Chapter 93


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Bless him, Ed had gone well beyond the call of duty. I was impressed with the house and the grounds, after quick bathroom breaks, which we all needed after our long trip. It's a four hour flight from Tucson to Albany, but at least we didn't have to go through the hassle that commercial travelers have to contend with. We had to leave Tucson before six Friday morning so that our plane could be serviced and sent off on a very special mission for my very special guys.
    I called the boys to form a line behind me. Ed had eight hot young and hungs standing at attention in the middle of the entry seating area. I still don't know what to call that room. In the beginning it was probably used only as a vestibule, but Hillary had placed a seating area plus chairs with tables and lamps beside them for intimate visitation before the largest fireplace in the entire house. I feel that it is a nice area for receiving visitors and have left in tact as she left it. I did learn that the twenty five foot by twenty five foot ornate rug on the pure white Italian marble floor is from her grandfather's days in Persia. It is in remarkable condition considering the traffic that it has had across it for over a hundred years.
    I walked down the line to inspect the staff of young men wearing white waist coats and black bow ties. They wore white gloves that accented their thin hands and long fingers. I am a believer that a boy's hand tells of his cock size. Their black pants were tailored to show every asset that they possessed. Long fingers and big bulges, blemish free smooth faces, I was having trouble making my stiff leg move along. Their shoes had such a deep shine that I expected to be able to see up their pants' legs to spy the treasure that I was sure they each carried.
    The family followed along after me as they eyeballed each of the handsome young men through their own inspection criteria. Many tent poles had been set up in their pants as they looked at what Ed had gathered to act as our serving staff. Ed stood at attention at the very head of the line with Mitch next to him. He wore a name badge with Edmund in large letters on it. Mitchell wore a name badge as well. I got the message. If he is anything Ed is a professional. Until things settled into a normal family routine we would be formal in our dealings.
    I reached the head of the line and shook Edmund's hand then led him to stand with me some five feet in front of the eight young men under review. I signaled my family to form three rows behind me. When the last of my boys took his place in line. I turned to Edmund and took both of his hands. I stared into his watery eyes.
    "Edmund Farraci, I can't tell you how pleased I am with the staff you have chosen." I pulled the old man to me and kissed him, long and deep. I let every eye in the room know for sure that our tongues did not remain entirely within the confines or our own mouths. Edmund's legs wobbled a bit. Mine were not entirely solid themselves. I turned once again to the young staff.
    "I want it clearly known that this is a gay household. I know everything about each and everyone of you. I have investigated you from the cradle. I have every piece of dirt and every bit of praise that anyone has ever had for you logged into a data bank to be kept by me forever. If you were not perfect in every way you would not be here today.
    "On that note I want to make one thing extremely clear to you." I turned to the boys, "And to you. There will be no intermingling between you, period. There is not a swinging dick in this room that I wouldn't like to go down on right here and now, but it will not happen." I spoke with all of the authority and conviction that I could muster.
    I stepped back so that I was looking into the faces of the young men in white. "Each of you is of legal age. Most of my family is not. If anyone of you so much as make an inappropriate remark or gesture in the presence of anyone of my family members I will have you prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You will see some serious prison time if you forget your place."
    Ed and Mitch knew the truth of it, but they also knew that I had to establish certain rules. We had a major event taking place in our house the following weekend and we could not allow anything to cast any suspicion on us or our household.
    I had the family turn to look at another group of boys that had stood quietly watching the proceedings. "Boys, I want you to meet your newest brothers. Everyone knew Isaac, but were excited to see him holding hands with Edgar. The family gave both of them a very warm welcome and a bit more than a brotherly kiss. Al and Greg were introduced to the remainder of the family, then Dallas and Zane. Sandy knew Zane and so did Brad and Jay. Serendipity.

    I moved so that I could face everyone. "Gentlemen, we have one week. This is our shakedown cruise. Next Saturday, the tenth, this house will host the largest wedding that Albany has seen in a very long time. The guest list is very lengthy. We expect over five hundred invited guests to be here for the event, and there are sure to be many friends that will come. Each of you are going to be a part of the events."
    I looked at the staff, "You were hired to assist Mr. Edmund as domestic staff. This is the household that you will be working with. These uncultured and heathenistic barbarians are going to test your metal this week. From now until about Wednesday afternoon it should only be our family. There are more of my sons driving in. They should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. You will learn who they are and help them to get settled in.
    "On Friday we will have twenty five more men join us. These men will work alongside of you to assist with the guests, serving, kissing up to the snobs, whatever comes along. You will work in a semi-supervisory capacity as you are permanent and know the lay out of the house. My family members will assist in keeping our guests entertained and in line.
    "Now, everybody, turn up your hearing aid. Take notes, record this, do whatever you have to do to remember every word that I say. There will be no sex, no kissing, no holding of hands, no abnormal activity of any kind amongst any of you. Boys, do I make myself clear? Eric, Theo, Ricky? Keep you cock under control. Amongst the guests will be many members of the press. There will be powerful politicians present. There will be church leaders. There will be so many members of the enemy forces in this house that have one purpose in life, to make homosexuals miserable. DO NOT give them any reason to believe that we are anything, but a happy houseful of young men struggling to get an education and get on through life.
    "There will be a time to relax and enjoy ourselves in our usual manner afterwards. For now I want you to honor Brad and Jayson. Don't mar this time for them. Am I understood?" There were the typical mummers of agreement. I wasn't going to press it. My boys know what I expect of them and I don't expect any surprises. The young staff was not about to step out of line. Each of them has a past and need the shelter of my home. I would show them how much shelter they have, after the mess is cleaned up from the wedding parties.
    I asked Ed about housing for the staff. He had placed all of them in the larger of the four servant's houses next to his apartment. They had removed everything and put four double beds in the one unit. I looked at Ed and drooled. He grinned. I know that he wanted these boys as much as I did.

