Justin's Peculiar Tail, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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I have to go to the bathroom again,” I announced from the back seat, watching my mom frown at me through the rear view mirror.

Honey, you were in the bathroom forever at the truck stop,” she reminded me with a sigh. “We'll be home in 30 minutes. Can't you wait?”

No, I need to go again right now,” I whined, crossing my legs with a desperate look on my face. “Can't we stop at the rest area?”

I guess we don't have a choice,” she conceded.

With a smile, I sat back in my seat and watched the trees whiz by through my window. Of course, my mom was right. An hour earlier, we'd pulled into a truck stop for gas and I made a quick beeline for the men's room. While I was peeing at the urinal, a cute trucker saddled up beside me and pulled his thick man meat out. His blonde hair was sweaty and he looked like he hadn't taken a shower in days. I heard his piss load erupting, hitting the back of the urinal while he groaned with relief.

As soon as I set my sights on his dick my mouth started to water and I batted my eyes at him with a soft moan. He looked down at my little wiener, which was getting hard as I shook it off, and smiled. I let him look it over, watching as he studied my 4 inch boner, which was sticking straight out from a small patch of pubes that had just begun to sprout. In contrast, he was packing a thick 7 inches that was shrouded in a thick pubic bush. I gave him my most welcoming smile and licked my lips, then I lured him to the handicap stall and sucked him off.

He was seated on the toilet with his pants bunched around his knees while I knelt in front of him. I could feel my shins resting in a modest puddle of accumulated piss but I didn't care at all. I was in heaven, moaning hotly while I blew my stud. My hard dick was throbbing in my white undies while I deep throated his rod, loving how hot his cock was and how his tasty precum poured into my body.

When he presented me with his load, I sat on the backs of my legs and swallowed with a horny smile. In no time flat, I leaned forward and trapped the head of his prick between my lips, anxious to draw the remainder of his load from the bellend while he used his calloused thumbs to scrape the sperm from around my lips. When it was over, he got up and hiked his pants while I stayed on the floor, my body exploding with carnal lust. I knew that my mom was waiting for me but I didn't have the inclination to get up and go just yet. Instead, I watched as a set of work boots stepped up to the stall from the other side of the door while my stud unlocked it and walked out.

Right away, a chubby trucker with dark hair and a receding hairline stepped in and closed the door. I was hot to suck another dick right away, so when he closed the door I smiled up at him and licked my lips. He quickly dropped his pants and sat down on the toilet, giving me the joy of wrapping my lips around his meaty rod. It was stiffening before he pulled his pants down, but as soon as I took it in my mouth it grew to its full 9 inches.

Damn kid, you love sucking cock, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded urgently. “You can't be more than 12 years old.”

I pulled off of his cock with a slurp and told him, “I'm turning 13 in a week,” then I got back to work, making sweet love to his massive prick while I moaned with depravity.

You do anything else?” he asked, watching me nod my answer without pulling his cock out of my throat. “You take it in the ass?”

Once again, I nodded my answer, letting my nose smash into his wiry pubes and inhaling his essence while my horny body burned with passion. I felt his thick fingertips grab my chin, urging me to pull off of his cock while I gave him a hopeful smile.

Drop your pants, kid, I want to take that bubble butt for a quick spin,” he said. In near record time, I was nude from the waist down, bending over with my pants and underwear bunched around my ankles and my ass in the air. I felt his strong hands grabbing my buns, then his thumbs pulled my crevice open, stretching my horny pucker.

I was moaning with need when out of nowhere I heard, “Justin, are you alright in there?”

Yes, mom,” I called out, realizing that she was standing near the door. ”I'm going poop. I'll be finished soon.”

With that, I heard the door close and smiled over my shoulder at the man whose thumbs were still pulling my hole apart. He smiled back at me with a wink, then I felt him use the tips of his thumbs to kneed my pucker while his fingers dug into my buns. I felt him place the slimy head of his prick at my stretched opening and I moaned again. With a lick of my lips, I pushed back with my hips, anxious to take his cock all the way to the base. He gave my hot entrance a few firm pokes without penetrating me, then he used the head to slather precum all over it while I gave him a desperate look.

Without another word, I felt him push in. The bulbous head of his fuck stick pushed through my anal ring with a delicious combination of agonizing resistance and sweet surrender, then I felt him slide all the way in while I shivered with delight. I felt his cock getting hot as it pushed deep into the moist tissue of my turd tunnel, then he bottomed out and I moaned gutturally. I felt him start to thrust and smiled, grateful for the impromptu service at my back door. Having been on the road with my mom for the last couple of days, I hadn't been treated to a good rooting and was getting antsy. By the time we pulled into the truck stop, I was anxious for any action I could get.

