Chapter 189


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    It took a few days to get Spike used to being called Jamie again. He had used his street name for so long that he didn't trust anyone. Every boy in the school wanted to know the young hunk, and they wanted to learn how to defend themselves. I can only believe that it was Mikie that spread the story of his hero's abilities. I didn't want that knowledge to be too widely known.
    I had considered Jamie's previous living conditions and thought that he would do better in a room at the house as opposed to living in the dorm. I thought the opposite with Mikie. I felt that he should live in the dorm as he learns to identify with others. He has led a fairly lone dog life to this point. He was always kept in the company of the last father figure in his life and not allowed to have any social interaction. At first things went well, but then I discovered something about both boys.
    The two boys have developed a strong bond. At first I thought that it was more of a hero worship fixation with Mikie, but when Jamie started seeking the boy out and bringing him to the house for some private time I realized how wrong I was. They are too young to call it love, but then again I have a houseful of love struck young fags.

    I walk through the school everyday. I don't interrupt the classes, I just check that everything is running smoothly. I happened by during the lunch break one afternoon so I went up to the third floor to check on the newer boys that have moved up there. I had to step behind a cubicle divider and hold on to keep from falling over in my mirth. Jamie had his shirt off and was posing for the boys. His body is to crawl across broken glass to get a taste of, but that was not what was funny. Two young neighborhood boyfriends that attend the school had their shirts off as well.
    Imagine, if you can two skinny, little, barely fourteen year olds, flexing their stuff. Don't imagine it, look at these pictures and laugh out loud. (Pix not available on line) Jamie is not one to back down from anyone. The boys don't know that he has been trained to kill. By his recollections he has killed fifteen men and six older boys in organized fights during his six years of captivity. I know that the boy tries very hard to curb himself, but nobody can standby when someone else is in trouble. Especially when that someone is Mikie.
    DeShaun is eighteen, and quite developed. He works out daily and has a history of street fighting. He plays football for the school and is quick and agile. However he is quite jealous as well. (Pix not available on line) Jack and <(Pix not available on line) DeShaun have given up their families and all ties to their past lives just to be together. DeShaun is insecure and has feelings that Jack is going to leave him.
    Jack is small for a seventeen year old boy, but he is a prime example of the old adage that blacks have big dicks. There are many boys in the school that have larger members, but Jack takes pride in his ten incher. DeShaun told me that he will back up to the boy anywhere, anytime, day or night. I am afraid that he would.
    Jack sprung wood in the showers after his workout in the gym. Mikie has a earned a reputation as an eager cock sucker, and he will bend before a worthy fucker. He was entering the locker room to dress out for Spike's class on self defense. I had a problem with the class, but Jamie assured me that he could only present defensive moves to the boys. I don't need any more aggression then their testosterone filled bodies produce naturally.
    Mikie saw the large phallus on Jack and reached out to touch it. DeShaun was coming out of the shower and saw it. He did not stop to ask what was going on, he reacted. He took off after Mikie as the boy fled for his life. DeShaun got close enough to land a hard blow to Mikie's back, sending him sprawling to the floor in full view of the class that was gathering.
    All Jamie saw was his boyfriend being hit from behind and falling to his face. Jamie left the entire group wide eyed and slack jawed as he sprinted across the gymnasium and ended with a somersault that left both of his feet aimed at DeShaun's chest. I entered the gym just as contact was made. DeShaun had seen Jamie flying through the air and had managed to parry the blow. He was still knocked off balance, but the force of the blow had done no serious harm.
    Jamie was wearing a wrestler's singlet and every muscle in the boy's body could be seen in action as he moved. DeShaun was still naked and his muscles are no less impressive. DeShaun has a solid eight inches of height on Jamie, but I have seen Jamie take on another of nearly the same size. I kicked off my hard shoes and dashed across the new floor to try to stave off the ensuing battle, but even with my speed I was too late.
    Jamie's mind had automatically snapped into kill mode and he was beating the living daylights out of DeShaun. DeShaun was taking killing blows to his body faster than he had ever believed possible. He has a long reputation as a tough street fighter before he came to the school, but that day was the only time any of us had ever seen him in battle. None of his street fighting prepared him for the attack that he was suffering. There was nothing for it, I had called at Jamie to cease, but he was unhearing. The adrenalin was up in his body and all of his senses had shut down. I threw my body into a forward somersault and landed square on Jamie's shoulders, knocking him to the ground.
    I will not fault him, he could not see nor hear. Somehow he had been triggered to 'kill or be killed' and he was not going down without a fight. We ended up in a battle that the boys will talk about for the rest of their lives. Jamie and I were parrying blows as quickly as we were throwing them. Both of us drew blood. I was trying to pull my blows, I didn't want to hurt the boy. Jamie didn't give me that consideration, I had to fight for my life.