    The young staff took the boy's luggage and divided up on Ed, Mitch, and me. I took the little guys. Mitch took the older teens and Ed led the married men as we filed off to the bedroom areas. I led my brood to the fourth floor where the suites for the married men are located at the west end. There are seven bedrooms on the east, one of those is my room until after the wedding. I let the boys look the rooms over. I told them that they could work out their ideas for the rooms during the following week, but for now I was going to stow them out of the way in the attic. I had some wide eyed little guys look at me. I shook my head at them, "Children are to be seen and not heard. You guys…well I don't think I can keep you quiet so I am going to put you where you can't embarrass Brad and Jay in front of their friends and families." I went too far and got tears. I had to drop to my knees and pull them close. I was laughing and crying because I had caused them pain. I know better than to toy with a young teen's emotions and I begged their forgiveness.
    I used my key to the elevator and gave them a treat. I had not planned to reveal the existence of that little tool to the family, but I had to get my boys back quickly. I opened the car door at the second floor and called Tim O'Conner over to me. "Stairs are no place for you." He smiled as he stepped in with the little guys.
    I went all the way and let the small fry look out into the kitchen then down to the basement. Their little eyes were wide as we climbed to the very top of the house. I told them to follow me. The staff that had carried their luggage awaited us in the room to end all rooms. The attic is one long room. The gabled roof with its dormers every twenty feet took some of the floor space. What was left was a ninety foot wide and two hundred and five foot long large room.
    That's more than a half of a football field, American football, not soccer. We yanks like to tuck the pigskin under our arm and run with it as we knock the shit out of anybody stupid enough to get in our way. If we can't knock them on their ass we have our buddies running along with us to show them who the boss of the ball is.
    I don't like what I see of that other game the rest of the world plays. A bunch of dainty little boys in silky short pants and knee high socks dance about kicking at a ball like a bunch of little girls, or fairies. The only time any body contact comes is when somebody gets his panties in a bunch and takes a swing at someone else. It is usually the fans that do the fighting. If a player gets in a fight he is out of the game. No blood, no guts, no glory. (Shall I count the e-mails on this one? Hehehe)
    Twenty queen sized beds were spaced out along the south wall. Along the north wall three new temporary bathrooms had been quickly put together with communal showers, four urinals, and three commodes each. I told the little ones that they had first choice of any bed on that level. The older boys began to filter in with their eyes taking in the huge expanse of the cavernous room.
    I sat down on a bed near the center of the room and was covered in boy flesh. Craig De Long was amongst the first. He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. "When do we fuck, daddy?"
    "Later sweetness. Don't worry. I drew your name and I will spend all night with you, all alone, tonight. Okay boys listen up. Some special guests will be here tomorrow. I am going to put them on the second floor. There are some of our friends coming in from Tucson, Andy and Sam, Pete and Eddy, Harry and Toby. I don't know who else right now. What I am saying is that they will need rooms. They are family so they will stay on the fourth floor. I would like to ask some of you boys to move up here for the next two weeks until the wedding is over and we are alone again. At that time we will go about buying furniture for your room so you can fix it up the way you want it." That brought on a round of high fives and a lot of "thank you daddys".
    "No. Before you ask the answer is no. We are not moving here. It is too damn cold in the winter. I just thought that you guys might like a break. We will stay here for a little bit. This house was Ģerâld's grandmother's house and he grew up in this house. I want him to spend some time here because she wants him to have the house. I am going to help him decide how he wants to fix it up so that it is his house." Ģerâld and Luke were standing at the top of the stairs with Brad and Jay as I said that. Ģerâld had a killer smile cross his face as he crossed the room to show me his love.
    "I have a big break in mind for you for two days next week." I told the family. You see all of those steel bunk beds and mattresses stacked along that wall. Forty of the boys from BAG boys are coming down to stay. They each want to see their heros, Luke and Ģerâld, they still call him Jerry. The rest of the school boys will come down the day of the wedding then go home that afternoon. We would go out of our minds with two hundred and seventy four additional fag boys in one house, even overnight." I giggled at them.
    Theo was on his knees looking at Ģerâld, "Why don't we call you Jerry?"
    "Cause, I was born Ģerâld, my birth certificate says so. And we have a very sweet Jerry in the family that I love and am glad to call my brother and my brother-in-law, he is married to my brother Tim. No one would know who you were talking about if we both had the same name."
    "Oh." Theo was happy and Jerry hugged Tim.
    "So okay, I got it. I am Edgar," Edgar walked over and hugged Edmund.
    "Really sir, I am the domestic here. I do not mind being called Edmund. It is more befitting my station." My heart seized in my chest. I approached the head of the staff and my right hand man in matters of this house. I dismissed the rest of the staff as I stood with my eyes locked on Ed. A total hush fell across the room, but my boys know me. They quietly moved in to encircle us. They knew the shoe was about to drop and they wanted to see if it would bounce.
    "Is that how you feel, old man? You consider yourself the domestic our servant?"
    "Well sir, I have been here for nearly fifty years…"
    "And never in all of that time have you never felt as if you were part of the family that lives here?"
    "Oh no sir. I have always felt that I was important to the family, but I have never thought of myself as part of the family."
    "What do I have to do to show you that you are not my servant? Ed I have fucked you. I have shared your boyfriend with you. We have fucked and sucked his pretty booty together. We have shared our meals together, naked. I love you, you old fool. You belong to us. Before this night is out more of the these boys will show you how they feel. You have already been in bed with twelve of these boys and the rest will love you just as deeply. Have you ever been fucked by anybody in here?"
    "No sir, I have always felt nothing, but love. Each of these young lads has made me feel as if he was proud to be in bed with me and I have never arisen from their beds without warm and happy feelings for them. But sir, you told us downstairs…"
    "Mitch, how do you take what I said downstairs?"
    "Well, I know what you told me a few weeks ago. Ed and I are part of your family. You told the staff to keep their hands off, but I think that after all of your guests are gone and it is just the family that those dudes don't stand a chance in hell of being able to walk a straight line every morning. I know that there are a couple of them that I can't wait to get up in and I have seen them, Chris. I can't wait to get some of them up in me. How do you like those pants? I had the tailor make the crotch fit each one of those guys just right."
    I had to kiss him for that one. He had a tent pole that needed a grope too. "So now, Edmund. What else do you have to say?"
    "Nothing, sir."
    "He's an old dog isn't he?" I looked at Mitch, "Can't get that sir out of his head. Okay, old dog. Look at me. Do you prefer Edmund?"
    With his eyes down he said, "Yes, si…Chris, I do."
    "Then if we are to be friends I suppose that you will have to be Edmund and I will be sir and this young scallywag will be Ed." I had two Eds smiling at me. Group hug.

    I had to see what else Edmund had done. I walked the grounds with the man as the boys ran over the place like ants at a picnic. I yelled at the boys to drop bread crumbs behind them if they were going to play in the extensive tall hedge mazes around the house. "And keep out of the flower beds. Edmund has them looking perfect for the wedding." I smiled at him, "I know those boys. They can get lost on their way to the dinner table. I don't want to spend the rest of the week searching the hedges for them." He laughed at me.
    The man had been his most thorough best. He showed me where each table would be placed. Ric Garcia had hired one of the best caterers in the state to provide food for his daughter's guests. There would be an open bar which caused me to come up short. I was assured that the bartenders knew full well that if a minor even sniffed of a napkin with alcohol on it they could count on spending the rest of their lives hanging upside down from a wet and dank concrete ceiling. I asked him if he had retold that story. He told me that he hadn't. He was just trying a bit of humor. I held him close and told him that I had a very dark part of me that wanted to hurt people who had hurt my children. It is very serious to me and very private.
    We joined the boys in the formal dining room for lunch. Ģerâld was ecstatic. "Dad, I am going to cook in grandmother's kitchen." I held up my hand.
    "It is Edmund's kitchen until my name is removed from the deed. With his permission I would love to see you cook in his kitchen." Both Ģerâld and Edmund looked at me. They nodded at me then hugged each other.
    "I have always wanted to learn some of your recipes."
    "I understand that you are a whiz chef yourself young master."
    "Okay, you guys have a long history. But I don't like that." They looked at me. Luke nudged Edmund and stage whispered, "young master." Smiles filled their faces as food filled the rest of us.

    Craig is sweet. He has gained a little weight since he has joined the family. He is more open and talkative. He told me that he really enjoyed living with us. I asked him about Harry. He told me that he could see how his brother, Tommy, could have fallen for the man. He told me that Harry was too old for him, but he was glad to know him and would always look up to him.
    Suddenly he looked at me. "I mean, not all old men are bad. I mean, you are not that old. I mean, I like…" I put my finger to his lips and laughed. He sucked my finger and wrapped his hand around my soft cock. I asked him about Sven. "Sven saved my life, dad. If he hadn't been there I don't know what my folks would have done to me. I showed him Tommy's letters and he knew that I had to go meet Harry. When we flew home he told me that I might want to consider moving in with you. I already knew that I wanted too. He just helped me to do it." I told him that Sven would be at the wedding, he would be aarriving later in the week. Craig was excited over that news. He wanted to see Sven.

