Chapter 257


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    I did whatever I could to break the frump that the boys were in. It has occurred every time that the boys get together with other schools. I feel it as well; I meet so many fine young men and I don't want to be apart from them. I have to instill in the boys what I know; let their new friends return to the life that they know and remember them so that the next time that they see each other they will be able to share new experiences with them. That is hard for anyone to do, but with children that can only see what is in front of them it is even more difficult.
    Very early Saturday morning a crew of four hundred boys from BAW swallowed their breakfast whole then ran out to mount their horses for trek to the upper camp to clean it up. All of the boys were put to work tidying up the camp to make it ready for our next visit. The skeleton crew that was left behind cleaned the major mess from building A that can't be done with so many messy boys around. The other buildings had been cleaned and secured by sunset the day before.
    The upper camp was a mess. All of the Tsalagi had gone up to do their part, the images that they sent back to me infuriated me. The boys from Bangladesh had been the last to use the Camp. They had used it as their bathroom. I had been working with Yuri on his animal transformations, particularly birds. He couldn't fly in a straight line, but he was learning. I had him change into a swift and I took on the form of a hawk so that we could fly to the mountain camp and see what the others were showing us.
    Throughout the camp area boys were standing by with shovels or small scoops and a plastic sandwich bag. I circled the camp and looked at all of the damage. The hundreds of piles of shit were offensive to the noses of humans, but promised a banquet to a multitude of insects. I wanted neither so close to the mountaintop playground. I flew to a private area and became myself again then walked up the trail with Yuri at my side.
    At my signal the boys scooped the feces into their bags then carried it to a large pit that other boys had dug next to the stream that carried the waste away from the stables area. The bags were emptied then placed into the chipper/shredded and turned into thin shit covered strips of clear plastic and dumped into a heavy metal bucket. Nolan poured a gallon of plastic eating acid over the mess and sealed the bucket. Tristan carried the bucket to the mound of garbage waiting to be hauled off of the mountain.
    Many boys gathered around Yuri and me. I had been careless, or had I done it on purpose? "What else can that ruskin do?. He turned into a cat then they just saw him fly behind that tree and change from a bird to That." Kurt Wagner waved his hand at Curtis and Dane then he pointed to Yuri with a snarl on his face. "Commie Ruskies are all animals."
    I turned into Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe and stood on my hind legs and placed my front paws on five foot tall Kurt's shoulder so that we were face to face. I let my true face appear so that I could speak to the bigot.
    "First of all Yuri is my son, not something to look down on. Secondly Communism died before you were spawned and Russia is now a friendly nation. Did you meet any of the boys from my schools in St. Petersburg or Moscow that were here for the past four weeks? You, sir, are an insult to my school and to me. I will return you to your grandmother tomorrow when we get back into Tucson."
    I dropped to stand on all four feet as Yuri transformed into a bobcat in front of the boys. Yuri jumped onto my back and snarled and snapped at the boys as we led the way to the fire pit area. All of the other boys had been herded to the fire pit and waited to know what was going on. Yuri jumped down from my back as I changed into my human form before eight hundred wide eyes.
    I looked around the circle of boys and saw many smiles on their faces. 'Told ya he is the great wolf." A boy said to another. The boys were talking about the first time that we had gone to the camp and the stories that were told. Everyone was excited when the tapestry was described and the prophecies that it held were talked about. I heard some of the boys talking about the symbols of other animals on the tapestry when Roddy stepped to the fire. I read his mind and quickly had Wes up and chanting. Mike and Steven quickly joined him and danced around the fire tossing the crushed leaves from their small medicine bags into the flames while the rest of the Tsalagi boys and the Chiricahua boys chanted for protection for their little brother.
    The flames died down and Wes tossed a handful of powder onto the embers. Roddy transformed himself into Fire Fox and stepped into the center of the fire pit. RD rose up on his twelve foot wings and screeched his ear piercing call of the wild. He circled above us then came down to sit upon Cory's huge brown bear shoulders. Mike's owl form sat upon Steven's Cougar back. I implanted the image of the ancient arras in the front of the minds of every boy at the camp and pointed to each symbol of animals on it. As I pointed to a symbol the person that it represented showed his face in his animal body.
    The terror and shock left the face of the other boys and was replaced with a look of acceptance and trust. I could feel no discomfort from any of them, instead there was a sense of awe in their minds. I had t see how far our disclosure could go. "Cats," I said as I touched Ajay on the top of his head. A beautiful male Bengal Tiger roared loudly as it stood up. Mike as a cheetah walked up to Robin's male lion form. Ita's jaguar and Inagei's young male lion joined in a circle around Yuri. All of the foxes and bears stood by as Roddy jumped into the middle of the group and covered Yuri with his body then bared his teeth and let out a low growl.
