Chapter 112


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Awww geee… I fucked up and I owe Borne a huge apology. I had called Borne over to talk to me while we were yet in Albany and I had asked him what he wanted to do. I knew that he had not seemed happy with his life since he had left the Bradford Academy. He just seemed to be moving through life without direction and I wanted to help him, if I could. He told me his story, but I lost it in my notes.
    I have told you that I keep a daily journal, but sometimes my notes get jumbled and I can't find them when I need them. Jimmy tries his best to keep me organized, but the sharp little fellow can't know what is in my mind so he just does the best he can. I was putting the finishing touches on this chapter and I looked at my Post It file where I keep my notes of major importance and there was Borne's story. I have brought him and Shane up to my room and I have taken my licks as I have apologized over and over for the last several hours. If you don't mind it being out of order the boys have agreed to let me shoehorn Borne's story in here. It should have been shared with you in chapter 110, before we left Albany because, yes Borne and Shane came to Tucson with us.

    "Borne, have you changed your mind? We would like to have you stay with us, but we can understand that you have to follow your heart."
    Nineteen year old Borne Heintz, no relation to Gus, looked at Shane then at me. "Shane hates New York. He wants to go to Tucson." He stood looking at me with a strange grin on his face. I am not stupid nor I am very dense, most of the time, but I waited as if I had no idea what was on the boy's mind. He was watching Shane play with his cock and offer it up for Borne to take while his own cock filled out and grew to its gigantic proportions before my eyes. I have not had, but one quick session with the boy and that was one afternoon in the attic when the family had come to Albany for the big wedding. Borne got his pin and was a happy camper in the family of happy fairies.
    "You have something more to say about that?" I asked him. By now his cock was at full mast.
    "I guess I owe you guys a real apology, big time, from way back. I mean you guys loved me and took me right in with no questions or nothing. You knew that I fucked Eric all of the time that he was at the school and I fucked Jace and Frank and, Jay and, did I fuck you? I couldn't remember, sorry dude. I fucked so many guys at the Academy that I kinda forget." It doesn't take much to see where Borne's problem is, he's a self centered ass hole.
    With some prodding Borne decided that he would like to go back to Arizona to be with Shane. Shane wants to get as far away from his mother and family as possible. But we wanted to know about Borne so this is the story he told.

    "I was for reals shocked to shitless when I learned that my grandpa was fifty five when my mother was born. I didn't know that old men fucked. I didn't think they could even get it up past the age of thirty. My dad was a general contractor and he bought us an old house to fix up. Mom calls the place a barn, but dad and me fixed it up real nice like.
    "I was ten and I liked to work alongside of my dad and learn how to make things with my hands. It is so neat to see something and know that 'I made that.' My grandma died from some old people's disease, mom said that she was only forty three, that's ancient. She was grandpa's second wife and his other kids didn't much take to her. Mom was the one that grandpa always called on to help him so dad and me got this idea.
    "He and me we tore out the big old back porch that nobody used noways and we built a bedroom and a bathroom for grandpa to come and live with us. Dad told me that grandpa wouldn't always be around so we put a living room and a kitchen in there too. Dad said that I could live there when I grew up and got tired of him making me clean my room. I didn't want grandpa to move in, I wanted to move in then and let grandpa have my room, but dad said no, mom did too.
    "So my grandpa moved in and it was so neat. He and me talked all of the time. He needed help to eat. He couldn't find his mouth with the spoon so I fed him. I had to hold his dick when he peed in a bottle and then I had to go empty it out. Dad lifted him up on the toilet and then he would wipe grandpa's ass for him, but I got to take a shower with him while he sat on a stool and I washed him all over. He loved for me to wash his hair then I would sit on my knees and he would wash my hair, but he didn't do real good, but we had fun anyhow.
    "Grandpa died first. I had just turned thirteen, but mom told me that he was eighty nine years old so I guess his body just quit working. I miss him though. I was getting over him dying when there was this accident at dad's work and he and two other men fell five floors to their death. I cried for years after that. I love my dad and we used to have so much fun.
    "I guess there was not much money and so mom and me talked and she rented out grandpa's room. I didn't want nobody living in there, but mom said that we really needed the money or we could loose the house so I let her do it. Now I am glad that she did.
