Chapter 238


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It was with mixed feelings that I left my family behind. I had planned to take them with me for my trip to Munedavia, but the current circumstances prevented that. I asked Pete to take care of my wife and sons and to bring them over to meet me in a week. He was vexed because he could not fly me to my destination. I could not even tell him where I was going.
    A black airplane landed at the village airstrip that I had had built for my fleet of aircraft. The Bombardier 6000 rolled to the end of the runway and turned around then its door was opened for me. Cory had driven me out to meet the plane and to say so long. We held each other as we watched the black plane touch down and roll toward us. We both knew that we would not see each other for more than two weeks when we gathered with all of the boys at cliff house.
    As the door of the plane opened I broke away from my Cory man and walked to the aircraft. I didn't turn to wave, I just got onboard and took a seat in the empty cabin. The door shut automatically and the plane began its taxi to the take off position. In moments we were airborne to someplace that I did not know of. There were twenty eight windows in the cabin, all of them covered. Twenty minutes into the flight the cockpit door opened and a man stepped out with a tray bearing a cup of coffee and some fresh fruit.
    "Welcome aboard papa. Yes, I am an FIS agent, but we have never met before. That is the reason that I have been chosen for this mission. You will not meet the rest of the crew. There are twenty prepared meals in the galley, please help yourself. You will have to prepare the meals for you and the prisoner and his guard detail. All of this security is to protect you and the person that we are to pickup. We are flying to a remote place in Michigan, but none of us will disembark. We will open the door for the prisoner and two guards to come aboard, then we will take off for Rome."
    The agent with no name gave me a quick tour of the plane. I learned that I had been sitting in the designated crew area. He suggested that I make myself comfortable in the regular seating area. When he showed me the sumptuous aft lavatory he told me that it was located between the cell and the stateroom where the guards would, most likely sit. We had passed through an area that had me piqued. He told me that it was designed as a workstation. The wall opposite of the four seats seemed to be a space hog. I know that Andy won't waste an inch of space. The agent pointed me to a touch screen and directed me to place my hand on it.
    The screen was a palm reader programed so that only I could gain access to its contents. The built-in cabinet contained a well appointed command center that was up to par with the command center aboard FI-2. This one was also equipped with high fidelity headphones and video screens that can only be seen by sitting directly in front of them. I could stay in touch with the world. My elation was short lived when I was told that I shouldn't communicate with anyone during this flight. I could check my various accounts, but I should do nothing that would help to pinpoint the plane's location.
    I had no choice but to sit back and relax. I moved to the seating area at mid-plane and sat down in a very comfortable leather recliner. I slipped my MP3 player from my pocket and listened to some comforting music. I examined my chair and found that one armrest contained a control panel under a fold back cover. I looked it over and saw a button that said movie, I pressed it. A twenty four inch LED/LCD screen flipped down from the overhead compartment. On the screen was a menu that listed over two hundred current movies.
    I had selected a current action movie that the boys were anxious to see. It was not to my taste at the time so I turned it off. There was a USB jack so I plugged my MP3 player into it and closed my eyes to listen to my worship tunes played through small speakers set in the head rest of my chair. I was awakened by a voice in my headset asking me to turn off my telephone. I suddenly felt very vulnerable and naked when I realized that I had no contact with anyone anywhere. The voice on the headset told me to place my seat into the upright position and to secure my coffee cup, we were coming in for a landing.

    I will have to compliment the pilot, the landing was so easy and smooth that I never felt us touch the down. It was when the plane came to a complete stop and the door opened that I knew that I was back on the ground.
    A huge shadow filled the doorway. A large man dressed in the black uniform of S.W.A.T., complete with a flak vest and helmet, entered the cabin. He walked through, looking at everything, even me. He walked back to the door and left the plane. Instantly another man entered. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit along with a helmet and a flak vest. He was heavily shackled. He was taken to the back of the plane and chained to a seat in the aft cell. The first guard was joined by another. Almost instantly the door shut and the plane began to move.
    Once we were airborne I rose from my seat. I was told to sit down. I pulled my badge out and put it on my belt. "Gentlemen, I outrank you in every way that you can think of. You will do as I say. We are on our way to an overseas destination with an estimated travel time of nine and a half hours. None of us will be able to sit that long.
    "This man is not going to go anywhere but where this plane takes him, and us. I want his helmet removed and his vest removed, unless you think that you might shoot him while we are in flight. Remove his leg shackles and adjust his leg chain so that he can get into the head during our flight. In fact it might be better if he were transferred to the seat in the stateroom next to the head. We will have to leave the door to the head open so that we will know if he in the head.
    "With this set up you are putting yourself in danger each time that you have to open the door of the luggage area that is being used as his cell. It is tight quarters in there, a perfect set up for us to have to shoot him. He can sit at the table or lay down a little later. All of us will probably sleep some during this trip."
    I got some dirty looks from the two guards, but they eventually complied. I think that I touched a nerve with my comment about us having to shoot the prisoner. I wondered if that was precisely what they wanted to do. This prisoner was going to cost a pretty penny. It would not surprise me if the courts would look the other way if he were killed. 'It ain't gonna happen on my watch, damn it.'

    An hour into the flight to Rome I opened the galley's refrigerator. There I found twenty complete dinners ready for the microwave in the freezer section. In the bottom of the refrigerator was a large selection of sodas and fruit drinks. There was also an assortment fresh fruit, chilled and portioned into cups. I wonder how much Andy had to do with all of that. I wish that I could call him. I felt very much alone.
    I started a pot of coffee in the galley's coffee maker. I walked to the rear of the plan and pulled the table in front of the prisoner into position and locked it. There were several boxes of pastries in the cupboard so I offered all three men their choice and a drink. The guards went directly to the jelly filled donuts with a Coke. The prisoner selected a powder glazed donut and a cup of coffee. I saw a bear claw that seemed to have Cory's face on it so I ate it, better than no Cory at all, huh? I poured myself a cup of hot coffee and sat down on the opposite side of the small table from the prisoner.
    I engaged the men in small talk. I am expert at drawing out information that I want. The two guards are from Chicago. Both have two teenage children that are a constant source of dissension in the family. Phil, the oldest guard, is separated from his family and living in a small apartment near the state prison. The other man has a mistress on the side, his teenage daughter is pregnant. Life is a mystery isn't it?

