Chapter twenty


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    Almost three hours later I was in Oklahoma City. A sign pointed to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. For some reason I pulled off the freeway to see what it was all about. It was quite an interesting tour, I learned things that I never suspected about America's past. I even learned a few things that I didn't know about my own people, the Cherokee, I guess that now I will have to say Tslagi, that is the correct word, but in their language it is written as Ewf. (you will have to install the Cherokee Font included with the first part of this file to see this)
    I saw a man slap the hell out of a teenage boy, I grew furious. The boy took off running, I moved over toward the man. In a small alcove was another boy about twelve or so. He was crying and tucking in his shirt. I heard the man who had hit the other one apologize to this youngster and tell him he would never be molested by "that faggot" again.
    I hung close by and learned that the boys were brothers. The father had come around the corner to catch his older son with his hands down the front of the younger son's pants as the younger seemed to be trying to get away. From the father's point of view it was a clear case of rape by his older boy. The father was asking the family to keep quiet and he would handle it when he got them home. I felt sorry for the older boy, but there was nothing I could do.
    I climbed in Traveler© and headed west on highway I-40. I wanted to get out on the open road. I decided to head across to the southern New Mexico desert. Before leaving Oklahoma City completely behind I decided to top off my three fuel tanks. Traveler© can carry over three hundred gallons of diesel and can go more than six thousand miles without refueling. I have spared no expense to make this machine as fuel efficient as possible. I keep my foot out of the radiator and let the engine breathe. The more oxygen the engine gets the less fuel he burns.
    I pulled into a large truck stop at the very far west side of town. I saw a number of trucking companies and warehouses in the area and decided that this would be a good place to fuel up and get road information. I pulled up to the pumps and I heard a grunt and noise come from under the bedroom area. I climbed down and walked around to the back of Traveler©. The access panel to the bike area was jammed sideways. I put my key in the electric switch and lowered the ramp/door. Inside was a very frightened boy, the boy from the museum.
    I motioned him out and secured the access panel then shut the door. The boy stood beside me with his head bowed. He had tried to walk away, but I had hold of his shirt collar. I told the attendant what to do to make Traveler© happy as I led the boy inside the truck stop. I pointed him to the restaurant and we took a seat.
    I'm sure you know, the boy was hungry. A truck stop is a good place to cure hunger. This was a real good one in that it had a very fine looking buffet. I held the boy as we filled our plates then returned to the table. I sat him in a booth then slid in next to him so that he couldn't get away.
    "What are you going to do to me?"
    "I'm going to feed you as we talk and I learn all about you. I want to know what really happened with you and your brother and why your dad hit you."
    "You saw that?" The boy was terrified. I leaned over and wiped a tear from his eye and kissed him on the cheek. He shook all over then looked out of the top of his eyes as he kept his head bowed.
    "Please eat your dinner and relax. I will protect you as much as I can. No, I am not going to call your dad. No, I am not going to call the police. I will help you, if I can. Son, I am gay myself and I have an idea what happened. I want to hear it from you."
    "You're gay? God, I thought I was the only one. You're beautiful. I didn't know beautiful people were gay. You don't act gay. I thought gay guys were flippy wristed and swishy walkers with lispy voices…"
    "Eat!" He giggled and kissed me on the cheek.
    His name is Emmitt Casper. He was almost eighteen, actually three months and twelve days short, but to him freedom was on the horizon. He had just graduated high school the past June and the family was on their annual vacation to see the nation. They were from a Dutch community in Pennsylvania. The family were of a branch of the Quaker church. I asked him why he didn't use Thee and Friend more in his speech. He told me that he didn't like that and had trained himself to be more like his friends at the public school that he had attended.
    The church had a school, but he was not allowed to attend there since his sin had been discovered when he and the Bishop's son were caught doing evil against man and nature. I asked him to describe evil. He was getting his butt well fucked by a well hung twenty year old, he was sixteen at the time. The pastor's son is now making license plates, or whatever, in a Pennsylvania prison.
    It was at first thought that Emmitt was a victim, but in court he defended the older boy and told the court that they had been together for more than three years. That buried the older boy as more charges were brought against him. He will be a very old man when he gets out and with the new laws in place he is considered a sexual predator so he will enter a hospital on release from prison so that he can never hurt another child. Emmitt was heart broken and we had to quell his tears before he could continue his story.