    "School was out early on Friday and I was sitting at the kitchen table. Mom had to take a job and she wasn't home so I was cooking me a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk to eat before I blew away. I only weigh one hundred and ten pounds even though I am fourteen and stand almost five foot six, well, on my tip toes, with shoes on. Okay, I stand five foot four and weigh one hundred and one pounds. Fuck, I hate pushy faggots that gotta know it all. Wanta know my dick size too? I am proud of that. I measured it and it was just two of those little marks short of five whole inches. Dad taught me to read a ruler so it was four and seven eighths inches long with the skin back. I can't hold the skin out and measure it too, but I bet it would add about an inch or more to my length, but Stewy says that I can't fuck with my skin so I guess it wouldn't be good to measure that. Stewy? Oh he is my best friend. We talk about shit, but we never even seen each other's stuff, you know. We ain't queer, like some people I know, uhhhh?????
    "So like I had this big glob of peanut butter stuck to the roof of my mouth and I was taking like this huge drink of milk when Hayden stuck his head in the back door. I might be queer cause that guy gives me a hard on all of the time. I don't know what he has about him, but when I lay in bed and my penis gets all hard and shit I think of the time that I saw Hayden in the boy's room taking a pee. My grandpa had a big dick, but he was old. Hayden has this dick that is so big and he looked at me and smiled and it got so stiff. I almost grabbed it. I do want to suck it. I think about it all of the time. I stay after school to watch Hayden and his friends play football in their shorts and tee shirts. I am going to go into the locker room when I know that he is in there so I can see him in the shower.
    "'Hey, little man, did your mom leave me the key?' He was staring at me and I couldn't answer him. 'I rented the apartment back here and your mom said that you would have the key for me. Will you let me in?' I had tears in my eyes cause I was so happy. Mom rented my grandpa's room to Hayden Stover. I am in love.
    "I got up to get the key and Hayden was staring at me. I looked down and my baggy briefs were tented way out a foot or two in front of me with the biggest hard on that I had ever had. The elastic was all shot and I could see my new pubic hairs and most of my cock and Hayden was staring at it. I tried to cover up, but Hayden grabbed my hands and held them. He pulled my underwear under my balls and whistled real sexy like. 'Nice one. Now I have seen you just like you saw me in the rest room. Next time we will have to get naked and really look.' I started to cum and I hadn't even touched it. Hayden put his hand out and caught most of it. He looked at my cream in his hand then he licked it up. He put his hand to my face and looked at me. I ain't never tasted it before, but I would taste anything that Hayden gave me so I licked some of it up. 'You taste good. I hope that you will let me have some more a little later.'
    "'Sure, anytime. Want some help moving, we can do it together. Hayden looked at me and grinned then I thought about what I had just said. I began to blush when he just put his hand on my butt and lifted me up. I put my arms around his neck and he pulled me close. He turned his face to me and we stared at each other. With no words we just moved together and kissed. I ain't never kissed no boy, well no girl neither, but damn that felt so right. I got harder than I was.
    "'Good peanut butter. I haven't eaten, can I share your lunch with you?' he kissed me again. I grabbed the keys off of the counter and he carried me to his apartment—notice it is his now, not grandpa's—he opened the door and carried me to his unmade bed and laid me down. I watched in amazement as he took off all of his clothes. I moved to the edge of the bed and reached for his underwear as he pulled them down. He let me do it and I slowly watched his cock grow longer and thicker until it popped right up out of his drawers.
    "I could barely get my hand around it as I pushed his skin clear of the head. His skin didn't cover all of his dick like mine does, but it sure felt good in my hand. Hayden picked me up and turned me on the bed and laid me down in the middle then he lay down opposite of me. He began to suck my cock and his cock was right there in front of my face so I sucked my first cock ever. I was going to like Hayden living here. I liked sucking his cock and I was going to be there to suck him anytime he would let me, from now on.
    "I had a door from my room to Hayden's room so that I could help my grandpa at night when he needed me. The door had a deadbolt that needed a key from either side to open. I had made a key and hidden it away many years before and I was glad that I did cause when mom rented the room to Hayden she took my key that was hanging on a nail by the door.
    "After we had Hayden unpacked we sucked cock for an hour or so. Hayden taught me how to fuck him and I loved that. He told me that he would fuck me later, but that it would take too much time since I was a virgin so we sucked and I fucked him twice then we took a shower and were sitting at the table when my mom came home.
    "'Hey mom, Hayden ain't had no lunch yet and he ain't got no food in his house so me and him is gonna go to eat cause I helped him move in and everything then we's gonna go to the store. Do you want us to get you something?'"
    "Do you think that it might be better if you asked me if you could go instead of telling me, Borne?"
    "I never thought of that, but she let me go and we went up to the look out and made out. I loved kissing Hayden and he had his hand down in my pants and he jacked me off and I cummed all over his hand and he licked it up and then I sucked his dick and kissed him with his cum in my mouth and he licked it all out then we went and got a hamburger and groceries then we went home.
