Chapter 107


Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm

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    Saturday morning Brad, Jay, Ricky, Ģerâld, Luke, and Ray gathered to attend their childhood church. Most of the boys in the house wanted to go so we took Travel All© over. Jay was waiting for us as we arrived and directed us to the balcony. He was going to sing with the youth choir that morning and I was very happy to sit behind them where I could hear better.
    I learned that we had another singer in our house. I was seated next to Vadik, who I believed was our guest for the morning. Some of the choristers called at him to take his seat. He slipped past me and sat down amongst the youth choir, several of whom gave him a high five.

    Let me tell you, what I heard was the Angelic Choir from on high. The sweet voices of youth rang out. Many of my boys are in various glee clubs, ensembles, and choirs themselves and they knew the songs. The congregation arose from the pews and gathered at the front of the church so that they could look up and see the balcony full of youngsters singing praises to our Lord.
    Suddenly the closest sound of absolute perfection on earth rang out over all of the others. Cullen had been asked to do a solo. His perfect pipes still sing in a boy soprano that grabs your soul and lifts it before the Throne of the Creator. I sat back and let my tears flow unabashedly as his voice echoed through the massive sanctuary. The congregation's couples were holding one another and their tears could be seen, even at the distance between us. Their pastor asked them to sit wherever they could then he asked the choirmaster to allow the kids to sing for as long as they wished.
    As you could guess with eighty four boys, we have a wide range of voice ranges, everything from Gus and Rod's soprano to Mark and Evan's bass, or baritone I guess. Most of the boys have a remarkable tenor range with some singing in the alto range. The young church members enjoyed the addition to their singing efforts. They asked the family what songs they could do and tiny heads got together. Finally one of the boys against the front rail called down to the small orchestra. He gave them a series of numbers that I figured were the numbers of the songs that they do because the instrumentalists immediately began to thumb through their sheet music. The songs that they had chosen gave Cullen the opportunity to be featured, not so much as a soloist, but as the lead performer.

    As the youth group finished twelve songs and sat down the pastor asked if the soloist could be introduced. All eyes turned to me. Cullen is my responsibility, he is my nephew, my friend, my lover, and a boy. I walked down the steep stairs of the balcony and held Cullen's hand as we stood at the rail looking down on the happy faces below us.
    "Brothers and sisters, it is my pleasure to introduce to you my young nephew, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Cullen Muneday. Prince Cullen is visiting in our country, incognito, for protection from those who would like to kill him to prevent him taking the throne of his family's country of origin. He has enjoyed singing for you today, almost as much as we have enjoyed listening to his pure sweet voice. I would like to ask you to keep Cullen's presence and identity to yourselves and Praise He who made us all for the gift of music that has been given to this young man."
    The little sot bowed to the congregation and did the Royal Wave. You know, that fancy little twirl of the hand that is not directed at anyone, but seems so effective to the peons seeking a peek at their monarch. Okay, so I am not big on monarchy, sure it beats anarchy, but blood does not make a leader. From what I have seen, the bloodlines are more impure than the common folk that they look down on. Give me an old fashioned election any day. Then I have two ways to go, if I voted for the numbskull I can blame him for pulling the wool over my eyes. If I didn't vote for the idiot I can lay the blame on those who did. It is not the blood that makes the leader, it is the environment that has shaped him into what he, or she, is. And don't get me started on legacy leaders, those who hold office because daddy did.

    On the way out of the church many of the congregation came to welcome us back and nearly all of them said hello to Vadik. Vadik told them that he had been asked if he wanted to live in our house and go to school. He was excited as he told them that he was "going for it." I held on to that thought for awhile.
    On the way back to Empire Canal I asked Toby and Tyler why they didn't join in the singing. Cas burst out, "If you ever heard 'em you wouldn't ask that, dad. When they sing in the shower the soap runs out holding its ears." The whole bus broke out in taunts. Tyler spoke out in self defense. His voice is the deepest of the family and I could see why the boys would tease him, that and the fact that I happen to know that the boy is tone deaf. He is the kind of boy that can't carry a tune in a bucket, even if the tune is painted on the inside of the bucket, now that's bad.

    Back home, at Empire Canal, once again the family took to their uniforms and life once again grew quiet. Cullen led me to a large, overstuffed chair and sat in my lap with his legs curled up under him and his head on my chest. "I do love you, unc. I have had the most fun of me whole life being here with you. I miss me mum a lot, but I talk to her almost everyday, I can even video chat with her. But I want you to know that now that I know that you are here and who you are, I don't ever want to leave."
    "Cullen, I'm am going to be serious here, just between you and me, okay? Things are in the works to leave your throne empty and ready for you to sit on it. Do you want it?"
    "Last year I would have said no, unc, but I have been following my country's history on line and I think that somebody is trying to walk off with everything in it. All of the country's wealth, and assets are being syphoned away, and the Queen has to know it. I have studied the history and the country is wealthy beyond its money value. The people have one of the longest life spans of any country in Europe. Their lifestyle is several levels above that of their neighbors. The climate is amiable and the country is beautiful.
    "The education system is second to none, but someone is trying to close the main university. Businesses are failing because the financing is being moved away from them. The gross national product is down by twelve points in this past year alone.
    "Yes, I want to sit on my ancestral throne and set things right in my kingdom. I have the best adviser in the world to see to it that I do it right or you 'will spank my naked ass raw.' That's the way you say it isn't it?" I love this kid. He is deserving of love and adoration. He is totally selfless, his every thought and deed is always for someone else. That is why I knew what I had to do with Cecil. Cullen will, and has, let the boy walk all over him. As a ruler he cannot allow Cecil, nor anyone like him to come near him.

