The Trouble with Austin, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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A Boyslut Feasts with Men~

With his lips wrapped tight around Stanley's cock, Austin smiled with devotion and let loose with a long, horny moan while he cupped his grandpa's balls. He was naked from the waist down, perched on his hands and knees in the doggy style pose on the surface of the coffee table in his grandpa's living room while he sucked cock. He was treating himself to Stanley's full length, taking the massive cock deep in his talented throat while his chin absorbed continuous bumps from the man's low hanging balls. His lips were shiny and swollen from the activities of his day, which had started with the early morning romp with his uncle and his cousin.

He was covered with goosebumps from head to toe and his tiny nipples were hard with desire beneath his shirt. Between his legs, his hard as steel boy cock was standing like a miniature flag pole, so rigid that a network of red and blue veins could be seen through the tightly stretched skin. Further down, his little nut sack was pulled so tight to his groin that his boy sized nuts seemed to bulge through his scrotal sack. His skinny seam looked red hot in contrast to his pale, hairless taint. It seemed to be painting a line that ran all the way down to his pucker, which was dark red, moist and stretched tight around the thick pole that was resting inside of him.

Austin's hazel eyes were fixed with a bedroom quality that had long ago crept in. Indeed, the youngster had been sending mating signals all day with his eyes, communicating his need to copulate with any available male he could lure. So it was no surprise to Stanley when he drove the youngster to his house that he would be in the mood for any action he could get. He waited for Austin and Jimmy when they got off the bus, watching from the front window of his daughter's home as they stared longingly at the empty driveway of Steven's house. Realizing that their stud was in class, the young couple held hands and walked up the steps of Austin's porch, where they shared a long French kiss before coming inside.

As soon as Stanley set his gaze on Austin's cherubic face, he spotted the boy's swollen lips and a slight film of cum that had crusted around them. Even more telling was the fact that his grandson's bottom was soaked with sperm that was seeping through the seat of his navy blue corduroy pants. Noting that the cum patch looked fresh and voluminous, the man opted to pay it little mind as the boys greeted him with a pair of smiles. He noted that Jimmy's lips were just as swollen as Austin's, and he knew that the boys had sucked their fair share of cocks throughout the day. He knew he'd get the details from Austin as soon as Jimmy was gone, but until then, he held his questions at bey. Instead, he nodded amiably when Austin announced that he was going upstairs to spend some time with Jimmy.

When the boys emerged 20 minutes later, both of them were in a state of wreck. Austin had visible cum shots in his light brown hair and his lips were glossed with fresh cum, ass juice and saliva. Likewise, Jimmy's dark hair was sweaty and matted to his brow by the cum that was running out of Austin's derrière. The stink of Austin's rear end was rolling off of his glowing face and there was a red imprint on his cheeks shaped like Austin's crevice. His lips were moist with spit and there was a sheen of cum and ass juice that formed a mustache on his upper lip. Jimmy was fully dressed while Austin was only wearing his lavender panties, which were still soaked with the cum and ass juice that he had expelled from his boy pussy.

They held hands as they descended the stairs and walked to the front door, seeming not to notice Stanley's presence at the dining room table. Sharing another deep kiss and an exchange of “I love you's,” the boys parted ways with a tender smile and a promise to call and text each other throughout the evening.

As soon as the door closed, Austin sighed, then he felt his grandpa's strong hands grabbing his cum matted bottom and moaned.

It looks like you had fun today, baby,” Stanley noted, and Austin smiled up at his grandpa.

I had a lot of fun, grandpa,” the little boy lisped, feeling especially feminine after a full day of servicing cocks at school. Letting his gaze travel down to the seat of his panties, the boy pouted and added, “I dirtied my panties after school, though.”

I see that, honey,” the man said, kneeling down and placing himself at eye level with the boy. “How did that happen?”

I had a lot of cum in my butt,” the boy said with a soft tone, resting his head on Stanley's shoulder. “I held it all the way until we got off the bus, but then it all came out.”

How about if we get in the shower together?” Stanley suggested, rubbing Austin's bare back with gentle strokes while he pulled the waistband of his panties back and examined the cummy mess. “Then we'll put you in some nice, clean panties and drive to grandpa's house.”

Okay, grandpa!” the little boy lisped excitedly, earning him a deep French kiss from the man.