    "I got my little butt fucked for the first time that night and I got it fucked every night for the next four months. But when my aunt and her sissy son came to visit at Christmas time all hell broke loose. Dexter was fifteen, but he was a pansy boy from way back. He told me that he liked to suck cock and get his ass fucked so I let him suck me all day long while Hayden was at work. He liked my big cock and he wanted me to fuck him so I asked him who had fucked him before and he told me that he had two seniors that fucked him after school everyday. I asked him if they had big cocks and he said that they weren't as big as mine so I told him to measure it and see if he could take it.
    "What Hayden had told me was true when he said that if I had sex with him several times everyday and drank a lot of cum then my dick would grow bigger and it was already six and a half inches in just four months. I told Hayden and he said that it was all of the sucking that he did to get my boi cream so Dexter wanted him to suck his dick to make it bigger. Hayden told him that all of us would suck each other and all of us would fuck each other, but I didn't care if Dexter fucked me or not cause he had a skinny five and a half inch dick.
    "So at Christmas dinner Dexter couldn't sit still and his mother asked him why and he said his butt hole hurt and she asked him why and he said cause Hayden had a bigger dick than Rodger and John. And damn did the shit start. Mom made Hayden leave the table and then she called the police and they came and they talked to everybody and nobody got to eat the big meal or all of the pies. The police took Hayden to jail and they took me to this shelter and I don't care what the fuck they did with Dexter, I hope they killed him. But three months later I was living in a tent at what became BAG boys and I loved it there.
    "I ain't never had no home and nobody cared 'bout me 'cept JB and he made me feel good and I got good grades and lots of guys to suck and fuck."
    "Borne, have you been in contact with your mother?"
    "I called her a couple a years ago and she called me a perverted faggot and hung up on me."
    "Have you tried again now that you are eighteen?"
    "I called my aunt like I was somebody else and asked for Dexter. I told her I was a kid what I knew used to hang with Dex. She asked me if I was one of the little faggots that made Dexter kill his self. I just hung up and I ain't never gonna call none of them never again."
    "Look at me now. What do you want to do with your life?"
    "I wanna go to Tucson and go to school somewheres."
    "And study what, to be what?"
    "A mechanic. I'm real good with tools and shit. JB used to let me work out in the shop and fix the lawn mowers and chain saws. I even got to help old Foster overhaul that big tractor motor when it blew a rod." I knew about that. JB had told me that the boy was at home with tools and that he would fit right in if his sexuality didn't get in his way. JB told me that Borne can't keep his cock under control and he wants in anybody's pants that will drop them for him. I know a very gay mechanic that would love to have Borne in his shop.
    (I had Edmund put Borne to work on an old truck that I had seen in the back of the garage. Edmund told me that they used that old truck to drive around the grounds for maintenance, but it had not run for over ten years. Borne had it purring like a kitten the next afternoon, but he did say that it really needed an over haul because the compression was badly mis-matched and one cylinder was almost dead. I knew the boy had it in him, I just thought it was too much cum, from other people.)
    "Shane, I know that you and your family have some serious issues. Is running away going to solve them?"
    "Don't say a word, DAD. Yeah, you got it DAD, I have been raised by women all of my life. I don't remember my dad at all and mom never even mentions his name. I have not shown you my papers, but mom changed my name when I was two. Her name is Zuckerman. My dad is Shane Mason. I want to change my name to Mason, like I was born."
    "That is easy to do. You can do that here in Albany. I can have my friend Tony do that for you at once."
    "I don't want to leave a trail. I want to do it where miss goody two shoes won't find out. I don't want her to ever find me again."
    "Do you have anything that shows your birth name and maybe proof that she changed it?"
    "I have all of that. I found it when I was fifteen and I hid it away then I burned the storage shed down. She thinks all of those papers burned up in there."
    "That sounds kind of drastic, Shane."
    "Zack is my mother's brother and aunt Hilda, the one I was staying with in Canada. Zack kind of runs the family. He doesn't like any of the men that Hilda brings around so she has never married. Mom moved to the states so I could be born as a dual citizen, but Zack found her. He ran my fag assed father off and no one has seen or heard of him since. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Zack killed him.
    "Anyway mom had my name changed, but she had a good job in the states and she stayed here and you know the rest."
    "What about Borne?"
    He blushed and moved up close to me, "I love him."
    "Sorry, I didn't hear that. Borne did you hear that?" Borne giggled and reached across me to touch Shane. I slapped his hand away. "Say that again, into my good ear this time." I pulled him over the top of me so that he fell on top of me and Borne. The two boys were locked at the lips.
