The Rear Entrance, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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As soon as I walked into the lobby of the four story office building I was greeted by a sign that read, “All Visitors Use The Rear Entrance.” With a sigh, I walked back out and circled the building. The door to the visitor's entrance sat right beside the loading dock. The asphalt was sticky as I approached the door, which had a sign posted on it that read “Visitors MUST have an appointment.”

Knowing that I'd have to go through the security guard on duty, I opened the door and went in, determined to meet the owner in his office. As I made my way into the building, I set my gaze on a burly security guard dressed in a white uniform. He was at least 6'3” tall and must have weighed about 200 pounds. He had a barrel chest and massive biceps. He was much bigger than I was at 5'6” and just 110 pounds. He could have easily crushed me with his bare hands if he had the inclination. Still, my resolve was strong as I made my way to his booth.

How can I help you, buddy?” he asked as soon as he saw me standing in front of the door.

I'm here to see Mr. Anderson,” I said firmly, and he let loose with a small chuckle.

I can't let you in without an appointment, kid,” he told me. “Do you have an appointment?”

No, but I really need to get in,” I said, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. I just turned 15, but I still have a rather boyish face that tends to work in my favor. Letting my eyes roam his sculpted body, I felt a strong shiver run through me and asked, Can't we make a deal?”

I looked back up at him with wanton eyes and licked my lips, then I set my sights on his crotch and sighed dreamily. He caught on right away.

A... a deal?” he asked, letting his nervous eyes scan the perimeter for any onlookers.

Seeing that there were none, he stepped to the side and let me into the booth, then he closed the door. The windows were tinted so that they were impossible to see through from outside of the booth. Knowing that we had complete privacy, I immediately unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants while he watched with unsure eyes.

At this point, he had an impressive bulge growing in the front of his trousers, and I wanted to know what he was packing, so I reached into his boxers and pulled a nice, thick cock out. It was a 10” python, and I was quick to drop to my knees. With an eager smile, I wrapped my lips around the end and began to suck on it. There was so much precum running out of his piss slit that it felt like I was already accepting his load. I sucked diligently on the end of his tool, loving the warm, salty treat that it was oozing into my mouth. I was beginning to feel lightheaded with lust when I felt his strong hand caress my face. His thick fingers combed through my short brown hair while I smiled up at him, then I pulled off of his cock and pulled my pants down.

Happily for us both, my ass was already lubed up and ready to go. So when he sat down in his chair, all I had to do was straddle his cock and sink myself down on it. I was so horny to get laid that I didn't hesitate to hang my arms off of his shoulders and start riding him. His big dick felt so amazing as it ran back and forth in my hungry boy pussy that I could feel my bottom humming a tune of sheer delight. My rigid dick was on fire, standing straight up and leaking precum as I flexed the muscles in my ass so that I could feel my sphincter wrap even tighter around the cock I was riding.

I felt him grip my hips with his hands and moaned again, then he took control by lifting my body and slamming me down harder on his pole. This brought out a guttural moan from me as my pleasure soared, then his hips started to thrust up into my clutching chute. My whole body felt like it was catching fire as he fucked me silly in the booth, then he began to move his hips in a blindingly fast motion while I moaned helplessly.

Out of nowhere, his face contorted and he shoved his thick member all the way up my ass, holding my hips in place as he unloaded his man jizz inside of me. I was in a state of sheer euphoria as I felt his seed erupting, coating the walls of my slippery boy cunt while we both moaned with pleasure. When he finally calmed down, he was panting heavily and so was I. Knowing what I needed to do next, I promptly extracted his cock from my still clutching bottom and cupped my hands at my entrance just in time to catch his emerging load. With a naughty smile, I brought the tasty treat to my mouth and slurped it up while the remainder dripped from my ass cheeks. I opened wide to show him his load, then I swallowed the tasty treat with a satisfied sigh. My teen rod was on fire, sizzling with delight while I got on my knees and licked his cock and balls clean while he filled out a visitor's pass for me.

This will get you to the second floor, kid,” he panted as I hiked my pants up over my raging boy boner and my well serviced bottom. “See Henry when you get there, and he'll know what to do.”

Thanks,” I said, leaning in and planting a well earned kiss on his cheek before snatching the visitor's badge from him and heading to the elevator.

When I stepped off of the elevator at the second floor, I spotted the security booth and made a quick beeline for it. Right away, the door opened and a tall, trim man in his 30's appeared in front of me.