True to his word, the man took his grandson to the laundry room and tossed his cum matted undergarments and corduroy pants into the washing machine, then he accompanied him to the bathroom and started the water. Before they got in, Stanley bent the little boy over and ate the remaining cum out of his hole while Austin moaned with pleasure. When he pulled his face out of the boy's rear end, he slipped his cock in and fucked a fast replacement load into the youngster. When they climbed into the shower, he dutifully washed his grandson from head to toe, then he bent the little cum slut over again and treated him to a repeat performance.

Fresh out of the shower, the boy slipped into a pink pair of panties and donned a clean set of clothes. When he was dressed, they drove to Stanley's house. Along the way, Stanley turned the radio off and spoke to his grandson about his day.

I see you've been a busy little cock hound all day,” the man noted, reaching out and tracing the diameter of his grandson's puffy lips with his thumb. “How many dicks did you suck today, Austin?”

I don't remember,” the 12 year old admitted with a naughty smile, sending a thrill through the man. “My mom took me to Uncle Mike's this morning.”

That's what I heard,” the man said, running his fingers through Austin's light brown hair. “Uncle Mike said you had quite the feast this morning.”

I did,” Austin confirmed, sighing contentedly as he thought about eating at Seth's back door. “I got laid really good, too.”

Is that why you had so much cum in your boy box?” Stanley asked, watching his grandson shrug his reply.

I took more cum up the butt when I got to school,” the boy admitted. “I was really horny when I got dropped off.”

Oh yeah?” the man asked, giving his grandson a lecherous smile. The little boy nodded in the affirmative again, licking his swollen lips as he revealed the details about his day of cock service at school.

Austin's well serviced rear end was humming with non stop pleasure when his uncle pulled up in front of his school and dropped him off. When he got out of the car, he spotted Jimmy getting off of the bus and his heart skipped a beat. Letting his busy bottom swing gayly from side to side, the little boy made a beeline for his boyfriend, whose adorable face lit up when he spotted the 12 year old. The two held hands and walked to class while Mike watched, following the morning line of cars out of the drop off lane until he was turning left out onto the street.

Just as he made his turn, his cell phone rang through blue tooth. It was Sheila.

Hey sis,” the man said, concentrating on the road.

Hi Mike, I was just checking in to make sure everything is okay,” she said with a sigh. “I hated not seeing him off to the bus this morning.”

No worries, sis, we took good care of him,” he said. “I just dropped him off and he found his little buddy before I could even get out of the parking lot.”

It must be Jimmy,” she said forlornly. “They ride the bus in together.”

Yeah, I can tell they were glad to see each other,” Mike observed, then he heard his sister sigh again.

I can't be home when he gets off the bus today,” she said with a note of disappointment in her voice. “I hate having to lean on you and dad to keep an eye on him.”

Don't worry about it, Sheila,” he assured her. “I know dad enjoys keeping Austin after school. Seth and I are glad to have him over in the morning, too.”

While Mike was reassuring his sister that Austin would be well taken care of, the 12 year old was being ushered into a classroom with Jimmy in tow. The bell for first period was fifteen minutes off, just enough time for the boys to make their move with Mr. Jones, a 7th grade English teacher who had been finding pleasures at Jimmy's back door for months. A man in his mid 30's, he was a well sculpted, well endowed brunette whose cock filled the 13 year old's dreams all night long. When he wasn't bent over with his pants bunched around his knees and his ass in the air, the horny boy could be found with his luscious red lips wrapped tight around the thick pole, sucking on it with lust filled moans.

A session with Mr. Jones never failed to bring the gay 7th grader off, no matter the occasion. If he's sucking cock for the gorgeous hunk, he shoots a quick, shameless load from the end of his untouched teen rod. If he's stroking all nine inches of the man's meaty tool, his trousers and underwear fill up with cum that he's helpless to control. Even if they do nothing more than share a tongue filled kiss, the cute teenager consistently creams his pants with force. But when he takes the man's cock up the ass, which is always his preference, he can count on at least two mind blowing orgasms that leave a mess of cum on the floor.

On this occasion, the boys both stripped down to nothing and got on their knees while Mr. Jones watched with a sexy smile. Austin was quick to suck on the man's balls while Jimmy treated himself to a throat fuck. As they serviced the man, Austin felt Jimmy's load erupt all over his thighs, telling him that his lover was finding ecstasy with a mouthful of cock. Wanting to experience the same nirvana, the boy moved from the low hanging balls that dangled between Mr. Jones' legs to the man's stalk. Soon, Austin was kissing and sucking his way around its diameter with hot moans while Jimmy's saliva dripped down its length and into his mouth.