    I felt another presence, a new presence. All of the Tsalagi turned and watched with me as I invited five young naked boys and four very pregnant naked teenage girls to step out of the trees to join us around the fire. The girls drew back in terror at the sight of the fire then started again as they saw all of the boys leering at their naked human forms. I told them to change back into their natural grey wolf form and lay down with the cats. The boys nearby moved back about ten feet.
    Yuri and Breeze began to play fight with each other and Breeze snapped at him when he slapped the Waya leader's ball sack. I introduced the Waya and told the boys their story and how they taught me how to transform into many different forms then how I met Ajay with his abilities. When Gigage brought me a cup of coffee and announced that lunch was ready then changed into a Red Fox and ran back to the chuck house the boys were amazed. They wanted to know if they could change as well.
    During the entire course of our revelation the Tsalagi had been flooding my mind with their request to show the other students everything. I felt the…disdain? non-trust…? of someone nearby. I touched that mind and found Nolan there in unbelief. I willed him to come to me. Tristan took his hand and led him over to the group by the fire.
    "Them Indians up to the village talk about ghost walkers, thet's what they call folks thet can walk in different spirits. I seen some of it while I was a kid, but old Willie told me thet I were smoking too much skunk weed. Now I knows thet it were true. Mr. Boss Man, I is honored to work fer you and your boys. Ifn I could turn into a big old ox I could clean out the brush from the forest without no tractor. Ifn I could turn into a bear I could catch my fill of fish from the river. I always wanted to be an ox when the heavy work came along."
    "I would like to be a beautiful eagle, like RD, then I could go to the mountain lake and catch the big fish that swim deep in the middle of the water," Tristan said with a wistful look on his young face.
    The most asked question that I kept hearing was, 'how do you talk to each other?' I sent a telepathic message to the boys, "Let's go eat lunch and we will try to explain all of this to you." The boys stood transfixed after hearing my voice inside their heads and not through their ears. "That, my dearest friends, is telepathy. Many of you have accused me of being able to read your minds and I can't. It has only been in the past month and a half that I have developed what skills I have been granted with." The boys stayed as close as four hundred boys can stay around me as we moved to the chuck house for food.
    I continued to talk to the boys as we ate. They could see Mike talking aloud to those around me yet they could see and hear me in their heads. I had Wes and Cory tell them some of the wonders that they had been made aware of after learning to use their powers then I came down hard on them. I told them that this power was of the Great Creator and that it must never be misused…ever!!! I reminded them that God knows their every thought and deed so they can not hide any wrong use of the power.
    We all piled into one barracks together and began to train the boys as individuals. Each of us that had the power worked with a small group of boys. Yuri was the most popular as boys flocked around him wanting to know everything that he knew. I watched Kurt Wagner get as close to Yuri as he could and hang on every thought that my son put in his head. Roddy had a very large group around him as well, they wanted to know about him and his horse.
    The voice of Breeze overpowered every other voice in my head when he stood up as a very young teenage boy and told all around him of his life in the forests and his fear of the bounty hunters that had killed his mother the summer before I met him. His story was so emotion packed that everyone of us had tears in our eyes as we felt the young Waya's pain.
    Waterfall told of digging to the very back of his family's den as dogs dragged his brothers and sisters out and killed them. He told us that he stayed deep in the den for many days and only came out when hunger and thirst made him do so. When he saw the headless bodies of his family strewn about he ran and ran for the longest time. He stopped to drink from a stream when he felt the presence of Breeze. Breeze approached the starving pup and laid a freshly killed rabbit at his feet. Waterfall was so hungry that he devoured the entire critter instantly.
    Two days later they had formed a pack with the other three pups, River, Night time, and Star shine. That afternoon the Great Spirit in the sky told them to seek me out and that I would save their lives. Breeze went to the floor in his natural form as the other eight Waya, male and female, circled about me and lay down with their faces toward me. I changed into Shoemowetochawcawewahcatowe and lay down in the middle of the circle. I took on a canine trait of licking each wolf's face as they licked mine.

    Late into the night boys were trying to transform themselves into some animal. I turned into an animal that was more suited to me, a boi lover. I changed into a very young wolf pup and went to Yuri then began to play with him. Kurt Wagner-that's pronounced Văgner-reached over and petted me then rubbed my belly. I could have stayed like that for the rest of the night, but I wanted to know who Kurt was and…well, I am a boi humper aren't I?
