Chapter 113


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    He's here! Cory Stevens Dickson screamed his way into my heart as the doctor gently laid him in my hands. Actually the seven pound four once bundle of joy could fit in one hand, almost. His twenty one inches overall length stretched almost to the crook of my elbow with his tiny little softball sized head laying in the palm of my hand.
    My boys peered into the window of the nursery to see their newest and youngest ever brother. I stood amongst them as the tongues of those around us wagged as if on double hinges. I faked everyone of them out as I allowed first Cory then each of the boys to kiss me full on the mouth and offer their congratulations. There was one old biddy nearby that had been clucking her tongue like a chicken so I bent over to Roddy and told him, "No sex until he is three or four years old." She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, she was back in ten minutes with two police officers.
    "Hi there Mr. Dickson. What brings you up here." Smitty waved at the maternity ward sign.
    "That cute one right there is mine," I said with pride in my heart.
    "I would think that you would have enough boys to feed in that big shelter of yours." The little old lady was not pleased and she stormed off in search of someone to tell her tale too. I gave each of the cops a cigar, not the bubble gum that I had given the boys, as I asked them how their training was going as agents for FI Security. I had interviewed each of these men after I had seen them work at thwarting a bank robbery a few months earlier. Smitty's the top, but he is thinking that one over after our second, and more personal, interview.
    Mother and baby are doing well, but I am not sure, but what they don't plan to stay in Tucson. Cory and I have both learned that they have been talking to Betty about moving into her house until Daylight is back on her feet. As a temporary thing I can deal with that, but my life is complicated enough without having a wife too close. However it will be nice to see the baby every few hours.

    Daylight and I had named Cory Stevens as soon as we had learned for a fact that it was going to be boy. That fact made my darling Cory happy, but the part that sent him into orbit was that my young son was born on March eleventh, three weeks premature, but on the very best of days for me. Cory Allen was born on March eleventh of nineteen and eighty eight. For his nineteenth birthday I gave him his very own little brother and I only wished it could have been our baby, but we still need women for some things I suppose.

    The county attorney dismissed all charges against George Polerd's dad. It is not illegal for a child to ride in the back of a pickup in Santa Cruz county where the accident happened. I did not know that the law is by county and not a state law prohibiting minors from riding in the bed of a pickup when seats are empty in the cab. As for the alcohol in the boy's system cough syrup was found, along with other cold medications, in George's back pack. It could not be proven that the small alcohol content of his blood was not the cough syrup.
    The county attorney admitted to me that she knows teenage boys and he may have snuck himself a beer or two, but she was not going to ruin a man who was already devastated by the loss of his eldest son. She smiled at me and gave me an update on her former associate who was caught in the act with a twelve year old boy. Sue Ellen, my friend's name, was all that the man needed to hear. He knew that they had him dead to rights with her testimony. Then his attorney read excerpts of the boy's deposition to him. He copped a plea and will serve twenty years, without parole. He will register as a sex offender, class one, but he will be out of prison in twenty years. He will be on supervised probation for the rest of his natural life. I thought of Roddy and Gus and I felt like it could have, should have been me.
    I'll be pushing sixty when he gets out of prison, but he will be in his late seventies. Nevertheless, I will stay in touch with him, he will need a friend. It is very hard for convicted sex offenders to find a place to live. No one will rent to them and a level one will have his picture, with his name, circulated all over the neighborhood wherever he tries to move to. If just one person objects to his living near them he has to go looking again. I will provide a place for him, somewhere.
    The reason I had called on the very important lady in the first place was because George's younger brother, Cody, had been raped in the locker room at school the week before. It was Curtis and Eric that found him tied around a wooden bench with an ass hole big enough to put the space shuttle inside and still dripping cum which had formed a large puddle on the floor. The coach had seen the two boys go into the locker room during the last class period and he knew that they weren't supposed to be there. He had followed them and before they could do more than remove the gag from Cody's mouth he walked in. He told the boys to untie him, but not to touch his ass or the mess on the floor. He told Cody that he could put on jock strap and wrap a towel around himself, but to stay naked until the police arrived.
    I learned that the semen from at least nine, maybe as many as fifteen or more, males had been identified in the specimen samples collected by the CSI team. None of the semen showed up on DNA data lists, which didn't surprise me, these are kids who's DNA has never been collected. Cody did identify twenty boys who had been in the room and had watched him being assaulted, but he could only name twelve of the boys who actually shoved their cocks in his mouth or in his butt. He passed out from the pain when the really well hungs pumped up his ass. The CA is seeking a court order to have each of those boys' DNA samples taken. They are suspects in a violent crime.

