of ideas. Shall I show you?"

"Yeah, I trust you. Is their anything else you've dreamed of?"

"Oh yeah, lots of stuff." Tommy growled.

"Well, make your dreams come true. I'm all yours."

Tommy's hands shook as he ran them down Jason's chest and then lifted his shirt to reveal his smooth muscled chest and flat stomach. Raising his arms high, Jason allowed Tommy to remove his shirt and he moaned softly as Tommy began to lick and suckle his erect nipples.

" that one of the things you dreamed of?"

"Yeah, and this..." Tommy said running his tongue down the center of Jason's chest down to his belly button.

", that feels wicked," Jason moaned, "what else?"

"This," Tommy said unbuttoning Jason's jeans and tugging them open to reveal his white underpants. 

Then snaking Jason's pants down his legs he knelt before the object of his lust and nuzzled his hardness through the soft thin cotton covering.

"Oh, my careful...I'm really close..."

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna waste it if I can help it," Tommy said yanking Jason's briefs down and freeing his hard cock at last. A single drop of pre-cum oozed out of the piss slit and Tommy paused long enough to lick it off.

"Oh god, you taste just like I dreamed you would. Like love and boy and life,"  he said sounding near tears, "I have waited so long for this moment..."

Then taking Jason's balls in his hand he began licking the hairless wrinkled sack causing his new lover to moan lowly and thrust his crotch up to allow him better access.

"No one has ever..." he moaned, "you must love me."

"I love every part of you," Tommy said between licks, "and there is no part of you I don't want to taste."

"Even my butt?" Jason teased.

Tommy growled lowly, "Especially your butt."

"Dude, I think I need to sleep over and I def need a shower if you're gonna lick that."

Tommy reluctantly rose and gave Jason one last kiss, "You're right, we both need a shower and this can wait till later."

" would have been nice to do something now, but I can wait."

"If you promise that you'll come again later I'll suck you off now."

"No problem there," Jason said excitedly.

"Okay, over here," Tommy said gently leading Jason to the bed. Then shoving him down on the bed he knelt between his legs and began licking Jason's cock from head to base.

"Ohhhhhh, shit," Jason moaned, "that feels so fucking good."

Tommy moaned lowly then swallowed Jason's hard cock all the way to the base. Jason was too shocked to make a sound but he instinctively grabbed Tommy's head in his hands and thrust up in an attempt to plant more of his cock in the hot wet confines of Tommy's throat.

Tommy had indeed dreamed of this moment for a long time. Although he and Jason had messed around when they were younger, the teenage version of Jason was everything Tommy had wanted in a lover and he consumed him as if he was starved.

"Oh man...I'm better pull off...."

Tommy moaned and latched on tight and soon he reaped his reward as Jason bucked up then began to spew. His hot sticky teenage cum shot out like a rocket and continued until it had filled Tommy's mouth almost to overflowing.

Reluctantly Tommy swallowed a little then swirled the rest around his mouth, savoring the taste that he had craved for such a long time.

"Dude, I came a lot."

"Mmmm..." Tommy moaned as he swallowed the last of Jason's cum then licked his lips clean, "You taste sooo good. I could eat that every day and never get tired of it."

"Thanks dude. I...can return the favor if you want, or we can wait till later and do a 69 or something."

"I can wait. I've so happy right now that I don't want to spoil it by getting my own nut."

"Well, later then. First thing we better make sure your folks are cool with my staying over."

Tommy breached the subject nervously, but he need not have worried, his folks were in a good mood and had no problem with Jason sleeping over.

"Tomorrow you're ungrounded anyway," his mom said smiling, "and Jason is a nice boy and probably a good influence on you."

Tommy couldn't have agreed more on both counts and he was quick to thank his parents, as did Jason.

The pizza arrived shortly after that and they were busy chowing down for a while. The three boys took their pizza to the living room and were watching a movie on Netflix while the adults enjoyed some alone time at the dining room table.

Tommy and Nate were the main topic of discussion, and though neither adult could figure out what had triggered the change in their attitude toward one another, they were grateful for it. They were tired of the bickering and name calling and truthfully they were tired of Nate trying to get Tommy in trouble every chance he got.

"Maybe the grounding helped," Tommy's dad said after taking a sip of soda.

