Chapter 163


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Since our arrival in Paris we had been up to our eyeballs in work with the show, it was time to let our hair down, so to speak. Hair was about the only thing that was down on our bodies. Of course it could be argued that all of us were down on someone else's body and of course someone was down on us, we had ourselves an orgy of epic proportions, in the grass and under the stars of Paris. I'm glad that the late March weather was warm enough for us to frolic naked all night long.
    Sunday morning I asked all of the boys to take a very good shower and to make sure that all of their parts were squeaky clean and smelling nice. They would need to put on clean socks and comfortable shoes along with a nice pull over shirt and comfortable slacks then they were to pack all of their belongings and carry them out to the courtyard.
    The two buses for BAD would go to London, but those boys would ride to England on a special train with the rest of us. I had all of those student place their luggage on their bus and sent it off. Of course they had no idea what was happening, but I told them that they needed to learn that I would never hurt them and that all of their stuff would be safe and they would see it again later in the day.
    The luggage for the boys from BAF was loaded onto a single truck and sent off on the road to Nice. I needed two trucks for the luggage and souvenirs of the American contingent, once they were loaded those trucks left the compound. I had told the boys to stuff their pockets with their lubricants and a cum rag or two, but to pack everything else.
    We sat down to a nice meal in the great hall then lined up for the walk back to the Gare Saint-Lazare to catch a train for a two hour and forty five minute ride to London, via the dreaded chunnel. Cory held my hand and smiled at me.
    I walked with the boys, Peter Henley in particular. I had not spent anytime with him since he had joined the boys at BAF and I wanted to know if he was going to be able to adjust to life there. He has always been under the wing of Athos, even before he and his brother Frank had gone to live with him. He was happy and was looking forward to being at the school. He told me that he was more fortunate than the other boys there because he knew that he had a father that loved him and that was nearby. I pulled him into a recessed doorway for a quick kiss.
    Once at the railhead we did a quick headcount as the boys filed aboard a special chartered train that would take us directly to the Newcastle Central Train Station in Newcastle on Tyne, in England. Cullen was in the Bentley, he wanted to walk with the rest of us, but that was just too dangerous. Paddy paused and stared at me before he pulled over to have the Bentley put onboard the train. The tiny trio had begged for a ride in such a fine car, I am so stupid sometimes; I should have let all of the boys have a ride around town, at least once. Paddy would have loved me for it, he was grinning at me as the three youngsters stood beside him and looked up at me.
    "Isn't that a smooth riding car?"
    They broke into smiles as they rushed to hug my legs, "Dadee, we never rode in a car so fine." I knelt before them and held them close as we exchanged kisses on the cheeks. I wondered if they have ever even ridden in a car, a van each day to school and sometimes in the Caddy, but a car? I wonder.

    The boys lined the platform at the Newcastle station for another headcount. A single head count was not satisfactory for me, there were six counters with six different angles for counting, I am not about to loose a single boy for any reason.
    When each monitor came to me with an identical count we set off for a ten minute walk to the 1294 seat Theater Royal. Equus had ended its show there and was due to move to His Majesty's Theater in Aberdeen for a run there beginning Monday the 31st of March. I had purchased the entire show, cast, crew, and theater for a private show on Sunday afternoon the 30th of March. When I had told the booking agents who we were he was impressed, when I told him who I was he nearly killed himself setting things in motion for us.

    The cast of the play showed their professionalism as they never faltered in their performance despite the boys' catcalls and whistles. Actually the boys were quite well behaved until Dan Radcliffe stepped on stage then they started to cheer him as their hero. Of course I don't know the boy, but he continued his performance like a professional and made us believe the part that he played.
    I find it hard to think that many of my boys paid any attention to the subject of the show, they were too interested in seeing Danny boy in the flesh. When that scene arrived the theater became the vacuum of the universe as five hundred and seventy sets of lungs did a collective inhale.
    Fortunately this was not the type of program that I had taken the boys to see in New York when they got naked and stroked away while the Chippendales did their naked bumps and grinds on stage. In fact this performance gave them little to excite their young libido outside of their hero of stage and screen naked before them, and he was too far away for the boys to appreciate his attributes. I had asked if he would step down to sign autographs for the boys wearing his horseback riding costume, one can always hope.
    The boys were generous with their applause and cheers at the end of the show, but we all know that there was only one character on the stage that they really appreciated. I must admit that he was a fine looking animal, in his stuffed state, Daniel Radcliffe was fine looking as well. (I'm talking about the white horse here or course.)
    The boys stared long and hard at the beautiful form of naked Danny. He has a hard body with a very pronounced six pack that is firm and comfortable looking. Some of the boys felt of his muscles, but none dared touch the muscle that they wanted to touch, they knew that their muscle would be severed from their body if they did touch. I was looking at one of the finest boi butts that I had ever seen, Danny has two very sweet cheeks—the kind a person like me would like to face into all night long.
    The boys produced nude pictures of the young star that they had downloaded from the internet and asked Mr. Radcliffe to autograph them. Over an hour later a very tired star retired to his dressing room as the boys lined up to file outside for a head count and the walk back to the train station.

