Chapter 201


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Athos and his two sons approached me two days before our planned return trip to Tucson. Athos had a large brown envelope tucked up under his arm as he reached out his hand to me. "Chris, me boyo, me lads got a wee request o' ye."
    I looked cross-eyed at the old reprobate and chuckled at him. I never know about him. He seemed sober enough, but…"So what nation are you claiming this week. Your cockney seems to have been taken over by a touch of the Irish and there is a wee bit of the highland in there too. All of it sounds like cock and bull to me."
    "Aye lad, and if I 'ad as much cock and balls as ye got 'bout ye I'd be speaking gibberish fer sure.
    "Peter tells me that he ain't spent no time with ye in all of the time that he has been in Tucson and Frank ain't never had the pleasure of your pleasure in 'is bum. I wouldn't mind it none if your wee Cory might fancy a mercy shag on me old arse neither." Cory giggled at him and nudged me, I figured that we were going to make it a family affair.
    Peter asked if RD might be up to join us. RD heard the request and he moved to join us as we moved to my suite for the evening. I learned that Peter had a crush on my son and he wanted to live his fantasy of being fucked by the both of us. RD got the ball rolling along while I introduced myself to Frank in a proper manner.
    I had watched Frank and Athos at play when I first met him at Calais nine months earlier. I quickly discovered that Athos had taught the boy well, he had the suction of a commercial vacuum cleaner. Suction isn't the only thing when giving proper head and Frank had that part down as well. He gagged a few times as he worked his way down the largest cock to ever enter his mouth, but he stayed the course and began a blow job that was second to none.
    Frank has the rugged good looks of a man much older than he turned out to be. His heavy beard and angular jaw had convinced me that he was in his mid-twenties when I had first met him. I learned that he had just turned twenty one. Peter had turned sixteen during the summer and the boys had given him his cumuppance party. Peter is much more mature looking than his age suggests as well.
    I had to check Cory out. I have never seen Cory with an older man and we had never discussed that possibility ever occurring. I was pleased to see that he had the old cop flayed out on the bed with his legs high in the air as he gave the old man the ride of his life.
    I didn't do it for Athos. I didn't do it for old time's sake. I didn't do it out of any sort of obligation except to give the boy with me the greatest experience that his time with me could achieve. I allowed him to finish his snack before I pushed him back and spread his legs. I set about giving the man child all that I had to give as I dove into a neatly trimmed crotch. He was not shaved, but he was very closely cropped, to the point that no hair was more than a half an inch long.
    I spread his legs and admired a virtually unused rectum that was devoid of any hair around its perimeter. The flesh was an even pink color that turned to a darker shade, almost brown, just around the neatly closed iris. It was none of my business, but I listened as he told me that Athos can't keep it up long enough to do him. Old age and booze had taken their toll on the man and Peter was the only one that had given his brother relief in some time.
    I set about giving him something to fondly remember for several days. Athos did like to rim his lover and, as I remember, he is damn good at that task. I had my work cut out for me. I didn't want to overshadow Athos in the eyes of the young man, but I did want to give him the maximum amount of stimuli before I made my entry. Rimming is the most fun way to open a male's world to penetration and I wanted to have fun, for both of us.
    In deference to Athos I did not make a marathon event out of my chore. I opened the back door and moved forward to enter in. Frank's eyes widened and his mouth flew open in a silent scream at the initial entry of the largest object to ever cross the entrance to that opening. I paused and watched him and when he showed signs of relaxing I pushed in a little more.
    Once his sphincter was spread he took me with no problem. That was more than he had expected, but he had wanted it so badly that it was all that he had talked about to his dad and brother since they had arrived at the school. I did not disappoint him as I rode him to a passion level that was heretofore unknown to him.
    Peter did not disappoint his brother either. With his fresh fucked butt leaking creame-de-RD he moved over his brother's prone form and took his cock into his mouth while his own cock dangled in Frank's face. Frank was eager for it and he engulfed Peter's peter as I continued to plow my way through his soul.
    From his anal contractions I was sure that Frank discharged his stored spunk twice before I reached my first orgasm of our encounter. Frank was fucking back at me and I knew that he was not finished and I was able to continue on for another ten minutes before both of us climaxed together.
