Chapter 159


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Tuesday morning I asked for breakfast to be brought to my room then awakened Jimmy and Cullen to join me. When they managed to stumble out of bed they found me sitting at the table with the photograph of my father in my hand and I was holding the negative up to the light from the window. "I don't understand this stuff, I can see how a black and white negative would work by throwing shadows on the paper, but this old color negative confuses me."
    Jimmy tried to explain, it is not all that difficult really, but I was leading into something that I suspected. I raised the negative once again, "I haven't seen this old 620 film size since my dad let me load his old Brownie Hawkeye." Jimmy came to.
    "You had a Brownie Hawkeye? Those are ancient."
    "Well, I guess I had it, it was my dad's camera when he was a boy and he let me use it to learn how to pose pictures. I never could learn how to use the F stop slide thingy on the opposite side from the gray button that operated the shutter, but then I just never had an eye for pictures. I can't imagine how all of you boys can get the pictures that you do, like all of those pictures of the animals in the woods that one summer."
    Jimmy moved to the edge of his chair, he was all mine. "whatever happened to that camera, dad?"
    "Well let me see, I think that all of my dad's old cameras are on the bookshelf by the front door of βφτ house, it is sitting next to the Speed Graphic, they only collect dust now days."
    "Dadddd, could we talk?" I know that the boy's three passions are photography, antiques, and his bass guitar. I had scored a grand slam with an out of the park hit and bases loaded.

    I really did not feel as if I could face the boys. Death and vile people gravitate to me and I am frightened that at sometime one of my loved ones is going to get hurt. I had received a communique on Good Friday while we were in Paris, that was going to get me away for a few more hours. I told Cullen to get dressed, our plane would be ready to leave in a half an hour.
    A limo with the flags of King Cullen's country of Munedavia affixed to both front fenders met us at the front door as King Cullen and I stepped out dressed in full regalia for an official day's work. I feel as if I am being pretentious, but I had to wear the little bar over my left jacket pocket with the little ribbons denoting my medals. I only wear that decoration for official functions, it makes me look like a pompous general with his big salad display out there that says look what I have done.
    Alright, most military awards are ludicrous, I only look at the big boys for valor or bravery in action. A purple heart gets a thanks from me, anyone willing to spill his blood to give me the right to live the way I want to deserves all of the respect that I can give. What I don't like is the little ribbons that say, 'I served KP for nine consecutive days in Podunk, Necromania.' Except for other military types nobody cares where the government sent a person to vegetate.
    Four motorcycle cops snapped to attention and saluted sharply, Cullen held his head high and walked with regal bearing to the door held open for us by the chauffeur. Our escort led us off of the campus grounds and through the streets of Nice, two in front and two behind, with klaxons blaring. Cullen sat wordlessly in the jump seat facing me and stared right through me until we arrived at the airfield.
    FI-1 was fueled and waiting as we were driven directly to the end of the extended stairs. Once boarded Andy's personal pilot quickly whisked us away for the King to perform an act to which he looked forward to with glee in his young heart. I was surprised that the boy said nothing except for points of order about our duties during the entire trip to his country, I just put it down to him organizing his thoughts.
    Munedavia ranks third in the world for most hours worked by the individual worker. (Cullen is the King now, the world knows who he is and the name of his kingdom so why shouldn't you, right?) South Korea and Greece head the list, but Cullen did not want his people to be known for their long hours. It is not uncommon for workers in his country to toil in their offices or in the factories for sixty hours a week, only getting Sundays off as an official day of worship. An industrious society/economy is fine, but what good is that to a people too tired or sick to enjoy it?
    The King had studied well and knew that his country's economy had been on the skids for many years. The country had become an importing nation, spending more on goods coming in than it was earning for exported goods. The GPA of the country had been down by double digits for the past two years. Cullen had the existing parliament put together a program to rebuild the country's economy and enrich the populous once again.
    My mind wandered back to Christmas eve of 2006. After his beautiful solo at church that morning Cullen was curled up in my lap. I looked at him and told him,

    "Your throne is empty and ready for you to sit on it. Do you want it?"
    "Last year I would have said no, unc, but I have been following my country's history on line and I think that somebody is trying to walk off with everything in it. All of the country's wealth, and assets are being syphoned away, and the Queen has to know it. I have studied the history and the country is wealthy beyond its money value. The people have one of the longest life spans of any country in Europe. Their lifestyle is several levels above that of their neighbors. The climate is amiable and the country is beautiful.
    "The education system is second to none, but someone is trying to close the main university. Businesses are failing because financing is being moved away from them. The gross national product is down by twelve points in this past year alone.
    "Yes, I want to sit on my ancestral throne and set things right in my kingdom. I have the best adviser in the world to see to it that I do it right or you "will spank my naked ass raw." That's the way you say it isn't it?" I love this kid. He is deserving of love and adoration. He is totally selfless, his every thought and deed is always for someone else.

    The boy King was seated amid all the splendor that his ancient palace had to offer as every television crew and newspaper reporter on the continent vied for a place to capture the view of him signing his first piece of legislation into law for their reading and viewing public. I was stationed at a point to Cullen's right and he had made certain that my new emblem of knighthood would be in every picture to be shown around the world. The little faggot threatened to have me beheaded if I didn't wear the large medallion and sash that he had awarded me. I asked him which head he was going to cut off, he grinned then licked his lips.
    From the time that we left BAF in the morning until we returned shortly after lunch I had been a bundle of nerves. Our security was well covered, but I still worry about my nephew. What he can do for, and what he can mean to, the world at large remains to be seen, but with the momentum that he has begun with he should achieve greatness.
    Our return trip was as different as night and day as Cullen sat in my lap the entire time. His arms were around my neck and his smooth cheek was against mine as he kissed and nibbled on my left ear. "I love you, hunky uncy, but I know you hear that from all of the boys."
    "But your love is deep, sire."
    "And you know that you can go as deep as you like as often as you like. That is the only way that you can keep my young ass straight." He returned to his ear nibbling.