    My prisoner had started in the drug business when he was eleven years old. He was used by his father as a mule—a person that smuggles illegal contraband, usually inside the body. By the time he was thirteen he was selling drugs to the children at the elementary school near his house. He had built a good clientele by the time those children entered Jr. High School and was able to buy himself a smart sports car for his sixteenth birthday.
    He killed his first man when he was fourteen and worked his way into the inner circle of the higher drug traffickers in town. By the time he was through high school he was known as a brutal enforcer and claims as many as fifty victims to his handiwork. Part of his plea agreement with the Federal Courts was full disclosure of all of his murders, as well as the location of their bodies. I was getting sick just talking to him.
    At one o'clock I took four dinners from the freezer and placed them into the combination convection/microwave oven. In five minutes the food was ready. I placed them on a cart then rolled it back to the rear stateroom. I passed each man a tray. The guards had pulled their table up and locked it into position. I took a chance and placed metal utensils in front of the prisoner. When the guards reacted I gave them a look then said, "The man is human. This may be the last time that he breathes free air. Give him the benefit of the doubt here. I am the closest one to him so I will be harmed way before either of you."
    We ate our dinner without incident then all of us stretched out on in the, overstuffed, recliners and slept, the prisoner was hand cuffed to the bulkhead and his leg shackles were put back into place. Around six o'clock we repeated the lunch process with the addition of a break for the use of the head first. I removed containers with ingredient for salad in them and then mixed them together to everybody's taste preference.
    I had removed four prime rib dinners with baked potatoes from the freezer and loaded them into the oven according to the directions on the package. I found horseradish, mint, and other condiments that would make the meal and placed them on the bottom shelf of the cart. The meal was of fine restaurant quality. I served up a cherry cheese cake for desert and freshened everybody's coffee. I felt like a waiter, or an airline steward, but I knew that there would be no tips.
    The prisoner was silent until after we ate. I took a vote for a movie to pass the time. Everybody choose a movie dealing with a military unit cleaning out a drug cartel in Columbia. The prisoner told us that he had worked for the man portrayed in the flick and that he was the one portrayed in the movie as a Special Forces operative that set a laser beam onto the man's house so that the smart bomb could blow it up.
    I asked him about the innocents and the children in the house. He got really serious and took a deep breath, "In my world there are no innocents. The children grow up around the wealth and power that drugs provide. They are tainted from the time that they learn to walk."
    "How about your own two sons?" I asked him.
    "They have seen too much. They do not use drugs. I know, I have them dropped twice a week and at different hours of the day. I investigated you before I made my deal with the Feds. I believe that you can help them to grow up without the influence of the drug money. I can only pray that you can mold them into the men that I hope that they will become."
    He moved closer to me and whispered to me, "Both of my sons are gay. Some of the people that I work with like young boy butt and my boys like man-cock. Some of those perverts are emasculated and dead now." I gave him my word that I would try whatever was needed to help his boys. I told him that I wasn't above busting their asses if they stepped out of line and that I have good connections with the Juvenile Department of Correction if I can't get through to them.

    We set back and watched movies until ten o'clock. By that time we were over Europe with a half an hour left in our flight. I fixed all of us a piece of hot apple pie with a thick slice of cheese on top and served it with a cup of fresh coffee. The plane landed at ten thirty, Arizona time. It was seven thirty in the morning in Rome. The pilot instructed us to remain in our seats.
    There was some noise around the door of the airplane and a few minutes after we landed it opened. It was pitch black outside of the plane. Two men came aboard and took the keys from the two guards from the States. They led the prisoner out and told me to follow them. I stepped through the door into a short gangway that led inside a large delivery type of van. The new guards were exchanging the prisoner's hardware then one of them returned the cuffs and chains to the plane. Once he returned the truck moved a little bit and the back doors were closed.
    Neither of the new guards spoke a word of English so I was pleased when our truck ride ended about three minutes later. The same procedure with the dark gangway occurred again as the prisoner and I moved onto another and larger plane. This one also had all of the windows, shades down so I couldn't see out.
    The prisoner was taken to the rear of the plane and locked into a heavy steel cage. His shackles were removed so that he could use the airplane's facilities. I was shown to an extra wide seat at the front of the plane and given a cup of coffee. It wasn't half bad. I have had worse, but for European coffee it was agreeable. One of the guards came and sat down in a seat facing me. He passed me the morning copy of USA Today, a rag by the standards of any newspaper afficionado, but it was something to read. The guard introduced himself as an agent for Interpol. He told me that we would be flying to Toulon, France where I would meet another flight.
    I knew what I would meet in Toulon and it wouldn't be another airplane, but a helicopter. The flight to Toulon did not take very long, just long enough for me to brush my teeth and wash my face. The same truck and gangway set up was waiting for us at Toulon. The truck pulled away from the plane and drove a short distance away. I could hear the roar of the plane as it taxied away and took off. We must have been very close to a runway.
    The truck started up again and began its journey. I looked at the two guards onboard and recognized one of them as being at the lair in the woods belonging to Athos. I was on the final part of my journey. The truck's doors opened to reveal a helicopter waiting for us. I was the last one off as the prisoner was moved down from the truck and chained to a seat in the helicopter. The guard that I knew got on board with us then the copter took off. We flew out to sea toward the south at a very low altitude, almost clipping the waves. Then we turned sharply to the east. Thirty minutes later I could see Voyageur Marin© sitting in the middle of the deep blue waters.
    The copter circled about and landed on my yacht against the wind. The captain of the yacht greeted me and led me to my stateroom. The prisoner was taken below deck where he would remain. He had just gotten the last look at sunlight that he will have for many years to come.