    Raymond led a sweet looking young man into the family room. Raymond introduced me to Dean Fowler. Raymond made several phone calls during our recent drive across America. Each time he was on the phone he giggled like a little girl, I knew that he had something going, but was surprised as well. He had found his first boyfriend at the wedding the previous summer and they have been talking with each other almost daily since.
    The pair decided that they were going to move into the Johnson boys' house in Albany. They would still be a part of the family and nearby so that Edmund could keep an eye on them for me. Dean was in his second year of pre-law and didn't want to leave Albany. I am going to miss Raymond though and I wonder how Ricky is going to be without his big brother around. The way things had gone for the previous four months with Ray at the old house I have a good feeling about Ricky. Raymond is such a fag, he is a barrel of fun to be with. He is the first boy I ever saw to actually cum in a glass and drink it. He saved all of his cum in a glass one night and poured it over his cereal the following morning. Now that's queer. ;-}
    Borne had already told me that he was bored with Tucson. He had never had much in his life, but he couldn't find direction. I agreed to allow him to live at Empire Canal as he tried to find what he needed in life. My family was beginning to leave the nest and I was mixed. I needed to cut back some, I knew that, but it hurts. I really do love my boys.

    I turned to Vadik, I had some questions. Jay sat down beside me and listened as we talked, then he spoke. "Daddy, I don't know if I did right or if I did wrong. I have known Vad most of my life. He is older than me, but he goes to our church. He and Ray and Tim and Luke and Ģerâld and, let's see…oh yeah, Dean, he was the other one. I told them to keep quiet and let you get to know Vad on your own.
    "Daddy, we all know that if we say that we know a boy in trouble that you will drag him into the house, whether he wants to come or not. I wanted you to learn to love Vad all by yourself and then you could ask him to live with us. I'm sorry."
    "For what, precious one? You done went and did a good thing there mister and I am proud of you. All of you, thank you. I believe that you are right, I know Vad for who he is, not because he knows you. This boy is worthy to be a family member and not just because he is a fantastic fuck, but because he is a nice guy." Vadik was blushing from head to toe. His skin is so pale white and his almost white hair was such a contrast to the bright glow from below that those nearby began to giggle. I have a lot of admiration for a boy that is not afraid to blush and let his feelings show. Now I just had to figure what I should do with our newest young and hung.
    Jayson and Vadik were sitting side by side and I noticed that they look very much alike. Jay's hair is beginning to turn dark on him and he has always enjoyed his blonde boy looks. It has always been clear to anyone that knows how children change as they age that Jayson was what is known as a tow head. I have seen pictures of him as a little tyke and his hair was very pale yellow. By the time I met him he was a sandy or dirty blonde and now he is getting much darker. I laugh sometimes, René is bleaching his hair. Before this trip she did the ends, but not the roots. She also did highlights giving him a layered look of different colored hair. I teased him that he had ruined his beautiful blonde hair by dying the roots black. He chased me until he caught me behind the hedge garden. He really just wanted a long kiss in private. I think that I love him as much as he does me, but Brad is right, that is an awful lot.
    Vadik and Jay could easily pass as brothers, with Vadik being the younger. He is two years older than Jay, but he looks as though he is three years younger. Jay looks his age, or a little less. Vad looks a lot less than his age.
    "I do have a question for you though." I looked at Vad then at Jay. Jay and I began a stare down. "Did you sit me up to meet Vad? When did you know that I knew him?"
    "When you walked in the door the other day. I saw him first. You took Rodney, excuse me little buddy, Rod into your office and I ran up to Vad. I led him in here with the family to get him naked. We could tell that you had just fucked him so we let him keep his clothes on and wait for you to take him up to the shower." He giggled at me, "We all know how much you like to wash a boy after a good fucking time is had." He went into a fit of laughter and was joined by most of the family.
    "Anyway, we told him that we loved him, but that we didn't want you to know that we knew him. We told him that he would understand in a few days. Do you understand now, Vad?"
    Vad had one simple answer for Jay, he grabbed him and kissed him hard and deep. Brad laid his hand on Vad's shoulder. Vad jerked away from reflex action. Brad grabbed him, "Sorry dude, I just wanted some too." With that the new pair began to swap spit.
    "Is that the way the family says everything is okay?" he grinned at me. I grabbed him and kissed him, but I had to do it differently. I shoved a finger up his ass which made him stab me with his deadly weapon. Ahhh, sweet youth, and I have a house full of it.