I want to fuck both of you,” the man declared. “Let's hurry.”

With a horny whimper, Austin obeyed the man, sitting back and watching as Jimmy scrambled to his feet. With the experience of a true bottom, the 13 year old promptly bent over and raised his pre-lubed rear end into the air. As Austin watched the massive glans push into Jimmy's seemingly impenetrable hole, he felt a shiver of desire roll through his horny body and longed for his turn to come.

When the man began to thrust, Jimmy's face seemed to melt into a smile of pure delight that deepened with every stroke of cock that he accepted. His hard boy rod fired off four ropes of sperm almost immediately, then it twitched over and over again while he moved his own hips in rhythmic motions that allowed him to meet the man's forward thrusting. As he observed the coupling that was taking place in front of him, he noted that Jimmy's hip movements weren't forced at all. Instead, they looked natural, even instinctive, as if he were simply doing what his body was telling him to do. Less than a minute after his first load landed on the floor, Jimmy's untouched boy cock released a second load. Two ropes of boy sperm shot out with just as much force as the first batch, then Mr. Jones turned and smiled at Austin, who was moaning softly and biting his lower lip.

With a gentle push all the way in, the man stopped thrusting and swatted Jimmy on the right ass cheek. This seemed to snap the boy out of his trance, though his smile never faded. Instead, he grinned over his shoulder at his top, who leaned forward and planted a kiss on the youngster's mouth. When he pulled out, his dick emerged with an audible plop and Austin quickly took Jimmy's place. When he bent over for the man, he felt the strong hands of the teacher parting his buns and examining his hole. Wanting the man to know that he was prepared, he announced, “I'm already lubed up.”

Are you sure you can take it, buddy?” the man asked cautiously, and Austin nodded almost frantically.

Giving in, Mr. Jones placed the head of his cock at Austin's entrance and pushed in. As the massive head pushed through his experienced anal ring, Austin moaned femininely and smiled over his shoulder. As his length continued to slide into the boy's rectum, the man felt his groin region catch fire and realized that he was penetrating the tightest ass he'd ever been in. Yet the boy was taking it like a pro, smiling over his shoulder and begging to be fucked by his massive rod.

Eager to give the youngster a good ride, Mr. Jones commenced thrusting and Austin felt his eyes roll back in his head. His boy pussy was set ablaze almost immediately and he had a string of fast, almost non stop climaxes that left him in a state of disarray. Right beside him, Jimmy was watching with a knowing smile while he recovered from his own powerful duo of anal orgasms that were brought about by Mr. Jones' magnificent cock. Knowing exactly what his little lover was experiencing, the tender boy planted a trio of kisses on Austin's lips, then he licked the back of the boy's right ear. This only enhanced the level of pleasure that Austin was feeling and his final set of boygasms nearly took his legs out from underneath him.

Finally unable to hold off, Mr. Jones pulled out at the last minute and Jimmy pounced, wrapping his lips around the end of his cock and taking the entirety of his load down the throat. With another mouthful of hard dick, the boy scaled the heights of gay ecstasy once more. As if it were a spring loaded sling shot, Jimmy's cock released a watery load while he swallowed the thick offering that was being blown into his mouth. Finally, he wrapped his fist around the massive tool and milked it for every drop he could get, taking it all on his outstretched tongue while his little pecker danced around freely. With a few minutes to spare, the man opened a window and let the classroom air out while they all got dressed. Austin and Jimmy shared a long, tongue filled kiss and the boys parted ways for the time being.

For the entirety of first period, Austin's thoughts were consumed with the memory of his deep, satisfying lay in the classroom with Jimmy, setting the tone for the rest of his day. He quickly recruited a cute boy to meet him in the bathroom, where he sucked cock for the youngster between first and second period. His next encounter had him back in the bathroom with a trio of eighth graders, who watched him finger fuck himself while he lisped gayly for them and offered to suck their cocks. Two of the boys gave in, letting the 6th grader suck dick in a stall while he moaned like a girl. With a thick lisp and a suggestive smile, he offered them easy access to his ass during PE if they wanted it.

