Chapter 155


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Everything had seemed so easy as I thought about it before our arrival. As I looked about the table during our meal I awakened to the impossibility of the plans and dreams that I had. How could I transport more than four hundred boys around Europe at one time? Buses would take them anywhere we wanted to go, but feeding them…what a nightmare. We could pack a lunch, but that would limit us to day trips and everything that there was to see was too far away for an afternoon tour.
    The only place that I could sit and face all of the boys at one time was on the large field north of the main building. The boys were practically sitting in each other's laps so that they could squeeze in close for us to talk together. Jimmy rigged his wireless microphone up to a set of speakers that the school had for the young musicians, at least everyone could hear me. I stationed ten of my family throughout the gathered throng with wireless microphones so that the boys could ask questions of me, I kept Cullen locked to my side as my translator.
    Surprisingly enough Cullen had very little translating to do, all of the boys speak plausible English and I know that Pépin will become bilingual very quickly. He is going to have to, I plan to take him home with us so that I can have the doctors fit him with a prosthesis and teach him how to walk again. He has marveled as Tim has shown him what he can do with his human biotics, those legs help him to walk so naturally that when he has his pants on it is impossible to tell that he is an amputee, let alone a double amputee. I was of the opinion that the human biotics would not work together because all of the data I have is that a sensor is attached to a good leg and transmits data to the prosthetic leg for a natural gait—modern science is great. Pépin is very anxious to end his eight years "exclusion de la vie"—exclusion from life—as he calls it.

    My main concern was quickly overcome when I asked the couples in the group to forgo their lover and pair up, American-European, in order to see the continent, that was quickly agreed to. Not being heartless I told the boys that we would keep couples on the same bus together, but they needed to sit with a guide so that they would know what they were seeing. I didn't want for one partner to see something that his other half did not see with him, I want the boys to have something to remember and talk about for the rest of their lives. How better to do that than to see and share it with someone they love.
    Four hundred boys would require ten buses. The staff of BAF was sharp and on the ball as they laid out tours and arranged places where the boys could stop to eat and even sleep over. The buses would each go a different direction, some making a day trip then returning, while others would make the long drive that would require overnight stays. I divided the younger boys up amongst their older brothers as evenly as I could, but I kept the tiny trio together with their brothers that had shared their lives together from their birth.
    The trips would be staggered so that each bus full of boys would see everything that the other buses full would see, only on different days. The tours were arranged so that when a bus full of boys returned from a long trip that group would spend the next two or three days on short trips. In that manner we would have two hundred boys out every night and two hundred boys in the castle every night.
    There were some tours that some of the boys did not want to take, and I could not blame them. Even Ronnie and Rusty stayed home the day that their bus visited the area where they had been held captive. I did not want those farms visited and a wide berth around the surrounding towns would be the best choice. Some of the boys still have nightmares and I was not about to add to that fear in their young lives.

    That was not all that the staff of BAF had on the ball, they had the best soccer uniforms that I have ever seen before. As our meeting began to wind down eight men walked out on the field wearing nothing, but red and white stripes, painted on. They had painted their complete bodies from neck to ankle, and down to their wrists, so that one had to be fairly close to see that they were as naked as the boys were. I have to say that the play that took place was almost as rousing as the game I had seen on my previous visit only this time I had no problem distinguishing the different team mates.
    BAW had been challenged to a match and the boys eagerly accepted and will play on another day, for the present we wanted to see what sort of competition we had. The boys' team was naked, except for their shoes, while the staff had their bright uniforms on. There was something almost hypnotic as we watched the long versicle stripes that ran the full length of the men's bodies and tried to watch their white painted penis's flop about over the top of their white painted balls. I am anxious for the family to paint themselves in the school colors of blue and gold.
    The boys had their attention riveted to the game, I had mine focused on their stiff rivets, some of those boy could push their cock clean through the polymer reinforced armor plating of Voyageur Marin Deux©. There was the very finest of what France had to offer in the way of homosexual youth posing themselves for my letcherous stare. Suddenly I reined in and stared at a young man that I had seen only briefly, but that quick encounter had been enough to make my blood boil.
    I had occasion to visit the offices of Tom Bradley, our head of Station-London at that time, for a meeting.When I had entered his office he was entertaining a very cute youngster which he assured me was of the legal age of sixteen. The lad's nuts had not dropped, his skinny four inch cock looked more like a thin cigar and he was totally hairless. That boy now stood before me in all of his glory, wearing his brightest smile. I led Arne Ashe to a quiet part of the grounds and sat down with him.
    A few days after I had seen Arne in Tom's office the boy had returned for more action from the man. His mother was chasing some gigolo across the continent and had no time for the yoke of a strange child that always wanted her attention. Arne was happy with the attention that Tom gave him, but he was not happy when he was abandoned at a cheap bar and hotel in Brighton. I am going to have to investigate Paddy Stotman's father, I only hope that he is only a pawn and not involved in the slave racket.
    A week passed before Arne was driven over to Franççais and introduced to a very fat old man that wanted him to make love with him. Arne said that the man was rich, but that didn't cover up the fact that his belly covered up his tiny cock. When the man tried to make Arne suck him off he could not stand the smell of body grease and old piss on the man's balls.
    No one else was around so he made his leap for freedom through an open window on the second floor; fortune smiled at him as he was able to land on the top of a large truck that was stopped below the window. The truck started to move and Arne held on as best as he could to the hot metal of the roof. A few blocks away the truck stopped for another traffic light and Arne slid off of the top of the truck and down the windshield. His balls got caught on the windshield wipers; looking into the eyes of the startled driver he was more scared than hurt so he kept on with his escape.
    A band of street boys found the naked lad scrounging for something to eat and something to wear, they took him to their hiding place. Arne was more than glad to suck their dicks in exchange for food and a safe place to sleep. As the cold of winter set in he heard some boys talking about a school for boys in the south of Franççais and traveled to BAF with three boys that he had met on his journey.
    Arne pointed his boyfriend out to me, Bert Parnby was on the field as a player, but Arne told me that both of them wanted to come and meat me. I told the youngster that we would get together in a few days because I was going to be around for my family to get to see as much of France as they could get too in a few short weeks.