    I must explain that I am not a trained anything. I was a queer boy that could whip any homophobe in school and I whipped several of them before I fed them my cock, at both ends. With the exception of a few hours of martial arts training that I received at the police academy a few years ago I have not had any contact with another body with intent to hurt maim or kill—I didn't have bodily contact with my victims in Romania, there was a long stick between us, or a sword, or a gun, but no bodily contact.
    I caught a lucky break when I ran up a wall and did a backward flip over Jamie's head to land on my feet behind him. He spun on me, but I was prepared for him. I caught him in a classic police hold as I turned his right wrist back toward his elbow, over the top of his forearm. That is a tough hold to break and only a skilled fighter can do so. I was not about the let the boy have time to break free. If he moved wrong he would have a useless hand for the rest of his life, I had to think about that as well as him getting free again. He needed a time out, my right palm provided him with that.
    An easy kill point on the human body is the solar plexis—that bone at the middle of the chest where the ribs meet. A blow there can, break the rips apart, crush the lungs, or paralyze the victim. I used the palm of my hand, as opposed to my knuckles, or even the heel of my hand. I struck a solid blow that knocked all of the wind out of the boy and sent him off to dreamland.
    He wasn't unconscious, but he was so dazed that he lost his balance and fell to the floor. I wasn't sure that the fight was over and I knew better than to try to pin him. I needed for him to take a breath and realize where he was. I flipped him to his belly and sat with my butt on his head. I pulled both arms up across his back and pulled them tight enough to cause him pain.
    "Fuck, for an old man you is quick."
    "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah, can you let me get up? I have never been beat before, but I am glad that you beat me. Dad, I ain't never called you dad before, but... Look, I..."
    "Lay still and get your breath, I have to check on DeShaun." Mikie rushed forward to hold his boyfriend as his tears poured from his sweet face. DeShaun was in a daze as he lay with his head in Jack's lap.
    "Damn, that little fool is tough. I thought that you two was gonna kill each other. You is pretty tough yourself. Where'd you learn them moves?"
    Norman Ellis had moved up to us and I looked at him. "I believe that this boy has been mis-classified. Put him back into the eighth grade remedial English class." Norman smiled at me, but DeShaun's eyes were wide in fear. My statement scared him more than fighting Jamie had.

    I monitor the defense class very closely now. It's not that I don't trust the boys, but that one episode showed all of us how quick boys are to react to a perceived wrong. Immaturity can be blamed, but it is hard for a boy to stop and think before taking action. I don't want anyone hurt, ever, so I stood watch over them. I think that Jamie appreciated that more than the others did. He is learning his own strength and he realizes that he is a trained killing machine that can hurt another boy quite easily.

    "Chris honey, this is mom." Actually Marion has the kind of voice that I would recognize anywhere. "I need to ask you to bring Jamie to see me. His Aiko is hurt really bad Chris. I don't think that she is going to make it."
    I rounded up Jamie and he surprised me. He ran up to his room and returned in a few moments wearing his street uniform of tight fitting jeans and his black tank top. He had his spiked collar in his hand and he asked me to help him fasten it. His whole body was trembling, I didn't know if it was in fear for the young lady with a Japanese name or what, I just knew that Marion had sounded urgent and Jamie was acting strangely.
    I called mom to let her know that we were on our way. She told me that the ambulance was pulling away at that moment and that they were headed for the county hospital. I was going to have to throw my weight around if these two kids were going to see each other. I raised Andy and explained that a friend of a friend was hurt and gave him as many details as I had. He told me that he would get a team to the hospital to meet me.
    Jamie talked to me as we sped across town in the Escalade with the lights and sirens going. Akio—loving child—was a small, soft spoken neighbor that had lived in the apartment next to Jamie when they were children. When Jamie returned he met the young girl and took her under his wing. He told me that he had to fight with himself to prevent having sex with her. She was very tiny and he knew that sex would hurt her.
    Akio latched onto her hero and followed him everywhere. She often tried to get her Spike to allow her to blow him, but the boy held his ground. He told me that he had many unsavory fantasies about her when he was alone and he felt that someday they might become a straight couple. He cried as he told me that he really did love her as he had never loved anybody in his life. He blushed as he told me that she was the best kisser ever.
    Andy spoke and I had to grip the steering wheel. I could not decide whether to tell Jamie what I had just learned or let him learn it for himself. The ambulance was directly in front of me as it headed to the emergency room entrance, I pulled right up against it. Jamie was out of the Caddy and on the run before I could turn off the engine.
    "Better hold back there son, this boy is hurt bad."
