Chapter 86


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    As is more often the case in my life of late pandemonium set in. As I prepared to lead my two boys along with the young assailants from the restroom the police came in. The manager of the restaurant was telling everybody to go away and settle down that he had everything under control. He didn't even have himself under control at that point. The police mulled about, talking to Gavin's boy then they turned and handcuffed Cory and Damien.
    Lady luck had snuck into my life riding a large black cloud this time. The pretty boy, now sporting a freshly broken nose, was the son of the watch commander over the local precinct of the finest that St. Louis had to offer. The assailant was covered in blood so naturally the police thought that he was the victim. I was accosted by five very belligerent police officers that wanted Cory to remove his balls and pass them over, on the spot. Everyone of them had already tired Cory and found him guilty.
    My plans to slip in and out of town quietly were dashed to the ground. I held a bawling Steven as he yelled at the cops to listen to him. None of them were interested. I had little recourse. I touched the panic button on my cell phone. In mere seconds large black SUVs filled the parking lot outside. An FBI agent that I had chanced to meet during my training was first through the door. A snappy salute to me from the young section chief caused the local constabulary to widen their eyes.
    Two FI agents that were well known to the locals burst through the door, weapons at the ready. "Stand down, stand by." Was my simple command to the pair. They saluted and asked how they could be of service, "sir?" By now the locals were getting the idea that they had more on their plate than they had assumed. I leveled my gaze at the huge, burly cretin hanging onto Cory. "Let my son go, now. Arrest the son of your friend for sexual assault, assault and battery, urinating on a minor, I don't know, I'm sure that I can think of many charges to bring against the pervert before I finish my stay in your fair city." I was shaking I was so mad.
    I put my arms around Cory and hugged him close. I pulled Damien to me and kissed his brow. He was in tears of fear and shaking as bad as I was. Cory, bless his heart was grinning at me. This was just another day in the life for my main boy.
    We moved over to the table and sat down. Steven stood looking at me. Bryan pushed him to the place of honor and smiled at me as Steven curled up in my lap. I looked up and saw Special Agent Tom Cromwell staring at me. Tom and I had gone through a training class on current procedures under the Homeland Security Act. I asked him why he had responded to this incident.
    "We were close by and heard the 10-31, crime in progress, call. Then your homing signal went off…"
    "You monitor our homing signal?"
    "Sir, you are a very important man. Your frequency is monitored across the nation. I mean we don't follow you around, but our scanners are set to receive your signal. If it is activated in our vicinity we are directed to respond, if possible. Your people have precedence, but if we are first on the scene we are advised to follow your orders."
    Somehow that made me feel good, but it also bothered me. I wondered if they could monitor my location. Our phones are equipped with a GPS device that we can be tracked through. Could the FBI or any other agency monitor that signal?
    "In case you are wondering sir, we can only home in on your emergency beacon. We are blind to your presence until you activate that system." I guess I let out a noticeable sigh because he and his partner both grinned at me. I looked at the FI agents and they seemed to be relieved at that news themselves.
    Tom and his partner went back to work. The police were telling me that I needed to bring Cory and Damien down to the precinct station to file a report. I asked the FI men to call for transportation. The police offered their services, but I told them that I had my family with me. Their eyes grew a bit at the word family, but nothing further was said at that point.

