The Birthday Boy, a series by Josh Terrence


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A Party at Both Ends (Everybody's Cumming)

It was 10pm on Sunday night when I climbed into daddy's bed and shared a long, tongue filled kiss with him. As always, my bubba David was fast asleep, having taken a deep dicking while I was kissing my cute companion goodbye on the front porch. His name was Lucas, one of four high school football players that I'd seen in my room that evening after spending the day at mommy's house.

Before daddy drove me to her house, he insisted that David and I lay across his lap and let him give us both an enema. I knew I needed it, but I hated to have the cummy keepsake of my party washed away. My boy butt was incredibly gamey, though, and I was leaving a smelly tail behind me as I pranced around the house. David's bottom was just as stinky as mine, and we had been enjoying each others' buttholes all morning by trading deep rim jobs while we took turns blowing daddy.

Once he was able to corral us and get us cleaned out, we got in the shower and he freshened our boy pussies up. With our rear ends lubed and no longer stinking the house up, daddy picked out our outfits for the day and we got dressed. He dropped David and I off at 10 in the morning with the promise to pick us up by 6pm and we went inside to have my second birthday party with mommy.

Even though we live with daddy, David and I both have our own rooms at mommy's house and we go there a lot. We're always happy to see her, too, and we even go to see her at work all the time.

As soon as she opened the door, she knelt down and let us smother her in hugs and kisses while she doted on us.

“I see that daddy gave you two a bath,” she said with a warm smile as the smell of soap and baby shampoo rolled off of our bodies, then she let go of David and held me close. “Did you have a nice party yesterday?”

“Yeah,” I said with a shy smile, nodding my head as I rested it on her shoulder. “I missed you, mommy.”

“I missed you too, honey,” she said warmly, then we went inside where a birthday cake and a pile of presents were sitting on the dining room table.

After cake and ice cream, I opened my presents with a big grin. All of my gifts were yummy, and I even got some of the same toys that David got on his birthday. I knew that they were toys that mommy wanted me to play with when I was at her house because I already had toys at daddy's, so I didn't bother asking if I could take them with me when I went home.

Next I unwrapped a new pair of tan corduroy pants that I just knew would hug my bubble butt perfectly and wanted to try them on right away. Minding my manners though, I opened the remaining three gifts and sighed blissfully. The first gift was a DVD that I begged to play right then and there, but mommy said to open the rest of my presents instead. When I set my eyes on the rest of the toys that she bought me, I clasped my hands together and gave her hugs and kisses.

“Thank you, mommy,” I lisped, feeling warm and tingly. “I can't wait to watch the movie.”

“We'll watch the movie later, baby,” she assured me, then she gave my bottom a playful swat. “How about if you go try your new outfit on and show it off for mommy and bubba?”

Eager to please, I hurried to my room with David hot on my heals. He had my toys with him, thoughtfully helping me put them away in my room. While I was putting my new outfit on, I couldn't help but show him my underwear clad bubble butt and invite him to give it a sniff. With a hard grin, my cute brother dropped to his knees and pushed his nose into my crack, taking a long, deep whiff, then his tongue invaded my crevice and I moaned. I stayed where I was with my feet spread, taking a wide stance while my bubba licked my butthole through the outside of my undies. My body was trembling and I was moaning wildly, but we both knew that mommy was waiting for us so our fun was short lived.

When David and I returned to the living room, mommy had a knowing look on her face. I was holding hands with my brother as I strutted across the living room floor, then he took a seat on the couch next to mommy and smiled as I let my bubble butt switch from side to side. I placed my left hand on my hip and hung my bottom out, wanting them both to see how tight the corduroy pants were and how round my buns looked in them. While I was doing this, I noticed mommy's nose working, then she leaned over and gave David's face a whiff.

“What's that I smell?” she asked and my bubba blushed.

“I don't know,” he said shyly while she gave him a sympathetic smile.

“After sissy finishes his little show, I want you to go wash your face and hands, okay honey?” she said, and he nodded dutifully.

When I was finished showing my new clothes off in the living room, David scampered off to the bathroom and I announced that I wanted to take a little walk. Mommy raised an eyebrow and gave me a knowing look, then she motioned me to her.

“Do you promise to behave this time, Bobby?” she asked, and I deceptively looked away as I nodded my answer. “I mean it, honey. I want you to be a good boy.”

“I just want to show off my new clothes, mama,” I said in a small voice, giving her my most innocent expression.

Planting a kiss on my cheek, she said, “Be home by 2:30, honey. We still have to sit down and watch your new movie.”

