Chapter 167


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Cullen's position as King—his notoriety, as I call it—has made our lives all the more complicated. The State Department insists on knowing his every movement and I refuse to comply.
    I got pissed off at one nosy assed bitch and told her that he had been on his throne for nearly a half an hour one morning, but I thought that that was because he had not been eating correctly after all of our travels. 'It takes time for the system to readjust to a steady routine again.' I don't have any idea why she got so huffy with me.
    I contacted her superior's superior and told him that Cullen is my nephew, he is my responsibility, and I will let him live as normal a life as I can until he graduates from high school in 2009. In the meantime he is a boy who deserves to grow and learn and not be hounded by media freaks.
    Our major concern is paparazzi; I had to get very strict with them and I suppose that if it had been anyone else then I would not have achieved what I did. I believe that it was the paparazzi system as a whole that caused the loss of the life of England's ex-princess. Those people that hide in the woodwork to snap that one picture that can make them famous have no scruples of any kind.
    The picture hounds have made the lives of the world's celebrities miserable. A movie personality cannot get married or even birth their children without someone pointing a camera at them from some strange place. That is just plain wrong, everybody has the God given right to live in peace and privacy.
    I broadcast it far and wide that I would 'sue to destruction' anyone that published any unauthorized picture of Cullen. I made headlines all over the world when I copyrighted and registered Cullen's image as literary content and its use anywhere would be in violation of the laws of twenty six nations with more governments granting us the same rights daily. If the photographers cannot sell their picture it is not worth their time to take the picture.
    All of this does make Jimmy happy, he doesn't want anybody taking pictures of his boyfriend, except for himself or members of the family. Like a family we all cherish the pictures that we have of our normal day to day life. The boys are like kids the world over and like to sneak up on each other to take that one very embarrassing shot that will come back decades later to haunt us. Cullen's press agent, Turner Youngman, releases any pictures that the young King approves for publication.
    I pulled some power debts in to have legislation passed that protects Cullen from anybody trying to take his picture, even on their cell phones. It is difficult for the boy when he goes out to be a kid with his buddies, but he wants his privacy.
    We try to keep as low of a profile as possible, but there are never less than ten plainclothes security people near him at every point of his travels. I don't mean in the vicinity, I mean close enough to smell him fart, or whisper to Jimmy how cute some dude is that just walked by.
    I did have to order a new car though. I love the cars that I have and did not want a stretch limousine, but I have to think of the King. I buy American wherever I can, I believe in American goods, made by American workers in American plants with little to no imported parts used in their product. Our country has defeated itself by outsourcing so many of our jobs. It is only hurting our own people, maybe we need King Cullen to straighten out our economy.
    I purchased a short stretch Cadillac. I say short because we had no need of one of those two block long mini-buses that are popular around town. I did allow for a second row of seats that folded flat into a recess in the floor so that we could seat eight for that special occasion. The extra space needed for that row of seats gave Cullen the one thing that he and Jimmy like to use as often as they can, fuck space. It they didn't fear the law they would be up in each other all of the time, but old ladies at the mall sort of get their noses bent out of shape when they see two boys walking along, one with his dong tightly inserted in the ass of the other.
    I don't have much fear for my nephew's safety at home, but with the current events I wanted to take whatever precautions I could. The limo is filled with a double layer of the polymer Kevlar armor that is used in the Traveler Trio. The windows don't roll down and there is no sun roof, which frosted the boys, but safety first had to be the rule.

    Norman Ellis called me with a request, he had heard about our concert in France and wanted to know if we could entertain the idea of a performance at Wilson high before the end of the school year. That didn't give us much time, I asked him if he wouldn't just like to come up to BAW and listen to the boys. He finally let me know the real reason for his call.
    Norman was going to leave the teaching profession. He is too young and he has too many good years ahead of him, I wanted to know why. "Chris, the spark is gone. I like to teach, I am a better teacher than I am an administrator and I belong in the classroom, the school board does not see it my way."
    "What will you do then?"
    "I don't know. I don't have enough money to last for very long, but I think that I would like to go fishing."
    "I have nobody to go with me."