    "I want to know what the hell is going on. Who says that Jonathan assaulted him?" An older version of the boy who had accosted Steven screamed out as he barged through the door into the small police station. He was quickly followed by his young son. Both of the boy's eyes had already turned black. Gauze packing could be seen in both nostrils of the youngster's nose and his nose was terribly swollen. Dried blood was on the front of his shirt, but he kept his mouth shut and held to the back of the room.
    Several uniformed officers walked over to the boy and talked to him then turned to look at Cory as they nodded and walked away. Cory and Damien sat beside me as a detective wrote down everything that the two told him.
    The Australian from the restaurant came in only this time he had a badge case hanging in his front breast pocket. "Oy, maite. I see yer got yer Joey outta the loo. (for the inquiring mind; Joey is Australian slang for a young kangaroo) Good on ya maite, good on ya." He walked over to Steven and looked him over. "I'm so sorry I couldn't help ya lad. I was on er case. I couldn't give meself up to me perp by steppin in. I called for help as quickly as I could and I let yer pop know. You doone look to much for worse though I smell what they did on ya. I'll help identify the little perverts. They need to be in jail."
    "Who needs to be in jail, Jock?" The captain came up to us. Jacob-Jock-Brewster is a police detective up from Perth. He has been following a trail of counterfeit electronics out of Hong Kong. Jock told the captain that he was in the restroom washing his hands when two boys pushed Steven to the ground and urinated on him. Jock wanted to step in, but the man he was after was waiting by the door. Jock told the captain that as he stepped out of the restroom he looked back and saw one of the boys shove his penis into the smaller boy's mouth.
    At that moment the officers around Jonathan moved so that Jock could see him. Jock pointed his finger at Jonathan, "That's the pervert right there. I can't believe that you already caught him. He is one sick little bastard, ain't ya lad?" Somebody whispered in Jock's ear. His face blanched, "Sorry Cap., didn't know he's yours."
    Jonathan's friend was brought into the room. Jock identified him also. All of the officers backed away from Jonathan and stared at the captain.
    "Captain, I am willing to leave this matter in your hands. I am not anxious to see your young son branded as a sexual deviant. He needs help, but the court system isn't what he needs as much as he needs stern parental correction." I looked the captain in the eye as I spoke to him so that everyone in the room heard me.
    "My men say that you're some kind of Fed or something?" he inquired.
    "Or something," I showed him my ID.
    "Clear this room, NOW!" the Captain demanded.
    "No sir, that is not necessary. They all know who I am. I am going to share something else with you." I had seen a notice on their bulletin board about the trials in New York. There were pictures of four young boys from the St. Louis area pictured on the notice. Those boys had been rescued from sex houses in Europe. "I am the Federal Officer that broke this case. These boys are victims of that child sex slave ring. We are on our way to Albany for the trials that are scheduled to start next Monday. I will not be tied up here over some juvenile prank. The problem with this prank is that it is my son who is the victim of your son. I believe that as the father of the victim I should be able to talk to the father of the perpetrator and settle this in an equitable manner. That is unless you want your son to be registered as a rapist and known as a sexual offender for the rest of his life."
    "Sir, I appreciate your offer and you can believe me when I say that when I finish ripping his balls off he may not ever be able to have sex again. And that goes for you too Nathan. Nate follows along with anything Jonny says or does. I will have a long talk with his father also." I almost felt sorry for the captain as he looked at his sixteen year old son with total hurt in his eyes. I guess we never believe that our children can do the things that we hear of others doing.
    I signaled the boys to move out. I got the eye of one of the FI agents who opened the door and led the boys out to the vehicles. With no further ado I followed them out with Cory at one side and Steven on the other. Damien was trying to answer a hundred questions at once from the other boys as I shut the door on their transportation and told the driver to take my boys to Traveler Too©.
    I had a confirmed appointment for the horns to be installed. I had made several calls over the previous weeks as I worked with the horn company to get just what I wanted. They did not have everything in stock when I arrived, I was not happy. The boys were not happy, the events of the day had weighed on all of us. I was not about to try to locate a motel for the boys, but the company would not allow us to stay with Traveler Too©, I pulled the big boy out and set up camp in the parking lot for another night. The lot of us took off for the multi-screen movie theater and wiled away the rest of the day with four movies. We broke into two or three person groups and moved between theaters, feeding on popcorn, hotdogs, and sodas until we boucned from the walls.

    We spent a miserable night. It was late by the time we got into bed and we were surrounded by a dozen police cars and FI vehicles as we tried to settle down and get some sleep. I slept with Damien on one side and Steven on the other. Both boys were scared out of their little minds. Actually both of them had suffered a lot of trauma of late. Damien may be older, but he is still a boy in so many ways. He was as much in need of stability as Steven. I held both of them close as I drifted in and out of sleep all night.
    I was almost reluctant to take the boys back to the all-you-can-eat for breakfast, but I had nowhere else for them at the moment. The locals offered alternatives, but I was fed up with the town and just wanted to complete my business and get across the Mississippi River.
    The police captain was sitting in the office of the shop where I was to get the work done on Traveler Too©. The owner of the shop was an old friend of his. He had everything in order. My horns were laid out on a work table and a four man crew attacked my old boy as soon as I drove him into the garage. I was given a ride over to join the boys for a quiet breakfast, without mishap. A little less than two hours later the boys and I were given a ride to the shop and mounted up for our trek eastward.

