Ethan's Shameless Turn, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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How's that, baby?” he asked as I moaned softly, my eyes fixed on his beautiful face as he ran his cock back and forth in my hungry bottom.

It feels good, Donnie,” I panted, reaching up and pressing into his toned chest with the flat of my palm.

I was on my back with my head on a pillow, letting my ankles rest on Donnie's shoulders as he fed me his length again and again. I puckered my lips and ran my hand along his well defined abs, then I felt my knees pushing into my torso as he leaned down to meet my request. Soon, I was enjoying a deep, tongue filled kiss while my bottom throbbed with searing pleasure. My hard cock was sticking straight out from my body at its full four inches, tingling hard while my legs rocked back and forth with the momentum of his thrusting.

As our tongues danced, I felt him increase his pace and his bushy pelvis began to slam into my rump. At the same time, his cock started to swell in my love tunnel, telling me that I was about to be bred by my top. My response was to wrap my skinny arms around his neck and hold on for dear life as he fed me furious strokes of hard cock that felt so good. Feeling myself getting caught up in the tempo of our union, I moaned heavily when he pushed his eight inches all the way inside of me and froze. With a mouthful of stiff, wet tongue that I was loving, I felt my sizzling rear end fill up with a torrent of hot cum.

When we broke our kiss, I was a love struck puppy as usual. He gingerly pulled out of me, then he carefully eased my legs down to his bed before crawling on top of me and placing his dripping rod in my face. With a horny moan, I wrapped my lips around the end and sucked diligently while he stroked my brown hair. As I went to work on his shaft, I felt it rage back to life, just as I hoped. When I pulled off of it, he crawled off of me and I scrambled to get into the doggy style position.

With my ass pointed straight in the air, he sunk it back in and I felt my body shiver with passion. Soon, I was accepting deep strokes while I moaned into the pillow and my little boner burned with delight. I was gripping the pillow with both hands, holding it tight to my chest as my pleasure soared. His thrusts were so powerful, a perfect illustration of his strength and potency while I let loose with a series of soft, feminine moans that exposed me as the total pussyboy I had become.

When he pulled his shaft out and slapped my rump with the head of his cock, I quickly spun around and took it back in my mouth. In short order, my mouth filled up with a thick, luscious load of cum that I swallowed with a sense of urgency. When I had his entire load in my tummy, I grinned up at him while he pulled me off of his cock.

Was that what you came here for, baby?” he asked, and I nodded up at him with stars in my eyes. “It was good for me, too.”

I'm glad you liked it, Donnie,” I said shyly, watching him cast his eyes on my still rock hard boyhood. “I really needed to make love with you.”

Come here, sugar,” he said softly. “Let your man take care of that boner you have sticking out.”

Obediently I melted into his embrace, letting him kiss me deeply while he slipped his middle finger up my ass. I felt his finger press flat into my swollen prostate, then he began a luscious finger fucking that gave me powerful chills. Removing his digit, he patted his thigh and I quickly acquiesced, straddling his rod and sinking myself down on it with a grin. Soon, I was riding up and down, feeling the sharp ridge of his glans scrub my pleasure spot with force.

There you go, honey,” he said in a soft voice, then he cupped my chin and slipped his tongue in my mouth. Breaking our kiss, he encouraged me, “Ride it out, baby. Ride it until your boner goes away.”

With that, I moaned femininely and felt my rear end clamp down hard around his cock. His fingers were running through my hair and it was driving me wild. I felt my bottom close around his shaft four times in a row, then my ecstasy overflowed and a warm shiver washed over my body. With a sweet kiss, he pulled me off of his still hard cock and we laid flat on the bed. I went down on him, sucking his pole clean with satisfied purrs until he pumped another load into my mouth, this one much smaller than the first. I felt him reach down and fondle my soft little boy rod, then he kissed me on the lips and held me tight while I recovered.

When it was time to get home, I dutifully dressed and kissed my man goodbye. With a dreamy smile fixed to my face, I made my way home and went inside. My parent's greeted me at the door, taking note of my satisfied demeanor right away.

Hey kiddo, were you across the street?” my dad asked, and I nodded.

Start your homework, honey,” my mom said. “Dinner should be ready when you finish.”

Okay,” I sighed, then I turned to walk down the hall, feeling my rear end hum with horny passion. “I might go back to Donnie's house before bedtime.”

That's fine, Ethan,” my mom assured me, then I floated to my room while they went back to what they were doing.

My parents and I had an unspoken understanding between us. I had a gay lover in my life, and they knew it. None of us ever acknowledged that fact, but it was well known. It was glaringly obvious that I was having anal sex with him, too. It was pretty easy for them to tell whenever I'd been partaking in the pleasures of sex with my gay lover. That's because there's nothing else in the world that makes my face glow like having my bottom serviced with a hard cock.

I was pretty sure that they knew I was giving it up for other guys, too. I didn't try to hide my trysts with various men and boys over the years, mainly because I didn't feel like I needed to. I wasn't ashamed at all to be a pussy boy for masculine guys with hard bodies and potent dicks, and I never denied it.

In fact, I was fairly open with my parents about my blooming sexuality as soon as I began to discover who I was and what I wanted.

When I turned 12 years old in January of 1998, my parents bought me a brand new PC for my room. Up to that point, we only had a PC in the family room, and usually my mother hogged it for herself. She was always chatting online about her favorite soap operas and playing poker. Eventually, we had to get a second phone line because she kept getting knocked off whenever one of us would make a call.

