Chapter 102


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    We could have spent the rest of the summer in the magic woods. The peace and serenity, and the solitude, was a welcome change. The each boy knew that his life was going back to the rigors of school work. I believe that most of them truly enjoy school although I also know that given a choice they would skip every day for their own pleasures. I would not allow that.
    They each needed to get their clothing, books, and other personal gear in order, but I had a pressing engagement that I had shared with them at our last camp side fire the night before. Secreted away in a private hospital in Tucson was a fourteen year old boy with a very troubled past. All of my family has a troubled past, but this tiny little guy had tried to take his own life in his despair.
    During the end of the year holidays I had given our operators at the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß hotline a week long vacation, which actually lasted eleven days, so that they could be with their own families. During that break I had hired a well recommended answering service to take care of our calls. What a mistake. I had been assured that the service had people that could work with any type of call, but in actuality they were only breathing answering machines. I never wanted to get my hands around the throat of anyone so bad in all of my life as I did when I played back the tapes of the calls that had come into our hopeless line. Yeah, that is what it was, two youngsters that called were left feeling so hopeless that they did, in fact, attempt to take their own lives.
    Twelve year old Orville and Fourteen year old Nylan called our number for help. Both boys' voices sounded desperate as they cried to the callous operator that answered their pleas for help. I can only guess that the woman that answered the phone was upset about having to work on Christmas day. She told the boys that they were dirty little perverts and should be killed.
    Orville struggled to hold on to his frail little life for over four months. He had hung himself from the clothes rod in his closet on the evening of Christmas day. He was not found until mid-afternoon the following day. His air way was severely restricted and oxygen was not getting to his brain. He was placed on life support systems, but the doctors told the family that it was hopeless. There was another that I wanted to kill when a nurse friend of mine told me what happened when Orville's father told the doctor to take the little fag off of life support. He told the doctor that the queer was not worth saving anyway. My friend told me that Orville's mother stood by showing no compassion whatsoever, she said the woman was as cold as ice. I wonder if she was or was she condescending to her husband's wishes?
    According to Orville's sister he had told his parents that he thought that he might be gay. He had a good friend that he thought of a lot in that way. His parents went into a low orbit and sent the boy to his room. He used his sister's cell phone to call the number she had given him to seek help or understanding of what he was feeling. I can only guess what the words of that operator did to the youngster, but I know the results and I would hold that woman responsible for his young life.

    Nylan is the youngest of six children. He has four brothers ranging in age of one to five years older than he. Nylan's family is very religious and keep the laws of their religion in the face of their children at all times. Nylan was caught by his mother taking matters in hand as he scanned through the stash of gay porn that his brothers had stored under his bed. He was taken to the imam for counseling, only to be told that what he had done was terribly wrong.
    Nylan could not and would not tell that he and his brothers were involved in many forms of boy sex on a daily basis. Nylan knew the penalty for his life style was death. He did not want to have his head removed in front of his brothers and sisters so he decided to take his own life.
    He crawled into the small space behind the garbage bin of his family's apartment complex and with his prize knife, which he had received from his father at his rite of passage, he slit his wrists. He sat and watched as his blood ran across the pavement until he lost consciousness. It was his blood that saved him. An off duty fireman tossed his trash in the bin on his way to his car. He saw the blood and found the boy, barely clinging to life. He had his radio with him and called for help as he tended to the boy's needs.
    Nylan has lost most of the use of his left hand. He cut the tendons in his wrist which have caused the hand to curl toward his forearm. He lost an enormous amount of blood and was kept in the hospital for six weeks then moved to a psychiatric treatment center where his father kept him for six months. My hatred runs deep for people who only live to impose their will on others.
    I had visited Nylan several times, many times I had taken Cory with me to keep the drugged up boy at ease. His father's beliefs were that his son could be cured by some ritual drug therapy and he had the money to provide whatever it would take to cure the boy of his debase desires. I was pretty sure that I had made contact with the boy inside the shell with which I visited and I felt somehow responsible for his condition. It was on one of my weekend visits in mid-May that I met his father.
    The man was ready to wash his hands of the boy. I had to call in every piece of ammunition I could call on to convince him that if he carried out his plans for Nylan he would be tried for first degree murder and I would come to the prison to watch as the lethal poison was injected into his body. Religious ideologies are difficult to overcome in the best of circumstances, but when those very ideologies involve the way we raise our children blood can be shed by the combatants.
