Chapter 88


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The rest of the week we stayed at Luke's house. Cory had carried on about BAG Boys for most of the trip. Jace wanted to see some of his old classmates so I asked the New York three how they felt about visiting the school. I was afraid that their may be some…what? The boys had lived someone else's lie in that area for their entire lives. I don't know what I expected of them. They seemed eager to go so that was the plan.
    I took a rental van for two days. I called JB and asked if he had beds for us overnight. I know that we have three VIP suites at the school and I would rather stay there than to try and stay at the Garcia place. JB was very happy to have us. We arrived during a blinding icy cold rain that threatened to turn the road to ice before morning. I hated the thought of having driven this far and then get snowed in because of a side trip. I know that Andy would have us flown back by chopper, but I really don't like to beg favors all of the time. The man does so much for me as it is.
    Tony met us and led us to the mess hall. The boys had began to use the military word. It was more grown up and much cooler, er ah, kewler, than cafeteria or, heaven forbid, lunch room. Boys, you gotta love em. I do. I marveled at the way Tony filled out his tight jeans. Even the heavy coat he wore could not hide his sweet ass. The boy is built by the numbers. I wondered if he might be willing to spend time with me.
    We were greeted by three hundred and sixty sweet boy voices singing the new school song. I was touched by their spirit. The song was catchy and I asked JB to give me a copy. I left it behind in our rush, but I will get it from him later. Me and mine were disrobed and led to sit amongst the students. Jace and Frank were dragged to a table of their friends. Everyone remembered what Frank had looked like the last time they had seen him. I heard someone tell him that he looked better without the swollen face and bruises. Frank offered to let the boy try a few bruises on himself.
    I did spend the night with Tony. I had a real problem with spending the night with the students for my part. I am sure that it would lead to some serious legal problems if discovered. JB asked Isaac if he would like to sit up and visit with an old man all night. Isaac grinned at me and told JB that he would be glad to keep him up all night. Cory sidled up to me and told me that it would be improper for Isaac to be with any minors so he and Frank had talked to JB. I so love Cory. He is always there.
    Tuesday morning the students left us in the mess hall after a great breakfast. Jace showed his brothers about the campus, at least what they could get to without putting on layer after layer of clothing. JB and I sneaked off to his office to pour over mountains of paper work. I am very pleased with JB and his work. I try to keep out of his operation. He feels that I need to know how he is spending the money I have invested. I won't tell him that he could loose it all tomorrow and I would just give him more. I am that much in favor of what the school can mean to these boys.
    By ten my boys were back and bored. Branden quietly proposed a trip to see their houses. I looked at the other two. That is exactly what they wanted, but had been afraid to ask me. That got each of them a very stern tickling as I told them that if they were ever afraid to ask me anything in the future they would piss themselves before the tickling stopped. Frank looked thoughtful as he said he was trying to think of something to be afraid to ask me. I tickled him to orgasm for that one.
    I ran to JB's office as the boys dressed. I was back before they were buckled fastened and tied. Cory had started the van so that the heater was going. Branden scraped the windshield as Jace took care of the rear window. Frank did the driver's side windows and Bryan took the others. For some reason I hadn't remembered that Bryan was a New York boy. He was used to the brutal winters and knows how to scrape windows. I don't. I'm a desert rat.
    We pulled up to Jace's house first. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the remote to open the garage door so that we could drive inside out of the weather. The boys looked at me. I handed Jace the remote with the keys to the house attached. "Boys, you have forgotten. I told you that these are your houses. They will be here for you to do as you please until you please to do with them." Arms engulfed me and tears soaked me as my three sweet sons let their emotions go.
    There had been a lot of tension amongst the three boys. I was glad to see that this is what they each one wanted. They showed us through their houses. They were proud of their rooms. Each boy had to pick out things that they wanted to have in Tucson. I told them that everything in the house belonged to them. If they wanted more than we could carry or if they wanted it all, we could send a truck for it and have it delivered. More hugs, more tears. Damn, I was on a roll.
    We had guitars and CDs, a few pictures, school year books, old favorite sweat shirts. The one thing that each of them left were their old favorite shoes that didn't seem to fit any longer. I did take the bottle of wine from Frank. He wanted to have a quiet meal with us. We all sat in a circle and held hands as each one of us thought of the lives we had lost and the love we had found. Frank chose another bottle of very expensive wine to go with the first. We would have a quiet candle light dinner before the end of the week.
