Chapter 195


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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     Sheldon Cutter and Terry Falon have become regular visitors to the house. Terry is attending BAW and Sheldon is trying to convince his father that he should attend there. He told his father that the school has the best football team in the state and that the music program is very strong. Sheldon likes to sing and he sings songs on many a member of a member of my house as often as he can.
     Sheldon's family has a long history on our mountainside. His great great grandfather was a prospector when he was a young man in the eighteen hundreds. The man was also an avid record keeper and kept the most complete journal that I have read in many years. Many of my boys are into the study of history and the journal became a favorite source of information about life around Tucson. Of course the document is ancient so I had it professionally scanned into an electronic form. Great care was taken to preserve the original document and after scanning the original was placed in a sealed display frame containing argon gas.
    What happened with the scanned images is another story. The young prospector knew every crevice and cave on our mountainside. At least he thought that he did, we could find no reference to the large cave under the school grounds. That cave is actually a very large air pocket that was formed by the cooling of the magma umpteen many years ago and it has no openings that we have been able to find. That is good for us because there was no way for water to get into the cavern which we found to be clean and dry We did learn of several caves and natural caverns higher up the mountain, one that just touched at the edge of Andy's house.
    A search of county records showed that that cave had been discovered during construction on the hillside and that it had been dynamited and filled in. Andy was a bit chagrined, he wanted his own cave under his house. The most revealing part of the journal to me and mine was the revelation of the cave under granite house.
    A narrow fissure ran along the wash to the east of my house. From the description given in the journal that fissure is now the entrance to the wine cellar and our extra large playroom. The prospector wrote about a very large cavern, with a nearly flat floor, that covered more area than the main street of Tucson. Well, from underground it may have appeared that large, but we know that the wine cellar that is now in its place is very large.
    The prospector showed the cave to his priest in 1874 and the priest staked claim to the land in the name of the church. The prospector was upset with himself that he had never laid claim to any of the mountainside so he set out to change that.
    One hundred and sixty acres was claimed and became the home of the prospector and his family for more than one hundred years. That land sits atop a cave many times larger than the cave that would later become the wine cellar. He married and raised a family on the mountainside. He took his son, Sheldon's grandfather, into the caves around the area many times over the succeeding years.
    To the immediate west of the church and school property is an old house that had long ago been the center of a ranch and pasture for the livestock that roamed the mountainside in the early part of the twentieth century. The house had been rebuilt, remodeled, and added onto over the years until it reached its final state that it sits in now. The livestock had moved on and the land had been broken up into large multi-acre sized lots by the after war years of the mid-1940s.
    A pastor and his small congregation bought the land east of the old ranch house in the late 70s. They never developed the land and sold it in the early nineties to be developed by another congregation who later sold the church building and undeveloped land to the congregation that we purchased the property from. That is the property where BAW now sits. Encroachment by the city had taken the remainder of the land until only the house and six acres remained. I learned that Mr. Cutter was a very wealthy man that had slowly divided his family's property, one parcel at a time. Charley had purchased the land that my house sits on from the man.
    The family had continued to live in the house until the late nineties when Sheldon's grandfather died, leaving the property to his son and heirs. In the early nineties Sheldon's father had a new house built for his family in the new development across the street from the old homestead. Through the church board I had made an offer to the Cutter family to purchase the house and remaining land for use as parking for the growing congregation of the church.

    The journal continued on with the story of the large cavern. The priest became the bishop of the land and built himself a mission on the land over the cavern. He enclosed the fissure inside the fence around the property and had it widened then added wooden stairs into the depths below. The prospector was friends with the priest and spent many hours with the Indians inside the cave as they chipped away at the walls and floors to make them smooth and level. The prospector and the priest had hopes of finding gold.
    Prospector Cutter allowed the priest to grow grapes on the south rim of his land; grapes that would become the bottles of wine that we found when we opened the cave the first time. The vineyards were given over to his cattle during the prohibition days of the early twentieth century and then the cave was sealed. The old prospector died in the nineteen twenty two and the secret of the cave full of wine was forgotten.
    Sheldon's father had heard the story of the wine from his father when he was a youngster, but had put the story aside. He had shared his story with Mic when the young attorney was digging for information about the wine and its origins. But the man only new of the existence of the cellar and its rumored contents. Still that was information that Mic had used to develop the story behind the wine.
    All of this information made sense. Many of us had often wondered about the size of the wine cellar; it just did not seem feasible that a group of Indians could carve such a hole out of solid rock. It had been suggested many times that there must have been a cave down there to begin with, but no evidence had ever been found to support that. Sheldon became a hero to the family and his little attributes are well handled, often.
