The Birthday Boy, a series by Josh Terrence


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Bobby Blows his Candles Out -

I was sitting in daddy's lap at the kitchen table with my legs draped over his thighs and my back resting against his chest. My naked body was burning with horny passion as I sat there, watching while my birthday cake was carried in, 13 birthday candles alight while everyone sang to me. In the midst of the chorus, daddy planted a loving kiss on my cheek and I smiled contentedly. His strong hands were running all over my tummy and my chest, making me feel so loved while his strong, pleasing rod throbbed against the constricting walls of my tingling boy pussy.

At the moment, daddy wasn't thrusting at all, but just having a cock inside of me was enough to keep me sated. My own little wiener was standing up at a 45 degree angle, hard as steel but puny and insignificant compared to the well hung studs who were singing for me. Compared to the tiny boner that I had between my legs, even David and Uncle Billy were packing serious heat. When the singing was over, I closed my eyes and made a wish to suck every dick in the house at my leisure, then I leaned forward and blew out all of the candles. When all of the candles were smoldering, Uncle Adam took the initiative to take them out one at a time so we could cut the cake.

“Did you make a wish, honey?” daddy asked me in a soft voice, and I nodded happily. “Do you want to share your wish with everyone?”

“Okay,” I lisped sissily, feeling my boy pussy throb with need as the heat of daddy's cock filled it with steam. “I made a wish that I could suck dick all afternoon until I swallow everyone's load. But I also want to keep taking it up my butt while I suck everyone off.”

“That's a very sexy wish, sweetie,” grandpa said, giving me a proud smile. Hanging on his arm was Uncle Billy, who was also smiling at me while he nuzzled his cute face into grandpa's shoulder.

“Does daddy's prick feel nice in you, baby?” daddy asked, and I let loose with a soft, maidenly moan and nodded in the affirmative. “Would you like for daddy to start thrusting?”

“Yes, daddy,” I answered, my lisp seeming to get thicker and thicker the longer the conversation went. With that, I felt daddy's strong hands grab both of my legs, right behind my knees, and lift them up so that my thighs were tucked into my chest and my feet were dangling in the air. I felt a delicious sensation roll through my body when he began running his thick pole back and forth along the lining of my stuffed hole while everyone watched.

My moans were growing more and more urgent with every hot stroke he fed me as the moist crackle of anal sex filled the otherwise quiet assembly. The silence was so profound that I found myself peering out across the table, seeing that all eyes were on me and daddy. I knew that my well used boy cunt was on full display, and that everyone could see daddy's moist prick plunging deep while I moaned helplessly. It turned me on so much to know that they weren't just watching me take a cock in the ass, but that they were watching the dick slide all the way up my chute, then pull back until it was almost all the way out. Then, just as the glans of daddy's trophy were tugging on my anal ring and making the dark pink lips of my boy pussy pooch out, they saw it slide back in while I shivered with lust.

“Oh, daddy,” I moaned, reaching back with my left arm and cupping the back of his head so that I could have something to hold onto. “It feels so good!”

“My baby boy's loving his ride, isn't he?” daddy asked tenderly, as if nothing were out of the ordinary, and I nodded frantically. “Would you like to rest your feet on daddy's thighs?”

“No, I want everyone to see my boy pussy getting used,” I whimpered, loving the attention that I was getting from this momentous ride.

“You're enjoying putting on a show for your studs, aren't you?” he asked, and once again, I nodded my answer. “You're going to have a lot hard cocks to service if you keep this up, Bobby.”

With a shameless, feminine moan, I called out, “That's what I want, daddy.”

“There's nothing my little boy loves more than a hard cock, is there?” he noted, and I shook my head no. “That makes daddy so proud. Tell everyone how sucking hard dicks make you feel.”

“Like the luckiest gay boy in the world,” I moaned, then I felt daddy kiss me on the back of my head. “Every time I see hard dicks I get horny.”

“You've had a lot of hard cock today, haven't you Bobby?” he reminded me, and I nodded again. “Do you think you'll have your fill by the end of your birthday party?”

“No daddy, I won't,” I admitted through a hard shiver, feeling deliciously slutty as I answered all of daddy's leading questions. “I'm going to have to take more hard cocks tonight and tomorrow.”

“Where are you going to find those, baby?” he asked, and I moaned again before I answered.

“I'm going to come out of the closet some more,” I declared, and he tightened his grasp on the bottom of my legs.

“Aren't you already out of the closet, son?” he asked me, and I nodded again. “Who do you plan to come out to, then?”

“I'm going to go outside and tell people that I'm gay,” I lisped, feeling my body burn with the intensity of a swelling boygasm.