During their first break, he and Jimmy returned to Mr. Jones' classroom, where they sucked continuous cock for him until he blew his load down Austin's throat. Feeling completely shameless, the boy hurried to PE, where he stroked a seventh grader off between the lockers. While he was running the track, he was approached by the two cute eighth graders, who were looking to cash in on his offer. With a naughty smile, the gay youngster snuck them back to the locker room, where he promptly bent over and took both boys' virginity. Feeling brazen, he stayed in the locker room with them for the duration of the period and sucked cock for them while he fingered his cum filled hole.

By lunch period, word had spread around the school that Austin was sucking cocks in the bathroom. The word had spread so far, in fact, that the boy was summoned to the office to see his guidance counselor, Mr. Adams. Still feeling incredibly hungry for sex, the youngster maintained his lisp and walked through the hallway with his horny rear end swinging suggestively. When he got to Mr. Adams' office, the man closed the door and addressed Austin's sexual conduct.

So I heard a rumor this morning, Austin,” the man said, motioning for the boy to approach him. “Do you know what I heard?”

That I was doing boys in the bathroom?” Austin lisped softly, prompting the man to raise an eyebrow.

Is that really what you want, Austin?” the man asked with a look of concern. “For people to talk about you like that?”

I just feel like doing stuff with guys today,” he admitted in a dainty tone .“I'm trying to get laid by as many cute boys as I can.”

Hearing the boy lisp his confession prompted the man to stand up and look down at him. When he met Austin's hungry eyes, the guidance counselor sighed.

Are you sure that's what you want, Austin?” the man asked, and the boy nodded, taking a deep breath and biting his lower lip. “Very well, then.”

With that, Mr. Adams knelt down and cupped the back of Austin's small head. In a flash, the two were locked in a deep French kiss that made the boy weak at the knees, then they broke their kiss and Austin dropped his drawers. Bending over the man's desk, Austin watched with a naughty smile as the virile Mr. Adams lined his hard rod up to his hole and pushed straight in without delay. As the familiar rod slid up his ass, the boy suppressed a horny moan and bunched his fist up so he could bite down on it.

Three minutes and two anal orgasms later, Austin's rear end filled up with a torrent of cum that rushed in and joined the loads of his two eighth grade Adonis'. The man lovingly hiked Austin's corduroys and ran his hands all over the youngster's plump bottom, then he sat down and let the boy suck his cock clean. With just enough time to hurry to Mr. Jones' classroom, Austin let his busy rear end swing from side to side as he made his way down the hallway and texted Jimmy that he was on his way.

When the boys left his classroom, they were each accommodating a freshly planted load in their rear ends, pumped straight from the loins of their favorite teacher. Their lips were puffy from sucking cock and they were holding hands. Sharing a deep kiss in front of Austin's history class, the boys parted ways again and the 12 year old resumed his fun. While the teacher wasn't watching, the gay youngster winked at a cute boy with brown curls and slipped his hand down the front of the boy's pants. Too horny to care about getting caught, Austin stood in back of the class and gave the cute boy a fast hand job, then he licked the cum strands from his fingers.

When the final bell rang, Austin and Jimmy hurried to rejoin Mr. Jones for one final butt fucking. After an express service at their back doors, the gay couple got on the bus and held hands while they looked for a place to sit. Austin openly offered to have sex with Jimmy at his house while the other kids grinned knowingly, then the pair made out until the bus reached their stop.

By the time Stanley arrived at his house with Austin in tow, he was incredibly horned up from the story that Austin told him. Likewise, Austin was still incredibly turned on and eager to partake in a long session of oral or anal sex. When he noticed an SUV parked in front of his grandpa's house, he gave Stanley a curious look.

Do you remember what you asked me for yesterday, honey?” the man asked, and Austin nodded with a naughty smile. “What was it?”
“I wanted to eat buttholes for strangers,” the boy recalled, prompting his grandfather to wink.

Grandpa promised to round up a few buttholes for his little gay boy to eat,” the man reminded him. “Are you still in the mood?”

Yeah,” the boy said breathlessly. “Will I get to lick buttholes right away, grandpa?”

Of course, honey,” the man said, gently caressing Austin's glowing face. “Unless you'd like to do something else first.”

I was kinda hoping to give head to everyone, too,” Austin admitted. “But now I feel horny to eat stinky buttholes out.”