    It was not until the man began to look at the money side of his choices. He had worked hard in the twenty years that he had been in this country. He had barely escaped with his life when the puritanical sect of his Sunni faith took control his village in Afghanistan. The Taliban had taken complete control of his bank as well as the town's schools. He had one young daughter and his wife was with child. He did not want to see his women suffer under the heavy yoke that he knew that these people would place over them. He wanted a good education for his children, male or female.
    He had worked his way to Tucson where he was widely respected and his family had grown to seven strong children. Nylan was an embarrassment to him and he could not allow him to live, I could and I did. I convinced the man to severe his rights to the boy, as if he had never been born. JC and Bull put in many long hours to make the boy my son, from birth. Neat trick.
    I had Nylan moved to the hospital where I had placed Biff the year before. Biff is now a strong member of my family and I believe that Nylan will be also. Nylan had to undergo four very painful surgeries to repair the tendons in his left wrist. He would be able to go home with me as soon as I could get to him and retrieve him.
    Nylan is a good sized boy and I wanted to make him comfortable from the beginning. I don't know exactly what made me choose Tran, but some how I felt the Amer-Asian mix might put the youngster at ease. I don't know that it did, but the two boys connected, almost instantly. Nylan was having his lunch when we arrived. Tran and I each grabbed ourselves a can of Coke and joined Nylan at his table. His left hand was still bandaged, but I was told that those could come off in a week. The doctors felt that Nylan needed to get out of the hospital and into a normal life again. He had been institutionalized for over seven months, an eternity for a boy.
    My first goal was to get the boy out of the wheelchair and on his feet. His arm was hurt, not his legs, he just had no desire to walk. One nurse could speak to him on a limited basis and she told me that Nylan believed himself to be dead and setting somewhere between life and the afterworld awaiting his eternal punishment. That ripped my heart out. When he finished his meal Tran pushed him out to the rose garden for a little psyche treatment of mine.
    I lifted the boy and set him in my lap. I removed the backless hospital gown that he constantly wore. He mumbled something about being a she freak and being punished by being made to wear women's dress for eternity. He could not close the back so that all could see his shame forever. His father's doctors had reached this boy in the months he had been in their care. So now I had my work cut out for me.
    I held him close to me in my lap as Tran dressed him in boy's clothes. Tran placed a pair of blue jeans on the boy's legs then I stood him up to pull the pants into place. Nylan showed us how healthy he was when he popped a nice six inch boner. I made nothing of it as I pulled the jeans closed then tucked his sweet cut cock inside before pulling the zipper closed. I pulled a tee shirt over his chest then put him back in my lap. Tran knelt and placed new socks and shoes on his long, thin feet. Nylan began to cry as he told us that he had never had a pair of brand new shoes that no one else had worn before him. I told him that from now on he would always wear only brand new clothes. He turned to me with his first display of affection and hugged my neck. I held him tightly and returned the hug with all of the emotion I could share with him.
    His legs were wobbly so I carried him to my Escalade and placed him in the back seat. Tran slipped in the other door and fastened the seat belt around him then around himself. Once at the house Nylan got a neck cramp from swinging around to look at another naked boy as each member of the house came to welcome him home.
    It was two more weeks before Nylan had his bandages removed. He does daily exercises with Damien when he returns from his study with Chuck. Nylan can hold his wrist out at a normal angle and he is slowly getting the movement back in his fingers and is able to grip things again. We have to help him from time to time because his hand has a tendency to curl back as the extender muscles shorten when he relaxes. He still has some time to go before those muscles learn to return to their previous usage.

    I had ten of my boys preparing to move down to my old family's house where I had grown up. I had to go through the house and put things from my childhood into storage. Of course this was not an easy task because each time I picked anything up I had a flash back of some childhood memory revolving around the object. One such object had touched me deeply. A collage of childhood memories and friends that my mother had put together hung on our picture wall in the hallway between the family area and the master bedroom and den.
    I took the twelve by sixteen picture frame from its place of prominence and sat down in my father's favorite old chair. Warm fuzzies and tears filled my being as I saw many pictures of myself and my best friend Manny, when we were very young boys. There were pictures of me and Tiny as well as a few of Randy. There were shots of a lot of my school friends as we played in the back yard or at the pool. I was twenty years and millions of miles away when the doorbell rang.

