The Birthday Boy, a series by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Bobby's Guests Cum to the Party -

At 7:45 in the morning the smell of coffee, bacon, eggs, toast and fried potatoes lulled me out of my slumber. The sun was peaking in through the curtains over my bedroom window and the sound of gay porn on my TV was filling my ears. I was laying on my tummy with my naked, horny bottom exposed when I started to blink, then I rolled over and let my hard as steel boy cock stick out freely.

I smiled when I realized that there was porn playing in my room again, telling me that daddy must have come in and turned it on before going to the kitchen to start breakfast. I knew that he wanted to set the mood for me this morning, perhaps to give me a preview of what was to come. Sure enough, as I let my eyes focus on the screen, I was treated to the site of a very cute looking twink sucking cock while he took it missionary style in his bed. I laid still and watched the scene unfold, ignoring my full bladder for as long as I could while the cutie with braces took two tops on at once. When the cocks were ready to blow, both of his tops jerked off in his face while he grinned up at them, his shiny braces on full display. As each of his lovers shot their loads, his smile only got bigger while cum shots hit him in the face.

That was my cue to get out of bed and tend to my morning call of nature. After draining my full bladder, I washed my hands like a good little gay boy, then I made my way out to the hallway, where daddy was waiting for me.

“Good morning, honey,” he said softly as I wrapped my skinny arms around his tummy and rested my head against his chest. “I heard you moving around and thought I'd come check on you.”

“Good morning, daddy,” I yawned, smiling up at him affectionately. “Thank you for turning my TV on.”

“I thought you'd like that,” he said, giving me a tight hug and planting a kiss on my lips. “Let's get your teeth brushed before grandpa gets here. I'm sure you want him to give you some sugar today.”

I nodded through my smile, then daddy followed me into the bathroom, where I dutifully brushed my teeth. While I was scrubbing my chompers, he filled a cap of mouthwash for me to gargle with. When my breath was minty fresh, I was treated to a wet, deep and extended kiss from daddy in front of the sink.

“Come on Bobby, daddy wants to see what's playing on your TV,” he said, taking me by the hand and walking with me to my room.

The scene we were greeted by was a hot one on one romp in a bed. A dark haired twink was laying on his tummy, using his knees to push his ass into the air while a hunky older man was drilling his hole. The boy was moaning into the pillow that he was holding to his chest, his green eyes sparkling while he accepted a marathon style ass fucking. Daddy and I watched momentarily, standing in the middle of my room and holding hands. I leaned into him and moaned a little, my eyes glazed over as I took in the naughty scene that was playing out on the screen.

“Do you like what you see, baby boy?” he asked, and I nodded in a near trance. “Are you in the mood to have your hole drilled like that, son?”

“Yes, daddy,” I almost stuttered.

“Of course you are, sweetie,” he said knowingly, his voice reassuring yet somehow smug. As if he only asked the question to confirm what he already knew about me. I felt his fingertips on my chin, lifting my head so that he could plant another tongue filled kiss on my mouth while he caressed my horny rump.

When his tongue was out of my mouth, he reached down and picked up my pillow, nonchalantly tossing it to the foot of the bed. As soon as it landed on the bed spread I practically jumped in after it, wrapping my arms around it and pulling it to my chest while I spread my legs and pushed with my knees, making my hips and my horny rump raise off of the bed. This had the effect of keeping my hard as steel boy cock off of the bed, leaving it exposed but untouched as daddy got in behind me.

Just like our last romp, he simply placed the head of his cock at my back door and pushed in, confident that it was already lubed up and ready for action. And just like before, daddy was right to think so. When the bulbous head of his cock pushed in, I moaned with need and smiled over my shoulder at him, then I felt his pubic mane smashing against the tender skin around my pucker.

Setting my eyes back on the screen, I fell back into my trance as I watched the twink take his fucking like a true pussy boy. He had an animalistic look in his eyes as his man drove in from the back, and I could feel myself channeling his mood and his energy. His moans were depraved and needy, and I realized that so were mine. His top was feeding him full strokes of his cock, and I knew that my daddy was doing the same. I could see the adipose tissue that filled out his bubble butt being smashed by his top's pelvis as he accepted each inward stroke. At the same time, I could feel my daddy's pelvic bone smashing into my buns, pushing deep into their padding as he drilled my hole.