    I had a super surprise for the family and the staff Saturday morning. All morning the sound system in the house had been playing CDs of the Wild Boys,, one of the boys' favorite boy bands. The sentry from the main gate signaled that a car was coming in. He and I had worked out a special ring sequence. I casually looked at Cullen and asked him if he would open the door. He did the teenage saunter and some of the other boys started to follow. I waved them back until Cullen had the door open and stepped outside. Then I led the way with everyone following. They were curious now.
    Cullen stood outside of the front door and watched a motorcade come up the long driveway. A limousine approached the front of the house. Two long black semi-trailer tucks (eighteen wheelers), with Foss International emblazoned on the sides in gold lettering, turned to the back of the garage area. Another limo followed after them. Cullen slowly moved toward the limousine, the rest of us slipped out on the porch.
    The door of the limo opened and five boys jumped out and fell to their knees. They genuflected and chanted, "Your royal hiney, your royal hiney." Cullen cracked up and ran to the boys. Jason Russell was on his feet and the two boys gave each other a warm hug. Cullen hugged Chris and Steve tightly. Those four boys had been classmates before Jason was raped. Cullen turned and gave a warm hand shake to Gary and Liam. Jason asked Cullen when he was going to come back to school. Cullen told the boys that he was going to, "stay in the colonies and learn more about how the aborigines lived." That got him attacked from the family as everyone moved in to welcome the Wild Boys Sad Song of a Gay Teen by Paul Walker.
    "What are you doing here?" Cecil asked the famous boy's band. He was told that I had hired them to play for a wedding. They were going to be able to stay and play for a whole week. They told the family that I had sent the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß airplane to fly them over and that I was going to let them stay at the house.
    Jason looked around and whistled, "This ain't no 'ouse mate. Her Lady Ship 'as to live 'ere." Cullen tackled him and the two rolled on the ground.
    "That 'as got ta be the worst cockney I ever 'eard, mate," he came back.
    All of the boys were laughing and having a good time. I told Cullen and Cecil to lead the boys to the restroom then they could follow the two staff members on to their rooms. I shook hands with Phil and offered him his choice of tea or coffee. He told me that American coffee was too weak for him then began to laugh as he handed me a can of Kenco Rich Roast, a British coffee. I deserved that as Agnes had been so gracious to always prepare my Folger's for me each morning.
    The boys came out of the restroom and asked to see where their equipment was. I begged their forgiveness. Of course they were concerned about their instruments and other equipment. They are professional musicians. Their axes are their means of earning their living. And I was looking forward to having them earn every dime that I was paying for them to be with us. Not including meals and lodging I expected their visit to cost over a half a million dollars.
    I have gotten where I really like to hear Jason and Gary harmonize. Liam is a great addition but, shhh don't tell anyone, Jason's little voice is just beginning to change and it has the sweet boy sound that drives me wild. Cullen likes to sit in my lap and listen to his old friends and wonder if he had stayed at school if he could be a part of their band.
    Cullen told Jason that I thought his voice was cute so I told Jason about Cullen's day dream. Jason is extremely sharp and very quick on his feet. He just shook his head and said, "I'm not sure where I would fit the Royal organ into my keyboard set up." The chase was on as Cullen chased his friend around the huge estate. Jason is quick on the run too.

    Jay walked over to me and put his arm around me. Brad slipped up to the other side of me and they led me into the hedge maze. We sat down on a bench in one of the private love nests. "You brought them all of the way from England to play at our wedding? Why do we deserve you?" I was smothered in thankful, happy boys.
    "That's why." They looked at me. "When I get that kind of love from you two…that is why you deserve me. I love you and I want to make this day the best day you have ever had."
    "Too late, dad. You did that last summer at the lake." I had fallen in love the randy pair as each of them spent a night alone with me in that lakeside cabin.

    It was almost ten o'clock when the door bell rang. Sven Engblahm and Randy Koch had made it. We sat and had coffee as Edmund prepared a meal of left overs from the family's dinner. They were exhausted so I led them to their room on the fourth floor. I put them in one of the suites for the married boys so that they could have more privacy. I knew that Craig would be up to see Sven.
    I have six suites and only three married couples this weekend. Jay and Brad were dividing their time between the fifth floor and their parent's homes. Well, they haven't been home since November. It was only right that they spend some time with their families. Brad's grandmother and many of his aunts and uncles wanted to have a last jab or two at the boy they all love so much.

    Timmy had been on assignment. He and his assignment, Biff, and Chuck Boswell, landed at Base B Sunday morning. Timmy brought a fifteen passenger van down just in case we would need to transport Biff. I put Timmy in a third floor room across from the elevator so that I could surprise him later. I introduced Chuck to the family in the attic.
    I had to use a medical flight for Biff and his equipment. I am not sure what is going on, but I have reason to believe that he has given up again. He needs oxygen and is using a motorized wheel chair. He hardly walks at all. I had seen him with Isaac and thought, hoped, prayed… He had taken a turn for the worse. He had been in the hospital and did not attend Cory's wedding. The boys told me that he and Isaac were only passing friends, but that neither one had any interest in anyone. I had thought about Isaac and Lance, but when I saw him with Edgar I was excited. But I was left with Biff. I hope that this getaway for the wedding will bring him around. I put him in the cook's quarters next to the kitchen where somebody would be near him twenty four hours a day.
    I planned to sit down with him later and find out what was going on, but someone else had already picked up on his problem. Chuck asked me to show him where Biff was sleeping. I didn't see Chuck again until he walked in with a laughing Biff walking beside him. Hold on here. Whoa.
    I gave elevator keys to Tim and Biff. They had needs of the conveyance. Chuck was excited to be with us. I had been e-mailing back and forth with him and he told me that school was finished for the semester. He had contacted the U of A and had decided to transfer to the Tucson school for the fall term.

    My heart was full of love. The wedding had all of us feeling a need to be with someone. I had someone that I love, sleeping alone. I wasn't about to allow that. Not this week for sure. I took the elevator to the attic. Sure enough Christopher was sitting alone looking out of a dormer window across the city streets below our mansion on the hilltop. I slipped my arm around him and kissed his cheek. I asked him to quietly follow me.
    No one paid any attention to us as I opened a panel next to the elevator and pushed Christopher inside. I grabbed his balls and told him that he could keep those awhile longer if he kept his mouth shut about the small room he found himself in. I led him to a narrow stairway that opened into a similar room on the third floor. I took his hand and led the way through a narrow corridor between the bed rooms and the hallway. We had to make our way up and over each bedroom's door, but at last I stopped and smiled at him. I told him that I loved him more than he would ever be able to know and pushed at the panel opening into Timmy's bedroom.
    Quietly I closed the panel behind Christopher but, letch that I am, I had to listen to the pair say hello. Just a few more months. Christopher will graduate next year. The boys are in love and nobody knows that they are together, but me and you. So you keep your fucking mouth shut, you hear me? If anyone finds out about this I will know who told and…well it won't be nice, okay? I retrieved Christopher early Thursday morning and slipped him back to his bed before anyone knew he was gone. Of course I was stopped and kissed, groped and slobbered all over several times along the way.

    We got through the weekend like a well oiled machine. We had a few bumps and grinds, but a swift kick to the gears and all was running smoothly again. I had to check with Edmund to be assured that the secret rooms and passages were locked. I don't need to spend two or three days hunting in the walls for a lost boy. And I know two or three that would love to explore and would probably get lost.
    I was ready to kick some ass as Traveler© pulled up in front of the house with the air horns blasting the neighborhood with one minute and eleven seconds of Rachmaninoff's prelude in G minor, looped to the air horns. I was having my daily run around the outer fence of the large grounds. I cut across the lawn to the front of my RV. Pete was behind the wheel with his hands in the air. Andy was at the computer. Him I will kill slowly. Eddy and Harry bounced out of the side door to give us a big hug. Mark was still half asleep as Jeff helped to steady him on the steps. Mark asked for the restroom. Sam and Toby were the next to kiss me and run along after one of the staff to the large men's room just inside the front door.
    "Where's David Thatcher?" I asked. Pete shook his head and looked over at Donny. He took me aside later to tell me that David had found himself an older man. David has planning to move into the ΔΛΦ—Delta Lambda Phi—frat house. He had an opportunity to move in with the house father. Pete grinned at me. We would talk more later. Suddenly I felt really good about having put Christopher through that panel into Timmy's room. I would let that continue as long as Timmy would allow. I had lost two, Dickie and now David. But I had gained six. Somehow I didn't think that my house was full.
    We gathered in the dining room to listen to the traveler's exploits from their trip. Suddenly I stood up and looked over the family. "Where are Cas and Tyler?"
    "Right there, dad." I turned to look at the front door as the pair entered. They had fallen asleep on the big bed at the back of Traveler©. The boys all laughed at them as they let a blush add to their already flushed appearance. It had been the first time that they had been alone all day and they…well they just did.
    I had to give them a hard time. It was only Monday morning. They weren't supposed to leave Tucson yet. I wanted to know where they had stashed the wings that they had flown in on. None of them wanted to hang around. They wrapped up their obligations and left town Saturday afternoon. They took turns driving and drove straight through.
    Cas and his husband were shown to their couples suite on the fourth floor.

