Chapter 149


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cory had seemed anxious all day but, as more often the case than I would like with my love, I had other things that I was taking care of. At last we were off to our room where we would be alone for a few hours. Before we had the chance to get anything started Cory pulled close to me and began to kiss my face. I love it when he makes the moves on me, but there was something different about his actions, something that I usually see when he has something on his mind. I relaxed and allowed him to muster up his courage.
    "Daddy, I dropped out of school today." I tried my hardest not to react, but I wanted to jump up and face him down. "Look at it this way, you are going to go to see Culley get a crown and I will not be left behind. Some of the boys can't go, like Cas, he graduates this year and Ty, he can't get away without losing what he has going.
    "There is also the fact that I am not taking the correct courses." That did cause me to turn to look at him. "Well, I didn't know for sure what I wanted to do and when I saw what courses I had to take to be a mechanical engineer I chickened out. I decided to try to be an accountant so that I could work on your books, but that is boring." That caused both of us to laugh, but I knew what he was saying. I am proud of him and I support his decision. I don't like for him to delay his education, even for one semester, I had an idea in the back of my head.
    The next morning I called a few friends of mine at the university while Cory played taxi driver to deliver my little ones to their school and shuttle the girls about their appointed tasks. I felt satisfaction as I gathered my ducks and waited for my man to return to my arms.
    I was more excited when I saw Cory's excitement at my news, he ran from the house and down the hill to the admission's office at the university. He returned in time to have lunch with us and many of the college boys that had come up to join us as well.

    At times I want to hide under my bed or under a rock and Monday's lunch on the twenty sixth was a rough one as several pairs of eyes bored into me. I put my fork down and sat back with my arms folded and looked around the table, studying the face of each boy in turn. I caught something that I passed by, but I knew that he knew that I saw it and I let my gaze return to Cameron and settle there. I have a penetrating stare and I don't often blink, in fact my boys like to challenge me and none have yet to beat me in a stare down.
    "I don't know if I did wrong or not, dad. You manage our business accounts for us and had you not caught the fact that someone had used my name and stolen money from me to buy a car then who knows how long it would have gone on.
    "I was looking at the recent tax roles at school this morning and I saw your name on a lot of houses. I should have kept my mouth shut, but I showed my screen to Shane and Mitch, are you buying houses?"
    Sitting at the table with me were forty eight virtual high school students, Cory and the college boys that live in the main house, as well as twenty two of the boys from βφτ house that had come up for lunch—let's face it, college boys don't get enough to eat and these boys would starve to death were they to have to prepare all of their own meals; pizza can only feed a boy for so long. Every eye was locked on me.
    "Before I answer your question please answer one for me-you say that you were looking at the recent tax roles, are you sure that is where you looking?" Hot to trot Jim the cock dashed to his computer and displayed the page on the large plasma TV, I sat back and waited.
    "Look, dude, look at the URL—tax_roles/mortgages_liens/—that's the page of new mortgages, but what property are you mortgaging dad?" Warren is sharp and I had to tip my head to him, the boy is going to do quite well.
    "Our country is going through the roughest financial crisis that it has faced since the days leading into the great depression of the 1930s. Preceding that catastrophe was a serious drought, known as the dust bowl where thousands of farms dried up and blew away. The domino affect sent millions of people out of work, and the banks foreclosing on tens of thousands of homes. Entire families were thrown out on the street to survive as best as they could.
    "Boys, it is happening again. No, we don't have a drought or a dust bowl, but the unemployment in our country is higher than it has ever been, percentage wise it rivals those depression days. I have the money to try to help a few people that have been caught up in the scandalous profiteering of the big money boys of this nation.
    "Everybody wants to make money and the world has been told that real estate is the best hedge against inflation that there is. With everybody wanting to get theirs real estate values have been artificially inflated to the point that property is selling for much more than it is worth.
    "Some enterprising rapscallion decided that a neat trick would be to sell real property on a sliding scale, interest wise. Interest rates were dropping for several years and banks were scared because they were not making the millions of dollars that they wanted for their own pockets so they invented what they call the variable rate mortgage, or floating rate mortgages.
    "In the recent past a person could purchase a home at a fixed rate of interest, my father purchased βφτ house in 1970 on a thirty year fixed interest mortgage of 7%. In the 1980s property values began to rise and interest rose along with it. People that loan money wanted more money, 8%, 9%, became the standard, but then in the 1990s we began to see interest rates as high as 12%. The fed stepped in and lowered the prime rate on money, that is the amount of interest that the Federal Reserve Bank charges the local bank for money that they borrow.
    "The bankers did not like that because their gravy train was over, so enter the variable rate mortgage where a person can buy a piece of property at the low current rate, but as the prime rate goes up so does the interest on that person's loan. Lately it has gotten so bad that people cannot make their mortgage payments and are forced to sell their homes.
    "They have quickly discovered another snare, the price that they paid for their home is more than the home is worth and the interest rate is so high that they can not sell, neither can they afford to make their payments. Oil has gone up so corn is being experimented with as a new source of fuel for our cars. Animals eat corn, but Jimmy will show you that a few weeks ago corn jumped almost six times in price, that has caused beef, chicken, pork, to go sky high, also milk and eggs that come from these corn fed animals.
    "Wheat jumped from a little over four dollars a bushel to twelve dollars a bushel almost overnight so now bread and anything with flour in it, such as pasta, cake, and your cereal, costs a lot more than it did last year. People have to eat so they don't pay their mortgage and end up being foreclosed on, which means that they have no place to cook their food, or a place for the refrigerator to store the food.
    "Boys, my personal worth is now almost ten billion dollars. What good is that money to me? I have worked very quietly with a few friends in the banking industry that knew of worthy families in trouble, I have purchased mortgages around the country at a fixed interest rate. Sure, most of the houses are not worth what is owed on them, but the people can afford to continue to live there and maybe someday property values will go up naturally and they can realize their investment."
    "How many houses did you buy, dad? I only see fifteen on that screen." Cameron had found his balls.
    "That screen is for this county only, I have purchased five hundred mortgages at an average cost of two hundred thousand dollars each."
    "Wow! That's one hundred million dollars." My young Mathletes can add too, as Chase proved to me.
    "Is there any family money invested?"
    "No, this is all my money. I have not put anyone else's money into this because it is highly speculative and I could loose every dime of it. These people could still default on their loans and then I would have to foreclose. Should that happen then I would have to have a forced sale and hope to get a good percentage of my money back, but I will loose some if that happens. I am not willing to use, nor will I use any family money at all, period."
    "How about the mortgages that the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß has in Mississippi from that hurricane?" Can't put one over on these boys, and Kyle was not really in a good enough physical condition to be aware of what we did when we found him beaten and bruised back then.
    "The one hundred loans that we made down there are not mortgages, they were simply a short term loan to get those folks a home to live in, then when they received their disaster fund money the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß was repaid. The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß is a non-profit organization and therefore it cannot enter into a contract such as a mortgage. We simply loaned temporary funds as a stop-gap in an emergency situation, all of that money has been repaid and is being used to pay the college tuition through our scholarship program for gay youth."
    Four of my boys looked at me and blushed. "Don't blush boys, the club is proud to pay your tuition, I could not pay it for you because at the time none of you were my wards, two of you still aren't." I winked at Mitch and Carroll.