    "That's my girlfriend and I want to be with her. Aiko..." he called out as the gurney was pulled from the van. I was at the back of the ambulance by that time and I had my badge hanging from a chain around my neck. The paramedics tried to stop me, but I stared them down.
    "Does that boy know that we have a seriously raped and beaten boy in our charge? His attackers have cut off his penis and testicles and fed them too him." Jamie didn't know, but Andy had told me as we sped to the hospital. I didn't know how this was going to affect the little street tough.
    Akio—bright man (masculine)—had always fought with his gender identity. His parents had never tried to make him into a man child, but let him go through life in the identity of his twin sister that was still-born. He was very small, even small for a Japanese child. He was fair to look upon. No, he was beautiful. Even in his traumatized state I could see real beauty in the boy's face. Jamie never knew that his best friend was a boy and that he was two years older than Jamie. The two children had grown up living next door to each other and they played together everyday.
    Jamie loved having a girl that liked to do all of the stuff that the boys did. Aiko belonged to the same DoJo as Jamie and the two fought for each level of achievement side by side. Jamie told me that he had often wished that she had been with him during his captivity. He worried that she would have been used sexually much worse than the boys were, but he still wanted her strength.
    Jamie stiffened up and pulled back. I was waiting and I let him pull tight against me and let my arms enfold him. Aiko was crying as they rolled her inside the emergency room. I had to carry Jamie back to the SUV so that I could move it out of the way of the emergency entrance of the hospital.
    I found a parking place and turned the key off then waited for Jamie's reaction. It was instant. The boy has come a long way in the few short weeks that he has been with me. He moved to sit next to me and lifted my arm up to place it around himself. He openly wept and I was glad that the two of us were alone. Jamie would never let his facade fall away around any other, but he needed to get his head around what he had just learned.
    A solid fifteen minutes passed before he was ready to go inside the hospital emergency room. I had learned more about his feelings for Akio and of his feelings of being deceived for so many years. I reminded him that Akio was still the same person that he had always known and loved, even though the correct gender had been hidden from him.
    Jamie showed me a side of himself that I was pleased to see emerge at last. "She lied to me. Our whole relationship was based on a lie. Had I known the truth from the beginning I would have loved her anyway, but she didn't love me enough to tell me the truth.
    "I still care about her, but we will never have the kind of friendship that we had before. I will never be able to trust her again."
    I know that trust could be earned over time, but I also knew that Akio would not be able to build that trust, she had died on the operating table. I pulled Jamie to me as I shut off my throat microphone. I wanted to talk to the boy in private and what I had to tell him Andy did not need to hear.
    Jamie sat in stunned silence after I told him of the death of his friend. I told him that I wish that I could take back the words of the paramedics so that he would never have learned the true identity of his friend. I told him that he could choose to forget what he had learned and remember Akio as he had always thought of her. Or he could go through life hating the deception and sully the memories of childhood. He has little in the way of childhood memories as it is and losing this one might be disastrous for him.
    I played a hunch and drove to Myers. I thought that seeing mom and maybe a chilli cheeseburger might help the boy through his funk. I was pleased when he hugged Marion and told her that his girlfriend was dead. He talked to the woman that has meant a lot to him over the years and never mentioned his revelation to her. He talked about the good times that he had with Akio as the wizened woman sat holding his head to her breast. Women can be good sometimes.

    Sexual identity is not the only problem that we face at BAW. Most all of the boys have been bullied by their peers and/or their parents because of their sexual orientation. Bullying can be dealt with and a boy's self esteem can be bolstered in a fairly short period of time. It is the other problems that the boys come to the school with that need addressing over long periods of time.
    I make it clear to a boy from the beginning that substance abuse ends on the street and will not come on campus or into my houses. Sometimes a boy needs professional help to kick his monkey—he needs no help with spanking his monkey so get your head around the topic here.
    We have been fortunate that there have been no long time abusers and that any that did have a habit was able to get himself straight in short order. I learned a lot from Edgar and David. I had no experience with substance abusers and did not know what signs to look for; now I look at every boy differently as I seek to sort out those with the propensity to yield their bodies to outside stimuli.
    The major problem that confronts the staff at this time is depression. What an ugly monster depression is. What I took as a boy being sullen and withdrawn proved to be deep depression and it took Norman Ellis to spot it and bring it to my attention. Norman has been an educator throughout his adult life and he has received the training necessary to spot behavioral problems and their causes. I was surprised to learn that one of the worst bullies that we had at BAW was in fact depressed and taking his feeling of self worthlessness out on others.
    To prove that looks can be deceiving we were faced with a cherub faced boy that had come in from the streets when I set out in search of Spike. Denny Glack is one of the sweetest looking blonde boys that we have in the school. The sixteen year old boy is far more physically mature than most boys his age, but two years on the street have made him tough.
