Chapter 120


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Athos had a high powered boat awaiting Chris and his companions after breakfast. Chris told Harry and Timmy that he could quickly grow into a new lifestyle in this part of the world. His friends looked at him. "Of course, guys. I would have to bring the other boys here. I can't live without a single one of them." That brought out the knowing smiles again.
    Water is not the fastest mode of travel, but for what these three were up to it just had to be. In a little over two hours the boat was out of sight of land. With nothing, but water in every direction, but up. Chris began to feel a bit uneasy. He loves his Tucson desert. He loves to tell people that where he comes from has miles and miles of sandy beaches in every direction. He looks downcast as he tells them that it is water that they don't have.
    A speck growing larger on the horizon brightened Chris a bit. Athos was in animated talk on the radio as the boat's skipper scanned the skies above them. Naturally our three travelers had to look upwards also. No one saw anything. Athos came to them and told them there was nothing to see but imagination. He told them to get ready to go.
    A large sea plane sat on the water's surface. A man was on the pontoon waiting to help them alongside. The four men climbed aboard as the boat roared away back in the direction from which they had come. Once seated in the sea plane Athos was giving orders in Greek to the crew. The plane's engines roared to life and the plane left the water, but not by much. The man that had helped them to board brought coffee around. With some trepidation Chris took a small drink, it was real. Athos smiled, "You are me very fine mate, Christopher Stevens. I have loved you from the first night that I slept in your bed. You were all of fifteen, sixteen? But you gave this old fairy your love. You have always showed your love for me. We are now too old to fuck each other, but we share what we both love most, young boys to take care of our needs. I don't need to fuck your sweet arse or have that huge baby's leg you call a dick up me arse to know how much you love me. I will always have that brown water you yanks call coffee when you are around." Chris laughed hard and deep as tons of fears and frustrations fled from his body. Timmy and Harry laughed too as they stared at each other in wonder at the words of this old limey dressed as a French Interpol Commander General.
    "Okay lads. We go first to Sicily. Chris has to see some bankers I think. You two can come with me and we will fuck some boys while they spend money. Later, when it is dark we will go to…" Chris was shaking his head.
    "Please, I don't want them to know too much. I love them for being here with me and their offer to help me, but should something go wrong I am the only one that will hang."
    "We do not hang people anymore, Chris, you will not get caught, your plan is foolproof. All will be fine, I know, trust me. Chris when this is done I am going to lock you in a room with two of the hottest boys I can find and I am not going to let you out until none of you can walk by yourselves." Chris pulled the old gent close and hugged him until he felt the plane going down. Then he hugged the arm rests of his seat. I would have never believed that there was anything on this earth that would scare this man. I wondered if it was the plane or the job he had set for himself.
    The door of the plane opened against a solid steel wall of black. We climbed out onto a plank spanning across to the gangway of the largest yacht I have ever seen. This bad boy was one hundred and thirty feet long. It had four visible decks above water and a helipad on the third deck behind the super structure. The name on the stern was Voyageur Marin©. If my French is not too rusty that translates to the equivalent of Water Traveler. Chris led the way across. He was met by a tall man in khaki pants with an open shirt showing a very cut, hairy chest. He was wearing a large straw hat and sun glasses. He shook hands with Chris who grabbed him and pulled him into a very tight hug.
    The man set his drink on the tray of the naked serving boy that had brought drinks for the four visitors. Chris knocked the man's hat off and ruffled his hair as the two locked in a deep, long kiss. Harry kept quiet, but he had instantly recognized the man as having been a guest at the big camp out when Chris had gotten married to Daylight. Chris had asked Harry to put a very close guard around the man.
    After returning from his meeting an hour later Chris told us that the man had given him a half million dollars when he was only fifteen. He was in his second week of man boy sex and anxious to please, he chuckled as he told us that this man was well pleased. Chris has not only fucked the man, but when he was nineteen the man sent his fourteen year old son to spend a month at Charley's home so that Chris could train the boy. He told us that the boy took to the bottom as if he had been born on the end of a dick and he was one hell of a size queen. "He was like Timmy, he liked them big," Chris told us. Timmy threatened to cross his legs forever. Chris just looked at him with a silly grin, "It's your loss. Can you take it?" Timmy lay back and spread his legs then asked Chris to remind him what it was he would miss.

    The yacht belonged to one of the men on board, we did not see all of them, their meeting here with Chris was most secret. Chris filled us in on a few details, but he stressed it over and over that the less we knew the better off all of us would be. I learned much later that Chris now owns the yacht, which, until the week before had been registered to Count Sighisoara Corvin and his wife, Queen Anastasia Regina Muneday. That sort of explained the smell of wet paint everywhere and crews standing at attention with paint gear nearby as we crossed the decks.
    Chris and Athos have a large concrete room full of special wall and ceiling hangings. These are not decorations in the normal sense, they are men who preyed on young, human flesh for sexual gratification and profit. They had literally fucked some of their prey to death. They had sold the bodies of victims as young as five or six years of age to perverts of all ages who only wanted their own sexual gratification with no regard for the life of the youngster they were with.
    Harry grabbed Chris and held him, Chris gets so uptight when he starts in on these people. He was shaking and we could all feel the hatred this man had for those who abused children. Chris can not stand any sexual activity with anyone under fourteen or fifteen. He has allowed three thirteen year old boys into his home and now he has Eric's eleven year old brother, but each boy is a special case and already heavily involved in boi sex. His own stepson, nine year old Rodney, is a real cause of concern for Chris. He was not pleased with the events at the home of his old friend Athos the night before, but he looked his fuck buddy in the eye and told him, "Athos, I would not have had one of those little guys near me if it were anywhere, but in your home. I know that you would never take a small boy for your pleasure. The boy would have to be well known as a man's companion for you to have him around. I understand that every boy in your house has been sexually active with men for a period of years and they are active by choice. I don't hold any of that against you. I love you and I always will.
    "Guys I had an eight year old boy climb up on me last night and tell me that he, 'love big penis in his poopy hole.' His fifteen year old brother came over and told me that the boy had a normal little boy's fancy for naked people. At the age of four he saw a teenage boy pissing on a tree. He stood and stared at the boy's big dick. The boy turned so that the little guy could see the pee coming out and the lad was fascinated. The boy moved to the teenager who let the boy touch him, that was the magic switch that triggered a new faggot to the world. The teenager had his first blow job from a four year old kid whose arm was not as thick or much longer than the older boy's dick.
    "The next day the two brothers were at the city's market square when the four year old saw the teenager. The boy knew no better when he grabbed his brother and shouted out that that was the boy that he had told him about the night before. When the teenager got closer he heard the four year old boy tell his father and brother that the teenager let him suck on his wee wee and he got a drink of man milk.