    The remainder of January and the first part of February had me jumping through hoops. My wife was put on modified bed rest by her doctor. She was early enough along that, if she took care of herself, she could make the trip with us to see Cullen enthroned. I hired a full time staff of nurses to be at her side twenty four hours a day. I had a lot of flack from her, but her health means more to me than my scalp, but I hid the sharp knives anyway.
    I learned that Sarah was a school teacher; I climbed on top of Cory and stared at him until he told me that he never thought that it would matter, it does matter, a lot. I learned that Sarah loves to help children to read, I asked her about the age of the children that she preferred to teach. She had no preference, she enjoys seeing the light of discovery come on behind eyes that can see words and know their meaning.
    I grabbed her up and held her in my arms as I carried her around the room, I told her that she was the best thing to happen to my family since Cory came to me. Well there are other highlights, but I had to make her feel that her man was first in my life.
    I asked Quemela about her hopes and dreams, Pam loves school and was anxious to return as quickly as she could be enrolled. I asked her about doing the virtual classes at home, she was so excited that she wanted to dance.
    Daylight is going to stay in bed, that's a given. Sarah is going to be a school teacher so that left us with no one to take care of two little boys that mean more to Cory and me than our own lives. Pam would study at home and watch after the baby boys that she loves dearly, Sagi would go to the new school, BAG—Bradford Academy for Girls—to teach the young ladies that were living there.
    We had located more girls that wanted to end their life on the streets. Most of these girls were involved with very unsavory men that wanted to use those young bodies to make money for themselves because they were too lazy to earn their own way through life. I have to hide those girls to protect them from their pimps. I found a very large home in a gated community that would serve our immediate needs quite well and moved the girls there.
    We were able to outfit the home so that two girls could share a private room. An extra large sun room serves us well as their classroom for the time being. Our most pressing need was to teach the girls how to read, not a single one of them was reading at a third grade level. Sarah had her work cut out for her, but she was up to the challenge. The home was near enough to the boys' elementary school that Cory could drop Sarah off each morning before letting the little ones off for their day. That also gave Sarah a chance to embarrass Roddy, but somehow that seemed to tame the boy down a bit.

    I believe that I have a treat for Al and Clara Cranston from Clara's Café, they want children very badly, Clara had set her heart toward having a daughter before they learned that she could not conceive. Clara is a total softie when it comes to babies and I had talked to the young girl that had come in off of the street that first night. Her three month old baby was Hispanic and the girl was blonde and fair, she didn't know what to do with the child that she had borne, but she couldn't kill her. Clara has taken the little girl into her heart and home. There is more.
    One of the girls that had come in from the street was a nine year old orphan and was adoptable, she had been taken out for a weekend, but grew frightened and had runaway to live on the streets for five months. I was amazed that the sparse bundle of bones had lived, let alone survived her ordeal. JC was clearing a forest of paper producing trees as plans were put in motion to get the couple and the girl together, along with the baby.
    In the meantime I had been running about to secure legislation to do what I needed to do and to find a permanent place for the girls to be safe and secure.

    The first occupants of the dorm were to be twenty nine street boys that wanted to improve their lives. The state had thirty boys that they were desperate to find homes for. I had to find staff to keep the boys in line. In my house I can maintain absolute control, I do not have that ability with the boys that will live across the street in the dorm.