    I was more than glad to watch Borne Heintz and Shane Mason climb aboard Traveler Too© for our trip west. I had discussed Shane's situation with Tony and he thought it best to change the boy's name in New York then the trail would end there. There would be no way for anyone to track him with the way that Tony handled the name change. Even if they were to have his social security number the name would not match and they would meet a dead end. I will trust Tony to know his business. I am blessed with so many young boys that want and need help. I won't do it for them, but I will always be there for advice and guidance.

    Even Las Vegas had never seen a party like we had. I had all sixty of my boys living in Tucson and the ten boys from England, including Steve and Chris, along with a dozen FI agents, Elton John and some of his crew, all naked and running amok over the upper levels of the tower. Even the wait staff had agreed to stay naked although they each wore a bow tie to identify themselves, someone had written their names on their left pectoral with a magic marker so we could call them by name for service. An hour or so after the party started the names were hard to read as they had been licked off. The waiters did not mind going to their knees and working on tips, or the entire cock. I think most of them took a pony ride or three or four before the evening was over. Of course there was no alcohol served to anyone of any age. I will not have alcohol and my boys in the same room, not after what happened in New York in the summer of '05.
    I grabbed a microphone and made an announcement loud and clear. I pointed out some of the FI agents about the room wearing the now traditional sash of either red or blue. "We have two rules and they will be adhered too,strictly. The number one rule and the one to which there will be no exception is that NO means NO!! period. You may ask to do anything you wish with any boy here except these two little ones. They will land you in jail, and I will press charges. If a boy or a man says no, that is the end of it. Don't keep asking him, if he doesn't want to do anything with you that is his right. It is his body and no one has the right to violate him without permission. If anyone feels harassed or threatened tell one of the security men and that person will be put out of the party, for good and always. The second rule is that you have fun. We will try to enforce that rule to the best of our ability, but if you don't have fun it is probably your fault."
    My act was quickly followed by Steve and Chris standing up on the small dais next to the piano. "Okay, 'ere it is, mates. Me and Steve here is straight, but we loves you guys wid all our 'earts so just for today we're gonna let ya suck our cocks. We ain't gonna go sucking on you and our asses ain't in the game plan, suck us and be 'appy, kay?" I was first to do the honors, they were just as sweet as I knew they would be. I managed to get them to go with me to a bed so that I could do them the right way. I asked them both to come so that they would feel safe. They both told me that they would feel safe with me anywhere. They said I knew their rules and they knew that I would respect them. I wiggled my finger at them and begged with my eyes, they giggled at me. I used a single finger to stroke their virgin butt nuts for them and they each blew a huge load. I have them primed, next time we meet we will meat for real, I am sure of that now.

    The boys were howling over one of the rides called Insanity. Jason ran to me to tell me that the ride has twelve seats to it and it is attached to a boom that swings out away from the building before it starts to spin at a high RPM. All of the riders were naked and erect, they reached out to touch someone next to them and began to masturbate their neighbor as they were masturbated by the male next to them. The result was a rain of cum as a dozen dudes fired his load from the spinning ride some eleven hundred feet in the air with nothing below them but people looking up. I never heard any complaints from the hotel people, I wonder if the cum reached the ground. What can't a fag boy think of?
    When the rides were over and the boys all gathered about the large round tables set up for dinner I announced that it was Cullen's sixteenth birthday. I told them that we were celebrating Jason's birthday late and Cullen's birthday both on the same day. Cullen looked at Jason and wished him a happy birthday and Jason wished him a happy birthday. They decided to blow each other's candle as every cock in the room stepped up to shower the pair in thick white ball batter. All of the band members and several of my boys lined up in front of the pair and let them lick their cocks clean. I watched the tears run down Jason's face as he looked me in the eye and sucked Steve and Chris, he did not lick them, he took them all the way into his mouth and they fucked his little face. He was as happy as I was, there is hope for those two yet. I have no problem with boys who swing both ways. I think that several of my family are beginning to get a lust for the other side. That is fine and as it should be.
    I got my balls pruned as Callum, Aaron, Ross, and Shane came to me for their own golden pole pin. I ended up taking two of the young waiters off to a sofa set at the end of the room for the awards ceremony. I was feeling like shit the next morning. I awakened to Rod trying to rub the family balm on my reddened cock. He told me that it looked "all sore and stuff," my youngest son takes care of me quite nicely, thank you.
    Jay surprised me when he led young Liam toward the elevators. In a few minutes Brad and Nick went out too. I learned later that Liam was a product of rape and that Nick had some serious issues along those lines. Jayson is the right one to talk to about that. He lost a father he never knew during the Gulf War in nineteen ninety. His father had raped his mother, but he later married her, that had been the same as Liam so the boys had common grounds. Jayson giggled at me over breakfast, "that limey butt wasn't half bad." Brad reddened when he admitted that he tried some himself and it was all good.