    I had to question about the fissure that had allowed the water to get into the cellar. Well, you know me, I have an enquiring mind. Alonso seemed a likely source of information about the rocks under my domicile so I sought him out and bought him lunch. He had access to city documents that detailed the repair work that had to be done to the roadway when water was discovered undermining the road and flooding the wine cellar.
    A small crack existed along the edge of the roadbed that slowly opened into a void beneath the surface of the area where the road was built. Water will find its way downhill without any direction from man. The rain runoff seeped into that crack and began to fill the void, then it needed a way out. It found that outlet in another crack in the solid rock and followed that crack into the cellar.
    I asked him if water had been in the cave before the cellar was dug. He told me that he did not believe so. Had there been any water in the cave then the Indians would not have dug there. He told me that there were no signs of any long term water damage in the area where he placed the tunnel that now connects granite house to the main house. He said that the only signs of water being in the cave seemed to be less than fifty years old. I asked him how he could determine that. He tapped the side of his head and smiled. I suppose that he has to know his business if he is going to be successful. I was satisfied with his answers and I could put my mind at ease.

    Sometimes I wonder if people ever stop to think. There are a lot of things in this world that one does not discuss in front of children at any time. Sean and Craig had gotten wind of our training session in the old ranch house and they wanted to know more. Craig had been involved by doing the ink work on Timmy to make him look like a tattooed street tuff. But he had leaked some of his knowledge about the training to Sean.
    I don't have a serious problem with the boys knowing about the training. It is what the training is for that concerns me. I know that my babies worry about me and they worry about their brothers, they're kids after all. I am proud of the fact that they do care enough and that they love their brothers enough to worry about their safety. Timmy is a very special person in the lives of so many of the boys and of course his husband Chrisy is the top with his mighty widget.
    Chrisy has stopped taking care of the needs of new boys to the school. He is of legal age now and he is married to a wonderful man that he will not put into jeopardy in anyway. That does not mean that when we gather for our Saturday night orgy that a new boy will get himself a ride from the master rider of all times. Chrisy is just very careful with whom he has his dalliances.
    Sean had asked Chrisy what the ink was all about and why he needed to learn to fight. Chrisy can be very diplomatic when he needs to be and he suggested that Sean may need to ask me. Chrisy told him that something had come up that could require him and Timmy to be someplace that fighting would be necessary. He knew that he had said too much and that would peak the interest of a favorite second cousin of mine.
    I took Sean and Craig out to a quiet lunch to learn what they knew and how much more they needed to know. Before we were finished with our day they both knew a lot more than I had wanted them to know and I had to swear them to secrecy on pain of torture. They did torture me as they made me pay for their silence with a full night in bed and a refresher of their old GPP status. Oh, how tough it is.
     As we sat together agents of the former French counter espionage unit known as SDECE approached me. The agency now operates openly under the new acronym, DGSE, but I learned that the former service is still hard at their mission of protecting the French people from terrorists and spies.
    The two men were less like spies than my tiny ones that I keep sheltered from the nastiness of the world around them. They were both very loquacious and loud. I finally had to suggest that they should wish to keep their mouths shut because what they were saying bordered on affairs of the national security of my country. They suddenly seemed to awaken to the fact that we were in a public place and that people around us were paying attention to their discourse about child slavery operations in Brazil.
    With all that had already been revealed I allowed Sean and Craig to remain seated as the two men tried to be more cryptic as the spoke in hushed tones about evidence that they had just discovered concerning a large fight being put together in Belém, Brazil for the middle of January.
    I wanted to know how they had developed their information and how they had come to be in Tucson and how they had located me and why they felt that a public place was where they should relay their information. A lot of whys, but I was not ready to be nice.
    Several French citizens had disappeared. All of them youngsters that enjoyed the growing popularity of the UFCs around the world. One of the boys missing had been a favorite in the popular sport of Kick Boxing and there was a national outcry for finding the fifteen year old. The trail led the two agents to a group of fight promoters south of Arizona's borders. From their description I was sure that they were talking about the same people that had held Jamie captive for so many years.
    I asked them if they were successful in locating their citizen and they reported that the boy was killed on the day that they arrived. They had posed as fans of the popular blood sport and had been directed to the site of the fight where they learned that three boys had already been bested and their failure to succeed had led them to their fate. They needed to confirm the identity of the boy so they sought out the body, it was their subject.
    SDECE has long been known as an 'act first and think later' organization and I believe that knowledge of that fact led to the French government's reorganization of the agency in 1982 into the current DGSE. However, I was quickly learning that the original group still operated in the shadows and with the same mentality that it had displayed in the past.