    I was sincerely pleased to see Cory awaiting our return. He hugged Cullen then whispered to RD and kissed Roddy on the head before he led me directly to our bedroom where he performed my unveiling. I was growing impatient with him, but he took his time to fold or hang each article of my clothing once it was removed. When he spent an extra long time folding my used underwear I shoved him to the bed and smothered his mouth with my kisses. I needed my man and I was not ready to wait for his playing with me.
    Cory needed me too. He allowed the briefest of tonsil hockey before he tried to mount himself on me, that was not what I wanted. I needed the cream of his crop and I told him so. We turned to be with one another as meat poles reached deeply inside the oral cavities of our partner. Neither of us wanted to release the other as we stayed together through two sweet emissions each.
    I would have been content to just lay there and taste Cory's sweet juice for the rest of the night, but he had a serious need for a ride. I realized that I had needed him atop me as we rested for a brief interlude thirty minutes later. Cory was soaking wet and I was swimming in his salty brine, but I would not have broken the seal between us for an atom bomb. Neither of us ever stopped with our kisses as we made certain to leave lip marks on every body part that we could reach while he remained at anchor.
    Once our breathing returned to an even rhythm we moved to soak in the hot tub with a cup of hot tea. I told him about all that had transpired and what I had told the boys the evening before. He grinned at me and I knew that the boys had talked to him. I learned that the boys were thinking that I was going to send them away, or that I was going to leave them. That hurt. He would not tell me what he had learned and I didn't know much more than the fact that he was excited about seeing a pig farmer in the French Alps. I drank about half of the warm tea that Cory had sweetened with cinnamon to mask its taste before I realized that the faggot had drugged me. I awakened hours later.

    Excuse us we are going to step in here and talk to you about what we know. I am Jimmy and Cory, Cullen, RD, and Rod are with me. Cory and RD decided that daddy is in trouble, mentally. We all know what daddy is going through as he worries about us all of the time, but this time it is worse than we have ever seen. Okay, so this is the first time that he has ever come straight home after something like this, but it has us scared, not for our sakes, but for him.
    Cory told us what he was going to do so when daddy, and Cullen returned, Cory fucked the old man and put him to sleep. We have no problem with that, he needs his rest. Cory and I have the longest history with daddy, but Cullen loves him so much, more than he even loves his own dad and that is saying a lot. Rod worships daddy and RD believes that the sun rises just to warm daddy's heart, I agree with that. Anyway here is what went down between us.
    Cory came into mine and Culley's room and found us making out. RD and Cameron were going at it on the foot of our bed and Cory just stood there and told us that we could fuck ourselves silly some other time, he said that daddy was in terrible shape. He almost hit me when I told him that he took a fuck break, it was our turn. He said that he did it for daddy because he had been away from the man for two days. Well, Cull had been gone from me all day, but I kept my cocksucking mouth shut. We all kind of looked at Cameron, we love him, but this was family business so he slipped out of the room. I hate to do that to him, but this was important and not to be repeated.
    "So, what do we know? Rod said that daddy got out of a police car all covered in blood. He sent Dane to find RD while he went up to daddy's room and drew him a hot bath then he undressed him. RD came in and helped him to get daddy into the water, but both of them said that he was out of it," I told Cory.
    "He was, you should have seen him. I never saw him like that before and I was scared. It was Roddy that kept his cool and just loved dad so I followed his lead. Then when Athos came into the bathroom daddy tensed up like I never saw him do before. Daddy told Athos to find some twins and he left then daddy made me and Roddy go to the birthday party and locked the door behind us."
    "First of all don't let Rod hear you call him Roddy, daddy can do that, but he wants to be grown up. So what do we know about these twins and the twenty five boys that Athos said were at the party?" Cory asked.
    "Roddy says that I am his blood brother so I can call him Roddy, but enough of that. We went to the party, but it was a long time before we saw any strangers and they stayed to themselves, they looked really scared. Daddy came in and gave his speech then left and the party just sort of died away. Everybody was crying and looking at each other, we don't know if we have a home anymore or what daddy is going to do." RD was near tears when Cullen moved close to him.
    "RD, you listen to me. Daddy is not going to throw anybody out, he is scared. He just told me that he is afraid of some of us getting hurt and you know what that will do to him. There is not a dick swinger in this building that our old man does not love with all of his heart and it is up to us to prove to him that we believe in him and know that he will never let us come to any harm."
    "You should 'o seen the bloke in the dungeon. 'E took them four ass-ins out in a 'eart beat, and he done 'er up like a pro." All of us had to throw pillows at Cull, King or not daddy would tan his hide for talking like that, but we know that he is right. We didn't know everything that had happened in the dungeon so we asked Cull to tell us. He told us that he ran out with the Wild Boys, but got in on the interrogation of the four assassins later so he filled in the blank spots. Daddy said something to someone on the phone in the car and Tazzi told us about it, that makes us believe that those four men may have been in St. Tropez when we visited the villa.
    Cull says that Daddy sat with Harry and Timmy at the hotel in Paris and he tried to listen at the door, but Chrisy got mad at him. He told Cull that daddy doesn't want us to know what he is doing, Chrisy is drawing away from the family too much. I guess that is not so, he sees things differently since he lives with Timmy, he had told us that there is a lot of really secret stuff going on around daddy, but that does not change his love for us.
    Cory had an idea that we all liked. It was about an hour until supper time so he thought that we should go find the new guys and make them feel welcome and maybe they would tell us why daddy had blood on him. We washed each other's balls and butts of any sex stuff then went to find those guys. Rod was coming up the stairs as we walked around them from our rooms to the ballroom where we all ate together. Rod turned to Dane and told him that he needed to be with his brother and second daddy for a little while, Dane didn't argue, but ran on to find someone to play with.
    We learned that there were twenty or so new kids in a room on the fifth floor of the west wing so off we went. We knew in our hearts that we were going to hear a horrible story, but it was worse than any of us thought. Those guys had come from as far away as Norway to go to school where they would not be picked on for loving life their own way. When they got to Nice they met this man by the name of Aimé who told them that he was the head of the school and they could go with him. They told us that they never had any school work to do, only sex stuff.
    They had their hair trimmed and their pubes shaved, their legs were wiped down with something that took all of the hair off and that stuff was put up in their ass crack and under their arms. They said that at first it really burned, but after about the third time that it was okay and they looked like little kids with big dicks and no hair. We told them that we liked their look and asked if we could lick them clean. We had to take time out for a little sex, but they kept telling us their story while we tried to make them feel our love. Of course Cory is so hung he makes everyone feel his love, deep inside.
    This Aimé dude was a real pervert that wanted those boys to suck his fat body, all over. They said that he smelled and tasted terrible, but he used a whip on them if they didn't do what he told them. Cullen got up in this one dude's face and asked him about that whip. He told us that this man was selling boys to the boy slavers and he wouldn't be able to sell a boy that had scars on his body.
    The other boys told us that he picked one boy to whip and sometimes he made them choose one of their own, but after the fat man whipped a boy they never saw him again. We all looked at each other, we have heard dad talk about those people killing kids, were those whipped boys dead? We should not have said anything because we had all of the new guys crying and we started to cry too.
    Cory talked in a real quiet voice and asked if they would tell us about why daddy was covered in blood and the other boys perked up and told us a story that they were happy to tell. Some of them had seen daddy downtown that day and they thought that he was the perfect man's man. Later he showed up at their school with this real pretty man with him and they knew that everything was going to be alright for them. They said that the pretty man had let Aimé suck his huge dick then suddenly he pulled back and took out a gun and killed their school teacher.
    One of the boys said that he was talking to his friend about how that man looked like two young brothers that had been sent to Russia a few days earlier. After he killed Aimé the pretty man told daddy that they took his brothers away then he pointed the gun at himself and blew his face off.
    Now all of us knew why daddy was having problems, he may be scared for us, but we know that he is scared for what those boys saw. We all know full well what he has gone through with the boys that he brought back from the castle. It took him several months before he could tell us what happened there and he always looks at those boys and tells us that they have seen more than boys our age should ever see.
    What daddy doesn't take into account is that nearly all of us have seen more than boys our age should see. Culley and RD haven't seen the shit and Rod is too young, but Cory was on the street for a long time and I know what he has been through. I have talked to every boy in the house and I know what all of them have had to endure, these new boys were luckier than a lot of the boys in the family. I think that they have not seen as much as some of the boys that go to BAF, but I don't speak their language to understand what some of them have said to us.
    Now we had a good idea what was wrong with daddy so we split up and went through the family and told them to act normal, that daddy was not about to run any of us away. We told them part of why daddy was worried and that only made them all love him more. We only had to wait until he came in to dinner then we would show him how much all of us love him, even the boys from the other schools.

