Uncle Ed, Tommy, and Me


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    I don't know why I ever thought about it, but I…No, forget that. I will not lie to you. No matter what you ever think of me know that I won't lie to you about anything. I am pretty sure that I am gay. Let me tell you why.
    First of all I am almost fifteen years old and I have never had any desire to see a girl naked, not even parts of a female body. I sort of shut down when the guys around me start talking about big tits and tight cunts and all of that shit. Since I was ten or eleven I have let my mind focus on their cocks doing whatever they would do to their fantasy girls.
    I had no idea what a guy could do with his cock around a girl. I had heard about fucking and that made me sick at my stomach. For the life of me I can not imagine sticking my cock inside a girl, anywhere.
    By the time I was twelve and in the seventh grade I had a good idea about the mechanics of a blow job. Now that I could handle, as long as it was a boy's mouth doing the blowing. I even began to think of what it would be like to blow some dude.
    I looked at all of the kids in my P.E. class and knew that none of them had a dick worth my efforts. I thought about older guys with big cocks. Not older teenagers, older guys, like maybe old men around twenty or even thirty.
    When my dad was killed in a hunting accident we were up in the mountains with my uncle and another man. There came a bad blizzard and we couldn't get off of the mountain for two days. The power poles were knocked down somewhere so there was no phone and no lights. We had plenty of firewood to keep the chill off of the cabin, but the wind still swept through as if the walls were not there.
    At least that is how I remember us staying in bed together. My uncle and the other man were really nice to me and they kept me warm as I slept in between them. We were all naked so that we could share our body heat and I loved feeling their muscled bodies next to mine.

    Our trip to the woods was a birthday treat for my uncle, he turned eighteen the week before Thanksgiving. His dream had been to go deer hunting and my dad thought that that would be a great plan. Mom wanted us to get a wild turkey for our holiday feast and grandma told us that she loved Wild Turkey, but mom told her to hush her mouth around me.
    I wasn't stupid, I had seen several empty bottles of the aged bourbon over the years. I saw grandma slip a bottle out of her little knitting bag, that she had with her constantly, and take a sip. I had even sipped at the remaining drops in the empty bottles in her trash can when nobody was looking. I was smart enough to know that mom wasn't asking for that kind of wild turkey.
    I was eleven years old and wouldn't turn twelve until March, but I had been hunting with my dad and uncle before so we made a family trip out of it. My uncle had this one man that he was always with and dad said that he could go with us so the four of us went up to the woods on Friday evening after dad came home from work.
    I know that it sounds strange that I don't know the other man's name. He was, what my dad called, a special friend to my uncle and they went to high school together all of their lives. After our hunting trip I never saw him again.

    Mom wanted us to wait for morning,. But dad said that if we went up at night then we could be in our tree stands at dawn. We could bag a deer and be home Saturday night. That made mom happy because she always made me go to church with her on Sunday morning.
    Dad and I had gone out to the woods many times during the summer and he had placed these small platforms up in the trees so we could sit up there and be quiet. Dad always took some special feed along and he put that in a few troughs that he made from dead wood and stuff. He said that the troughs were set so that at least two of the stands up in the trees could have a clear shot at them.
    I sorta didn't like the idea that he was baiting the deer so that we could kill them. I sorta thought about us killing Bambi's dad, but dad asked me if I liked eating a big, thick venison steak and I had to say that I did.

