Chapter 164


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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   The elevator doors opened and two men in white overalls stepped off and approached me. I recognized both of them. Dr. William Hamm actually specializes in nuclear internal medicine, but because of our long term relationship he has been treating my boys as our personal physician for the past three years. The man with him was a face, with a tight ass, out of my past.
   "You remember Dr. Tip Thornton, Chris," of course I did and I told him so.
    "Fuck, your cock is only getting longer as you get older." I grinned at him and told him that it only looked longer because I had shaved my groin, he told me that he would be the judge of that and he bent over. He couldn't take his protective jump suit off or I would have made his day for him.
    Tip is a year or two older than I am and he went to another area high school, but he had a fuck buddy that asked Charley about bringing the boy to a party. Tip was seventeen the first time that I went up in him and he was always ready for more. He continued to attend Charley's parties throughout his college career as he studied hard to become a doctor.
    I knew that he married a girl from Phoenix during the summer between his junior and senior years of undergrad school and that they had a kid, but she lived in Phoenix and he stayed here to study and get what he loved most, hot cock in the butt. As a kid he was a decent cocksucker, but he had this insatiable itch…
    "Chris, Tip set up a clinic here two years ago and he has established himself as a competent General Family Practitioner, specializing in Pediatrics."
    "Competent? Is a doctor supposed to be competent?" I grinned at Will, he blushed, slightly.
    "You have so many boys that I thought maybe you could use another doctor. We both know Tip's main qualities," wink wink.
    "We do. Tip, straight, fast, hard, and all day long; do you mess with the kids that come to you?'
    I got the fast reaction that I wanted, I had offended him, good. "NO, I do not. I…"
    "Your body language already answered my question, Tip. I have no problem with boy lovers, in their place. When a boy is sick or in need of a doctor he is frightened enough. We both know of men who have used their power over a boy to molest him, I will, and I have, put such people where they may be molested on a regular basis.
    "Will may be correct, I have over three hundred boys in this room and all of them are students at this school." He looked around at the little guys and raised an eyebrow. "Those boys attend another school that I own down the hill, this is a school for boys aged twelve and up. We do not have a sixth grade here, even though that would be in the middle school or junior high school range. I draw the line at twelve as a way of trying to protect the younger boys from the sex talk, and acts, that occur here.
    "No boy under twelve is allowed to live in this dormitory and even then I pick and choose the boys as I try to keep the smaller and more vulnerable boys at a safe distance. A large number of the boys that live in this dorm are street boys and boys that the state's juvenile authorities have sent to me. We do have minor fights that occur, but the boys know that when that happens they leave the school, permanently.
    "Now, you didn't come up here without a reason, so spit it out." I smiled at Will.
    "Chris, I know you and I know your boys. I thought that we should make a thorough check of all of the boys to see if the meds we are using have been successful. Your boys won't last long without sex and the DDT tastes nasty, and it is a poison." Will called for Bobby Feldman, Ryan Miller, Jimmy Walker, Tom Byrd, and all of the oldest boys to gather around, he and Tip examined two or three boys each then let those boys examine two boys themselves.
    In twenty minutes they had sixty helpers examining every boy in the room. "There are no live insects at this time so I believe that a good hot shower is in order, but tomorrow morning I want the lotion reapplied and left on until mid-afternoon. I don't see any place that nit eggs can hide, but let's be sure boys."
    Boner was up by his dad and went to put his arm around him. "Son, I love you, but I don't want to shave my hairy ass and stay here all night."
    "Why not dad, you might get the fucking of your life."
    "I have someone at home to take care of me, thank you." Tip looked around, I know that he wanted to stay.
    "I'll tell you what, the boys have had a very tiring five weeks and they want to let what hair they will have by Saturday down, why not come up for a party, bring Aaron and I'll invite the rest of the gang and we'll have an old fashioned boy party. Tip, will you come?"
    "Could we talk for a little bit?" I led him to a table at the far end of the room where no one was at the time and sat down with him. I could not have been more pleased with what he had to say to me.
    "Chris, Will has told me of the work that you are doing with this school. First of all I would like to tell you how wonderful I believe that work is and how much I admire you for undertaking it. Now I have a question…well maybe. Look, I have a young son and a love child that are showing tendencies, you know?
    "Pat is the oldest by two months. He came about by a strange turn of events. Abel is my son that his mother and I have raised together. His mother and I were divorced this past October and it has been just me and Abe until Christmas when Sheila Tabor brought Pat to live with us, I mean all four of us live together.
    The name Tabor struck a cord, seventeen year old Max Embry had his little brother with him at that first party when Charley broke me in. I didn't learn until many years later that the fourteen year old brother was in fact Max's lover and his name was Roger Tabor. I looked at Tip and asked him if Sheila was related to Roger. After I heard the story I knew that I needed to get together with Tip and his boys.
    "Chris, I know you and Will has told me so much about this school, you know that I was a friend of Bosley Pitt in college, until he found someone younger and cuter than me. I still love Bull but…"
    "Bull went through a very tough time in college, he is a boys' lover boy lover, but he couldn't chance that if he wanted to climb the success ladder. He is a fine attorney and he has helped me, often. The boy that he found to sleep in his bed is another old friend of mine and is a case worker for the state's Child Protective Services that placed some of these boy here."
    "I understand that Bull has a young boyfriend now."
    "Does that bother you?"
    "No, I just wonder who was cute enough to land him."
    I turned and saw Hani coming out of the restroom and asked him to send Billy Pitt to me. Billy walked up waving a five inch soft cock before him, I took hold of it and stroked him as I introduced him to Tip as Bull's main love interest. "Sorry that you can't suck this nice dong, I have it on good authority that it is a full seven inches with a very sweet creamy filling, but the lotion on it makes it taste really bad."
    "Will and I told you that you can wash it off for the night."
    "Yes, but we are limited to the number of shower heads on this floor and there are a lot of us that need to use them." I pointed to boys leaving the shower room as other boys waited their turn at the water. This was a real test of our solar water heating system, I wished that there was a way for me to get down to the equipment room to see if the backup system would have to kick in since the sun was going down for the night.
    Tip was stroking Billy's main joint and drooling on his chin. "Maybe you could cut in line and bathe him yourself." I winked at him, he drooled a little more. I walked over to Jimmy and asked him if he could access the building's control system and find out what the hot water reserve was and if the back up systems were online. Jimmy looked at me like I was some dumb hick from the sticks, of course he could access the system.
    He giggled at me as he showed me that we still had over a thousand gallons of super hot water in the heavily insulated storage tanks. Our system has a pump that keeps the water circulating so that there is instant hot water at every faucet in the building. To prevent that circulated water from cooling off too much as it makes its way through four floors of pipe, the water passes through twelve pos-point of service-heaters along the way. I am thankful for the ability that we have to cool our water using the geothermal properties of the cold rock under the school, but it would be nice if we could locate a hot source, a true geothermal hot spring