"Hmm...I don't know. I'm glad to see him and Jason hanging out again. Those boys have been friends for so long I feel like we have three sons."

"Jason is a good kid, despite his family life."

"From what I've heard things have really changed at his house. His mother is dating a man who actually has money and doesn't drink every cent of it away. There's even a rumor that they might be getting married."

"Well, that's good. The boy deserves a good life."

"He's always been nicer to Nate than Tommy was," she laughed, "and that little brother of his, Zak, is such a sweet boy."

"Yeah, shame he's not closer to Nate's age. I think teenagers think it's a crime to associate with anyone under 13," he chuckled.

"I don't think Zak is like that, he's just shy, always has been. I hear he's sort of came out of his shell though. He's been hanging around with those twins, the ones who started the GSA at school."

"Oh, the gay ones," he said grabbing another piece of pizza, "lot has changed since I was a boy. Kids used to get beat up for being a sissy, and now they have clubs for them."

"That's an awful thing to say. They're not sissies, just gay," his wife scolded.

"I'm not saying anything bad about them," her husband said defensively, "I guess it takes all kinds to make the world. I knew a gay boy when I was in high school, Trevor Johnson was his name, went off to the army after graduation and got killed in Afghanistan. He might've been gay, but he still gave his life for his country."

"I had a friend in college who was gay, she was so much fun to be around. Had a girlfriend named Nancy and they were proud as could be to let everyone know they were together."

"Today seems like kids are figuring things out a lot earlier than they used to. I think it's because of all the social media and stuff."

"And the internet, don't forget that. They have a world of porn and information that we didn't have," his wife chuckled.

"Yeah, sometimes I worry about our boys though. Growing up too fast and not taking time to be a kid. That's why I'm glad Nate went out for soccer, it keeps him off the internet and away from those video games for a while."

"Nate is just fine dear," she said patting his hand. She didn't mention that she had noticed the interest her youngest son had taken in one of this fellow team members or the time she'd discovered a open gay webpage on Tommy's laptop.

She supposed it could just be curiosity, but she was a mother and she had a sixth sense when it come to her boys. If one or both of them turned out gay or bi, she could handle it, but she wasn't sure about her husband and she wasn't about to bring up the subject unless she had to.

"Wanna so play some video games now?" Tommy asked as he scarfed down his last piece of pizza.

"Can I come, or no?" Nate said giving the two older teens his best puppy dog look.

"For a while I guess, if Jas don't care."

"Sure, come on squirt, I bet I can beat the pants off ya' though."

Nate giggled, "He's said he's gonna beat my pants off."

"That's not what I meant," Jason laughed.


In Tommy's room they took turns playing against one another, and even though they were pretty evenly matched, Nate won more times than not. He was especially gifted when it came to hand-eye coordination and some of his teachers had noticed his abilities and expected great things from him.

Around nine their mom came knocking on the door and insisted Nate go take a shower or bath and he reluctantly trooped off to obey this mother. When he was gone Tommy scooted a little closer to Jason and turned to look into his eyes.

"Still okay with all this?"

"Uh huh, are you? I mean are you sure I'm who you want for a boyfriend?"

"Yep, always have, just never thought it would happen., it's like some wonderful dream come true."

"Okay then, I guess we gotta give this thing a try, but be patient, cause I'm pretty nervous."

"Nervous? Huh, you think you're nervous. Here I am finally getting what a I want and I'm so scared I'll mess it up by doing or saying the wrong thing," Tommy said baring his heart.

"No worries there, cause I don't think there's anything you could say or do that would turn me off right now. Give me your hand," he said grinning.

Tommy willingly offered his hand and Jason took it into his and just held it for a moment, squeezing it gently, then suddenly he pulled it to his crotch and the lump that filled his jeans.

"You're so hard," he giggled.

"I have been since Nate left and you scooted over here."

"Me too," Tommy confessed.

"Hmm...let me see," Jason said reaching over to touch the equally hard lump in Tommy's jeans.

"What are we gonna do about these?" Tommy said squeezing Jason's junk playfully.

"Uh, well...we should shower first...I guess."

"You can go first," Tommy said grabbing a towel, a washcloth, and some of his boxers and sweats for Jason to change into.

"Hmmm...or we could save water and take a shower together."

"I'd love to, but with my folks here, I'm not sure it's such a good idea."

"Yeah, probably not," Jason sighed.