    It was lunch time Tuesday when the bus from Bradford Academy pulled in the circle drive and disgorged forty frisky boys. Tony MacMillan was the chaperone in charge. I will have to charge the chaperone before the week is over. The family led them through the house to temporary tables set up outside the kitchen on the family veranda. The cooks had hot soup and sandwiches ready. All of the kids sat down to eat together. I walked around greeting the boys that I knew and meeting the boys I didn't. A cute youngster stood up and asked me if I remembered him. I told him that I never forgot a beautiful fuck. He blushed, but I pulled him into a tight squeeze and kissed him as his whole body melted in my arms. I winked at Eric. We would strike up our old relationship with the young waiter that had served the two of us so well when I went to claim my son Eric from the school.
    Jayson was pointing and laughing at one boy. Eric rushed over and sat in the boy's lap to defend him. Jay had to tell his story. "We were clearing brush and took a break. This dude had a monster dick and we had been watching him fuck one of the teachers. He was whining because no one had a big dick to fuck him. I told him that Luke had a big dick and he almost killed himself trying to get Luke up in him."
    Luke walked up and shook hands with the handsome senior. "And you were one great fuck, dude. You have grown up since then. I hear that you are a senior now. What are you going to do?"
    Eric was all over the guy, "Borne broke me in so that I could ride daddy. I had a small fuck chute and he stretched me out." Borne rubbed the boy's head.
    "I ain't no senior no more. I graduated last week. I am trying to find some place to live. I gotta find me a job and all that." Sixty pairs of eyes turned to me.
    I saw Bones. He and Brad were in a heavy discussion with the world's skinniest kid. I learned that Bones was going to work with JB as IT administrator. The boy is a genius with computers. Skinny was his high school boyfriend and the two were going to be living together. Life is a wonder. I had finally met the famous Skin and Bones.
    The fifth floor of Empire Canal was the scene of the biggest boy orgy that I had ever been too. I had most all of my family and forty boys from BAG boys doing the naked bump-d-bump from mid-afternoon till dawn. I invited the Wild Boys. Liam came up and got his licks in. Jason and Gary stayed with each other, but they did have to snog Cullen several times. They told me that the Royal Git needed to know what real life was about. I told them that I was offended by their put down of Americans. They tried to kiss and make up, but I wanted more than a kiss. I threatened to revoke their golden pole pins. I was given sweet loads of young Brit cum as the two kept their faces together moaning their pleasure at my efforts.
    Of course I had to spend some serious time with the young waiter, but guess what. I still didn't ask his name. I really don't want to know it. It is not a good thing for me to be fucking the students at the academy.

    I had a phone call that I never expected. I had to look twice as the computer identified the number that the call was coming in on. It took a thirty digit code to access that number. I had almost forgotten that I had that number programed into our system. I asked the dispatcher for the location of the caller and sent a car to pick him up. The dispatcher connected me to him. I moved to a private spot so that I could listen to the little boy cry his heart out and beg for help. He is just so damn young. I don't know what to do. He is only eleven years old, and gay. Of course I could not leave him where he was. I called JB and asked him to take care of the boy, but to keep him away from his fags. He told me that the boy would be delivered to me personally when they arrived Saturday morning. Of course he wanted a blow by blow of our evening with the bus full of boys he had sent on ahead. I told him that the boys would have to blow the story to him first hand.

    I grabbed Cory and Christopher. I led them out to Edmund's apartment. The old letch was right. He could see straight into the house where the young staff was living. I used his binoculars as the boys giggled at me. I couldn't see all of them, but I could see their legs stretched out as they seemed to be sitting in couples in front of the TV. They were sitting with one laid back against the other, between the outstretched legs. I could see very erect young meat and hands playing about in a sexual manner on two of the couples. One couple was laying out on the sofa with their lips locked to the other as they ground together in their passion. I told Edmund that he and Mitch still had to maintain their status for a few more days. They didn't like that, but they agreed. I promised them that they were loved. They both looked at the two boys with me. The boys looked at me and smiled. They told Edmund and Mitch that they would be back to spend some time with them.
    I knocked on the door, but without waiting for a reply I turned the door knob. Mitch had done his work. The door opened to reveal eight sexy young men in very close proximity to their naked house mates. The three of us were naked and erect as we stepped inside. I quietly removed the tape from the latch of their door before locking it behind me. I had a large bundle in my hand which I laid down before crossing the room and pulling the first boy up for a kiss and a grope. Cory and Christopher both had one of the young men in a lip lock.
    The three of us moved about the room as we each learned the feel and taste of each member of our staff. "Congratulations, gentlemen. It is graduation night." I picked up the package that I had carried in and tore the paper away. Inside were eight expensive white waiters short coats with double gold stripes at the cuff of each sleeve. I passed each man a coat. "Tomorrow morning your assistants will report for work. You will each have three men under you. Strike that, back up. You have each other under you. You will each have three men working with you as their crew leader. We had to dismiss one of the men we had hired to work with Mitch. He had an outstanding warrant that we had overlooked.
    "Mitch will be occupied with the kitchen staff. It will be up to you to see to it that your crew is made familiar with the layout of the house. You have tomorrow to settle them in because our guests will begin to arrive on Friday. It is to be made clear that everything above the second floor is off limits to them. They are not to go near the family without my personal approval, understood?" I took a small box from Christopher and opened it. I let each man find the gold plated badge with his name in large letters under the title, crew chief. I watched their faces as they took everything in that I was telling them.
    "Gentlemen, I cannot let you go near the rest of my family at this point, but if you would like a taste of what may be available after the house settles down we are here." I was impressed with what I saw and I know that they were impressed with what they saw. Of course Christopher had the most attention. The mighty midget with the giant widget had grown quite a bit. He is now five foot eight, but he grew all over. The widget is no midget. Cory and I got our stares also, but we had to break the ice. I grabbed a very nice eight inch cock on a nineteen year old man. The boys each had their hands full as we fell to the floor in a group orgy.
    It was after nine when we left eight very fucked fags thanking us for our visit. We scurried back to Edmund's apartment to get our clothes. There were a few guests out and about and I didn't want to be seen naked by strangers at that point. I left Cory and Christopher with our two menservants and went back to the main house.

    Everything seemed to run rather smoothly. All of my family was settled in on the upper floors. The boys in the band were on the second floor with Jason and Gary in my new bed. I will probably never wash those sheets. I will search for certain stains and love each one that I find as much as I love the pair that will be making them.
    The band traveled with a technical support crew that was responsible for setting up their equipment and running their sound system. We would not be using their light show, either at the reception or the private party I had planned for the evening. I put the crewmen in one of the two bedroom staff houses behind the garages. They were closer to their equipment there and away from the gay activities that I hoped for later. I had been told that none of them were gay.

    Betty Dickerson arrived laden with packages for the newlyweds. I told her that she could have shipped them, but she told me she would just die if they were to get lost. I put her out in the guest wing. Bull and Billy arrived. I tried to put him in the guest wing, but he looked hurt. I moved him to the third floor. I only had one room on the fourth floor left. I was saving that one for Ken and JC. They didn't get in until nearly five.