    Our hosts had a grand ball prepared for us in the evening after the rousing soccer match. We were informed that we were in France and dress is very much a part of formal affairs, we were on our way to a black tie affair. Each and every boy wore a black bow tie, proportioned to his size, and nothing else, of course. Some of my smart alecks tied their ties around their major goods, but they were denied access to the ball room until they presented themselves properly attired.
    The boys from BAF have a very lively band of their own. Dancing went on into the early morning hours, but the key note of the evening came when the boys did their individual routines on long tables that had been placed together end to end for that purpose. If the boys had worn anything to hold it I am sure that they would have had stacks of money shoved into jock straps, underwear, or whatever, but being naked meant all that they got was a good ball licking.
    Tea bagging was a treat that everyone there wanted to be the receptor of, but the part that surprised me more than anything all evening long was two tiny little brothers that did a routine that brought the house down. Seven year old Bart and nine year old Britt did a hot duet that had spontaneous ejaculations going off like fireworks on the fourth of July. Their tiny little scrotums are very tight against their groins, but when the students stood close to the table they were treated to a tea bagging that made all other dancers of the evening seem meager in the intensity.
    I had to get bagged when the diminutive duo stood on their hands and rubbed their goods all across the face of anyone that stepped up for a treat. I hope that everyone of my readers can at one time in their life, experience the sensation of a firm boi nail rubbing across their face from such a position. I do not advocate using children in any capacity, but this was their spontaneous response to the evening and their intense desire to gain acceptance from the older boys. If they had ever had a doubt in their tiny heads about how much they are loved, by all of us, those thoughts were driven away that night as many mouths engulfed their goods and a few fingers and tongues found entrance to a spot that I was not, in the least, comfortable with.
    I tried to protest, but I was taken away by more pressing matters. The next time I saw the Miller boys they were covered from head to toe in gallons of boi juice, but I was assured that none of it was inside of them. Of course that is not to say that they did not lick each other clean, which was very cute to watch. I hope that their father does not have me murdered over that evening.

    Over the course of the next two days the boys found many things to do. Most all of them took turns to walk through the town with their young guides, those not touring found plenty to do at the school and on the wide sandy beach a few hundred yards in front of the school.
    I am glad that Europeans do not have the hang ups that Americans have with nudity, the boys were dressed, but there was hardly enough cloth in their swim wear to cover a pigmy flea, not that I minded. I did have to remind a few boys to put something on, I don't want to have to go bail the boys out of jail, or however the system works over there.
    After lunch on Tuesday I got an offer that was hard to resist, as if I would do so; the Falon brothers came to me and asked for time alone. Terrence is a knock out dream, but his seventeen year old brother, Murray, could get a rise out of a dead blind man. "You told me that until you talked to me you wouldn't believe that I am gay so can we go talk?" I did tell him that when he stood before me at a church pot luck in September, I really hoped that they wanted to do more than talk as I followed their pert bubbles up the stairs.
    Both boys were as hard as nails and in need of instant relief, I relieved them then held them as we talked. I love to be with young brothers; just like Johnny and Kevin these two are copies of each other in almost every way.I had met their older brother, Sidney Falon, at church in September, but that was our first time to talk and we had never shared each other's bodies. The trip to Europe is an educational trip for all of us, I had this evil thought of leaving the boys there and going back to my Traveler© to start all over, but I can't leave a single boy. If the truth be known my mind had played over ways and means of keeping all of the boys together, not realistic.
    Sid is nineteen and attends school at UCLA where his high school fuck buddy attends. I guess Sid had been the only source of information to Murray about the gay life and Murray was trying to pass that knowledge on to fourteen year old Terry. Terry is four foot seven of nothing but bones and a boner. I love his four inch cocklet with a pair of almond sized balls that are still very close to his body. I can take his entire package into my mouth and his cut cock head just tickles the back of my throat. His boi juice was sparse and thin, but he can get it up and out very quickly, I wonder how he would be if he would abstain for a few hours, or overnight.
    Seventeen year old Murray was a growing boy with nice potential. I could see that he was going to spring forth like a new bud within the year, but I would try to get as much of the boy that I could. Okay, so like I am a letch for young and hungs with smooth bodies. You know that and yet you still come back to read more of my diatribe.
    Murray had been fantasizing about a pony ride on me; he won't say no to a pin, but he wanted his first ride to be private. Terry was virgin and I had cautioned both boys in the past, but as we lay in bed and talked I heard desire from the little one that I hear from many of my boys. His seventy one pounds of weight was just barely more than the weight of my cock and I was not about to mount the boy, but as we talked I agreed to coach Murray in the de-flowering of his first virgin.
    A devirginizing is a sacred thing to me and a ritual that demands care and respect from both partners. If Terry was going to do this thing then it had to be done right so that he received full enjoyment from the activity. I had every intention of making myself a participant in every part of the process, short of penetrating the boy myself.
    I had learned that the day that I met the boys Terry took matters in hand and wore himself out. Terry had only been handling things to a climax for a few weeks, but already he had learned that if he held certain thoughts in his head that the feelings he got throughout his body were fantastic. After our meeting at the church pot luck he had gone home with his father and two brothers for their Sabbath afternoon lay activities—a long nap. He stripped naked and lay back on his bed and let things rise as they wanted.
    All was well until Sunday morning when he had to run to take his morning wee, he could not stand to touch himself. He turned around and sat down on the toilet and drained the lizard then carefully bent over to look at it. He was sure that he had ruined himself because it was all red and swollen and he could see a bloody spot just under the head of his monster fuck pole where he had rubbed the skin off. He tried to dress for breakfast, but his underwear rubbed against his penis and brought him to tears.
    He waited until he could not hear anyone in the kitchen then grabbed his bathrobe and made a food run, on the run. He only just cleared the area and entered the safety of his bedroom when he heard his family come in from outside. Food in hand he was safe and on his way to satisfying his hunger as he removed the robe and sat down at his desk to pig out on his pop-tarts and chocolate milk—after all a growing boy needs a nutritious meal.
    All was well and he returned to his bed for more sleep; then around two he heard his door open and Murray stepped inside then sat down on his bed. Being a gay boy means that every cock gets checked for comparison, even dad's and little brother's. Checking out does not mean perving, it is only a means of seeing how he stacks up to others around him. Dad would have what he might expect to have for himself someday and little brother was about where he had come from a few years before.
