Chapter 162


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Daniil and Cullen were off to the side with each other at every possible moment since the day that the two had met. Jimmy was feeling a little jealous and I could see it. Fortunately the queeing is not blind, he looked at his boyfriend and rushed over to him. He was talking a mile a minute to Daniil, but I couldn't make out a single word.
    Daniil told Cullen that he should not be rude and Cullen giggled. He apologized to Jimmy then to me, though he had not done anything to me that I was aware of. Cullen told me that Daniil knew Old Attic Greek, the ancient language of Attica and Athens until around 1200 BCE. Known as Mycenaean Greek or Attic Greek the language persisted until around 460 BCE when it was replaced by the more universal koine.
    I looked at him cross-eyed and said, "What do you need another dead language for, you already know Latin?"
    "But, uncy, don't you understand, this is the language of the philosophers. I will be able to read the actual text of works by Aristotle, and Plato, not to mention plays by the dramatists like Sophocles, and Euripides."
    He was excited, but Jimmy lightened the mood. "Isn't that what the tailor said when you passed him your torn trousers, You rip a dees?" The chase was on and Daniil and I had a good laugh watching the boys run up the stairs then down and out to end up in a tongue wrestle in the grass out front.
    Daniil explained to me that Attica, or Attic, Greek is studied by Biblical scholars as a base to understanding the koine, the language used to in most of the early Christian writings and New Testament. That would be nice, I have a Greek translator for my Bible study, but some words loose the meaning when translated. My favorite example is the word mansion as used in John 14:2. The Greek word is mone which really means a very richly appointed room, not a single house.
    In Heaven we will have the presidential bridal suite designed and appointed as a room for a king and it will be in the Father's House. Floors of gold, door knobs made of a single diamond, light from rubies and emeralds. Furniture made from the finest Cyprus cedar and mahogany, beds made out of clouds. No piped in music, just the sounds of Angel's voices praising Him, day and night. Sweet smelling air with no noxious pollution and no noise. And the food, fresh fruit picked from the trees as wanted, pure clean water from the streams, fish as long as your arm await you to catch them. I want to go home now.

    We do not have any organized religion taught in any of my schools. We do not require a boy to attend any sort of religious service at any time. I have a fist full of Jews and a quite a few more Moslems. We have a few Catholics and a larger number of Protestants, most of the Christian boys are embracing the Sabbath and a large group attends an impromptu service on Saturday morning.
    The young Jews love the Sabbath services and some of them are asking to know more about Jesus. In my own house all of the boys that have come to me from Raven or the castle have been raised as Moslems, but everyone of them is hard in study of the Bible, some of them give Cas a challenge with their knowledge. Cas pointed out that the Moslem boys from BAF were all attending the Sabbath morning classes.
    There are less than fifteen boys that attend Sunday services, from all of the schools combined. I know that all of the boys from BAD are Catholic, but they have told some of the other boys that they don't like the ideals that their mother church teaches, such as bowing down and praying to dead people and statues. They quickly point out that Jesus said that "No man comes to the Father except through me."
    They are all questioning the church's teachings that Mary is somehow above Jesus, or whatever. They tell us that they have to pray to her to intercede with Jesus so that He will protect them from the wrath of the Father. What a bunch of lies that people tell to children to twist their empty minds. I believe that all children should learn to read from the Bible and that they should read the Bible everyday, man will never learn all that that Book of Books has to teach us.