    We took the morning slow as everybody tried to let his balls fill up again. The Wild Boys had moved their kit to the Premier Tower and taken rooms there. I would move them up to the top floor and into a suite later in the day, but for now we all just enjoyed being with one another. I let the family spend as much time as they wanted with the limeys as they were going back to Tucson later that afternoon. The rest of us were staying for the concert coming up Wednesday.

    Can you imagine being bored in Las Vegas? There were a dozen of us that were. I thought for sure that the boys would find plenty to do, but I had Jan look me in the eye and tell me that after a person has ridden a roller coaster ten times or more that it was old hat. He told me that he might like to do it again six months from now, but he wanted to go do something else.
    We said good bye to the Wild Boys, all night long Monday night then took a copter ride out to the concert site early Tuesday morning. We had more freedom out there and…well, frankly clothes were beginning to cramp our style. Sure we could stay naked on the top three floors of the hotel, but we couldn't go outside and feel the fresh air blowing through our ball hair. Back at the site we could make ourselves busy with preparations for the concert the next night. The boys all wanted to pull out the sleeping bags and sleep under the stars and listen to the sounds from the canyon while we fucked each other silly. One little thing that I had found out that the boys loved was the zip together air mattresses. We made a huge bed, one size fit us all, and did we ever have a fit on it.
    Harry and Timmy took the boys home Monday afternoon then the two returned with Traveler© and Traveler All© late Tuesday afternoon. The two men drove the RV duo to the north side of Marble Canyon. A dozen or so buildings comprise the small settlement of Lee's Ferry, the boys wanted to meat him. I tried to explain the difference between ferry and fairy, but got pummeled for my efforts. The vehicles were driven south to a curve in the Lodge Loop Road where they were pulled up on the shoulder and pointed so that their horns pointed directly toward the concert site across the river canyon. There were two FI agents following each vehicle. Those men would stand by to protect my interests. Of course I am a good host so I stocked the vehicles with everything, except alcohol and boys, for the men to enjoy for the several hours that they would have to remain on the wrong side of the river.
    Harry and Timmy are both Captains for Andy's security company, they would be needed to take command of the security at the main site. There is no way in hell that I will let Cullen or our visitors be in any kind of danger, let alone the rest of my family. I've already put my nephew in harms way, more than once.
    Harry and Timmy drove back across in one of the FI SUVs to join our main bodies for a fucking good time under the starry sky. Toby had come back so that he could be with Harry. I had to beg the two of them to let me relive our first time together, Toby under the stars as we smoked his joint and Harry and I under the stars on the top of a cliff over looking the Atlantic ocean from across the sea.
    Before I had my first cup of coffee Wednesday morning Jay grabbed Timmy and one of FI's big SUVs to run over to the north rim, he had to set up the last of their equipment and link it to the computers on board Traveler Too©. Traveler Too© was going to be the key to our part of the program for the young upcoming band. The popularity of the English lads was growing around the world. From what I can see on the web they are more popular in Australia then anywhere else, but their album is selling very quickly, everywhere. With so many people in the US downloading their music instead of buying CDs I worried that the group would not reach their goals, but at the current time sales seem to be quite brisk.
    We had worked quite hard all morning, well Cory and Jim had if the truth be known. I am no beginner at programming, but I will take a back seat to Jim any day, he can work magic with my system and my computer also. He has had almost three years of play with the laptop in my vehicles and he loves to program songs into the horns. What we were striving for was to have both vehicles playing the same piece, but on the same note from the perspective of the people sitting in the stands watching the show. The sound would be muddled and unintelligible if the three sets of horns played at the same time. The horns on the North Rim had to play hundredths of a second before the ones on Traveler Too©, or there would be a hodge podge of gibberish meet the ear. The two vehicles on the North Rim could not even play at the same time as they were coming at the stands from different angles and nearly a quarter a mile apart from each other. Bryan, our mathematics genius, was hard at work with his formulas to factor in echos. We could not coordinate the echo, of course, but he worked it out so that the vehicles were placed in the exact position, relative to the grandstand, for maximum effect. That elf faced lover boy amazes me more and more every day.
