Chapter 41


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    I herded the entire bunch out to the two limos by eight o'clock Monday morning. The stretch HumVee was awaiting them. JB and Tony took the prime seat at the back, on the driver's side. The rest of the boys climbed in with their significant other. I led Jay, Brad, and Pete to another limo. I climbed into the Hummer and kissed each boy, deeply and told them I would see them in a few days then I slid in next to Pete in the other limo as our driver shut the door and pulled away. The two limos traveled together until they got to Albany then our car turned off toward the downtown area.
    Jay then Brad got out of the limo first. I followed Brad as they moved toward the store. I heard my name called out. I barely had time to plant my feet on the ground as Luke rushed to the door and threw his arms around me. He kissed me, deeply. Quickly he looked around to make sure that there were no customers in the store and that none of the neighbors had seen his impulsive act.
    Jerry called their relief cashier and asked her if she could come in to work for the rest of the day, he had some business to attend to. Luke called out to the old man that was teaching him how to be a butcher. The man stepped out of the walk in refrigerator. Luke asked him to take over then he had Jerry call the boy that made deliveries for them to come in and help bag groceries and they took the rest of the day off.
    Luke led us next door to the house that he had grown up in. It, along with the store had been left to him when both of his parents had been shot and killed in the cross fire between a bad guy and police officers during a botched robbery two years before. Jerry had lost his little sister in that hail of bullets and it was determined that she had been shot by a policeman's bullet.
    Jerry had an opportunity to get to know me as the six of us sat around a quiet lunch of vegetarian cold cuts and homemade tomato soup. I was non-stop with my questions. Everyone knew that I was headed somewhere, but they couldn't get a hold on it. I am a master at drawing people out and making them tell all about themselves.
    I told them of my talks with JB and had listened to the man's praises of the leadership ability of these two young men. I told them that I had been most impressed by Luke's business, moxie. Luke had a good head on his shoulders and he had some great ideas that would help the school to be even better than it was. I asked the two men if they would accept positions as members of the board of directors for BAG boys with full voting power and stock options. The two were stunned.
    I assured them that they would need make no lifestyle changes. Board meetings could be held in Albany since two of the officers of the corporation lived in town. I had to fly in for meetings and could only fly into Albany and then had to drive up to the school. It would be no problem for JB to drive down for meetings. The two looked even more dejected.
    I had not dug far enough. The young men had no desire to move back to the school and its day to day operation. They were excited about being a part of the school because they believed in it with all of their hearts, but they had a problem which no one had foreseen. Jerry had asthma and the cold, wet climate was not good for him. His parents had thought that he would outgrow it, but the older he got the worse his condition became. His doctor had told him that he needed to go where it was warm and dry.
    Jerry was sitting next to me. I looked at the youngster for a moment then grabbed him up and pulled him into my lap. I squeezed the stuffings out of his thin body then looked him in the eye. "You need to live in Southern Arizona, it is perfect for asthmatics. I know lots of people who have moved there for the same reason and they get along perfectly. We have a place where you can live and you are welcome, if you so desire."
    "I have the store," Luke said. "I have thought about selling it, but it has been in my family…"
    "How would you feel about hiring someone to run it and you just be an absentee owner?" Luke's eyes lit up. The group got their heads together and plans were made. I made several phone calls, I had the boys' phone and mine to my ears on several calls. I was dealing and the rest of the group sat back and watched the master at work.
    "Alright," I said putting the phone down, "Now we wait. Can we sleep here or do I need to get a hotel?" It was an insult to Luke and Jerry for me to even consider not staying with them. We were all shown to bedrooms and then Luke began negotiations for bed partners. Jerry was surprised, but then he looked at Jay and remembered a long ago afternoon. It was decided that the only way to decide was democratically. Six slips of paper with each of our names was placed in the middle of the table and each drew a name. Well that didn't work, we each had a different name, no couples were chosen. I said that I was sure that our business would take at least two days so we could pair off with one tonight and the other the next night.
    It came down to Jerry and me, Luke and Jay, Brad and Pete for the first night. The next night was me and Brad, Luke and Pete, Jerry and Jay. Each hoped for a third night so it was decided that they would go ahead and get their assignments now. I had it figured, for the third night it would be me and Luke, Jay and Pete, Jerry and Brad. Everybody got to spend one night with someone else and everybody got to do everybody, I thought.
