Chapter 40


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     Saturday morning began as a normal Sabbath morning for the entire group. Everyone came together in the front room, fully dressed, with Bibles in hand. The group arranged themselves in a bit of a circle and read passages from the Book of Books as they were led. JB and I brought a man with in with us, he was introduced as the youth pastor of a local church that we had asked to come and answer some of the boy's questions about the Bible.
    To the amazement and joy of everyone Brad and Jay sang a duet that totally moved our hearts. The boys' voices complemented each other as they both sang a perfect tenor range. Brad sang harmony for most of the song then did a lead part that brought tears to all eyes in the room as everyone was sure that they could see Jesus in the words and music. The song was entitled The New Jerusalem. JB had accompanied them on the Roland keyboard.
    Turner, Cas and Lew played their guitars as they sang It Is Well With My Soul. Cullen brought the house down when he accompanied himself in the most beautiful solo of Ava Maria, in Latin. What a voice that lad has. Jerry dragged Tim to the front as they sang all five verses of the Battle Hymn of The Republic to Jerry's keyboard.
    All of the boys opened their Bibles and asked questions. Each question was answered by looking at the margin references and studying the associated verses. Sometimes a word had to be looked up in the concordances that were present. Some words just lose much of their meaning when translated from the original language.
    Tony shared his testimony with the group and told us that he had never been to church since he was about thirteen. His mother tried to force him. He wanted to find a church that taught the things that had been studied this morning.

    "Now if you are out of questions I have a favor to ask of you. I need Brad and Jay to put on their suits and a tie. JB, these two boys, and I have a very important meeting to attend.
    "I want to ask the rest of you to mark time here for about three hours. Watch TV, play games, eat. But please, don't leave the apartment. Carl's men will be watching over you so nothing is going to happen. I hate to leave you, but this meeting is the only reason that I brought all of you along. We came down here because I promised to take two of you to the NYSE. The rest of you would have stayed at the school and had fun there, but I have a meeting set up that took your hosts away leaving you lost in the woods with nothing to do. I tried to make this a fun trip for all of you."
    "And you did, we have had a great time, we will be okay. Cas and I will kick butt if anyone causes any trouble." Tyler popped up.
    "I know you will and that is what I don't want. You are not each other's baby sitters, you are all equal. Some of you just have a little more age experience. Love one another. Don't romp on each other," I told them.