    Actually that was coming quickly. We would have to drive back to Luke's place later that day. The trials would begin the following morning then one more night and we would be headed home. Frank asked if it would be kewl to have a candle light and wine dinner with all of the family. That was a plan.

    Everett Rothsfeld's trial began on Wednesday, March 1st, 2006. The media had a veritable circus going in front of the county's Federal Court house. In interest of the anonymity of the minors involved in the case, the judge had outlawed cameras in the courtroom. Of course Andy had our cameras in place. Artists were hired to sketch images, but were forbidden to draw identifiable faces of minor witnesses.
    The boys and I arrived in an FI vehicle with blacked out windows. They wore their oversized dark glasses and hats that they had kept as souvenirs of the mid-November weddings. As cold as it was I wanted them to wear FI hoodies, but Tony Dogg didn't want too much connection to Foss International at the early stages of this trial. We were allowed to enter through the underground entrance in order to avoid the media rush and a possible inadvertent photograph.
    Inside the courtroom we took our seats amongst a large crowd. Frank told me that he had seen a girl from his school that had disappeared the year before. It was rumored that she was pregnant. Her best friend had told a few people, so of course the whole school knew, that her own dad was the baby's father. I smiled at him and whispered to him that we had found Jenni in Morocco, but no word about her baby who would be about fifteen months old now. Frank turned to her. He held his hand close to his chest and very slightly waved at her. She smiled and after a quick look around did a private wave back.
    I looked over to the prosecutor's table where Tony Dogg sat. I had to move forward in my seat to get a better look at the prosecutor himself. It was Blake Crossly. Blake is an old time visitor to Charley's boy parties. He had invited me and the boys of my family out to his beach house the previous summer. I was pleased to see a boy lover on our team. My mind played back a bit as I thought about Blair and Blain. Blake's two boys would be about fifteen and fourteen by now. I remembered how cute they were. Even though they were young they had played with the boys of my household that afternoon. They could clearly see their father fucking and getting fucked by several of my brood.
    The judge entered the courtroom. He was another closeted boy lover who had been at the hotel in July. Things were looking better. I began to relax. Everyone rose, but the judge waved at us to sit down. "Ladies and gentlemen, we are not in session here. We are in an information meeting. First of all I want to ask everyone who is not a witness to please leave the courtroom. This includes parents, friends, guardians, whomever. If you will not be testifying on this witness stand before this court concerning this case, you must leave now." I asked Steven, Tran, Isaac, and Damien to wait in the hall. I would come to them as soon as possible, but I stressed that they were not to go walking around, but to wait for me. The bailiffs and the prosecutors studied each face of everyone of us left in the room.Two people were asked to leave after they had been identified as press members who claimed to be friends of the victims. Tony and Blake were at the bench talking with the judge. Two or three times they turned and looked in my direction then returned to their huddle.
    Satisfied that only those involved in the case were present the judge picked up his notes. He nodded at me as a bailiff directed Steven, Isaac, Tran and Damien back inside to sit beside me. He then charged each of us with the gravity of our duty to testify in truth as to those parts of this case that we had personal knowledge. We were not to discuss our testimony with anyone else. We were not to talk amongst ourselves about the direction that we thought the case was taking or about anything that we might see or hear in the courtroom. He told us that we would be taken to a place away from the courtroom where we would be comfortable. We would be available to be called into court instantly. We were admonished to obey the court's requirements and to testify truthfully and completely to everything that we knew of this case.
    The judge told us that after we were shown where we would be sequestered that we could then break for lunch. He wanted us to be back in the courtroom at one o'clock. As my boys and the rest of the young victims were escorted through a back door out of the courtroom the bailiffs called for four of us to approach the bench. I shook hands with all of my boys and went forward. Three other folks were asked their relationships to witnesses. Two of them were told that they could come into the courtroom with the witness in their care, the other was told that he would have to testify on his own as would the young man with him. The judge held me until the courtroom was empty except for one bailiff and one prosecutor, Blake Crossly.