    Vad, Vinney, and Ted sat down and decided my schedule for the nest two days. Cory was called and asked to check my appointment book which sent most of the household into the screaming meemies with laughter. Cory came to me with a pad of paper in his hand and a pencil balanced behind his ear. He had Eric's glasses perched on the end of his nose and he spoke in his most professional manner.
    "I have your itinerary sir, you will be dining with the house of happy fairies at five. At six thirty you are to attend an open discussion attended by various family members and household guests. At nine you have an appointment in committee with a Mr. Záytsev. It seems that there was an oversight and according to the by-laws the two of you will have to fuck with witnesses so that his qualifications for family membership can be confirmed. An award committee will be on hand to stick the Golden Pole Pin when membership requirements are met.
    "Directly afterwards, no precise time has been set, you and the afore mentioned, a, ah, let me see here, oh yeah, Mr. Záytsev should report to the shower in your bedroom. Verification of facts from on-line services show that the Russian name Záytsev, in simplicity refers to rabbits, or more precisely the larger of the rodent family known as hares. After careful and up close examination it has been determined that the subject, herein after to be referred to simply as Vad, will qualify as the larger rodent. This evening Waya ulanigida—wolf-strong—will dine on Záytsev—hare." That did it, he broke down in fits of uncontrollable laughter. I had wondered how long he could hold out, he did much better than I had thought that he would.
    Roddy and Gus were poking at him and telling him to go on. I smelled a plot, those two boys were getting as thick as thieves and just as devious. "There has been one additional appointment that has been pinched in here, sir. Messrs. Rod Dickson and Gus Heintz request the honor of joining you and Vad for the night. They are planning a relationship and seek pointers…"
    "Shit, hold that thought." I dashed from the room and returned in a few moments. "The chair recognizes me for some important information that has been misplaced, but needs to be read into the minutes. I need every member of the house to gather about as I read these documents.
    "The Superior Court of the State of New York on this date, November 27, 2006 has granted total and full adoption of one Gustav Johansson Dickson to Christopher Stevens Dickson. I held up Gus's new birth certificate that had my name listed as the father and the name of his deceased mother still in its rightful place. Gus was like one of those crazy bouncing balls of my youth as he bounced off of walls, ceilings, furniture, and boys. He hit me five or six times for a kiss then off he went to be kissed and welcomed in the family fashion by other family members.
    I grabbed him on one of his passbys and held him, "I am sorry, babe. Tony sent these over to me Monday and they have been laying on my desk. I just let it slip my mind, but I will never ever forget you, my newest son and heir. I am sure that my face turned blue. The kid may be young and small, but the grip he had around my neck couldn't tell you that.
    I told Cory to get to the bottom line because I had a bottom or three to get to before the sun rose again. He giggled as he told me that Vinney and Ted would be sleeping with me the next night. I high fived Vinney and wondered where the name box was. We had not drawn a name all week and I will not slight any of my boys. I love them all.

    Well I know, you want to know. You are such a perv but… I guess I will tell you. Vad got his pin and he was so happy. I took him to my room, but I would not let him shower until I had him up in me. He cried as he stared down at me. Never in all of his life had he ever imagined being able to do something like that. He thought for sure that he was a sicko with unfulfillable dreams and fantasies. I got in his head and prodded for more fantasies. He looked at Gus and I cringed. Gus has mounted himself on me several times and he likes it. I had to think about this.
    I thought about it as I watched Gus fuck the absolute shit out of Rod. Gus has a nice skinny four inch cock that is about the size of my middle finger. I liked his technique and I intended to have the boy up his daddy's ass before the night was done. Now when Vad had cried I was overwhelmed, but Gus and then Rod both felt so grown up and so loved and accepted as they fucked me for the first time. Gus wanted Vad and me to fuck him. Rod sat his hole on my mouth and told me that he could take it. I tasted Gus sweat, I can't hardly wait for these two to cream, I know their ball batter will be good.
    Gus lay his head on Vad's tummy and played in the stubble of his pubic bush, "You need a shave. Want me to do it?" I knew that he was shaving Curtis and Eric so I told Vad that his balls were safe. I hadn't planned on getting shaved too. I like to keep closely trimmed, but I hate stubble, on me or him, whomever him is at the time. Rod was put in charge of the shaving cream. We had to change the sheets, not because of the hot fucking going on, but because the little fart lathered us from head to toe. I lathered him up and shaved his head. He squealed like a stuck pig, but when he looked in the mirror he liked it. We watched with much trepidation as he shaved Gus' head. I guess his head was better to learn on than someone's balls. Both boys did look cute and I loved having them rub their stubble heads all over my body for the rest of the night.
    Just after midnight Gus slid his weight down on my cock as Vad and I lay opposite each other so that I could see Rod's tiny ass swallow a much bigger pole than I thought he should try to take. Both boys bounced their way to Vad's and my pleasure and they were not done. Against my advise they changed places, but not before Vad and I licked their butts clean for them.
    I held the sheets in my clenched fists as Rod slowly worked his way down about six inches. That was all I wanted him to go for, but he loved it. He bounced and had two orgasms in short order. I am going to turn myself into the police. I don't ever want a repeat of that episode and I told him so. He puckered his lip and agreed. We sealed it with a long kiss that was far from paternal.