    George Polerd Senior brought his diminutive fourteen year old son, Cody, to the house. All of the boy's knew, and loved, young George. Senior was more than grateful to me for paying for the funeral expenses for his son. He is still in shock and it has been a bit more than a year since the tragic incident. Now his baby was a being victimized and he was devastated.
    "Cory, I am so grateful to you. I know how much Georgie loved you. He wanted to move up here and live with you, you know. I was in his room and I picked up the jeans that he had just taken off and saw his little gold penis shaped pin. I asked him about it. He was standing there naked with a clean pair of underwear in his hands. He blushed then he told me what I already knew.
    "Cory spent the night with Georgie several times and I guess that they must have been about fifteen, Georgie was in the tenth grade and it was almost summer time so he would have been fifteen when this happened. Yeah, he was fifteen and I guess Cory is about the same age. Anyway, I got up in the in the middle of the night for drink of water. I heard grunts and moans coming from Georgie's room. Georgie used to have nightmares before he met Cory, but they seemed to have gone away. I worried that Georgie was having another one and would it scare Cory.
    "I slowly opened the door and what I saw…well let's just say that it caused my breath to catch in my throat. I didn't want my son to be gay, but he truly seemed to be enjoying the pounding he was getting from Cory. I could not help myself, I stood there and watched. The door is on the other side of the room from where Georgie's bed sits and Cory had his back to me, well all I could see was his scrawny ass pumping away at my boy who had his legs spread wide and pointed at the ceiling.
    "I couldn't help myself, I just pushed my underwear beneath my balls and began to do it to myself. I was at my end and fell back against the wall when I saw Cody standing there naked and pounding his tiny eleven year old dick as hard as I was pounding mine. I could not stop my cream from rising, but I was trying to get my underwear up when Cody took my whole manhood into his tiny mouth. I released year's of tension into my own baby's mouth. I can't remember a climax like that since my own high school days with my boyfriend.
    "Cody and I moved into his bedroom where he told me that he was gay. I didn't believe that an eleven year old could know something like that until he told me that he wanted to be fucked like Georgie and Cory fucked each other. I learned that he has a place where he could see directly into Georgie's bedroom and he had installed his computer's camera where he could see everything that Georgie did in there. The next day he showed me hundreds of files that he has burned to CDs and hidden away with his hundreds of music titles.
    "That night, however…" His face twisted and I knew that he was in remorseful pain over having had sex with his own boy.
    "It's okay, dad. I did it, not you, and I loved it then and every time since then.
    "I wanted it so bad. All of my friends had dicks smaller than mine. I was bigger than anybody in my class with a solid four inches, but it was still skinny. I fucked five different guys and they all wanted me to do it over and over again. I don't mind fucking, but I wanted a big dick up my ass. Their little dicks were so small that their fingers felt better. I learned about sixty nine by watching Georgie and Cory. I couldn't believe it when I saw them put their fingers up each other's ass and finger fuck each other while they sucked. From the way they acted and what they said afterwards I knew that I was going to try it.
    "Ralph Morris was the first one I did it with."
    "Ralph the mouth? He is a great cocksucker, but he tells everyone who he has sucked. Vic, Craig, Jay Jay, Ricky, Tran, and Steven. Ronnie, Eric, Kenny and I all let him suck us. I have fucked him before and he told me that you were the first one to ever fuck him. I have wanted to get to you so bad, but I made a promise to my dad and my family," Donny said. I smiled at him.
    "Then you know how long Ralph's fingers are. When I was eleven and he was twelve his fingers were much longer than my dick, and almost as thick. I loved to sixty nine with him while he fucked my ass with two of those long things. The day that I told dad that I was gay Ralph had fucked me with three fingers and I came like a fire hose. We sucked each other then he wanted my dick up in him so I did it, but I wanted his fingers back in me. That was the first time that he had ever sucked my cock after it had been up his ass. I made up it to him when I sucked his slime covered fingers for him.
    "My ass was still wide open so dad and I lay there and he fell asleep. I pulled his underwear back under his balls and sucked him until he got hard then I got up and sat down on his dick. It fucking hurt so bad I almost screamed, but I wanted it more and the pain wouldn't make me stop, not then. The pain stopped and I started to move up and down, that tore me up, but the more I did it the better it began to feel. I began to pounce on dad's big hard cock and that woke him up. He wanted to tell me to stop, but I was making him feel good too. I actually felt him cum in my ass. I loved it and I try to get him to fuck me all of the time now. He quit when Georgie was…you know, died." That caused father and son to tear up. We sat in silence as the two of them embraced, lovingly.
    "I was telling you about finding the pin," George began again. "It was just a couple of weeks before the…accident. I didn't say a word, I moved over to Georgie, who was totally naked. I wrapped my arms around him and held him. 'Don't worry about it son, I know about you and Cory and I don't care, at all.' Georgie melted in my arms. His wide eyes stared into mine, I just cupped his dick in my hand and fondled it, lovingly. He pulled tighter to me as he began to rise. I led him to his bed and pushed him back. I went to my knees between his legs which he spread wide for me. I did what Cody told me that he liked and finger fucked my son while I sucked his dick.
    "Georgie was a live wire. He flooded my mouth, but stayed hard. I kept my fingers in his ass and kept on sucking. I love getting it on with Cody, he was thirteen by then with a larger dick that I enjoyed being fucked with, almost as much as I enjoyed sucking on. Georgie came off of another load then he looked down his body at me, 'fuck me dad. I can be as good as Cody. I'll do anything you want if you will just fuck me and love me too.'
    "That hurt. I grabbed my boy in my arms and held him close to me. We cried together then he asked me again to fuck him. I told him that I loved him, even more than I did Cody, but I didn't want to use his body too. I poured out all of my pent up emotions over having sex with Cody. I told him how his mother wanted nothing to do with me and hadn't for over eight years. He told me that he had a good idea that was going on. He told me that his mother could be a real bitch and he was surprised that we were still living together. I asked him if he wanted me to get a divorce. He smiled at me and told me, 'Not until you have a good bed partner lined up to fuck every night.' He wanted to interview for the job.
    "I was pumping his ass with the last of my load when Cody walked in, naked. 'Cool,' he said. He came to the bed and pushed me away and got down on his knees to suck my dick clean then he began to eat Georgie's cum filled ass. I was stunned, but excited.
    "Georgie raised up on one arm and stared me in the eye. 'Kiss me, pops.' I did, it was a kiss like his mother only mastered once, but it was better than the kisses that I shared with Keith, my old boyfriend.
    "'Now fuck Cody. You need to do us both at the same time so you can decide who will take mom's place.' I told him that neither of them would ever take anyone's place, we would just love one another a little more and a little differently than most families did. I fucked Cody and Georgie moved into position so that they could suck each other at the same time. We were all laying on our sides and it was so great to watch my boys going at it. I loved watching Cody suck his brother's cock. We did work on a variation of that though and tried many different positions with the three of us.
    "I told the boys that in order to make a righteous decision then they would have to fuck me. I had not had anything in my ass in nineteen years so I asked Cody to go first and open me up. Even a five inch dick can hurt when you are a tight ass. We were interrupted by a phone call from the boys' mother. She told us that she was not going to make it home that night, she was in Phoenix on business. Both boys cleaned my system and filled my gut, from both top and bottom as I tried to do the same for them. The next day I was served with divorce papers while I was at work. The boys wanted to celebrate that night."
    "Mr. Polerd, I didn't see your wife at Georgie's funeral. Was she there?" Cory asked him.
    "That fucking bitch didn't show up. She called dad and told him that she didn't want to end up in a grave too. She told him that he killed Georgie to get rid of any memories of her and that I better watch out 'cause I was gonna get it next." Cody was red faced, he was so mad. George wrapped his arms around his son to try and calm him down.
    I sat back and took a long hard look at George. "Keith? Keith Hall?" He nodded yes. "Rollie Pollie, the fat little kid with pimples? And your boyfriend was Keith?" He blushed as Cody broke out in laughter.
    "I found his year books. He was a fat fucker with more pimples than a decent pizza has pepperoni on it. I found some snap shots in the pages of him and a good looking kid with their arms around each other. Is that your boyfriend, dad?" To his embarrassment he acknowledged that it was.
    "When was the last time that you heard from Keith?"
    "When he stood beside me as my best man. When we returned from our honeymoon to San Diego he was gone. His mother said that he just loaded up everything he owned and left town. I told her to have him call me, but he never did. I waited a couple of years then went to his house, but somebody else lived there and they didn't know the Halls."