    The judge asked me to step forward to talk quietly. "Off of the record, Mr. Dickson, and strictly between us. I understand that you found three of the young men with you in actual bondage. I understand that you were in a running gun battle for the recovery of one of your charges and I understand that all six of these boys are now members of your family and that you have, in fact, legally adopted four of them and assisted the other two to be declared emancipated? Mr. Dickson, how do you feel that you can give this court an unbiased testimony?"
    "Your honor, please excuse any arrogance that my words may imply. I take no pride, or claim no praise, for what I stumbled onto with this case. I stumbled onto a wrong and sought to make it right. In so doing I discovered that what I had stumbled over was only the hump on the back of a very large and very nasty dragon.
    "Yes, I have taken a personal interest in each of these boys and have vowed to give them an honest chance at a full life. Your honor that full life includes a family life, education, peer influence, and love. These six boys have thrived in my care and if necessary I am prepared to provide psychological and school reports to enforce my claim.
    "I can, and will, testify to what I learned in my simple investigation into this case and I will give the strength of my presence to my boys as they testify."
    "Do you believe that these boys can testify honestly?"
    "Absolutely your honor. They can testify as to their individual conditions."
    "This boy, Bryan West. Is he going to be able to take the stand?"
    "Your honor, if I may. Please stop me if I say too much, sir. Bry is a special young man, but he is afraid. Sir, I ask the court for the ability to stand at his side as he testifies. I know enough to keep my mouth shut and not encourage his answers, but he will need me to lean on. He is doing better than when we found him and has learned to lean on others, but they can not be in here with him during testimony." The judge looked at me and told me he would take it under advisement.
    Quietly he whispered to me. "I am glad to see you again, Chris. May I ask about the four boys who you asked to leave a moment ago?" I explained that I had recently rescued them and I was keeping them with me as legal steps were being taken against those who had abused them. He smiled at me, "When this is over we need to get together. Step back a bit. I have to say something for the record." I stood up straight. "Let the record show that Officer Chris Dickson will remain in the courtroom during these proceedings. As the officially listed arresting officer he will need to work along with the prosecutors. Mr. Dickson will be a stabilizing factor for some of the young victims in his charge, but will not be allowed to direct their statements or interject his own testimony into their's. Court is recessed for lunch." A bailiff led me to the room where my boys awaited me.

    Things stayed pretty generic the rest of the day and the next. I guess getting everything together is the hardest part of a trial. For this part of the proceedings I had allowed Isaac, Steven, Tran, and Damien to join us. The boys hung on every activity as they learned how our justice system worked. Frank had been in State court when Everett had been tried for assaulting the him, the boy he called his son. Frank acted as the all knowing source of information as he explained each facet of the proceedings to his brothers.
    To the average lay person nothing really appeared to have been accomplished. At four o'clock Thursday court adjourned for the weekend. I took Traveler Too© to our new house and parked him in a tall garage behind the old converted stables. An FI van took us to the airport where the corporate Lear Jet waited to take us home for a few days. All of us were glad to be going home. I wanted to check on the rest of my family.

    We set down in Tucson a little past five, PDT, three hours earlier than EDT; I love time zones when flying east to west, I gain time. West to east isn't so good. Our plane was met by a driver for the boys and a pair of detectives from Albuquerque. I asked if the detectives could wait for morning. They wanted to get home to their families. Andy was providing transport home for them.
    Damien and I sat in our Tucson airport FI office as he told his story to the two men. Damien was asked to sign papers to allow the state to exhume his mother's body. They must have smelled the same rat that I had smelled. It was kind of hard to overlook the odor when Damien sat there in tears. He told the detectives how he and his mother had come up on his father having sex with a teenage boy.
    His family was on a weekend outing in the mountains. Mr. Heart had left his wife and son when a youngster had come by asking for directions. Damien had seen the boy hanging around the restaurant in the late evenings and he knew that his dad was having sex with the boy. He had watched them have sex on each other before. Damien told the police the boy's name, Peter Heinz.
    He told the detectives that when he and his mother went for a walk. She followed in the direction that Mr. Heart had taken When the two of them came to a clearing they saw Mr. Heart with the boy on his back, "as he had sex on the boy's rear end." I liked the way Damien played the innocent little boy routine with his wording. He told how the boy pulled up his pants and ran as his mother started shouting and screaming at his father. He told them that his father lashed out and hit her, sending her to the ground.