“Around the neighborhood?” daddy asked, and I nodded. “I think everyone in the neighborhood already knows, sugar.”

Of course, daddy was right. There wasn't a single man or boy in our neighborhood who I hadn't outed myself to on purpose in the pursuit of getting myself laid. My easy access back door is always lubed up for any cutie or stud who wants to take advantage of it. Knowing that daddy was only stating the facts and too delirious with pleasure to argue against them, I presented a new plan.

“Then I'm going to come out of the closet in mommy's neighborhood when I go see her tomorrow,” I countered, and once again, daddy kissed me on the cheek and poked a hole in that plan.

“If what mommy always tells me when I pick you up is true, all of her neighbors know that your gay, honey,” he reminded me, and once again, I nodded in agreement.

That's because there wasn't a male in my mommy's neighborhood who I hadn't thrown myself at. I had a set of regulars that kept my rear end busy whenever I was visiting her. This includes a high school cutie next door, a trio 30 somethings who share a house on the corner and a well hung silver daddy just across the street. I'm always quick to lose my pants and bend over for either of them, or the other studs in her neighborhood who've stepped up to service my horny bottom over the years. Mommy gets flustered when I put out for guys on her block, but she knows how agitated I get if I haven't had a man to pleasure me. Having seen me at my most irritable moments of unbearable horniness, she never stops me when I go out. But when I get home from my pleasure cruise down her street, she always promises to tell daddy how naughty I've been.

When daddy picks me up at the end of my visits, she tells him that I was on the prowl again and he promises to put me on punishment when we get home. My punishments always consist of a long, hard butt fucking and a time out between his legs with my lips wrapped tight around his throbbing dick. Because of this, coming out to the men in mommy's neck of town wouldn't do any good, and I knew it. Too filled with passion to engage daddy in a back and forth, I presented a new plan that I was eager to precede with.

“I'm going to come out to the football team, then,” I lisped gayly, and once again, daddy only chuckled as his massive prick brought the pussy boy out in me with ease.

“If I remember correctly, you've already been putting out for the football team, honey,” he corrected me, and once again, he was right. “I think they had you figured out the first time you snuck into their locker room and started giving up your tight rear end to all of them.”

Once again, daddy knew the truth. I was a regular visitor in both the middle school and high school locker room whenever there was a home game. Being a horny boy who has to dress out for P.E., it didn't take me very long to figure out that prancing around the locker room with no pants on would get me laid. After a week of taking it in the ass with regularity during P.E., I snuck into the locker room during a home game and was treated to a cock fest extraordinaire. After a pleasure filled Friday night in the company of the entire middle school football team, I spread the word around school that I was looking for a repeat performance. The following Monday, I made sure that word got around to the high school team that there was a pussy boy who was yearning to service their cocks on a routine basis.

In quick order, I found myself sucking cock and taking deep, climax inducing cock rides for both the varsity and junior varsity teams while the middle school team had to settle for sloppy seconds. Any stud that I didn't manage to service on Friday night was usually taken care of on Saturday, when my back door was opened for visitors all day. Before the season was up, I had earned the title of honorary “tight end” on the varsity team. Realizing that coming out to the football team would be a fruitless endeavor, I acknowledged daddy's gentle reminder by announcing an even sluttier plan.

“I'm going to the truck stop so I can write it on the wall and give everyone my cell phone number,” I lisped sissily, feeling myself getting hornier and hornier as the moments went by. “Then I'm going to the shower room so I can get laid by truckers with big dicks.”

“Isn't that what you did over Spring Break, sugar?” he said knowingly and I moaned hotly as I recalled my dirty deeds down at the local truck stop. While daddy was at one of David's baseball games, I got on my bike and rode to the truck stop wearing a tight pair of jeans that hugged my bubble butt and a shirt that was cut short, leaving my belly button and the small of my slender back exposed. When I locked my bike up, I strolled through the lot, letting my bottom swing gayly while I gave anonymous truckers the eye.

When I got to the bathroom, I made a pass at a big bellied stud and he took me into the stall. While we were getting undressed, I took the time to write my name and number on the divider, then I bent over and took a much needed butt fucking. When it was over, I sucked cock for the man while he wrote about how tight my bottom was right beneath my name and number. With my cum filled rear end still sashing from side to side, I went into the shower room and got undressed so I could give a few blow jobs while my number circulated. When I left the truck stop that evening, cum was pouring out of my butthole into the seat of my pants and my lips were puffy from sucking so much dick.

Since then, I've been back to the truck stop more times than I can remember. Knowing once more that my reputation as a cock hound was firmly established, I conceded that daddy was right. Every trucker who traveled through town already knew that I was gay. I felt him plant a soft kiss on my cheek, then he spoke tenderly to me.