    Andy stepped off of the elevator with a silly grin on his face, he had spent the night in the dorm at the Paris compound and had noticed that he had small bites around his temples. Kyle had flown in with the family so he was good to go for the evening, but Andy was fresh on the scene. Kyle made Andy stand on a chair in the shower area so that everybody could watch him shave his daddy. Then Andy had to watch the rest of us have our evening's boy play as the medicines worked on his body for a few hours.
    Andy did come bearing a gift, he handed me a transmitter, with a microphone and soundbud, sealed in a fresh package with no bugs in it. Cory applied the soundbud behind my ear, but I had no place to put the mic, when I am naked at home I wear it on a braided leather band on my left arm. I had several boys volunteer to let me put the mic on their goods so that I could speak to them more often. I ended up with the mic being glued to my left collar bone with the same adhesive that was used to stick the soundbud to my skin

    Tip took Billy to the shower then he ended up spending the night in the dorm. I wanted Tip to get a good look at every boy in my charge so after they had all showered the white, pasty medicine from their bodies he began a systematic search of every nook and crevice, he was as hard as the boys were, but they treated him with lip smacking cream.
    "Hi, Mr. Thornton, how's Abe and Pat?" Gus asked when his turn came to be examined.
    "Gus? Well I didn't recognize you without your…er, clothes." Some of the boys are sensitive about having to have shaved their heads, most of them are fine with shaving their groins, in fact most of the family does that as a matter of choice. Jay made a good argument for keeping the groin trimmed short when he complained that since he had to shave Brad he won't have any pubic hair to floss with.
    All of us stared at Jay as Brad had his turn on the little man, "He takes those harp thingies and stretches a hair across it then flosses his teeth. Brad has an abundance of pubic hair, the Hispanic youth is growing body hair as a protective covering. I heard some of the boys tease him about his wooly chest as they told him that he could just turn up the heat in his house and not try to look like big foot, or a hairy gorilla. He offered to shove his hairy gorilla up their butts, I think that he had a few takers. Brad is a fine young man, I enjoy my time with him, but I have to wonder what he was like when he was a boy. So I prefer young and tender meat, its extra sweet, body hair is not my thing.
    I didn't know that Gus and Dezi were close friends with Tip's boys. Young José Ortéga, the youngster that was run over and killed while riding his bike to school in late January, had been a member of the eighth grade class and had several friends in the family. The boys often rode down the hill to play at the Ortéga home that is across the street from Tip's home. It's a small world, an old acquittance from my past lived a mile away from me, and he has two pubescent sons that may have tendencies? How can I be so lucky?