As soon as my dad hooked the PC up, he connected it to a splitter so I could share a line with the PC in the family room and I was off and running. The first thing I did online was type porn into the search bar. Right away, a plethora of websites showed up in the listing and I found myself in a near panic. Not having the courage to actually click on one of the links, I found a chat room for kids at my school and spent the evening in there.

The next day I was on the city bus, heading to the mall for a mouse pad with some of my birthday money in my pocket. Figuring that I was too cool to sit up front, I procured a seat near the back of the bus and found myself in deep thought about which color mouse pad I was going to pick out. Along the way, the bus stopped and two guys boarded. They were noticeably holding hands as they made their way toward the back of the bus and wound up taking the seat across the aisle from me.

I watched with interest as they snuggled close and shared occasional kisses on the lips. There was nothing crude about what they were up to. It was just an intimate moment between them that I happened to see. At one point, I surreptitiously peeked over and saw them kissing with their tongues. Having never seen a gay couple before, I was fascinated by their romantic gestures. When we arrived at the mall, I got off the bus right behind them, staring as they held hands and walked ahead of me.

When I got home, I mentioned what I saw to my mom and dad with a giggle. They weren't very amused.

Honey, do you know what the difference between gay and straight means?” my mom asked, and I shrugged.

It means that two guys want to take it up the butt instead of giving it to a girl?” I guessed, and they both shook their heads at me with dismay.

Son, that's not a very nice thing to say,” my dad told me. “We happen to have a gay neighbor who's a very close friend of the family. Did you know that?”

Who is it?” I asked with interest, and my mom and dad shared a knowing look between them.

It's Donnie,” my mom answered, and I raised an eyebrow. “And he happens to be a very nice man.”

I didn't know he was gay,” I said in a quiet tone, feeling a little ashamed that I was so cavalier about the topic. Donnie had been such a huge part of my life growing up that I couldn't remember a time when he wasn't around. Looking back, I never saw him with a wife and he had no children. Suddenly, it made all the sense in the world that he was gay.

Maybe you should take the time to learn about the subject on the Internet instead of looking at porn,” my dad said with a wink, making me blush deeply.

So armed with my marching orders, I went into my room and entered the word gay into the search bar.

It should have been a predictable occurrence, but to my still inexperienced eyes it was a total shock. An exhaustive list of Gay XXX sites appeared before me, and I blinked with uncertainty. Just then, my dad appeared in the doorway and chuckled, then he called down the hall for my mother to come see what I had stumbled upon. With a roll of her eyes, she changed the search term from Gay to Gay Community, and a completely new list of links was generated. My mom and dad sat down with me at my desk as I opened the first link and we had a long talk about tolerance and challenges that gays and lesbians have faced over the years.

After an eye opening hour, I used the back browser button to get back to the original search page so I could look up information about dirt bikes. Unwittingly, I took myself back to the original search I had conducted and found myself face to face with the listing of Gay XXX websites. I considered clicking on a link, especially as I wondered to myself what kinds of things Donnie did with his boyfriends. Then I thought about the gay couple on the bus and found myself imagining what they did when they were alone.

I was about to go through with it when I chickened out at the last minute and clicked the back browser arrow again, taking me back to the blank search bar.

That night, when everyone was sleeping my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself back online. I was praying to the gods that the high pitch whistle of my modem connecting at 25,000 bps wouldn't wake my parents, then my homepage flashed onto the screen. I instantly typed the term Gay Porn into my search bar and a list of even naughtier sounding websites populated on my screen. I quickly clicked the top ranked site and had to blink.

Splashed right across the screen were bright, colorful and very real images of young guys sucking dick and muscle bound men fucking skinny guys in the ass. The guys taking it looked like they were enjoying themselves immensely while the studs seemed to grimace with pleasure. At first I put both hands over my mouth to keep from gasping, then I felt a stir in my body that I'd never felt before. I found myself in a trance, moving from page to page in an effort to consume more while my 12 year old brain tried to process what I was witnessing.

When I went to bed, I imagined myself in the place of those young twinks, getting my ass plugged by a huge muscle man. It didn't make a lot of sense to me because I hadn't thought much about sex up to that point, other than enjoying crude jokes amongst my fellow sixth graders. As I laid in bed and painted the picture in my mind, my hairless little rod sizzled in my tidy whiteys while a curious sensation rolled through my rear end. As I lay in the darkness, I felt my butthole start to moisten and the aroma of my pheromones swirled under my blankets, but I didn't know what was happening.

At 3am, I woke up to pee and hurried down the hall to the bathroom. Not caring at all about the door, I stood in front of the toilet and released my aching bladder. While I was shaking off, I felt my hole itch so I reached back and slid my hand down into my undies. Soon, I found sweet relief as I used my fingertips to scratch it. It felt so good that I gave it a firmer scratch, then I added even more pressure. The itch seemed to be fading but at the same time, it was calling out for more and more attention. It seemed like the deeper I scratched, the deeper the itch got. So I chased it with my middle finger until I found the perfect spot.

My eyes were closed and I was sighing with relief as my finger did its job. Soon, thoughts of being the skinny guy taking it in the ass from a stud filled my imagination. When I opened my eyes, I could see my reflection in the mirror. My mouth was practically hanging open and my breathing was heavy. I had a smile on my face and for the first time, I realized that I was enjoying the strong smell of my butthole. My right leg was turned inward to accommodate the way I was reaching around to scratch as deep as I could, and my mother was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, watching with a stunned expression.

Oh crap!” I exclaimed, then I blushed deep as my finger slid out of my hole. “Mom, close the door!”

With a calm sigh, she told me, “Wash your hands and go back to bed, honey.”

As soon as the door closed, I washed my hands while my cheeks burned with shame. When I made my way down the hall, I could hear through my parents' bedroom door that my mom was telling my dad what she stumbled upon.