    Jay was pouting. I looked at the boy for a minute as I thought about it. Ohmigosh! I blew it. There are six of us. Each of us was with our partners which left four other's to do. Jay was paired up with Luke then Jerry and then Pete. He had not been paired off one night with me. Nor had Brad gotten to pair off with Luke and he was the one who had broken Luke's cherry. Both boys had secretly wanted a full night of just the two of them so they could see how inventive they could be together. That left Pete and Jerry to get up each other's ass. We had to stretch our visit, it was Monday… So we wouldn't be back at the school until Friday. Problems, problems. I would deal with it since I had four frisky boys just begging for a night with my perfect body. I would show them a thing or two. I got hit with a couch cushion.
    Luke called for his other relief help and covered the store for two more days. He and Jerry closed all of the shades and locked the doors as a ninety six hour orgy of partner swapping began. Nobody was left out, everyone had their secret fantasy. Each person typed his fantasy on a piece of paper and then the papers were shuffled, nobody knew who wrote what. At final tally there were sixteen fantasies. Luke produced a cup, six white marbles, and six black marbles. Each fantasy was read, the cup was held high overhead. Each person was allowed to vote to do the fantasy or not by the color of the marble he secretly dropped in the cup.
    There were nothing, but white marbles with each vote. Six super hard cocks and drooling mouths stared at each other as the orgy began. One of the fantasies that had everyone excited was that the furniture be moved around and mattresses laid down so that everyone stayed together and could watch as their lover got his from someone else. That especially appealed to Luke and Jerry as they had been locked away for so long.

    Tuesday afternoon, cocks hanging limp from so much banging, the group sat down to replenish their energy with food and drink. The doorbell rang,. Luke peeked out, not really wanting to be disturbed. On his porch were the Johnson boys, Ray and Ricky. Tim O'Conner was with them. He opened the door and held the screen as Tim walked inside on his new prosthetic legs from the VA hospital.
    The boys were overjoyed to see their friends, but in total awe as they watched Tim walk about as normal as ever. Tim, of course, praised Ray and Seth for their therapy and constant badgering to get up off of his ass and work. Jay inquired of his Grandfather and was told that he was well. I asked and found out that Seth was Jay's paternal grandfather. Ricky was sure that the old man would be upset that he had missed seeing his only heir. Jay told him that they would be in town for another day or two and would try to get by to see all of them at their home.
    Ray was very excited and wanted to tell his friends what had happened to them. He explained that his and Ricky's father was an up and coming attorney with the DA's office. He was investigating some shady dealings when he suddenly disappeared. Destitute, the boys and their mother had moved out of their house after they had been abandoned by their dad. A few weeks later their mother disappeared. Both parents were found murdered. The company that their dad had been investigating was implicated in the boy's parent's murder. The CEO had ordered the hit and two other officers of the company had been found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.
    The boys' attorneys had also filed a wrongful death suit against the CEO and the company. The company was insolvent and had filed for bankruptcy. However, some dumb clerk in some little office had accidently transferred six million dollars from an off shore account back into the company's stateside bank. That transaction not only put cash at hand for the courts to seize against debts, it left a trail. A half a billion dollars was located and seized.
    The boys won a fifteen million dollar award. The company was deemed thirty percent responsible and had to turn over five million dollars, cash, at once. The CEO had all of his assets seized. Twenty million dollars in cash was recovered from his house safe and another ten million in cash and bearer bonds was in a safe deposit box in his mother's maiden name. The boys had fifteen million dollars in cash. Five boys turned and looked at me as I simply smiled back at them.
    The boys explained what I could do with money and the Johnson boys wanted me to help them. Tim had his VA insurance and wanted to know if he could get a little of the action. I was more than happy to help a veteran of our country. I took the phone numbers of the boys' attorneys and set my system in motion. I told them that they would have to spend a lot of time under me as I worked for their future. That brought a lot of smiles.

    After the three guests left the six of us returned to fucking away the rest of Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I reminded everyone that I needed to see the Johnson boys. Brad and Jay wanted to go by their homes and see their families for a while. Luke should go to the store and see to his duties. Jerry loaned us his four door sedan. I let Jay drive us to the Johnson house where Pete and I would spend the day.
