Chapter twenty three


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    We made it back to Wichita an hour before Cas's plane was due. I drove out to the airport and told the boys that I wanted to watch the planes come and go for awhile. We took a seat in the restaurant, right next to the windows. I excused myself when I heard Cas's flight announced and went over to the gate to wait for him. He was there in minutes and I led him back to the restaurant.
    I had not told Cory or Will about Cas's coming, Will did not even know of his existence. I let introductions go around as I got guarded looks from all three of them. I simply looked at them with as serious of a face as I could muster and told them that I did not play favorites. I saw some disappointment in all three of them, but they seemed resigned to their fate and began to talk as only boys can.
    I heard Betty's flight announced and excused myself again. I heard Will whine, "Who now?" He wasn't whining when I came back with his grandmother at my side. He jumped up and ran to her and threw his little arms around her neck. I gathered the tribe up and we headed back to the rental car. I got two rooms at a motel, I knew there would be no way that I could get the boys to leave me so I got us a double with a single room down the way for Betty. The last thing I wanted was for her to hear us fucking all night.
    Betty wanted to talk awhile. It was only four o'clock local time and we both were used to Pacific time so we were wide awake. I ordered two large pizzas and four two liter bottles of Coke for the boys, then went down to Betty's room. She had a pot of coffee and some cake. We sat and talked for three hours.
    She had her mind made up. Her grandson was queer and she knew it. She had known it since he was nine years old. She had known for sure when she saw him having sex with an older neighbor boy of hers when he was twelve. She was impressed. Her husband had been more than well endowed and so had her son, Will's father, Mike. Mike was bi-sexual. He had gotten with Grace, on a lark. He was trying to prove that he was not queer and could fuck women. He was fifteen, Grace was nineteen. Mike got into a lover's quarrel with his longtime boy friend when Will was six, the boyfriend killed him.
    Grace just kind of moped around. She went to beautician's school, but didn't like that job and had been working as a waitress in a tawdry place in the wrong part of town. Betty had let Grace and Will live with her. She wanted to protect the boy as much as possible. When Grace met Ted Sr. she threw up her hands. The man had looser written all over him. He was belligerent, loud, and obnoxious. He was constantly drunk and she would not be surprised when she saw Grace black and blue from one of his beatings. "Oh, mom, he just had a few too many and I got in his way. He didn't mean it and he promises it'll never happen again." In the three months that they were married, before they took off to Kansas, Betty had not seen Grace when she wasn't black and blue.
    I told her of my dilemma and of my fears of prison. I made her promise to take care of the boys until I was free again. I told her that she would not have to worry for money as I would see to it that she had all that she would ever need. She poo pooed me and told me not to worry so much. She was sure things were going to work out just fine.
    I headed back to my room to see how much damage had been done. I found three boys in a triangle, sucking each other's cocks while a dude fucked some pussy's mouth on TV. I turned off the TV and climbed into bed. Cas came over and cuddled up to me. "I missed you, you know." I could see the other two smile at me as they rolled together and lay down. I turned off the lights.