    I was in a frump. Cory smiled at me as I took Traveler Too© out on to the streets of St. Louis. I fell in behind a FI vehicle as two police cars pulled out in front of him, their lights and sirens blaring. I looked in the mirror, I had an escort of another FI vehicle on my rear bumper and four police cars behind him, lights and sirens blaring. Cory grinned and drowned the sirens din from the airwaves as he looped the one minute and fifty eight second midi file of Mozart's: Concerto in Bb for Vivaldi - Spring through the newly installed air horn assembly.
    The new system doesn't have the expense stops that are needed with the eight horn system on Traveler©. Without the stops it can produce sharper and clearer half tones. Each of the twenty four horns in the assembly is capable of producing four complete octaves through the electronic controller. The new system allows for harmony and more than one instrument part at the same time. The length of the horns vary and not all are duplicated, for example there is only one eight foot horn for the deep lows. At a maximum of one hundred and ten decibels of super loud volume possible from this set up I am sure that we broke all hell loose with our noise. However traffic parted and let us fly through town and on to the freeway at speeds much higher than were posted. We were escorted across the Mighty Mississippi. Our escort stopped to wave at as we sped on into Illinois.
    I never broke our high rate of speed. Awaiting us at the Illinois State line were two of Illinois' best along with an FI team. We kept our pace as they continued as escort across the state to Terre Haute where Indiana had a contingent ready. I pushed our escort as I kept my foot in the radiator of the old boy. He ran just like I knew he should. Cory gave the horns a great break in as he played first one piece after another for the two hour trip to Indianapolis where I had to stop for coffee.
    We were surrounded by highway patrol officers and almost the entire state staff of FI as I led the way to the coffee pots at a large truck stop. The main topic was our speed. We had just made a two hundred and fifty plus mile trip in under two hours. The police cars were hard pressed to maintain the speed for an extended time.
    I took a seat by the window where I could see a large crowd gathering about Traveler Too©. Blue uniforms kept the crowd back. I was told that they were local police. Our captain in St. Louis had put out an open message on the radio as to our mission and we could expect police escort the entire trip.
    An Indiana Highway Patrol officer sat near me wearing the silver bird of a colonel. I asked him if he had the authority to tell his men to back off. Everyone argued, but I told them that I did not want the attention on my young victims. I explained that these boys were young and had a long life ahead of them. I indicated the crowds around Traveler Too©. I truly fear some reporter plastering their pictures all over the globe and their stories being told. They deserve their privacy. Everyone agreed. However I was shadowed on across the state. Of course I still maintained my hundred mile per hour, or better, ;} average speed.
    I threatened Cory with the permanent placement of the new eight foot air horn up his ass if he touched the control panel again. We made our way on across the state and into Columbus where I left I-70 and cut northwards to Akron. The boys were following along on their computers and couldn't figure why the cut north. I told them we would take I-80 into New York then catch I-87 up to Albany. Of course they had to show me how I had added many miles to our journey because I-80 and I-70 crossed I-87 just a few miles apart from each other. I only smiled.

    I made a phone call as we approached Akron and we were met at a large truck stop west of town. The boys shut their mouths as I introduced them as Cas and Lew's brothers to Mr. and Mrs. Casper. The couple had been in one battle after another as they tried to live their life and keep their belief values since they were now separated from the small commune that they had known all of their lives. They were happy with the way things were, but they struggled against worldly people who didn't understand their idea of a God led life.
    Isaac, Cas's first boyfriend, sat beside me with his head down. He was sullen and jittery. Mr. Casper told me that the church had tried to kidnap Isaac twice since Christmas. He had taken Cas and Lew on a rescue mission. They spirited Isaac out of the place where he was held captive for training through a bathroom window. Isaac was living with the Caspers, but he lived in constant fear. I looked at him then at the Caspers. "Okay, here it is. You know that your sons are homosexual. I understand that you have agreed to live with it. I am sorry that I have no magic charms or amulets that can make your sons into what you wanted them to be. That being the fact I am now concerned with this young man.
    "Isaac, you are what, twenty four, twenty five years old now? I understand that you are having problems with your sexuality issues as well as trying to stay hidden from those that want to force their will upon you. I have it in my power to offer you a safe haven, away from all of this, if you want it. I will not tell you where you will be going. I will send you to see Cas and the two of you can decide what you want to do. Mr. and Mrs. Casper have a phone number that they can reach Cas or Lew anytime, but for their safety, as well as for the safety of their boys, they do not know where they are. If you choose to join them then you will have to keep your location secret as well. I have the lives of over fifty young men in my care that face your similar circumstances and I will not let them be endangered. What do you want to do?"
    Isaac wanted to go see Cas and find a safe place to start his life over. I told him that I was on my way to New York, but I would send him to join Cas over the weekend. I asked the Caspers how they were doing and if they needed any money. They had spent a lot of money trying to help Isaac and Mr. Casper's job was not providing enough to handle the extra load. I had Cory slip ten thousand dollars across to Mrs. Casper, under the table where even the other boys did not see.
    Boys are boys. Boys can be cruel at times. Should there be an argument down the road sometime I did not want any of the boys to throw it back into Cas or Lew's face that I was giving them money. I don't know that such a thing would ever happen, but I am taking no chances.
    The Caspers wished me luck. They had no idea where I was off to or why. Why would they need to know that? They praised me for protecting their progeny. Of course I had to build their two boys up with praise over their accomplishments. They are both good students with great grades. They are popular amongst their peers and well loved in the family. I am proud to know them and very proud to have them in my house.

    Isaac only had one suitcase. He still wore the hand me down black woolen suit of his sect. I was going to buy him some clothes before I set him westward bound on a jet plane. I topped Traveler Too©'s deisel tanks as we watched the Caspers drive away then I pulled over to the motel and took their VIP suite with three double bedrooms for the night. We were all exhausted after our previous evening in St. Louis and we needed a soft, warm bed and a very hot shower. That and the fact that I wanted to drive the rest of the way in the following day and I wanted to arrive with enough energy to be able to relax without passing out.
    I needed to find out who Isaac was. The boys took off for the rooms to play as I sat with the man. He was beaten. I had a hard time pulling him out of his shell. Finally I put a hand on each shoulder and shook him, slightly. "I am in here, Isaac. Please look at me." I indicated my eyes to him. He looked into my eyes, but tried to divert his gaze. Each time he did I called him back. I had him tell me everything on his mind.