    RD had moved behind Peter and was giving him what for when his eyes told me that he was firing off another load into a very hot hole and from Peter's body language I believe that the four of us reached a mutual orgasm within seconds of one another.
    I rolled to the side and lay on my back to recoup my senses. Peter moved over to me and began to suck my cock clean. He told Frank that he was super tasty inside. Frank had never considered an oral clean up like that and he seemed shocked. He quickly got over it as he grabbed RD and began to clean his brother's butt juices from my son's cock.
    The two brothers curled together and began to talk quietly as only brothers do. I rose to take a shower and was joined by RD and Cory. "That was an experience. I have only spent time with brothers twice and one of them doesn't count." The boys looked at me to explain.
    "When I first met the Johnson brothers, Ricky and Raymond, we had group sex on the floor of their living room. Actually I was with Tim O'Connor, Raymond was with Pete, and Ricky and Jay's grandfather Seth moved to another room. Oh don't think for a minute that I didn't get a taste of Ricky first though. It is just that I did not do Ray and I did not have any relations with the two of them at the same time.
    "No the only brothers that I have ever been with together are the Carmichael boys, Johnny and Kevin. RD, you were there that night and you remember the event. That session in there just now makes me realize how hot doing siblings at the same time can be."
    "Didn't you do the Thompson boys?" Cory asked.
    "Yes, but they are cousins, not brothers. Remember that Trevor is Kenneth Thompson's nephew that he adopted. Alec is his natural son."
    "How about Frank and Branden?"
    "Not together."
    "Cas and Lew? David and Donny? Rusty and Ronnie? Jay Jay and Jeff? Toby and Kenny? I know, Tyler and Turner!" He drew himself up, proud that he had caught me.
    "That's right, how could I forget those two boys. They are the first boys that I ever found after Charley…And I did do Toby and Kenny. You remember, you were there as we lay on the grass at Base B and Kenny got his first wet cum. How could I forget that night? I must be getting old." The boys laughed at me as we dried one another's back and headed back to the bedroom.
    The two boys were still laying on the bed talking and Athos was gone. "'e 'ad to go take himself a right proper shite 'e did. Said 'is arse was stretched and full of yank cream from some damn Indian boy," Frank joked.
    "Phew, you two stink. Let's go take a shower," Cory told them as he and RD led them down the hall to the bathroom. Athos entered from the opposite end of the room smelling fresh and clean. He looked around and when he saw that we were alone he beaconed me to the table in the corner.
    He retrieved the envelope that he had carried under his arm earlier and sat down to face me. I was pouring us each a cup of coffee as he laid the contents out before me. I looked the documents over as Athos stirred sugar and milk into his coffee.
    "How was this information obtained and why only now?" I asked as I held the papers in my hand.
    "DNA testing is in its infancy and data bases in Western Europe are only now being built. There was a rape of a young girl near the village and samples were taken. Within days of those samples going into the computer a match of similar DNA came back and it was just a matter of time before we had our man."
    Physical characteristics can vary within a family and no one thought anything of the fact that Pépin and Morris Lacrosse just do not look alike. Pépin has the looks of a typical French mountain farmer with the thin bone structure and oval face. His hair is jet black and his eyes are dark, almost black. Morris is broad boned with wide shoulders, but his hair is redish blond. His face is almost square with deep set blue eyes. Morris is hung like a young stallion where Pépin is of average size.
    None of those characteristics mean much of themselves. Pépin was injured at a young age and confined to a wheelchair which Morris was all to happy to push about as the two brothers traipsed the mountainous region about their home. That alone could account for muscular difference. The hair and eye coloration is not all that uncommon in families as dominant genes change from one child to the next.
    It was my own DNA testing for every boy in my charge that had told us a different story. One that I had not revealed to anyone. Morris and Pépin had different fathers. I listen to a boy as he lays in my bed and tells me his fears and desires. I am learning that I don't always listen to them when they are not in my bed however. Morris has told me how his father was distant to him and never seemed to have much to do with him. He is a year younger than Pépin so he thought that as he grew older he would be accepted.
    Their mother was a different story. She always treated Morris as though he was a stranger that she had to contend with. Morris never had anything new in his life, but received hand-me-downs from the families nearby or from the church. When Morris learned that his mother did not want him returned after his rescue by Athos from the boy farm where he was found he was not surprised. He cried himself to sleep one night when he told me that she never wanted him.