    Brad and Jay went in with us to say hi. Tim was walking through the house stark naked. I know that we embarrassed the boy as we all stopped and stared at him. He turned forty shades of red and his face twisted up. I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him. "Don't mind me. I'm just a cock sucking old fag boy and I love your body." He giggled as he calmed down a little bit. "I'm sorry for our reaction. As for myself I was so impressed as I watched you walking. I have seen others with prosthetic limbs, but never without their clothes. You, sir, are an absolute hottie. I would love to suck the hell out of your cock and maybe let you have a go at my ass, at your pleasure."
    Tim looked at me, "They told you that I'm queer, huh?"
    "No. Oh no, I'm sorry, no one told me. I was just making my sick mind known. If you are in fact gay, or queer, then you are in great company. I don't care if you are or not, you're just plain fucking hot, with legs or without. I would love to orally assault your body."
    Ray stood looking at us with a smile on his face, "What have I been telling you, you big lunk. You're fucking hot. Guys and girls, all over the world would like to get hold of your sexy body."
    "Spoken like a true boyfriend," Brad chimed in. Brad and Jay knew that Ray and Tim were a couple, but Tim did not know about them. I suppose he had some questions after walking in on all six of us sitting around naked two days earlier.
    "Tim, you do know that Brad and I are together, don't you?" Jay looked at him. Tim had a blank look on his face as he shook his head no. "What's up Ray? Trying to keep the hot boys to yourself." Ray had never thought it his place to discuss the sexual desires of others. He had never even told anyone that he and Tim were together. Brad and Jay just figured they were since they knew that Ray sucked a mean cock.
    An old man walked into the room and Jay ran to him. The two buried their tongues in each other until they could taste toe jam. Finally coming up for air Jay introduced his grandfather, Seth, to Pete and me. Jay winked at the old man. "Chris has a nine inch, extra thick cock that I bet will choke you."
    Ricky had come into the room during this exchange, "Let me see." He ran to me and begin to open my pants. I let him do it because I wanted to get naked and do Tim. It was not because of his legs, it was his nice long and thick uncut cock that was hanging around wanting attention. The young teen took all of me deep into his throat and I felt his hand go to my ass. I knew that I was about to be fisted by this kid. I wasn't ready for that right then.
    Jay moved away from the man he was calling grandfather and I had to stop. "Seth, Seth Adams, is that you?"
    The old man smiled at me, "I wondered if you remembered me, boy. You have grown up to be a pretty amazing looking man. How many years has it been anyway." Charley had thrown me at Seth one night after one of his parties was dying down. At the time I was sixteen but, as you know, I have always been blessed with youthful looks. Seth was taken by me and began to kiss on my body. He picked me up and held me in both hands as he sucked my cock. I lay in his arms like a small child, one hand under my ass, one under my shoulders.
    If it hadn't been for the sindenafil being passed around like candy I would never have been able to keep it up. I was one walking, talking hard cock at Charley's parties. Seth had what he wanted, he found a bed off in a quiet corner and laid me out. I had my first ride on a monster cock that night. The man had an eleven inch cock that was more than six inches around. He stretched me a new ass hole and made me ask if we could do it again. I began to drool as I remembered that night.
    I looked around the room at the three boys that lived with him. Shit, they would laugh at my puny cock, but I still wanted theirs. What can I say? I'm a cock hound. Jay reminded Brad that they were expected at his dad's place for lunch and René had something very important for them. They kissed everybody and promised us that they would pick us up around eight or nine. I looked at Seth's cock and wondered if I would still be walking at that time.
    Seth is a boy lover. He got one look at Pete and he wanted a piece of him. He let me get it on with Ricky then the two of them moved off to do their own thing. Pete had Ray impaled on his randy tool as I took my time to really love the young vet. I saluted him with my hardon as he returned the salute with his own. The boy is a cum machine and he filled my cum quota very well, thank you. He did want me to ride him, he was sure that I had the cock to do his favorite fantasy.