    Roddy was curled up half asleep in my lap. He stirred and looked up at me, "Can we get naked now, daddy. My balls are all sweaty, these clothes cramp my style." I looked at George. He is very thin and drawn. He is almost a complete chrome dome, he went bald just a few years after graduation. I had an idea about that. I told Roddy that he could take his clothes off if George didn't mind seeing his cute little butt, but all of the boys would want to get naked and I didn't know if George could handle that. He was all for it.
    I excused myself so I could go change into nothing and be more comfortable. I stepped into my office and grabbed my cell phone. Cory was right behind me. He shut the door, "I didn't know that the little perv was watching us, daddy. He took pictures of us? I hope that you aren't upset."
    "I am not happy that someone was able to take pictures of you having sex without your knowing it. I think that it will be okay with these two, but we need to talk this over in family council, I don't want anyone getting into trouble over something like this."
    Dr. Will answered his phone, "Will, I have a problem. Can you come up to the house and draw some blood? I will tell him that it is for a health check before I can let him have sex with my boys, but I suspect arsenic poisoning. Do a little mumbo jumbo and announce him clean to fuck then check his blood for me. Can do? Oh, and bring the bone with you, we are odd one boy." Will laughed at me and told me that it was a slow day and he was horny as all hell. He would be at the house as soon as he could pull bone away from his boner. The boy is so frustrated that he only sucks himself lately. I will have to get Will to let him cum stay with the family for awhile.
    I walked back into the family room with Cory at my side, he was waving my dick at the family. "Oh shit, I didn't believe it when Georgie told me that thing was that big." Cody blurted out, "Do I get to ride that for my own golden pole pin?" He grabbed his shirt to show us Georgie's pin under the collar. "I can't wear it on my fly 'cause I ain't never had that up in me, but fuck, I want one of my own." By now I was fully boned and he was on his knees stroking me, "Can anyone get that in their mouth?"
    I wanted to stop Roddy as he showed how easy it was. George just sat back and smiled, "I love to see a father who enjoys his boys. I hear that Rod is your real son?"
    "All of these boys are my real sons, most of them I have adopted, Rod is my wife's son, so yes, he is my real son." That made Roddy smile and he began to hum on my cock. Cody asked him if he could try it. Cory told him to watch then he told Roddy to do it. Roddy moved around and moaned a bit as he slowly swallowed every inch of my cock to the hair and then some. Once all of it was in him he began to bob his little head. Cory placed Cody's hand on Roddy's throat so he could feel my cock going down his esophagus.
    "Wow, let me." He begged Roddy. The boy does love his cock, he had all of me in him in seconds and was going to town on my cock. I sat back in my chair and spread my legs. I got a finger or four up my ass before I tried to drown the youngster with my first load of the day. He cleaned me up, but left me wet then turned around and impaled himself on me. He had about six inches up in himself when he started to bounce. "Fuck me, ain't nothing never made me feel this fucking good." He was going for broke when I grabbed him on the up stroke. I turned his young body so that he was facing me. I had him move his legs up to my shoulders then I slowly lowered him all of the way down. He was all smiles as he wrapped his arms around my neck and lay still.