As soon as the horny boy spotted three unfamiliar men get out of the SUV and walk up the pathway to his grandpa's porch, his boy pussy began to tremble with need and his mouth started watering. Likewise, the trio of men were eying Austin's young body with pure hunger, especially when they watched him climb the steps with his horny bottom switching so blatantly. Letting the men inside, Stanley closed the front door and locked the deadbolt while Austin surveyed the trio of strangers that his grandpa had invited over.

They all appeared to be younger than Stanley, the oldest looking to be about 45 years old. All three men were in trim form, tall with dark hair and they all had brown eyes. Studying their attractive features closely, it quickly dawned on the 12 year old that they were somehow related. Biting his lower lip, he took stock of the clothes each man was wearing. The oldest was dressed in a blue polo tee that was tucked into a pair of light blue jeans. The next oldest was wearing a plaid button up shirt with darker jeans and a pair of work boots. The youngest, who looked to be in his late 20's, was wearing business casual clothes and a pair of loafers. All three men had ample padding in their asses and their bulging man cocks were on full display in the crotch of their respective pants.

Seeing their cocks bulge so blatantly through their pants made Austin's mouth water, and he couldn't help but bite his lower lip while he smiled seductively at the men. Seeing his grandson's hungry eyes, Stanley knelt behind the boy and wrapped his arms around Austin's torso.

Do you like what you see, sweetie?” he asked in a tender tone. Austin nodded his answer with a breathless moan, so Stanley added, “What would you like to do first?”

I want to make out with all of them, grandpa,” Austin lisped, sending a thrill through all three of his suitors. “They're all really sexy.”

I can tell that they're making you horny, sweetheart,” Stanley observed, letting his hands roam down to the boy's thighs, then around to his bubble butt, where he felt Austin up. “Would you like to show them all what a good kisser you are?”

Without speaking, Austin nodded his answer, never taking his eyes off of the hunky trio. He felt Stanley's hand slide down the back of his pants, then his grandpa's finger slipped into his crack and found his moist, horny entrance. Giving it a sensual rub, Stanley used his free hand to cup Austin's chin and turn the boy's head. Instinctively, Austin puckered up and shared a deep, tongue filled kiss with Stanley while the men watched with mesmerized stares. When they broke their kiss, the horny boy gave his grandpa a loving smile and sighed, then he set his sites back on the men.

Would you like it if grandpa unbuttons your pants so you can take them down, sweetie?” Stanley asked in a soft voice, prompting Austin to nod urgently. “Kick your shoes off, baby.”

Obediently, Austin heeded his grandfather's command, kicking his shoes off while his pants were unbuttoned. When they fell to the floor and puddled up around his ankles, the men cast their eyes on his pink panties, which were snug against his boyish erection and his plump bubble butt. Seeing the looks that the men were giving him, Austin felt his young body shiver with anticipation while his grandpa slid both hands into the seat of his panties. Giving the youngster's round bottom a series of firm squeezes, the man pulled Austin's cheeks open and the smell of horny 12 year old butthole filled the room.

Your busy little bottom smells nice, Austin,” Stanley noted, prompting the boy to nod in agreement. “I bet you're wondering how everyone else's bottom smells, aren't you?”

Yes, grandpa,” Austin admitted, licking his lips.

Why don't you tell them what you want to do with their bottoms, honey?”

With another lick of his lips, Austin gave his soon to be lovers a lascivious smile and said, “I want to eat your buttholes out.”

Do you care if their butts are clean or dirty?” Stanley asked with a knowing smile, and Austin hastily shook his head no. “You're just looking forward to a nice feast, aren't you?”

Yeah,” Austin panted, feeling his passion soar as his grandpa's strong hands continued to manipulate his buns.

Why don't you go over and show them how happy you are to see them?” Stanley suggested, and Austin nodded in agreement.

Approaching the youngest looking man in the group, Austin bit his lower lip and gave him a look of longing. Seeing the little cutie's dilemma, the man responded by kneeling down and placing himself face to face with the boy. As soon as the man was at eye level, Austin wrapped his arms around the hunk's neck and planted a hard kiss on his lips. When he felt the man's lips part, he slipped his tongue into the stranger's mouth and engaged him in a deep kiss that lasted well over a minute. As he kissed the dreamy stranger, his head began to spin and he felt his little body tremble with desire. Feeling the man's strong hands cupping his bottom made his boy pussy tingle with anticipation.

Finally they broke their kiss and Austin reached out to fondle the man's cock through his dockers.