    That is what we were working on when the big green machine landed with Jason, Gary, and the band on board. The boys left the helicopter in silence as they made their way to the bleachers to take a seat and listen to their music played by, in effect, three separate orchestras at the same time. Cory had programed the new Wild Boys album into midi-files and had used some of the software that Jason had recommended the past summer to get the sounds of the horns to play every note perfectly. Bryan, Jim and Cory had it perfect and it sounded great. The combined twenty four horns filled the air with music that had a special tone to it. The echos from the Canyon walls added a mystique to the sound that soothed the savage beast inside us. The symphony sounded like a brass ensemble in perfect tune with each other. Everybody at the site had sat down to listen as we let the horns play for nearly an hour.
    Everybody pitched in to help the boys in the band get their shit together and we barely had time to deal with a few upstanding problems that arose. Dealing with teenage boys is a blast that I find exhilarating. I got to take a few boys off to the RV for some private time and I had to let a couple of the new boys make sure that they could still qualify for their prized golden pins. I really didn't realize that this little pin would be such a hit with youngsters, but that little piece of gold has gotten me more boi butt than I would ever have imagined, some from absolute strangers before the deed.
    I was surprised when Chris snuck up on me while I was fixing the boys' dinner. He is not ready for a pin, but he might talk to me sometime in the future, if I keep my mouth shut. For now he wanted to know if I would do that thing with my fingers in his butt. I probably shouldn't tell you about it, but I was very happy to comply with the boy's request. He has a nice cock that is just perfect for me and his ass tastes like boi butt, sweet and clean.
    Cory interrupted us after the boy filled my mouth for the third time. He was jacking me off while I sucked him and stroked his hard nut in a sixty nine position. He had my cum on his very red face as Cory sat down on the edge of the bed and licked him clean. Chris licked a little up that he could reach and he licked a large glob from Cory's tongue before he started to beg us for silence. I was mixed about Cory being alone, everywhere he had gone all afternoon his two young shadows had followed him. I had to stifle myself to keep from laughing as I pictured Gus plowing the sweet young wannabe closet fag-straight boy with his hand wrapped around my spurting cock. I think that Gus would open the boy up to what he is afraid he will like.
    By late afternoon everybody and everything was ready for the show. The movie crews had set up their equipment around the site and Jim was jumping up and down, full of excitement. He had not spoken to the director at all, but the woman had chosen the exact spots to set her cameras as Jim had placed his. Jim's cameras were mounted a few feet higher and attached to the lighting towers. He had placed his cameras inside of metal boxes so that if one wasn't looking for them they would be thought to be circuit junctions or other equipment needed on the towers. Jim had converted Traveler Too© into his own control booth with banks of monitors set before his console. Phil would not sign an exclusive filming contract with the movie producer/director, but we still wanted to be discrete and not have a confrontation over filming rights.
    Art and Jan had taken up stations to discreetly move their cameras to different angles to film the boys in the band themselves. The movie company had large booms set up to get different angles from overhead, but Art and Jan would get their pix from below, which would add a bit of mystique to their films. Turner and Cory were assisting Jim with the camera control as Jim called for a camera to tighten up or pull back for a wide shot. Everything that each camera saw was recorded for editing later. Bryan was working the sound recording system alongside Tyler. Cas was playing gofer to Brad and Jay as he watched the laser equipment and made sure that it was aimed at the sky over the two RVs across the Canyon.
    Night time comes quickly in the desert and by six thirty the sky was totally black. We were twenty miles away from the nearest city of any size, Page, so there was no light pollution. Las Vegas was not even a glow from our vantage point so every star could be seen twinkling brightly in the rising thermal waves rising from the dessert floor. People were still arriving at a quarter of seven, but at exactly seven o'clock MST, Wednesday night March 7, 2007 the lights went out and all was in total darkness except for small lights on consoles about the area set to record the event for history.
    Without a sound four large rockets were launched by air pressure from across the canyon and filled the air over the canyon with a powdered crystal cloud. At the same instant twelve lasers fired at the cloud sending up a picture as clear as a movie screen. A small ball of fire grew quickly and then exploded, sending balls of fire in all directions. At that very instant the Wild Boys opening chord startled the spectators and most of us that knew what was coming. It sounded like the whole world had just blown up, then the sound mellowed as the band began to play. In the back ground Jason had programmed the rumble of an explosion slowly fading away. The rumble lasted for a good five minutes as the lasers continued to fill the sky with an ever growing scene of fire balls drifting apart from their fiery beginning. I sunk in my seat. No one programmed the horns.
    The music was hauntingly beautiful as it moved through the souls of those listening to it live. I wonder how Jason's rendition of the creation of the universe will play on the big screen or on a DVD. The boys continued to play an entire symphony that young Jason had composed by himself. It was fantastic to watch and hear.
