The Family Seed, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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The living room was dark, save for the images flashing from the TV set and the light that was beginning to break through the tiny, almost imperceptible gaps between the blinds that covered the windows. Standing in the entryway, 15 year old Wesley was scratching an itch on his arm as he set his sights on the little boy who was laying on his stomach, watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was no surprise to him that Shaun was up before the rest of the house. He was almost always the first to rise.

When he came downstairs just moments earlier, the sound of cartoons alerted him to his little brother's activities. At the top of the stairs, he saw his father's newspaper sitting on the shelf beside his bedroom door and smiled. His baby brother was always out to please, and he knew that their dad would want to take the paper into the bathroom for his morning sit on the throne.

From Wesley's spot in the doorway, Shaun's bubble butt looked especially enticing. Dressed in a white teeshirt and briefs, the 11 year old seemed to be blissfully unaware of how it was filling out the seat of his white undies. His chin was resting in his hands, propped up by his elbows while his eyes stayed fixed on the TV. His head was tilted back, highlighting his messy black hair and the cowlick that formed right at the crown. From time to time, his feet would wave in the air as he dangled his legs almost unconsciously, letting his calve muscles press into the backs of his thighs.

Seeing his baby brother on the floor brought an instant smile to the 15 year old, revealing his braces to anyone who might have been in the room. He felt a shiver run down his bare legs that caused him to arch his feet. When they cracked, the youngster reached down and adjusted his five inch erection, which had taken the shape of a banana in the pouch of his own white briefs. As if he were in a trance, the cute boy made his way into the living room to join his brother.

Shaun didn't look away from the TV when Wesley approached him from behind. He knew the dynamics of the house well enough that he didn't expect it to be anyone but the 15 year old. He felt the floor shimmer a little bit when Wesley got on his knees and crawled between his legs, then he smiled when he felt his brother's nose press into the seat of his undies. He listened intently as Wesley took a long sniff, still watching his cartoons with a grin. Then he felt his brother's hands pulling him up at the hips while at the same time, hooking the waistband of his briefs and sliding them down to his knees.

Taking his eyes off of the TV for a moment, Shaun pressed his palms into the rug as he assumed the doggy style position for his brother. When he felt Wesley's hands pulling his buns apart and his nose tickling his pucker, he smiled over his shoulder. From his point of view, Wesley's face was almost completely hidden between the mounds of flesh that adorned his backside. All he could see was his brother's brown, lust filled eyes and his rumpled brown hair, which was pointing wildly in all directions. When he felt his brother's tongue working against his moist pucker he sighed and turned his attention back to the TV.

As Wesley feasted at his little brother's back door, the flavor and aroma of hot butthole gave him powerful chills. The youngster's salivary glands were excreting their juices at such a high rate that his braces were practically dripping with spit. He found himself taking firm, indulgent licks of Shaun's tasty pucker, grateful for the opportunity to worship at his baby brother's alter of pleasure. He was so aroused that his own juices were flowing with intensity, filling the living room with the powerful aroma of his pheromones. As they poured out of his bottom, they were infused with the scent of Shaun's desire and began to drift through the house.

Unable to wait, the horny 15 year old slid his boy briefs down to his knees and lined his rod up to Shaun's slick pucker. Feeling his brother's shaft at his back door, the 11 year old smiled over his shoulder and batted his eyes, encouraging Wesley to proceed. With the green light glaringly obvious, Wesley gave a firm push and his young glans were slowly consumed by Shaun's hot, tight rear end. The little boy turned back to the TV, letting his head rest on his hands with a satisfied smile, then Wesley's cock got hot and the boy sighed.

As soon as Wesley started to thrust, he felt his young body tremble with carnal energy. His young cock was burning with pleasure and his still smooth ball sack was pulling tight to his body. His entire groin region was covered in goosebumps that were even visible through the modest patch of pubic hair that encircled his still developing boy cock. His senses were being ravaged by the moist confines of his baby brother's tight boy pussy, which was throbbing around his teenhood as he rocked to and fro with his hips.