    Christmas day was taken right out of a story book and placed down at Empire Canal. Santa had to come by train because no one person, no matter how ingenious, could have delivered the amount of gayly wrapped presents that were under the tree Monday morning. The entire bottom five feet of the massive holiday tree could not be seen. Each and every man child in the house had a minimum of sixty packages to unwrap. I had a plane to catch, but I was not about to leave this scene, neither was Cullen.
    I was happy to see that Cecil had just as many gifts as anyone else. I may be at issue with some, well most, of the things that he has been doing. He has been a part of the family for the better part of a year and he is, and always will be, in our hearts.
    Over Christmas dinner something was said about Cecil's promiscuity. All fourteen boys that live at Empire Canal had tales to tell of how and where they had fucked him. I was especially put out when I learned that Cecil fucked the extra help that had been brought in. I lit into him as I asked him if he had any idea how much danger he had placed all of us in. His smugness made me come so close to knocking his teeth out. He saw it, he knew then that he had fucked up. Mike got up and retrieved the belt. Ricky got in his face and gave the boy such a cussing that our custard pie melted from the blue streak coming from his tiny lips.
    I asked Ricky what he had feared most when he had his problem. With no hesitation he told Cecil that he was afraid that we were going to make him leave our house. I looked at Mike, "He made me leave. He, they all, beat the living shit out of me with this belt that I want to use on you so fucking much, dude. I hate your ass," he was shaking so bad that he had to sit down.
    "That wasn't so bad though, really. Dad made me leave the house. I got my wish, I got fucked so much that my shit just oozed down my leg for several months. My ass hole wouldn't even close up. And it wasn't the family that fucked me, they let the men of my mother's tribe have me as their squaw. You want to get fucked, dad ought to put you out to be a squaw boy. You'll get fucked so much that you won't never want to see another cock for the rest of your life.
    "Next dad put me on an airplane, well he sent me, he didn't want to see me so he sent me with someone else. I was sent to this school that dad own's for gay boys. I hid in my room for two months and cried like a baby. My daddy came to see me one day and asked me if I wanted to come home. I wanted that more than I wanted another breath of air. He had the papers for me, he had adopted me and I am his son, his cousin, and his blood brother. He showed me that he is all about love and forgiveness, I hope that someday you will discover that. Now I just want you gone." With that he ran from the room, Cory and Steven were right on his heels. It took Les a minute to get around the table to take off after his boyfriend. The brothers shared Les with Mike and lifted his long spirit.

    I sat down beside Cecil and asked him if his bags were packed. He looked at me with heavy tears in his eyes then looked around the room. I shook my head no. He broke down. His arms flew around my neck. I whispered into his ear so that only he could hear, "Son, you made your bed. You had a choice and you knew to do right, but choose not to. It hurts me more than you will ever know to do this, but it just has to be. You can earn your way back with your actions back home. I will be watching you. Cecil, look at me, I will never turn my back on you. I will always be watching. You are family, but even families have to break away from each other in times of serious trouble and this is most serious. You put every dick swinger in this room in jeopardy and now you have to pay the debt, in full."
    I told him to look over his presents and choose what was easy and light to carry on the plane. I swore to him that I would have every bit of it boxed up and delivered to him before the week was over. He hugged me one more time then he showed the room his balls.
    "Brothers, I fucked up. I love each and everyone of you with all of my heart. I have loved a lot of you with all my body and I thank you for the passion we shared. I have began to understand that it was not love that we shared. I don't doubt that you had some love for me, but what we had was sex, pure and simple. I am going to leave you now and I don't know if I will ever see any of you ever again. But know this, I am truly sorry for what I have done. I can not undo the damage, all I can do is to try to be a better man from this day forth and maybe you will forgive me someday."
    He was surrounded with hugs and kisses and told that he was already forgiven. The Christ forgave him at the cross and he never has to ask forgiveness of God because of that. Therefore it not necessary that he ask forgiveness of the family. He is family and we all share in his joys, accomplishments, and failures. We all fail at sometime in life, it is how we deport ourselves afterwards that makes us a man. Cecil ran from the room in tears. Over the next two hours the boys disappeared one or two at a time as they went to Cecil's room to say their personal good bye.

    I made Cecil sit at the back of the plane, Cullen and I left him alone for the entire trip. He had tried so many times to talk to Cullen, but the Prince wanted nothing to do with him. He called him a slut. There were other descriptive adjectives that went along with that word, but I didn't recognize some of the British slang and I didn't hear some of the others, but Cecil heard and understood. He fucked up and saying sorry was not going to fix it. He had not been faithful to Cullen since we had left Albany the past June. We have piles of video and stills of the boy fucking everyone, every where, any time. That in itself is no biggy, we all like to fuck around. Cecil was a pig about it. We could have handled that, but fucking a kid at school, and getting caught, was over the top.
    When our plane landed in England I made Cecil get off at the back of the plane. I had a security guard take him to his mother as she waited outside of the base. Cullen was met with the big brass band and the flags, everything befitting his position. We rode with his mum and da in their limousine. When we reached the main gate I asked the driver to stop for a moment. I rolled down the window to give a big hug to Agnes and tell her that I would take her to lunch so that we could talk. She was so embarrassed that she could only cry and squeeze my hand.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Boxing Day as I completely immersed myself in the tradition. I had spent the entire trip listening to Cullen tell me stories from his childhood and his pleasure with the tradition. Cullen raised a lot of eyebrows on that day. At each stop he stood in the carriage and told the peasants how much he loved each and everyone of them and how they had shaped him into the man he was quickly becoming. He wanted to show them how much they meant to him in a tangible way. He presented every man, woman and child that approached the carriage with a two inch cube, gaily wrapped in a brand new Fiver—a 5 note—inside the box was an imported French chocolate candy that is a favorite of the people of the area, but only available at special occasions because of its very high cost.
    I had to do the math, five at current market exchange rate was about $9.50. That along with the chocolate made the gift about $12.00 to each person and he had made one hundred and seventy packages for the trip. When we got back to the estate he only had three boxes left and four servants in the house. He had to rush up to his room and wrap another box, but he had to borrow a fifty from his dad, all he had was Yankee dollars. I looked at him and the note, "I thought you were passing out 5 notes."
    "You think I am that cheap? I gave all of our friends fifty quid, just like me da does." He's quite a boy.