    I gathered myself and opened the door to see Tiny on the porch looking up at me. "You wouldn't want to take the afternoon paper would you?" His voice was the same, he looked the same, but it just couldn't be. I was startled as I stood staring at him. He was about twelve or thirteen or he wouldn't be able to be peddling newspapers, but he looked nine or ten. He spoke again, "Mister, do you wanta take the paper?"
    I asked him to come inside. He looked around the room as I stared at him. "My dad used to know a kid who lived here once."
    "What is your name?" I knew, I knew for certain who this boy was, but I had to hear him tell me.
    "I'm Billy sir."
    "Billy what, what's your full name?"
    He wasn't quite sure as he gave me a real sideways look over. He had his head turned about forty five degrees away from me as his eyes scanned up and down my body. I sat down in dad's chair and picked up the collage. "William R. Baker, Jr., sir."
    "William Rudolph Baker, Jr. Hello my dear sweet old friend," I turned the picture frame so that he could see a picture that looked exactly like him with me beside him, arms around each other's waists. "Where is your dad?"
    Billy looked at the picture as a wide smile filled his tiny face. I have seen that smile so often and my heart longed to grab the boy and kiss him silly. "He's sitting in our car at the end of the block waiting for me to finish my route. I have to get two more subscriptions for the afternoon paper then I get to go to Waterworld to go swimming, for free."
    "I will take the paper here and at my house in the foothills. I also have a second house next door to that one that I will have the paper delivered to. Now, go get your dad." He didn't have too. Tiny had worried when the boy had stepped inside the house. He waited for a moment, but decided that he better check on his son. There are so many perverts about that a sweet boy like Billy has to be on guard, constantly.
    Tiny was reaching for the doorbell as I opened the door to let Billy out. I pushed the storm door open and grabbed his hand and yanked him inside. He had halfway hoped that I might still live there, but after seventeen years he wasn't sure. He looked at me as I grinned at him then he made the first move. We locked our lips in the same passionate kiss that I so fondly remembered.
    I pushed away and turned to Billy who was all smiles, "Kewl!!"

    Tiny had given Billy and his new boyfriend the same lecture that he and I had gotten so many years before. Tiny had entered his son's room without knocking to find him on his knees as Curtis, my little Curtis Powers, broke his cherry. With no further discussion I locked up the house then led the curious pair up the mountain to my house just as the boys were coming in from shopping for their school clothes. Pete, Eddy, and Cory had taken Curtis, Eric, Gus, Kenny, and Theo to the mall.
    The boys rushed down the stairs to the lower dorm room with their packages. I had a devilish thought and sent Billy downstairs to surprise them, but I let a few minutes go by so that the clothes would be off. I motioned for Tiny to follow me as we silently followed Billy down the steps to see his reaction.
    Billy stood transfixed at the bottom landing. I moved beside him to see ten naked boys in the room. Lance and Jan were slowly masturbating each other as they held a long, deep kiss. Craig was fucking Rusty with pile driver plunges and making loud squishy noises. Curtis had his pants around his ankles as he stroked himself watching Craig and Rusty. Theo stepped up behind him and was thrusting his hard cock in to his sweaty crack.
    "Welcome to the house of happy fairies," I said. All activity stopped as everyone turned to look at me and our guests. Curtis was quick to react as he tried to rush over to his best friend, but his pants were gathered about his ankles and he fell forward. I had seen it coming and was on the move to catch the boy before his nose connected with the floor. Billy rushed over to help Curtis stand up as he asked him over and over if he was alright. Curtis only responded with kisses to his boyfriend.
    Tiny and I watched as Curtis and the boys undressed their visitor then I led him back upstairs. I fixed us coffee and asked him to tell me his story.

    Mr. Baker had moved his family to St. Louis, Missouri where his company's headquarters were. Tiny arrived in time for the beginning of the second semester of his sophomore year. He quickly involved himself in his new high school and let go of his past. In his mind there was no going back so he worked at becoming a different person. He knew what it was like to be teased for being small and soft so he set about to build his body up. His normal stature would not allow for a large build up, but he improved on what he had. He had taken lessons from me and knew how to be assertive. No one at his new school knew if he was a wimp or a punk so they stayed back. Tiny became more than any of them had ever seen. He charmed the girls and he ruled the boys. He took no guff from anyone and during his first week he was challenged. He didn't wait to respond, he simply lashed out and bloodied the kid's nose and asked him if he wanted to step outside for more.