"If I had my own bathroom it would be different," Tommy said wanting so badly to find a way to make it happen.

"It's no big deal. I just thought it would nice to see each other naked and wet," Jason said grinning.

"Dude, you're killing me," Tommy moaned.

Jason laughed, "Sorry, just teasing you. It's cool."

Tommy stewed the whole time Jason was in the bathroom and when he came back to the bedroom looking and smelling fresh and clean it was all he could do not to jump up and grab him and kiss him all over.

"Ah, that's better," Jason said still toweling his long hair, "Your turn."

"Okay, be right back. Don't start without me," Tommy teased.

"Dude, I been going solo for too long now, I'll gladly wait for you."

While Jason was waiting he played a video game and suddenly Nate appeared in the doorway wearing a pair of soft cotton shorts and loose tee shirt.

"Tommy's in the shower, right?"

"Yep, wanna play while I wait for him?"

"Naw, I know you too don't want me around botherin' ya'. I was gonna ask Tommy if I could borrow his laptop though. Mom and dad say I'm to young to have one of my own."

"Well, hang around till he gets back and you can ask him."

Nate slid down in the floor beside Jason and sighed, "I'm glad you and Tommy are boyfriends now."

"Shhh...not so loud," Jason scolded.

"Mom and dad are in their room, probably doin' it," Nate giggled.

"Dude, did you just say your mom and dad were doin' it?" Jason chuckled.

"Yeah, they do it a lot. One time I got scared after I had a bad dream and went to their room and opened the door and I saw em' doin' it. They didn't see me so I backed out and went to Tommy's room, but he was mean to me and made me go back to bed."

"I've never seen adults doin' it, well except in porn."

"It's sort of cool, but scary too. They were makin' some funny scary noises."

"Like moaning or what?"

"Yeah, and cussing even. I think he said, "gonna fuck the shit out of you", or something like that."

Jason laughed, "Dude, that's fucked up, but cool...I guess."

Tommy returned shortly and Nate jumped up and explained his presence quickly. 

"Okay, but if you look at porn, only go to those sites I showed ya', and be sure to clear the history and stuff."

"I know," Nate said not bothering to remind Tommy that he had been the one to teach Tommy about clearing his history, "I'll be careful, but mostly I want to go to FaceBook and see if Silas has any new pictures. He's sooo cute."

"Dude, you must be in love," Jason chuckled.

"Aren't you?" Nate said smiling.

"I...guess I am," Jason admitted, "and if you get the heck out of here maybe I can do something about it," he said grinning.

Nate giggled, "Okay, have fun you guys. I got a boner just thinkin' about it."

"Nate! Dude, we don't wanna hear about your boner, scoot, and be careful with my laptop," Tommy said, but he was smiling pleasantly the whole time.

Nate grabbed the laptop and power cord and and was almost out the door when he turned and gave the two a warm smile, "I'm really, really glad you guys are together now." Then he turned and left, closing the door behind him.

"Know what? I'm glad too," Jason said jumping up and quickly hugging Tommy.

" smell good," Tommy said nuzzling his best friend and lover's neck.

"So do you," Jason said bringing his face closer and looking flushed, "can I kiss you?"

"You better, cause if you don't I'm gonna die of frustration," Tommy teased.

"Okay, here goes, pucker up," Jason teased, but he was trembling as he moved closer. Then placing his hand behind  Tommy's head he pulled him in and kissed him gently.

The kiss started out slow, but soon it heated up until they were grinding together as their tongues battled it out. When they finally pulled apart to catch a breath of air, they were both flushed and grinning widely.

"Wow, who would have thought kissing could be so much fun?" Jason said happily, "and kissing a boy at that?"

"I sort of knew, but it's so much better with someone you care about," Tommy said staring into Jason's eyes.

"Yeah, it is nice, but I owe you a beejay, so maybe we should go to bed now."

"Okay, but first..." he said pulling away and going over to latch the door, "Just in case."

"Good idea, and we better keep the noise down too," Jason chuckled.

"Yeah, we could gag each other I guess," Tommy joked.

"With dicks," Jason said catching on quickly, "Come on lover, it's time to see if the fire we found kissing is as hot sixty inning."