    I had several things to do during the week that I would be in England. Well more like four working days. We arrived early Tuesday morning, Boxing Day, and we had to leave Saturday by noon so that we could enjoy the New Years Eve celebrations planned at Empire Canal. Cullen and I had missed most of New Years the previous year because of our travel times. We were going to be with the family this year. The boys had invited everybody that we knew in New York to come by. I had convinced Edmund and Çhé Ģerâld to let the caterers that had done the Garcia/Adams weddings handle most of the work. They reached a compromise with the caterer's chef and would have some of their concoctions on the serving line also.

    I was well off of my time base and I know I must have sounded like a drunk. I was on the phone with Phil Russell who laughed at me and told me that jet lag is a bitch. I know that very well. We were set to meet for lunch Thursday. He asked if Cullen and I would stay overnight so that the boys could spend a short amount of time. I told him that I had worked it out with Dukey to stay at his house on Downing Street so I could get an early start on Friday. Phil assured me that he would have me up and on time Friday morning.
    I sat back over a hot cup of coffee. Agnes was home and nothing at all was said of Cecil. I would have to talk with her, but I let it slide for the present. She had located a can of Folgers for me and I love the way she brews it. I sat and let my thoughts roam.
    I truly love my young nephew. I have never known an extended family of my own and I have certain regrets beginning to grow in my heart. There is not a boy in my household that I would ever kick out nor do I regret having had the opportunity to find them and provide a home for them. Yes, I'll be honest with you, I get off bedding them, pun intended. I guess that Toby is the only true virgin that has ever entered my life. Our evening in the grass, while smoking grass, was his awakening and he has come to me so many times to try to relive that night. He and Harry have an equal life/love relationship with neither of them taking a dominant role. I know that both boys are good bottoms and they do a very hot top, now they share of themselves equally.
    But I was talking about young Cullen, my fairy king. The boys have a new name for him, they call him queeing. The little sot loves it. He will make a great monarch in that he thrives on attention. He loves to have others dote on him. I so much want to strangle Cecil, but he is no longer a part of Cullen's life and is gone from the family. I won't cut the rope and let him fall away nor will my door ever be closed to him, but should he ever seek to return to the house of happy fairies we will establish his place in the family first.
    Cullen seemed to be throughly enjoying himself on his trip. He was more relaxed than on our previous two visits to his family. Eloise, my sweet sister Eloise, what did I miss and never know? I had an older sister all of my life that I never knew existed. How could she have shaped my life had she been a part of it? I am not foolish, I know that I would still be a cock sucker, but I doubt that I would have my mountainside home or a single boy in it. Had things been any different I may not have known the love and the sex that Cullen and I share.
    The fag whispered in my ear, as my cock wilted in his butt after our two hour romp in bed the night before, he told me that when he sits on the throne of his grandmother's kingdom that he will have a ten inch replica of my cock built into the seat so that he can mount himself and enjoy the pleasure while the day to day running of his new dominion goes on around him. I believe that the silly faggot would do that.

    Cullen and El were on their way to London for shopping while Dukey and I would look into a matter that had come to my attention. I had learned that one of the Sheik's henchmen was a guest of Her Majesty at HM Prison in Durham. Having a real live Lord from parliament as a brother-in-law has its own percs so the two of us were soon on our way to have a face to face interview with another cretin.