    Cas talked to a few boys at BAF and found that they had a strong Biblical background, he let them lead services through the week to see how they could conduct themselves. In the meantime Cullen and I had scoured the Sabbath keeping churches of the area to find young ministers that would be willing to work with a school full of homosexual youth. We found a twenty three year old man fresh from school, he had just been ordained, but the local conference had not assigned him to a church.
    Not only is the young King intelligent and charismatic, he is fucking cute. He sat next to the young preacher and quietly conversed in a language that I knew nothing of, I learned later that it was his Attica Greek. My gaydar is seldom wrong and Cullen can pick a gay boy out of a crowd of ten thousand boys in a heartbeat, the preacher was trying to suppress his tendencies.
    We had not met Daniil at the time of the interview with the young preacher, but Cullen had convinced him to go to Paris with us and check us out, as a curious on looker. The man was very curious, but I asked Cullen to make it clear that as a clergyman the boys were off limits to him at any time. Any infraction of that rule and he would suffer my wrath then God's. He nodded his head, he understood me completely and agreed.
    A person in a position of power or leadership cannot have sexual relations with his students. This is a fact that I am trying to teach to my boys. I am the head of a very large family, a father figure to most. As their father figure sex between us would be incestuous, they smile and tell me that I am not their blood father, just a cum junkie that they like to suck and fuck with.
    I remind them, constantly, of the rule against staff and students interacting in any sexual situation. They get coy as they tell me that we are a loving family and we keep our sex in the family, not with the staff of the schools. I am fucked no matter where I turn and it is usually by a very cute and well hung, cum filled boy. What a problem to have.
    Our new pastor returned to the school and immediately stole a kiss from his new boyfriend, Daniil. Yuri Roux had been to the local conference offices in Paris with our proposal for him to pastor a congregation of gay boys in Nice. There was a lot of dissension in that decision and Pastor Yuri was prepared to leave the conference to be able to help the boys.
    Pastor Yuri was happy to tell us that the conference had given him one year to show what he could do, but he had to show results with new baptisms. The conference would not pay him any salary in the beginning, they did not approve of the type of students that he would be teaching, but after our concert they began to understand the need of the type of school where the young preacher would be working. Their hope was that he could show these mis-guided youth the error of their ways and bring them into a life of normal relations before God and man. BAF has a new teacher and a pastor and they are getting along so well that I believe that we may have another couple in the family.

    I polled the boys on an individual basis or in very small groups. Almost every boy in the house considers himself a died in the wool Potterite fan with dreams of the young wizard of the series. Most of the fags dream of a romp in the hay with Daniel Radcliffe, but a few of the younger boys dream of being young wizards themselves.
    Young Danny boy was currently staring in play that sent many mixed signals to me. I love the boy and wouldn't mind it if he were to use his magical wand on me for a few hours, but the subject of his current work was of a major concern. I wondered if the boys' love of Mr. Radcliffe could overshadow the dark plot of the play.
    I am going to quote a brief summary of the play's content from the World Wide Web so that you will know why I was in a quandary over wether to allow the boys to go see a performance or not. Let me state one qualifying reason that the boys wanted to see it for you first, Daniel Radcliffe appears on live stage totally nude. Yummy.