I really want to suck this for you,” he lisped, then he rolled his rear end around with a naughty smile. “I hope I get to take it back here, too.”

With that, he leaned in and shared another tongue filled kiss with the man that was brief but still filled him with passion. When the two let their lips part, Austin set his sites on the next oldest man, who was sitting on the couch beside the oldest. Without hesitating, the boy made his move, slipping the man some tongue while he used both hands to fondle the bulging package that lay just beneath his jeans. Much to the delight of both man and boy, Austin managed to unbutton the man's pants. Soon, he had his hand down the front of his boxers, using his small fingers to fondle the hefty package with a moan. When they broke their kiss, Austin pulled the man's cock out of his pants with a naughty smile and licked his lips, giving the stranger a hungry look.

I want to suck on it right now,” he lisped, batting his eyes. In reply, the man reached out and caressed the boy's face, giving him a look of encouragement. Realizing that the man was giving him permission, Austin dropped to his knees and wrapped his lips around the end, sucking on it with horny moans while the man ran his fingers through his hair.

Fucking nice,” the man groaned, pulling air in through his teeth as his entire length moved into Austin's throat. “Oh shit, this kid's a little pro, isn't he?”

I told you, he loves cock,” Stanley chuckled, watching with pride as Austin blew his anonymous lover.

I'm about to shoot my load,” the man gasped in a panicked tone, then all three men watched with disbelieving eyes as the boy grinned up while simultaneously cupping the man's balls. Austin felt the man's grip on his head tighten, then the cock he was enjoying so much throbbed hard and his mouth filled up with hot cum. Still watching with amazement, the men all blinked as the horny little boy swallowed with furious gulps, determined not to lose a single drop.

When he sat back and smiled up at the man, there wasn't a trace of cum to be found. Even around his dick sucking lips, every last drop of sperm was licked up and eaten by the little tramp. Rising to his feet, Austin leaned in and kissed his man on the lips, then he turned his attention to the third man, who had taken his cock out and was openly stroking it.

That's my job, honey,” Austin lisped sissily, wrapping his hand around the man's dick while he leaned in and planted a deep kiss on his lips. When the boy moaned into his mouth, the man felt his eyes roll back and his toes curled tight. At the other end of the couch, the youngest of the three strangers was now jerking his cock while he watched Austin operate. Seizing the moment with the stranger he was now tending to, Austin climbed into the man's lap and straddled his cock, letting it push into his pantied bottom while he continued to stimulate it with his fingers.

It's too bad my panties are in the way,” Austin lamented when they broke their kiss. “My boy pussy feels really hot right now.”

What would you like to do, honey?” the man asked, sliding his hand down the back of Austin's panties.

Maybe if you pull them off of my butt you can service me with this,” Austin lisped, giving the man's cock a tight squeeze with both hands.

Would a nice big load cool it down for you?” the man asked hopefully, but Austin only shrugged.

It might, but I think it would be better if I had a few big loads to cool it off,” Austin said, feeling his body burn with passion as the man used his strong hands to peel his pink panties off of his rump, leaving his raging boy boner concealed. As soon as the air fluttered across his exposed buns, the youngster felt the slimy head of his lover's big dick slide between them and brush across his hole. With a naughty smile that he flashed to all three men, the horny boy used his hands to line the cock up with his boy pussy. Feeling his love tunnel moisten with desire, he pushed down and moaned as the head of his lover's cock pushed through his entrance.

Does that feel better, sweetie?” the man asked, feeling his own pleasure soar as his glans were consumed by the hot, tight confines of Austin's love tunnel.

It feels really good,” Austin lisped, then he pushed again and felt the man's length slide all the way inside of him. With another moan, the boy cast his hungry eyes on the youngest man, who was feverishly beating his own meat while he watched Austin take a man sized cock with so much zeal.

I want to suck it for you, baby,” Austin declared, his mouth watering with the need to wrap his lips around another stranger's cock.

Without delay, the young man got up, still stroking his cock with a powerful grip even as he guided it to the youngster's watering mouth. As soon as the cock was within his reach, Austin took it into his mouth and began to suck while at the same time, treating himself to a luscious up and down ride on the cock in his ass. Soon, all three of them were moaning with pleasure as their union commenced.