The fire burned even hotter as they mutually pleasured each other while feeling up each others ass and balls. As Jason sucked on Tommy's cock he thought about the times he and Zak had fooled around and how he had always wanted to try anal sex. Once Zak had become Aidan's boyfriend he and Jason hadn't had as many opportunities to mess around, but he hadn't felt deprived. Now he had his own boyfriend and he was pretty sure Tommy would make sure he never felt that way. Tommy had already hinted that he was ready to go all the way as soon as Jason was ready, and Jason was excited about the prospect of finally experiencing anal sex.

"Wait," Tommy said suddenly as he released his suction on Jason's cock, "I want you to fuck me," he said in an excited voice.

"O....okay," Jason stuttered as he realized his dream was about to come true, "but what about you?"

"I can cum while you fuck me, that's the best way."

"Okay, what do I do?"

"First, we need some lube. I have some lotion in the night stand," he said scooting up so he could reach the night stand, "We should use a condom, but...I don't have any."

"Dude, maybe we should wait then. I mean I don't want to take any chances. I'm pretty sure we're both clean, but I don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with."

"Are you sure?" Tommy said realizing just how hard it must be for Jason to make that concession.

"Absolutely. Dude, we have time to do this thing right. I can wait if you can. I'll get some condoms and some lube first chance I get and maybe you can sleep over at my place and we can do it right."

"That's so sweet of you," Tommy said putting the lotion back in the drawer, "I want this to be perfect and not have to worry about anything. Maybe we should even get tested and then...well once we know we're both clean we can stop using the condoms."

"Yeah, but won't that mean we have to be exclusive?" Jason said, then quickly added, "Not that I care. It's not like I been with anyone...well, maybe there's something I should tell you."

"Oh, well...okay," Tommy said looking stricken. He wasn't sure he wanted to hear what Jason was about to reveal, but if their relationship was to work he supposed they'd need to reveal all their secrets.

"Well, it's not bad...I mean I hope you don't think it's bad, but me and Zak did some stuff," Jason said looking at Tommy to gauge his reaction, "just blow jobs and handjobs though. We never know...anal."

"Oh," Tommy said feeling relieved, "brotherly love huh?" He chuckled, "I can see how that might happen. Is that all you wanted to tell me?"

"Yeah, besides you and Zak and...that girl at the party, and that was just a beejay too. So...basically I guess I'm a virgin, right?"

"Yeah, wish I could say that, but if you don't mind that I've been fucked a few times...I'll be the best boyfriend you could ever have."

"Hey, I'm just glad someone here knows what to do," Jason laughed.

"So, we're cool then, no secrets?"

"Can't think of any on my part. Uh, I hate to bring this up, but what about you and Aidan? Did you guys do the nasty?"

"Yeah, mostly he liked to get fucked, or suck me off. It was a weird relationship really. I'm not sure I ever figured out what we were doing together. It was fun for a minute, but then it just got...I don't know, uncomfortable I guess. Then when him and Jimmy got back together I was actually relieved."

"Yeah, that was a fucked up deal, but I can forget it if you can," Jason said suddenly realizing that he sort of resented Jaden for seducing Tommy.

"I wish I could give you all of me...but since I can't how about if I give you another beejay?"

"Sure we can 69 like we were doing."

"No, I want to give you as much attention as you deserve. I want to kiss and lick you from head to toe and then make you come so hard you will never forget it."

"Sounds wicked dude, but I hate that you still haven't got off."

"Don't worry about me, I'll get off just pleasing you."

"You're the expert," Jason chuckled, "Go for it dude."

An hour later, after both boys had blown an awesome teenage load and were resting cuddled up together, there was a knock at the bedroom door. Scrambling to find some clothes, they were relieved to hear it was only Nate.

"Hey, you guys...can I come in?"

"Just a minute," Tommy said finally finding his underwear and shorts. 

Meanwhile Jason had managed to get dressed and was just zipping up when Tommy opened the bedroom door for his little brother.

Wrinkling his cute nose Tommy grinned, "Smells sexy in here. Like someone had some fun."

"That's for us to know and you to dream about," Tommy chuckled, "What's up?"

"Oh...nothing, cept' mom and dad went to bed and I'm bored. You guys wanna play some video games or watch a movie with me?"

Jason was spent and happy and besides wanting to cuddle with Tommy a little, which he could do later in bed, he really didn't have any reason to say no. "Can we have some popcorn? I'd be up for a movie if we can."