    As much as I wanted to travel I wanted to help Cas, short for Casper, as he wanted to be called. I took him to Traveler© and paid the nearly five hundred dollar tab for fuel and service. I pulled around to the back and snuggled in to a parking lot that was reserved for RVs. I set the electric levelers and lowered the shades over the windshield. I took Cas to the back bed and let him lay down. He wanted to take his clothes off and get comfortable, who was I to argue with him.
    What I saw was a vision of loveliness. Without the baggy black woolen trousers and heavy cotton shirt and tie a boy appeared. What a boy. The worn black suit that he wore had to have been passed down to him and from the looks of it, many times had it been passed down. I moved his stout brown leather boots out of the isle so as not to trip to trip over them.
    I stood in place and perved on a very muscular, practically hairless, body He had played football and had hoped to go to college. He was sure that he could get on a team. He had a good record, but his father had forbidden his coaches to let him be scouted by any of the schools. His father had marched into the principal's office and told the coach and the principal that his son was an abomination to God and mankind. His son was a hopeless queer and was not to be trusted around naked boys and not to be given any privileges. This had been overheard by another boy who was in the office that morning and by noon the word was all over school.
    Cas was a power house. He was strong and wiry, his body was trim with a narrow waist and a bulked chest. His upper body almost looked like a young body builder. He played tackle, he was built for it. He was fast and could outrun anyone on the team. His legs were a thing of beauty with their taut muscles, I wanted them wrapped around me. Cas was able to take the verbal abuse he received. No one dared try any physical moves on him, they knew he could and would flatten them. More than a few of the boys in the school wanted to make use of his talents. Word got around that he was a wide receiver with a tight end and a good head.
    Cas lay there with a respectable six inch uncut hard on. His cock was an amazing six plus inches around, a real stretcher. He told me he was strictly a bottom and he was in major need of help. He had not had any sex in the three months since school was out. He was sucking his little brother and trying to teach the sixteen year old to give decent head, but the boy just couldn't do it right, even though they practiced four of five times a day.
    At the museum his brother had gotten horny and had pushed his pants down letting his amazing seven and a half inch cock show over the waist band. Cas had been trying to tuck his brother in when their father caught them. He didn't want his brother to suffer as he had so he was the one to run. He loves his little brother and wants the best for him.
    Cas begged me and I finally relented, I took off my clothes and stood looking at him with just a baggy pair of boxer briefs on. He could tell I was hard, but I had pulled the underwear down so that it bagged in the front and he couldn't determine my size. I had him sit up on the edge of the bed with his legs on the floor. "I don't want to expose myself to a minor. You are of legal age in this state, but since you and I are both from other states I don't know how the law would apply. If you want to see my cock you will have to expose it yourself." The wind from the words escaping from my mouth had not yet hit the wall behind him as my shorts were down and my cock was in his face.
    He was dumb struck. He had never even imagined a dick could be so large in his life. He grabbed it and began to worship it. I pushed him aside as I crawled past him to lay down on the bed. He turned and lay perpendicular to my body as he rested his head on my thigh. He stroked my cock, pulling the foreskin up and down. I was as big around as he was and more than half again as long. He licked the glans and let his tongue travel down the shaft. He could only get one of my huge balls into his mouth at once, but he laved each one as though it was the most precious object on earth.They are to me, but I liked the fact that he thought so also.
    He was trying to get my whole cock in his mouth. I pulled him up on the bed and told him to try another angle. He got up over me with his cock hanging down in my face and took every foot of my nine and a half inches into his gullet. He choked, but just pulled back and entered again. The boy was good and he knew how to throat a cock. I pulled his ass down to my face and let him lay his entire weight on me with his cock in my mouth. His cock just made it through the tight muscles at the back of my mouth. I knew I would be able to work a number on him. I kind of wished he had another half an inch or so, but I would make him happy.
    Yeah, I guess I am a size queen. I like a dick in my throat. I'll take just about any young cock. Five to six inches fills my mouth nicely. Anymore goes into my throat and I really like feeling a frisky boy pump his hard little glans back and forth through that ring of muscles that I swallow with. As he pumped I kept swallowing giving him sensations that he had only dreamed about. Cas was satisfying my dreams.