    The paper work in my hand told me why. I just wanted to know how. The province where the two brothers were raised is closely tied to the Catholic Church. The local priest is the decider and judge of all things that occur within his parish. A child born is a human being and it is the responsibility of the mother and her husband to raise that child, regardless of whom the father is.
    The recent rape of a fifteen year old girl had led to an arrest of a…slow witted?…farmer in the area. The man was living at home with his aged mother and father and, for the most part was dysfunctional. The girl recognized the man as being seen at her church and she helped the police to locate him and obtain samples of his DNA which proved his guilt.
    When DNA samples had been obtained from the girl's rape kit a hit had come back in the data base as a probable match. However the police discovered that it was only crossing to the DNA of Morris Lacrosse, a fifteen year old boy that was living in the United States. Investigation required them to check their information and they discovered that Morris was a rescued victim of the recent child sex slave operation that had been exposed in their country and that he had been adopted out by none other than Sir Christopher Dickson, a recipient of the Grand Croix, France's highest honor.
    A report was made to Interpol as a matter of routine and the name of Sir Christopher Dickson and Morris Lacrosse caught the attention of Enquêêteur Athos Henley. Athos took a personal interest in the case and helicoptered into the village to join the investigation of the rape. He brought full resources into the case and set about to collect DNA samples of every male of legal age in the area.
    At the same time he set out investigators to learn all that they could of the Lacrosse family. He learned from an old friend of Mrs. Lacrosse that she had been raped inside her own house when her husband was away working his farm fields. Mr. Lacrosse wanted to confront the twenty year old man that had molested his wife, but they went to the priest first. They were advised that the man was not all together in his head and that he would not understand what he had done. They were told to leave it in God's hands.
    When then nineteen year old Mrs. Lacrosse discovered that she was with child they consulted the priest who told them that they should raise the baby as a child of God and to say nothing to anyone. Mrs. Lacrosse had already confided in her friend, a lady that lived on a nearby farm. That lady friend gave us the information that we needed and it explained why Mrs. Lacrosse had rejected Morris once he was freed from the slavers.
    She had only raised the boy at the insistence of her priest and she had never loved him. Her husband had never accepted the boy, but he did his duty to the church and provided the child with food and shelter. When Morris disappeared Mrs. Lacrosse hoped that he had run away and was gone for good. When he was returned to her she was shattered. She considered him to be the cause of all of the misfortunes that had become her and she wanted no more to do with him, ever.
    The old friend told the investigators that Mrs. Lacrosse never loved Morris until she sent him away. After that she often wondered if she had done God's will by doing so. When she injured herself and needed medical attention she told her friend about the money that I had sent to her and her friend pleaded with her to use it and find a doctor. In her failure to follow her friend's advise the woman died in pain and left both Pépin and Morris orphaned.
    In the meantime the younger rape victim had led the police to the man and he was arrested and charged. He was found incompetent and sent to a hospital for the criminally insane where he will live the rest of his natural life. I folded the papers and returned them to the envelope. I told Athos that the boys need never know of that knowledge until it became absolutely necessary. He agreed.
    Four freshly scrubbed, giggling boys returned to the room and everyone appeared up for more play. I needed the play to get my mind back on what is important in life, the education of boys.
    Athos was tired and left our company. Cory grinned at me and told me that he was going to go to tuck the little ones into their beds. A twinge of remorse crossed my heart as I thought that I was letting them down again so I asked Cory to entertain our guests while I tended to my duty. My duty only took me forty five minutes then I returned to my suite where I found four naked boys sitting in a circle on the bed…talking. Peter wanted to wait for me. He had dreamed of a ménage à trois with his brother and me for several months. Who am I do burst a boy's dream bubble?

    I had one more important duty to perform before the boys would pack up and leave for their respected schools. After breakfast I headed up to Antuan's room. Kardal was removing a china chamber pot from in front of Antuan while Khalid and Hamal washed their patient down with warm soapy water. Leave it to everyone in my family to take to the needs of another and see to it that everyone feels the love and warmth that is everywhere.