    "You still like boys don't you?"
    "Chris, I…we can't talk about this, not on the phone."
    "This phone is secure, but meet me, let's talk."
    "Now, ten minutes from now, this evening. What's good for you?"
    "School will be out in an hour, but I can leave now."
    "You want a drink or coffee?"
    I called the school and asked for Bobby Leavitt to come to my office, alone. I told the staff to send him through the new tunnel. Five minutes later a very cute little black haired boy stood before me with fear in his heart. "Please relax, you are in no trouble. Bobby, I want to talk to you, man to man, about men.
    "I am told that you won't have sex with any of the boys at the school unless he has a beard and chest hair. I hear that you only like older men. Bobby that is not wrong and you need have no fear, I may be able to help you if you'll tell me the truth."
    Bobby had sought me out during our trip to France, he wanted raw sex with me and the rougher the better. I had been stern with him, I spent an hour with him and he seemed to enjoy himself, but I cautioned him about being hurt, physically and emotionally. He proved himself a man lover that knew all of the nuances of man boy love and I had been very well taken care of by the boy, but I had hoped that he would get involved with a boy closer to his own age.
    "Boys don't turn me on, they don't smell right, they don't taste strong and good and they don't make love. You did me the best ever and I want you again, but I know you got all of the boys that you want so I have to only dream about you."
    "Do you dream about me?" I have never had anyone tell me that they did, but I do know that I fill a lot of young fantasies, whether they tell me about it or not.
    "Yes, I do, every night. I like to think that it is you that…" he stopped short and stared at me. I wiggled my finger at him and he stepped over to my desk. I moved my chair back and he saw that I was totally naked and very erect; he fixed his eyes on my manhood. I removed his shoes and opened his pants. I let my hands reach up under his shirt and run over his bare back, then I pushed them down inside the waistband of his black briefs and let my hands conquer two young boy mounds. He sighed and moved into me.
    "Do you know the first rule?"
    "No means no?"
    "What does that mean to you."
    "If anybody does something that I don't like I say no and they have to stop"
    "I am doing things to you so you can say no when I do something that you don't want me to do."
    "I won't never say no to you, you can eat me raw and I won't care." That got him a kiss on the nose.
    "Bobby, what would your perfect man be?" He looked at me and I stopped him, "Not me, I have a boyfriend, what would you like for a boyfriend, or man friend?"
    "Tall, smooth skin, hairy, like a bear," he giggled. "Dark hair, maybe a little gray around the edge. Even tempered not prone to yell at me. Sensitive yet strong, someone who is decisive, says what he means and doesn't back down. Willing to stand up to people who would tell him that it is wrong to love me, and he must love me, dad. I want somebody that acts like you do, but not so tall."
    "Why not tall?"
    "I like to sixty nine and I like for all of my cock to be in his throat and all of his to be in mine. I like to get it in my butt and I want to kiss him while he does it so if he is too tall then we can't kiss too good. If he will let me fuck him then I want to kiss him too."
    "You prefer to top or bottom."
    "I like both and my boyfriend should take as much as give."
    "What if he only wants to take?"
    "I have my needs, dad, I want it sometimes."
    "Big dick or small."
    "Not real big, I like a really big dick up my butt, sometimes, but I want a boyfriend with about seven inches or so and not real big around and skin. I learnt to like to lick under the skin from the boys here, I never did that before cause every man that did me was nasty there."
    "Are you ready to tell me why you were on the street yet?" I already knew, I just hadn't heard his version.
    "I'm too horny now, fuck me and get me off then I'll tell."
    "Would you settle for me sucking you and maybe a few fingers up your pretty butt?" He nodded vigorously.
    I slipped his shirt over his head and nursed a pair of nipples to the sound of boy giggles. I am glad that Bobby is still young enough to react in a way that sends my hormones jumping. I lifted him up and placed his butt on my desk, his jeans were pooled about his ankles so I bent forward and pulled them off of him. I had to take a foot in hand and bring it up so that I could remove his socks, one foot at a time and very slowly. His feet were not ticklish, but he was very responsive, I loved listening to his pubescent moaning.