    As I ran around in my head remembering all of these things Tip had been surrounded by some of his son's friends. Peter Joulson had been José's best friend and Tip had been the doctor that set his arm in the cast that he was wearing. Tip played doctor and examined the boy's arm as the other boys told him that they had some parts for him to examine. Tip stopped and did a double take when Gus introduced him to his cousin that he brought home form Germany.
    "My god, Chris, why weren't boys hung like this when I was growing up?"
    "Some of us were, you never missed a chance to examine me." He laughed, but he had to agree, he is as big of a letch as I am.
    "I would love to play with your boys, but if I am to be their doctor that would not be ethical." He is still a hungry bottom and he was filled with hot man cream from me, then all of the Tucson Six then me again. Yes, all of the six

    We found that fewer than twenty of the older boys actually had bug bites on their bodies and all of the little ones showed bites from head to toe. That could only mean that it was not a general infestation so we began to retrace every step that every infected boy had taken at the compound.
    It took us most of the night and the boys had all fallen asleep on us as we kept on with our investigation. At around two thirty in the morning a pattern began to emerge, one that caused a little laughter and a lot of relief. Each of the infected older boys had held a little fellow in his arms and told him a bedtime story. This is common amongst the family, and encouraged. Some of the older boys had more bites than others so we kept digging. We learned that those with fewer bites had held the little ones on Friday night, their last night with us before they left for Disneyland.
    Next we had to tread on egg shells as we quietly spoke with each of the small fry, we had to know if they may have been the source of the outbreak. Personally I felt a major release of tension when we figured out what may have been the cause of our quarantine. I felt like an idiot because I had seen the source of the infection, but let it fly right over my head. It was early morning in Paris so I called the boiler maintenance man and asked him to call professional help in to check out a theory.
    We had our final answer at about four o'clock. It was late in Paris and people were working late, but once the nest of nits had been found every step had to be taken to eradicate it. The people from the extermination company that had been called in needed to be treated, they knew going in what they were looking for and should have taken the precaution of wearing protective clothing. I had little sympathy for them, but I was grateful that they had confirmed what we were sure was the problem.
    Boys love to explore and they love to find hiding places. Kardal may be nine now, but he is still the smallest and he is a leader that the other boys look up to. The little mustard seed found a trap door that led under the stage at the north end of the dining hall, a perfect place to hide and play.
    The other little ones found their way under the stage and played to their heart's content for two days. They climbed out of the secret fort and never told anyone where they had been. The older boys found them filthy with the dust and grime from their play and helped them to shower their bodies than sat with them and told them stories or sang them songs. That is very sweet and I hope that they don't let this incident change that practice.
    What was embarrassing to me was the fact that I sat by and watched the boys retrieve their toys from under the stage on Saturday morning. I pulled Roddy to me and held him close as soon as he came out from under the stage, then I led him to the shower and helped him to remove his clothing. Cory looked at me and grinned, I had more bugs on me than almost any of the older boys.
    I looked at Roddy, I had hugged everyone of those boys Saturday morning, but worse than that, he had hugged his mother and little Cory. I called Doctor Will to get over to my wife, ASAP. I called Cory's house and Sagi answered, I could hear the babies crying in the background, she told me that the boys were covered with lice. I explained why. Having grown up in the forests she was familiar with the bugs. They had treated the boys, but not themselves, I told her that Dr. Will was on his way.
    Roddy came up to me with a pouty look, "It is not your fault son, no one ever thought of there being bugs under that stage. You were only having a good time playing."
    "I ain't never gonna play no more, I am too growed up to play." I held him and assured him that he wasn't, and that I want him to play for many more years and that I want to watch him have fun. We hugged and loved one another like a father and his young son should

