Chapter 215


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    The next day we spent the morning doing a motorized tour of the ranch. After lunch Nolan showed me something that is a family secret. He took me for a tour to Fire Mountain while my three boys worked in the garden with the Indian boys. Nolan parked the jeep in a small gully and led me along the ravine to a small cave. It was more of a rabbit hole than a true cave. We had to get down on our bellies and slide through the tiny hole. I am not one for close spaces, especially underground close spaces.
    Nolan sensed my fears and talked quietly to me as he guided me before him into a cavern that was big enough to stand up in. He went around the area to light torches set in pitons in the wall. The sight that met my eyes explained why the mountain attracted lightning. The mountain is rich in silver.
    An old Indian had discovered the silver around eighteen sixty, He thought that the discovery would make his tribe rich, but he watched the white man steal and take from the Indians and decided to keep his discovery to himself.
    He was getting old and nearing the end of his time when he grew to trust Willis Mayfield. He told Willis of his discovery and let his grandson act as a guide to lead the lawman into the very cave where we stood. Willis agreed that should word of its existence get out then the area would be set upon by all of the riffraff of the world in search of easy riches. The twelve year old grandson became the first boy to live at the new West Highland ranch.
    Willis and his son, Willie, kept the silver deposit a secret. When money was needed one of the men would go into the cave and collect a few pounds of ore and take it to Mexico to be sold. As the men aged it came to Festus and then to Nolan to collect as much silver as they needed from time to time.
    Silver prices were never very high. A few pounds were worth about a third of what gold in the same amount brought. That was enough for the Mayfield family to build on. Silver prices spiked in nineteen eighty and old man Willie talked of selling the mining rights off. It was Mavis that convinced him to hold off. Sure enough the spike had been short lived and silver prices fell to around the same ten dollars an ounce that it had been for many years, and still is today.

    There was another car in the driveway when Nolan and I returned from our exploratory trip. The Indian boys were moving backpacks from the back of the house over to the corral as my three boys tried to tell them that they could carry some of the burden themselves. I was only able to listen for a moment, but it sounded as if the nine of them were getting on very well. Nolan held the screen door open for me.
    Mavis was sitting in a large easy chair with her feet up. She had a blood pressure cuff on her left arm and a thermometer sticking out of her mouth. "Chris, these are our private duty nurses, they will be attending to Mavis overnight while we take a trip into the high woods. I looked at the frail woman. I had not known her before, but she looked as if she could leave this world at any moment.
    "Now you go and enjoy my forests, Mr. Chris. I am well taken care of. We will have a few guests in for a late lunch at around three or three thirty tomorrow afternoon." After a few minutes of small talk Nolan hustled me out of the door and into his jeep for a quick trip down to the corral. The boys had eleven horses saddled and four mules laden down as pack animals. I wondered what sort of adventure was planned for us now.
    Our horses seemed to know the way as they turned onto a steep upwards trail that led us away from the trail that we had ridden over the day before. In virtually no time at all we were deep in the cool air of the piney woods and all of my tensions flowed from me into the verdant forest. Our trail took a series of switchbacks and in just over an hour and a half we came upon a cliff looking out to the south.
    We wanted to take the time to look out from the cliff at the panorama below; more than that, I could hear water, as if from a waterfall. Nolan told us that we were at the seven thousand foot mark and had only a little way to go before we would pitch our camp for the night. I would have to go back to that cliff and find out about that water.
    As we moved away from the cliff the forest closed in to become even more dense—forming a natural wall of thickly knitted trees.. The trees were taller and the underbrush grew thinner. The floor was thickly padded with the dead leaves of three different varieties of tall conifers.
    As suddenly as its take to say it there was a ray of light shining through, we broke through a wall solid with trees. We entered into a wide clearing with a group of seven wooden structures set at its center. There were six barracks style buildings capable of housing fifty boys each. A large galley, complete with wood burning stoves, sat between and behind the buildings.
    A large generator set in a recessed, and sandbagged, outbuilding to provide electricity for lights in the latrines and the refrigerators in the galley. Only one bare light bulb every ten feet, running in a single line down the center, provides all of the illumination for the barracks. A perfect place for my boys to spend a few weeks, no computers or TVs, boo hoo.