    He had a very impressive tent in his briefs, but the mound below them interested be very much. I let my fingers play around the elastic bands of his underwear as I admired the smoothness of his young teen body. All the time that I was torturing him I was talking to him and leading him to answer questions about his father and uncle for me.
    I had already learned that his father was only nineteen when Bobby was born and that the father had a younger brother that had been his main love interest for most of his life. The father wanted to be normal so he married right out of high school, but he moved his thirteen year old brother in before the honeymoon was over. Bobby was a breech baby, his mother hemorrhaged and died during birth. The hospital tried to talk the father into giving Bobby up, but he wanted to raise his son in memory of his wife. He had his kid brother at home to help with a baby. He was the father and there was nothing that could be done.
    Nothing until the brother was caught molesting one of Bobby's friends. By that time the uncle was twenty seven, the boy was thirteen. The uncle had four charges of sexual conduct with a minor under fifteen years of age, each charge carried a twelve year sentence. The sentence could have been stacked and he would be eligible for parole in nine years, but he blew his mouth off in the courtroom and cursed the woman prosecutor and the judge. He is doing forty eight years, parole eligible in thirty six.
    Things went south for father and son after that. The uncle had been dad's lover for sixteen years and now he was gone. Bobby offered himself to his father, but to the father's credit he could not do that. When the father turned to drink and a strange street boy Bobby ran away.
    I held Bobby close and asked him why he chose to runaway and he told me that the street boy beat him up and forced sex on him every day. I asked him if he tried talking to his father, his father didn't want to hear it, he was in love with the kid. About the time that Bobby was settling into the school we had started an investigation of the father in an effort to reunite him with his son. We found the father in the county jail for ongoing child molestation of the sixteen year old street boy.
    The street boy was placed in juvenile holding until his family could be located, but some of the boys there knew his story and gang raped him. I have toured the juvenile facility and there had to be a cooperation between staff and the boys for that to happen because the boys are all kept separate from one another, except under close supervision, e.g. meals and day room privileges. The street boy hanged himself and Bobby's father was charged with second degree manslaughter.
    The prosecutor convinced the Grand Jury that the boy hanged himself in shame for allowing a man to molest him for three months. The father drowned himself in the toilet in his jail cell, neat trick. If he had indeed gotten to his knees and held his face in the water he would have fallen aside when he lost consciousness. Someone had to help him commit suicide. There have been some strange deaths in the county jail, I think that an investigation is in order.
    Bobby was in the wind, the authorities had no knowledge of his whereabouts until our investigation began. We managed to have temporary custody granted to me (the school) until the state finished their inquiries. During our recent trip those inquiries were completed and I have permanent custody of the boy. Now I had a devious plan.
    Actually I had more than one. The first plan was to get the boy out of his soaking wet underwear. Between my sucking his balls through the cotton, and his continuous leaking, the garment was soaked through. I worked them down his legs and placed them in my desk drawer for later examination. A healthy young teenage cock stood upright, about five inches long and almost that big around with a nice little rose bud at the end just waiting to open wide.
    I let my tongue open the petals of that flower as my finger opened another little bud, much to the satisfaction of the holder of those two flowers. Before I could get a grip on his butt nut he let go of one sweet load of cock snot that tasted sweeter than wine. I was disappointed, but before I could withdraw his member he placed his hands on my head and yelled, "Don't stop, don't stop. Work your finger in my ass, I'm going to…cccuuuuummmm." And did he ever, he was full of it. I held his balls to see if they would shrivel as he shot, but they were firm and ready for more later.
    "You always get all the fun." I looked at Roddy standing there watching me. "I like Bobby and I want him to do it to me, but he won't never."
    "Because you are dad's son, little one." I straightened the boy out on that one real quick. He felt a need to fuck and I wanted him clean and neat for a meeting with a man that I thought might be good for him. I sent the boys off to Roddy's room, but I told Bobby to come back and sit in my lap when he was done, no matter who was with me. Roddy led him away as I folded the boy's clothes and laid them aside, after a good sniff of his shoes and socks, he smells sweet. The underwear would have to wait, it was time for Norman to be coming by.