    I like the trips that I have taken to England. There are marvelous sites to see and most everything is ancient. To a desert bred boy in a glass and steel society the old structures always catch my attention. I was like a tourist as I swung my head from side to side. I had traveled the road to Manchester the year before and now I was to see more of the English countryside. Having seen thousands of miles of America I was taken with the differences that I saw. Okay, so I knew that things would be different, but I didn't expect them to be this different. The farmers, if one could call them that, had tiny little patches of ground instead of the hundreds of acres that I was used too. We passed from one type of crop to another in mere seconds, and no we were not speeding. The fields were separated by low stone walls that must have taken an army of men years to build. A barbed wire fence can go around two hundred acres in a few days.
    Don't ask me to tell you how we got there. I only know that when I saw the sign for the M62 I knew we were close to the end of our trip. Dukey maneuvered—if you think that I am going to do the British spelling for that word you live in a dream world—the car like an expert, or at least someone who knew where he was going and in short order we were on the Bawtry Road also known as the A614. In no time we pulled into the old converted Royal Air Force station that had been built in 1942 during WWII. I t was converted to Lindholme prison which opened in 1985. It currently beds 730 prisoners, but plenty of new construction about the area showed that even in England prison beds are becoming scarce. As long as these places contain the kind of man I was coming to see I have no problem with expansion.
    I recognized the man before me, not with fond memories either. He had been one of Dimitri's boys so many years ago. I had already learned that an English prison was not a nice place to reside and I quickly learned that Raphael would sing any song that I wished to hear if I could get him moved to better surroundings. My first thought was an old Nazi concrete bunker hidden in the forest overlooking the blue Mediterranean sea. My friend Athos had plenty of space for Raphael to hang around.
    I don't like to make deals with these people, but when this toad face began to sing I sat back and enjoyed the concert. He was such a wealth of information on the inner workings of the slave ring that I was ready to do anything he wanted to get him to tell me all. If he wasn't fatter than Dimitri and didn't smell worse than that person did after hanging around Athos I would have let him sleep with one of my boys. NOT!!!
    Raphael had actually been caught with two boys that he had snatched from the streets of Manchester. He was awaiting directions from Dimitri on how to deliver the two fresh faced youth when the police kicked in the door of his apartment, excuse me, flat, to find him fucking one boy as the other lay on the floor with blood oozing from his freshly fucked little ass. The small lads were only eleven and twelve year old school chums that had been taken as they awaited a trolley home.
    I love the British words for things. I could get myself in serious trouble though because I had already discovered that many of our common words have different meanings in their country. I will tell a man on the street that I like his pants when I am referring to his trousers. In England pants mean underwear and I could get myself hurt if I told a boy that I liked his pants. Quite often I will get an e-mail telling me that I misspell the word traveler. I try to explain that American English and British English are not the same. We took the L out of traveler. ;-)
    I painted a grand picture for Raphael as I told him that if he would tell me everything he knew that I could have him transferred to the place where Dimitri and several of his co-workers are hanging about. I told him that they were on private property in the south of France that had a commanding view of the Mediterranean Sea. He bought it and shared his knowledge. After two hours I had the complete layout of a world wide network of boys for sex operation, along with names and locations. Dukey already had the necessary paper work completed so we gave that to the warden and asked him to arrange transportation for Raphael to meet with Enquêêteur Athos, a Gendarmerie General and chief of police for the peninsula and area around St. Tropez. Enquêêteur Athos is also a big shot with Interpol and quite well qualified to house Raphael in his mountain top compound.

    It was time for lunch as I wrapped up my business. The wind blew across the moor the same way it sweeps across the Kansas plains. I was glad for the fast working heater as Dukey turned the car back toward his country estate. As we traveled the conversation turned to food. I told my brother-in-law that on my previous trip the Wild Boys had dragged me to Manchester's China Town where I had one of the most memorable Chinese dinners of my life. Dukey simply said, "Done."
    He led me through the town to look at the wild life that inhabits the center of the Gay Village. I noticed that we had picked up a shadow and it was quite a good looking shadow. I figured him to be about fourteen maybe fifteen, I couldn't be lucky enough to have him be the legal age for consent in England of sixteen. He had an uplifting lilt to his giggle that seemed to issue forth when I asked a stupid question about the castle or the city.
    You know that I have a sixth sense, if you will, when it comes to hungry boys. This lad looked hungry. He was moderately clean, but even a quick look said that he had been on the street for awhile. Dukey guided me to a café that had a sign proclaiming Cantonese food, I had told him that I was most fond of that style. I wagged my finger at our shadow who reluctantly followed us inside. I pointed at the boy then at a chair, his smile made me shiver all under then he rushed over and sat down. By the time we had finished our lunch Dukey was livid. He had never had any first hand experience with what this youngster had to tell us. I was glad that he was there because he had, and he used, the power to set things in motion to stop the people that had hurt this beautiful boy.

    Tomos is one sweet boy that is so reminiscent of every Brit boy I have met so far. I find it hard to believe that Britain has a bad looking boy, even the men that I have had to deal with have the fair looks that attest to their beautiful days of youth. Tomo had the looks of each of the boys that the young Russell boys had brought with them to the large 2005 Halloween party at Cullen's family estate located on the west coast near Liverpool. Even the extra sweet looking boys that had accompanied the Russell brothers and their band, the Wild Boys for the wedding in June, were of superior features.
    Tomos had the rosy cheeks and kissable lips that I have found so common amongst the youth of his nation. He stood five foot six and had a very slim build. I knew before he told me that he was a swimmer and that he played football, we call it soccer. His clear blue eyes made me feel as if he was looking at me as much as I was looking at him. His short cropped light medium brown hair toped his small oval shaped face. All of the beauty he had on the outside hid a very troubled and seriously abused youngster.
    He looked to be no more than fifteen years old, tops, but he told us that he was in fact seventeen nearing eighteen. However, even at this age he was having to hide from those who had molested him from the age of seven. At that news I shattered the water glass that I was holding. I don't think I banged it against anything, I am sure that I crushed it, at any rate I had a nasty gash across the palm of my left hand as I begged the boy to continue his story.
    The boy's mother had died when he was, but an infant. His young father was unprepared to raise a baby by himself so he turned the baby over to a local church run orphanage.