All of this culminated at once for me in the form of a powerful anal orgasm that ripped through me like a hot knife through a stick of butter. I could feel my boy pussy exploding with carnal pleasure, seemingly out of nowhere as daddy plowed it with his shaft. My hard little pecker was sizzling with passion, drooling with a thick strand of precum that was hanging off of the end and growing in length. I could feel the juices surging in my climaxing rear end and I knew that I had just creamed around daddy's big dick.

I let loose with a long, loud and hopeless moan that drowned out the volume on my TV as my boygasm played out. Daddy fed me deep strokes for another full minute, running his shaft back and forth while my hole contracted violently around it. I was so lost in the sinful pleasure of my morning lay that I didn't recognize the signs that daddy was about to blow. As a result, I felt my already cream laden hole fill up with a hot, thick load of cum that made me shiver one last time, then daddy took a firm hold of my hips and pulled out.

In a flash, I was on him like a bitch in heat, sucking his throbbing meat with lust filled purrs while he petted my messy head. He finally had to pull his cock away by lightly tapping my lips with his fingertips, urging me to let it go so he could get back to the kitchen. Before leaving me, he treated me to another long kiss, then he fixed my pillow so that I could lay on my back and watch porn on my TV until my next lay.

My 3 ½ inch boner was pressed tight to my groin, almost hiding my pubic patch when my grandpa sat on the side of my bed and leaned down to kiss me. He didn't say a word when he first appeared in my doorway, stripped naked and grinning at the site of me watching gay porn in my bed. I smiled up at him and sighed contentedly, my satisfied rear end still roaring with the flames of ecstasy that my daddy had ignited with my early morning service. The sight of my grandpa's already spit shined man cock standing at attention against his chubby, hairy stomach only added to the intensity of those flames.

As soon as our lips touched, I moaned softly and welcomed his strong tongue, loving the way he took full control of our makeout session from the start. My soft moans soon turned to submissive whimpers as I reached up with both arms, wrapping them around his strong neck while his tongue dominated mine. When we broke our kiss, I smiled shyly while he stroked my dark bangs with his strong hands.

“My, my, you're in a very sexy mood this morning, aren't you, tiger?” he noted, and I nodded my answer. “Daddy said that your boy pussy creamed hard for him this morning.”

“It did, grandpa,” I admitted in a husky voice. “He serviced it just right.”

“Do you think he serviced it well enough that you don't need anymore maintenance back there?” he teased me, reaching down to tickle my heaving tummy.

With a seductive smile, I licked my lips and said, “He did, grandpa. He serviced it well enough for me to not need anymore maintenance for a whole week. But I feel like taking cocks in my boy pussy anyway.”

“Oh yeah?” he said, raising an eyebrow at my slutty confession.

I nodded up at him, my eyes filled with passion as I admitted, “My boy pussy got serviced by daddy in the middle of the night, too. It was still satisfied when I woke up this morning, but I wanted to have it serviced again anyway.”

“Is that right?” he asked, prompting me to nod as I placed my feet flat on the bed and opened my legs as wide as I could.

Daddy didn't ask me if I needed my boy pussy serviced this morning,” I revealed with a slutty inflection in my tone. “He only asked if I was in the mood to get it drilled.”

“What did you tell him when he asked you that?” grandpa asked, reaching between my legs and rubbing my exposed boy pussy with two fingers.

“I said yes,” I almost whispered, feeling my boy cunt juice with passion. “I'm always in the mood to have my boy pussy drilled with big dicks.”

“I know that, tiger,” he said, increasing the pressure of his two finger rub down.

I could feel his fingertips opening up my hole as he rubbed its lips, making me moan with need as I luxuriated in the luscious burn I was feeling.

“I'm in the mood to have my boy pussy drilled with your cock, too, grandpa,” I called out through a horny moan. “Did David suck it for you?”

“He sure did, tiger,” grandpa said with a wink. “He's in a very sexy mood today, too.”