    After it was over Jason looked at Cory with tears in his eyes. In all of the confusion the files for the horns had not been loaded into the computers. The BIG BANG was supposed to have been accompanied by the air horns. I knew that the sounds from the horns would have sent the audience right out of their seats, but nobody had realized that the midi files were never uploaded. Jason was crying, Gary held him close. In all of the last minute excitement Jason forgot to give Cory the files. Cory took the disk of files and ran over to Traveler Too© to upload the files. He called Brad to start the laser show on his cue then he shut down the lights.
    The movie crew had most of their gear packed away and most of the paying audience had already left when the lights went out once again and this time the air filled with the sounds of the horns, synchronized to a recording of the band's playing. Everybody stopped where they were and watched. Jason had not used the horns in many places for his concert because he really had no idea what they were truly capable of doing, but once he heard what was there he wanted to rewrite his whole symphony. There had been too much money and effort put together to get what we had so he had to be told no. However the director of the movie company sat down with Jason and told him that she could cut a recording of the horns into the soundtrack that she had to give the full effect to the movie. That got Jason excited. He and Cory ran back to Traveler Too© and worked for twenty minutes before they told us that they were ready.
    By that time Jay had made it to the North Rim to recharge their launchers and Brad had their lasers on line. The movie company's sound man had his microphones in place to get the live sound of the horns, but had to work around the speakers from the band that were now playing the recorded version. Those that had stayed by sat down to watch the introduction once again, only this time it came on with such power that we were all lifted off of our seats.
    The director told Jason that it would take her several months to cut and edit her take on the concert, but that she would send him her finished product between the end of July and the first of September. In the meantime Jim was busy doing his own editing and burning copies of what he had filmed and recorded. I told him to wait before he said anything about his disk. I would take my lead from Jason and Gary.

    At last it was over. Somehow this trip had taken more out of all of us than we had expected. The Wild Boys kissed and groped all of us good bye then boarded their new chopper for Las Vegas. My boys were still packing our gear and trying to decide what was next. I knew what was next, Tucson and my bed.
    Harry and Timmy rolled up in Traveler© and Travel All© with the FI security guards following them and I walked over to talk with them. All of us felt good about making the trip on to Tucson. It was just past eleven and we figured that we could make the drive in three hours or less. I called Andy to get hold of the DPS to clear the road for us. I had to get the Crown Prince home from his birthday celebration and back to the safety of his hiding place. It's kind of funny, the State Department has heard rumors that there is a Crown head in the country, but they can't find out where he is, but the Commandant of the Arizona Department of Public Safety—DPS—knows and assists us when needed.
    The one hundred and five mile stretch over highway 89 sped by in under an hour and we were on I-17 southbound for Phoenix then on to Tucson by one AM. The last two hundred and sixty miles was all freeway, we pulled up to my house at three ten, in the dark, dark morning. I invited the security men to sleep in the basement game room. They wanted to know if they could have breakfast with the family. I told them that they would have to be naked. The boys are always such gracious hosts to any company that we have. Young, hot sausage, super hard and ready, with plenty of cream was served to many for breakfast. Eggs were also served, many enclosed in smooth little sacks of skin.

    Blessed peace. I sat back with an extra large cup of coffee. My sweet Cory bought me something that I have already found very useful. He found a twenty four ounce coffee cup with a small rechargeable heating pad base. The cup will keep my coffee hot for six hours on a single charge. It recharges by fitting into a slot on the coffee maker itself. One pot of coffee makes four of these cups full and brewing is virtually automatic. I like my Folger's®, but I don't like the taste of the prepackaged packets. It is supposed to be the same, but I can tell the difference in taste. My favorite chef places six coffee filters with the exact measure of fresh coffee already in them into a vacuum container. I simply remove a filter/w coffee and place it in the coffee maker and push a button. I hit the vacuum pump to reseal the coffee supply so that it is not air contaminated while the coffee maker refills with fresh, double filtered, water and goes into the brewing cycle. In less than five minutes a fresh pot of coffee is ready, and my cup is recharged. To add to my pleasure the boys installed it on the small wet bar next to my desk so that I only need turn in my chair to re-fill my cup.
    Now I have to come up with something very special for him. My main man always puts me first and is always vigilant to my needs and safety. I still shudder when I think what I put that boy through in New York when I took off to go fishing and be alone with my thoughts. I have learned that he was almost out of his mind. I don't fault JB for telling him where I was. I really don't know what would have happened to him if he had gone too much longer without knowing that I was close and that I had not deserted him. Now he is going to celebrate his nineteenth birthday in just a few more days and I have to come up with something as spectacular as I did for Cullen.