The door was already open,” she told him. “He was fingering himself in front of the mirror.”

Well, he's probably trying to figure things out for himself,” my dad said. “I'm sure he went back online to look at those porn sites.”

With that my mom chuckled and said, “Just have a talk with him about closing the door when he's doing that.”

First thing in the morning, dear,” he promised, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

When I made it back to my room, I couldn't resist the urge to get back online and look at more gay porn. I spent a good hour watching as young guys serviced older, bigger men, then I went to bed and slipped a finger back into my itchy hole while I dreamed about doing the same.

The next day, my dad woke me up at 8am sharp, sitting on the side of my bed and having a discussion with me about what my mom walked in on. His only concerns were that I close the door moving forward, and that I didn't hurt myself. He handed me a tube of lubricant and said, “Your mother and I want you to have this just in case.”

For the rest of the weekend, I was in my room looking at nothing but gay porn. My mom and dad opened my door a few times and caught a glimpse of what I had become enamored with but didn't bat an eye. When I went to school on Monday, I was so horny that I could barely function. Every boy in my school seemed to catch my eye and I found myself daydreaming about a few of the male teachers.

For all of the porn that I looked at, I had no method of release other than to finger my ass. I wasn't sure what jacking off entailed, and even so, the young guys on the website I was looking at weren't jerking their cocks at all. Wishing I was at home, I considered feigning a tummy ache so I could hole up in my room.

When I got home from school, I hopped back online and looked at as much gay porn as I could get away with. At some point my mother poked her head in the door and said, “Honey, it's time to get off of the PC and do your homework.”

Giving her a distressed look, I dutifully complied while she walked into my room and rubbed my back.

Is there something you want to talk about, Ethan?” she asked, and I just hung my head. “I know you like being online, and it probably makes you feel special when you look at those pages. But you still have to take care of your school work and your chores.”

I know,” I said, then I looked up at her and sighed. “I'll do my homework.”

Kissing me on the head, she smiled and told me, “When you finish your homework, you can get back online if you want to.”

Thanks mom,” I said with a small smile, then I got to work on my pre-algebra homework.

As soon as I wrapped up my homework, I presented it to my mom and dad for review while I sat on the arm of my dad's recliner. He folded the newspaper up so he could rub the back of my neck and kiss me on the cheek while my mom went through all of my folders with an approving smile.

So mom tells me that you were back online this afternoon, kiddo,” he said while I leaned into him.

Yeah, I wanted to see if there were any new pictures,” I admitted.

I can tell you really enjoy looking at those websites, Ethan,” he observed while I blushed. “Remember the talk we had about the difference between gay and straight?”

I nodded my answer, then I said something that made perfect sense to me but tickled my mom and dad.

Yeah, I was thinking about turning gay soon.”

Sharing an amused smile between them, they tried to explain the folly of my ways.

Son, you can't just decide to turn gay,” he explained. “You can discover that you're gay, but it isn't something that you can just turn on and off with a switch.”

Like a deer in the headlights, I countered with, “But I'm not gay right now. I want to turn gay, but I haven't done it yet.”

Sweetie, if you want to be gay, that means you probably already are gay,” she said, but I shook my head no.

I'm still straight,” I argued, and they both smiled knowingly at me. “I think I'm going to turn gay this weekend.”

I see,” my dad said, wrapping his arm around me for a tight hug. “Well, just let mommy and daddy know when you decide to turn gay, son.”

I will,” I said with a smile, returning his hug. “Can I get online before supper?”

Sure thing, kiddo,” my dad said, so I slid off of the arm rest and made record time back to my room while he exchanged a curious glance with my mom.

At the dinner table, I brought the topic of my sudden sexuality change up again.

Can I go on dates?” I asked.

Do you have someone special that you'd like to take on a date, honey?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no.

Not yet mom, but when I turn gay I'm going to find a boyfriend,” I bragged.

Is there a boy at your school that you like, son?” my dad asked.

There's a lot of cute boys at my school,” I said with a shy smile. “But I want a boyfriend with big muscles.”

That sounds very sexy, sweetie,” my mom said casually. “Is that what you like?”

Yeah,” I answered with a soft tone. “I hope my boyfriend lifts a lot of weights.”

That was where the conversation about my sexuality ended. We moved on to other matters, like mowing the yard and whose cat was spraying our back porch. I suspected that it was Donnie's cat, but my mom reminded me that he was spayed and most likely wouldn't be the culprit.

For the rest of the week, I made a beeline home and got online right away. I would look at gay porn, then stop when my parents would tell me it was time to do my homework. When I resumed my browsing, it was only until bedtime.

On Thursday evening I searched the term Gay Boyfriend and found myself looking at a hookup site I never knew existed. I quickly made an online account by lying about my age, then I entered my zip code and felt my rear end sizzle with desire. All over the screen were local gay guys looking for lovers, and I wanted to meet every one of them. On the second page was a picture of Donnie, shirtless and sexier than I had ever noticed him. Using a floppy disk with pictures on it, I uploaded my profile pic and added my information.

Within minutes, I had three email messages in my inbox. The first message was an auto reply telling me that my account had been setup. The second was a terse message from a concerned local who stumbled across my profile and was alarmed. He lectured me that I was far too young and that he had a nephew my age, then he finished by telling me that he had reported my profile to the site administrators. The third message was from the site administrators telling me that my profile was deleted and my IP address was banned.

Deflated, I went back to browsing dating sites and trying to figure out how I could put myself out there without being singled out for being too young.