    It was during that casual glance that Murray stopped and bent forward. He knew better than to laugh, but he knew at once what Terry had done, he had been there and done that himself a few times. Without a word he rose and left the room then returned a few minutes later and locked the door behind himself. Very tenderly he lifted the wilted, reddened boi stick and squeezed a bit of lotion from a tube onto the very sore and angry looking wound. Terry was embarrassed, scared, and sore, but he lay still and let his brother do his worst.
    Murray was after nothing, but helping his little brother with another of his many owies that had occurred several times during the boy's life. In mere seconds Terry began to feel a little better then Murray gently massaged the lotion into the skin of the boy's cock, of course that brought on an erection, but Murray didn't seem to pay any attention to that.
    Once his task was complete Murray lay down beside his little brother and pulled him tight against himself. Terry liked the attention that he had not had in a few years and moved closer to his big, strong hero that had always been there in times of need. The boys lay quietly for a long period of time then Terry seemed to wake up and he had ten or fifteen jillion questions. Just like it had been when he was little, Murray answered everyone, honestly and completely.
    Murray smiled at me and Terry tried to hide his face against my arm as a story, that every boy knows all too well, was told. Terry's best friend was also his sexual fantasy. After the meeting at church the family went home to take their naps and Terry mulled over the conversations that had gone on in the fellowship hall. The higher his ardor rose the stronger became his fantasy desire to be with his friend.
    In the early days of the discovery of his body he had no way of knowing his limitations, all he knew was that what he was doing felt good. After a few hours of feeling good the skin of his most tender areas began to breakdown and he found that there was a price to pay for his mis-deed.
    Murray used great patience in explaining certain life events to his little brother and ways and means of achieving what he sought without physical problems that could arise. Terry wanted Murray to demonstrate the proper use of lubricants and Murray did his duty with gusto. He told me that he really enjoyed having the opportunity to show Terry what he knew—of course I knew that most boys like to stroke in front of others, but I didn't say anything.
    Before morning Terry had sucked his first cock and had his sucked as well. He was sore and tender, but Murray was gentle and allowed the youngster great leeway. Murray was enjoying teaching Terry how to give head and keep his teeth out of the way, by the time the boys were ready for sleep Terry was able to deep throat all of his big brother's six and a half inch cock.
    I looked at Terry and asked him if he likes sucking his brother's cock and he giggled before telling me that he, "liked Murray the very best." I have seen the boy with some of the family and he seems to have plenty of boi cream to grow on. I did break up a confrontation between Terry and Gus which resulted in Gus going to his room to get his butt spanked by me.
    Gus is protective of Dezi Sanchez, almost overly protective. I have had run ins with Gus in the past, I know that the boy had very little in his life. Eric was the best thing that had ever entered his life, albeit a short visit. When Eric was taken from him Gus became withdrawn, then his father was arrested for his assault on me and he had to live with a step-mother that wanted nothing to do with him. When she made up her mind that he was gay he was on the highway, but I pick up pretty boys that look lost.
    "I have a few questions that I would like to ask both of you. You have been here in France for two days and three nights, today doesn't count because it is not over. I know that you have seen every sort of sex act that two boys can do with each other and probably a few that more than two can do together. I want to know how you feel about what you have seen, I also want to know what experience you have had." That brought giggles from Terry and a red face from Murray, I was going to have fun for a few more hours.
    Murray prodded Terry to go first. I had to do some prodding to get anything intelligible out of the boy, the younger they are the worse story tellers they are, as a rule. "Well, I did that…you know where I hurt my pecker, but Murray talked to me and told me that I had balls so I should act like it. A few days later I was with Sheldon and I asked him if he would like to get a blow job. He looked at me for a minute and I thought that he was going to let me do him then he asked me who would blow him. When I told him that I would he hit me and knocked my front teeth out.
    "Dad took me to the dentist and got my teeth back in, but I could only eat soup and stuff for a week. Dad wanted to know why Sheldon and I were fighting and I told him that we weren't. He just stared at me and I membered what Mur told me so I felt of my balls and decided to tell dad the truth. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and I thought that he was going to hate me, but then he told me that I had gotten a little bit bold and should have felt Sheldon out before I said anything. I told dad that I would like to feel Sheldon.
    "Dad and I talked until bedtime then I went to bed with him so that we could talk some more then the next day he called you and got me into BAW that morning."
    "So how about sex? I have seen you suck some of the boys and you seem to like what you are doing and you get all hyper when they suck you. Are you sucking anybody that doesn't go to school with you?"
    "I sure ain't sucking Sheldon. I saw him and his friends at the mall and he told them that I was a cocksucker and that they should take me into the restroom and feed me then kill me." My blood boiled, I despise kids like what Sheldon sounded like he could be. I learned that Terry only sucks the boys in his class at school. He has tried to do some of the older boys, but they hug him and tell them that they have a boyfriend, that made me feel good about the kids, at least they don't put a curious boy down.
    Terry had watched some of the boys fuck each other and he had talked to Murray about doing that, but Murray had talked to me and he agreed that Terry needed to wait for a little bit. I did pick up on one thing that made my tongue hard, the boy has never done any ass play.
    I had a boy laying on each side of me when I turned my head toward Murray for his story. Terry was trying to look over me to see what his brother was going to say, as if I had not planned it that way. I told Terry that he should lay down on top of me and stretch out to get comfortable and then he could see and hear Murray better. I know I felt better, but my eyes were clouding up from a creamy cloud that seemed to rise up inside of me from between my thighs.
    Murray had done it all. I asked him who he had done all of it with and learned that he didn't have a boyfriend, but several of the boys had given him a mercy fuck. I asked him if he was okay with that. "You know what's strange, they don't fuck me unless I fuck them too. I never expected to get to do that."
    "Why not?"
    "They all got them a boyfriend, but I ain't got nobody so I wanted to do it to see how it was and they said that nobody rides for free and I had to pay up or not get it."
    "First of all I am going to climb all over you. Your grammar is terrible. I will accept ain't and some of the other things that Terry says because he is only in the eighth grade and has a lot to learn. You ever talk like this again where I can hear you and I will put you into a remedial English class back on campus." I grinned at him then pulled his head to mine as I kissed him.