    Nolan set the boys to relieving the mules of their burden. Two of the older boys from Mavis's house quickly separated the food stuffs and loaded the refrigerator with the perishables. I shook hands with two of the dark skinned natives of this country. The boys are Chiricahua Apache. The eldest, by only two days, is fifteen year old Bodaway—fire maker. His helper is Eknath—poet.
    Sometimes a parent can seem almost prophetic when they name their babies. Hridayesh—king of the heart—had prophetic parents; the fourteen year old boy is beautiful, a real head turner. His naturally dark skin seems to glow from within as a deep beauty emanates from the boy.
    Another fourteen year old, Ilesh—lord of the earth—seemed to have a presence of mind that the others listened too. Even his thirteen year old brother, Ilanipi—amazing—appeared to be in awe of the boy. Thirteen year old Kuruk—bear—seemed to be misnamed, he is very small and frail for a bear. He will grow, I just don't know that he will grow into his name.

    Once the food was stored away, and the gear was carried into a single barracks for our stay, Nolan suggested a brief swim to wash away the trail dust. Our horses were placed within the confine of a corral behind a stable in a small depression between the hills that I had not noticed. With the four footed members of our party happy it was time to find pleasure for the rest of us.
    To the other side of the campsite was a well traveled trail about ten feet wide. The path was well worn and packed with years of foot traffic. It looked almost as if it were paved. Nolan pointed out that the path was covered with finely ground stone dust that served as a cement. I looked at him and he smiled, "Mine slag." My eyes must have widened because he smiled at me.
    Again I heard water, only this time it was running water, like a small stream running over a shallow. As we drew closer I could hear another waterfall. We stepped up to the precipice of a small rise and the scene below thrilled me as much as it did my boys. A stream of about eight feet in width cascaded down from the mountains above and gently flowed over a series of rapids, about twenty five feet long.
    At the end of the rapids the stream made a five foot dive into a very wide mountain pond. Nolan confirmed my first impression, the pond was largely manmade. The pond, and the camp, had been used for many years as a quiet getaway for the ranch hands, and their boys. The small creek that flowed down the mountain formed a natural pond large enough for swimming. The men wanted more. They wanted a place for everyone to swim, and it had to be deep enough to dive into.
    Over the years the old-swimming hole took on a commanding presence in the deep woods. I was looking at a body of water fifty feet wide, at its center, and a good one hundred feet long. The creek bed had been cut back into the rocks along each side of the small water fall to form a diving surface six feet above the water level.
    Near the cliff and forty feet out, the creek bed was dredged to a depth of twenty feet. From forty feet on to the far end of the pond the depth slowly rose till it was only about a foot deep at the outlet where the water ran on down the mountain.
    Nolan suggested that we let the boys swim while we explored a little longer. I had to get wet. I am a dry desert creature that seeks water wherever I can. I dove into the clear mountain water. It was cold. I dipped and dived as I played like a drought stricken fish. Nolan dived in to join the fun and we swam about for around ten minutes before he expertly guided me to the far end of the pond and the outlet.
    I slowly realized that there was something important that Nolan had to show me so I followed him out of the water for a walk alongside of the creek. I must tell you that being naked and wet at about seven thousand feet of altitude, in a pine forest, in September, in Arizona…well, it is pretty damn cold. I was shivering. Nolan tried to stifle his laughter, but he didn't do a very good job of it.
    About fifteen minutes into our walk I heard the sounds of a very large waterfall. We moved away from the creek bank and over to more solid footing. We were just to the west of the large cliff that we had stopped at on our assent. Nolan guided me to the edge where I looked down from the top of a majestic waterfall. From my vantage point I estimated the drop to be over sixty feet.
    There didn't appear to be a pool below the falls, just the water cascading on down the mountainside. Nolan confirmed that this creek was the headwater for the river that flowed across the ranch—the one that we had driven alongside of coming in.
    Nolan shared his sadness with me as we sat cross legged looking out on the vista below. Two boys had jumped to their death from this waterfall. One was around nineteen seventeen when his boyfriend left to fight the war in Europe. He was devastated that he would be alone. He was fifteen.
    The second boy jumped to his death in nineteen eighty after his boyfriend's father beat the boyfriend to death for being gay. The sixteen year old youth wanted to join his lover in death so that they would be together always. I was seriously moved.