On Friday morning, I told my mom and dad that I would be turning gay before I left for school. They both wrapped me up in a long hug and rubbed my back, then my mom said, “We love you very much, Ethan. You come talk to mommy and daddy about anything that's on your mind, okay?”

I promise, mom,” I said, then I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror while I tended to my itchy hole. When I emerged from the bathroom, my hands were washed and my hole was tingling. Even more important to me, though, I was fully gay and ready to find a muscle bound boyfriend.

I was walking home from school when I noticed Donnie in his yard, bagging up leaves. When he spotted me, his eyes lit up and he walked to the sidewalk, almost as if he were trying to intercept me.

Hey buddy, do you have a minute?” he asked, waving me into his yard.

Hi Donnie,” I said shyly, thinking about the shirtless profile pic I saw online. We walked into his garage and he knelt down, placing his hand on my shoulder.

So, I was online last night and saw something that caught my eye,” he said, looking at me with a cautious gaze. “Were you online looking for a hookup?”

My cheeks were on fire as I looked away from him with embarrassment, causing him to sigh.

I wasn't looking for a hookup,” I said shyly. “I was looking for a boyfriend.”
“You know, it's not a good idea to put your picture on sites like that,” he told me. “You're a really cute kid, but someone could use that picture and all of your information the wrong way, pal.”

Are you going to tell my mom and dad?” I asked quietly while he gave me a measured look.

What do you think I should do, Ethan?” he asked with a look of concern.

Be my boyfriend,” I blurted out. Right away his eyes got big and he gave me an incredulous smile.

Be your boyfriend?” he practically laughed, and I felt terrible.

Looking away in shame, I just shrugged and said, “Never mind.”

Hey, kiddo, are you serious?” he asked, kneading my shoulder with a searching look.

Hanging my head, I nodded my confession while he sighed.

My mom and dad know that I want a boyfriend,” I whispered, then I looked up to meet his concerned eyes. “Did you find a boyfriend already?”

Come here, buddy,” he said, wrapping his strong arms around my small frame. “I didn't know you were gay, Ethan.”

I just turned gay,” I told him, feeling his strong hands rub my back. “I wish you were my boyfriend.”

Well you're a very attractive boy, Ethan,” he told me, releasing our hug and smiling warmly. “But I think you'd be happier with a boyfriend closer to your own age.”

Shaking my head in dissent, I told him, “I want a boyfriend with muscles like yours.”

I see,” he told me, still smiling at me. “How about if we go for a walk sometime?”

Like a date?” I asked hopefully, and he responded by caressing my smiling face with his beefy hand.

Sure thing, kiddo,” he said while my heart fluttered. Giving him a shy smile, I leaned in and planted a quick peck on his cheek, then I sighed contentedly and batted my eyes.

How about if you let me walk you home, Ethan?” he asked, and I nodded with stars in my eyes. Taking my backpack from me, he offered me his hand and I leaned into him as we strolled down the sidewalk. By the time we crossed the street to my house, I was on cloud nine and my hole was shivering with a naughty itch that was begging for my finger. We walked inside together and Donnie explained the conversation that we had to my mother. Mercifully, he left out the part about my profile on the gay dating site. My mom on the other hand wasn't quite as gracious, revealing my online activities to Donnie while I cringed inside.

Mom,” I whined when she told him that I had been cruising gay porn sites.

Donnie just smiled and told me, “Don't worry about it, stud. If we would have had the web when I was 12, I would have been up to the same thing.”

I'm glad that I turned gay today,” I said, feeling him rub my back.

With that, my mom explained to him that I was under the impression that gay was something that could be turned on and off, but I paid her no mind. Instead, I gazed into his beautiful eyes and squeezed his firm biceps with my small hands while my hole sizzled with need. When the topic of the walk he promised came up, my mom smiled excitedly and said, “How adorable.”

I want Donnie to be my boyfriend, mom,” I told her, earning me another gushing smile from her while I leaned into his side.

I'll tell you what, kiddo,” he told me. “How about if I come by at 7:30 and we take a stroll through the neighborhood? Maybe while we're out, we'll pickup some hot cocoa to sip for the walk home.”

I gasped excitedly and gave my mom a hopeful, almost pleading look. She gave a loving, almost maternal look and nodded her approval, prompting me to go to her for a tight hug.

I love you, mom,” I said, feeling her rub my back.

I love you too, sweetie,” she said. “I'm very proud of my gay son, and I hope you have a nice date this evening.”

Thanks mom,” I said, then I walked Donnie to the door with a permanent grin on my face.

At the door, he knelt down and caressed my smiling face, then he leaned in and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I felt my lips tingle with passion while my horny bottom rippled with pleasure, then our lips parted and he was gone.

Ahead of my first date, I begged my mom to pick out a nice outfit for me, then she helped me with my hair. When I walked into the living room with a cardigan and my best dockers on, my dad gave me a high whistle and said, “It looks like our boy is out to break a few hearts tonight.”

I smiled shyly and said, “Thanks dad.”

You're welcome, pal,” he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and kissing my cheek, then he pulled his wallet out and handed me $40. “This is for your date this evening. A gentleman always carries cash just in case.”

While we were waiting, my dad told me to follow him down the hall to my parents' room, where he handed me a half used bottle of cologne. Showing me how to dab a little on my neck, he gave me a wink and told me to put it in my room for my next date.

When Donnie arrived to pick me up for our walk, I was practically floating on a cloud. He promised my parents that I'd be home at a decent hour, then we clasped hands and strolled out the door. While we were walking, the moist winter air of the evening and the smell of smoke billowing from chimneys added to the ambiance of our date. At first we didn't say anything, then I found myself leaning into his side as we rounded the first corner. Eventually, the conversation turned to boys at my school that I thought were cute, then I asked Donnie about how many boyfriends he'd had.