    The following morning Tip had sat on every tip that he could get to go up in him and he drank more hot cream in one evening than he had swallowed in his lifetime. He enjoyed our story time and proclaimed Jimmy a master orator and asked for permission to cum for story time again. Theo crawled over to the man and sucked him off then sat back with a wide grin, "He shouldn't wait to cum only at story time dad, that is good stuff." The boys around us laughed, but I am beginning to worry about that little fag boy, he is too young to do some of the things that I have heard about him doing.
    Tip proclaimed himself and all of the rest of us safe to leave. We had taken the precaution of dusting everybody, even though there were no visible eggs or bugs. He asked me about the party Saturday night and I told him that if he wanted to come he was welcome, I told him to bring his boys so that they could see him get fucked and they would probably get fucked as well. He smiled an evil smile and waved bye as he trotted across the field to his car. We should have shaved him so that he would have to explain that to his family

    The boys were lined against the windows as they watched Tip leave then suddenly a commotion broke out, "Dad! Half of the school is gone." Sweet little guys, with everything else the previous afternoon they had not noticed that the north end of the building, that had once housed the cafeteria and music rooms, was gone. New construction was well underway with the same granite stone being used as the dormitory was built with.
    The school is getting larger every day and I knew that we would rapidly outgrow the current facilities so what better time to bring down the unneeded portion of the school than while the boys were away? The classrooms were still in tact and will remain so for the remainder of the school session, but at the close of the current semester they will be taken down and a new school will be ready for fall, if all goes as planned.
    The footprint of the new classroom building will be thirty percent larger, but the building will be three stories tall. I only hope that thirty eight classrooms will be enough. The library, cafeteria, and music rooms are in the new dormitory. The only small building left is the gymnasium, we probably should have built that before the new classroom building, but it is used almost year round.
    When the dormitory was built excavation for the large swimming pool was undertaken. The pool would lay between the dorm and the gym with the diving boards being set to the north end of the property, near the property line. The pool would actually sit in a granite hole with the drainage system laid so as to let the water run into the large wash a few hundred feet north of the school.
    Two engineers from the county had a plan and wanted my help, I am very civic minded, but what those two men had in mind appealed to me in a much broader area than simple civics. I have mentioned to you that I had a fifteen foot deep area excavated in the twenty narrow acres along the north side of the school campus to collect rain run off from the school and let it slowly leach back into the ground water table.
    Somehow it amazes me that the right hand seldom knows what the left hand is doing and such was the case with the county's water commission. Of course I was not about to open my mouth when I was informed that the area a few miles west of my property was prone to flooding during our summer rainy season.
    I was also told that there was a large aquifer located under that area that was being pumped out faster than it was recharging. The county had fifteen million dollars to build reclamation basins such as I had, only on a much grander scale. Aerial surveys had proven out that the entire area around the school sat on a large granite slab. The bed of the wash that ran to the north of the school was only ten to twenty feet thick on top of the granite and water ran off of it very quickly. I am glad that their equipment did not penetrate the granite to reveal the lake under the school, I wonder if Andy had anything to do with that?
    The end result was that across the top of the large seven shaped lot that sits across the street from me contains a one thousand foot long, forty foot deep basin running parallel to the new wash that had been built when Andy's father had built their house. All of the washes east and north of my property were to be directed into the basin and the new existing wash would act as a spillway for excess water to run on down to the river.
    The county plans several of the basins around the area and I was glad to work out a deal with them. I had purchased the land as a playground for my boys, I told them that I would maintain total ownership with all surface and subterranean rights. They told me that there was no water in the general area, but that I was not allowed to drill for water anywhere on the property, I agreed.
    As a concession the county poured three miles of low impact sidewalks complete with several skater areas for the boys to do their Tony Hawk maneuvers. A dike was built along the north side of the kids' playground that proved to be a great source of fun for the bicyclists and moto-cross riders in the family. I received a special boon from the county, off road motorcycling is illegal in built up areas because of noise and dust, my boys could ride our ATVs and dirt bikes in the leeching basin and in the wash bed. The county agreed to put signs around the property declaring it to be privately owned land, any injury sustained on the property was fully the responsibility of the person or persons injured. Bull had me add the wording that the property was posted and that there was to be no trespassing. We are sure that warning will be ignored, but at least some neighborhood kid's parents couldn't sue me when their little darling breaks his leg