    I had my phone in my hand and I made my call. "Hey there, K man, how's tricks? Getting all the boi sauce you want?" I listened quietly as he told me that his long time lover, Cliff, had left him for a little boy and was now under arrest. His college roommate took one chance too many when he let the sixteen year old bring a friend over. The friend fucked and sucked like an old time faggot all weekend then went to a school councilor on Monday to tell how he and another boy had been molested by some old queen. His story was good enough that the roommate was facing several hundred years in prison.
    "So K man, want to put all of that behind you and come visit me for the weekend? I have a houseful of kiss, but never tells." He chuckled then he was quiet for a minute or two.
    "Chris babe, you don't have a Palfrey list do you?" It had only been a few days, April 30, 2007, since Jean Palfrey, the DC Madam, released her telephone lists of customers to whom she has supplied escorts. I had several panicked callers wanting to know if I had a phone list for my services. I assured them that I had no such service available and for sure I had no phone numbers on file. They don't need to know that any calls to them are always made on a throw away phone and in some cases through our extraordinarily secure satellite phone system. I quietly reassured this old high school acquaintance of the same thing. "I could do with a break. I am free all next week, what day could I come to see you?"
    "How about all of them, and why wait until next week, you can be here in about an hour and a half?"
    "You mean it? I could come now?"
    "And stay for a few weeks, or months, or as long as you want. We would love to have you. You met most of my family personally in July. Wouldn't you like a bed free of blood sucking mosquitoes and only share it with a cum sucking boy." …I listened to him for a minute, "Oh, I don't know, at least one, but more than that is up to you, as to how many you are up for. … Okay, I am sending out for a case of real meat hotdogs with all of the trimmings. I only make one request of you my friend…, you only roast the hotdogs that I buy at the store. The ones still attached to boys you will have to eat raw, and no chewing, swallowing is expected, but chewing is over the line."
    The boys were holding their sides when I hung up the phone. Cory took it from me then he and Cas helped me to my feet with a cute little pony jockey still in place. I liked the way his saddle fit my pony and I was going to give the boy the ride of his life, while his wide eyed father looked on. He was having a bit of eye trouble though, he kept looking at the naked boys around him. He seemed most intrigued with Jeff and Evan. He checked out Chad several times then he looked at me.
    "Hey, get it on. I am fucking the shit right out of your boy. You can fuck, or anything else your cock desires, with anyone in the house."

    "Young master Ģerâld told me that dinner has changed sir… Oh my, I am so sorry, I did not know that we had quests."
    "Edmund, my man. If you don't want to fuck I have an errand that I would like for you to run for me. We are going to have an old fashioned weenie roast tonight. We will need about two cases of those big fat franks, thirty packages of hot dog buns, better make that thirty five, don't want to come up short. A dozen cans of chilli, a bushel of onions, relish, mustard, chips, beans, whatever else you can think of."
    "Sir, if I might, I make a pretty mean meatless hot dog sauce that just makes the dog bark."
    "You took on this job because you like to cook for my family. I leave that up to you and Ģerâld." Ģerâld went with him to the store, but they made Luke and Mitch go with them. Sometimes I think that Ģer doesn't trust Luke out of his sight.

    To his displeasure I withdrew from Cody's ass, but then I began to give him pleasure as he had never expected to have in his life. I started with the kiss and worked my way down his tight little fourteen year old body. The boy is a keeper. He is about the size that Turner was that afternoon so long ago at a dirty little truck stop on the state line with California. Cody's cocklet has grown to a fourteen year old boy size since his father last saw him. I felt sorry for both of them. They had not shared so much as a hug since Mrs. Polerd had made her snide remarks about Cody being the next for George to get rid of.
    Cody has had a lot of boy sex, but it has been rushed through because he did not want his father to know that he was still active. He wanted his father very badly and wanted the man to feel that he was there for him and him alone. Cody had never been loved. I changed that for him and I was going to train his father, if my other plan didn't work out. I learned that Cody felt it was his responsibility to give himself to his dad. He preferred to be with a boy his own age. When I pressed him I learned that he really did like being with Ralph, but he didn't like the boy blowing his mouth off. He giggled at his own double entendre. That was something that I would leave up to the boys, they were all listening.
    By the time I came back up his second leg from the back side he was spouting off again. I was glad to see that he was a deep well of my favorite drink as I rushed to the well head for all he was giving up for my discerning taste buds. I moved over to his back door and asked if I could step in to dine awhile. My request was met by his spindly legs moving further apart. I gave him the kind of licking he deserved as he giggled and wiggled and bounced about. Curtis moved over the boy to feed him that which he wanted to replenish his own system. I learned that Curtis and Cody have been close friends since the first day that Curtis moved from the shelter into the apartment over the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß.
    Cody was the first boy that Curtis ever had up in him and only the second boy he ever sucked. He wanted boy sex so badly that he practically begged Jim to teach him. I had allowed Jim to spend the night and a few weeks later Jim let Curtis fuck him after he had let Cory open him wide. Not that Curtis needed a wide opening, but he needed a good teacher. That next week he and Cody had some private time in Curtis's apartment and that went on for the rest of the school year. Curtis had not known that Cody was having sex with his father, but that didn't matter that much to him, he was getting his. Now he was feeding his buddy with his man seed while the family cheered him on.
    It was time for the penetration. I eye talked Curtis to withdraw, the last thing I want to hear is a boy screaming as his dick is bitten from a reflex action to my going up a tight ass. I was slow, but I had already been in his little butt for nearly a half an hour, still re-entry can be harder sometimes. Not with Cody, he is a cock monkey and he wants it in him as often as he can get it. I rode him hard and all over the floor. We were on a plain towel that just slid wherever it aimed and I had to work to keep myself in him. Finally Curtis got his cock down the boy's throat and Eric got up in Curtis between Eric and I and our synchronized thrusts we kept the boy in one place and we each filled our human receptacle with our love. I was surprised that Cody had it in him to fill Curtis' hungry little mouth with the fourth offering since our love making had begun less than forty five minutes before.