“I think my little gay boy's made all his rounds,” he said, but I shook my head no stubbornly. “No?'

“Uh uh, daddy,” I moaned as his rod continued to run fluidly along the hot, moist lining of my poop chute, then I announced my new plan of action with a dainty lisp. “I'm going to all of the parks to hook up with cute guys in the toilets.”

“Oh yeah?” daddy said softly, and I nodded my head with a naughty pout that I wanted everyone to see. “If I remember right, you've been doing that for years, honey. Are there any strangers who you haven't come out of the closet to, Bobby?”

“No,” I whimpered, feeling the onset of my boygasm coming on rapidly. “I've already told all of the strangers there that I was gay, daddy.”

The parks are my oldest stomping grounds from way back when my lips weren't quite big enough to take a massive cock as easily as I do today. I started going when I was still in 4th grade, anxious to suck cock for strangers while I sat on the toilet with my little pecker standing straight up like it was at the moment. It didn't take me long to work up the desire to get myself fucked in that same setting, and I quickly found myself cruising the various parks around town several times a week to get my fill.

Thinking about all of the places that I'd been putting out at over the years made me so hot, and as daddy's massive shaft ran deep in my boy pussy, I lost the battle and an overpowering boygasm consumed me. My little legs were shaking violently in daddy's grasp as the realization that not only could my family studs see the big dick running in and out of my exposed hole, but that I had just revealed my level of extreme cock hunger to them while they watched. They'd all used my horny hole the way I wanted it to be used, but that I was still craving more. I had sucked every single one of them off, but I was still craving more. Craving more cocks, craving more cum, craving more kisses, craving another throat fuck and craving more anal sex.

In the midst of my anal orgasm, I could feel daddy's comforting touch, caressing my face while my body burned sweetly. My mind was focused on the deep immersion of his pole, making my body feel so good and drawing out more of the feminine moans that always came so naturally from me. Every motion of his prick was making my hair stand up while goosebumps spread quickly across my naked body. The bulbous glans that bullied their way along the walls of my boy cunt were making my hard little dick drool with precum. The thick, well defined ridge of his crown was snug against the moist lining of my boy pussy as it made each plunge into my deepest corner, massaging the hot tissue and rousing every pleasure receptor in my body.

I was out of my mind with orgasmic pleasure when I felt daddy's caressing hand turn my head with a gentle nudge, then he pressed his lips to mine. His tongue slid into my mouth and he kissed me deep, causing a whole new boygasm to burst in my sexed up body and it suddenly dawned on me that my feet were resting on the tops of this thighs. Wanting my boy pussy to be completely exposed to the room of onlookers, I reached down and pulled my buns apart so that my busy hole was easily seen by everyone.

“Fuck, he's showing us his asshole again,” I heard my cousin Steven exclaim, and I nodded frantically, even as I luxuriated in a long, wet French kiss with daddy. I was moaning wildly into his mouth while my boygasm raged for what felt like a delicious eternity, then it started to wane. When we broke our kiss, I was still in the throes of ecstasy, but daddy engaged me in more conversation.

“Now that you're out of the closet to everyone, what do you plan to try, Bobby?” he asked wittingly, but this time I was a step ahead of him.

I managed to interrupt my pleasure filled moaning long enough to look down at my small boy boner, then I set my gazes on the massive pythons that were standing straight up around the table. Giving everyone my naughtiest look and using my most feminine lisp, I said, “I'm going to tell everyone to look at my little wienie, daddy. It's smaller than everyone elses' dick, and I want to show it off.”

“Oh yeah, honey?” he said, sounding intrigued as he continued to thrust up into me. I let my fingers knead my buns while I held them in place, then I nodded my reply.

“I have the smallest dick at school,” I lisped with a proud smile, feeling especially feminine at the moment. “Even the boys at my school who are only 11 have bigger dicks than I do.”

Planting a wet kiss on my cheek, daddy rubbed my chest with both of his warm hands and asked, “Why do you think that is, sweetie?”

“Because I'm a little sissy,” I lisped, loving the attention I was drawing to my diminutive boner. “That's why my wienie doesn't make cum yet.”

“My little boy likes being a sissy, doesn't he?” daddy noted, and I nodded my head feverishly. “You're so proud to have a little willie, too.”

I am proud to have such a little dick,” I lisped, then I looked around the room at the dripping manhood that I was longing to indulge in. “Sometimes I wish boys could see it when it gets soft.”

“How come, baby?” daddy asked knowingly, sending a shiver of naughty passion through me.

“Because it's really small when it's soft,” I explained, earning me a naughty grin from everyone at the table, especially David, who was sitting in Uncle Adam's lap being doted on. I saw Uncle Adam whisper something into his ear, and David smiled up at him and nodded, then they kissed on the lips and turned their attention back to my small erection.