    Saying goodbye is very hard when those involved know that they won't see each other again soon. I had three schools full of boys combined in one place that may not see each other again for several years, if ever. I wanted to make their parting as easy as possible. Here was the part that all of us wished to prolong, but the time had come. The sidewalks were washed with gallons of tears and I have to admit that I added mine as well. We had all made some great new friends that I know we will try to stay in touch with.

    First away were the boys from Wild Boys, they had a stretch limousine waiting for them at the station. They were as tearful as the rest of us, but they know that they will see us again from time to time. The boys from BAD quietly boarded their buses that had been driven over earlier in the day. There were a lot of hugs, many friendships had been formed, but no more tears were shed at the parting. I was glad of that.

    The boys from BAF slowly filed onboard their train for home with furtive glances back at the family. I had a mommie onboard to count big heads, it would kill me to leave a boy behind by accident. Sixteen year old Felix reported an extra on the train. I quietly stepped in, my attention was directed to a sweet as all get out, pure blond boy taking six sheathed inches up his ass as he had a boy from BAF that I knew hung a solid six and a half, deep in his throat. He held nice sized cocks in each hand as a few boys that were nearby pounded their own meat in super fast movements. I was proud of my boys for thinking to don raincoat when having relations with a stranger from the street.
    I knew how worked up the kids were after the great views we had just seen of Danny boy so I waited. Of course I didn't stand idle while I waited, I had the closest boy to me feed me a final memory of hot French cream. Other boys near us were whipping up their own recipes that I looked forward to tasting of.
    When boy number six backed away from me I looked to see how the action at the other end of the train car was progressing. Our young visitor had a new actor performing at stage rear while he was taking all cummers in for an oral clean up. Jori, one of the French horn players was doing his own clean up as he slowly removed the condom from the first boy and licked his cock clean before squeezing the boi juice from his sack lunch. I was horny as hell by then and slowly moved closer to the action. Henri reached out and opened my fly then pulled my stiff staff out to take a lick, seven inches down his throat.
    As the second back door man moved away our visitor turned and asked who was next. Henri pointed my cock at the boy. His eyes widened then he looked up at me, I saw panic in his eyes so I did the only thing that I knew that I could do to put him at ease, I licked multiple streaks of cum from his face then kissed him.
    He was shaking, but relaxed as our tongues sought the comfort of the other's warm mouth. "Ya, can do me bum, govn'r, I likes to see wot a huge one like that'd do for me." He bent over, but I grabbed him and directed him off of the train, if we didn't say goodbye quickly we would be stuck in Europe for several years to cum.
    I asked someone to find the boy's clothes and take them over to my bus then I led my new friend down the isle. I stopped to kiss and fondle each boy and wish them farewell. I promised to visit them again real soon, but I admonished them to remain faithful to their studies and to maintain their grades. I wish that I could stay with them forever.
    There were other cars full of boys on the train for Nice, but I did not have time to say goodbye to all of them again as I would have liked to. I stood where the boys could see me as they crowded against the windows and returned the kisses that I blew to them. My heart felt as if it would break right there.
    The buses that would return the boys to BAD had already departed and I was looking up the street to catch the final view of those conveyances as they slowly disappeared into the late afternoon traffic. I waited until the train for BAF faded into the canyons of the city's buildings before I turned my face to my bus.
    I had let the little stowaway slip from my conscious thought during that brief time, but when I looked at him I realized that he was freezing to death as the chill of the misty air moved across his cum covered, naked skin. We were standing on a public railway platform in broad open daylight, Teddy Hawthorne came off of the bus with a large towel to dry the boy then he wrapped it around the tiny frame and led him onboard.
    Cory was standing by our seats and directed the boy to sit down, I took him to my lap and told Cory to sit in the isle seat and meat our friend. His name is Eowyn and I had no idea what I was going to do with him. I listened to his story as our bus convoy made its way to London's Heathrow Airport and the awaiting Travelaire©.