    Before daylight on Saturday all four of us walked quietly to our tree stands. Dad helped me up into mine and told me to keep my mouth shut and my eyes open. That was my first time dear hunting so dad had been teaching me all summer. We went up to the woods and walked around, but when the deer smelled us they ran away. Dad had this stuff that smelled like deer shit that he rubbed all over our clothes and on our faces. He said that when the deer smelled that they would feel safe and not run away.
    I heard the deer before I saw them. They came right up to the trough with the food in it and began to eat. I was so excited that I almost peed myself, but dad told me that the deer could smell pee four miles away and wouldn't come near us, so I held it. Dad had placed my rifle in a fork of a tree branch so that it was sort of aimed at the trough. All I had to do was point and pull the trigger. That's what I did.
    When I pulled my trigger I heard an echo, only it sounded different, but I was so excited that I didn't care as I saw a huge old deer with a rack large enough to fill our front hallway fall to the ground.
    Dad told me to open the bolt of my gun and move away from it then I saw him jump out of his tree and run over to the deer. "You got him right through the heart, he was dead before he fell. Good shooting." He turned to run to me as my uncle came insight yelling his head off that he had just killed a deer.
    "Uh uhh, that's my deer, I kilt it!" I shouted.
    He stopped and looked down at the dead deer, "No, over there. I shot one too. We got two deer. We're gonna be heros." Suddenly we heard the sounds of a wild turkey. Dad and my uncle dropped to the ground and lay on their bellies. Dad got out this weird piece of wood that he said was a turkey call and started making weird noises with it. Then I saw this huge old Tom come from behind a tree.
    My uncle's friend fired his shotgun from behind me and I saw the turkey fall. I hadn't seen him come up and he had both his and my uncle's shotguns with him, as well as his deer rifle. Nobody else had their shotguns so he got the bird. He was also dragging a dead deer behind him. Dad told my uncle and his friend to gut the deer and leave the guts for the wolves as he picked up the turkey.
    Nobody thought about me sitting in the tree and I couldn't watch very well. I wanted to see the heart of my deer. Suddenly a huge wind came up and my tree began to sway. I yelled at dad to get me down and he turned to look at me. I think that he forgot that I was still in the tree. He ran over and was apologizing to me and the wind was blowing leaves and dirt around and it was icy cold.
    Before dad got to my tree snow was blowing and the air got really cold. Dad yelled at my uncle and his friend to drag the deer back to the cabin as quickly as they could. By the time he turned back to me the wind was blowing the snow so hard that I couldn't see him on the ground.
    We had selected my tree because it had a wide fork in it so that I could have a large stand to sit in and not be too far off the ground. Lightening had hit the tree sometime in the past and split it open, but the good part had kept growing and was solid.
    The broken part was jagged and burned and that gave me a bit of a toe hold to climb up and down. I wish that I had not been so scared and had climbed down all by myself. I was a baby and I started to cry. The wind was blowing ice against my face and it stung me. Dirt and leaves were flying into my face and I told dad that I was afraid so he climbed up to get me.
    Dad climbed up on the broken off piece of the tree and reached for me. As he lifted me from my tree stand a big gust of wind blew up. I heard the tree snap and dad was falling with me on top of him. There was a jagged piece of wood sticking up from the ground and it went all of the way through my dad's back and came out of his chest.
    I was laying on top of him as he smiled at me and told me that he loved me. Then he closed his eyes and never woke up. I was scared. It was snowing so hard that I didn't know the way to the cabin. I just lay there on top of my dad and cried.
    What seemed like hours later my uncle lifted me up and held me tight. He and his friend carried me to the cabin and undressed me. They put me down into a bathtub full of hot water and rubbed my arms and legs. I asked about my dad and they both looked sad. I wanted to go get him, but they told me that he needed to remain where he was until the police could see him.
    I didn't want anybody to see him. He was dead and it was because I was a big baby. I cried again. My uncle carried me into his bedroom where a big fire was burning in the fireplace. That room has the largest bed in the cabin and it was piled high with thick blankets. I was placed in the center of the bed and covered up.
    My uncle lay beside me and held me close to him. His friend made us some hot soup and the three of us sat before the fireplace and ate together. I heard them say that the telephones were out and that the electricity was off. I am not really afraid of the dark, but right then I began to scream.
    It was almost dark and the man said that we should get into bed. He said that he had looked out at the car and it was buried in the snow. He said that they would not be able to dig it out before nightfall. The wind was really blowing and the cabin was cold everywhere except in front of the fireplace.
    My uncle placed another log on the fire then he removed all of his clothes. I have seen my uncle naked many times and I like to look at his body. He was an athlete in school and his body showed it. His friend is older than my dad, but his body wasn't bad looking when he pulled his clothes off.
    They both told me that we were all going to sleep naked in the bed together so that we could keep each other warm. I was the one that was kept warm because I got to sleep in the middle.
    We did sleep. I suppose that you think that they were into little kids and did all kinds of sex to me and everything. That is not what happened. My uncle cradled my head on his arm and held me tight to his body. He sang songs that I liked to hear my grandma sing to me when I was little, that made me feel good and I slept.
    The next morning we looked outside and the car was completely buried in snow. We looked out the back door to see if we could spot my dad, but the snow was piled up against that side of the house so that when we opened the door there was a snow wall.
    The stove was propane and we had a full tank delivered a few weeks earlier. Dad said that he wanted to get everything ready in case there was a hard winter. The furnace needed electricity to run, but we had the oven and the burners of the stove to get some heat in the kitchen. The man dug a hole in the snow and put some of our food into it so that it would not spoil.
    The room was cold around the windows so he put the milk and eggs up there to keep them cold where they wouldn't freeze. The water heater worked on propane too so we had hot water for showers and to wash dishes.
    My uncle found the lanterns and a can of Coleman fuel so we had light. They made it comfortable for me, but I missed my dad. We pretty much stayed in bed though. It was too cold to do much else. I saw the man get a hard dick and he kissed my uncle, his dick was hard too. They went into the bathroom together and I think that they sucked each other's dicks. Anyway when they came out their dicks were red and no longer hard.