    When I changed back into my human form I was on my back with the boy rubbing around my groin. He jerked his hand away as those around us laughed. Many of you are probably skipping over this part, but I had a good reason in mind when it was decided to reveal our special abilities to the boys at large. All of my Tsalagi had agreed to share and listen to the thoughts of those that we were working with; we knew that it would be easy to implant a simple thought that would make the entire event seem like a weird dream.

    Kurt's father was in a rage. By the time that the police responded to the calls from three different neighbors the thirteen year old boy was barely identifiable as a human, let alone male As the police restrained the elder Mr. Wagner he kept asking, "Ist die homosexuelle tot? Das Ding ist queer, und ich will ihn tot sehen.—(Is the homosexual dead? That thing is queer and I want him dead.) He was convicted of aggravated child abuse/with injury, felony assault and battery, as well as attempted first degree murder, the charge was aggravated as a hate crime. He will serve forty years, without the possibility of parole.
    Kurt spent two months in the hospital recuperating. He was in traction with a broken back, leg and arm. He lost several teeth and one eye at the hands of the violence that his father meted out. At the end of two more months of rehab at a special facility he was sent to live with his maternal grandmother. She stayed at his side through his father's trial, but after that she contacted the authorities to place him somewhere that he could receive mental help, he had an invisible male sexual playmate.
    I interviewed the recently turned fourteen year old just after Halloween and accepted him as my ward and a new student at BAW. I had little time to sit down with any of the boys before I left for the far east then when I returned I went directly to Camp Christopher, where I have remained. Cory and Wes had noticed Kurt's limp and lethargic demeanor. We had agreed that he needed time at Aqua Caliente—hot water, the new name of the hot springs where we heal the wounded. The situation had just not been right before this day's events.

    There was another fourteen year old boy that came with his parents to BAW for open enrollment day in early September. Tooantuh—springfrog—Christie, son of Kan'nuna—bull frog—and Kamama—Butterfly, both full blood Cherokee. Tooantuh was being bullied at school for being a queer Indian squaw boy. I had talked to Kan'nuna and Tooantuh while in Oklahoma the previous summer. I learned that the entire family had skills that could be used at the schools.
    Kamama was an experience high school English teacher with a Masters degree. I placed her at BAG. Kan'nuna is now on the staff at BAW guiding ninth and tenth graders through the intricacies of physics and eleventh and twelfth grade boys through applied physics. At our initial meeting I was told that Tooantuh could make himself invisible. I ignored that statement until I met Kurt.
    Mr. Wagner had walked in on his thirteen year old son just as he had shot a large load of his thin boi juice onto his chest and stomach, his legs were in the air and spread wide, there was cum running from his anus and down his thighs. Kurt insisted that an invisible boy had come to him and that they had sex for over two hours. The next thirty minutes of the small boy's life was spent trying to cover up from his furious kicks and blows.
    Months of therapy, including hypnotism, could not sway the boy's story. I finally believed it when I touched Tooantuh's mind at church on the day of Epiphany. I had to lay a trap for the young rapist and set the mind of an innocent boy free. I began by telling Kurt that he was finished at the school for his childish outburst against Yuri being born in Russia.
    It was growing late so I told Kurt that he was being punished for his racist remarks to Yuri. I sent him off alone to another barracks building. My heart broke as I watched the bawling boy leave the room. I moved to a private section and turned into my little fly persona. Just before I flew off after Kurt Tooantuh slipped outside. I flew at top speed and settled on the wall above Kurt's bed. Within seconds I heard Tooantuh talking to him. I focused all of the sensory elements of my fly eyes and could clearly see Tooantuh lay himself down next to Kurt. Kurt grabbed onto him and held on tightly. Both boys are starved for affection. I was about to encourage their friendship, but not under the current circumstances.
    I spoke into he minds of both boys. Although my thoughts were formed in Tsalagi both of them could understand me. "Is this honorable to your ancestor Springfrog Christie 1878-1930<>? Did he sneak into the beds of innocents and rape them then slip away, ashamed to reveal himself? Tooantuh, Kurt loves you. He was beaten within an inch of his life because of you. You have a duty to reveal yourself to him and see if he loves you or what you do for him.
    As Tooantuh showed himself I appeared sitting on the bed next to them. Both boys began to cry and hold on to each other then after several minutes they turned to me and held their arms out. I joined them on Kurt's bed and let the two boys communicate telepathically. Kurt revealed all of the pain and abuse that his father and grandfather had inflicted on him over his young life. He explained the scar in the shape of swastika that had been burned into his left forearm with a cigarette. I was hard at work healing the pain in his mind. Wes, Cory, and Mike flew in and perched in the rafters over us to help.