    Eowyn had been hanging around the stage door of the Theater Royal for two weeks hoping to get a glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe. He was disappointed when he had learned that the play had run its course and would move to another theater for then next performance.
    When he saw all of my boys file out of the theater and walk off toward the train station he walked along with them and listened to their stories. He quickly picked up on the fact that he was amongst a group of gay boys and wanted to be accepted as one of them and go wherever they were going. I wanted to know about his home.
    He had no home as far as he or his former family was concerned. He had been ordered from their house several days earlier and had been foraging his own way as he could. That was not enough information for me and I made him come off of the whole story.
    He lived in a fantasy world of hopes and dreams. He was an orphan being raised by his mother's sister and her, non-functional, husband. He told me that they did not have a son, but he still thought of himself as a Potterite hopeful, even without the overbearing cousin to taunt him.
    His aunt was yelling at him for the tenth time that night for not doing his chores around the house when she looked at his computer monitor and saw a nude picture of Danny boy. She called her husband to look through the computer and they found hundreds of pictures of naked boys. That was all that they could take, they were getting no money for the boy's upkeep and there was no affection between them, he was history.
    His story gave me no legal grounds to be able to help him and I was at a loss as to what to do. I was thinking over my options as we watched the boys mount the stairway up to the airplane.

    What I had planned on being a four week stay had turned into five weeks and I still had to get the boys home again. I had three French citizens that had no papers and I planned to take them home with me. Finally I had to do whatever I could do and get the boys home.
    Pépin and Benoît were two of our new boys. I had returned with every boy that I had taken to Europe, but each one was happy to be headed home again. Boys are resilient, but only time will tell how two more boys would handle their new situation. Tazzi seems to handle the loss of Asce in his life, he had sat beside me as we rolled along through the mountains on our trip over to Nice. He told me of the times that he had with the man, he looked at me and told me that he would miss Asce, but that Asce told him of all of the wonderful things that lay before him as he came to live with me in a new life.
    Emilio had not had as much time to prepare for the death of the judge that had cared for him for five years. The man died of a heart attack during the sex act. Emilio was scared shitless, but had enough presence of mind to call for a servant to come and help him.
    The judge had everything prepared and his friends saw to the man's wishes, but nobody had really seen to the boy's well being. I have been up to my eyebrows in problems from the moment he arrived and had not taken a single moment to sit down with him, let alone let him lay beside me and cry. I know boys and I know the hurt of losing someone close. Emilio had made friends with Eric and Gus at our big camp out in the woods. They, and their cousin Gomeric, had been a comfort to him during our stay in Paris.
    My first order of business Wednesday morning had been to contact the American Embassy in Paris and apply for an entry visa for Emilio. I was pretty sure that I could get him a visa as a student and I would work on the details later. The details did not need to be worked on, they had already been taken care of by the Italian government. Emilio had a permanent visa, and I had a new son coming on line. The embassy official that sat down with me passed over all the paperwork that I needed to adopt a child from another nation.
    I stepped out and asked him about Tazzi, Pépin, and Benoît. I did not have any of their documentation with me as I had not even considered applying until I had the boys home with me. I should not have given the matter a second thought, of course I could take three more new sons home with me.

    I had flown over with seventy boys. Andy brought the entire student body of BAW, including the thirty boys that had just come to the school from the state's child services. The college boys flew over to sing at Cullen's coronation, there would have been no keeping those boys away from the favorite cousin. When I returned home to check on the house I picked up six boys and cleared the way for the forty boys that attend the school but live at home with their parents, to join us. The older boys had to fly back and forth to attend their college classes, but they returned for the Easter break, I had all of my boys in France with us and needing a ride home.
    David and his new bride showed up and I stupidly told them that they could fly home with us, plus I have acquired four new family members—to add to that I now had all ten of Raven's boys that he had brought over with him. Ryan and Bobby had their two younger sons and twelve of my youngest boys, but I still had three hundred and eleven boys to get back to Tucson. That was not counting Eowyn.
    I was pondering my transportation situation when Cory told me that I should fly the new boys home with Cullen aboard FI-2. That earned him a kiss, as if he has to earn one from me. I told him who I was going to take back on the little plane then I looked at Jimmy, that was a different situation and I couldn't leave him out. Since the coronation he is feeling left out of Cullen's life anyway.
    I have eight seats on FI-2, Pépin needed to fly home with me. Pépin's paper work is in the mill, but It would not be fair to Sergé if Morris was with his brother and he could not be with his cousin, Benoît. Morris and Sergé would fly on the larger plane. Benoît can push Pépin. Gomeric is a U.S. citizen, with a U.S. passport, he would fly with the family, as if I could even think about separating him from Gus and Eric.
    Roddy, RD, Jimmy, Cullen, Emilio, and Tazzi would have to join me on FI-2 and I can't leave Cory out, but where can he sit for a nine hour flight? I told Cory that we had no space to be together, but if we started at once we could get a row boat and maybe be home in time to see Rodney graduate from college, he looked at me as if I were losing it again.