    Once he was clean Antuan was led to a small table where his breakfast tray sat waiting for him. The little ones proceeded to feed Antuan as they fed me with their tiny little giggles. "A bloke could get real used to this, eh govn'r?" I agreed with him and sat down to watch the boys in action. They were the best kind of nurse as they tended to every need that their patient had, even to the point of using a napkin to wipe his chin for him. I had to laugh at their antics. I am blessed to be around so many wonderful young people.
    With breakfast out of the way the little ones picked up the room and disappeared leaving me alone with Antuan. "So wot's up, govn'r? Ya going 'ome tomorrow?"
    "Well I suppose that I am and if you will stop calling me governor I have an offer for you."

    We spent the rowdiest New Year's eve of my life with twelve hundred and sixty males. All of the staff joined in the final moments of the year as everyone gathered in the main entryway, the large front room, the dining room, the old ballroom, and anywhere else a body could stand to be close to the final moments and be in on the actions that would herald in another year filled with hopes and dreams.
    We were so crammed together that the boys began to pair off and leave about a half an hour into 2009. I watched as they took their partner for the evening and strolled off together for their beds in the dormitories, I smiled to myself as I didn't see a single couple together. The Germans were with the English and the French were with the Americans and the Americans were with the Germans and the English were with the French. It was a perfect night of international relationships that promised to be very enlightening to everyone.

    New Year's day I stood outside and watched the buses pull away to transport their charges back to their homeland. I believe that that is the most difficult time or our gatherings, nobody wants to say goodbye. The BAB buses were pressed into service once again to transport all of the Americans to their planes. The boys from BAW were the first to leave. I stood with JB in the brisk wind coming up the cliff from the channel and talked.
    "You shared your dream with Charley and me at our 2003 Christmas gathering at Charley's New York City apartment. You wanted to build a school for at risk gay boys and teach them to be solid citizens and leaders. Did you ever envision your school becoming so large?"
    "It is not my school, Chris. It is yours. You have made all of this possible. I had the vision, you are the dream maker and it is you that made this happen. No, I never thought of anything on this scale. Chris, this is a miracle. These boys are happy. They are growing into perfect gentlemen. They may be gay, but they are still the kind of man that the world needs to lead the next generation.
    "With very few exceptions I don't believe that we will hear of any of these boys flaunting the sexuality when they come of age. I believe that most of them will stand up and take charge and become leaders of industry, politics, or whatever they choose as their profession. I have two boys in my school now that want to be teachers and I encourage that."
    "As well you should my friend. We will need teachers that understand the life that most of these boys have lived. I would venture to estimate that a good ninety five percent of these boy have foraged for themselves on the street and that is the kind of knowledge that will help a teacher reach a troubled boy.
    "Tucson is a little different with the boys that I took home from Europe. I did not go in search of street boys until a year ago and we have tripled our enrollment since then. I guess that I never realized how many throw away children there are in the world until my family visited BAF after Cullen's coronation. My family begged me to go seek street boys and give them a chance at life. I am glad that I did. I am glad that you had the vision to begin this." I hugged him as we stood in silence.
    The buses were returning from the airport and it was time to load the boys from BAG Boys and send them on their way home aboard Travelaire.

    I gathered Antuan and had him join my family for a short flight up to Liverpool and my wife and sister. The boy had nobody in the world that wanted him, except four hundred eager fag boys in Tucson.

    FI-1 was on the ground when Pete brought FI-2 in for a perfect landing at El's country home. I had asked Andy for the use of the plane to carry my womenfolk home so that we would all arrive together. Andy was happy to provide the plane for me.
    Travelaire would spend most of the day and into the night on its homeward flight and I didn't want to just drop in and run at El's. I enjoy my sister's company and Dukey and I have become great friends. Of course there was Cullen to consider, he needs to spend as much time as possible with his parents. We left our bags on FI-2 and filed off of the plane and across the tarmac to the large castle by the sea. It is a stately place that commands adoration from all who see it.
    Sarah was happy to see that Wesley was not with us. I had sent him on with the boys as he acclimates himself into our society. Sarah gave me a tearful hug and I just stood back and said, "What?" She hugged me again and kissed me warmly. Cory stood by with a huge smile on his face. I know his heart and I think that I am beginning to know Sarah's as well. They are full of love and compassion, but when it comes to family that love knows no bounds. Wesley is family and I will go as far with him as I can, but he has to prove himself. Not only to me, but to the family as a whole. Partiality on my part could destroy a lot of trust in the family circle and I have to be careful, very careful.