Plot summary; as quoted from Wikipedia
Equus—Latin for horse

Much of the play is set in Dysart's office. It begins with a monologue in which he outlines Alan Strang's case, which is among the strangest he has ever dealt with. He also divulges his feeling that his occupation is not all that he wishes it to be and his feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment about his barren life. Dysart finds that there is a never-ending supply of troubled young people for him to "adjust" back into "normal" living;, but he doubts the value of treating these youths, since after treatment, they will simply return to a dull- normal life that lacks any commitment and "worship" (a recurring theme)
Dysart also reflects on the mundane existence of horses and their presumed desire to be free. He comments that Alan Strang's crime was extreme, but adds that just such extremity is needed to break free from the chains of existence. A court magistrate, Hesther Saloman visits Dysart, believing that he has the skills to help Alan come to terms with his violent acts
Dysart has a great deal of difficulty making any kind of headway with Alan, who at first responds to questioning by singing advertising jingles. (The dulling effects of television is one of Alan's father's pet peeves). Slowly, however, Dysart makes contact with Alan by playing a game where each of them asks a question, which must be answered honestly. He learns that from an early age, Alan has been receiving conflicting viewpoints on religion from his parents. Alan's mother, Dora Strang, is a devout Christian who has read to him daily from the Bible. This practice has antagonized Alan's atheist father, Frank Strang, who, concerned that Alan has taken far too much interest in the more violent aspects of the Bible, has expressed his frustration by destroying a violent picture of the Crucifixion that Alan had hung at the foot of his bed. Alan replaced the picture with one of a horse, with large, staring eyes
Moreover, during his youth, Alan had established his attraction to horses by way of his mother's biblical tales, a horse story that she had read to him, western movies, and his grandfather's interest in horses and riding
Dysart reveals a dream he has had, in a Grecian/Homeric setting, in which he is a public official presiding over a mass ritual sacrifice. Dysart slices open the viscera of hundreds of children, and pulls out their entrails. He becomes disgusted with what he is doing, but desiring to "look professional" to the other officials, does not stop
In conversation with Dysart, Frank reveals that one night he saw Alan kneeling in front of the picture of the horse chanting a made-up, Bible-like genealogy of horses. The list of names ends with "Equus." Whilst kneeling, Alan takes a coat hanger and flagellates
Alan's sexual training began with his mother, who told him that the sexual act was dirty, but that he could find true love and contentment by way of religious devotion and marriage. During this time he also begins to show a sexual attraction to horses, desiring to pet their thick coats, feel their muscular bodies and smell their sweat. Alan reveals to Dysart that he had first encountered a horse at age six, on the beach. A rider approached him, and took him up on the horse. Alan was visibly excited, but his parents found him, and his father pulls him violently off the horse. The horse rider scoffed at the father and rode off. During this discussion Dysart tells Alan "I've never been on a horse in my life"
In another key scene, Dysart hypnotizes Alan, and during the hypnosis, Dysart reveals elements of his terrifying dream of the ritual murder of children. This is only one of numerous "confessions" that take place in the play. Dysart begins to jog Alan's memory by filling in blanks of the dialog, and asking questions. Alan reveals that he wants to help the horses by removing the bit they wear (or "chain" or "chinklechankle"), which enslaves them. Enslaved and tortured "like Jesus?" asks Dysart, and Alan replies "yes."
Alan has a job working in a shop selling electrical goods, where he meets Jill Mason. She visits the shop wanting blades for horse-clippers. Alan is instantly interested when he discovers that Jill has such close contact with horses. Jill suggests that Alan work for the owner of the stables, Harry Dalton, and Alan agrees
Alan is held by Dalton to be a model worker, since he keeps the stables immaculately clean and grooms the horses, including one named "Nugget." Through Dysart's questioning, it becomes clear that Alan is erotically fixated on Nugget (or Equus) and secretly takes him for midnight rides. Alan rides him bareback naked. Alan also envisions himself as a king, on the godhead Equus, both destroying their enemies
Dysart gives Alan a placebo "truth pill" and revealing a tryst with Jill, begins to enact the event. Jill had asked Alan to take her to a pornography theatre. While there, they ran into Frank. Alan was traumatized, particularly when he realized that his father was lying when he tried to justify his presence in the theater. However, this occurrence allows Alan to realize that sex is a natural thing for all men - even his father. Alan walks Jill home, but Jill suggests that they have sex in the stables. Alan is very nervous in the stable as he hears the horses stamping. He is frustrated that his nervousness makes him unable to become aroused. Jill tries to forgive him, but he threatens her with a hoof pick and forces her to leave. When she is gone he blames the horses and the spirit of Equus for his embarrassment. Simultaneously, he begs the horses for forgiveness. Dysart has stepped in, and fills in the blanks of Alan's thought, and also speaks for Equus. "Mine!…You're mine!…I am yours and you are mine!" cries Equus through Dysart, but then he becomes threatening: "The Lord thy God is a Jealous God," Equus/Dysart seethes, "He sees you, he sees you forever and ever, Alan. He sees you!…He sees you!" Alan screams, "God seest!" and then he says "No more. No more, Equus," and blinds the horses, whose eyes have "seen" his very soul
The play concludes with Dysart questioning the fundamentals of his practice and whether or not what he does will actually help Alan, as the effect of his treatment will remove Alan's intense sexual and religious commitment, and his worship of the horses. Earlier Dysart had asked Saloman what it would be like to be robbed of the ability to worship. He also reflects again on his own life, and his envy of Alan's passion and the bit in his mouth.

    I was mainly concerned for my youngest boys. Ryan Miller read me completely and agreed to take his young sons home with him Saturday morning. I suggested that he might want to take my tiny trio with him and stop over at Disneyland Paris. I voiced my concerns to my old friend about the little ones seeing Equus and he agreed, but his boyfriend had a great idea.
    Bobby suggested that he and Ryan take all of the boys, twelve and under, to Disneyland, I wanted to kiss his feet. Bobby sat down with Jules in an old fashioned father son talk. Jules didn't want to go with the little kids, he was not told where they were going, for that matter none of the boys knew anything of any of the plans being made. In the end Jules stayed with the older boys and Bobby and Ryan got to chaperone the midget set.
    Grandma Betty suggested that she go along to help with the youngsters, I was very happy with that idea. However when Quemela suggested that she should go also RD's heart broke. I had to tell him that the women were leaving later in the day anyway and this way she could have a little fun and visit a place of pure magic, he wanted to go along and I was prepared to let him, but after a long talk with Quemela he remained with the family.