    The two agents sitting before me had gone to Mexico with a force of rangers. After identity of the boy was established they called in their force and killed twenty armed men and located two other French minors that were being held captive by the group.
    Of course Andy was listening to every word that was said. He had told me earlier that morning that there was some sort of para-military action taking place in our area of interest, but he had no details on the events of the previous day's action. I wondered if my excursion to the south was now necessary.
    Of course they still had not told me why they sought me out to tell their story too. That part was just more of the dumb luck that seems to surround me. They had flown to Tucson on a commercial airlines and were marking time before their return trip to France the following day. They had flown in, ostensibly, as tourists. They were taking in the sites of the Old Pueblo and had stopped at the restaurant where I had chosen to have my private lunch with two of my boys.
    I am a favorite person in France and all of their agencies are aware of me and my safety at all times. Even as careful as Andy tries to be there are still times that information gets out about his operations. Andy has been making inquiries about the fight clubs around the world and word of those inquiries had come to the attention of the SDECE. When the agents spotted me sitting down for lunch they wanted to share what they knew, not thinking about whom I was sitting with or where we were sitting. That grates on my sensibilities.

    I don't like being secretive with my boys, but there are just some things that children don't need to know about. I suppose that my children are different than most in that so many of them have been the victims of the most vile forms of abuse ever perpetrated on a youngster. The happenstance meeting with the two agents had created serious questions in the mind of two boys that mean a lot to me and I had to 'clear the air,' so to speak. I decided that it was time to explain the true reason for the multiple knightings from around the world.
    The exact nature of our mission could not be disclosed to the world populace. If such a terrorist act as the child slavery issue were publicly known panic would set in. There would be other people hell bent on mass destruction of infidels that would attempt other such acts. It was for the better good that the information never be given out. A grateful world needed a hero and the politicians of the world used Harry, Timmy, and me. The elimination of the two bombers and Seigy were played up as hundreds of children were freed from their slavery.
    The honorariums were not given to us for murdering Seigy, but for saving the world from a nuclear threat that could have crippled world commerce on the high seas for decades to come. Not withstanding was the threat that such an attack would have on the world's population centers. Under favorable conditions the fallout from such a blast could have traveled across the globe. First of all the prevailing winds would have carried the radioactive oil along the eastern seaboard of the United States then across the ocean.
    The Trade Winds could have set the stage for radioactive oil in its vaporized state to rain down on most all of Europe and on into Asia minor. It is suspected that the clouds of death would have dissipated before they would have threatened the major oil producing nations or the southern hemisphere. All speculation because the explosion never took place, but it made for good press and a reason for the world to honor its newest heros. I don't want the recognition and I tried to pass it off on Harry and Timmy. They pushed me forward and told the world that I was the leader.
    I was careful in choosing the time to disclose this information. I don't believe that the entire school's student body know everything about my history. They have one job to do and that is to get themselves and education that will prepare them for the world outside of their current lives. I chose our Friday night story time to tell all to a smaller crowd. Of course there were many of the new boys there and they all wanted to see our medals. Cory was proud to pull them from his hiding place where he had brought them, just in case. I do worry about my life for Cory's sake, the man would be devastated were something to happen to me, as I would be were he to be hurt.

    Chase has been fascinated with the world of espionage and spies in general. He has taken to reading every spy book on the market. As a boy I had become fascinated with Donald Hamilton's Matt Helm series. I also had the complete works of British author Ian Fleming and his James Bond series. The boys have found those books in my library but the set that seems to hold their interest of late is Tom Clancy's entire works.
    Our library now contains twenty two of Mr. Clancy's tomes, including his ongoing thriller series built around the central character of Jack Ryan. Chase was reading book eleven of that series entitled The Bear and the Dragon; (G.P. Putnam's Sons: 2000) when he laughed out loud. His brothers gathered about him to learn the source of his mirth; he read aloud to them.
    The part that he read to them concerned a war between the United States and Russia as allies against their common enemy, the People's Republic Army of China. The passage talked about artillery fire on a Chinese position and the view of the carnage from an overhead spy plane. Looking at the monitor screens a Captain says to his General of the burning, dismembered bodies strewn about after a direct hit on their command post, "Whoa! Stir fry." (IBID: page 903) All of the boys began to laugh and talk about the fun of such warfare.
    Harry Orr was sitting nearby with Toby as they played a serious game of chess before an interested audience. Harry stopped and turned, "That's enough!!! War is never fun and death is forever. You faggots don't know what death looks like…or smells like." I saw him begin to shake and rushed to him as the tears filled his eyes. "You don't understand that war is worse than hell. Any person that has ever seen it for himself will never be the same again."