    Brad and Jay looked very nice in their dark three piece suits. They looked more like men that belonged in this hotel, in this town, on this island. The limo driver saluted them smartly as he held the back door for them to enter. JB and I took the back seat as our young men about town sat in the two rear facing jump seats. They were both anxious and curious as to what was going on, where they were headed. I only smiled at their questions. I'm quite taken with their beauty, both inside and out.
    The limo pulled up to the front entrance of the world famous land mark building. I led the way into the elevator then we headed for the seventy fifth floor. As the elevator doors opened we were greeted by Ric Garcia and Emily Adams, Brad's dad and Jay's mother. The parents hugged their sons embarrassing the shit out of them. They told their rents not to wrinkle the threads and everyone got a laugh. A lady opened a tall door and told the assemblage that, "They are ready for you now."
    I led the way in and showed the boys to one side of the table. I seated Em and Ric at their right, on the far end of the table. JB and I sat on the boys' left with me next to Jay. A lady sat in the corner at a recording machine and another lady had a stenographer's pad and pencil in hand. A well dressed gentlemen at the head of the table called the meeting to order.
    Most of what was being said was entirely over the heads of the two boys who sat quietly and solemn, trying to look as if they understood every word. The only words they really understood were their names being repeated several times. Then their parents were asked if they had any objections. They both stated that neither of them did. The man at the head of the table then read his notes back and he was directing his comments directly at Jay and Brad. "By these articles of Incorporation in the State of New York be it known that Bradford Academy for Gay Boys is hereby established as a close corporation. Principal officers being: Mr. Jerrod Bradford, President; Mr. Jayson Adams, Vice President, Mr. Bradley Ricardo, Secretary; Mr. Christopher Dickson, Treasurer and Chief Executive Officer. All stocks and ownership to be divided by board decision. This meeting is adjourned." He brought his gavel down.
    The two boys looked at each other in disbelief. I hustled them from their seats and into the hall way. Em walked up to Jay, "You may be the Vice President of this company, but I am still your mother and I can veto you." She laughed and hugged her son. Ric was shaking Brad's hand then gave him a warm hug. He turned and shook Jay's hand and congratulated him.
    The boys had a ton of questions, but the elevator bell dinged and the doors opened. "Going down." The operator said.
    "On me," Jay whispered in Brad's ear. Both Ric and I heard him and gave him a look. He grinned.
    The party boarded the elevator. On the trip down I simply told them, "Good work deserves good reward. You two have done excellent work and I have told you before that I am proud of you." The elevator doors opened into the main lobby. The boys asked if they could go up to the observation level while they were here. The lines had been too long the day they had gone sight seeing. I looked at the elevator operator. He looked to see who was around and nodded. I hustled everybody back inside the car. "This elevator is not for tourists and this man could get into trouble for taking us up. So be nice." Jay squeezed the old man's bunns. He had seen the leer in the old man's eyes. The man smiled and held his open palm up. Brad was between Em and Jay. Jay stepped into the old man's hand and let him fondle his growing package on the way to the top.
    At the upper level the old man whispered something to me as the group stepped out of the car. The doors shut and I turned to a plain unmarked door, it opened onto the observation gallery, past the ticket window. It was a perfect day, sunny and bright. About eighty nine degrees with a cool breeze, at this height it was always breezy. The mid-day sun was still high over head making for very few shadows on the city far below us. Em was a little taken aback as she peeked over the railing. Both boys were prepared and caught her to keep her steady. She inched herself forward and slowly relaxed as she took in the view.
    Altogether we spent the better part of an hour as we tried to spot all of the special sights of the Metropolis at our feet. Without a word we all gathered to go back down. I reached into my jacket pocket and produced a single key. I led the party back to the same door that we had come through before. The security guard made a move toward us, but when I used the key to open the door he did a simple salute and nodded at me as I nodded in return. I walked back to the elevator and begin to press the button, over and over again. "Isn't once enough?" Jay asked me.
    "Nope. Have to ring with a code so that the operator knows that it is us." He smiled. Even JB let his mouth fall open.
    I took a hundred dollar bill from my billfold and folded it around the key. The elevator door opened and I shook the man's hand. The man's eyes opened wide as he felt the folded bill in his hand. He quickly slipped his hand to his pocket as the doors slid shut. Jay moved back into position next to the man. His hand went to the man's tight butt as he felt himself groped to erection. Jay wished the car would stop between floors so he could pull his dick out and let the man do what he would. But there was the part about his mother being in the car with him.
    Brad caught Jay as he felt, what he knew for a fact was, his boyfriend having an orgasm. He looked around to see if anyone else saw what was happening and caught me smiling back at him. On the ground floor Jay headed for the restroom that the operator had told him of. Brad was close on his heels.

    Safely ensconced back in the apartment Brad and Jay attacked me with thanks and praise and kisses. I quietly led the two boys to my bedroom. I grabbed Pete by the hand and locked the door behind us. "Get naked." Was the simple command I gave, which everyone obeyed. "Jay, what you did was very wrong. That old man almost had a heart attack when you ejaculated in his hand. We could have all been killed as the elevator plummeted to the ground." I had a huge grin on my face and Jay knew I was teasing.
    "You saw that?"
    "Jay, I don't miss much and what I didn't see, I smelled." Jay blushed forty shades of crimson as Brad fell to the bed in laughter. I pushed Pete on top of Brad then picked Jay up like a bag of grain and carried the boy to the bed. I laid Jay out, carefully and lay down beside him as I kissed every inch of the buffed up lad. I made love to Jay in such as way as Jay had never known. Jay floated away as the ecstasy of my manipulations lifted him from one plain of existence to another.
    Jay had little experience with huge cocks, but he worshiped my meat with all of the knowledge and experience he had garnered. He wanted to ride that meat stick and I did not disappoint him. After a long tongue bath he felt the enormous cock stretch his man hole and slide inside with all authority. Jay looked at Brad who was receiving like service from Pete and the two smiled at each other. They reached out and joined hands as they closed their eyes and learned, at the hands of masters in boy love…they learned.
    Jay was disappointed when his ride ended after only two ejaculations. He was hot and ready to go again. I rolled with him and pulled him to the top, keeping my semi-hard cock against his tender and well loved prostate gland inside his cum filled ass. Jay attacked my mouth with kisses as I held him down and still. The two of us slept in this position for a half an hour.
    I awakened with a beautiful boy in my arms. His body was firm yet he had the softness of youth on him. I began to caress and kiss this young Adonis. I could easily fall in love with this boy, as if I don't have enough for my bed as it is. Jay awakened as he felt me growing hard inside of him again. He smiled at me. I rolled us so that I was on top. I began to make warm passionate love to Jay's ravaged yet hungry body.
    Brad and Pete were still asleep with each other's cocks buried deep in their throats. Jay let himself drift off as he took all that was offered. This round of love making lasted over an hour. I showed the amazed boy serious stamina as I didn't even breathe hard. I just kept up an even fuck motion and pumped Jay's hard butt nut for more than the boy thought himself capable.
    It was after six when the love making finally petered out. Pete was drawing a tub full of water in the whirlpool bath. Brad looked at Jay as he and I separated, he was totally covered in gallons of cum. Jay rolled his legs back over his head and Brad turned up his nose as another few gallons of the baby batter poured from his young lover's hole. Brad picked Jay up and kept his ass up high until he could place Jay on the toilet to let the evidence of his last three hours of activity drain away.
    Four totally fucked out guys sat in the hot tub soaking in the bubbles and hot water. I used the intercom to call for cold drinks. Cullen and Cory came in with glasses of soda and a choice of fried pies. They asked and were allowed to join in the tub's activities. A bit crowded, but tightly packed naked boy flesh is such a turn on that no one objected.