    He unbuckled his legs and I scooted up to him. He slid his fine young meat home then bent over and began to suck me. He was lost in his fantasy as he sucked and fucked me to oblivion. I needed a cock in my mouth to make this complete. Ray provided the answer as he knelt over me and fed me his cock and Pete fed his ass. Pete was lusty for some reason as he rabbit fucked the young man. Ray was getting along fine with Pete's actions as he gave up three nice sized loads of cum before he fell away in exhaustion.
    Pete pulled Ray on top of himself and began to clean his cum from the majorly fucked ass in his face. Ray managed to suckle Pete as he drifted off to sleep. Jay kissed me, I started as I jumped up, it was almost dark outside. I had passed out somewhere during the afternoon. I made my apologies and was told that with the kind of sex we had there was nothing to apologize for.

    I had really enjoyed our visit with the boys and looked forward to seeing them again in the future. Jay drove us back to Luke's house where Jerry had another of his fantastic dinners awaiting us. This time mushroom and eggplant layered with a cream sauce made of sunflower seeds, no dairy in any of it. I could really enjoy eating like this. I would enjoy being a vegeterian, but I can't cook this kind of food. My meals run more to raw vegies, which isn't that bad as there are many advantages to the raw plant life. Higher fiber, more active enzymes, higher vitamin content, etc. I was going to make this boy the family cook if he did move to Arizona.
    We got our pairings for the night and headed to bed. I was kind of fucked out after my afternoon with Tim and Ray. Brad was okay with that as he was in a quiet mood and wanted to sixty nine, long and slow. I let him feed me several loads and I know that he worked a few out of me, but no hard action was involved. I was asleep at one point when I started to cum. I awakened just in time to get a return load from Brad. Who needs cum fountains around the house when there are eager, oversexed boys full of cum just waiting for a hot pie hole to shoot it in?
    We wrapped up our business for a few days and decided that we needed to check on the rest of the tribe and see if the Garcia cabin was still standing. I promised Jerry and Luke that I would be back the following week to finalize everything. I told them that if possible I would like to see Ray and Tim again. They giggled and said that they would arrange it. The fact that Ray and Tim were a couple was news to them and they wanted to have some time with the two former class mates.

    The four of us were taken by limo on up to BAG Boys on Friday. Brad and Jay were ready to go back to the lake. I needed to check on my brood. We arrived at the lake only to be inundated by the tribe of foundlings the moment I stepped from the limo. Of main interest to the abandoned crew was how good I was on skis. I was tied to a rope and thrown into the water with nothing, but a pair of boards strapped on my feet then dragged at high speed, behind a boat, from one end of the lake to the other. The boys were disappointed to learn that this old desert rat knew how to survive in water and I had a lot of fun doing it. One of the landowners had a ski ramp sitting on the shore. Brad convinced them to drag the ramp to deep water. I showed that I was a good show dog and did tricks for them.
    Water logged, I needed to go back to Albany. I had made a promise. I had a lot of work to do, but I knew that I would have to take someone with me. Without question Pete would go, but I wasn't sure who else should go. I listened to the boys all week end and said nothing. I wanted to kind of feel them out and see what was on their little minds.
    I came upon Jim and Christopher sitting by themselves. I stood where I could listen for a bit then walked over and sat beside them. "What is on your minds, boys?" Both of them curled up to me. They both felt that they were so small that they didn't fit in with the others. I was shocked when I heard this. I asked how long they had felt this way. It was only the last few days with the boat and all. Neither boy was a strong swimmer and were afraid to go near the skis. I asked them if they had asked the other guys to help them learn to swim. They had, but they would get started and it was time for their teachers to go ski.
    I looked at both boys. "All right. I want the truth. You both swim like fish in the pool at home."
    "Yeah, but you can see the bottom." There it was. One thing that I really believe in is overcoming fears early on. If not overcome at this age then other phobias would surface and cripple the two lads for life.
    "If you could swim like fish would you feel better?"
    "We can swim…"
    "You swim on top of the water. If you could swim like fish, underwater, would you feel better?"
    "You mean like scuba dive or something?"
    "Exactly something like." Both boys got very excited. "I have an idea. I have to go to Albany for a few days. If you would like I could take the two of you and get you fitted with the proper gear so when we get back you can go down to the lake and swim with the fish." I was mauled and manhandled. All of the kings horses and all of the kings men tried to put me together again.