    We landed in Tucson at three in the afternoon on Friday, January second, 2009. The Caddy Escalade and the stretch limousine were waiting for us. I piled all of the boys into the Caddy and had the women use the limo. Betty's house is between the airport and the houses in the foothills so we headed there first to deliver that grand lady home. Of course she wanted everybody to come inside and have refreshments. I asked Pam and RD to stay with her for a few hours. I told them to talk to Betty about her new class, she is teaching homemaking at BAG. She felt that it was a crime that those little girls didn't know how to sew on a button, or boil water for a cup of tea. We all love our grandmother and we let Chrisy know of our appreciation as often as possible.
    I had Cullen tucked in with me so I asked Harry to drive the limo as we made our way across town and home again. There is something about returning home after a trip. We had only been gone nine days, but the city always seems different for some strange reason. I guess the memory of the sights from the trip are fresh in the front of the brain and it takes a moment or two to get those thoughts filed into their proper place.
    The house was a beehive of activity when we stepped inside. Boys were scurrying about with their dirty laundry as they wanted to be amongst the first to get to one of the six machines in the garage. We have installed another ten washers in the large new restroom located in the tunnel between the house and granite house, but those would be quickly taken by the boys from that house.

    Both vehicles pulled into the drive at Cory's house so that we could see to our women. I knew that RD would want to tuck Quemela in, but I asked him if he would show Wesley and Antuan the way to the tunnel and told the other boys with us to help them find snacks at the house. I told them that I would be along very shortly to help them find a bedroom of their own.
    Quemela wanted to go down to see her brothers off and to give the little guys a kiss. I had a reason for wanting her to go with RD, but I couldn't think of how to ask her without giving myself away; she played into my plans perfectly. When neither of them returned after twenty minutes or so Beulah asked about them. I glibly stated that they were probably in the garage sucking face.
    Ugitsiha looked at me strangely and turned toward the garage. Something about women and their premonitions. Whatever it was it caught on and Sagi followed her to the garage with Beulah running up behind them till carrying Awinita. I acted too innocent and Cory noticed so he followed after the women with me in the rear.
    The garage door was up and all of the lights were on, the women were talking excitedly in Tsalagi while RD sat in the driver's seat of a shiny steel blue BMW Z4 convertible. A wide red ribbon ran at an angle from the grill across the hood and up onto the windshield on passenger's side with a two foot bow bearing a card which read: "To RD From Santa".
    RD was moving the shift lever through all seven forward gears and I heard him quietly making motor sounds with his mouth, such as a young boy makes when playing with his toy cars. Quemela broke his spell when she asked, "Dad, did you…?" RD spun his head around and saw me before he dashed from the car and into my arms. He was smothering me with kisses, which I returned nonchalantly.
    He kept saying, "Thank you, thank you," over and over again. I pretended to know nothing about the car.
    "Hey, maybe that is what that key you found is for." Sometimes boys are so overwhelmed that they forget the little things. RD's eyes widened and he reached into his pocket and slid back into the car. He placed the key in the ignition and 300 horses roared to life with a roar then a purr that enlarged the smile on my son's face even wider than it had been.
    I led Quemela by the hand and opened the passenger door for her. I handed her the seat belt then I removed the large red bow and its attached ribbon. "Be careful, son." I stepped aside. He looked at me then through the windshild and out into the world. He pushed in the clutch and slipped the car into first gear and slowly pulled out of the garage and onto the driveway. He stopped at the end of the drive and looked both ways then drove his car out into the street.
    I waited. I waited a little longer than I thought that I would have too, but after a few minutes it came. The sound of power brought the Z4's Drive35i to life and gave RD his first feel of the Adaptive M Sports Suspension w/Dynamic Driving Control. I had my arm around Ugitsiha as the sound of the breaking tires echoed up through the neighborhood and I knew that my boy had found his dream machine. I don't pamper my own son enough. I missed out on the first sixteen years of his life so I try to find ways to give to him without making him seem to be a favorite in the family. He is my favorite, as is natural, but I have the feelings of other boys to consider.