“I love you, mommy,” I lisped, wrapping my arms around her for a tight hug, then I hurried out the door and cruised the block for gay sex.

My first stop was right across the street, where my silver daddy Ray was so happy to see me that he treated me to a yummy makeout session on his couch. When I mentioned that it was my birthday, he let me unwrap his meaty package and suck it. When I received his load, I sat up and swallowed, then I promised to come see him for some back door action. Seeing me off with a kiss, Ray watched me hurry down the sidewalk while I sent a series of texts and arranged my next hookup.

With my next gay encounter set up, I made a beeline to the end of the block, where Aiden, Jesse and Stew live. The three room mates look forward to my visits, and when I told them it was my birthday weekend, they asked where the party was. I told them that I was holding a celebration in my mouth and in my ass, and they were invited to cum as much as they wanted to. For my hospitality I was rewarded with three consecutive ass fuckings that I took in the doggy style position while I slobbered lustily around their cocks.

When I left them, I sent a text to James, the cute 17 year old who lives right next door to mommy. He texted me that he was still at work, so I strolled over to see another silver daddy named Norman. By the time he set the deadbolt we were both naked from the waist down and I was bending over for him, my palms pressed flat against the front door while he fucked a hot, fast load into my horny bottom. Less than a minute after I bent over for him, we were hiking our pants and I was kissing him on the lips, then I texted Ray that I was thinking about him again.

On my way to see Ray, my cum filled bottom overflowed and cum poured into the seat of my underwear and my new corduroys. Realizing that there was no hiding it, I decided to put on a show, letting my high capacity rear end swing seductively while I strolled down the block. I wanted as many men and boys to see my sopping bottom and know what had happened there, then I wanted them to replace the loads that I had expelled. By the time I got to Ray's, my rear end was incredibly aroused and I was hot for another deep rooting.

While my silver daddy was pleasuring my slutty boy pussy, James texted me that he would be home in 10 minutes. Feeling like the Gods of gay ecstasy were watching over me, I tightened my rectum and Ray treated me to a world class butt fucking. When he seeded me and pulled out, I took nothing but pleasure in sucking his cock clean while he petted my hair. When I finally pulled my cum soaked pants and undies back up, we made out until I heard James' car pulling into his driveway. Giving my well hung silver daddy one last kiss by the door, I hurried across the street to meet my high school stud and showed off my cum soaked bottom with a naughty smile. When I spotted the massive bulge that he was sporting in his khakis, I practically dragged him to my room inside mommy's house.

As I hurried through the living room, mommy spotted my cum drenched bottom and gave me a knowing look, but I was too horny to stop and explain myself. Instead, I led James down the hallway and took him to my room and shut the door. I got undressed as fast as I could and hastily unbuttoned his pants so that I could access his juicy dick. As soon as it was out of his pants, I wrapped my lips around it with an urgent moan and fell into a lust filled deep throating while he hissed above me. After an impromptu throat fuck that I accepted for over two minutes, I was ready for my rear end service to begin.

Much to my delight, James was ready, willing and able to meet the challenge. I bent over in front of the dresser and he slipped his big dick right into my easy hole, feeding my deep, satisfying strokes that felt so good. I was moaning so hotly during my butt fuck that I knew mommy and David could hear exactly what we were doing, but I didn't care at all. When he filled my naughty hole with his potent teen spunk, we made out on my bed and I massaged his dick until it got hard again.

When his dick was nice and stiff, I sucked it for 20 gratifying minutes, taking it all the way down the throat while I moaned like a girl. When my boy pussy started to ache for his cock, I got on my back and got laid in the missionary position. My bed was creaking and my headboard was hitting the wall while I kissed my top and moaned hotly, then he pulled out and shot his load all over my grinning face. When it was over, I held my cum drenched undies and pants up for him while I used my fingers to scrape the cooling jizz off of my cheeks and licked it away.

Discarding my soiled outfit, I donned a clean pair of undies and the jeans that I was wearing when daddy dropped me off, then I held his hand and gazed up at him with stars in my eyes as we walked right past mommy and David. Mommy looked flustered but David had a naughty smile on his face and even gave James a suggestive wink as we walked through the living room. Once again, there was a strong, odorous tail following me as I walked, the consequence of having taken so many delicious butt fuckings. Standing at the door, I kissed my stud deep while I released the two creamy cum loads that he had fucked into me, letting them collect in the seat of my undies and splatter against my plump globes.

When I saw my lover off, mommy called me back into the living room for a stern talking to. When I made my approach, the sharp stink of butt sex was rolling off of my bottom and filling the air, but I still took a seat on mommy's lap so she could have a talk with me.