Well, when you get to be my age, you tend to have a list a mile long,” he said with a chuckle.

I want to have a list like that, too,” I lamented as he wrapped his muscular arm around my shoulders. Smiling up at him with starry eyes, he told me, “A cutie like you won't have any trouble in the dating department.”

Donnie?” I sighed.


Do you have a boyfriend right now?” I asked, and he smiled down at me.

Of course I do,” he said, and I felt my heart sink for a moment, then he winked at me. “I'm taking a walk with him right now.”

With that, I beamed up at him and nuzzled tight into his side, content to hold his hand until we reached the cafe. After a romantic cup of cocoa with my new boyfriend, I eagerly held his hand and we strolled back to our street. I was sad that we were already home, especially because there was still an hour and a half left on my curfew for the night. Sensing my angst, Donnie told me, “How would you like to hang out with me until it's time to take you home?”

Okay!” I said with an excited smile, then I let him walk me to his house.

As soon as we were inside, my mind began to race with the possibilities. I wondered if we were going to fuck, or if I would just suck his cock. I watched him take his coat off, then he invited me to do the same. When our coats were off, we made a beeline for the PC in his living room, where he took a seat at the desk and patted his thigh.

Now, let's have a look at those websites your mother was telling me about,” he said, and I blushed furiously. Catching onto my embarrassment, he kissed my cheek and said, “Ethan, if I'm you're boyfriend, why would you be shy about showing me what you like to look at?”

I just don't want you to think I'm a slut,” I muttered, and he responded by planting another kiss on my cheek.

Looking at porn doesn't make you a slut, Ethan,” he told me, then he cupped my chin and turned my head so that I was looking into his smiling face. He leaned in and planted a firm kiss on my lips that filled me with desire, then he told me, “Besides, even if you were a slut, I'd still want to be your boyfriend.”

You wouldn't care if a whole bunch of guys... you know?” I asked, looking away with a deep blush.

If a whole bunch of guys did what?” he asked softly, and I sighed.

Gave it to me up the butt,” I practically whispered, and once again, he turned my head so that he could lean in and plant a kiss on my lips.

Is that what you want?” he asked, and I shrugged.

I think so,” I admitted. “I take it in the butt by myself all the time.”

Oh yeah?” he asked while I diverted my embarrassed eyes from his gaze. “That sounds like a lot of fun, Ethan.”

It... it does?” I asked with an unsure look.

Instead of answering my question, he changed the topic on me.

Would you like to learn how to French kiss?” he asked.

I nodded my answer.

Open your mouth, just a little bit, like this,” he said, pushing his tongue through his sealed lips and creating a slight amount of separation between them. I mimicked his action and he nodded in approval, then he gently cupped the back of my head with his huge hand and leaned forward. When our lips made contact, I moaned softly, then his tongue slipped between my lips and I saw fireworks. He tilted his head and sought out my tongue, then he led me in a very sensual dance that ended after about ten seconds.

How was that, lover?” he asked while I sighed with a very contented smile. “Would you like to do that again?”

I nodded my answer, feeling his strong hand still cupping the back of my head. He gently pulled me back into a kiss, this time letting it linger for nearly a minute while my head swam.

Now, let's have a look at those sites,” he said softly, and my only recourse was to nod obediently.

Soon, the familiar images of young twinks being fucked in the ass were flashing across his monitor while I unconsciously ground my bottom into the sharp bend of his knee. The entire time, he was caressing my face and running his hand up the back of my shirt, giving me goosebumps while I dreamt about bottoming for him. At some point, we shared a deep French kiss while I kept my eyes glued to the monitor, then I felt his hand slide into the seat of my pants.

Is this what my sexy lover wants?” he asked while I licked my lips and nodded. “How about another kiss, then?”

With that, our tongues shared another long dance while he unbuttoned my dockers. As soon as my pants and undies were bunched up around my ankles, his thick middle finger found its way into my crack. Realizing that my dreams were coming true, I gave into my desires and allowed him to gain entry with his digit. Feeling that I was dry, he opened his desk drawer and produced a tube of anal lube. When he slid his lubed up finger back into my hole, I moaned and my entire body shivered with the overwhelming pleasure of my first boygasm.

When my boygasm subsided, I wanted to get on my knees and blow him more than anything but he begged off. Instead, we kissed and cuddled while he showed me some of his favorite porn sites. Soon, his finger was back in my hole, running back and forth while I moaned passionately. We shared a series of tongue filled kisses while he finger fucked me to another furious boygasm, then he lovingly pulled my pants and underwear up. When he walked me home, I was on cloud nine the entire time. On the porch, he knelt down and planted a deep kiss on my mouth, then he promised to see me the next day.

That night, I was online for hours, anxious to see more gay porn. When my mom and dad told me that it was time to sign off for the night, I promised that I would, then I promptly went back online. The next day, I was up early and at Donnie's house with my clothes off, offering my ass for his pleasure. His finger found its way back inside of me, bringing me off in no time flat while we kissed and cuddled.

Eventually, he gave in and allowed me to take his cock in my mouth. I was trembling with anticipation as I leaned in and sniffed his cock and balls. I realized that I was inhaling the scent of manhood, and it was making me dizzy with lust. With a careful approach, I covered my teeth with my lips and slipped my mouth over the head of his cock. He ran his fingers through my brown hair and praised me lovingly the entire time, and soon I found myself lost in the pleasures of sucking dick. In the midst of giving my first blow job, I had a powerful boygasm that caused me to dig my fingertips into his thighs, then he warned me that he was about to cum.