    I had to ask Andy for one of the company's new 777s. As usual he was several steps ahead of me, the man can second guess me nearly every time. I don't know that it is second guessing, he is just more of a detail man and can anticipate situations, usually with an uncanny accuracy. This time he had done it again.
    He had a plane awaiting us that was truly beautiful. It was a 777-300ER—range about ninety five hundred miles; cruising speed of five hundred and fifty miles per hour at forty five thousand feet, but with a decreased fuel efficiency. It is much slower than FI-2, but it could carry the boys, my little plane will fly way above that at sixty thousand feet, I am a special person after all.
    The plane that the boys would fly home in was Boeing's standard passenger configuration for 365 passengers. Twenty two of those seats were larger for the higher fare paying customers in the first class section and there were seventy business class seats for the taller, beefier college boys. The remaining two hundred and seventy three economy class seats would easily accommodate the smaller school boys. I suppose that some of the beefy football players would find those larger seats more comfortable for the long flight as well.
    The 777 is not a plane that we could pull up a set of steps and climb aboard, the damn thing is taller than the mountain that my house sits on. The boys were looking at one another and the plane then they asked me for oxygen masks, they would need it to climb that high. The problem that I saw at once is Tim O'Conner, Warren White, and Pépin. Warren still has a cast on his thigh and can get around on his own without needing Morris to push his wheelchair. But climbing those steep stairs at that point was going to hurt him. I should never worry about things such as that, Tim and Warren were carried up to the plane by their loving brothers, they would not have been safer anywhere else in the world at that point.
    Harry and Timmy wanted to fly home with the family, they could have any plane in the fleet for their use, but they told us that they don't get to fly united on those planes and they were looking forward to being able to have a lot of greasy kid stuff once out into international waters where no one would know that they were fucking children. If I didn't have the King and four innocent new boys to care for I wouldn't mind a little greasy kid stuff at forty thousand feet over the ocean myself.
    Roddy and I walked through the big bird for a very impressive tour and a final hug and kiss before we would separate for a few hours. I mentioned that Edmund might like to fly in first class where he would have a little peace and quiet. Damien led Tran up to Edmund and me, "Uh, like we are going out over the ocean and, well like, I heard uncle Harry say that we would be in international space or something so he could, like have sex with minors and all. Well, we kinda wondered if Mr. Edmund might like to, you know, like do us like we did that time when we first met him." Damien stuttered it out as I watched his body language, he was blushing, but his cock was straight and tall. Tran was up for action and blushed just as much as his childhood buddy.
    Tran has grown into a fine specimen of male hood. I still say that the mixed blood of Asians and Caucasians produce fine progeny, Tran is so pretty as to be very desirable. Edmund looked at the boys and then at Mitchell before inviting the youngsters to spend time in the first class seats and serve him his first cream of some young guy in many months. Edmund bothers me in that sense, he won't mess around with the boys, even though many of them want his body. I have a few dozen boys that would rather be with an older man, but keep to themselves for the time being.

    A feature that I liked was the seven restrooms and eight galleys. The boys could eat and pee with little delay. I know what most of them would do in the restroom, but with a plane that large they could just lay on the floor and do it in comfort, which I learned that some did.
    RD stepped up and told me that he was flying with the family, they had some hot plans for in-flight, but nobody had any of the new pins. I had forgotten about the flying GPP, very few boys have that pin and they all want one, silly fag boys. I told him to go ask Jimmy where he could find some. I asked Roddy if he wanted to go fly home in the big plane where he could be with Dane, he just put his arms around me and said, "Nuh uh." I guess that the boy is frightened, I have to plan something big to do with only him.