    Next I was anxious to get my core family across the street and watch their reaction to the changes there. Only a very small handful of boys knew of the raid and what had occurred at the house. I figure that all of the boys will know everything by the following morning.
    Most of the college boys had missed a day of classes on Monday and we could not let them fall behind. They were allowed to take the tunnel back to the house when Tip left. They would get into the lockers at the house and find shorts and shirts that would get them down to βφτ house to get fresh clothes and their books for class. Some of them had left their cars in the new parking lot across from the house, the one that borders on the new play park that we built. They had decided that the raid had already taken place and their wheels would be safe there

    We can never keep track of Andy, he had to be off again. He kissed Kyle and asked me to protect his love kitten, as if he needed to ask, I like kittens. I had Andy run a taxi service in exchange for my babysitting though. Bobby had to retrieve his car from the airport. I also needed to get Blair and Blain home to their father, Andy dropped Bobby off at the parking lot then drove out to his plane to take the two boys with him to La Guardia airport in New York City.
    Tim and Jerry are still driving the van that was given to them by Jerry's neighbor in Mobile three and a half years earlier so I asked them if they could drop Ryan and his three boys off at their home. Ryan and Bobby live very close to βφτ house and they were glad to do it.
    Jimmy Walker had a class to teach and Norm Ellis wanted him back at work, I got on the phone and told Norm that I would have to straighten his ass out if he didn't lay off of my friends. He told me that had been laying off for too long and maybe I should set things straight with him, we made a tentative appointment for about two weeks hence. Cory was headed to campus to check on his new classes and had plenty of room in the Caddy to take the men with him, of course their sons attend BAW so they would be okay until the end of the day

    As all of the boys took their final shower to remove all of the medication I was removing boxes of shorts, tee shirts, socks, and shoes that Gynigeyonaf/bYn-Black Bear—had brought up on the elevator. I called for Terry Carlson to come to me, before I sent him home there was something that he needed to know.
    Rick Carlson had adopted the boy while Cory and I were inspecting the damage done to the house by the terrorist attack led by Aladdin in his attempt to kill me. Rick trusted his precious new son to me before heading for China to set up his software at a large dam project there.
    During a torrential rainfall Terry set out by truck to return home after two weeks on the job. The road below the truck disappeared causing it to fall into the raging river below. A search was conducted, but at the time I was called there had been no sign of any of the truck's occupants. A week later a peasant farmer made his way to the Chinese authorities to inform them that he had found a wounded American beside the river and he was being cared for at his farm.
    Rick was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Next he was taken to Manila, Phillippines where he was eventually flown to a hospital in Hawaii. Three weeks after he left the dam he was home. Dr. Will had left one of his young male nurses to tend to the man for the few days until the family would return and Terry would be home to help his dad.
    I used an electric golf cart to drive Terry through the tunnel to his home to see his father. We had to walk from Cory's house to Rick's place, but I was glad that Cory had suggested that we make that little addition to the tunnel system, Terry can run over to the house or to the school au natural anytime, day or night. I had not told him anything of the accident. As I had feared, Terry panicked when he saw the cast on Rick's arm. The man had suffered near drowning and minor body trauma, his right arm was broken and would need corrective surgery.
    Terry glared at me and screamed that I should have told him. Rick held the boy and told him that I had done it correctly, he agreed that I shouldn't have told Terry because that would have spoiled the trip of a lifetime for him. I sat down in front of the father and son and reminded Terry of everything he had seen and done. I asked him if he would have given that up to come home and pace the floor while he awaited news. I asked him if he would have enjoyed one moment of his trip had he known of his father's injuries. Rick and I assured him that he would have been thinking only of his dad and would have not only missed out on the fun that he had, but he would have spoiled the fun for others that would worry with him.
    Terry continued to glare at me like a fourteen year old boy that feels that a wrong has been done to him. He pulled away from Rick and walked over to my chair and stood before me for several hours before curling up in my lap and giving be big hug and a kiss or twelve. "I love you, dad, and I thank you for thinking of my pleasure. There was nothing that I could have done, but I have a problem with you. I have called you dad, like all of the boys in your house do, but Rick is really my dad now."
    "Rick is your father, or your daddy. I know that he would love for you to call him daddy. As time goes on you will cease to call me dad and find another name for me, I only hope that it isn't vulgar." He giggled and wiggled in my lap until I was hard put to sit there