    I was bathed by two young and hung beauties that I knew had been sent for that purpose by that old boi lover, Athos. I was served a breakfast of soft boiled eggs with dark, dry toast, and a carafé of great coffee, with twin servings of hand whipped cream. I climbed into the bed and slid in between the silk sheets with a boy on each side of me. We made the three hour water passage in perfect bliss.

    I rose and showered then put on a pair of thin slacks and a pull over shirt. I slipped on a pair of deck shoes and went out to look over the sea. We were headed in toward the coast, I knew that I had precious little time to do what I needed to have done.
    I returned to my stateroom and removed a laptop computer from my vault. I logged onto Bull's office site and downloaded a few hundred pages to my laser printer that could print on both sides of the paper at one time. Next I logged into four different sites and left them up. Actually it was two different sites, but with two pages open on each site. When all of the pages had printed I gathered them along with the laptop and went below deck.
    I entered the prisoner's quarters and found him dressed in an orange jump suit with the word PRISONNIER printed on it in large black letters. I greeted him as I set my computer on the table. I stacked the papers into two piles and then set two chairs side by side. He moved to one of the chairs as I told him what we needed to do. He had no problem with signing the paperwork giving me total guardianship of his two sons. He signed papers relinquishing his parental rights, thus opening the way for the boys to be adopted.
    The Federal Government was in the process of impounding all of his assets, I wanted to keep some of the money in tact for his sons. He gave me two secret account numbers in the Caymans and told me that he had hidden away six million dollars. I will have to fight the Feds for that money. Not likely.
    I reached to the laptop and opened a tab for the Michigan Bureau of Vital Statistics. I passed him a stylus and asked him to sign the form to request birth certificates. I had already entered my Notary Public information testifying that the signer was who he said he was. I had to do that again with a different tab for the other boy. The next two tabs to be opened were for the public schools system. I had him request the boy's school transcripts. I had all of the forms mailed to a blind name at a post office box in Munedavia. I want to make it very difficult for anyone that is set on harming those two children.

    The yacht had slowed tremendously. I climbed the ladder way to the top deck and found myself in a dark tunnel. I knew of the submarine pens underneath Athos' home in Forét des six-fours, but I had never seen them.
    Athos came onboard to point out the finer points of the long cave. The Nazis had used slave labor to cut through the solid granite of the cliff and created four pens for submarines. Two of the pens were set up to be used as dry docks. I asked Athos why he didn't strip the cave.
    He smiled at me and said, "Wot? And leave the world with no secret place in this area to fix their war machines. You are a Yank pacifist, my young friend." Maybe at heart I am a pacifist, but I still want those that harm children or the American way of life eradicated.
    We docked at the last birthing pier and the prisoner was unloaded. I bade him farewell. I may not see him for a long time, if ever. As the prisoner was led away Athos wanted to reveal his treasure room to me.
    We walked to the end of the tunnel and faced a blank wall. Athos moved a bump on the wall aside to reveal an eye scanner. Another bump was slid aside to reveal a palm scanner with a key pad. Athos walked up to the wall and placed his hand on the palm reader as he stared at the eye scanner. He punched in a series of numbers then the wall began to move backwards.
    The wall slid back about three feet to reveal a passage way on each side. "Come on then. Let's be about it. We'll go this way to save time. We entered the left hand passage then turned to our right. We were inside a slot cut in the rock for the wall to slide into. We went across the slot and exited through another door on the inside of a huge cavern.
    The large rock wall slid back into its place. Athos explained that the smaller doors were for access to the machinery that operated the wall/door. The wall would open in the middle and each side would slide back into the recessed slot making an entrance large enough for truck to drive through. He told me that to the south, outside of the pens, were disguised cranes to lift a truck container from a ship. It could then be set down on a wheeled frame and driven along the wide roadway running the full length of the cave. He smiled at me and told me that all of the tractors were powered by electric motors so that no pollution could be trapped in the underground space.
    The high ceilinged room had once been a Nazi armory. Along the walls to each side stood racks of rifles and other small arms. Athos told me that war souvenirs were worth big money. I looked at him with a sideways glance. He told me that there was no ammunition or explosives of any kind in the cave, it would become unstable after time.
    Athos looked about to make sure that we were alone then walked to a huge vault door. He entered the electronic combination that opened the four foot thick door. It too was larg enough for a truck to pass through. We stepped through the door into a room just large enough for a truck as the vault door closed behind us. I was getting deeper into the depths of the earth and the way out was closed behind me. I had to trust my old friend.
    Athos took two air tanks with full face masks from a rack by the door. He passed me new package of ear plugs then directed me to sit down, very quickly. I was glad that I did. All of the air was sucked out of the room. I could feel the blood under my skin trying to break out of my body. The room had only been taken down to a -.5 atmospheres. It was enough to make a human uncomfortable for the brief moment of suction. Any greater vacuum would have caused our bodies to blow inside out. When the pressure felt normal again I removed the mask that covered my eyes, nose, and mouth; the air had been replaced with the freshest tasting air that I had ever breathed. Athos explained that all of the moisture had been removed and replaced with an air mixture that would not deteriorate his treasure.
    Athos instructed me to clip the air tank to my belt. He changed the hose and mask then gave me a nose tube like is used in a hospital for oxygen. "This new air mix is low on oxygen, but high in nitrogen. You may feel light headed so keep the tube in your nose and breathe evenly."
    Once the air was in balance we rose and walked to the end of the sally port, the door there opened before us. I was astounded. I was looking into a salt cave larger than a city block and over one hundred feet high. Athos is a strict record keeper. He had every item in the salt cave listed on a computer inside the cave. He told me that there are multitudes of fanatics that would like to get their hands on the contents of the cave and he didn't want anyone to know exactly what was in there.
    He pulled a micro SD card from the computer and handed it to me. He told me the password to unscramble the files. I told him that I would wait until I returned to my office in Tucson and open the files on a secure computer that was not tied to any network.
    The cave contained several hundred pieces of fine art that had been taken from individual homes by the Nazis. He had tried to locate the owners, or the heirs, but they could not be found. I saw silver and gold serving pieces and flatware. There were gold plates and gold cups, stacked on shelves.
    At the back of the cave I really got my interest up. There were over seven thousand pieces of ancient artifacts from sunken ships found all over the world. There were chests filled with gold coins. There were large chests filled with fine jewelry. There were large, unmounted precious stones that would rival the Hope diamond. All of it was more than three hundred years old, some as ancient as more than a thousand years.
    I saw many vases in perfect condition that had come from the orient as well as the Mediterranean. There were ancient Egyptian artifacts that dated from the earliest Pharaohs. I looked at Athos and asked him how he came to have it in his possession. He told me that he had a deep water submarine with a diving tank in its hull. Research revealed trade routes that the sub follows around the world. The submarine stays well outside of territorial waters so that no country can lay claim to the items that it finds. Using the latest radar systems that Andy has invented the sub is able to detect debris fields under several feet of sand. I asked him what he intended to do with his treasure.
    "Chris my boy, this is our treasure. Everything here belongs to you as well as me. I loved old Charley Weston too, you know."—Follow this link to learn of Athos' history with Charley and Chris, or read chapter 59. Before François died we had a sit down and talked 'bout you. François loved you very much. All of us were indebted to Charley, but you, boy… You are the best thing that has ever happened to this old man and François knew that too.
    "You told him to return all of the Nazi treasure and property that his wife and her family had amassed. I began to go through my stores and returned several million dollars worth of material to its rightful owners. What remains here is not returnable. Maybe the world's museums would like to have it, but I think that we will need this wealth in the coming days. I believe that anarchy is almost upon us, laddie. I think that there will be a religious war that will drive up prices of food and everything that we need to survive.
    "Don't even consider your precious internet. That will be the main target of every faction set on destroying our way of life. Your boy Andy? has very secure access to the World Wide Web. Nothing that we do through his servers can locate us or identify us. But I believe that we are vulnerable even yet.
    "Chris my boy, I know that Charley had gold and loose stones in a safe somewhere in his house, he showed them to me. If you are the sort of man that I believe you are then you have multiplied that wealth. You have taken the billions left behind by Seigy and his brothers and given it to his boys. As his first born son Jace got the largest cut. You took his six hundred billion dollar and grew it into a fortune of over one trillion dollars. You have built your own wealth to over three quarters of a trillion dollars while building the wealth of all of the boys in your house.
     "I happen to know that young Cory is worth over seven hundred million dollars and you are building that into even larger amounts daily.
    "All of that is paper money in the bank. You have gold reserves in many banks around the world, but you need something that you can lay your hands on at once." He picked a large neckless from a nearby treasure chest. It was huge and gaudy. The stones in the neckless would be worth ten or twelve million dollars. The gold setting alone had to weigh in at over a pound—twelve troy ounces. "You can take this to the store and buy food for your boys. Trust me, we will need this treasure in a very short time."
    I couldn't tell him that I believe the Biblical account of this time in the history of the world. What he was saying had merit, but it would be a very short war. Sure things will get scarce and expensive, but I believe that I can provide for all of the boys in all of my schools during that time. I had an emergency scenario worked out where every boy in each of the schools would be flown to Camp Christopher and safety. The boys would be able to study in safety and play. We would also spend several hours a day in prayer as we pray for those less fortunate. I truly believe that Christ Himself will provide for his sheep in the last days.
    Athos led me to a small door at the far end of the room. It appeared to be an elevator door. He opened the hidden palm reader with a keyboard under it. He punched in a series of commands then asked me to place my hand on the reader and to enter a difficult password that only I would know. I did as he asked. I love to use HTML codes such as <&;#212;> for passwords. He moved back to the reader and punched in more commands. The keyboard slid back into the wall leaving only the palm reader. I placed my hand on the reader and the elevator door opened.
    The ride up was swift and short. My stomach fell to my feet then I had to swallow my stomach from my throat as we came to a sudden stop. Athos told me that the shaft was only one hundred and sixty feet, but it saved a lot of time getting from the pens to his house. Nobody else knows of the elevator and nobody else can use it.