    His church elders had done a serious number on him. He was more like a dead man, hollow and drawn, only obeying orders. He had been released from prison to his church who had a reputation for taking care of their own. I have not learned their techniques, but if Isaac is the result of their training then someone needs to investigate them. I will see to that.
    Isaac had no desire for any kind of sex. He shook as he told me that he had received electric shock treatments each time he had an erection. I would like to do my own electric shock treatment with 480 Volt three phase leads. I bet I could singe some cock hairs. I asked him about Cas. He didn't know to whom I referred until I told him I was talking about Emmitt. I guess their sect is so strict that even nick names are not allowed. I had to refer to Emmitt and Llewellyn in order for Isaac to know who I was speaking of. (Or should that be: "Of whom I was speaking." Some of you guys are relentless in your correction of my vocabulary, my use of words, and even my intentional faux pas. I love it, it means that you are paying attention, to me.)
    I finally got through to Isaac that all of us were gay and that the boys didn't enjoy the encumbrance of clothing. I told him that everyone would be naked and he would just have to deal with it. He sat in the soft chair at the side of the living room and watched the family as I had dinner served from the motel's kitchens.

    The kitchens did an outstanding job of serving us a family style meal. Two very cut young men came in and set up two long tables. They covered them with table cloths and draped the edges. The service was not ordinary motel dinner ware. I suppose that the VIP suite rates its own china. What we sat down to was a very elegant gold rimmed dinner service with the hotel's crest in a pale green centered on each piece.
    The room service waiters entered to set the table with two large bowls of mashed potatoes. Four tureens of good gravy, no stinking little gravy boats for this bunch. A large platter of deep fried chicken fried steak. Salad, green beans, and pitchers of iced tea and of course a full coffee pot rounded out the first course. The tea was poured and a toast was offered to Ģerâld. We all love him, but our blood is flowing too freely with his low cholesterol diet. We were in need of some serious artery clogging fat. The Texas steak had worn off during our stay in Oklahoma as we lived off of Beulah's fried Indian fare.
    Two of the wait staff were to remain as our servers. I told them that family style meant that we could serve ourselves. When they hesitated I told them that we were nudists. One youngster's eyes lit up as he told me that was no problem for him. The other boy giggled like a school boy, but he wanted to stay. We would have boi cream for dessert, at least.
    I called the family together. We stood together and let Isaac lead us in prayer. Then Cory turned on the waiters. "Okay dudes, here it is. You want to stay you bare your butts. I won't have you standing around perving on my booty while hiding your woody behind your pants." The boys took a good look at Cory's semi as it fluffed out then both of them removed their clothing.
    Isaac still had his hang dog look, but I caught a smile on his face after Cory's speech. He removed his clothes and took a seat between Steven and Lance. Our waiters were very cute, one was eighteen, the other nineteen. They were both in their freshman year at the University of Akron, Ohio. They shared a two man dorm room. Subtle Cory asked them if they fucked each other. They looked at each other and blushed. Both boys were on the rise, but that statement moved the blood from their equipment into a full body blush.
    I think Cory would make a great interrogator. He blasted the boys over and over until they confessed to us and to each other that they had a curiosity about each other. The older boy had sucked his best friend when he was in the eighth grade. The younger had let his neighbor suck his dick from the time he was fourteen until he was sixteen. Then the neighbor moved away. I never learned the age of the neighbor, not that it mattered. I was impressed with Cory's ability. These two boys would continue to live together, but he had drawn out their secret fantasy of them dreaming of jumping each other's bones, er boners. This evening better work or we just destroyed two youngster's friendship and possibly their lives.
    Cute little blond haired Frank was the one that shocked us all. He has the perfect muscled up boy body of a tight bodied football player. He has a tight little ass that will make you cream from just looking at it. He got up and took the extra cute eighteen year old over to the sofa. He pushed the boy down and engulfed his dripping cock to the hair line. When he got up he wiped his mouth then stopped and looked at all of us as we stared at him. "Dang, I should have let him shoot that on my potatoes." All of us cracked up.
    Jace stared at Frank and shook his head. Frank just smiled and began to eat his dinner. The other waiter was in trouble. His major bone had taken so much blood from his system that he was shaking. I grabbed his cute ass as he filled my coffee cup and swallowed his meat for him. I pushed a finger up his ass which caused him to stand on his tip toes. I dipped my finger in my hot coffee to get it wet as I fingered his butt nut while he humped my mouth. His cock swelled and he began to fill my mouth with his youthful ambrosia when I heard Cory ask, "Coffee?" No, I would take this sweet load straight.
    I let the boy go and looked at the table of smiling faces. Even Isaac had let his face crack a wrinkle. I wouldn't call it a smile, but it was a beginning. We finished our dinner and the waiters brought up a very thick chocolate pie pilled high with frothy meringue, browned to perfection. They had three pies so I ordered them to sit their asses down and have dessert with us. By the time dinner was finished we had two young guests that would be coming in to spend the night with us and discover their own hidden desires. Neither of them felt themselves gay, but neither boy could keep a girlfriend for very long. They just lost interest, especially when sex entered the equation. Hmmmm.