    The boy's face was a profusion of terror, but he softened as I held our kiss. Shortly his lips parted and he allowed my tongue to enter his mouth, then I felt his breath catch as his heart beat quickened. I knew instantly that the boy had never been kissed. I made his first one a keeper. I turned so that Terry fell across the two of us and I wrapped my arms about both boys. I made a point of pressing my cock into contact with Murray's cock then wiggled about so that Terry slipped down to join in with us for a short sword fight. Of course I had the longest sword, but that gave me no edge in such close quarters, I wanted to be stabbed by their swords.
    "Will you fuck me?" I looked into Murray's lust filled eyes, I had other plans for the two boys. Murray wasn't certain, but a hard cock often overwhelms a moral mind, he was so horny that he was willing to go for it. Terry was so excited that it was all that he could do to not cum all over himself.
    Already knowing the answer I asked the boys if they had brought any lubricant to the room with them. That would be hard to do without everyone seeing them carry it, they seemed to have a bit of a pocket shortage in the form fitting suits that they were wearing. I told them not to worry, I had the perfect lube to use on Murray because he had done the deed before.
    Murray had never been rimmed before and Terry had never even thought of such a nasty thing being done. However it was Terry who had his face as close to the action as possible as Murray and I got into a sixty nine position. Murray was holding on for his life as he experienced the greatest sensation that he ever had, short of anal penetration. Terry was learning and learning fast.
    Murray was about to let go so I told Terry to take over as I took a stiff meat stick to the hairline. I watched Terry play his tongue around his brother's forbidden place and in a few minutes he was nose deep into his work. Murray was humping into my face as he pushed to get his release. I slid back and told Terry that it was time to dip his wick.
    It is always fun to be down under, but when the one on top of the world is a really small virgin it is even more fun. Terry's cock was so hard that it was stretching his skin tight, one of those super erections. From my vantage point I believe that the boy had stretched himself to a new length beforehand un-achieved in his life. I had sucked that cock less than an hour earlier so I knew it to be a touch over four inches, but I was looking at a full five if anything at all.
    Terry was all lust as he pushed his cock all the way into his brother, Murray was not hurt by the suddenness of the penetration, but he was not completely comfortable either. Murray told his brother that if he wanted to stay onboard that he needed to slow down or he would show him what butt rape felt like. Terry got himself under control and began a nice ride at a comfortable pace that was pleasing to both boys.
    Murray was keyed to his little brother's pleasure and he played him very carefully as he gave me great oral pleasure, both giving and getting. Terry began to stiffen up and get into his efforts so I gave him the stimulation that he needed with a single digit up his tight little rectum. He managed to find another three or four inches to push home to Murray that seemed to satisfy both boys as they let go of their loads of boi jizz almost simultaneously.
    Terry fell away and began to breathe hard as Murray tried to get me off. I pushed him away and pulled Terry to me, I had plans for the boy and my getting off was not of serious important to those plans. I suckled his wilted cocklet as I returned a single digit to Terry's virgin pucker which caused his cock to return to a rigid state. Once the boy was fully recovered and humping my face I replaced my finger with my tongue which had the interesting effect of causing him to inhale my cock fully into his throat.
    In no time the boy was putty in my hands as he pounded my face with all of his might. I asked him if he was ready for Murray to fuck him and he spread his legs as wide as possible and swallowed my cock in preparation, I braced myself against a sudden bite. Murray was much more gentle with his brother than Terry had been with him, but that is age and maturity for you, and I didn't get bitten at the initial penetration.
    It took several long minutes before Murray was completely inserted inside Terry, and the boy had lost all of his turgidity. Murray made love to his sibling with care and passion and Terry responded to that love. All in all some thirty minutes had elapsed since Terry had first penetrated Murray, but the passion that the two boys shared was a sincere, heart felt, love for each other.
    Terry refused to relinquish his throat hold on my cock until I reached a climax. Murray told him that he wanted to ride my pony, but Terry surprised him when he said that he wanted to suck him while I did it, but first he was going to have to wash his cock. While Murray took care of that little bit of hygiene Terry worked his magic and nearly drowned himself on my load. Murray came to his aid and helped to clean up everything that Terry could not handle then Murray took up a position on his hands and knees over his prone brother as I got some Falon butt.
    Terry was a happy little man as he watched his first real fuck up close, and very personally. He had his hands between my legs and played with my balls with one hand and Murray's with the other, then he got bold. He knew where to touch as his short finger pressed against my prostate and worked it over in championship fashion. I told him to see how many fingers he could get up inside of me and he began to work at the task.
    Murray passed the tube of lube to Terry so that he could do his work easier, I felt it when he managed to get his entire hand in my ass. I have let Roddy do that to me and some of the other very little guys have fisted me, but I had never done it with a non-family member. I relaxed as I remembered that this day was all about learning, for both boys. Murray had limited experience, but Terry had nothing but a few loads of young cum in his belly so let them learn, at least I felt that I was safe for them because I do care about all of the boys and will never allow harm to come to them. I wonder how their father will feel about what we were doing.
    Terry was so excited that he could barely catch his breath. He was holding my cock and looking at it as close as he dared, he was sure it was going to stink like shit. He kept looking up Murray's wide open ass and every once in a while he wiped his fingers across a blob of cum as it oozed out of the opening. I even caught his smile as he put a cum covered finger to his mouth after sniffing it for several seconds.
    "Okay, I'm next," he said as he squeezed my cock with all of his strength.

    We played on the beaches of southern France for a solid week before several of us took a bus over to St. Tropez to see the old homestead there. Bryan got up close and personal and batted his eyes at me as he begged to go back to the house where he first knew happiness. RD, Cameron, Roddy and Dane wanted to go with us and I am not about to refuse my two sons most anything. Understandably Les and Lance did not want to go with us, but all of the family that had been there for Thanksgiving of 2005 was eager to return, we did miss the college boys, but we kept in touch with them throughout each day with e-mail and pictures.
    As naked as the day he was born Tazzi ran to meet our bus. I picked the little man up and hugged him close and felt how much he had grown in the twenty eight months since we had seen the grandson of the old queen caretaker. Now almost fourteen Tazzi had grown into a very nice looking boy with all of the features of his swarthy Mediterranean cousins.