    I told a barefaced lie to the boys at breakfast Saturday morning. They were still high from the success of the show the previous evening and I did not have a difficult sell of my tale. We had quietly packed the belongings of the bridade des miniatures into a trailer that would be pulled by their van. I told the assemblage that we would be returning to Tucson later in the day, but that space aboard Travelaire was close with all of the students from BAW and the college boys.
    I suggested that the young boys would return on a flight with the Blues clubbers. Kardal, Khalid, and Hamal took off like a flash and I saw them crawl underneath the stage at the head of the long dining hall. Baris and Ita ran to the stage and began to lay tiny toy trucks and cars onto the stage as the little ones passed them up. I sat back and laughed as the tiny baby boys shouted directions for the location of their toys then Habit and Kerem crawled through the trap door to join the other three.
    Roddy, Dane, Tahir, Jose, and Jonathan helped the other boys up from under the stage then they separated their toys and took off for their rooms to put their things into their luggage. I called them to me and looked them over, they were filthy with years of dust that had collected under that old stage. I told them to take a good shower, and to take their toys into the shower with them and clean them throughly. Then I wanted them to change clothes so that they wouldn't get the plane dirty. They giggled at me and each one gave me a big hug.
    Roddy wanted me to go with him so that we could talk, father to son. I was covered in the dust and grime from the boys' hugs so I was going to shower with my little one. I was helping him out of his clothes when he looked at me. "Let me talk here, daddy. First of all I am your son. I have a special interest in you and I will be with you no matter how hard you beat me." I would never beat my baby boy and his words made me listen to what he had to say.
    "It was me that found you covered in blood and it was me that cleaned you up, and I didn't tell nobody what I seen neither. I know bout Harry Potter and I want to go." That caught me off guard, I had tried to be very discrete about that part.
    "Look, I love horses, but I killed a mule. I read all about that play and I kinda know you so I know that you don't want me to get no nightmares and stuff, but I won't. I want to see naked Harry and I want to sit in your lap and feel you get all hard and everything while you perv on his tight bod." His flashing eyes and cute giggles melted me to the consistency of slime, which is what I was feeling like.
    "Let me set you straight on a few points, my little one. First, it is not naked Harry, it is naked Danny. Harry Potter is a part that the boy plays in the movies, he would like to be known as an actor that can play any kind of part, not just a young wizard by the name of Harry Potter.
    "Next, I do owe you for the bath and the fact that you didn't tell everybody what you saw. I am going to do something special for you, I don't know what yet, but you and I will do something by ourselves." That got me a big sloppy kiss and a tight hug.
    "Third, if you read about Equus you know that it is nothing like any movie that you have ever seen. To be honest with you, I don't believe that many of the boys will be paying attention to the plot, but will be leering at Mr. Radcliffe. His nude scenes are not all the way through the play, in fact they are far into the play and are not the crux of the play so don't think that this is some sort of naked sex show that we are going to.
    "Now, tell me who else knows where we are going?"
    "Jimmy, and of course Cullen, cause we talked 'bout it. RD knows and I think that he might of told Cameron, but I don't know for sure. I think that mommie knows, but he won't never tell nobody nothing neither." I know that Pete won't say anything, but I was learning that my little man child was, in many ways, more mature than I had ever realized.
    I asked him not to talk about any of if with the other boys then I asked him about Dane. Roddy got a faraway stare in his eyes then quietly said, "Dane got his own demons, daddy, he don't need to see no horses get their eyes put out with no chisel." The boy is profound and he seemed to know quite a bit about the play, but I didn't register the part in my brain about Dane's demons, a fact that I would regret because Dane would be hurt by them again, very soon.

    Jimmy Walker and Tom Byrd had already talked to James and Gary and asked them if they wanted to ride home with the family or go home with their fathers. No self respecting teenage boy will want to be under the thumb of his daddy when he can fly home naked on a plane full of sex crazed maniacs that were hell bent on violating his little body. Boner and Billy Pitt were of the same mind so we had a game plan.
    Blake had made an early flight back to New York to handle a major break in a case that his office had called him about, he wanted to stay, but couldn't. Of course I offered to see to whatever needs Blain and Blair could cum up with the family, Blake told me that I was true letch. I assured him that I was and that I always would be as long as the world made teenage boys.