    He is more than street wise, he is a bully. That may seem strange. When one first encounters him he seems to be withdrawn and quiet, but away from the eyes of authority he lashes out at whomever is nearby. I suppose that it was a matter of self preservation for him to push the other boys around. Norman quickly identified the signs of serious depression and a self-destructive vein in the boy. Once identified steps were quickly taken to help Denny to become a viable asset to the school.
    Denny had tried to hide his feelings of low esteem by acting tough. I had several boys complain about his attitude and I fielded many threats of punching his lights out. Jamie even told me that he had been accosted by the boy. I am not a big fan of drug therapy, but sometimes a person's body needs something that it cannot get naturally. I always have to remember Bryan and his vitamin B-12 shots. I let Dr. Tip prescribe an anti-depressant for Denny, but I asked him not to use Prozac. The jury is still out on the advantages of that drug in treating children.
    After only three weeks of treatment Denny seems to be a different person. He has latched onto sixteen year old Scotty Hardesty. Scotty is a soft spoken boy that loves to surround himself with pink...anything, as long as it's pink. The family was entertained by a balloon dance preformed by the boy during our recent stay in France. I suppose that it is true that opposites attract, but I hope that the two boys will mellow the other out and that both of them will become better for their experience together.
    Keith Hall's former boyfriend, Cliff, took Scotty out of the state. The boy Justin, that had tried to blackmail Cliff was on trial and Scotty was ordered to court as a victim/witness. Eventually charges were dropped against Cliff because the County Attorney could not put together a clear case against the man. Once cleared Cliff approached the parents of young Scotty and asked them to allow him to raise their homosexual son.
    Scotty was sixteen and a half when the couple returned to Arizona and checked into a sleaze bag motel with hidden cameras for the voyeuristic owner to watch the sexual activities that occurred in his rooms. The very night that Cliff and Scotty stayed there the police raided the office and found the manager monitoring sexual acts between a man and an underage youth. Without the need of a warrant, a child was in danger, the police kicked in the door and found Cliff six inches deep in a screaming boi butt.
    Scotty's parents were arrested and charged with twenty five counts each for allowing their son to live out of state with a sexual predator. Cliff has forty state charges, nine Federal charges, and fifteen charges from the state of Utah against him for sex with a minor. Scotty was adjudicated a sexual deviant and joined the students at BAW.
    Scotty is very effeminate in his mannerisms. He is small, five foot two inches tall, and he weighs a scant one hundred pounds. He decorated his cubicle at BAW in pink and placed pink silk sheets on his bed. He entertained the boys with a balloon dance that was sensual, and disgusting. Several of the boys have taken the little shem under their wing as they try to help him to become more of a man.
    Somewhere along the line Denny and Scotty teamed up, much to their mutual improvement. They have only been together for two weeks, but the change in both boys is noticeable to everyone. I will watch their progress with the sincere hopes of a good adjustment for both of them.

    Armed with the de-scrambled pages of code that Jimmy had asked Rocky to decrypt Athos went to work. A heretofore unknown link was discovered in a country neighboring on Raven's country, the birthplace of Seigy. A small landlocked country by the name of Tajikistan sits to the east of (Raven's country), that country was the birthplace of a classmate of Ibrahim when he studied in Turkey as a boy.
    Samí Oban and Ibrahim were like brothers in mischief as they tormented the local boys and used their bodies for the sexual satisfaction that both boys had grown to enjoy. When Ibrahim told Samí of his plans to provide boys for sex to wealthy westerners he was all too anxious to take part.
    Samí and Ibrahim soon parted as school boys, but they kept in touch as business partners. Samí's family had connections in Kiev that he could utilize to syphon boys into the Soviet Bloc countries. Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in most of the old USSR and its satellites. That did not mean that it did not exist. It only meant that the trafficking of boys was kept on a lower key and hidden much deeper.
    That had been the reason that we had not uncovered that side of the vile business. It was only after capturing Ferdinand Bakos and the boys' former teacher that we even knew there was a pipeline running in that direction. Now we not only had the teacher and Ferdinand Bakos, but Samí Oban as well. The three men are still hanging around at Athos's place in an old WWII bunker in the south of France, but now we had evidence of their mis-deeds. Most of it from Samí's own web-site. I love meticulous record keepers. I only hope that my own records are more secure.
    I had a hunch and I played it out with a call to Raven. I kept the conversation on a low key as I talked about his sons and how much they seem to be growing and their adaptation into an American way of life. Raven laughed and told me that he was sure that their developing lifestyle was a little more than American, more like gay-boy American.
    He quickly reminded me that he knew who I was and he had sent his sons to me in full light of the type of activities that go on in my home and around me. He told me that he had sat down with several of his sons and discussed their sexuality in clear language and he knew that any influence that those boys was receiving from living with me had not changed the boys, for good or bad.