    Tazzi led us into the house where his grandfather approached me wearing his long tailed, black coat and carrying his ever present silver tray in his left hand. The man walks around the house all day with this fourteen by eighteen inch solid sliver tray. If he has nothing to carry on it he has it tucked up under his left arm. If he has anything, from a letter, to a drink, he carries it on his tray, as he walks at attention. He serves, rather than delivers. He held the tray before me and I took from it a tall glass full of ice with the, non-alcoholic, fruity wine drink that we had come to enjoy so much on our past trip.
    The boys were busy filling plates with fresh fruits and pastries and procuring large glasses of the fruit drink for themselves. "Home away from home, I could live here forever," Mike was holding Isi close to him as they stood looking out across the blue green sea. I walked over to them and put my arms around Mike.
    "Would you like to live here?"
    "Dad, I love you. I love the family and I really like school, but there is so much heartache…my mother and…I can't help it, I am glad that Revers is dead, it didn't happen fast enough though." He was shaking as Isi held him. I know what he means, but I was glad to know that he was going home with us, he is a part of my life.
    We could only spend two days and two nights at the villa and the boys wanted to make the best of it. This time we had a bus to take them where they wanted to go the most, to the nude beaches at Plage de L'Escalet, a beach we did not have the chance to visit before when we found Les and Lance. I felt that we should enjoy the villa and the great beach below it for the first day. Eric ran to the major domo and asked him about the scuba gear. Tazzi was asked to show the boys the equipment room.
    François had always planned for my boys to return to this villa and he had ordered that the boys' gear be stowed away. Along with that gear was a room full of new gear, just waiting for its first use. Twenty sets of tanks were hanging around the walls. Fifty sets of swim fins, or flippers, full face masks and snorkels were there for everybody to outfit himself for a dive around the beautiful reef at the very edge of the beach.
    I also learned that there are four, twenty five foot glass bottom boats, each equipped with compressors and filtration systems to recharge the air tanks. Chrisy, Jimmy, and Eric had attended diving classes in Albany before our previous trips. Those three had dived here on that trip and they were eager to show all of us the wonders of the undersea world.
    I am a desert dweller, but I can afford to get wet once in awhile, I was really glad that I did. I only stayed down through one tank of air, about forty five minutes, but the boys were correct about the beauty that I beheld. I had my boat take me back to shore so that I could sit down with the man in the tux, I had never learned his name, but I had learned that he had something to talk to me about.
    I made the man sit down as I treated him as an equal. I recognized the man's name from the reading of the last will and testament that François had left behind. Asce—noble at birth—Astor had been a servant, born and raised, at the villa. When François held a boy party in the house the old man knew that he wanted to stay on under the new owner. Asce was seventeen in nineteen sixty when he went to bed with a man for the first time. For the entire week that François and his guests had remained at the villa the boy knew a life of pleasure and joy as he had never imagined.
    His parents quit François, they did not approve of the type of activities that occurred at the villa under this strange man. Asce went to François and asked to be allowed to stay. His parents went to the parish priest and demanded that their son be made to leave the village with them, but the boy was of legal age and able to do as he pleased. Of course he was excommunicated by the church and abandoned to the devil, but that did not deter him in the least.
    Asce had no formal education and, because of his lowly birth, he was unable to rise above his station in life. François loved the boy and gave him a choice of any place to live, he chose to stay at the villa. François provided the man with a very liberal annual income and the promise that he could live out his remaining years at the villa.
    Over the forty eight years that Asce had worked for François at the seaside villa many boys came and wanted a place to live, Asce adopted twelve of them along the way. Tazzi is the youngest that the old man had ever taken in, the boy came to the villa a week before my family and I had arrived for our vacation in 2005.
    Life had been good to Asce and he had lived it to the fullest, but he had never left the village of St. Tropez. Health had not been good to him and he was suffering from a form of bone cancer that would soon take his life. He looked in my eyes and told me that God Himself had come down to him as he lay in his bed and told him that I would come and that I would take Tazzi to my heart and give the boy all of the things that Asce had never been able to give any of his sons.

    I wanted to know everything that I could learn about the boy Tadizo. I held the beautiful child as he held Asce's hands and stared into the eyes of the only person that had ever treated him with kindness. Asce had gone to the wharfs to acquire fresh fish for guests that were visiting Villa de Christophe when he heard an argument between a man and a small boy.
    The man was accusing the boy of being listless and useless and hit him on the head several times. Asce is a sparse man, but his bearing is quite regal, the assailant had no way of knowing but what the man before him, and wearing a tuxedo, was a man of authority and acquiesced to cease his assault. After a short bit of time Asce had all of the boy's legal paper work and a magistrate signed court orders awarding the servant full custody.
    The man had been his uncle and had taken Tazzi onto his fishing boat after his parents died in an accident on their own boat. Tazzi was too young to work on a boat and had been sent to a small boarding school, but there was no money for tuition after his parent's death and the uncle believed that the best education could be garnered by hard work at sea.
    The crew of the small fishing craft made full use of a talent that Tazzi never knew that he had, his cocksucking mouth. I was pleased to learn that nobody had ever used his small butt and Asce protected him against that practice until the day that he died. Asce told me that he knew that the boy was most curious about anal sex and he told Tazzi that when he turned fourteen he would introduce him to someone who would not hurt him. He looked at me and I told him that I would honor his wishes, he shook his head no, he wanted me to do it.
    The men and boys that visit the villa are not the kind that Asce would want his little one to be hurt by. He had been impressed with me and my boys, but Tazzi was a few months shy of eleven years old and he was not ready for anal sex, I agreed. Tazzi had turned thirteen in January and Asce knew that I would allow no harm to come to the boy and would make sure that whomever took Tazzi to his bed for the first time would show all of the love that I was known to possess. That was a great compliment to me, but I will have to think long and hard about whom to let the boy sleep with for the first time and it won't be me.
    Next Asce really rocked my thoughts, Tazzi has never had oral sex with anyone but him since he came to live in the villa. I tried to remember my previous visit, but there was so much going on around me that I never paid much attention to a ten year old naked boy scurrying about in his house duties as a servant. I was almost positive that none of my boys had touched the lad and now Asce was confirming that. Now I knew for sure that Tazzi needed a boy his own age with little to no experience to help him learn the good, but none of the bad, of his lifestyle.
    I had the boys that had been with me for that Thanksgiving vacation along on this trip and had added Roddy, Dane, Gus, Dezi, Cameron, and RD for our visit. All of the boys have their boyfriends with them and I had no singles. I don't want Tazzi to just be a mercy fuck, I wanted him to have an experience that would educate him and leave a good taste in his mouth. My next question was, 'who tasted the best?'