    I love Athos' house. It sits in the midst of an ancient forest with a commanding view of the sea before it. The villa is made with carved stones and set with many tall doors that let the sea breeze fill the house. I realized how much I missed the Villa de Christophe. I was brought back to reality when the cutest little fellow in the world came to me bearing a tray with a large glass of fruit juice and a cup of coffee on it.
    I pointed to a table on the veranda then followed him out. I looked about for Athos, he had disappeared. The sugar in the fruit drink was what I needed to raise my blood sugar. I asked my little waiter if he wanted to sit with me for awhile. He climbed up in my lap and wiggled his naked ass on my clothes covered cock. His little totem pole was a stiff three inches.
    I drank my coffee as I asked him his age. He told me that he was ten. Athos had found him begging on the streets of Cairo. His parents had been taken by the secret police as he hid under his bed. That was four years earlier. He could not find anyone to feed him. He is of mixed race and considered an outcast. His bright red hair stands out against his olive colored skin suggesting a mix of north European and Occidental parents.
    He had stayed alive by staying away from the older boys and the police. He begged for money for food and sometimes he would steal from a street vendor. Athos saw him steal a meat pie and stepped up to him just as the proprietor was about to come down hard on the urchin. Athos told the man that the boy was his guide and that he had sent him to get something for their lunch. He suggested that the proprietor had reacted too quickly He choose another meat pie for himself and paid the man.
    Athos led the boy to a vendor that had bottled water and other drinks in an ice chest. Both of them selected a cold drink, which Athos payed for. Athos led the boy to a small fountain and sat down on its edge and began to eat. The boy joined him.