Stand by readers, what follows is an exact quote from this young reader who will be in this author's heart, forever. "dad never saw me after I was put in the orphanage from that day to this. So I don't know about familys realy. The orphanage I was placed in was ran by nuns and 3 preists (catholic) it was thrust down my throat day & nite, I was a chior boy & the priest were my first abusers. I was beaten so bad that I had to conform, but that was the early days, & like I say after 12 I liked it as by that time I wasn't being hurt. I try not to think about it because I kinda cry over it." Exact quote, spelling plus punctuation. If his story does not make you want to kill someone then nothing can touch you. Now let's get back to my telling of his story, my way.

    By age seven Tomos had shown his God given talent as a superior vocalist. He was singled out for special training by the choir master. That special training included drinking man milk to give the boy special vitamins that would help him to grow strong quickly. By age nine the boy was working on his posture with the sports coach who assured him that a twice daily cock in butt insertion would help him to stand up straight and tall. Tall? maybe, but surely not straight.
    At age sixteen Tomos had left the orphanage and set out to build a life for himself. He knew that he enjoyed boi sex, but he wanted nothing to do with the Men of the Cloth that had abused him as a small child. Those men were not so willing to let such a well trained boy get away from them. They were greedy. Tomos told us that he knew of many small boys at the orphanage who had been, and were still being, molested on a daily basis. He knew that as an individual he had no way of stopping these men or helping the boys.
    Tomos had moved to the east coast of England along the treacherous North Sea, well known for its frightening and blustery weather. His molesters had located him there and had begun to pressure him to resume his service to them, in the name of what they called holy. Dukey agreed with me that these men did not need to even believe that they could cut a deal as father Jakes had done in New York.—like that little f? that's how small I think people who hide behind their position of authority over youth are—The Church of England deals with this kind of man much differently than they have been dealt with in America and Dukey had the connections to have them dealt with as we waited.
    I learned that young Tomos loved strawberry tarts. By the time he was cleaning the bowl from his fourth one, with ice cream, a police officer—constable—came inside. Dukey walked over to confer with him. A moment later Dukey took Tomos by the hand and led him outside to look inside a van. Even from where I was waiting I could feel the boy's elation as a smile wrapped itself around his young face. "The blokes got cuffs on 'em," he told me through his grin.
    Now I needed to find out about the boy. "Where are you going now? Do you have a home, a job, a way of supporting yourself?" No, no, and no. He had been on the run from these men for four months and had nothing left of his life. I asked him about school. He wanted to finish school, he had a dream of being a musician, but he wanted to study music so that he could better understand it. My first thought was of the Russell boys' school, but Tomos was too old to be admitted there.
    Then Tomos got next to my heart, "I would like more than anything to go to the colonies. I 'ave 'ad me a dream all of me life 'bout living in such a large land and singing for me supper." Spank my monkey boy, you are going to the states with me.
    "What do you think of poofs? All ages of poofs, from nine to sixty or older."
    "I ain't no 'ypocrite mate. I know wat I am. I ain't got no right puttin none others down for doing wat I likes to do meself."
    "Could you have bone rattling sex with an older man?"
    "You mean like you or 'is Lordship and all?"
    "Take your mind the other way there young man. I am not up for that." Dukey laughed as he opened the car door for Tomos and me to slip into the back seat together. I was going to stay close to the boy and see what would cum of it.
    "Crippers bloke, I was just funning' ya. I don't know no one wat never done no Lord, but 'ey why not?"
    I thought I would test the waters while the boy still had a chance to turn and run, or at least say no. I grabbed him and lip locked him. Not only did he offer no resistence he assaulted me with his tongue. I pulled the boy on into the large back seat as I thanked the Duke's mechanic for not having the Bentley ready for us that morning. Tomos and I had the extra large back seat of the stretched Rolls-Royce Phantom all to ourselves. The rear facing middle seat was folded away which gave us the floor space that I hoped to use on the long trip back over to the country estate. I wondered what Cullen and El would say about me bringing home a stray boy. "Hey sis, look what followed me home, can I keep him?" Cullen will giggle himself to death.
    I had my hands full of sweet boi cock as his long fingers worked through the folds of my clothing to grab at my own throbbing cock. My hope was that this was not in payment for services rendered, but that the boy truly did want to have sex with me. Tomos had on jeans that followed a popular American pattern and I found them easy to open and get to what I was after. I unglued my lips from his and knelt on the floor. I slowly peeled his gaberdine garment down his slender thighs. A sweet boi cock of between five and a half and six inches long and of a medium thickness, a perfect suckable cock, popped up. He had a slime trail of pre-lube that screamed at me to lick it up, which I did of course. I kept my momentum and decided to stop only when he said stop.
    I had his size nine sneakers off, got me again, trainers off, and I admired a beautiful pedal digit begging for attention and that is what it got. I love it when a boy is moderately ticklish. Tomos giggled and wiggled as I raked my teeth along the bottom of his feet. He had some stinky toe jam which told me that he had been in his shoes for several days. Funny, that is what he had told us, I found that his body hygiene confirmed his words. I ran the thin feet around my face as I began an age old tradition of boy loving. Dukey had already closed the window between us and the driver's seat. He knows what is going on in the back seat of his car, but he doesn't want to know, at least not too much. He has already walked in on me ten inches deep in his young son. He just sat down on the edge of the bed and told me what he had come to say then he left. Cullen nearly giggled himself to death then too.
    Tomo's jeans just seemed to fall off of his boyish body as my hands worked their way down his supple limbs. The boy smell was strong and I began to wonder if he was being truthful with me concerning his age or if he had been hiding out longer than he had told us, either way I was drunk on the scent emitting from his exposed flesh. His boi pole was standing straight with only a slight downward angle at the very glans. I sensed that he might have a bit of phimosis, —a Greek word meaning Muzzle—a tightening of the foreskin causing it not to be able to retract.
    "Is it painful for you if I pull your skin back?"
    "Ain't much fun when it's 'ard like that, but if you suck on it it'll kind slide back on its own." Well if that was not an invitation then I never had one. I kissed the tiny opening at the very end of his cock and began to lick and suck at all of the joyful tastes and flavors he had accumulated there. I got a faint whiff of smegma, not strong, so I was fairly confident that he had tried to keep himself clean.
    Tomos loves getting his cock sucked, what a surprise, he was like any other boy. I was worried though, he had told a horrible story about being molested and I did not want to cause him any mental anguish. "You okay with this?" I looked over his stiffened member that was drooling pre-cum in a steady flow.
    "I ain't said no to ya mate. I would kind of like to see you though. I seen ya when ya took a whiz a bit ago and ya looks ta be quite the bigun." I was not about to refuse such a request. The floor of the Rolls was big enough for me to turn to a working position, as long as we lay at an angle. I was amazed at how quickly Tomos had my pants open and my stiff cock down his throat. He only slightly gagged as my monster slid into his throat. "Ain't done many this big afore, it's quite nice actually." He was back at work with all of me in him.
    He had the natural ability of a born cocksucker as his throat muscles worked my glans while he kept his head still. Then I thought again, "It is not a natural ability. He has had a lifetime of training at the hands of men who have used and abused him." I shuddered all over as I determined to show him all of the love that I could muster. I was not going to make this boy a quick fuck and a member of the family. I was going to love him, slowly.
    His cock seemed to grow a bit and I felt it suddenly break into my throat. I have the same thing happen to me when I get super hot. I felt the veins in his penis fill out and I slid up and down on him for a few seconds, the boy was in super hard overdrive. His cock could have poked a hole through two feet of solid granite. The blood coursing through his turgid man pole was emitting super heat that had my mouth hot for more of him.
    With little warning I felt the glans swell as he began to hump my face. He was on top of me with all of my cock deep in his throat as he slow fucked my mouth. His cum could be measured by the buckets full as he filled me with thick, super heated, cum. It felt more like raw oysters sliding down my throat than cum and it almost burned like hot coffee.
    "Gawd, mate, that was wicked. I ain't had no cum in five or six days." He was not pulling away. He made his comment and began to pump my rod for creamy oil de man. I locked my arms around him and ate his funky crack. He was sweaty, not dirty. Boi sweat turns me on. "Go for it, mate. I'm cumng again." I just had time to get his cock back home when he filled my mouth. This time I filled my mouth and tasted the best of Brit boi juice. I don't know what these lads eat, but their ball batter is better than most of the home grown garden varieties I have had at home. Not my home, all of my boys have sweet batter.
    "Fuckin' mate, you just came a river. How you cum so much? I wanted you to, like, you know…bugger me." I simply rolled the boy to his back and quickly moved between his sweet thighs. One easy push and I was in him without any lube. He had been used, often. I could see that as I had dinner at his back door, but I didn't know how open he was until my cock slid in causing a huge smile to appear on his upturned face. I could quickly fall for this boy. I loved him as I wondered what I would do with him. I can't let him go back on the street nor can I take him home with me. I feel like a kid that is constantly finding puppies that follow him home.