    "The father hit the teenager in the face and knocked him out. The teenager's father saw the blow and came to aid his son, but quickly changed sides as he listened to what triggered the attack. A crowd had gathered about as both fathers made it clear that they did not want she boys in their homes. Jacque was in the crowd and he took the two fathers aside. My little informer didn't know how much was paid, but Dimitri came and gave the two men a large amount of cash and the three boys were taken to live in a room where they were kept chained to their bed posts at night. The four year old grew up on man milk. He serviced every boy in the room each night. His brother told me that there were nearly always ten to twelve boys in that one room
    "In the meantime he and the teenage boy that had started the whole mess were trained in taking man cock in their poop holes by Jacque, Fesell, and Dimitri. Nearly starving to death the boys were eager to go out on the street to earn their food for that evening. I asked him if he knew what became of the teenager. He ducked his head and cried. Another boy about a year older held my young friend and told me he was the rapist of the little lad. He moved his legs apart to show me a headless cock and no balls. Dimitri had sought to kill him when he vomited on a fat African dignitary that had come to buy boys to be servants in his home. All the while Arman was telling me this story the little lad had a goodly amount of my cock down his young throat and he was sound asleep.
    "Guys that little boy may love cock. He may have found his heart's desire anywhere, but he found it from an older boy who raped him. Yes it was rape. The little guy was curious, but the older boy provided the forbidden fruit. Now we have an eight year old boy who wants a cock in his throat day and night. His brother told me that he tries to protect the little one and he takes the men in his ass and will do whatever they ask if they will not fuck his little brother. He told me that so far he has been able to protect Kardal."

    Well that was good information, but it did not explain why we were here. The door to the lounge where we were opened and several naked boys entered with trays of food and dishes. A table was set before us and a banquet was laid that would feed four times our number. Chris grabbed a handful of sweet teenage butt as it started to leave the room. He asked the boy to stay and carve the large prime rib that had been brought in. The boy spoke no English so he called to his co-workers. A very sweet faced boy came back and told Chris that his friend didn't understand. Chris asked again. The sweet face said that he could carve, the other boy had told him he did not know how. Chris asked the translator if the first boy wanted to go or stay. He wanted to stay. Chris turned him around and kissed him, he wanted to stay and play.
    The translator had the massive erection of a very impressive man cock sticking up out of a very heavy bush of thick black hair. Chris called him over and sucked him dry. He told the boy that if he was going to carve he wanted to be sure that his huge cock didn't get in the way. He would hate to see anything happen to that prime meat. He took the first boy into his lap and fondled him. The boy was into man love, he returned all of Chris's advances with a passion that I have seldom ever seen.
    Chris took the boy's hand and placed it on his cock. He showed the boy that he wanted him to jack off. It was an awkward position so Chris asked us if we would mind giving the boy a little room. We moved closer together as the boy was set on the edge of the table in front of Chris. Chris spread the boy's legs wide and placed them on either side of his legs in the chair. Chris grabbed his little hand and helped the boy to stroke himself once again. The lad was fun to watch as he rolled his head back and closed his eyes. His hand was a blur as he worked his four and half inch tool into a blood engorged weapon of mighty power.
    I watched in eager anticipation as the glans was exposed and re-covered rapidly. Each downward stroke revealed a glans that was getting an angry red color and I knew that the boy was enjoying the fantasy he was playing in his little head as he sped up his actions and lifted his tiny butt from the table. As the first shot of boi juice left the launch pad Chris was ready, he had his bowl of salad in front of the boy. He carefully helped the boy to aim his ejaculate into the bowl, the boy giggled as he worked every drop from his wilting organ. Finished at last he sat back a bit only to have Chris move in to clean any residual that could be found, Chris even licked the boy's hand clean.
    Chris moved the lad back to his lap and the pair shared a sweet kiss, which had both of them hard as nails in an instant. Chris moved the boy and fed him a bite of salad with special dressing on it then he took a bite of himself. When Chris was passed a plate with a very thick slice of the prime rib roast beef on it he stopped again, he asked for more of the horseradish. The boy who was carving told him that it was very hot. Chris told him that he and the other boy were going to make it taste better, the carving boy rushed over with a container of horseradish and a super hard cock.
    Chris cleaned the drop of pre-cum from the lad and told him to tell the other boy to stand at his side and stroke into the hot sauce on his plate. With a boy on each side of him and their firm globes held tight in his hands Chris enjoyed his pre-meal show. The older boy was at the verge of his orgasm when the little guy grabbed at Chris's arm. Chris held his plate before the youngster as a well aimed first shot landed dead center of the large spoonful of horseradish. The carver fired his first shot into the mix and followed it with three more thick shots. The little guy was down to dribbles which were streaking across the cut of meat. The carver's cock was re-aimed to cross the meat from the other side, making a very interesting pattern.
    Chris licked each boy clean and had them kneel at his side as he mixed the creamy hot sauce and spread it on his bite of meat. Chris took a tiny bit on the very tip of his spoon and grabbed at the table top, it was very hot and Chris told his dinner companions that he was glad that he had cut it with the proper sauce. He offered the boys to take what they wanted and each of them spread his tasty concoction on their own plates.
    Chris asked for a bench, the boys moved around the room and pulled a window seat over to the side of the table where he was seated. He now had room for a boy to sit at each side of him; he put his arms around them and pulled them close to his body and kissed them. The carving boy took up the task of cutting a piece of the prime rib and feeding it to Chris, the other boy fed him a bite of salad as Chris continued to fondle their young bodies.
    I have known Chris for some time now and I can see that he is very troubled. I don't know what is going to happen, I know that we are on a mission to end the reign of the Sheik, but I don't have details. Whatever Chris has in mind is hurting him, greatly.
    As we finished our meal Chris told us that he had to prepare himself. He told us that our plane would leave in an hour and a half. He said that if we wanted there were rooms available and that the boys would come in to be with us. Athos chose two cute boys of about thirteen or so. Harry found a strapping lad that looked a lot like a younger Toby. Timmy didn't look at the faces too much as he fondled the remaining two to erection and decided to take both of them. I looked up and Chris was already gone.

    At precisely one o'clock Chris's door opened. He stepped back into the lounge wearing form fitting black Spandex. The man is fit and the fit fit his fit form well. I drooled. I looked behind Chris, into his room, to see two very well fucked and happy boys asleep in each other's arms. Chris looked to see what I saw and smiled at me then he drew the door closed. Harry and Timmy entered the lounge from their rooms wearing the same form fitting outfits that fit them equally well.
    Harry had a very sweet looking lad of about fifteen hanging on him. Harry kissed the boy and spoke very quietly so that none of the rest of us could hear what was said.
    Athos stepped out of his room and looked at the other three. "I wish I could go with you," he lamented as he patted his rotund belly.