    Athos returned wearing a toga. There were three young naked teenage boys with him. They led me to the large Roman bath. I was undressed and helped into the water. Athos took a seat nearby and cuddled with the youngster from Cairo. Many hands bathed every part of me, with one part getting the most attention. I stepped out of the water and into a large towel held up by the two the taller boys. Hands took parts of the towel and dried my parts. I was led to a large, bed like, couch and laid down.
    The boys were quick to get on the bed with me. I was asked if I wanted to have one of them for sex. I told them that I would have all of them for sex if they could keep the cum flowing. I was not disappointed in anyone of the young spouts.
    One boy, that appeared to be about fourteen, got between my legs and did a sword swallowing act. The other boys cheered him on and asked him if he could take all of it in his butt. He slobbered on my cock then rose up over me. He lowered himself down until he could go no further. He lay down on top of me to catch his breath. I put my arms around him and pulled him close. He was a master at English kissing.
    After a few seconds of getting his second wind he rose to his knees. He began to pump me with his ass muscles. The other two boys helped him to get his legs stretched out in front of him then lifted him up and down. I asked them to hold him up as I moved my feet closer to my body so that I could do the fucking. I pumped his ass, deep and hard.
    He was panting and begging for me to give him release. I had the others help us to roll over so that we would not be uncoupled. Once he was on his back I was on my knees between his thighs. I bent over and sucked his cock as I began the eons old motions of copulation. I could not breathe right when bent over. I pulled his thighs up so that I could go deeper and began to give him the fucking that he wanted.
    He let go of three healthy loads that I desired greatly. I didn't want to break my stride, he was enjoying the best ride of his life. When I took my release another boy was waiting for the cleanup. He did an ATM as I withdrew from the hot butt beneath me. Another boy moved in to felch the drippings that I had deposited.
    The boy doing the ATM rolled to his back and pulled his knees to his shoulders. The sight was arousing. I had to eat first. Only one of the boys told us that he had ever been rimmed, and that he loved it. His felching was the first time that he had ever touched his tongue to an anus. I showed them how it was done. The other two boys got into a sixty nine position and began to eat each other's anuses.

    I gave my new partner a long licking as I recovered from my other conquest. I worked three fingers into his eager hole as he filled my belly with hot, young boi juice. On his second release I moved into position to impale him. He gasped and teared up when my glans passed his tight young sphincter. I was about to pull out when he pulled me to him and whispered in my ear, "I am virgin back there, maite, but I want you. I need to have you in me all of the way. Make a baby in me bum for me." I had to grant such a request.
    My time with that fifteen year old young man was almost two hours long. I filled his tight rectum with enough cream to make a billion babies. They would have to search for eggs from another source. My young friend was in ecstasy. His eyes were rolled back into his head and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Thanks maite, that is the best thing ever."
    The boy was on the street for six months when Athos found him soliciting men on a street in Perth. He had run away from his mother's sister and her husband when he was twelve. The husband wanted to use the boy for sex. He had sucked the husband many times, but the man wanted a tight boi butt around his tiny cock. He told us that his uncle only had three and a half inches. He knew that the man couldn't hurt him, it was just the idea of being fucked by him.

    I slept with all three boys. I promised the third boy that I would be all his after some rest. We were awakened just before sunset by the cute young boy that I had met earlier. The boys put a toga on me then led me to a large table set for dinner. Already seated at the table were my two traveling friends from my cruise aboard Voyageur Marin©.
    At the center of the table sat a covered platter, the cover in the shape of a sitting Pheasant. With the lid removed a roasted Pheasant laid out on a platter with its head still attached in the classic style. One of the boys giggled and said that the bird was wanting to get fucked. I told him that the bird wanted to get eaten. He dove in headfirst to the rear of the bird's carcass and took a bite from the tail stub.
    Athos asked me to carve. We feasted on a sumptuous meal. Athos wanted to know what my plans were. I told him that I had to go to Munedavia for the session of Cullen's Parliament. He knew of the secrecy of my mission so far. He told me that he would provide an Interpol jet to take me to Munedavia so that I would arrive at Cullen's castle before nine. I asked him how early I had to leave. He smiled at me and said about seven thirty. I knew that we were in a time zone an hour earlier than Munedavia. I would have less than an hour to get to Cullen. Athos just smiled at me.

    After a night fucking three horny teenagers I was ready to go anywhere. At seven fifteen the young guard that had accompanied me on the helicopter flight from Toulon was waiting to drive me to my plane. He told me that he stayed on the helicopter that flew him directly to St. Tropez where he returned to duty.
    The jet that Athos provided was an all black supersonic Navy surplus F-4B Phantom II, 1980 model. I was given a pressurized flight suit then strapped into the tight cockpit and connected to many hoses. When the engine started my suit filled with air. It compressed me around my vital organs. That was an experience that I will have to get used to.
    The pilot roared into the air, quickly climbing to more than seventy five thousand feet. We flew straight and fast toward Munedavia at more than 1,600 mph, more than MACH-3. I had never moved so fast in all of my life. The clouds around us were a blur, I could barely see the ground. The pilot rolled the plane upside down so that I could get a better view. In under fifteen minutes we began our landing decent. Some decent. We went into a power dive then leveled out at twenty thousand feet then got into the glide path to the airfield. True to his word I was in Munedavia before nine o'clock after having to cross only one time zone.
    I left my flight suit in the Interpol office then was driven in a SUV to the FI office. I showered and put on a three piece suit with all of my salad pinned over the left breast. An official limousine was waiting for me. The silly little Queeing had fender flags designed for me with my coat of arms on them. I was treated like royalty as we sped through the streets of Cullen's capital city being escorted by two motorcycles.
    The escort had their claxons blaring and their lights flashing. We made it to the castle without incident. Nineteen year old Cullen ran from the castle and jumped onto me. With the court fiasco I had missed his birthday. He wrapped his legs about me and put his arms around my neck. I was afraid that he was about to kiss me in public. Instead he said in a loud voice, "Uncle Chris, I am so happy to see you. I need your strength to guide me."
    Jimmy was standing next to us. I put Cullen on the ground and hugged Jimmy. The boys led me to a safer place deep inside the castle. Once we were alone, and the doors were locked, the kissing began. I may not have told you how much I love the little lost boy from Mobile, Alabama. My heart was full as I held Jim in my arms and tasted the remains of his breakfast. I tried to get to his toes, but his stomach was full so I couldn't go that way. I had my hands down the back of his pants so that I could squeeze his globes. He was pressing a flashlight against my thigh.
    He was too close to climax. I broke away and pulled Cullen in for a tongue tango. Cullen wanted to lead me to bed. I had to tell the silly queeing that we had an appointment in less than an hour. He relented. The boys led me to a table set for breakfast. My order was taken and a cup of hot coffee was set before me. I asked for a large glass of vegetable juice with a dash of hot pepper sauce and a hefty sprinkle of black pepper. It was served to me before my voice echoed back from the far wall of the large chamber.