    We bid adieu to the munchkins then I asked for the rest of the students to talk to me about the quarters that we had occupied for the previous three days. The school was going to undergo a major remodel before the new school year and I asked for the input from boys of the age of those that would be living there. I learned a lot from them, things that I have made sure to have in my home are not what the boys in France and Germany thought necessary and they had ideas for things that they would like to have.
    I should have realized that the European boys would like the bidets, personally I prefer to step into the shower, hose down, then wash my entire body. I feel dirty after doing the deed and have to cleanse myself thoroughly.
    Without even asking I knew that the bathtubs would be history. The bathroom areas were not large enough to put a larger tub with jets in them so it was decided that each floor should have a spa room. I had to question that, all of the boys like to cuddle in a puddle of swirling hot water and let the cares of their day get carried away, there would have to be some provision for privacy made.
    Okay, so different strokes for different folks, the boys did not see things the way I or my family does. Communal bathing is more widely accepted in their society and making out with one's love interest is a part of life, they told me that if someone had nothing better to do than to watch them then let them watch. They were sure that only those with no life of their own would care to watch two fags in a hot tub. I told them that I had always considered myself as having a life, but watching young, hard bodies like them was a major entertainment feature. I got everything from boos and hisses to sweet caresses. Boys are fun.
    The major complaint that I got from the family was how cramped the rooms were with two beds. Even one queen sized bed would make the room feel too full. I told them that I had researched the old school and learned that the rooms were occupied by a single student. The boiler's maintenance man had been happy to share with me after the young victim, that will teach at the new school, had revealed the sinister use of the compound to me.
    All of the furnishings in the building that we saw were brought in the day before we arrived. A crew of nearly one hundred people swooped down on the compound to clean it and make it presentable to my boys. There was no time for a complete repainting of the rooms so only those that were in serious need had a new coat of paint to cover the walls. The rest of the rooms were simply washed, from ceiling to floor, with a high pressure steam sprayer then a blower was used to completely dry the building to prevent wet spots that could lend themselves to mold or mildew.
    BAF is set up with large rooms that house eight boys each, some of the rooms have a larger occupancy because that is the way the boys in that room want it to be. The little fags do like to gather together for a their, between the sheets, play. I let the boys talk and the family told how they like to be in a group sometimes, but it was really nice to go off to their private bedroom and be alone with their special man. I know that is a fact that I enjoy, I smiled at Cory, he put his hand around my waist and kissed my crotch as I stood before him and the group of boys.
    I let the boys know that I was going to have an architect study the building. I felt that we could rip out the walls and enlarge the rooms for two person occupancy with a private bath for each room. I held it in my mind that the old barracks building might be turned into dorm rooms for those that like togetherness, we will wait to see what the experts have to say.
    The boys had gotten me to thinking about BAF's arrangement, we could just as easily remodel one of the wings for individual rooms with maybe a dorm room or two. After that wing was complete the boys could move over there while the other wing went through a similar reconstruction.
    I asked the boys to walk the entire compound, even outside the walls, and suggest anything that came to mind. I did keep the doors to the dungeons heavily locked, none of the boys needed to ever know what was down those two hallways. During their assessment walk about Cory and I slipped away to see our wives and babies leave for home. Roddy wanted to say goodbye to his mom, but that was not the only reason he had for going.
    He curled up in my lap and asked me, "Daddy, what's that badday thingy for?" I had to think for a moment before I realized what he meant. Cory was playing with the buttons that operated the windows, and the seats, and the radio, and…
    I turned and looked at him, "Just wait, little Chrisy will be ten someday and I am going to get my laughs in." When we got to the hotel I took Roddy into the bathroom and locked the door. I asked him to remove his shoes and jeans as well as his underwear. No sense getting anything wet because I know that my son would have to try it to see if it really worked.
    I explained about hygiene and how it is far better to wipe and wash than to wipe alone. He asked me if that is why I always washed my butt with the hose in the shower, "Exactly, I hate a dirty ass hole, they don't taste nice." He giggled at me and asked me if his hole was clean, I put my nose up inside it and listened to him squeal then I licked it, "Yep, that's finger licking clean."
    I had him straddle the bidet and slowly turn the water on so that the stream just touched his hind parts. I suggested that he not sit down, but that he should squat as low as possible then slowly turn the water up so that the stream washed him. He giggled and told me that it felt gooder than the shower hose. I told him that a bidet was not a water fountain and that it was not a toilet, it was simply an appliance to wash the lower body parts. He played with it for a little bit, as I knew that he would, then he toweled himself off and got dressed again.