His big dick felt so good in my hole that it immediately began to throb, opening and closing over and over again while he fucked me deep. In a matter of moments, my boy cunt was slippery with ass juice that mixed with the precum he was pumping into it. The moist combination of precum and ass juice worked in concert with his constant plunging to make my boy pussy queef loudly. I knew that anyone walking by would know what was happening but I didn't care. I was so enamored with the deep dicking that I was being treated to that I didn't even care whether or not my mom could hear my flexing, farting hole or my insatiable moans. I just wanted my stud to know that I was enjoying every second of our fuck.

About two minutes into my deep butt fucking he pulled out and I quickly knelt in front of him, anxious to make love to his cock with my mouth.

Damn kid, you're a hot little cock hound, aren't you?” he growled, and I nodded up at him with starry eyes. “Are you ready to take my load?”

Once again I nodded, then I impaled myself over and over again on his horsecock. My little dick was standing straight up, pressed tight into my smooth pubic bone while precum poured down its length, matting my tiny patch of pubes. I was rolling my well serviced bottom around, smelling the sharp stink of anal sex that was pouring out of my hole while I worshiped the dick in my mouth. It was a stink that I wanted to carry home with me and hang onto until I climbed into bed with my next stud, or bent over in another stall.

While I was still running my lips back and forth along the length of his stalk, he reached down and wrapped his big fist around the base. I watched with a naughty smile as he began to jerk his cock with a tight grip while I formed a nice, airtight seal just below his glans. My little hard-on was burning with passion and I was moaning with unbridled desire as his cock jerked and his load spewed forth. I could feel thick globs of his seed inundating my mouth while I swallowed with a decadent smile, over and over again until there was no more cum to enjoy.

When he eased his still rock hard rod from my mouth, he helped me up and grabbed my hips again. I felt his strong hands turn me around, then I felt his hand on the back of my neck, urging me to bend over. I felt a naughty shiver grip me as he slid his cock up my poop chute, loving the way that every strand of cum that was still attached to it sizzled against the hot lining. Soon, he was feeding me continuous strokes while my body sizzled with pleasure. My fart box was singing loudly, filling the air with its tale tell melody while I accepted thrust after deep, delicious thrust of his hot cock. I was moaning shamelessly while he long dicked me, wanting him to know that I would happily be his pussy boy anytime, anyplace. The naughty aroma of my well fucked anus was dancing around my head and I knew that I'd be leaving an odorous tail behind me when we were finished.

Finally, he pushed all the way in and froze, then his cock delivered two deep shots of man sperm that squirted forcefully into my quivering hole while I smiled naughtily over my shoulder at him. When he pulled out, I was all over his prick, sucking every strand of cum and ass juice off of it while I moaned like a bitch in heat. My rigid little member was on fire the entire time, still dripping with precum while I sucked cock for my anonymous stud. Finally, I hiked my pants while he did the same, then I offered him the number to my cell phone. Promising to text me when he was in town, he treated me to a deep French kiss that swept me off of my feet, then he was gone.

When I came out of the bathroom, I smiled sweetly up at my mom and took her hand. She let me pick out a few snacks and a soda. As I walked next to her, she caught a strong whiff of the putrid tail that my freshly fucked butt hole was producing and raised an eyebrow, then she leaned in and sniffed me.

You stink, Justin,” she said, making a sour face as she drew in the aroma of my well fucked poop chute and the dried piss I'd knelt in.

I told you I was going to the bathroom,” I reminded her with a cheeky grin, watching as she fanned the smell away from her nose.

I hope you wiped your bottom when you were finished,” she said while I grabbed a bottle of soda from the cold box.

Maybe I forgot,” I said with a naughty smile. “When we get home you'll know when you find the skidmarks in my underwear.”

With that, she playfully swatted my stinky bottom with a knowing smile and said, “Business as usual, then.”

When we were back on the road, I felt a sense of fulfillment in my chest. My well serviced boy box was still humming with pleasure and I knew we would be home soon. As satisfying as my impromptu fudge packing was, I wanted to hurry home and go next door so I could meet up with one of my regulars for another one.

While I was away we texted back and forth the entire time. I let him know on the first night that I was extremely horny to take his cock up the ass. He assured me that he had a nice load boiling in his balls that would be all mine when I got home.

As we made our way down the interstate a text came over my phone from the anonymous stud who made my boy pussy sizzle at the truck stop. We exchanged a few texts and quickly realized that we were heading in the same direction. He was about 5 miles ahead of us on the highway and said that he was stopping at the rest area for a pit stop. Feeling a powerful sizzle grip my boy cunt, I called out from the back seat that I needed the toilet again.