    The flight crews were gathered for their final briefing for our take off times and I learned that another of the company planes was short a radio man for the long flight. That plane cannot fly that distance with a short crew. I looked at their status board, all of the crewmen were listed by the initials of their names with their plane designate number next to it. I found POE and saw that he had a four man crew FI-2 will only be in the air for nine hours and could get by without the backup radio man / navigator. I told our fourth man to fly with the other crew. Cory and Jimmy will feed the boys, I am flying in the extra crew seat. But what about Eowyn?
    "Trouble old man?" Sometimes the sound bud that I wear causes me to jump out of my skin.
    "You scared the shit out of me, Andy. Tell me when you are going to say something so I can be prepared." Andy was laughing, but so were those near me that know about the sound bud. Cory wears one, but he is not as skiddish as I am.
    "You'll never guess where I am right now. Look over Cullen's left shoulder."
    The solution to my current problem was a hundred yards away. I had seen the flashing blue lights of the police vehicles, but I was too busy trying to get my boys seated so we could go home that I never paid them any heed. I walked over to see what was going on as Andy came out to meet me half way. He explained that one of his planes had been loaded with an illegal cargo however his people had caught it. He was called and he told them to summon the police, the officer in charge was just the man to help me with young Eowyn.
    The police had the cargo, the guilty crew that loaded it for Andy to smuggle to America for them, and the names of the people in New York that would dispose of it. Nice work and quick, but then that is the kind of organization that Andy runs.
    Inspector Terry Upbridge had been called as the senior officer in the district that was on duty that night. I looked back at Eowyn and approached Terry. I called the boy to come to me and told Terry that he was a fine catch and once on a strong line that he was a keeper. Terry has talked to me for years about going fishing together, we have just never been able to do it. He looked at the little blonde boy and whispered so that only the two of us could hear, "I like the bottom as well as the top and I can nurse all night long." Eowyn was ready to go and Terry was glad to take the boy home with him.
    I walked back to the boys' plane as Jerry Thompson came running over to me. "Dad, are there any of those little pins with wings on them around? Some of the college boys don't have one and when I showed them mine and Tim's they want one." I told him that RD had just asked Jimmy for a handful, he grinned at me and scampered away like little a boy. Jerry is still one fine specimen of boy, tall and thin but, muscular and agile, a great gymnast that can suck all of his very own long cock, and get himself off in the bargin.
    I mounted the steps to the large plane and looked the family over. I waved to them and said, "Boys, we are going home." As they cheered I stepped off of the plane so that the crew could close the hatch. I stood with my close family as we watched the big bird lift off and head toward the land of the round door knobs. You would have to go to Europe for yourself to understand that one, write to me and I'll tell you about it.
    Andy's large cargo 777 roared to life over at the other side of our private hangar area, we watched it taxi out and roar off into the sunset then turned to our own plane. Once onboard FI-2 I realized that I had not eaten since breakfast in Paris. The boys all had a sack lunch and they had been given a bottle of water and two of Çhé Ģerâld's energy bars on their walk to the theater, they were doing fine. I knew that the galley was well stocked with hot food for the boys, but when I sat still I realized that I was famished.
    When we were airborne Cory opened the cockpit door and passed me a hot meal on a plastic tray. I asked him if Roddy had eaten yet and he told me that he had. I summoned my little one and asked him if he would like to ride up front for awhile, stupid question. I made sure that he was strapped in and threatened to put the seat belt around his mouth, the crew was just too busy to answer a zillion questions from a ten year old boy.
    I almost wished that I had not gone to the back of the plane, a septic tank would have smelled sweeter. I have no idea what the boys had been eating or what had eaten them, but even at his peak Chrisy could not have competed with the four little French boys. Well, I am counting Tazzi as a French boy, but he and Emilio both are more Italian than anything else. Whatever their blood origins something had crawled up inside of them and died, the rest of us wanted to use the emergency oxygen masks, we had an emergency on our hands, we couldn't breathe.
    Emilio cut loose a loud and long one and Jimmy quipped, "Voice has changed, but the breaths the same."
    Cullen came back with, "Naw, mate, his arse is just snoring cause he ain't got no cock to fill it up." I quickly finished my meal and went back to the sanctity of the cock pit and let Roddy return to the juvenile set. I wish that they would come up with a better name for the front part of an airplane where the pilots work their magic, a cock pit has a whole different meaning to me.
    I mentioned before that FI-2 is certified to fly at sixty thousand feet, well actually it does take special permission from the FAA to fly that high, but I can get special permission to fly my own space shuttle if I asked for it. Anyway we were cruising along at Mach .80, more than seventeen miles high, with no winds at all, head wind or tail wind, get your mind out of the gutter, I'm in here already. We did wish to be able to direct the tail wind from four of our traveling companions into thrust, we were sure that our speed would have increased by ten fold. The lack of wind was helpful for a trip half way across the globe so we made excellent time and landed at TIA—Tucson International Airport—in under nine hours. We were met by three FIS vehicles that escorted us to BAW to wait until the family arrived very late the next evening. I guess I need a bigger plane for the boys, one that is certified for the higher altitudes.