    The hotel provided a limo for us that I let Jay and Brad use with their families. I had taken Louise aside and talked to her very quietly. I watch her and Brad together and there is nothing between them. Lou bent her head and told me that the two of them have never been together except the one time in the park. I looked at her and she told me that this is the way that she wanted things to be, she loves Becky and does not want to lose her. She looked me in the eye and told me that she cannot be bi-sexual, Brad is the only male that she has ever been with, and that was only so that she could have a baby. She loves BJ and that is fine.
    Becky is happy that Lou has what she always wanted with the baby, but she is indifferent to the child. That part bothered me and she saw it in my face. "Look Chris, don't worry about Becky, she ain't gonna hurt my boy, she ain't like that. She loves me and she lets me share with my son every day. I take care of both of the babies and I couldn't be happier.
    "When René comes home from school she takes both of the kids to her place so that I can get dinner ready for all of us. After dinner the boys go home, René goes to be with the babies and me and Becky…well me and Becky are a loving couple, don't you agree?" I really don't know, I have never seen the two women together in that way, and I don't care too. Some men are turned on by watching two dykes, me…no way, give me boys any day.

    Paddy drove me and mine to the airport in the Bentley. Cory and Sagi were close together in one seat with little Chrisy asleep in his carrier next to me, that allowed Roddy a seat all to himself. Ugitsiha and I held Cory Stevens as I fed him, we tried to tire him down for the flight home.
    Pete stayed behind at the compound like a good mommie, another crew was flying our wives home. We played like devoted husbands and made sure that our wives and children were safely strapped into their seats then kissed them goodbye, we would be home on Monday. Jay kissed René farewell then rode back to the compound with Brad sucked up tight to his face for two days of boi fun with the family.

    I had a terrible fright as we returned to the old prison compound, a police car was sitting in front of the entrance. Paddy pulled up behind it and stopped for me to get out. I was very relieved to see Athos step out and smile at me. We stood beside the police car and talked for a minute then I looked into the back seat, Athos finally agreed to do things my way, it is my school and I am responsible for all of my boys. If I could make a boy's life right over something that occurred before he came to my schools so much the better.
    The police car had to back up, but we were behind it, the officer moved forward so that he could follow us inside the compound. Frightened boys were peering out from under bushes and over window sills as their young curiosity demanded to know what was going on with a police car following my car into the compound. I did not want to keep them in the dark for long, the youngsters had been scared to death practically everyday of their lives, I want them to feel safe and happy in my schools.
    I called for Nigel and Henri to come to me. The boys came with their hangdog looks, they couldn't imagine what kind of trouble they were in. I picked Henri up and squeezed him then told him that I loved him very much, I gave him a kiss on the forehead as I put him down then I took his hand and led him back to the police car. He was still scared, probably even more so, I should tell boys more instead of being so melodramatic. Henri peed his pants. I hugged him and told him that he wasn't the one to be frightened as the officer opened the back door of the police car.
    Henri stood and stared then flew into a rage as his father stood up before him, I had to point out to him that his father was wearing bright shiny bracelets on each wrist with a short chain joining the pair together. I had to hold the boy back as he flew with fists flailing the air toward the man that had beaten him with a horsewhip. That is against the law in France too.
    I asked Henri to remove his shirt and turn his back on his father, the man broke down and cried. Athos had asked for a local child service officer to be on the scene and two women finally arrived. I led them to the classroom building where they took pictures and interviewed both Henri and his father. The women were livid that their offices had not been notified at the time of the beating, I tried to explain things as I knew them before the headmaster of BAF finally arrived.
    The headmaster gave the women all of the details that he had, but he told them that he had not met Henri until two weeks after the incident and Henri had not told him who his father was or where to find him. I will have to work with the staff of all of the schools to prevent a recurrence of the situation. I have a personal problem with people who beat children and I get my nose really bent out of shape when it is a child's parents that beat him.
    Henri likes the school and wants to stay, but he wants to see his mother and siblings. I let him state his desires and then I stepped in to see that everything he wanted would be done, his way. The local authorities would be notified of what the man had done, but he would be allowed to return home.
    His employer had already demanded to know the reason for the beating that had been witnessed by other workers at his vineyard and he had sent his sons away. I told Mr. Ducasse that I wanted to know where those boys were, I told him that I would offer them the chance to come to my school. He looked around the compound and asked if it was a school or a church. I told him that it would be a school, after I had it renovated. He wanted to know where Henri was going to school and if he was learning about how God wanted boys to live, I told him that Henri could tell him, later. I advised Henri not to disclose that until he and his father re-established a suitable relationship.
    Henri was happy and he was crying, I carried him back over to the main building so that he could go change his clothing, "You are wet, little man, and your pee is soaking into my clothes. I should make you give me a shower." The little fart peed again and grinned at me, I had never had a golden shower in public before. I got even, I made him cum, twice.