    Sarah arrived and she was treated like the princess she is. Cory led her and the baby to Hillary's old bedroom suite. We didn't see them until morning. I put Blake Crossly out in the guest suites, but Blain and Blair drove us crazy until we relented to let them sleep in the attic. Tony Dogg and Silky took a guest room, so did my young attorney, Rob Wolfe, and his partner, Laney Dixon. Mic asked if he might be allowed to be closer to the action until Blake asked him if he might consider fraternizing with the boss. I moved both of them to the fourth floor. It had worked itself out and I had one spare room, if needed.
    Randy Hobbs and his thirteen year old grandson Laney Hobbs came down with the FI runner. I needed the sixth suite for the brides to dress in. Somebody mentioned the attendants. I moved Randy and his grandson to the third floor. I wasn't comfortable with the way little Laney was hanging on his grandfather anyway.
    The runner brought someone else that I had not counted on. I didn't expect to see this boy until the following morning. The driver told me that he was terrified of JB so it was decided to bring him straight on down and let me work it out. I held the smallest boy yet as he cried on my shoulder. I remembered a tiny Kenny only a few months earlier. The difference is, this kid is as young as Kenny looked.
    I caught one of the senior staff and asked him to locate Eric for me. I told him to be extra discreet. I don't want anyone to know that I have summoned Eric away. I am not ready to answer questions to that for which I have no answers.

    Güstav Heintz has continued to live in the house he had shared with his father and step-mother. Hiederick Heintz is in jail in Tucson awaiting trial for child abuse and for attempted murder. Gus's life has been miserable for the last five months. His step-mother learned that he was gay and she wanted no more to do with him. She had been through that before with her first husband and her own son. She would not put up with someone else's gay kid in her house. She knew that Hiederick would probably go to prison clear across the country. She wanted to be free of his kid.
    I held him and looked deep into his sad little face. I knew what I had to do, but how could I do it? I knew what I should do, but I just couldn't do that. A soft knock on my office door and a tiny bespeckled face peered inside. Gus had his back to the door as I waved Eric to come to me. I held out my arm to beacon him to my side. He moved close then all hell broke loose.
    Two boys were screaming and crying as they hugged each other and jumped up and down. I shouldn't. I slipped away to locate JC, Tony, and Bull. JC and I were sitting in the family breakfast nook with a cup of coffee in hand when the two attorneys entered. I explained my dilemma. They sat quietly as I shook myself apart. We all knew what would be done, but they were not going to be the first to say anything.
    I sent for my little ones. Kenny, Curtis, Theo, and yes Ricky. There is a large age range there and there could be trouble, but I had to talk to them. Ten minutes into our discussion the men rose and left silently. Four boys encircled me. I was told that I could not let Gus go. He is family, in a way. He belonged with his brother, Eric. I knew that. But he is so young. I led the four boys to my office and opened the door. Eric and Gus were stretched out on the sofa with Gus curled about his best friend. The two were sound asleep.
    The six boys talked amongst themselves. The boys promised Gus that they would protect him. All of them explained to Gus why it was so dangerous for him to be with us. He crossed his heart and zipped his lip. He would never tell anybody that he was living with a bunch of faggots. That got him pummeled and he ate it up. Gus has never had anything, but trouble in his young life. His father beat on him constantly since Eric wasn't there for him to hit on.
    I told the boys that Gus is to remain a family secret. I did not want him in the attic until all of our guests were gone. I asked Eric if he had enough of Borne for this trip. He wiggled his butt on his seat and nodded his head. Against my better judgement I took the boys through the front room and into one of the secret panels. I had not wanted these boys to know of the existence of the hidden corridor. Since the day Edmund showed the servant's passages to me I have imagined sitting in a quiet house when a tiny voice calls out from somewhere in the walls, "Help me, I can't find a way out of here." Nightmare stuff don't you know. We climbed the narrow staircase in the dark corridor between the walls to the fourth floor. It took us awhile and the boys were tired. The internal stairs are very steep with high risers between the narrow steps that were only wide enough for the boys' small feet to rest full on them.
    I put the six boys into one of the large suites that I had fixed for the married couples. At present we had one unassigned suite. It is more important for the boys to use it. I told them that they were to remain in that room until I sent for them the next morning. A knock at the door found a senior staff man with a cart loaded down with food for the boys. I asked him if he knew anything about fitting clothes to a small boy. I sent him in search of Pete and sent them shopping for a suit for the lad to wear to the wedding. He also needed other clothes for the weekend then I would buy him an entire wardrobe. I was begged to stay awhile. I spent an hour or two as the boys made Gus comfortable, but I would not touch him anywhere except lips to lips, no tongue.

    The photographer and his staff arrived. This man made me nervous. Why did he need a staff? I sat with him for twenty minutes before I gave him a check and sent him away. The man was shifty. He couldn't talk to me eye to eye. I called Ric he put Anita on the phone. I explained to her what I had done. She quietly told me that Rosa had chosen that particular photographer as favor to a friend that had used him in the past. I told Anita that I was afraid that he or his staff might catch some of the boys holding hands or worse. I told her that it would mar Brad's day. She agreed at once and would take care of Rosa. I need a photographer, at once. I called for Jimmy.
    Jim had his crew standing before me in moments as we went over the rules. Christopher, Jan, and Art were set to taking pictures of the guests and the grounds. Jim would work the wedding ceremony with Christopher helping do fill in shots. I hugged my boys and told them that we were going to do this. I sent them downtown to a large camera shop to purchase film type cameras. Digital cameras are getting better, but sometimes the pictures they capture are a bit grainy. I wanted a fast film that would not lend itself to that. Jim thought we should stick to a 125 ASA as 400 could be grainy. It was a very bright day and the slower film would be perfect. I learned that he did get some 60 ASA which he loaded into a Pentax *ist 35mm SLR. I was surprised at its small size, but I trust the brand name and I trust Jimmy.
    He was excited about a special purchase he had made. Pentax is testing a new digital camera for market release in the fall. Jim signed his life away to become a tester of the new K10D 10.2 Megapixel camera. He purchased the kit with the 18-55 mm K-mount lens and the optional battery grip for twelve hundred dollars. For most of his shots he would use a camera that he was more familiar with, his father's old Nikon 35mm SLR.

    Our first guest on the scene was Hillary. I had dispatched Edmund to pick her up before seven. She wanted to come early so I invited her to breakfast. We set a second row of tables for the young visitors while my family sat at the long table with Hillary at the head. I placed Betty and Sarah across from each other at the end of the table.
    Every boy in the family was charmed by Hillary's presence. I'll say it again, the woman should be Royalty, with a capital R. Hillary scolded me for not using her limo. I told her it was not mine to use. It would be in the garage and Edmund is available to her at anytime, day or night. She asked Ģerâld if I was always so obstinate. He told I was having one of my better days.
    Em Adams and all four of the Garcias arrived in time to have coffee and meet Hillary. The four ladies retired to the reserved guest suites to prepare the girls. From that point on people from everywhere began to arrive. The wedding was to take place at one, but guests were arriving before nine. Many of the four kids' high school friends showed up.
    Brad tensed when Tyrone and Winfrey came up the driveway. Brad nudged Jay. I watched the two tense their bodies for whatever was to come. "Dude, you are one auspicious piece of work," the boy named Tyrone told the guys. "I couldn't believe my eyes when Jay kissed you and stuck his hand down your pants man. That was so awesome. Me and Winny came out after that, dude. We just couldn't hide it anymore. If you two could be out we could too. We didn't know that you weren't coming back though. It was kinda scary at first, but nobody seemed to mind after while. So far we are the only black dudes to come out, but I know there are others.
    "I hear you are both daddies now. That is kewl. Double kewl, fag dads. Awesome." I was watching the boys' eyes through all of the exchange. They couldn't believe what they were hearing.
    Next to greet the boys were a cute young couple by the names of Robby and Cliff. I guess from the sound of it these two had been introduced by Brad. He is more the gay cupid than I knew.
    Bones came through the door. "You won't believe who is coming in now." He kept on going as Jay looked out the door. Ryan walked in alongside of Chad Simpson. "Hi guys. You remember my daddy. He really is now. He adopted me. I am Ryan Simpson now." The guys shook hands then shook their heads as the pair walked away.
    I had a sudden dread rush though me. I asked Brad if the boy that they had told me about would be here. The one that had kissed him in the hall that made Jay react the way he had. He smiled at me and told me that his dad had threatened JB with castration with a dull, rusty knife if Martín came near the wedding. Brad had asked JB earlier and was told that Martìn Espinosa did not know whose wedding the school was attending. JB told him that there were twenty boys on their regular work cycles still at the school. Martín's name was up on the cycle sheet. He had duties in the kitchens all day and was not able to attend. I took a deep breath and smiled.
    There were very few of their school friends coming in so I told them to let the ushers do the greeting and go prepare themselves. They gave me a nervous look and asked me if they had too. I told them that they didn't. If they wished they could go out to the terrace and tell everybody to go home, that they had changed their minds. Rosa Garcia heard me say that and she tore into the boys with both fists flailing. I told her that I was teasing the boys and she calmed down. Sheesh, get a mother hot on the day her daughter is getting married.