Shaun was moaning softly as his brother fed him continuous strokes of his rock hard pole. His three inch boner was pointing straight at the floor, burning with pleasure as his little frame swayed with the momentum of his ride. His boy pussy felt electric as his big brother plunged in and out of it, giving him a feeling of sheer lust as it constricted over and over again. His elbows were starting to burn from the constant friction against the carpet, so he pushed up with his hands and his back arched. With this slight change in his stance, he felt his brother's rod hit a new spot and a strong current of pleasure ran down the backs of his legs.

Less than two minutes into their act, Wesley felt the onset of his orgasm and increased the speed of his humping. Shaun's reactive boy pussy was catching the head of his slender boy cock, sending a chaotic charge through him that he couldn't control. The soft moans of his brother and the way the youngster's back was arching only added to his hopeless bliss, and his only recourse was to thrust harder and faster. With a boyish moan of his own, the horny 15 year old began panting wildly as he raced to the finish line. With one last moan that rang through the house, the boy shoved his twitching rod all the way up Shaun's ass and unloaded his seed.

As his bottom filled up with his brother's precious sperm, the 11 year old let out a cry of joy. Wesley's dick was moving like the needle on a seismograph during an earthquake, spreading his seed around in Shaun's clutching bottom while his 11 year old body sizzled. He began to thrust his little hips back and forth, humping himself on his brother's spewing rod in an effort to fertilize his boy pussy as thoroughly as he could. Finally, Wesley's rod was too sensitive and he pulled out.

Shaun quickly spun around and wrapped his pouty lips around his brother's tool, eager to take what was left of his load in the mouth. After allowing his baby brother to nurse on his sensitive boy cock for a few more moments, the 15 year old lovingly pulled him off and they shared a long, tongue filled kiss. When their tongue's disengaged, the boys shared a smile while they hiked their undies, then they laid side by side on their tummies and watched cartoons.

Upstairs, 18 year old Jason was sitting on the side of his bed, letting loose with a yawn as he cracked his neck. The aroma of hot butthole had drifted into his room through his opened door, coaxing him out of an otherwise restful slumber. As soon as he opened his eyes, the tale tell moans of his little brothers told him they were up and enjoying each others' company. He got up and walked to the bathroom, spotting his dad's morning paper still on the shelf by his bedroom door.

Grateful that he was going in ahead of his father, the teenager quickly took his place in front of the toilet and pulled his dick out of his briefs. Scratching the side of his head with a sleepy yawn, the fresh faced youngster unleashed his morning bladderful, letting it hit the water with an audible roar that carried on for nearly 45 seconds. Shaking off, he flushed the toilet and washed his hands before letting loose with one final yawn that made every joint in his young body crack. As he made his way down the stairs, he felt an itch in his crack and stopped midway to tend to the pesky disruption. Sliding his hand into the seat of his briefs, the boy scratched the inside of his right bun and sighed with relief. Feeling a little naughty himself, the teenager let his three fingers brush across his hole a few times, then he added some pressure. Letting loose with a moan, Jason found himself caught up in a pleasure filled strumming of his own boy pussy that ended with him sliding his middle finger all the way inside. Giving into his needs, the boy treated himself to an extended finger fuck while he panted breathlessly. His head was swirling with lust as he ran his digit back and forth, feeling his moist bottom tremble with need.

Soon, the air around him was even thicker with the smell of horny boy butt than it was when he woke up. His thoughts turned back to his brothers, who were no longer moaning, and he wondered what they were up to. Pulling his finger out of his ass, the horny 18 year old sucked lustily on it for a moment, then he held it under his nose for a long sniff as he hurried down the stairs.

When he padded into the living room, he set his young eyes on his brothers and felt his six inch boner jump in his briefs. Their luscious looking rear ends seemed to be sticking straight out from their slender bodies and the aroma of their desire was wafting heavily into his nose. His own horny rear end was giving off a strong pheromone that was swirling around his head, working in concert with the scent of his two baby brothers to fill him with lust. His heart melted a little when he saw that Wesley had his arm around Shaun's shoulder, tenderly rubbing it while their eyes stayed glued to the cartoons they were watching. In the seat of Shaun's briefs was the evidence of their earlier coitus, a thick glob of boy cum that was soaking through the white, knitted fabric.