    Dinner was served at the main dinning room in the dormitory. I wanted all of the boys together so that we could discuss our trip and I could learn their take on it. One thing that I learned was that all of them wanted to find more boys from the street and bring them in. They had heard so many horror stories of street life in Europe and many of them know the hardships of that life in America, they wanted to save others. I was all for that idea.
    We sat for several hours as we discussed how we would go about locating new boys. Word was on the street, there were posters placed in areas that street children hangout. Word of mouth has brought in all of the boys to date, some in fear of the more and more frequent police roundups. The city merchants are complaining about the number of children hanging around their stores begging for handouts so the police are getting tough. Children are being taken to the juvenile shelters where their hopes for a solid future are questionable. It is only when a child is classified as homosexual that I am contacted, that is not acceptable.
    The boys set out in teams of four. They were cautioned that only one should approach a boy on the street and then maybe a second could join them if things were going smoothly. Once a boy agreed to check out the school the other two could be brought into the circle and they could head for Tomes to await pickup.
    At Tomes the boys were treated to a hot lunch and time to get to know one another. I was excited about the boys that were brought in that first weekend. Seven bright eyed and eager boys sat at the place of honor, the head of the center table in the large BAW dormitory cafeteria. Cruz Hiller, Francisco Rios, Jeremy Coguen, Luke Tanner, Marty Wilmes, Ron Shepard, Stan Becker and Tilo Ozuna.
    As more of the students came into the cafeteria the new boys watched them to see if any of their old friends from the street were amongst them. Jeremy called out to Macy and Bolek while Stan gave a big smile to Nando. It was the reaction of thirteen year old Luke Tanner that caught everybody by surprise.
    When Paul Harmon walked in Luke was out of his seat and running across the cafeteria with monster tears in his eyes. He ran up to the sixteen year old boy and threw his arms around him and held of as if life would end should he ever let go. Paul pushed him back a little and began to talk to the boy in hushed tones, but Phil Drapman came through the door and the whole scene replayed itself. My curiosity was piqued and I wanted to know how the boys knew one another. There had never been any indication that Paul and Phil were acquainted before that day. Seeing the three boys side by side one could not do else but speculate that they were of a very close blood tie. The similarity of bodies at that age are to be expected. It was their faces. They all looked alike, blonde hair, blue eyes, the same nose, the same expression on their faces, and their mannerisms were almost identical.
    I am sorry to say it, but I was hurt. I suppose that I am only human with human emotions, but I want to believe that all of the boys can trust me implicitly. Actually they can, they just don't know that for sure. I had thought that my talk to the students about the fact that secrets kept from the family had allowed one of our own to be raped once again by his longtime molester would make the boys confide in me. This secret was not as tragic as that one had been, but it was pretty serious. The three boys are cousins, a fact that Paul and Phil had kept from me for several months.
    Thirteen year old Luke threw a temper tantrum on Christmas day and his mother locked him out of their home. Luke knew that Phil was on the streets and he had seen him once or twice in the downtown area. He decided that he would runaway and live with his cousin for the good life. He had no idea that Paul was alive. He knew that his mother's brother's twin sons were murdered by their father and when he saw Paul he ran to see if his eyes were playing tricks or if it really was the dead boy. He was excited to know that Paul was alive and then Phil walked into the cafeteria he knew that he was where he belonged forever.
    I asked the older two boys to remain quiet as I slowly picked Luke's story from his pubescent lips. His mother didn't have any money for Christmas presents, but she had money for her drugs. She had a boyfriend that had spent the night Christmas Eve and he got up in the middle of the night and ate a large apple cobbler that Luke had prepared for their Christmas dinner. When Luke walked into the kitchen he found the refrigerator door standing open and most of the food that he and his mother had spoiled.
    Being the end of the month his mother was out of food stamps and there was no money for food. Luke, being a teenaged boy, was hungry. Well most people are hungry in the morning. That is why the first meal is called breakfast—break fast—because that is what one does, they break the overnight fast. The body is in need of nourishment and a growing boy needs a lots of food to build his body.
    Luke blew up at his mother and told her that she could buy drugs and sleep with any old thing that crawled into her bed. She hit him and he split, hoping to never have to return. I assured him that I would do whatever I could to see that he never had to return to that life, but that he had to work with me and trust me in the meantime.