Being inexperienced, I opted to stay where I was and soon found myself overwhelmed with a mouthful of hot spunk. It was much more than I expected, and I quickly started to cough while my nasal passage burned from the volume that pushed into it from my mouth. Still, I enjoyed the flavor and the smooth consistency of the cum that I managed to swallow so much that I wanted to work for another mouthful right away.

By the end of the morning, I managed to talk Donnie into entering me with is man cock. It was bigger than I ever imagined a cock could be, and I wondered how it would fit in my ass. Still, I was determined to take it, so he instructed me to straddle his midsection and take it slow. Once again, Donnie praised me the entire time, caressing my face while I slowly accepted his length. After an hour of inching it in, I found myself sitting on his thick pubic mane while my soft buns rested against the tops of his thighs.

Push up with your thighs, baby,” he encouraged me, and soon I was enjoying my first ride while he smiled and stroked my face with a gentle touch. My little cock had retracted into my body at first, but eventually it raged back to life, sticking straight out from my body while I rode his stallion. In no time flat, I achieved a strong anal orgasm, then a second and third orgasm followed in rapid succession. When he seeded my boy pussy, I was in so much ecstasy that my eyes were shut tight and my moans were continuous. He carefully eased me off of his cock and I instinctively sucked it clean of every cum strand I could find.

When I checked in for supper, my parents were giving me knowing looks while I ate. I was freshly showered when I walked in the door, an obvious tell for them that I had been in Donnie's bed. Driven by lust, I announced that I had a date and went back to Donnie's house. When I came in for the evening, the smell of soap and the contented glow on my face was their indicator that I had been pleasured by my lover.

The next day, I was back at Donnie's house, anxious for more anal sex. On Monday, I hurried to Donnie's house after school, eager to be butt fucked by my boyfriend. When I walked home, the pungent aroma of anal sex was dancing around my satisfied body, but I carried on as if nothing were the matter. As soon as dinner was eaten, I quickly returned to Donnie's house for more action.

A few days later, I put Donnie's picture in my wallet and did little to hide it from my mom and dad. When he bought me a dildo, I used it at home with regularity. One morning I was up way before my alarm, so I slid the dildo up my ass and rode it with horny moans that woke my dad up. I heard the unmistakable sound of his footsteps at my door, but was too enamored with my ride to stop. I even began dropping hints at school that I was gay and liked to be fucked in the ass. My math teacher overheard me bragging and pulled me to the side, then she gently explained that those things were private. When I nodded my head in understanding, she smiled and sent me on my way.

My next big step happened on a Friday in early March. Without much ado, I told my mom and dad that I would be spending the night with Donnie, then I stuffed a change of clothes into my backpack and went across the street. Soon, I was spending all weekend with my lover with no protest from either of them. When Spring break came around, I spent every night with him in his bed, only checking in with my mom from time to time.

When I came home on Sunday night, I had a fresh load of sperm in my ass that was kept in place by the new butt plug that Donnie bought for me. I was wearing his favorite shirt, which hung down to my knees. Under Donnie's shirt was nothing but a pair of briefs that I put on ahead of my arrival home. When I walked in, my parents barely acknowledged my week long absence and greeted me as if everything was normal. I was positive that they could see the way my ass was switching from side to side as I walked, but they simply let it go.

One Wednesday, I was leaving Donnie's house when a certain boy caught my eye. His name was Andy, a fifteen year old stud who lived down the street from me. Over the years we'd talked, but we were never close friends. From time to time he would see me walking home, letting my ass swing gayly as thoughts of being topped filled my horny imagination. On this occasion, he was coming down the street in his baseball uniform with a pair of dusty cleats hanging over his shoulder. I was still burning with the afterglow of my coitus with Donnie and was feeling extra horny for a cock to suck. When he saw me walking out of my lover's yard, we locked eyes.

Hey Ethan,” he said, giving me a curious look as my hips swayed from side to side.

Hey Andy,” I said, batting my eyes at him suggestively. “Are you walking home?”

Yeah, I had baseball practice,” he said, letting his eyes travel up and down my yearning body. “Can I ask you something?”

You can ask me anything you want,” I said with a naughty inflection in my voice.

Are you like, gay?” he asked with an unsure expression.

I nodded my answer with a lick of my lips, then I settled my gaze on his crotch and said, “I can show you in my room if you want?”

In your room?” he asked with a crack in his voice.

I nodded with a moan.

Andy thought I was crazy to take him to my room with my mom home, but I was determined to wrap my lips around his shaft. As soon as I closed the door, I peeled his cotton pants off and removed his boxer briefs, only to find myself face to face with his very full jock strap. The smell of sweaty teen balls was suddenly heavy in my room, and I realized that I was breathing in the very essence of his masculinity. When I peeled his jock strap down, his teen boner sprang free and his cup fell to the floor. With a moan that I was sure my mother could hear, I made my move by sliding his rigid teenhood into my mouth and swallowing it effortlessly. My own little boner was burning with passion as I deep throated my teenaged Adonis and rolled my horny rear end around.

Finally, I gave into my demons and pulled my pants down, then I promptly bent over and begged him to fuck me. When he slid his cock up my ass, I came immediately and with so much intensity that I called his name out. He had enough endurance to feed me about ten strokes, then his seed erupted into my rear end while I called out for him to fill me up with it. When he pulled out, I was all over his cock like a bitch in heat, sucking it clean while he locked his fingers behind his head and watched with a grin.