    That established him, but he was not through, he began to champion the under dog. He carried the books of a small nerd that everyone was teasing. He asked the boy to stand up and show the students that he had balls. Taken literally the nerd opened his jeans to show a massive cock over baseball sized gonads. Tiny laughed as he high fived the kid, it hadn't been his intention for the boy to expose himself, but in doing so the nerd was looked at quite differently from then on. Tiny told me that the former nerd had a boyfriend by the end of the week and the boyfriend was a jock that had grade problems and an ego as large as his grades were low.
    Tiny never tried to get a boyfriend. He played the straight role for the next two years of school, but he did get it on with many of the straight boys who were hiding from themselves. He looked at me and told me that as hard as he tried he could never get one of them to fuck him as well as I fucked him. He told me that they would spend the whole weekend at his house, sometimes two or three of them at one time. They would line up for him to fuck them and they fucked each other, but they all thought that Tiny was the best fucker of all.
    I asked him about sucking and he told me that they would suck each other while getting fucked so he made them fuck him as often as he could. He made them believe that he meant it when he said fair was fair and no one should fuck and not let the other guy fuck him. That was selfish and he did not want to appear selfish. He told me that by the end of his first semester at the new school he had nine very close friends and four freshmen that loved to suck cock, all night long.
    He grinned at me and told me that he got his first piece of pussy his second week at the new school. There was a sophomore that was damned cute and she had her eye on him. He had his eye on her hunky brother that shared two classes with him. The brother made the first move that caught Tiny totally by surprise. "Hey, dude, my sister thinks you are hot. I see you looking at her so I got a deal for you. Why don't you come spend the night with me this Friday and I can sneak you to where you can see her naked." Tiny looked into the boy's eyes and saw exactly what he was looking for in them, lust.
    The two boys were in the bedroom when the brother got naked. He had a boner that made Tiny's mouth water, but he was trying to play straight and kept looking away. Finally the boy told Tiny that if he got naked then he would take him to his secret place where he could see his sister, naked. Tiny told me that he almost creamed himself at the thought of seeing both of them naked at the same time. He removed the only piece of clothing that he had on, his boxers, and followed the boy into his closet. The closet was shared between the siblings with each having a door into it from offset sides. Carefully the boys crawled through the closet on their hands and knees. Tiny had his face right up against the boy's ass crack and he kept blowing his hot breath on the place that he wanted to put his face.
    The brother and sister had planned their attack on Tiny and he knew it. He was ready for whatever they threw at him and let the game begin. The sister was sitting in front of her vanity table totally naked. Her cute little boobs were small and upturned. She had a large round handled hair brush that she stroked her belly and thighs with. Tiny was pretty certain that she put the hair brush up in her twat a couple of times. The boy was on his knees jacking off in Tiny's face. Tiny played his part hard, he slapped the boy's cock and told him he was not queer, to get that thing out of his face or he was leaving and telling everyone at school that he had jacked off in front of him and his own sister. The boy acted defeated until Tiny offered him hope once again.
    "I would do anything to put my dick in her cunt, just once."
    A deal was struck and the boys stepped out of the closet to see the sister sitting so that she was facing the closet door with her legs spread wide open. Tiny saw everything he wanted to see, he was curious, but he was still gay. He had to play this out. The brother told his sister that Tiny wanted to stick his dick in her. She wanted to do that too, but she did not want to get pregnant. Tiny whined that if he stuck his dick in her he would want to cum and he did not want to just shoot into the air like he was jacking off. He wanted to shoot into something hot and wet.
    The brother grabbed at the opening and offered to let Tiny shoot into his mouth. Tiny looked at him and asked him if he had ever let a guy cum in his mouth before. The boy blushed and looked at his sister who said, "Only every week end with Jacky Davidson. They're queer for each other."
    "I ain't gonna do you," Tiny told the brother, but that was okay with him. Tiny had his first boy friend, two words, not one. The sister got up on her bed and Tiny knelt between her legs. The brother tried to crawl up so that he would be ready to catch when Tiny tossed. He couldn't get to what he wanted. They moved about vying for position until Tiny told them the best way. The sister got on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. The brother got down on the floor Tiny moved up and began to really fuck the sister deep and hard. She was virgin and she hurt a little, but she loved it. Tiny was surprised that it felt so good and he fucked with all of his heart. He almost forgot to pull out until he felt the brother playing with his balls. When the brother pushed his finger up Tiny's ass he had to pull out of the sister and yell for the brother to take him. Tiny never missed a move as he kept on fucking, but he told me that the brother's mouth was nothing like the sister's cunt.