    The next morning we heard shouting and opened the front door. The county snow plow was sitting out on the road and they asked if we needed help. The man told the county man that we needed the Sheriff, he said that there had been an accident and that my dad was dead.
    About two hours later the car was dug out and there was a path to the front door. There were three Sheriff's deputies there and we all told them what happened to my dad. I cried as I told them that I was a scardy baby and that I caused my dad to die. My uncle held me and told me that it was an accident.
    The deputies went with my uncle's friend and found my dad. They were back there for several hours before the man and my uncle carried me to the car and we drove home. My mother ran to me and held me tight as she cried and said that she was glad that I was alright.
    Four days later we buried my dad next to my grandpa. He had a flag over his coffin and there were three soldiers there with guns that shot into the air. Mom told me that dad was a veteran that served in some war and that the Army gave him a soldiers funeral. That made me proud of my dad. I miss him, I will always miss him. I ride my bike to his grave almost every day and sit and talk to him, just like I used to do when he was home.

    So, like I said at the beginning, I thought about it. Most often thoughts lead to actions and the actions of those thoughts is what brings us to the beginning of my story. I was sitting talking to my dad when I just told him that I was gay and that I wanted to do things with his brother, my uncle.
    Uncle Ed was twenty one and he looked so good. His friend had left him and he was sad all of the time. I love my uncle and I like to have him hold me in his arms. He told me that it was not good for him to hold me any longer. He said that I was too old and that other people would not understand.
    I knew that he was talking about my mother and grandma. I always made sure that they weren't around when I went into uncle Ed's room to be with him. He was home alone when I came in from the cemetery. I walked over to him and sat down in his lap and told him that I had told my dad about my love for him.
    He looked at me so I had to explain. I don't know where I found the courage, but I told him all about what I wanted to do with him. I put my hand on his cock and felt it grow as I told him that I had never sucked a cock, but I would like for him to be my first. I told him that I would like for him to be my only one.
    He looked at me and told me how many ways that was wrong. I reached up and kissed him. He ran his hands through my hair then he kissed me back. He told me that mom had taken grandma to the doctor's and that they would not be back for several hours. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his amazing looking dick.
    My heart was pounding as I held that dick in my hand. His dick was pounding with his heart beat. I pushed his skin down and stared at the perfect head that glistened with moisture. A pearl drop appeared at the tip and I ran my thumb through it. Uncle Ed moaned and squeezed me tight.
    He lifted me up to stand before him. He raised my shirt over my arms and kissed my chest. He unfastened my pants and lowered them down my legs. He cupped my hard cock inside my underwear and sent new sensations all over my body.
     I toed off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. I was naked except for my socks. Uncle Ed wrapped his hand around my cock and balls and smiled at me. He leaned forward and took my five inch cock into his mouth and I shot my load instantly. He teased me for having a hair trigger. I told him that I wanted to make it up to him.
    I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. I could not get all of it into my mouth because it was sticking our through his flies. I fumbled with the button of his pants, when I finally got it open I pushed them down. He was not wearing underwear so I was able to see his whole cock at once.
    It was much more beautiful than I remembered it being when he slept beside me in the cabin. I had have all of it in my mouth. I bent forward once again, but uncle Ed held me back. He removed his pants and shirt then lifted me up and placed me on his bed. He lay down opposite me and I knew that we were going to sixty nine.
    I had never sucked a cock, but I was about to make a wild stab at it. The two of us took the other into our mouths and suckled like starving piglets on each other. I had my first taste of man juice. I wanted more. Uncle Ed made me hold back for several minutes as he sucked me. When his cock grew hard again I took every inch of it into my throat and cried with joy.