    I slipped into a pair of slacks and pulled on a shirt before opening the door to an anxious old friend, Norman Ellis. I sat back and let Norman lead the conversation. He was all over the block, but he did keep coming back to a desire to have the boys do a musical program at Wilson High before the end of the year. He was quick to point out that many of the boys had attended his school and that they still had strong ties to the school with their friends. I told him that it sounded good to me and that I would check with our music director about putting together a short program.
    I sat and stared at him as he tried to get to the point. Budget shortfalls and a hiring freeze were hurting the school; he did not feel that he was able to give the students the education that they had the right too. Norman is a young man who has climbed through the ranks quickly. He is a good detail man and a top organizer. I don't know anything about his teaching skills, but I remember him from our high school days. He is three years older than I am and was a junior when I was still a freshman. By the end of my sophomore year I had known the man from parties at Charley's house, but then I lost track of him as he moved on through college.
    Norman took over the reins of Wilson High at the semester break between the 2006-2007 school year and has felt as if he was swimming in concrete for fifteen months. He butted heads with the school board one last time and tendered his resignation, effective at the end of the current school year.
    I sat back and listened to him vent, but I saw the longing in his eyes when he told me how he loved to teach. I paid very close attention when he told me that he loved the languages, his favorite subject is Latin, but he is fluent in Greek as well as French and Spanish. I asked him why he had learned Latin and Greek and he told me that his father was a minister who wanted to see him in the pulpit, but he whispered to me that he did not like his father's church's beliefs.
    He had my interest piqued. I learned that his family was of the old Anglican Communion. He did not like that his father's church seemed to be returning to Catholicism in their directions and teachings. I asked him if he had any church affiliation at present and he told me that he tended more to the Bible teaching churches such as the Baptists, but he was quick to tell me that he did not agree with many of their views on life. I wasn't ready to get into a religious discussion with him, but we had laid a foundation for further discourse.
    So you know what an ass hole I am, I had already checked the man out when I learned that he would oversee the education of my family. He divorced after fifteen years of a childless marriage, the grounds were incompatibility. I stared at him for several long seconds then asked about his sex life. He was a sexy teenager, but many boys go through a phase that they outgrow, either because they are not interested in anymore than sexual release or their societal pressures change them.
    I could hear Roddy and Bobby in the hall upstairs and I wanted an answer from Norman before the boys came into my office naked. Norm did not disappoint me. "I have these thoughts, Chris. I enjoyed our times in this house and I remember them fondly. I sometimes wish that I had a sweet young boy; that would not go well in my chosen profession would it?" On cue Roddy and Bobby bounced their naked butts through the door and I thought that Norman Ellis was going to have an aneurism.
    Roddy ran straight to me with Bobby hot on his heels. Roddy jumped up into my lap and stole a kiss as I pulled Bobby in. Norman was sitting where he could see me quite well as I groped Bobby to a full erection. I was sure that the boys had been hard at it, but teenagers can always get it up in an instant, Bobby did not disappoint me. I turned him to face Norman and he stiffened a little more.
    "That man needs a hug very badly. Can you go hug his neck, Bobby?" The boy jumped across the room and wrapped his arms around Norman's neck. I watched as he rubbed his face against Norman's bearded face and sat back to let things progress at their will.
    "You got a hairy chest? I like a hairy chest and I like your beard. You got a big cock? Do you want to fuck me? I like to be fucked by a hairy man. I love you." Spoken like a true teenager in lust. I watched for Norman's reaction. His hands played over the boy's smooth back and slowly moved down to a pert bubble then lingered there. Bobby moved against the man then Norman's hands began to knead two firm melon shaped buns.
    "Bobby is very lonesome and would like to have someone to sleep with him tonight." Norman's eyes widened as he looked at me before turning to look at the firm youngster in his arms. I pushed the pile of clothes that Bobby had left in my office across to the man, then as an afterthought I removed the used underwear from my desk drawer and passed the garment across."