    My answer came from an unexpected phone call, Athos called to tell me that he was flying over to the bunker for some urgent business and wanted me to meet him there. I asked to speak to Murray Falon. I took Cory aside and explained the reasons for my decision, of course he thought that I was the most thoughtful dad he could ever think of.

    It is a three hundred and seventy five mile drive from Nice to Toulon and a forty mile drive for me at St. Tropez, I asked Athos to stop and pick me up. I have not put in a heli-pad at the villa, but that is one thing that I will do as quickly as possible, in the meantime Athos landed in the middle of the roadway and I had the boys help to push the copter up my driveway to clear the road for traffic. I took Tazzi out to meet Terry Falon, I kept my fingers crossed. Terry Falon stepped back in an appraising look at the little Mediterranean beauty and smiled at me. I nodded at him and he stepped forward to put his arms around a firm little body that was only slightly larger than his own. I let Tazzi lead us to the house where Ģer had fruit and pastries waiting for us.
    I had a new naked boy join us at the table, but he could care as little for the food as Tazzi did, both boys pressed stiff young boi cocks together as they pulled each other close. Only time will tell if theirs' was a meeting of opportunity or affection, but they wasted no time at all when Terry took the boy's face to his own and got himself his first boi kiss. I believe that the kiss was a first for Tazzi as well. He slightly pulled back, but then quickly pressed forward and made the same sweet moans as were coming from young Terry.
    Asce smiled at me as we sat down to watch. I wanted to watch more as the two ran to the couch and fell into a very sweet sixty nine with one another. Athos told me that he had a guest awaiting that I would want to talk too so I had to leave for a bit.

    Athos secured a home for himself on a nice cliff side overlooking a wide expanse of the Mediterranean Sea in an area known as Forét des six-fours—Drill of six furnaces. His home is on top of a small cliff that rises about fifteen feet above a narrow, sandy beach, but just past the house his land climbs sharply up the side of mountain into a dense forest. From the house a steep climb of just over six hundred yards, up a well trodden path that is covered by thick overgrowth, leads to a solid concrete gun emplacement left from the days the of Nazi occupation of WWII. From the high positioned bunker a wide span of the sea approaches between Marseille to Monaco, nearly one hundred and sixty miles, could be observed and protected from invasion.
    Hidden within the regrown forest, the bunker is almost invisible until you are right on it. I have looked at aerial photographs of the sight taken by Andy's satellites, even his experts can not find the bunker after I point to its exact location. François had secured the area and managed to save the bunker from destruction and it has become a favorite place for Athos, and his close friends, to put up special visitors.
    Peter Caulfield was waiting outside for us as we landed at the house, there are roads across the top of the mountain, but Athos wants to attract as little attention as possible to his hidey hole. Peter walked with Athos and me as we made our way up to the bunker. The cool air of the mountain forest, and the fresh breeze rising up from the sea, calmed me as I listened to what the man had to say. Peter told me that he had some very important people waiting for me as well as members of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, or ФСБ—FSB.
    The FSB is the successor of the old Soviet-era NKVD and KGB. The agency is involved in security and counter-terrorism as part of the their duties. My new friend, Boris Putin—father of Alexei Putin of the Wild Boys—made the agency aware of events that had transpired at Cullen's castle two weeks earlier.
    I was almost ready for what met my eyes when I stepped inside the thick, reinforced, walls of the old war machine. I am glad that the eight inch guns that had once been there are gone or I would have been tempted to shoot someone in the ass, several someones.
    Russia does not like to have anybody else in their operations and I was made fully aware of that fact. The only reason that some of the people were hanging around in the bunker is because they had made a personal attempt on my life, there was also the fact that I had a long history with other persons that had spent their mis-guided lives serving themselves from services that they provided through youngsters stolen from their own homes.
    I will tell you this, the people that had brought these vermin to the bunker are not in the least bit squeamish and their handiwork was clearly obvious to even the most casual observer. Alright, I tortured three men to a lingering death and I helped four other men to a death that was not, in anyway, comfortable or easy. If you ever had the opportunity to hold Bryan during one of his numerous nightmares, or stood by and listened to the terrified screams of Lester or Lance, even young Vic, Rusty, and Ronnie you would want to do harm to those that had done harm to them.
    In my home I have forty six direct victims of those people and every boy in my house now suffers with them as they do everything that any of us knows how to do to help those young men adjust and overcome their past. I looked at seven near bodies that were hanging from actual meat hooks, carefully placed in their bodies to make their lives as uncomfortable as possible. The bodies were still breathing, but laboriously, their major wounds had been sewn together to stem the loss of blood, but it looked like the stitches were made of small vines.
    I learned that the strands were in fact pulled from the stems of hemlock. The plant called Conium maculatum—poison hemlock—looks similar to fennel, wild carrots, or parsley. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean region and to South Africa. Ingestion of any part of the plant is fatal to mammalian life from its toxic coniine, an insidious neurotoxin which disrupts the nervous system causing suffocation.
    The stitches that the six Russians bore had been stripped of their foliage, wiped down throughly then threaded through large needles and used as sutures, ouch. The level of toxin in the thin strands was enough to cause local pain and the more stitches added, the higher the level of toxin that would enter the body. Great care was being given that these men should not die easily or quickly.
    Conium poisoning works the peripheral extremities first, causing loss of feeling then the inability to speak before the final stage of respiratory failure. A first hand account to the way death occurs is given by Plato where he describes the death of Socrates in the Phaedo.
    The seventh man was sitting in a chair, but he was bound, tightly. He looked familiar then Peter introduced me to Herschel Stotman, Paddy's father. The inn keeper's fate was being left to me because he had never actually harmed a boy, but he had allowed them to be moved through his tavern/hotel to become victims of others. I knelt down before him and stared into his eyes. There was terror there, but I did not sense that it was directed at me or those around us. I had his bonds removed then took a walk in the woods with him, I did make sure that my pistol was in my waistband.
    Herschel was being blackmailed by Bradley to help move the boys or go to prison. Herschel has no idea where Bradley learned of his week in an Chalet in the Swiss Alps, but the, then, head of Station-London knew names and dates and had a few pictures that would bury the man in the deepest dungeons of kiddie fucker's prison.