    He added that he liked what he saw in their more accepting attitude and was more than pleased with the quality of education that they were receiving. He only had one regret, he had not sent his eldest son to stay with me. The boy was almost eighteen when Raven sent his ten sons to live in my house and he thought that the crown prince would not fit in with the younger boys.
    Being alone and without the constant company of his young siblings the prince had grown into something of a tyrant. Raven told me that he was arrogant and rude to those around him. He has no compassion for his fellow man and orders those that offend him to suffer public flogging. Raven drew the line when he found his son sexually torturing Ala al-din. Bingo!! I was correct and I learned what I needed to know without asking.
    Raven is more westernized in his thinking, but the traditions of his homeland run deep. The Muslim influence is strong and Raven has worked hard to keep the fanatical faction of that religion from taking over his country. Samí Oban is a citizen of Raven's nation's neighboring country, Tajikistan. South of Tajikistan is Afghanistan with al-Qaeda holding up in her mountains and next to that is Pakistan with their problems from the Taliban.
    So far Raven and the government of Tajikistan have kept al-Queda and the Taliban from entering their countries, but Raven is fearful of his son's activities that seem to indicate his acceptance of the fanatical groups' ideals. The young prince is adamantly opposed to the decadent lifestyle of the western world and he looks at Ala al-din as a purveyor of filth that feeds that lifestyle.
    I quietly suggested that maybe Raven would like to move Aladdin to the lair that Athos has in the south of France. There was silence for a moment then Raven laughed his deep throated guttural laugh. "You were fishing, my friend."
    "I didn't know if Aladdin was still alive, but I had to find out. I have an idea that might work to reveal more of the workings of the slavers. I believe that Aladdin has worked with Samí Oban and Ferdinand Bakos. I would be interested in housing those men together and listening in on what they might have to tell us."
    Raven agreed to send Ala al-din to Athos at once. I contacted Athos and told him to make accommodations for the creature, but I wanted them to be different than what Athos had been using. I suggested that the three men, and the old school teacher, be moved into a better room within the bunker. One where they could remain chained to the wall, but not hanging around, so to speak. I suggested that they be made a bit more comfortable so that they would be more willing to talk amongst themselves and with our surveillance systems we would listen in. Athos set things in motion at once as he prepared for the arrival of Aladdin in a few days.

    Ted Gay came to Tucson at the request of Andy. I am not privy to a lot of the cryptography that Andy is involved in, I don't need to be. What I get is a synopsis of the overall picture, just enough to peak my interest. My interest was piqued when Andy called me to sit in with Rocky and Ted one afternoon.
    Andy has purchased his own monitor array system for his office computer. While not as large or complex as mine it is still impressive at four feet wide by three feet high. Splashed on the screen was a display that appeared to me to be a child's scribbling. I quickly learned that it was a page of handwritten Farsi script that was encoded to appear as gibberish.
    I have seen some Farsi text and to my uneducated eye it appears to be an art form of lines and squiggles. Okay, so I am a clod. I have never had the need to learn a foreign language and if I had to choose one today it would have to be street Spanish, as spoken by the Hispanic population of the area of the country in which I live. The page that I was looking at in no way resembled anything with which I could associate as a written language.
    I learned that Ted is an accomplished linguist. He reads and speaks Farsi, and Arabic, as well as MSA. Cullen has been working with Rocky so that he can better decipher the coded pages that Jimmy had uncovered as he surfed the web. Rocky can't speak the language, but he can recognize patterns where none seem to exist. He was able to decode the pages enough that Cullen could read what was there. Cullen is sharp enough to realize the value of what they saw and he arranged for me to be alerted.
    I turned all of their work over to Andy who put his people on the project. Andy involved Rocky as he grooms the boy to become a viable part of Foss International's team of cryptographers. Andy has some of the best linguists in the world working for him, but he thought of Ted when the scope of the coded pages became clear to him.
    Ted is a well trained agent of the Rainbow team headed up by Peter Caulfield. All members of the six teams are expert in hand to hand combat techniques. I could see where Andy was going by bringing Ted on board when he pointed to a section of the coded pages that mentioned the fight farms in Mexico. If Andy has in mind what I think then I am going to have to involve a few more people in my plans for a trip south of the border.

    Ted needed to be trained in the ways of a street boy. Another player came to me that I had no idea of involving, but he was a perfect choice. I only worry about Chrisy's heart when he learns of the danger that Timmy has volunteered to subject himself too.
    In order to properly train my team they needed total immersion in the society that they would pretend to be a part of. Our first goal was to teach them the ways and language of the street. The farm house west of the church had not been razed. That seemed the perfect place to sequester the trainees for four weeks of intense indoctrination.