    I had my arms around him as Toby moved to kiss his lover's face and tell him that it was just some boyish chatter. Harry was shaking very badly and I felt that it was in his best interest to get him away the family and up to his own nest, high over the rest of the house at the southeast corner where he could look down on the city below.
    Harry clung to me as if to let go would mean the end of his life. "You know what I am talking about. You have seen death. You have smelled blood on the ground. Chris, can you imagine what it is like to see ten, fifteen bodies laying about with their blood spilling out. Their bodies evacuate and the smell of the bladders and bowels add such a stench to the air that, had I not been in shock then I would have puked."
    I held him close and motioned for Toby to draw closer. "I love you Harry. I am going to find us some coffee so that you can relax." He winked at me and motioned for me to lay down by his husband and listen to the man's pain.
    Toby has never had much exposure to death. He was at the castle in August of 2007, but his main concern at that time was protecting his little brother, Kenny, and all of his new found cousins. Toby had chosen to turn his eyes from the carnage that I had wrought as he tried to avert the eyes of his young charges.
    I have often wished that my eyes had been averted to what I had done, before I did it. I realize that the victims of my crime deserved every bit of ire that I could met out on them, but we all know that it was horrific. Harry had witnessed that carnage and has never spoken of it. He has seen death under combat conditions and has never spoken of it. I held him close as I wondered what he might say now. I hoped that he would simply fall asleep and let his mind drift from those scenes.
    "Chris the last thing that many of them say is that they want their mothers to know that they died thinking of her. Some of them call out girlfriend's or wife's names, but to a man they all talk about their mothers. Some are killed instantly and never have time to say anything. That was the way that Dee got it…" I had to shut him up and get his mind on other things so I began a little love talk as I reassured him that that part of his life was finished. I will not ask Harry to accompany me to Brazil or anywhere that there may be future killings. I could see that his emotional system was not strong enough for such activities any longer.

    Toby has entered his final semester of his college trek to become a Mechanical Engineer specializing in hydrology; in particular bringing clean drinking water to drought stricken regions around the globe. He has billions of dollars at his disposal thanks to the generosity of Raven. Toby is the son of Hassan, the brother about whom little was known except his penchant for very young girls. The man had no known funds of his own, but Raven divided the estate of Ibrahim between Toby and Kenny which gives both of them a very healthy bank account balance.
    Toby wants to work unencumbered and unfettered as he seeks ways to bring clean drinking water to areas of the world where it is needed. He doesn't wish to seek grants or matching funds to subsidize his work and he has the ways to make that possible. He can sell his results at a profit after the work is done, but he will have no one looking over his shoulder with their ideas and deadlines. I praise him for his forethought.

    Ronald Harris has been a tough nut to crack. He is a mixed race street tough with a chip on his shoulder the size of Russia. The man child feels as if every white man in the world is out to see him suffer and fall. He usually sits in on our Friday night story sessions, but he does not show up for the Saturday night family orgy night. There are several boys that live in the dormitory that don't feel comfortable enough with their budding sexuality to join that party, and I have to admit that it may be too much for them.
    One Friday evening I tossed out a question that I often ask those gathered together in the wine cellar. "Does anyone have a story that they would like to tell us tonight?" Every eye quickly turned when Ronald shifted in his seat and slowly raised his hand.
    "Look man, I ain't down with this shit so give me my space, K?" I sat down next to Cory and waited for him to gather whatever he needed to be able to speak to the large group of boys.
     "First up I ain't Ronald, K? I'm Nando. My ma had nine kids and I was the fifth. My older brothers are…well, I guess you guys would call them gangstas. They sell dope to kids on the street. They all got started when some punk got them to sell then they liked it, I don't. I don't do no drugs, K? I seen what that shit can do and I ain't down for it.
    "I gots two older sisters that are into that shit and it eat their fucking brains out. They get so strung out that they can't even take care of the babies that they don't remember who the daddy is. My ma got twelve kids to feed and clean cause them hos is always poppin out another one.
    "My two brothers ain't to come round our house or ma will kill them then call the police to put their sorry asses in jail. I couldn't take all the shit at the house so I started drinking. Not booze, just beer. Beer is easy to get and I could get buzzed and not care about no shit going on round me and all, but when I turned fourteen my ma caught me and she beat me so I ran off.
    "I guess it was wrong and I wanta go home, but I don't like what goes on there. My little brother was shot by a dealer that wanted to stop my brothers from dealing in his territory and my house is full of shit now. They would never let me back cause of what I is."
    He closed his eyes as if to gather more strength and his body shuddered before he began again. "I ain't down with no crackers, K? I thought all you hated blacks and wanted to kill us off or sumpin. I been living at the dorm for three weeks and I been thinking that I may have it wrong. You guys treat me like one of you and I ain't never been nice to none of you.