    Sunday morning was a laid back time as nothing was really planned. I had a surprise in store, but waited until eleven o'clock to hustle everybody together. Cullen was helped into his old man disguise then he and JB headed down to an awaiting Limo. I led the rest of the boys down stairs five minutes later to where a stretch limo waited to take us for a drive across the island and out to the most exclusive real estate in the country, The Hamptons. The Limo pulled into the long drive in front of a beautiful house sitting at the side of the beach. Another limo was already in the drive. The boys knew that they better be on their very best behavior.
    At the door they were greeted by a very proper butler who showed them to an open veranda. There was a massive swimming pool, complete with two heights of diving boards, in the back yard. A short span separated the yard from the surf as it rolled in from the sea bringing sweet smelling breezes with it.
    A tall man came out to greet us. JB and Cullen, now dressed in a skimpy Speedo, were with him. I introduced everyone to the man and told them that he was a sexy boy lover and that they had better watch their asses. Cullen turned around and stuck his ass out to everyone and rubbed it saying, "Amen." JB swatted the cute, upturned bubble as Cullen scampered over to kiss Cory.
    The boys were shown to the cabana and a selection of swim wear. I told them that there were other people on the island and that they needed to be encased while in the surf. It was clothing optional in the pool, however. Suddenly Sixteen rowdy boys dropped their clothes where they stood and dove in the pool. Jerry challenged me to a swimming race. The kid was quick, but I beat him by inches. He was disappointed, I looked him square in the eye, "Haven't you learned yet? Old age and treachery will always win over youth and vigor." I got pushed into the pool for that remark.
    Thick flame broiled hamburgers, lots of hot dogs, and a stack of English style sausages were served up with all of the trimmings. Bags of chips and cases of sodas were devoured in a feeding frenzy that would have made any shoal of sharks envious. Arms, legs, fingers, and toes accounted for and still in tact the boys decided on a walk along the sand of the Eastern shore line. They had just spent three weeks on the West coast they had to make the comparison.
    It was sweet and heartwarming to see such youthful beauty walking two by two, hand in hand, along the shore, love abounded. I think it was George Bernard Shaw that stated it the best, "Youth is wasted on the young." Oh how I wish I could be one of those lads. I can't complain, I have my love but…

    It was dark as the tribe of terror made their way back into the hotel that evening. I directed them to a banquet room and told them to help themselves to the abundant buffet then they could sit together at the tables arranged in a large circle. All could eat and see the others as they discussed their day and their week. So much had transpired, so many memories. The morning would find them on their way back to BAG boys and the more lecherous amongst the boys were making suggestive plans to bag as many boys as they could. JB and I sat back and shook our heads.
    Tony had taken a real liking to JB. I was not alone as I looked at the two of them. Jay was really pleased that he had found Tony. He wanted a chance to have a ride on Tony's twelve inch cock now that he had managed to ride me. More so he wanted Brad to have a go at their extraordinary looking, former school mate.

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