    Timmy and Ted are both small in stature and when they shave closely they can pass for teenage boys. I sat down with Terry and Warren as we discussed the boys that had recently been located and were currently living in Rick's warehouse. Only the toughest, crudest, and meanest boys would do. I was reluctant to take some of those boys into the dormitory, but this training time would cull out the undesirable boys and leave me with a feel for the ones that could readjust to the lifestyle that is demanded by the school.
    My next duty was to sit down with Jamie and discuss my plans with him. Jamie is a quick study and he had already learned of my summer trip to Romania in 2007. He had seen me in a suit wearing my ribbon bar and had asked about the meaning of those decorations. My family is quick to tell anyone that will listen of my of my heroic exploits. I object, but my objections fall on deaf ears.
    Jamie has shared his desire to go to some of the training farms in Mexico and set the boys there free. He has told me that he thinks that I am dragging my feet. It was time to let him know how much planning needed to go into such an action and for me to determine if I really wanted him to go on such an adventure with me. He is only fourteen years old. He has seen more than any boy in my charge, but it is his time to be a child and enjoy life.
    I recalled the wisdom of an old sage and decided to involve Spike. Frederick Douglass—1818-1895 said; "It is easier to build strong children than to fix broken men."—That slogan is emblazoned over the archway that leads from the main entry hall of the dormitory into the library—I reasoned that if Spike is ever going to grow into a strong Jamie then he should have a part in putting an end to the tyranny to which he was subjected for five and a half years of his life.
    Six new boys that were generally regarded as hopeless thugs by Terry and Warren were moved into the old farmhouse. They were not offered any classes at the school, in fact they were not told of any connection between the house, me, or the school.
    Chrisy accompanied Timmy. I thought that a bit of a stretch, but the young married couple pulled it off perfectly. Timmy played the part of the dominant lover and Chrisy was his bitch. The boys quickly learned that Chrisy was the top in the relationship, but no one dared to cross Timmy who just looked mean. His persona required some serious ink be applied to his body. Now I don't like tattoos and neither do most of my boys. Timmy had to undergo a touch up with indelible ink daily to keep the tats looking real. He told me that he is afraid that the ink will never wash off.
    Of major concern to me was Ted's accent. He had fooled the family during our trip to the coronation. Well, he had fooled some of them. It was not his accent that gave him away, but the suspicious nature of certain members of the family. It would be necessary for him to quickly learn the street language in order to do the part that was necessary for him to complete.
    Ted is an officer of Interpol. Timmy is an agent of FI while I am a Federal agent. Neither of us have any authority out of the United States. Well, Timmy has more leeway in that than I do as a major in the Foss International Companies and part of our international division of FIS. Ted would be the one that would make any arrests and the rest of us would only be there as backup.
    Spike was a wild card. The street boys knew of his reputation, but they did not know him. I have the impression that they were impressed when they learned that they were going to share an air-conditioned house, with hot water and hot meals three times a day, plus all of the snacks that they could eat, with the famous street hero.
    Ted fell into place as a street fighter that Spike had teamed up with. Timmy was a street tough from the south side that was seeking to turn his life around. He wanted to protect his bitch and life on the street was getting too dangerous for the couple.
    I stayed away, out of sight and out of the picture. I was able to monitor everything in the house from my office at home, but it would serve no purpose for me or any of the family to go anywhere near the farmhouse during the four week period that we considered as the minimum time that it would take for Timmy and Ted to learn their cover persona.

    "I am sick to death of talking to you. You never listen so I should just save my breath." At least that is the way my mother used to say it. I suppose that every parent sounds like that to their children and I am sure that the parents are as frustrated as the kids are at going through the routine. I am learning that raising teenage boys is not a picnic. Sure, I spread them out on the ground and eat their perfection as often as possible, but I am learning that there is more than one way to chew butt.
    I must state for the record that I have been blessed with my core family. The ones that I am having difficulties with are the new boys that have come from the streets. Well, go figure. These boys couldn't handle the rules in their own households, how can they be expected to adapt to the rules of the school?
    The major problem that we face in the dormitory setting is that we have bed space for three hundred and thirty six boys. We do not have any space for slobs. The family loves that word and I often use the term Slobovniks from outer Slobovia when referring to the messes that they can make. The precious darlings designed the appropriate award and tagged it with that name.
    My precious little artists exhibited their talents with brush and paint as they decorated a twenty gallon galvanized garbage can to look like a back alley derelict. Even though the can is new one look at it and you are sure that you can smell a putrid refuse bin that has been well used. They even went so far as to glue rubber vomit to the sides, crushed cans and dead flies were glued to it as well. Someone showed real talent when he painted maggots feasting on the filthy looking receptacle.