Austin was taking a particular brand of pleasure in being so naughty with three men whose names he hadn't bothered to learn. It made him feel especially naughty to know what was still in store for him, particularly the prospect of eating three anonymous assholes. Secretly, he wanted the men to have unkempt anuses that he could devour with his eager tongue. Then he wanted them all to find pleasures in his ass, just like they were doing right now. Out of nowhere, Austin felt his rear end fill up with a load that rushed in with stunning speed and force, then it began to spurt out between the cock and his stretched anal ring.

When the load was received, he was prompted to release the man's cock from the confines of his squeezing ass. As soon as he obeyed, the cock in his mouth was eased out and he quickly bent over, holding onto the couch for leverage. With his ass in the air, the little boy was fucked for less than a minute by the youngest stranger in the group. After receiving his top's load, he spent a luscious afterglow on his knees, licking and sucking both cocks clean with a deep smile on his face.

When their cocks were clean, he gave a firm command of his own.

Stand up so I can lick your butt,” he said, looking up at the man who had just fucked him. With an amused smile, the man acquiesced, rising to his feet while the little horn dog got behind him and parted his cheeks. The other men in the room could see the front of the man's naked body, his massive erection on full display and his legs parted. Between those legs were the shorter, skinnier legs of 12 year old Austin, whose tiny boner was standing straight up in his disheveled panties, a site they could also see. The boy's small feet were resting just inside of the man's parted feet, his little toes curling as he made his move.

Taking stock of the wrinkled pucker splayed out before him, Austin celebrated its less than tidy state. It was littered with dark, curly hairs that had absorbed the sharp, familiar aroma that was wafting into the 12 year old's nostrils. It was clearly unwashed, bearing the odor and condition of a long, hot day spent doing busy work. It quickly became evident to Austin through his visual and smell test that his dark wish was about to come true, bringing an instant smile to the horny boy's face.

When Austin planted his pert nose in the man's crevice, he took a deep whiff and shuddered. As the naughty aroma of hot ass filled his senses, the horny little boy found himself filled with lust and hastily dug in with his tongue, anxious for an indulgent feast. From their perspective, the men in the room could feel the arousal that Austin was exuding as he feasted on the pucker in his midst. His moans were nothing short of depraved while his young, hairless little cock did a dance of delight on its own. The joints in his feet cracked with authority as his toes curled harder and harder while the flavor of a stranger's ass filled him with nothing but pleasure.

In front of him, the man whose ass was being rimmed could feel his own body bursting with carnal force. The experienced young ass eater behind him was relentless, seeming not to have an endurance limit when it came to his probing tongue. He could feel Austin's tongue pushing into his ass, trying desperately to slide into its depths, where more of the flavor and juices were waiting to be mined. His hard as steel man cock was on fire while his loins sizzled with the heat of Austin's ass eating. Finally, he felt the cute little ass muncher change his technique and there was less force behind each lick. When he felt Austin place a hard, grateful kiss against his throbbing pucker, the man sighed with relief.

Out of his senses with nothing but orgasmic pleasure, Austin finally yielded to the fatigue that had set in. Still, he knew that his eager ass eating had brought the man back to his full stiffness and quickly opted to take a cock ride while his tongue rested up. Climbing up onto the couch, Austin made his horny rear end available for fucking and was quickly rewarded in kind. After a three minute lay that brought him to a furious anal orgasm, Austin sucked his man clean, then watched as he collapsed on the couch in exhaustion.

Feeling desperate for another ass to eat, the gay youngster quickly sought out the next stranger. He approached the oldest of his lovers and got behind him, too horny to take the time to look at the condition of the man's anus. As soon as he parted the man's toned ass cheeks and shoved his cute mug between them, he was treated to a flavor explosion that triggered an immediate boygasm in his young body.

While he was climaxing in his little boy ecstasy, his insatiable tongue was digging into the unkempt sphincter of the man he was rimming. As the dark, familiar aroma and flavor filled his senses, Austin's boygasm intensified and a fountain of boy pee spouted from the end of his little wiener, soaking the front of his panties. Not caring at all that he had just wet his panties, the youngster stayed where he was, practically smashing his face into the man's crevice while he dined at his delicious back door. Taking his hands away from the man's cheeks, Austin let them close around his grinning face while he peeled his wet panties off of his hips.