    In early January I had sat down with the governor of the state, and a few people that she felt might be able to help me. I was assured that our meeting was completely confidential and that there would be no notes taken and no recrimination over what was said in our meeting.
    "Your excellency, ladies and gentlemen, I have a school that is unique to our state. I am a major player in a school in New York that has the identical uniqueness in it, I am seeking the type of legislation from this state as we have received from New York's state legislature.
    "Both schools have a student body comprised entirely of homosexual youth. Each of the boys in both schools is currently an active homosexual and was involved in homosexual acts with other males before he came to either of these two schools.
    "The school in New York began with students that were sentenced to attend there by that state's judicial system. It took our staff more than a year to prove that those boys could function as responsible students regardless of their orientation. That school will graduate the second class of seniors this year that have attended that campus throughout their entire four years of high school.
    "Our first class of graduating seniors consisted of two boys in 2005, at the time the total enrollment of the school was just over one hundred boys. Both of those boys are now on the dean's list at two of our nation's top universities, as are the twenty one boys from the class of 2006. 2007 saw sixty boys graduate and each of them was accepted into major colleges and universities about this country's northeast and each of them has just completed his first semester as a freshman in his respected school. I might add that all sixty of those young men finished their first semester with a perfect four point zero GPA and were the top students of their individual classes in all subjects.
    "This school year Bradford Academy West will graduate its first class of thirty eight boys. My point is this, we have a school with the top level of standards as our guide. Everyday now we are accepting new boys into the school and that is where I seek your help.
    "The dormitory on the campus will be available for occupancy in about six to eight weeks time. At present I have two hundred and five boys living in my house and I need to move them into better and less crowded housing. In my home I have adult members that have been a great help to me in maintaining order, but they will not be moving into the dormitory at BAW.
    "The law is plain and clear about the type of people that can be involved in the education of the youth of our state, but the type of people that the law will allow to be around our students will not want to be around our students." I finally got a smile out of them.
    "I do not want child rapists, or people that are going to prey on our students, I have a personal interest in each and every boy in that school. What I do want is people that may have a known history of homosexual behavior, but have never forced or coerced a minor into a sexual encounter. I will entertain the former teacher who may have had a moment of weakness with a boy, I will even interview a man that has served time for limited sexual contact. I need people who are tolerant enough not to get bent out of shape when they see two boys deep kissing one another." That caused a few people to clear their throats and shuffle their feet, but they continued to listen to me.
    "I will state this as plainly as I can; I have established the same rule here that we enforce at Bradford Academy for Gay Boys in New York—staff and/or faculty do not have sex with students. Any breech of that rule results in immediate termination, with no exceptions. There is nothing that can destroy the authority of a teacher's, or of a staff member's, ability to maintain control of a student quicker than to be involved sexually with a student. An age old business adage states that, 'You can't be boss and be friends.'
    "I wish to inform you that in our search for homeless youth in Tucson we have located twelve girls that wish to return to school. I have located space for them and have them attending classes in their domicile for the time being. I will be petitioning the state's school board for accreditation very shortly. However I must take first things first.
    "One final note, I, me, myself exclusively, will have final say on any applicant that wants to work around MY boys. I believe that I am a good judge of character and I know the questions to ask. If a man can not look me in the eye and answer me with the proper response he will not go anywhere near any of my boys."
    I was asked about Cullen. "The Crown Prince will be going to Europe to be enthroned on the fifth of March. Many of the boys in my home have known Cullen as a much loved member of the household and they will be going with us. That is another of my reasons to need staff to maintain the school because I expect to be gone for an extended period of time."
    I was asked why I would be gone for an extended time. I told them about the new school in France and of the schools that I was preparing to open in Germany and Greece. That had all of them up to the edge of their seats as they began to ask me how I had located boys to fill those schools. I discussed my association with certain unnamed contacts within Interpol and other government agencies throughout Europe.
    Then I let them have it directly between the eyes. Until that very moment nobody, anywhere, was aware that I had ten sons of the King of one of our oil providing countries living in my home and attending my school. They were shocked that the state department had not been made aware of their presence. I went back to my stand on security and explained that one of the boys was a Crown Prince himself. I then, sorta, kinda, just a little, expanded the truth and told them that I had three Crown heads living in my home at the current time. Well, actually Cory is a Crown head, but it is another of his heads that I want to protect and keep for myself.
    My audience turned to one another to discuss my request and I gave them what they did not ask for, privacy. I asked for the directions to a fresh cup of coffee. One would think that a request such as I was making would require time and consultation, somehow I have slowly gotten used to getting whatever I ask for almost immediately.

    The state's congress was in full session at the time of our meeting and people of power quickly prepared a bill for presentation, first in the house then in the senate. The bill was presented to the majority and minority leaders of both sides of the state's congress, these people were also heads of several committees. I was impressed that no one saw fit to request a committee to study the bill.
    There was no pork, or hidden agenda added to the bill, it was a straight forward amendment to state law to allow Bradford Academy West, and Bradford Academy for Girls—and any subsidiary thereof—to hire, employ, or engage the services of persons with a known background of sexual misconduct with underage youth. The bill was hand carried between the two congressional chambers and within four hours from the time that it was drafted it was passed as a law of the state.
    To ensure that all angles and bases were covered in legal processes the new law was taken directly to the state's supreme court to be carefully read by each of the judges there, individually. I received a call three days after my meeting to inform me that a copy of the new law was being sent to me by certified courier. The governor giggled as she told me that the bill had been nicknamed the GAY bill. I almost fell out of my chair when she told me that it was her acronym that had been selected. She explained the Gay Academy for Youth title that had is now associated with the new law.

    Saturday afternoon, the second of February, saw one proud pappa of twelve elementary school boys as they competed in the Southern Arizona MathCounts competition. Amazingly as the final round finished the BAW Mathletes had six students still in contention. With all six boys being of equal talent, and from the same school, the judges declared all six boys the overall winners, deciding that it would not be fair for the classmates to compete against one another. BAW boys finished in the top twelve final spots with forty, twelve through fourteen year old students declared as Southern Arizona's top Mathletes.
    Our boys had taken up the tee shirt slogan WWHS had used the year that Bryan was named state champion Mathlete, Math illiteracy affects seven out of five people. I laugh at the slogan, but daily I see that they may be correct from the number of idiots that can't count to eleven with their shoes on.