    Chris grabbed the older man and held him close. "My friend you have done your part and done it well. I don't know what we will get into on this trip, but I want you where you can rescue me, if possible. If we are successful I will guarantee you right here and now, that you will have a front row seat to the finale. You, above all others have earned that right and I will not let you be deprived of the depraved work to be done." He laughed an infectious laugh that Athos joined in on. Harry and Timmy were obviously uneasy, they could only imagine what lay ahead of them.
    The three men boarded the plane which once again just cleared the tops of the waves as it sped along on its final part of the journey. Chris looked at his two traveling companions and breathed deeply, "I have not told you anything to this point for your own safety. I do not believe for one moment that you would ever say anything to anyone about our mission, but you know the kind of ruthlessness that we are combating. These people think nothing of killing little boys for pleasure. You heard with your own ears last night that they eat the flesh of their enemy, even when that enemy is a little boy. What was almost said last night was that the man we are after has a different understanding then we do about where a rump roast should be cut from.
    "Some of those children in that room have been made to eat the flesh of their own brothers, or enemies of our target. I am sure that you know whom we are going after. You have heard the name dropped many times, but to this point I have not told you that this is the way it is. Well," he took a deep breath, "let me clear the field as I lay this whole operation out for you."
    Chris was on edge. He reached around and unplugged the two headsets hanging on the bulkhead near the door to the pilot's cabin. He softly touched the door to be sure it was latched. He came back and nearly sat down in Harry's lap as he wanted to be between his two conspirators. "Our target, yes, target, because we will not leave until he is dead, hopefully very painfully dead after as slow of a death as I can manage. The target's name is Sighisoara Abbas Al-Hadi, he calls him self Count Seigy Corvin, I knew him as the Sheik. He attended some of Charley's parties when I was a boy. I got at cross purposes with him when I overheard him talking to his brothers, Ibrahim and Hassan." Chris paused for effect. Timmy and Harry remained expressionless. They knew that Hassan is Toby's biological father and Ibrahim is Kenny's father. They also knew that Chris had recently discovered that Seigy is Jason Weller's biological father.
    Chris took a deep breath and continued, "The three men were dressed in robes and passing themselves off as wealthy oil magnates. They actually are, they have billions of dollars in oil wealth at their disposal, they were making jokes about the decadence of the westerners. I had learned a little Arabic and could understand enough of what they were saying to know that I didn't like it. I went to Charley and told him what I had heard. Ibrahim had tried to drag me from the party, he had told me several times that he wanted me to be his boy. Gentlemen, I never had sex with that bastard, thankfully, he was as revolting then as he is now.
    "Seigy and his brothers were expelled from the party and banned from ever attending any more. Seigy has held a grudge against me for all of these years. His twisted thinking, and even more twisted intelligence sources, made him believe that I owned BAG Boys and that the purpose of the school was to supply gay party boys to the world's perverts.
    Friends of theirs attended a party that one of their own held in New York City in July of 2005. I was at my apartment in the same hotel with my family, where we were hiding young Cullen. A lapse in security allowed Cullen to be photographed having anal intercourse with their friend.
    "We learned that it was our own cameras that had taken the pictures, we had a leak in our system that allowed them access to those pictures. I was caught on film by their spies that were watching the school, when they saw me with Cullen and my other boys then saw us at the boi party they assumed that…well that is what started everything moving. They had been searching the world over for Cullen, here he was, right under their noses. They even had a boy of their own in the school who could help them get information on my activities and on Cullen's location, they thought.
    "The attempted kidnaping of young Branden Dubois and Kyle Simpson was an attempt to locate me. The man who jumped out of the car, that Harry killed with a single bullet, was hiding the son of Seigy. Everyone believed him to be Ibrahim's son. Wilson Weller had to have the boy, Jason Weller, back in his possession. Jace was his insurance policy as well as a source of information as to what was going on inside the school. Jason had moved to be with his boyfriend. The intelligence that was being fed back to them was that I had spirited the boy away. When Weller was killed a bounty was placed on my head. Cullen had been identified as being with me so the two of us became targets for every man with a gun around the world.
    "Hold your balls boys, this is going to hit you hard. Seigy is married to Cullen's great aunt who has been crowned queen and sits on Cullen's throne. She is the illegitimate offspring of Cullen's great grandfather and not eligible to sit on that throne. Seigy helped King Muneday to pass shady new laws, which are being challenged in their court system, to place his wife on that throne.
    "Cullen and I were scheduled to meet with the queen only hours before her coronation, it was a trap. Our car was blown apart and we were killed. In truth, Cullen was never with me. He had been disguised and was with the family posing as one of Andy's people. Our intelligence had told us of the plot so, in full view of the Queen, Cullen and I got into the limo while my sister, Eloise, rode with Queen Regina. El helped distract the Queen while FI agents spirited Cullen and I away. I waited until the car was actually destroyed then sought a very unpleasant ride in the back of a very smelly truck full of vegetable waste on its way out of the country. I was spirited to a villa that I had rented before hand in the south of France.
    "Interpol had agents working around the globe to locate the assassins who blew up the car that I was supposedly in. Those two men liked to sing and told Athos all he needed to know, I was not aware that Athos was anywhere near until he showed up in St Tropez, where I was relaxing in my villa. Athos appeared from nowhere when Cory tried to free Bryan West from Dimitri.
    "The next time I saw Dimitri he was hanging around at a place Athos has in the mountains near St Tropez. Before I left France to return home Athos had several house guests hanging about. Ibrahim and his henchmen were most welcome, two visitors from New Mexico arrived quite suddenly. They are the pair that killed Carl Dickson and his son, Tommy."
    Chris paused to pour himself a cup of coffee, "Are you with me so far?" His friends told him that they were. They were glad to finally be able to put all of the little pieces of the horrid mess together. They had often wondered what and why, but knew better than to ask. Chris kissed them both and told them that they were of his inner circle; only Andy knows as much as Chris knows. Cory knows some of it, but as a child Chris keeps some of the details from the boy, there is no need for him to know it all. For instance he has no idea where these three are at the present time or what they are doing or going to do. At the moment Harry and Timmy did not know what they were about to do.
    "Gentlemen, two weeks ago I asked you how you were with night jumps from low altitudes. We are flying below every radar system that we know about. Andy is jamming radio and cell-phone traffic for twenty miles around us, if someone tries to radio our presence their transmission will fail until we are well out of the area. Our pilots are listening to Andy's controllers, that is why we seem to be switching back and forth in our directions, we are trying to move around any boat or ship that would have a radio to report us. We can not avoid all of them, of course, so jamming equipment is set up and ready. There are fifty friendly sea craft in the waters around us to assist in this mission.