    I decided to play this one a bit different than I had done in the past. I called JC and had him come up and listen to the boy's story. Together he and I made a visit to Mrs. Tanner. We were in luck, she was so high that she didn't know if it was day or night. JC recorded every word spoken and then we went back to the house the following morning. She was a bit more sober and talked with some authority, but she became combative when she learned that we intended to take Luke away from her and call the police in.
    FI agents had gathered information on Mrs. Tanner from her neighbors and others that knew her. We had enough evidence to have her arrested and charged with felony abuse. Hospital records were located where Luke had sought medical aide for his injuries from falling off of his bicycle or falling out of bed. CPS was investigating an injury that appeared to be a twisted arm fracture that was about six months old. I looked at JC and shook my head. CPS had allowed another child to stay in an abusive situation for six months after the injury.
    I laid out all of our information and I laid my badge on the table as well. Had she picked up the badge and looked at it, or read my ID card, she would have known that I had no authority over her, but I could bring down trouble by the bucket's load. I passed her a stack of papers granting me custodial rights to the boy and making him a student at BAW. With the paper work I presented to her I could go to a judge and have Luke made my legal ward, but I wanted to delay that action in favor of the family unit. I always hesitate to destroy any family ties until it becomes absolutely certain that there can be no reconciliation between the family members and their son.

    By special request I had two unexpected young men under me for a night of riotous raunchiness. I have observed Seth and Astin in close proximity to one another many times. I have seen some moderate PDA between the two, but, to my knowledge, no one had ever seen them do it. That is really none of my business.
    I suppose that I had better tell you of my personal interview with Astin before I get into the current scene. I challenged Astin to a show and tell before I let him take his assignment in the state prison. I looked him in the eye and asked him what he would do if he ended up on the bottom in a gang rape by the inmates. He was mostly virgin and didn't know. Oh, come on now, mostly virgin??? I couldn't let that one go. As a young teen he had a suck buddy. The buddy loved to suck Astin's huge cock and, in fairness, he sometime reciprocated. I questioned him about the sometimes.
    Astin told me that his friend was a true cocksucker that wanted to do him in the most bizarre places and at weird times. He told me that they had sat on a park bench while the boy bent over him and sucked his cock where anybody passing by would have been able to see them. He said that their favorite place was in the balcony of an old movie theater that showed soft porn movies. His friend would get on his knees and suck Astin while he would sit back and watch two women kissing and fondling the other on the screen.
    Somehow that scenario didn't hold water until he told me that there was an old man that would open the fire escape door and let them sneak inside. He would sit on the isle seat and watch the two boys performance. That made me smile as I thought about an old pervert getting his jollies. Astin qualified his story with a bit more information. The old man was twenty five and he opened Astin's friend up to, what became, his hunger for anal sex.
    The price of admission to the movies was a piece of ass from a barely fourteen year old boy. I asked Astin if he ever let the man do anything to him and he told me that he hadn't. He didn't know the man and he didn't want to know him. The man knew his friend from the apartment complex where they both lived. I asked Astin if he had ever seen the man do his friend and he told me that he had not. He was only told how great if felt. Then he quickly told me that he had never done that. He did begin to fuck his friend sometimes when they could find a place to be alone.
    I asked him to tell me more about his reciprocal engagements with his friend and he told me that by the time their school year got started they had made their friendship known to their parents. The next step was to spend the night at the other's house occasionally. It was on those rare instances that the two boys could get naked and into a sixty nine position. I learned that Astin didn't mind making his friend cum in his mouth because he knew that he would be able to fuck him afterwards and he loved to lay in a bed and fuck the boy several times throughout the night.
    I asked him if he reciprocated in that part as well. Astin puffed himself up and adamantly denied ever having done that. I stared him down and he finally told me that he let a neighbor of his grandmother do him when he visited her house at the age of fifteen. He was horny and away from his fuck buddy so he convinced the new kid to let him do it to him, but he had to let the kid do him first. He told me that it wasn't bad, but he had never done it since that one time.
    When he returned home a few weeks later he learned that his fuck buddy had moved away and he never had anymore homosexual experiences again. I asked him about his fantasies. He told me that they were all straight, but he looked away from me. Silence can gather more information than a thousand questions sometimes. I waited until he told me that sometimes
    "Well, I sorta found out that it feels good to put my finger in my ass when I jack off. I sometimes put things up my butt and sorta fuck myself with them as I try to suck my cock. I can't get too much of my cock in my mouth, but I can get it in there when I start to cum." He blushed as he realized that he was telling me his most secret fantasy. He was beginning to discover that he liked the taste of jizz and that he had those thoughts.