"Yeah, that sounds good. Might even be some left over pizza. I'm pretty hungry right now," Tommy said ruffling his brother's hair.

Usually Nate didn't like anyone messing with his hair, but he was too happy to be spending time with the older teens that he didn't protest this time.

While Tommy microwaved two bags of popcorn, Nate and Jason picked out a movie and popped it in the DVD player, and when it got to the start of the movie Jason paused it. Jason went in to see if he could help and got sodas for them, as Tommy poured the popcorn into two bowls, a large one for him and Jason to share, and a smaller one for Nate.

Settled on the couch Jason and Tommy sat side by side, the popcorn bowl sitting on Jason's lap, while Nate sqeezed in beside Tommy with his smaller bowl.

"This is gonna be fun," Nate said as Jason hit the play button on the remote, "thanks you guys for watchin' the movie with me."

"It's no big deal," Tommy said, "besides we were getting bored anyway, right Jason," he added trying not to crack up.

"Yeah, real bored," Jason laughed.

"Huh uh, I bet you two were gonna do it again," Nate said grinning.

Action on the screen pulled their attention to the movie and for a while they sat watching in silence, the only sound the muching of popcorn and the slurping of soda. The movie was one of the new Transformer movies and all three boys enjoyed it equally, though each had their favorite part.

By the time the movie was over Nate was yawning and looking sleepy and Tommy suggested he go to bed. 

"Will you tuck me in?" Nate pleaded.

"What's up with that. You never needed to be tucked in before?" Tommy chuckled.

Nate shrugged, "I dunno, I just wanna' be tucked in tonight. Pleassssse."

"How about we both tuck you in buddy?" Jason said attacking the smaller boy and throwing him over his shoulder.

Nate giggled and didn't squirm at all. He had always liked Jason and they had always gotten along well, actually better than he and Tommy had. He liked how strong he was and even how he smelled, not like a boy, but more like a man.

Throwing Nate down on his bed Jason sat down on the bed beside him and waited for Tommy to catch up with them. Meanwhile Nate was settling into his pillow and smiling happily. Nate had dressed for bed earlier, in sleep shorts and a tee shirt with SpongeBob SquarePants on it, and Jason couldn't help but notice how cute he looked.

"Under the covers," Tommy said helping Nate to get situated. Then sitting down on the opposite of the bed he pulled the covers up around his younger brother's neck, "There, that okay?"

"Uh huh," he said sounding sleepy, "I'm glad you and Jason are gonna' be boyfriends," he said softly stifling a yawn.

"So are we buddy," Jason said patting the small boy gently, "Now you got two big bros to look out for you."

Nate smiled and looked first at Jason then Tommy, "I love both of my big brothers," he said sweetly causing Tommy to feel a little bit emotional himself.

"Get some sleep Nate, I love you too," Tommy said, and then before he could stop himself he planted a kiss on his little brother's forehead.

Not to be outdone Nate raised up and gave Tommy a peck on the cheek and then as an afterthought pulled Jason down and gave him a peck too, "Goodnight you guys, and thanks for coming to my game and watchin' the movie with me."

"Welcome buddy," Jason said rising at last and wiping at his eyes. Damn allergies, he thought to himself.

"Yeah, goodnight bro. See ya tomorrow."

By the time Tommy turned off the light and the two older boys were out the door Nate was almost asleep.

"He seems...different," Jason said once they were back in Tommy's room, after peeing and brushing their teeth.

"Who? Oh, Nate. Well, I guess we've both changed some these last few weeks. And now...well, more changes and all good," he said slipping an arm around Jason and snuggling into his side.

"It is sort of good, isn't it?"

"Why you," Tommy growled, "just sort of?"

"Okay,'s great," Jason admitted, then looking deep into Tommy's eyes he moved closer and they kissed.

"Mmmm, let's get undressed and move this party to the bed," Tommy said smiling seductively.

Naked and in bed they resumed the kiss as their bodies pressed together and they explored each other with hands and lips. Both were leaking profusely now and their hard cocks rubbed against each other causing shock waves of erotic pleasure through their bodies.

"I'm close," Jason moaned into Tommy's mouth.

"Me too," Tommy gasped, but it was too late for talk as first Jason came and then Tommy followed a second later. 

As a hot thick gusher rose up between them they continued to kiss passionately until they were spent.