    The family was in high spirits as they celebrated the unprecedented win of six champions. All that is except one near and dear to me that I had the unpleasant? duty of trying to offer solace all evening long and into the night and the next day and even into Sunday night.
    For poor, mis-treated, little Christopher William Dickerson this was the worst time of his life. Never before had he been away from his precious Tiny Timmy Tuttle. That was the way the little love struck mighty midget with the giant widget viewed it, it was the first time that he had been away from Timmy since they moved in to their new condo together in October.
    Chrisy lay himself in my lap as our bus returned from the Southern Arizona MathCounts competition and stayed as close to me as he could the rest of the evening. I tried to get him to go to Cory, but that only lasted long enough for him to please Cory with his giant widget then he was back to me. I love the boy and will do most anything for him, but he was being a bit silly. Timmy has been away for various assignments before, albeit for never so long as this week long venture.
    During the course of the weekend I learned something that I never knew about the pair, Timmy had been with women before he met us in California during our trip over for Christmas of 2005. That in itself is no major revelation as Timmy is one very fine looking young man and extremely virile, what was interesting was that he wanted to do a three way. Yeah, he wanted to fuck a hot girl while Chrisy fucked him. It's none of your business, but Cory and I had discovered that little game, the end result is that both of us expect to be fathers again late September.
    Chrisy and I were away from the rest of the family a bit and everyone was totally engrossed in the Super Bowl as the final minutes rushed along in the appearance of a major upset, or pleasant surprise depending on the individual's point of view.
    "Do you want to go along with Timmy, sweet meat?"
    "Yeah, and…Dad, don't think that I am changed or anything, but well…I want to try doing it too."
    "Chrisy, I don't care if you change or not, I really don't care if you decide to switch sides and go for women, I will always love you without reservation."
    He raised up and looked me square in the eye, "Dad, I told you before and it will always be this way, I don't want a kid. Grandmother and I have talked about that so many times and I have to end this family of queers once and for all."
    "So how about me and my sons? Should we castrate RD and Cory Stevens? How about my unborn son, should we go ahead and clip his nuts as soon as he is born so that he can't produce anymore faggots?" Chrisy curled up tight against me and began to cry softly. I hate to see one of my boys cry, but it is especially hard when they are as old as the boy in my lap. To me Chrisy always calls to mind the tiny bit of nothing that stood in the middle of the roadway in south central Kansas one blustery fall day in November of 2004.
    "I'm sorry, sweet meat, I know what you mean, I was wrong in what I said. I know where you are coming from; you have told me your feelings and so has your grandmother." My mind turned to that sweet lady. But my thoughts were interrupted by a new face that came between Chrisy and myself.
    Johnny Carmichael grinned at us then asked Chrisy if he would do it? Chrisy looked at me, "If dad will do me at the same time." I was in for the whole nickle as two hunky eighteen year old boys laid their plans to get Johnny laid.

    Johnny has not had boi sex since his grandfather's discovery of him with his uncle Larry almost five years earlier. Johnny had driven his little brother, Kevin to Phoenix the previous weekend so that he could meet his grandfather and uncle. When the boys returned Johnny cried as I told him that he could not return to the college dorm, but that he now had a room in our house. To begin with I placed him and Kev together in the room of the old guest house that had belonged to Chrisy.
    During the current week Johnny had learned of mr. phartzalot, the mighty midget with the giant widget and he wanted a go at him. Sure Johnny had a pin and was a full fledged member of the family of happy fairies, but legend has it that Chrisy is the one to make a boy feel good all under. Chrisy had an idea and he begged me to go for it, how could I turn down such an offer?
    At the current time Kev is one of about nine boys that is unattached. Oh, he has his chance for all of the sex that he wants, but he has a hero worship thing going for his brother and wants to be his lover. Johnny is a bit more level headed and won't allow that. He lays with Kev, but the only sex that they have had with each other was in my bed on the night that Johnny came out to his brother. Even then the only thing that the two boys did with each other is to suck cock while they were getting their world xpanded by Cory and me.
    Cory set up a party for the boys that Rick had helped to recover. Terry stayed over as the six boys that had lived together in the sewers for a short time celebrated time above ground in an orgy such as they had never imagined being able to participate in. Cory told me that all of them had a very hard time, but managed to get off of their reluctance for public expression of emotions with a feeding frenzy of shared protein.
    Meanwhile I learned a lot about two boys that added to my relaxation as well as enlightenment. It had been necessary for Timmy to leave for his assignment on Monday morning. Chrisy is still a boy at heart and he could not bear the loneliness of his large condominium apartment upstairs from Tomes of Time.
    Chrisy came to the house for dinner Monday night and has remained all week long. I have it on great authority that Chrisy has made a real prick of himself with his brothers, they just can not seem to get the young man off of their ass. As I see it they are trying to get him on their ass, or in it if the fact be known. The point of this is to tell you that I was sure that he would have raisinettes for balls, but the boy has more batter in his nutty home than brains in his head.
    He managed to get next to me every night and Cory and I made hard attempts to deplete the boy's resources, but he was a head on us. Sunday night I discovered a side of him that gives women everywhere a hint of hope; he thinks that he may take a young lady to bed, if Timmy will stay with him throughout his ordeal.
    It mattered not to Johnny what was going on in Chrisy's head, he wanted the lower head to move him to new feelings then he wanted the same treatment from me. Chrisy and I had agreed to prod the other along as Johnny took his first all night fuck-a-thon, by morning the boy was full of cum and walking with a very wide stance. I took pity on him and applied liberal amounts of our soothing salve to his tender spot, but he still had to sit though his college classes for three hours.
    Johnny bounced to the bed and had his legs spread wide before our eyes as Chrisy told me that he was going to make a pony express rider out of the boy. Johnny changed horses on the fly several times before we turned the lights off, but he awakened us twice for more action. Johnny had a request that Chrisy and I were proud to fulfill, he wanted to lay back and nurse while Chrisy and I fulfilled the other's carnal lusts before the boy's eyes, of course he had to allow us the same pleasure.
    It was late Tuesday evening before Timmy returned home and Chrisy told him that he needed to stay at the house overnight until he could be sure that his man still wanted him. Cory and I were asked to watch as Chrisy gave Timmy all of the attention that the man had missed during his week away. Chrisy also wanted to lay back and watch Cory and I love his man while he nursed away. If anything can be said for my family it is that we love to be of service to one another.