    "I beat some of you crackers up when we's on the street and yet you just talk nice to me and act like it weren't no big thing or nothing. Somebody beat me up and I am gonna get the sucker, somehow. I…forget it, I am here now and I like to be here and I got to tell you why and then we'll see if you still like me, K?
    "My dad is Mexican. He thinks he is hot shit with his drugs that he brings over from Mexico. He always goes on how he buys from the Hondurans and the Columbians and how he is all big shit with them and all. He is gonna get his ass killed and I am not gonna care at all.
    "My ma is black. She was a young girl that wanted a hit and my old man fucked her for it. He strung her out and she kept on poppin kids and he kept giving her drugs. I seen that shit and I don't like it, but she is my ma and there is nothing I can do but call the cops and I won't do that.
    "I hit the street after a big assed fight with my ma and my sisters got going at me and I tucked tail and ran away. I could go to my brothers for a stash and sell for money to eat on, but I hate that shit and I hate them for doing it to little kids. They get to going on bout how some little kid'll crawl on his knees and suck their dicks to get a fix of some shit and I want to cut their fucking balls off. There ain't no love in my family, none at all, of any kind.
    "Mr. Chris, I ain't never seen no love afore I seen you. You is all bout love. You see a kid in trouble and you have to help him. I know Pam and Janice and Toni and I knows what you done for them and all. You ain't just out to get kids in your bed, you out to get kids a bed and a place where they is safe.
    "I always thought that I hated queers. I had a man do me when I was twelve and I shot him in the ass the next day. I got on the street and I got hungry sometimes so I found some rich queer to blow me then I took his watch and cash. Even some guys that I stole from came up to me and asked me to let them do me again and they gave me a hundred dollars." He stroked the largest dick in the house, one that would rival Kyle's mighty meat pole.
    "I seen these guys here all suck and even fuck each other and I thought…" He shuddered again and let his arms fall to his side. "That's not true. I almost said that I thought that it was sick, but I get turned on. I want a boyfriend. I ain't never done that shit, but I think about it sometimes. I don't like girls like that, you know? I seen my sister's nasty cunts and seen what they do with guys and that shit is sick.
    "I liked to watch the guy's balls and see their big cocks when they came out all dripping and…I think that I have always been queer myself and didn't want to know about it.
    "But anyway I think that you are just the best guy in the world and I am going to make something of myself. And that is all because that you believed in me. When you sat down with me you told me that nobody could make me nothing but what I wanted to be myself and all. You said that I was the only me in the whole world and it was up to me to show the world what I can do. You said that I could be the best bum, the best gangsta, or the best Ronald Harris, but I had to do it.
    "I guess that you guys can call me Ronald because I am going to start on being a new man. Don't call me Ronnie or Ron or any other name. I want to be Ronald and be somebody." With that kind of a start I know that the sixteen year old tough guy can make it and I am going to be there to help him along the way as he needs me.
    I kept watch through the evening and I was very pleased to see Ronald and Raul tight with one another most of the time. There didn't seem to be any sexual interaction going on, but they were very close together and they laughed at the other's jokes. Raul has been a leader in a society that does not seek or need leaders. We have enough Indian chiefs in our midst. I want the boys in the dorm to simply be boys and learn to lean on each other a little bit. Sure, I am hoping to build leaders for the future, but if a person is always leading they may miss what is going on behind them. It is best to sort of fall back and follow once in awhile as well.
     Before the evening was finished Cory pointed out something that made both of us feel very good. Raul had involved Tilo in his conversations with Ronald and the two boys were very affectionate. Cory snuggled up against me when Ronald reached out and wrapped his hand around Tilo's firmer part and the two boys embraced in a short kiss. It was no record breaking kiss mind you, but it was a start. I caught Raul's eye as he sat back with a look of satisfaction on his face. He smiled at me and I smiled in return. He had been a match maker, only time will tell if the match makes.
    When the boys began to move back to the tunnel for their walk back to their beds Raul slid up alongside Dustin and placed his hand on a tight ass. From my vantage point it appeared that Raul's finger did a little digging and from the skip in Dustin's gait I am pretty sure that he had his ass full of Hispanic finger.

     The way that Dustin Brown came to BAW is a story in itself. Quite often I take advantage of one of the bright sunny days that only occur in Tucson about three hundred and sixty times a year. The are may have as many as five or six cloudy days over the course of the year and those days are very depressing to me. I get cabin fever when I can't get out and walk through nature's wonderland that is the desert southwest. I had started my day like most others with a brisk eight mile run around the neighborhood as the dawn of the day first brightened the skies.