    "You can keep those to sniff on later, dad. I won't need no underwear tonight," he giggled as he handed Norman his tee shirt. I stroked Roddy as we watched the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. I have watched the undressing of many boys by many men, but I had never watched a man dress a boy in as sexy a way as Norman performed that duty on a giggling boy on the floor of my office. Norman managed to lick and suckle each individual toe before he pulled a sock on and up each small foot.
    The application of a boy's size fourteen Levis was next. I watched in awe as the man carefully tucked the boy inside, being careful not to trip the hair trigger that was set to go off. Mission accomplished Norman looked at me. "Sabbath school is at nine tomorrow and Bobby has duty as an usher for services. Love each other and bring him back safely then we will talk about an idea that I have."

    I thought that Pastor Cas was going to bust a blood vessel when a church member shouted at him over a license plate question. Someone had parked their car near the front door of the church with a vanity plate proclaiming I ♥Jesus. While the message is fine the question remained about the need that the car's owner had to display it.
    "Your faith is not in what you wear or what you say, but in what you do. Your belief in Christ our Lord is in your lifestyle. It is hypocritical to sit in a bar too drunk to sit on a stool while wearing a large cross on a chain around your neck. That cross makes people look at the wearer and think to themselves that they don't want to be involved in anything that that wearer may be involved in.
    "What good is a proclamation of faith when the proclaimer is living in open sin?"
    "You are preaching God while you live with a man that you claim to be married to." It had to come out, but I was surprised at the old woman that made the statement. She had called me to come to her home to ask that her two grandsons be admitted to the school.
    Both of those boys had been cast off by their parents, one her daughter and the other her son. There were other children in those families so grandmother got the queers. She was having a hard time raising them and felt that a boarding school was the best thing for them.
    The congregation suddenly split as a few supported the grandmother's point, but a larger number supported the message of their pastor. Cas asked for the head elder to step to the microphone as he withdrew from the building.
    Cas has never preached anything, but the love of God and forgiveness for repentant sinners. Obedience to God's laws is his foundation for every sermon. The subject of homosexuality is often brought up in the church, but the one verse that is bandied about more than any other is, "…men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.(Rom 1:27 NIV)
    The elder is a learned man of the Bible and he proved himself as he countered with "We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We also know that law is made not for the righteous, but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious; for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for adulterers and perverts, for slave traders and liars and perjurers-and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine that conforms to the glorious gospel of the blessed God."(1 Tim 1:8-11 NIV)
    "Didn't our Lord teach us in His Sermon on the Mount, "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." (Mat 7:1-5 NIV)
    "I am appalled that anyone in this congregation would make such statements as these in this church. Mrs. Simpson, we all know that you do not have cough syrup in the bottle that you carry in your purse and nobody says anything to you when you drink of it freely. We are glad that you no longer drive under the influence of your sherry, we do not condemn your sin, but choose to pray. We all have sins that stand between us and our Creator, and for those sins we ask forgiveness for we know that He is just and sure in His forgiveness of all of the confessed sins that all of us have.
    "I feel that we need to spend some time this morning in prayer. If you feel that you must leave then go with God. If you would like to pray alone you may do so, some of you may wish to gather in groups, please chose the group with which you would like to pray.
    "We might pray for a show of unity, either for our pastor or against him, that is your choice." With that he went to his wife and young sons and knelt in prayer. He is a young man with three boys not yet nine years old, but he loves his Lord and reads his Bible daily. All that know him know the love that he has and the Christian spirit that is present in his life. There is no false piety or pettiness in the man and for that reason most of us consider him a man that we are proud to know.

    As I walked along the street to return to my house I was surrounded by my youngsters. Everyone was solemn and in deep thought, there was little conversation. Bobby Leavitt was the only one that had anything to say as he walked along hand in hand with Norman Ellis. The two had spent an exciting night together and Bobby wanted everybody to know that he was in love. One look at Norman told me all that I needed to know.
    Edmund is probably the best thing that has ever happened to my family. The man has his thumb on the pulse of the body and knows what to do in almost every incidence. Truth be known, he has not failed to have the proper remedy at hand since the day that I first met him almost fifteen months earlier. This day was no different. We walked into the house to be greeted by his warm smile and an invite to hurry along to granite house for our lunch.