    I felt like a new man when I awakened with my Cory laying against my side, "Hey, dad, it's time for dinner and I'm hungry." I told him that I wanted us to wear our best birthday suits and led him to a hot shower. I had to fight for my life as he engaged me in a wrestling match with his tongue that I almost did not survive. I finally had to fire a load from my crotch cannon that soaked his pubes into a quick return volley.
    We were both laughing and having a good time as we entered the dining room for a hot meal amongst super hot boys that seemed really glad to see us together again. Cory had only been gone for two days, but the boys love him and they had missed him. Most of the family came over to give each of us a kiss and a feel, but I got my feels in too. I love to fondle boi cock and will do that until they take all of the boys away from me.

    I had to get the boys ready. With every boy in any of my schools, except BAG Boys, living in the old Château de Christophe there had been a need to expand the bed space. I had my heart warmed when most all of the BAF boys had taken up space with boys from the other two schools. With the exception of my strongest couples my family had wanted to party with the European boys and learn how the rest of the world did it. I know from my most personal experience that they do it just like we do, but a little strange cock can be fun. I did not see any real romances beginning, which could be disastrous, just good old fashioned boi sex.
    My first order of business was to appoint a captain for each of the ten floors of sleeping quarters in the school. Each wing contains thirty, eight boy dormitories spread over five floors, or six dorm rooms per floor. I laid out the game plan very precisely. I know that my core family will understand my directions and help to see that everything is carried out smoothly. I wanted to make all of the boys feel special so I choose captains that were not part of the core family and I choose from BAW's dorm boys as well as from the other two schools.
    Jimmy had circulated small lists that he had printed for us earlier. Each boy was to pack his personal toiletries, clothing for a week—to include at least one pair of good black socks, one pair of well polished black dress shoes, one pair of grey slacks /w black belt, and a white shirt, and a narrow black neck tie. Nice slacks and pull over shirts would be needed for our trips about Paris and for a special treat that I had in store for them for the following weekend. I told every boy to report to his captain anything on the list that he did not own so that we could purchase it for him. The captain was to personally look over each boy's kit and make sure that everything was in order so that we could leave for Paris by train the following morning.
    I delegated a twenty man crew to go out to Voyageur Marin Deux© which was still tied to the pier in the harbor. I told them to search the ship from stern to prow and locate anything that the boys may have left aboard. They returned just before ten PM with boxes loaded with dirty underwear and socks, a few tooth brushes, and personal toys, I would like to learn who each toy was owned by and be with him as he used it.