    Nolan expressed his fear about my family. He doesn't know the scope of my tribe, nor what my plans may be when I take over the ranch. His fear is that more boys will discover the cliff and the falls and use it as their own 'lover's leap'. I had to admit that it is a possibility.

    The boys prepared an old fashioned ranch hand dinner. I never saw them put the large pot of pinto beans on the stove, and I know that it takes a little time to prepare the gas bullets. A large skillet of thinly sliced potatoes, fried in bacon fat, and flavored with wild onions, garlic, and other herbs of the field, complimented a thick porterhouse cut steak—grilled and served with wild mushrooms. I know that my Core man and Roddy will go apeshit when they see the abundance of food growing wild on the mountainside.
    I shouldn't have thought of my love. I really began to miss him. We had established the rule that there was to be no outside communication while on this trip, but I longed to call him, just to hear his voice.
    Luke seems to be the one most in tune with me. He came to me, but he brought his cousin Phil. He batted his eyes as he told me that Phil had never been with me. I had to think about that and it is true, I have never spent anytime with Phil. He is a loner and seems to not want anyone around him. This night would be the time for me to find out who Phil Drapman is.
    Phil lay beside me in deep thought. "What is on your mind, my young friend?"
    "I am just thinking how wonderful it would be to have a dad like you."
    "Don't you have me?"
    "I mean, like for real. My old man is a drunk that likes to smack me whenever I get close enough. He smacks ma too, then she smacks me. You don't never hit any of us. You treat us the way a father should treat his kids. You give us a good home with lots of good food. The school that I go to is the best that there ever was. You are what all of us want our dad to be like."
    "What will I have to do to let you know that you are my son and that I will always be there for you. I will love you and provide for you for a long as you need and want me to. Phil, the court made you my ward. That means that I have full parental custody of you. It also opens the door to my adopting you at anytime that you want me to."
    "You mean that you can go like to court and all and get my name changed to yours and that I would be a real son to you like Cory and Mike and Eric and Gus and…"
    "And all of them. Yes, it would give you all of the rights that a natural child has in a family, including bearing my name."
    I felt his body quiver as tears washed across my arm. I pulled him tighter against me and let him cry. "I ain't never been loved before. I think that I know that you love me, but you never ask nothing of me."
    "What should I ask of you, son?"
    That brought about a sudden intake of air as his whole body convulsed. He moved even closer to me and snuggled his face against my chest. "I don't know. You never ask me for no sex."
    "Do fathers ask their children for sex?"
    "They ain't supposed to. But you get some of the boys to do sex with you."
    "I let the boy choose. I am queer for hard bodied teenage boys. I like to suck their cocks and make love with them. I don't ask a boy for sex, but I don't often turn a boy down that asks me. Look, I am thirty seven years old. Most boys would be scared to death at the thought of having sex with an old man like me. I consider it an honor when a boy is willing to share his body with me and I always try to make him feel that he is loved and not being used."
    "You're doing it right then 'cause none of the guys ever say that you used them. They all likes what you do to them and they want to do it again and again. Why ain't you never done me?"
    "I just told you, I let the boy choose. I let the boy come to me and ask me to have sex with him. Some of them don't use words, per se, they use their body language. You have never given me reason to think that you want to have sex with me. That is fine. I hope that we can always be friends, maybe even father and son, even without any sex.
    "Phil, I have never seen you romantically involved with anyone. You are always sitting by yourself or with Luke or Paul. Do you have a boyfriend?"
    "No. I sorta want one, but I's scared to ask. I had a good friend when I's thirteen, but his uncle was fucking him and they got caught. The uncle went to prison and my friend got moved off somewhere and I ain't never heared from him no more.
    "I sorta get lonesome at night and all and I think that I would like to have me someone to, you know, kinda get up close to. I don't really mean like sex and shit, but to just lay together like we is doing now. I kinda want to have my first sex in this family with you. That will make me feel like I is loved."
    "Phil, you are loved. I love you with all of my heart. We don't have to have sex to prove that. You are a great looking boy and I would love to suck your cock all night long, but only when you are ready."
    "I ain't never really sucked no cock. My friend and I sorta jacked on each other and I fucked him 'cause he liked it. He never sucked me."
    "You were on the street for about five months before you came to live with us. How did you survive?"