    I was amazed at the amount of cum that suddenly filled my throat, I had no warning at all. His young cock did not swell or stiffen, he just fired his load. He kept pumping it in as I struggled to get a taste, he tasted wonderful. He never missed a stroke, he kept on sucking me as his dick continued to pummel my throat. I felt my cum rising, I began to fill his mouth with my offering as he sent another of his amazing loads my way. I had no idea this boy could cum like that and twice in three minutes.
    He rolled over and turned around. He looked at me, I pulled him into a cum seeking kiss as we searched each other's crevices and teeth for more of the sweet elixir. His feet were in the middle of my shins as he lay on top of me with our mouths stuck together. I figure he must stand about five seven, compact and built. His blonde hair was darkened in his pubic region to a light brown. He had very little body hair, but he had a respectable boy bush. I could really love his body. He asked me to do just that. He was in a real need for a good fucking and he wanted a ride on my favorite pony. I will give any boy who asks nicely a ride on my little pony. I love to hear them squeal with delight as I reach out and touch them in ways and places that they have never been touched before.
    About three hours later I heard Mozart tinkling through the air. I looked at Cas and asked him if he had a cell phone. He jumped up, now awake. He dove for his pants and grabbed his phone. He looked at it then pushed the button. He quietly said, "Hello?" Then with a grin on his face he became quite animated. I was able to determine that he was taking to his brother. The two of them talked for nearly a half an hour. Cas told him that somehow he would get the phone changed into his name so he could keep the same number. He told him that he would call him in a day or two.
    Cas was in much better spirits after the phone call. He sat back with his back against the headboard and smiled at me. I rolled up to my side and just stared at him. "What would you like to do now?" I inquired.
    "Get out of Dodge."
    "We're not in Dodge, but I guess we could get out of town. Where do you want to go?"
    "Not to Pennsylvania." He said quickly.
    "I am going to go out to monument valley in New Mexico. I thought it would be fun to drive through those mammoth plateaus and see them from up close." Cas agreed. I wasn't sure about taking him with me, but I didn't want to throw him out on the road either.
    It was getting dark. I pointed Traveler© down the road and headed west on I-40. This road would take me to Albuquerque where we could catch I-25 south and into the desert. It was also a quick road back to Tucson. My mind was racing ahead.

    I stopped outside of Amarillo at a rest stop and climbed in bed to get a great blow job and a little sleep. I awakened around five thirty and found a truck stop for breakfast. We got into Albuquerque at the end of rush hour. I found the exit to I-25 and headed south. I was glad that we had stopped for breakfast earlier, there was not a single truck stop or even a little service station observable along the freeway. We were all the way into Las Cruces before I saw a place that I could pull Traveler© into.
    We pulled up and had a hot lunch. I asked Cas for his thoughts. He told me that he was really not sure. He was thinking about school, but he couldn't direct his thoughts in a single direction. I asked him what he really wanted. He looked me in the eye and told me his hearts desire.
    He wanted to study medicine, particularly sports medicine. I looked blank. He told me that there are many sports injuries and a doctor that knew and understood sports and the training that an athlete went through was better equipped to treat those injuries. It made sense to me. He wanted to play football, he was very good and could have had a free ride at almost any school if it hadn't been for his dad. I told him about the school in Tucson and the football team we had there. I told him that we had been in trouble for the last few years and could use his help. He grinned and told me that the University of Arizona Wildcats was one of his favorite teams. He knew that there had been scouts from there looking at him, but the coach had told them of his father.
    We belayed the Monument Valley and pointed on down the road. I turned on to I-10. It would take about six more hours of travel, but we could make it just after mid-night. Cas asked me not to drive straight in. He wanted one more night in the bed with me and he wanted a long time of fucking, his ass was itching. It was two hundred and seventy miles to Tucson, about six hours. It was one hundred and forty miles to the state line, less than three hours. I drove to Lordsburg and found an RV park.