    As we were finishing dinner Cory waved at a cute kid across the room. Instantly two young and hungs were standing at attention before me. Cory is getting to be a brazen hussy, he took the stiff member of one of the boys and rolled the skin back then milked a drop of seminal fluid out of the end of a neat meat treat. Cory knew what he was doing as I reached out and wiped the droplet then took it to my mouth.
    "Daddy, this is Nigel Masters, I told you that I had found him. This hunk is his boyfriend Henri Ducasse. Would you like to meat them tonight?" I looked at my love, he had been gone from my arms for days and days and I wanted to curl up somewhere that we could be alone. He waved a nice little boi member at me and pulled the boy close enough that he could get the juicy part on my lips. I fucking hate Cory, well at the time he was keeping me away from what I wanted most, him. I might not hate him all that much.
    "Well my young friend, we finally meet. I am very proud to get to know you; and this is your friend Henri?"
    "He's me mate, your lordship. I do love him so much. He made me his friend the first night that I come down here and I won't never go away from him." He looked at Henri who giggled back at him. Cory was sitting where I could see him as he grinned like the proverbial Cheshire cat. I am so going to get that boy, about foot's worth of meat will straighten his young ass out and make me feel better all under.
    I was getting a familiar feeling in my chest as my balls began to overflow my system with an ECB from hell, I had that lump in my throat as Cory waved one teenage cock then the other at me. Lust won out and two sweet looking young and hungs giggled off toward my bed. Cory put his arm around me, "They are far from virgin, but I know that they have never had the likes of us inside them. They told me that they will die to try." I looked at him cross-eyed and he began his silly giggle.
    Cory and I had made up for lost time in the afternoon then I passed out for a few hours. I guess that I was under much more strain than I had admitted to myself. Being with Cory let me get the rest that my body needed and I awoke ready to ride him like the wild stallion he is.
    I would not have thought that I was as full of lust for the tight little butts in front of me, but I knew that I was going to have a very long hard time ahead of me. A real plus to me was that I was about to get another side by side comparison of what Benoît and Bert had given me for an hour in October, the chance to be with a French lover and a sweet BBC at the same time. A difference with these two boy is that they are lovers, their sex would be from the heart and I was going to benefit from it. Of course I was going to make Cory pay for his interference with my evening plans.
    Cory had primed the pump, so to speak, and both boys were leaking like cheap faucets. Poor Nigel was so hard that the skin of his cock was stretched tight, he had to go first or his essence would have been lost to me. The boy is a master cock sucker and a hungry one at that. He actually outlasted me, but only by nano seconds as we tried our best to drown the other in rich, thick cock snot. For a fourteen year old the boy was extra nice.
    Cory had promised the boys that he would get them in bed with me when he returned from his trip so they had almost drowned in their pent up elixir, but had been successful in keeping everything in for the time that he was gone. I got the reward of that sexual starvation from both boys. As sweet and delicious as Nigel was Henri was his equal. French cream is just as good as boi cream anywhere, but a three day store of it was ambrosiatic.
    Cory lay beside us and watched everything without comment or participation, I wanted to show my appreciation, but Henri suggested that he and Nigel owed him for his kept promise. I was happy to watch the two youngsters work my man over as I let my own batteries recharge. Two loads to each of the two fourteen year old horn toads in thirty minutes had drained me and I still wanted their butts on my tongue. They had other ideas.
    I wanted to know all about them so I promised them that they could stay all night with us. Both of them curled up on top of Cory and me and told me everything that I wanted to know.

    Jason Russell had called me while I was with the family at Andy's Tulsa house for Christmas. He told me that he had been on a TV program that offered on the air help to troubled youth that phoned in. Nigel was one of those callers, he hung up before anyone could talk to him on the air, but the studio called him back and Jason learned his story. Jase asked me if Nigel could attend one of my schools.
    Nigel sat up in a cross legged pose as Henri put his arms about the boy, I knew that this was going to be a difficult story for him to tell from what I had learned from Jase. "About a year ago, something really bad happened to me at school…I was raped by some other boys in the toilets at my school." Henri licked at the tears coming from his lovers eyes and held him steady until he could continue.