    He told them that he hid himself behind some bushes. His father looked around then picked up his wife and threw her body over the edge of the rocks. Damien told how he had stayed hidden until his father dressed and left. He sneaked over to the edge and looked for his mother. He said that she was a long way down and there were dogs sniffing around her. He threw rocks at them, but he was so far above them that they didn't even move very far away.
    I had read the official police report calling the death of Mrs. Heart a tragic hiking accident. It appeared that she had wandered too close to the edge of the rocks and slipped, falling some sixty feet to her death. She had landed near a coyotes den and when found her body had been chewed on and her intestines had been missing. Typical feeding pattern of coyotes. They eat the guts and leave the meat to age and ripen in the sun for a few days.
    I had to intervene. I looked at Damey. He started to shake. I reached out to hold his hands. I knew he wanted me to hold him, but I could not do that in front of two police officers. Damey asked me if he had to go on? I nodded at him and he began to cry. It is hard enough to see a youngster cry, but Damien is seventeen years old and thinks of himself as a man. He was tearing himself up inside as his tears flowed in front of two strangers.
    He regained some composure and began to tell how he had secreted himself so that he could watch his father and Peter have sex almost everyday. He told us that they did just about everything with each other. He was asked to explain what everything was. He blushed as he told them about their kissing and sucking and fucking. He was made to be more graphic than I thought was necessary, but I suppose that if he couldn't talk to them in that setting a good defense attorney would rip him apart in court. I just hope that it never gets to court. With double murder charges hanging over the man's head this doesn't need to be dragged out for public record. Damey ended by telling the detectives about his father's abuse to him. Again it was graphic.

    I held Damey all of the way home as an FI man drove. The boy had just relived the most traumatic time of his life. One that he had tried so hard to forget for so long. He would not let go of me the entire weekend. I did manage to visit with my family and even got Damey to talk to a few of them as they tried to make him feel like he was a part of the family.

    Dinner time at our house is a family affair. All of us look forward to sitting together to share our day and good food with those that we love. I had not seen any of my traveling companions since coming in from the detective's interview at the airport. Cory had dragged Steven off to meet their cousin, Mike. I heard that Cas was had been blind sided. He was in the kitchen when Isaac walked up to him. Cas looked at Ty then wrapped his arms around Isaac to give him a hearty 'welcome to the family' kiss and grope. Ty led the way as Isaac pulled Lance along with them. No one had seen them since.
    Damey and Tran were carried away when they began to look at who was around them. The pair was welcomed as only a houseful of fags can welcome two cute pieces of willing meat. Both boys never went flaccid the entire time that we were home. Damey was not comfortable enough to be out of my sight. He had spent three weeks with seven of the boys, but they were back with their love interests. I would allow both of them to sleep that first night in my room with me. Steven sat between Curtis and Theo. Steven turned fourteen December fifteenth and is in the eighth grade. He will join the other four junior high boys. He will fit right in with them. The boy is just as small as they are. In fact I think Curtis is a little larger.
    Suddenly there was a stampede as freshly fucked and washed boys rushed into the dining room. I received my kiss and grope from twelve sweet young and hungs. I tasted the cum on their young breath. Ah, youth. Still missing were Lance and Isaac. I don't press my wedded couples to eat with us, but I had been gone for nearly four weeks and I had missed being with them.
    I was about to put out a call when I heard voices coming from the hallway out to the three bungalows. The boys began to laugh. I watched the door to see what was going on. Lance was riding on Tyler's shoulders and Cas carried Isaac in an over the shoulder fireman's carry. Isaac's ass shined its pasty white for all to see. That boy had to get out by the pool and tan that thing up or we would all need sunglasses in his presence.
    Cas stood Isaac up as I moved in for a kiss from two of my first young lovers. I especially enjoyed the smile on the face of Lance. The boy's red hair seemed extra bright as he showed his teeth in an ear to ear grin that suggested mischief. Isaac stood back, with his head ducked down a bit. Uh uh, won't happen here. I moved behind him and pressed against him. I did a reach around and began to wave his goods at the family. His cock was slapping up and down and growing thicker with each move.