    I kept Cory close to me all day. I must have apologized to my baby a dozen times for not giving him the wedding that was revving up to full steam at Empire Canal. I held Cory and Sarah close.
    Sarah spoke so softly. Her words touched my saddened heart. "Daddy, you brought the greatest hope that our tribe has had in so many years back to us. Chief Steve was loved by everyone for miles and miles around. When Cory Sr. disappeared the tribe despaired. All had looked to the son of our loving Chief to carry on, but where was he?
    "You came to Chief Steve with a ray of sunshine straight from heaven above. Our Chief had a grandson. Cory has told me that he has never shared with you what happened to him after you left. He is too modest," she kissed him as he turned a very cute shade of red. I told him that now he looked like an Indian.
    "The tribal leaders put out the call around the world for all the tribe to know that we had a new young Chief. Everyone was saddened to hear that Cory Sr. was gone from a tragic accident, but the Spirits had been good to us and brought us his son.
    "No one will tell you but, daddy, you are our hero. Your spirit is the wolf. You are known as the Wolf that travels. Your name and pictures of your great RV, the mighty Traveler© grace the homes of tribesmen everywhere. The story of your ride to find and rescue our young chief is the source of song and is becoming myth.
    "My family is very rich. My young husband is very rich. We talked about the kind of wedding that we wanted. Listen to me and hear me well, daddy. We got exactly what we wanted. We were married in the ancient ways. Our wedding is very sacred to me. I believe that my Cory feels the same way, but I know that I could never be happy with anything less, or more, than I had.
    "This is grand. This is beautiful. But, daddy, this is a white man's wedding. It is not what I wanted. I stood with the Spirits and with the Spirits of my fathers. You wore the breastplate of the fathers that tell of your place in our tribe. You have our undying love and gratitude, but you have our loyalty, forever. You, Mike, and Steven are each a part of our life forever. You brought young Steven home and now a new song is being sung about you and Traveler©. You took Mike to your heart and gave him a name.
    "We have learned that Mike is a grandson of the Great Chief and a grandson of Christopher Stevens. You restored him to us. Don't ever think that you can give me anything that I don't already have. Of all the gifts that have ever come to me or my family the greatest has to be Christopher Cory Conway-Dickson. He is the future of my people and the living love of Christopher Cory and me. I am so glad that you love my man as much as I do. Don't ever leave him again." She smiled at me as Cory gave me a tight hug and kissed me. I pulled Sarah close as we heard the baby cry out. I pushed Cory away so that I could change Christopher Cory's wet diaper while he watched for a change.
    One nagging question still remains, isn't Tracy Chief Steve's grandson. Nobody will talk to me and Cory says that he doesn't know.

    Jay had asked their married brothers to serve as ushers. The four couples were resplendent in their tightly tailored tuxedos. The girls had chosen pastels for their wedding and no one wanted the ushers to look like penguins or waiters so they wore pale green tuxedos with a light yellow colored tuxedo shirt and lime green bow ties. I told them that they should have worn Kelly green then they would look like Leprechauns. I won't tell you what they told me. It wasn't very nice. They were allowed to wear black shoes and socks. Cas was afraid that somebody would give him pink socks to wear.
    The guests were seated on the lower terrace in ten rows. There were five hundred seats with isles dividing each section to ten chairs per row. The next terrace up had another three hundred chairs set up with plenty of standing room. I will have to learn what to call all of the amenities abounding at Empire Canal, but until I do I will say that the large raised pavilion across the back of the terraced area looked like a monster gazebo. It was over one hundred feet long with pink granite colonnades supporting a stylized roof. It was about five feet above the terrace, a good height for the pastor and the wedding party to stand and be seen. The main entrance to this pavilion was four steps, fifteen feet wide. The five foot wide treads were the right width for the young couples to stand as they faced the pastor of the church that they had grown up in. We had been exceptionally fortunate to get this man for a Saturday service. We had set our start times for one o'clock to allow him to finish services at his church.
    A large number of the guests in attendance had come straight from those services to see two of their own married. Both of the boys and René had grown up amongst the people of the large denomination and were blessed with having them witness their marriage.
    Florists from Florida to Canada were depleted of flowers. I like flowers as much as anyone, but damn, the waste. There were a least two or three tons of cut flowers that would be on their way to a landfill at day's end. Why can't brides choose live plants that they can fill their honeymoon cottage with? If they chose vegetables they would have food until they got settled down and had their young life on track.

    Everyone was in their seats. The press took a large section to themselves. I drew the line at television coverage. I had to get help from a friendly judge to keep all cameras from the grounds. I had a release attached to the court order telling the press that high profile persons and witnesses in ongoing trials were present and could not be photographed. I told them that photos of the wedding would be made available to them.
    There were questions, but Andy had sent me fifty armed men in combat uniforms, each standing over six feet tall and weighing over two hundred pounds. They stood conspicuously about the area looking for cameras and cell phone cameras.
    Four judges were present as well as both of the state's senators. Several of the powerful people that had received my recent e-mailing came to see the boys first hand. Many of these same press people had been in court recently and recognized Blake and Tony as well as me. Our judge was even there. If asked why the security I was covered. One reporter recognized Bryan and tried to talk to him. His Harry Potter reference had moved a lot of hearts. I had my radio on and I told a nearby agent to break that I up. He left his mic on so that I could hear him tell her that the boys were still witnesses for upcoming cases and they could not be interviewed. She didn't like that, but she sat down. I was covered and she knew why no pictures were allowed.
    I had one guest that I had to protect with every means at my disposal and only a very few close confidants knew that he was present. Harry and Toby stayed with one of the security guards all through the ceremony. Timmy hovered nearby. They carefully watched over the crowds with attentive eyes, but enjoyed seeing the kids vow their unending love to one another.