    Cory dug deep into the mind of Tooantuh and began to heal his need to hide. He had a lot of ingrained fear from the years of being bullied. Cory linked me in when he found out that Tooantuh hated his name. He was proud of his heritage, but he was sure that if he had an English name that the other boys would leave him alone. I probed deeper than Cory had and learned the name that the boy loved the most, is Miles. I discovered that his father insisted on his son learning the language commonly used in the sciences, Latin. Mile is a Latin word meaning soldier and Tooantuh considered himself a son of a soldier, hence Miles.
    Digging around in another's mind can be embarrassing. I learned from both boys their overwhelming desire to suck my dick and have me make love to them. I looked up at the two birdbrains sitting in the rafters over the boys' bed and let them see what I had seen. "Dad, I've never gotten to watch you in private with a boy, go for it," Wes told me.
    "Yeah dad, they both need a pin and I haven't watched you do two boys at one time in a long time." I told the boys that it would be tough on them because they couldn't jack off. "Hey, we can fuck each other, we're both birds and both of us have bird dicks." Leave it to the Cory man to find a kinky way to have sex.
    I gave a bit of mental encouragement to Kurt since he seemed to be the most anxious to get to know be better. "Er…dad, er…ah, well I would like to feel your dick and maybe suck you?" The beds in the barracks are only full sized, not queens. I figured that the boys would like to stay very close together when at the upper camp. I moved over to lay down between the two small boys and pulled them close so that they were almost on top of me.
    Kurt quickly wrapped his hand around my cock while Tooantuh took my nuts into his small hand. Sometimes I feel quilty with boys as small as these two were, but I know that they are as gay as gay can get and I am not encouraging them to do anything that they don't love to do. Both of them are well over fourteen and thought Tooantuh has not had sex with anyone other than the invisible Kurt he wants too. He has been at the school for four months and keeps to himself, never even allowing his naked body to be seen by others except in the shower, and then he keeps his back turned to the room.
    Kurt looked me in the eye as he held my dick close to his face then opened his mouth to take as much of me in as he could. He worked hard, but within a short time he had a good three inches of my extra thick man meat in his mouth and he was working it very nicely as he tried to pump out some fresh cream.Kurt looked me in the eye as he held my dick close to his face then opened his mouth to take as much of me in as he could. He worked hard, but within a short time he had a good three inches of my extra thick man meat in his mouth and he was working it very nicely as he tried to pump out some fresh cream.
    I wrapped my hand around Tooantuh's goody sack and guided him up to a position where he could fuck Kurt while the boy and I suckled each other. Tooantuh caught on very quickly and shoved his five inch red meaty pole into Kurt's ass which caused Kurt to shove an extra two feet of his cock deem into my throat. Tooantuh is a fucking wild man when he gets in the saddle. I was envious of the fuck he was putting down on his longtime lover. This was the first time that he had ever seen Kurt while he fucked him and he was going all out with his efforts.
    Both boys reached their climax simultaneously and I got Kurt's hot cream. When he was finished and became a bit sensitive I pushed him out of my mouth and spread his legs so that I could felch the cream that the milk man had left dripping out of his backdoor. Kurt began to thrash around, he loved what I was doing. He had never had anything other than a dick or his finger near his ass hole, but this was just so good. His cock stiffened quickly and I pushed him away and told him that it was his turn to do the fucking as I pulled Tooantuh into my favorite position of sixty nine with a boy getting his ass fucked.
    I felched Kurt's ass then turned turned him around so that I could get between his legs and really give him a licking. I sent my tongue as far up his ass as it would go and then added my fingers. I withdrew my tongue so that three fingers could go into the quickly stretching ass hole and leaned up to kiss the boy in his first ever man boy kiss. He learned quickly, that kiss was not the same as kissing a slobbering pubescent. Kurt was humping at my fingers and shoving his super hard cock against my body. I love young teenage boys, they can cum and go again within moments. I like to get them off at least three times, but Kurt promised to be a five timer. I knew that his later loads would be thin to none, but his climax would still be intense and that was the emotion that I work to get from every boy that I lay with.
    I arched my back to align myself with his hot butt and replaced my fingers with the head of my cock. His eyes popped wide and the expression on his face turned to pain, but was quickly replaced with a smile. He quickly adjusted to my size and allowed me to push on. I took it very slow for two reasons, they boy had only had sex with another boy his age and he was not used to big cocks. Also he is so dang small.