With that, grandpa laid down beside me and rolled onto his side so that we were face to face, then we fell into another delicious kiss while I wrapped my left hand around his thick pole and started to stroke it. I moaned when I felt the heat of his cock against my skin, then it throbbed with authority and I knew I needed it inside of me right away.

As if he knew what I was thinking, he broke our kiss and turned his attention to the TV, where a cutie with dark, curly locks was giving a passionate blow job to a cute blonde. I felt grandpa run his fingers through my disheveled hair, then he spoke to me in soft tones.

“Do you feel like picking up where your brother left off, tiger?”

“Yeah,” I panted breathlessly. “I want to suck a lot of dick today.”

“What about this, tiger?” he asked curiously, strumming my hole with added force and making me moan again.

“I want to suck dick while my butthole gets drilled, grandpa,” I stuttered, then I felt him cup the back of my head and guide it down to his throbbing pole.

With a hot moan, I eagerly wrapped my lips around the end and took all eight inches to the back of the throat. I've been sucking big dicks for so many years now that eight inches is nothing but a pleasure for me to accept in my experienced throat. I've taken cocks bigger than ten inches down the gullet before, just like my brother David, and it's always a treat. We're both such well practiced cock suckers that there isn't such a thing as too big for either of us.

So as I took all of grandpa's length and girth down the throat, I moaned with shameless pleasure the entire time. When his wild, wiry pubes smashed into my smiling face, it only added to my slutty bliss. I could feel grandpa's meaty fingers probing my naughty boy pussy, fingering the cum that was already there into its walls while I shivered with lust. I was still blowing him with the hunger of a prostitute who was coming off of a dry spell when he began to feed me rough in and out strokes of his middle and fore fingers. Finally, he could wait no more and spoke up.

“Why don't you pull off and let grandpa get up into that tight rear end, tiger?” he panted, eliciting a nod from me as I treated myself to several more swallows of his long, thick man cock. When I pulled off, I kissed the spongy head over and over again and slurped around his glans. At his urging, I finally let it go, biting my lower lip while I laid flat and spread my thighs, eager to be fucked again. My own hard on was standing at attention, somehow harder than before as I prepared to be taken in the missionary position like a true cock hound.

My grandpa didn't fail to please. While I laid on my back with my legs open, he leaned in and planted a passionate kiss on me that we didn't break while he crawled between my legs and positioned my body so he could enter me. As his tongue ran deep in my mouth with continuous strokes, his sharp glans melted into my hot and ready boy cunt with relative ease. I was still lost in the wonders of his kiss when I felt his pole making its initial journey deep inside of me, then his pubic bush scrubbed my taint and the area around my hole while his warm belly rested against the backs of my thighs.

I responded to his invasion the way I always do; I moaned with unbridled passion and wrapped my arms around his neck, encouraging him to begin his carnal dance inside of me.

I love taking a cock anyway that I can, but taking it in the missionary position makes me the happiest. I love being able to look deep into the eyes of my top while he runs his pole back and forth in my horny hole. I want my man to be able to see my face, too. So that he can see that I want him inside of me, fucking me deep and finding pleasures at my back door. So that we can share a wet, tongue filled kiss in the midst of our love making.

Most of all, though, I love it in the missionary position because it makes me feel like the submissive little pussy boy that I am. I want my man to know that he's in control, that he's the center of my universe while he's inside of me. I want him to know that I spread my legs for him, and that he was the dominant male in our union. I want him to know that he can cum anytime he's ready, whether or not I've climaxed. That just being presented with his seed is enough of a reward for a pussy boy like me.

On this morning, as grandpa ran his thick pole in and out of my quivering hole, it quickly became evident that he wasn't going to deny me a powerful boygasm. Because as his tongue worked its magic in my mouth, the head of his pole was hammering my sweet spot with overwhelming power. I found myself scaling the heights of gay ecstasy all over again, consumed by the lust of our union. I knew that my hole was about to cream hard around grandpa's cock, which felt like it was touching the naughtiest places in the deepest, most forbidden corners of my boy pussy.