    Edmund and his entourage came in from the garage. "Coke man is here." Several of the boys jumped up and ran to the garage door to help unload the groceries and the coke truck. I buy a full truck load of assorted sodas each week, no diet sodas.
[new evidence is out on my assertion about Aspertine. There are four new studies on the web this past month proclaiming what I have said for the past eighteen years. Nutra Sweet is a killer. Don't use it. the communists said it in the fifties, "We will conquer you and never have to fire a shot." Look at the news today at how much of our food, and even tooth paste is being poisoned and tell me it is coincidence. Wake up people, it is a plot to kill you. Two good books on the subject are: EXCITOTOXINS: THE TASTE THAT KILLS-written by Dr. Russell Blaylock (Health Press 1-800-643-2665) and DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMER's DISEASE-written by Dr. H.H. Roberts, also a diabetic specialist.]
    Tran and Nylan looked at me, "Go give him a tip, you like it as much as he does," I told them.
    "Can we do more, daddy?" Tran loves to call me daddy, he has no idea who his father was, he was gone long before the boy knew not to shit in his diaper. I know that the nineteen year old boy that delivers our Coca Cola loves Asian boys and he wants to give up his cherry to them. These two boys let him suck them off every time he comes to deliver, but so far we have held back on anything else.
    "Be careful, do you want a chaperone?" That was a dumb question, they would be there for each other. Tran grabbed two of our orgy mats and the two boys ran after their boned young cocks to the garage.
    The boys who had helped to unload the truck were coming back in, "Terry wants you two…oh shit, you gonna do him? That's fucking righteous, dudes." The outgoing pair high fived the incoming group and shut the door behind them. I told everyone in the house to stay out of the garage unless one of the butt busters called for us. There were lots of giggles and knowing nods.

    "Now that is a good looking picture of boy and man. I almost wish I was still into kids."
    I removed my cock from of Cody's happy butt hole as he and Curtis pulled themselves together to lap at each other's fresh fucked cock sheaths. "Hey K man, that was quick, did you fly?" Luke smiled at me and shook his head as he sat his load of groceries on the cabinet then walked over and hugged Keith with a welcome to the house kiss.
    "Just about. I was already on the south side of town and decided that I could be here in less time then it would have taken me to get back home then another two hours to get back across town and down here… I said fuck it and just came." He stopped dead and stared. "I sorta figured with your lot that I wouldn't need much in the way of clothing and I can buy a toothbrush almost anywhere." I told him that we had new toothbrushes as Edmund handed one to him. We all laughed.

    Will was explaining to George what he was looking for in the blood that he had drawn. He was doing some phony hocus pocus with litmus paper and diabetic test strips. Will is good and I expect nothing but the best from him. George had Hamm Bone's ham bone in his hand and was turning to suckle at the dripping cock as the doctor continued with his reverie. George looked at Will then stared past him and his mouth dropped open. "Keith, is that you buddy. Oh, Keith." The two were in each other's arms in an instant.

    Keith could not take his boyfriend being married. He loaded up his car and left home. He was accepted to ASU in Tempe where he studied psychiatry. He checked on George from time to time over the first few years, but when he learned that George had two boys he knew they were finished. He had been sharing a bed with his college roomy and they decided to become a permanent item. All was well until about October. The roommate had not been happy in bed since they returned from our wilderness outing in July. I felt somehow responsible for them breaking up.
    "No, no, no, no, no, don't even go there. I have known for several years that Cliff wanted boys. He was enchanted by what we had in the woods. He couldn't get over his actually being able to live a long time fantasy of running naked day and night through forests and glades with hundreds of naked boys, all willing to do any sex act he wanted to do and be willing to serve them as they wished. He got it, he just didn't want to let it go. He met little Justin soliciting outside a gay bar down from our apartment. He brought him home to our bed. I was destroyed. They both wanted me to get it on with them, but I just couldn't do it. I have too much to loose, Chris. I can't be with children." He looked around the room and realized that he had fucked most all of the boys in the room and for sure he had sucked all, but one or two of them.
    Dean walked over to him and opened up his pants as Ray took the man's coat and loosened his tie. Dean looked the man in the eye as he unbuttoned his shirt, "Look, I'm new to this family. My boyfriend says that you know how to love a boy, well I love to be loved. Every guy in here will go down on you and make you happy and we will never ever tell. You are safe with any of us and you are welcome here for as long as you want to stay."
    Roddy was up slapping his ass and sticking it out at the slack jawed head shrink, "Can't touch this," he did a little dance and repeated, "can't touch this." He was joined by Gus which caused the other boys no end of mirth.
    "Alright, almost every guy. Those two are hands off or Chris will cut your nuts into slices without removing them from your body first." That put many hands to groin and many moans of pain from around the room.