    "They held me at knife point while they did it. I felt ashamed and terrified and didn't know who to talk to. I knew that I was gay, but I couldn't tell my parents as I has often heard them making nasty comments about queers and faggots. I knew that I needed to talk to someone, but I had no idea who
    "A few weeks later I heard that one of the daytime TV shows was doing a phone in for teens to discuss their problems and that one of the guests on the show was Jason Russell of the Wild Boys, who had been through a similar experience. I called the show, but when they put my call on air, I just couldn't speak. I felt that ashamed of what had happened to me.
    "After the show ended, they called me back and I told Jason everything. He gave me some phone numbers of people I could talk to, but I never called any of them
    "It was a couple of weeks later that the police showed up at my house and my dad went nuts, thinking that I had got myself into some big trouble. The police had found some video footage that had been posted on the web of the rape and they had arrested the people involved. After they left, my dad called me a dirty little cock sucking fag and said that I was to pack whatever I could and get the fuck out of his house.
    "Mum was just as bad and said that she never wanted to see me again. I got some of my stuff together and left. I walked around for hours not knowing what to do and then I called the number that Jason had given me. I told him what had happened and he said that he could talk to his dad and they would come and get me, but that it would take hours to get there. Jason said that I should call childline as they would be able to help me a lot more quickly.
    "Someone came and got me and placed me with a great foster family who had no problems with me being gay. I did go back to school, but after two days it was so bad that I had to be home schooled. I called Jason to tell him how I was getting on and he invited me to join the band on their trip to Glastonbury, where they were performing. That was a cool trip as they picked me up in their helicopter.
    "Jason and I kept in touch and I called him on Christmas day to thank him for the present that the band had sent me. We talked for ages and I told Jason that I was going to be going to a new school for gay boys. Jason called me again on the Sunday after Christmas to ask more about the school and I told him that it was in Brighton and was being set up by an American Billionaire, but I was sad because I had just found out that the school would not be built until September.
    "I learnt that you was the guy who was opening the school and that you was a friend of Jason's. He told me that you had other schools and that he would make a call and get me a place at one of them, I just had to decide which one. I opted for the one here in France as I could speak the language. Jason called me again to say that I had a place at BAF and that I should to be here by January 3rd, 2008.
    I've been here about three months and I love it. I even have Henri Ducasse for a boyfriend, isn't he just gorgeous? He asked me to join him for dinner the first night that I was here. I think I fell in love right away, but I was waiting for him to ask me to be his boyfriend. When that hadn't happened after a week, I called Jason to get his advice and he said that maybe I should ask Henri to be my boyfriend, which I did and, as they say, the rest is history.
[Our very special thanks to Paul Walker for this character and the dialogue.]