“Honey, were you out cruising the neighborhood again?” she asked, and I nodded my answer as she used her fingers to straighten my disheveled hair. “I thought you were going to behave yourself, Bobby.”

I was behaving myself, mommy,” I lisped gayly, then I rested my head on her shoulder. “It's my birthday and I wanted to be a good birthday boy.”

“How is doing naughty things with men being a good birthday boy, sweetheart?” she asked, stroking my hair while I prepared to explain myself.

“Because on my birthday it's important to have a party,” I explained, still lisping like a good little gay boy. “I wanted to make sure that I had a party for all of my special friends.”

“A party in their houses?” she asked, and I shook my head no. “I don't understand, then.”

“I had a party in two places, mommy,” I explained, licking my lips while I reached back and ran my hand over my rump, which still had the odor of anal sex pouring out of it. “I had a party in my mouth and one in my butthole. I made sure that everyone I invited got to cum.”

“I understand, baby, but you dirtied your new pants with cum,” she said sternly, then she patted my humming bottom and went on. “It smells like you might have dirtied these pants, too, Bobby.”

“I did, mommy,” I admitted, looking up at her with remorseful eyes. “It happened when I was kissing James by the door.”

With that, she scooted me off of her lap and pulled the waistband of my jeans and underwear back, looking at the cum that was staining them with a neutral look. I was watching over my shoulder as she peered down into the seat of my britches, then she saw me watching and raised an eyebrow.

“Well?” she asked with an expectant tone, and I just shrugged.

“Did he poop his pants?” David asked with a big grin, and she just sighed while I turned and gave him a challenging smile.

“Maybe I did,” I said with a naughty inflection, causing his face to scrunch up. “Maybe there's pee in my pants, too.”

He leaned in to look for himself, then he directed his excited brown eyes up to my face while he took a naughty sniff.

“It's just cum,” I lisped, but mommy didn't look very pleased.

She held my waistband in place while David drew in another long whiff, then she told him, “That's enough, sweetie.”

With that, she let the waistband of my undies snap back into place and stood up, taking my hand and walking me to the bathroom. David accompanied us down the hall and beat us to the bathroom, turning the light on with an excited, naughty smile. When we got to the bathroom, she instructed me to undress while she filled the tub. When I was naked, David giggled at my little wiener, which was still hard as a rock from the multiple gay encounters I had, then he told mommy, “Bobby has a baby wiener.”

“So, I'm glad I have a baby wiener,” I reminded him, and he gave me a loving smile. Mommy was watching us with a warm smile of her own, then she called David over to her.

“Would you like to gather up your sissy's dirtied undies and take care of them for mommy?” she asked with a knowing smile, and he nodded eagerly. Planting a kiss on his cheek she reminded him, “There's a pair in his room, too. And don't forget to take care of his new pants, honey.”

“Okay, mama,” David practically stuttered as he cast his gaze on my cum filled briefs that were laying on the floor by the toilet.

“When you're finished with them, put them in the laundry room for mama to wash,” she told him, and he nodded dutifully. “By the time you finish up, Bobby should be out of the tub and we'll watch the movie, okay?”

“I love you, mommy,” David said, his tone husky.

“I love you too, baby,” she assured him, planting another kiss on his cheek. “Would you like to get into some jammies for the movie?”

“Uh huh,” he nodded, practically in a trance.

“Pick out a special toy that you'd like to have for the movie, too,” she told him, then she gently ran her hand over my smiling face. “Pick one out for sissy, too.”

With that, David picked my cum sopped briefs up from the floor with animated eyes and held them to his nose for a long, pleasurable whiff. When he pulled his nose away, he gave us both a shy smile and hurried out of the bathroom. I watched him run across the hall to my room, then mommy took me by the hand and guided me into the tub. While I was soaking the stink of my cruise off of my body, mommy sat on the toilet and had a talk with me about dirtying my undies. She reminded me that I dirtied my pants with cum every time I was there for a visit, and that I was getting too old for her to have to change me. Giving her a naughty pout, I promised to keep doing it because I liked being a dirty boy.

While mommy was having a talk with me about my messy pants, David came out of my room with no clothes on and his 4 ½ inch boner standing straight up. He had a pair of my dirty undies hanging out of his mouth and he was holding the other pair to his nose. Even more curious, he was wearing my corduroys on his head as he casually made his way into his room, grabbing both mine and mommy's attention from the bathroom. As he walked by the door, his plump buns were bouncing up and down and all I could think about was feasting between them as soon as I could get away with it.