    Keith and George were sitting together, quietly talking. "I have a guest room with a sofa and an intimate seating area. It commands a great view of the city below and it is getting dark so you can look over the lights. We will start dinner and call you in one hour." They both blushed. Thirty eight year old men and they blushed, that was great. George started to arise, but he lost control. Jan grabbed a waste basket for the man to vomit into as other boys came with mops and disinfectants to clean the floor.
    "He does that all the time anymore. I worry about him, but he says it is just nerves from all that is happening to our lives," Cody said aloud.
    "Sorry, no party for you tonight. Go wash your ass out, well, the boys will show you how. The rest of you get some pants on or leave the area, I have an ambulance on the way. You are going in the hospital for several days. I have to flush your system of a near lethal level of arsenic.
    "Cody, you have arsenic in your system too. What are you eating now that you didn't eat before?" Dr. Will wanted to know.
    "All of this cock?"
    "I'm serious here, son. You can die from this and I need to know how you and your dad got it."
    "The sweetener, Cody. I cut him off of sugar a few months ago and made him start using that artificial sweetener that I have been using for years," George said as he fell back into his chair in exhaustion.
    "Do you use much of it?"
    "I am using a lot more lately. I drink a lot of coffee."
    "And he smokes a lot of cigarettes. He sits at the table from the time he comes home from work until I make him go to bed at night. He has just been getting worse and worse since Georgie died," Cody volunteered.
    "How long have you used this sweetener, George?"
    "Since just after I got married. Mae wanted to help me loose weight so I cut out sugar and use the stuff that she buys. Cody is a little hyper and he has gotten some pimples so I made him stop using sugar and start using the sweetener a few months ago. You think that is it?"
    "What brand is it, where do you buy it?"
    "I don't know. Mae has big bags of it that she keeps in sealed bags in the deep freeze. I still have three or four bags left, we don't use a whole lot of it, just in our drinks, like tea, coffee, Kool Aid. You don't think…?"
    "Don't go jumping at conclusions until we check. Right now let's get you cleaned out."
    "Do you use much of the sweetener yourself, Cody?" the doc was onto something that I had suspected earlier.
    "I don't know, maybe five or six spoons full a day. You know, on my cereal and in my tea and kool-aide and stuff, dad won't let me have sodas no more and he don't like those diet drinks, he says that aspertine is poison." I wonder if the sweetener that dear sweet Mrs. Polerd had in the freezer isn't worse than Nutra Sweet? I was glad that I had called Will to come up, I needed an expert.
    "I will treat Cody here, if you don't mind. I don't want him going home. I will get you to sign some papers for me so that I can send a team into your house to search for the source of this poison.

    Cory led the EMTs to the den where they made George lay down on a gurney. Keith wanted to go with him and he was allowed. Will asked if bone could stay with us for awhile and we had to agree. Cody crawled up into my lap and begin to cry. "You knew it, didn't you?"
    "I saw some signs that told me to call a doctor to check him out."
    "What did you see dad?" The boys were gathering around and needed input. "I knew those two boys in high school. No, not that way. George was pretty fat and pimple faced. I heard that he got married then he suddenly lost weight and his hair fell out, almost over night. I shook his hand when he came in and it was even sweatier than it was when I visited him after Georgie's accident. He looks worse than he has this last year. I started looking at him as he talked and I saw little things, I don't know if I can tell you everything that piqued my suspicions, but some of the bigger things were the sweat that was pouring off of him, and it is not warm in here. His voice sounds hoarse, worse than it was a year ago. His eyes have a strange kind of sparkle to them, but they are red, not just the whites of his eyes, but the pupils too. Then there is the lividity of his arms and legs."
    "What's livygidy, daddy?" Theo wanted to know.
    "Lividity, the pale color of his legs and arms didn't match the pale color of his body. They look almost yellow against his body. These are signs that I have read about one time in the past."
    "And if he has ever read, heard it, or seen it, he will remember it," Cory said with a touch of pride. I smiled at my main man. He knows me, too well.

    Dr. Will had word for us later that evening as we fired up the fire pit to roast hot dogs. He and Keith had come back up to the house after he had put George into a radical treatment routine. With a case of a person ingesting a large dose of arsenic a chelating agent is routinely used. Dimercaprol or Succimer are the preferred drugs, but George had the symptoms of several years of ingestion. Will ordered a full blood filtering, the same as with a kidney blood dialyses only the blood was being filtered through a chelating agent then the drug was being filtered out. He would continue this routine for several days.
    The drugs used can cause toxicity levels to rise and unneeded and unwanted side effects, that could hurt or kill George, could occur. Will wanted to clean the body's system with his own blood. By cleansing the blood then letting it go back to cleanse the body's cells he felt that he could do a better job quicker. Yes, he needed to use an agent that would sequester the arsenic away from the blood proteins, but he felt that doing that procedure outside of the body would make for a quicker healing. I had a very frightened youngster in my lap that sincerely feared losing his dad and possibly ending up living with his mother.