    The can is aptly named the Slobovnik award and it is placed on the bed of the day's winner. A rule accompanies the garbage can, the winner is not allowed any sex and he can not sleep in his bed until his area is spotlessly clean. If bedtime rolls around before the boy's area is cleaned the students have adapted an old military tradition called the GI shower.
    I witnessed one such shower and to my knowledge that is the only one that has been given. I will not embarrass the boy by telling you who he was, but he has been a model of clean since that night. For those of you in the dark let me define a GI shower.
    There are three ingredients to a GI shower. Lye soap, several very stiff bristled scrub brushes, and very hot water. The victim is taught how to clean himself, then he has to use the soap and brushes to clean his area before he receives a second shower. He has to be washed down again, after all he had to go back into his filthy area and is again contaminated.
    The boy is taken, willing or not, to the shower room where no less than four boys proceed to scrub him until his skin is hot pink. The lye soap does a number on tender young skin and the brushes scratch home the message. I believe that the one GI Party that I observed is deterrent enough to make the boys clean their areas as quickly as possible, before bedtime.

    Jaden Moore had been true to his word. He had run away from his family's home during the previous winter and was brought to me when we sent the boys out by twos to locate any street boy that wanted to come off of the street before the brutal cold weather set in. Oscar and Hank had located Ryn Madeiski, Oliver Castro, and Jaden. Ryn and Oliver came along at once and they had accompanied the family to the Royal coronation. Jaden had decided to return home and try to work things out with his family. He was going to give his family 'another chance to do better,' was the way he had put it.
    I always leave a boy with a number that they can call if they change their mind. Jaden had changed his mind and he is now a student at BAW. He is doing well and his family has told me that they should have encouraged the boy to attend the school the previous year. They told me that Jaden's tongue is his worst enemy.
    He was in constant trouble at home and at his old school. He got into his mother's face and his father took a wide leather belt to the boy. Jaden ran away, but called the number that I had given him. I met him and we talked. He showed me his back, the marks on the boy's body bordered on child abuse. The skin was not broken and the bruising was superficial, but there was more bruising than was necessary.
    Arizona law requires anyone that knows of a crime against a child to report it to the police or face charges themselves. I was willing to risk that in lieu of helping the boy. The state's Child Protective Services does not have a very good track record. In fact four children have ended up dead after CPS investigated reports of serious abuse and then left the child in the custody of the abuser.
    I wasn't so much worried about Jaden staying in his home as I was with the thought that CPS could take him and place him into a shelter for a time. That could traumatize the gay boy and subject him to abuse at the hands of other boys in the system. I chose to move Jaden into BAW at once.
    I met with Mr. and Mrs. Moore and found a couple in their late fifties. They called Jaden 'Their little mistake.' It was a mistake for the couple to ever have children at any age. The parents were more than eager to sign any paperwork that would get the boy out of their house. I pulled one of my favorite tricks out of my hat and had them dictate a last will and testament that would include the bulk of their estate going to the boy at the event of their death.
    As part of our agreement the will can not be changed without Bull reading it and advising me of any changes. In exchange for that concession Jaden is attending Bradford Academy West, a boarding school, at no charge to his family. The family can contact Jaden at anytime and they can get together as a family when the three of them desire.
    I never like to sever a boy from his family and I encourage the boy to stay in touch with his family. Sometimes abusive behavior hardens the boys so that they do not ever contact their parents. Sometimes the parents never make the effort to contact their son. That is where lots of TLC from the house of happy fairies comes into play.
    I think that one of the saddest cases of a parent's choosing not to stay in touch with their son is Arthur Hendon. After Art came into the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and told me that he wanted to drink a cum and coke I took him to his mother's house.
    The woman is a shrew. She yelled and cussed at Art, at me, and at anyone that tried to sympathize with the boy. Most of Art's clothing and many of his personal possessions had been placed at the curb for the garbage man to haul away. Needless to say, when she overheard me tell the neighbors that a CPS supervisor by the name of Jerrod Combs would contact them she began to changer her attitude.
    She allowed Art to retrieve his computer and bicycle, but that was the last time that he has spoken to her. He has tried to make contact with her and she hangs up. I have made personal visits to her and had her sign papers that I needed to keep the boy in my custody and each time she starts in on how she never wants to see or hear from him again.
    When I asked for his birth certificate and social security number so that I could obtain a passport for him to accompany us to England she suggested that I might leave him there. I have lain with Art, and recently at that. He still misses the mother of his youth and he cries in the privacy of our room together.
    I do my best to spend as much personal time with each boy in my care, but my core family that started me on my path to procuring boys in trouble get my special attention. Most of them still live in the house with me. Some of them have beds in granite house and keep their room in my house as their private retreat. I have no problem with that. The dormitory at the school can handle any new boys that come along and I want my core family to have some stability in their lives.