    Monday morning I checked us out of the motel at seven a.m. We found a mom and pop diner and had a quiet breakfast. I took Cory and Cas to Traveler©. They insisted on going to the Grand Jury with us. I assured them that they would be bored stupid and would not be allowed in. I was not even sure if I would be, especially when the truth came out. That was the unspoken reason that they wanted to be there. We had not discussed it together, but I guess they had talked amongst themselves. Cas assured me that his battery was charged on his phone and it was on. If they got too bored they could walk around, but I could call them.
    We went over to the county office building and parked. I found the District Attorney's office, Betty, Will, and I went in. An assistant prosecutor came out and escorted us into her office. Will stood looking at her. She looked at him and he asked if he could speak. He was shaking like a leaf. I pushed a chair against his legs and he practically fell into it. "Ma'am, I lied. I was mad at everybody for what happened to me and I lied about Teddy. Ma'am, he did not rape me. We have been having sex together for several years. I was the one that his dad caught and I was the one he beat on. It wasn't Teddy's fault."
    The prosecutor sat there and looked at him. "He denies having had anal sex. He says that you do him, but he has never done you. He says he puts…his.Well he says he sleeps very close to you, but he has never penetrated you."
    "He was pushing hard that night, but I don't think it went in. It was just sore. I have never done that so he couldn't get in."
    "But you do it to him."
    "Yeah, he loves it." Will was almost gleeful. I shot him a look and he sat back and looked down.
    "So if I understand what you are saying is that this was consensual and he did not force you." Will looked at me, "Consensual means you both agreed to do what you were doing." Will nodded his head. The lady looked at us then she sat back in her chair.
    "Christopher, I am glad that you told me this. I believe you. You have just saved us all a lot of time and money. If you had continued in your lie we would have to go to court. You could be made out to be a liar and you could end up in jail yourself. You are a little young to be in jail. In Kansas it is against the law for you two to be having sex. However, since you are from a much more liberal state and only visiting here I am going to overlook that issue also."
    Will had tears in his little eyes. It is hard for a fifteen year old kid to realize what can happen to him.
    "Christopher, I would like you to stay here while I talk with Theodore." With that she arose and left the room. In just a few minutes she returned with an older boy that I figured must be Teddy.
    "Theodore, Christopher has just told me what really happened that morning. After talking to you and Christopher I am inclined not to take this matter further. I do want to ask you to tell us what happened in that motel room when your father came in."
    "Well, the ole man grabbed Chrisy up and started yellin' and shit. Ooops, sorry miss. He hit Chrisy right in the stomach. I know it hurt, I heard the wind come outta him. Then the ole man threw him against the wall and he kicked at him. He told us to get dressed. I wanted a shower and he told me no. He was gonna deal with the dirty little faggot first.
    "He made us all get in the car then he drove out to this long, abandoned road. He told Chrisy to get out. His mom grabbed him and pinned some money in his coat then the ole man shoved him outta the car. Me and mom was screaming for him to let Chrisy back in, but he just turned the car around and drove off. I looked out the rear window as long as I could. I was crying and wanting to stay with him so he wouldn't get hurt. The old man was cussing. Mom was yelling at him to stop, but he just kept right on going.
    "Just before we got back to town he stopped the car and he hit mom so hard that I heard her jaw crack. I was screaming at him that I loved Chrisy and that it wasn't his fault. He got out of the car and pulled me out. He started hittin on me and hurtin me, big time. He was yelling that I sounded like I liked the little cock sucker. He asked me if I was a cock sucker. He hit me, hard and asked me again. I told him no. Then he told me to shut up about it and we were done.
    "He let me get in the car then he got in and took off to grandma's house. Mom slipped into grandma's bedroom and called the police, but she didn't know the name of the highway. Neither did I. After lunch the police came and arrested us and I have been here ever since, in that room with all those other boys. They all want sex from me, but I wouldn't let em."
    We all let out a sigh as he finished his story. He might not be an eloquent speaker, but he was forceful. The prosecutor sat there looking at all of us.
    "Well, I guess we now know the truth of it. Theodore, I am not going to bring charges against you. I am going to let you go. We will call your grandmother and let her come and pick you up. I will want you here for your father's trial. There will be a grand jury hearing in another hour and you will need to be available to tell your story to them then your father will be arraigned this afternoon. I am going to press for no bail for him. A trail date will be set for about a month or so and I will need all of you back for that. Any questions."
    Everybody was relieved. The prosecutor then told us that she had to dispense of the mother. Will's mother was brought into the room. She and Will hugged then she sat down facing the desk.
    "Grace, tell us what happened in your motel room last Friday." Grace told an identical story to that of her sixteen year old stepson, Teddy.
    "Grace, I am cutting you loose, also. There will be no charges brought about by the state of Kansas against you in this matter. Will you be willing to testify against your husband?" Grace agreed. "Even though he is your husband and you don't have to testify against him?"
    "Look what he did to my boys. Look at Teddy's face. And Chrisy…he left him on a cold lonely highway to die. I want the son of a bitch to die." Grace was screaming and shaking. Will had his arms around his mother trying to soothe her.
    "I told Christopher and Theodore that I want them at the grand jury in one hour then I want them back here for the trial. The same goes for you. For now you are free to go."
    "Where is my car?"
    "I guess it is still at your mother-in-law's house. Did you have it there?"
    "Of course. I'm sorry. I am so rattled."
    Grace called her mother-in-law and got directions to the house. We drove her and Teddy over there and left them. We saw them again at the grand jury room a little before eleven. Will was called first then Teddy. They didn't call Grace. We were dismissed and headed the fuck out of Dodge.
    The prosecutor came up to us as we gathered our stuff to leave. "I didn't say anything before, but now that we have an indictment on these new charges I can tell you. We have six very old felony warrants out for Ted. We have a couple of unsolved murders that he needs to answer for. I don't think any of you will ever hear from him again." She smiled at the boys and walked away.
    Grace was going home to California, she would drive Will and Betty. Betty told her that the boys and I were coming also that she had promised us a Thanksgiving dinner. Grace grabbed me and hugged me. "Of course, come. You have given us so much to be thankful for. You have saved my son's life. You're all welcome."
    It was an uncomfortable scene, but I tried to gloss it over. Grace was going to take her mother-in-law and Teddy home then she and Betty would meet us on the highway. Her mother-in-law told us where a truck stop was and we agreed to meet there in half an hour. I returned the rental car and paid my bill. We jumped in Traveler© and headed to the truck stop. Cory was so happy to be back in Traveler© that he had tears in his eyes. "I'm home, daddy."