When his tongue started to cramp, the horny boy crawled onto the coffee table and made his rear end easily accessible. Once again, he was rewarded for his efforts when the man took a firm hold of his hips and slid his cock back up the 12 year old's ass, fucking him deeply and stimulating yet another boygasm. Three minutes later, he felt the man pull out and a large load was shot all over his back, landing on his shirt and in his hair. Spinning around with the deftness of a well practiced pussy boy, Austin wrapped his lips around the massive fuck stick and sucked it clean with lust filled purrs.

Without having to climb off of the table, Austin was presented with the rear end of the final stranger. Feeling hornier than ever to eat a sharp smelling ass, the 12 year old wasted no time in parting the man's cheeks and pushing his face between them. He was indulging in deep, delicious tasting ass licks while he sniffed loudly, enjoying the rich fragrance that was pouring off of the man's derrière. He made it a point to run his tongue through the thick patch of pubic hair that ran through the man's crevice, loving how the flavor seemed to burst in his mouth as he licked each and every one of them. He even gave himself the joy of licking between the folds of his lover's anus, eager to leave nothing but a pink, well eaten pucker in his wake.

While Austin was eating another well flavored ass, he felt his grandpa rubbing his back and sighed. He knew that it was clear to every man in the room why they were there, and what he needed from them. He also knew that Stanley was so proud of him, watching him be true to what he was; a little boyslut. It was more than that, though. Austin was never afraid to let the world see him for what he was. Indeed, he wanted to show it off because he was proud of his nature.

He wanted his mom to be proud of him, too. But if she wasn't, at least his daddy, his uncle and his grandpa would be proud of him. It filled him with so much joy that all he needed to do was tell his grandpa what he was in the mood for in order for his fantasies to come true. Even if it entailed eating stink filled puckers for strangers, then letting those strangers fuck him at will. Stanley wanted his little boyslut to be fulfilled in every way and Austin knew it. Feeling a deep desire in his heart to show his grandpa how fulfilled he was at the moment, the horny little boy quickly raised his bottom into the air, sending the signal to Stanley that he was horny for another cock up the ass.

Moments later, Austin felt his young body erupt with the flames of an inferno more intense than he had ever felt before. His tongue was traversing the depths of a stranger's ass while his rear end was serviced by ten hard inches of his grandpa's dick. As Austin's explosive climax played out, more piss fountained out of his little boner and splashed down onto the table top, then it dribbled onto the hard wood floor where his panties lay in a state of wreck. When Stanley pulled out of him, Austin abandoned the deep rim job he was giving and spun himself around, eager to suck dick for his grandpa. While he was grinning up at the man he loved so much, he felt the stranger whose ass he had just eaten slide his throbbing cock into his ass.

With his boygasm still unraveling, Austin moaned with depravity while his boy pussy was serviced by the stranger behind him. He had his eyes set on his grandpa's face the entire time, smiling gratefully up at the man whose cock he was worshiping while his shameless moans filled the room. He could smell the aroma of all three asses dancing around his face while he sucked dick for Stanley, his young body out of control with carnal pleasure.

When his rear end service ended, the man pulled out and fired two ropes of cum all over his ass cheeks. He could feel the hot, thick load dripping from his upturned bottom but he paid it no mind. Instead, he only moaned with more depravity, plunging himself down on Stanley's cock over and over again. Realizing that the gay youngster was determined to suck cock for his grandpa, the stranger collapsed on the couch and watched the show. Two minutes later, Austin sat up and swallowed with a glowing, cherubic smile while all of the men watched. Being a good little pussy boy, the 12 year old crawled onto the floor and sucked his last top clean, then he licked balls for the man while Stanley praised him.

When the trio of stranger's were ready to leave, Austin was shocked to see that only an hour had gone by. He was in such a state of delirium the entire time that it felt like hours to the boy. Wanting to show his appreciation for an indulgent feast, the sated 12 year old shared a deep kiss with each man. With a romantic fog setting in, the boy let his grandpa show the men to the door while he gathered his clothing.

Taking stock of another ruined pair of panties, Austin gave his grandpa a remorseful look. With a tender smile, Stanley gathered the soiled panties up and instructed Austin to remove his shirt so he could wash everything for him. With his clothes in the wash, Austin followed his grandpa to the bathroom, where they hopped in the shower. When the pair was freshly showered, Austin let his grandpa dress him in a pair of boy undies and a clean tee shirt. Hiking his pants, Austin gave his grandpa one last French kiss before Stanley drove the contented little sex pot home.

Coming Soon... A Boyslut Visits his Daddy


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