Tanner Orders a Number 2, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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My body was burning with desire as I ground my rear end around in the air, anxious for penetration from a total stranger. I was on my knees in the mall bathroom, hanging onto both sides of the toilet bowl while I moaned shamelessly and looked over with a needy gaze. Mercifully, the target of my urgent mating call had his pants around his ankles and was reaching out to hold my hips in place so that he could line up and give me the action that my horny rear end was calling out for.

I smiled when I felt him taking control of the situation, pulling me up by the waist so that I was on my feet. I was still holding onto the toilet bowl, letting the side of my head rest on the cold porcelain rim while my top placed the head of his prick at my back door and pushed past my anal ring. As soon as I felt his meaty tool slide into my needy hole, I calmed down and a satisfied smile spread out over my face.

Between my legs, my 15 year old boy boner was pointing at the floor. I could feel all five inches of it sizzle with a decadent brand of pleasure that was brought about by the hot cock that had filled my experienced rear end, making me sigh with contentment. When my lover began to thrust inside of me, my moans started all over again, but this time they were moans of sheer satisfaction.

“Is this what you're after, kid?” the stranger asked me in a baritone voice. “You're fucking hot for a load in your ass, aren't you?”

“Yeah,” I panted, letting my fingertips press hard into the porcelain bowl I was hanging onto. “I want a load in my mouth, too.”

“You know, this isn't what I came in here for,” he reminded me, and I nodded up at him with appreciative eyes. “I don't know if I'll have time to squirt a second load for you to swallow, buddy.”

“I know,” I said obediently, then I moaned hotly before confessing my need. “I want the load that you came in here to let go of.”

He looked taken aback at first, almost gawking at me with disbelieving eyes, then he asked me, “Do you drink piss?”

“Yeah, I love it,” I told him with a whimper, eliciting a grin from him.

“Well, I didn't come in here to unload a bladderful, if you know what I mean,” he told me, giving me a sympathetic smile. “Sorry, kiddo, I don't have any number one for you.”

In reply, I let loose with an even hotter, more depraved moan than before, then I licked my lips and whimpered, “I'll take a number two.”

“You'll take what?” he asked, looking confused as he studied my shameless expression.

“I want your number two,” I admitted, feeling hot and horny for a brown load to swallow. “I'm really in the mood for it.”

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, and I gave him a lascivious grin.

“Mmm, I hope so,” I said back at him, feeling my body tremble with pleasure as our buttfuck moved past the 60 second mark.

That was all he could take. With a loud groan, he buried his shaft all the way up my squeezing boy butt and shot a hot stream of cum that gave me chills of delight. When he pulled out, I rolled my ass around in the air while jizz seeped from my gaping hole and collected right at my taint.

Realizing that lunch was about to be served, I turned over so that I was sitting on my bottom, then I opened wide and tilted my head back. With a look of uncertainty, he studied my needy face for a moment, then he nodded and turned to face away from me. I felt a warm glow spreading through me as he hung his ass out over my opened mouth, wondering how I could have gotten so lucky.

Ten minutes earlier, I was standing in the food court with my mom, trying to talk her into letting me roam the mall by myself. We were there to shop for my dad's Christmas present, but I had other plans that were formulated well before we left the house. Feeling quite anxious for a fudge packing, I lubed my bottom up and dressed for the occasion in a pair of tight jeans that hugged my always horny rear end. Over the objections of my mother, I let my bottom swing gayly from side to side as we walked through the parking lot, wanting to alert as many men as possible that I was gay, horny and hoping to take a few big dicks up the ass.

“Stop that, Tanner,” my mom practically begged me when she spotted my hips swaying from side to side in a sensual manner.

“I'm just teasing them, mom,” I told her as I caught the eye of a really cute delivery driver. “Besides, it's not like I'm going home with one of them.”

“You need to find a boyfriend, honey,” she lamented, and I nodded in agreement as we walked through the double doors of the mall.

Before we split up, she told me where she was going to be and made sure that I had my cell phone with me.

“Do you need money?” she asked, digging into her purse as we prepared to part ways at the mall. Before I could answer, she pulled $40 out and handed it to me with a smile, telling me, “If you want to have lunch, meet me in the food court at noon.”

“Hopefully I'll be sitting at a table with a cute guy,” I teased her, and she swatted me on the tail.

“I'm sure you will, Tanner,” she said with a smile, then she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Behave yourself.”

“I love you, mom,” I told her, then I hurried to the men's room, anxious to bend over for the first stranger I could entice.

It didn't take me long to hook up in the stall. As I was making my way towards the men's room, a cute cowboy caught my eye. He was a blonde stud, probably about 22 years old with short hair and a bubble butt that took my breath away. He made eye contact and smiled, so I smiled back and motioned for the men's room.

It felt so slutty taking him into the furthest stall without knowing his name. I wanted to take him to the most private stall we could find even though nobody else was in the men's room when we went in. As soon as we set the latch, he engaged me in a deep, tongue filled kiss that swept me off of my feet. In no time flat, I was completely out of my pants, bent over the toilet while he wordlessly pumped a sizzling load into my ass. The entire encounter took less than a minute, and before I could stand up straight, he was out of the stall and on his way.