    I asked Cory who I should sleep with. He looked at me with an evil grin. I know who I had never been with, but I was waiting for them to let me know that they were ready. Les had told Cory that he would like to be with me. Lance was still a bit reserved. He didn't spend much time with anyone other than Les. I have seen him mess around, but then he goes back to Les and holds on. He feels security there I suppose. I know that Les has spent the night with many of the other boys and I wonder how Lance handles that one. What had hurt was the short liaison with Mike. That hadn't lasted a week. Les and Mike are still close friends and they get it on together, often. I was beginning to wonder if maybe Lance was possessive.
    "Hey Les, wanta play lion?" I asked. The boy was in my lap in record time. "Let me hear you roar you hungry little dude." He giggled as he wrapped his firm body closer to mine. He was purring like a kitten. I would have to throw the meat to this boy.

    Cory had his own ideas about how to deflower our guests. He had the two of them on the floor in their first sixty nine. Before dinner they had only had passing thoughts about each other. They had roomed together for over six months and their only sex had been in the shower where they could be alone with their own hands and fantasies. They took to cock sucking each other with a passion.
    It was the sweet upturned ass of the eldest that had my attention. I wanted to bury my face in that high upturned muscle group. For his age and size the boy had perfect ass globes riding high and tight on his back side. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that his little globes looked as if someone had placed a pair of Twinkies on his upper thighs. The twin pair just sort of sat there, begging for my face to snuggle in between them. I wondered who Cory had in mind to place the weiner in those hot buns.
    Frank knee walked up to the pair and pushed the younger boys legs back, raising his butt off of the floor. The older boy still had his friend's cock buried in his throat as he watched Frank work his way into the virgin hole. Once he was completely inside Frank settled back as Jace worked his way into the older boy. We heard some grunting and some snorts of pain and a lot of moans of pleasure before all four boys were joined together.
    I was sitting where I could watch Isaac carefully. He was very attentive as the four on the floor began to work things out between them. Isaac was pretty much on his way to a full erection by the time four loads of cum had moved from the balls of the maker into the hole of the receiver. The four rolled apart to recover then Cory asked our guests if they were through. Of course they weren't. They were led, bow legged, to one of the bedrooms where they weren't seen for several hours. They both showed up the next morning as they joined us, naked as new borns, for breakfast.
    Lance sat by himself at the other end of the sofa to watch the show. When nobody, but he, Isaac, Les, and I remained he looked around. Isaac asked him if he would lay with him for the night. Isaac wasn't sure if they would have sex, but he would like to hold a naked boy in his arms for awhile. That seemed to excite Lance. I am not so sure that he had not been waiting for that invitation. He had been watching Isaac from the corner of his eye all evening.
    I told Isaac that there were plenty of beds in the bedrooms, but he sheepishly told me that he would prefer to stay on the sofa bed where they could be alone. I could understand that so I led my bed buddy off to the last empty bedroom. I was poked and prodded along the way by a very upright member behind me that was full of giggles. Les may be sixteen, but he still giggles like a youngster.