    Who is that gorgeous hunk of boy over there? I had to look where Keith was drooling. "That's more boy than you can handle," Cory told him. "That's daddy's old boyfriend's son and can that kid ever fuck. He knows every trick dad ever taught Tiny and a few he has learned on his own. His name is Billy Baker Junior, but we call him Tiny Too."
    "Tiny Baker? I knew a kid in school named Tiny Baker, he was your boyfriend?"
    "Only until his dad made him move away in our sophomore year, but yeah."
    "This is so unreal, Tiny's father was my father's junior high school fuck buddy. When I came out to my dad just before he died he told me about him and Matt Baker. He told me not to say anything to Tiny because it might embarrass Matt. Dad and I were out at the mall one day and we met Matt and Tiny, that kid over there looks exactly like Tiny did then."
    "I know. You should have seen my reaction when he knocked on my door, but tell me about your dad and Mr. Baker."
    "They were like two best buddies. They had planned the meeting. Nobody said anything about them being lovers, but I knew about it and I felt so good. I wondered if I could get into Tiny's pants, but then a few weeks later I saw you two together and knew he would never want me. I spent the night with George that weekend and my virgin life ended. I didn't think of anyone else, then he got married.
    "I couldn't handle it, Chris. I had no one to talk too. You were so popular and everybody said that you were the greatest fuck in the county, but I knew that you would never want me…"
    "Keith, we talked all of the time. I had you over to the house and you brought Rollie Pollie over once. I saw you kiss him and I was so glad for both of you."
    "Please don't call him that. I used to get so mad…"
    "I know you did and it was wrong of me. I will apologize to him when I go see him later."
    "No, please let it go. It used to make him cry when people called him that and I don't want him to be upset."
    "Hey, look who just came home. Hey, Bill come here a minute." Bill walked up to me and looked at Keith, it took him a minute and then he remembered him from high school. He was fifteen when he had to move away, but he still remembered Keith after all of these years.
    I told Bill that I was going to put Keith and George out in the bungalow. He had no problem with that. Billy was living with the family, but Bill was staying at his apartment in town. I really need to find him a boyfriend, but he doesn't even know what he wants anymore. He is very good looking and he is smart and witty, maybe Keith can help him.
    "Our dad's were fuck buddies weren't they?"
    "You knew about that?"
    "We met you and your dad at the mall, he came to me after he learned that Chris and I were getting it on and told me about it. He really liked your dad. He told me that he loved Chris, but if I ever needed anybody then I should hook up with you. I told him that I was pretty sure that you and George were doing the deed and he just laughed and told me that boys were nothing, but hormones. As long as they were fed they would breed. 'At least we didn't live on a farm,' he told me one time. I asked him if he ever fucked an animal and he told me that your dad was pretty wild and from the sound of Chris and I one of us was too. We dropped the subject. Talking about queer sex with my dad was just too weird."
    "Did you ever marry? Do you have a good looking son that needs to be fucked?" We all broke up over that one and began to fix our plates full of food.

    A scream that awakened the dead in China pierced the air and was quickly followed by Jayson coming in to the west gate of the patio calling for help. Brad was hurt. Jan ran up to me and handed me my shirt, shorts, and sneakers and snuck in a quick kiss. I quickly donned my clothes before taking off up the winding pathway of the green belt that runs throughout the neighborhood. I found big bad Brad at the side of the path with several people gathered about him. Someone had wrapped a strip of cloth, torn from a discarded tee shirt on the ground near him, around his lower leg. It was covered in blood.
    I picked my young hunky friend up and carried him back to my house. Dr. Will looked at us as we entered the side gate to the pool area and rushed to our aide. He wanted to call for an ambulance, but Jay would not hear of it, he would drive. I pointed out that he would need a crane to get Brad all the way up into his super jacked up pickup truck, but driving would be quicker. Edmund reminded me that he had used the large van for his weeny run and the seats were still folded down.
    Before the words hit the back wall and bounced back Cas had Brad in his arms and our college football fullback was making a run down the center for the goal. He had the full team running interference as doors were opened and held until he passed through. Cory was right behind him with his clothes on and keys in hand. I was handed my pants and a shirt and accepted Dr. Will's offer of a ride to the hospital.