    I had figured that Kurt would not last long once I began to pump in earnest. His body stiffened and his ass began to spasm around my cock after only a few minutes of my full efforts inside of him. His eyes rolled back into his skull and he let out a shrill cry as his thin load splashed on our bellies. I heard Wes moan in my head. Cory had just made him cum. I just knew that bird cum was about to rain down on my back and I almost lost my stride, but Kurt pulled me in for a kiss and screamed at me to fuck him harder and with super long strokes. I was happy to oblige and was rewarded with two more intense climaxes from the youngster. I held back, I wanted to show Tooantuh a good time as well.
    As I had dug around in his mind I had learned that Tooantuh was being fucked by six very hard bodied jock bullies over the past two years. He was barely twelve when he sucked the dick of his young playmate and his fifteen year old brother. The brother took Kurt into his room and let the boy suck him every day after school then he would fuck him. Within a month the brother had introduced the girly boy to all of his buddies and they were happy to show the little guy all of their love as often as they could get together.
    His father had gotten word from some of the boys bragging in his class about the teacher's kid being a better punch board than the girl that was widely known to fuck any dude that wanted her body. He made up his mind to move his son away from that environment. He talked to several of the elders in the village and they all told him to send the boy to my school. They even suggested that I might have a teaching position for him or his wife. Kan'nuna sought me out the day that I arrived with my family to build a house for my son, Roddy, in June.
    Tooantuh was quick to lay on his back and spread his legs. He had never been rimmed before and I was all too happy to give him that experience. When I entered his butt I knew that he had been well fucked, with short cocks. I moved his body so that his colon was straight and I was able to get into his transverse colon for a deeper fuck than he had ever experienced. I touched his mind to gauge his pain level and his emotions. He was in no pain and his emotions were at the peak of his life's experiences. He got through with four very intense orgasmic climaxes that nearly washed us out of bed. I fired two full loads into his ass which Kurt took to felching as quickly as I rolled away. This time it was Cory's turn to moan, I moved off of the bed and looked up.

    Both boys needed a few hours at Aqua Caliente, all I needed was to get them down there, treat them and get all of the boys back to the school by mid-morning. Cory hit me with an image. He has done a great deal of work on the face of the cliffs over the springs as he maintains the giant water powered turbine electric generators. He has often remarked about the agile mountain goats that seem to grow out of the sheer face of rock as they move up or down.
    Mike flew to retrieve his bag of herbs and Wes went to get his oils. Cory and I put the two young boys into a trance and had them hold onto our backs as we raced down the steep cliff face in the form of strong rams In less than fifteen minutes we were down the bluff and preparing the boys for their deep healing.

    The next morning Kurt and the newly named Miles awakened with the other boys in the first barracks. It didn't take long for someone to notice that Kurt had his teeth and both eyes. Others noticed that the swastika was gone from his left arm. Several of the boys looked at Cedric then back at Kurt, they knew, but didn't know what they knew. I told Tyler to place Walosi and Kurt in the same cubicle. I said that there was a budding romance there.

    I kissed and secured my babies in their car seats then kissed them goodbye. I turned to Ugitsiha and held her tight and whispered love talk into her ear then promised her that I would take care Roddy and Yuri. I bid Cory an affectionate farewell and sent him off to see our wives and babies to our home in Tucson. Cory pulled Traveler Too© to the end of the convoy of school buses that were taking all of the students back to BAW and another semester of books and rules. I waved as cars carrying some of the college boys and a few fathers passed by. They were just headed back into town, yet I felt empty.
    Mudslides in December had taken out two houses west of Cliff House. I took Yuri and Roddy aboard FI-2 with me to inspect the damage. I had dispatch hire a livery with a driver. I wanted to sit back in the luxury of a Bentley with the massage seats in the back. Of course my driver was a well trained FI agent which turned out to be good for my sons. Before leaving the plane all three of us put on our Mithril undershirts and vests.
    At the site of Cliff house we found a solid rock face rising some thirty five feet from the sand of the beach that had been exposed by the sliding soil from the hills across highway. I looked at the possibility of rebuilding the two houses, anchoring them into the rock in the same manor as Cliff House.
    Boys being boys Roddy and Yuri had to climb all over the rubble that was still on the beach. Roddy slipped and started to fall, Yuri reached out to grab him and fell as well. Roddy has more life experience and quickly changed into a sea gull, but Yuri continued to fall to a certain death. The FI agent was on the rocks below the boys and he was able to catch Yuri, saving his life I am sure. As his reward the agent broke his leg. I called 911 then rushed to the man's side. Yuri was crying because he made the nice man get hurt. I held the agent's head and touched his mind as I sent a pain killing message to him. Roddy held Yuri as they listened to me talk to the injured man.