When my anal orgasm struck, I felt a strong, punishing, delicious set of contractions roll through it. Each tight compression around my grandpa's cock seemed to trigger a violent tidal wave, then another and another until I lost track of the sensations. My body was bursting with continuous vibrations that sent pleasure signals to the very end of every extremity I had. My toes were curling so tight that I was grabbing the sheet beneath me and my fingers were digging deep into grandpa's neck. Even my boy cock felt like it wanted to dig into something, practically on fire as it drooled with precum that was collecting on my pubic bone.

As if he knew what he was doing, grandpa's eyes lit up and he doubled down on his thrusting. When I realized that he was trying to give me an even harder, more intense boygasm than I was already experiencing, I gave him a helpless look and moaned loudly into his mouth. Then, for five more uninterrupted minutes, grandpa took me to the highest plane of gay boy ecstasy that I'd ever been taken to. My legs, which were now spread eagle in an attempt to accommodate even more of my grandpa, shook with the force of a magnitude 10 earthquake while my boy pussy juiced and creamed through every luscious moment.

Finally, after a stupendous performance in my bed, grandpa pushed in one last time and kissed me so hard it almost hurt. My head was spinning uncontrollably as his load squirted deep into the depths of my totally conquered boy cunt, seeding it with his potent, Grade A man sperm while he dominated my tongue one last time. When he broke our long kiss, we were both panting with exhaustion.

As if we were both in a trance, we let our gazes travel down to my rigid boy cock, which was so hard that we could see every blue vein and red blood vessel that lined its 3 ½ inch length. There was a steady stream of precum trickling out of both ends of my piss slit and running down the length. Letting our gazes go further down, we spotted my hairless nut sack, which was pulled so tight that my tingling balls looked like little robin eggs that protruded through its smooth skin. As we continued our scan of my pubic region, the site of my grandpa's wild bush caught our eyes.

I could feel my sphincter throbbing around the base of his cock, but it was the thick, frothy collection of juices and cum that was matted into his pubes that held our attention. I'm known for my juicing boy pussy, which seems to have its own supply of boy cum that it excretes when I climax. Biologically it makes no sense. Boy's don't produce sperm in their buttholes. But daddy, grandpa and the rest of the family studs always say that my boy pussy makes cum when I climax. Not sperm, just cum.

One time daddy explained it to me by saying, “A pussy boy can cum without making sperm. Your boy pussy creams because that's your way of cumming, sweetie. It's a very special gift that only a true pussy boy can receive.”

Taking stock of the sheer volume of cum that grandpa had fucked out of me, I felt like the luckiest little bottom boy in the world. My hot to trot rear end felt like it was still cumming, even as grandpa rested inside of me while we both caught our breath. Finally, he placed the flat of his meaty hand on my heaving chest and slowly pulled his rock hard pole from my well serviced boy box. I could hear the wet suction of his withdraw, then a wet slurping sound rang out when the head emerged.

With my legs still spread wide, I sat up and got to work, sucking and licking grandpa's pole with lusty moans while he gently scrubbed my scalp with his thick fingertips.

“Happy birthday, Tiger,” grandpa said with a loving tone while I sucked happily around his magical shaft. “Grandpa plans to come service your boy pussy a few more times before the day ends.”

I felt a powerful shiver of passion grip my slight frame when his promise filled my ears, and I couldn't help but moan with need as I considered another climax inducing lay at the hands of my well hung grandpa.

“Grandpa tells us that you're in the mood to suck cock while you get your hot little bottom serviced,” my Uncle Nate revealed, prompting me to lick my lips and nod eagerly. “He tells us that you came long and hard while he was up in your boy pussy.”

“I did,” I said, my voice husky with desire as I surveyed my uncle and my cousin Donnie, who were both rock hard as they stood at my bedside. “I want to cum that hard again, Uncle Nate.”

“Oh yeah?” he said, raising an eyebrow and turning to my cute cousin, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat while he stroked his long, thick pole. “What do you think about that, son?”

“I think we should see what we can do to make it happen for him, dad,” my studly cousin answered, his 24 year old body well sculpted and full of stamina.