    Okay so you know what a letch I am. I wanted everyone to see one of the cutest kids around. I had Jason on a raised platform to the side of the patio terrace, but not under the pavilion's roof with the rest of the band. He was surrounded by six keyboards. The boy may only be fourteen years old, but he is a master of his trade. He had Seven Sony Vaio laptop computers set around his area with two racks of FX synthesizer units plugged into each other and into the keyboards and into…well, you would have to have a road map to figure which one went where. What was really wild to me was that most of the wires were just plain black. I would have had to have a thousand different colors to keep them straight.
    The sound from all of the boys' equipment came from their six thousand watt sound system. All of the wires and cables led to a monster sound control system sitting along the rail of the first tier where I was standing. I had not wanted this to sound like a rock concert so I had asked the band to disperse their speakers about the area instead of being centered about them. The result was two monster towers to each side of the terrace in front of me pumping music from speakers large enough to bathe in. Six other pairs of speaker towers lined the entire area. I am talking about over ten thousand square feet of paved terrace with eight hundred chairs set in sixteen rows. No one could say that they could not hear what was going on.
    Eric walked by and did a quick pose. The little faggot. Somebody told him that without his glasses and with his long hair pulled back that he and Jason looked like twin brothers. I had to admit that they do bear an uncanny resemblance to one another. I had even seen them naked. Eric has a cock and a half on him. Jason is cute, but not quite up to Eric's size. I will never kick either one of them out of my bed though. I really hope that I get to spend a little close time with Jason and Gary. I remember Halloween when they each got their golden pole pins. That was a hell of a night. I looked over at Harry and smiled. He smiled back with a questioning look on his face. My memory. Not to be shared.

    Jason had the guests totally relaxed with his soft background music. Ric Garcia stepped out of the house to stand beside me. I nodded at Jason to start the ball rolling. The boyfriend bridegrooms entered with there best men behind them. Brad and Jay were each wearing pale blue tuxedos. Brad stood to one side of the pastor and looked across the terrace while Jay stood to the other side. Jay was shifting from one foot to the other. I wanted to go hold him down. Ģerâld was Jay's best man and I guess he saw him fidgeting. He reached over and placed his hand on Jay's arm and Jay stood still. Luke bolstered Brad as he watched for the brides to enter.

    The girls came from separate doors to each side of me. I smiled at each of them as they waited for Jason to start their entry March. They both wore gowns of a very pale peach. René's gown followed more of a Mexican style while Lou wore the traditional gown with miles of that fancy netting.
    Their condition was not hidden, but not displayed. They had a large court of their closest friends. The young maids wore different shades of pastels giving the entire affair a happy spring like atmosphere. Ric signaled Jason to start the Wedding March. On the opening notes René's tiny cousins began their walk with pillows in hand. A little fellow of no more than three had a white Bible on his pillow as an older boy behind him bore the rings. René stepped out to follow them as two little girls followed behind holding her long train off of the ground.
    To my left a similar scene played out. One of Jay's cousins served as her ring bearer I felt so sorry for Louise. Not one member of her family had come for her day. Her family would not accept her relationship with her high school lover and life partner, Becky. Her own father raped her in his sick attempt to "straighten her out." They didn't care if this wedding was real or not, they would not forgive her. Her father is doing twenty years to life. Becky felt left out. Brad and Jay could be together in front of all of these people, but she could not be with her life. She wanted to marry Becky.

    The girls were radiant with the glow of imminent motherhood on their faces. They each stood facing the young fathers and I could feel real love from all four of them from my far away position. As they held hands Jayson and Gary began to sing a song made popular by an Australian group named The Seekers in 1965. I knew what was coming, but I still had to lean hard against the wall behind me to keep either it or me from falling down like the tears on my face.
    I cant' help it. I have to share this song with you. If you want to skip ahead go on and do so. But this was so beautiful that all five hundred guests were moved to tears. It was only those few hundred fags amongst them that knew what was going on.
    Jayson and Lou stood side by side as Brad and René stood side by side facing the other pair, boy facing boy, girl facing girl. I saw Jason and Gary face each other as the words began:

There's a new world somewhere they call the promised land,
And I'll be there someday if you will hold my hand.
I still need you there beside me, no matter what I do,
For I know I'll never find another you.

There is always someone for each of us they say,
And you'll be my someone forever and a day.
I could search the whole world over until my life is through,
But I know I'll never find another you.

It's a long, long journey, so stay by my side.
When I walk through the storm, you'll be my guide, be my guide.

If they gave me a fortune, my pleasure would be small;
I could lose it all tomorrow and never mind at all.
But if I should lose your love dear, I don't know what I'd do,
For I know I'll never find another you.

(Instrumental bridge with wordless vocals)
But if I should lose your love dear, I don't know what I'd do,
For I know I'll never find another you.

Another you,
Another you.

I'll Never Find Another You
by The Seekers; 1965
written by Tom Springfield

    As the words, It's a long, long journey, rang through the air the love of dozens of couples filled the air to the very top with their strong voices as they sang along. The four kids held hands in a circle, but Brad and Jayson locked eyes on each other and the tears flowed down their young faces. I was amazed at the young musicians as the two boys had their eyes glued to the other and their own tears flowed along with the words and the song.
    Liam, Chris and Steve were singing back up, but they sounded like a chorus of a thousand voices. I swear to you that the heavens opened and the Heavenly Host sang along as the music would not die. Voices from all around the area joined in. Boy couples and more than a few straight couples were looking at their own dear one and sang out loud and clear: But if I should lose your love dear, I don't know what I'd do, For I know I'll never find another you, and went into a repeat of the last verse. People rose to the feet to applaud. Crass? Probably, but it was the most moving wedding scene in all of history. Read your history books, nothing has been written that was so perfect. Really.
    It was a most magical moment that I don't feel will ever be duplicated. The newspaper columnists wrote glowing reports of the event calling it "The Day Cupid Reigned" I only hoped that we had placed enough boxes of tissue about the seating area. I needed a third box.

    I stepped inside to make sure that the staff had everything set up in the ballroom for the reception. A massive cake sat at the center of the room. It was six feet tall and four feet wide.Ģerâld had made good on his threat. The cake was capped with figurines of two couples in tuxedos and gowns, but the two figures of the grooms were side by side and holding hands. I had to get my own pictures of that.
    The caterer had set up in the formal dining room, just inside the wide pocket doors. There were tables set up for guests to sit down. I asked the staff to direct families with children to the tables. The bar was along the back of the dining room and could be served from inside or through the French doors off of the patio.
    I tasted the punch and asked the bartender to put a little more punch in it. He poured it into a large plastic cup and fixed me the bracer I needed. Mitch came up to me with one of the young staff leaders. They wanted to know where I needed them. I led them across the long hall to the library and sat down for a few minutes. I grabbed the boy named Specs and kissed him. He was hard I had him stand and I opened his pants. His seven inch uncut cock was hard and a pearl had gathered. I sucked that from him as I told Mitch to stand and drop his pants.
    I rubbed the icy cold glass of punch across their enraged cock heads and told them that my drink needed some flavor. Both boys began to handle matters, quick time. I love to get up close and watch a boy beat off. I moved from cock to cock and nursed the sweet drippings from them as they pounded their fists against my nose. The young server came first as I held my glass close for every drop then I suckled him clean. Mitch was bending his back as the server opened my pants. "You're tense sir. Let me give you a massage."
    He engulfed me as Mitch added his essence to my punch. He knelt beside me and moved to kiss me as he told my cocksucker to stroke my prostate. I had to raise my ass off of the chair as the young thing pulled my pants down and wiggled a finger inside of me. I filled his mouth quickly. He sat back on his haunches to lick his finger clean. I kissed him and told him if he wanted to fuck to meet me in my bed in forty five minutes. I wanted to get the reception going then I needed to slip away. Mitch told him that he would cover for him until he was able to return to work.