When it was over, I promised him easy access to my boy pussy anytime and anywhere he wanted it. When I walked him to the door, I was all over him, holding his hand and leaning into his side while my rear end hummed with carnal passion. My mom watched us walk to the door, then he suggested that maybe one of us could spend the night at the other's house that weekend. Right in front of my mother, I told him that he was invited to sleep in my bed any night of the week. I asked if he would come see me the next day, and he surprised me by kissing me on the lips and promising he would.

With an extra load of cum filling my rear end, I inserted my butt plug and got busy with my homework. During dinner, I told my mom and dad that I would be spending the night with Andy that weekend, but I never specified where. When dinner was over, I hurried across the street to see Donnie for another cock ride. When I told him about Andy, he wasn't bothered at all. Instead, he seemed to put more effort into pleasuring me, all the while talking about how hot it was that I had another lover. The next day, Andy was back in my room, plowing my hungry rear end in my bed while I pushed back to meet his forward thrusts.

On Friday afternoon, I took a satisfying ride on Donnie's shaft, then I entertained in my room for Andy. When he finished seeding me, I packed my clothes and he held my hand on the way to his house. I was stunned at how tender he was with me in front of his dad, Mr. Johnson, who didn't seem fazed at all when he said, “This is the boy I like.”

It seemed a foregone conclusion that his dad knew we were going to fuck in his bedroom, so I really didn't bat an eye when he asked me, “Are you in the mood to go to my room?”

Instead, I gave him a tender smile and we held hands as we climbed the stairs to his room. As soon as we were out of our clothes, I removed my butt plug and crawled into his bed. I sat straight up on my knees while he crawled in behind me, then I rested my back against his chest and raised my rear end up so I could settle it on his cock. I was so horny to take a ride that I could hardly wait for him to enter me. I had shivers running through my body, traveling up my spine and down my legs as I settled my blooming entrance against the head of his 15 year old pole. The heat of his skin against my back felt so good while his slimy glans melted into my boy pussy, then I sank myself all the way down and sighed.

Does that feel good, baby?” he asked, and I nodded.

It feels really good, Andy,” I admitted, then he kissed my cheek tenderly.

Call me honey,” he whispered in my ear, and I cooed with dreamy affection.

Okay, honey,” I said, then I began to ride him slowly. “Do you want me to say it all the time?”

Yes, even in front of my dad,” he hissed, then he used both of his hands to cup my head and turn it so that we were face to face. “Anytime we're together, I want you to call me honey.”

I promise, honey,” I sighed, gazing into his gorgeous brown eyes with a smile. His expression was captivating, a mixture of lust and something deeper that I couldn't put my finger on. Before I had time to process it, though, he leaned in and planted a hard kiss on my lips. Then he surprised me by slipping his tongue into my mouth and treating me to a deep French kiss while I continued to ride his cock. When we broke our kiss, he spoke to me.

Am I a good kisser?” he asked, and I nodded through a soft moan. “Kiss me again, baby.”

With that, I puckered up and melted into an extended kiss that carried me to my climax while his well developed shaft hammered my spot. As my rear end was clamping down around his cock, he moaned with authority into my mouth and fired his load deep inside of me.

When he pulled out, I happily sucked his cock clean, then we fell into a long makeout session on his bed. Just like Donnie, Andy had a favorite shirt he wanted me to wear, and I eagerly put it on for him as soon as my butt plug was back in. I slid my briefs on under the shirt, then he wrapped his arm around me and we walked downstairs. My satisfied bottom was swinging from side to side while we walked, and I could see Mr. Johnson watching me as we moved through the kitchen. When Andy leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on my lips, I batted my eyes up at him with a glowing smile and said, “Thank you, honey.”

In the middle of the night, I woke up needing to pee. Kissing my lover on the lips, I carefully extracted myself from his warm embrace and went to the bathroom. When I rejoined him, I pulled the butt plug out and planted a deep kiss on his mouth. When I knew he was awake, I asked him to make love to me right away. For my efforts, I was treated to a missionary style butt fucking that brought me to three easy boygasms while we kissed. Instead of reinserting the butt plug, Andy spooned behind me and slid his throbbing cock into my rear end. I was in sheer ecstasy when I felt his hard rod embed itself into me, then we fell asleep and I had the sweetest dream ever.

When I woke up, his morning wood felt so enticing that I had to treat myself to a luscious ride. As I rode out my morning lay, his hands came to rest on my hips and he began feeding me thrusts that felt amazing. My boygasm crept up on me, causing my rear end to clamp down over and over around his rod until he seeded me. When he pulled out, I sucked him clean, then I got up and hurried to the bathroom so I could expel the loads in my ass.

When I came out of the bathroom, Mr. Johnson was walking out of his bedroom with his robe wide open. I could see his boxers and his toned midsection, giving me chills of delight as he smiled down at me.

Good morning, Ethan,” he said in a soft voice. “I see you made it out of bed before Andy.”

Yeah, I had to go to the bathroom,” I said shyly.

Well, you're welcome to join me downstairs for breakfast if you'd like,” he said, giving me a wink that I took as playful.

With that, he descended the stairs and I made a beeline back to Andy's room. Still reeling from our morning romp, I planted a deep French kiss on his mouth and cuddled in his arms. While I was resting in his embrace, I spotted the butt plug on the bed. I lustily sucked it clean, then I got up and placed it on the night stand beside his bed before making my way downstairs. When I padded into the kitchen, Mr. Johnson was sitting down with his first cup of coffee. Right away, he engaged me.

I see you made it, buddy,” he said, eliciting a smile from me.

Yeah, I wanted to check on Andy,” I said sweetly. “He's still asleep.”