    Kostja came for my suit jacket. He asked for my trousers and shoes. I asked him help me with my trousers. I wrapped my arms around him and tickled his tonsils. He stiffened, but maintained his air of a professional doing his duty. He called a young man in to take my suit and to polish my shoes then sat down at the table with Cullen, Jimmy, and me to drink a cup of coffee. When the boy returned my suit had been steamed cleaned and pressed. I had to look good for the meeting that was to take place. Kostja told me that he would like to get together after our session with the Parliament.
    The conversation turned to man talk and the boys' love life. I asked Kostja about his love life. I wanted to know if there was anyone special in his life. He looked about the room then said in a low voice that he had two very sweet boys that he loved to be with. He also had a girlfriend. He worked as a valet to the king, but it was well known that he was descended from the aristocrats that had once held power in the country. That bloodline opened a door for him.
    The young daughter of another family of power in the kingdom had set her mind to marriage. Kostja was not opposed to the idea. He had not revealed his love for boys to the young lady and was worried about her reaction.
    "Hey, I'm the King and I love all of the boys that I can." Everybody threw their napkins at Cullen.
    "Yes, but I hear that you have the attention of Miss Walsingham." I told him that Wayne has written on that subject in his letters from college to his mother. He has talked to his sister and he thinks that she is amiable to the sort of relationship that Cory, Ugitsiha and, I share. I told him that I knew that he was courting the young lady and had been seen at public affairs in her company.
    He blushed and told me that he thinks that he will marry the girl when he turns twenty one. My mind went into high gear. I had fun planning RD's wedding, but the wedding of a crown head? what were the possibilities?

    We had to dress for our commitment. Kostja served me as a valet while the shoeshine boy tended to Cullen's dressing. I had never been dressed by a professional before. I learned things about the dressing of the male body that I would file away to use for myself on some of the young men that I get with.

    I opened the session of Parliament and introduced His Royal Highness, King Cullen Muneday I took my seat at the head of the room, near to Cullen's throne. My duties include me serving as Speaker of the House. Cullen sat high on a dias and looked out over his government's directors. My position was next to Cullen, but slightly lower than his.
    Many items of state were brought to the floor and each item received a vote from the gathered dignitaries. By one o'clock we had introduced twenty pieces of legislation that had come out of committee. We broke for lunch leaving four bills to be voted on and a slew of other bills that needed to get to the floor.
    The banquet lunch centered about a roasted lamb. I have never acquired a taste for mutton. Cullen whispered to his waiter and a large tureen of egg drop soup was set before me. My silly fag knows that I would prefer to eat soup and a salad than meat anytime. The soup was prepared the way that I like it, with lots of Soy Sauce in it. A cup sized bowl was filled for me. I covered the top of the soup with thinly diced scallions and lots of black pepper. I stirred the soup in my bowl and looked around at all of the proper gentlemen sipping their soup from the side of their spoons. I looked at Cullen and gave him my 'what the hell' look then picked up my bowl and drank my soup.
    My bowl was refilled and prepared for me as I like it, with a spoonful of diced scallions. I did have to add more black pepper for my odd taste buds. I enjoyed two more cups of soup before a plate with Egg Foo Young, covered in a thick gravy was set before me. I selected a piece of the dark meat of a bird that was on the table. I sprinkled soy sauce over it and began to eat. I caught a few glances from those at their lunch, but I ignored them.
    After the main course had been consumed a peach sorbet with a sprig of fresh mint was served to everyone. Coffee was poured. Many of the Munedavians wanted to try my American coffee. I heard someone say that it was weak and without the strong flavor of the coffee that he was used to. But overall the people enjoyed the American coffee. Two empty Folgers cans were passed around. I saw many write down the information on the can. I told Cullen that he could increase his personal wealth by importing a few thousand cases of coffee for sale in his nation's stores. I reminded him that he was a heavy investor in coffee futures. He gave me a sideways fist, the way that the ancient Romans did. There never was a thumbs up signal, that is a I tradition started by Hollywood. An even fist meant life. Thumbs down meant a kill for the victor.(I learned that on TLC, The Learning Channel.)

    We reconvened the session at three o'clock and worked through until eight. We handled all of the major bills that were put before us and sent some smaller bills back to committee. Like politicians everywhere those men had agendas of their one and wanted laws past that would gain them more power with the people, or over the people in two cases.
    Lord Whézier is a Duke from the far northern province. He wanted to debate the shelving of his bill to raise taxes in his area. Cullen stuck his head into his computer then sat up and looked at me. I looked at my screen. He had sent me his investigator's report on the man and his province. The area had the highest tax rate in the country and the lowest income. The people were squandering in poverty. The roads were a disgrace and the school system was dysfunctional. I addressed the man.
    "Actually what I hear you say is that you need more money for your pockets. Your expensive lifestyles is becoming hard for you to maintain. Inflation is world wide, sir. We all must cut back and tighten our belts until the dust settles and prices are more in line with income.
    "Your province has no appreciable job source. There is no large industry anywhere within your borders. Companies have approached you to allow them to locate there. You have a large unemployed population, but you discourage those companies when you require very high taxes from them. You are even asking for a fee for them to be able to move their operations into place.
    "That, sir, is backwards. You should be offering them incentives to locate in your towns. You would be able to line your pockets with more money as the people's income grows and their taxes paid become larger.
    "No sir. I will not approve of your bill. I will suggest that His Highness strip you of your titles and land. I will suggest to His Highness that charges of mismanagement and corruption be filed against you in the country's court system. I would like to see you serving a long sentence in jail and working at menial jobs before the people during the day. But that is my thinking. I have nothing to say in the matter. I will let the King decide and then the courts to judge for themselves the character of the person that stands before this body." I nodded to Cullen and took my seat.
    Cullen spoke to the assemblage for the first time that day. "I have read the reports and complaints from your province and I find myself ashamed that I have allowed you to carry on for as long as I have. As your Sovereign I hereby strip you of all titles and lands. I will impound all of your personal assets. I will make provisions for your family while you are away. I hereby direct the Sargent at Arms to take you into custody and charge you with gross dereliction of duty. I will direct an investigation to bring other charges against you. I am sure that you will be charfgd with misuse of public funds, for one thing.
    "Sargent, remove this man from this astute body of citizens."
    I had to give it to the boy, he has grown into one powerful leader.