"I think we made a mess," Tommy giggled.

"I'd say, but it was worth it. That was intense," Jason panted.

"Yeah, I've had sex before, but this is much better, doing it with someone I really care about," Tommy said placing one last kiss on Jason's lips.

"I don't know a lot about the sex stuff, but I do know I really like what we've done so far."

"I'm glad. Making you happy is really important to me."

"Well, so far you're batting a thousand," Jason sighed happily.

Tommy finally got up and snagged a towel and they cleaned up then cuddled as they talked softly until sleep overtook them. 


Although Tommy and Jason had agreed to keep their new relationship a secret for now, it was a hot topic at the lunch table where the twins and their crew sat eating whatever it was the cafeteria was serving that day.

"You mean Tommy and Jason hooked up this weekend and made it official?" Aidan said once Zak had shared the news.

"Yep, they been friends forever and I always knew Tommy was hot for my brother, but my brother was too stupid to see it. So, when he found out I was gay I guess he got to thinking about what it would be like to have a boyfriend and just sort of all fell into place."

"Wow, that's great," from Jaden, "and I was worried he might be upset that Jimmy and I were back together.  I'm happy for them and I hope they're as happy as me and Jimmy are," he said looking over at his bf and smiling.

"They're kind of keeping it quiet for now, but I knew I could trust you guys, and since you don't hang around with any of their other friends I figured it was safe to tell you."

"Doesn't he have a little bro?" Jeremy asked looking amused.

"Yeah, his name is Nate and he's like ten or something. They don't get along too well, or at least they didn't used to, but Jason said they were all hanging out this weekend and they all got along fine"

"I wonder if his bro knows?" Dee said pressing her shoulder into Jeremy's and causing him to shiver.

"Don't know, but if he's half as smart as most kids his age, he'll figure it out pretty quick," Zak offered.

"Yeah, well as long as he's cool with it I guess it's okay," Jaden said, then changing the subject he led the group into a new area of discussion.


When the twins got home that afternoon they had a surprise waiting for them. Their mom was home early from work and as they hurried into the kitchen for their after school snack she quickly joined them

"I have something for you Aidan," she said presenting a brown manila envelope to him.

"What is it?" he asked with surprise.

"Open it, I have a pretty good idea I know what it is, but I don't want to ruin the surprise."

Nervously Aidan ripped the envelope open and peered inside, then shaking it he grunted as something fell out hitting the floor at his feet. 

"Oh, hey dropped something," Jaden said stooping to pick up the items, then handing them to his brother he said, "Well, what is it?"

"It's, it's....I can't believe's from Argosy records.  They want me to make a CD, well...not just, me and the guys."

"Bro, that's awesome," Jaden said excitedly, then seeing the look on his mother's face he paused, "Uh,'re gonna let him do it, right?"

"Well, I think it's something we need to talk about with you father. I only knew about this because I got a phone call the other day from someone at Argosy. They wanted to know if we'd received the package yet."

"And you didn't say anything?" Aidan said with surprise.

"Well, I guess I just didn't want to deal with it till I had to," she sighed.

"So, what are you thinking?" Jaden asked putting her on the spot.

"I have some concerns, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. I think your father will be the voice of reason on this one."

"Oh, okay," Aidan said trying to stay calm, "I can't wait till dad gets home. I'm gonna go upstairs and call the other guys and see what they know about all this."

"What about your snack?" Mrs. Reynolds said smiling.

"Oh, J could you bring me something?"

"You bet bro, go make your call and I'll fix us something special."

In his room Aidan called Jeremy's house and though Jeremy was there, Isaac was still at school. Often he would stay over to practice his instruments or to tutor other music students and sometimes didn't arrive home till after 5 or so.

"Yeah, I got the same letter," Jeremy said excitedly. Mom is almost as excited as I am, but dad is still at work. I bet he'll be all for it too. Wow, a trip to LA for the recording and a tour of the city too."

"Yeah, it's pretty exciting, but my mom isn't quite as excited as I am. She says dad will probably be the one to decide."

"Oh man, they just gotta' let you go. There's no CD without you," Jeremy lamented.

"Well...I appreciate that, but the truth is, you guys are just as talented as I am and could make your own CD."

"Man, there is no CD without you...end of discussion. We're just here to make you shine dude. You're the star. You don't have 20,000 followers on Instagram for nothing."