    I am going to ask you to call upon your imagination for a moment and ask you to picture three hundred and twenty three totally hairless boys standing together carefully wiping the body of the person before him from head to toe, with lotion.
    During our long flight home I had held Roddy in my lap and played with his hair. I noticed red sores on his neck and realized that they were bites. I asked for the cabin lights to be brought up to full brightness and examined the other boys, lice. All of us were infected with body and head lice. Head lice is common in the areas where we had been, but body lice is a little less frequent.
    I know that none of my naked little fags had any infestation when we were in Nice, we had to have been exposed at the old prison in Paris. I quickly called the principal of the schools at BAD and BAF to inform them of what I had found, they told me how to treat the infection. Another thing that they told me was that we should treat the infection before allowing the boys to return to their private space. The little creatures are promiscuous breeders and lay eggs in every nook and cranny.
    The clothing and personal items that the boys carried would need to be disinfected before it was taken to the rooms as well. Every stitch of clothing would have to be boiled, every body would have to be treated. The quickest and most effective treatment that I knew of was a total body shave to remove places for the little buggers to hide and a head to toe medicinal wash.
    Without ceremony I herded my eight charges up the stairs to the newly completed fourth floor of the dormitory; I have mentioned before there is an elevator in the central core of the building that we had to used to help Pépin up to the new level. I chose the fourth floor because it was new and because we would not need to put students on that floor for a little longer. Another plus to that floor choice is a super large shower area that can handle thirty boys at one time, or sixty in couples. If the boys would share shower heads we could really pack 'em in.
    We had fun shaving every part of each other, but Roddy was afraid that he would not be able to grow any pubic hair. We knew how to make sure that it would grow when he was old enough, everyone of us fertilized his groin with hot white cream then rubbed it in.
    I notified the bus drivers of the problem and told them to bring all of the boy directly to the school then take their buses down to be cleaned with high pressure steam, both inside and underneath in the cargo space. I called Andy and told him of our problem and let him find a place to have the airplane de-loused. He told me that only I could have these kinds of problems, he is probably correct.
    I called the plane, Pete was riding in the cockpit as he checked out the fly-by-wire system that the plane used. He was a barrel of laughs when he heard the news. He called me back a half an hour later, he had gone on a louse hunt and found many of the boys that he looked at with bites around their hairline. He told me that he had said nothing to anyone and I thanked him for that, I could just see a panicky bunch of homos at forty five thousand feet.
    All five school buses met the plane at TIA, I had ordered two new buses before Christmas and they had been delivered while we were gone. The coach company was busy cranking out the buses that I had ordered for BAG-Boys and the ones that were needed in Europe.
    Pete had selected his aunties to see to it that the boys were settled on the buses then he told them of what was to come. Once their bus was in motion the aunties told the boys that they were going directly to the school where they would strip naked outside then go straight up to the fourth floor. They were take nothing with them that did not grow naturally on their bodies and they were not to gather their luggage, that would be taken care of for them. Several of the boys had to let it be known that their boyfriends grew naturally on their bodies and their body parts grew on the boyfriends.
    Dr. Will had called in help from the State's Health Department to disinfect the clothing and personal items. Great care was taken to keep each boys' gear together, but I wonder what went through those people's minds when they found some of the toys the boys had packed away.
    Edmund was sure that he would not have to suffer being shaved, but Mitchell dug around the man's hair and produced two tiny little bugs, Edmund ran to the shower and turned the water to as hot as he could stand it. There were large plastic sheets laid on the floor in the hallway outside of the showers so that the hair could be contained. The hair would be full of bugs and eggs and we wanted those removed from the building.
    Under the watchful of the local fire station commander a truck was on hand to supervise the burning of the plastic sheets containing the hair. We had other things that could not be cleaned that needed to be burned as well and, but it needed to be contained so that no contamination of the surrounding areas would occur.
    A half an hour later my traveling companions, and I, sat on the window sill of the fourth floor and watched three hundred and twenty three boys and four fathers strip naked under the watchful eye of some fifteen, or more, firemen and health department personnel. My little European boys laughed, nudity is not uncommon for them, but never had they seen so many boys getting naked while grownups stood and watched them. Cullen was laughing so hard that he couldn't translate some of the remarks that were made about the perverts as the boys tried to see if any were getting an erection. From our vantage point of thirty five feet above the action it was difficult to tell.
    I did feel sorry for Edmund, he was thoroughly humiliated by the experience. He took a long time getting comfortable being naked around the boys inside the house; this was too much for him. As soon as he was up the stairs I went to him and guided him to a quiet corner. Mitchell and I set about the task of shaving and bathing the old man then I took him to the far end of the dorm and placed him in an area that I had quickly thrown together so that he could rest in private. I kissed him then slipped away to let Mitchell work his magic on his lover.