    Nigel sat there looking at me as if waiting, I didn't make him wait. I put out my hand and pulled him to me. His body shook as he cried, probably the first real good cry that he had had since all of this had happened to him. He is young and I know that he was frightened, but he had no support, if he cried before it was from his hurt, this cry was a deep emotional cry that he needed to clear his tortured mind.
    Cory held Henri as he felt his lover's pain, but I was glad to see him crying as well. When two people are closely bound they share the deepness of the other, love, hate, fear, and hurt. Henri proved his love and his bond, I knew that I would do whatever was needed for the young couple.
    I was fairly certain that our sexcapades were over for the evening, but then boys are boys no matter where they are found, my two little bed buddies had an agenda and once the crying was over they were all over me and my Cory man. They had gotten a good look and a decent taste of my better half and were up and ready for more. I was up and ready myself and I knew that Cory had not gotten his yet.
    I didn't want Henri to feel left out, and of course I want to know the story that everyone of my boys has to tell. Things in France are no different than anywhere else in the world when it comes to fathers and homosexual sons.
    Henri's father is a viticulturist, basically a wine farmer, for a very large vintner in the area near Beaune, Burgundy, Franççais. Henri is a typical horny boy, but his horniness cost him his home when his father caught him letting the boss's two sons use his naked body, from both ends at the same time. I had seen the scars on his back and knew that they could not be much more than a year old. His father had taken a horse whip to the boy then run him off into the night with nothing, but the clothes on his back.
    Scared, frightened, and hungry the boy found his way to a farm home where a nice couple fed him and cleaned his wounds. Henri would not tell the couple why he had been beaten and they did not press him. After more than a week he had regained his strength and was prepared to leave. The couple smiled at him and put him in their car for seven hour drive to BAF.
    The couple sat down with the headmaster of the school and Henri learned that they had a son that was beaten to death by the boys of their town because he was a homosexual. They were sure that Henri showed the same signs that they had refused to acknowledge in their son and they did not want to see another boy suffer for his sickness. The couple was strong in their religious beliefs and could not abide by the lifestyle, but neither could they allow Henri to suffer. They told the boy that they would pray for his soul and left him behind.
    That had taken place two weeks before Christmas and Henri was the saddest boy on earth as he missed his mother and family. He has a little brother that he dotes on and an infant sister that he loved to carry about. He spent the entire holiday in his room and would not talk to anyone.
    As classes took up for the new year he was assigned to a study group and received his class schedule. Nigel had been assigned to the same study group and Henri felt a strange attraction to the boy. Neither boy knew that the other was new to the school, but they followed their hards and had dinner together. From there it was just a matter of time before their hormones would rule their hearts.
    Henri was scared to make the first move. He is a smart boy and realized that he was amongst gay boys, but he had a bad experience with two very gay lads that had cost him everything that he held dear. He giggled as he told us that he was the happiest that he had ever been when Nigel asked him to be his boyfriend. We had to wait for the two boys to quit kissing before we could molest them in the manner in which I wished to molest them.
    I know Jason Russell's story and the fear that he had afterwards. In my family I have not had a boy be reluctant towards anal sex in spite of what they have been through, but I had to feel Nigel out before I made any anal contact with him. I tried to address the question as gently as possible.
    Nigel looked at me as if I had a wart on my nose, "You better not be trying to get out of buggering the living life out o' me arse there Mr. Chris, I want to feel you all of the way in me so bad that I won't eat no more till I get you in me." The boy is too skinny to miss any meals so I had to do what he wanted, almost as badly as I wanted to do it.
    The young couple had worked it out between them before they had come to my room. Nigel knew quite a bit about me before he came to the school. He had gone on a trip with the Wild Boys to Glastonbury for a concert and the boys in the band had filled his head with images of my sexual prowess. It is bad enough that I have a houseful of queers talking me up, but now I have gone international. I expect to read about my special abilities in the headlines of the world's newspapers, or see my image and a news story, with film, on CNN.
    Nigel asked me what position he should take for his dream shagging. I told him that he should go get in his bed and put his head on his pillow and go to sleep. If he wanted to stay in my bed then he was going to feel my greatest efforts at making him feel loved. I moved him to his back and lay so that I could begin a kissing torture from his ears to his toes.
    Cory did not want Henri to feel left out as he began the same treatment of that boy where he could watch me and Nigel and visa versa. If I had been judging a contest I would not be able to determine which boy was more excited from their treatment. Both were moaning and crying out their love of our efforts as Cory duplicated my every move on his little victim.
    I had to back off of Nigel several times as he came to the very edge of a climax. I had already made sure that he had his heat diminished, but he had recovered and was ready for another round, aren't teenagers fun? I truly enjoyed his succulent uncut boi meat. I have yet to meet a boy from Europe that is cut and only a handful of the boys that had come from the castle were cut, which I found unusual as the Moslem religion traces its ancestry back to Abraham; the one God directed to begin the practice that is symbolic of the coming out of the flesh in the first place.
    None of the ten sons of Raven are cut. I asked him about that, he told me that he had studied the reasons for the practice and could find nothing to support full circumcision, he told me that if a boy had a medical problem then he was cut just behind the bands that form the little rose or flower at the tip. That is a sweet spot to slip my tongue as I make a boy wiggle with delight.
    Nigel was wiggling, I not only had my tongue stretching his bands, I had three fingers stroking his butt nut. I got mine though when he filled me to the very top with hot cream. That was my clue and before he could let out a sigh I was ten inches deep in boi butt as I looked down on a perfect set of white teeth between widely spread, smiling lips.
    I made long, slow love to the boy and let his emotions run away with him. By the time of his third orgasm he was dry, but his heels were locked into my back and his hips were on auto-pilot, he was not through. I never want to hurt a boy and I could feel that he needed a break. I pushed through a serious climax of my own then rolled with the boy still attached to my cock and let him remove himself at will. He tried to keep me up in him, I was soft, but soft I am bigger than most guys; however his body repulsed the invader as he relaxed and slipped into a quiet sleep.
    Henri was sleeping soundly, but when Nigel turned to him their arms engulfed the other. Cory and I went for a shower then we lay down next to the sleeping couple and listened to their contented sounds in the night.
    The sky had begun to lighten slightly when I felt a mouth engulf my bad boy. Henri was awake and horny. I turned him in the bed and smelled a squeaky clean body. He and Nigel had slipped out of the bed and gone to the shower, when Henri returned he watched my cock stiffen and wanted a bite or ten. Who was I to argue? Cory was still sleeping soundly when Nigel returned to the bed following a nice hunk of wood. I asked him if he would do the honors and open Henri wide before my eyes. Nigel's balls nearly beat my eyes out as he rabbit fucked his boyfriend.
    Henri loved the action and had all of his cock pushed as deep into my throat as his abdomen would allow, about six and half hard inches. He was bobbing on my cock as if he could not wait for his morning cream, I did not withhold it from him for long. All three of us reached that single space in quick order. Henri fired first, his rectal spasms milked Nigel dry as his throat milked me dry. Nigel and I fired loads at each other through Henri's stomach. Had it not been for all of the bends in the intestine I am sure that we would have created a flood in the boy's belly that would turn his dark eyes milky.
    I wanted more, but I wanted Henri on my terms, he needed to recover slightly. I took him into a quick ATM for a good taste of what he was made of. He had taken the time to clean himself out with a good warm water rinse before he came to me, all I could taste was his natural freshness and the sweet results of Nigel's actions.
    I listened to the pair of boys tell me that they had learned to enjoy ATM, but only after a good wash out. The other boys had told them about the satisfaction of the act, but they quickly learned that it wasn't so pleasant if they weren't properly cleaned. I told them about a few hundred diseases that live in the intestinal tract and how some of them can be fatal. A thorough cleaning is an absolute necessity for that kind of activity.
    I had a boy on each side of me and a hard cock in each hand, I also had two hands on my cock or encompassing my gonads. The boys were ready for round two. I had an itch, Cory was still asleep, but I had already decided to make Nigel's day start off with a bang. I began my kisses on Henri's face and never missed an inch of skin as I moved all the way down to his toes.
    Nigel was on his side where he could see it all and I showed him how to send his lover into a low orbit before launching the first missile. Henri was beating his fists against the bed as I worked his perineum and the clefts between his groin and legs. I let my fingers continue to press at that underside to stimulate the prostate inside as I slid down his mighty tower of power.
    My finger moved on to slip inside his fresh fucked ass and find its way around inside his silky cock sheath. I let three fingers engulf his prostate and slowly milked him to a mind blowing climax—my mind, he nearly blew the back of my head off. I felt his first two shots like bullets against the back of my throat. As he slowly lowered his ass back to the bed I moved to my knees and mounted him.
    Once deeply seated inside of his tight hole I let him relax and told Nigel to take me. The boy's eyes nearly popped as he quickly got behind me and lowered his face to my ass. He licked and sucked as if he was going to empty my bowels, once he was satisfied with my slickness he moved in for penetration.
    I had just plowed the boy with no mercy whatsoever, but he still approached me with care and caution. I told him to get after it and fuck me or I would have to awaken Cory to do the job. Cory was awake and peeking under his eye lids at me, he smiled at that statement, but continued to feign sleep until Nigel was well into his chore.
    I matched my rhythm with Nigel and slid back onto him with his every thrust then moved into Henri as Nigel pulled back. I am pretty sure that Nigel was holding still and steady as I fucked myself on his cock and fucked his boyfriend at the same time, most boys pick up on that trick fairly quickly.
    A little quicker than I wanted Nigel was finished. I pushed the first load out of Henri then began to power fuck him. Nigel spun around to vacuum all of his lover's cum from his belly as Henri pulled him to his mouth for his own ATM, I had not cleaned myself out in about five hours, but I must not have been too gross for the boys.
    I had Henri screaming as his ass squeezed out another load that went straight into Nigel's hungry mouth. Cory was wide eyed and he looked at me with the question, I nodded and he took care of his morning wood deep inside my gut.
    I needed a deep fucking. I kept a duty to Henri as Cory made a long loving of my assets. Cory had plenty of time to rest, but he has learned to hold himself back the way that I do so I got a solid twenty minute ride from him with Henri being the beneficiary of our love.
    Henri had already fired two watery loads, but he was still shooting. I had been able to count his orgasms by his spasms, he had filled me once when Nigel did him then four times as I moved him to an expanded universe. I could hold back no longer and I began to squeeze as I coaxed Cory to his first climax of the morning. When it came it came in buckets, from all of us. Both boys let go of the mother of loads deep into each other's mouths as Cory filled me up and I had mine for the time being.
    Nigel looked at Cory then took the plunge. In moments my man was up and Nigel asked for his turn. Cory showed Nigel his love while Henri and I did some serious tongue wrestling then the four of us went to the shower. After a good rinse off we moved to the hot tub where we remained until breakfast time a half an hour later.