    I got down to brass tacks and began to suggest what might happen in prison. At that point we had remained fully clothed and when I suggested that someone with a ten inch dick would love to get hold of his soft white ass he puffed up and told me that he would fuck them with his eight and a half inch cock, and make them like it. That sounded like a challenge to me.
    I told Astin that he wouldn't be around boys in prison, but seasoned criminals with nothing but time on their hands. I asked him if he would be able to allow a man to make use of his body. I found a new respect for the youngster then, he wanted the assignment. He had no idea what I had in mind for his future, but from what he could learn about me he knew in his heart that it would only be good.
    I asked him if he thought that he needed to pay his way. That was not what he meant. He had spoken to a few of the company employees that had personal experience with me and he knew that I was an honest and fair man that sought to help those around me to better themselves. I wanted to know if any of those to whom he had spoken had expressed any sort of sexual contact with me. He told me that none of them ever mentioned that. I don't like to have sex with employees of FI, that can only lead to disaster. However, I was looking at a fine piece of boy flesh that was of legal age for any sort of activity that he wanted to participate in.
    "Sir, what I am saying is that I…I really am attracted to you. I have never thought about a man the way that I am thinking about you and I would like to allow you to show me what I might have to experience on my assignment." The tent pole in his pants told me that he wasn't just blowing smoke. His heart was beating so hard that I was watching the blood course through the jugular vein on the side of his neck. I was afraid that he was going to have a stroke on me so I drew him to me and kissed him.
    As unexpected as that was he quickly relaxed and returned a deep kiss that caused the jugular vein in my neck to begin to pound. My twin cavernous arteries also began to throb. I had him naked in moments and laid him back for a major frontal assault. I had plans for a rear action later, but for the moment I was content to give the guy the licking of his life, and he took it lying down.
    Astin was true to his word. He wanted to know everything about man sex, 'in preparation for his assignment' and he was a quick study. He is also a good cocksucker, I guess that his personal experience had primed him for the act with a live other. Before I could get my momentum in full swing he swung his body about and had my main staff down his throat as he hummed a new tune.
    I had my own agenda and he was impeding my progress. I stripped my clothing while I tried to maintain my hold on a hot lunch. Astin came to my assistance as he removed my pants, without ever losing contact with his own lunch. Once naked and comfortable I took to the bottom and pulled his soft body on top of my own so that I could begin working on the appetizer that was being served up at his back door.
    Astin reacted in the exact same way that a younger virgin reacts. He had never experienced the feelings that rimming induced into his system and he was eager to scoot back as he tried to allow me greater access to the object of my desire. His actions with whatever things he uses did not appear to have changed the appearance of a total virgin. His tight iris was intact and difficult to pry open. Once my tongue made its way inside though that guardian muscle relaxed and spasmed at all of the right times.
    Astin was slurping and slobbering on my cock as his drool ran down between my legs making me a little uncomfortable. To hell with it, I could live with a little discomfort in the name instructing a new gay boy into the art of hot man sex. I worked my fingers to the bone as I stroked his penile bulb from the inside. I avoided his prostate at that point, choosing rather to make his world a little more solid.
    Solid it was and very eager to enter into deeper relations. I swallowed every foot of his turgid eight and a half inches and let his engorged glans slip through the opening of my esophagus. At the same time I drew my fingers around his G spot and took another foot and a half of him in.
    Nature began to take control of his body and he started to move in that old tried and familiar way that males have of enhancing their sensations to bring about a strong sexual release. I increased my digital workout on his butt nut as he increased his rate of rise and fall causing his meaty stick to slide in and out of my oral receptacle.
    During this episode he never came off of my own tower of power. He cupped my batter makers in his right hand as he let his thumb and forefinger almost encircle my shaft. Even with his long, thin fingers he was unable to touch the tips of those two digits to each other around my enraged monster. That was of little importance to me. I was in the position down under to teach and to bring new sensations and untried emotions to the surface for my pupil.
    I guess that I was more worked up that I had expected because I shot a volley of cock snot into Astin's vacuum like mouth before I realized that I was cuming.

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