    "I am forever in your debt. You have my son from serious injury at the peril of your own life. I will cover all of your expenses and see to it that your family is provided for."
    The beach patrol was quickly on the scene and the agent was flown to the nearest hospital. I wanted to heal him and hug him for saving my son's life, but he was in good hands. He received a nice cash bonus for his afternoon's service.

    A day late and short on luck an armor covered van with a bulldozer scoop on the front of it tried to smash its way through the main gate at Camp Christopher. The automatic barrier stopped them cold when the pavement tilted down and a ten inch steel barricade popped up then came down crushing the front of the vehicle. The van was in such a tight place that the driver and passenger doors would not open. The frame of the van was distorted so that the electric side doors and the power sun roof would not operate. The six occupants were forced to crawl out through the van's rear doors and into the waiting arms of four heavily armed combat veterans that serve as guards at the camp. The county sheriff had two cars on the scene before all of the men were out of the van and two FI gun ships were circling overhead.
    The van contained many illegal weapons including grenades and rocket launchers. ATF and the FBI are sitting on them and the would be assassins for the time being. I will let them stew a little in the county jail before I get involved in the interrogation.

    Things were running very smoothly, all considered. I have started to work on building shelters around the country. No, they are not homeless shelters and I cringe when that name is tacked onto one of them. What I want is to provide a home, food source, and education for as many people as come to seek help from me. Okay, so I'm a bit narcissistic, but durn it I feel that if I buy something and develop it then I have the right to refer to it as mine. I have managers that will run the day to day operations of all of my enterprises, but I am in charge and I have the only say so.
    There are many great organizations in the world that are doing a fantastic job without me, thank you. Some of those organizations were founded before I was born, but I feel honored by their presence.
    I modeled my ideas around the shelters that I visited with El in Liverpool the previous summer. The people that lived there felt that they had a home and could hold their heads up. The staff had worked amongst the local merchants and found jobs for the residents and schools for the children. The jobs weren't very high paying, but it was steady and provided the necessary means to make the families feel that they were being useful to society again. I started out locally and reached out to every organization that I could find to explain what I was doing.

    I was the lucky one when I accepted a speaking engagement at FLAG—Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. The audience was comprised of many interested parents and teachers that are trying to learn how to deal with homosexual children in their care.
    The ever present press was on hand to witness the organization receiving a $100,000 donation from the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß to be used for scholarships.
    I visited with several parents that were concerned about their children's continued abuse from bullies. I told them about BAG and BAW. Some were not keen on the idea of sending their kids to a boarding school until one parent told us that boys from the high school would cruise by her house in wait of catching her son outside so that they could beat him up. I told them that there were a few boys at BAW that lived at home with their families. I did tell them that after a while some of those boys eventually moved into the dorms.
    I offered a tour of the two schools for the parents and their children. The girls visited BAG the next day and four new students were enrolled. The parents of the boys were apprehensive when they saw boys walking hand in hand in the hall of the school, they even saw several boys kissing each other. Their sons were excited to live amongst such freedom and all nine of them enrolled at once.
    I also found a homeless family with a nine year old daughter, a seven year old son, and a fourteen year old gay son. I enrolled the gay son, placed the family into an apartment at my apartment complex south of my house. I put a broom in the father's hand and told him to sweep the complex grounds while he cleaned up his life.

    On January 27, 2011 Teach For America, the education organization that places recent college graduates in low-income public schools, received $100 million to launch its first-ever endowment in hopes of making the grass-roots organization a permanent fixture in education.
    The program—which is now in communities from Atlanta to rural New Mexico to Los Angeles—announced that four philanthropists are joining to create a stable, long-term source of money. That is welcome news for an organization that had more than 46,000 applications for just 4,400 teaching slots this academic year.

    The ongoing investigation of Al Gobles meant that I needed to keep him close and in sight. Intel had developed during the questioning of the six men that had tried ramrod their way into Camp Christopher indicated that someone with inside information on my movements about the camp had sent them on a raid to kill me. It was learned that a very powerful family in Germany was offering five million dollars for my death.
    Andy and I kept Al busy and watched him cut his teeth as an investigator at the elementary school that my youngest boys attend. We paired him up with Astin and let the two men go to work. It was funny when I leaned that the two posed as gay men with a six year old son. That got them in the door and once in they dug, deep and wide.