    We had a light supper of salad and soup before getting an early night's rest. Rest was the one thing that we didn't get a lot of. We were in bed, but we were up for more than sleep. I took Cas on a trip like he had never experienced before. He was used to sucking some jock and getting his ass scratched. He didn't know about making out. I had him in a frenzy by the time I got his smooth pecs laved. I had started with his neck and then licked his pits clean. That had him wiggling all over the bed, but when I started on his tiny little nubs in the middle of his puffy pecs he was jelly. I sucked and chewed on each nipple as he moaned in pleasure. His hands were all over my head and shoulders.
    I continued my assault for as long as I thought he could stand it. Finally I moved on down to his ripped abs and his cute little inny in the middle of the hardest belly I had ever been in bed with. I wanted to get out my dirty clothes and do my laundry on his tight wash board abs. Instead I rubbed my face up down over them for a long time, licking as I went, doing my best to drive him up the wall. By the time I took a trip down his treasure trail he was a whining mass of quivering flesh begging for release.
    One thing that anyone who has ever heard of the Marquee De Sade knows you, don't let up on your torture until you are ready and I wasn't ready. I went for his balls, bypassing his turgid tower of power. I laved his young nuts taking time to lightly chew and suck each one as I soaked his scrot with massive passes of my tongue across its wrinkled surface.
    I pushed his muscled legs to his chest and attacked his perfect cleft. I pushed him as far back as I could get him to go as I let my tongue start at the end of his back bone and work its way down into the hot and sweaty crack of his begging ass. I licked every drop of his boy sweat as my tongue made its way through his valley of desire. When at last I got to the center of his universe I let my tongue travel around its perimeter as he begged me to do him.
    When I did him he came up with a start. He had never been rimmed and he wanted more. He was writhing about yelling, "Yes, yes, more, give me more. Oh fuck yes, eat my ass, you sexy bastard. Suck my shitter with that hot fucking tongue. Give it to me. Take me, I am yours forever." I slipped three fingers at once into his previously well fucked ass and took his turgid cock into my mouth pushing his foreskin back as I went. I massaged his expanded butt nut and had a creamy boy delight within mere seconds. He pumped my hungry throat with so much juice that I was sure his balls would wither before my eyes.
    When I was sure he was well drained I raised my body to line my angry cock at his hole. I moved my fingers aside and put my cock in with them. He was so relaxed that he took the extra girth with no reaction at all. I thought that I would have to try to double dick this boy sometime soon. I settled in for a nice long fuck. I had been well serviced during the day and had the ability to hold back for a long time. I fucked him for over thirty minutes making sure that he was enjoying himself and was in no discomfort.
    I made long hard strokes. I made short fast jabs. I worked in a circular motion. I attacked him from every angle and with every variation that I could think of. His face was a picture of pure ecstasy. His eyes smiled at me as did his mouth. He was enjoying himself and was in no hurry for this fucking to end. He shot out a fairly healthy load shortly after we had started, but his cock kept pouring his seminal fluid—pre cum—in a steady stream. I kept fucking. He got off two more times before I began to tire. His second and third loads were thin and weak, but powerful orgasms all the same.
    His rectal muscles were working the shaft of my cock to a frenzy while his tight sphincter felt as if it was going to cut my cock off while it was still inside of him. I began to slow down and I knew that I was getting to the limit of my physical strength. I started a full on assault with the idea of bringing this episode to a climax, mine. Cas was aware of the change in my approach and he began to fuck back at me. He helped me bring about a very satisfying end of our love session as I filled his butt chute with all of the energy I had left in me.
    I was totally winded and had to roll away. I lay on my back gasping for oxygen as I felt Cas rub his hands on my chest. When my heart had come to a steady rhythm and my breath had become even Cas kissed me. "I never knew fucking could be like that. That was pure love not sex. You have opened a new avenue before me and I will never be happy with a fuck again."
    I pulled him to me and kissed him. I awakened in the same position as I became aware of the sun shining on Traveler©. I didn't waste any time, I pulled on a pair of shorts and slipped my dockers on. I climbed into the drivers seat and put Traveler© back on I-10 west bound. In just under two hours I pulled into the last truck stop before home. I had the attendant, that I knew well, go over the old boy and make sure he was good for a long rest. I fed Cas as I worked a plan in my head. When I get a plan going I am hard to be around. I want silence as I put every piece into place. Cas ate the truckers breakfast, three pieces of bacon, three sausage patties, a slice of ham, three eggs, hashed brown potatoes, biscuits and gravy, and four monster sized pancakes with butter and syrup. I had a half order of sausage gravy over a big biscuit and coffee.