    I was back at the door into the ballroom as the newlyweds ran my way to the cheers of the guests. Cory slipped over and looked at me. "Cum breath." He giggled then moved back so that we could greet the kids. They headed through the house to the rooms where the girls had changed. I had moved the boys' clothes in there for them, but I separated them so that they had to change with their wives in the room. I'm so mean.
    The young servants directed the guests to the ballroom. I shook hands until my arm tired. Harry and Toby called me aside. I shook hands with the security guard and asked His Highness how he liked the wedding. King Al Hadi looked sternly at me. He told me that the Americans are a strange people. He felt the love that was shared, but he had some questions.
    Some of the boys ran by and I called for Jace to come over. "Well, young man. What do you think of your friends getting married. Was it a nice wedding?" I asked him.
    "It was great. Did you see Frankie and me sing to each other. We saw Jay and Brad holding hands and singing and we started singing and it was so neat and I felt so good." I told him to run along and find something to eat. He giggled and ran off to find Frank.
    King Al Hadi looked at me. I nodded at him. He looked at Jace as the boys stood in line for the food. He had an interesting expression on his face. It is a bit hard to read a man who has a full face of coal black hair and is wearing sunglasses to boot, but I have a feeling that something may come of the fact that he has now seen his nephew for the first time since he was a baby.
    I nodded at Harry and said my farewells to the disguised King. He and I would talk again before we spirited him back out of the country. I slipped away to meet my serving wench. Let's see he is a boy so would that be serving wrench? I had his wrench juice in a glass of punch a few minutes before, I needed another taste. I told Cory that I needed a nap. He grinned at me. "I hope he has a soft spot for you to lay your head." I wanted to kiss him, but I cuffed his arm in a masculine way and left him giggling.
    A half hour later I had a better feeling for life and I was freshly showered with clean clothes on. I circulated the ballroom as we waited for the kids to come and cut their cake. A few minutes later they came in giggling and cutting up. Two stacks of gifts climbed each side of the center doors as the newly weds circulated through the throng of well wishers.
    A young waiter passed me with a tray of champagne. I took a glass. He looked tired. I locked eyes on him. "Specs is your man?" He glanced around quickly and nodded at me. "He is fine, but he tells me you are better. You need a break. Go find him and he will take you to meet me. I have to see the kids off then I will be there, maybe thirty minutes or more." He looked at me then began to smile. He had a stronger step as he moved back to the bar and set his empty tray down. I watched as he shook his ass at me on his way out of the room. I would be up in that very quickly.

    I wanted the newly weds to have a quiet honeymoon away from everything and everybody they know. Sure the boys are not going to live with the girls, but they are legally married. René wanted to stay in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I looked at Jay and Brad. Their eyes were wide as they shook their heads no. Jay asked her why the Waldorf.
    "Think about it nene. Jaybee and I want to be pampered," she rubbed her big belly and gave Jay a poutish look. The kids knew that René was going to have a girl and Lou carried Brad's son. They decided on using the boys' initials for names using their own first name initial as the first letter in their baby's names. René and Jay named their daughter JB, Jaybee. While Brad named his son BJ, Beej? No, B. J. I saw trouble later on for the boy. I hope he is tough. But I really like the names. Imaginative at least.
    "I want to shop on fifth avenue till I drop. The Waldorf has to be the most grand place ever. I have seen pictures and it is so plush. I want to be served breakfast in bed and I want to sit in a hot bath with you… and I guess Brad can come too. We can't leave Lou out. But I mean that place is posh."
    "Posh?" The boys cracked up. They wanted to know where she got that word. I had to step in and settle them down. René was serious and they were teasing her. I told her that I would send them to the Waldorf. The honey moon is entirely on me.
    The boys asked if they could use my apartment. I told them that the honeymoon suite would be better, but they wanted the apartment with three bedrooms. They could each have a room with their wives and a room where they could go fuck each other. I had to laugh at them. Without letting the girls know that it was my apartment I told them that I knew where they could stay. I told them that it was an apartment suite with two Jacuzzi equipped bath rooms. René said that the boys would probably be in one of them together. Is she jealous? The way I understand it she put the two boys together in the first place.
    I told them that I would provide a limo to take them shopping. The boys wanted a stretch hummer. After the reception the kids ran out to the long white HumVee stretch limo that we had taken to the Big Apple the summer before. The boys stood in the sun roof waving at us as the wolf whistles followed them off of the grounds. A long line of well wishers followed along behind with their car horns blasting away the serenity of the afternoon.
    I was happy to see that the guests had tossed birdseed instead of rice at the kids. There are hundreds of song birds in the trees around the estate. I don't want them eating the rice and dying. They would feast on the half ton of birdseed on the driveway.
    One of the temporary staff came to me with an envelope. "The lady said to give this to you." He walked away as I watched Edmund drive Hillary home in her limousine. I opened the envelope to find the limo's title, signed and notarized, with my name written in as new owner. A sticky note said, "With all of my love. HC" She is some lady.

    Sarah had to go back home. I asked her to stay with us, but she blushed and giggled at me. "My man needs the kind of fucking that only you can give him. I love him and his son loves him, but my place is with my people. I only have one thing to ask of you, daddy. I have to ask you to hold my man close and keep him always. I know that when the two of you are together that there is no power on earth that can harm you. Your love is deep and good." She held out her arms to me. As we embraced I pulled my boy in with us. The three of us have something that is so pure and so right. Queer or not Cory and I do love each other and I know that we shall always be together. There will be many others in our beds. We are both built that way, but the deep love in us will always belong to the other.
    Sarah startled me and awakened the baby. She stretched her lips tight and let out a whistle that broke window panes in three counties. I sat and stared at her as she blushed. Cory was waving at Christopher to come join us. "Christopher William Dickerson, my sweet hung brother. I, we, have something to ask you, dude. I hope you know how much I love you and my wife has grown to love you very much also. You have been a very special person to me since the first day I saw you get out of the car at my grandfather's house.
    "Chrisy, our daddy found you at the center of the world. You don't know how you were being used to build a family. Sarah and I have seen things about that day and we think that the Spirits, sorry daddy, put you in the middle of the road in the middle of America to draw all abused and used fag boys to daddy for protection.
    "Chrisy, daddy has told me that he was cruising for young cock and had no direction in mind, but finding you awakened him to hear me pleading in the distance for him to come and love me." He scooted close to me. I had never heard this before and I sat with wide eyed amazement as he and Sarah shared their story. "Sarah and her mother taught me how to petition the Spirits to gather our families safely before us. The day daddy found you we had been singing old songs of family bonding. I missed my daddy so much that my heart ached in my chest. I could think of no one else. Steve loved me and gave me everything. My mother tried to help me, but she…well she is what she is. Sarah and her mother could feel my need.
    "I knew that daddy had found the cement that was going to hold me too him. I knew that he was on his way to me and I already had my bags packed. I have never ever regretted one moment that I have spent in this family with you. I love being with you, but most of all I love you. So I have a favor to ask of you.
    "I know that daddy thinks the name Chrisy is too pretty for you. You are a very handsome man and you do need a man's name. But this little guy here is so tiny and cute. Sarah and I want to know if he can carry your name. Can we call him Chrissy as an honor to you?"
    Christopher's dam broke. The boy had more tears in him than I would have thought possible. Of course I was just a bit overwhelmed by my number one's little speech myself. The two boys were locked at the lips for so long I was afraid that I would have to have them surgically separated. When they did separate they moved to me and the three of us were moving our body parts together. I am not sure who's heart I ended up with, but it sure was full of love. I think Cory has my spleen and I saw Christopher trying to get around my mind. For whatever we took from each other the three of us had a renewed bond that day. One that will never be broken.
    Christopher carried Chrissy over to Betty. I saw her face as the old woman held the baby close and pulled Christopher to her bosom. I heard Christopher ask his grandmother if she wanted him to give her one these, the baby. She kissed his forehead. I did not spend much time with her. We had so many people in the house that it was hard to speak to each of them. Betty and Sarah would be flying to Tulsa on a non-stop flight then Sarah would meet her mother and uncle to drive back to Tahlequah. I wished that I could help her to avoid that long car trip, but she told me that she was traveling with love as her cushion. Betty would go on to Phoenix where Andy would have a car waiting for the drive on to Tucson. I couldn't thank her enough. She simply said that she loved Sarah and knew that she could use the help with the baby.

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