    I headed over to my room to find clean clothes. I made certain that Henri and his love, Nigel, were devoid of any creamy overload. I felt a deep satisfaction in my belly, having filled it with four samples of the finest boi milk of the afternoon. I let the boys sleep together in my bed as I headed back to see who the rest of my boys were into.
    Dezi opened a bedroom door in front of me and one of the sweetest voices in my family wafted through the hallway. I stopped short when Dezi answered my question about who was singing. I opened the door wide and stood in amazed awe, no one had ever told me that Gus could sing. He was playing a guitar that he had borrowed from another boy and a boy that I had seen at BAD was keeping time as he used the radiator and the garbage can as his drums.
    Someone looked up at me and nudged Gus who turned and looked at me, then ducked his head. "Why did you stop, my precious one? Your music is beautiful, but I did not know that you could play and I never knew that you can sing so beautifully."
    "It ain't so much, I can't sing like Cullen or Jourdain." I lifted his chin then stole a kiss. He returned it, with tongue. I took a grip on his hand crank and felt him harden to the occasion then bent over to kiss his dripping glans.
    "As far as I know you have never had any musical training. Cullen and Jourdain have both spent years in musical schools learning to sing like they do." He was moving against me, I love my boys and I had only had four loads of nut batter in the past half hour, two from a hot Brit boi and two from an equally hot French boi. Why not add a little German cream to the mix.
    I had not really looked around the room, but I had seen that everyone in my line of sight was from BAD, except Dezi and Gus. As I dug my finger in the brown eye Gus stabbed me over and over with his ever growing cock. For a thirteen year old he was a giant at over five and a half, maybe a full six inches, long. He was very thick and his foreskin was taut against his swollen cockhead.
    As he pounded out his heat I caught sight of a true giant standing beside us. I could only guess at the boy's height, but he didn't appear to be any taller than Gus's four foot nine, but his love handle was longer than Gus's arm. I knew where my next boi cream was coming from.
    Gomeric is just what his name means, man power. The little guy had the man pole that screamed of power. Gomeric is an American citizen, born of an American GI and a Deutch girl from the small town of Wackernheim, ten clicks west of Mainz. He is twelve days younger than his first cousin, Gus. I listened to his story as I acted as if I had not had anything to eat in days, I made a pig of myself on a solid man cock of more than seven inches in length and enough girth to cause my jaw to ache. The residue under his flower tipped foreskin was like fine wine, I couldn't help, but wonder who's butt slime I was tasting.
    Major Chester Fowler called home the upstate New York town of Warrensburg where we had met Eric. After suffering a serious injury in a training exercise the major took his family to America. His recently widowed brother-in-law lived in Jersey city and visited his sister often.
    Gomeric's mother attended a German Baptist Church in the area and she had become friends with Mrs. von Stubbens, Eric's mother, who was trying to raise a young son by herself after her husband had been deported as an undesirable personage.
    Gomeric's uncle, Hiederick Heintz, was raising his four year old son alone and he became friends with Mrs. Von Stubbens then two years later the couple married. In the meantime Major Fowler grew weaker and lingered on, but death took him when Gomeric was eight years old.
    Eric and Gus were like natural brothers and did everything, along with their cousin, Gomeric. The boys followed everything that Eric led them too, but it was Gomeric's fascination with sex that caused major divisions in the family. Gomeric was mesmerized by Eric's big dick, he had an older friend that lived near him that let him suck on his dick. The older boy introduced Gomeric to anal sex on his ninth birthday and he earned a new name, Sonic.
    I asked Gomeric how old the older boy was and he didn't know, but he knew that the kid was in the sixth grade and had a dick as big as a large Tootsie Roll. He said that it was bigger than Eric's dick at the time, but that Eric's got bigger later on. He told me that he had to beg Eric to do it to him and that Eric wouldn't do it until he watched the older boy do it. The older boy wanted Eric to do it to him, Eric was hooked, after that he loved fucking his step-brother or his step-cousin every day.
    Dezi and the other boys in the room had left me in bed with three boys. I asked Eric why he had never told me this story, "Dad, you always say that you don't kiss and tell so I don't either." He had a point. I wanted to know what Sonic meant but…have you ever tried to get a story out of a young teenage boy?
    I asked Sonic why he returned to Germany, what I wanted to know was how he ended up at BAD. By the time he turned thirteen he knew that he was gay. Every boy in his small village knew what a big dick he had and he liked to show it off—but there was a price, they had to let him suck them. He made some of the older boys suck him before he would do them, but he knew that if he sucked them then they would usually fuck him as well. He puffed out his chest and told me that nobody ever fucked him that didn't suck him and swallow his load first. Now that's my kind of man.
    Wackernheim is a small village built around an old World War II military post that has been occupied by the U.S. Army for several years. There is not much that goes on in the village that is not known of by everybody in a short time frame. The sexcapades of thirteen and fourteen year old boys was of lively interest in the gossip mill, especially when the sons of American soldiers were involved.
    A major scandal erupted, but Sonic was not connected to it. The problem was with a fourteen year old village boy and a thirteen year old American son of a black First Sargent. The Sargent found the boys in bed with his son on bottom. In all five American boys were exposed, but only two older German boys. I looked at Gomeric and asked him to get to the bottom line of his story because I wanted to take a ride on his meaty pony. The boy spoke so fast that I almost didn't catch all of what he was telling me.
    His mother discussed the events with him and he asked her why Eric had been run off from his home. That led to a heated argument that Gomeric ended with a declaration of his orientation. That night he decided to run away and go to live with his grandfather in Rüdesheim. As he waited for the ferry he met with Erik who told him about a school down river at St Goarshausen. The two boys made their way down the river aboard a barge.
    We needed a sex break. We hadn't done it for a half an hour as we listened to a good story, but I had an itch and Gomeric was equipped to scratch it. He was not about to do me until I gave him a ride. I learned about his nick, he has a high pitched squeal when he nuts, he can break bullet proof glass a mile away.
    Eric had celebrated his sixteenth birthday while I was visiting BAD, the family had treated him well, but I was trying to make up for missing the boy's big day, he is the second boy that I legally adopted, Cory being the first then Eric and Mike. I gave him the cock he desires and fucked Gus too, then Gus and I took a position that allowed both of us to get stuffed by Eric, Sonic does a decent job, but he will need a little finesse to do it for the family.