    Brad broke his leg roller bladeing. Some of the neighborhood children had been playing in one of the cactus gardens and had left rocks on the paved jogging path. A tiny stone had jammed Brad's blades and down he went, at high speed.
    The break was clean, but it had broken through the skin so it had to be surgically reduced. Dr. Will knew the doctor on duty in the ER and was allowed to scrub and be with him in the operating room. Twenty minutes after Brad had gone into the operating theater Dr. Will ran out and up the hall past us. "He's doing fine, the doctor will be out as soon as he closes." He kept on running and disappeared around a corner down the hall.
    After about another ten minutes the doctor from the ER came out to tell us that Brad was fine and he was awake. He was asking for Jayson and me. The doctor said that Brad was in the recovery room and as soon as he was stable he could go home.
    I hung back so that Jay could go to see his long time friend alone, but he grabbed my hand and made me go in with him. "Don't you ever lay back on me daddy you love this spic as much as I do." I was shocked by his choice of words and he saw it. "He calls me a mic because my mother's mother was Irish. I had to come back with something."
    "Yeah, but don't you ever let me hear you use those names around my family or I will cut your Irish cock off. I don't like name calling and you know that." Jay stopped as we got to the foot of Brad's bed and turned to me with tears pouring down his cheeks.
    "I am sorry, daddy, I am just so glad that this big ole cock sucker is okay. I don't know what I would do without him, or you either." He kissed me, hard. I looked over his shoulder to see Brad's nurse smile at us.
    "Hey, I'm the one that is busted up, don't I get a kiss?" Jay walked over and gave Brad what he wanted then he raised the sheet and then the surgical gown. He lifted Brad's jewels up and got down close for a thorough inspection then turned with a sheepish look on his face to the grinning nurse who had busied herself with the electronic monitors still attached to Brad.
    "Sorry, I am just worried about him. He is my whole world, well ninety nine percent of it, my wife and daughter have the rest of it."

    I was surprised to see Bull walk into the ER. He had that look on his face that I have only seen a very few times, but I knew that it could not be good. "You might want to look this over. It is a copy, I had to go back to the office and have it registered, I am glad that I did so quickly."
    It was the Last Will and Testament of one George Cody Polerd, he is not a senior because I remember that Georgie's middle name was different. I had to sit down. George had named me full guardian of Cody and he left everything he owned to the boy in trust with me as executor. Permission was granted for adoption of his soul surviving son. He gave Keith a sealed box that Cody could retrieve for him and a nasty retort to his ex-wife. If it wasn't so sad I would have laughed at that.
    "You never saw that, it is highly unethical for me to allow you to even know of the existence of that document, but I want you to be prepared to take care of his son and not go sending him off somewhere. George is very afraid of his ex getting her hands on the boy and he is sure that she has killed him."
    "Do you think he will die?" I had to ask, I have to report to a scared teenage boy waiting at my house.
    "I don't know, Chris. Will is a good doctor, but he told me as George dictated this will to me that he doesn't hold much hope for the man. He has had too much poison ingested into his system for too long."
    "But why did it happen today, of all days? It could have happened anytime, but not in my home, in front of my boys, and his own son." I was rambling and he knew it. Bull is as big as his name. He took me in his arms and nearly crushed me to death.

    "Ahem," I jerked up to see Dr. Will frowning at us. I didn't figure him for one to be upset with Bull holding me in a public place, but that was not the cause of the frown. "George has lapsed into a coma. That could be a good thing. It will give his body time to heal itself. I have called a specialist in the field to take over the case, my specialty lies in other areas. I think that you need to go prepare a special little man for the worst, Chris. I know you and how you are with these boys. He will need you so be there for him.
    "I'm sorry, I didn't need to add that did I? I am worried about the chances that man up there has. The odds aren't exactly stacked in his favor."

    Brad was wheeled out with his leg sticking out in the same direction that I usually see his cock pointing. Jay was holding his man's hand and tear streaks marred his cute young face. Brad was on his cell phone talking to Lou, at least it sounded that way from our end. He was telling her that he was okay, but that he would have to stay at my place for a few weeks because we had a couple of therapists that could help him.
    What a liar. I almost told him so. He knows that Ray and Chuck are down at the other house, but then again we do have young Cas who is studying sports medicine. I guess he could qualify as a therapist, but if the truth be known Brad has missed living at the house, even more than Jay, and Jay cries because he misses the boys.

(editor's note: Jay cries because he misses dad, but don't tell him that. He already has enough on his shoulders. I guess while I am at it I might as well tell you, most all of us cry because we miss dad. I wanted so much to run over to Jan and hold him as I watched the expression on his face. Dad had drawn his name to spend the night and he wanted to be with dad now. All of us fear that we will not be alone with dad because with so many in the house he often needs to comfort one boy or another so our time is intruded on by another.
I guess all of us love the man and we all owe him so much, but I want to just go off somewhere for a few hours for some one on one time. I wish that we could just go get a burger or an ice cream and be totally by ourselves. If you ever have had the chance to be held in his arms, or even be in his bed, then you have an idea of the love I feel for him. I am just an empty shell without him. I know how much he loves Cory and I will never take his place.
Dad has an album of Rod Stewart and I love to listen to it. There is one song on the album that says it all in one little passage, "when the one you love is in love with some one else, don't you know it's hard, I mean it's a living hell. No matter how hard I try to convince myself that I won't loose control…" My heart can't tell you no; From Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits album, Warner Brothers 2001
I guess I better wind this up. I don't know what dad will think when he finds out that I have added my thoughts to his story. He is a good story teller and he is telling it as it happens. The problem is that he doesn't know what is happening to our hearts. There is nothing that he can do to change things, not a single one of us wants to loose another. Sure, Cecil was a slut, but he was our slut. He hurt us all when he got caught at school with a cock up his ass. That could really get dad in a lot of trouble, but we still love the guy. We can love the person yet still hate what he does.
We do love each other and we love you. You keep dad happy almost as much as we do. He loves to tell stories and he needs you to hear them. I am going to post this before dad comes back. Bye for now, Jimmy

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