    The remainder of the family waited until after lunch to go home through the tunnel. I was moved at the sadness that overcame the boys as we separated from the students that live in the dorm. We would only be separated by a single street, but the boys have developed strong friendships, and love interests, in the five weeks of our travels. I foresee a few new pairings in the near future

    Our old recreation room is now wide open to the rest of the house. The heavy steel doors are still in place so that the room can be used as a panic room, after the invasion everyone could see how important that was. But most of the time access between granite house and BAW would be directly across that room, through the large new movie theater, and on through the tunnel connecting my house to the school.
    As I came into the old rec room a smiling young Norman Cook, the contractor's's nephew, told me, "You won't never guess what we done." He was super excited as he led me across to the tunnel that connects my house to granite house. A major problem with the wine cellar is that there was no way of putting in restroom facilities down there. The room is thirty five feet below the level of the house, there was no way to tie into the sewer line with a system that could handle the amount of waste that my family can produce. The cellar is larger than a football field, but the boys use every square inch of it so we were pressed to even find a place for a port-a-potty;, but then no one wanted to think of the smell of that choice and forget cleaning it out every few days.
    "I been working my tail off with old John, he's quite the plumber and he got this here idea that uncle Ron said was perfect." All good information I suppose, but why can't kids get to the punch line a little quicker? The punch line in this case earned young Normy a tight hug.
    "So you like it, huh?" What was not to like? Bill and Ron took it upon themselves to bring Alonso over to cut out a huge room that went almost even to the edge of the street to the north. The room ran between granite house and the western property line, nearly forty feet wide. Twenty toilets lined the west and east walls, twenty urinals spanned across between the three door ways, and a shower room filled the middle with shower heads on all four walls and down the middle on a dividing wall. Eighty boys could shower at one time, if they doubled up in the shower even more could use the area, if they doubled up, like if.
    An eight inch sewer line ran behind the toilets, along the west wall of the room and across the tunnel to the main house to join in to the sewer line that drains the bathrooms in the small dormitory under the garage there, and the recreation room. Alonso had carefully cut away the floor of the connecting tunnel to recess the sewer line, but it was so neatly done that I had to bend down to see the seams. Normy showed me that small holes were left every four feet to lift the flooring above the sewer in case repairs ever needed to be made. I felt like a large bonus was in store for several people.
    I often sit with my mouth hanging open when I see incompetence, I had asked Carl Dickson to oversee the most intense reconstruction of my house while my boys and I painted ourselves blue and ate soul cakes. Not only did the people that he hired not do a very good job with the bedrooms over the garage, they couldn't locate the sewer line to connect the drains from the showers and toilets in the dormitory that they had built down there.
    They had made a mess of the walls and floor between the dorm and the rec room baths. They made a tee into the four inch pipe, but that was not adequate for the amount of waste that needed to be carried away. We have been plagued with sewer problems for more than two years, but this new work fixed all of that with an eight inch line directly to the main sewer line.
    I discovered the sewer line myself when I set about studying the house. Bill had helped me chase the line out when he installed a larger pump for the water well. The connection for the new underground shower room was simple, and I appreciated the way that the plumbing lines had been hidden under the granite floor.
    Another really big achievement had been accomplished. Alonso know his job and he had carefully exposed the three quarter inch plastic-Polyvinyl chloride-pipe that runs from the pump to the pressure tank in the bathrooms of the recreation room. With the family gone there was little demand for water and granite house was still hooked up to the city's water main to supply what the work crew would need; the city's water supply to the main house had been severed when the front wall was destroyed.
    By feeding a small transmitter into the water pipe Alonso was able to precision drill access to the entire length of the line from the surface to the connection that Charley had made to tie the house to the water source. Fortune smiled on the workman's efforts when it was discovered that the main line leading down to the water table was a twelve inch, double thick wall, PVC pipe.
    The three quarter inch line was attached to the pump's output which sent the water up to the house from the huge underground reservoir. Once the line was exposed it was cut and the new submersible pump, that Bill had installed, was withdrawn from the hole and replaced with much larger capacity pump. We now have a one half horsepower submersible pump with a one and a quarter inch supply line for the water coming up from below.
    Two pressurized holding tanks are set into a niche, cut from solid granite. A direct angle line runs from the niche to the water table and can be quickly accessed for maintenance, as needed. Granite house is now connected to the fresh water from the large underground lake, as is the main house and its outbuildings. My water conditioning problems with the swimming pool will be greatly reduced with the use of the soft water, without the harsh mineral concentration of the city's water supply fouling my filters.
    Bill had also gotten the parts that he needed to repair the steam room in the cabana in the far back corner of the pool area. The boys like to go out there and sit in the steam and then when they get steamed up they move into one of the two private rooms to stick their thermometers into each other. They tell me that it is difficult to do anything more than a quick blow job in the steam room, I knew that, from my personal, sweaty, experience.
    I continued on over to granite house to see how it had stood up and to get myself a fresh cup of coffee. Ron was sitting at the table with Neil straddling his lap, they were locked at the lips. Neil looked up at me and smiled, "Daddy, I love him. He would like to adopt me and let me live with him." I will have to study that one for an hour or two. Neil Sims was amongst the first group of boys that the state sent to me almost seven months earlier, I don't know their guidelines for adoption of these problem children