    Herschel never knew what was going on, he had four different men that came to him for a room for himself and a boy then the next morning the man would be gone. Later that day, or sometimes a few days later, someone would come for the boy and Herschel never saw him again. He was sure that none of it was any good for the boy, but he feared jail more than anything else.
    I wanted dates and names so that I could establish a time line. Herschel told me that he took his vacation to the Alps when the autumn weather drives tourists from the beaches about Brighton. I love Brit talk, I would have said around Brighton, but I don't speak the Queen's English then do I? That vacation took place while my boys painted themselves blue and danced in the moonlight on All Hallows Eve in 2005.
    When he returned to his pub all seemed well until one evening Bradley paid him a visit. He flashed a badge and said that he was with the government before laying out his pictures and knowledge of the pub master's recent trip. Herschel was mortified, he had been careful not to mess with underage boys, but the one he was with was just too cute to pass by, and the lad was most eager to please. I asked the boy's name, I knew that I shouldn't, but I feel compelled to know everything about my boys.
    I nearly fainted away when I heard the name of Elliot McTyler. After Bradley's visit Herschel searched for Elliot, but no one knew where he was. I know that he turned up in a house in France where several other boys learned how to please men in order to eat once in awhile. After that Herschel did not like to learn the names of the boys, it was only after my visit to Hereford and a ride with Paddy that Herschel learned the fate of any of the other boys that had passed through his pub.
    Paddy knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that his father had to know what happened in his own place of business. He took pictures of boys with him and when he showed Colin's picture to the man he learned a truth that made him ill. He contacted El, she in turn contacted Peter Caulfield and the two men put their heads together with my friend from Scotland Yard, Terry Upbridge.
    Paddy told his father to cooperate with the Yard or he would ruin him, even though it would hurt to do so. Herschel wanted an end to it and told everything he knew, but his name was kept out of the reports until I was consulted, nobody wants to hurt the man who was a victim, of sorts, himself.
    When we stepped back into the clearing I saw Paddy leaning against the front of my car talking to Athos. Paddy saw me and quickly poured a cup of coffee from a thermos that he had sitting on the hood, okay, bonnet. He handed the hot brew off to me as I stared at him. He had made the drive down to Toulon to take me back to St. Tropez, he knew that I would need the time to recover before facing the boys once again.
    I stepped aside with Athos to decide the fate of Herschel, I wanted the man to go free, Athos had known that and had everything in order for Peter to follow through. Nowhere does Herschel's name appear on paper, he is simply referred to as a confidential informant, only Caulfield and Upbridge know his name, but they have forgotten what it was. It was agreed that any future contact on the matter be done by me or for me through Paddy. In the meantime I asked Paddy to take his father in to Toulon to a train station for a ride back to England.

    Next I had to learn what the FSB knew and what was going to be done with that knowledge. The Russians are fighting a major war against mobsters in their country. This is something that had never occurred under communism and something that they were using all of their resources to squelch. Drugs and prostitution have replaced the black market and both boys and women are sought for sexual pleasure by all levels of their society.
    Homosexual acts are punishable by a quick and quite death, most often without a court's intervention. Boys caught up in the act are killed right along with their molesters. I did not like what I was hearing, but I can do nothing about what a government does within their own borders.
    I was told that the four men that had tried to take my life at Cullen's palace were mine to do with as I pleased. Their crime was committed in Cullen's country and they could be sent there for trial, if I desired. I tried to explain that I had enough blood on my hands to last me far into the next century and I would gladly let their countrymen deal with them as they deemed fit. That evoked a wide smile and a promise of much vodka before we departed for our separate ways.
    The other three men were mine to deal with. The three men had been those that transported the boys from Herschel's pub across the channel. They were unsure what to do since Bradley had disappeared so they had kept to themselves. These were the leaders of the thirty five men that Ted had told me about during my briefing when I returned from my trip home two weeks earlier.
    I asked what had become of the other thirty two men and was told that all of them had been caught with underage children that told about everything that had been done to them. Those men are being given very broad media coverage as they face years in prison for sexual crimes against children. The three men in the bunker knew too much to be allowed access to the press and were spirited away to hang around with Athos to the end.
    I looked at my friends then asked the three men if they liked to fish in the ocean, they all did. I am sure that Athos will provide them with all that they shall ever need for their trip to sea. I saw the apparent leader of the Russian delegation talking to Athos then my old gendarme turned to me and told me that the Russians like to fish too. I held up my hand and Athos knew that I did not want to know.

    Boris had something for me to think about. Russia has a very large share of the world's street boys, some gay, some not. I was asked if I would help to put together a few schools around the country to house and educate some of those boys, of course I said yes.
    Our first school would be in St. Petersburg where a large property was being put to use to house boys as quickly as they were found. I would not need to involve myself in the operations of the schools outside of providing the staff with guidelines that had helped me to help boys. I would be allowed to make unannounced visits to the school and as a world citizen I would be allowed to enter the country at my discretion, completely unfettered. I will either have to learn to speak Русско or find myself a very good translator that I can trust completely. I looked at Boris and thought of his young son, Alexei, but the boy is still in school in England and I will not think about pulling him away from there. However there is always another day, another year.
    Athos had a brunch laid out for us and a dozen youngsters ran about serving us the very best that they had to offer. The boys are marvelous cooks and the hot cream sauce that they offered up from stiff meat sticks was just what this old fag needed, and lots of it.
    Full of cum and a little vodka left from my farewell to the new friends from the far north, I sat back in the Bentley for a ride home to my boys that were still running amok in St. Tropez. I wanted to rest amongst my loved ones and I had a strong desire to see Asce enjoy the remainder of his life.

    Out of necessity my two days turned into two weeks. I had brought the family to Europe to see for themselves the places that history had occurred. I let them make a bit of history for themselves with an all day trip to Plage de Tahiti, the famous nude beach that we had almost visited on our previous trip. This time we took a bus and went down early and stayed late then the next morning I put the boys on a bus and sent them back up to Nice, even Cory.
    Tazzi wanted to be with Asce, I worried about the boy seeing his father die, but he assured me that he was ready, he knew the pain that the man was in and he wanted to ease that pain with his presence. Asce and I played it up big for the boy, he would be able to travel to places he had never seen before. Not only that, but Terry would be there as well, he would even meet more boys his own age. He decided to go, but only for a day or two, that was a start.