What can I do for you, kid?” he asked matter of factly.

I'm here to see Mr. Anderson,” I told him, and he scoffed.

Mr. Anderson the owner?” he said incredulously, and I shrugged. “I can't let you in.”

Are you Henry?” I asked, and he nodded. “The guard downstairs said to see you. He said that you'd know what to do.”

With that, Henry's face registered understanding and he let me step inside. This time I didn't waste a lot of time with foreplay like I had downstairs. Instead, I simply dropped my pants and underwear while I bent over in front of him and held onto the desk. I looked over my shoulder with a needy gaze while he unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor, then he placed his hands on my shoulders and held on tight as his cock slid between my buns.

I felt the frantic pleasure of penetration grip my senses as soon as he began to push through my cum slicked pucker, then his cock slid all the way up my ass and I moaned hotly. I felt his thick pubic mane smashing into my crack while his cock flexed inside of me, then he began to thrust and I pursed my lips. My skinny frame was rocking to and fro with the momentum of our ride and I was loving it, especially when I felt his cock start to hammer my boy clit with unmerciful strokes. My cock was tingling with so much intensity between my legs that it felt like there was electricity running through it. There was a thick strand of precum hanging from the end that I could feel getting longer and longer with every thrust he fed me.

I felt his thrusting grow more and more forceful as we moved past the first minute of our sex. I knew he was going to cum soon, so I bore down as hard as I could and felt his cock get even hotter inside of me. The smell of anal sex was so strong that I could feel it embedding itself in my nostrils while he fucked me deep. I never even had the chance to see what his cock looked like before he slid it into me, but I was loving every second of my butt fucking. I accepted a final flurry of deliberate thrusts from my top, then he buried his length all the way inside of me and nutted while I moaned with depravity.

When he pulled out, I dropped to my knees and wrapped my lips around his slimy prick. After a pleasure filled afterglow spent licking and sucking his cock and balls clean, I expelled his load into my hands and slurped it all up while he watched with a transfixed gaze. Finally, I pulled my pants up over my still rock hard cock and my shivering bubble butt while he filled out another visitor's pass for me.

This pass will get you to the third floor, kid,” he told me. “That's the best I can do for you. You'll have to see Chuck when you get there. He'll know exactly what to do with you.”

Thanks Henry,” I said, leaning in and planting a wet one on his mouth.

When I stepped out of the elevator onto the third floor, there was a security guard waiting to intercept me. He was tall, dark and handsome, and I wondered what he had in store for me as I looked him up and down.

Are you Chuck?” I asked, and he nodded. “I'm here to see Mr. Anderson.”

Do you have an appointment?” he asked sternly, but I shook my head no. “What business do you have in this building?”

Henry said you could help me,” I told him, disregarding his question.

Right away, he smiled down at me and nodded, then he led me to his booth, letting me walk ahead of him. As soon as we stepped inside I felt him run his hands all over my bubble butt, earning him a smile from me as I gazed wantonly over my shoulder at him.

I can definitely help you out, kid,” the man told me, giving my plump bottom a firm squeeze. “Why don't you take those tight jeans down and I'll see what I can do for you.”

With that, I unbuttoned my pants and yanked them down, feeling incredibly horny for more service at my back door. Without having to be told, I bent over and put my ass in the air. For my diligence I was treated to a deep ass eating, courtesy of Chuck. He parted my buns with his hands and exposed my pucker, then he dove in face first. Soon, I was moaning and writing under the force of his rimming while he manipulated my buns with his hands.

At some point, Chuck pulled his mug out of my ass and unbuckled his belt. When his pants were down, he placed his cock at my entrance and pushed in with ease. As soon as he pushed in, I rolled my hips around, eager to feel his stiffness moving along the walls of my horny boy pussy. Taking my cue, the man held onto my waist and began to thrust while I moaned insatiably. My hard cock was burning even more intensely than it had all day and it seemed to be producing precum at an even faster rate than before. I could feel myself climbing the mountain of anal ecstasy when Chuck pulled his cock out and pushed me down to my knees. I instantaneously wrapped my lips around his prick and began to deep throat it with hot moans while he continued to move his hips in a fucking motion. Less than a minute later, I was treated to a mouthful of Chuck's Grade A man sperm that I swallowed with a decadent smile.

While I was getting myself together, Chuck wrote me a visitor's pass for the fourth floor with instructions to see Jonas.