“You still have a baby dick, don't you Bobby?” daddy asked, and I grinned up at him with a moan and a nod. “Do you want daddy or anyone else to play with it for you?”

“No daddy,” I whimpered, shaking my head as I struggled to maintain my composure. His deep fucking was pulling another anal orgasm out of the woodwork, and it was quickly taking shape.

“You've never wanted daddy or any other boy to pay attention to that baby dick of yours,” he noted, making me moan hotly. “You're just a grade A pussy boy, huh Bobby?”

“Yes daddy,” I lisped through a hot moan, feeling my boygasm hit me in swift, powerful waves. “I never want my little wienie played with because I'm the little gay boy.”

You are the little gay boy,” he noted, planting another kiss on my cheek while I nodded eagerly. “You're so proud to be gay, and proud to have such a tiny dick, aren't you, sweetie?”

“Yes!” I called out as the tidal wave of orgasmic bliss raced toward the beach of my ecstasy, then I added fuel to the fire. “I'm going to show off my little dick to everyone in the neighborhood, and in mommy's neighborhood, and at school, and at the high school and at the truck stop and all of the parks, daddy!”

That was all I could stand. My body felt so alive and so full of electricity that I had dark flashes of light popping all around my head. I had to shut my eyes because my face was flushing with the same waves of heat and energy that seemed to encapsulate my roaring boy pussy. Daddy's cock felt like a hot divining rod of sweetness that my rear end was constricting around. Over and over again, he fed me potent, overpowering strokes that had me soaring through the air like a jetliner. I could feel my legs shaking so hard that my knees were knocking into each other, then my right foot slipped off of daddy's thigh and hung limply off to the side.

As I was reeling with pussy boy ecstasy, I felt the slimy head of a dick being pressed up to my lips and instinctively wrapped them around it. Soon, I was enjoying the full length of the warm cock I was sucking, my eyes still shut tight even as the familiar scent of another cock being waved under my nose made me shiver. Before I could react, there was a third cock in my midst, then a forth and a fifth. I opened my eyes and moaned hotly when I realized that I was giving my Uncle Joe a sensual blow job while Grandpa, Donnie, Uncle Nate and Steve were standing all around me.

Realizing that this was my moment of truth, I slurped lustily on the end of Uncle Joe's cock, then I pulled off of it and wrapped my lips around grandpa's juicy prick with a decadent smile. Daddy's rod was still running fluidly in my boy pussy as I brought my right foot back up and settled it on his thigh, then I pulled off of grandpa's cock and moved along to Uncle Nate's. After spending a blissful 30 seconds with his bulbous glans trapped between the flat of my tongue and the roof of my mouth, I swallowed his entire length, then I let it slide in and out of my throat while I wrapped a hand around grandpa's and Donnie's pricks.

When I pulled off of Uncle Nate's trophy, I slipped my mouth over Donnie's cock and sucked lustily while I moved my hand over to Uncle Joe's prick. Soon, I had moved over to Steven's impressive shaft, deep throating it and slurping around the end while Uncle Adam scooted my brother out of his lap and implored Joey and Uncle Billy to join everyone else around the chair. With four more dicks to suck, I watched with animated eyes as they all made room for each other. I quickly got lost in the ecstasy of the moment, wrapping my hands around any cock I could while I took dicks in my mouth at random, eager to receive all of their loads.

Daddy's thrusting got slower and more gentle while I found my rhythm, taking cocks in my watering mouth while I jacked my studs off with both hands. I could feel his warm palm running up and down my back, then he spoke gently to me.

“Is this what you were after, sugar?” he asked, and I could only moan and nod my head briefly because I was too enamored with all the dicks in front of me. “It looks like the little birthday boy's getting his wish today.”

“I'd say so, son,” grandpa agreed, reaching down and running his fingers through my hair while I moved lustily between each juicy dick, sucking with soft, wet slurps and continuous feminine moans. “I'm so proud of the little sissy that you raised, buddy.”

“I'm proud of him, too,” daddy said, still rubbing my back while his humping slowly gained speed.

“Are you going to shoot a load, buddy?” grandpa asked with a note of tenderness, but daddy was all man today.

“Not just yet, dad,” he said, bringing out a hot moan from me. “I want to keep my little guy filled at both ends until he takes all of your loads, then I'm going to breed him and let open his presents.”

Keeping his promise, daddy creamed my tingling hole with his seed 45 minutes later, not long after I swallowed the last load that I had taken in my mouth, a gusher courtesy of Uncle Joe.

Coming Soon – A Party at Both Ends (Everybody's Cumming)

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