    Wednesday morning I started down to breakfast when I was told that I had visitors at the front door. I was hungry enough to eat the doorknobs, but business called. I was told that David and friend were waiting to see me, but I was not prepared for Jeff Taylor. I was not ready for David either, but he was there. My mind played back to my last visit with David only days before we left for our trip that brought me to Franççais.

    I had sat down with David at his favorite burger joint and watched him unwrap a six inch burger with two thick meat patties, two slices of cheese, a half a bushel of tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and dill pickles dripping with a gallon and a half of mustard. "Umm, now this is eating," he told me as he grabbed up a handful of french fries from a container about the same size as the garbage basket beside my bed.
    I was not much better with my large order of onion rings and the smallest cheeseburger the fast food establishment had to offer. I have found that as far a burgers go this place serves one of the best in town. I miss the old lunch counter that had one time been located in the area where my favorite book store, Tomes of Time, now sits, but that is progress. Actually the best burger in town is served up by John over at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß, but I will not allow David to be around the minors there until I know that he is clean and sober.
    "Chris Dickson, it is you, hello," the voice was coming from a face from the past as it moved away from the cash register with a tray full of burgers of its own. I had not seen Sammy Land in many years, but I was not really ready to see him now. I had taken David out to have a talk with him and to learn where he planned to go with his current program of recovery from his addiction.
    "David, this is Sam…"
    "Carmen, hello man."
    Samuel Land, I had wanted to say. Carmen was his middle name, but I had no intentions of him making friends with David, what do I know? David jumped up to shake the man's hand. I had little choice, but to invite Carmen to join us for lunch. David slid over toward the window so that Carmen could sit beside him, I sat across from the two young men at the opposite side of the booth.
    "How long have you been home, Carmen," I had to ask, but I didn't want to delve too deeply into, what might be, a touchy subject.
    "About a month now. I am fully released with no parole or anything. I will have to register as a level three offender for the rest of my life though." He looked down at his artery clogging pile of sandwiches as he said that.
    "Level three? Man, that fucking sucks, did they ever tie me to you?"
    "I don't think so, Davy, they woulda come to you if they did. No I only got busted with that one kid that was always trying to get me to do him."
    I remembered the story well, the boy to whom he was referring was a regular little slut that was always strutting around the gay bars and other gay gathering places around town trying to get an older dude to go up in him. He was fifteen years old and Carmen was twenty five.
    The police learned that Sammy had a long history of sex with young men and boys since high school and that made him a predator in the eyes of the law. Even though they had no other victims the court judged him a level three, highly likely to re-offend. I don't know if I should try to help him to beat that one or not. With no victims produced in court I think that the man was railroaded in the witch hunt for sexual perverts. I will see how things go then decide.
    Carmen was lucky that he was able to plea out to a single count of sex with a minor and only served the maximum sentence of twenty two months, his victim was over fifteen which made the offense a class six felony. Carmen's endowments had allowed him many invitations to parties at Charley's house. The boy hangs a nice thick ten inch cut cock that many of Charley's friends liked to mount. I know how those men liked large, young meat.
    "Carmen broke me in when I was fifteen." David was grinning at me. "Tyler Youngman was the first one that I had sex with, but that was just sucking. Tyler ran away from home and I was horny. Carmen lived down the next block over from my house and he was always blowing kisses at me when I rode past. One day I stopped to talk to him and he took me up to his room and fucked the shit out of me."
    "David, I…I don't know how to help you, son."
    "I think that it may be possible that help is here, dad." David looked at Carmen and told him about his parents being killed and about his taking care of Donny. Carmen was visibly aroused when David told him that Donny was gay and liked to suck boi cocks. David quickly reminded him that he was a registered sex offender, level three. Then David bowled both of us over, "I still love you Carmen and I will let you do me anytime."
    David is twenty two years old and openly gay, Carmen is twenty seven and known to be gay, there is nothing that says that the two men can not be together. After several talks with David I knew that he wanted someone a bit older than himself, he doesn't want any more old men like the man from the fraternity that had messed up his mind. Actually I am not so sure that Carmen is going to be good for David, two years in prison can change a man.
    We finished our lunch and I watched David ride away in Carmen's car as he waved at me with a grin spread all the way across his face. I wish that boy so much happiness, it is his turn. Well, that was that. I had hoped to take David with us to Europe, but he has to find himself in the world first, I am not helping him, but I won't give up.