    "Our mission? We are on our way to Romania, we have no sanctions, we are alone and independent. Our plane is not registered, it is being flown by men who do not exist. They have been told that if they get caught that we will do all in our power to get them free, but they both have their dental implants, and yes, they have the homing device in their groin. We are taking a very long and low level route over water, we're traveling basically east at this time. When we reach Greece we will swing north into the black sea. Gentlemen, that area is heavily patrolled by the Russians and former members of the Soviet Block. We could very well disappear from the face of the earth tonight. Not meaning to scare you, but you should know.
    "Maybe I should have told you all of this before. Believe me, I have anguished over this. I am in love with both of you and I can not stand the idea of either of you being hurt or…the other. I think about your boys, Toby would be totally lost should anything happen to you, Harry. Christopher is so in love with you Tim, that he would be devastated. His only salvation is that he does not know of your plans for him and at present he and Cory have other interests to maintain him.
    "When we reach the coast of Romania we will move inland to a field south of the town of Sâncraiul-De-Mures. Known to westerners as Targu Mures. There we have contacts that will feed us and bed us down while we get ready for the last part of our journey. About thirty miles SSE of Targu Mures is the town for which Siegy was named, Sighisoara. This is the reputed hometown of the notorious Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, you know the story of Dracula. I have it on good authority that Seigy enjoys impaling his enemies as Vlad III did. Seigy believes that he is the descendant of the fifteenth century Romanian hero, Vlad Dracul III.
    "We are going to go to his castle to see for ourselves how he lives. Yes, he has built a castle replicating the old style, with his money he can build most anything he wants. Vlad Dracul built his castle in the mountains above Ploiesti that is now a protected site so our friend built a replica on a mountain peak near his mother's hometown. Who says he isn't a sentimental old softy? The new castle is built with modern amities, such as steam heat and running water, but the floor plan is supposed to be the same. I hope it is because these blueprints are what we will have to guide us once we are inside. You may want to memorize these as this flight does not have a selection of reading material on board.
    We are going to be jumping at about midnight then we will rest tonight in Targu Mures. Early in the morning we will move down to Seigy's home. He is scheduled to leave there at about nine tomorrow morning, but I want verification that he is well out of the area before we gain access to his castle. If my intell is better than his was he is a naughty little boy with lots of skeletons in his closets, and multiple dungeons. Any questions."
    "You never finished telling us why we were on that yacht," Harry said.
    "The men that you saw and didn't see on that yacht you never heard of, okay? I met with finance ministers of five countries today, gentlemen. That meeting never happened. Count Sighisoara Corvin-Sheik Sighisoara al-Hadi—all enterprises and assets, property, holdings, bonds, safety deposit boxes, numbered accounts, everything that we can find in his name, disappeared today. All holdings of Nicholas Pagonis and Ibrahim Daschle are also gone forever, they never existed. By this time Friday morning the world will not find any reference to any such person, anywhere. King al-Hadi, Seigy's half brother will destroy every trace of the man's existence in their birth country. Seigy and Ibrahim were never born.
    "Harry and Toby have already seen to Ibrahim's assets being transferred to Kenny and himself. Now all of Seigy's assets are being transferred to his children and his wives. Several billion dollars are being sent into special accounts for the children that have been located, the ones that have no home to return to. Every child harmed by this man and his crew will have a one million dollar trust fund set up for them from which they can draw interest for twenty years or less. As sole executor of these funds I alone decide when funds are to be disbursed to the individuals. At the age of majority a review of their life will determine the disposition of the trust. I will not give money to those children who do not try to better themselves. It is not their fault that they are his victims, but they do have the choice of how to live now that they know the worst side of life.
    "You heard Athos tell us that there were several children that opted to go back to the streets rather than live wherever. Nobody, but me, and now these bankers, has any idea of my plans for their young lives, now I will tell you. If this castle is what I have been told and the diplomatic ground work that I have been laying for several months bears fruit, then those children will have a home in the Romanian Mountains, for life. They will educated at the schools of their choosing, and in their mother tongue. By the time they finish school I expect them to be fluent in many languages as well as excel in math, science, and how to live like real people.
    "I believe that most of the children will remain homosexual, I have had to work my ass off to overcome that. It seems that no one wants a house full of fags in their neighborhood. Not even in the remote mountains of mid-Eastern Europe."
    Harry wondered out loud what we all were thinking, "Would I be out of line to ask why you need so much prep time tomorrow?"
    "Seigy has an important engagement with his wife, Queen Regina. He is to see her to her plane then he has an appointment with someone of importance back at his home. That someone is, of course, the three of us. Regina will come to the end her reign and her life at the same time that we are meeting with Seigy, I was prepared to spare her sixteen year old son. He would of course be a problem to overcome for Cullen's claim to the throne, being the direct heir of the current, although illegal, queen. I discovered that he has a taste for boy flesh, roasted medium well. He has one of his father's favorite fetishes of eating a boy's testicles in cream sauce as the boy watches. Then the boy is impaled in the manner his father has taught him, boy thigh and rump roast are his favorite meats.
    "I will give you a little fact on cannibalism. Human flesh has some type of bacteria in it that accumulates in the brain of cannibals. I am not sure what it's called, but it is the same type of organism that causes mad cow disease. Mad cow has been discovered to be caused by cows eating ground up waste parts of beef from slaughter houses that was pelletized and fed back to them in their feed. This enzyme or bacteria in the like flesh of the animal attacks their brains.
    "This same symptom has been widely known in human circles for many years. People who feed on human meat absorb similar, whatevers, into their system. It causes a form of madness that grows with time. I have been assured by some to the top specialists on this subject that semen does not contain this problem source. It is only from ingesting the meat. So I want to admonish you that if you do bite, don't chew. If you chew don't swallow."
    That broke the somber mood of the trio and they seemed to relax a bit. Chris advised them to get some rest. He told them that they had a very long flight ahead of them. They would need their energy for the jump and whatever they may find on the ground when they land. Tim has not had, but one night jump and he was anxious, the business of it being a low level jump did not sit well either. He crawled up next to Chris as they opened out the bed that Athos had made sure to provide for them, Chris made sure to get in the middle of things as he loved his friends.

I'll take over here, you have enough back ground.

    It was so dark that the red light from the filtered flashlight in the pilots hand was blinding to me. We were approaching our jump zone so I awakened my boys. I held each of them close and kissed them, we may never see each other again if we're not very careful. I don't believe in luck, we make or break whatever luck we might have. The pilot called out, "Ready… jump." Even in the dead of early morning darkness in late summer the air was cold. We were in a mountainous region, but not at any great height.