    I don't know the more I thought about this trip the more I hated myself for having made it. I had a total mess on my hands and I didn't know how to resolve it. I let my heart get in the way this time. When I saw that little guy standing in the middle of that cold, lonesome highway I had no choice, but to stop, but then my dick took over and I was in deep, too deep.
    The women were at each other's throats. Betty was sweet and gentle, but Grace had been mis-named. The only grace in her whole body was her name. She had nothing good to say about anybody. She even found fault with Cory and Cas. I just about lost it then as Cas physically dragged me away from her. I was about to go to jail in Kansas for beating the shit out a bitch that needed a good beating.
    I had suggested that to save fuel we could get a car dolly and tow Grace's car behind Traveler©. You would have thought that I was trying to steal her piece of shit Turcell. She accused me of doubting her driving skills, her feminine skills, and her humanity skills. She was right, in my mind I did just that. Will was embarrassed, but he was used to it and more or less let it slide off of his little back.
    We finally decided to let the two women ride together in the car and follow Traveler© while Will rode with the boys.
    Now why I decided that I might want to go to Kansas City in the first place is the most mystical mystery to me. Again I had let the little head rule the big head as I dreamed of sweet Pete. I have no desire to go to Kansas City other than to see him. Now, not only do I have another urchin—he is underage, everywhere—I am saddled with this shrew that calls herself his mother. And, I have to appear in court, back in this God forsaken state. Then I find that the shortest way out of there is to go a hundred miles further north in the state to Salina, Kansas so that I can catch I-70 west. Somebody just shoot me.
    Then I thought of Peter. Had he gotten home for the holiday? How was he? I shouldn't be seeking boys around the country, I get too involved. I just can't love em and leave em. Well I did leave three down in the deep, deep south. But I have three with me, four more tugging at my heart strings, and two at home that are trying to make it on their own.

    The little Turcell sucked. Gasoline, I mean. That little shit piece of car barely got twenty five miles to the gallon and only held twelve gallons of gas at a time. We were stopping at every wide spot in the road to refuel the beast and with each stop I had to listen to the shrew give her two bits worth about any and everything in the world. We were going too fast. The road sucked. It was too cold. She needed to get some sleep.
    I swear if it hadn't been for Betty I would have driven off and left her behind. I offered to let Betty climb in with us at one of the stops. She giggled and told me she was tempted. We got into Sacramento Wednesday, through no help from Grace. In spite of that broad we were going to have a nice Thanksgiving day. I told the boys that Grace was the prime example of why I wanted little to do with the dickless of the species.
    Betty had a nice large house in an older section of Sacramento. She had room for all of us to sleep inside. Grace was in the house so I would not let Will sleep with us. I don't want any hint of impropriety with little Will. It was enough to hear Grace rant over the fact that Cas, Cory, and I shared the king sized bed. It was that or I could sleep on the pull out in the den. No thanks, she would probably walk in on me, I didn't trust her.
    Betty was a trooper. Here she had spent four days traveling half way across the USA, then back again. And all with little or no sleep. She had to put up with a nag all of the way home, yet she confined herself to her kitchen. She prepared meals for all of us Wednesday night and breakfast Thursday morning, but still had time to bake pies and make jello salads. She had a huge Turkey in the oven by six a.m. Thursday morning and lunch was served at one o'clock.
    What a lunch it was. It was a feast to be thankful for above all the other blessings we had to share on a perfect day. All of us ate until we could not get another bite down our throats. We kicked back and watched as much football as we could get around.
    Of course Grace took the joy out of it with her nagging and bickering. I don't know what happened, but she slammed out of the house and spun her tires as she squealed off down the street. The boys were outside with all of the ATVs and dirt bikes out giving them a good wash. It does get dusty in the rear compartment.
    I stepped out to see what was going on as I heard the tires squeal. Will was staring up the street watching her car speed away. All of a sudden he screamed, "MOM!" I ran to him as the sound of a horrendous crash reached us. I looked down the street. Just under the freeway was a smoking wreak of a truck on top of her little car. I grabbed an ATV and put Will on in front of me as we tore down the road.
    I stopped right next to her car's rear end. Will jumped off and got under the truck as he yelled at his mother. "She's dead. Chris, she's dead." I grabbed him and pulled him away as I looked inside. She never knew what hit her. The truck had slammed into the side of her car then the momentum had carried it right up on top. She was probably killed by the impact, but the top of the car had crushed her remains pretty badly.
    I tried to hold Will back, but he was seventy nine pounds of raging tiger. Cory ran up and picked Will up and he and Cas took him to Betty's car. The police arrived and wanted us to clear the area. I explained who we were and that Will had seen the wreck. He had a paramedic tend to Will who was in shock.
    It had been an unusual accident. Air brakes work by releasing air pressure. When you step on the brake pedal air pressure is released and the brakes apply. Something had clogged the air release hole and the truck had no brakes, at all. He was doing over seventy miles an hour as he ran through the red light at the end of the freeway off ramp. Grace was right in front of him. He had no way of avoiding her. The truck driver went into shock and had to be taken to the hospital.

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