    He is powerful in other places as well. I was able to spend the night alone with him. I was not disappointed. He wanted Jimmy to join us so at midnight he dragged a sleepy boy into his room and I fucked him wide awake. There are three people that I make magic with. Jimmy is number one, Chrisy is a strong second, and my Cory man. I fell in love with Cory the minute that I laid eyes upon him. I just drew back from him because of his age. That may have been wrong, but I believe that it has strengthened our feelings for each other.
    I was setback when Chrisy got together with Timmy. They love each other, but I have learned that Chrisy loves me as much as I love him. It took Cory to awaken me to my feelings for Jimmy. He taught me that Jimmy has always loved me and he would follow me to the pits of hell and back, if I needed him too. Jimmy has the love of Jesus in his heart, but he is not in touch with the Holy Spirit. I hope that that changes soon. I am in a spiritual battle with the enemies of the Lord my God and I need to have strong, spiritual people around me.
    I love Jimmy, in spite of his shortcomings. I spent the next night making love to him by ourselves. The boy has turned into a sexual tiger and he did his best to wear me out. The next night I spent with Kostja. He had a young boy with him when I entered his room Kostja explained that the fifteen year old boy was one of his favorite boy lovers. The boy had never seen a large cock and he wanted to try to do his best to take all of it. We had to get right down to the meat of the matter because the boy works in the kitchens from ten o'clock until six in the morning helping the pastry chef make breads and cakes for the King's table.
    The boy was a pleasure to be with. He was quite impressive where it counts with me. Kostja wanted to teach him how to undress a gentleman. The boy did a fine job until he got to my underwear. He saw the tent pole under the white cotton of my briefs and went into full lust. He didn't even wait to get the garment pulled below my balls before he engulfed me. He worked my underwear down my legs as he forced more and more of my cock into his young throat. He placed his hands on my glutes and pulled me into him. In a short time he was getting his nose tickled by my short and curlies. That is a feat in itself, I keep myself trimmed very short. I hate cock hair in my teeth so I try to be kind to my cocksuckers.

    Kostja and I enjoyed our time together after the young baker apprentice left us. Kostja told me how he had found the boy sucking the old baker off. The boy told him that he really loved so suck cock and that he was anxious to get fucked. Kostja was the only person that the boy knew with a private room where they could get together. The young baker has a thirteen year old boyfriend, the son of the head grounds keeper. Those two boy get into bed with Kostja and all of them have a ball. The baker has to shower at nine thirty so that he can be at work by ten. The gardener can sometimes spend the entire night with Kostja. He wants to learn to be a good lover for the baker boy.
    Kostja and I didn't spend all of time having sex. Kostja is lonesome for someone to love. He spends many nights snuggled at college next to Wayne, but Wayne's duties as the King's bodyguard keep him away most of the time. We lay close together and talked until late in the night. He still has his same hopes and dreams about going to college. He attends college wherever Cullen is and is doing his best to excel at his studies. I asked him about a study pool. He had never heard of one, but he thought that it was a good idea. Cullen and Jimmy have far afield studies from Kostja, but he promised me that when the fall term started that he would find a group of like minded students to study with.

    I had breakfast with Cullen and Jimmy. I was like an expectant father as I paced the floor and drank one cup of coffee after another. Cullen still has his boyish giggle and he was irritating me with it. When I tapped my soundbud one more time he let out a belly laugh. I tackled him and gave him something to laugh about. It may not be proper to tickle a King until he pees himself but I did it anyway. He can have my head cut off.

    "Flyboy to papa, come back please." At last!!! I responded to the call. Pete was in the glide path ready to land FI-2 with my wife and babies onboard. I breathed a sigh of relief. I have no idea why I was not able to communicate with him during his flight over, but all was well now. I wanted to hold my wife and play with my sons.
    I told Pete that he should get some rest before my scheduled trip to Paris the following morning. I invited him to join with us for the Sabbath day. Cullen piped in and yelled across the room that church servives would begin at eleven o'clock. Pete quickly accepted. He told me that he would get Bry and Mike all dolled up and drag them along with him.

    Twenty minutes later I heard the claxons of the escort for my family coming toward the castle. My babies ran to me and hugged me while Ugitsiha was helped from the limo by Jimmy and Cullen. Ugitsiha rubbed her hand through my hair and held me close as she told me that Roddy was dead set on finishing the outside of his house. He was going to ride back to Tucson with Cory and RD in the two Travelers©. He had told his mother to give me a kiss for him and to tell me that he would meet me at cliff house in August. I know that I will miss him for that long. He gives me strong Spiritual strength.