    As I walked away from the two happy kids I spotted Cory and Cullen together on the grass. I walked over and sat down. Instantly Cory was all over me, the boy had been crying. I looked at Cullen who just smiled at me. Cory was kissing me and trying to squeeze closer and closer. I asked him what was wrong, but he wouldn't say anything. Finally Cullen said, "He misses you. All of the time in New York and we only got to sit in the hot tub with you for a few minutes. You haven't slept with him since we were in California and he misses you. He does love you, you know."
    I was shocked, I love Cory with all of my heart. If I had to pick favorites Cory would be at the top of the list with Pete. I pulled Cory into me and gave the boy the most passionate kiss I could conjure. I buried my tongue in the boy's mouth as I ground my cock into my son's groin. Cory was so hot that he was about to pop then I slid my cock into his eager ass hole. Right out in the middle of the yard, on the grass, in broad daylight, with everybody else milling close by, I fucked Cory the way the boy loved to be fucked.
    Cory locked his small body onto mine and rode his favorite pony ride, long and hard. I varied my speed and strokes as I stretched our union to the maximum amount of time. Cory took all that he could get. He was not willing that our connecting should ever end. Cullen and Pete both lay down on either side of us and added to our enjoyment as they ran their hands over our bodies. Cory reached out for Cullen's cock and I took Pete's. We stroked the two as we continued our own love making. I had Pete and Cullen turn so that their cocks were in Cory's and my face. In a few more minutes our faces were awash in boi cream. Cory and I each locked our lips on our spouting lovers as we emptied our loads into and onto each other.
    When we rolled apart I looked about to see thirteen sexy boys sitting in a circle about us, their own member in hand. Suddenly the four of us in the middle were covered in boi jizz from every angle as each youngster showed his appreciation for the show they had just watched.

    All of the mattresses were dragged from the house and set up on the large balcony again that night as all seventeen hot males slept with whomever happened to be where they wanted to lay down. No one paid any attention to whom he was with, they just took what they got. The most rewarding union seemed to be when Tony and Christopher ended up in the same space. The largest and the smallest, the two boys made music together. It sounded more like torture, but it was music to the ears of those present.
    I asked Cory if he wanted to go to Albany with me. Cory really thought about it. He finally showed his maturity. "Daddy, it sounds like so much fun, but there are several reasons why I won't go. Not in any particular order or importance, but it wouldn't be fair to the others for me to go when they can't. You are taking Jim and Christopher so you can get them scuba gear so you can help them conquer their fears." I had a thrill run through me as Cory had captured the essence of my feelings. "And there is the possibility that someone would recognize Cullen and you know that I would not go if he couldn't. Now JB has asked us if we would like to all go up to the school and see a show that the students are working on and then spend the night. Daddy, a whole night in a building with one hundred and fifty horny fag boys. I have to be here for that." I could see and hear the hunger in the young pervert and laughed out loud.
    Pete was offered the chance to stay. There was one boy odd with the addition of Tony. It was hoped that Tony would pair off with JB on a permanent basis. The two had spent a lot of single sessions together, but so far nothing over night. I wanted to find out why, but I thought I would give it another week and let the two get really acquainted first. Pete acted as if he was really thinking about it then he looked at me.
    "You know what. I got into that truck in Mississippi and was driven away from you. I thought my heart would break, I was sure that I would never see you again. Then six months later you stood outside the main gate at the AF Base in Tucson waiting for me. When I saw you such joy filled my heart as I have never known. I determined in my heart that I was going to be with you for the rest of my life. When we got to your house I saw all of your fresh meat on the hoof and I realized how lucky you are and that I would only be one of a crowd, but I am willing to take whatever I can get. Since that day I have never slept out of sight of you. No matter who I was sleeping with I dreamed that it was you. I love you so much. There are no words in my vocabulary for me to tell you of my love. I don't ever want to sleep where I can't at least see you, I'm going."
    I was in tears as I held Pete tight against me. Cory wrapped his arms around us, "Are you going to be my mommy?" he asked Pete.
    Pete broke away so that he could chase Cory around the grounds and throw him into the lake. Pete returned to me, I was rolling on the ground in laughter and held my aching sides. Pete wiped his hands together, "Had to wash a dirty little matter up," he sat down by me. Cory walked by swinging his ass at the pair of us as he sat with Cullen.

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