    I had an FI van pick Ryan and Bobby up with the boys in their charge, I would need to help them retrieve their car from the long term parking lot at TIA later. David and Jeff had a friend take them to the airport so they had no car to pick up. Once shaved and showered we all sat together in a makeshift lunchroom on the fourth floor of BAW's dormitory eating a meal prepared by the entire kitchen staff and supervised by Red, Ona, and Amadahy.
    Many will call it overkill, most who know me will call it more of my paranoia. I saw it as taking precautions. True body lice and head lice have been a plague to mammalian life on this planet for eons, but my boys were not involved in those other times and places. I knew that once the little buggers got a toe hold in a house then they were hell to get rid of. I felt that taking the extra precaution up front would free us from many anguishing hours later on.
    Besides that I had more naked male flesh captive and in my total control than anyone has ever had. All of the hot bodies with me were as queer as any cocksucker that ever lived and all of them liked to ride the fleshy pony for hours on end. All of them liked to ride my pony and he stood up for the task as all eyes checked him out.
    What I mean when I say captive is simply this, no TV, no computers, no video games, no going off to their rooms, or getting into their cars to go cruising, three hundred and thirty one, all total, naked souls locked on the fourth floor with me. Each floor had been built to accommodate one hundred and twelve boys in four man cubicles, there were no cubicles on the fourth floor. Actually there were no beds either, those were being placed on the elevator and sent up, ten at a time. We had a chain of boys taking the bedframes, mattresses, and bedding off of the elevator and moving it around the long, empty room.
    Other crews of boys were assembling beds while another crew put the sheets on, pillows had to be encased and placed two to a bed, four if two boys were to share that bed. There was no privacy, no place to hide, everybody would have to love together or sit with his face to the corner and there were very few of those from the dorm's design.
    Actually toilets were my big worry, the boys are all healthy and a good daily dump keeps them that way. The faggots could piss in the showers, but I asked them not to piss in the lavatories where someone would stick his face while washing up or brushing his teeth.

    Several parents had seen the buses pass by and came to pick up their progeny, I found a pair of shorts and a shirt that fit me well enough to cover my nakedness and stepped out to the main doors of the dormitory. There were a few irrate mothers demanding to know why the doors were locked, they wanted to know why the fire department was there and what was with the health department vehicles.
    A full ten minutes passed before a quiet calm settled over the mass of people, I simply stood still and let them vent then I let loose on them. "If you are finished with your demands I will answer a few of your questions. This past week we spent a night in a place that may have been infected with body lice, wherever we were exposed to them some of the boys have become hosts to the little blood sucking parasites." I let my mouth pour out the venom that I felt in my heart.
    "As you can see, we are taking every measure available to rid all of the students of the bugs. This school is under quarantine until the manifestation is dealt with, maybe two or three days. At the present time every boy has had his entire body shaved clean of all hair and he has been treated with medicines designed to eradicate these insects.
    "None of the boys will be allowed any contact with anyone outside of the school, you notice that all of the personnel that have come to our aid is wearing protective clothing and that is being burned when they have finished their work. You are welcome to enter the school to visit with your sons, but you will have to have your clothing boiled and your body shaved after your visit, and you will not be allowed to leave the building until the health department gives us the clearance. Ladies first," I stepped aside and held the door open.
    The crowd took a large step backwards. One father stepped up, "Can we just see our son and wave to him?"
    "I can ask the boys to step up to those windows, however, I must stress that he will be naked. No one is being allowed to enter the sleeping quarters at this point so none of the boys have any clothing. All of the items that the boys had with them is being treated by the health department." I pointed at large machines called autoclaves that super heat and steam clean anything placed inside them. "Every stitch of clothing that the boys had with them as well as their toiletries, souvenirs, and anything else in their possession is being placed inside those autoclaves and heated to 275 for twenty minutes.
    "That temperature will not only kill the insects, but their eggs as well. The boys showered well as soon as they returned to this campus, but the water temperature is set at a maximum of 120° to prevent the boys from having their skin damaged. This low temperature only promotes the growth of these parasites that prefer to live in body hair, it is for that reason that all of us were totally shaved. The only step that we have to kill the bugs on us is the application of chemicals and poisons. All of us has been dusted with a mixture that includes DDT, you do not want that poison in your home. We are quarantined on the fourth floor so that any contamination can be confined to as small an area as possible."
    One mother insisted that she be allowed to see her son, I didn't recognize her, but I felt that I may be legally obligated to grant her request. I reminded her that her son would be totally naked and exposed to anyone that was standing nearby, she remained adamant. I asked her name, it did not register. I asked for her son's name and I was ready to call a police officer over to arrest her, she is the mother of our very own piano virtuoso, wee Willie Wilson.