    After church our motorcade drove down to the docks. We pulled up alongside of Voyageur Marin Deux as he sat in the dry docks where he had been born. I climbed down a ladder to see and open section of the outer hull up close and personal. Twenty five foot long double doors were being placed in the bottom of the ship. They were large enough to allow a two man submarine out or in. Every inch of the hull was being replaced with a new upgrade of the Polymer composite coated Kevlar that is built in as armor to all of my vehicles. The outer skin was then being painted with three coats of the liquid polymer. I asked why.
    I was led up the ladder and show something that really surprised me. My wife and babies were escorted onboard the ship so that they would be out of harms way. A worker picked up an air driven rivet gun that shoots two inch long rivets through hot steel. He showed me his load, the rivets were pointed. He held the gun six inches away from the back window of Cullen's limo and fired at it. The rivet hit the window with a loud report and flew across the room, landing more that twenty feet away.
    I looked at the window, there was a smudge of oil left by the compressed air in the gun. The window was rolled down by the power window button. It was only three eighths of an inch thick. A sheet of tinted Mylar film had been placed between layers of the composite to darken the windows. While I loved the fact that the windows were virtually bullet proof I really like the idea that they can be rolled down. I nearly bake in the Arizona sun when driving my Escalade.
    I headed up the gangway to join my wife and the boys. I looked down into a workshop on the dock and saw an FI SUV with no glass in it. I was told that Andy had sent the new windows to the shipyard where they could be installed in secrecy. All of the glass in all of FI's vehicles was being changed out. I turned to stare at the windshield. It seemed to be too thin. The worker told me that it had been reduced to a half of an inch in thickness with better optical quality and clarity. He smiled at me and told me that it would repel a head on collision with the gun of a tank. I'll remember that if I get into a chicken fight with a tank. I just hope that he doesn't shoot me.

    We walked through the ship looking into all of the rooms. Everywhere everything was under construction. Jimmy was the first to ask me what I was doing. I led the family to a break room and bought a round of cold sodas. Ugitsiha changed Christopher Stevens and pointed for me to change Cullen James.
    Jimmy and Cullen gathered to each side of the table to play with their namesake while I wiped his smelly ass. The boys didn't pull away at the smell, they just kept the little guy happy and giggling. I lifted C.S. to the table to join in the fun and both boys received a Royal treatment. Pete had been walking with Bryan around the deck, they met up with Mike and then found us. We were all together so it was time to reveal my masterful idea.
    "I was at an Alumni meeting a few months ago. I listened to the professors voice their dreams and desires. I heard something that I can help with. The university has a great Marine Biology Department. They don';t have much to offer other than classroom study and a few field trips. I asked two the professors if they could make use of an ocean going ship with an bottom opening compartment for diving. They grew animated as they told me how they would use such a vessel.
    "We located President Sheldon and discussed it with him. I promised the use of the ship and the funds to operate it for a four year trial run. An excited Sheldon called for a meeting of the board of Regents to gain their approval.
    I had Cory join me in the venture. He got involved with the School of Marine Biology and drew the plans for what was needed. I provided Cory with a set of blueprints for this ship and had him draw up the design that you see here. The school paid Cory three million dollars for his design. That was his first paycheck and it made him proud."
    "You bet it did," Ugitsiha rang in, "He came home waving that check in the air and danced with his son. He grabbed Sagi and danced around the room with her before he showed her the amount on the check. She let out a loud whoop and danced around the room with him again.
    "He was so proud when he showed Beulah and me the check and told us what it was for. I had to give a word of silent thanks to the Lord and to my husband. Chris was used by the Holy Spirit to lift Cory and his family up. I am the most blessed woman on the face of the earth."
    I walked over to her and drew her up for a passionate kiss, "Do I grace you with my greatness, dearest?" She handed me C.S.'s dirty diaper and told me to dispose of it.
    "So my plans are to set this ship to sea next week and head it off to San Diego for the replacement of the engines. This ship is way to slow by the world's standards today. When Seigy commissioned it he had what was available to him. I thank him for stealing the ship from Cullen's Navy, I was able to impound it and put to a better use.
    "I have convinced the captain and most of the crew to remain aboard. I had to promise them relief flights home every ninety day. I have an idea that a Royal personage will be working aboard as a crewman when the ship docks in San Diego." I smiled at Cullen, nobody knew that he was going to be able to join the family for a month on the beach of cliff house.

    I played with my children for the rest of the afternoon. Ugitsiha and I raided Cullen's kitchens and packed ourselves an simple picnic then stole away to a large tree hidden deep in the garden. I had a heavy job ahead of me for the next morning. Pete was flying me to Paris where I would gather the boys from Moscow and escort them home.
    FI-2 is too small for the number of boys that are waiting for me in Paris. I had a brand new Travelaire Three© fresh from the factory. It was sitting on the ground in Paris just waiting for its christening of hot bodied boys. I had asked Pete if he wanted to get his fist around the new boys' joystick. He told me that it was a yoke, but hell yes. Mike is certified for the navigation aboard the large boy. Bryan will be able to sit in the co-pilot's seat for most of the round trip. I will have him and Pete certified to fly the big bird by the end of the year.

    Philby and El flew into Munedavia early Sunday morning. I was happy that Ugitsiha would have her company during the four days that I would be gone. I told my wife that I would return from Moscow with a big gift for her. I asked her if we had space for a large black bear. She told me that he could sleep in the dog house with me, after I built a dog house. Unti it was built we would both just have to stay in the garage.
    Mike wanted to see me. I met him in my private office and learned that he had had a night vision. He told me that all of us were in imminent danger. I made him clarify who was in danger. He told me that it was Pete, Bryan, me, and himself. He said that he envisioned a terrific explosion and fire all around us. I asked him if he wanted to pray about it. He did. I wanted Ugitsiha with us. I don't like to alarm her, but in order to pray about this situation properly we needed three strong prayer warriors. In these situations one has to protect himself from the evil one.
    At nine I kissed my wife and babies and left them for another adventure.

    There was no use in taking more than one vehicle to the airport south of town. I invited Pete, Mike, and Bry to join me in my limo. As before we were escorted by two motorcycle officers. Traffic moved aside and many people stepped from their car to wave at us. I wonder if they knew who was in the limo with the King's Royal Crest on the door and my flags on each front fender.
    "Code red, code red 10-89—Bomb threat—Papa is target of a 10-89." I looked out through the windshield as the driver began to drive evasively. We approached a large delivery van that had its rear door open. I looked into the face of death. A missile left the truck and headed directly toward my car. We were boxed in by traffic and there was no time to leave the car and run. I prayed hard and hoped that Cullen had provided me with an armored car.
    The missile never impacted. It detonated ten feet in front of the car. The last thing I saw was a clump of small shinny metal pieces impacting the car and its windshield. Then an explosion.

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