    "I stole. I had men ask me for sex, but I didn't want no disease or nothing so I stole food and sometimes I stole their billfolds and took their cash. I ain't proud of that and when I heared that I could come to live with you and get fed and have a safe place to sleep and I didn't have to do no sex shit…it was a no brainer, dad. Can I call you dad?"
    "I will love for you to call me dad. You may call me anything that you want to, I just hope that all that you call me is good."
    "I won't never say nothing bad against you, dad. You are the greatest. I watched you and Paul there yesterday and he was so happy. He told me last night that he ain't never felt so much love from one person afore. I got myself all jealous 'cause I wanted you to make love to me like that."
    "Paul has been through a lot in his life. He has been hurt. His own father hurt him. He has his needs and I think that yesterday might be the beginning of a new life for him. He has Richard to lean on."
    "Richard leans on Paul. Paul feels like he owes Richard 'cause he helped him on the street, but Paul don't really love him, you know."
    "Enough about Paul, Richard, and anybody else. Tell me about Phil. What do you want to do?"
    "I really want to have you suck my dick. All of the guys say that you is the best that there is. I want to try to suck yours, but I never done that and yours is so big. Will it hurt a lot when you fuck me?"
    "It will hurt worse than anything that you have ever done in your life before. At your age being virgin is a strong plus, but it will still hurt. The first time is the worst. It will hurt quite a bit every time that you do it, but never as bad as the first time when you are trying to take on someone as well endowed as I am.
    "I would like to suggest that if we do have sex that we don't try any anal penetration with you tonight. If you enjoy what we might do tonight then maybe you will want to get together again another time. If we take it slow and easy then you will stand a better chance of enjoying yourself. If I hurt you tonight then you may never want to have sex again. You may decide that gay sex is not for you anyway, that is what exploration is all about. I don't want you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. You lead and you decide what you want to do. I will be quite happy just to suck the cum out of your hot nuts as often as you can give me a load."
    Phil craned his neck so that he could kiss me. The boy is a hot kisser. The kiss stirred other body parts and he ground his young manhood against me and nearly washed us both away with his abundance of lubricating juices.
    I took control and turned him on the bed so that I could try to stem the leak from his boi stem. I was impressed. Phil is almost a clone of his cousin Paul. Their cocks are six and three quarters of an inch long and have a nice thickness to them. Both of them are cut and their sex stick is surrounded by a thick bush of light brown short and curlies that just beg for a hunter to root around in them.
    Phil's batter makers are larger than Paul's. I attribute that to Phil's lack of frequent sex. Paul gets his nuts several times a day with Richard being so cock hungry. The first load that Phil gave up was so thick that I thought that I would need a knife and fork to cut it up. It ranks high in the taste department and the quantity was much greater than many boys his age. Again a result of his lack of a regular outlet.
    I learned that Phil does not like to masturbate. He feels that it lowers him to an animalistic level. His only regular release is the frequent nocturnal emissions. He told me that he hates those, he always wakes up with a serious mess to clean up. I told him that I would be more that happy to provide him with release each night before bedtime. He hugged me and told me that he just might take me up on that.
    He knows all of the mechanics of boi sex. He let me give him his first release then he rolled to be on top of me as he took his first slide down a meat stick. He gagged, violently, a few times, but quickly got his reflexes under control. He was only able to manage three inches, but for his first time I thought that he did quite well.
    He took to lapping and swallowing like a seasoned cum pig. I was worried that I was not going to be able to provide him with enough of my own nectar. I gave him as much encouragement as I could. I had my tongue running up and down his perineum. I kept his scrotum well laved and worked my way to the other end of the meaty mound to bury my tongue in his tight anus.
    Phil had no idea that he was easy to anally arouse. I had a real live wire on my chest as he wiggled about and shivered each time that I made a deep oral plunge. I let my fingers do some walking. The result was Phil's first deep plunge. I was sure that I felt the sphincter muscle of his diaphragm open for my assault. The wonder of it to me was the fact that he never gagged.
    I saw his batter makers draw close to his body and felt his rectum tighten up around my two fingers. I did the only thing that I could think of at the moment, I slid his cock deep into my own throat. Both of us went over the edge together.
    Phil's head was moving up and down at a frantic pace as he pumped all of my oil from my own testicles. I simply lay back and let my fingers milk his prostate and drank deeply from his young faucet of boihood.