    Six new bedrooms in the main house meant twenty two bedrooms for the boys plus my room and one extra bedroom for overnight guests. As the boys ran through the house looking over the repaired front wall and trying to see for themselves where it had been damaged Chrisy came to me. The young man's head barely comes to my shoulder, but he laid against me as he put his left arm around my waist. I let him lead me to his old bedroom in the guest house where he stopped and looked about.
    Without a word he locked the door then led me into the closet, he put his thumb against the disguised security switch to raise the trap door in the floor. I followed his gaze and climbed down the fold away steps and waited for him. A large sheet of heavy plastic covers the bed that is there for Chrisy to use at his will. When we had moved the antique furniture belonging to RD over to Cory's house for the girls Chrisy had commandeered a love seat. It wasn't an antique, it wasn't even old, but it was comfortable.
    Now able to lay his head on my shoulder Chrisy snuggled close and after a long, pregnant pause, he whispered, "I guess I am going to have to grow up, daddy." I don't know who hurt the worst, him or me. I know that my boys will grow up, but I want to keep them little forever. Chrisy and Cullen are two, that I know for sure, never want to grow up.
    My mind turned to Ovid's poem; Metamorphoses where Aeneas is walking through the underworld with a guide, 'the Sibylla of Cumae.' The virgin tells Aeneas that she was offered immortality by Phoebus and she pointed to a pile of dust that had collected, "I foolishly begged for as many anniversaries of my birth, as were represented by the dust. But I forgot to ask that the years should be accompanied by youth. He gave me the years," 'but she was doomed to wither away until she was merely a voice.' I wish for immortal youth for my boys.
    There are many, if not most of the, boys in the core family that swear that they will never move away, but I will not hold them to that statement. As they grow and mature they will want to move on with their lives and become useful to society.
    "I love Timmy so very much and I know that he loves me. We have a home that belongs to both of us, the title to deed is in both of our names and I am very good friends with the mortgage holder so even if things go south on us I am sure of a place to live.
    "Daddy, you have so many boys that love you and depend on you for a place to live, most of them want to live here, with you, not at granite house, not in the dorm, and not even in βφτ house." That caught me short. "No, don't think that, dad. The boys that are there now are fine, but you have a large group of seniors that will be going to the university next year, most of them want to continue to live here." I was not aware of that, I really hadn't given it much thought.
    I understood that Chrisy was trying to say goodbye to his space, but I put my mouth against his ear to tell him that the space where we sat was for the two of us, only. I have never brought anyone else down those fold down steps, not even Cory. There is a door from the storage room for access to the area where we had stored RD's furniture, but it is closed behind a heavy, steel fire door and only a few are allowed into the area.
    Chrisy looked around the area and wiped his eyes then went back up the steps. "Babe, that is always there for you, if this bedroom is occupied you can enter through the recreation room and storage area." He stood on his toes to kiss me then went to the small kitchen and began to remove some of his cooking utensils.
    "You should have the kitchen converted to a study room for these three bedrooms."
    "I think that I will leave it as it is, you might want to come over and…"
    "No dad, I can cook for you at my house, this is no longer mine. I have grown up and moved away." Both of us felt the impact of that final statement as we knew it to be true. Three very, very, very short years of my life had come to an end, my mighty midget with the giant widget has grown to be a giant of a man and I will always cherish the boy that he was.

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