Unable to resist, the older boy got behind his brothers, straddling the backs of their touching legs and running his hands across their plump, underwear clad bottoms. He could feel the heat of Shaun's boy pussy right away as he crudely pushed a cotton covered finger into his crack. Using the thin fabric of his underwear to massage the sperm into the lips of his pucker, he was rewarded with an adorable grin from his youngest sibling. With his right hand, he pushed Wesley's briefs up against his hole and began to rub it with firm circles. Wesley responded to this with a moan, then he used his knees to push into the floor and lift his bottom into the air.

With his fingers stimulating both puckers, the strong scent of their arousal poured into his olfactory, making him weak at the knees for their bodies. With a loving smile, he leaned forward and planted a tongue filled kiss on Shaun's mouth while he continued to massage sperm into the lips of his boy pussy. When they broke their kiss, he turned his attention to Wesley, who was watching the show with a look of desire. Without delay, Jason shared a loving French kiss with his brother that lasted a full minute while they moaned into each others' mouths.

When they broke their kiss, Jason sat back and pulled Wesley's briefs off of his hips. As soon as his baby brother's underwear were down, he moved to get between his legs and pulled him up at the hips. Parting his brother's cheeks, the 18 year old nearly fainted when he inhaled the intoxicating scent of Wesley's pheromones. Pulling in air through his clenched teeth, he buried his young face between his brother's buns and began a passion filled ass eating. He could feel his little brother's pucker flexing as he made pass after pass across it with his experienced tongue, knowing that the boy was in a state of sheer euphoria.

While his body was shivering under the force of the rim job that Jason was giving him, Wesley turned his head toward Shaun, who was watching with a naughty smile. When Shaun saw his brother smile back at him, the site of his shiny braces made the 11 year old gush and he leaned in for a kiss. Soon, the younger boys were moaning into each others' mouths while Jason feasted greedily. In the midst of his feast, he let his hand move back to Shawn's bubble butt, where he resumed his rough massaging of the boy's pucker. With a moan of desire, the 11 year old responded to this by easing his briefs down, then he felt Jason's finger push into his hungry hole.

Feeling Shaun's tight rectum swallowing his digit was too enticing for the 18 year old, so he reluctantly abandoned his feast by planting a long, tongue filled kiss against Wesley's winking hole. Repositioning himself behind Shaun, he placed the head of his rod against the boy's pucker and took a firm hold of his hips. When he pushed in, his eyes rolled back and he groaned as the hot, moist tissue wrapped itself tight around the head of his six inch shaft. When Shaun pushed back with his hips and impaled himself on the rest of his length, the cute teenager had to take a few deep breaths to compose himself.

He noticed that Shaun had his chin resting in one hand while he suggestively reached over and groped Wesley's boyhood. Picking up on the signal that his baby brother was giving him, Wesley gave in and stood up on his knees so that he could place the head of his cock against Shaun's saliva coated lips. With a gleeful moan, the horny 11 year old wrapped his lips around Wesley's prick and fell into a lust filled sucking of it while he waited for Jason to begin feeding him full strokes.

Now face to face with nothing but the length of Shaun's torso between them, the two cute teens leaned forward and shared a deep kiss. As soon as their tongues began to dance, Jason began to thrust his cock in and out of Shaun's tight rear end. The boy was moaning softly around Wesley's cock as he took stroke after luscious stroke, knowing that his boy pussy would soon receive another batch of Grade A sperm, straight from a set of family jewels. He could feel the familiar burn of pleasure swirling in his groin while his stiff little boy rod tingled so deliciously between his legs. The joy he took in receiving both of his brothers' cocks at the same time was immeasurable. It made him feel so special to be posted up between them, being filled at both ends while they kissed passionately over his body.

Jason was in his own erotic place as he ran his teenaged cock in and out of his baby brother's tight bottom. He could feel Shaun's rectal muscles contracting, then relaxing, then contracting again in a non stop pattern that was already triggering his climax. The moist crackle of his cock sliding back and forth only added to his pleasure while he shared a long kiss with his brother Wesley. The taste of his brother's kiss was always enough to bring him back for more, and he felt especially close with both of his little siblings this morning as they shared in a special union.

Wesley's head was spinning with carnal pleasure as he wrapped his arms around Jason's neck. The hot, wet recesses of Shaun's mouth and throat never failed to coax a hot load from his balls, and he loved his baby brother so much. But with his tongue lodged deep in Jason's mouth, he felt a dreamy kind of romance that he couldn't describe. It was the feeling that even though Shaun was the littlest one, he was still Jason's little brother. He loved Jason more than anyone in the world, and wanted to be just like him. He melted like butter when Jason wanted to spend time with him. Whether it was to have sex, or just to drive to the mall with him, he would always jump at the chance to spend time with his big brother.