“Whose cock could you like to suck on first, Bobby?” my Uncle Nate asked, watching with a wanton expression while I licked my lips and set my transfixed gaze on his long, banana shaped cock. It was such an impressive specimen, standing at a full 10 inches and packing a satisfying 5 inches of thickness, just like every other stud in the family. With no doubt about which cock I wanted in my mouth, Uncle Nate helped me sit up and tapped my lips with the end of his drooling pole. I quickly wrapped my lips around the juicy treat, enjoying a nice, deep throat fuck while I opened my legs for my cousin.

“Take care of the birthday boy, kiddo,” I heard my uncle say, then my mattress shifted and I felt my left leg being lifted into the air. As soon as I felt the heat of Donnie's manhood against the lips of my moist, hungry hole, I felt a bubble of anal ecstasy swell inside of me and burst without warning. Before he even placed the head of his spit slicked cock against my hole, I began to climax hard. Recognizing all of the signs that my boy pussy was in the throes of a full scale melt down, Donnie exclaimed, “God damn, he's already cumming, dad,”

As if I had no control over my own reflexes, I nodded in agreement with him while I took plunge after deep, delicious plunge on my Uncle Nate's cock and moaned with unchecked passion.

“That just means he's looking forward to another deep dicking, son,” Uncle Nate said, stroking my messy head of hair while my anal orgasm played out. “Give him what he's after and see how long he keeps it up.”

With my head still spinning out of control, I felt the glorious sensation of Donnie's long, thick pole sinking deep into my hole. Sitting straight up with my left leg in the air, my hard little rod was sticking straight out from my body, still oozing precum while it tingled with pleasure. With my body on fire, I barely had the presence of mind to notice that Donnie's grip around my ankle tightened just as he began to thrust. I could hear a conversation taking place between my cousin and my uncle, but I was drifting in and out of the moment and only catching parts of it.

“Shit, he wants it bad today, doesn't he?” I heard Donnie exclaim. I wanted to nod in the affirmative but I was too focused on maintaining the bobbing motion of my head, not wanting to give up the glorious blow job I was giving.

“Of course he does, buddy,” I heard my Uncle Nate say. “He's a natural born cock lover. I don't think it's about his ass, or about sucking cock, either, son. I think it's about servicing dicks and taking loads anyway he can.”

Once again, I wanted to nod in the affirmative, wanting to let him know that he was 100% correct. I love cock and cum, no matter how it's presented to me. Getting my boy pussy serviced is just an added bonus for a pussy boy like me. In the end, I'd take a load on the face, across my tummy, in my mouth or even on the back as long as I could have it. When well hung men and cute boys let me suck cock for them or make my boy pussy shiver, it's a privilege that I cherish.

I was still contemplating their conversation and thinking about how much of a pussy boy I was when I heard my uncle talking.

“How does his hole feel, son?” he asked as Donnie fed me mind shattering strokes.

“It feels like it's trying to bite down on my dick,” my cousin answered. “Thank goodness it doesn't have teeth or I'd be up shit creek without a paddle.”

“Do you feel like breeding his ass or do you want to shoot in his mouth?” Uncle Nate asked, but I didn't hear Donnie's reply because another gushing wave of shivers carried me away.

When I started to regain my senses, I heard my cousin say, “I'll be ready to trade in a few more minutes. I'm telling you, dad, his ass is extra tight this morning.”

Less than a minute later, I felt my boy pussy erupt with another set of contractions around Donnie's pole, making me moan like the cum slut that I am while I worked for a mouthful of cum that I was so hot to swallow. Just as my boygasm was starting to wane a bit, I felt my Uncle Nate caress my puffy cheek with his right hand.

“Hey little buddy, is it okay if your cousin trades places with Uncle Nate?” he asked in a tender voice, causing me to let my eyes flutter while I worked to regain my focus. With a dreamy smile, I nodded my answer, my lips still wrapped tight around his thick dick. “You're enjoying Uncle Nate's cock in your mouth, aren't you Bobby?”