    I had more to worry about than the cold, I knew that there are rocks and tress below. We jumped from about a thousand feet above the ground with no time to enjoy the float. Suddenly I felt a tree branch hit my foot and almost instantly the ground held me against it. Frantically I collapsed my chute as I strained to see my boys in the dark. I heard the sound of a chute being rolled up off to my left about twenty feet. I slowly inched my way toward the sound and ran smack into the back of Harry. He is a trained military man and his training showed; he was so quiet I couldn't even hear his heart beat, but mine sure was pounding.
    Harry had hold of my arm as he led me to Timmy. We held each other for a moment then Harry took out a small light to clamp onto his compass. We had no choice, we had to see which way to begin to walk, the light was shielded and unless someone was looking directly at us they would not see it in the brief instant that it was on.
    Someone was looking directly at us. Harry flashed the light on then swung around to point the needle north and our faces NNW. Vehicle head lights lit us up and the sound of a heavy truck roared toward us. We were caught before we ever began. (if this was TV you would watch a commercial right now)
    As the truck drew up to us I realized how close it had been. The headlights had the old blackout slits over them so that only a fraction of their light shone straight ahead and down. The truck was a military vehicle built to transport personnel. The back door swung open and a voice called out, "Quickly to you move, Herr Chris." In an instant we were inside with a heater. I met Petro who passed us hot coffee as soon as he had welcomed us to his country.
    From the back seat it was hard to see anything because of the way the headlights were shaded. What I did see made me glad to still be able to walk, we were surrounded by huge boulders and tall trees. Petro told us that we had made a perfect landing in a small area about, "forty feet big." He did not think that we could hit such a target in the darkest night in the month. He was very proud to know the Yankee Marine Paratroops. He told us we were better than we appear in the movies. I had to sit in the middle, I needed the strength of my two Marine buddies. I felt their bodies shaking as they laughed at our comrade in the front seat.
    In just a few moments I saw the lights of a house and not another light for miles around. The driver headed straight into an old barn and someone shut the doors behind us. When the doors were shut the lights came on; we were surrounded by six fresh faced boys about fourteen or fifteen years old. We were led to a side room of the barn where a table was set with Ripchen mit kraut und brot. Beer was passed around and Ein Prost was hosted to the Americanisch Marines.
    I had to explain that we were not marines. If this story got out it could mean very difficult international relations. I had no idea that Timmy had any knowledge of Slavic tongues, but with less work than I needed he was conversing with our hosts. He told them that we were not military. He told them that I had never even been in the armed forces, this news seemed to set them back a bit.
    We visited as we enjoyed the meal. I am not big on ham, or any pork meat, but there was no way I would let my gracious host know that. We learned that the boys were actually escapees from Seigy's castle which was only about seven miles away. As dinner finished up I was led to the far end of the room and passed a satellite telephone. The word I received sat me on the ground, quickly. Seigy's life is now measured in seconds.
    Our hosts fitted us with back packs fully laden with the tools necessary to do our job. They had two of the older boys lead us out across the mountain. We walked on fairly flat surfaces with very few obstacles; I believe that we were on a path that these boys had traveled many times before. We came up to a rise where the boys indicated that we should sleep for an hour until the sun rose. I had Harry and Timmy lay in a star like pattern with our heads together as I told them the most recent news.
    "We are now on an official mission sanctioned by the White House itself. Our nation's intelligence communities have verified knowledge of a heavily laden oil tanker leaving a port on the southern Iberian peninsula early today. Its destination is the Panama Canal. No further." I could feel Tim and Harry tense as they raised up to look in my direction, I could almost make out the expression on their faces in the inky black of pre-dawn. We rolled to our bellies and touched foreheads so I could whisper to them new orders from my phone call.
    "Before dark last night two men left the town of Brasov in a car with Sighisoara Corvin. They were heading northwest, possibly to Herr Corvin's castle in the Transylvanian mountains where we are headed tomorrow morning. The two men are the main players behind an atomic device of unknown power being placed in the bottom most hold of the monster tanker. The ship has now been loaded with crude oil bound for the west, but the manifest only has it listed as going as far as Panama.
    "The CIA and NSA are certain that intelligence presented them by FI is accurate and that the bomb hidden on the ship is meant to detonate in the locks of the canal. The blast will be well below water level, but the oil in the holds of the ship above it could rain down as fire from high in the atmosphere. The resulting carnage to the canal would close it for decades, but the wide spread pollution from the radio active oil could devastate millions of square miles, depending on wind directions and speeds. Quite possibly the eastern seaboard of the US would receive some of the fallout, but with almost certainty Europe would be polluted by a rain of radioactive oil mist, killing crops and live stock for years to come. If that mist were to fall in any concentration it could be ignited causing severe flash damage, in much the same manner as a kerosene bomb set for aerial burst.
    "We have been asked by the President of the United States to complete our mission while adding two new players. Intelligence feels that it is imperative that the men with Seigy not be allowed to communicate with the tanker after ten o'clock. A naval frigate with a company of Marines is to rendezvous with the tanker in international waters at noon. All hopes and prayers are that the ship can be taken intact without a major oil spill and that the weapon can be neutralized." Our foreheads were covered in perspiration as I communicated this message to two already tense young men.
    For the first time it dawned on me, "I am the novice here," both of these men are trained veterans. Harry is combat conditioned and he is the natural one to be leading this mission. I suddenly felt very stupid, I am letting my heart lead my head as I seek vengeance. I was really glad at that moment that we were on the line and available. Who knows how long it would have taken to get an assault team in place? If we have done all of our ground work properly the castle will not have outside electric or telephone service after sunrise. I don't know what kind of back up generators or telephone system is inside the compound. It didn't matter, I was going in and coming out alive. I would forever have the blood of a person far worse than the person he wants to be descended from on my hands and soul.

    A small hand on my shoulder awakened me with a start. I am used to youngster's hands on my sleeping body, but somehow I was on edge this time. It makes sense, considering where I was and what I was doing. The sky wasn't even grey yet, but I could see the faint grey line on the edge of the horizon east of us. It would be light enough for us to be seen in less than a half an hour.
    Timmy and Harry were assisting the drought starved foliage with some much needed water. I considered that a wise idea and found a bush of my own that needed watering. I watched our guides move so that they could get a good look at us as our morning urine steamed in the cold August morning mountain air. Timmy was grinning at me as the two boys were obviously talking about my cock with frenzied animation. I knew better than to do it, but I allowed a start on an erection to stiffen their young appendages being gently fondled in their young hands. I will owe these two a great deal of bed time when this mission is over, I hope they are going to be up for it.
    Both of our guides were sure-footed as they made their way across the treacherous rocks that ran along the edge of a steep drop off to the bottomless chasm to our left. I had been edgy after our drop in visit at the farm the evening before and had not given the boys more than a cursory glance. The boys were very youthful with that look of being on the edge of a freight train to manhood. Their coal black hair and deep dark eyes were highlighted by the rosy glow on their smooth cheeks.