When I got out of the tub, mommy and David were in my room. Mommy was stripping my sheets while David was standing by with a naughty smile on his cute face. He was dressed in a pair of red cotton jammies and the outline of his rock hard boyhood was transparent through the front. He had all of my newest toys laid out across my dresser with a sexual gleam in his eyes. I could hear a familiar buzzing that told me he had already selected his own toy and accepted it deep in his pooper before he dressed for the movie.

Next to my toys were a pair of clean undies and some jammies that mommy had laid out for me. With eager eyes, David announced that he wanted to make sure that I did a good job cleaning up, then he planted his nose up to my brown eye and took a deep whiff while mommy swatted his tail.

“Honey, leave sissy alone and let him get ready for the movie,” she told him while I grinned over my shoulder.

“It's still stinky,” he sighed blissfully, then his tongue darted out and he rimmed me for a few seconds while mommy rolled her eyes and gathered my sheets.

“When you two little horndogs are ready, I'll be in the living room watching the movie,” she said, then she walked out with my dirty sheets in a bundle.

Anxious to finally watch the DVD that I had been begging mommy to get me for months, I bent over and let David lube me up. He used two fingers to strum my tingling hole, then I handed him the longest, thickest vibrator in my collection and he slid it up my butt. Before I stepped into my clean clothes, he turned the vibrator on and it hummed so perfectly in my bottom, making me moan and getting my puny little boy rod hard again.

When we emerged from the room, mommy had a big bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and welcomed us with a smile. I got comfy in her lap while my bubba curled up at her side, then she used the remote and started the movie. An hour later, while we watched a cute water delivery driver getting his ass licked, I felt my eyes getting heavy and fell asleep while mommy rocked me like a baby and told me how proud she was of her little cock hound.

When I woke up, daddy was there to collect us and mommy told him everything while I pouted. He sat down with me and down and asked me if it was all true, and I couldn't lie.

“Did you cruise for sex with men, baby?” he asked, and I nodded my answer while he shook his head in disappointment.

“Did you bring a boy home and take him in your room, Bobby?” he asked and again, I confessed my dirty deeds.

“Yes daddy, he gave it to me up the butt,” I lisped, watching him process this new information.

“Did you poop your pants with cum, Bobby?” he asked with a knowing expression.

Once again, I nodded my confession while daddy sighed deeply and lifted me into his lap.

“I dirtied two pairs of my pants and underwear with cum that was up my butt, daddy,” I admitted while he looked down at me and rubbed my back.

Planting a kiss on my cheek, he said, “As soon as we get home, you need to go straight to your room and get in your bed. Do you understand me?”

“Yes daddy,” I said, nodding dutifully while the vibrator hummed so sweetly in my rear end.

With that, he sent me and David off to our rooms to take our toys out and put our socks and shoes on while he discussed my punishment with mommy. I wondered what they would come up with, especially given the fact that I was so defiant when mommy tried to talk to me in the bathroom.

When we got home, daddy sent me straight to my room and said he'd be up to deal with me in a little bit

While I was in my bed, daddy came upstairs and sat down with me. He told me that as part of my punishment, I could only see boys in my room for the rest of the night. Accepting my fate, I got on my phone and texted four big dicked high schoolers to explain my dilemma. After sending my text, I took my jammies off and bent over while daddy slid his rod up my butt and punished me with a trio of intense boygasms. While I was still waiting on my studs, daddy punished me with a time out that I served between his legs, where I sucked dick on the floor for 15 minutes.

My first stud of the evening was Sammy, an 18 year old running back with green eyes and dark curls. As soon as he showed up, I got back in my bed and daddy closed the door so Sammy and I could have privacy. After a pleasure filled 10 minutes with his prick lodged down my throat, he slipped his prick in my boy pussy and took me around the world. When the cutie left my room, he went across the hall to see David in his bed.

While David was having his boy pussy serviced, my next stud showed up. Chuck was the varsity quarterback and he was just as skilled in bed as he was on the field. As soon as I spread my legs, he crawled between them and dominated my body with a missionary fuck. When he left, David was still in his room with Sammy, so Chuck discreetly made his way to daddy's room and was treated to a rear end service that he thought no one else would know about. After having his fannie seeded, the cute 18 year old left just in time to miss Ron, the varsity tight end.

I had been given the honorary title of tight end on all of the area football teams for my contributions in the locker room, but unlike me, Ron was no panty waist. He had a bonafide python swinging between his muscular legs and he knew how to use it. In no time flat, my boy pussy was creaming over and over again while I took it in the ass like a good little gay boy. By the time Ron was through with me, I wanted to hurry down to the department store and buy as many pairs of pink, flowery panties as I could because he made me feel like a little girl.