From behind the couch, Ron watched as his boys made sweet love on the floor of the living room. His paper was folded under his arm and he had a massive erection in his boxers. He was filled with pride as his two older boys shared a loving kiss while they fed his baby boy their cocks in unison. Shaun was moaning so contentedly around Wesley's boy cock while he took delicious looking strokes of Jason's adolescent pole. It was such a precious moment between his babies that he didn't dare walk into the room to disrupt it. Instead, he watched with a warm smile as Jason fed Shaun the last of his virility, then he buried his cock all the way up Shaun's ass and froze. As his semen ran deep into the 11 year old's boy pussy, Jason ran his hands through Wesley's messy hair and kissed him hungrily.

When he pulled out, Shaun quickly pulled off of Wesley's prick and got to work. With an animated smile, the freshly fucked boy sucked his oldest brother clean with purrs of satisfaction while Wesley reinserted his boy rod and began a furious ride that ended 30 seconds after it started. Feeling another load erupt in his humming rear end, Shaun once again did his job as the pussy boy, wrapping his lips around Wesley's dripping boyhood with a greedy smile as soon as it was pulled out.

Setting his folded up paper down, Ron went into the living room and approached his boys, who were all excited to see him. They were all on their knees when he walked in, so he lovingly leaned down and planted a deep kiss on each of their mouths, starting with Jason. When they broke their kiss, the 18 year old looked love struck and watched with starry eyes as his dad kissed Wesley with plenty of tongue. When he disengaged from his 15 year old, he knelt down and opened his arms for Shaun. With an adorable smile, the little boy melted into his daddy's embrace, accepting a French kiss that made him moan while he was eased onto his back.

With their tongues still dancing, Ron reached back with his left hand and lifted Shaun's leg into the air, then he used his right hand to rub the boy's cum drooling hole. With another boyish moan that filled his father's mouth, the horny bottom boy instinctively picked his right leg up and presented his boy pussy for breeding. For his determination, the moaning little boy was treated to the joy of feeling the head of Ron's eight inch shaft pushing through his entrance while he moaned gutturally. When he felt his daddy's length push all the way in, a powerful shiver rolled up his back and he sighed.

With his mouth filled to the brim with stiff tongue and his boy pussy trembling around eight thick inches of stiff cock, the boy gazed into his daddy's eyes and sighed dreamily. To Shaun's right, Jason was sitting cross legged on the floor, stroking his messy hair with a loving smile, his boy boner standing straight up. To his left, Wesley had taken a similar seat and was caressing his smiling face, then Ron began to thrust with authority. His vision was clouding up as he accepted hard, deep thrusts from his daddy, making it hard to focus on kissing him. Giving into his state of delirium, the cute 11 year old moaned submissively and let Ron dictate the pace of their kissing while his young body sizzled.

Eager to plant his morning seed, Ron was meticulous as he tilled his little boy's garden of love. The loads that had already been planted there were spreading out along the length of his shaft, so he diligently massaged every strand he could find into the hungry walls of his baby's boy pussy. He could feel Shaun's body working for his load, his juicing glands adding to his offering of precum while they milked his cock with their constant contractions. As if they were nursing on the end of his cock, every nerve ending in Shaun's tight rear end was working to extract his seed for their own consumption.

His hot, squeezing tissue was moist with rectal mucosa that served as both a natural lubricant and a vehicle for the boy's pheromones to escape his body. It was those pheromones that were calling out for his daddy to pleasure him with endless strokes of manhood in his boy pussy. Calling out for his daddy to plant a potent seed deep inside of him that he could keep with him for the day, a seed so potent that it could make a baby if Shaun weren't a boy. Calling out for his daddy to give his body what it craved all the time, no matter the time or place.

Ron knew that his baby boy would happily drop his pants and bend over for him at the drop of a hat. They could be in the middle of a crowded street for all Shaun cared. If Ron wanted to fuck, Shaun would have his pants around his ankles and his ass in the air in an instant, moaning with urgency. It was an urgency that never seemed to abate in his son, no matter how many loads are pumped into his tight rear end.