    The two boys scampered from the girl's room when they heard the parents car door shut in the driveway outside the girl's window. Tiny was still in afterglow and his cock pumped out another drop of juice which fell to his belly. He was stretched out on the boy's bed as his host looked down at him. He saw Tiny's cock flex and the drop of cum shoot out and instantly pounced to take Tiny all of the way into his mouth. He sucked until Tiny went soft and pushed him away.
    Tiny lay naked as the brother lay down beside him. He let the brother play with his soft cock as he thought out loud, "I loved that. I want more, I am not through fucking yet. I need tight hot flesh around my cock." The boy jumped up and slipped on his shorts then left the room. Tiny stayed put to see what would happen next. A few minutes later the boy was back.
    "Mom forgot to thaw anything for dinner so they are going to order Chinese. We have about forty five minutes or more if you want to fuck me. I am warm and tight."
    Tiny told him he, "wasn't no fag that took no upturned ass hole for sex," if the boy wanted to get fucked he would get on his back and put his knees to his shoulders. Tiny told him that he would ride him till dawn. The boy wasted no time as he complied completely. With no preparation at all Tiny placed his cock head against the near virgin hole and pushed inside in one bold move.
    I have told you before that Tiny was slightly built, hence his nickname, but he had a very thick six inch cock, which he told me had grown some by the time that all of this occurred. The boy flinched in pain so Tiny pulled out and spit in the angry looking hole, then pushed back in. This time he was a little more gentle and he held his position once he got all of the way inside. He told me that the kid was so tight that he almost lost his control, if he had not cum ten minutes before it would have been all over.
    He looked down at the boy and asked him if he did this often, he had only done it once three weeks earlier with Jacky Davidson. Jacky was thirteen and loved to suck cock, he let the boy fuck him if he could fuck first, they had promised to get together again. When they did Tiny was with them and he taught them how to three way. Jacky and the brother got Tiny over as often as they could. Tiny fucked the sister, with a rubber which he made the brother lick clean in front of his sister, confirming to her that he was a hopeless fag with no future.
    The brother helped Tiny to meet other boys at school and they, in turn, brought their friends to Tiny. He became the sex education teacher to the junior and senior classes and he took the four freshmen in for private tutelage. He ended up marrying the sister when she had his baby in her senior year of high school. She didn't like motherhood and made the guy's lives a misery, but stayed with them until she stepped off of a curb against a light and was killed by a beer truck. That was six months ago.

    Tiny wanted to go home. There was nothing in St. Louis for him. His dad was dead and his mother had remarried some bum she had met in a bar. He packed everything that he could fit inside his van and left the rest behind as he and Billy moved to Tucson. He had gone by the old house to see if I still lived there and the woman who lived in his old house told him that no one had lived there since my mother had died. He went away heart broken. Now three months later his son had a paper route that would deliver to my old house. We put our arms around each other and let our minds drift. Something had brought us back together, was it our love for one another? we didn't know, but we are together and I am not going to let him get away from me again.

    The boys charged the kitchen at dinner time and found Tiny and I still sitting together with him asleep on my arm. I called Billy over to sit in my lap, but I turned him around and inspected his butt. Tiny laughed at his son's stretched out hole as I pulled the boy up to kiss and lick at the spread sphincter. I introduced Tiny to the family as I led him and Billy to the table to eat with us.
    My boys are as protective of me as I am them. They started in on Tiny at once. The first thing that they decided was that he was a grown man of five foot eight inches and not all that tiny any longer so he would be called Bill. They learned that Bill had not been able to find work and that the two of them were living in a weekly rent motel that had a small kitchenette in the corner where they fixed their food. I asked him how many roommates he had. He looked at me blankly until I said, "Like scabbies, and crabs, some cock roaches, maybe fleas…" That had Curtis and Theo out of their seats inspecting their pubic hair and the rest of us in unrequited laughter.