    "Guys this is Isaac. He was my first lover, the one who broke my cherry ass," Cas told the family.
    I had not spent anytime with Isaac so I had not seen his package ready for service. I was impressed with what I had in my hand. Isaac lay back against me. He was enjoying the attention he was getting, even though I know that he had been getting a lot of attention from the three horn dogs he came to dinner with. I began to stroke his very long, uncut cock. Again, an uncut cock from a religious cult that imprisoned their own in order to enforce their belief system. No business of mine.
    Isaac was making moves that said he was about to release. I knew someone would be there to take the offering, but with my bunch I never try to second guess who it may be. This time it was Theo who locked his lips on the enlarged glans at the very moment of launch. I moved my hand. He slipped the entire tube steak down his throat as he took over my movements to encourage every drop of nut nectar that Isaac was able to release. I had to hold Isaac up as his legs wobbled beneath him.
    When Isaac was able to stand again he turned on me. "I don't know where you came from Chris. The best thing that ever happened to me was the day that you saved my baby, Emmitt, from his dad. Because of that one event he is safe and in the arms of a wonderful man. I am very happy for both of them. His super cute little brother is safe in your care and now…so am I. Thank you." I got my first kiss from him and it was a toe tickler. My legs wobbled.
    I looked around for a seat and saw Lance locked at the lip with Jan. I don't try to second guess these boys. There was a space between the wheelchairs of Biff and Tom. Isaac pulled an empty chair from the table and asked them if he could join them. My heart was so full as I moved to a seat offered to me between Cullen and Art. Cecil grabbed me as I pulled the chair out and gave me another toe cleaner while Cullen manhandled my balls. I had dinner in the very best of company.
    The name box was on the table. I took it as I grinned at the family. "Boys, I am a bit out of it tonight and I sort of have a previous engagement." I smiled at Damien, "My room will be open all night if anyone would like to come by and welcome the two boys from New Mexico. Some of you may not know Tran's story so here is a quick telling. I first met Turner who took me to his brother Tyler. Next I met Pete. Later Jim then Tim and Jerry. Cory was next. I met Cas and brought him home with me.
    "Cas loved me, but he was very busy with school and football, I was lonesome. Turner and Tyler were happy at their house, I thought. Cory was happy with his grandfather, I thought. I set out in search for a friend. I had a flat tire and found Tran. Tran needed to stay with his mother so I left him behind. Next came Christopher then Cory came home. Lew joined us then the rest of you returned home to me and we have just kept growing.
    "I searched for Tran on this trip. I only wanted to know how he was. I found out he needed to be at home with us, but not until I found out that his boyfriend really needed a home.
    "I have come home with four new boys for us to love and cherish. Somehow I don't think that this is all that will live in this house though. I believe that everyone of you has a heart that is so big that new space will be found for every boy that comes to us. That is why I love each one of you so very much. If ever you think for one split second that I have forgotten you or don't love you anymore I will be crushed. I cannot live without a single one of you. My only wish is that I could make love to each of you, everyday and let you feel all of me in any way that you would like." I had to wipe my eyes on my napkin. Cullen was the closest to me and the first to put his arms around me.
    I reached into the name box. "Jay, may I have a date with you tomorrow night?" I held up the tiny slip of paper with his name on it. He invited me to his place for a double. "Curtis, if you have no other plans for Saturday night I would really like to be with you." The boy broke down and cried as he ran to me to accept our date. I looked into those tiny eyes and knew that I had to tell him that his mother was dead.

    I took one super long, hot shower in my own bathroom. I had two pairs of hands help work out the stiff parts of my body, all, but one. I wanted to hold off on that part for awhile. I curled up with my pillows and let my body drift away while Damey and Tran curled up on each side of me. One by one the boys drifted in to welcome their new brothers. I love them all, but I really enjoyed myself as Damey spooned against the front of me and leaned to swallow the swords that some of the boys carry in their pants. Tran was on my other side having his own learning curve. They worked their way up from Jay Jay, to Chad, to Evan, to Mark, then Lyle. Damey couldn't make the stretch around Jeff. He was really quite upset about it. He held Jeff and told him that he would work on it until he could get it in his mouth and that he was going to have that up his butt very soon.