In the morning Shaun was always the first one up, eager to receive the loads of every male in the house. After school, it's not uncommon for the horny 11 year old to have a boy or two over with the sole intention of having his ass used as a sperm repository. When his brothers get home, he can be found naked and fingering his hungry hole, anxious to receive their cocks. When Ron gets in from work, his baby boy scrambles to get into the doggy style position and take his cock. With his boy pussy filled up with Ron's shaft, the little boy practically sobs over his shoulder and declares his love for his daddy while he thrusts his hips back and forth with a purpose. Before bedtime, Shaun lays in his bed and spreads his legs, beckoning all three males to visit him with a lascivious smile on his face. Even in the middle of the night, Shaun likes to pay his brothers and his daddy frequent visits in their beds for some back door action.

When Ron felt the familiar pangs of his impending climax, he knew it. His balls, which were swinging back and forth like a pendulum and smacking Shaun's tale bone, began to burn furiously. At the same time, he could feel the cum building at the base of his thick shaft, making its slow ascent. The tops of his thighs were flexing and his abdomen was rippling from the three minute session of intercourse that he had been enjoying with his littlest son. Even more profound was the way Shaun's cum hungry hole was starting to close around the head of his cock. He could feel it gripping his glans right at the ridge, sending a powerful charge through him that hastened the rise of his cum load.

Shaun's young face was fixed with a dreamy smile as he felt his daddy's tongue moving in time with the hard, pleasure filled thrusts he was taking. His little body was filled with a warm, almost breathless sensation as he felt his bottom take hold of the cock that was pleasuring him. There was an unchecked feeling of delight spreading through his body and he could smell his boy pussy getting hot. He was right where he wanted to be, on his back with the man he loved most in the world on top of him. He was doing everything that he longed to do with that man, kissing him deeply and tasting his tongue while he accepted his jumbo sized shaft deep in his boy pussy.

He knew that's what he was equipped with. A boy pussy for men and boys to plant their seed in, for men and boys to slide their cocks in. It always made him feel so good when he accepted hot dicks in his boy pussy, and he dreamt of a life spent on his back with his legs opened wide. His hard, hairless cock tingled too, but it wasn't about that. Not for Shaun, at least. He only cared about his boy pussy getting serviced. He liked to suck dicks too, but not as much as he craved having his boy pussy filled with hard cocks and seeded with hot cum.

As these thoughts filled his little boy imagination, Shaun felt his tight rear end close forcefully around his daddy's cock. With a labored groan, Ron buried it deep inside of him and planted his seed while his vision went blurry and his breathing became erratic. Shaun was panting hard into his daddy's mouth, looking up at him with a frantic smile as his well plowed garden was fertilized with a satisfying batch of Ron's sperm. His hungry hole was still contracting around his daddy's pole, opening and closing as it accepted spurt after luscious spurt of cum, then milked it for more.

With a loving smile, the man gently broke his kiss with Shaun, reaching down to caress his smiling face while the boy sighed with contentment. Turning his attention to his other boys, he reached out with a tender touch and stroked their smiling faces while Shaun's boy pussy continued to squeeze his stalk, then he puckered up. Wesley quickly planted a deep kiss on his daddy's lips while the man slipped his finger into the boy's tight ass. When they broke their kiss, Jason moved in, eager for his daddy's affection. Sliding his tongue into Ron's mouth, the boy sighed deeply when Ron slid his middle finger into his hungry rear end.

Finally, he slid his rod out of Shaun's clutching chute and sat back, leaving his digits in place. When his still hard cock sprang free, the two older boys pounced, licking and sucking it with hungry moans, then sharing a French kiss with the head trapped between their mouths. When they separated, it was to make room for Shaun, who wrapped his lips around the head of Ron's prick with a naughty smile. While the well fucked boy indulged in a mouthful of his daddy's cock, the older boys moved down, planting kisses all along his stalk and sucking on his balls with lust filled moans.

When his cock was too sensitive for stimulation, Ron eased his fingers out of his older boys' asses and encouraged them all to let his rod go. Collapsing on the floor in a heap, the man held all three of his boys close while they basked in the afterglow of Shaun's morning seeding.

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