    A one hour workout on the weights and exercise equipment had loosened my muscles then a hot, steamy shower with Cory had taken all of my tensions from my body. After breakfast I had taken my younger boys to their school then I decided to go for a long hike.
    I keep a sturdy pair of high-top hiking boots and two or three pairs of heavy socks in the storage area of all of my vehicles, one never knows when a good hiking spot will reveal itself. I sat on the door frame of the Escalade totally naked as I pulled on the socks and tied the boots tight; the terrain is not level or stable and I don't want an ankle injury to strand me in the middle of nowhere. I wear a pair of jogging shorts on my head to keep the sun from cooking my brain, and as insurance should I come across some other person during my walk. Not everyone can deal with my nudity, especially in a semi-public area.
    The transmitter for my sound bud and throat microphone can be worn over the ear and looks similar to a Bluetooth device. With nothing else on my body I set out to explore a new area of virgin desert. Okay, so it's not that virgin, the power company had seen fit to cross the area with their gigantic metal towers strung with high voltage electric lines high overhead. That is the main reason that I had chosen that particular area for my walk that morning; I wanted to see what sort of wildlife still lived under the high tension lines.
    My main fear about hiking in the desert is rattlesnakes. I don't fear the creatures, but I do want to give them a wide berth. The heavy leather of the hiking boots should protect my ankles, but my legs are fair game to the toothy denizen of the desert. I always try to watch where I am walking so that I don't come up on a coiled critter suddenly and I try to be especially alert for their tell tale rattling sound.
    As I climbed up from an arroyo that I had been following for over a half a mile it wasn't a snake that I saw before me with creamy venom shooting from it's enraged head. I quietly moved up alongside of a bright red Ford Mustang convertible with a totally nude boy stretched out on top of it. His shoulders were resting on the back seat and the folded down top. His head was on the metal rails that support the top when it is in its upright position. His feet were stretched out and resting under the windshield on the dashboard of his car.
    What I liked most was in his hand and on his hand. He had a firm grip on a giant member of a solid eight inch cut cock. The thickness of that meat pole promised to be an ass stretcher and a mouth pleaser. I know, I was wrong to walk up on somebody in their private time like that, but that is what I am all about, a cock ferret. I had ferreted out a sweet looking cock that had just erupted a healthy load of cock snot onto a firm belly of a seriously skinny kid that was still trying to get oxygen back into his heaving lungs.
    His eyes jerked open and he showed fright. I simply reached out and scooped a large dollop of his creamy delight onto my finger and took it directly to my mouth. "Mmm mmm good to the last drop." He looked at me as if I was the pervert that he knew me to be and turned to rise. "I couldn't resist. You look so delicious laying there that I had to taste you."
    As he moved his feet to sit up he kicked a magazine off of the dashboard. It fell to the front seat and flew open to a centerfold of a hard bodied model with his own member in hand. That magazine told me what I wanted to know about my new friend. I had established the fact that he was at least gay curious, next I needed to know his story.
    We started out on a first name basis. I told him that I was gay and I liked what I saw. I told him that I probably should not have touched him as I had, but I told him that fresh hot cum is a favorite of mine and I could not resist getting a taste of what he had just whipped up. He grinned at me as he slowly begin to calm down and take in my body. He looked at my headgear and frowned.
    I pulled the nylon shorts off of my head and told him that I didn't want to walk about the desert totally nude in case I should meet another along the way. That brought about a small giggle deep in his throat. We were doing an appraisal of the other's body. We were both dressed alike, high-top black boots, heavy socks, hard cocks, cut bodies, and searching eyes. Dustin did wear a thin shell necklace where I wore my cell-phone.
    The back seat of Dustin's car was filled with cast off clothing. He had two heavy wool blankets laid over the frame work of the soft top which had offered him some padding from the mechanism as he lay back in a pose that will forever be indelibly inscribed on my memory. The front floor board was littered with sacks and sandwich wrappers from several fast food restaurants, as well as several drink cups and soft drink cans. I knew volumes about the boy, I only wanted to know why he was living in his car.
    He could not get along with his mother. She seemed to have more boyfriends than there were seats at the university football stadium to seat, and most of them were not nice to him. His boyfriend lived next door to him and the two boys had been sexually involved for five years. Dustin had more or less, moved in with his neighbors when he turned fourteen and their sex life was their only bond. The boyfriend was two years older than Dustin and on his nineteenth birthday he joined the Navy and went off to serve his country.
    The boyfriend's mother decided to move out of the large house that had become an encumbrance to her. She told Dustin that she was moving back to the mid-west to be near to her aging family. Dustin was devastated. His mother had grown cold and distant over the years and he could not conceive of living in her house again so he decided to make a go of it on his own.