    Bless Jeff's heart. He was really touched by Damey's sincerity. He held the slightly older boy and told him that he loved him for trying. He turned his butt to Damey and asked for a ride. I asked Damey if I could nurse Jeff while he got in the saddle. Jeff does have a stretcher, but I had to give the boy as much as attention as I could. He is still a very special part of my family and my life.
    As Damey fell away in exhaustion Jeff asked me for a pony ride. Damey was up close as he watched every stroke I made. He had his lips locked as far around Jeff's extra thick cock as he could get. I looked around to see that he had a little bit more than half of the head of that elephant meat in his mouth. Damey has the smallest mouth of any boy his age that I have ever been with. He may never be able to suck Jeff, but it will not be from lack of trying. Jeff did have Damey swallowed deep down as I plowed into him to his heart's delight.

    Friday morning I took Steven, Tran, and Damien for a physical exam. I have to find out how far along Damey's diabetes is. He is too young for type two diabetes, but if he had the juvenile onset type why had it never shown up before? The blood samples that had been taken in Amarillo had been delivered to our family physician and he had a report for us. He did a fasting blood sugar on Damien as soon as we arrived then he examined Tran from head to foot and especially ass hole. He had taken more blood from Tran to back up the earlier samples.
    He set down with the three of us. The boys would not be separated. The doctor was used too that with my boys. This doctor is gay tolerant. He is a friend of Will Hamm, but he is not gay himself. He told Tran that he was one lucky boy. He had been playing with a loaded gun by having sex for money. Tran looked at the man and told him quite frankly that he always used protection. He stressed that he was not stupid.
    The doctor conceded to the not stupid part, but reaffirmed the dangerous behavior statement. "Condoms break, boy," the doctor stated very sternly causing Tran to sit back and shut up. "Sometimes condoms leak. Not all condoms are as safe as we seem to want to believe they are. There are cheap imitations of nearly everything made these days. There are people who don't care about your life, they want to make money so they sell cheap knock offs. Son, I can't tell the difference in a real Trojan condom and a counterfeit without studying the package and then I have to know what I am looking for to compare. Is your life worth a few dollars and a quick fuck?" Tran jerked at those words. I was proud of the doctor. He was blunt and fair. He had all of the boys' attention.
    Tran was okay so now he turned to Damien. "Son, I am going to put you on a very strong medication for two weeks. I want you monitored around the clock. I want your blood sugar tested every hour. I want you to keep a diary of everything you eat or drink, including any uhh," he looked at Tran and me as he blushed deep red, "love juice." I felt sorry for him. He is not really used to this level of conversation, especially with youngsters.
    I knew what he wanted, but he gathered himself and continued. "I believe that you are under a tremendous amount of stress that is causing your body functions to act abnormally. I am prescribing a very strong anti-psychotic for you. This medication can have some serious side effects so I want to be in touch with you throughout the course of this treatment. I will see you back here next Friday morning. I want you to have your arm out and ready for me to stick and you better have non-sweet blood in you." He laughed at his little joke which helped the boys to relax a bit.
    He told us that Steven was in perfect health. He would like to review the boy's shot records to see if they were all current. Steven fidgeted in his chair at word "shots". I told the Dr. that I would fax over a copy of the records later in the day.

    I had a few errands to run on the way home. I have been gone for a few weeks and I had business to attend. We walked into the house about five o'clock and found it full of bawling boys. Even the younger boys were crying, hard. Cory could not compose himself to talk. Pete came to me. I was glad that he had stopped by just before the boys got the news. I almost cried as I found my way to a chair.
    George Polerd was dead. George Polerd is the most popular boy at Woodrow Wilson High School. He is the student council president. He is the star of track, basketball, and the swim team. He is a four letter man with a g.p.a. of 4.06. He is the city's youth representative on the city council. He is Cory's best friend. The boys have a little poem about him, "Georgey Porgy, pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, he kissed them too cause he was gay." Not original, the boys found it on a web site, but it fit the gorgeous youngster with the tight end that so enchanted so many in my family.