    Those boys are growing up and most of them have graduated from high school, or will graduate within the current school year. The high school years are the formative years in a child's life and I want that time to be something positive that the boys can look back on thirty or forty years later and smile. I hope that Jaden can maintain some contact with his family.

    Spiraling energy costs are the major cause of a budget shortfall at the university and there is talk of layoffs, both staff and non-teaching employees. The college boys are right to be concerned, their education is at stake. The state's board of regents is talking of large tuition increases to help to offset their budget shortfall. That part does not concern any of us because we have money. The ones that we feel sorry for are the students whose parents have to struggle and do without in order to send their child to college.
    I approached the board members of the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and suggested that we create a broader scholarship program. The boys voted in favor of the idea at once. Five million dollars was placed into an account to fund the scholarship program while the boys decided on the criteria for a candidate to be considered for the funds.
    A week before the fall semester began the program was announced to the three largest universities in the state. A one thousand dollar tuition grant per semester would be awarded to students whose family income levels were below a certain level.
    The scholarship grant took into account the applicant's grade point average as well as their family situation. We want to help as many kids as possible, but we are only seeking those serious enough to see their education through to the end. A grade point minimum of 2.75 was established as the criteria for succeeding semester grants. That is only a C+, the boys thought that I was being too lenient with that figure, but I told them that history has shown us that not all successful leaders in this world were good students.
    Of course they thought that they could slide by at the lower grade point level until I reminded them that the scholarship was only an additional fund to aide what the student and his family could provide. I told them that if they wanted to pay their own tuition as well as room and board in a dormitory on campus then they were welcome to do so. If they wanted to remain in my house and let me pay their tuition for them they had to abide by the stronger rules that I insist upon.
    I had twenty two college freshman that were looking forward to attending the campus and beginning their life in an adult world. They quickly agreed that the stiffer requirements that they had grown up with for the past three to four years was more than fair. I knew the little fag boys would see it my way. I love each and everyone of them dearly and I know that I should not use such derogatory terms when talking about them. Names do hurt and I am guilty of breaking a major rule in my houses of no name calling. At least I don't say these things out loud or in anger or to try to put a boy down. So I am rationalizing again.

    Cullen was so excited that he jumped me and smothered me with kisses after the first day of the new school year. Every student was required to attend an orientation lecture at the school's auditorium. I do know how to keep a secret, even from the boys. I introduced Norman Ellis as the new principal then turned the program over to him. He in turn introduced the teaching staff.
    With the influx of new students we had added twelve new members to the faculty. Of course we still had our great maths teacher. She has a way of teaching that excites the boys to learn and even the very slowest boy in maths skills becomes a mathematician under her tutelage. With so many students Coach Tedford stepped aside as the history teacher to spend all of his time with Coach Hawthorne training the boys developing bodies into coordinated muscle machines.
     The older students sat on the edge of their seats as they listened to learn what each new teacher taught and if he would be a member of that teacher's classes. Three women were added to the staff. Sometimes a woman teacher can reach an emotion filled teenage boy with her soft, yet authoritative, voice.
    The boys all knew Richard Bowman. He had come to the school the previous year as the chemistry teacher. Norman introduced the students to Nick Bowman, his brother and the language arts teacher. Nick greeted the boys in classic Latin and knowing that the young King was in attendance his closing line was in attic Greek.
    Cullen has wanted to study the classic languages the entire time that he has been in my house. He had a bad experience with Simon Pike when he attended Wilson High, but he missed the experience of learning more. We had a tough time trying to find a teacher that could challenge Cullen. The boy has been immersed in the languages since his birth.
    I was about to give up hope until one evening as we sat with the faculty in a planning meeting and I mentioned that I could not find a qualified teacher. I told them that a major need for Latin classes was brought up time and again during our trip to Europe and mentioned Cullen's desire to study. Richard Bowman told us that his brother had just retired from a prestigious school in England and was moving to Tucson for the warmer climate. The sixty year old man was pressed into service by a gang of drunken sailors, he was more than drafted for the job.
    Actually he was quite glad for the opportunity to teach his favorite subject. He would only be at the campus four hours a day and he would spend most of that time in front of a camera as he taught via the virtual class schedule that the boys enjoy. Of course he would have a few students that had no background in the subject that would attend in person, and that was fine with him. He is an old educator that thrives in front of a classroom full of eager students as they struggle to learn.
    Cullen insisted on spending the night with Cory and me so that he could show his appreciation. It was not his appreciation that I was interested in. I don't get that many whole nights with my nephew and to share our bed with him and Jimmy made Cory's mouth water.

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