    I was sitting at my computer as I worked feverishly to finalize the arrangements that that would take my family to Europe to be with Cullen when suddenly the front door slammed against the wall and Roddy yelled to the top of his lungs, "Dad, fire!!! The hay is on fire!!!"
    I ran to the door as I dialed 911 for the fire department. I could see the smoke from the house, but I was across the street before I could see the flames. A group of my younger boys were huddled together under the protection of some of the high school boys, all them had fear etched across their faces. I was glad to see that a stack of hay was all that appeared to be on fire. The boys use the hay to climb on during their war games as they play with their paint ball guns.
    My property is not located very far from the neighborhood fire department and I could hear the sirens as the fire truck made its way up the hill. I ordered the boys back across the street so that they would be out of harm's way just as the yellow truck could be seen coming closer to us.
    Colin and Tad came up to tell me a story that made me see fire in my heart. I led the two boys over to the back of the truck and told them to wait until the captain could get free. In a few minutes one of his men came up to him and spoke to him and I heard him confirm part of what my two boys were waiting to tell him.
    The captain looked at me than at the boys. I held out my hand to him and he shook it without ever moving his eyes, this man had given the boys at school a fire prevention talk the past autumn. "Do you boys know anything about a bottle of whiskey being over there?"
    "Yes sir, we just told dad that those two boys over there were smoking and drinking a while ago," Tad pointed at two boys sitting on their bikes at the side of the road that leads up to Andy's housing area. The fire captain looked at them and asked for the details.
    The two boys were trouble makers that liked to call my boys faggots. They had been coming around and causing trouble for several weeks and I had asked them to stay away because the park is private land for the family and the school only. On this day several of the family boys were playing their war games when Colin and Tad ran to hide behind the five hay bales stacked along the sidewalk; they had intended to ambush their brothers from the seclusion of the hiding spot.
    When they ran behind the bales they found two neighborhood boys smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey. Colin confronted the pair and told them to leave when one of the boys jumped up to give chase to him. When he stood he knocked the whisky bottle from the hand of his friend which caused it to fall to the ground and break. Now both boys were mad.
    Colin is street wise and not easily intimidated, he stood his ground and the bullies did not move closer to him. One of the boys struck a match to light another cigarette and tossed the burning match to the ground igniting the hay and in turn the spilled alcohol. All four boys ran from the flames with the two bullies mounting their bicycles and riding away.
    Murray Falon drove up with his little brother, Terrence, in the car. Both boys are students at BAW having been amongst the first from the congregation of our new church to ask to be admitted. Murray brought his brother over to tell what he had seen, he was trying to sneak up on Colin and Tad when he heard the argument so he slipped behind one of the pipe fields that are erected about the area as part of the playground. The pipes are in fact ten inch diameter steel pipes, complete with old, non-working valves, that the boys like to climb on. They can turn the large wheels of the valve as they pretend in their boyhood games.
    When Terrence saw the flames he ran to his bike and made his way to his house on the hill. He told his brother what had happened and both boys stood in their backyard and looked down at the scene a little over a block from their house. When Murray saw me with the fireman he brought his brother to tell what he had seen.
    One of the two bullies lived across the street from the Falon's residence while the other lived two blocks on up the hill. The fire captain called for a police officer to come over to us and filled him in on the story as told to him. The policeman talked to the three boys, he had already talked to the other boys, but these three had actually been there and had seen the start of the fire and its cause.
    The next day the boys came in from school to tell us that the two bullies had been taken away in handcuffs, we did not see them around the neighborhood before we left for Europe.

    We had talked about it so Thursday afternoon we acted on it. I had worried about Betty, with the girls gone she would be alone in her house. Chrisy and I decided to pay her a visit and we asked Jimmy to go along. Jimmy always gets nostalgic when he goes to the house of his youth, but something seemed to impress me to ask him to go along.
    Chrisy and I were sitting with Betty when Jimmy came in the front door with a sweet looking boy of about eighteen or so. Jim looked at me and grinned, "Dad, this is Malfoy." My heart moved as warmth swept throughout my body.
    "His name is Max Littlefield, we went to high school down there at Desert Springs," he nodded his head toward the south, but I knew where the high school was for his old neighborhood.
    "Max?" I looked at Jimmy, he had told me that Malfoy's name was Claude. "Glad to meet you, Max."
    "Dad, I need to talk to Max awhile, but I don't have my car…"
    "We can take both of you back to the house or I can leave you here and pick you up later."
    "I would like to go get my car, if that is alright with you." Of course it was alright, I don't control my boys and I wanted to see Jim branch out a bit. Maybe, just maybe he would renew an old acquaintance. I am not sure what will happen with Jim when Cullen takes his crown, if the queeing stays in his country Jim is going to be devastated, perhaps Max???