While I was still laying in my bed trying to gain control over my convulsing legs, Ron was buttoning up and making his way out the front door. I was still reeling from the deep tissue massage that Ron had administered when Lucas arrived, hard as a rock and ready to plant a final load in my boy pussy. I quickly got into the doggy style position in my bed, taking it like the cock hound that I am while I moaned with ecstasy. After a mind numbing 10 minutes of anal therapy, Lucas pulled out of me and I scrambled to get between his legs so I could suck cock for him. When he finally unloaded his seed down my throat, I defied daddy's punishment and walked my stud downstairs with a dreamy smile on my face.

As we passed by David's room, I saw that the door was opened but he wasn't inside and I figured he must have gone to see daddy for a night cap. After sharing a deep kiss with my stud, I asked him if he would come see me the next night and he promised he would, then he kissed me one last time before leaving for the night. Wondering if daddy and David were still at it, I hurried upstairs and bounded into daddy's room, where he was basking in the afterglow of seeding my bubba's boy pussy. Beside him, my brother was out like a light, sleeping with a contented glow on his face while daddy petted his dark hair.

“Did you have a nice punishment, baby?” daddy asked, and I nodded solemnly. “You were very naughty at mommy's house again.”

“I was just trying to be a good birthday boy,” I lisped, resting in the crook of his arm while hugged me tight. “I was having parties in my mouth and my bottom and I wanted all of my friends to cum.”

“That's what mommy said you told her,” he explained, and I nodded up at him. “Tell daddy all about the boy in your room.”

“Okay, daddy,” I lisped sissily. “It was James, and he came twice for me.”

“Did he give you a nice cum, sugar?” daddy asked, and I nodded happily. “Such a horny little boy.”

“I had nice cums in my bed tonight, too,” I sighed blissfully, then I wrapped my hand around his flaccid cock. “Daddy?”
“Yes, baby?”

“I want to suck cock tonight while I fall asleep,” I said quietly, and he placed a kiss on my head.

“How about if daddy gets your brother in his bed?” he said, running his fingers through David's soft hair with a loving smile. “Then I'll come lay down with you and you can nurse on the end of daddy's prick until you go night night?”

“I love you, daddy,” I lisped, then we locked lips again until he scooted me out of his bed and told me to go pee before I laid down. I was standing in front of the toilet when daddy came into the bathroom with David in his arms to remind me to wash my hands when I was done. My brother was sleeping with his head on daddy's shoulder and his legs wrapped loosely around his waist.

“Do you have to go potty, buddy?” daddy asked, and David shook his head no. With that, he took David in his room and tucked him in while I washed my hands like a good little gay boy and hurried to bed. When daddy came in, I moved over and he got in with me, then I quickly moved down and wrapped my lips around his shaft, nursing quietly while he stroked my hair and talked to me.

“You had a very special weekend, didn't you, honey?” he asked, and I nodded softly. “Daddy was very proud of you this weekend, Bobby. It was so important to me that you had as much cock as you wanted.”

I cooed with contentment when he said that, then I felt his hand running softly up and down my back.

“Mommy said you were with six guys while you were visiting with her,” he told me softly. “Is that true, Bobby?”

I nodded again, sighing with relief as I thought about the hot cock rides I took while I was over there.

“Such a dedicated little cock pleaser,” he praised me as my eyelids started to get heavy. “Mommy said you were a stinky little gay boy and she had to give you a bath. Is that because of all of the cocks you were riding?”

I nodded again, and he gave the top of my head a gentle, relaxing scrub with the ends of his fingers.

“That's what mommy thought,” he told me. “Did you suck enough cock while you were cruising her street, baby?”

“Mhmm,” I moaned softly, starting to lose the battle for consciousness. “Mommy said she didn't think you'd had enough cock in that tail of yours and that daddy needed to keep you in your room for the rest of the evening while boys came to see you.”

I nodded again, his soothing tone setting the stage for my dreams.

“I agreed with mommy, too,” he explained, and I only sighed again as sleep started to wrap itself around my head. “I want you and David to go see mommy at the truck stop tomorrow, okay? I want you to suck a lot of cock while you visit mommy at work, and get plenty of action at your back door, too.”

I had just enough energy to nod briefly, then his flaccid prick was eased from my mouth and he gently guided me to my pillow. Planting a kiss on my lips, he told me, “Good night little birthday, boy. Daddy loves you.”

With that, he picked my remote up and the low volume sound of gay porn played in the background, giving me the sweetest dreams that a little gay boy can have.

~The End~

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