    They wore heavy jackets over American Levi Jeans. They both had solid hiking boots on that were larger than their little legs. They led us along in absolute silence. I listened and none us even cracked a twig underfoot as we moved like deer through the forest.
    We rounded a corner and stood facing a solid stone wall over one hundred feet tall; looming from the bottom of the canyon to a good sixty or more feet above us was a wall of hewn granite blocks. Each block was two feet by three feet laid close together without visible mortar, as in days of yore. Except for the still visible tool scratches and the cleared ground at the base one would think they were looking at an ancient edifice.
    Our guides led us down a steep path to a massive door of hand hewn oak, or at least it was made to appear hand hewn. A single, sharp rap and the boys stood in silence. A few minutes, or was it hours, passed before a quiet knock was heard from the inside, first two raps a three count pause and then one single rap. Our guides used a fist sized rock to answer with three raps, a short pause then two raps. The return was a bit chaotic as our guides each had a rock in hand and were beating in rhythm on the door.
    Slowly the door swung inwards, our guides put their shoulders to the wood structure and pressed inward. At last an opening large enough for naked youngsters to slip through appeared. Naked boys were hugging our pair as all of them jumped up and down in animated pleasure.
    We were literally pushed inside as the door was secured behind us. The locking mechanism itself was straight out of days past. A single iron bar about a half inch thick and four inches wide was secured to the hinge side of the door. A heavy rope led from a hole on the opposite end and up over a ringlet over the top of the door. A boy lowered the rope allowing the iron bar to drop back into its heavy steel cradle, thus securing the door from outside entry.
    Our young guides had removed their clothes and hidden them behind a stack of one foot square by two foot long stone blocks that appeared to be spare building material stacked in a corner. I took the time to perv on the brave youngsters that had led us over such treacherous territory in the dark of night, they were well worth the look. Both boys were extremely bedable and very kissable. They both proved the last part as they let me draw them close to do a tonsil check as well as a thorough testicle exam.
    One of the youngsters that I later learned was named Hmcal, a Turkish name meaning one who takes revenge, quickly lost control. I know boys and not wanting to make a mess on the floor I dropped before him in time to take the first strong blast of Turkish cream I had ever tasted. I will have more of that boy, his prostate was hard and ready to produce more of the delectable breakfast treat for me. He was in needs of a bowel movement, I am so not into scat so I passed on licking my fingers after my dinner. I wiped my finger on the cuff of my pants as he giggled at me through his deep red blush.
    The three of us screwed our silencers on the modified barrels of M-16 Uzi machine guns. Why it crossed my mind right then I don't know, I guess when a man is in mortal danger his mind has to play it off. The word Uzi is a Biblical Hebrew word for, "the Lord is my strength." Thank you, Lord. I need Your strength as I serve as an angel of death this morning.
    Silent as little mice on the hewn stone floors six naked boys led us through the lower dungeons of the castle. I heard whimpering and peered inside a four inch square peep hole covered by a metal plate on a door. What met my eyes boiled my blood, three boys could be seen chained to a wall in a tiny cell. The stench that wafted through the door made my stomach turn and I had to hold on to keep from losing the sweet nectar of my young guide, which was all the nourishment I had consumed since my sauerkraut and ham dinner the evening before.
    The boys were talking animatedly to Timmy. One of the boys pushed the others aside and approached me. "Please sir, let us to wait to them ontil all koruma ist sleping." I smiled at him. He was about fourteen or so and his English was lacking, but he tried, bless his little heart he tried, I hugged him and told him that I agreed. We were led a little further along before six fingers covered six pairs of lips.
    I pointed at Harry to look, he had a small mirror to look around the corner from knee height. He motioned, "two asleep," one was at the toilet with his back to the door. Timmy moved behind Harry and as one they jumped into the room. Only the muffled pop of a single round then the crash of a falling body against the porcelain fixture was heard.
    I stepped into the room to see two men laying on their beds. Their eyes were open wide as they enjoyed the taste of blued steel deep in their mouths. The boys moved so quickly that none of us had time to stop them. They had the two guards bound and gagged in quick time. The boys took their prisoners across the hall and pushed them into one of the cells, no care was taken to help them avoid the multiple piles of human excrement that covered the floor.
    Silently the boys led the way upward. We were told that one more koruma watched the front door and entry way. With one quick look Harry slung his weapon from his shoulder and removed a wire garrote from his jacket pocket. In moments he peeped our all clear that sounds like the tiny squeak of a small bird or an unoiled hinge.
    Seigy's guests were asleep on divans in the large front hall, the boys told us Seigy was in his room. Quietly Harry and Timmy confirmed the guest's reservations for the upcoming party. We really didn't want to tie them down, but we were sure that they would want to hang around to see what was in store for their last hours on this side of their after world. Seigy had appointed the large hall well, a most interesting decorative item proved useful when the end of the long rope was run through the manacled hands and then through the tethered feet of the visitors. The boys giggled in glee as they hoisted the two hapless men ten feet above the floor so that they could get a choice bird's eye view of the party below. Both men had fear in their eyes as they hung face down, their arms and legs tethered behind them held them up like a display. Gags had been quickly assembled from what I suspect may have been the men's under garments and securely tied in place with strips of cloth from their own robes.
    Suspended from the high ceiling so that it hung over the large wooden table in front of the fire place was a dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross—the ancient emblem of the Order of the Dragon—. The massive work was over twenty feet tall and thirty feet wide. The base of the cross was attached to the fireplace chimney so that the ancient emblem loomed overhead with the piercing gaze of the eagle's eye watching every move below. To each side of the massive fireplace were two battle flags. One was a deep crimson with the same figure of a dragon with its wings extended, as it hung on a cross. I had an idea about the other flag, but I had to wait until things were settled down and secure before I logged my laptop on line to search and find the ancient flag of King Sigismund of Hungary. He became the Holy Roman Emperor in 1410, and he founded a secret fraternal order of knights called the Order of the Dragon to uphold Christianity and defend the Empire against the Ottoman Turks. The dragon on the cross was the emblem that he created to identify his army.

    Many of the boys fell in behind the three of us as we worked our way up the wide stone staircase to the elaborate second floor landing. The whole castle had been appointed well and I am sure that his young victims will enjoy Seigy's attention to detail as they make this into their own home for as long as they wish to live here.
    Our large following waited at the upper landing as our two original guides, Hmcal and Bahir, crept slowly along the hallway, hugging close to the walls. We were behind them with our weapons at the ready. Hmcal slipped up against a doorway and pointed inside, Timmy rushed to the far side of the door as Harry stood in front of it, I took the side in front of the boys. As one we moved when Harry's boot kicked the oversized door into splinters. Seigy was deep into a pair of tiny youngsters and in no position to do anything, but piss in his bed.