    Jim was home by dinner time, and alone. He sat with Cullen and kept eyeballing me so I knew that he had something on his mind. After dinner he told Cullen that he needed to talk to me then led the way to my office, as I entered he shut the door.
    Jimmy came to me and sat in my lap, "I know that you want to know so I will tell you the entire story. Maximilian Claude Littlefield has been in jail since I saw him last. His mother sent him to live with his dad, but he hated the man and started hanging around with the wrong sort of kids. A bunch of them got drunk and stole a car, which they wrecked, and Max got sent to jail until he turned twenty one. He just got released last week and he came to visit his mother before he goes away, for good.
    "Dad, he has it!" I looked him in the eye and waited until he was ready to tell me. With little to no emotion he continued on. "He is HIV positive and his family doesn't want him. He has a friend in North Dakota that told him to move up there and live so he is going this weekend." Jimmy paused and waited for me to say something.
    "What's on your mind?"
    "I am glad to see him go, jail changed him and he is an ass hole. He had dope in his pocket and when he took it out I pulled the car over and told him to get out. We were close to the park where I used to run so I agreed to go sit and listen to his story.
    "His mother hated the name of Maximilian so she called him Claude, in jail they called him Max and he liked that better. His first cell mate was an older boy that was always jacking off and one night he made Max suck his cock. Max learned that his celly was gay and the two of them started sucking each other then the celly asked Max to fuck him.
    "A week later they were fucking each other then the cell mate got released. Before he left he told several other boys that Max was a good piece of ass and he ended up being raped by four of them, and a guard. Max beat the four boys pretty badly over the next three days and got more charges laid on him. He told about the guard and that only made the other guards mad so he was sentenced to four more years, on top of his one year from joy riding. He didn't get charged with stealing the car because the other boys picked him up after they stole it and they told the police that, so Max could have gotten off.
    "Max learned what you have always told us, men in prison know everything about you before they ever meet you. When Max went to a new yard, as he called it, they already knew why he was there. You saw him, he is very good looking, when he was sixteen he was just plain cute. He took it up the ass every day and never said a word.
    "He met two other men that the same guard had fucked when they were in his care and they decided to end the guy's career. They wrote to other guys that had been in kiddy jail with them and all of them went to their lawyers with the same story. That guard is now doing some hard time picking up soap in the showers of his prison in Texas where they hate queers."
    "How do you feel about Max, Jimmy?"
    "I don't like his drug use and I don't much like him. He is a blow hard, he wanted me to suck his dick back in the same bushes where we did it four years ago, I got up and left and came home. I don't need to see him again."
    "Jimmy, do you think that he might bother Betty?"
    "No, I took care of that. I told him that Betty lived there with her son who was a big time cop in the sex crime division. I told him that you were a cop that worked with him and that Chrisy was his little brother. I lied, dad."
    "Did you lie to get ahead?"
    "No, I lied to protect grandmother." Most of the boys call Betty grandmother, for some of them she is the only grandmother that they can remember, and she loves each boy in my family.

    We were on our way to the largest black tie affair that any of us would probably ever attend and very few boys in my family even owned a jacket, let alone a full matching suit. I needed one hundred and ninety top quality, medium weight suits to be custom tailored for my precious family to stand up and witness their favorite queeing get what was coming to him. There was, but one thing that I could do, I had to submit my boys to two of the weirdest faggots that I know, but they both have great fingers.
    I called my tailor in New York and asked him to pack his sewing machine and catch an airplane. That afternoon I met him and his assistant at the air port. Phillip is a sixtish old fop with a fiftish boy friend that has been his bottom since their high school days. The two men can work magic with fabric or I would not have them near any of my boys.
    I rented out a four room suite at the country club for the men and their machines, most of their work could be done in New York, but measurements and cloth selection would have to take place in Tucson. I was impressed when they told me that they would be more than happy to stay in our warm climate until their work was done.
    I had Timmy and Harry dress in their full combat gear and hold their M-16s, unloaded of course, then stand to each side of a boy as he stood on the small platform for the tailors to measure his naked body for a perfectly fitting three piece suit. Each boy had been coached and was more than glad to throw wood, some even managed to shoot a load, much to the pleasure and delight of the old fags before them.
    The men know their trade and I had told them the ages and approximate sizes of my boys so they had dozens of blanks already cut in stock sizes that only needed to be altered to each boy then sewn together. The men worked around the clock with the end result being delivered just before Valentine's day, the boys were proud to wear their new garments to church that Sabbath. Many of the suits will be passed down as the boys grow, but I hope that I never have to pass the suits of the little ones along. It still breaks my heart to have such young boys in my care when I know that they are each there because their own families could not deal with them being homosexual.