    Norman did not hesitate, he looked around at the boys stripping their clothes from each other and he quickly knelt before Bobby to untie the boy's shoes and lower his trousers. Bobby was standing out there before him so Norman took the boy to task and had a bit of dessert before dinner. The two joined us at the table a few minutes later with Bobby riding on the naked shoulders of the hairy bear man.
    Edmund had prepared the makings for a Mexican lunch with steak strips and ground beef for each of us to build our own Tacos or Fajitas, all vegetarian meat products of course. There was enough shredded cheese on the table to make a very happy dairy farmer in Wisconsin and the amount of chopped and shredded vegetables on the table had cleaned out the fields of two farmers.
    "What are your plans for the weekend, Norman?" The man had not taken his eyes off of Bobby throughout the meal and I was not the only one to notice that fact. Cory was knocking his leg against mine in his anxiousness.
    "I…er, well…I really had just thought about cleaning up my yard and getting the flower beds ready for the summer season."
    "I love to work in a garden. I can run a lawn more really good too," Bobby answered any doubts that I might have had.
    "Maybe Mr. Ellis will let you go to his house to work with him and maybe you will learn to speak gooder," I grinned at the boy. Bobby's toothy smile was mirrored on Norman's face, I hope that my idea works for both of these people. I have always liked Norman and I have found Bobby to be a fascinating young man that I want to help however I can.
    Norman wants to go fishing. Maybe he would like someone to go along with him. Bobby's fifteenth birthday falls on May twenty third, the last day of school. Maybe, just maybe the two will take off for a long fishing trip together with my blessings. I would like to find permanent families for each of the boys, but it will take time to locate men that will nurture a queer boy and let him grow to be a man for our society. My next match up was not going to be as easy.

    I received a phone call from a very excited Ryan Miller. The man was near tears as he continued to thank me over and over. I was invited to join him and his for dinner, and of course I was to bring Cory with me. I could hear Jules in the background begging his uncle Ry to ask me to bring his boyfriend with me. I watched the boy during our stay in France and he had stayed very close to a street boy about whom I knew very little. I agreed to bring Ryn Madeiski with me as I winked at Cory. Cory was out of his seat and on the intercom in an instant as he called the school and asked for Ryn to bring nice clothes and his bathing suit over to the house.
    Fifteen minutes later a cute tow head *1 wearing nothing, but sneakers and a grin came up from the wine cellar carrying his clothes neatly folded in his arms. I asked him if he would like a taco as Gus ran up to take his clothes and place them out of the way. I moved aside so that he could sit down beside me and watched in fascination as he piled a tortilla shell full of fillings and topped it with a bucket full of salsa. He kept one eye on me as he leaned over the table to eat his taco, I sat there and admired his beauty.
    The boys knew how brutal life on the street can be and with the weather rapidly changing the street boys had sat in a group and named off everyone that they could think of and where the boy hung out. I had let my older boys drive boys down in groups of two as they sought out others in their hiding places and convinced them to come to me and talk about a new life. It was Oscar and Hank that had gone after Ryn. The boys had located Oliver Castro and a boy by the name of Jaden Moore that afternoon. Oliver is attending the school, but Jaden agreed to give his family another chance to do better.

    I had ordered two Yamaha five foot three inch Cable-Nelson pianos delivered to the Miller/Feldman home for two very sweet young prodigies. The eighteen thousand dollar apiece works of art were finished in Satin Ebony that I hoped would not lend themselves to the fingerprints and messes that tiny boys can make on the surface. I learned that Jules wanted to learn to play the bass guitar like Jimmy does so I bought him an instrument and arranged lessons. Jimmy has promised to work with him when he feels comfortable with the guitar that stands as tall as his chin.
    I was attacked at the door by two tiny pygmies that wanted to kiss me to death. I feigned a struggle as I carried the two boys inside the house to face two very happy old friends. They could not believe how beautiful the music was that the two little ones had been playing since they had returned from school the day before. I simply looked at Bart and Britt and said, "Show me."