I nodded again, this time through a hot, horny moan that was stimulated by my cousin's relentless strokes in my still clutching, creaming boy hole. Very slowly, Uncle Nate eased his pole out of my throat while I smiled up at him in appreciation for such a pleasure filled throat fuck. When I only had the head of his dick in my mouth, I gave it a long, passion filled French kiss while Donnie gingerly eased his cock out of my horny hole.

“Do you feel like getting into the doggy style position, buddy?” Uncle Nate asked, and I nodded with a dreamy sigh while Donnie got out of the bed and stood beside his father. I found myself mesmerized by the site of their dicks, which somehow looked even longer and thicker than they were when they entered my room. I could hear the porno playing on my TV but I wasn't paying it any attention at the moment. The only thing I could focus on in my still orgasmic condition was the two studs who were about to give me more cock, and eventually shoot their loads for me.

Realizing that they were waiting on me, I scrambled to get into the doggy style position in the center of my bed, allowing Donnie to crawl in at the top of my bed and wave his meaty dick under my nose. While I was making my move by wrapping my dick sucking lips around my cousin's cock, my Uncle Nate lined up to my hole and slid his cock all the way up my butt with zero resistance. In fact, my hole bloomed for him as soon as I felt his glans touch my gaping pucker, then he pushed in and my hole swallowed his length with one luscious pull.

“I can't believe how tight this boy's shitter is,” my uncle gasped, pulling air in through his clenched teeth.

“He's just like David, isn't he dad?” Donnie noted. “They both have tight asses.”

“I think this one sees a little more back door action than his brother does,” Uncle Nate guessed just as his hips began to move. “David's shitter doesn't seem to cum the way Bobby's does. I just don't know what your uncle does to keep them both as tight as they are.”

As their conversation carried into my ears, I let loose with a long, depraved moan, loving how they were talking about my boy pussy in such vulgar terms. Sometimes daddy refers to both mine and David's boy pussies as “shit holes” and it's always such a turn on because it's the dirty truth. And sometimes, when one or both of us hasn't taken the time to lay across his lap for an enema, they really are shit holes. But we're both hot and ready to suck a dirty dick at the drop of a hat if one is waved under our noses.

Uncle Nate's words were working in concert with his deep, forceful thrusting and the heat, thickness and deliciousness of Donnie's hot dick to pull the climax right out of my boy pussy. I could still hear him talking about my tight “shitter” while his bulbous bellend probed it deep, sending me into orbit and making my boy pussy cream again. As my boygasm raged, I could feel his warm palm rubbing the dip in my back with gentle strokes, then he spoke softly to me again.

“Is Uncle Nate getting you all hot and bothered, buddy?” he asked, and I nodded my head with an urgent moan. “I can feel your hot to trot little shitter creaming around my cock. Is it the naughty way that Uncle Nate's talking about your boy pussy?”

I nodded frantically while my boygasm played out, still enjoying the way he was tenderly rubbing my back while he serviced my boy pussy so thoroughly.

“You like hearing men talk dirty about you, don't you buddy?” Donnie asked, and I nodded again while I looked up at him with sparkling eyes. “Grandpa told us that you were in a slutty mood today, and it looks like he was right.”

With a long, depraved moan and another frantic nod, I answered his question while I shivered hard through my anal orgasm.

Grandpa told us all that you said something very naughty this morning,” my Uncle Nate revealed, making my already flaming boy pussy roar. “He told us all that you said that you didn't need your boy pussy serviced today. He said that you told him that you were all fixed up after your daddy visited your bed last night. But he said that you told him that you wanted to get your boy pussy serviced by big dicks anyway. Is that true, Bobby?”
As I nodded my naughty confession, I felt the fire in my boy pussy reach a flash point and a full scale inferno erupted. I wanted them to know that it was true. That my boy pussy had been serviced the night before and that I didn't
need it to be serviced again. It was that I wanted it to be serviced again. That I was in the mood to spread my legs for big dicks all day. That I was in the mood to get laid for the thrill of getting laid. That I wanted to be butt fucked for no other reason than that I enjoyed it so much.

There are times in a gay boy's life when he needs to get laid. But there are more times when a pussy boy like me puts out because he enjoys it. Because it feels good when he bends over to have his rear end serviced with a hot dick. Because he's craving the luscious sensation of taking a rock hard cock up the butt. Because he wants to have a nice, hot load of cum pumped into his bottom. Because he wants to have his fudge packed by a stud with a big dick.