"Well, I appreciate that. We'll just have to hope my dad decides it's okay. Meanwhile I'm gonna go crazy waiting," he chuckled.

Jaden came in about then with a plate full of pizza rolls and two bottles of juice. Handing one to his brother he sat the pizza rolls down on the bed and sat down beside him.

"Well, I'll call you as soon as I know anything," Aidan said, "wish me luck."

"I guess he got the letter too," Jaden said when Aidan has ended his call.

"Yup, and his mom is all for it and he says his dad probably will be too, especially for Isaac's sake, since he's planning to got to college and study music. That would look great on a college entrance exam."

"For you too, for all of you," Jaden said, "Come on, eat up. I know you love pizza rolls," he said holding one up for his brother to bite.

Taking a small bite Aidan chewed slowly savoring the taste and then grabbed the remaining piece from Jaden's fingers and gobbled it down.

Jaden laughed, "Got you appetite back I see."

"I just have to believe that dad will do the right thing. I trust him, and no matter what he decides, I'll abide by it."

"He'll say yes," Jaden said grabbing a pizza roll for himself, "He's the coolest dad in the world and so proud of what you've already done. He'll be behind you 100%."

"I hope so, but it is a big step. I mean if the CD is successful it could lead to other things and that might complicate things. I mean mom and dad both said that if the music ever started interfering with my school work that I'd have to cut back."

"I'll help you any way I can bro. We'll make it work no matter what."

"Yeah, thanks. And speaking of don't think I'm gonna make a CD without you do you? You're just as talented as I am and together we can make this thing better than ever."

"Well, like I said, I'll help anyway I can, and if that means howling in the background I can do that," Jaden laughed.

"Howling? Your voice is just as smooth as mine. In fact, I think one of our tracks should be a duet, me singing to you and you singing to me. I even have the number picked out. Come on I'll show you what I had in mind..."

While the boys were upstairs planning, Mrs. Reynolds was busy making a few calls, the first to Jeremy and Isaac's mother. After listening to how excited the woman was at the news she began to feel better about the whole thing, but she still had her concerns. She was almost as anxious for her husband to get home as the boys were.

Her next call was to the number included in the packet. A woman answered and then transfered the call to a man named Brad Turner who she assumed was the same B Turner that had signed the letter.

After explaining who she was and what the call was concerning she was surprised at how warm and personable the man became.

"Those boys can go far with the right management," Mr. Turner said excitedly, "Never have I seen such raw talent and his YouTube videos are amazing. And...that there are two of them...oh man, I gotta tell you, the teenage girls will go absolutely wild. I predict we'll sell a million copies."

"One of my concerns is that you will want the boys to promote the CD and I just can't see them doing that and keeping up with their studies."

"No worries there, the CD won't be ready till sometime in late May. The boys don't go to school year round do they?"

"No, are you saying they could do the promotion during their summer break?"

"Exactly, Mrs. Reynolds I'm not an unreasonable man. I can work around their school schedule and still make this thing work. I figure a couple of weeks of touring, just a few very select venues and some TV and radio exposure, billboards, and most importantly...internet hype, and the boys will be famous overnight."

"That's what worries me," Mrs. Reynolds confessed, "Once they've had a taste of fame, how will they settle back into just being teenage boys?"

"Well, you know them better than I of course. What do you think? Can they handle this? I'm open to any suggestions, but I've had some experience with younger artists and most are grounded enough in their lives to make room for fame and still function on a fairly normal level. From what I've seen of your boys, I think that's the case here as well. Why in fact I have to admit, just listening to the commentaries they had posted on FaceBook have made me feel like I know them a little already and they seem like fine young men."

"They are, thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, but I still need to discuss this with my husband. Would it be okay if I called you tomorrow with our answer."

"Tomorrow is fine, here let me give you my private cell phone number..."

"I'm home Lucy," Mr. Reynolds said as he came through the door smiling and happy to be home and with his family once again.

"In here Ricky," She teased back. Though the Twins had no idea who Ricky and Lucy Ricardo were, it was a running  joke between the married couple.

"You got some splainin' to do," he said mocking the Cuban band leader.

"Ehhhh...Ricky..." she deadpaned.

They both laughed, then kissed, then Mrs. Reynolds pulled back and sighed, "We need to talk."