    The dormitory was ready for occupancy, and none too soon. I was very happy that we were ready to start moving boys on the twenty first day of February, a full forty days ahead of the most conservative estimation. I walked through the building while Matty had the pep band playing in the main foyer, I could still hear myself think. I know that we spent a lot more money on the building than many people would deem necessary, but I have my agenda they have theirs, I like the six inches of honeycombed kevlar that had been sandwiched between the floors and inside the walls between the individual rooms. That material makes for a perfect sound deadening barrier.
    I never spent a lot of time in a school dormitory, but when I have been in one I was overwhelmed by the amount of noise and echo, I often wondered how anyone was able to study in such surroundings. It was my hope that a bomb could go off inside my building and nobody would be disturbed by it, figuratively speaking.
    Not wanting a total dorm type setting, but not wanting to provide individual rooms either I had opted for the second and third floors to be set up in four man cubicles with three quarter high walls, the fourth floor layout is yet to be determined. I am not too concerned with the noise level that travels up and over the walls as that is not how sound moves. My studies had been born out by our engineers who agreed that the savings for air handling would be of a greater benefit to the students than the minimal amount of sound proofing that a wall going all of the way to the top of the ten foot ceiling would provide.
    Another key point that I was interested in providing was even temperatures throughout the building, with no drafts. I have often been bothered after having slept in a draft, I do not handle wind blowing in my face very well. We had geothermal cooled or solar heated water running under every floor in the building as the season dictated. All electric power is provided by the solar panels on the roof. Our water comes from the aquifer beneath the school and our telephone system comes through the FI communications equipment. The only thing that we need from the city was garbage and sewer. We are working at reducing our garbage with some very innovative ideas.
    I am going to watch the floors in the dorm very closely. I have a twenty year, free replacement, guarantee for the tiles made of recycled tire carcasses. The look and wear is similar to fired clay, but the floor is soft and easy on the feet. I took an axe and chopped at the material, I poured every concoction that I could think of over it, I even placed a dozen burning cigarettes on it and nothing seemed to mar it or harm it. If anything can hurt this stuff it will be three hundred teenaged boys.
    The time had come to sit down with all of the boys that were looking at me for their support and their education. We gathered in the large auditorium in the first and second basement area of the large dormitory building at the campus. Let me digress a bit here to lay out just exactly what the final configuration of that building is.
    For clarification I want it understood that I am an American citizen, writing in American English using American terms and descriptions. e.g. first floor refers to the ground floor of a building, the next floor above the ground is known as the second floor, with third, fourth, fifth, etc. to follow on upwards. The rules change a bit as one goes below ground. Where multiple basement levels exist we will refer to them as first basement, second basement, and so on and so forth. I hope that is clear so that you may easily recognize the description that follows.
    The auditorium is configured to seat three hundred persons on the main floor located in the second basement. Mezzanine seating for two hundred. in stadium style seating, is accessed from the first basement. My heart ached as I looked at two hundred and sixty five boys sitting before the stage looking up at me. It was too impersonal for me, I have to be down amongst my boys so I had to move them back to the house.
    Our new home theater was still under construction so we had to walk gingerly though the tunnel that now connects the school to both my house and granite house, only Cory, RD, and I know of the tunnel leading to Cory's house, but I will have to let Roddy in on that very shortly.
    Few of the boys knew of the large cavern that sat underneath their school and even fewer had any idea of the existence of the tunnel. I had been careful to this point that most of the street boys did not know where my houses were located, it takes time to develop trust, so the tunnel was the best way to move them at that point in time. Besides that I think that my neighbors might panic to see more than two hundred teenage boys walking up the street at one time.
    All of the boys gathered into the wine cellar beneath granite house where we made our final plans to separate those that would live in the dorm and those that would live in my house. My heart ached as I looked at two hundred and sixty five boys sitting on cushions around the forty one thousand square foot room. The wine cellar is larger than two floors of the new dorm. The mind is boggled at the size of that room that had once been stacked wall to wall and floor to ceiling with wine that had brought over nine million dollars into the family kitty.

    It was a given that the boys that Terry had brought to the family would be moving into the dorm with a few exceptions. I made a point of walking around the room so that all of the boys could see all of me. I had something else planned for two boys that sat on opposite sides of the large column that stands in the middle of the cellar as a roof support.
    I smiled at a beaming Macy, he looks pretty good with a clean shave. The boys have helped him learn how to get his acne under control and without the beard I think that he has a good chance at having very few scars, though there will be some.
    I often marvel at Bull and have asked him on more than one occasion if he had to blow a judge to get the rulings that he pulls out of his hat. Macy's charges were reduced to joy riding, a misdemeanor. He has been sentenced to probation with the provision that he must complete high school, a neat trick for a six foot tall fifteen year old kid with a eighth grade education, but I know that he can do it.