    As soon as breakfast was finished I wound my way through town to the side of the mountain that I call home. The house looked none the worse for my absence and I made a mental note to complement the landscape company for their diligence. I had to go inside to open the big garage door for Traveler©. Cas followed me with his mouth scooping dirt off of the floor as he walked. I grabbed the remote and turned on the a/c and the ceiling fans. I clicked on the satellite radio to my seventies oldie station and headed on toward the garage.
    I opened the door from the kitchen. Cas followed me. In the garage was my favorite, a 1967 Oldsmobile 442 convertible, not stock. A Cadillac Escalade sat next to that, with his beefy 6.2 liter V8 at only a mere 407 hp @ 417 lb-ft This four wheel drive baby could hold its own anywhere. Behind the Olds was a 1961 Corvette with a 409 cubic inch engine tuned up to a sweet 390 hp. @ 400 lb-ft of torque. Behind the Caddy was my Jeep with the full mountain package on it. The back side of the mountain on which I live is some of the best off road climbing in the country and I love to see how steep I can go. I have never rolled, but I know a lot that have tumbled down the mountain, backwards, over boulders that I have climbed in front of them. That is always a major rush.
    Strangely enough to me, the Caddy is the cheapest car I own. The Jeep is factory with factory options and didn't cost that much, but at seventy thousand dollars, as delivered, the Caddy is ten thousand less than my fully rebuilt 'vette, and close to twenty thousand less than my baby, the 442. I love my cars. I could buy more exotic cars that cost less, I guess, but I bought what I like. I love the air through my hair as I speed along in an open vehicle, and believe me, I speed.
    I opened the door to Traveler's© garage bay and opened the high doors. I set the lasers and walked back out to my big boy. I pulled back through the driveway to get lined up. When the lasers lined up on the onboard sensors I got an even tone and started to back up. Safely tucked inside I shut the powerful vehicle down and climbed out. All of my toys were now put away and I could go inside.
    "How fucking rich are you?" Cas asked.
    "Rich enough to not have to sweat the little shit." I said as I ruffled his hair. I led him to my bedroom on the second floor. He stood looking out the balcony windows overlooking the fantastic view of the city. I told him to hop in the shower, we had some things to do. He stripped and joined me. I led him over to one of the other bedrooms and opened a drawer. I found some underwear that would fit him and a pair of Levis. A tee shirt was a good bet for this laid back city He had to wear his own boots with a clean pair of socks. I told him that boys left things behind sometimes and sometimes I bought shit just in case.
    We hopped in the 'vette since it was the handiest. I headed for the U of A campus. School had started four weeks before, but I had an idea. I stopped near the practice field. We walked out on the field as if we belonged there. I stopped behind the coach and listened. Cas walked down the sidelines checking out the action on the field. Suddenly one of the assistant coaches came running up. "Coach, that boy there. That's Emmitt Casper from Pennsylvania." Both coaches looked.
    "Are you sure?"
    "Coach, I scouted him. I want him."
    "What's he doing here?"
    "I don't know, I'll go see." With that the assistant coach ran over to Cas. They talked for a few minutes then the two of them came back to the head coach. "He would like to go to school here if he can get everything together."
    Both coaches were nearly drooling as they led Cas away. Cas waved at me to follow. He introduced me as his uncle who lived in town and if he could get into school here he would be living at my place. I was down with that.
    It took two hours and several phone calls. There was some begging by the coach's, as well as Cas, to keep his where abouts from his father, his high school agreed to send his transcripts out in the afternoon mail. In the meantime the essentials of his transcript were coming across on the fax machine by the coache's desk.
    A quick trip to the registration office and Cas was only the hard copy of his transcript from being a student on a full ride football scholarship. Cas and I went to my favorite steak house and partied with burned cow meat then went home and got down to the real meat of the matter.

    School was underway and Cas had done well. He had a position on the offensive line and he was in hog heaven. I was bored shitless. I told him I had to travel. He could see it. I told him to stay in the house and let him use the Jeep. I told him that I am only gone for a month or two at a time and he could reach my cell phone 24/7.

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