    I had not sat down with Willie before we headed off to the coronation, and subsequent trip, but after the boys told me of his natural talent at the ivories I took him aside. I recalled that I had been walking back to my car after a trip to Tomes of Time, walking along in front of me was a rather large man that flipped his burning cigarette into an alley off to our right. Quickly darting from the shadows was a minute street urchin that scooped up the butt and took a long drag from it.
    The twelve year old boy had my attention, I was rushed as I had an appointment to get too. I led the boy to Clara's and asked Al to feed him anything that he wanted. An hour later I called Al and learned that the boy was still there, he had called Cory to meet the boy that was in trouble. I called Cory and learned that he was preparing to call me, he wanted to take Willie to the school, I told him that it was his call, he knows street life better than I ever will.
    I had a hectic schedule to get my family off for our trip so I had let Cory and the other boys take charge of the day to day running of the house. When I learned of Willie's ability I realized that there was a boy in my own family of which I knew nothing. He wanted to play something for me, he told me that he was more at ease after he sat before a big piano, I was happy to follow him to the large grand piano standing beneath the stairway in the vestibule of BAF.
    He sat at the instrument and began to play a very quiet piece entitled Sonata in C major-Moderato-Franz Shubert . He played the, more than, twelve minute long piece entirely from memory and with such feeling that I was moved to a peaceful calm within myself. I was sitting back in my thoughts when he finished and did not hear him approach. He slipped into my lap and looked me in the eye, "So let's go fuck then I'll tell you anything you wanna know bout me." What a charmer, I let him lead, not that he knew precisely where to go, I just wanted to follow. Okay twelve is very young, but that butt was worth eating, two or three times.
    Willie may be wee in stature, but he was wow in boi size. His four foot six inch frame only comprised sixty three pounds of muscle and blood over a frail skeleton, however he seems larger without his clothing than he had when I had first met him on the street. He enjoys big dicks, but when I learned how he had knowledge of sex I knew why Cory wanted to shelter him.
    With every word from the boy's mouth I saw Sandra and Cory in my mind. Sandra is Cory's mother and a drug driven prostitute that sold her own son's ass for money to buy food and more drugs for herself. Willie had learned to take it like a man from his own father, but when he left the family Willie's mother found other men that liked to fuck a six year old boy butt.

    I had already called a few contacts in Tucson to locate the woman, but no one had found her trail, now she stood before me demanding to see her son. Our security guard on duty was talking to a police officer, I called to them, "Ten-twenty nine." They looked at me and I told them that the lady before me wanted to see her son and that they should ten-twenty nine. I looked back at Willie's mother and told her that I was using police talk like they do on TV when they talk on their radios, both the policeman and FIS agent caught on and looked at me with a sheepish grin. I told them that I needed to go upstairs to get Willie.
    "I'm sorry, I have never met you before, what is your name? I don't just want to tell Willie that there is a woman down here that says she is his mother, you know."
    "I'm Kim Richards," the heavy set woman snapped.
    I heard the policeman speak into his radio, "10-43, 10-37, 10-29 Kim Richards." An overkill that I am sure had his dispatcher looking cross-eyed, but I knew that he was telling me that he understood what I wanted. He had told his dispatcher that he wanted information, that he was investigating a suspicious person, and to check for wants or warrants. I turned to the elevator to return to my dinner and my boys.

    A rap on the door caused me to turn back and I spotted a sweet student begging for entrance. Peter Joulson saw the buses come into the school so he ran up to see his friends. I felt like a knife had gone through my heart, the boy's mother would not allow him to accompany the school students to France. I could understand, she was frightened after coming so close to losing him to a tragic accident that took the life of his young friend, and another student of the school, José Ortéga.
    Pete told me that he had been hiding out all night after he and his mother had gotten into an argument about him being gay. I told him that I could not allow him inside the school because of the bugs, he pushed past me and told me that he was inside now and had to stay, "cause I might be fested with them bugs now." I had to let the little fart stay. Some of the parents outside saw what had happened and I asked them to let Mrs. Joulson know what was going on, but that Pete would have to remain with the student body for two or three days.
    I did ask all of the parents present to bring clean clothing for their sons. The items in the autoclaves would be sterile, but wrinkled and the boys would not want to wear them until they had been laundered at home. I locked the door and led Pete upstairs to a hot meal and hot boys. He was greeted by all of his class that wanted to find a pen so that they could sign his cast, we didn't even have a ball point pen with us.
    I led Peter into the makeshift tables so that he could eat then I asked the younger members of the eighth grade class to shave his ass, eight tiny assed boys ran toward the shower room as they surrounded one hairy thirteen year old dude.

    I looked at the boys and asked them what we could do for two or three days. They all grabbed their crotch and giggled, I told them that we could not do only that for very long. The intercom system was my only way to communicate with the outside world, even my sound bud and lapel mic had been taken from me. No one was permitted to step out onto our level so food and supplies were being placed on the elevator and sent up to us. I called the kitchen and asked for a few dozen televisions with DVD players and a dozen cases of movies. I had to find entertainment for the boys. Jimmy and Turner had been hard at the computer work stations, Jimmy was running back and forth to an intercom station and shouting at somebody. I walked over and put my arm around him and told him to calm down. "Daddy, I can't get the computer on-line and I can't get nobody to listen to me."
    Our conversation was interrupted by a disembodied voice that told Jimmy that the problem had been found. Jimmy rushed back to his work and let out a shout, he was in touch with the world again. Jimmy was going to read us a story, that would just make our evening.

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