    I swatted the two little guys on the ass and sent them out of the room. I wanted no ceremony or decorum for the slime before me. I pulled at a length of gold cord used as a drapery sash and tied the man's hands behind his back, another length hobbled his legs so that he could not run. I looked Harry deep in the eyes, I knew what I was going to do, I guess I just wanted his approval. He nodded at me.
    I threw the end of the rope in my hand around the cretin's neck, I pushed his tethered arms up high on his back so that he was very uncomfortable. I took a second loop of rope around his throat then secured the end of it to his wrists. If he relaxed his arms he cut off his breath, he had to hold his arms high, just beyond the point of severe pain. I kicked him in the ass to start him moving to the door, all the time I kept my hand on the rope from his neck to his wrists. I had a problem walking and had to tug at the rope from time to time to keep my balance. I loved the gurgling sounds that Seigy was making, it let me know that he had not forgotten that I was there.
    Seigy had the absolute exercise tool in his great hall. I found a two foot diameter exercise ball in one corner of the room. With help from my compatriots we had one of the great decorative ropes that hung from the ceiling tied to the rope on Seigy's wrists. We wanted him to get one last work out so together we lifted him up and helped him to balance himself on the ball. I was impressed, I believe that this was the first time in his miserable life that he was ever on the ball.
    I spoke in English. "How many of you speak English?" About ten boys moved forward, "I want this man to stay around awhile. He is the guest of honor at a party we are going to have I believe that there are other boys in the house that might want to come to the party also.
    "I would like some of you boys to run through the house and gather everybody to this room, I want everybody to come. I would like to ask some of you to stay here and watch our three guests so that they don't get lonesome. I would like to have some of you larger boys stay here to help keep Seigy on the ball."
    Boys ran everywhere through the house with laughter and with tears. More boys were coming down from the rooms above. I was led to the kitchens where I found six older boys chained to cabinets, stoves, tables, whatever his work area, as they prepared food for the household. I didn't have keys for their shackles. I located a large steel bar and pried the chains from their anchors. My helpers lifted the chains and carried them behind the freed boys as many arms reached out in thanks. I told them to go to the main hall and relax and I would join them when everybody was free.
    I headed back to the lower floors that we had come through. I opened each cell door to find more reasons to hate. I was getting to the point that I wanted to just start pulling parts off of Seigy with my bare hands. Hmcal ran up to me with a set of keys, he began to unlock the shackles on the boys' leg. Once freed I told Hmcal to have one of the other boys lead the youngster across to the guard room and shower him down. I told him to let the boys drink water slowly. I told him not to let them have more than a cup full then wait for a few minutes before letting him have more.
    All together I found nine youngsters in the worst physical shape that I have ever seen a boy in before. I found one boy so weak from advanced malnutrition that I had to carry him. I learned that he was one of Seigy's own sons. His mother had fallen out of grace with Seigy and he had killed her and her infant daughter in front of this boy. He was going to starve the boy to death as further punishment to his dead wife.
    I carried the fifteen year old boy in my arms. He barely weighed a total of forty pounds, his tiny body was so thin that his every bone showed through. His belly was distended as the final days of the lad's tortured life ebbed closer. I learned that his name was Salman, which means safe. I told him that he was safe with me and that I was going to help him get strong. I had to be led back to the main hall, I could hardly walk with my little bag of bones, the tears were blinding me every step of the way. Hmcal and his brothers comforted and spoke quietly to Salman as we made our way up the stairs. The boys prodded the two guards along before us with the electric cattle prods they enjoyed using on the boys' young boi hood.
    Suddenly the lights came on lighting our way. Behind us I heard cheering as Hmcal told us that Bahir, which means brilliant, had just turned on the generators. Good. I want the boys to watch a little TV with me.
    Salman saw his father keeping himself on the ball, he hoarsely whispered something to Hmcal. "He say that he papa should eat shite," Hmcal translated for me. I asked Hmcal if he had taken the time to go to the bathroom yet. Gleefully he shook his head no. I pointed at a used dinner napkin on the floor. It was obscene, but the boys enjoyed the anticipation of what they believed might be coming. Young boys everywhere believe body functions to be funny, even perverse functions.
    I sent a boy to retrieve a pair of heavy handcuffs from the well decorated walls of the hall. Harry and Timmy had their boots firmly against Seigy as he was lowered to the floor and the handcuffs applied. The ropes were removed to give the man some relief and a clear airway, I had something in mind for that airway. The rope from the ceiling was reattached so that Seigy could hang from his shackled arms. Before he was raised off of the floor I let Hmcal place his napkin full of doody into the pig's mouth. The other boys were jumping up and down and truly enjoying themselves for the first time in their young lives as Siegy struggled to breathe around the stinking mess in his mouth.
    The boys were cheering and jumping around in their joy when suddenly I realized something that I had let pass my mind, none of the boys was circumcised. I remembered Raven making the statement about Jace and Kenny that all good Muslims were circumcised as a part of their religious beliefs. Seigy was more westernized than I had thought. All of his wives were stolen from around Europe so I guess that circumcision was not a big issue in his household. I don't mind, I love their little sheath.
    I stood still, holding the frail figure of Salman in my arms as I looked at the monster of the man hanging before me. My hatred seethed as I thought of millions of ways to skin his father alive in a slow torturous death. On the wall I spotted a pair of very fine needle nosed plyers. I smiled as I contemplated pinching the skin between Seigy's toes and slowly exposing the sensitive flesh beneath to the open air. I could see him skinned alive and I enjoyed what I was seeing.
    That frightened me, I walked over to sit down in the huge wooden throne chair behind the raised table. I looked at the bony face of the living skeleton in my arms as I recalled the stories I had heard during my search for this sub-man. I was told time and again that he believed himself to be the direct descendant of the fictional character, Count Dracula.
    I sat starring at the corpse that knew not that it was yet dead and wondered how I was different than he. I hated with all the intensity that a demented demon would hate. I used young boys for my pleasure. I wielded immense power over others to gain that which I sought. I used the courts and the greed of others to gain my harem yet, so far, I had never killed anyone, or even caused pain. Well maybe a little pain when I went up in them. Sorry, I get carried away.

    I asked Timmy to establish a strong satellite linkup signal to Andy whom I instantly had scurrying to get me a doctor on line. I told the doctor the condition that Salman was in. The boy's respiration was sharp and shallow, I knew he was at his end. The doctor told me to start him on broth, clear vegetable broth would be best, meat at this point would be hard on the boy. Andy told me that he was dispatching a medical team to me.