    His only regret was that school was about to start and he had no place to live. He was supposed to be entering the twelfth grade at Southside High School and had hoped to graduate with high enough grades to get a scholarship to attend college. I asked him what he wanted to study in college and he told me that he was most interested in law. I asked him how he hoped to achieve a law degree without large amounts of money for the years of study that it would require. He told me that he liked to work and that he would take any job available to achieve his goal.
    That sounded good, but I had to know why he was not working at the present time. He was. He flipped burgers on the night shift at the Burger Barn near his high school. He had all of the answers that piqued my interest and his body had parts of mine peaked as well. That was a fact that did not go unnoticed by a very desirable boy that was standing tall in his own center as his breathing seemed to become more difficult.
    I spread his two blankets on a clear spot on the ground and took hold of his hand. He followed me down and lay back in anticipation of what may occur. I knew what I wanted and I had not had a firm body on a blanket on the ground in the middle of nowhere in some time. I started at a very pronounced Adam's apple as I made my intentions known. I can nearly always tell how much experience a boy has had by the way he talks to me; not so much what he says, but how he says it. I knew that Dustin had never made love.
    We all know what an erogenous zone our necks can be when someone that knows what they is doing tends to the animalistic needs within all of us. Dustin's arms flew around me as I worked his neck and ear lobes for full effect. I avoided his face, I wasn't sure if he was ready to be kissed at that point. I worked my way across his collar bone and on to his chest. His nipples were standing tall and they were extra sensitive as I let the tip of my lounge tantalize each little nip very lightly.
    I treated the boy with tenderness as I lightly moved across his body with the finest of touches and kisses. My plan was to get him more aroused than he had ever been in his entire life. Dustin's belly is firm, if not skinny. His ribs become very pronounced when he lays flat on his back; which makes the job of giving him a thorough licking all the more exciting to me.
    I was surprised to notice a slight soapy taste on his skin. I had thought that his homelessness would tend to deny him basic hygiene facilities. I made mention of his soapy cleanness as I laved his hairy armpit and was informed that he stops after his graveyard shit as a cook to take a shower at one of the city parks that has facilities open early in the morning.
    Some of the city parks have complete workout facilities with weight rooms and exercise equipment in them. They have a large indoor jogging track that runs around the area where there are handball courts and basketball courts. Outside there are tennis courts for those that want an early morning workout. Of course all of that necessitates the need for the shower rooms as well as the steam rooms to be up and ready. For fifty cents a hot shower is available to anyone that wants to make use of them, no towels or soap provided. I was becoming more appreciative of the boy under my tongue as I removed most traces of soap from his body as I searched for the essence that was him.
    Considering where we were, and the possibility of our having to arise and move fast, I did not remove his boots. I wanted to torture my victim with a full oral foot massage, but if I was reading the signs correctly there would be another time for the complete treatment. I struggled on with the fact that I had to bypass those tantalizing digits and consumed his hairy legs with all of the passion that was building in my body.
    I slipped between his firm thighs and let my face go where no man had gone before. I had guessed that no one had ever made love to the boy and of course my definition of love includes a total licking of all body orifices. Dustin became a live wire was he wiggled around on the end of my tongue, and that was before I ever made contact with his most private of parts.
    His perineum was almost virginal. His longtime boyfriend only stroked that erogenous area with the head of his dick as he served his own needs with the younger boy's body. I learned that Dustin was taught to give it up at the age of thirteen and he learned that he could please his older friend by letting him enter him as often as he wished. Dustin told me that they sucked each other sometimes, but the boyfriend wanted his ass and he took it several times each day. I wonder what the boyfriend is getting in the Navy.
    I had to know. Dustin's ass sphincter was not very much enlarged. I had figured that from his telling of his sex life that he would be very much larger with multiple anal entries daily for four years. He told me that his boyfriend had a much smaller dick than his own, that was the main reason that had been given for him not to have ever done the deed. I knew right then that we would not leave that place until Dustin had worn a fleshy saddle on his stout pony.
    Dustin told me that his initial fascination with his boyfriend had been the large phallus that he possessed. His boyfriend was fourteen years old and he had four and half inches of cut cock that hypnotized the youngster. Dustin's own member surpassed that size by the time he was thirteen years old and the anal sex began.
    The boyfriend was sure that it was his daily sucking activities that had helped Dustin to grow and he knew a way to make him grow even larger, he would push at Dustin's dick from the inside. Somehow that logic did not work both ways. The boyfriend assured his young victim that he was too old for that to work on him, but he was willing to do whatever it would take to make things different for the boy. Just when I think that I have heard every story that is possible for someone to take sexual advantage of another I hear a new one.