    Paul and Luke enjoyed themselves with our young guides. Nolan was in bed with Bodaway. All of us had a very pleasant evening and arose to an invigorating woodsland morning. Three dozen eggs got their shells smashed and a little pig lost his belly fat as our breakfast was quickly whipped together. Ilanipi and Kuruk peeled, shredded, and cooked a five pound bag of potatoes into the best tasting hash browns that I have eaten in some time.
    All of this was topped off by Hridayesh flaky and hot biscuits topped with fresh home churned butter and honey from hives set at the edge of the forest near the main house. Phil asked the boys about country sausage gravy. Nolan apologized, he never thought of gravy. The boys promised me plenty of creamy gravy the next time I was at the ranch. I told the boys that I would settle for their homegrown variety gravy. I had six offers for a hand churned serving.
    I took Eknath's emission as cream for my coffee. That had all of the boys laughing. The three boys that were with me had heard about my coffee with cream, but that was the first time that they had seen it.
    Once the dishes were washed and put away we loaded up our horses for the return trip. We were not ready to leave the camp. I talked to the boy on the way down the mountain and they assured me that they had never had more fun in their lives. It was the first time that any of them had ever camped out. I didn't tell them at the time, but it won't be the last time that they camp out at that mountain site.
    My mind was racing ahead in time. The camp would be the perfect place for all of my school boys to get together and spend an American Christmas. I just need a few more barracks, enough to berth more than twelve hundred horny boys. I would also need a place to land my planes as they ferried the boys in from a third of the way around the globe.

    "Well Chris boy, how do you like my little spread?"
    "Mavis, I would have to be stupid not to love it. I am honored, and a bit awe struck, that you would offer the ranch to me."
    "Let me be clear here, Mr. Chris. I am not making an offer, I have already given you the ranch and all of the buildings plus the royalty rights, including water and minerals. The paperwork is already drawn up. All that you need to do is to stop by my attorney's office tomorrow morning and sign a receipt. He will give you the deed. plus a complete abstract showing the ranch to be free and clear of any encumbrances.
    "Mr. Chris, you are exactly the sort of person that deserves this ranch. I had a heck of time investigating you. You have the tightest security around you that my people have ever encountered. We almost blew it when we got too close to Foss International, but once I learned that you are a major player in that organization my troubled mind relaxed.
    "I wasn't sure how to contact you. My attorney told me to 'just call you.' That was easy enough, your phone number is listed."
    I do have one public number, but it is monitored for all incoming and outgoing calls. I had not talked to Andy about the call that I received from Mavis, I am sure that he has a complete transcript of everything that was said and we will discuss it later. Andy is like an old woman himself, when he hears a juicy bit of gossip he foams at the mouth until he gets all of the facts.
    "Mavis, I am overwhelmed by your magnificent gift. Thirty six hundred acres in these mountains is quite a blessing."
    "Um, Mr. Chris…I told you on the phone that the ranch is thirty six thousand acres. My land extends north to south a few feet over forty miles, while east to west it only covers sixteen miles. The river and the lake are completely on the ranch. It disappears underground before it leaves the ranch so all of the rights to the water belong to me, and now to you.
    "I hope that you will consider changing the name of the ranch. This land belonged to old man Mayville and he named it after the town in which he grew up. I never much cared for the name, but it was not my place to do anything about it. I think that you will want to choose a name that reflects what you stand for."
    "That is interesting, what I stand for… Mavis, I was confused about the direction that I should take with my life. I began to travel in my large motor home. Everywhere that I went I found abandoned boys. Some had been the victims of atrocious abuse. I thought that I settled the boys in to a more stable surrounding and went my merry way. In late November of 2004 I found a boy that changed my life. He was standing in the middle of a country highway in Kansas. The wind was blowing cold and he was dressed in the skimpiest of old clothes.
    "Mavis, that boy showed me what I needed to do. I began to gather all of the homeless and hapless boys that I encountered into my home. I wanted to provide them with a solid life and a good education. That boy from the highway has been called the cement that binds my family together.
    "I think that I would like to name the ranch in honor of him. With your permission it will forever more be known as the Christopher William Dickerson Center."
    "From what I know of you, dear sir, this youngster, Christopher William Dickerson? must be a fine boy. I would like to meet him, if the Lord grants me the time."