And while it's true that I enjoy those pleasures on a daily basis, sometimes I feel like being a little slutty. Since it was my birthday, I wanted to open my legs and be even sluttier than normal. And since there were so many studs who were already coming by to wish me a happy birthday anyway, I felt like being as slutty as I could be for all of them. In fact, as the sensual sensation of anal ecstasy rolled through my body, I found myself wondering how I could be even sluttier for my studs.

As thoughts of being triple teamed or even having a continuous train of cocks run through my boy pussy gripped my horny imagination, I felt one last explosion rip through me and my boy pussy creamed with force, then Uncle Nate pulled out of me and playfully smacked me on the bottom.

“Did you hear me, buddy?” he asked, and I realized that I had been lost in my own sexual paradise. I shook my head no, causing both he and Donnie to chuckle. “If you want my load you better spit your cousin's cock out and take it.”

As if I were working on auto pilot, I quickly pulled off of Donnie's rod and spun around, eager for that mouthful of cum. With a naughty smile, I wrapped my lips around Uncle Nate's shaft and moaned seductively, loving how strong the taste of my boy pussy was in my mouth. From behind, I felt Donnie push his cock back up my butt and shuddered hard, then my uncle's load spewed forth, filling my mouth with its gooey goodness while my cousin settled into another deep butt fucking. I swallowed as quickly as I could, by now such a well practiced cum guzzler that I was able to gauge the volume and speed of his emission and take it all to my tummy.

Less than two minutes later, Donnie pulled out of my shivering rear end and I quickly got back on his cock. My taste of my boy pussy was exceptionally powerful and I was loving the way its flavor seemed to line every inch. While I was worshiping my cousin's talented shaft, my Uncle Nate parted my buns and took stock of my quivering hole, my hard as a rock boy boner and my taut nut sack.

“I think our little birthday boy still wants to get laid,” he chuckled, and I nodded with a hot moan while he let my cheeks close. “Don't worry, buddy, you're going to run the gamut today.”

With another horny moan, I rolled my hips around in a seductive manner, wanting to send the signal that I was up for as many butt fuckings as I could entice. With my well serviced boy butt rolling around in the air, I felt Donnie's hand cup the back of my head, urging me to suck harder and bob my head faster. Thirty seconds later, his load squirted out of the end of his flavorful cock, filling my mouth while I swallowed furiously, loving the thick, delicious protein shake that he was pumping into me.

When he pulled his sensitive cock out of my mouth, I slurped loudly on the end and kissed it gratefully. I sat up and rested on the backs of my legs, smiling at my two studs while they petted my messy head of hair and caressed my smiling face for me. I felt my uncle plant a loving kiss on the top of my head, then he told me, “Why don't you lay still and get a little rest, buddy. The rest of your uncles and cousins should be here soon.”

“Okay,” I sighed contentedly, watching as my cousin climbed out of my bed. My pillow was imprinted with the impression of his firm butt cheeks, and as soon as I rested my head on it, I could smell his butthole and his balls. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the smell while he and my Uncle Nate sat on the edge of my bed, examining my horny body while I grinned up at them.

“Thank you for servicing my boy pussy this morning,” I sighed. “It feels really nice right now.”

“You're welcome little buddy,” my uncle said, leaning down and planting a kiss on my right cheek, which was frozen with my smile. “Happy birthday, Bobby. I love you very much, and I'll be back up here to tend to that horny bottom of yours.”

“Do you promise?” I asked in a soft tone, and he nodded down at me. I turned my attention to my cousin, who was smiling warmly as he watched my interaction with Uncle Nate and asked him, “Will you come back and service my rear end, too?”

“I promise, little cousin,” he said, then he leaned in and kissed the end of my nose. “Happy birthday, buddy.”

With that, they got up and walked out of my room, leaving me to bask in the afterglow of an extended back door service while I turned my attention back to my TV.

Coming Soon...

A Split Roast for the Birthday Boy


Everyone Cums for Bobby's Birthday


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