    Tomos and Cullen circled each other as their eyes played over the figure of the new person before them. Tomos stopped in his tracks when an old man stepped inside to sit two suitcases down on the end of the bed. "Will there anything else, your Royal Highness?" Cullen dismissed the man with a wave of his hand. I glared at him.
    "No, thank you, Howard. You are a very good driver, by the way." He looked at me and giggled, the little fruit cake is going to learn people skills if I have to kill him. I know, as a monarch he must be aloof, but being aloof doesn't mean being snotty or disrespectful of others.
    "Gawd, 'e called ya Ya Royal Highness, are you like a king or sumptin?"
    "May I introduce to you His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Cullen Muneday. That is the name the you will know him by and the name he goes by at our home and at his school. He is the Crown Prince, but we won't tell you the name of the country at this point."
    "Yeah, I understand. I'm just a street kid you took pity on and fucked for yer own pleasure, wot?"
    That hit me. I started to move, but Cullen had him embraced, "He fucked you? I mean like, for real?" Tomos tensed up and I was sure he was going to cry. "Fantastic, then he likes you and wants to make you a part of the family. Want to be my boyfriend?"
    Tomos looked at me then at Cullen. A smile crossed his face. Cullen hurried to get out of his clothes then he began to undress Tomos. "I smell daddy on you. My uncle has been fucking you cause you smell just like him, I love it."
    I was undressing on my side of the bed. I needed a shower after a full day of traveling and then the hot fuck on the way home. Cullen was dragging Tomos by the arm as he pushed me to his shower. The three of us stood under the hot spray and stared at the nakedness of each other. There were smiles all around.

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