Feeling somewhat sated, I buttoned up and decided to go shopping for dad while I scoped out a few more cuties for sex. But before I could get out the door, a tall, dark and handsome man walked in and I found myself in a trance. We made eye contact and his crotch immediately swelled, so I lured him back to the stall and got undressed, eager to be fucked right away.

My stud was looking straight ahead as he bore down and strained. I could see his thighs stiffen and flex with the force he was pushing with, then his sphincter started to expand and a powerful stink filled my nostrils. I let loose with a moan, loving how I could hear a constant hissing of gas that he was expelling while his turd traveled down his poop chute. I'd been here so many times before with men and boys who've given me the privilege over the years, and I was so happy to be back for another luscious meal.

When I spotted the shiny brown head of a firm turd blooming at the center of his pucker, I felt my hard cock tingle harder than it ever had in my life. My smooth nut sack was pulled tight to my body and I had a constant stream of precum pouring out of my slit. Between my smooth buns, the remainder of the two cum loads had pooled on the floor, tickling my skin and reminding me how I got to this place in my desire so suddenly. As these thoughts were swirling in my head, his long, hot loaf started to grow in length and I acted quickly to wrap my lips around its girth.

The massive turd was so thick that it felt like I was trying to wrap my lips around the biggest dick I'd ever sucked. Only today, I wasn't sucking cock. I was there to be used as a flesh light and a toilet for this man, whose cum had accumulated beneath me and whose turd I was savoring with my taste buds. Its stink was so powerful that I wondered if I had ever smelled an aroma so pleasing. Its flavor was delightful, so distinctive and dark, filling me with nothing but joy as it filled my mouth to the brim.

“Are you alright down there, kiddo?” I heard the man asked, and I let loose with another hot moan.

“Mmm!” I exclaimed, wanting him to know how much I was enjoying his offering. When his massive poop log pinched off, I used the tip of my tongue to pull it in, then I fell into a hypnotic smashing, smearing and macerating with my tongue. The heat was so intense that I could feel the steam rolling into the back of my nose, even as I broke the thick turd up and used my teeth to chew it up. While I was savoring and swallowing a mouthful of hot poop, my feeder was watching me with amusement, unable to believe that I had not only gone through with it, but that I was enjoying it so much.

“God damn, buddy, you love this, don't you?” he asked, and I nodded with a dreamy smile on my face while I licked thick brown smears from my lips and continued to smash his treat up.

He grabbed his hose and aimed it into the bowl, letting loose with a piss stream that I no longer cared about while I continued to enjoy my brown mouthful. When he was finished, I looked up at him with questioning eyes.

“Do you have more?” I asked, and his eyes got big while an incredulous smile spread out on his face.

“Sure thing, kid,” he said with a shrug, then he squatted over my wide opened mouth and dropped another long, steamy turd that gave me nothing but pleasure as I smashed it with my tongue and smeared it between my teeth.

When my second mouthful was down, I begged for permission to lick the poop from his bottom. Giving in, he parted his feet and I practically shoved my mug into his shit caked crevice, not caring at all that I might get it in my hair. When I finally abandoned my deep ass licking, it was only because he told me that he needed to get moving and wanted to fuck me again. With dark, stink laden smears adorning my smiling face, I re-assumed the position, holding onto the commode while he slid his throbbing erection back up my butt.

Just as I hoped, he fed me a series of hot thrusts that made me shiver while my rear end punished his rod with tight, continuous contractions that pulled the climax straight from his shaft. When he was about to blow his load, he pulled out of me and shot all over my upturned bottom, painting my butt cheeks with his load. I stayed in the doggy style position and let him finish drooling cum all over my back, then he hiked his pants and beat a hasty retreat while I recovered.

I got up and put my pants back on, pulling them up over my cum covered bubble butt and my tingling boy boner, which was still oozing with precum. Before putting my shirt back on, I went to the sink and tried to wash the matted poop out of my hair and off of my face. When I was somewhat acceptable to go out and meet my mother, I put my shirt on and took note of the powerful odor that was pouring off of my body. Undaunted, I made it to the food court by noon and approached her as if nothing were the matter.

As soon as she caught a whiff of my stink, she raised an eyebrow and gave me an expectant look. Knowing that she could smell the aftermath of my feeding, I blushed sheepishly, earning me a softened expression from her.

“How about if I drive you home, Tanner?”

“Thanks mom,” I said in a small voice, letting her lead me by the hand out of the mall while I left a dark, odorous tail in my wake.

“When we get home, maybe daddy will make us something special for lunch, sweetie,” she offered me in a consoling tone.

“I already had something to eat,” I told her casually, then I caught myself but it was too late.

“I thought we were meeting for lunch at noon,” she reminded me, and I looked down at my feet while she waited for my answer. “What did you eat?”

“I had a number two,” I admitted, meeting her knowing eyes while she cut them my way.

“I see,” she said, unlocking the car with the remote. “Just one?”

“Yes, mommy,” I told her, earning me a doubtful look. “I promise, it was just one.”

“Okay, sweetie,” she said, getting into the car while I got in the back seat. “Well I'm sure that my growing boy will be hungry for another one when we get home. Maybe daddy will have one we can split.”

“Thanks, mommy,” I sighed, grinning at her through the rear view as she backed out of the parking space.

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