    Four weeks later I was sitting in the front room of a school in Nice, Franççais with David and Jeff, an old friend that I had known for over fifteen years. I was in my senior year of high school when Jeff walked up to me and told me that his cousin, Jacky Taylor, wanted me to fuck him so that he would know how it should be done.
    That left me standing very uncomfortably in the hallway, but the boy was cute and sincere so I granted his wish, often. Hey, I was even more promiscuous in high school than I am now. My cock was always hard and most of the time it was hard up inside somebody.
    Stuck up jocks were my favorite fucks, they thought themselves so tough, but they squealed like little girls and begged for me do it harder and more often. Besides that jock ass is tight, I love a boy with strong muscles, ass and mouth muscles are the best ones for my needs.
    Sue Ellen Camper latched onto the little queer boy in their senior year, they have had a decent marriage for past twelve years. You may recall that Sue Ellen is with the county prosecutor's office in Tucson, she and I have worked together at times. I was afraid of what I was about to hear about why Jeff was in France with David.
    I have told you that David needs the love of a man, he will take sex with a boy when nothing else is available. He has hurt many people in my family, especially his little brother that thinks David is, 'the best guy in the whole wide world.'
    To keep you up on where this is going you will want to remember when Sue Ellen asked me when I was going to come around and fuck Jeff, she said that he was really getting antsy. I hate to admit it, but I have had more than one three way with that couple, he loves a big cock up his ass while he is fucking. To my knowledge he has never been involved in a ménage à trois with two guys.
    Jeff and Sue began to have problems in the bedroom, he just needed something that she was not equipped with. He tried a few gay bars, but that was not his bag, who knows what kind of disease or sleaze may end up in bed with you? It was a joyful day for Jeff when he sat in a Denny's at two in the morning sucking on coffee and feeling sorry for himself. Sven and Randy walked in with David looking just as dejected as Jeff felt.
    Randy and Jeff had been good friends in school, although Randy was a year ahead of Jeff. Jeff asked Randy to join him and was introduced to Sven. Jeff's eyes widened as he looked at the beauty of twenty two year old David Thatcher and he got a hard on in an instant. He had to know about the youngster sitting next to him and offered to take him home if he would stay and talk.
    I can just see Randy now, he loves people and always tries to find ways to help others. He has told me more than once how much he wishes that David could find someone to really love. I love David, many of us do, but he has been in a self destruct mode and I was not able to allow him near the family. I wouldn't even let him be alone with his own baby brother.
    Jeff and David didn't leave the restaurant until they began to serve lunch. David called Randy and asked permission to take Jeff to their home and Randy agreed. David giggled at me and said that Jeff threw the best fuck on him that he had ever had outside of my bed. Jeff leaned over and kissed him, "You fuck pretty well yourself, but both of us learned in the bed of the master," they smiled at me.
    The result of that meeting was a separation from Sue Ellen and the setting up of housekeeping between the two men. Sue is enough of a realist that she could read the signs and petitioned the court for a quick, quiet, and amiable divorce. She even had a friend of hers officiate at a civil ceremony over the two men in a commitment of love. They were in Nice for their honeymoon. I asked them how all of this had been able to take place in only four weeks. Sue Ellen has power of her own.
    I asked them how they knew that I was there with the boys and they pointed at Donny and Hasad standing at the top of the stairs smiling at me. The two men wanted a romantic getaway and Jeff had seen pictures of Nice, they had booked a room at the beautiful Hotel Negresco. They were strolling thru the quiet surf at sunrise when they met the two youngsters doing the same thing. David did not know Hasad so the brothers had to introduce their lovers to each other.
    It was time for my breakfast so I invited David to bring his husband upstairs to meet the family, but I told them that they had to undress for dinner in our house. Jeff was ready for that and David had missed it.
    Jeff found himself surrounded with eager faced boys when he told them that he is a paramedic. The little boys wanted to know what it was like to ride in a fire truck with the siren going. The older boys wanted to know how much school they would need to become paramedics, a few wanted to know about becoming firemen. That was not the thing to say in front of Kardal, our newest nine year old wants to, "be a fireman more than anything else in the whole world." Some little faggot asked if the firemen used their hoses on each other.
    I wanted to know about Carmen; while Jeff was busy telling the boys about being a fireman I talked to David, quietly. "Dad, Carmen is just like he always was, out for whatever he can get. Prison only made him worse and I don't need him. He got mad at me when I wouldn't have a drink with him, but when he rolled up a joint I asked for directions to the bathroom and went out the back door. I have not seen him since that day that I last saw you, but I was too ashamed to call you and talk about it."
    "David, when are you going to trust me. I have always shot straight with you and I have always tried to be your friend." He ducked his head and told me that he knows that. I know how tough it is for someone who thinks that he is self reliant to reach out for help or advice, it is even more difficult to admit that they were wrong.
    Donny was very happy to see his brother so I did a quick eye poll of my core family. Pete told me to go for it. Cory smiled and indicated that all was well from his viewpoint. The one that bothered me the most was Edgar, he looked at me for a long time then got up and strolled over to David, "I am glad to see that you have found someone, I truly wish both of you the very best." David and Edgar were never more than sex and drugs to each other, but I know that David is going to have to explain a lot to his new husband.
    The family seemed to be okay with David so I asked the newlyweds for their plans for the rest of the week. They were going to take a train to Paris later in the day then they had to return to Tucson for Jeff to be on duty Monday afternoon, he works thirty six hours on and thirty six hours off, but he was using a week of his vacation now and they were going to use the rest of his time during the summer.
    I asked them if they would work for train fare. I had two really strong backs to help the stage hands for our concert coming up on Friday night.
    Jimmy had someone else for me to meat that he thought I would want to know very well. I had to get the boys moving or we would not make our train to Paris, but I told him to invite him over while everybody gathered their things for the trip. The little fop already had the sweetest young man in France sitting at the breakfast table.

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