"Uh oh, am I in trouble?" he teased.

"No, we all are." And she began.

"Oh my, a CD?" Mr. Reynolds said accepting the glass of wine his wife poured for him, "I know we said we didn't want the boys getting too far in over their heads, but you know dear, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Besides the fame and notoriety, there's the money. There could possibly be enough to cover the boys' college education and then some."

"Yes, but what if the fame goes to their head and they want to skip college and become rock stars?" she sighed.

"Dear, we've raised these boys with the same values we have, and I think in the end they'll be able to make the right choices. As parents all we can do is teach our children what they need to know to make those right choices and then trust that they have learned their lessons well."

"So, you think we should let them do it?"

They were interrupted then by the twins who had finally waited as long as they could. Cautiously they approached, expecting to be turned away at any moment, but instead Mrs. Reynolds motioned them to come on in.

"Sit boys, you might as well hear all of this."

"Okay, hi dad," Jaden said smiling brightly.

"How was your day?" Aidan added, then blushed.

"Fine boys, hello to you too," he chuckled, "Your mother says I'm soon to be the father of two rock stars, is that correct?"

"Well...we got an offer to make a CD. I don't know how famous we'll be, but it would be a great opportunity to reach a lot more people than we have on the internet."

"Not to mention, actually make some money," Jaden offered.

"Yeah, there's that. I figure if we put the money in some kind of interest bearing account, we could pay for college and save you and mom having to pay for it."

Mr. Reynolds gave his wife a "told you so look" and smiled, "That sounds reasonable. What about promotion and touring though? You still have to go to school you know?"

Mrs. Reynolds jumped in then, explaining that the CD wouldn't be ready to distribute till May and the boys could promote it during their summer vacation. Mr. Reynolds nodded his agreement and the boys went crazy with excitement.

"So does that mean we can do it?" the twins said in unison.

"Well, I still want to discuss this with Jeremy and Isaac's folks, but yeah...I think it's a go," Mr. Reynolds said looking at his wife for her agreement.

"I've already talked to the boys' mother and she is all for it and seems to think her husband will be as well, but pending their complete agreement I'd say...yes, the deal is on."

The next day Mrs. Reynolds had Jeremy and Isaac and his folks over for dinner and to discuss the record deal. She's called Brad Turner earlier and begged for one more day to make the final decision and he had been agreeable and just as affable as before.

Over dinner they discussed the pros and cons of the deal and eventually they all seemed to agree that the experience was enough of a pro to make it worth the time and effort. Not only would it bring the boys some notoriety, it would give them a glimpse into the world of music as well as business, and if they wound up making enough money to further their education, that was a real bonus.

"Here's to the boys," Jeremy and Isaac's dad said raising his glass, "By the way, have you boy decided on a name for the group?"

"No, not really..." Aidan stammered, "Up until now my name was the only one on the videos, but that won't work for this. We need a name that includes all of us..."

"Well, better figure it out quickly, it would be nice to be able to tell the record company who they'll be recording," Mrs. Reynolds chuckled.

After goodnights were said and the Reynolds family was alone again the boys excused themselves to their room to talk about all that happened in the last forty eight hours.

"Mom's right, we need to come with a name quick, but what?"

"Well, we could just use our initials or know like...AJIJ or something."

"AJIJ, too bad it doesn't spell something."

"JAIJ...AIJJ...uh...JIAJ...uh, damn, nothing."

"Maybe it shouldn't have any of our names in it..."

"Oh, what?"

"I don't know, something that says something about our music."

"Gaybos?" Jaden laughed.

"Ha, about Alternate Love?"

"I like it. We're a gay boy, two bi boys, and a mostly straight boy, that clicks."

"Let's run it past Jeremy and Isaac and see what they think. They should be home by now. I'll text em' then if they're home we can Skype and talk face to face."

The other two were all over the new name and Isaac said he would get one of the kids in art class to work up some kind of logo for the group. It never occurred to the boys that the record company might have had some plans of their own, but as it turned out the name stuck and that evening Alternate Love was born.

End Chapter 25

New love for Tommy and Jason and an opportunity of a lifetime for Alternate Love. Will fame and fortune change the boys for the better or for the worse?  Only time will tell. Next chapter the boys are whisked away to LA for the recording session and a whirlwind tour of the City of Angels.

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