As soon as my mom parked the car I unbuckled my seat belt and got out. Knowing that she was watching, I placed my hand over my rear end for emphasis while I hurried to the men's room. As soon as I was inside, I spotted my stud and we slipped into the furthest stall from the door. He kissed me deep, running his hand up the front of my shirt while I sighed with dreamy pleasure, then we broke our kiss and I smiled with bliss.

What are you in the mood for, buddy?” he asked, prompting me to reach back and rub my boy pussy through the seat of my jeans.

We can make it a quickie if you want to,” I offered while I used my fingertips to unbutton my jeans.

As soon as they were loose, I hastily pulled them off of my hips, then I dropped my cum soiled briefs, watching as they fell to a perfect landing inside of my pants. While I was getting my pants off, my stud was doing the same, unbuckling his belt and opening his fly. As soon as his jumbo sized sausage was free, I quickly bent over and wrapped my lips around the end, treating it like a long lost friend.

What a good little cock sucker you are, buddy,” he praised me in a hushed tone, knowing that there might be others in the restroom with us. “If I seed your hot to trot little bottom again can you stay quiet?”

Knowing that I would have to suppress my moans, I eagerly nodded my answer, too horny to do anything else. I pulled off of his pole with a smile and turned around, hiking my left foot up onto the toilet seat so I could make my eager entrance available to him. I felt his strong hands grip my waist while his rigid pole slid between my cheeks, then he pushed and I accepted his length. I bit my lower lip and swallowed hard, struggling to maintain my composure while he thrusted deep inside of me. I could feel the contours of his cock as it ran back and forth in my horny hole, sending a strong set of shivers down my legs while my hard boy rod sizzled with pleasure.

Nice and tight, baby,” he whispered in my ear, earning him my most lascivious smile while the heat of his body radiated up against my back. “I'll be texting you all the time for a piece of this hot ass.”

I hope so,” I said with a soft moan, watching with a naughty smile as he placed his forefinger to my lips.

Are you ready for my load?” he whispered in my ear. I nodded urgently, feeling his tongue lick all around my cartilage while his cock slid in and out of my slippery stink hole. “Kiss me, baby.”

He didn't have to ask me twice. With a transfixed smile that was brought on by the deep, pleasure filled ass fuck that I was being treated to, I turned my head and we locked lips. With a barely audible moan, I slid my tongue into his mouth and he instantly reciprocated, then his dominance reigned supreme as I felt my tongue being overwhelmed with his kiss. Knowing that I was displaying my devotion to him as a pussy boy, I whimpered submissively and let him control the tempo of our kiss. At the same time, the rigidity of his cock seemed to strengthen and I knew that I was about to be bred again. The powerful stink of anal sex was rolling into both of our nostrils, mixing with the smell of stale urine that was all around us. I accepted a long, deep kiss from my top while his massive rod ran deep in my boy cunt, sending a powerful sensation of lust through my body. I could feel my juices running heavy and my horny fart box even belted out a few notes of its pleasure filled melody.

Finally, he pulled out and jerked off while I sat on the toilet and opened wide, eager for my reward. His eyes were closed and the searing heat of his orgasm was registering on his face as he placed the tip of his dick on my lower lip. Acting quickly, I wrapped my moist lips around his cock just in time to take his load, swallowing his much smaller offering with a satisfied smile. When it was over, he hiked his pants and boxers with a wink and kissed me on the lips, then he made his exit.

Realizing that I was all alone in the men's room, I took the opportunity to finger my tingling hole while my little body shivered with carnal energy. When I finally pulled my fingers out, they smelled strongly of my well fucked boy pussy and I sucked them into my mouth with a lust filled smile. Finally I pulled my pants up and checked my phone, noting that almost ten minutes had gone by. Without washing my hands, I walked back to the car, leaving another odorous tail in my wake. When I got in, the sharp stink of anal sex lingered at my back door and was pouring out of the seat of my pants. Before she could start the car again, my mom picked it up right away.

I hope you feel better after that,” my mom said with a grin, putting her window down because my stink was filling the car.

I feel a lot better now, mom,” I told her, smiling contentedly at her while she looked through the rear view mirror. “I want to hurry home, though.”

My goodness, Justin, I hope you didn't chase the other people out of the bathroom,” she exclaimed, backing out of the spot while another wave of stink filled air drifted into the front seat. “When we get home I want you to change your undies and do something about that stinky bottom of yours.”

I promise, mom,” I said, firing a text off to my next conquest, then grinning when he sent me a fast reply. “As soon as we get home, I'll make sure it gets taken care of.”

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