    "I want to welcome all of you boys into my home. For some of you this is your first visit to our house and for many of you this is the first time that you have ever seen some of the other boys that are with us this morning.
    "Most of you have known hardships and suffering that the rest of us can only imagine. Most recently twenty nine young men have come to us asking to be allowed to attend school at BAW." I reached out to take the hand of Ralph Morris and pulled him to his feet. "These twenty nine young men sitting together looking all scared—yet sporting hard cocks as they see a room full of hot fag boys for the first time in their life— have spent their recent lives living on the streets begging for food.
    "These boys will never have to beg for anything again if they choose to remain with us." I led Ralph around the column and suddenly a squeal went up as Cody jumped to his feet and ran up to the lanky sixteen year old boy. The two hugged then Cody pointed out young Curtis Powers sitting there grinning at their old sex buddy. I continued my solemn subject with the rest of the boys.
    "Most of the first floor of the new dormitory has been finished. We have not stocked the shelves of the library with books nor have we installed computers in the study rooms, but that will come very quickly. The main part of the first floor that will interest you is the dining hall and the kitchens, they are open and will be serving dinner for all of us in just over an hour from now. The second floor is available for occupancy and tonight it will receive its first taste of the sounds and smells of hot teenage boys doing what teenage boys like to do.
    "Each floor has been built to accommodate one hundred and twelve boys in four man cubicles. We do not have that many boys to put into the dorm at the present time so that will allow for you to spread out a bit and set up your house as you want it. There are fourteen cubicles to each end of each floor, seven cubicles to each side of the room with a wide study area down the center of the room. Each area measures twenty feet by twenty feet square, a set of lockers can serve as a divider should anyone desire total privacy.
    "There are rest rooms, with showers, at each end of each floor and a larger restroom and shower area to the center of the building. At each end of each floor is a private room for staff members, there are also staff quarters located at the center of the building. Each of those rooms will be home to a house mommie who will not wet nurse a single one of you."
    "Is Pete going to be our mommie?"
    "No, Pete has his own house full of boys to watch over, he has all of those boys trained so that they don't dribble on the floor in front of the toilet, his boys are old enough to take careful aim." I stopped and looked around at all of the eager faces waiting for my next word, they were probably hoping that I would shut up and tell them it was time to go eat.
    I put my hand behind my back and told someone to take it. I pulled Phil Drapman to his feet and looked him square in the eye, "Do you believe that I love you?" he nodded at me. I grabbed John Soto, "Do you believe that I want only the very best for you?" he nodded his assent.
    "Boys, it is true, I do love each and every one of you more deeply than any of you can ever imagine. However, and you knew there was a catch here, if a single one of you steps over the line and cause my house mommies to have to call me over to the dorm you are out of school. Period, flat and simple it is over. I will take you down to juvy in my own car and swear out charges against you.
    "Some of you don't know our rules yet, I have told them to you, but you haven't had to live them yet so here they are again. No means no. Your body is your own and nobody can touch it without your permission and you can't touch anybody else. The third rule that I have only discovered that we need lately, no hitting. There will be no fighting, period. Do you understand me Hmcal? Warren, do I make myself clear? Ricky?" I hated to single any boy out, but I had a point to make and the new boys needed to know that those that were living with me already were normal boys with normal boy problems. I would go to those three boys and explain myself later, "it is better to ask forgiveness than permission;" Jeremy Irons as Brom, Eragon by Christopher Paolini: Fox 2006
    "I have to tell you that I don't listen to everything that some of you have told me about your sexuality. I have tried to sit down with each one of you individually and I have made it a point for both of us to be naked at the time. Each of you have expressed his pleasure of our quiet time together but, in respect of your privacy and desire that the rest of those present not know of your feeling on certain subjects, I will not disclose precisely what it is that we did behind closed doors.
    "I will say this though, each boy is different and what may have happened between one young man and myself may or may not have happened with another. Some may have wanted more, some less, enough said.
    "Some of you have been promised a space in the dorm and I will now honor that promise to you first. Last Thanksgiving I promised Jack and his uncle that he would be one of the first to move into the dorm when it was finished. Since that time DeShaun and his folks have asked that he be allowed to move into the dorm along with Jack. Welcome boys, you may have your choice of any cubicle on the second floor."
    I went on around the room as I pointed out the rules of the dorm. The upper two floors were still quite away from being finished, but my needs were immediate and the contractors had busted their nuts to help me. I was down to the one place that I did not want to be, but it had to be done. I let all of the boys, old, new, and street boys remain in the room as I talked to my family with tears running down my face.
    "Boys, all of you know that the bad ass queeing over there is going to get a crown shoved down around his neck in less than two weeks time. I have to be with him and there are many of my family that want to be there to see for themselves what a fag on a throne really looks like."
    I recalled a joke that Pete had made before our trip to Europe the last time that we prepared Cullen for his crown. He told us that "He'd go for a fag on the throne, however he had stopped smoking years earlier." Of course I had to repeat the joke for all of the boys and most of them threw pop corn at Pete who told us that he was through with cigaretts, then he looked at Eddy and giggled, "But not fags."
    "Listen to my heart here boys, I would like to take everyone of you with us on this trip, but there are so many reasons why I can't. Some of you came to me last fall from the foster home system in this state, some of you have just come to me from the streets. There are thirty more boys that will arrive tomorrow morning from the foster home system as well. I am not allowed to take any of you out of the state, for any reason." I winked at the twenty that I had taken to Tulsa during the Christmas break, but what the state doesn't know can't hurt me, right? RIGHT? I can't hear you so I guess you agree.
    "I have talked to each one of you boys that came home with me from my trip to eastern Europe last summer and I can well understand your not wanting to return to that part of the world for awhile. I was not surprised at the reactions of the seventeen of you boys that I had found in that castle on my visit. It was when I sat down with Sal and heard his comments that my heart was put to shame." Sal asked for permission to tell the family what he had told me about the castle.
    "Let that place always stand as the most hated and loathsome place on earth, for it was there that the barbarian of the ages met his fate at the hands of one so pure and true. I will go there often for this is my birthright, that land and that edifice belong to me and my brothers who were there with me and those who died at the hands of the demon. I will go to celebrate the lives of those lost there and the lives of those that were spared by our new father and protector." With that he rushed into my arms and held me tightly as all of the young survivors encircled us and shared their tears.
    It took a little time for me to compose myself. As each of my youngsters had to hold me for a moment the rest of the family related the story of how those seventeen super hot bodied boys came to be in my house to the boys that had just come in from the street.
    Next I had to address the boys about King Raven's sons. Raven worries about my safety more than I do, I worry about Cullen and the boys, but I don't take precautions for myself. Raven made it clear that this was not good, he has ten precious people living with me and if I was not going to take care of me then he would. He was going to fly into Tucson on Friday the twenty ninth to take his sons to see the coronation.
    As a head of state he was expected to be at the affair and his young Princes would need to be at his side. Around them would be a maniple of security people inside and a full cohort around the city. A maniple is made up of one hundred and sixty men in the old Roman Army Legions, I asked Raven how he was going to be able to surround himself with that many armed fighting men, not to mention another four hundred and eighty men that comprise a standard cohort. He simply told me that he was a King and that the guards were not there for him, but for his very dear Christian friend and his young nephew. He is eager to see Cullen enthroned so that the boy can do what he has promised to do. I shouldn't be so fearful.

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