    I had two rooms coming open in the old guest house. I asked Bill if he could stand living in a house full of happy fairies. He looked around the room and then at me, "Chris, I will always love you. What we had for that short time in my life is the best thing that ever happened to me, except for Billy. But we are grown up now. I don't think that I could make it with a man. I mean we might get together for old time's sake, but I don't think that I could do it on a regular basis."
    I eyed Cory to my side. "There is not a boy at this table that I don't love with all of my heart and soul. Turner there is the first boy that I found and then his brother Tyler came along. The three of us met Alec and Trevor then I went on the road where I met Jim then Jerry and Tim. On that same trip I met Cory. Cory is a thief, he is a heart stealer and he stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him. It was two days before I had sex with Cory, but I already knew that I was in love with him. Tiny, Bill, I loved this boy even more than I loved you. The passion I have for him is so much deeper than anything I have ever felt before."
    I looked around the table, "Like I said, I am in love with every boy at this table and I will do anything, go anywhere, kill anyone, whatever they want and they know that. They also know how much Cory and I love each other. Cory is my fourth cousin by blood and my son by law. We are each married to first cousins and we each have son's by them. Well my son is only a step son at this time, but maybe…
    "What I am telling you is that I am a boy lover. I won't lie to you, I want to fuck your little boy until dawn. I want to suck his beautiful cock until his balls shrivel up. He looks exactly like you did when we first met and I would be going back in time to be with him."
    Bill was laughing at me. I looked at him and asked what was so funny. He pointed at Cullen, "I was just thinking how much that young man sitting right there looks like you did the last time I saw you."
    Cullen rose from his chair and walked around to Bill and posed before my old friend. He let his cock harden, "I missed out on one asset of me uncle's, I didn't get his willy. He got that long dong from his mum's side of the family, but I got enough cock to make me happy. If you want a piece of my Royal ass it's yours big boy." Cullen can act the part of a full blown poof so well. I swear that I have to tie the boy down in public because he can put on a swish that leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that he is bent from the foundation.
    Bill ate it up and had my nephew sitting in his lap getting felt up while I explained the Royal part. Bill almost let Cullen fall to the floor as he reacted. He started to apologize when Cullen kissed him and told him that he was fine with it. A very pointed remark cut through the air, "If others find it fine to fuck around and then come to me to be cuddled afterwards then it is fine for me to fuck around, but I might not seek to be cuddled afterwards." Cullen glared at Cecil. Cecil lowered his eyes and arose from the table and left.
    I know that most of the boys in the house are into some serious fucking with ass hungry Cecil. The first day I met the boy he told me how much he needed to be fucked, but his boyfriend was strictly a bottom who would not fuck him at all, or even have oral sex with him. Alec is the main fucker in the crowd. He is so worried that he might be straight that he is fucking Cecil and Steven daily and anyone else who will lay with him. This is going to be one weird school year.
    After dinner the boys broke up in couples and small groups. A movie was placed into the DVD player, but somehow this was not what I wanted. The movie Superman Returns had just come out and I had not had the opportunity to see it yet. I asked Bill and Billy if they had seen it. They hadn't, but would like to, with Cory and Cullen skipping hand in hand along in front of us we went around to the large home theater. I thought it was large when Charley built it, but it would only seat twenty four and that is with two boys in the extra wide reclining seats.
    Cullen led Bill to his room for the night. Cecil went to the basement dorm room and slept on the floor while he pouted. Billy and Cory crawled up in my bed while Cory kept telling Billy what a treat he was in for. Billy and I were both dripping and raring to go, but we had to shut Cory up. Billy fucked Cory's ass while I shoved my cock down his throat. We made Cory cream himself out, but I held back. I was under Cory and got Billy in my mouth as he fired his first shots. I wanted all that the youngster had to offer, all night long.
    I made Cory roll aside and let me take over as I gave Billy my famous treatment. Every inch of him, every bite of him, every bit of him was a carbon copy of his old man. I was back in time, back in my youth as I made love to the boy in my grasp. Cory saw it, he knows me, he held me while I made tender love to Tiny once again. I called him Tiny a few times as we lay in the dark. He even smelled like his father had those many years before. What was it now, sixteen, seventeen years? Billy just turned fourteen so Bill had to get Billy's mother pregnant within months after they moved away. Well that was the way he told the story and here was cumng proof of Bill's ball juice's prowess. I have two additions to the family that I never considered before.

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