    Les is a lover. The boy is as horny as any teenage boy I have ever been with, but there was a passion to his lust driven horniness. He had my pubic hairs past his uvula as my cock head snaked deep into his inner being. But try as he might he could not get my balls into his mouth along with my long schlong. He was trying to swallow me whole, cock first. I had to do all of the work as I managed to get to the center of the bed and get his body on top of mine. He was not about to let go of my cock come hell or high water.
    Les is very sweet. At sixteen and three months he stands a nice five foot eight. He has a sweet little main asset in the form of a, straight as an arrow, six and a quarter inch, uncut cock that is a mouth pleasing five and a half inches around. His cock does not bend in any direction, it just stands straight and proud.
    His eyes are a deep dark brown, almost black. He wears his dark brown curly hair at a medium length, well above his collar, in a regular boy's haircut. I think that Derrick has followed his father's profession as a barber. He has become the family barber and I see him trimming one boy or another almost daily. I have let him cut my hair and he does a very good job of it.
    I finally had Les where I wanted him, on top of me with his straight anchor just inside of the opening of my throat. I was able to get all of his goods into my mouth with a little effort. His youthful testes are by no stretch of the imagination small. Each juice filled orb is a solid inch and a half long and very thick, but over the years my jaw has acclimated to larger and larger boi sticks. I love taking a boy's entire package to task and with a little effort I can stick my nose into his little pucker to drive him insane with pleasure. Such was the case with Lester. He was so horny that he was having a hard time with my cock. He kept pulling off to sit upright and try to shove more of himself into me.
    I was in need so I took mercy on the boy and let his fat balls pop from my mouth and lifted him up and down until he caught on and took over humping a very large load of very thick nut butter to my eagerly awaiting system. The advantage of a shorter cock is that I can still get the majority of the meat in my mouth for their enjoyment and still keep the ejaculating head in reach of my tongue so that I can taste and savor every drop of the excellent offering being given to me. I loose some of the nectar when a cock is much longer because he begins to shoot deep in my throat then shoves it all of the way in to shoot straight down into my gut leaving my tongue craving the taste that makes its day.
    I had not had the opportunity to see this boy ejaculate before so I don't know how the load I received compared, but he gave me much more than I had expected. It was very thick and very good. He was at the edge of becoming acid, which only bespoke his advancing age, but he still had the hint of sweet boy juice taste in his jizz. I will advance a bit here to tell you that I received five more equally large and thick loads from the boy before we took our morning shower. The boy is a cummer and he can cum to me anytime he wishes, and I told him so.
    I learned that I had mis-read Les. He had wanted to be with me from the first time he saw me on the beach in France. He had almost mounted me right then. I have held him close and kissed him deep when I felt that he was in need, but it seems that he was in need of a lot more than I had sensed. Les has conditioned himself to hold his emotions inside. He was severely beaten during his captivity and the stories he told me that evening made my hatred of Dimitri grow exponentially. I have to find a fitting punishment for him and his. While he is a vile person, those who followed his lead were worse, they carried out his orders with zeal.
    Les wanted more than anything in the world to ride me. He has ridden all of the Tucson six in succession, all in one night, as Lance looks on and sometimes sixty nines with him. Les likes to suck Lance's skinny cock while he gets a huge cock up his ass, but Lance is more reserved in that he just lays alongside and keeps Les's cock warm and moist. I wasn't about to disappoint my young partner. I entered him.
    Even as much as he had been taken he was still super tight. Now I was better able to understand why he had been so eager to move to the basement dorm with the Tucson six. He was addicted to their, bigger than life, cocks. His favorite is Jeff. Jeff has just turned fifteen and the effects of his life of sexual growth hormones at the hands of his molesters is showing in his developing body.
    Jeff's young cock is now a full ten inches long, but the thickness is something that needs to be seen to be believed. He is almost a full seven inches around, a stretch for any mouth or ass hole. His balls are a handful, literally. Each one can not be enclosed inside of a man's fist. Each egg shaped vessel is three inches long and over six inches around. There are very few of us in the family that can take even one of them into our mouths for a good wash down. A side bar on Jeff, he loves to be sucked. He is more of a bottom, but he tops those who really want him. He much prefers to have a normal sized cock deep in his throat all night long. He will be your best friend if you can throat his cock. To my knowledge his boy friend Mark has that distinction. Timmy, Cory, and I can take him and Cory and I do as often as we can. Timmy, of course has to stay away from the boy, but he had learned to really enjoy his past encounters. Christopher is Timmy's object of desire.
    Well, I am not even in the same league with my steroid fed boys, but I do have enough meat to please most ass aware males. I have never not been asked for more from anyone who has had the privilege of having me up in him. That's not vain is it? It is the truth, but I guess it is a little over the top. I was going to do everything in my sexual power to give Les the ride he wanted and make him as happy as I could. I was deep inside of him with his arms and legs wrapped around me. His lungs were pumping out gasps of air across his vocal cords that told the entire world how he felt about my efforts at pleasing him.
    "Oh, uhhh, umff, yesss, ohh, grunt grunt, umph, yesssss, oh fuck yes, umfff,…" seemed to be the extent of his vocabulary, but the volume behind those sounds was enough to cause our bedroom door to open slowly. Les was so far into what was happening that he didn't realize that our room had become an arena. We had twelve pairs of eyes circled about us and each pair of eyes were attached to a hand that had the stiff member of another encircled in its grasp. Well, all save two pair, Lance was impaled on Isaac. I felt good about that.
    Les laid down a line of his thick boi juice that reached his upper lip. His rectal muscles were working my cock to a frenzy, but I kept my pace. I bent forward and took as much of the rope of hot cum as I could onto my tongue then offered it to its creator who eagerly lapped at it and cleaned the inside of my mouth as he searched for more. I had to use my fingers to scoop up all that I could find while still trying to maintain a steady rhythm at his responsive hole. I fed the two of us and then washed the treat down with another kiss and his massively flowing pre-digestive juices.
    I literally fucked another load from him before I let myself go. I was so boned that I know my cock was in super overdrive. The head of my cock felt the pull of my stretched foreskin as it swelled to its fullest length and girth. As we lay together later Les told me that he could feel the swollen blood vessels of my cock like ridges of steel as they forced their way back and forth through his well used, and abused, anal sphincter.
    Before Les had recovered his breath and come back to earth our audience had left the room. I was a little disappointed in that I had wanted to have Les and myself covered in their boi cream. I have become so depraved that I find it a turn on to have several boys ejaculate across our heaving bodies impaled together as we struggle to get our systems back to normal. With the two or three boys that I have enjoyed that pleasure I have found that they enjoy licking me clean of the multitude of mixed semen as much as I enjoy cleaning their smooth, young bodies.
    Les turned almost at once to engulf me and I took him back in my mouth. I cleaned his pubes and polished his nuts before we both slipped into a quiet slumber. Les had a bad dream and awakened in a cold sweat. I held him close as he cried himself back to sleep, but only after draining his bladder without the knowledge of what he was doing. I let him go and do what he needed as his body relaxed and he settled into a peaceful sleep.