    With the boys well fucked out I slipped away around eight o'clock and sought out the staff of BAD, the headmaster had returned to his school on business earlier in the day. I asked for any information concerning Gomeric, the other teachers did not know that he had dual citizenship. None of them knew anything about his father, they had only dealt with the mother, the screaming banshee. They told me that when she learned where the boy was that she had taken steps to have him removed from the school. He was not supposed to be out of the country with us.
    I used my title, I don't like to pull a power play, but I had a boy in trouble. From what I had learned from the boys, and Gomeric's teachers, he was headed into a fire storm. Even on a Saturday night in Paris my name yields power, I had the American Embassy contacting the German Embassy. I had attorneys in three countries away from the families and fun, but the end result was all good.
    Gomeric Audo—wealthy—Fowler has a United State's passport. That was obvious or he would not have been able to travel back to Germany. The fact was that his mother had used her passport showing the boy as an infant, he was a little past that at ten, but he was traveling with his mother so no questions were asked.
    The United States did not know that the boy had left the country nearly three years earlier. During breakfast Sunday morning an underling from the embassy in Paris was at the compound with his camera to take a current passport photo of the boy and issue him a passport on the spot—it was complete with an exit visa from Germany, already stamped. There was an entry in the passport showing his arrival in Franççais and an exit visa that would let him leave for the States with the family. I didn't have the heart to tell the man that we were headed over to England and would be leaving from London on Monday afternoon.

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