    Uncle Ed and I were able to be alone about twice a week when mom went to the grocery store or took grandma somewhere. I know now that our sex life was rather generic, all we did was suck each other. I didn't know that there were other things that we could do that would really rock my world. All of that changed five months later, just before spring break.
    I got out of school early and ducked out of a different door than I usually do. I saw uncle Ed sitting in his car in the parking lot, he was kissing a junior from my school. I walked up to the car and tapped on the window. The two of them pulled apart with fear written all over their faces. Uncle Ed told me to slide into the front seat, in the middle. Tommy got out and let me in then he slid in next to me and we drove off.
    "Before you get mad or say anything listen to me," Ed said. "I came to pick you up. I told Tommy to meet me here then we were going to pull around and wait for you on the other side of the school. You sorta surprised us. We have something that we want you to think about. We are going over to Tommy's house where you will learn everything."
    I sat back in silence. My uncle was cheating on me and with another kid, from my own school. I hated both of them, until Tommy lifted my chin and kissed me. Uncle Ed and I had never kissed. I had never kissed anyone except my mom and grandma and I never kissed them like Tommy and I kissed. My dick was harder than hard. Tommy put his hand on it and squeezed it. I shoved my tongue deeper into his mouth.
    Tommy's folks were gone for the weekend. He told us that their plane was due to land about noon on Monday, but that he would be in school. He grinned at us and told us that we had to entire house to do whatever we wanted until then. Uncle Ed reached over and pulled Tommy's pants down to reveal a huge cock of more than seven thick inches. He nodded at me and I looked at Tommy. He just jutted his groin out toward me and I bit. Well, not a real bite, I sorta took the bait. Like a fish I was hooked.
    Uncle Ed told me to call mom and ask her if I could spend the night. I have not spent any time away from home since the accident and mom was happy that I had a friend. She told me that I could stay as long as I liked, but to not make a nuisance of myself. When I told uncle Ed and Tommy what she said the laughed and told me that I could be a pain in their ass all weekend. I was about to learn, boy was I about to learn. I liked being the pain in the ass, and I liked the kind of pain that they gave me.
    Uncle Ed and Tommy had been seeing each other for almost a year. That was the reason that the other man left uncle Ed. He didn't want to mess with kids. He said that uncle Ed was as young as he had ever messed with, but that he would not mess with anyone under eighteen. Uncle Ed was fine with that, he was growing tired of being told what to do all of the time.
    He told me that the man thought that he was the dad and he bossed uncle Ed around too much. I had seen some of that myself and wondered how uncle Ed could allow the man to do that to him.
    Tommy is sixteen and he likes older men, just like me. He was with another man at a teenage hangout when he met uncle Ed and the two of them left the party together. Tommy was a virgin, but he wanted to get fucked. He had been afraid for the man that he was with to fuck him, but he would have done it so that he would know about it. Uncle Ed saved him. Uncle Ed was the first one to fuck him and he was the first one that Tommy fucked. I wiggled in my seat at the thought of those big cocks in my ass.
    Before supper time I had been fucked by both of them and I wanted more. They made me fuck both of them. They said that it is not fair to fuck and not be fucked. I liked that about them. I was sure that I am gay by the time we were ready for sleeping. The two of them taught me so many different ways to make love that my head was spinning.
    We took turns sixty nining each other while one or the other of us got fucked. That is the best yet. I loved to suck on them as I lay on my back watching them get fucked in the ass. Sucking and getting my cock sucked while getting my ass fucked is a second favorite of mine. I never knew that I could cum like I did when I had a big dick up my ass.
    Uncle Ed's dick is almost seven inches long, but not too thick. Tommy is seven and a half inches long and very thick. He is also uncut, which I really like. I am uncut and exactly six and a half inches long. I am thicker than uncle Ed, but not a thick as Tommy. Tommy has a real butt stretcher that uncle Ed really likes and by the time for school to start Monday I found out that I like it too.

    Spring break was approaching and uncle Ed convinced my mom that I needed closure. He suggested that the two of us go up to the cabin for a week alone. Mom wasn't too sure so uncle Ed told her that I had a good friend that might like to go along as well. Mom met Tommy and she liked him. She met his parents and they met me so it was decided that the three of us would go up the mountain. Mom bought both of us cell phones to use in case of an emergency, Tommy's dad bought him one as well.
    It was still a little cool at the altitude on the mountain, but it was not too cool for three horny sex dogs. We ran through the forest as naked as the wildlife. We fucked any place that we could find to bend over in front of another. The one getting fucked bent forward and sucked the other one so that all three of us were constantly getting off.
    The three of us slept in the large bed together fucked like rabbits in the springtime. No mater how hard we tried we never did make a baby though. That was alright with us. On the way home uncle Ed told Tommy and me something that made us sad. He said that his life was going nowhere and that if he kept on fucking with us then he could very well end up in prison.
    We did not want that to happen. He had already enlisted in the Air Force. He would be leaving the following weekend for his basic training. He told us to look out for each other and to love each other as we already did. He told us that he would come home from time to time and that we would get together.
    Tommy and I both miss him, but we are together. We are the best of friends and even hang out at school when we can. Nobody thinks anything of us being together. We act straight as we visit in the hallways. We have the same lunch period and Tommy has dragged me into his circle of jock friends. They all treat me well and I made friends with some of them.

    Tommy is going to graduate this year. We have been together for sixteen months. I have two more years to go, but Tommy says that he is going to the junior college in town so that we can still see each other.
    Uncle Ed is overseas on assignment with the Air Force. He works on big jet planes and helps to keep them in the air. He came home for Christmas and the three of us got off together for two nights. We had to pry his butt cheeks apart because he had not had sex for ages.
    I don't know why I ever thought about it before I did. I am glad that I know that I am gay. I am very happy with two boyfriends that love me and protect me. I am looking forward to finishing high school and moving in with Tommy at a college somewhere. When uncle Ed gets out of the service he will move in with us. We will both be over eighteen and we can kiss and fuck anywhere that we like.

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