    As the two boys continued their sex play Dustin continued to grow. Not only in his attributes but in his entire body. By fifteen Dustin was five foot eleven, compared to his boyfriend's five foot seven. Dustin weighed less than his friend, but half of his weight was carried in an enlarged pouch in his underwear. On his fifteenth birthday the two boys measured up to one another. The boyfriend had a whopper in the size of five and a half inches that was five and a quarter inches around.
    Dustin had attained a full six and a half inch cock that stretched the tape measure out to five and a half inches around. That was more than the boyfriend could get his mouth around. However, in the promise to help the smaller boy continue to grow it was agreed that the ass play should continue as often as possible. The boyfriend was a seventeen year old high school senior and he was a hero at his school for taking care of the youngster that had no home life or anyone to see to his needs. That part of the story was played up and all of the students and teachers took pity on poor little Dustin.
    I didn't know the boy so I had no way of knowing how that had affected his psyche. I feared low self esteem as being a major issue with him. I was giving him self steam as I raised his body temperature to a height that he had never known before. I inserted my oral thermometer into his rectum and tried to cool him off, but only succeeded in making him hotter still.
    I inserted my left center digit deep into his anal opening as I roiled his large testes around in my mouth. From the sounds that were emitting from his mouth I was sure that the pressure was building up in those firm orbs so I added a finger to his rectum and took a slide down his eight inch cock. He had grown to his current five and three quarter inches of girth by the time he had reached sixteen, and it was a fine size to grow to. I only had to pump twice before the pressure build up was released deep into my mouth at a velocity that would have propelled it to sub-orbital altitude had I not been in position to avoid his polluting the ground with his seed.
    Without fanfare of delay I moved into his anus and let the largest invader of his life change his life forever. He welcomed my entry by raising his back off of the ground and moving into me for our first kiss. I later learned that it was the first time that he had ever been kissed with the exception of his grandmother kissing him on the cheek when he was a small boy.
    I enveloped him in my arms as I took him on a ride through the universe that will forever shape who and what he will become. He returned to me thrust for thrust and kiss for kiss as he became more involved in our love making. His head rolled back and his tongue hung out as the drool rolled from his mouth. His eyes turned to white as the eyeballs turned to look inside at a world that he had never known to exist. His hands continued to grip at my back and his nails dug into my flesh as he found stimuli that had never caressed his soul before.
    I felt his cock stiffen up and knew that his time was about to cum, I kept at my assault. I knew that he had two good orgasms in him before I should end our session. I learned that he had three. His third orgasm was deep and left his body fully depleted. I felt him give everything inside himself as he experienced an orgasm that will forever be etched into his memory. His third orgasm actually came right on the heals of his second and at the very instant that I let go of my own body's tension deep inside of his rectal cavity.
    I slowly withdrew and rolled off of his body to lay beside him. After a few minutes he turned his head and looked at me. "I feel better than I have ever felt in my life. I was afraid of that big thing going up in me, but I wanted it with all of my heart. I am so glad that we did it. I am so very glad…" He fell asleep.
    We lay on two blankets stretched out on the ground in the middle of the desert at ten o'clock in the morning on a warm early September day. I had enjoyed myself completely, but I wasn't through giving joy to the boy laying beside me. I would make myself available to him before we ceased our get acquainted session. I had no idea what he wanted to do, I only wanted him to know that he was a man, not an object. At that point I had him the way that his boyfriend had used him and I was not about to end it there. His self worth was at stake and I wanted him to know that he is a valuable person in this old world.

     I took a very happy Dustin to the administration office to get his records in order for placement in the school. Dustin stands six feet tall and has all of the attributes of man. His boyfriend's use and abuse of his body had damaged the boy's psyche to the point that he thought that he would never be a man. Our romp on a blanket spread out on the desert floor changed his mind forever. I won't go into that part of our time together other than to say that Dustin can give very well.
    Tyler has assumed the position as the school's admissions director as well as most of the administrative duties in the day to day operations. Cas has joined the staff as the official sport's medical adviser and assistant to our two favorite coaches that work to keep our boys strong and healthy.
    I suggested to Cas that he may wish to go on with his studies and become a doctor. He grinned at me and told me that he wanted to take a year's sabbatical and get paid to perv on the firm young teenage bodies in his hands. He said that he doesn't get to manipulate the boys in the house the way that he gets to work the young bodies that lay on his table with all of their glory at his mercy. Of course Cas knows that he cannot have sex with any of the students in his charge and he is true to his goals as a teacher in that respect.

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