    That action had triggered my own need to release so I slipped from the bed and into the shower. I let the endless hot water supply of the motel wash over me as I warmed the walls with a steady flow of my hot, golden water. I stepped from the hot shower to a chilly room. I grabbed a terry cloth robe that had been provided to the guests and wrapped it tightly about me and went in search of a cup of hot coffee.
    I was pleased to see that Isaac and Lance were asleep in a sixty nine. Isaac had a mouth full of red hair and a skinny cock, but he was able to smile around it. I could tell that he was going to be okay. I felt that as we had met earlier with the Caspers. Somehow I knew that Isaac was in deep need of cock and was trying to deny it. I have an idea that he will have several young cocks in him as we move on eastward. I decided to take him on to Albany and put him on a plane over the weekend. What is one more hot cocked boy onboard? It was for him. He was a special case at that point.
    I looked in on the other boys and had to smile at their pairings. Cory was deep up inside of Frank as Frank had a smile that filled his face and dried cum crusting his wilted dick. Jace was lip locked to Tran. They smiled at me as I kissed them and fondled their slick cum covered cocks then licked my hand clean. Damien was with Steven, Branden and Bryan were asleep in each other's arms. My family loves each other. We may have our mates, but we love each and every member of the family, as often as we can.
    I looked at the clock. It was almost ten. I had to think a moment. We had crossed two time zones so it was only eight o'clock at home. I called to visit with my boys. Mommie answered with a giggle in his voice. When he let the boys know that it was me on the line they all chimed out, "Hi daddy, mommie hates us. Hurry home." I had to find out about that one. Pete had been trying to calm the boys down. He would let Tim tell me about it.
    Tim was excited as he grabbed the phone to tell me that his mother's trial was coming up. The District Attorney had brought charges after a Grand Jury indictment. Her trial was scheduled for the third week of March. Ouch, how thin can I stretch? I know that when one of my boys hurts they all hurt. They are one big happy family and all of us share everything with the others. I don't believe that there is a secret in that house.