    On January thirtieth I filed charges against two of the staff from the elementary school for child abuse and notified the parents of the students involved. Bull will have his hands full handling law suits, but it is for a good cause.

    One morning in early March I was called to the dorms at BAW by a very serious sounding Tyler. I took my new scooter through the tunnel at a breakneck speed of almost fifteen miles per hour. Traveling at that speed through a rock faced tunnel is a whole new thrill. Also the fact that I could almost stand up in the scooter as opposed to getting in and sitting down in one of the electric carts made the trip even more adrenalin pumping.
    I had much to do and little time to do it so I rolled onto the elevator while still in the scooter. As I got off at the third floor there were many naked boys running about as they prepared for a new school day. They all got a laugh out of the fact that dad was getting too old to walk any longer. I wove my way through the laughing waifs and pulled up at Dylan Brill's cubicle.
    Coach Tedford stepped out and looked at me, "It's nasty, Chris. I have never seen anything so bad. Sometimes I hate highschool girls." At least I knew what I was to expect. I thought I did.
    I stepped into Dylan's cubicle and found him laying in bed. I asked him if he was sick. He lowered his eyes and lifted the sheet so that I could see his cock. I took a deep breath. The end of his cock was very swollen and it was covered in pus filled cankers. It looked like a small cauliflower. I bent over to take a closer look and the smell told me that the boy had a very serious infection going on in his favorite body part.
    Tyler came in with a tall glass of milk flavored with strawberry instant breakfast. I helped Dylan to sit up and held the glass for him so that he could drink from the straw. I asked Tyler to locate Dr. Tip. I didn't want to talk to him yet, I just wanted to know where he was. Then I asked Dylan to tell me what happened to his pecker.
    "Well I thought about my old girlfriend and decided to go out on a date with her."
    "That's Noah Carpino's sister?"
    "Yeah, you remembered. Anyway she started to rag me about being gay and telling me that I should have stayed with her because girls are much better. She really toasted Noah, I'm surprised that his ears didn't burn off. He wasn't there, she just had to tell me how bad he was.
    "She called her own brother every dirty name that I have ever heard. She told me that he sucked the nasty cocks of anyone that would let him open their pants. She said that she caught him taking it in the ass like the sissy boy that he is, and he was loving it.
    "She was going to tell her parents and her mother would know how to deal with a faggot. Her dad brought Noah here to you and we got it on. He won't want to get with me anymore after what his sister did to me. I got sidetracked there, but only because I love Noah and I can't stand to live without him.
    "I tried to kiss her the way that she likes and I was talking softly into her ear. She asked me how I could be gay. I told her that I attend this school because it has the best football team in the state. She said that I had to be gay to have moved into a room at the school.
    "She had talked to my mother and was told that I had moved out of the house during the summer and that I was now living at the school. She turned to look me in the eye, 'What do you get out of being a queer, Dyl?'
    "I had to give her an answer. I told her that guys give the best blow jobs, much better than girls. She looked hurt because she has sucked my dick several times in the past. She stared me down. I finally told her that I liked the feel of a big cock in my mouth. She wanted to know if I swallowed. She never would do that, she made me tell her when I was close then she pulled my cock from her mouth and let me shoot into my underwear.
    "She got this very wicked look on her face and told me that she wanted me back. She wanted to give me the kind of blow job that I wanted. I agreed. She started off okay, but as I got more and more excited she began to scrape me with her teeth. I was begging her to stop. We were in the backseat of my car and I couldn't get away from her. She was really hurting me, dad. I was fighting her as I cried with the pain. I couldn't get off.
    "That did it for her. 'You are a fag. I just gave you the blowjob to remember and you couldn't even cum. Don't ever call me again.' With that he reached forward and opened the car door. She got out and walked away. I sat there in serious pain. My dick was raw. I turned on the dome light and looked down, there was blood all over my cock. It wasn't running down, it was more like an abrasion or when you skin your knee.
    "I got out of the car and pulled my pants up. I heard something that caused me to look over to my right. She was getting into a Suzuki with no doors on it. The other two girls in the car called me a faggot and shot me the bird as they drove away."
    Tyler's voice came through my earbud. He told me that Doctor Tip would be in his office all day long. I thanked him and helped Dylan into some very loose fitting shorts. I placed Dylan into a wheelchair and had Noah push him out to the front door of the school where Mitch Farraci waited with my Caddy. I let Mitch drive the scooter back over to the house as I drove away with the seriously injured boy.