Tell him I sent you and he'll take good care of you, kid,” he told me, then I planted a deep kiss on his mouth that he accepted with a groan.

When I made it to the forth floor and stepped off of the elevator, I made a quick beeline for the security booth. When the door opened I found myself gazing up at a mountain of a man who was giving me a stern look.

What can I do for you, kid?” he asked curtly.

I'm here to see Mr. Anderson,” I told him, and he gave me a sideways stare.

You can't see Mr. Anderson without an appointment,” he told me.

Chuck said you would take good care of me,” I said in a slightly seductive tone.

Right away, his demeanor changed and I was ushered into the booth. Without waiting for him to make a move, I reached back and ran my palms all over my plump bottom with a guttural moan and rolled my hips around.

I see what you need now,” he said with a wink. “Let's get you out of those pants and I'll take care of you right away, kid.”

Okay,” I sighed, watching as he unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants. As soon as his one eyed monster came into view I felt a powerful shiver roll through my boy pussy and I dropped my pants in record time. It had to be at least 12 inches in length and probably a good six inches in diameter. I almost climaxed just at the site of the mammoth pole, and I could hardly wait to feel it probing my body.

Unable to hold off, I bent over and pointed my ass in his direction, watching over my shoulder as he placed the massive head of his prick against the lips of my boy pussy. As soon as he pushed through my anal ring, my rear end caught fire and I felt an unchecked sizzle grab my groin. When he buried his length all the way up my ass and rooted himself in the depths of my boy pussy, I felt my untouched erection jerk over and over again as five strong shots of my boy sperm hit the floor below me.

Realizing that I had just climaxed with his massive prick resting inside of me, Jonas placed his meaty hands on my shoulders and gripped them tight. With a nice, firm grip on my shoulders, he began to thrust in and out while my legs shook uncontrollably. Less than 15 seconds into our ride I felt my dick pulsating and another round of sperm shots erupted from the end. At the same time, the stink of our sex was dancing around my head and the sound of his moist cock running along the walls of my juicing boy cunt was prevalent all around me. I had my hands flat on the desk as he worked his rod back and forth, creating a chaotic sensation that I wasn't sure I could recover from when we were finished.

A minute after the start of my luscious butt fuck, I felt my groin catch fire once more and my cock sprayed a minuscule load all over the floor. At the same time, my completely sated rear end was grabbing Jonas' stalk over and over again, making it hard for my top to continue his stallion like performance for me. So when he shoved his rod all the way in and froze, I was already too far gone to notice it. I felt his load explode in my ass, then he stirred his cum spewing cock around inside of me and I felt even weaker at the knees for him.

When his balls were completely drained, he started thrusting all over again. I could feel his massive rod massaging thick pockets of cum into my well bred boy box while his thick, bulbous glans worked like a squeegee to gather his seed, then redistribute it. Soon, his deep, relentless thrusting started to force his load out of my hole, creating a frothy batter that ran down my taint and dripped from my shivering nut sack. I felt his hands caressing my shoulders and my back while he fed me continuous strokes of cock, adding to the luscious sensation that was gripping me. Finally, he stopped thrusting and I felt his strong hands take a firm hold of my hips while his potent load ran down the walls of my boy pussy.

By the time he pulled out his load was running out of my hole, spewing from around his cock while my anal ring throbbed visibly. His cock emerged with an audible pop, then he parted my cheeks and tongued his own load from my pucker. The sweet burn that encased my 15 year old body was unreal as he ate me out, then he collapsed in his chair and I scrambled to get between his legs. I spent an extended afterglow sucking and licking his cock and balls clean, then I gave his piss slit multiple kisses of gratitude and worship while he petted my head.

When I finally stood up, it was on wobbly legs. Still, I managed to gain my footing and get dressed, then I shared a long kiss with Jonas while my body burned with pleasure. Finally, we got up and he put his pants on, then we walked out of the booth and he used his key card to let me into the main reception area of the office.

Hi Tommy,” the receptionist Janet said as we walked up to her desk. “Are you here to see your dad?”

Yeah, I had to get security to escort me in, though,” I explained while Jonas gave me a questioning look.

Why didn't you come in through the front like you normally do?” Janet asked with a curious look of her own, and I shrugged.

I guess I got turned around,” I said in a small voice, then I turned to Jonas and smiled. “Thanks for taking care of me, Jonas.”

With his face now registering understanding, he nodded his head and winked, “Anytime, kid.”

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