    I stood by the window looking over the parking lot. It had started to snow. That would make this last leg a little more difficult. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist and a head of soft bushy hair lay against my left pec. It had to be Bry or Steven. I rubbed the soft shoulders and said hello to Steven without looking down. "Why are you so wonderful?" he inquired. I pulled him close. He wasn't seeking an answer, he just wanted to be close.
    "How's the family doing?" Cory came over with pot in hand to warm up my cup. Bry grabbed Steven and went to the kitchen to see what the hotel had stocked there. They found a large box of small packets of hot chocolate mix. They nuked their cups and handed Cory one as we sat together at the table.
    "We have two that want a Golden Pole Pin, daddy. They saw Les and we have all told them about how you make love. Everyone of us has done his part to open them up so will you come in and make them happy?"
    "You have all opened them up? There are eight of you in there. Their butts will never close again."
    "No, daddy. Only four to a boy. You know that we will never hurt anyone like that." I did know. I also know how lusty teenage boys can be. A boy will feel like he can take on the whole team in one go and many of them do. But they suffer for it later. If not at once several years down the line it will come back to haunt them. I wasn't sure if I should fuck these two cute kids. We would be moving on and there is no need to even think about long term relations with them. They have a home and are in school. If I did the nasty it would be pure sex for sex sake, or for the Pin.
    They were standing in the bedroom door way and had heard our exchange. They surrounded me and engulfed me in their strong teenage arms. "Until tonight I only thought about queer stuff with disdain. I have fought fantasies of sucking cock or getting my butt fucked with every fiber of my being. I don't want to be queer.
    "I found out tonight that I am queer and it is okay. I am good with it. I have learned that the one person in this world that I truly care about is just as queer for me as I am for him. We both need to know what it is like to ride the golden pony and get the golden pin. I want to know what it feels like to have a man make love to me. These boys have made me feel good and not one of them has made me feel that we were having sex. I felt their hearts as we were together and I will never regret this night as long as I live. Now, I am asking you, will you please show me what it is like to lay with a man that loves me and wants to only make me happy and fulfilled?"
    I had no way to say no to his request. I looked at his boyfriend and he assured me that he felt the same way. I told them that we had some talking to do first and led them to my bedroom. We used the second bed and let Les continue on in his peaceful slumber. I have been told that the only thing that will wake him up is a nightmare and he had already had one of those so maybe he would be okay for awhile.
    I wanted to meet "Rocky" and "Nad". Their name tags had said Al and Greg. Albert Bowers, aka Rocky, turned eighteen in August. He was class valedictorian at his high school commencement and had a full ride to University of Akron where he was studying Applied Mathematics. His current schedule included Applied Geometry-Calculus II and Japanese. I was impressed.
    Gregory Pullman obtained the nick Nad at twelve. His birth date is March first making him a full six months older than his classmates and close friends. He entered puberty at eleven and a half so he was balls ahead of his curious friends. Or at least a ball ahead. A bicycle accident at ten caused one little gonad to stay home for a few months longer. He had one lone testicle hanging down so boys being boys hung their moniker on and it stuck. The other nut dropped when he turned thirteen. Or to tell the truth, the doctor fished it out in his office one afternoon. One of life's more embarrassing moments because his mother put up a stink and demanded to be in the room to protect her son if the doctor was going to be playing around with his young male hood. Greg and his mother do not speak to one another.
    Greg has never had a queer thought until he and Al began to hang together. The two have paled around since the ninth grade and Greg has used Al to help him maintain his grades. He says that Al is the smartest kid in the whole world and he keeps hoping that some of those smarts will wear off on him. I asked how he was doing with his chosen field in Computer Engineering. He told me that he had maintained a three point six his first term. I told him that I was in bed with two very smart kids.
    I asked Greg what his short term goal in life was. He told me that he wanted to write a code that Al couldn't break. Al loves to work puzzles and codes are his favorite. My mind was running all over the spectrum. How would they do with Randy? That old reprobate would give them a code that would tangle their minds for a lifetime. Andy would bury them in code. I wasn't there to interview for additions to my house or my company, but when fresh young talent comes along and lays down in bed beside you you just have to look it over.
    That's what I did. I looked them over. A dim light was turned on so that they could watch me ravage their best friend. I took my time as I ate my way to their delight. I took Greg over the mountain top first then left him hardly breathing. I had Al straddle Greg's head so that I could suck his sweet cock while I drove my point home to Greg. Greg took the plunge and did his first rim to lap up the love juices still inside Al's tight little ass. Drained at last I went to sleep. I awakened at seven and headed for the can. A look outside showed me that I would not be on the road much before noon, if at all. The snow was over three feet high. I took a quickie shower and Les slipped in to help me out. Then I led him back to bed where we picked up where we had left off.
    The two on the other bed stirred about a quarter of eight. They told us of the fantastic breakfast bar the hotel had. I asked if they could eat there since they were employees. They could not wear their uniforms, but they could eat, at full price. I had them dressed in Frank and Damien's clothes as we braved the morning air in the hall way down the center of the hotel to the dining room. I don't go outside in that kind of weather unless I absolutely have too.

    As the boys did their dead level best to clear the serving line of all visible food, I was on-line with Randy. I told him to fire me off some simple code. I told him that I had a college boy who seemed to be a bit of a prodigy and I wanted to see what the lad could do. I sat in awe as Al-Rocky broke each code in rapid succession. I put him on-line with Randy and the two of them set the airways on fire as Rocky broke one code after another.
    Randy decided to go for broke and he asked me if we were on a safe machine. I told him that we were, but not in a secure area. I told him that I would be back to him in thirty minutes and finished my breakfast with a bunch of wide eyed boys.
    I asked Isaac how he was doing. He could hardly speak. He is in love with Lance. Les beamed at me and gave Lance a double thumbs up. Lance blushed, but his smile was beautiful. Rocky is not the only code breaker at our table. I told the boys that the weather channel was saying that we were going to be there until about noon the next day. The roads on to New York were getting the storm that had hit this area during the night and it would be ridiculous to leave the warmth and security of these two sweet youngsters. Rocky and Nad blushed for us.
    There boss walked by. "Hey, I have been trying to call you. There is no need for you to come in today. I don't expect much business so I was going to tell you to stay home and warm."
    "Well, we met some friends yesterday and we stayed here last night. Nad's car doesn't have a very good heater in it and the windshield wipers are shot. Mr. D let us sleep in their suite."
    I saw the look on their boss's face, "I know that they are employees here, but I was not about to let them go out in that storm. If there is a problem talk to me."
    The man softened and smiled. "It's just that the company has a policy…" he looked at me for a minute, "but under the circumstances I would prefer that they not be out on those streets now. Guys, if you want the hours I might need some help through lunch. Can I call you?" Both of them were up for that. Money is always tight for college boys. It wouldn't be for this pair anymore if what I suspected was true.

    At noon Greg called the kitchen to see if they were needed. He was told that there was no one in the dining room They told him that the streets were empty and that the snow was too deep to leave the hotel. I asked Greg to see if the buffet would be open. He was told no so I had him order a family style meal of the large roast beef that had been prepared for the buffet. Greg's boss asked if he and Al wanted to serve it. Greg told him yes.
    I told Greg that he should sit back and be served. He told me that the only boy there to serve was a true homophobic prick and that we really didn't want the little ass hole in our room. I don't know whether to take that as a challenge or let it go. We just ate up and settled in for another night of fun. I had a play date scheduled with young Al anyway.

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