    Eight year old Bart is by far the more advanced prodigy. The boy has an ear for music that astounds all that have listened to him. Britt is very accomplished himself, but he is best as he plays accompaniment for his brother. I pray that the boys never have any rivalry over their roles. Quite often the elder will feel slighted; or worse, better than his sibling and trouble can occur. The boys are very even tempered at their current ages and I pray that they can continue in that vein.
    Jules and Ryn were locked at the lips as they sat in an easy chair together and paid more attention to each other than to the extraordinary music that we were listening too. Cory and I sat back and watched the boys and let our minds drift in peace to the melodious strains that filled the house.

    Through the course of the afternoon we learned that Ryn had been living with an older sister that had little time for a young boy in her life. The woman is twenty four and had taken responsibility for Ryn when their parents had died. The parents left the children a nice house only a few blocks from Ryan's house. There was a sizable amount of money from life insurance, savings and investments for the siblings to live on. The sister had a long line of boys waiting to spend her money and use her body. The boys had been cruel to small and soft Ryn so he had taken to the streets rather than endure their treatment of him.
    I asked Ryn about his sexual orientation and he told me that he didn't know until he went to France. He told me that all of his sister's boyfriends called him a faggot and a homo, but he told me that he never had any sort of sexual fantasy until after he ran away. I have learned that it is better to be blunt and up front with a boy. I looked him in the eye and asked him to tell me what he thought about when he played with himself.
    Ryn checked out his feet so I knew my answer, but I had to make him tell me, out loud. He had thought about seeing the boys naked in the showers at school. He had gone to school with Jules until the new school opened and then Jules did not return for the current school year. He still saw Jules after school and on weekends and he had been told about BAW. He knew he didn't want to go to a school with nothing but fags in it because they would try to hurt him.
    When one of his sister's friends got high and went into Ryn's room to crash, his life ended. He was down to the final moments and had his cum rag in place when the boy came in and lay down beside him. Ryn tried to hide what he was doing and quietly clean himself up, but the boy turned and saw him. Even in his stupor he could see what the little guy was doing and he showed his ass as he teased Ryn. He grabbed the rag from Ryn's hand and rubbed it over his face as he teased him about jacking off in the moonlight.
    The boy was loud as he continued to tease Ryn; the sister and another boy came to see what was going on. Women have a way of making a boy feel small for taking matters in hand, as if they don't diddle themselves. The three older kids began to taunt Ryn and he took flight in his confusion. Wearing next to nothing the eighty pound boy ran into the night. He was fortunate that he had left his heavy jacket beside the back door and he grabbed that as he sat down to put on his shoes that he always removed by the doorway.
    All of these events had taken place in very early January when the weather had started to break and the nights grew colder. Alone, frightened, and hungry he made his way downtown. He had his billfold in his jeans and his ATM card was in it so he had money for food. He spent the night in an all night diner and then headed to a sporting goods store as soon as it opened the next morning. He purchased a heavy blanket and a high quality sleeping bag that he could carry on his back.
    He purchased himself a package of socks and a package of underwear along with a few tee shirts and two long sleeved shirts to stave off the night chill. The jacket he had was sufficient for his needs and if he got too cold he could get into his sleeping bag. His major concern was in keeping his burden light so that he could keep it with him to prevent theft.
    Not sure where to go or what to do Ryn made his way over to the freeway construction area and scouted himself a secure area to sleep that night. The area was crawling with workers that seemed to never quit. Around midnight he was so tired that he took a chance and slipped into a stack of concrete culvert pipes and bundled up for the night. The noise of construction continued all night and he determined to find a better place for the next night.
    When he crawled out of his hiding place he was frightened at the sight of two young boys sitting on their haunches watching him. He was on his knees trailing his worldly goods behind him and knew that he would not be able to untangle himself, let alone stand, in time to run. One of the boys reached out his hand to help Ryn to his feet as the other boy gathered the sleeping bag and spread it atop the stack of pipes and began to roll it up.
    The two boys introduced themselves to Ryn and told him that they were on their way to a free breakfast and that he was welcome to join them, if he wished. The second boy had finished rolling the sleeping bag into a tight roll and was tying it to Ryn's back so he took a chance and joined his new friends.