    So, as I said, I sat back and enjoyed my quiet time after the boys had all gone off to school. On my screen I had the expenses from our past week in Las Vegas. I would always have fond memories of that trip. We had helped young Jason Russell celebrate his fifteenth birthday in the most unusual way we could conceive. If you can conceive of life in prison in Nevada, that is. Well, so far there had been no repercussions. Andy had every police system in the entire county monitored for any hint that someone may have lodged a complaint.
    I had wanted the party to be the high point of a very special boy's life so I had to literally buy a gaming casino and hotel. Now of course Jason Russell had no idea at the time that Cullen would also be celebrating his birthday with him, but it seemed to make the whole weekend that much better.

    The hotel management could not provide rooms for my family at the top of the tower. With security and guests I was only asking for one hundred first class suites. I mean this is Las Vegas. They are used to high rollers. So what if I was not gambling. They didn't know that, nor did they know the ages of my guests. I made a cash offer of five hundred million dollars for the entire hotel. I had five security men open trunks of hundred dollar bills in their office. They creamed their pants, they drooled on themselves, they pissed themselves, they signed the contracts for a sale.
    My regular readers know that I am not that stupid. I had my aces all lined up in a long line up my sleeve. These people are some of the most ruthless people in the world and would think nothing of killing my entire family in an instant. Hey, it was just seventeen months ago that I confronted the most powerful slaver in the world, as he hung by his ankles, upside down. I had him surgically altered, let's say. He is lingering and biding his time as he hangs around awaiting his final end.

    I wanted to get something for the Wild Boys. This is little Jason's rock and roll band. His reason for coming to the U.S. was for the world premier of his own composition, Echoes Through the Canyon. He had wanted to use the air horns on Traveler©. He never considered Traveler Too© and did not know of Travel All©, I kept it from him until the night of the concert.
    For one reason or another the horns did not get played, but before we left the boys and I sat in the bleachers perched on the edge of the Grand Canyon and listened to all twenty four air horns play Jason's newest composition. We had set up in the afternoon with songs from the Wild Boys Album, The Australian Tour; Technology and Forever Autumn and listened as the horns echoed across the canyon walls.
    Jason had written Forever Autumn when he was only thirteen as a tribute to his mother and father who had died in a car accident as they rushed to the hospital to be with their son after he had been brutally raped at the private music school he attended.—see Sad Song of a Gay Teen by Paul Walker— The song is one of our favorites and my boys know every word. They sang along as the air horns echoed up and down the canyon for an eternity after the system had cycled off.
    I hold Jason in deep respect for pulling himself up after such a terrible ordeal at only twelve years of age. The boy is a winner and he will be somebody when he comes of age. I wanted to do something special for him, but as a teenage millionaire he has more spendable income than I do, and with no encumbrances. He can buy himself whatever he wants. He did ask me for a helicopter to take him to school. That is just a bit frivolous with today's fuel costs factored in. But I could see a use for his group having their own bird. The do live on an island, after all. With concerts around the mainland they are in constant need of transportation. I bought transportation.

    Completely outfitted to my specifications, Sikorsky built a chopper for the boys. I bought the band a Sikorsky S-92. Although it can seat twenty two, easily, I had it equipped with twelve, fully reclining seats so that the boys could rest in flight. I had an onboard galley installed for pre-prepared meals to be heated and served. The S-92 has a range of just over five hundred miles at a cruising speed of one hundred and fifty miles an hour. At an operating cost of nearly $1,000 an hour, plus 670 gallons of jet fue,l this is not a toy for riding back and forth to school everyday. They would just have to grow up and realize that they had a responsibility. They had to get out of bed and go face the day.
    My thinking was that the boys are still in school and can't always travel commercially without missing valuable school time. Their crews could go ahead of them and set up then the boys could fly in for the performance at a more leisurely pace. Well, at least I was happy with my gift. I only hope they aren't too disappointed when they start to figure the cost of operating the beast.
    I scrolled on through my data sheets and then switched over to see how the sale of the hotel was going. I was so disappointed. I didn't have a Nevada gaming licence and was ineligible to buy the property. The current management that had claimed ownership of the hotel would like to return my generous deposit and cancel the contract. I sent them an e-mail in which I reluctantly agreed and promised a messenger would deliver an official letter concerning this matter the following day. I still expected a bill for the rooms. I'll wait and see what happens.
    I in turn called the actual owner, a old boy loving friend from the past, and informed him that I would not be allowed to purchase his hotel. He laughed with me as we discussed how he deals with this kind of people that try to use him. He had never been notified of our pending sale nor of the sizable cash deposit I had left. He did have his informants in place that had told him exactly what I had done and it coincided with my account. My relationship was solidified with the man and he would clean his own house, with a stiff broom.

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