    George has been a regular house guest of Cory's for almost two years. The boy never spent the night, but he brightened many afternoons and evenings with his wit and looks. Cory brought him to me about a year ago. George had heard the family stories and decided that he wanted a Golden Pole Pin. I wasn't sure. The boy was sixteen and everything I love in a boy. He was even uncut, which is always a major turn on to me. I relented when he told me that he would do me in my favorite way. He would let any boy in the house do him while we ate each other. I told him that I would give him the entire treatment or nothing at all.
    He had one sweet tasting ass and he squealed his approval of my dining style. I let him climb on top of me while Cory lubed his high riding globes with lots of young spunk that Cory knows how to produce. All the time George had every bit of me deep down his throat as he fucked my mouth in response to the fucking Cory was giving him. I love to watch Cory from the balls eye view of another, but this boy was not part of the family and somehow it seemed even more forbidden and so very hot and sexy.
    School was out for city wide teachers' meetings. George had gone on an early morning fishing trip to the river with his dad and uncle. The early March day had been warm so they had aired up their inflatable life raft and fished until mid-afternoon. Knowing that the sun sets quickly in the winter desert, and the cold comes swiftly behind the sunset, they loaded up in the Pollard family pickup truck for the drive home. They did not take the time to deflate the life raft. They threw it into the back of the pickup and George climbed up on top of it for the ride back home.
    Twenty miles from home they entered the freeway and climbed to the speed limit. An eighteen wheeler, in a hurry, passed them causing a wind eddy which caught under the life raft lifting it out of the truck. It soared almost thirty feet into the air before rolling over and dumping young George onto the pavement below, at over eighty miles an hour. A senseless act ended a young and beautiful life in an instant. (I no longer have the date and source of this true story. I remember how it tore the hearts out of many people, especially the children at George's school. The last name has been changed to protect his family.)
    All of the family knew George. He was the kind of boy that loved life and everybody in it. He got down with the younger boys and made them feel special. He conversed with the college boys on their level. He even impressed Andy with his wit and charm as well as his intelligence. This boy will be missed by our family as much as by his own.
    I called his home. I talked frankly with his dad. His father is facing charges. The state has passed a law making it illegal for anyone under eighteen to ride in the back of a pickup truck unless all of the front seating area is occupied by minors or handicapped adults. The truck was a crew cab and there were seats available inside. The dad and uncle were drinking. George had drank a few beers during the day. The dad was in trouble. Another problem was that he had no insurance to bury his only child. That I took care of at once. I called Bull to represent the dad on his DUI and manslaughter charges.

    Friday evening Tran led Damey from room to room as they became acquainted with each boy. Kenny and Theo ran through the house with the two boys in tow to one of the spare rooms that we have. They wanted to get it on in private. I thought that was cute, but I wanted pictures. I was called a letch so I curtsied to the crowd. I made the most of the weekend, even with the tragedy that overshadowed everything.
    I was led from the dinner table to Brad and Jay's room. At least they had let me spend the mealtime with the boys. I have missed each of their smiling faces and sweet sounding laughter. Jay had an evil grin on his impish face. I knew that I was in trouble. I love lemon pie. For the first time in my life I ate a boy covered in lemon filling. Not that Jay is crusty, he just sort of formed the base for the sugary sweet treat . The creamy topping that he and his boyfriend made was just the right touch to the best desert that I could have ever imagined.
    I found myself on the desert menu as both boys begin to lick the platter clean. By morning the lemon filling had more body than I had. My legs shook as I tried my very best to get back to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I guess I was a sight. Many hands helped me to a chair and coffee was brought to me. I had three different spigots to choose my cream from. I was past the thinking point so I opted for each flavor. I did take one directly. I had to have some protein for a quick energy boost. I had already had double loads of the nectar in bed, but one more dose couldn't hurt, could it?

    Saturday was a movie day. I had boys all over me as we began in the theater then gravitated to the family room. Money moves mountains. I went to that Swedish firm that advertise their memory foam mattress on TV. I have twenty, six inch thick twin size mattress in extra long. I couldn't tell them how long to make them so I had two of my taller boys lay down in their favorite position to be measured. The salesman wasn't impressed, but he took my money.
    I had easy on/off covers made in a soft furry fabric that is washable. A thin, waterproof lining prevents body fluid from penetrating into the foam mattress.