    As Timmy and Harry set up television sets scrounged from around the house I spoon fed the babe in my arms. Our link was established at seven thirty, we had nice coverage from three satellites that would be crossing paths over an area one hundred and six miles west of Portugal. At the moment the only thing happening was a large ship was being approached by a helicopter.
    Our picture was being shot from one hundred and twenty miles out in space so details were hard to get. I asked Andy for permission for a detail shot. This was our satellite, he could do whatever he damn well pleased. I heard some detail dude in the background telling him that I wasn't authorized to get a closer shot. Andy told the guy that I had a deeper clearance than he did and if he wanted to stay in the mountain he better shut up and leave it alone.
    Yeah, I have the clearance, but these children don't. Our guests that were all hanging around waiting for the party to start would not live to tell anyone what they could see so I had no problems with bending a few security codes. I asked Andy about our viewing area and if any other ships were around. He told me that NATO had been at work all night getting everything afloat within a five hundred mile radius out of the area.
    "But Andy, they are only in international waters. A hundred miles off of the southern coast of Europe. If that detonates there Andy…"
    "Chris, you have a very important job that I know nothing about, okay? Don't think so much. You will make a mistake and it might cost me the life or health of someone I love very much. Let me do this. You can at least watch what I am doing."
    "Do you want to watch what I am doing?" I tossed back at him.
    "Do I want too?" I could hear a touch of eagerness in his voice, but caution was over ruling his base desires.
    "Probably not, but your morbidity does," I laughed at him.
    "How secure are you?"
    "The unit in my hand has your chip in it, the dish receiver on the ground out front is keyed to our link. I can burst it to you in micro second packets."
    "Listen to me, my friend, save it. Let's not take a chance that today somebody gets in our house. You and I can sit with a bag of popcorn in our lap and watch it together this weekend."
    He was right. I had not even wanted him to know what was going on, but it is rather hard to keep the rooster out of the hen house when you are trying to trap the fox, I was glad for the support.

    My little bundle stirred and smiled up at me. Oh, that was a good sign, I kissed him and wrapped the thin blanket I had around him a little tighter. My prayers never ceased for his life to continue.
    Many of the boys had gone back to the kitchen to prepare food for all of us. Hmcal had found keys to remove all of the chains from the boys and I fought the urge to go start pushing every foot of those chains up Seigy's ass. It was only his frail young son in my arms that prevented my doing so.
    Harry and Timmy were with the other eight boys that were brought up from the dungeons. They were trying to hold the starving boys back, letting them take only soft foods in small amounts. Timmy told the boys that we were going to sit here and eat all day long. He told them not to hurry because we didn't want to run out of food, he smiled at me as the boys seemed to understand that concept.

    The heavy sounds of a truck motor echoed through the halls. Harry and Timmy were on the move with weapons in hand. The front door opened as Petro and Tahl, my driver, and the other four boys from our nighttime dinner party rushed through the door. I was embarrassed, we had let this truck load of people get all of the way inside with no warning whatsoever.
    I was still cursing myself when I realized that a young man of about thirty or so was kneeling amongst the eight boys from the dungeons. He had a medical bag with him and he was quickly checking each boy. He took out a syringe and a bottle of medicine. Eight pairs of eyes widened and eight tiny bodies pulled back as Timmy got down on his knees and began to talk to the boys. He was talking to the doctor who looked a bit perplexed, but he gave in. Timmy removed his blouse and bared his arm for the doctor to give him a shot. Timmy told me later that it was only B complex vitamins and that the doctor gave him a small dose. It was the point of seeing Timmy take the needle that the boys needed to see. I hugged the bitsy man, I do love him.
    The doctor moved on until he was with Salman, he looked at me with such pain in his eyes. He wanted to take Salman to a hospital, but the old truck would make the journey rough. I asked him if he could treat the boy where he was, he agreed that it would be better for him to stay put. Of course Timmy was translating for my lack of preparedness as the doctor told me that if Salman could live four more hours he had a good chance at making it through the night. With that step his chances of recovery would grow stronger each day.
    I really wasn't ready to have this doctor go to town and tell about my hanging fixtures in the mountain top castle, I would much rather have him stay. I had so much to do that I relinquished the tiny bag of bones to the doctor, but I stayed as close as possible. I called Andy and learned that we would have friendly company in less than two hours. They had medical supplies and another doctor onboard. Andy heard the voice catch in my throat as he laughingly told me that Athos had some dues paying guests that demanded to see the end of the drama. There was a Chinook helicopter inbound with an E.T.A. of 10.00 hours, local time.
    The TV was showing US Marines running across the decks as a frigate came into the picture. Suddenly we were all deafened as somewhere someone spoke from the multiple of television sets about the room. No one knew that they had the volume so high. The voice curtly announced the name of the frigate and said that it was now on scene and taking position.
    "Hey, boys. Do you know what an atomic bomb is?" With quick translation most of the boys' hands went up. "Those two ragheads over there have placed an atomic bomb in that big boat, it is loaded with oil. If that bomb goes off the oil will be set on fire and the explosion will throw it several miles up into the sky. It will rain down fire for many miles around, killing thousands and thousands of people and animals too.
    "I don't like people who would set off a bomb like that and kill even little children and babies. Do you? What should we do with them?"
    I sat back and marveled at the same sounds that I would expect from my family at home. Boys everywhere are first and foremost, boys. I was hearing a consensuses, but I waited to see what would happen next. A tiny lad limped over to me with the aid of a boy of about ten. The tiny baby bent over and spread his cheeks before me to show a very bruised and stretched ass hole. He told how the "fat one" had fucked him hard for several hours. Then he made the baby lick the blood and mess from his dick as he rammed it all the way down his throat. He wanted me to, "cut the mans peenes off and make him eat it, peeeze?"
    Time to get our show on the road. In compliance with our insurance carrier it had been suggested that all means of out bound communication be secured. I knew that these two guests of Seigy's had a call to make before ten o'clock. That was just over an hour and a half away. I had to be absolutely sure that they would not be able to use the phone.
    Seigy's great hall was very well appointed with neat decorations, I would have all of the decorations melted down and turned into plow shares by the end of my stay, but for now I wanted to play with some of them. Of great interest to me were two stumps standing twenty four inches off of the ground. Each was about fifteen inches in diameter and dried blood could be seen in the open grain of the wood.
    A choice looking weapon hung on the wall and I had been like a little boy wanting to play with it all morning. I walked over and lifted it from its mounting hooks. Every eye in the place watched my every movement. I was surprised that the weapon weighed as little as it did. It had a wide curved blade of occidental design. It was most definitely a chopping weapon. It was way to heavy to swing in a battle. Its blade was almost six inches wide at the middle. Its length was in excess of thirty inches, but not quite three foot I think. It was a well balanced instrument made to inflict great injury. I had to see what it actually felt like to swing a scimitar.

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