That's okay, he's got a game later this morning and probably needs his rest,” the man said, reaching out and ruffling my messy hair. “I heard you two rolling around in his bed last night. Did you have a good time?”

Yeah,” I said, smiling shyly this time.

You know, I can tell that my boy really likes you,” he observed with a warm smile.

I like him too,” I said. “He's really cute.”

Well, you're quite the cutie yourself, Ethan,” he reminded me, and once again I blushed. “Andy tells me you have quite the appetite for cock.”

He did?” I asked curiously, and he nodded.

He said you have a much older lover taking care of your bottom,” he remarked, then he reached down and adjusted his growing package. “Do you like older men, Ethan?”

Seeing him adjust the hose in his boxers made my mouth water, and as I nodded my answer I couldn't help but lick my lips. All of the sudden, he changed the topic.

If you're hungry or thirsty, you can grab whatever you want,” he said, then he motioned to the cupboard by the stove. “There's pop tarts and cereal if you want.”

Thank you, Mr. Johnson,” I said politely, wondering if I would get the chance to make my move. What he said next gave me my opening.

If you feel like having something else, just help yourself,” he said, adjusting his package again, which had become a full blown erection. “You can have anything you like, buddy.”

It took me all of 10 seconds to scramble between his legs and pull his long, thick pole out of his boxers. As soon as I had the throbbing treat in my hands, I wrapped my lips around it and eased myself into a full blown deep throating while I let loose with horny moans. I was so hot for his load that I completely disregarded how badly I wanted to feel him in my boy pussy, instead opting to suck a fast load straight from his low hangers. Two minutes later, I sat up and swallowed while he smiled down at me approvingly. Licking my cum coated lips with a smile of my own, I moved back in, eager to lick and suck his cock and balls clean of all cum and spit.

While I was still worshiping at Mr. Johnson's alter of flesh, the chair beside him was dragged out from under the table, catching my attention. When I looked up, Andy was sitting with his legs opened wide and his teen cock standing at full attention. It didn't take me long to wrap my lips around his rod and suck it with a purpose. While I was blowing my dreamy lover, I felt Mr. Johnson pull me up at the hips, prompting me to part my feet. Realizing that I was about to receive two cocks at once, I felt my boy pussy get hot as my dreams were realized.

When his massive cock head began to push through my anal ring, I let my mind race back to the gay porn sites I'd visited. I thought about the twinks I saw being split roasted between two studs and knew that my desires were culminating into a glorious double team. With one easy push, Mr. Johnson's massive cock began sliding into my ass and I experienced a punishing anal orgasm that rocked me to the core.

Damn, I can't believe how tight this ass is,” he exclaimed, then I felt Andy's fingers running through my messy hair. “It feels like he's already nutting.”

He probably is, dad,” Andy said, his voice still a little hoarse from just waking up. “He always gets off quick when I fuck him.”

With animated eyes, I nodded up at Andy to confirm that what he was saying was true, then Mr. Johnson began feeding me thrusts that felt so good. Soon, I found myself enjoying another strong climax, then a third and forth rocked my frame in rapid succession. When Mr. Johnson pulled out at the last second, I was quick to spin around and take his cock in my mouth, letting him blow his load there while Andy slipped in and fucked me to another mind blowing climax. When it was over, Andy and I cuddled in his dad's lap while we all basked in the afterglow of our threesome. When we recovered, Mr. Johnson cooked a real breakfast for us, then we got dressed and drove to the ball field.

At Andy's game, Mr. Johnson and I managed to slip into a stall in the men's room. After having a satisfying load pumped into my ass, he held me close while I basked in the afterglow and watched my teen Adonis in action. In the car after the game, I blew my 15 year old stud while his dad watched in the rear view mirror. Later that day, I carried my backpack to Donnie's house, where I spent the rest of the weekend having my hole filled with cock and cum.

When I returned home on Sunday night, I was wearing Andy's favorite shirt and had his picture in my wallet with Donnie's. I couldn't wait to see him the next day, so I got on the phone and begged him to come see me before it was bed time. When he arrived, I took him to my room and we quickly did the deed, then I saw him to the front porch, where we shared a deep kiss with the light off.

When he walked away, I sighed and went back inside, where my mom and dad were watching TV. I joined them on the couch, curling my legs up under my shivering body while I rested my head in my mom's lap.

Did you have a good weekend, sweetie?” she asked, and I nodded. “Daddy and I have noticed that you've been enjoying Andy's company a lot.”

Yeah, he's really cute,” I sighed, feeling her stroke my hair. “Mom, dad?”

Yeah pal?” my dad said while my mom lightly scratched my scalp with her fingernails.

Do I have to go to camp this summer?”

You don't want to go to camp, buddy?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

I want to stay home so I can spend time with Andy,” I said, feeling my mom rub my chest with her hand.

Is that all?” my mom asked, and I shook my head no.

Donnie, too,” I admitted, and she leaned down and kissed the end of my nose.

We love you, honey,” she said with a warm smile.

I love you both, too,” I said, then I got comfortable and turned my attention to the TV. “Mom, dad?”

Yes honey?” my mom said.

Remember when I turned gay?” I asked, and they nodded. “Are you still proud of me?”

Of course we are, buddy,” my dad said, reaching down to rub my legs.

Are you still friends with Donnie?”

My mom and dad shared a quiet but thoughtful look between them, then my dad commented, “It's been a while since we've had Donnie over for dinner, hasn't it?”

I guess it has been a while,” she agreed, then they gave me a tender smile. “I think we might need to send you across the street with an invitation for supper.”

Thanks mom, thanks dad,” I said, then I nuzzled my head in her lap and laid still, content to watch TV until it was bedtime.

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