    I called Tip on his private line and explained what was going on. He was about to sit down with a cup of coffee after just having returned from the hospital for his visitation with two patients that he had admitted. I told him to save me a cup of joe and that I would be pulling up to his door in three minutes. He told me that he would be waiting with a wheelchair.
    True to his word Tip was waiting for us. He asked Dylan several questions as we headed inside to an examination room. Dylan removed his clothes and sat up on the examination table for Tip to look at him. With one quick look Tip went to the door and spoke to someone in the hall, "Trish, scrub for surgery. Madison, take this young man to room three for me please." Tip passed Dylan a gown to cover himself as he left the room.
    Seconds later the door opened and a thirty something nurse walked in with a broad smile and a pleasant greeting. She teased Dylan about being a real lady pleaser as she wheeled him down the hall to another room. "Dr. Thornton, should I prep the patient?"
    A voice from the hallway said, "No, that will not be necessary." Madison left us and Tip walked in with a young skinny brunette behind him.
    He looked at me, "You go to that corner and sit on your hands with your mouth shut. One peep out of you and I will make you leave."
    "You don't need to have any pubic hair shaved away, it is already done." Tip smiled at Dylan as he bent over the boy with a very thin, long glass tube and a few glass slides. He probed and placed drops of fluid from the boy's injury onto the glass slides from the long glass tube that he used to collect them.
    He told Trish to start an IV of 1% saline while he checked to see what kind of bug Dylan had. "You need to be careful with those silly girls Mr. Brill. You might want to stick to using your right hand for awhile. Right Trish." He laughed as he stepped over to a microscope and placed a slide under it.
    "Trish knows what those nasty females are like, don't you girl?"
    With a voice from the bottom of the well the sweet young thing said, "Yes, Dr. Thornton." She looked over at me, "Hi there, my name is Trish Jackson. Dr. Thornton saved my life. I was born Patrick and I wanted to get the operation, but this dear man saved me from years of needles pain. I have been a practicing homosexual since I was thirteen and I felt that boys would like me better if I was a girl."
    "Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked. Tip gave me a look that I didn't understand.
    "He was killed in Iraq." I was about to change a painful subject when he continued. "He was my first. We sucked each other when we were thirteen and started with the anal sex when we were fifteen. I did every dude from that school that died over there that year…"
    Boy had I opened up a bad memory. I tried to bite my lounge like Tip had told me to, but Trish had opened a door that needed closure. "Are you talking about Northwest High Schools class of '07?"
    "Yeah, all of those guys and the two girls were friends of mine." The whole city knew the fate of six boys and two girls that had grown up together and enlisted together after graduating school. Everyone in town mourned their loss as each one met an early death within days of each other. during their first combat tour. All of them had been killed in separate actions as they each served in different companies or branches of the service.
    Patrick had gotten to know each of the boys over years. He was proud of the fact that he had sucked each one of them by the time they were half way through the tenth grade. By the middle of their junior year all of them had sucked him and his boyfriend. One night they celebrated a major win on the gridiron by Patrick giving up his virgin ass to his boyfriend while he sucked the cocks of each of he other boys. The next night his boyfriend spread his legs for Patrick and they declared their ever lasting and undying love for each other.
    On Halloween night of 2005 Patrick let every boy in the group fuck him while he and his boyfriend sucked each other. The boys grew closer and each of them let the boyfriend fuck them while they sucked Patrick. On graduation night, the night before they all enlisted, they had a big party that included the two girls. Patrick ate the girls pussies after they had been fucked and a boy fucked him. Patrick fucked each one of them by noon the next day, including each of the girls. All of them piled into one vehicle and went to the recruiter's offices to sign up to go to war.
    Patrick stood crying at the bus station and watched as each of his friends left his sight for the last time; he had been rejected because he was openly gay. With each telegram to the parents of his friends telling them of their death in action Patrick turned inward. He only came out of his shell when he was in college and met an older boy that wanted him to dress as a girl and go out with him. Their relationship lasted until the older boy left school, but by then Patrick had grown to like the looks that he got from men when he dressed up.
    He worked hard to become a nurse then he took the Army life insurance money that his boyfriend left to him and went to Tip for the operation. Tip talked him out of mutilating himself then hired him to work as his scrub nurse.
    As Trish told her story Tip had lanced the cankers on Dylan's man meat and applied a salve to the area. Before I left with the boy Tip told me to have Dylan keep himself clean and dry and to have someone apply the salve every two hours. He whispered to me that a soak in my special hot tub might cure him quicker. I drove Dylan to the house and called for Wes and Mike to meet me in my bedroom Jacuzzi. So there you have it. Is your friction enhanced by my fiction?
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