    "Mavis, I will fly out here tomorrow with Chrisy and my wife and children. I know that Ugitsiha will enjoy meeting you."
    "Ugitsiha? What nationality is her name derived from?"
    "I married a girl from my own tribe. I am Tsalagi—Cherokee Indian."
    "The more we talk the more I grow to love you. You are full of adventure. I was adventurous in my youth, but the only place that I ever traveled to was here and then back and forth to St. Louis."

    Our conversation was interrupted by the sound of the loud exhaust system of an approaching vehicle. I turned to look and saw a dusty, rusty, old pickup truck laden with people pulling into the long driveway. With the high pitched squeal of worn out brakes and a hump and a bump the old truck coughed to a stop. The six Indian boys ran to the truck to give, and receive, hugs and kisses from what I took to be their families.
    Sixteen people arrived in that truck, along with enough food for my entire household. Short work was made of unloading the food and setting it up at a small group of tables set under the canopy of tall Oak trees that were as ancient as the forest around us.
    I talked to an elder of the tribe that informed me that, while they loved the boys, they could not have them around the other young boys in the tribe to corrupt them. Their tribal tradition was to kill, or emasculate homosexuals, depending on their age. As we talked the rest of the adults in the group joined us. The final agreement was that I remove the boys to my school and let them live with my family. I, for one, could not have been happier.

    Jordan Medvescek and Ellis Cogan were busy unloading Ellis's car when I pulled up to my house late Sunday afternoon. I was happy to see the boys. They are anxious to attend BAW, but we have all agreed that they will live in the main house for a few months until they get themselves acclimated to a whole new lifestyle.
    School took up on the seventh of September. That was the third week for the public school system. On Tuesday the eighth a request appeared on the school's web-site requesting information about BAW and the requirements for attendance. The name on the request was Jordan Medvescek. I recognized the name at once. Jordan's mother had been convicted of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol, resulting in the death of young José Ortéga and the injuring of Peter Joulson.
    Jordan is the nephew, and the young victim that sealed the fate, of Ephim Conners as an unrepentitive sexual predator. You may remember that Ephim was caught in a public park restroom engaged in anal sex with Ron Shepherd.
    Jordan Medvescek also played another part in the drama that surrounds my life. He was the boy that was convicted of joy riding in Chrisy's car after it had been stolen by another boy. I wanted to do the initial contact with Jordan myself.
    Timmy had been involved in the arrest of Jordan and had testified in court in the boy's behalf. I asked him to accompany me to Jordan's house. Of course we had to take Chrisy with us, after all it was his car that was stolen. Chrisy and Timmy followed me up the mountain to Jordan's large home. We parked my red 'vette at the front door with Chrisy's car behind it.
    Jordan allowed us entry to his home. He was terrified when he saw Timmy, he was sure that he was in trouble for riding in the stolen car. Jordan had been sentenced by the court to house arrest and school. He was doing well by the courts, but he was unsure when he saw Timmy standing at his door. I should have thought of that when I asked Timmy to join me. I had thought that he should meet Timmy on his own turf before running into him at the school or in my house. Sometimes I don't think like the boys, but more as an adult. My bad.
    Ellis Cogan was with Jordan when we arrived at Jordan's house. First of all I let Timmy talk with the boys to put Jordan's mind at ease. Both boys perked up when Timmy introduced Chrisy as his husband. Neither boy is aware that I have a running history with their fathers, business wise. I invited them to take a tour of the school and then to spend the night at the house. They quickly accepted the invitation.
    It is the family that was blessed by the visit from two very sexy and cute sixteen year old boys.
    We now have two new full time students at BAW. They are part time residents of the dormitory. The boys spend weekends at the homes of their families, as a couple. Both families have accepted their son's partners into their homes. The two are new to the gay life so therefore are a bit anxious about certain activities. I have learned that they spend two or three nights at the school to get an 'after hours education' then they remove themselves to Jordan's house to practice what they have learned. I understand that they are not comfortable engaging in sexual activities at Ellis's home. That will change with time.
    Jordan told me that they would have to go to their old school the following morning to un-enroll. I knew that the public school system had already started classes. It was only the week before that the two boys discovered one another.

    At dinner, after returning home to the family of happy fairies, I told Chrisy of my decision to name the ranch after him. The boys all agreed on the name because they all like to 'dick her son', whomever he may be.

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