    I busied myself as I searched for, and found the other eleven boys that had called Asce, father. The man had never had any legal rights to those boys, but he had provided for them as best as he could, each one had gone to school and entered universities and become men of industry and business. I sat back in wonder as those boys arrived at the villa, one of them was a very faithful banker that had been very beneficial to me in the past.
    From my business associations I knew all, but the youngest two of Asce's sons, but I am sure that I will become better acquainted with them in the near future. All of them had come to say farewell to the man who had loved and nurtured them through their youth. Asce was in the final days of his life, he knew it and we could see it. I was glad that I had sent the family away so that they could remember the man in the tux as he tittered about with his sliver tray.
    I spent three days sitting with the old man in the tux and it was obvious to me how much he loved the house. Outside of the four room apartment that he had occupied for his entire life was a small garden that looked off to the east, across an unfettered view of the sea. I learned that not only was Asce born and raised in that apartment, he raised each of his twelve boys in that apartment. The fondest memories that everyone of those boys had was sitting in that garden to watch the sunrise each morning as they prayed on their knees alongside of the man that they loved.
    I own the villa now and I have the final say about anything that happens to it. I had known my answer before I asked it, Asce did not want to be buried at the villa. I had workers come to prepare him a tomb to be proud of. His sons knew where we could acquire the purest white Italian marble ever quarried. I brought Tamas Petro down to meet the old man and Asce was pleased to have the man build his final resting place for him. Not many of us have the chance to build a tomb that a Pharaoh would be proud of.
    Petro polished the purest white marble that I have ever seen so that it glistened in the first rays of the morning sun. A crypt was built that was centered at the very spot where Asce sat each morning to look out across the beautiful blue green waters, as if to catch the first glint of the sun as it arose from the sea. Space was left so that two could walk abreast around the crypt to see the ornate carvings that only a craftsman stone mason can immortalize in solid rock.
    Asce wanted the names of all of his sons immortalized on his grave, Petro's helpers carved the names of each son to the north face of the tomb. The name and dates of Asce Astor was carved at his feet to the east and testimonials from his sons were carved into the south face. As a head piece Petro himself, carved a relief of the man as he would have looked in his youth so that all could see this great, unassuming man of service and love. Overall the crypt measures six feet wide and twelve feet long.
    One thing that I did not want was for someone to be tempted to sit their coffee cup on top of the man's tomb so I had asked that it be made eight feet tall, just a fraction of the man's height in my eyes. I was quickly out voted by Asce and his son's in unison. Asce informed me that it would be the most pleasurable part of his passing to think that his son's would visit his final resting place from time to time, and that they would sit down beside him and have a cup of coffee as they looked out across the clear Mediterranean sea. How could I not agree with that?
    Petro truly showed his master craftsmanship in his work on the capstone. I had envisioned ornate ropes and swirls like brocade around the edges. Again I know nothing. Petro and Asce talked several times a day and the edges were rounded in a bull nose fashion, but deep cut reliefs of ropes and swirls decorated the entire top edge.
    Pictures were located of Asce as a boy, pictures of Asce and each of his sons in their youth were located, each of those pictures was forever etched in the stone. I have seen portraits carved into granite headstones and they amaze me, but the work that Petro did looked as if it was a true collage of photographs fresh from the photo shop. Around each picture was a brief history of the boy and how his life was lived with Asce's love. None of the boys had known love from any other before meeting the remarkable man.
    One afternoon Asce called me to come to him, he looked bad and he knew it. He told me that he would like to have little Tazzi with him one more time. Tazzi was with a group of boys touring the vineyards at Bordeaux, I had him on a helicopter an hour later and on his way home to his dad.
    I am not sure who was happier, but I felt good about Tazzi being able to sleep with the old man. Asce was in good spirits up to the very end then he went to bed one night and passed in his sleep. Tazzi slipped into my bed and pulled tight against me, "Mon père est mort ainsi nous pouvons renter à la maison maintenant." I held him and told him that I would be proud to take him home with me. He lay close and cried softly through the night, the next day we had a very simple funeral, just the family and me.
    His brothers had gone throughout the house and tried to locate everything that might belong to Tazzi. Asce had been very strict about all of his boys keeping to their apartment, but still a boy can find a place to hide his secrets. Everything was carefully packed for the boy and loaded into the Bentley. We left the other sons to see to the remains and have them interred after the body was prepared, Tazzi did not need to see that part.
    After a simple lunch each of the boys hugged their little brother and promised him their undying love, forever. As we drove away from the villa Tazzi was sitting in my lap with his head on my shoulder, but by the time we made our way down the hill and into the main part of town he was at the other door with the window down, just being a kid. He was calling out to other boys as we drove through the town and from the gestures that were returned to him I could only imagine what it was that he had said to them.
    During our eight hour drive Tazzi had hard moments, but more good fun was there for him as well. He explored every inch of the interior of the car, even climbing over the back of the front seat to check on Paddy's ability to handle the large machine. He played with the climate controls, at times freezing me half to death, other times broiling me in my own liquids.
    After an hour of that I decided that I would drain him of his liquids so that he would calm down and maybe sleep awhile. Built within the window glass of the back doors, and the rear window, is a crystal structure that, when subjected to a small electrical charge, turns the window a milky opaque. I also pushed the switches to cause the rear seat to lay out flat to form a full size bed. Tazzi looked back to see what I was doing, by that time I was naked and had a pillow under my head.
    By the time he made it over the back of the front seat he was naked and eager. He crawled up beside me as I told him that I needed fresh cream to restore my strength. He eagerly inserted his innoculator while doing his best to take what I had for him to task. I let my hands make love to the boy's back and butt as I suckled him dry of two quick loads. Tazzi has learned a lot during his life and he had my release worked out before he let loose of his first load. He curled up on top of me and played with my softened cock and fell asleep, that did not stop me from laving his rectum and perineum until sleep took me on a wonderful dream, which I can't remember now.
    Tazzi is now a member of my household, I tried to send him to BAF so that he could be near his brothers, and the home of his father, but he wanted to see America. He is some boy and I am going to enjoy him being a part of my family. He speaks plausible English and with the number of French speaking boys in my house I feel that he can make it.

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