    The boys cover the floor with these mats as we all get up close and personal. I was in the middle of a ton of naked boy flesh as most all of the family lay together. I had a very pleasant dream of drifting on a cloud through a sky filled with penises of every description. There were soft ones and hard ones. Even the smaller lay their thick heads on a sack filled with juice filled balls.
    I was able to fondle and suckle to my hears content as cum rained down on me from above. I awakened with Theo curled up on top of me. His tiny mouth drooled on my cheek as the end of his nose touched mine. His cock was pressed hard against my lower chest as he had one of those dreams. I held him tight as he suddenly awakened and made eye contact with me. His initial reaction was to withdraw. He realized where he was and let his arms wrap around my head. Our tongues began to tango while he humped out the final remains of his precious offering on me. I am so glad that my boys are comfortable enough to do this, even in front of all of the others. No one takes offense of makes light of this act of trust and love.
    Both of us received a tongue bath. Even Theo's drool was licked away as one hot body after another sought out a kiss from me. I won't even try to think what my breath might be like. Some of the boys could put an outhouse to shame with their breath at times. I guess when you are as close as we are that is just part of who we are.
    However we don't take well to gas attacks. We are all happy that Christopher has his system in order. That boy nearly killed us for several months. Nothing breaks the mood quicker than a fart during a sixty nine. Unless it is planned. Some of the couples go for that. I think it is for the shock value to the rest of us because they always get pillowed.
    I have no idea what movies were played. From the looks and sounds around me nobody else does either. Someone loaded the one hundred disk changer and turned it on. A few stomachs growled about six. The door bell rang and our favorite delivery boy came in. As I slept Chinese had been ordered. I know that the boys all love to go to one place, but we have to call in advance to be able to get the banquet room. We have more fun when the owner's son delivers. He has his own special cream sauce in an oriental noodle that many of the boys enjoy.
    I lay back and watched as several boxes of food were brought in. I was surprised when I saw that the boy's two younger brothers were with him. I got up and was about to say something when the youngest, a boy of about fourteen, dropped to his knees in front of Kyle and began to suck cock. The three brothers knelt and spoke in Chinese as the youngest took a good eight inches of the long, slender meat down his throat.
    Each of the brothers grabbed someone nearby and began to suck their cock. My family undressed our guests and the Chinese buffet began. The seventeen year old, oldest boy, is known to us. He delivers often and is always serviced to his hard's content. He told us that he and his fifteen year old brother had started messing around just after school started this year. The younger brother was spying on them at Christmas time. They talked about coming to our house and tonight was their first chance.
    The older brother brought the little one to me. He introduced me as pappa san. The boy bowed to me, but instead of rising he took my cock into his mouth. I passed off my food and picked the boy up. I turned him around as I lay back and sucked his dick in return. Great Chinese soup, cream of some young guy.
    I got soup from each of the guests before I picked Curtis up. I carried him under my arm like a bag of potatoes as he squealed in laughter. His little legs kicked and his arms flayed as I carried him to my room and locked my door. We fell to the bed to just be together for awhile. We were both covered in sweat, sperm, and other boy fluids from our day with the family. That just made us more desirable to the other.

    I could not stay for young George's funeral. I had obligations on the other side of the continent. Cory and I made a Sunday afternoon visit to the family. We sat with them until late in the evening then I had to let Cory take me directly to the airport to join my brood for our flight. I left everything with Cory and Pete to see to and left with an empty place in my heart.
    Cory had missed a month of school already. I know he is okay. He has been faithful with his homework, as all of the boys were. I wish that they had been able to be in class Friday to have live interaction with their teachers and classmates. These trials were going to put a real strain on the young men.
    I took Damien and Tran back to New York. Damien's nightmares had become more violent over the weekend. I think that having to relive that terrible part of his life was hard on him. He had only been nine years old at the time his mother died. Plus I wanted to monitor his reaction to his medication myself. The teacher's holiday had taken the time that I needed to get Tran in school. That would have to wait for the following week end so it was agreed. They were excited too. They did not know the family and did not fit in yet.
    Isaac was moved right in. Cas made sure that the young man was well satisfied. He had spent most of Saturday and Sunday holding Dickie. I don't know and I won't speculate. Steven had his cousin Cory with him. He met Mike so it was going to be the Indians against the others. Oh shit.

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