    The boy named Oscar told Ryn the dangers of sleeping around the construction area. The security was tight because of several thefts of material. The workers were on site round the clock so the chances of his being caught were very great. Oscar and his friend, Hank, helped Ryn to find himself a safe and secure place and then they kept in close touch for about three days before they disappeared.
    Ryn was frightened and felt alone for the first time in his life, then that weekend Oscar showed up where Ryn was sitting with his head between his legs and crying. Oscar wanted him to come and meet someone that could help him get warm and dry. Their friend not only had a home for the boys, but would send them to a private school as well. He grinned at me and told me, "And the rest is history."

    It was Saturday night and therefore family orgy night. We were expecting special guests and I needed to head for home. I looked at two young men locked at the lips and did not want to break them up. Their shorts were sporting Barnum and Bailey's tent pole in their center, but neither boy had touched the other and they had made no move toward leaving the room. I wondered if they intended to service each other, I wondered if they ever had. I know that Jules is full on gay, but as yet I did not know about Ryn.
    I am fairly cognizant of Ryan's household rules, but I hate to be presumptuous. I stared him in the eye as I asked Ryn if he wanted to take Jules home with him or if he wanted to spend the night. Ryan smiled at me and slightly nodded so that I would know that he was okay with the boy staying over.
    "I want to go be with the family, but I want to stay with Jules. We won't get no privacy if we go to my place in the dorm though so I guess that I better stay."
    I winked at Bobby, "You are going to bring your boys up aren't you? I bought two upright pianos for the old rec room, the acoustics in the wine cellar are too miserable for any decent music to be performed in there."
    "Of corse we are going up. Ryn, you can ride up with us then come back to spend the week end with us, if you want." The boy was out of his seat in a flash, but stopped short; he didn't know whether to hug me or Bobby first. Bobby got the first hug, but I got tongue and a handful of boi butt.
    "Do you two remember Tip Thornton? He is two years older than I am and he went to Templeton High, but he used to come up to Charley's on the weekends." Bobby remembered him, but Ryan has only ever had eyes for Bobby and hardly ever played around with anyone outside of the Blues Club. When Cory and I left them Bobby was still trying to help Ryan remember the lanky teenager that used to come around quite often.

    A strange car was in the driveway. I was fairly certain that it must belong to Dr. Tip because of the caduceus emblem on the rear bumper. I know Dr. Will's car and I saw it sitting in the parking lot across the street. Cory placed his thumb against the reader by the front door and we were greeted by the sound of a symphony orchestra coming up the front stairs from the recreation room below.
    Quickly donning our finest uniforms Cory and I made our way down to be greeted by a wonderful sight of wall to wall naked youth sitting quietly as they listened to Willy and Shane play the new pianos with other instrumentalists playing accompaniment. I found a place to sit back and listen, but I was fascinated by Cal as he played his heart out on his violin. Oh yes, I had to buy the boy his own axe and my boys knew what he needed. I believe that Cal can make music with an old cigar box, a broom handle, and some cat gut. He makes anything with strings on it sing in top form.
    Jimmy chased Cal down the street when the boy put Jimmy's five thousand dollar Tobias Classic 6-string bass between his legs and played it with his bow. I thought that it sounded rather good myself, but then what do I know, my music ability is limited to playing the radio.
    Two little Tips came up to me with their father. Both Pat and Abe are chips off of the old block. Their resemblance to their father is amazing, but their thirteen year old cocklets were something out of a gay boy's wet dream. Tip was in his own private place as seventeen year old Sam Perkins lay his head back against the man's chest and let Tip's fingers do the walking along the meaty length of his main member.
    Four little horn toads dashed down the stairway and stopped to look around. Britt and Bart headed to the pianos while Ryn and Jules came to me. "I want a pin, Jules got a pin and a lot of guys in the dorm got a pin so I want to get one too." I had to smile at the boy, he had already told me that Jules is the only one that had ever done that deed and I know that there had been no time for the two to be together since we had returned home earlier in the week. I think that our orgy night is going to be a benchmark night for the students and family.
*1Tow head, from the German: Touw—flax—literally means flaxen haired, very light (almost white) blond hair.

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